Real Estate

Fired the Realtor-What are our rights?
How long does it take to get lies straightened out?
Buying a home in T Bay - are there areas to "avoid"?
What extra things must foreigners do to buy land in the USA?
Can a Land lord make these demands?
What's the legal position re: rental agreements which have expired where the tenant is the occupier, please?
Calgary Construction Market?
Real Estate Investment?
If a potential landlord says he'll call tonight, but doesn't, should I call him?
what is a head lease?
Can my mothers landlord charge her a pet fee?
possible ticks in my apartment?
What do you look for a homes location?
Is there something wrong with Seaside Oregon? Beachfront real estate there is dirt cheap?
Can I buy a home while I have debt?
how to write a complaint letter to my management and at the same time give the move out notice.?
hi .. am looking for a house.. a junkyard mobile homes?
Ways to get out of an apartment lease?
In the state of Ohio, does the landlord have to fix the air conditioning unit. I have read that the landlord?
is there any 2 weeks rental, in Titusville,FL?
Why do people haggle for price when it comes to real estate and automotive but nothing else?
Should I update the 20 year old appliances in my condo? It is for sale. Now we can get $199k, we want 200.?
Can my landlord do this??
The Shady Landlord Holding out on Deposit?
I currently live at home but want to move out do I qualify for rent assistance?
Is $55,000 A year good? What is the highest deposit I could make on a house with that and how much would I...?
how long can it take for a landlord to obtain a court order to get you out of his property?
Please help: which is the best area for Student accommodation in UK ?
I am trying to buy a single family home but have bad credit and no down payment?
Steps buying a house?
Can I file an insurance claim for the same day it went into affect?
Is it fine if they ask for two months of deposit and one month of rent ?
Real Estate Closing Nightmare...Have You Ever Had One?
How can I buy property at an auction?
How much does a bank have invested in a foreclosed property?
How do I get my name on deed? Thanks in advance?
Who do I speak to about my Landlord not lowering my rent but she lowered my roomates rent?
Duplex Driveway Nonshared? Shared (last question wont let me open)?
Can you rent a private rented flat without a job, will you get housing benefits for it if youre single, 18?
Apartment application making money from family business. but self employed photographer..?
Water is included in my rent im up to date on it they keep shutting off my water bc 'there's a leak' somewhere?
Two Vacant Duplex's For Rent?
I make $75,000 a year, can I afford a $250,000 house??
Are there pitfalls for a landlord who pays the full broker's fee in renting their apartment?
Im 17 and been kicked out of my mums house.?
Do you think it's a scam if someone wants you to clean their house before they move in?
i moved to madison wisc. 3 months ago from niles illinois and find it is not what it use to be would you move?
is thaire any one who can work with me learning investment Realistate .?
What is a good way to market services to investors?
FHA 3rd borrower requirements?
I bought a house part of the contract was to fix a Problem. 2 weeks later the problem arises again. ?
Landlord decided to sell the house 1 month into our new 12 month lease.?
Is a contract legal with out moneu?
What kind of gift can I buy for my realtor?
Need some advice about putting down a buy offer on a property?
Eviction Process in LA, CA?
My son's lease ends Friday but he cant get response from landlord?
Who can I speak with.?
Subprime mortgage crisis?
is the quik claim deed legal?
can my father give me the money for a down payment on a home?
Do you think move out will be a good option for me?
advise as a first time homebuyer with a less than perfect credit score.which i have improved in the last year?
Need Mortgage whos payment costs 42% of my monthly Income?
Why is the fall of house prices in the UK reported to be a gloom?
If you are in a chapter 13 can you purchase a car?
house or apartment???
Giving 50 days (of 60) notice for termination of lease?
My landlord is using my damage deposit to professionally clean the carpets...?
What would you do if your landlord...?
roomie in my house is filthy. can i call dept of health the bad smell is coming out of his room?
how much percentage property tax in Houston and phoenix?
Do ANY landlords allow pets?!?
What are the best things to remodel in a house?
How low of an offer can I make on this house?
Disabled,and losing home.... need to fill out form 4506-T for assistance aid, HELP!!!?
How would one go about purchasing a piece of land in the forest?
I am looking at manufactured homes in CA, I will place the home in a MH park can I use a realestate Mortgage?
How appraisal trainee with BA in Business and MS in Business marketing can find an appraisal company in Greate
what is the new website for property evaluatons?
I'm starting my own Real Estate Company, what should I name it?
does anyone know a good site where i can find an apartment for rent?
question on home buying and the appraisal?
Who should be paying more rent? ?
can a parent rent out their house to their children?
is it a good time to but property in the uk?
Garage conversions bad for the neighborhood/value?
$180000 mortgage what would my monthly payment be at a 30yr fixed 3.75% with very good credit?
i bought a house in 2006 for $470000 and it`s worth $300000.?
What loan should I go for on a HUD home?
How much in materials does it cost to build a house?
What supplies will I need to move into a new home?
Are flats/houses in Kensington more spaces than in other parts of London/Britain or do you just pay 4 the area?
Should I have one night stand with him?
i want to rent my house out whats the cheapest way?
india rental, property,real estate?
In California, do all adults have to be on / sign an apartment lease?
Has anyone every done a lease/rent to own?
I'm really interested in a new home buyers programm that government's running. D'anyone know anthg about it?
I'm 23 and i want to buy a House the only thing is I'm broke. but i have a really good job. i hate paying rent
Apartment fire and now we are going to be kicked out ?
How can I collect unpaid rent from a past tenant?
Can my friend move in?
Home Purchase?
I am a renter and my air conditioner unit's drain got clogged and backed up?
Roommates parents are staying for than a month. Will it be rude to say something?
I read that house to income ratio is 28%, debt to income is 36%, why it's so low, what is the other 64% for?
Underwriting.... waiting for information on HOA?
When selling property for the person you have durable power of attorney for, do you put 'POA' or 'DPOA'...?
Is a seller of a home obligated to the written selling price even if it is way below market value?
What qualifications do I need to become an estate agent?
Can Anyone Recommend A Loan Modification Expert For New York State?
Owning land?
Can I make commission from adding mls on my website or is it just for show?
i have a question about renting a home?
Difference between shared expenses and rent?
what is a land contract, and how does one calculate the interest?
The lady in the rental office...?
HELP I just rented an apartment for a 1 year lease. Now she wants me out???
A horse track and casino are coming near to where I live. Will that make my property go up or down?
Where can I find a form for selling a house on contract?
If father dies and left daughter house property and his name is still in deed will they send her property taxs?
I need $500 to pay rent by Friday !! Have nothing a value to pawn. What do I do? ?
