Real Estate

Brought a house 2 months ago did a inspection but know find out the basement walls leak can I go after seller?
Has anyone been approved for mortgages recently in the UK?
How much would i need to earn a year to get a mortgage on a house 425,000 euro, i have 100,000 deposit?
What real estate company in Atlanta Georgia does Carol Hammock work for?
Housing loan problems..?
how important is considering the school district when buying a home?
why are private landlord's reluctant to accept housing benefit?
Where's the best place to live in California?
Good neighborhoods near DC?
Home buying vs building?
where do i apply for low income house in santa clarita?
I have a tenant/landlord legal issue. im the tenant. were living in blackmold. weve had $1000's of property de?
advice needed from someone who knows about section 8 rules and regulations?
Can I have a roommate live with me and pay me rent on my home if I purchased using a VA home loan?
What is a commercial ground lease and what happens to the bldg. I pay to construct at the end of lease?
what are a tenant's rights once they voluntarily leave?
Made an offer on a house 6 mths ago and still have no answer from the selling bank. Should it take this long?
Owning a house with a friend - silent ownership?
The Typical Price For Utilities.?
How many months behind on your mortage before they can start foreclosure.?
im a new landlord Can i keep security deposit if tenant backs out before moving in?
Is there anywhere that will finance me for a home loan with a 613 credit score?
Wouldn't get approved to rent out a house that's $1375?
apartment financing?
i found hse w 3 beds 2 baths fin basement in bklyn ny for 259,999 need financing no $ down no closing costs?
Is my landlord a fraud?
I just made a mortgage payment on 4/29/08. Is that for April or May?
Does anyone know the best way to find an affordable apartment in NYC?
what is free to me while on ssd in nj , schooling money etc?
Is it possible to make up 40 to 50% profits on an investment/real estate/properties and how long does it take?
We are moving into first apartment and need advice?
i want a office space rental form agreement?
Which encumbrances or interests are superior to the lien of the United States?
What should I do about this issue about my previous landlord-for my new rental application?
is it okay to use credit cards to buy real estate?
Is Crossing republic good area to invest in.?
How is the real estate market in california usa?
Sites to list Italian real estate?
Moving to Colorado, Advice?
We are possibly having to foreclose on our house. We did 100% fin.. Are we responsible for the differece?
How long do of a notice do you have to give a tenant to go in and work on their apartment ?
How much should I charge for lease abstraction services?
How much rent do you pay if you live in a council house?
Is it safe to live in an apartment for a month with severe amounts of mold in the walls?
do we have to pay for the carpets to be cleaned at the end of tenancy?
Housing Benefit - Paid to Myself?
I live in NJ and I want to look into general dispatching...How do I go about finding training for this field?
Is a $8k VA Funding fee for a $274k loan sound right?
My home loan has been sold so many times. i think my loan holder has lost my loan doc's?
What is the domain name of the new real estate web site that allows you to type address and gives its value?
what's a second mortgage?
Real estate appreciation forecasts for DC metro area available anywhere?
Whats the most your rent increase on your apartment on a rental renew lease?
Are there any experienced property developers (House Flippers) looking for partners in southern Ontario?
Tentant Not Paying Rent- Impossiable to get a hold of. Please help!?
I just bought a foreclosed home, would I be better off to make it decent and rent it or make it nice and sell?
Land/ home packages? Has anyone bought one?
My Sister Signed A 1 Year Lease on a Rental Home - Now the Owners want to change It & go up on the Price!?
Are there any programs to assist people with bad credit to buy a home?
Mortgage with Score of 647?
who is responsible for non payment of utilities on a rental?
Average Home Price?
Whats the typical commission charged by a realtor to sell a house?
I'm in the market for a house (first time). What are some pitfalls to avoid?
Appartment to Condo Conversion - Please help! (san jose, ca)?
How Do I Buy A House?
how would i apply for a land contract loan?
How can I make my house look cheaper to a person who is appraising my house?
house bought in 2009, no inspection, now find partical board used for floor. hidden by carpet. can we take sel?
Would you buy a condo or a house?
What would you do if you had 86,000 dollars?
When putting down a home address for an apartment can you put apartment C6 or do you have to put Apt. #C6?
Do clients really mean it when they say they can't afford it ?
Refinance question.....?
How do I close my account with Gun Broker?
im searching for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment for cheap in the bronx?
Does the landlord have to provide a new toiletseat upon arrival of a new tennant?
where can i find a sample of a real estate management contract - for vacation properties?
i accepted the offer for my house now i want to withdraw?
Is there a program for single parents that want to buy a home?
Where can I go to apply for a $40,000 - $60,000 mortage loan?
my mortgage company said my HOA cant foreclose on me for past due fees is that true?
Do you think websites are the best source of real estate inquiries?What is the most relevant website acc to u?
I want to buy my first house but I have no idea where to start!!!!?
am i allowed to do this to a tenant? Details inside?
Approved for a home loan with conditions...?
Can a subletter evict a tenant?
i was evicted from an apt 2 yrs ago and need an apartment and cant get one is there any way around this?
Can someone tell me briefly what is a studio (in terms of housing)?
How do I do a credit check on renters?
How do Australians manage to have real estate in the mountains?
How cheap is a 1 bedroom apartment in oklahoma?
In purchasing a home, what is the difference between an earnest money check, and an application deposit.?
can a realtor see the apartment im currently on lease with on my credit or rental history?
Is buying a home a difficult processes?
selling home for under market value, buyer wants to get $25,000 from us to do home repairs. is this negotiable
I am liable to fix this?
Im on section 8 and my landlord what me to pay eaxter rent can he put me put outif i don't pay it?
How to buy a house before disposing of my earlier house.?
I am a disabled veteran, and own 2 acres in Ventura,ca. Can I live in an RV temporarily on my property ?
should i sell now or wait?
Should I pay my mortgage one month ahead or should I?
Can a landlord enter my house at whenhe likes if it says so in the contract?
question about paying rent for an apartment?
how long does it usually take to know if you're approved for a loan??
How can I find the county recorders office or website for real esate purchases in grove oklahoma?
Buying a house in orlando florida good or bad investment?
My house has been on the market for almost 6 months...?
Who is considered to be paying the taxes?
The more you pay off your mortgage do the payments get smaller as you get further into it?
i'm2years in the cotract of a3year how can i get out it with out paying?
Over the phone interview with Bank about home loan, help?
I'm thinking of moving to India because my husband has a mansion there. Here we live in a small apartment in?
Can I sue my morgage company for falsely reporting late payments to the credit bureaus?
There is dead rat right outside my condo. Who can I call to report this?
