Real Estate

What does this mean in the California Association Of Realtors Month to Month Rental Agreement?
When it comes to apartments, what exactly does rent cover?
How do I get out of a contract I signed?
We rent a house. The landlord is going to repair the plumbing. ?
MWB serviced offices are a SCAM?
How to get CLUE report on the house I am buying.?
Hire an architect before buying a property in NYC?
How can I sell my house in Guadalajara jal Mexico via Internet?
what's really short sale or let your house be forclosed?
How can someone find out if property has been placed on the market for sale?
Eviction from apt question?
If you're a landlord and you're allowing your tenant to break a commercial lease, how should you handle it?
loan signing agent...companies similar to ServiceLink?
Can I sell my mobile home even if I am late on rent in CA?
can i sell my house even if im in arrears with my mortgage?
Real Estate Agents: Can I buy and sell my own home?
I'm 20, and I get paid bi-weekly averaging about $500. Is there any apartment in Charlotte that I can afford?
Does our landlord have the right to show our house while we are still living here?
How to save on fixed to mobile calls?
What zone land can you use to build a self storage business on?
other than obtaining my brokers license, what do I need to do to open a real estate office in mississippi?
renting a house....someone please help?
how do i buy stuff from other people out of state?
how do i do a title search on a property?
If im planning to move and it isnt the 1st yet can i move with out paying landlord rent for sept ?
If I can make my mortgage payments every month, would my bank even help me modify my loan?
in illinois if a person dies without a will, does the property, which is a very small amount of furniture, and?
How much are recurring costs for a home in the UK?
Question about Porting a mortgage?
do you screen for sex offender when you rent to other?
How much is water, light, etc. ?
Please Help..Forclosure pending?
landlord taking bit too long to answer?
How much value will my house gain if i turn a half bath into a full bath?
is it better to rent or buy?
For anyone who really knows whats the deal with this down turn in real estate?
How come tons of guys only want female roommates?
I have another real estate question?
Advertising in the London Press : which is the best paper to put up a Property classified in ?
where should I invest, rural land or rental property?
If I co-sign for a house with my Daughter, and I default on mine is her house in trouble?
Does my landlord have to pay for damage to my property?
Should we leave furniture etc in our house we are about to sell, or can we move it all out to our new place?
landlord question in Florida?
Uniform rental lease contract?
we have a home that was owned by 3 siblings. two siblings deeded the house to the 3rd sibling.?
Does a bedroom require a full bath on the same floor per code?
if i have a credit score above 750 will i qualify for a home loan with no down payment?
what are the requirements to buy property?
long and complicated. I left my husband about a year ago and he refuses to move out of the house I own?
Does anyone know any examples of redevelopment of a sewage lagoon site?
I have a 2nd home. should I rent it or sell it?
In California, is it illegal to demand higher rent from a specific person vs the public advertised price?
How do I find a list of realtors with the most listings and sales (in my area) for 2008?
Affordable and safe place to live in London within 40 min commute to Holborn?
Does anyone know what the laws are on 6 people sharing a 3 bedroomed house?
My friend is homeless and needs help finding a place. Anyone know where he can go or look?
my house was built in 1875 in cleveland ohio how many owners and pictures?
My mortgage broker has pulled my credit and given me preapproval, will the lender pull my credit again?
is a release needed on a loan that is paid off , with a maturity date on the loan?
how would I find out the names of the previous owners of my house...?
can u hold rent back due to lack of maintanence?
Can you suggest me sites through which I can buy stuffs cheap/offers in germany?
Will the housing market pick up before the end of the year?
house or apartment ?
Should I complain or let it pass? My apartment neighbor is blasting super noisy rap music & it's vibrating?
Is landlord responsible for bug problem in apt due to gaps in woodwork?
I want to move but i need help.?
Nanda Yueh and Lane Zuriff sell homes for ERA Realty. OVer the past 6 months, they sold 120 homes. Nanda sold?
What should I do about this?
if someone is dreaming to be like mr. trump,what will be the best way to be like him?
My contract doesn't state that it is my responsibility to pay for gas or electric for my apartment.?
Do you like apartment living?
House in probate, no money to make house payments?
Can I make it with a room mate?
What happens if you signed a 5 year lease and after a year the landlord gives you a notice to vacate the house?
Who's going to approve a real estate loan for an unemployed housewife of 61?
Im looking for a first time home loan. Can anyone tell me a good place for this?
If my bank arranges for an appraisal does it belong to them or me?
Mortgage lender crossing the line?
Ways To Hold Title - Which do we choose?
what happens if you decided to move without completing the one year lease?
What steps are needed when deeding property?
is apparl rooms a scam?
What is a typical fee for a real estate agent?
When should I look at buying a house?
Austin texas family looking for tralior or aprtment 3 bed room or2?
im in desperate need of section 8 house for rent in the miami area lower than 2000 a month can somebody helpme?
How much is it to rent a portable toilet/porta potty or a trailer toilet in Sacramento, CA?
I got a question about the great state of louisana? I want to buy a double wide trailer for a resonable price.
Shadowing my brother as a leasing agent?
what would make our house sell faster?
if i have to pay 1yr of hazaard insurance do i also have to pay 1yr of hazard insurance escrow?
I want to buy a house. i was with my old job for 4 years. how long should I be with my new job to buy a house?
Is it possible for a landlord to raise our rent?
my ex wants to get her name off the lease?
what is average/standard length of time of "protected period" contracted for by KY (40502)real estate agents
i gave my sis an apt when she had no where to go now she wants to take me tocourt!!!?
i feel selfish for buying such an expensive home?
Can I sue my roommate?
Who's going to approve a real estate loan for an unemployed housewife of 61?
Is there a FREE website listing foreclosed houses in Michigan?
The Title company underestimated my property tax at closing. Can I get money from them?
Signed Quit Claim Deed under false pretenses...?
House vs an apartment?
I'm in Northeast Georgia and I need to know is who are the new owners of Community Bank n' Trust?
How do I contact a home owner if his home surrounded by chain link fence?
I want to buy my partner out?
How do I convince my friend to set the rental price lower?
Should my roommate's girlfriend pay rent if she moves in?
What price house would I be able to comfortably afford?
separating from the military Lease?
Should I give the key back to landlord's friend/neighbor?
If I rented a single family home that had a washer,dryer does my landlord have to maitain them? ?
Whats a good web site to find houses in my area that are being sold very cheap by banks or for other reasons?
selling home to child for dollar in pa?
Somebody Please Help Me!?
why are landlords such a*#@holes?
Can my landlord send me a 42 hour written notice through a text? *HELP*?
how would you get an ex-wife off of a morgage without any money spent?
