Real Estate

How to assure a landlord you're a good and keen tenant?
When an online mortgage lender says you are preapproved for a mortgage loan. Does that mean you have a loan?
What cities do men work in and can afford to rent ?
On average, how long does it take to sell a house?
I am attempting to rent a house but need an employment verification?
Selling my house how many days.?
How do I advertise a property I own in the United States to people in Canada looking for a vacation rental?
can you purchase a home that has a tax lien on it?
Do landlords have maximum amount of time allotments while showing a rental with tenants living in it?
HOA owns the property after Trustee sale, can a tenant pay off HOA and stay in the condo?
my two roommates have decided to move out,breaking the lease we all i obligated to pay full amount o?
I pay my rent weekly. I want to leave in a week's time. When can I move out?
where can i find hotels in la dats like $50?
Is my landlord just allowed to come over to see the place because she wants to?
What's a website that I can get that will show some samples of huge house,that any person can built?
Got a council House need an expert?
Can I realisticly buy a house?
Would Someone Help Me Find An Apartment Near UTSA?
How long should it take to make your money back on an apartment complex?
Tenant Skipped! 2 Questions?
what is the website founded by one of the online founders that shows individual house valuations?
how to clear up a mortgage discharge issue?
How do I remove my name from a deed?
Do I have to pay next month's rent?
How would i find out if a lien has been place on a house i want to buy?
How old do you have to be to sign a sub lease in Alabama ?
Can i get a repair escrow loan?
Much needed advice on moving out with friends.?
What is the minimum down payment needed to finance a $2.5 million home in Montreal?
When is the best time to sell?
can a 17 year old rent a apartment in arkansas if she is about to turn 18?
No cost refinance of home in Maine?
do you live in the lakemoor apartments?
what if i can only pay part of my rent? about 3/4 should i just pay it?
i passed 12thscience in feb2008 with lowgrade now doing sybsc(Computer) can i give 12thtthrough NIOS this year?
Can someone help me connect with a prestige real estate agency in Geneva specialised in french properties?
if 2 buyers submit offers at the same time,does the seller have to reveal the offers to each buyer?
How can I start off being in real estate? what is the first step and so fourth?
Rent a house month to month, with no contract, can owner raise rent whenever he wants?
How do I calculate triple n lease?
Can you own Property under the age of 18?
Can I own a home with a yearly income of $16,000?
Do real estate agents make a commission from rent to own properties?
Name removal from mortgage.?
Should I take out a loan?
Buying a 110k house, how much will the closing costs be?
CLOSING A SHORT SALE HOME IN SAN DIEGO, sellers still living there.What can i do ?
Recently our apartment has been broken into twice, the first time they were able to take a wallet, the second?
How much commission does the broker get paid on a commercial lease in California?
I need a home loan but make only 1600 a month?
We're looking to buy a pre-fab or manufactured home and would like to shop online for Oklahoma.?
Are you looking for a real estate agent in South Bay, california?
I looking for like a free contract to be able to download for buying a house?
Need assistance paying rent?
Illegally subletting a room in an apartment....?
Any advice to someone looking to buy a condo?
I want to rent an apartment in downtown San Francisco?
We just found out that a commercial real estate loan we have has a 4 year lock out .?
does repossession still count with out of date contract?
What is the mortgage balance on a $75,000 loan after 5 years with an original term of 30 years, a 10% co?
Can the landlord kick me out?
Roommate kicked me out 3 days after I paid rent?
When do the showings for my house stop? After P&S? When is that?
what is the appropriate amount of time to get a response from either buyer/seller in the negotiation process?
how do I fill out a land trust form?
Best School Area in Sacramento, CA?
What happens if a realtor purchases a piece of property you requested to put an offer on- is that legal.?
does California hold 3% of the sale price when a house is sold?
who is responsible for inspection fee?
if you inherited a home do you have equity?
If i am co-applicant in one housing loan, can i apply for another housing loan?
Concerning 401ks', Can u canceal your 401k and put the money, down payment on a home & not be penalized?
I cant afford my Mortgage - can I ask the bank to reposess the house?
How would i go about adjust figures in this case rents back to a specific date using retail price index?
What to expect during an eviction court hearing?
How Long Does It Take to Sell a House in Hawaii?
I want to know if there is any law that pertains to the condition of a carpet when renting a property?
Can a landlord charge me twice for rent in less than a month?
what questions should I ask before purchasing an apartment complex?
Can anyone tell me what the good and bad areas of Freeport, IL are, looking to move there but do not know area?
My proposed lender is requiring a $349.00 app. fee/non-refundable before they start the process. Common?
can a landlord come and take your stove?
What is the average water and electric bill for 3 bedroom apartment in Florida?
Lease Expire, tenant not moving out?
Can a landlord evict you for calling the police on a noisy tenant?
which city is cheapest to live in?
Two story home with business on the bottom?
Is it unreasonable to split rent according to number of occupants rather than rooms?
How much over the selling price of a house can I borrow?
Can I get a home loan working out of state?
where is the best place to get a bad credit auto loan in newark/wilmington area?
So it means that if even they take it back she will be making payments, right?.?
Why is London so expensive why is a one bedroom flat just as much as a three bedroom home in the north??
Renting to parents. Please help?
window advertising?
How much is a reasonable amount for a 19 year old to pay for rent?
we bought our home april 4, 2008. Do we qualify for rebate?
Renters rights: . Can my landlord come into my apartment without me being home?
Want to do a mortgage with 3 people, is there any benefit?
where do i get forms for probate courts?
I own rental house with 200k in equity. What if I use some of that equity to invest in a higher rate of return
Are we in over our heads?
do you think buying a condo in a las vegas casino or near the strip is a good investment?
Trying to get rid of a tenant?
Orange Orangutan Survey?
Does any one know about anu first time home buyers programs in atlanta or louisiana?
Help I am looking for housing or lowincome apt in California?
How easy is it to move away from home?
What are the property rates in New York for an outer area?
How can we lower the cost of beach front properity so it is affordable to the average person?
Is there anyway i can get out of my lease, free and clear?
Considering buying a home on a few acres in the denver area ... where should i look?
Which is the top & best real estate property website for India and why?
Is it more common for owners (w/ no mortgage) to sell and then buy a less expensive or more expensive home?
my school teacher gets on my nerves! what should i do?
Realtor does not deserve 3%; what to do?
how to find recent sales prices of homes in desoto village horn lake ms?
Where are the 10 best places in retirement to live?
What type of mortgage does Alan Greenspan have?
How do I get paid for a house cleaning job for a real estate agent?
