Real Estate

Investing in hotel rooms in Orlando Florida?
Is caulking my job, or the landlords job?
Define Buying House?
anyyone ever heard of a mortgage company that co owns property with their client theyre giving the mortgag
In NYC, how much notice must a landlord give a tenant of lease non-renewal?
House advertises and selling.... What does £800 pcm mean??
When is the best time to buy a home, are we headed towards another recession, should I wait?
are you entitled to housing benefit if you own your own house?
What would I do when my roommate doesn't want to pay rent?
Who is the best Ohio Real Estate Online Continuing Education provider?
Can a foreclosing bank put a lean on another property that you own?
Friend does not wish to keep house and wants to forclose?
If I sell my house myself, can I hire an agent to handle the closing?
Cannot honor apartment lease?
What's the minimum down payment I need for fha mortgage?
Florida Mobile Home Foreclosure Situation....what happens when...?
Should I move to another place now?
How long does it take to get money for NM land?
I am looking for a excel template for comparring land parcels.?
is a 100k enough money to buy and rent properties?
How to make a written agreement (between friends) to borrow something expensive.?
Can I clean REO the day before closing?
can they kick us out?
What does a federal rate cut mean for me?
If you have a foreclosure on one home, can the bank take your second home?
how do you get out of a real estate contract if our realtor has misled and lied to us?
do you need a will to leave a non familymember your house?
How can I buy a house with bad credit in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?
I'm looking for a 1 bedroom flat in Chandigarh for 1 month rental. Please advice on contacts. No realtors plz.?
what type of houses do they have in cyprus?
Jersey shore summer rentals?
Name on Deed, but Not on Mortgage. HELP!?
How to tell if you have mold or asbestos? Legalities of renter versus landlord over the matter?
Where do all the celebrities live in the Las Vegas area?
How much *should* one spend on buying a house?
How Can I Sell my House?
If you finish paying your home and decide to sell it, do you get all the money?
paying escrow money to mortgage company after closing?
how do you get around the "no referral fee" in the mortgage business?
What is the Income Strategies Institute, and has anyone tried them?
by law,when being evicted,how much time must landlord give tenant to vacate premises?
In response to SHMURFEE68's answer - my husband and ex were never married. There is no divorce decree.?
Who is responsible for damage caused by a "For Sale" sign?
Should I rent or buy a home in California?
dollar value of property located at 302 s. jefferson st.,thomasville,ga.?
What county is Phoenix, zip 85044?
Question on selling your home and buying one in this market when house is underwater?
what r the qualifacation for rentin a hud apt.?
how will you live in a 12-square meter condo unit?
Confusing lease agreement?
I got mugged close to my home, should i move somewhere else?
Loud, dirty, perverted neighbors... what can we do?
Plz help...I just asked my landlord if he got my 30 day notice letter and he said yes and he Also said..he is?
can i rent my home and buy another?
how do I get the city of Houston to pick up our trash AND our recylcled debris, once we seperate it?
Any good renting websites?
Should I go with a 30-year fixed or a 10-year interest only mortgage?
How do we go about buying a house?
Is it normal for a landlord to have a copy of the keys to the house we are living in?
What is the best way to get tenants to pay for their maintenance charges without it getting real messy?
I am buying my first home. Asking price is 109000.00. What should my first offer be?
Who is the cheapest utility provider?
is an 18 x12 bedroom big?
Does anyone know of a website that advises people on how to buy a home without a realtor?
i am looking up my grandmas house and it said this...?
Can you rent a room at la quinta inn monthly?
i don't like my new housemate, what can I do?
New apt ads on Craigslist?
I signed a contract with my x-wife to help pay mortgage but the deal was we would sell the house and she wont?
If I lost my job can I break my apartment lease?
What would happen to my mortgage if anything went seriously wrong with Northern Rock?
What's the difference between "assessed value" and "market value" of real property?
Anyone know of decent cheap apt?
What are the best realty offices in Silicon Valley?
tax laws, investment regulations, drug enforcement activities with great impacts on the real estate industry?
how could I locate condemned homes for sale in southern New Hampshire with large yards?
new jersey section 8 for houses or apartments??
quick claim deed help please?
A car broke down in front of our house, it's been a month now. How do I find out who the owner is?
Can you be sued for rent if you never signed a lease?
I want to move to a new state but dont know where?!!?
Where to find apartments/houses for rent in Fairbanks Alaska?
Where should i start when looking for a house for rent?
Fort Myer, VA housing???
Looking for places to rent?
why housing prices vary from city to city?
pals i need answer to an open university assignment for b631 Tam0?
How old were you when you bought your first house? How much money did you have saved up?
I was set to close on a house when a lein was placed on it. Do I have any recorse due for inconvienance?
What are the qualifications for getting a 201k loan from HUD.?
How early should i notify the landlord?
What jobs is a licensed home inspector qualified for besides inspecting homes?
disability income, want to buy a house/cando in CA anyone in the same boa t and want to split ?
Apartment complex is trying to charge me for damages?
Do you know of an honest locksmith in Ft. Worth for residential locksmith on rental properties?
I need a link to a list of apartments for rent (not houses or condos) for downtown Edmonton alberta, canada?
how to avoid foreclosure proceedings?
We are buying a house in the Las Vegas Area...?
court house address in carmen ark.?
Can my landlord tell my guests that they cant bring pets onto the property?
Would you invest your money in Land or a Island?
Are there any apartments in Saint Louis that don't need an employment stub?
Can someone help me to find mortgage professionals who provide FHA loans in Seattle?
Can I break my lease?
Should I have to pay half of the utilities?
Questions on mortgage?
How can i find out if ppl died in my house?
Isn't a real estate agent suppose to actually try to sell your house???
Are there adult communities in Littleton, castle rock,colorado areas?
Can a lien be put on a student loan?
Are the commercials true that you can get a home loan for like $150,000 and only pay $500 a month?
Can someone help me with this real estate calculation (NOI)?
How many days do you have to vacate the premises when a eviction is presented to you.?
My landlord is an idiot?
How can I improve my chances to get a return call from a client via leaving a message?
Is it safe to live in an apartment for a month with severe amounts of mold in the walls?
can I evict my tenant for non payment if she has cancer?
Can a bank use you tax escrow to pay the principal on a payoff when you refinance with a different lender?
What the probability. That my landlord will catch me for having a portable washer.?
How much cut should I give my sibling for watching a duplex property?
Garage conversions bad for the neighborhood/value?
What are advance charges on home mortage loans?
How much money can I make as a mortgage loan officer?