Do you have to go to college to be a realtor?
How my rent will be distributed if I gave them a notice in the middle of the month because they won't renew my?
What can the seller do when they find out that the buyer cannot close due to credit problems?
Is it unwise to be implicated in someone's apartment lease when I'm just renting a room?
Help!!! I am having trouble right now and am in dire need of rent assistance, can anybody help? :(?
Apartment and Rent problem?
What can I do about a scam artist that stole $52,000.00 from me other than sueing?
If I buy a house, what taxes will i have to pay monthly/yearly?
hello folks i'm 23 years old living in chicago i wanna buy my first home.?
Can we get a 125% 2nd mortgage in Arkansas? If so, what bank or mortgage business?
whats the catch on forclusure homes?
wheres the best warm place to move in the US thats inexpensive to live?
I signed a Three Year Lease?
landlord tenant issue.?
Do new open cast mines affect house prices?
Is this sufficient reason to get out of/ammend my lease?
can my landlord kick me out, if i do pay bye the 3rd of the month..?
Apartment Lease Question - Satellite Dish?
Anyone familiar with California Public Housing and the process? What's the estimated time after you get the ac?
How does it take to get an foreclosure house?
I believe my renters have vanished. What can I do?
To all landlords: Am I obligated to change a good wallpaper just because the tenant does not like it?
gas line out of easement?
How do I get my earnest money back?
we live in rented property,my mums house is her own.i do not want my husband claiming some of it if we split.?
what does a mortgage broker earn and what is the source of income?
If you pay half the rent & utilities, can the other person move somebody in that you don't like?
What would be a good offer for this bank owned home?
can realator set the price on your house to sell then offer to buy it for 18 thousand less two days later?
I was evicted in Nov i can rent again since now am homeless. but i have a job?
do i have to pay late fees on rent?
how long do you have to be working to rent a house?
How do I buy out a mortgage?
Can landlord keep my deposit?
when adding estimate how does it work?
Is it landlords responsibility to fix tub?
My rights as a cosigner of my house?
I need a chart to amoritize the future value of a $1.?
Can someone give me an estimate on how much my electric bill would be for 2 people in a one bedroom apartment?
Can my mom get an apartment in her name?
should my first move with moving from shelter to apt be a studio, or a room?
the rights i have as a renter thats being evicted for an unjust cause?
do you think God an ultimate plan for us?
Foreclose - Should I walk a way from this home? Owe more than it is worth?
Is 0.50 acres the same as half an acre?
What is the approximate hourly rate for a real estate agent's personal assistant?
Any suggestions for a 10 year celebration of living in the same place?
if the 1st falls on a weekend, does the tenant have the right to pay their rent on a Monday?
my mom is on social security and wants to sell her house...will this affect her benefits?
How much house can I afford?
website with bailed out mortgages?
what is the good place to buy a home in chennai?
How do i tell my apartments i need out of my lease do to losing my job?
My watch has gone missing since a painter the landlord hired painted my room.....what do I do?
My home has dropped in value what will happen if I sell it?
If you were building a moat around your home to keep your mother in law out..?
Boyfriend buying house without my input?
i am interested in buying a property at dighi?? but through a known developer, can anyone suggest where to buy?
What happens with my new build home if appraisal comes in low?
if my roomate moves out and I don't sign a new lease, is the original lease still valid?
3 Day Pay or Quit in CA and Early Move Out?
in Malaysia I need to rent home condominium /apartment?
does anyone know good sites for long term home rentals in spain?
My roomate didnt pay rent causing eviction how do i CYA for future renting or court?
Do people who are sitting on property look to barter, is this idea feasible?
can i get a home loan for 190000 on 3000 per month income and only one debt for 500 per mo.?
neighbors swore at me for no reason is there any recourse if I live in an apartment building?
does any one know a website to go to to get templates for a written response regarding forclosure?
How would one put a house up for rent through HUD housing in the state of Alabama.?
How many days do landlords have to give for an eviction so he can make the apartment in to a house?
How do forclosures work?
What is the salesperson's total compensation?
How does a home equity line of credit work?
What are some of the nicer apartment complexes in Nashville, TN?
Electric company for new house question?
If I'm buying a house, can my current landlord force me to pay rent until August when the lease expires?
looking for info on getting my $820 deposite back from my previous landlord?
Paying remaining house debt in one payment?
why is it so expensive to buy a house in Los Angeles?
My landlord lives in Chicago, and I am renting in Florida. And...?
Are you still a loan officer?
if I make an offer do I have to by the house,it is fannie mae?
Where can I find classy condominium at Fort Bonifacio?
do you have to live in a house 2yrs before selling?
I am buying a townhome that, but the land and airspace above is not included. Does it matter?
My Wife has Excellent Credit, but mine is poor and we want to buy our first house. How do I get a good loan?
I would like to buy a rehab or forecolsed house and fix it up?
Buy a house and a car at the same time?
How long does the Bank of America take to give final approval (from pre-approval) on a short sale?
What can a tenant do if his apartment property manager refuses to transfer him while construction occurs?
is $150 too much?
Land Ownership Discrepancy?
I have space which i want to give it out for rent or lease, can any one tell what to do?
Pa landlord issues......... HELP PLEASE!?
Affordable apartments for college students in Atlanta,Georgia?
Can I just visit an Open House, or do I have to be signed with a Real Estate agency?
Noisy neighbour?
Help Me Please?
I want to make a large payment on my mortgage, how do I recalculate my payments?
Is it possible to get out of a lease?
Can auto tow service be deducted as rental expense?
I found an apartment and there is a little bet difference between the one bedroom and the two bedrooms?
What qualifications do you need to rent/sell houses?
How do you get a real estate liscense in the state of Alabama?
what are the benefits of buying a condo leasehold?Or is it a silly idea?
buy property with no money down .?
Can ex seize my home?
Working out mortgage and what we will be allowed...? UK ONLY?
How much do utilities cost in a 1 bedroom apartment?
whats the best way to get more motivated?
How much are down payments, usually?
how can useless guy get rich esaier?
Buying an apartment - dilemma?
bank questions when tring to give back deed in leiu of forclouser?
How do you get the best deal when leasing office space?
Is it diffcult to sell your home without using a realtor?
What do you do if a tenant moves out and doesn't return their keys?
Does anyone know if a bank forecloses on your house and sells for less than you owe do you owe the difference?
Do I have to get my basic real estate license first, or can I go straight through and get a broker's license?
What does default on a mortgage mean?
I contacted two realtors about the same property.. whoops!?