New home or new car pending short sale?
Can I shut off utilities if my tenant does not pay?
Can our landlords rent out the house we're living in once we move out?
I need help! Getting a house loan!?
We would like to apply for additional borrowing on our mortgage. We have had our mortgage with Halifax for 18?
Are utility rates in a mobile home higher than in a subdivision?
my rental property was inspected for a tenant with section 8. i have a 3 bedroom unit,however the inspector is?
does anyone know what is included in rent for?
can i rent a house a fifteen?
Real estate agents always advise buying rather than renting. But what if you can never afford down payment?
Do I have to pay rent if the school mislead me and there was never a contract signed?
Is it unreasonable for a landlord to ask for two months deposit?
Can my landlord refuse to accept emergency assistance from the state of Minnesota ?
Can I afford this house?
Homes for $1.00?
If bought a home for $650,000.00 then put $250,000.00 worth of renovations into the home then sell it for?
Does my CO experience as a realtor working under an employing broker for 2 years suffice to be a broker in CA?
how to move and get a job in Austarllia?
consequences of breach of rental contract vs. eviction?
what does an order of default in a foreclosure mean in Illinois?
can you get an apartment for a few months?
real estate agents..?
When someone dies with a home in foreclosure.?
Do you "Flip" Houses? How did you get started?
Am I in a position to buy a house?
How soon after bankruptcy can you rent an apartment?
what would you live in apartment or house?
Debt settlement program & Mortgages....?
Will we ever have a house?
Internet in a apartment ?
Should I talk to my landlord?
can landlord go into apartment for no reason all the time?
Is this expensive for a house in florida?
Should lawyers be allowed to sell real estate, too?
how do I find good tenants for my ghetto property?
Question about nyc real estate agents in apt. rentals?
what does this mean to you?
Is it really possible to buy a home with little or no money down?
What is Rider A in a lease, and does it supersede missing pages?
Is this considered a small house?
In apartments what do you have to put up with that you don't like?
Why is is it so difficult to get on the property ladder in London??? Will the situation ever improve?
I'm trying to find a new apartment. Should I move downtown or is it too dangerous?
do u think that this is discrimination?
care home fees for proprty owners?
How do u have to be to rent a apartment ?
Can you own a home on a Home Depot salary 14/hr?
Whats the best place to get a mortgage loan?
Can I rent a place for a party?
Does it come up on background check if person receiving SSI/SSD?
On average, how long does it take to sell a house?
Terminate an apartment lease early in Florida?
Who is to blame for the real estate foreclosures? Lender, Loan Broker, Real Estate Agent or Buyer?
Who can I speak with.?
How much are bills for 2 story houses?
Does anyone know the web address of The Pointe at 501 Vairo Blvd?
Section 8 Lease Renewals-Landlord Tenant Rights?
How do you find out who the owner of a certain house is?
tough Residential Refinance.?
Fha loans and sellers?What to expect?
Can a Mansion be worth about 500,00 dollars?
Help with rent situation. Along with roommate/Friend problems too.?
Would you rather be: An independent real estate agent, A real estate agent at a small firm,?
Couple of issues with new apartment?
Brought a house 2 months ago did a inspection but know find out the basement walls leak can I go after seller?
How to buy/take over mortgage payments from ex-spouse. Before getting divorced he signed over deed....?
Whats the benefits of renting instead of owning when you can?
where can i find a notice of petion to evict in ontario county NY?
my mortagage broker is charging loan origination fee of 1% and mortgage consult fee of $3085, is this right?
What is the difference between market share and share price?
How do you get so much money for a $500,000 house?
I'm renting my house out, and I think the girls renting it may be smokers. How can I make sure they don't..?
What kind of compensation can you get for a long, long extended closing date?
What does a landlord look at when wanting to sign a lease with a new tenant?
How to fight my landlord in court ?(nyc)?
apartment rent increase?
How can I sell my time share?
We have been a tenants for over a year at a rental condo?
We closed on our house and the deed is not filed yet, they wont give us keys can they do this?
Share ideas on refinancing 2nd loan Home Equity Line of Credit?
Having Refinancing Trouble?
If someone paid for a house in Cash do they still pay HOA after that?
is L.A a good place to live in?
Why can't I get a loan for a 35,000 house?
I cant afford my Mortgage - can I ask the bank to reposess the house?
Is it legal to sell mortgaged real estate in the State of Missouri?
Should I buy a home in Fort Bragg (the Mendocino coast) in California?
if you have a bad rental history in one state will that carry over to another state?
How much notice does my landlord have to give me before asking i move out?
Does anyone have info about Foxgate Apartments in Hattiesburg, MS?
can refinancing fees be included in the mortgage?
can i get a mortgage without deposit?
I am being sued for rental fees on an apartment I previously occupied.?
Is it legal to raise the price of a house by the owner.after there is a set price on paper?
Getting a Mortgage loan with co-signer?
Quitclaim deed in Colorado?
propert experts please answer..?
If i paid most of the rent before due but still owe $100.00 can he still make me paid $75.00 late fee?
I have a friend staying with me in my apartment. She pays no rent. How can I get her out?
What's better for investment purposes? Buying houses/townhouses? Or just buying land?
I just rented an apartment and there is a musty, garlic smell.?
good real estate agents?
cheapest rate of land in delhi?
Im resigning my rental agreement for another year, the monthly rate changed after I signed the lease, is it ok
What is the average % of gross salary to determine affordable mortgage + tax to purchase in New York City?
Im looking to rent a caravan as a long term home in bournemouth area and dont know where to look. Help please?
Does my Landlord have to put in new bathroom?
I have been offered room in a house that is owned by person offering it. ?
I need some tips. Want to negotiate rent down from $1295?
I am a tenant,am I responsible for this?
What affects buyer behavior?
How much should I Save up before leaving home?
Sharing a 2 Bedroom apartment with 3 people. What is fair rent ?
Home mortgages?
Why is rent so cheap in Chicago?
Are landlords in Wis.required to insulate rental unit?
How much is a section 8 voucher for ?
What is a causal contract/agreement?
Barring casualty loss, can a condominium association be terminated with less than 100 percent of the vote?
Do you have to mow your own lawn if you live in a duplex?
Would there be legal consequences for this?
how do I get a mortgage in germany, to buy property there. Im a UK citizen with clean credit record?
Living out of state to go to college?
How to move away from a flat where you live with your friends?!?
How long do I have before I have to move out?
If your house goes into forclosure for not making mortgage payments. Can the bank take it after you do a ?
do residents of an apartment pay electrical generator fees?