What are the pros & cons of buying a house & reselling it within a year?
I recently bought a house in nyc with tenants living inside, who are not paying rent.?
Should I go into foreclosure if I am $120,000 in negative equity and failed in a loan modification attemp?
Buy real estate in Ontario, Canada using my oversea company?
Is someone lives in a council house, can they extend/build on the property with or without council permission?
Real Estate?
Constitue mortgage fraud?
Somebody told me that real estate agents driving expensive cars have better chance at selling real estate. Is
Difference between Appraiser and home inspector?
Where is the best place to get a mortgage in Milwaukee?
what is a leasehold price?
how to i become a success man?
I sign a 12 month lease on 08/15/09, the rent is 643 per month. Can i get out of this lease . i never moved in?
Does anyone know if I can sell my home in Florida via a raffle or a write in contest?
how do i start with real estate with little or no cent and that for a profitable end.?
Can my landlord enter my house when I'm not home to show?
Paying a $40 application fee for an apartment with bad credit, is it worth it?
Is it legal for the landlord to raise the rent every year ...?
what does Due Diligence Reports mean?
how do i find a house that is being seized by the irs?
Loan to Value (LTV) defined?
Stupid timeshares need help?
Is Panama, Central America a good place for real estate investing and why or why not?
I own a house in FL but might get a job in DC - can I keep my homestead exemption on FL home?
Can my HOA tell me no?
Magic 8-Ball Question...?
If I signed out of a lease, can my ex-roomates refuse to sign and want to sue me for monthly rent?
Is it illegal to shut off the electricity by the landlord if people are still living in the house?
why is there a real estate slump in mendocino?
how do i get a dumpletroll to exit my house?
how long is the standard real estate contract if I want to put my house on the market,I have been told 3 month
which university course would give most benefit in sales, in particularly real estate?
how do i get my name of the mortgage when there is a charge on the mortgage its a joint mortgage?
Please someone help! Need help with rent ASAP!?
What does it mean when a rental or property is listed as Contingent?
How do I ask my landlords this?Please help i dont want to have problems.?
If someone is living with me and pays towards Bills and help with the Mortgage; is that taxed?
How much do sign holders make?
When house shopping do you look in the fridge?
How do you determine what the levered IRR would be if you only had an unlevered IRR to work with?
Fed buying 10-year treasuries and more mortgage-securities; how low will rates go?
Is it standard to pay a Non-Refundable deposit to purchase a new home.?
Cost of living for two in apartment?
What are the key items to have when first renting?
Property Taxes...?
can you purchase a home that has a tax lien on it?
Has anyone ever heard or had experience with Second Avenue Residential?
Is a back-to-back 2-story terrace house actually a "maisonette"?
Huge real estate question?
problems with apartment?
What do the landlord pays and what does the tenants pay?
I own a home in Idaho with an FHA loan. I want to move to Nevada to be closer to family....?
Do real estate agents have a legal responsibility to disclose if a house is in a flood zone?
Do we do the right thing and stay in a house and be miserable...or leave and hope for the best?
first time home buyer need help no agent trying to do by my self?
are there any progams to help a single mom buy her first home?
What should I do in this situation?
New landlord, so new lease?
any mortgage companies giving loans with a fico score of 550 and 100 percent financing for a house purchase in
I'd like to break my lease, but, I need to know how?
what are the dangers to renting to tenants without a lease?
Is now a good time to buy a house?
One Dollar Houses?
is it easy to find jobs in Queens, New York at a restaurant or at a bar?
how much is paid to property owners for pipeline right-of-ways?
How do I find land to buy outside of the United States?
council house mutual exchange (home swap)?
How much money should I save to move? Details Below:?
Roommate changed her mind, should I keep the security deposit?
Can I still get approved for a mortgage loan if im on chexsystems?
Sale of my share of land?
How can I get a free title search on my house online?
what's the median home price in las vegas, nv?
Should I buy a single-family or a duplex as my first home?
is this a good time to buy a house as house price are down?
Should I get a studio or a one bedroom apartment?
I was served foreclosure papers on my home about 3 years ago. talked to many different agencies and cant seem?
how do I secure a loan for the purchase of raw land?
Can I add a family friend on title at closing even if they are not on the mortgage loan or purchase contract?
Can I withhold rent from a landlord if the property manager he is using is not taking care of the rental?
My tenant owes me five months of rent. What are the avenues available for recovery of the money?
Okay, you "Flipped a House" was it a SUCCESS or REGRET?
I think my apartment is haunted?
Does a landlord have to prove damages to his property in order to make us pay?
If file chapter 7, how does it effect my landlord?
were can i find government assistance for a home loan?
Does anyone know of any wholesale lenders that do 100% non-owner occupied loans?
How to become a Kansas Real Estate agent?
If i got half payment of my equipment sold and for a year the party fails to pay me my balance,can i return hi?
can you buy a house in nj with 649 credit score?
I rent a co-op apt, and tenant pays late or the checks bounce and never returns my calls, how can I evict her?
Would it be a bad idea to sell our house and rent instead?
I need to know what I need to do in order to move out of state?
Name is on lease without signing?
in CA, if a broker is not paid commission by either buyer or seller, where can he go?
selling my house questions?
Is a 4-bedroom house bettter than a 3-bedroom one?
couple of questions about home buying-first time buyer?
Can my Landlord do this?
requirements to buy property in ny?
has c n c property management ltd water links house Richard street b7 office closed 4 good?
Seattle Realtors/ buying a house by indian reservation?
Landlord breaking year lease before move in?
do you think that its right for someones son to have to pay rent?
Will the fed's increasing interest rates really burst a possible real estate bubble?
That is better Condo are Townhouse?
my landlord is trying to show the house while i am a tenant can i say no?
What is the meaning of Low, Medium and High Density Units?
Question about rent arrears and housing benefit. Serious answers only please.?
In Phoenix, AZ.. How can I find a First Time Home Buyer seminar that gives me a certificate of completion?
i got a 30 day notice from my landlord?
Non married couple tax credit and house buying question?
Im moving but my landlord calls every night at 9pm to tell me that he has someone coming to see my apartment.?
can i break a lease if my landlords daughter harasses us?
dose the bank have to keep the water on when there is tenents living in dwellings?
will the.......?
How does an Adjustable Rate Morgtage work?
Can you build yourself a log/wooden house?
Should I ask tenant to pay for utilities billed to me since their account was disconnected from non-payment?
What are the real estate error and omission fees?
How do i stop getting mail for the previous tenant?
What is a watts credit statute.?