What fees are involved when buying a house?
Our buyer states the carpet needs replaced and it was an undisclosed problem, can they do this?
I have a lot of money but not much actual income, will it be hard to get an apartment?
do you have to have 12 months of landlord experience to get a fha loan on a 4 family unit?
Is it true that Canadian Banks now offer 35 yr mortgages?
Does Sunrise Florida get hit by hurricanes?
My ex wants me to move out but my name is on the lease. What do I do?
How will the Supply and Demand move this the increase in meter prices?
how can i buy get financed for a mortgage if i filed bankruptcy in november?
Is it a smart move to buy a house at my age with my income?
Where do I find ready made contracts for letting a room?
If some one is living in your motor home with you and you move the vehicle off of the land i am renting can ?
Can landlord charge more $$$ for additional occupants in this situation?
How do I get started as a real estate agent?
I live in north Florida, andy real estate agents with some advice?
do housing berwickshire housing association homes decorate before you move in?
Is it safe to bid on Ebay's real estate. ex. old homes that look like you could resell after rehab?
Can I be approved for a mortgage without a job if I have 20% down?
Question about renting in Norway?
cancel the house purchase contract and have the earnest money back?
Can I Force(legal action) a refund of a deposit from a landlord with no written refundable agreement?
My landlord is pending eviction for not paying rent on November 1 which is stated in black and white in lease?
Why is it that every real estate person that I’ve talked to does not know what Fixed income means?
We bought our home 8 months back and locked a rate of 5.25. Would it be a good idea to refinance now ?
if a plot of land is 120ft X 120ft, what will be the cost of the plot if it is Rs 37 per Sq Ft?
Tenant broke lease agreement. What should I do?
Closing Cost help on my first house?
Can I withold my tenants goods?
Can my landlord do this? Is this legal?
Is it true that 80% of real estate agents do not make enough to live on?
Should i get a Mortgage, Yes or No?
Is it legal to charge people for property they didn't damage?
When buying a home is location or quality of the place more important?
MY NEW APT. HAS BEDBUGS-- should my leasing co. buy me a new mattress?
How do you report your landlord for not taking care of his property?
what will the banks do when they find out im renting out their vacant houses????
PLEASE help !! Is this NORMAL in rental lease?
I am interested in buying a house. What do I do?
Any Pitbull friendly apartments or homes in MS?
Can I be evicted for non payment of rent?
How much is interest on a 120000 dollar house with a 30000 dollar down payment?
What if you can't pay your closing costs?
after purchasing a home, the new owner applies for a building permit to add another bedroom and bath. how does?
Pre-Platted Lots?
Is it rude/cheeky to knock on current tenants door and ask about the property?
How do I get my landlord to fix the leaks in my apartment?
The landlord is responsible right?
There is dead rat right outside my condo. Who can I call to report this?
How can I tell if I am getting a fair deal for my mortgage loan?
What are the tenants rights when a landlord shuts the water and takes the gas out of their name.?
is there any property transfer tax in Spartanburg county SC?
renting after an eviction?
I'm going to be late on rent and don't know what to do...?
Are physicians more likely to pay more when renting apt/condos/houses near colleges and hospitals?
Quick Claim Deed, Am I Screwed?
What do you think? Looking for opinions on a house purchase?
Is there any requirement for a UK based, overseas property buying agent?
I'm 13 soon do be 14 and I can't think of anyways to make money? Any ideas?
Average apartment expenses? Utilities, cable, internet, etc. Help!?
Notice of Eviction, 5 day notice. Florida?
Illinois landlord says he wants me out?
why is better to buy than to rent?
Evicting a tenant as a landlord uk?
Is it a bad idea to move to California with no jobs lined up?
i have a tenant that paid the deposit and tied up the unit but never moved in?
House prices.. Do you think they`re coming down?
Blank residential lease agreement that I can fill in on the computer?
mutually breaking a lease?
i went to court with my old landlord and have to pay 2300.00 will i go to jail?
Can a dissolved LLC enter into a contract?
Why are people so against renting apartments/houses to people that have pets?
Fallbrook, San Diego, CA 1 bedroom apartments under $600/month?
Buying a condo? What should I consider?
I Am Looking to Move Into a Beautiful, Yet Affordable New Home; How Do You Feel About This Neighborhood?
Where can i find demographic profiles of first time homebuyers?
Where should I move to?
6 months rent in advance, shall I go for it?
Should i move to eastvale, ca or stay in downey, ca?
Moving house what to do?
should I pay it off?
Where does a single mother with decent, steady income, yet no so perfect credit begin to get a mortgage loan.?
When my husband gets deployment orders can we break our apartment lease ?
if a tenant hasnt paid the rent for like 2 weeks how can we kick them out?
What is the best way to get a home loan when you are getting divorced?
I Ashokkumar (DOB 26.08.54) rented LIG flat.Ravi Hooda (lawyer) not vacating Kindly help me what I do.?
Should I live at home or with my friend in an apartment?
Can interest on home equity line of credit be taken as an interest expense for rental property on schedule E?
Do I pay $200 pet deposit with my lease renewal when I paid $250 last year?
Is it cheaper to build a two story duplex or single story duplex?
ON Long Island, NY whats the most effective way to sell your home by owner?
Has a Realtor ever said it WASN'T a good time to buy a house?
what can i do if i owe more on home than what it is worth?
Buying a house / apartment in Paris.?
What kind of license do you need in the state of have a estate sale?
i rent mo. to mo. and was ask to move out for no good reason what do i do now?
looking for charles norwood thomas in orange county ca.?
Once I sell my primary residence, how long do I have to reinvest before I have to pay capital gain taxes?
Can a landlord charge you for another months rent if apartment is deemed unrentable?
Buying a house in the UK. Process, eligibility & legal requirements?
Setting up security in your apartment?
Does Texas have a non representation listing agreement?
Is a verbal agreement to move in to an apartment legally binding if broken before moving in?
Can i buy a townhome with 740 credit score?
Any suggestions for getting out of my lease?
John Jones is buying a house for $100,000. John can get a loan for 95% of the purchase price at 8% with?
I am trying to obtain a loan through the USDA rural low income program, I need more information.?
Does anyone have any experiences good/bad that they'd like to share about HUD?
I have lived in this condo for 3 years?
foreclosed houses on trulia for over 6 months? Cheap yet noone buys them?
anyone know of a good realtor?
How much percentage is exempted in the housing property for an ordinary person having income less than 5lac?
If Donald Trump is so rich, why does he look not so good and wats with that hair?
income needed to pay a mortgage of £500,000?