Do you own your own home?
What r the proper steps to take when not renewing a lease on a rented apt in queens ny?
I have 15K burning a hole in my wallet. What do I do with it?
Going into escrow... Did i need to disclose...?
Help! I'm suppose to move to California next year from many ???'s!!!!?
Any room for rent somewhere near Queenstown MRT station?
I never signed my apt lease am i bound to it?
Can my roommate break a verbal lease agreement?
gift letter and real estate?
Should I sell my home through HomeVestors?
Can someone afford a 300000 dollar home with a 150000 to 180000 salary?
lease termination issue. only one tenant signed, lease renewal. Is it valid what can i do? (Australia NSW)?
how to manege problems in apartments?
In New york State , what happens if the building inspector find you have added a bathroom fifteen years After?
During one year, the Gilmores' real estate bill included $294 for miscellaneous services. Of this amount, 62%?
I rent a home is it illegal to not have access to the basement from inside the home?
Real estate agents always advise buying rather than renting. But what if you can never afford down payment?
Planning action and estimating cost to remove an unfinished second story addition and reuse it as a garage?
How do i report my apartment for not having regulated safety features, such as fire extinguishers?
What advice would you give to a young individual changing careers to become a real estate agent?
If property has historic interest does that property selling value increase or decrease?
I am selling some land, and need to know what closing costs are the sellers and what are the buyers (normally)
How many sq. ft. can you get for $2500 rent in Manhattan?
Do need to have alot of money to get involed in real estate?
How can I find out who is in charge of an abandoned house?
Help! My Realtor won't be at the closing!?
Has anyone ever heard of IMHP?
How do I get house plans appraised?
What pitfalls are there to selling a house by owner?
i am 31, filipino, how can i sell lots through the internet since i am a real estate businesswoman?
How do you get someone evicted in philadelphia?
Can I retract (or extend) my 60 days' notice?
how would i find comerical realestate for rent in clearwater fl?
how long r u aloud to have a house guest in your home if u rent your home?
UK only offering on a house?
How can i create Realty Bussiness advertisement?
Armondo Motelongo the real estate guy on TV is going to be live near my house. Is he going to give free?
After 5day notice, I can pay the rent, but not late fees. Can I be evicted for late fees? Las Vegas is home.?
Can someone please help me with some resources for low income housing & more ?
Can I back out of a home purchase before closing?
Can you get info on deaths/ murders in a home thats for sale?
My landlord is trying to rip me off, can anyone help?
Breaking fixed lease due to job, how should I go about this?
im 18 and i want to buy a house?
Renting 1st apartment: down payment?
Is there a difference of MLS online or through a realtor?
I don't like my house anymore. How do I get out of a mortgage?
Whats the difference between a home loan and a home equity loan?
Cambodian Real Estate Agent?
My boyfriend and i want to move into an apartment? in like 7 months?
Should I get a refinance cashout now during this financial bailout crisis?
What should I do about my mortgage?
are there any first time home buyer programs that help buyers?
Is Ohio an abstracting state?
Rent or stay?
What does it take to get a real estate license? I want to salesmans school long ago? what the laws now?
Back rent and my landlord's deceased. who (if anybody) do I owe?
How can I find a lost deed when the courthouse has no record of it?
Can I back out of a signed lease if I haven't paid any money, or moved in yet?
How to handle renters with pit bulls?
I live in maryland and its been 2 wks since my house has been foreclosed on. When do we have to be out by?
What does rent control mean?
I am planning on moving out o my parents house by the end of the year or by next summer or winter?
Is It still a good time to sell a house??
Moving and what should I do?
How much to charge a roommate?
Have you ever had a yard sale?
Can I transfer my section 8 voucher prior to the 12 months requirement due to stalking/domestic violence?
what is jt ten?
How much would I need to live alone, instead of with my parents, in Allen, TX?
Can You Buy Property In Ca. For the Back Taxes On file and where can I get A list for my Area?
What are the hottest US real estate markets?
Is it a good idea to use the listing agent as sales agent too?
can a lease be broken under these circumstances?
What is the average cost of a three bedroom home in California?
landlord evicted notice.?
How can we find an old farmhouse near Memphis TN? Everything is new-build!?
I want to get into realestate investing. Any suggestions on how to do it with little out of pocket cost?
I would like to know how to do an amorization on a loan@10%for36 months?
any up to date on raul marin balmeceda/property for sale?
Any opinions on Spring Pine Apartments in Houston, TX?
How do you purchase a forecloser home?
Will I be able to purchase my first home?
Does the landlord have to pay for it or do I?
Buying a house total cost ??? help?
I own a house and I also have a roommate.?
Would you use a offset mortgage? If so why?
My husband and I want to buy a house, dont know where to start?
My girlfriend and I are searching for a 1br/1bath apartment or small house to rent in Morris County New Jersey
how does mortgage saving account work in the real estate?
Dear Sirs,I am the franchising manager of a construction company and its real estate agent dept. in Altınkum i
Question about becoming a HUD property?
two bedroom/two bath/two parking spaces and three people. how do you split the rent?
does anybody have a 5/6 bed property to rent in blackpool for my friend who is wanting to relocate with family?
My tenant left her apartment, put keys in an envelope but did not show up for the inspection.?
When you have a roomate in college do you pay half the room fee and ur roomate pays the rest?
Benefits to landlord to not make repairs?
What form do I need in order to sell my friends house for them? Texas?
Where can you buy a "For Rent" sign to put in front of a rental home?
Nationwide mortgage application progress tracker?
Would it be a bad idea to sell our house and rent instead?
Mortgage processing Question?
I rent. My stove has been broken for 4 days. My landlord says it could be another week before I get one. ? 2do
Is there anything wrong with not wanting to buy a house?
Any government help in south Florida for housing?
Where to get "retail" real estate buyers?
lending on value of house not purchase price?
if I make an offer do I have to by the house,it is fannie mae?
How much should I expect to pay for a move out cleaning?
Can a person with an annual gross of $65,000-$70,000 qualify for a $350,000 house?
I'm looking for a realtor in Portland, Oregon name Sharon Francis. Help?
Rent to own, is it a good option?
Are laws different for evicted tenants vs tenants that move voluntarily regarding property left behind?
I'm 18 and ready to move out, advice needed?
Buying Co-op apartment In NYC?
should I buy if someone died?
wht is the best way to buy a house when we have only little credit and 0 down?
what portion of Italians live in apartments?
What is the % the you take off of a asking selling price of a home when making an offer to buy?
what websites explain different types of mortgages?
Difference between Appraiser and home inspector?