Thinking of moving to swindon, what is the cost of living there? Rent, utilities etc?
I am looking for a list of top sales producing real estate agents in RENO/SPARKS Nevada for 2005 & 2006?
How does a buyer return your money in a Rent to Own contract?
Is Renter liable for damages?
My aunt was offered affordable housing and now wants to break the lease, what are my rights?
Being evicted and sued for more than I owe($5k) - WWYD?
What is a Mello-Roos Tax?
Apartment Square Footage..?
how is the cost of the water bill equated?
how do I secure a promissory note to a property?
How to counter offer in this situation?
upon the sale of Real estate, who gets the renters security deposit in the state of texas?
Would you invest in a 500k ranged apartment in JLT or 400k apartment in Lagoon?
where can i get my licence in yonkers,NY how do i get started what are the requirments in NY state?
Getting out of rental lease early?
How can I check a house for sale ?
Like to know a about getting a first time home buyers grant?
buying a mobile home in northern british columbia and was wondering the following?
what happens if you move in with your boyfriend if he owns the house?
No mortgage on house. I pay the taxes on the house, but the house is not in my name. Can I deduct taxes?
Title Insurance Important Question?
Former landlord is trying to cheat me out of deposit..what can I do?
what % did real estate in the state of Florida go up last year?
Can I add my baby to my lease after moving in?
can i get help with government housing assistance?
what is the connection between short & long term interest rates and mortgage rates?
Townhouse sell and transfer to Cousin with Title Company.?
Hi, my question is related to gift deed. My jijajee want to transfer the property (flat) through gift deed.?
What happens if I can't secure a loan by the date in my purchase agreement?
Realtor Suing Me for Compensation - Her Client saw my Sign and called me?
How many days do landlords have to give for an eviction so he can make the apartment in to a house?
Property transfer and sale - need advice?
I am looking for some Rental Property sites Online.?
Am I supposed to have my own house key?
What should I do I think I just got Scammed on Craigs list?
What is the best repayment option for young first time buyers?
Should i move in into Tempe Groves Apartment ?
I own a house free and clear and want to get it out of my name because the city is charging me a lot of fees?
Is there anyway I can move out with 4 chihuahua's?
what kind of help can i get after i have recieved notice that my house has been forclosed on?
Did the Sheriff make the right decision about forerclosures/tenants being evicted. Ur thoughts on foreclosures?
What would you do?
What is my interest rate on an auto purchase?
Shared ownership & rent?
Termination of tenancy?
Carbon monoxide leak in house. Landlord put off for 2 months. Legal action? Whatr effects on body from it?
can the mortgage for a florida housing bond change if my income increases during the term of the loan?
When renting an apartment or house?
i want to sell my appartment which is in hyderabad?
Isle of man job/housing sites?
if i payed for the land and to build house why do i have a house note?
is this considered a low ball offer?
does anyone know how much it is to rent 2 porta potties in desmoines?
how do i calculate a sale price for a house after an apprasial?
houses for sale carlow?
Can i take over the house and put it in my name?
Has anyone used or know of anyone who has used it with positive results?
Is buying land before a house a bad idea?
Buying a home? From family?
can evicition costs be deducted from capital gain on rental property?
How can I find a house to rent (please READ details)?
How to make a sale of contract for buying a house subject to loan approval in Australia?
Who else has been ripped off by Home Access and promised a home?
housing authority in eagle pass?
Would my apartment complex allow a dog, in this case?
Where are home prices heading?
Is using to buy a foreclosed home smart? ?
how can someone get a council house?
Real estate Perk test question?
Someone moved into the house we're renting Monday?
What can I do about a neighbor harassing my tenant and me?
Any advice for first time apartment renters?
Is there such thing as a ginormous housing bubble here in Orange County, California? And is it about to pop?
why are rent payments due on the 5th?
Can a landlord charge me another 350.00 dollars a month for having my son stay temporary...we have no lease?
Any suggestions for a first time home buyer???
How do you become a property manger?
What happens if a house appraises for less than the asking price?
Is it possible to live in a trailer in Vancouver area?
Can I rent a house in the US only having a tourist visa? ?
how can I get a government grant to buy apartment building at least 300k?
Having doubts about future tenant?
My landlord thinks that she has the right to come over and inspect the house we rent at anyoint....?
Do many sellers offer this?
What is the deal with these really low mortgage interest deals that you see promoted all the time?
how to make money to buy house and car?
I want to move out of florida whats are the best states with low crime rate and employment.?
In CA, if you pay for a fullmonths rent but move out on the 15th does a landlord owe you money?
Will applying for a mortgage through several lenders affect my credit score with soo many inquries?
Is a small personal loan a good idea to help with moving out costs?
I was ordered to be out of my forclosed house on Jan 8,2013.Any ideas on how i can stay here longer?
Do you need a license to become a real estate investor in NJ?
how do I compute "vacancy & collection percentage" for rental property?
What does "pcm" mean in a house renting ad ? (it concerns the price (i'm french))?
does anyone what information about investing in the South Florida market?
How much do houses cost where you live. I am looking for the really cheapest place in the country to live.?
How can I be a good real estate agent.?
the Maintenance took my smoke detector out my apartment and didn't bring it back!?
What can I do if a housing situation is causing me distress and trauma?
Misleading letting agent?
I want give ground+buliding on rent like bank branch perpus such as sbi,lic,allahabad bank,etc.area of ground ?
Besides Craigs list how can I find an room or partment for share?
My roommate is not on the lease ?
is there any 1 bedroom houses for rent in victoria under $450?
What will all of these homeowners going to face once their foreclosures are done>?
What are the rights of a landlord?
is it reasonable to ask for a lock in a house share?
I am trying to get into the Real Estate market and also sell life insurance How do I start????
why is it better to own your home than rent?
how many days are in agust?
mortgage advice please!!!?
What items should I include as chattel on an offer to purchase?
What do I do about my mortgage being almost $80,000 more than what my home is worth?
Can/would my landlord call my emergency contact....?
I'm looking at a house that is 167 years old, are there any federal grants to fix up houses this old?
Why would a bank lower appraisal on my house?
First time renting and I am completely confused I have a few simple questions?
How long does it take a house to close after the appraisal is ordered?
Need a House By September?
Selling your house question/foreclosure?
I need to find cost of utilities in Los Lunas NM(electric,water,gas,phone ect.?
In Minnesota, can a landlord make you pay a months rent and a security deposit before living there?
i am renting out my basement as roomate status can the boyfriend do laundry there?