Can U.S citizens purchase property in Venezsula?
weres a good places that the real estate market is always selling houses?
Hi my address is blacklisted what to do?
Orange Orangutan Survey?
Is $499 all inclusive a good price for a apartment?
Is it worth buying a property to demolish the house for salvage and resell the land?
Does anyone know of a VA approved home loan lender? ?
How can I rent a house for a party? ?
I gave an apartment complex $150 for a deposit. I did not get approved and they wont give me my money back?
Besides a house or a car, name the most expensive purchase in someone's life?
can i get help with government housing assistance?
Selling a house a few questions? the man has the money but is waiting for his Mortgage advisor?
is it common place to negotiate commission on a real estate listing?
When buying a new home, How long before you can "refinance".?
Can someone describe co-signing to me (in a little more detail)?
Does anyone know of any links for housing in Iwakuni, Japan?
Is there a law stating that when you rent an apartment in ny that there should be a parking spot available??
Where can i find a 3407 Certificate form for resale of condominiums?
Do I need to buy a floor plan to sell my house?
I have bought a house in 2004 in Sacramento & took 100k equity out of it and bought another house in bay area?
I would like become a REAL ESTAE investor. Do anyone know where i can get started?
What are the price ranges of building a 4-level townhouse in Washington D.C.?
How long before I have to move out?
I just moved to DC from CA to attend the University of DC. Back in May, I was looking for a place to rent...?
Lease expired 12/31/10 landlord wont give back security deposit bc we gave 5 day notice?
how do you buy an abandon home?
Around how much will it cost to add a master bedroom and a bath to a small house.?
Girlfriend on Mortgage rather then me?
what to do with 150k?
I am looking to move into my first apartment and would like some help!?
Does anyone Know about REO Properties?
2 flats 1 electricity reader meter and we are paying?
if i leave my apartment cause i cant affored it what can my landlord do?
How to break my apartment lease?
Can i get out of my apartment lease?
How can i sell my home before foreclosure?
What is the best time to see a property manager for an apartment complex?
Any recommended books/websites for first time home owner?
NYC tenants rights after lease is over?
Which estate agent should I sell my flat with?
How to determine closing costs on a mobile home?
Section 8 has stopped paying my rent.. what will happen now?
Is $80,000 to $100,000 a year good for Washington D.C?
how can I find buyers for lakefront property in Ky with strong ecological preservation restrictions?
Can I evict someone that has not paid taxes, insurance or kept home looking nice.?
It is now late in the 22nd Century, and you have decided you want a new pet….?
I would like to ask a question about FHA Loans.?
Is il going bankrupt?
move to house the 1st..been here 5 days...can i break the lease within 10 days without penalties .l?
how much house can i finance on 90000 salary?
how to find out who owns a abandon house?
Moving to Tampa, Fl this summer. Need help finding an apartment!?
template lease contract agreement?
Looking for a 3bdrm apt. or house in a nice area in Ga.?
Can you put up clamping signs without getting permission from other tenants and neighbouring property?
How much can a condo association do to prevent rentals?
how do i move to another state?
Transferring $50,000 to Canada from Abroad?
Lichen builders & developers Pvt. Ltd. Cochin India?
What apartments are good for work commute to Norfolk Naval Base?
Government programs and foreclosure?
How much rent to charge my girlfriend?
I have a poor credit score. What percentage of a home with a cost of $180,000 would I need to put down to buy?
Do both landlord and tenant have to agree to renew the lease agrement?
what are tenants rights for safe environment?
which is better to sell residential or commerical real real estate at this time in Georgia?
does anybody have any information on right to buy council houses in hailsham (east sussex)?
How can you qualify to rent an appartment with bad credit?
What is a poor credit score?
My rights as a renter?
used mobile price on a home made in 1988, fair to poor condition single wide?
My Landlord Rip me OFF!?
Need a loan.My fiance' can't get a loan for a house 'cause he has too many loans out & they won't let me sign.?
Mortgage closing this week!! Tell me what is going on!!?
what can an amateur do to make sure a home inspector is doing a good job?
UK Mutual House Exchange - Minimum Occupancy Levels?
What are all of the main things you need to know about to be the most successful realtor and investor?
Robert Kiyosaki's investment advice?
we are moving and need a security deposit?
Florida Legislature considering removal of tax on what real estate? Homestead only?
i live in dublin in ireland and am looking to rent an apartment, why dont landlords accept rent allowance????
How do I refinance a second mortgage on a rental property?
Best place to live in NJ?
other than obtaining my brokers license, what do I need to do to open a real estate office in mississippi?
neighbour parking outside my house???
What are the chances of me and my girlfriend buying a home with less than fair credit?
How far in advance should I start looking for an apartment?
industrial lease properties in scarborough canada?
I got a forclosed house but I have?
dha lahore latest balloting result for National ID # 915060-105500-5?
Who has and how can I get owners' name with property address to mail out RE flyers in NYC?
Dose anybody know an Internet site where i can find an example sales agreement for a house?
I'm 20 years old is it weird that I think like this in regards to money and paying rent vs mortgage?
if you quit claim your house can you still take a reverse mortgage?
do you think buying a condo which can see the sea better or one that face the swimming pool?
Co ownership advice on documents required?
Why is my bank screwing me around?
Let's say I got a 30-year mortgage for around 5.5%, if I always pay on time, can lender ...?
is real estate a good choice?
what can we as home owners take with us from the house\?
I want to invest in real estate market in Vadodara Gujarat. Want to know best platform who can help me?
Looking for apartment help?
I sold a house in the 97211 zip area before the close the buyer threw my stuff in a dumpster what wood u do?
where can i find commercial property for sale in paris ie cafes/bars?
Anyone with real estate knowledge that could answer this?
what percentage of mortgages in the USA are VA loans?
Do you get your deposit on a house back?
Is anyone out there got a flat to rent in Edinburgh City?
What is mortgage cycling? Is it a scam or is it legit?
I have the same address as a listing on my street. I don't want strangers on my property. What can I do?
How much should I spen on things for the apartment?
What can I do to keep the apt.tenants next door from parking in front of my house?
should a home buyer have a separate real estate agent than the listed agent and who pays that?
Help! My lease was supposed to start September 1st, but I haven't received my keys!?
Can anyone tell me how to find public land auctions in western Wa?
How To Ask For Landlord's Permission to Keep Rabbits?
Looking for Accomodation either PG / Room on Rent in PUNE?
Could this possibly be a scam?
Question about first time buyer credit?
Can I sell my house for £1?
Is it ok for my parents to purchase a home and put it under my name?