Why do lenders inspect an apartment?
How do I write a demand letter to landlord asking to make repairs or I withhold my rent?
The council have nominated me for a property with housing association?
Places I need to change my address at?
Home Appraisal Question. Appraisal Higher than asking price?
What exactly is the reason for stamp duty when you buy and sell houses in the UK and who receives it?
my credit score is very bad, can i get a home loan in california?
our tenant failed to mention that the valve was broken?
is their a bank anywhere that will loan just 10500 dollars to buy a home?
Wich bank offer you the best interest for a home loan??
How much does 20 acres of land cost?
When the world ends, will houses be cheaper?
can i be denied the right to rent this apartment?
My landlord did not replace air condition units for 4 months can he still charge full rent?
Is my home in foreclosure?
I am buying a home and the seller wants to pay money to me through closing costs for repairs.?
How can I break my rental agreement/lease?
how long will it take to get the offer letter/?
I own a house and I also have a roommate.?
In a Florida Foreclosure & Deficiency Judgement - can they take your 2nd property, your business, car, etc?
Do buyers have to pay their realtor a commission or only the seller?
Do you have to buy a condo and also pay rent/fees?
Can a private owner choose to deny renewing a lease?
Which one is the best in Greater Toronto Area for average income family to live?
Loan for house, no credit, no down payment, steady job!!?
What does it mean "all included with basic cable"?
how can i find out if there is an upaid bill in my name?
What is the best state to move to?
Does having home broken into twice, car once, mail stolen repeatedly in 5 months give reason to break a lease?
What is a inglenook in a house?
finding property owners online by county?
My house got painted by mistake when my neighbors house should of been painted, he try to bill me $3,100.?
help! im trying to move out into an apt but i have no credit! what do i do!?
Bit of odd question but I need answers?
How much rent should i contribute from my monthly salary?
Can you own a house, not live in it, and keep it for aslong as you want?
What is 8% of 600,000?
Can I pay homestead property taxes if I co-own with someone who already has a homestead?
how difficult is it to be pre-qualified when buying a home?
How many hot water heaters should an apartment have?
what is pending continue to show in real estate terms?
I am fixing my credit because I want to buy a house. Does my husband's horrible credit affect?
Should I buy a home...i'm only 21?
Can the landlord do this!?
can my sons landlord take my car?
How to get a personal loan with horrible credit for a downpayment on a house?
Should I rent a house or an apartment?
Me and my husband are thinking about buying a house is it okay if we pay full asking price.?
can you rent out a house your financing?
Getting 1st Mortgage. What do I need to know and have to do?
Is it a good idea or am I moving too fast?
Advice about moving to another state....?
Maintenance policy can it be revised?
My father in law helped us to buy a house .He gave us a check as a gift ,but he didn't sign anything saying it?
How do I find out who owns a vacant house?
Should I get a mortgage on a property? Can't commit to the area?
I live in kanata, ottawa i was wondering if i could buy forest land or a field and how would i do it.?
what does "net lease rate" and "occupancy cost" mean when leasing a building?
Can a landlord rob you if you don't pay 2 months rent?
county asr sales search?
Why is the general public so stupid?
What is the likihood that my FHA loan will be approved?
Can I buy a house with 3000 down?
How can I get a car back home after buying it?
Will an archetect come with me to visit a home a want to buy and re-structure?
home equity--wat does it mean?
Would this be legal to do this....?
I"m a carer in a residential care home?
The property appraisal for a condo I want to buy seems to be too high. Help!?
Is there a site that can blacklist renters for any breach of contract? And how does it work?
Can an apartment charge you more for a spot on your credit report?
Does anyone know how much it would be to build a 2 story house in Beverly Hills California ?
I get ssi on the 3rd of each month but would it come early on new years?
3 minimum wage people, one apartment?
If your landlord/landlady increases your rent, do they have the right to increase your deposit?
For those in Florida who have just walked away from a mortgage...?
Do we have a farmers market in Las Vegas?
Is it possible to get a house with bad credit?
Can I refuse to pay rent because my landlord is not cleaning my room from bedbugs. Can I take a legal action?
Locked out of my apartment!?
Can I cancel my contract for sale and purchase in Florida?
Writing first residential lease agreement need help?
Is there anyone who knows Dr Harrey Bin Dawaut or Marrangun Bin Dawaut, is he a real lender?
Pls help!!!!should I worry about this,I noticed some black marks on the walls?
can you really get a shore house for no money if you just work for the landlord like they did on jersey shore?
Who owns the fruit?
Who do I issue a security deposit to when the renter is on welfare?
How do people purchase homes without a downpayment and good credit?
I need to know where i can find price of a surveyor so i can get my land surveyed ?
How to obtain a list of foreclosed homes? does it cost for the list?
Has anyone dealt with out of Florida? If so, good or bad experience?
Real estate License help?
Serious question about paying off my house or not?
In New York, if you buy a house and the roof leaks (and ruins ceilings) a month after you move in, can I sue?
Can you make a decent living developing property in Cornwall?
Can my boyfriend and I afford to move out? Tips and advice?
I have been in construction for 23 years looking for something new.?
i feel trapped in my apartment and town and want to leave?
Why are single wide manufactured homes prohibited in almost every city in America?
in the uk, how do i find out who owns a particular piece of land?
Is colorado casualty insurance company reliable, it is a member of liberty mutual?
Would I be able to live on my own?
should i buy a property in thailand?
It is now late in the 22nd Century, and you have decided you want a new pet….?
No Lease Agreement - what's the most ethical way of moving out?
Rent Control in Los Angeles, can I increase rent for high water bill?
Can you borrow money to develop property as an LLC?
How long from getting your preliminary housing offer did you get the final offer?
I moved out of a house after living in it for 2 months, landlord now wants 6 months rent?
reasons to give so that i can get on campus accommodation?
its been over 20 days that the people renting my house dint pay can i kick them out?
what happens to the home owner when the bank forcloses?
Housing problem?!Only 11 weeks pregnant..Housing benefit?
My dad wants to sign over his house that he owns into my name. What consequences will I potentially face?
information on the lyndhurst road area waynesboro, va year 1950?
what are the privileges of first time buyer home mortgage?
Why does the seller of a home have to pay a commission to the buyer's agent?
does anyone know if the website daily survey panel is legit?
About an australian (nsw) house lease...?
I am looking for the typical cost of a "paid assessment disclosure letter", from a HOA management company.
how can i sell my house in the shortest amount of time for the most money in this market?
anyone know of a national mortgage lender that hires home based loan officers?