If I have $50,000 for a down payment, what price house could I get?
Should I use part of my 401K to buy out my son's portion of a home we own together?
Is there a bank or institute in DFW area which provides more than 4 mortgage loans?
Is it legal for apartments to charge 10% late fee plus $100.00 if you pay past the 5th?
If an HOA doesn't have enough volunteers as required in the contract to hold mandatory meetings what happens?
What are the main things that you look at when you are viewing a house that you might buy?
can i buy a house if i dont have good credit?
i'am interested in buying into a cooperative in oakland county, westland?
what would happen to my reverse mortage if the airport buy all the porperty where I live?
How would you fix California?
what will happen if i report my landlord for subletting his council flat to me?
how can i sell a £1,800,000 property in cyprus?
How do I get my house in my name?
I dreamed my house was being foreclosed on wjhat does that mean?
What should a renter due about possible home foreclosure?
Paid 3,000 a month, how much should I look for rent?
How to accept new tenant deposit?
How much is £650,100.00 worth in Dollars ????
House buying, move in time period?
Is there anything we can do, or are we just SOL?
Can you be evicted for being late with your rent, if you've been having medical and financial hardship?
How Should I Figure Out If I Should Refinance My Jumbo Mortgage?
Question about real estate?
if your house goes to sheriffs sale is there a way to keep it if you claim bankruptsy before your six months?
landlord trying to get over on us.?
How much is a down payment on a apartment?
A family wishes to buy a $45,000 house in a state with high closing costs. What would be the minimum cash inve?
Mortgage related question?
trying to find a office building phone number as in the front desk.?
What is the best way of buying my first house?
When and why would a triple Net (NNN) lease be considered a good option for a tenant?
My watch has gone missing since a painter the landlord hired painted my room.....what do I do?
Which Bank offers the best home loans for people with a FICO of 550!?
First time buyers, nightmare??
Does anyone want to get payed to lend out their house/garden?
How many square feet is considered a good sized home in the USA?
Boyfriend had leasing company remove his name from apartment lease. Can they legally do this?
Can you get a home loan if you are relocating and not yet working?
Do I have to tell my future landlord I'm pregnant?
I put my 30 day notice in; do I HAVE to let my landlord intrude & show my apartment to people?
Cannot honor apartment lease?
My friend's mom bought a house so I moved in but rent is $100 more than he said it would be. What should I do?
If someone has a Real Estate license from New York, what do they have to do to get a license in California?
Does corporate owned realty have any hidden costs?
What are my rights as a tenant whose home has been foreclosed in FL?
How much money do I need to make hourly to?
Can my landlord keep my deposit if i didn't give a 30 day notice?
It's so important to have Good Neighbors, How would you rate your neighbors, great, good, nosy, loud?
Fannie mae say they didnt recive my offer and i have confirmation it has been submited?/?
Where to start with real estate investing?
help me find a free rental agreement that i can download from the net. i want to rent out a room in my house.?
my new landlord didnt own the property when we signed lease with him is it valid?
Why did Wells Fargo approve us for so much more on our mortgage app?
Can we be Kicked out our chalets which we own, by the owners of the sites? read on....?
Is there a way to own a house by the age of 21?
Where is a Real Estate Appraisal Certified Training in LA or Orange County?
Should I expect my FHA Loan to be approved by the underwriter?
What exterior siding should I use (Brick, stucco, Vinyl)?
How to buy our first home
Will I still be able to get a place?
If i and the buyer sign a contract on property,and then behind my back the agent asks for more behind my back?
If the home appraisal expector makes a mistake such as putting the wrong area, where the house is located, and?
What's the best bank for first time home buyer in bay Area?
renting my rv out with a contract and renter agreeing to be 100% responsible for damages?
what is the website for a new century mortgage holder to access account info?
How to find a living room for rent in a home (not an apartment)?
What is better? An FHA or a Conventional Loan?
Can a landlord enter your house if you never signed a lease?
is it difficult to get prequalified for a home loan? first time home buyer?
How do i keep my tx residency when i move to ca?
Roommate smokes weed in the common area of a campus apartment?
Will my school loan affect my fiances mortgage loan?
PMI automatic termination?
Help selling my house!?
rent a flat without a job?
Landlords, Realtors, mountain view, sunnyvale, CA. do you have a place to rent?
Why property in Delhi becoming costly, specially residential?
Can i get my security deposit used as rent?
when buying a mobile home, is a Lot Fee monthly, or one time payment?
Has anyone got tips for me and my mum so we can move out to London?
I want to buy a house but I have bad credit.?
Question On house flipping?
Renting a room in an apartment?
What steps do u think banks can take to grant mortgages to pp who will not make it necessary for the bank to h?
Should I include my race when looking to rent?
What does the term Dead Property mean banking terms?
Splitting a mortgage four ways?
who is the coolest person?
Where can I find help paying my rent?
Good database properties in the US?
Planning on buying our first home, will it affect our financial aid?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of an interest only home loan?
i would like to sell my own house,what advise do you have?
How does cash gift work on buying a house?
can you search for property near specific schools?
Arent you pissed off about the Bailout?????
For Maricopa County, AZ what is the typical property value increase (% a year) not cosidering the "bubble"
How long before Rent-A-Center repo's?
OK to live in a caravan on my own land in UK?
What are the financial advantages of owning a home ?
What Happens To The Mortgages On All The Homes Destroyed In The Midwest?
Can a single apartment be purchased and rented out?
Do most Landlords send good Tenants birthday cards?
What is the etiquette for tipping in a full service condo?
is there a way to look for open houses on the internet?
how hard is the real estate state test in California?
Could I move out of my parents house and live in walmart?
my new partner owes money?
Why aren't property rental prices now coming down in line with devaluing property prices?
does anyone understand why my bank would sell my mortgage to another bank when the loan is in default?
Is $6,000 to much for closing cost on a $150,000 mortgage?
How far in advance can your landlord make you renew your lease?
How much house can I buy making 500k a year?
Fire Regulations in rented accomidation?
Do you think house prices will drop in 2008?
how can i find out who the first owner of my house was?
Can't move out. What do I do. HELP!!?
I want to invest into a Hotel/Condo unit are there tax benefits?
my landlord has given me 14 days notice to leave?
Real Estate agent refused to give a written reference!?
If you were selling your home… would you attempt doing it on your own first before contacting a realtor?
My husband and I plan to move to Hungary within 2 years time. Does anyone know of any good real estate agents?
Cash assistance and housing?
im 17, is it possible for me to move out and get an apartment?
Is buying property in Spain risky or ok?
Can we refinance a second mortgage in the name of a trust?