High Risk Lender- appraised value much higher than selling price?
how does localities in Michigan assess/levy their property?
What happens to your credit if you foreclose on a house?
Can my roommate do a lease assignment without my consent?
How does home equity loan work?
landlord threatned me?
Can you take your lights and shelves when you sell your home?
I have lowered my price on my house again?
What apartments in garland/north dallas area would qork with a DISMISSED misdemeanor?
if you can't make your rent and you go to court,can you be kicked out of your apartment?
Will we be able to stay in this house or will council want us to downsize?
How do you find someone interested in purchasing a large working cattle ranch in Texas?
Rental lease agreement?
Where can I find the materials 'fortune builders, "flip this house workshop" uses?
do i have an eviction on my record?
There was a phonebill put in my sons name when he was 13 which is stopping him from getting a loan . The bill ?
I'm renting my house out, and I think the girls renting it may be smokers. How can I make sure they don't..?
if 4 people own a home all names are on the deed only one person live there but is not giveing acess to?
What r good rental car places that will rent out to people 20-24?
I am in California and have a Section 8 eligibility interview coming up, but I am unemployed, am I eligible?
My tenancy haste expired and landlord want to increase rent?
cheapest rate of land in delhi?
Buying a Foreclosure/Rewire house?
I'm looking for free listings for house rentals/pets ok?
I rented my bakery to someone with a commercial lease agreement?
Any lenders out there that will loan to a condo conversion with owner occupancy less than 51% in San diego?
Is there any "free" way of finding who owns a piece of land in scotland?
Is it possible to put iphone 3gs housing on an iphone 4?
I have bad credit I am looking to purchase a home what can I do?
Where can i go to get something notarize? like a bank or something i live in belvidere il?
Deny rent because heater in bathroom is broken?
Im looking for some nice apartments in the Little Five Points area. Any Suggestions?
Can I sue this company?
Will the real estate market go up anytime soon?
Secret Agent?
When do you think the house prices will go back up ?
What sort of flooring do you have in your living room?
Is Keller Williams a reputable realtor company to work for?
can we buy a house to run a business from here in the UK?
Can they enforce subdivision rules?
Do you think I can afford this house?
how much should i offer for this house?
How to move plumbin pipes ?
If I am buying a home, how do I know it is a "buyer's" or a "seller's" market? Which market currently is DC?
Why don't estate agents put the asking price up on their "For Sale" board's?
How do i know if a rental car company will rent to me?
How do I break my lease with three months remaining?
What are my rights as a renter when it comes to Automatic Rent Withdrawals?
I am in the mortgage business. What is the best way to deal with the stress of angry clients?
How does a landlord choose a tenet?
If your landlord steps onto your property uninvited, could you use physical force to remove them?
Got a mortgage refinance quote: Too good to be true?
Does a person still qualify for the VA home loan with a general under honorable discharge?
how can i live in an apartment with low income and is a part time community student?
When is the best time to buy real estate again?
What should I name my house?
If your renting a house can your landlord enter without permission?
If I gave my Roommate A 30 day notice to vacate?
Has anyone been denied a workout loan for a rental property? Was your appeal granted?
In a short sales for a property that is 90 days until foreclose and already discharge from a chapter 7....?
what is the cheapest way to invest in real estate?
Public Housing Question?
Can a landlord ask a tenant to take down a sign that is posted in the window inside the apartment facing out?
i'm looking for houses for rent in charles county for 1,500 or less..?
what are the "projects"?
Renter insurance and home was flooded help!!!?
Can a landlord enter your house if you never signed a lease?
Sold a house under a listing agreement..?
can we get the whole house under our name?
Is there any businesses ...?
Does my landlord have the right to see utilities bills that are in my name and that I pay for?
First time home buyer grants?
Landlord tryn to break lease?
what site do i go to find out the landlord of a house. thank you?
Till what age is a building structure considered healthy and good to stay in if it is well maintained ?
How do I secure the deposit and receive for exceeding damages?
Would you rather sell or rent your house?
How much would you charge to rent someone a room in your house?
Does dog hair count as damage?
i think my landlord came in when i wasnt home , i left a light on when i returned it was off , uncool ?
How can I force someone to remove property from a storage unit in my name?
What should I do in this situation?
how do i rent my own place as a 17 year old in germany?
Can a family of 7, the parents and 5 girls under 6 be denied to a trailer park if its only a 2 bedroom.?
3 day or quit forms for free?
What should we do when buying a home if I have bad credit but fiance has excellent credit?
we put an offer on a short sale 2 weeks ago but...?
What Does R10-A zoning mean in Philadelphia?
Best way to find good quality real estate at bargain prices.?
houses for sale carlow?
Who do you contact first when buying a home for the first time?
Looking for a better Real Estate Listing Management?
What are some realators in wisconsin?
my landlord pays for water and I run the shower on full blast all night to drown out my neighbors snoring?
what is the actual rate on a $100.000 30-year mortgage if the current rates for an 80/20 mortgage is 4.5% for?
I think the listing agent is full of crap. Can you guys help with your opinion?
Advice on moving out, what do i need....?
House that used to have cats- if you buy it,...?
I think my neighbor's cement driveway is on my property.?
Security Deposit - Can I be deducted for a loose towel rod in California?
rental property taxes?
can my landlord kick me out if I ask him to clean up chipping lead paint on the exterior of the appartment?
Joint Mortgage?
how to get licensed for a group home in texas?
Are there any first time home buyer grants or assistance in Maryland?
Please help! Im dieing here and my family is a black hole of nonsuportive behaivior..?
i just started lifting and is this a lot?
Is it a crime to lease a room to a new tenant and force existing tenant to leave before their lease expires?
Is it legal to add a pet fee onto my lease after I signed it?
general warranty deed signed and notarized is it legal to record after the death of ones parent hold for now?
How do you pursue a claim against someone who did not fulfill a promissory note dealing with real estate?
Malden or Braintree is safer and better to live in? (Greater boston area)?
What is a Garden and Flat style apartment?
Dilemna of choosing the right agent for buying a house?
H O A- What is included. Storage is included in the purchase of my "Historic" 1938 downtown High Point condo.?
Seller's Property Condition Disclosure Statement falsified intentionally?
Has anyone ever used CountryWide mortgage company in NJ?
Do I need to pay overdue rent if I receive a notice of eviction?
Transferring a lease to my roommate's boyfriend?
does anyone here own a mobile home park????
How is the market now to by a home?
who is in the right?
How can one find the market value of real estate from prior years in order to determine the basis for IRS.?
A and B buy a house. The legal estate is transferred only to A. Is B a beneficiary?
where do you think the real estate market is going in the next 6 months?