What are the general rules of buying a house in Europe, and can foreigners buy homes with no restrictions?
I signed a renters' lease on an apartment Haven't moved in. Do I have to move in? Can I get my $ back.
obtaining a business licence for rental property in los angeles county?
My landlady is selling the home we are renting(living) in, she originally gave us the option to buy it.?
can my housing association evict me?
I am a licensed real estate agent in GA and just bought a house that wasn't listed. Can I get a commission?
is it possiable to obtain a visa in america if you purchase 3 properties?
When will the USDA offices begin processing loans for the USDA Rural Home Loan Guarantee program?
What's the smart decision - Staten Island or Brooklyn if I want to commute to Manhattan?
Is real estate still a good investment if your down payment is low?
First Time Home Buyers Credit?
Can you sign on a day early in an emergency?
4 bedroom 2 bath house for sale in Willis, Tx.?
top ten real estate courses for beginners?
Why did I receive a servicing transfer notification?
Mortgage payment lowered due to Escrow?
Weve been using and caring for 3 lots, no info on buying from owners over the last 8yrs. We have legal rights?
What is the best place to live in the Columbus Metro Area of Ohio?
Can I get a home loan for more than what the house is listed for?
renting in california?
HELP! Renting a House, High School Trip?
When a person quit claim their property to someone else, do the mortgage payment automatically transfer?
Rent Increase?
real estate and schools in butte montana?
Can my agent suggest what to offer on my house when showing it to another party? well below listed price, btw?
How much does it cost to transfer a deed my name ?
when renting a property why do landlorda state no dss
what kind of house and how many bedrooms can a teacher afford making 50,000 a year?
buying a house w/ok credit, spouse has bad credit but makes all the $ what to do?
Why would my 21 year old son need our Social Security # and signature too lease a house?
I'm selling my house,is capital gains tax waived if I transfer my gains to an existing rental property mortgag
How does one buy a house free and clear?
Can i open a bed and breakfast in a home I am renting?
where do i find a gift for my realtor who helped me find a house?
Selling a property which currently has liens?
Can you go barefoot to property inspections?
What is the phone number of arcon builders Llc in Bellevue, WA?
How much of a home can i afford?
I want to buy a home that the bank bought back, the bank has sent me every where and I'm no closer.?
how can I find out the year my house was built?
do you know any houese near Norwalk,CT that i can rent??
I'm renting a fully furnished apartment in Montreal. Do I need to get content insurance?
Boyfriends on on lease, what can I do to get my $ back.?
Can you put up clamping signs without getting permission from other tenants and neighbouring property?
Should I take a 15K loss selling a home?
First time Home buyer question?
i want to build and lease a strip mall , how do i start?
I have a condo, and I may need a roommate to asist with the mortgage payments. I'm not sure how to find one
How much of a home loan could we get approved for?
How am I supposed to do afford my rent?
Me and my roommate are both lease holders his gf stays six nights rent free?
What does "zoned R-5" in real estate mean?
I will be buying my first home soon.. Help! ?
Moving to another state?
Real estate... greater noida...?
oh my gosh how much will this cost?
Does my landlord need to buy landlord insurance for the flat I rent (privately)?
breaking a lease with 4 months left?
I live in MN in an apt and there was recently a murder here.?
do you need a business license to be a landlord in new mexico?
Should I be financially responsible for cost of sewage hook up or should bank?
Loan on behalf of overseas property?
Will it be better to sell real estate after the next election?
My landlord is refusing to fix my hot water heater, what can I do?
Does my Landlord have to put in new bathroom?
Where can i sell my rgbc timeshare?
Parking lot view or wooded forest view on 3rd floor which view would you choose?
A casual friend asked me to housesit for her whilst her house is being sold. She is now charging me £90/mth?
If someone cancels a home rental lease and gives the person who owns the house money for consideration, should?
How do I get a county court order enforced for rent arrears plus costs?
i want to move to the gold coast when i turn 18?
free Thinker no not terrible condition but older?
how can I get out of my lease?
Long winded but serious question - Have we hit the bottom?
How do I collect money from a former renter?
With a credit score 579 will I be allowed to purchase a home?
Who can give me a good answer to give potential buyers when I'm asked why I'm moving?
Im selling my car on Craigslis, and woke up this morning to this email... Is this a scam? scam?
If your landlord/landlady increases your rent, do they have the right to increase your deposit?
Ontario - Transfer Rental Income to Fiance?
What are the name of some real estate schools and how many people in Minnesota are real estate agents?
Vendor doesn't move out on time please help?
What rights would ma partner have of our son when wee split up?
if u move from n.c and u have housing n u want to move to n.y. can ur housing turn into section 8?
keep finding the perfect apartment.. NO PETS policy is stopping me from getting it :(?
how do i get someone out of my apartment that's not on the lease?
What are you going to do to help those of us that have a home worth $100,000 that we paid $250,000 for?
with 100,000 in the bank and a 250,000 mortgage, is it better to pay down mortgage or invest in another home?
My grandma was telling me about a program that pays part of your rent?
Where can a person live if they are working in nyc only one week a month?
How much to do you pay?
Legit and 'up-to-date', websites or watever, rental cabins and lake houses?
Is it legal to rent(out) unpermitted space?
Title Abstractor Prices?
How do I get paid for a house cleaning job for a real estate agent?
How to stop a house being built behind my home?
Can a landlord refuse to give you a bill for rent?
what exactly do i have to do to be a real estate agent?
What would the council do for you if you wanted to move out of your parents?
do u think home price in s. cal will drop? i'm thinking purchasing one soon and hope i'm making right decision
Which is the most trusted site land/property in United Kingdom?
Has an underwritter denied your loan?
Housemate is refusing to pay the rent, landlord wants us to pay, help!?
nbi kiosk in park square 1 open on saturdays?
Are there any virtuail games that you get to live in a house and have neibors?
how would i go about finding out houses for rent?
What's the best neighborhood to live in San Antonio, TX?
about how much is bulidings and contents insurance?
Is this a rental scam on landlords part?
as a landlord how do I determine how much to charge for offfice space>?
Occupant turn water on?
Where can I find a job that has felixable hours, good pay, and a little bit close to home?
Should property holding companies diversify their portfolios?
is 8.9% interest on home loan is ok on $158,000 house?
do real estate agents have to wear suits?
Moving from house to townhouse stress!!!!!!?
O.K here's a tough one!!No Quick answers please;need to really think about this one!!?
How to choose a closing attorney and or titile company?
Have you ever visited Terrell, Texas?
If I move do I HAVE to get a mortgage?