How much is your gas and hydro bill in ontario?
which county in ny is the least expensive to live (real estate wise)?
Buying a home with bad credit question?
8weeks to move out my home?
im moving into my first apartment with a roommate! i need tips! anything and everything!?
Is a realestate transaction done the minute you close on the deal?
Why do all mobile homes in cities have to be in parks?
My friend and I want to buy a house for about $290,000. Can we get a loan for no money down?
can you have a room mate while on section 8?
what is the price per square foot to build a home in san antonio, tx?
how much savings do I need to have before I move to Maryland without a job?
I am in need of real estate advice... condo-townhome vrs. house?
moms house paid off we want to put it into my name now because she is gravely ill. How do I go about doing so.
My landlord is selling my house. I need to know what rights I have and how to get my deposit back?
How do people get away with charging outrageous amounts of rent on run down property? Where can I find laws?
I would like to borrow a large amount of money but have bad credit...?
Can the landlord raise rent for revenge on an argument we had?
if I still have a rental in NY may I apply for Homestead in Fl?
How long before I have to move when serv ed with summons.?
Bad Credit Home Loan?
Transfer my dad's property into my name (both title & loan)? transfer loan without refinancing?
what good deed you do today?
I own a house with my boyfriend and now we are seperating. What should I do legally?
is this something to worry about?
Should the landlord return my money! ?
How can I save my home?
When buying a house, is it better to put a large down payment or as little as the the lender will allow?
What is a studio type apartment?
Whst kind of lawyer do I need? My ex moved out in feb. Both of our names are on the mortgage.?
is arizona worth living in?
can a whole town deny your rentals because you smoke and their mormon.?
Is £2450 a month to much for a 6 bedroom house in centre of cambridge?
What questions do you ask about a room available in a Condo?
Should we have received a written notice...?
What is the name of the business that maintains the building (incl. rent collection) on behalf of the owner?
Can we get an FHA loan for a mobile home?
Can a landlord prevent you from displaying a political sign in the yard?
LANDLORD PROBLEM- legal issues?
Help me find an apartment in the Outer Banks, NC?
my a.c. in my apartment has been broke for 4 months and my rental office has not fixed it, it 95 degrees?
Is it legal for the landlord to raise the rent every year ...?
Personal advice needed. (long question)?
Should I renew my lease for a year or month to month terms while looking for a property?
Next door neighbor has vines growing into/on my property.?
how old do you have to be to buy a house in iowa?
Is paying 350 per month for a room expensive?
I rent a room from some one that leases a house is that legal?
Is it cheaper to build a two story duplex or single story duplex?
can a landlord turn the power off after you pay him the bill?
I haven't moved into my house yet, previous owner hasn't moved what do i do?
Section 8 housing qualifications in virginia?
Bought a house, fiance paid downpayment?
Home inspection on a house being bought "as is"?
Average cost of HOMES in NW FL.?
Finding a place to live.?
If I wanted to buy the pyramids in egypt how much money would I have to hand over?
Advice regarding my rights as a tenant?
Is it possible to find a nice rental in Raleigh, North Carolina for $600-650 a month?
What are buyers rights when buying a home that is occupied by a renter?
how do i find out who the land lord is on a rented house?
what can i do with a mortgage company who is not willing to negotiate lower more affordable payment plan ?
I just found out my mortgage was included in bankruptcy. Can we walk away?
Section 8 Housing?
How to depreciate a new rental property?
what is the name for a building that only has two apartments in it. a upstairs apt and downstairs.?
We bought a house 4 months back.Our credit was average so we got a 7.85% interest.Can we refinance now..?
I want to buy another home and rent it out. Would anyone rent a home at $1600/mo. when they could buy for less
how to find out a bout section eight rent in florida?
Tenent wants money back...?
I have a real estate agent. I'd like to choose another one b/c this doesn't work well.Is this correct?
Do any of you know of anyone looking to buy a home?
hello a friend of mine sold her house the closing is going to be at the end of sept she is looking for house?
I'm Thinking About Buying a New Bed?
I live in Texas and am looking to buy a home. I need your help!?
I am selling some land, and need to know what closing costs are the sellers and what are the buyers (normally)
Can The Landlord Do This?
OK to live in a caravan on my own land in UK?
What do you know about foreclosure homes?
why is a new Deed of a property needed to do a re-register it again?
Can an apartment complex (property managment company) take their tenants to small claims court?
Which should I do first, consolidate or buy a house?
MILLS BERRY yard Sale?
I can't keep making payments on my mortgage or second mortgage, what can I do? I have no equity in home.?
Landlord came into my apartment without a warning?
apartment in california just served us a three day pay rent or quit for bieng one day late, Is that legal?
Our landlord is going to bring us a Port-O-Potty to use while they're fixing the sewer brokenpipe?
Do you think that this is to low of an offer?
what are the dangers to renting to tenants without a lease?
Are Low-Cost Real Estate Loans Legitimate Options?
Is there a book or reference out there on guerilla marketing FSBO rental property real estate for dummies?
what's the best way to get your real estate license?
Can real estate agencies give you surprise inspections without informing you in advance?
if someone is dreaming to be like mr. trump,what will be the best way to be like him?
Survey:How many times have you paid the rent 2 to 3 months in advance and then the lease holder tell you 2 go?
Never dabbled in real estate. Feel wary of agents, how can one trust them ?
Getting deposits back?!?
Rental Agreement and notice of leaving?
I'm looking for help for home repairs for low income disabled?
with lease property how do you know who owns the land?
Does anybody know about law?
I want to buy a $50,000 house....?
How can I find a farmhouse for rent between Greenville,nc and Henderson,NC?
Why rentign is a better option than buying a house?
What is the best area to buy a house right now? Arizona?
Can I break my lease?
who is in the right?
How can i raise £100,000 quickly with no security?
concil sold me a run down house is there anything i can do?
Can I ask shop owners if the empty space above them is available to rent as apartment space?
Why is it considered "second class" to be living in a flat rather than a house??
Your experience with
Can you advise me of some payment methods I can consider for my website?
Verify my thinking is correct? First and Last months rent?
My girlfriend's parents were approached to sell their home. Does the Realtor make money from them selling it?
Is there anything my apt management can do?
How to get loans for student housing?
I won a 1600 judgement in nevada, can I put a lien on their bank account? I know the number.?
what are your thoughts on investing in a high rise condo in downtown Dallas?
i would like to rent my current house out and buy a new home. how would i go about doing this.?
How to make personal Will? Somebody please explain? state TX. USA.?
information on single parent programs for home ownership with bad credit?