Must I legally allow landlord's relatives & friends into my apartment to view item in need of repairs?
what do i need im moving out on my own?
Who is the cheapest utility provider?
How much did people pay to see a play in Shakespeare's time?
any I can do against Atty. for down writing $79,000.00 to $69,000.00 on contract.?
had my house repossessed but want my furniture back?
i want to start hotel business. with 25 ressidential ahmedabad. can any one guide me?
how do i get goverment money to buy a home? i in need for houseing with a little bad cridet?
Average cost of renting a 1bedroom home?
How Much would a 6,000 square feet 2 story house in the country cost?
Is it hard to buy a new home?
Is a shed part of the lease on a rental home? (single family home)?
What are some valid reasons to access the equity in your home for a loan?
(in arkansas) is it legal to offer reduced rent to senior citizens?
how can I go about finding out if I have the mineral rights for a home I just bought in Clay county Fl.?
Housing Prices in Abu Dhabi - Studio, 2-3 Bedroom Apt, 2-3 Bedroom Villa?
landlord wont fix broken furnace?
Do you have to pay a real estate agent for showing you houses if you buy one directly from a builder instead?
Apartment:Chateaux Carmel, City: Houston, State:Tx, zip:77081, Address: 5621 Westward, Reviews Please?
Renting a house and pets?
If you were given $100,000 to improve your home.... what would you get done ?
Where do I find who is on a realty trust in s Middlesex County Ma?
closing and recurring cost for buying a house in Bay Area, California?
Help! Getting out of a lease not in effect yet.?
What does leasehold enfranchisement mean?
how many squarefeet are there in .9 acre's?
My landlord rented a mobile home to me with a Fridge and a Stove?
Cash Flow Notes-Help me?
Property managers: If a tenant complained about you to your boss at corporate, would you look for reasons to ?
What are the differences between condo and apartment in US?
can my daughter rent off parrents and still claim housing benefit?
Should I use my savings for a big down payment on a house or save it and put down less?
zoning question?
Tenant in other townhouse smoking in non smoking building? What are my legal rights? Crappy Landlord?
If you didn't sign a lease when moving into an apartment do you get your deposit back?
apartment maintenance issue.?
Is there anything a tenant can do against a landlord wrongly withholding the deposit?
My lease expired the end of August 2009,when suppose to ask for the 30 days notice ?
Do apartments normally have shower curtains already furnished when you move in?
Home appraisal fraud?
My side fence came down In a storm but the house next to me is a repo for sell is the bank required to pay 1/2?
How much rent should I charge my part time lodger?
Can a landlord charge different amounts for rent on same size apartments in same complex?
How can I buy a house when I am refused for a pre approved mortgage?
Parking on street in homeowners association neighborhood?
How Much Should Each person be Paid?
How many square ft are apartment buildings?
What Happens Once Your Water Bill Debt Is Passed On To A Debt Collection Agency?
Can I put a lease in my name?
I purch a home in a short sale.The upstairs shower causes a leak in the ceiling light downstrs. who's liable?
someone please help? any mortgage brokers here?
mortgage co discusses personal info with co-workers,calling them deadbeats and my"shackjob"?
What is the normal real estate agent commission in Santa Clara, CA?
Should I pay off my home?
Tenants that won't pay - So. California?
can two family members buy a property together?
Can you connect me to (the house value website)?
Help! What to I need to do to keep the promised lower rate?
Real Estate Property Managers - PLEASE ANSWER THIS?
where can i locate a house in fort morgan?
Possible relocation to Columbus, Indiana: where should we live?
what is a furnished appartment?
Is it better to do the month by month or long term electricity deal?
Does the appraisal business is affected by the market rate like real estate business?
What is a good interest rate for refinancing a rental property?
If we make roughly $35,000 a year, how much can we afford on a home loan?
It's a buyers market?It's a sellers market?I'm confused.Which is it?
Do we have to use the same realtor if a property becomes available at a later date?
How to deal with noisy neighbors?
How do I sue my landlord?
Does anyone know what a carryback is in realestate and the pros and cons that come with it ?
How much money would social security pay me if I lived in new York?
Hotel vs apartment?!!?
Are there any real estate exam prep videos?
Frst time home buyer credit "new" limits applicable only after Nov 16th?
What happens when landlord breaks lease?
How much is water, light, etc. ?
How much time do I have to reinvest the capital gain on a house owned less than 1 year?
meadowrun apartments?
where I can get free information about the price of my house ?
Roommate problems... We want her out?
do senior citizens get a discount on property taxes in california?
Vendor doesn't move out on time please help?
Can I add my new wife to the title and deed on real property currently involved in a divorce judgement?
Can my apartment complex legally do this?
Cani take out more then i have in the bank?
Is it okay to put a "for rent" sign even if my current tenant is 17 days away from moving out?
I've got a joint mortgage,we've split up. She wants to sell I don't.Where do I stand? Can she just stop payin?
what is the one thing you cannot leave the house without?
Hello, anyone taking the pre-licensing courses for Real-Estate?
I have rented a property for 9 months and gave a deposit at the begining of my tenancy but have recently found?
how can i locate the landlord or owner of a property(Real EsTate) for proposal to rent or purchase?
thinking about moving out?
Rent Granny Flat , Gold Coast?
Can you give me your honest opinion?
want Dookudu 2nd Trailer?
Renting laws in the state of FL?
Mortgage companies that finance single wide mobile homes?
I'm a first time Landlord. Help!?
if you had an income of $1200?
Living in a 1 bedroom apartment?
If I hold real estate in a LLC that is taxed as a cooperation how much tax would I pay on rental income?
Is there any way to get a list of addresses that have apartments with the number W4 in a town or city?
Any good websites for finding houses to rent in Cincinnati, OH?
Where should I buy a home ? What city ?
If my landlord/flatmate leaves shared accom area untidy should I withhold rent payment till he corrects this?
Form of notary for Washington, DC?
Should I have a realtor when buying a home? Why?
anyone used Reaching U for help with a mortgage assessment?
Is my landlord taking advantage of me?
Can a person buy a home with bad credit?
Can I request a showing of homes for sale without a contract with a realtor?
Remortgage or sell & move on?
Do I have a case?
Is it true that if a house goes up for sale where someone was murdered that potential buyers must be told?
Is there a way I can check crime in a particular area before I move there?
What is the first thing we need to do to buy our first house?
How can i find out the name and the phone number of the occupancy of a certain address?
california assistance for low income apartments for 18 year olds trying to get out of bad household?
California tentant law question?
what are some good websites to look up apartments for rent ?