How do I find out who owns 3601 E pipeline in euless,tx. Which is in Tarrant county?
Moved to apartment. Not used to the noises..?
what should i do about my roommate situation?
How many house payments do you have to miss, before they take away your house?
Can I remove the "for sale" sign from my new home?
What is the safest way to rent a flat in London?
How can I sign a lease in another state without going there?
how much should i charge for handyman services per/hour- electrical , plumbing , etc.?
What Realtor specializes in short sales in Indianapolis In.?
Judgement lien on foreclosure property?
housing benefit officer?
where is the best place in the united states to live for a new graduate nurse?
Do you think they should tear down Rosenblatt stadium in Omaha, NE to make a new one??
What should I do about my landlord renting our house illegally?
I plan on buying a home in zip code 32526 & was told that there had been a house in the neighborhood.?
Can I get income support or housing benefit?
What rights does my landlord have?
I would like to find out what the 3bedroom home in big water ut. 84741 have sold for in the last year?
Looking for List Brokers to find owners of apartment houses in vicinity of Spokane, Washington?
what is 5% of £3000 and how do you work out 5% of £3000?
What is the real estate property tax in Danville, VA?
what is a good free website to look for rent to own property?
What are the Pros and Cons for renting a room in a house with 2 other guys?
is it illegal to refuse to pay for somthing you bid on if there is no contract?
what do you do when you want to sell your house through informal tender?
Have you dealt with GMAC Mortgage?
how long can a landlord put off replacing unworking stove?
prorate rent or just leave?
What are the home inspection requirements for an FHA Home Loan in Wisconsin?
What's the best way to get leads for real estate?
OK to live in a caravan on my own land in UK?
Can my landlord dictate how I clean?
I am looking for private funding for real estate investments.?
If you own your own house and land then what do you still have to pay for on it?
private tenant rights?
What's the ratio to apartment break ins to house break ins?
Should I take a 15K loss selling a home?
is there any financial help for divorced dads?
Does Oklahoma Have a redemption period after forclosure?If so how many days?
My tenancy haste expired and landlord want to increase rent?
How to counter unfair home loan terms such as the bank has right to recall the loan without giving any reason?
What is a good way to generate leads for a real estate agent?
Renter's insurance, is it worth it?
To Foreclose or not to Foreclose.... that is the Q???
How much do you have to earn to rent a property for £850 a month?
We've lost our house?
Can a landlord charge me for all kinds of cleaning that I did not athourize after I vacate in Arizona state?
I have a small claims judgment in California but I can find the person who I was awarded the judgment against?
purpose of estoppel certificate?
is now a good time to by a house?
What is the maximum amount that a mortgage lender have hold in your escrow account in North Carolina?
Im 18 &my name is on the lease but my mom wont give me landlords# and she mentioned a lawyer so rent court?
subprime mortgage lending?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of applying for a home equity line of credit?
Somebody told me that real estate agents driving expensive cars have better chance at selling real estate. Is
Will a year from now be a good time to buy first house?
Does anyone know the exact number in Florida Law that States landlord cannot charge you for normal wear?
Is it legal and valid to have Rental Insurance from an company outside of my State?
Can anyone help us please? We are looking for a 4 bedroom rent to own ANYWHERE. My husband is a OTR trucker?
If my landlord/flatmate leaves shared accom area untidy should I withhold rent payment till he corrects this?
what is the legal time your landlord has to give you before you have to move out?
Getting evicted.. landlord says I dont have 30 days, need clarification.?
Need Mortgage help! Citimortgage company not assisting!!!?
have a 7 year old kid and she is sick and were we live Ian apartment that have mouses-what sure id?
Do I have a legal obligation to give my old letting agency my new address?
Where the best palce to live in Escondido, CA?
How do i tell my apartments i need out of my lease do to losing my job?
what does To Let mean, is it the same as To Rent or For Sale?
where is a good place to buy an investment home?
Checking an in-ground pool when buying a foreclosed home -- what to look for?
I do not have a lease and the landlord has given me a thirty day notice i live in ny and wondering my options?
Looking for a place to rent, preferably in a community just outside Tulsa?
Apartment (Utilities) Question!!!?
I want to buy a 2BHK MIG flat-which site will be suitable for me?
does anyone know which loans you can have a non-spousal co-signer on, mortgage specific?
How to go about starting your own city.?
Moving into student housing. What to do?
house was foreclosed and sold at auction, how do i find out who got it and how much?
Has anyone tried to purchase a home to rehab thru URB Inc. Are they a legit co. or a scam?
Breaking an Apartment Lease...How?
How to get out of my property lease asap?
Signing a blank contract help, took out a mortgage without knowledge!!!?
Can I afford to live on my own.?
if i stay two monthes after my lease is up without renewing it, can i move out without with no problem?
Wishing to relocate to Southern and job ???
should my landlord be giving me reciepts for paying rent in cash?
Trying to get out of my lease?
I live in a condominium and I want to implement the bylaws but my neighbor doesn’t what do I have to do?
Can my former landlord charge me for replacement of the entire carpet?
How to verify real estate title if it's good before to buy it?
what website could help me find a house for rent?
I recently got divorced. my ex husband will not refiance?
Can my husband and I withdraw money from our individual IRAs for a first time home purchase without penalty?
Does our Landlord have a Legal expectation to help us with...?
what are my rights as a tenant in a foreclosed property that is being auctioned off? (state of massachusetts)?
Things to know Before becoming a Real Estate Agent?
How much would it cost to rent a building?
HELP I'm house sitting?
About how much does it cost to rent an apartment or house in Miami, Florida?
how do i go about locating what electric company an address uses?
Council Housing !!!?
Am i within my tenancy rights?
Our home is in a relative's name so we technically rent. How can we put in our name if we have bad credit?
can i get a mortgage loan with a mid 500's credit score?
I want know rio vista commons in cresskill, rental apt or condo? If It is rental Apt how much a month?
Any advice on Loan Modifications?
what areas have the highest relative property rental rates in the USA?
My lease will expire soon, today I got a letter saying that the offer to renew has been rescinded.?
when moving out of rental house, do you get back your bond and 2 weeks you paid in advance ?
Looking for the perfect city to live?
Any programs for newlyweds buying a house?
My toilet overflowed can my landlord evict me?
Landlord didnt inform me of black mold?
I signed a lease after my husband received PCS orders.?
Can I retry to make an offer in a townhouse?
BGE would not start the service since the previous tenant did not pay the bill, what can I do ?
I live in a house owned by a housing asc, do i have the right to buy the house?
is there any information out there regarding the process and paper work of real estate investing?