Would you buy property in Sedona Arizona?
Can I sell property for a friend and accept a commission if I'm not a licensed realtor?
Legally, can I file a claim for losses against my property owner for non-disclosure of conditions?
What do I need to know before buying land?
i will be want 1 fsi land in alibag?so what i do?
I am in possession of a landed property in Lekki,Nigeria about 20hectares, ideal for housing estate.?
i am on a lease with 2 other people if one of them moves out with 6 months left what happens?
can your ex landlord get u arrested for b+e and vandalism when you havent done anything wrong in western aus?
will i get approved for this appartment?
1 month rent, 1 month security, $1000 broker fee, & $500 deposit to secure a rental unit--sound fishy?
Questions about Foreclosure Homes?
Is there a free site to look up list of people who claimed bankrupcies in my county?
Aparment Sublease?
Can i refuse an inspection from the L.A housing department?
Using 401 K money for down payment for house with a plan to pay the money back to 401 K in 2-3 months.?
how old do you have to be to?
where is a good town in new jersey to live?
house is in foreclosure process,it is taking a long time, should we have them speed up?
How can i get the things my husband and i own out of my mother-in-law's name and make me the payee?
Do I let my landlord know that I'm calling an exterminator for bed bugs?
what size house can you build on a 12800 square foot lot?
What's the most ethical way to split the profits?
i am going to rent a house for me and my wife in Milton Keynes. How is the area of Crownhill? thanks.?
Are there any mortgage companies that will finance you with a credit score below 500?
Is there any chance for property rates to come down in Pune?
can you rent out a house your financing?
How do I find reputable real estate brokers that specialize in dealing with investors from out of the area?
Wat is the risk fee that i have to pay for my first apartment?
When building a house how many bedrooms are you limited to?
what is the preferred temperature for an office?
we were preapproved for a mortgage but at underwriting they keep dening loan because of unique property. why?
is there a site where i can find out the price of houses in one street?
If I buy a house owner ocupent under HUD.. is there any way to sell it before a year?
What is the best way to sell a mobile home in the city of Belleville, Illinois?
do they have lumber inspectors in florida if so where?
Can I sue my tenant if my apartment was robbed three times?
How do I have find a good low-income apartment in Fort Lauderdale,FL?
The houses in california costs more than $1,000,000!?
Can someone help me on this question?
condo/house what are the main differences? pros/cons?
Any serious property manager in Pittsburgh?
Is it legal for a landlord to search a renter's property?
how can i know where to invest for real estate, currently living in Houston, TX?
Septic or Public Sewer?
Counter offer in selling a home advice?
are there more people with section 8 then there are housing for them?
I wan to give my car on manthly rent in any reliable organization ?
Should I purchase land right now?
I need help figuring out how to transfer to UIC?
i'm looking for a roommate..I plan on moving to either cherry hill, or stratford, new jersey?
Are there any apartments in my area that do not accept children?
Is there any charge needed for renewal of lease?
If landlord places no info about security deposit in ad, should I ask anyway?
How can I get a free house in skyrim?
my landlord is entering my house at least three times a week without telling me?
If I saved 7k and make 1,094 (approx.. varies) a month, what range should the price of my apartment be?
how much is rent in south beach,fl?
Where do we start?
What is the best reality for ASU students renting a house in Tempe?
Should I buy real estate in an imaginary place?
Do you think a family with an income of $95,000 could finance a mortgage for a house worth $2,400,000?
if i buy a home and use a gift of equity as my down payment, is there any tax if i live in the house?
Real Estate Agent or Secretary?
our house is up for sheriffs sale what rights do I have as a tenant?
what is a reasonable price for rent?
Is the landlord responsible if you have a electrical fire and you have no rental insurance in Illinois?
our landlord wants to increase our deposit which he has held for 2 years can he do this?
what happens to my mortgage after i sell my house?
My house puchase has fallen through but I really don't want to lose the house I hoped to buy.?
Why do all mobile homes in cities have to be in parks?
i am looking to be a 1st time homebuyer and need downpayment help. Is there any gov't/private grants to help?
how do we split the rent?
how do i file a mechanics lean for work on a house now she has moved out of state and the house is for sale?
Problems with my rented house?
I have tenants that i need to be removed from my property??? help, can i they be sued?
can i sue my landlord if i cash the partial deposit she paid me back?
How do I find listings for forclosures for free in my area?
Can brokers act as a buyers agent also?
Purchase Agreement Question?
how would i research to find out someone died in my house or in the area close to me?
Under the landlord and tenant act, should the landlord be providing air conditioning.?
Rent vs. Home ownership calculator?
Record on F1 visa holders?
How can I rate an apartment that is not listed?
Renewing tennancy agreement question?
Where can i find the website to rent a condo in ocean city, md?
Is it illegal for a landlord to not provide me a key to my mailbox? Ive repeatedly for a key and nothing?
i rented a home for 7 years can i still be charged for the carpets with my security deposit?
Landload broke the lease what do I do now?
Would it be a good idea to get my own apartment first or a car?
ok im moving out soon im only 19 yrs old my monthly check is 2000 how much shd i pay for rent?
How much do you think it will cost to get this house built?
Do I have the right to ask the management company for my Apartment building where I live to show me the reason?
Apartment (Utilities) Question!!!?
Is it landlords responsibility to fix tub?
I owe more than my house is worth? Felt like i was scammed?
How can I prevent problems due to the buyer of our property having 100% mortgage and therefore no deposit?
Feedback on LendingTree?
USDA Loan. Still married. Does that matter?
Can a landlord rob you if you don't pay 2 months rent?
How do I handle this legal real estate matter?
canada banks I live in Texas, and have an active account, how do i get info about my account.?
I need to get 2500 dollars in a few days or me and my family are going to be evicted from our apartment.?
what can i do about spiders in my house? please help?
My mortgage company just increase my monthly payment with out a notice. How can I get them to lower my payment?
How to request a resale certificate from a seller without using agent?
how is the cost of the water bill equated?
How do you change a property deed and how does it effect title insurance?
How does an 18 year old proceed in buying a home?
how do I find out about foreclosures?
what do i need to do to keep my landlord from entering my apartment whenever she feels like it?
What is the minimum amount financed by FHA Loan?
how do i add on APR on to a figure ?
After I evict a tenant can I sue for unpaid rent?
What's 2 stop me selling my house not using an agent and keeping the cash instead of paying the mortgage off?
what is a good area to live in California?