I signed an "offer to buy" contract on a house with a deadline to accept the offer at a certain day and time.?
appartments for rent in east orange?
information on renting houses in hialeah or miami lakes that accept plan 8 (section 8)?
is it better to rent or buy?
My landlord won't return my calls, or reply to my emails?
in the process of buying my first home, had it inspect and found out the house has a few problems?
I can't pay rent until Aug 15th, it's due today 8/ I have any rights? What are my options?
should a person living in Austin, tex. buy a rent house in Victoria, tx.?
I have horrible credit with 2 evitions. I need an apt. in indianapolis. Can anyone help?
How long does it take to get evicted?
We are looking at entering into the real estate Business - Steps to go about it required along with a Project?
Tips on How To Buy A House?
We have a tenancy agreement for out apartment thats supposed to run out in May 2011..?
How much is the average water bill in a studio apartment ?
I was wondering how much does a Studio Apartment cost in Ithaca NY?
Will the Value of My Property Increase once the Construction is Finished?
Guys do you prefer a House or Condo?
i need a houes in sanjose but i have housing section8 and some were not to far from my school.?
If mobile home on my property and someone else lives in, and they move out, can I keep the mobile home?
mobile home park sold & residents have a year to vacat is there insurance coverage or legal rights I have?
stupid decisions?
buying hunting land were i can commute?
After leasing an apartment, then after 3 days living there unseen problems I notice came about!?
What is the national average yield capitalization rate for retail shopping centers?
Building a house?
Can my landlord take me to court?
Can I live at home with my parents who are on HUD Section 8 while I save up for a house?
Noisy Neighbours,what would you do?
Homes for rent 500 and less?
Any advice for someone looking to buy a condo in Ixtapa Mexico, to rent/personal use.?
what would I need to do as a 16 year old to live in my own apartment.?
I'm looking for person to find the righ house for rent in Phoenix affordable, nice, safe for kids specially.
Benefis of working with a Direct Lender broker?
do first time buyers have to put a deposit down on the house that they want to buy??
Does a broken lease disappear from your credit report after 7 years?
does any one know who has a house or an apartment for rent in philadelphia?
Help! I moved out of a house I was renting and my lanlord is holding me to the lease?
Can a 17 year old buy/rent an apartment/condo in Missouri?
My Landlord will not give me my money back?
Does my house gain value even though sales are slumping?
Investment property in USA?
what changes to my home will increase my home value?
Moving Out at 16 - Is it possible, and how do I go about this?
Seller of home will NOT accept my bid because I ate food at the showing. Is this legal?
How much does it cost to move out?
when selling you house what are some question I should ask the realtor? any ways of making sure they are hon?
Am I eligible for Local Housing Allowance?
jot down some ideas for making small towns more appealing to newcomers?
Does a business degree teach you to become a Real Estate Investor?
I need to break my lease in Arizona due to a physical alteration with my roommate. What fees due I incure?
Advice for a first time homebuyer?
How much of monthly rent would I be paying with a 230,000 FHA loan?
I want to walk away from a house purchase / closing?
First time home buyer...Need some help from experienced people!!!?
need to find rental listing in birmingham alabama?
How old do you have to be to buy real estate?
how to handle buying someone out of a house before it's built?
When is a house considered "sold"? Under contract or at the actual closing?
can i back out on buying a house?
To all Realtors/Real estate agents?
my landlord said he'd kill my pet rabbit?
If an apartment corporation made me surrender my keys so they could show my apartment, can they charge me for?
Is it generally better to pay off the cost of my house or pay loan instead?
II'm thinking about selling my house ...?
who shall pay the electrical repair in the house? The lessee or the lessor?
Is a 2-bedroom villa west of Boynton Beach Florida a BARGAIN at only $897,000 ?
Does anyone have a "Home Ownership Accelerator Program" mortgage?
Banks that offer Foreclosure Financing?
What is the current land value in 77023?
Dispute between landlord and tenant ?
can a landlord change the rent based oh who he rents to?
is this landlord crazy?
What should I look out for when I go for home loan loan refinance?
How early do you pay your mortgage or rent if due by the first?
how to buy a house with 2 separate loans?
Which of the following serve(s) as an indicator of the balance between supply and demand?
Real Estate Title Services Insurance?
Mortgage companies that finance single wide mobile homes?
How can I atract people from the web into my house?
My Father died, what is the first step in handling estate matters?
A house less than 200 meters for $750,000? Is it worth it?
Is a landlord obligated to put in new carpet after 14 years?
How can you get a fair appraisal on your property if the comparisons that are done do not compare. What's fair
i have no info on my 401 k lost all paperwork and don't know the name of the co.?
Fleas in apartment and breaking my lease?
my landlord did not tell me about foreclosure?
I would like to install a transfer switch myself, does my town in NJ allow that? I will apply for a permit.?
What can I do about the Manager in my apartment complex?
annyone know a good group of people or org to get involved in that works together buying and selling land?
Would you say renting an appartment is a bad idea?
Where should I buy a home in Houston.?
Can I knock on a stranger's door ask to buy their house?
Can I borrow to pay for closing costs?
how can i get out of a lease agreement?
how fast does a landlord have to react to an infestation complaint?
can your landlord keep some of your depoised if you didnt give a 2 week notice in louisiana?
Can I legally do this to my landlord?
Do they sell houses on ebay?
What should I ask a real estate (commercial) management firm before I retain them?
I filed bankruptcy chapter 7 I do not own a house do I need to file a homestead deed?
Are there any laws regarding pet deposits in Florida?
Low income housing for single mother of two?
Does any one know were I can find houses or apartments for rent in flagstaff Arizona.?
How much do you have to pay to rent an average 2 bedroom house in Oslo, or in a small village around Oslo?
Can landlord refuse to have locks changed at tenant's request?
Is interest on the deposit for a condo taxable?
How come tons of guys only want female roommates?
Can I buy a house with a 605, 606, and 665 credit scores?
If you had to pick, would you rather live in the New York metropolitan area or the Washington metro area?
how can I find what the fair market value of a house was in 1983?
what companies in the philippines are in need of acquiring land?
condo versus townhome?
Can a townhome association forclose on a townhome for non payment of association dues?
Apartments for low income? Please help?
if you get ssi checks on the 3rd wednesday will you get them sooner if its past 30 days?
owner financing deal? good or bad?
Can I really make as good a living buying foreclosures and preforeclosures as some people claim?
If i'm 21 can i buy a home?
What's the process for refinancing on a home mortgage?
Leaving the house at 17?
How common is it to be 62 and still have a mortgage? US?
need info about buying a home?
has anyone used "John becks free and clear real estate system"?
first time home buyer questions?