Do I have to repay the 2009 1st time home-buyer credit if I'm out of the country for 6mo for work?
If I have bad credit will a co-signer be good enough to assure a loan to buy a house?
Has HUDA(Haryana Urban Dec Auth) extended the deadline for approval of construction plans of vacant plots?
what bills do you pay when renting an apartment?
Roommate not leting me out of lease.?
Do Real Estate companies offer a list of retal homes that you could get?
are they any american style house in mexico?
where can I get help with paying rent not working at the time?
Can I get the administration fee waived for an apartment?
Housing market - a disgrace.?
Does PMI insurance cover the note when someone is in default on a foreclosed home? If so, up to what percent?
Is it possible to get a loan to purchase your first home if you have bad credit?
Is it my responsibility to exterminate mice at a rented apartment?
Changing Property Classification?
Please explain what a 203 K Loan is.?
Will redundancy affect mortgage renewal (UK)?
how to make a house more appealing for buyers?
purchasing a house changing my cloing date?
Need to see how many points I have available at this time. Member #10028470?
how do you get a council house?
Does a Loan modification apply to me?
countrywide home loan?
Is it not good for an unmarried couple to buy a house together?
Help i got a question about this condo i'll give .s?
This condo is on auction and they will provide a quitclaim deed only. If I buy through a broker I will demand?
would like info re normal distribution of selling costs between seller and buyer?
Renters agreed to purchase price for home, now how do I close the deal?
how much is average utilities?
not sure how to subtract 6% from 202,900.00?
Is one better off building a duplex for sale or buying and then selling?
If a 30 day notice given to landlord and current month rent is paid-can they collect past the day you move out?
Is it possible to kick my boyfriend out if he's not on the lease?
what happens if you owe over 300,00 on your home your home is only worth 120,000 would short sell help?
What is a good amount to pay parents for rent as a grown adult?
I am currently getting single parent pension from Centrelink and receive rent assis. Am I able to buy a house?
I am planning to buy a house, I have two options and I am not able to decide which option to go..?
I want to live in California?
I need some information on real estate?
Looking for help for a family in need in N.C....Please read ..?
housing council?
I have a useless landlord! Help!!?
unsecured business equity loan with no real estate transaction involved?
Why do I need an appraisal to remove my PMI?
where can i buy a home or condo in tampa Fl?
How do people afford multi-million dollar second homes, like on the ocean.?
How long do I have to get out of my lease after signing it?! (in Oklahoma)?
How can you obtain a legal contract when buying a house without a real estate agent?
before signing a lease to own agreement, should we have the home inspected?
is there an advantage to having a leasing agent lease your home for you if you live in another state?
who buys houses direct from homeowners?
The Real Estate Show?
would you move out if you knew your landlord wasn't paying the mortgage?
where can i find who bought the property next to mine?
Foreclosure Question and I need some help!?
Renting an apartment, but there's problems?
How is a Land Lord to protect his property from tenants who deliberately vandalize the unit before moving out ?
can get an apartment with a credit score of 580. I also have some savings like 35k would that be enough?
What to do if my apartment gets flooded?
tenant that didnt pay rent for 2 months up and left and left all belongings behind?
Does an appraiser need a copy of your purchase agreement?
Can I get a new realtor if he helped me get the loan ?
if a tenant moves out and leaves an unpaid phone bill, is it the landlord responsible for paying it?
My landlord wants to break lease instead of fixing plumbing issue?
Can I install an alarm system in my apartment?
I am a tenant and I need help communicating with my landlord.?
im 40 years old and still renting a efficiency apartment. am i a failure?
Putting myself on a list for cheaper apts in NYC?
Eviction question?
UK house prices- are they really falling? I have seen a few now and they are overpriced and not very nice!?
Lender is asking for personal info, please advise!?
Will Deed Transfer in India?
Tenant to Landlord: 30 day notice of intent to vacant?
i think my boss is commiting section 8 housing fraud?
Have an agent but found our own buyer?
can we get a home equity loan?
Help...My landlord is trespassing?
How do we get out of our mobile home and our mobile home park?
I just rented an office on Feb. 1st. Now the owner says I must get out. What rights do I have?
can my apartment managment get away with this?
renting from property management company but paying rent directly into agents personal account? Is this normal?
Do you need a license to be a rental real estate relocation agent?
How much does it cost to own a 1 br apartment and pay all utilities?
Would you rent your house to people with a cat and a dog?
Can a person from another country purchase a home in the U.S. without citizenship or green card of any kind?
Do I need to tell my landlord ian dss?
landlord problems he wants to kick me out because he sold his house.?
I have a terrible person renting a room from me in my house. What happens if I just throw her things out and?
whats the cheapest rent you've seen?
Clubhouse in South Florida?
I make 150k a year and cant' afford to buy a house , what am I doing wrong?
I plan to open a discount real estate firm next year, what should I do to help make it successfull?
72 hrs. to vacate, is this legal?
If I decide to buy the house I'm renting, through owner financing, can I waive the inspection.?
What is the difference between the US Treasury 10 year bond and the US Treasury 10 year note?
Is there any incentive for a mortgage broker to lock you in at a higher interest rate?
how do i find out who owns a house?
is buying online safe?
whats a great company to work for as a loan officer in southern california?
Does anyone know a good website that helps you find homes for rent?
can i buy my first house if i have credit card dedt?
Anyone had a person using the email address stanfordgeoff claiming to have house for sale?
I am a home owner, can I sell my home to my son for only the amount due to settle my outstanding mortgage?
Is canoga park dangerous?
Where can I find a list of european cost price index(ecpi) for 2006?
what is the process for buying a foreclosed house?
Rate: $50/Hr on corp2corp or 1099?
Who pays the brokerage fee for a rented house? The seller or the buyer?
How do I pick a successful real estate company to work for?
why is it so hard to find an apartment to rent for a foreigner bachelors in sainikpuri,hyderabad?
When purchasing a house for cash instead of a mortgage?
When is the best time to apartment hunt?
Landlords; getting lease renewed?
How do you get out of a mortgage when the other won't sell and can't assume the loan because of bad credit?
As a lodger, am I entitled to have my girlfriend stay with me sometimes.?
Landlord says no overnight guests?
cost of building an apartment in BOLOGNA?
$300-$400 monthly rent 1bedroom apartment in Port St Lucie, FL?
i need four hundred dollars for my rent in two days can anyone out there offer any help?
If my landlord leased a 5br house that violates a 3-person limit (via city ordinance), can I sue?
Can you close on a house without the title search being complete?
Good time to continue investing in Real Estate?