Suggestions for a place to live near Columbus, OH?
Do apartment prices go down by the end of the month?
What do we use in our homes? AC current or DC current?
What zone land can you use to build a self storage business on?
house is in foreclosure process,it is taking a long time, should we have them speed up?
Downpayment - Mortgage to buy a condo in toronto?
Please help me for this question if you have good knowledge for real estate.?
How can I find out how old is the apartment where i live, besides asking the owner?
Real Estate Agent or Secretary?
Is it possible that I can make money by giving repo information ?
Who or where can I file a complaint against my mortgage company? They have jacked my rate astronimcally!?
I want to advertise my homein the Poconos in a New York City newspaper, prferably for attorneys or doctors?
Can we buy pennystock SNVP?
House Going Up For Sale?
My previous landlord that lost the property for nonpayment of taxes threw my things out without notice?
What is the Consequence of foreclose home in California?
How do i find out if the house i bought is finally in my name?
how has the cost of living changed from 2006 to now?
how many homes are being built in the state of texas this year? and in the dallas/metroplex area?
Why do older homes have so few bathrooms?
I am looking to buy my first home?
Foreclosed homes?
How old do I have to be to move out of my parent's house?
Will I get my earnest money back?
Can a tenant install an air conditioning unit without permission?
Is there anything I can do to shut my neighbors dog up besides antifreeze???
Am I being ripped off?
Landlord kicking me out!!! Please I need help!!!!!?
can my girlfiend take my name off the mortgage?
Mortgage companys that allow to include rehab money?
Second Mortgage? Is that a wise thing to do?
When applying for an FHA, can your student loans be in forbearance or not?
Can a landlord make a profit on a security deposit?
Is it right to ask your rich inlaws for help when buying a house?
Why are the interest rates so high?
Home Inspection and Private Appraisal in Philadelphia?
number of stadiums in the U.S.?
Can a landlord keep my money if I don't move in the apartment?
6 Grand to break my apartment lease? for real?
How did the financial crisis affect real estate prices in USA?
anyone looking for short to really short stay myself as guest?
How do I advertise a flat to rent on the internet?
How do you remove an ex-wife's name from the title of a mobile home?
My property has been put on lien, Should I continue to pay mortgage?
Need advice on rent being raised on lease-to-own property!!!!?
When can you sell a house you inherited without paying capital gains?
House and property situation?
How does a mortgage work?
I have untill 8 tonight to find £100 that i owe my dad.What to do?
Should I buy home or rent?
Do I have to have a real estate license to buy homes, fix them up then sell them?
Can someone help me find a house?
Is it possible for me to not have my husband name on my property paper?
how much cooler would a second floor apartment be over a 3rd in the heat of the summer?
What are you suppose to look for when looking at houses to buy?
is their such thing in slashing your mortgage?
Is my moms landlord reliable?!?
Our they asking too much for this house?
I have been renting a property and recently recieved a letter from bailiffs warning me to vacate in 7 days?
My tenant used my name for utilities now i have this on my credit report what can i do?
Lancaster pa attorneys?
Will be renting out my current house to purchase new?
Florida Mobile Home Foreclosure Situation....what happens when...?
iwant to buy an apartment in new york?
Can people please give me advice on moving out of home?
Where can I get FSBO for listings?
my landlord gave me a tin form to fill out when i recertify do anyone know why i should fill this out?
do i need planning permission for a static caravan on my land?
what is a good mortgage company to work for?
When am I required to move?
Real estate question "tenant (applicant) and co-tenant"?
can i downgrade my apartment?
Did I get evicted???? Help?
please i needd to know of a genuin means of making money on the internet?
I would like to buy an investment property in Texas -- which city offers best appreciation potential and ROI?
Can a 15 year old buy a house in California?
Breaking lease question?
What should I do? I want to buy a house but I only know the address.?
is my landlord a dead beat? I can't take a shower in my own house its been a month?????
What is Esgrow?
Can I afford $1200 per month for rent with this salary? help me!?
can my landlord put my rent up?
What are the best sites for finding casual sex in local arears of the UK???, all help appreciated...thanks?
can my landlord deduct from my security deposit before i move out?
How can I find out about my property?
can my apartment managment get away with this?
HOME LOAN...please help..?
rent deposit not returned?
When i become a real estate agent, can I list my own house for sell and not paying commision?
Trying to find out how low of a credit score can I have and still qualify for mortgage, dont care about APR?
the landlord form the apartment threw away our things?
Moved in with a friend on a verbal agreement found out its not for me. $660. there for 3 days can i get a ref?
looking for apartment/flat to rent references?
How long does a lessor have to tell you they plan to bill you for something after you move out?
My x-landlord is sueing me for rent and damages. I lived in the house for 5 months?
Are homes in sheriff sales hard to obtain?
I want to walk out of my home, my bank bent rules to Fund my HOme Loan.?
$37,000 in Orlando or $39,000 in Miami yearly salary.?
If a the sq ft. of a fenced yard is not specified in a lease, but was shown as is and we have had usage of it?
Bringing first buying client to first showing.?
what is pending continue to show in real estate terms?
Can my roomate kick me out with one week's notice?
Moving into cousins apartment?
How to pay for home improvements?
LOUD neighbour!!?
What to do with my California real estate agent license after obtaining broker license?
Is this a good way to start?
How do you become a Property Manaager in the state of California?
How do you find an apartment available in NYC if you don't live there?
Do You Believe there could be a House Price Crash in the UK?
If I buy a home with a co-signer and get a home equity loan?
Help! my rotten mother is trying to steal my home! Can she?
My land contract states that I pay an extra 50.00 a month and it will be matched,?
How do I go about buying a house that is going into foreclosure?
I am having problems with my landlord?
My ex removed my name from the deed ?
Can I buy my own house at auction?
at what age can you rent a house?
Need my FHA number....... Transferring loan?
In Arizona what is the area that has reasonable realestate prices and it a good area to buy a home?
Real Estate for Muslims Logo help?
How can I make a workable copy of the bar code used to get inside the gate at my apartment complex?
Landlords do you ever wish it was legal to ban children from your rentals?
do loan officers also refinance?
I'm planning on moving in may of 2009 when should i stated looking around for apartments or houses for rent ?
If a mortgage rate is currently at 6.2%, when is it appropriate to refinance for a lower interest rate?
Do you need an eviction notice to make a person move out your house?
any home improvement grants out there that are NOT income based? Specifically in Syracuse, ny?
If i were to buy a house with friends, could we all get a mortgage on one property?
am looking for a room to rent for business. Shop with spare space or office with spare room in Frankston are.?