Stopping an eviction?
can a company said i quit a job if the company never call you in to work after you had return from leave?
I just purchased a home and the previous resident still has some of their stuff there.?
Did my landlord give me enough notice of a rent increase (Washington state)?
What should I charge to lease out 4 acres of pecan trees for picking?
What things make a home appreciate? What should I be looking for when I buy a home(investment-wise)?
Real Estate Soft Landing?
Info on Modular/Manufactured Homes?
Whats the best place to live in the world? lets hear your opinions...?
I need a cheap accomodation (single/shared) in Hamburg , Germany from 10th may to 20th july 2006 .?
how do I find people (free of charge) whom have skipped out on mortgage payments?
Rain is leaking into my basement, what options do I have? [ rented property ]?
what bills do you pay when renting an apartment?
How much money is ok to put in my bank account while claiming housing benefit?
I am looking for a house to Buy?
whats the best way to sell my house quick and cheap? im only asking 85,000 andits zoned commercial, located in
land banking...How profitable could buying a forest land and developing it to a agricultural be?
can you rent out a house your financing?
Second key help! House! Help!?
how do I post a free ad in the local newspaper in ft Myers fl condo rental?
How much does a bank have invested in a foreclosed property?
how fast can i evict and hab=ve them out?
Has anyone bought a house through the "Sale of Land by Public Tender"?
Can I show my property if tenant is in process of being evicted?
Can my former landlord keep my security deposit if give him a contact number instead of my current address?
I want to buy a domain name, on the title, should I put "California" or abbreviate to
What factors are included in figuring out an appraisal for a home?
Buying a foreclosed home?
what are the cons of a reverse mortgage?
How do I let people know I got my real estate license?
What companies offer mortgages for foreigners buying property in Mexico?
How many acres can a single person handle?
How do i get a house with $10,000.?
how do i see real estate info online (homes I drive past in frederick md)?
Have 2 story top a/c dnt wrk kids slpn on floor dwnstairs, she said she dont care, live in san antonio, tx?
I'm leasing a house on a one year lease. I have six months remaining on the lease,How do i get out of it.?
Okay, so I just moved into an apartment with a roommate on the 19th of April and she said that I owe utility?
How much do YOU pay for rent?
Tenant breached 6 month contract after 10 days living there?
I signed an apartment lease, and move in 2 weeks, ON THE CONDITION that my next paycheck proves I can afford .?
people with experience, where is the best place to buy a house?
Can a neighbor be forced to fix their property?
How to find who owns the property in jasper county ,missouri?
What can we make our landlord do about excessive mould?
what temperature to set in vacant house in winter?
If my house, which was foreclosed, is bought by a corporation what are my rights?
if i foreclose on my home because of losing my job will the bank go after me for the money that is owed?
is ti possible to payoff mortgage in 5 years?
We paid someone to paint our home and now two months later they're demanding more money and want to put a lien
confused about $250K exclusion on sale of house.?
what do you think about people who dont have pictures or decorations hanging on their wall?
How to get someone living in your house to pay rent?
need cheap housing close to UTI in houston texas Lockhaven drive is its address.?
I am a uk citizen interested in buying property in czech republic what are the best agencys available?
I need to know what I need to do in order to move out of state?
How can I know how much less than the asking price to offer for real estate?
should I buy property in new orleans?
Best way to go buying vs fixing ?
can afelon be a realtor?
Got A big drop in property from last year Could I appeal last years appraisal?
Whether to report evidence of child neglect after tenants abandoned rental property?
Are the any cheap, fairly descent apartments located near the Art Institute of Huoston?
what are the best mortgage companies in southern california to work for as a loan officer?!?
As a Real estate agent can I hired someone to help me show the houses to my appoiments?
How long can a landlord leave a tennant without hot water?
Can a tenant in Vegas refuse to payrent because landlord failed to do repairs?
what is the url of a home value site that lists current sale prices of homes in danbury ct.?
How can I make $1000 in less than a month...?
Need advice on rent being raised on lease-to-own property!!!!?
Estate agent spot check before even renting with them?
How much am i looking to pay a month to rent at a mall?
private mortgage insurance?
In Rhode Island, do I need to take any special classes to buy rental property?
In Florida, can a person be on a mortgage but not on the Note?
Can my roommate sue me for rent while they didn't live in the unit?
What state would you prefer to live in out of Tennessee, Georgia and Texas?
I pay £250 on my mortgage and at the end of the month I have to pay smr of 3.99% ! does anyone know how much ?
No money down VA loan? Any out-of-pocket costs?
if i own landlocked property and cant get on the property can i make the government buy it?
My estranged mother passed away over a year ago...?
Would you buy a house that someone was murdered in?
How long does it take to get an apartment?
Can I transfer title in my sons name without spending on refinancing?
Can a 17 yr. old rent an apartment in Texas?
Is it mandatory when on a month to month lease to guve a 30 day notice to vacate if so ,if broken can it be re?
Have an appointment today for a home loan?
I'm thinking about taking a mortgage on my house so that I can purchase an investment property. ??
how many square feet are in a square meter?
Renewing a lease with a roommate that does NOT want to sign it....?
Loan Approval? Commercial Property?
My boyfriend is considering buying a condo, and has been?
Do you have to have home owners insurance to own a house?
Lanlord has broken lease?
I am being required to buy renters insurance by the owners of the?
want to rent apt. or Lg. room , walking distance to stores,in Paulding,Polk or Haralson Co. GA! Avail.1 June06
I want to rent a house in Portsmouth without paying the Agency fee's.?
just moved to a house with an oven without handle! what can be done? is not working Im trying to search properties?
Can I legally move out of my apartment/breaking lease if the mold cant be cleared up?
How long do you have to live in a home purchased with a VA loan before you can rent it out?
Lenders in CA offering stated income mortgages?
How effective are those real estate programs that are sold on infomercials?
How did you pay the down payment on your first home?
the lease on apartment monthly rent?
where do i find a featured article that i read last night about cities where the prices of houses are rising?
Is this a ridiculous price for a one bedroom apartment?
Can I obtain a mortgage with a 677 median credit score?
rottweiler friendly rentals in greensboro nc?
Listing of section 8 housing rentals in cincinnati, ohio?
Where can i get help with section 8 or any type of housing assistance in New Orleans?
I've been renting the same home from the same landlord for 10+ years, do I own it?
I'm moving house and the vendors want to bring the settlement date forward?
How I can find the iwner's name of the house by address by ?