Recently our apartment has been broken into twice, the first time they were able to take a wallet, the second?
we got approved for our first home loan. can we use some of the loan to pay of our credit card bills?
Ans- YES or NO. My Spouse and I are an Interracial couple...?
what should you look for when trying to buy a new or used house?
What is the longest waiting period for closing you can ask for when buying a home?
i didnt pay this months rent i just got a 4 day evicition notice.. is that legal?
Buying a house at 20 years old to rent, is it a good investment ?
i cannot get in touch with my landlord is thise a good thing?
i need the adress of the real eastate company-Jonh L.Scott in Kirkland,WA?
Rental business - give an investor I know my property manager's number?
Do i need to have money down for a house?
Is there 100% Financing on a pay option arm going in as a stated income.?
if i buy a foreclosed home at a court auction (California) who tells the existing tenant to move out?
Iowa landlord wants to show property to prospective buyer. What notice is required to tenant?
How does you switch utilities into your name?
i was told that the goverment made a new law?
Can a 15 about to be 16 teenager rent an apartment?
what can be the mortgage rate for 150k house?
no tenancy agreement? help!?
How or where can i find a two bedroom apartment in Los Angeles?
Is it legal to sell a house out from under someone?
im 14 years old and thinking about being a real estate agent...any advice please?
True or false: At first American mortgage, we put the customer first?
High water bills? Apartment complex stealing my water... and charging me for it?
Do you pay for each room in a villa?
If I am selling my home to my daughter though interest free seller financing, what are my tax ramifications?
I am a salaried person, I would like to purchase a agricultural land, can I get a loan from the bank?
i live in a council house but the area is really rough and there are always loads of drugs etc around?
Does anybody know if going with AM Century is better or is fidelity better?
How and when can I add my son's name to a flat that is registered in my and my wife's name? He is 17 yrs old.?
How can you break a lease legally?
HII , NEED RENTAL IN BEXAR OR COMAL COUNTY , TEXAS . . thank you for listening . . .?
What actions can I take if the landlord raised the rent after I have signed the lease?
Who is to blame for UK housing market decline?
Do I need a permanent job to apply for a mortgage?
how can i find out the owner 94 garrett dr winona ms 38967?
TENANCY LAW: When you rent a property you are expected to leave it in the condition you first found it?
I live in Eugene Oregon, should I buy rental property this year?
My mother has 4 mortgages on her house?
Home owners, do you have suggestions?
how to find places to rent in germany?
first time buyer and bad credit?
Do you have to arrange a viewing before renting a property?
house/flat hunting. please help?
Can I get out of my lease?
do you need an attorney when closing on a house purchase using a home equity loan?
Are housing rates more likely to get lower or higher?
Getting frustrated with the the bank that we are trying to get for the home we want to buy and need to know...?
"i live in this apartment for three year for 80 bucks week can they just kick me out my roomates?
can a complex take money from your deposit for "stains" on carpet, but the carpet was not new at move in?
does anybody know how much we would get offered for a mortgage on joint earnings of approx 37000. thanks?
This is why I hate Landlords... and now what do I do!?
New RE Agent in Sarasota, Fl. Anyone know the commission splits with Prudential or Caldwell Banker?
is it hard to buy a house that is a short sale?
Buying Short Sale property. Week before closing. BofA changes rules and we may not have a house.?
After you receive your first Foreclosure letter,can you just do a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or.......?
How do you find out about the history of a house?
Any opinions on Town House in Marietta, OH?
What is a good website to find apartments in my area?
is there a website where u can provide a home address and get the last selling price of that house?
what ways are there to raise a deposit to buy a second flat to let out?
Can anyone help me get an apartment?
Would you choose the safe neighborhood if it meant older home?
what can my boyfriend do with the mould in his student house?
Does anyone know what the process for trading real estate is in Canada?
Electricity bill after move out?
advice on whether i should move back home?
i need to move and find a roommate, how scared should i be?
My mom put my brother and I on the deed to her house (via quit claim deed) in 1999. Do we pay cap. gains ?
Lewd violation (soliciting prostitute) in Fl.?
Can the Military buy our home?
Is it to late in the year to apply for fuel assistance?
Who is liable for the damages?
If you were a teenager and had a choice between living with your parents or.....?
My landlord(s) are driving me crazy! Help?
Short on rent can anyone help me?
what percent of income should go toward housing?
Is $750 too much for this apartment?
What are facils made of?
Are there more condos in Westchester as a Heritage Hills, Somers, Ny?
I filed bankruptcy about a year ago and don't have much rental history, what are my options??
When viewing a house for sale,What should I look out for?
what will happen if i move out of my apt. and not pay the the past 2 months i owe?
when should a entry and detainer be given for rental property?
Help with current landlord please!?
Rental properties pros, cons, and tips?
My son and I have been sick since we moved into our house and discover there is black mold in the basement cou?
i wanto to buy hose in puerto rico ponce need web site?
How many hectares equals an acre?
Apartment utilitoes cost?
can a real estate agent accept a contract without releasing the previous potential buyer?
I live in VA, Can I break my lease if I move out of the state?
So it means that if even they take it back she will be making payments, right?.?
can my landlord be too general in their request to inspect property?
Home ownership- First Time Homebuyers?
Why is it soooo friggen expensive to buy a home in Southern California?
What court in harries county, has land in uction, in houston tx?
Already paid the application fee on an apartment & not sure if I want to live there?
I have 3 years HVAC experience in Texas and would like to move to Florida. How do I obtain a Florida License.?
Would anyone help me to divide this piece of property as different plots?
what is a miracle home??
what does ARM mean in mortgages?
Fix and Flip - Anyone still doing it?
Expensive estates in some cities?
What is hard money?
my bike got stolen what should i do first call the cops or the landlord?
What can I do, I moved into an apartment where the stove is nasty how can i get a new one?
Apartment move out question please advise?
How would it affect me if i have an uncle that wants to buy a house under my name?
is it true that if you sell a home you absolutely have to buy another one or the irs/gov will take $$$$$$$?
Is living alone easy or hard?
Is there a website where I can look at prices and dates of what a home sold for in Canada?
My landlord keep breaking in?
Can I talk with the seller of this HUD house after they agreed on the price?
i want to list for sale a 350 room 5 star hotel in abuja nigeria for do i list it?
After renting a room for 3 and half years without a contract, can the landlord me to sign a contract?
CMHC approval in Canada help!!!?
If a landlord did not mention that I would be responsible for whole blocks electricity usage, what can I do?
PLS HELP......!!What can be approximately the rent of a single room for a girl?
we signed a lease with a landlord and now she wants to break it. can she legally do this/?
cheapest place to buy sanitary products in uk?