How do I get my name put on the house deeds which are solely in my husbands name at present?
How old were you when u bought your first home?
What is difference between BUY OUT and WAIVE OFF of Notice Period?
Can a Landlord Sell/Trash my personal property after I have been evicted?
Can anyone give me marketing tips as a new REALTOR in a small town?
My landlord recently died, can the new owners raise my rent?
I sublet my coop apt. Can I rent it out to section 8 tenant?
first time buyer In process of buying a house and having second thoughts, worried about negative equity?
What can we do if our neighbour smokes pot and it seeps into our apartment?
Illinois landlord says he wants me out?
How to know if there are cameras in my house?
Which mortgage companies finance for manufactured homes and which companys loan is easier to get?
I had a booth renter in my salon ...she only sayed for 6 days ....on the sat she came and said she was leaving?
How long do I have to move after my lease is up?
Landlord inspections?
solo room at makati at 4k budget, please!?
can a single mom rent a 1 bedroom apt with a 2 year old???
Can I sleep in my car in a monthly parking garage?
what is the best mortgage company for post bankruptcy?
I want to pay off my mortgage, do I need to get a lawyer or should I get in touch with the bank directly?
What are the best upgrades when selling your house?
We put an offer on a house on Monday. The offer expires Thursday at noon.?
residential lease In MAR 2009 I moved in to a town house in Alexandria, VA.?
In diablo 3 which factor should I use to price an item in the auction house?
How is the average fixed rate for a 30-year mortgage now?
if i buy proprty then i can't get an easement can i get my earnest money back?
How acurate are the numbers listed on
Is anybody home?
Describe the organizational procedures for clearing and vacating a meeting room?
Do landlords owe a % at the end of lease?
Where can I find the chart of sold homes' average price of north American city?
does anyone from Ft. Myers Flordia want to meet a new friend?
I own ground floor leasehold flat which is rented.?
Help? I am about to be sued for cancelling a Propoerty bond application/offer to purchase?
What Do I need To start A house Title Suit to get someone off my house title?
How can I break an apartment rental agreement in California?
When a person get a eviction notice tapet on there door from making loud noices all hrs of the night?
How can I avoid agencies and contact landlords directly on my house/flat search?
Housing market - a disgrace.?
i left my last landlord without 30 days notice. think he'll rent to me again?
Do i need a real estate license in order to flip a house?
I live in Sacramento, CA and am renting a house. Who's reponsiblity is it to pay for the gardener?
I am 32, single and want to buy a house in London.?
What does "fast response" mean in real estate? ?
How to divide rent between 3 people in a 2 bedroom home when 2 of the tennants are couples.?
Can the new apartment owner still lock me out?
Can you get out of lease contract for losing your job?
If i buy a condo or co-op, can I rent it to other people?
When buying your 1st home, do you need/recommend a down payment?
first time home buyer?
What does Gross SQ FT price mean?
Who owns a house after the owner passed away? ?
My tenant has agreed I can keep his deposit. How can I do this with the Deposit Protection Scheme?
how do you list your house for sale by owner?
if the landlord knew the cable company was coming can he wait a year later to keep my deposit cause of a cable?
Apartments in downtown Norfolk, Virginia?
How do I find a forclosure list?
"Eviction is such a harsh word"?
how much does pmi add to your monthly payment on a 210000 house ?
I had to buy my mom a trailer, now want my name off it?
I am thinking about buying a coop . In Ossining N.Y. is this a good ideal or would i be better off renting?
what are the real estate secretary duties?
There is a house I am wanting to buy...would you buy it?
Has any one ever dealt with room invasion they rent out rooms for like 125 dollars a week is it ok.?
home information packs?
What is the best period to move?
Can you fire a gun within the village of Godfrey IL outside of Godfrey city limits but yet still?
I make about 20-45k and have about 30k in total debt with excellent credit 700+ what home loan range will I?
what should i sell my home for?
How can I know the name and address of the owner of a property down my strreet and occuppied by tenants.?
What is a subdivision?
What would you offer (bid) for this block of land?
Lease expired but won't take name off lease?
Where's a good place to find notes to buy?
Why hasn't the landlord come to collect rent in condo?
me and my husband bought a house i need to come up with the down payment where can i go!?
Is 994 Square Feet too small for a 2 bedroom apartment?
PET FRIENDLY RENT, is it possible?
Real estate appraiser information anyone?
I am interested to buy a Flat or Home in Marmoura and i would like to know prices for aproximativ 200 m.How?
If one received the $8000 First-Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit, how long must he wait to sell the house?
Foreclosure laws in North Carolina? Anyone know what happens to RENTALS in foreclosure?
Does the DHSS will they still pay for service charge for flat when you have payed your mortgage off ?
I will be getting a Section 8 voucher soon, if offered, can you move in before inspections?
Can I afford to pay this much rent on my salary?!?
How to do a Mechanics Lien search on a single family home in state of NEW JERSEY?
Best rental apartment in Folsom CA?
I live in a council flat under introductory tenancy and would like to move outside London,is that possible?
Can I use a collection agency to get $ owed to me from my daughter for rent,utilities and damage?
Do you think home prices will drop any lower or have they tapered off?
A tenant/friend has left my house trashed... what can I do?
first time home buyer credit.. available online?
is this fair and what is average rent money for living at home for 18 year old in uk?
How to buy whole sale? Jerseys?
How do you evict a tenant? And can you evict a tenant if the lease isn't up yet?
Can we evict brothers girlfriend from our home?
Apartment (Utilities) Question!!!?
Renting and Bill Splitting?
What things should I look for when looking for a new apartment?
I need great advice on Buying A house?
My Central Air Ducks Make A Periodic Cracking Noise?
Is living in a house your family owns different from living in a apartment your family rents? how?
Do I owe money on my second mortgage if I foreclosed on the house two years ago? ?
If they tear down my house, what about my mortgage?
Do I need a Realtor to buy a new condo?
Where can I find a listing of available apartment and duplex homes for rent?
VA loan question?
Any opinions on Mann Made Homes Incorporated in Runaway Bay, TX?
What will the utilities be like for a small apartment?
how do you stop a neighbor from building his property up so high that its going to flood my house when it rain
Do you have to get a new Certificate of Occupancy when you buy a business that is already operating?
Should I buy this house?
Need a place for us to live what should i do?
Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 Expiration date?
Pick A Payment commercial loan?
Is it legal for my roommates to take my house key even though I'm still paying the rent?
Will hud or section 8 take purse father ???? HELP?
if i have a credit score in the 500's and co signer 750 what can i hope for on my mortgage loan?
how do foreclosure housing work?