So how much does a typical modest 3 bedroom house cost in the USA?
if a woman have a problem an her aks a man for hope an the man do not hope the woman waht is the naxt thing to
can exfelons/convicts have a career in real estate?
woodbridge home for rent!! HELLP!!!!!?
Why does renting a house cost more then buying a house?
What are the risks in renting out to a SECTION 8 tennant?
Can I buy a house? I am 24 creit score 700 and make 24k a year?
how to become a building surveyor?
how managers delegate as a part of their magnagement responsibilities?
Signing a blank contract help, took out a mortgage without knowledge!!!?
Can we afford a 300,000 dollar house on our income?
Property purchase from tax auction how to determine if any other liens are on the property?
do U know the renting laws in florida, i need to know if im legally obligated to provide a fire extinguisher?
How should I go about this? What should I do?
What happens when you sell your house, but the price is down?
does any one know a website to go to to get templates for a written response regarding forclosure?
what is a good qualification for a good real estate agent?
mobile home renters rights in georgia?
will a home seller generally accept $1000 down payment from seller?
When a lease expires can a landlord enter the premise?
I have had a history of back my credit do I rent...with maxed unpaid credit cards?
How much would a 1200 square foot house cost?
where are could i find a nice apartment BUILDING, not a complex, in houston for under $1000 a month?
Does it matter which date you pay rent?
If your lease is up august 31st, are you responsible for paying rent the month of august even though you paid?
What Palace was purportedly estimated equivalent in value to all the real estate in California?
Where can I find help to pay rent?
can i get paid to sell my pics i have around the house..?
payed for good grades in nj?
Is it ok to not be on the lease?
My appartment building is trying to charge me $1100, for no 60 day notice, HELP!?
Easy 10 points for people working at real estate brokerages like Century 21?
Beachfront condos in Destin, Florida??
how much is th rent for the house 2/2 in Chatsworth ,CA ,91311?
Applying for SNAP; but I don't have rent reciepts.?
My Landlord still hasn't fixed the air and I now have a $558 light bill...What can I do about this?
council housing with brother ?
Can a landlord do this???
How do I file a complaint to the Renter's association in my area?
How to get some money back from the landlord?
Who can help me with commercial property purchase?
What are the most important things to think about when buying 1-3 acres of land to build a house on?
If a person is on the deed to a property but not on the will, what rights do they have to the property?
Does the cost of building a home drop during a recession like the value of homes currently on the market?
As a guess how much of you pay-check each week as a % goes towards rent/mortgage payments?
How do I find who my mortgage company was for a house I bought and then sold in 1993 ?
do you know of any investment lenders that would lend high equity 115%-125% cltv?
I have applied for a loan and they told me that the "underwriters" have it now. What is an underwriter?
Will banks be closed Tuesday January 2nd 2007?
What would you do? (My landlord scammed me)?
How do i access the rental value of my house ?
Did i do the right thing for myself going to corporate about an issue?
if i buy a house in california could the property taxes go up?
neighbors not paying bill?
Apartment we have to pay?
House is in Forclosure. What do I do now?
Working toward being a Real Estate Agent?
average water bill in Miami?
Which is a more realistic city to move to?
I have been bankrupt for 3 months. Can i go guarantor on a rented property or will that affect my banruptcy?
Will I still get the "big city" feel if I live in the Bronx?
How can I find someone to rent my Las Vegas condo?
Is there any cheap housing in San Jose, California?
closed on a new house 1pm Friday, moved in saturday morning and discovered AC unit missing. who's liable?
does anyone know anywhere to get a good land loan in CA?
what the best place in the world to invest money in real estate?
how much does a realtor charge to sell your house?
what is a reasonable rate to charge per sq ft for commercial property?
My move to Bradenton FL?
How much will closing costs be on a $150,000 FHA purchase if I put 3% down and the seller gives me 6%?
How many residences are in Huntington Beach, CA ?
I am buying a house and the seller has agreed to pay the closing costs. Does this include the down payment?
Landlord responsible for Mosquito infestation?
Can my land lord tell me what I can and can't put out on my balcony? I live in Monterey Park, CA.
will you help the poor woman find afordible houseing?
Im renting a room for the first time next month what do I need to know?
My 80 year old tenant pays me in small bills and coins. It annoy's me, should I evict her?
Where is the best place to buy a vacation home in Texas?
Is there a website where I can find listings of properties available through tax sale (nation wide preferably)
I want to know the basics about investing in Commercial property.?
Explain consolidating mortgage with existing credit card debt.?
Does anyone know how I could look up the history of the apartment building I just moved into?
how do I find a house sitting assignment this summer?
Do you really want to buy your new house at the lowest price possible?
how do you pay off a mortgage in ten years by paying next months principal plus some extra?
What's the rule on splitting property in Washington state?
Should I do all adults' credit and background for my tenant?by ca law or by common practice?
is it smarter to actually buy the house or come up with a down payment?
Real Estate Professionals Please - Hypothetical Situation"?
How do I get approved for an apartment?
This is about public Housing?
When applying for an apartment, on what grounds can they "just not approve you"?
is there a web site that will show me houses recently sold in my area with the price?
howdy! I'm looking around for some affordable condos in Plano,Texas- any ideas?
Should we have received a written notice...?
I live in single family house and can i have my cousin live with us for a while?
Quickest way to make £1000 without selling or buying anything?
can i get an apartment with an eviction?
I'm looking for websites that list decommissioned rural post offices for sale?
What is the first thing we need to do to buy our first house?
About home ownership....?
What type of organizations can assist me in buying a first time home with a low?
Realtor put incorrect offer, not sure what to do....?
Why does a house need to appraise for the purchase price on a conventional loan?
Is this grounds for breaking my lease?
Why are apartments cheaper in the West than in the Northeast?
Is there someone who is financially well off who assists people with a personal/private real estate loan?
My home is up for a short sale, but now I can afford it. Will the mortgage company allow me to keep me home?
My fiance and I are considering buying our first home. What questions do we ask the seller or agent?
Whats the best way to buy a home with no money down with bad credit immediately?
Where to find a credible Real Estate Agent in Massachusetts?
In HUD housing.....?
I listed my house and now I decided I don't want to sell?
NYS Real Estate Licence Question?
Are Landlords allowed to show up when they want and give people a key to your place?
Is there anything wrong with getting a 30 year mortgage when I expect to sell my place within 7 years?
Houses for rent by owner in California?
Can I evict tenants for late payment(s)?
if my name is on the title of a home but not the loan am i eligible for first time home buyers credits?
Is it really bad to take the kids along when looking inside homes to buy?
Pros and cons of buying a slab house vs house with basement?