If another big hurricane destroys another coastal city do you think ..?
Where can I get samples of LLC (Limited Liability Company) documents on the internet?
i have £225,000 cash in the bank.?
Is it possible to refinance with S.S. income only?
Its 575 a good credit score?
Cheap rent a car for 6 months in US?
i was made redundent and cant afford my rent will i get in to trouble?
Is it necessary to hire a lawyer when refiancing my home?
The end of my lease is up and im confused?
I want to buy a home in Texas. Maybe Dallas, Houston or San Antonio.?
landlord wants to take my flat screen. can she?
is the landlord responsibile for shower glass damage?
Can a firt time home buyer / buy an invesmnet property?
landlord and tenant agreement question?
Can I break my lease if a murder was committed in my apt complex?
Why are flats in New York so cheap?
What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized housing?
question regarding housing?
Property Dispute (builder Ansal API) waiting since Aug. 2008?
Does anyone know of any apt units in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that does NOT perform credit checks?
Why do rising interest rates usually not helpful to home buyers?
Would you like answers to your real estate financing questions?
what happens if your landlord dies but you are buying on contract for 10 years and you put 5,000 down?
where can i get a loan with a low interest rate?
Buy a condo or a house...?
Who can save my home from auction without scamming me (finance it or buy it and rent to me maybe) ?
Should I buy or rent in San Francisco?
I'm looking at three places tomorrow cause I'm moving. Which one do you suggest?
Thinking of buying a house....any advice?
Nova Scotia Land?
the landlord want more deposit of my pet that he clains he had no knowlege of but when we came to see the?
I don't trust my landlord (goes in apt., takes inventory, how do i keep my valuables safe?
pa mobilehome park owners responsibility to residents?
Once a housing offer is accepted how long does it take the title company to schedule a closing?
my real estate agent is not doing his job,after signing contract, now what?
Can thelandlord enter my apartment when I'm not at home?
What are the most interesting urban renewal projects in Europe during the next few years?
We're looking to buy a pre-fab or manufactured home and would like to shop online for Oklahoma.?
Is anyone looking to purchase a new home or refinance their current home in Kansas or Missouri?
How could I find beach house rentals for prom weekend?
Received non-renewal of lease letter for my mother in NJ. How long until she has to be out?
When the banks pay someone to fix up a house before selling it, do they shop around for competitive estimates?
Apts and houses for rent in long beach california?
I was badly burned in r.e. and now my credit is shot. What part of USA best to use my VA housing benefit?
Real estate comparisons by state?
apartment that accept sexual offenders in dayton ohio?
can my landlord sue me for back rent if i have no money?
The manager of a large apartment complex knows from experience that 100 units will be occupied?
Our we responsible for a water bill in maryland if its in our landlords name?
Can a roommate take furniture from a furnished room situation?
pre foreclosure?
If your name is not on the deed, are you still the owner?
What can I do about breaking a lease at a crappy apartment complex?
At what point can you start to look for a house to rent after you're sure your house will go into foreclosure?
need a loan modification, in the mean time what do i do about the payments?
Can you get out of lease for rental property, if you got married?
Is a Management Company able to force tenants to stay/pay beyond end of lease?
Is it okay for a real estate agent to have a FLASH website?
What is the best mortgage company to go through that does business in Texas when you have a 592 credit score?
How can one pay their house off earlier?
What are the approximate property taxes on a $200K home loan in the San Antonio or Austin, TX area?
If our lease ends on the 15th, are we obligated to pay full month rent?
is it legal for a mortgage company buy the mortgage you bankruptcy on and foreclose on?
Landlord repair discrepancy?
Can I sell my home current home on contract and still be able to get financed for a new home?
Why do adult children of deceased parents turn the home into rental property instead of just selling the home?
Can anyone tell me why all the Realtors are being blamed.......?
if i rent ahouse do i owned taxes on the house if i rent?
told my landlord that i lost my job so i couldn't give them 60 days notice. what can i do?
i want to BUY and RENT small , medium home near washington SUBURBAN.?
Move to a cheaper city?
Does anyone know the number or website for Renters Control in Los Angeles?
Where can I find a contract for the sale of a new home in Kentucky?
How to get my money back from a real estate agent with the long court process?
Going to small claims court to get my security deposit back in nj?
Are there any good books on real estate?
Is it possible to get a roof done on a new house you just got?
which would be better an outside lender or my credit union to purchase a home. both pre-qualified me?
i just won a tourmaline mattress, i want to sell it, never use. can i sell back to company, prefer at KL.?
What are all the costs involved in purchasing a property as an Investor?
How does the campus housing work?
My Landlord Rip me OFF!?
Can I change my 30 year home loan to a 60 year home loan?
I need to get out of my lease?
Can I buy a house with 3000 down?
Let's say I got a 30-year mortgage for around 5.5%, if I always pay on time, can lender ...?
landlord said she was foreclosing on the house and didn't have to pay rent?
Are there any apartments in New York City with floor plans like this?
TX Property Code: Can Landlord delay send back deposit?
Landlord refuses to put bond in scheme. Should I fight it?
How can obtain a list of foreclosure properties in Australia, South Australia in particular?
if I and three siblings are owners of a property and one of them is the executive of the estate, does that per?
Moving out of apartment, what to do?
Getting Mortage Based Entirely on FICO Score?
Can the bank come after me for the difference on a VA Loan Foreclosure?
How to get the CMDA Approval for the patta Land?
is $99,894 a good yearly income for a family of 3 in GA?
how do i find hud forms and instructions?
The security deposit is more than I can afford, can I ask that it be split into monthly installments?
Does the freeze include homes with an already pending sale date?
Judge Let A Non-Paying Tenant Stay In Rental Property?
what would be the stamp duty for transfer of a property worth 65 Lakhs from father to son through gift deed?
I have just been offered £450,000 for a house with an asking price of £600,000 Would you say that they were?
is student loan debt considered when applying for a mortgage?
I have a short sale coming up in October 2009. Will I be able to stay in the property?
i feel cold air coming from my new apt window,should i tell my landlord about this?
if you sign a lease can you get out of it within 30 days without being penalized?
first time home buyer..?
Capital gains from sale of house? read details plz?
what sort of cash flow would I need on a $85,000 triplex to make it a good investment?
i need to get some one to sign a lease for my apartment?
What is the best real estate company to list a property for sale right now.?
is there some how to break a lease legally?
What are the average utility costs for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in Harrisburg, PA?
Looking to move to Norfolk, VA what is living there like?
Can I rent an apartment in a new city without having a job in the new city yet?
how can i get an apartment with a eviction on my credit?