Apartment question 2 or 3 bedroom?
Renting Out Living Room Issue?
I moved out of an apartment recently. 24 days later I was charged for bed bugs.?
What is the difference in leasing a commercial property and renting one?
how do i deal with nosiy neighbor?
How much does it cost to build a new house.. no land costs?
How many days notice to move out?
Can our landlord kick us out of our apartment to rent it to someone else?
Does anyone know where to go to find a house when your credit isn't so good?
How much Rent do you think I can afford?
If you were asked to go to a Real Estate Investment Seminar?
can my landlord evict me for having a baby?
Looking for abandoned buildings in Manhattan?
How to find house address?
i'm looking to view mobile homes online in my area in new iberia which site do i log on 2?
Can i deposit a check from a different bank than my own?
Has anyone heard of or done business with Jerry Billy Loan Holding?
What does P.W. and P.C.M. stand for?
where can i get a list of rental rights?
can a landlord evict you for not letting her use your lights for another tenant?
Is it possible for me to obtain housing with a criminal background with only misdemeanors?
My fiance and I are renting a Condo my Dad owns?
Got eviction order from court ..what shall i do ?
I am thinking of buying a condo in a complex that just did a condo-apt conversion. Is this a good investment?
I have a bad problem please help..?
Is there anyway to get rid the PMI on a FHA Loan that will closed this month? Is this a good deal?
What jobs can pay for a 2 Bedroom Apartment... And can you tell me what things do I bring?
website on rentals?????????
What would you do if you won $1,000,000?
Wanting to co-buy property with potential investor/s. Is there any good networks to find these people ?
Pro's and cons about having real estate in a Trust?
Brown Recluses & Breaking Lease?
The house we are renting is going into foreclosure, do we have to pay rent?
Where can I move this to?
Is buying land before a house a bad idea?
I'm thinking of buying a house in California?
Do I have to give 30 day notice when my landlord gives me a 60 day notice?
easiest way to get a real estate liscense?
How can i find out the name and the phone number of the occupancy of a certain address?
Is there mortgage insurance for USDA loans?
If you have somebody that lives with you that's not on the lease, how can you evict them?
how much would it cost to build a house in houston forget the land value just labor and materials on average?
What Happens To The Mortgages On All The Homes Destroyed In The Midwest?
how do i find hud forms and instructions?
Is becoming a real estate agent or mortgager broker a good way to have extra income?
im moving out of a rental house the day before i turn the keys its broken into?
Letting agent unreasonable with check out?
Is there any grounds for an LLC to terminate a rental contract that will stand in court?
Our electricity went out how long after we pay?
cash for keys offer?
I want to buy a house over 4 years. Can I pick a specific amount of time to get a loan for? Do banks do that?
how is the real estate test for chicago?
Moving from Indiana to Charlotte, NC..Moving advice?
Is there a time limitation to file order of eviction in Detroit?
How do you convert a property to section 8 in tennessee?
I want to take a real estate appraisal course in orlando, florida. I cant find anywhere. Know good place?
If a person gets Section 8, how can they find section 8 living in Florida?
What's the minimum yearly salary i should have before i even consider purchasing a home?
My landlord is not protecting my rights as stated in my lease?
Is buying a house or paying rent better?
What happens if my parent dies and leaves me property that still has a mortgage left on it?
Can my landlord charge a late fee for this?!?
What do I need to do to be able to purchase a 3 million dollar home on a teachers salary of $45,000 a year?
Should my Landlord charge me for snaking a drain?
Can solicitor find out any information on me from council without my permission?
My tenant wants to get her security deposit...........?
Where can i get a pay day loan without the hassle in Baltimore md?
My local supermarket's bags of recycled plastic are being taken out into the street without their permission.
what is the average 30 year fixed mortgage rate?
Apartment Deposit. How many times have you gotten it back? How many times have you not?
Can my landlady enter my property when im not there?
need 3 day notice off computer for non payment of rent?
Is it possible to buy a home 1 year after a Ch 7 Bankruptcy?
What is normal income for a real estate/stock broker in us?
What are the laws in FL on foreclosure?
I know the house I want (and how much i want to pay), so do I really need a Realtor?
Would it be better to buy income property through my business or personnally?
In Charlotte, particularly on the South Side, can anyone explain why so many people are moving?
how much money would i need to start becoming a landlord?
how can i buy a home when my credit is at 460. i am a first time buyer?
why dont someone rent to people with bad credit, you still have to have a place to live?
Can i get my deposit back on a contract never completed?
In which county is located "Wakulla Gardens"?
can my landlord still make me pay rent even though we cant live in the property due to it being unhealthy?
To buy, or to rent??
Is it a good idea to buy a new build flat from Barratt Homes?
I'm looking to buy a house.?
best web site for real estate in pacific county washington state?
When can I start the eviction?
how much will i get in housing benefit UK?
Electrical limit in free apartment?
Can my mom get an apartment in her name?
Colorado renters question,would i win in small claims court ?
I have a question about buying real estate.?
Buying a foreclosed home?
if i need to repo it how do i contact for that?
I want to give my resort on lease in himacal near hatu peak. Details of resort are on ?
If you are an old man retired,would you be willing to accept reverse mortgage??
can i get a real state licence if i have summary probation and 3 misdeameanors?
Can i open a bed and breakfast in a home I am renting?
New-built subdivisions with lots of foreclosures?
WHat should I do???
Is having a Survey on a new construction home really Important? why? why not?
Looking to evaluate a home!?
Can anyone recommend a good legal book that spells out how to handle a residential real estate closing?
Should I buy a home or keep renting?
can my landlord do this?
apartment owner is asking me to move out of my unit! Something does not feel right!?
When I open my new bank account can I take out a loan right away?
why is the land rent so high in CBD?
is pottsville,pa a good place to move?
Should I buy a home in Los Angeles.California..?
how long before a landlord receives the check from rental assistance in philadelphia?
property developers....?
my landlord came and told me i have 5 days to get out. help!!!!?
I've lived in several different apartments over the years, and?
why are upper floor apartments more expensive to rent than ground floor?
Can she get a roommate without my authorization if we both own the house and I don't live there?
What day does a fourteen day eviction notice start on?
how do i find out if a certain house is for sale?
Does a house go up in value faster and higher than a condo?
How many homes have been built and are planned in Loudoun County since 2000?
what site do i go to find out the landlord of a house. thank you?
Can I get Housing Benefit/LHA for student accommodation?
My business has low rent but is almost an hour from home. Should I buy a commercial office near home?