Any suggestions on real esate offices in Georiga that doesnt charge high monthly fees?
do i qualify to buy my first home?
Is it legal for my landlord to tell me i have 1 month and 1/2 to leave my apartment?
Doyou have to have a big down payment for mortgage loans?
How much do you pay in condo association fees? Do you feel like it's reasonable?
Best way to write a letter of recommendation for someone looking to rent?
where can you do backround checks on individuals? Thanks?
What can you tell me about Folly Beach, SC real estate?
where is the most reasonable place to live in NYC? Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, or The Bronx?
I have found several parts of my lease agreement that are completely illegal... what can I do about this?
If im added to my partners morgage will i automatically go on the title deeds?
in a event such as death do you notify the title co.,lender and that all? pertaining to realestate?
fireplace and rental unit?
I want my tenant to leave the house, he doesn't have any rent arrears?
is there a program that will help me....?
When working with a realtor how do for sale by owner houses work?
can he get a court order to sell the house?
help on my construction?
Another Real Estate Question?
Does anyone know of any good websites for finding rental houses?
holland,MI house for sale 4bedroom anyone interested?
How should I go about this? What should I do?
how do you sell a house that is not selling?
How can I buy a home without a Mortgage?
I will be moving to Oakland, CA in which neighborhood can I find a cheap but still decent apartment?
what are the best mortgage companies in southern california to work for as a loan officer?!?
can a 16 year old take out a loan from the bank to purchase a house?
Safety of western union transfers?
I need the list of websites of investors that are interested in foreclosure properties in Seminole County FL.?
Can landlord charge a tenant for something caused by someone else not on lease?
hi, i live in spain and am setting up massage from my house. i need to find an insurance company ....?
Why aren't there any young real estate agents in the home brochure?
can a balif enter my house when im out and remove my possesions?
How To Evict Tenant From Apartment?
can a landlord say they want to see the house on this day, if you can't not be there have a key available?
Is it possible to own property in 2 different countrys?
leaving without paying last months rent?
How can I buy a house with horrible credit?
What's the cost of an apartment in London..?
How can you stop harrassment from a landlord?
wanted field/land/plot to rent in or near worksop S81?
Do I qualify for First Time Home Owners Credit?
what to do if repo guy comes to my house?
Who's responsibility is a clogged garbage disposal?
Will my credit report be re-pulled the day of closing?
how can i find homes for sale from tax default?
Can landlord lock us out of house and snoop?
i would like to find a site that would tell me the value of commercial property in lancaster pa 17601?
how can i find a haunted house to buy?
Not getting any of my deposit back as I've not given enough notice.?
The state of housing in central minnesota?
Do we have to pay for new carpetting in our apartment?
do you think 65,000 is a good first offer for a foreclosure that wells fargo has for 89,000?
how do I file for abandonment of a co-owned property in oklahoma?
Cost associated with buying a home?
Is the housing market ......?
Can my sister be my co-maker if I apply for a Pag-ibig Housing loan?
What Can I Do........TRUE OR FALSE??
How could I make money from 38.5 acres without removing trees?
Can I buy a home in this situation:?
Was this professional??
house is closed long period do you pay for water supplied from common water tank in apartment?
How do I find rent-to-own properties?
What can I do if I suspect my leased home has become abandoned?
i have moved to a new apartment. can i have the post office mail my mail to my new apartment?
My husband I live in a mobil home. How can I have it classfied as a property ? I live in S.C.?
What is the market value for land in T.Nagar ?
how can i change my mind,to be succeed and to have better communication with my job?
can mobile home park require me to fill out an application, again?
What is the name of the first real estate company?
if i payed for the land and to build house why do i have a house note?
how to advise on equity remedies regard to landlord who didnt fulfil his contract /didnt renovate the house?
poll: when buying a home would you prefer to have a shower or have a bath come with the property ?
if a housemate has her own room, she should pay more for the rent, tight?
I can't figure out what to do with my house. Should I do a short sale or foreclose?
Atlanta real estate?
Where can a person find free boxes when they are preparing to move? Most stores won't give them to you now
Is 130 a week a rip off for a 27" travel trailer camper?
what is the average price of 1 acre of land?
If selling your own house and are having an open house should you be there?
Loan underwritten, pending income or property approval?
help! i want to move out?
can the landlord ask for 6 weeks deposit and 3 months rent ?
Is the 3% down payment on a FHA home loan capped at 3% for the borower or can the lender charge 5% on a FHA?
Where to I find investors to develop properties and commercial development?
I am a Realtor and I offer a 50% rebate yet noone seems to get the concept that you get 50% of my commission?
Doesnt a rental company have to by law rent an apartment even with someone that has an eviction?
how do i change my mortgage so i can let my house?
Can anyone tell me about Independence subdivision in Manassas?
Is there any way to break a lease early in California?
Owner financing - Who owns the property?
If I put an offer on a house...
Can he make it on his own for now?
Is it worth refinancing my home at this rate 8.3%?
House property income in case taxpayer is half owner in two houses?
I need to know what I need to do in order to move out of state?
HOUSE PRICES !!!! Up or Down decide?
Where can i go in stockton california for rental assistance?
How old do you have to be to move into another faimly members home?
I need to find free rental agreement forms for Missouri?
is $10,000 a good down payment on a home....?
what is the best way to buy a home with poor credit? Helpful answers only Please.?
questions about moving out?
Break my lease in pa?
where to buy repo items?
If you rent out a house does the renter need to know how much the morgage actually is?
Want to buy a foreclosed home. How does it work?
Is this grounds for breaking my lease?
anybody looking for rental property in chesapeake va?
When is the HEB at Fry Road and Grand Parkway in Katy, TX expected to be complete?
What is the average price for utilities in an apartment?
When u move does the new landlord have to call the old landlord ?
Should I go to court for eviction situation?
What is a good, reputable mortgage company that will not ask for any money down, including closing costs?
Can a landlord in Kentucky legally change a late fee for late rent after a notice has been issued?
we have 47 years left on our lease. what if any is the value of this lease.?
what is stop loss according to share market?
Mobile/Manufactured home expert help needed!?
What's needed when moving from an apartment to a house?
I can't choose which house to buy due to the price difference?
Why do most landlords not accept hud?
Should we refinance our home or make a large principle payment?
If I stab someone for breking in my house, will I get in trouble?
I really want to leave my apartment. They do not have my social security number. Can i just leave?
my credit is fair. i need a loan for 7500-10000 where is a good place to apply?
buy an ipad now or wait?
$1,280.00/ Month good on a 175K FHA Loan?
isn't it illegal to evict someone with only two days notice in Indiana?