Will we afford $1200 dollar rent?
what is the procedure of getting property registered?
Need info on sales office at leisure world (email address preferred)?
1st time homebuyer,some1 bidded on home b4 me my bid was 97,000 home priced at 95,000 do I have a chance?
i am about to begin a career in realestate investing,ie.,foreclosures, section 8 housing,hud,etc, any advice??
Can tenant be compensated for personal time spent on water damage repair clean up?
Can realtor raise agreed upon rent in bidding war?
Renting an apartment with minimum wage job w/boyfriend.?
Should I buy a property now?
Any apartments in safe areas of Antioch, CA for $1000 or less?
how can i sell my home for a price over market value (apraised)?
I Think I am falling in love with my tennant...I think she knows it too because she?
Landlord inspections?
How much do you have to earn to rent a property for £850 a month?
I bought a home before I was married and want to put his name on the deed too. Can I do this and if so how in?
How long would it take me to pay off my mortgage early?
How to change title deeds on uk property without the need of a solicitors service.?
If you are a real estate investor, what are the best terms to offer for a lease option (as the owner/seller)?
how can i find a place for around $400.00-450.00 in gainesville?
Memphis Tn Lanlord TO Tentants Law (breach of lease)?
How much would you expect to pay to lease 78 acres of hunting land in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula?
Where can I purchase Blumberg Legal Forms on Long Island, Suffolk County?
What to do? First time home buyers looking into a renovation!?
What does a real estate business do exactly?
What age can u rent a b&b room?
how long does it usually take to know if you're approved for a loan??
What are the costs involved in relocating a house in Australia?
How do I re-obtain my earnest money?
Recent holiday apartment facilities not working or missing am I entitled to compensation?
as tenants in common of 4 can 1 of them live in the house?
Does an email count as written notice?
Must you give 30 day notice if you are not under a lease agreement? (NY state)?
Can a landlord evict you before move in if they know you smoke pot?
Buying a home after getting an Equity Loan?
I am only 16, what ways can I get around to signing a lease to rent a house without an 18 year old.?
Roommate's Mini Fridge Damaged Hardwood Floor?
Can I file charges against my former landlord even if she gave us time in writing to come get out stuff?
Looking for listing of homes owned by banks?
who to call to rent a horse and wagon?
appeal decision H/B and C/T?
Need rehab loan fast! please help!?
Im scared about renting 2own, should I be?
Who is the best mortgage company in San Diego?
I am interested in who the architect was for Woolworths Department Stores designed in the mid 1960's.?
where can i find low priced houses?
My Condo has been on the market for 3 months and no offers. Someone suggested taking it off and relisting?
Average utility bill cost?
How do I find a foreclosed condo in Brooklyn?
My grandmother willed the farm and the 200 acres that go with it equally to her 17 garandkids. 10 want to rent?
Does Anyone Know of companies that work with Bk on credit?
is it illegal or against law to live in a council house as the tennant and own your own house and rent it out?
How to legally define "object to be purchased"?
i need to move and find a roommate, how scared should i be?
if my boyfriend moves in with me, does he have a claim on my house? i have been paying mortgage 10 years?
how does an appraisal effect my equity?
the landlord want more deposit of my pet that he clains he had no knowlege of but when we came to see the?
Can I get a deposit back on a room rental but I did not move into because the landlord answer the door wasted?
Is there a one month short lease apartment in Orlando Florida?
Is It legal?
the landlord want to kick me out after 3 days !?
Suppose that the demand and supply schedules for rental apartments in the city of Gotham are as given in the t?
what does "sq ft per DOE" mean in a real estate ad?
is there such a thing as trading houses outright ? real estate or individual?
What government agency regulates title companies in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Fl?
Is it more expensive to buy a single family home and renovate the inside or to simply buy a lot and build?
what can they do i am staying in a room i haven't signed a lease for?
In MA, if 2 sisters are left property through a will, and one sister is deceased. Who inherits the property?
Question on Leasing a home?
Why do people think you have to be a couple to stay in a 1 bedroom apartment in nj?
Is there a housing bubble in the Bay Area that will burst?
Can you get evicted for attempting to let air out of someone's tires in apt.?
Overseas Real Estate agencies/agents?
signature being forged by ex husband?
Can you apply for section housing in maine while in job corps?
Rent: I am serious and is this illegal?
I am so frusterated. Will I ever find a house?
is there a penatly for early withdraw for your 401k plan for a down payment on a new home?
Is this true?
If tentat gave notice theywere moving and the time came and there plans didnt work can i ask them to leave?
security pacific mortgage OK?
Is a buyers service pledge the same as a good faith estimate?
I signed a lease with four people on it?
how can I find bookeepers for realestate investors in the Dallas and Tarrant Co. areas?
who do we contact if we have not recevied your w-2?
I am looking into buying my first home and I was wondering if it is a good time to do so?
When will they drop an price of an house?
Is it a good idea to buy brand new/nice things in your first place?
How can I increase the value of my home by $10,000?
Is section 8 housing transfferable between counties/states?
where do you get renter rebate forms?
Where do I find out about NC new construction warranty laws?
My tenant hasnt paid rent. Given notice but can I have electric disconnected?
What Estate Agent would you rather work at? Foxtons or Your Move?
Do I still need to pay up rent if I leave before evicted?
Does anyone know the about the low income apartments in NYC?
what is the nicest area of boston with lots to do and nice apartments?
How do you place a bid on property listed by the veterans admin? Is it still done online in Illinois?
Condo assessment, late fee on top of late fee??
Who pays for Snow Removal for Driveway Easement?
What is the rent for a 3 bdrm apartment in Chicago?
Agree?Apartments are better than house?
Is it the best time for invest in real estate in USA?
why cant I get bank of america to either foreclose or do bank in lieu of deceased home.?
i have the building, the customer base, but no clue...?
Hold old do you need to be to rent an apartment in texas?
Typically, what percentage of the home cost should you have available for a down payment?
I purchased a condo @ the end of July, and A/C started to leak the week after I bought it.?
Anyone know if mortgage companies/banks do a 5 year refinance for about $26000?
I plan to move out next summer ima start planning and saving money now?
Can I get a new realtor?
what is a frat house?
My parents are giving me their old home in witch I live.?
In NH, can you add attorney's fees to a writ of execution relating to a sheriff's sale?
get out of lease legally?
Do condos in Milwaukee, WI have horrible resale value?
can the bank be liable for closing cost when a RESPA was not disclosed in the required 3 days,?
Help!! How does a loan officer order a Title search?
Revoking a quit claim deed?
condo/town home investment?