Can I evict on a purchase agreement?
good apartments in Springfield, IL?
Are there creative ways to finance a current home and buy a 2nd home to relocate to?
Do you have to have PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) if buying a home below market value of the 20%?
2 BR Apartment needed in Chicago or near red-line!!!!?
Which house should i buy?
Montana apartment laws?
Is there someone who is financially well off who assists people with a personal/private real estate loan?
define first refusal,benefit of division,option,lease back,good tenancy deposit,rent roll,fair wear and tear.?
If a person had the cash to pay off their personal house loan should they pay it off or invest the money?
need info on rental question?
How long do I have once I receive a final eviction notice?
I want to rent an apartment and this is what i recieved via craigslist?
tenant rights on month to month lease?
Landlord suing us for occupying residence in Washington state?
is it okay to have a housewarming party if you are just leasing and not purchasing the house?
question to landlords in wales.?
Getting A Property Deed?
should I buy a house in China?
is anyone interested in buying a house in Jewett, Texas, for sale by owner?
what are the rules on landlords raising your rent?
i have lived on property for 12 years rent free owner has died and property is in trust. what are my rights?
looking for franchise mortage broker to open new branch?
why buy a bank foreclosure then a regular home?
I'm looking to buy a mobile home a very nice one like a double wide how much would it cost?
I own my own land free and clear, I was told to cash out the equity to help buy a mfd home, how does it work?
Kansas tenant evictions?
Can anyone tell me if you can be classed as a first time buyer if you have divorced & starting again?
when asking about home value your site could not find our street?
How can I buy a house that I cannot afford. All my friends are buying houses, I WANT IT ALL !!?
Does any one know or how to get in touch with the owner of the Double Dippen Condos A and B?
can an apartment keep my deposit?
I brought a house last year, it's been about 6-7 months. Is there any way out?
how to find out where ex tenent works now?
where can i find real estate notes?
can you refinance a my communityloan?
what are the laws in nh re getting rid of your tenants pets if you only have a verbal agreement?
how do you learn all about real estate in less than 24 hours?
Is water included in rent ?
When would be the time to start investing in the housing market?
A house number : 1313?
Looking for Clarendon Hills Condominiums in Hayward, CA?
moving i nto new house do these costs sound accurate?
i got a govt project value 15 lacs for that i need 2 lacs to start need financial partner immediate?
In the state of Va. if you lease a mobile home lot from someone and they sell the lot is your lease still good
can someone explain this lease to me, can this lease be voided?
what about gokul refoile's listing? when it will be listing?
cany you still get home loans with zero down?
Can a landlord change locks even though rent is paid?
How do you get info on purchasing property placed with a trustee?
Advice please - Disrepair claim against my landlord?
Is there a way to get an approximate value of a property online without giving your info to a realtor?
if I wanted to rent out an apartment building... How should I go about doing so?
My landlord says I can't break my lease even though I'm in the military?
Is there a statute of limitations on real estate tax REFUNDS in Scott Co. VA.?
Live in tenant causes fire, what is the outcome?
I own an 3 family apartment building in fairfield, I need?
Why it is time to buy online?
Renting a Condo: What does one pay for?
In Northern California, summer selling season is almost over. Agent wants to lower asking price, good idea?
can i put capital gains from a second home in a revocable trust?
I'm selling a home. How do I best select a reator?
Need advise on keeping my name on mortgage and deed.?
What are the basics needed for flipping houses?
What can be monthly bills of 1 person living in 1 bedroom flat in West Herts (gas, electricity, water, tax)?
How do I find sheriff sales?
If you are a home owner or want to buy a home some day, than what are your reasons?
what happens to real estate value when a housing project is in close proximity?
my landlord is sueing me and my roommate because i withheld the rent .?
How to sublease?
How do I go about filing a complaint on the management of my apartment?
Need to sell my house fast?
Can my landlord give me only 2 days to get out? ?
The builder put rider in purchase agreement of flat that it can not be sold within 3 yrs. Is it legal?
Does Anyone know Real Estate Math?
How can you rent on a basic wage?
Is this even legal? I just recieved a notice that there will be a prayer meeting?
awful job of negotiating home price...?
should i be paying maintanance to my ex if i have my son 5 nights a week?
I was pre approved for a home loan 19 days ago, now the lender is saying that I can no longer get that loan.?
you have an eviction notice for non-payment of rent. if you pay your rent, will the eviction me cancelled?
can someone other than a broker get commission in georgia?
Bank pre approved for a home loan?
What are tenants rights regarding inventory and cleaning of the property?
Lease agreement land lord/tenant?
My roommate and I have signed a lease agreement but our co signers have not, are we still bond to it?
What to do about unpaid rent of a condo from a police officer?
Is investing in foreclosure homes a good business to be in?
Whose responsibility is it to have a fire extinguisher?
Is it possible to pay for a house this way?
I Need To Find An Apartment !?
I am a new landlady and have tenant that we did not renews lease and they will not leave what can I do.?
Can you get a mortgage after you pay cash for your home, not an equity, a fixed 30 ?
closing on a house at 10am tomarrow morning!!!?
Would a modular home purchase appreciate in value more than a manufactured home that are both on land?
Could I afford this apartment?
can you really buy property at tax lien sales?
Personal Property Left in Repo Home I am listing?
Is it Legal for my Landlord to just knock on my apartment door and then barge in afterwards with no notice?
Would buying shares and investing money on the stock market be considered a form of gambling?
why is my landlord a mean person?
I need to know the purchase price of a house in Suffolk County New York?
Advice for moving out at 16?
I have money to buy a house for cash, but I would prefer to keep some of my cash for my future.?
When was my house built? ?
Is £1250 too much of a deposit for property which is £850 rent pcm?
I am negotiating a commercial lease on an office in NYC. Help me re: "escalation" clauses.?
Can I remodel while under land contract?
Can the landlord evict me If i choose not to buy the apartment im living in? IM IN NEW YORK CITY?
Two questions: Where to look for Number of 2nd homes in county, and maps of power use?
Anybody know of any decent 1 bedroom apts. on the south or west side of Indianapolis?
Current location of my mobile no.?
who pays for home inspection when purchasing a home?
Is it possible to sell your house as is without a bunch of hassle?
do renter bring their own washer and dryer?
how long can someone live in your apartment?
where can i find information on commercial property values?
Housing Choice Voucher?
Can a house be sold without my knowledge if I am on the deed with one another person?
Where can I buy a JX-130 Key for LokBoxes?