When a home is foreclosed, is the homeowner reimbursed for the amount of money that was payed into the home? ?
Whats the best way to find private renters?
what is the website shows what real estate sold in my neighood?
How would a bank or lender find me to perform a BPO; Broker Price Opinion?
How can I sell my house to someone who wants to buy it but has no credit? I have a mortgage and he pays?
I want to buy a house over 4 years. Can I pick a specific amount of time to get a loan for? Do banks do that?
wats the cost of living in USA?
We have been Renting for over 9yrs?
Any reccomendations on who to use for a pest inspection by seller of single family home in Oakland, Ca?
does personal bankers do money out of mortgages like loan officer?
Is buying a condo for 35K in Vegas a good investment ?
Selling Home Buy Owner?
how long does it take..?
i want the name list of house keeping in chennai?
can you back out of a lease if only one of you has signed so far?
When you go to an apartment showing, do you bring proof of income?
Who Legally owns Antarctica , I want to move there ?
Find me information regarding - the formation of Sole -proprietership in solomon Island . By ministry of lands
How do I change my name on my property's deed now that I am married?
what is the proceedure for filing a suit for nonpayment of rent and repayment of alight bills and return of i?
Where can i find current FHA streamilne rates?
what does inventory due date mean and what does eighteen month closing date mean on a probate matter?
What does it mean in a real estate listing when it says, "no gle"?
Is it Better to buy a Home or to Build one?
I want to buy my first home and have a credit problem, can anyone give some advise?
what is the 2005 average cost per square foot for maintenance in retail buildings?
Where can I find good section8 tenants?
Houses for rent website?
im moving at the end of sept, but i want to find a place now... is there a way i can search now?
Tenant is 2 weeks late on rent for the last few months. Evict?
pay penal charges and get B memo notice - vacant land?
Where do people who make less than 40k a year live in San Francisco?
Landlord repair discrepancy?
i can't afford to pay my rent, what can my landlords do?
How can a single woman with bad credit & owns her home get a home equity loan?
Refinance home after only 1 year?
Explain to me the reason a town would start making low income housing available to its residents?
What would you do if you didn't have enough living space for 1-2 years?
Is the housing prices declining in Northern California?
1st Home decision - Buy a condo or home?
Eventually, could I purchase a $2,500,000 house making $160,000 a year?
What would you do with 30k?
Need Addendum With P.A..?
suggest company names starting with E & S with beautiful meanings?
What are my options for finding a place to live?
I need to get out of my lease?
Can my landlord deduct money from my deposit if I was never given a proper tenancy agreement?
What is the guideline value for Mahalakshmi apartments,Venkatakrishna Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore?
Where can I get free property management software?
Should I pass on this house?
When renting an apartment, does one sign?
leasing question? adding roommates?
Can someone please work me through the entire process of getting a property under contract?
Im a landlord about to rent to a young girl. Is that smart thing to do?
i need to buy a house but i have horrible credit, what can i do?
As a Processor what are the steps i would go through to process a refi loan?
Can a parent charge a 16 year old house rent?
Persuading my mother and father to consider moving?
does it cost anything to putme on my dads deed since iam perment guardian over him since he cant do anything?
What are the best countries to be buying property in?
California Real Estate state exam?
Eviction of tenant drug problem, Florida?
Can some one sum up The Louisiana Purchase?
How do I move out of my parents house?
Can I be 18 an rent an appartment without credict?
Tax sales. Do you know about them?
Is now a good time to buy a house?
Can I sleep in my car in a monthly parking garage?
Help....i moved into an apartment building and my landlord moved her daughter into the one next to me...?
Would you buy a house at this time?
I canceled my wedding, the hotel is keeping 85% of my $70k deposit as Liquid Damages - can they? Please help!?
Whose the "Licensed Realtor" in SC crybaby...?
can you live in a home before deciding to buy it?
husban & I own land,his dad owns trailer, i want it moved husbnad doesnt. who wins?
Trying to get out of my lease?
Realty question about first time buyer?
Estimate inquiry of mortgage loan, some of the answers said without thinking and not true?
Question about a buyout?
Is it hard to get a Loan for Real Estate?
I am buying my first home. Asking price is 109000.00. What should my first offer be?
rental and leasing plus mold what should i do (see details)?
who owns carleton mobil home park in carleton michigan?
I recently bought a new construction house.?
have neighbours and home and away got the same producers?
I have recently started renting out a property?
What is the process for a first time home buyer?
how many families in a neighborhood is required to form a home owners association?
should i pay for it ???
What is ATIMA stand for in relation to mortgages?
need a mortgage loan?
Explain to me the reason a town would start making low income housing available to its residents?
I have a 3-1 ARM, shall I refinance to Fixed now or sell my house in So CA?
rent or sell property in crisis time?
Landlord - Tenant dispute?
Pls help!!!!I noticed some dents on the wall caused by a very loose headboard and I can't move the bed away ?
I want to sell my house and rent. Where do I take my proceeds check since banks insure only to $100K?
I live with my grandfather,he did a reverse mortgage and then later filed for bankruptcy when he passes do i..?
Does everyone have to leave at the end of a joint tenancy agreement if only one decide to move out?
Can a property management Co. send me a fine with out notice?
if I'm a landlord in Arkansas, can I charge a $400 security deposit for a weekly rental that includes?
Apartment application making money from family business. but self employed photographer..?
a note of $1000 dated jan,1,1995 at 6% compounted quantenty for 10 years was discounted on jan,1,1999. what ar?
im not on the lease and my sister is trying to kick me out!?
If I Emodifi my loans is that gonna effect my credit for good?
if you break out of a lease, can you lose more money than the rent you owe the landlord if he decides to sue u
Can I ask a home seller to make upgrades to their house when negotiating price?
Could we possibly get a home loan?
How long does the section 8 process take?
Ease of getting a mortgage?
Do you have a recommendation for a quiet and decent apartment complex around Houston?
can a 69 year old get a 30 year mortgage on a 395,000 dollar home?
Someone was buying my house, but they suddenly decided to back out. What do I do?
how many people know that the twin towers were brought down by demolition explosives?
Is it not a right of care home residents to smoke in there own rooms?
How Long Does A Landlord Have to Respond to Your Move-Out Fees/Security Refund Dispute Letter?
Month to month lease?
What are right ways for executor to buy out heirs?
If I signed a one year lease dec 20 and the move in date is jan 1st can I change my mind?