Where there is no privity of estate and no privity of contract can covenants in a leave be enforced ?
What is the difference between a hotel and a motel?
Signed a Office Lease 3 weeks ago, manager never delivered copy of lease to me?
where is the cheapest county to live in nc?
i have land for sale on greek island of lesvos how do I try and sell it?
how can a landlord take your rent money and not pay off the 8 liens on the property he hasn't paid one dime.?
Looking at a short sale house, the bank made me sign a mold disclosure. Is this a common practice?
Help me with a realtor problem!?
Should I move from my place?
House water drains into creek...?
Can you please help me with this vulture real estate agent?
help i'm being evicted i have no funds to pay the rent what should i do ?
My landlord told me I have 24 hrs to vacate or she keeps my deposit and sues?
In relation to housing benefit what are the thresholds fpr low income?
What cleaning/maintenance can a landlord legally deduct from the tenant's security deposit in PA?
Real Estate, Selling a Home Tips?
Need help could someone tell me how read this Mortgage?
Can a roommate take furniture from a furnished room situation?
How much would it cost to do renovations on a house in Boston?
Does it cost more if you rent as a couple? What can we expect?
Homeless and council housing- where do we stand?
I need my equity back!!?
I have a name of A Limited Partnership. How do I find out Who the partners are?
Why are fixed mortgage rates and adjustable rates different?
whats the best way to sell my house FAST without losing too much money?
How do I put get a loan on my property?
Want to rent space for car wash?
house going for foreclouser?
Can the landlord, or the Manager that lives in the building show our apartment while we are still living here?
can i get a home loan for 190000 on 3000 per month income and only one debt for 500 per mo.?
can you get a home in pre-foreclosure with no money down and flip it for cash or is it a gimmick?
Bank Owned Foreclosure?
Can I be evicted without a lease or rental agreement?
are there any grants or financial assistance to help one build a home?
I lease a small hotel, the landlord wont maintain the firescape, does he have to according to law?
Can I charge home sellers to advertise their home on my website if I don't have a real estate license?
uncle dolan set up tenet?
what is the smallest amount of money i can pay in monthly rent, living in a geared-to-income home?
lived in house 20 years next door say we have 6ft of their land how do we stand?
Landlord didnt inform me of black mold?
where can i get a $30,000 loan to buy a house?
who do i talk to about gutting houses?
What happens if I stop payment of a home loan in India?
Nice Apartments Anywhere?
I am on section 8, my landlord notified me he was selling the house.?
should i buy a house or a townhouse?
what are the pros and cons of majoring in real estate?
Who do I call to file a complaint against my apartment complex?
what is the best way to get a first time morgage that is afortable?
New Townhomes in Ashburn/Broadlands, VA?
i just want to rent out a room in my apartment who do i do that or were do i go to plese help?
How much would you charge in rent for a 1400 sq. ft. 3 bedroom 1 bath in country?
housing looks good in st george utah, 1/3 price of ca.?
Can a landlord give verbal 30 days notice simply because they want to move into the property themselves?
What is the minimum amount one has to invest to participate in REIT's (Real estate investment trust's)?
My HOA said my car is belongs in a junk yard?
department store new york bankrupt korvet?
Mortgage Question.?
Good names for an housing estate in USA?
Do you think the Tory Housing Benefit cuts are fair?
I have an offer for my flat but have lost the flat I was going to buy. Should I go ahead with the sale?
Are the days of flipping properties over?
How to get my mortgage out of my name and into my sisters?
Does PMI cover the difference between what is owed to the bank and what the forclosed home was sold for?
How to get Landlords?
Is architecture good preparation for a career in Real Estate Development?
What is a inglenook in a house?
rent deduction when boiler broken?
How much would hydro cost in a two bedroom condo in toronto, with three tenants?
What can I do about my landlord?
can you help me with owner financing?
Am I wrong or is my mother?
Does a real estate agent make good money?
i am desperate for information on living in gibraltar?
If someone comes in wanting a 2 bedroom apartment can you deny them a unit because it's only 1 person?
i have plannning permission but it includes a small strip of someone else's land. can i sell it as it is?
How much can i afford on a 1000/ month budget apartment wise?
how do I find out where my property line is?
First time home buyer?? Please help?
When buying a home, what is the first step? Do you see a realtor first or meet with a lender first? Thanks!?
Should I relisted a with another realtor after 6 months!?
Real estate sales in Maryland for non-payment of property taxes.?
What is the cost to rent a studio apartment in your area and where do you live?
Does anyone knows someone in real state in Monterrey, Mexico?
wat is the max.percentage increase allowed on a 1 or 2 yrs lease agreement for a rent control apartment in ny?
I want to make an offer on a house I like thats been on the market for 8 months and no previous offers.?
We have a joint mortgage, can my partner put the house up for sale without me signing anything?
selling a house in donegal Ireland?
I have a house for sale and a buyer that's interested. How do I sell it with out a realtor?
Your landlord is renting out a house and does not report it, what do you need to do?
What motivates a home buyer to place an offer on a house?
moving within the same apartment complex and USPS address forwarding?
If I bought a house in USA, does that give me the right to live there?
What cost & time considerations are there for Manufactured Homes?
Will my aby look like me are my husband?
how much would this cost?
is it safe to sell the house as owner finance.?
real estate slogan?
Getting pets approved for apartment?
How does "State tax/stamps" affect income tax?
I have my house listed with a realtor. Someone offered the price we asked. Can he change his mind?
How much money does a first time buyer need for a deposit, amoungst other things?
I have been without hot water in my apartment for two weeks. then last week my family had to stay in an hotel?
I'm moving to New Jersey soon. Any suggestions for what towns to look for an apartment in?
Equity Loan on Land same as Home Equity Loan?
I retire in 10 years. Should I try to buy a retirement home/condo/townhouse in the phoenix area now?
Can I break my apartment lease for good reasons?
615 credit score, 20% saved. VA certificate. Chances of an 80k mortgage loan approved?
how do i find a good/honest real estate agent?
Question re: purchasing a home at below-value & second home?
How do people in Maryland survive with the costs of homes constantly going up and income levels staying low?
Land Contract interest rates?
How do u get into estate agenting?
What is registry in real estate?
Are trailers good investments?
if eric pays 375.00 for rent each month what is his total rent paid in one year?
35. In 1999, you buy a beautiful vintage 1965 Thunderbird convertible. This purchase would?
I own heriditory property in Chennai. The land belongs to temple for which land rent is being paid monthly?
What looks better? Settling with creditors for a portion or paying entire balance. When looking to buy a house?
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