My husband paid off house in full over 20 years....we are getting a divorce, the house is in my name only..?
what is the average cost of building an 1800 square foot brick ranch home in fayetteville, n.c.?
How can i find my property tax for Fountain Valley, CA 92708?
How can I get my roommate evicted for smoking pot? It was in our lease not to have any drugs in our apt?
How long does a person have to be on a job to purchase a home?
Why would the county need a 60 notice of eviciton? Is this a con on their part?
Realtors: What if I have my house listed on the MLS but find a buyer mysel?
Is there a legitamate loan company out of new york by the name riverdale trust?
Can anyone give me the selling rate of property (real estate- land with house) in Murugeshpalaya Bangalore?
What does this property Description mean? Does this seem safe?
I want to buy a condo listed for $395,000, my realtor thinks it's worth $385,000, how much should I bid?
Strange bug bites after moving into new apartment, they sent out pest control and no evidence of bed bugs?
Are homes exclusive only for 1 real estate agency?
In Arizona what is the area that has reasonable realestate prices and it a good area to buy a home?
How long until I make $6,000?
In a flat with 3 floors, which floor is it best to live on and why?
Anyone knows what a decent commission is for selling Mobile homes.?
How long does it take to complete falling out of escrow in CA? Can the realtor list it before it's done?
im trying to locate someone that skipped out on an apartment they rented from me any free ways to find them?
What is a real estate grantor?
What is an abstract company?
For anyone who really knows whats the deal with this down turn in real estate?
A house number : 1313?
What is Escrow?
looking for a website thats called zomba you can buy personal information and find peoples residence.?
can my 75 year old grandpa ask for a house to live in with low rent?
landlord is texting me really fowl words due to moving out?
Can I break my apartment lease if I join the Army?
what are the rights of a tenant when landlord is selling the rental home?
Landlord changed his mind about us moving in?
can you move while on food stamp?
How to turn a empty lot into farm land in state of New jeresy?
Which is better a home equity loan or reverse mortgage?
Are all these questions about "should I buy a home in California" real or is this spam?
will we qualify for a home loan?
What is the best way to buy/rent a house in mumbai?
what are my rights upon eviction from an apartment?
How much does it cost to live in shingletown, ca?
Changing locks after boyfriend leaves?
Does my landlord have the right to tell me what business I must use for my cable, tv, or internet services?
Is it illegal to rent a hotel, house when you 15 and live alone?
Is Fannie Mae safe to get a morgage through now?
Apartment problems. Help?
How do i evict a friend who i don't have a lease with and who has never paid the rent agreed on?
How can I tell if utilities are disconnected?
in michigan can landlord serve 7 day notice to minor or call after 9pm?
Are 360,000 a year or 160,000 a year an average ( in Canada )?
Tenant Leaves Without Paying Owed Rent?
How long does it usually take to hear back on a housing offer that's empty and land contract?
what is the construction cost per sqft presently in Delhi.Please give the estimate on all aspects?
So many loans on houses are "upside" down, when are you going to help the "small" people to save their houses?
can somebody put a lien on my house even if they dont own it?
i am looking for the guidelines for a tin mortgage loan?
does anyone know where I can search the real MLS in charleston sc without looking at sold properties?
If I'm making 100k a month can I buy a house with 0% down. And the house being sold at 14mil?
Can a person with 3 evictions rent an apartment?
need a loan with no credit?
security deposit on my rental, lawyer's input appreciated?
where can you find reliable and honest realestate repo info on line?l?
Tenancy Agreement - Only allow one person living in it?
Renting and house got flooded, does homeowners insurance cover?
Is it againest the law to have your tenants live in your home with BLACK mold?
What does it mean when a home is for sale with "owner terms"?
What state and city do u live in, and how much is your rent?
Where can I find a house in Ennis,Texas for under 50,000 Dollars?
10 credit cards, all in due payment.?
Where can I rent a house that is at least 3 bedrooms, is room mate friendly and will work with bad credit?
Would you buy property in Mexico from these guys?
Can I hire a thug in S. Africa just to scare a girl?
When is it legal to own property in New York City?
my tenant is not paying the rent, what do?
Should I cosign for my daughter's first apt?
What to do about the dishwasher not working in my apartment?
Should I Buy a Condo or Co-op?
need pasadena rental that will take large dogs?
what is the difference between prime and non-prime mortgage lenders?
how can i get someone out of my home who does not pay rent and was allowed to stay through good will?
can my landlord kick me out if I ask him to clean up chipping lead paint on the exterior of the appartment?
how much would an half of an acre of land cost?
I'm looking to move out soon and I need some help on how to get a house and stuff?
how to find out if a business is legal or not?
To landlords and legal advisors please. Tenant not paying the rent, has recently had a police raid which?
What to do as a tenant? Help?
What are the most important things to think about when buying 1-3 acres of land to build a house on?
What exactly is reasonable wear/tear on carpet in California. My daughter has 5 kids and a large deposit .?
What exactly does "sold as is" mean?
My landlord is asking for another month's security deposit 20 months after I moved in. Is this legal in Calif?
What would you call a person who is renting your house other than a rentor?
What type of test should I expect for a leasing manager postion? It is a 15 min. timed test?
Security deposit for apartment...?
new tampa, easton park?
Can anyone help me? Wells Fargo is stealing my home and I can't do anything about it it seems?
where on the internet can i find the latest appraisal value for houses in seven meadows katy, tx 77494?
I just bought a house and they did not take their stuff yet.?
Why would my 21 year old son need our Social Security # and signature too lease a house?
Websites displaying loads of London studio apartments for rent?
Felons rights when applying for an apartment?
am i required to put a lock on my roommates door if she rents from me.?
When someone takes a bridge loan, when do they get a more permanent financing?
Which makes more sense??
Is it better to sell your house and hope to break even, or stop making payments and give it back to the bank ?
I'm looking to buy a house and need mortgage info....?
California: I have an ARM at 6.8% and rising - should I refinance now? Wait for prepay penalty phase to end?
Real Estate research?
My landlord is a piece of **** from hell! He got mad at me because I vomited in the hallway! Please help!?
In debt, but can I afford a home right now?
Can I be evicted for being pregnant?
How much to charge a roommate?
How To Refinish Furniture in an Apartment?
What are the basic rules for buying investment/rental property in Ontario?
Help with housing for a 17 year old?
county appraised value to sales price % difference in Northern VA?
Rent issue.. advice please.?
How much CASH to offer on a short sale?
Where in San Diego can I find a decent roommate who doesnt smoke, steal, and isnt a 'stalker' type?
Should I move out or keep living at mom's house?
if you buy a cemetary plot can they not let you use it once you purchased it?