What is the fine or punishment for a landlord in california for not rekeying a property?
does hud help pay for lot fees for preowened properties, for disabled sinior?
if there are liens on a house do they go away when the house is put into someone else's name?
should i change my house deed to include my husband's name?
what would you do if you were on low income?
Can I buy restaurant equipment with a lien on it?
Letter to the Landlord - Vacating the Premise?
what is the law on rent due dates and late fees?
Have a neighbor in my apartment building that has a bass heavy stereo next to my bedroom. Can anyone help?
How long does cAn a tenant live in a apartment before getting a warrant?
Can we use FHA 203k loan to put a roof on?
I'm looking to move out of state (CA) and need help?
Are there any rent to own or lease to own in the bay area?
Actual Sale price $110k but Buyer only needs to qualify for $80k?
Who's the best company to Purchase headstones in Alabama from?
My landlord is doing a walkthrough for the first time in 2 years?
House buying question.?
please help! the manager has become a dictator!?
Can the builder force me to buy this home?
can someone please help me with some legal adive on leasing to buy homes?
I cant sell my house and want to buy a new one. Can I?
can handicapped parkers park on any private property?
Dear Sirs,I am the franchising manager of a construction company and its real estate agent dept. in Altınkum i
how to choose a lender?
The landlord sold the flat we live in so we have to move out (UK)?
Will sallie mae give you a school loan if you have a bankruptcy on your credit history?
Why do people keep telling me that it would be a mistake to become a real estate sales agent?
Current rate of flats in sector-28, Vashi ?
Do you have to pay a security deposit if you sublease a room in a house for 6 mos?
where do i live?
looking to sell buy to let portfolio of 15 houses (uk) - advice please?
Does anyone know if I can break my lease for unsafe living conditions?
$99.00 move in apartments arlington texas?
Okay to charge tenants for late rent?
Why are foreclosures homes so cheap?
Is a lease deposit that I paid to lease an apartment listed as an asset on a balance sheet?
Questions to ask when purchasing a home.?
Can property managers appear at eviction hearing in Detroit instead of owner?
how to create positive energy in a new apartment which has remaining negative energy from the previous owners?
Why do people bither looking at a home that is for sale,?
Appartments uin Charles town WV?
how is divide joint property for unmarried couples in New Hampshire?
what do i do, any suggestions?
what are some small cities that are in houston where I can live safely.?
What makes a room a bedroom?
Hi iam surendar from chennai. i want to buy a bike in due. but i have no job right now. is it possible?
Should I sign over my share in our house?
i co-sign a house for my mom she on a fix income and 72yrs old how can i get my name off the loan?
Investing in hotel rooms in Orlando Florida?
where can i capture a picture of a orange grove in florida?
Can your landlord call you 35 min. before coming over and just let him/herself in if you are sleeping?
what do i need to have to move into an apartment?
Okay..I'm selling my mobile home..I had a woman offer me a price?
where is the hottest home market?
Can landlord raise rent without notice if I dont have a signed agreement?
Pit Bull apartments in Long Beach, CA?
Need to stop Foreclosure need advice?
closing on house tomorrow. seller left it dirty?
what are the negatives of month to month leases in apartments to renters?
I disagree with your answers on Sec. 42 housing.?
If I give consent, can someone sign the back of a check in my name?
Where is the best R.E. Investors locations in the USA?
Are foreclosures a good investment option?
how to find a list of people looking at apartments in boston?
Should I refinance my 30 fixed rate mortgage from 5.75% to 4.60%?
My sister is currently renting a two bedroom 1 bath apartment with her room mate.?
My credit sucks but I'm working on it but I want to buy a house is this possible.??? WANT WANT WANT?
How much should I be making monthly to rent a place that's $1300 a month?
is it legal to hold the rent if you have asked for something to be fixed and it hasn't been done yet?
I have a complicated legal question for you?
Should I pay off more than the minimum payment on my student loan debt or save for a down payment on a house?
what are the areas and its function of madeira regency palace hotel portugal?
What counts as "reserves" when getting qualified for a mortgage?
If you are behind on mortgage payments, and get approved for a loan modification and new payments....?
How can I run a credit check on a roommate?
Mobile homes.......................?
where to find those house/shop for auction from bank in malaysia?
I signed an exclusive right to buy contractwith a real estate broker without knowing how do I get out of it?
Is it good to refinance from 4.99APR to 4.30 APR ?
buying my first house can i use the money the bank let me borrow or loan company to buy a house in foreclosure
I have bad credit and I really need furniture. Please do not tell me rent a center.?
how can i get on the property ladder with very little money?
Where can I get help to pay my rent in Cleveland, Ohio?
first time buyers for homes what to do and what is the easiest way to do it ?
Does personal property include a house?
How much would i get paid by a company for them to put windmills on my land?
what are the circumstances in which boa has to pay back customers under foreclosure?
Are mortgage pre-payment penalties legal in Texas?
Why don't people like Manufactured Homes?
Does a landlord have to refund rent if he rents your vacated apartment to someone else?
what's carbon credit ..can i get into it. i do have 20 acre of land near parvati river?
what is the different between buying a home vs rent to own a home?
my mum wants me to pay half the rent?
How do I find out who owns a section of property?
how much does 197,000 square feet cost in us in average ?
want to buy unlisted bank-owned home?
as a long term tenant, do i have rights to compensation as i have maintained and done the property up.?
Is there a blue book for manufactured homes?
What are the steps I need to take when moving out of an apartment?
What should I do if my tennant doesn't pay rent (other than kick them out)?
Section 8 voucher landlord issue?
Would you pay your rent if?
Initial payment to buy a rollsroyce phantom ewb.?
in wich state should i buy my new home?
How much for a downpayment?
how long does an apartment manager have to notify a tenant of a bounced check?
Can your APTS tell you that you cant sit on your porch even wen u pay rent and its before 12am?
Approval for $150,000 house loan?
mortgage and foreclosure question for the experts?
What would be the percentage of increase in my home's value if our gravel road gets upgraded to pavement?
Why won't my landlord do any fixtures to the place im in?
Virtual 360 Tours - Realtors only please?
how much does the average first year real estate agent make working full time?
what to do if i found out my landlord really doesn"t own the house im living in?
I stored property with x of 7yrs. i call to get and he says he got rid of most. 3000$ almost. how i get money?
No. of bedrooms upper level?
How do I set up a hermitage in the mountains where I can live in peace?
waited if i was approved for mortgage, turns out banker is on holidays for a couple of weeks?
seller not going to closing?
Do i still gain money if buy house in California ?
Is this apartment in Derby, Connecticut worth it? (not bad area) but what about the price? ?
When trying to move into an apartment and they are running a credit check, what are they looking for?
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