How much time should I give myself to prepare to buy a house?
Does anyone know of a legitament website that offers foreclosed property listing /auctions and such?
Landlord selling house. For sale sign in front yard. 6 months left on fixed term lease. What rights do I have?
how do home values change with interest rate changes?
Upstairs neighbors, do I have an place to state a complaint?
can someone live in an apartment with a felony?
I am looking for a free property appraisal for austin county, texas, such as ditech.?
When is a good time to sell your home?
I need legal advice for a case against my University?
Noise Nuisance / Damp / No Insulation - Rented Property?
How to get of contract to buy ?
do you think a condo for 149,000$ is expensive?
I want to know how to find section8 home renter in Arizona Phoenix can you help me find it?
how do i find a section 8 program for a college student that lives on his own?
my landlord has given me a 30 day notice. can she come over and inspect with 10 hour notice? ?
in purchasing a home,how do i know if im getting red-lined?
Wooden American houses? Why not use bricks?
Should i have to pay Mortgage fee's again?
basic apartment questions!? EASY 10 POINTS?
landlord threatening to evict. can he?
What are some good questions to ask when buying a house?
Need help calculating a down payment on this condo?
how long after filing bankruptcy do you have to wait to get a mortgage?
how to make money from my land?
How do i get my ex out of my house!?
How much SHOULD we spend on a home?
My landlord has been charging me the wrong amount of rent.?
Do you think a 400,000$ house is alot!?
I found a 1966 overlander airstream for $2500. Is it possible to live in one for 6-8mo?
How long were you on the public housing (not section 8) list?
I am a landlord in CT when is an apartment considered abandoned by a tenant?
Can a landlord charge a late fee 3 years after?
Do you own your own home???
where will I find a lease agreement document for an apartment rental?
About to sign a lease.. What should I add to it?
Is it good to refinance from 4.99APR to 4.30 APR ?
Mortgage application question?
i want to buy a home?
i filed last year but didnt put on there that my home was sold the year before whats going to happen to me?
Does the landlord need to give 24hr notice before entering the property I rent?
How to get non paying renters out with no rental agreement?
How long does my mother have to get out of her deceased mother's house when there is a mortgage on the house?
can i evict some one with out notice?
Why don't people live with their parents, save $, then buy a house in cash? (read details & offer insight)?
If landlord places no info about security deposit in ad, should I ask anyway?
Why is RENT so high in New Jersey?
How should one check the legal aspects of a real estate property put up for sale before purchase?
Is there any banks that would give me a home loan higher than the cost so i can pay off debt at the same time?
Professional house cleaning in Louisiana state?
How do i find out how old my house is?
What are the best realtors in nyc?
i want to move to london on my own at 15?
Explain me as how the mortgage interest payment gives me a tax break ?
non-students legally allowed to lease in apartments owned by a university?
Why is the fall of house prices in the UK reported to be a gloom?
can you get a house loan that takes in your other debt?
I'm trying to find out who I need to talk to about air force base house that are for sale in Montana?
Can a Landlord enter and stay in your house without your permission whilst you are on holiday?
Why is it that women can have a kid and have access to housing but when I work 3 jobs I cant have housing ?
Where can I find a public listing of bank foreclosure homes in Austin, TX.?
My landlord wants to pay me to break the lease on my apartment, how much should I ask for?
can i rent two houses at the same time?
Can a person be guarantor for 2 people?
If i break my lease on apt will i have bad credit?
Does a room mate have to give a nofice before removing her name off the lease.?
How much do building permits generally cost?
Is it appropriate to tip your Realtor?
My lease had incorrect information and now the apartments want us to sign a corrected lease.?
My roommate is bailing on his lease, am I responsible now?
what does FHA designation mean ?
The same rent a center question?
How much is average rent in Maui, Hawaii for apartments?
Would a real estate agent in PA do well for himself?
How do I get a Loan to rent an apartment?
Rough costs of converting a Victorian church for residential use ?
What characteristics should I look for when researching Commercial Real Estate?
Is it illegal to destroy my previous house owners mail?
What parts of Chattanooga TN should be avoided when buying a house?
real estate appraisal web page with maps?
my ex wife is trying to sue me for 2nd mortgage that she refinance on her own will. Am I liable for this?
somebody told me...and i need help really fast please?
Realtors: How do you handle situations where children don't want to move?
What are the pros and cons of renting vs. owning?
Does a Landlord have the right to enter premises to inspect with tenants still in occupation?
My son has three roomates with a year lease, and I co signed. One wants to move. Now what?
When is a good time to start looking at apartments for my fall semester of college?
Where is a good place to get a great home loan...?
What is the term for a long term loan?
Does owning a nice doublewide on land automatically put you in the "white trash" category?
I have a question on A new house. I bought a new house last month?
can my 75 year old grandpa ask for a house to live in with low rent?
I just found out there was a murder in the home, does the landlord have to tell me?
If i was to rent out a room in my house to be used for business?
I enharited $30,000 and I want to invest in real estate. Would buying a home and renting it out be a good ide?
Rent to Own - Is this too risky?
Has anyone ever dealt with home are thinking about getting involved with them.R they legit?
What recourse does a landlord in Oregon have against a renter who trashed the home and had to be evicted?
looking for franchise mortage broker to open new branch?
Does anyone know of a website like where you can post your opinion real estate agents?
The manager Is kicking us out for no reason I don't want to move what do we do?
Contracting apartment!!?
Urgent: How to know if my landlord is paying mortgage?
Tracking down owner of a house?
How can people afford to live in FL?
Buying my first home.?
An apartment guide online?
do you like to invest or own a house and lot in Baguio City Philippines?
How would you spend $300K?
Costs of info from a title company?
House for sale in WA?
Squatter's rights in foreclosed home?
how to get my name put on the deeds to our house?
Is it possible to sell a house and retain ownership in some form while realizing the financial interest?
Nevada investment home Foreclose and sold. What happens next?
How do I get out of my fixed rate mortgage? I'm paying 5.7% interest?
great thinkers?
Is the real estate licensing exam hard?
Where do you check the ARM indexs like LIBOR OR COFI?
What can you guys say about New Britain CT,?
Apartment question?
Can I take rent from a tenant and then give them a 30 day notice?
historical one bedroom apartment rental data in Everett, MA 1984-1993?
How much should i offer for a house, marketed at £164,950?
Are there any good construction sites to check out lately?
Is it a right time to buy a house in westpalmbeach? Or better to wait?
How to buy a home without having to pay closing costs?
Landlord issues please help?