Can I afford to get my own place ? ?
What is real estate?Then which is false estate?
How long to wait before firing a real estate agent?
Reverse Mortgage Question?
How serious is it if your house is in a flooding area?
How much should I make to live comfortably?
My grandpa has a rental property but tenants are not willing to vacate it.They don't pay rent Anyideas?
if i am on a month to month lease and my landlord does not renew it, how long do i have to move?
is the best way to purchase a house by getting a bank loan?
Can my landlord change my yearly lease to month to month before term has ended?
Can anyone help me find a home.?
Has the parcel of land to be divided legally before it is sold in pieces?
I have deeds to land given to me for a loan not paid, signed by all and witnessed but not registerd. legal? uk
is it possible to get a loan wrapped into your mortgage?
Best Residential property in Gaziabad and Noida in range of Rs 18 lac to Rs 30 lac?
Can anyone recomment direct real estate buyer(s) in NH... not through a real estate agent or broker.?
Forclosure auction question (real estate agent replies preferred)?
for mortgage purposes what is the difference in rural and suburban?
How much are houses in northern California?
can 3 people live one bedroom flat?
Renters Question: I've been in this apartment going on three years...?
Where can I buy tax lien certificates?
Adding my name to the deed to house I'm living in?
Is it weird to buy a house with a friend?
What if I pay extra but don't say it's principal only?
To protect my family againt lawsuits, should i put my new home in my wife's name?
If I inherit a house and sell it later,do I pay capital gains?
Will anyone in the Fort Collins area rent to me with bad credit?
How do I get into the Real Estate Business?
HomeOwners: How old were you when you bought your 1st home- and how many do you own now?
Is your house an asset or liability?
Is it OK for a landlord to . . . .?
Is Lending Tree a Scam or should I try it out??
Roughly what return would a developer look at making on a new build commercial building?
what is the future of the real estate market and prices in Camden NJ and the rest of the Philly metro area?
Month-to-month lease: Can the landlord terminate the lease mid-month?
should they have to refund my money for losing my lease?
Are there any places that will help low income people get a better home? We are trying to buy a mobile home.?
my lease is going to up in march 31st of 2012 but i would like to move out on january 31st.?
Can a I give someone who hasn't paid rent in 6 months and has an infant a three day eviction notice? NY?
what would happen if the landlord knew i had a cat?
my landlord won't fix things the right way?
Is now a good time to buy property on the Big Island of Hawaii?
if you can't pay your home loan and have to move out, where do you go?
Where can I find a half decent housing estate in Liverpool?
Rented condo leaking water in basement?
Can i end my tenancy agreement any time?
How do I conduct a lien search at a County Court house?
Failure to sign lease? First apt Texas;?
Looking for advice on buying my first house in Oklahoma soon.?
? about Homestead Denial that was issued (Michigan)?
By how much would my rent assistance decrease ?
Does deed in lieu of foreclosure have tax ramifications?
What is the best city to live in North Carolina?
Home property values?
Renting while in short sale?
I'm looking for help for home repairs for low income disabled?
Im looking for a website that has a free property assessment for westmoreland county, Its been driving me craz
Is the Carton Sheets progam he sells on tv a real deal because if that progam work ,I will buy?
What is requiered to sell on Ebay?
What is the real estate property tax in Texas?
Can I get my money back from a house I am renting that is infested with mold.?
how many months can you skip mortgage payments before bank forecloses house?
Can a couple making $60,000/year afford a $158,000 house?
Should I apply for FHA 30 year fixed mortgage with my husband?
After ice storm, tree fell on my car. Will my landlord be liable for the damage?
I'm 18 and I'm going into real estate in september..?
mice in apartment, no deposit.?
Buy flat worth rs 25 to 30lacs i have only 6 lacs can i get loan .which kind of loan am l getting.?
I'm trying to find a home for rent in the madison park or hamilton area of baltimore city and i need listings
In a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)...?
short sale home advice?
Eligibility for VA home loan?
is a 21,780 sq. ft home in washington, DC (Georgetown)?
Yes Hi I am looking for a city called ASHDOWN , Arkansas does any 1 know how i would find house for rent there
What is HELON?
where can I find rental assistance in the chicago area???
Why is real estate in Poland so inexpensive?
how much is pg&e etc when renting?
Rent to own, is it a good option?
do you still payrent during a shortsale?
Can I use land as collateral to build a home?
Home loan grants?
How do I go about buying a house?
Can I rent a property that I am renting?
what is to be done if tenant do not vacate house after the 11 months agreement expires.?
What is involved in starting a Real estate Closing Services business?
Landlord Entering Apartment Without Notice?
Looking for a lender who will give me a loan with bad credit?
What is the cost of living in the US Virgin Islands compared to the midwest US?
Who's name goes on the title of a house bought on a Land Contract?
signing home equity loan with or without spouse?
I live in Maryland, Does my son have to pay taxes if I sell my house to him?
I had found a local website ( and am not able to go into it. does it still exsist?
I have a terrible person renting a room from me in my house. What happens if I just throw her things out and?
Where can I locate a school that teaches real estate INSTRUCTORS? I want to obtain an instructor's License.
what is an interest only loan? How does that differ from the standard home loan?
what's life like in Iowa, down near Centerville?
Someone asking for house price "offers around"?
I lived in an apt. for over 6 years and was charged $75 for carpet cleaning.?
If you rent a furnished apartment and get evicted?
How many years should you live in a rented property before the landlord decorates and replaces the carpet.?
can i get approved for a house loan?
What should a 25 year Old Single Guy worry about the most when buying his first Condo?
I am almost ready to close on a house and the underwriter wants 3 old medical bills paid out of closing?
What are the steps for buying house with goverment aid?
Can an 18 year old afford a house that cost 500,000 dollars?
What training and/or education are required to be a real estate agent?
Can The Landlord Keep A Deposit Because Of Cat,Even Though It's Because House Is Infested With Mice?
who is the most successful person in the real estate consultancy field?
1st day in a new apartment.. Next door neighbor complained.?
New apartment, no hot water?
If you buy a property that has commerical premises on it (in london, england), can you live in that section?
help please????
I am looking at purchasing a home for the first time. Is right now an good time to purchase or not?
Where is the nicest yet most affordable places to live near Washington D.C.?
I can't seem to sell my house?
My landlord won't give me back my security deposit of $800.00. She said the place was dirty,etc.?
Could a 20 year old Afford to buy a 150,000 dollars condo?
finding and obtaining loan from private individuals using their credit to purchase a home?
Can I legally hold my rent?
I want to get a real estate license in colorado?? how do i get one and where?
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