What can I do if I loose the rent check from my renter, and they will not give me another one?
Gift for Real Estate Agent?
what happens if you revoke an offer to buy a house in wisconsin?
Do you think it is a good time to buy a house ?
Is anybody out there from Hyderabad,INDIA need help.... please....?
i would like to appiled for nj tra i lost my job and i really need some assistance?
Landlord referral gone wrong?
How does rent to own a home work?
we have a commercial plus residential property in india. we are the land lords and have a tenant who is sellin?
can you charge 1st and last months rent plus a security deposit?
Renting and mortgage?
Does anyone in Beaumont, Texas know the address to this Home?
my cousin rents a house and?
How long before closing can I lock?
What is stack bedrooms in real estate?
I have a Housing Question...SERIOUS replies only, pls!?
Can my landlord keep my security deposit for damages I did not do??
which is the best real estate online class in VA?
What are closing costs?
if u don't own the house but have a deed to it what do u do?
can i have collection accounts to qualify for a fha loan?
I'm considering a short sale?
How to know if there are cameras in my house?
Is there any reason why I can't sell my Florida Villa in the UK?
Roommate left our apartment without notice but left all of his belongings.?
I need help with finding my own place?
Why did home sales dip 3.6% in sept. but residential constructions increased by 23.4%?
What happens when you don't pay rent for your apartment?
Short Sale! Almost two months waiting for answer from bank, ugghh!!?
looking for a house with 1 or 2 acres that could fit 2 families for not more than $150,000?
What is the most sensible mortgage for a house i have let;?
Which newspaper should I advertise the sale of my apartment in the city of Melbourne?
properties if someone died..?
If I buy a house to rent?
my parents are deceased how do I have there house put in my name?
does a sales person with a real estate license who works for a builder or condominiom get paid to be there...?
how to start live alone without parents?
How much money do I need for a condo?
Low income housing, help?
Are timeshares really a good investment?
how do i get my real estate licence in new york city?
I want to buy the house i am renting, how do i approach the owners?
Renting an apartment at 17 w/o parents knowing I'm living with 21 yr old boyfriend?
how i list my appartments with section 8?
Hello does anyone know where to go for grants on rental assistance or start up of a new business?
What is a good loan rate for purchasing a home?
Where is a good country to move to?
if a broken lease is paid can a person rent again?
What is the easiest way to find a house to rent..?
Is it safe to buy flats coming up in zirakpur area near chandigarh these days?
Former landlord owes us money?
My question is about council direct offer to the permanent council flat?
Is there a good town to retire in Maryland?
what are "tax credit properties"?
How to make it being a part time real estate agent? HELP!?
Is it was cheaper to buy a lot and build on it or just to buy a brand new house?
Near half of homeowners in my area are selling? how about yours?
how do I find investment brokers who have buyers for land?
what are the building code for ac units in apartments.?
How can Gordon Brown help first-time buyers in the UK housing market?
Landlord Unlawful Entry?
Question about buying a house?
Rent or Buy? Single mother, two teen kids, $20,000 savings, $2,500/mth salary?
Can I buy a rental unit with a FHA loan?
how to get out of a commercial lease?
can my husband and i file for a joint morgage if he is the only one working?
My question is I would like to know about the most recent prices of living Long Branch NJ?
If my parents ended up being on my mortgage loan do they have to sign the purchase and sale papers also?
How long should it take to secure a mortgage for a house?
If my apartments have a clause stating that I can pay 2 months rent if I want to get out of my lease early?
whats the difference between a boarding house and apartment?
What if you dont give a landlord a notice that your moving?
Could I buy a home now & qualify for the $8,000 tax credit even if I bought a rental property two years ago?
My landlord didn't give me a key to the front door b/c he lost it?
Can one really buy a home with NO MONEY DOWN and poor credit?
Landlord put up political sign without my consent!!!!??? HELP!!?
If you are renting and your lease was up in feb 2006?
Is it possible to buy an apartment in Brooklyn on a salary of 60k?
Avg mortgage rate I may qualify for with credit score just shy of 700 and debt-to-income ratio of 0.8?
Will I qualify for a home loan?
told i have to leave my home but i own the land its built on?
Do medical bills hurt credit score when buying a house?
Can i get a mortgage ?
Is It Hard Managing A Rental Property (Single Home Residence)?
Could I own a House in the USA If I am Canadian ?
if you have a job you need to know your income how would you find out on your check stub?
I have a home equity loan. In Texas, the 2 parties must agree on a fair market value. If not, is my loan null?
Hi I have 2 building in Wilkes-Barre pa Luzerne County that I need to sell what you can help?
what is the definition of having living rights?
Is there any type of mortgage without down payment?
looking to buy a house?
Inheriting a Property that is Under Water?
Where's the best place in great Britain to move?
My landlord wants to kick me out in three days but I have a toddler is that illegal for her to kick me out?
Who administers the Subdivision Map Act?
What is going on at The Macenzie House in Kirkfield?
do i have to pay two month rent even if i signed the lease two months later?
Have you ever used Sure Deposit?
can my landlord evict me for being 3 days late on my rent?
Why would it take PNC Bank 3 mos. to close on an FHA streamline refinance?
Do USDA home loans have to be aquired with a realtor?
Sheriffs sales?
Need subprime lender for standalone 2nd with a 520 fico?
What refinance company?
Can I request a reimbursement for appraisal if Wells Fargo didn't approve my loan?
After becoming broker how can i start my real estate business in ma?
Does anyone know of a mortgage company that'll give me a loan even though I filled bankruptcy 8months ago ?
Any ideas how to break an apartment lease? 10 easy points!!?
how do i find out who owns an estate?
Can we be Kicked out our chalets which we own, by the owners of the sites? read on....?
To buy a house/mobile home or rent?
Do you need a Realtor?
I need an attorney who specializes in Condo law in FL that can go against powerful developers.?
I live in MN, and have never owned a house. Can I qualify as a first time homebuyer in MO while living in MN?
Hello. Is it true that if you find a job in another state that you can break your lease in an apartment?Thanks
Can my landlord send me a 42 hour written notice through a text? *HELP*?
Where is the cheapest kind of place I could possible live?
can i buy a home with a credit score of 546?
Bought a trailer as is... had no idea there was black mold.?
What's the average cost to expand a home by about 1000 sq. ft. in AZ ?
Can I get out of an apartment lease if I signed it 5/30/06 but it does not start until August 1, 2006?
Can a landlord sell the house and kick you out in illinois?
Roomate gone, can I sue for rent?
House renovation abroad...?
rental deposit question?
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