Real Estate in Greenwood, Sc?
Is it easy (or stupid) to buy a home for the first time without a realtor? What are the savings/other options?
True or False: If you buy a house & pay it all off, you never have 2 pay rent ever again while you live there?
Real Estate Agent Question ?
can i switch my power to my house from my apartment if i payed for my last months rent if i dont live there?
Are my parents charging me too much for rent?
Is splitting a mortgage a good idea (read details!)?
The seller has their own structural engineering inspection and it differs from mine, how will this work?
i prefer secular reduction in lending rates with a cut in the base rate?
Do I get my escrowed property tax money back if I sell my home?
How do they measure land in Poland?
how can you get out of a binding realestate contract signed only one week ago?
Hey...out of curiousity, how old do you have to be, if there is a set age, to rent your own apartment?
Looking for a loan shark in decatur ga need a loan for 10000 can payback over 4 years?
Is it cheaper to build a house rather than buying one?
my site is smaller at other peoples houses?
I received a 30 notice to vacate from Landlord. If I couldn't find a place to move after the deadline, could I
Can I buy ambin online at a good price?
FHA vs Conventional????????
Does it increase your worth to pay rent?
Do you think some home inspectors are scam artists?
Does a landlord have any obligation to decorate?
landlord is trying to sell the house in the middle of my lease. What's my rights?
City permits.?
I want to move to either Orlando, Florida, or Panama City, Florida, or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.?
what is a rent to own a house?
What should I sell??
Are 2 points for loan origination fee & loan discount normal on an FHA loan?
I live in FL. and my roomate refuses to use the air conditioning. 2brtownhome btw.?
Can a landlord suddenly make a rule that isn't on the tenancy agreement? (student accommodation)?
Can you move into a bigger apartment in the middle of lease?
Did your apartment come with a microwave?
How long would it take a landlord to evict you...?
Why is the APC higher for low- income people than for high- income people?
What is a tender lease? ?
will i be servede to know the sale date for my house if it is forclosed on?
Is a one bedroom apartment with about 645 square feet too small for a single person?
How can I get my soon to be ex wife out of the house I own?
Is it OK to ask my buyer's agent as how much commission they are getting in the deal ?
Where to rent a cheap hall for a sweet sixteen?
What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of Arizona?
I need to know what a forced closed not a foreclosure?
How do people afford to pay rent when ..... ?
should I put my name on tittle or deed to our home?
Is there a company california residents can use that is similar to "Insurent Guaranty"?
how can you find out what your home is worth?
What should I know about moving into an apartment with someone who I don't know (roommates)?
Is it ok to bypass the real estate agent and contact the home owner directly?
Im having open house soon.. whats the best way to advertise my home for possible buyers to see??
4x25=25x4 what is the property?
Anyone hear of Equity Sharing for purchasing a home??
Is there any good courses online that I can take to get my real estate license?
Anybody with Section 8 housing?
Can I buy a house with bad credit?
If file chapter 7, how does it effect my landlord?
Is there any way to break a lease early in California?
turn on gas in apartment?
Can a landlord charge me another 350.00 dollars a month for having my son stay temporary...we have no lease?
What is the best small town for relocation in mountains near Johnson City, Tennessee?
How can I find out who owns a vacant property in my street?
My apartment pool has been down for over 6 MONTHS, how can I make them fix it?!?
Anyone know of a decent morgage loan company, who serves less then good credit ratings?
Estate Agents?
Is this right time to purchase home in pune?
POLL: Which home would you choose and why? POINTS?
What is a mello-roo?
Which is worse for a house: having a a grow op or a crystal meth lab?
Does buyer have the rigth to make improvements to a house before closeing?
what are the ups and downs of buying a castle or ancient villa or property?
We are currently trying to sell our house, it has been on the market for about 2 months.....?
How do I go about starting a title company?
What advice would you give to a first time buyer?
are you in foreclosure in new york city?? my husband and i would like to buy a house or a condo?
what does this apartment rent ad mean?
Is my landlord responsible to change my carpets after I rented from him for 3 years?
How do I get Info about farmers homes?
How can we find an old farmhouse near Memphis TN? Everything is new-build!?
Need help with landlord dilemma?
Is It Rude to Refuse to Answer the Door When I'm...Taking a Bath, a Breathing Treatment, Lng Distance Phone?
As a REALTOR how can I sell a $1.25 million home in Charlotte NC?
Our realestate agent does not take us around to see houses. We went out on our own so far. Is this normal?
Any advice to someone looking to buy a condo?
Looking for a new bank?
Renting a house - credit checks?
Is it illegal for a company to check my credit without my permission?
wanting to sell mobile on rented lot,how do i do this.?
Letting agent is ignoring me?
Is my rent addendum a 1 year lease or is it month to month?
How to sell a home with a VA loan?
How does rent and lease work?
Can you use a VA loan more than once to buy a house?
Can a NY lease purchase tenant be evicted before purchase for non-payment?
Is it worth it to refinance a mortgage line of credit from 15% to 10%?. $700 closing costs, + credit increase.
Need to evict someone from my home - Florida?
Could you please explain me small business cycle with real estate invesment?
Someone is trying to buy my home with escrow?
We want to buy a house...we need tips?
trying to find a 4-6 bedroom home that I can rent to own in Lexington, Ky area how can I find one?
How much should I save for a downpayment for a home?
What is the future for shortsales?
UE Properties, are they for real?
how do I get down payment assisting 1st time getting 97% approve?
Negative amortization - Explain with an example - What are the downsides to it?
how does an interst only mortgage work?
Can he do this?
I am interested in selling my house, what are my options? It was built in 2005; I've lived here for a year.
Who should pay for this, me or the landlord?
Are you worried about not owning your own property?
Is my Landlord responsible for fixing my closet or am I?
If my landlord intentionally concealed a known flea infestation from me can I sue or am I entitled to anything?
Mauritius real estate? Can somebody tell me where can I see most recent property to buy on net?
What percentage of the mortgage does an owner have to meet to get a mortgage for a three flat or two flat?
thinking of buying my 1st house. i want a 3 bedroom in manchester. but i don't know how to go about mortgage
What are the property portals estate agents can advertise on for free? (UK)?
Are we agreeing to a pledge with the bank?
Can my landlord keep my security deposit if it is stated in the lease agreement?
looking for a room in fremont, ca?
which is a better way to go, save more money. BUY a house, OR a mobile home?
can my landlord start charging rent for my cat and change pet security deposit terms on my lease?
If you rent a house do you not normally have to pay for the electricity and water?
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