Real Estate

Is there a website that I can check the house/condo value trend in the past few years?
Which of the following is TRUE about a trust deed?
is there a difference between a loan officer and a mortgage broker?
I have a couple rental properties and I would like to have a company manage them. What would that cost?
What was the excuses your tenants used to not pay the rent?
Can a landlord enter your house if you never signed a lease?
can we get a home equity loan?
what to do if tenant don't keep the house clean?????
Any apartments in NW Chicago that allow more than 2 pets?
Can I get the names of Indian real estate developers.?
Where can i sign (or not sign) a lease, other than the ghetto, with bad credit due to teenage indiscretions??
Does a landlord have to give an excuse to issue a 30 or 60 day notice to vacate?
What does it mean to have your mortgage suspended, during modification on a home loan?
How long should you wait to change your home carpet threw out the house to a new one?
mortgage advice?
how can I get a copy of a deed on line. the property is on staten island ny, zip 10310?
whats the difference between warranty deed and quit claim deed?
what options do I have if I I can no longer afford my mortage payments and can't refi !?
Do i have thr right to end my tenancy agreement?
Can a renter get a new carpet after water damage?
Bed Bugs in Apartment HELP?
A, B & C are the owners of the land, they have constructed building thereon. After completion of construction?
How does it make you feel when you have to give the landlord all your hard earned money for rent?
Can i get a loan for a house that has no right away?
Do I need a lawyer when buying a new home?
Texas or Florida - Where would you rather live?
Home equity loan?
Why are the hotels so expensive in New York?
I have a paranoid neighbor (condo)?
how can a non-US citizen acquire a house in california?
Could I afford an apartment?
What is the appropriate rent I should pay for a gross monthly income 4500 in California?
making offer for a house?
Do I need to repay my 2010 First-time home buyers credit if I get married and need to relocate for spouses wor?
is your house 1 story or 2 story?
What happens if you don't tell your mortgage lender about your car loan?
Legal question: If my roommates of 2 years paid first and last month's rent 5 years ago, do I owe them money?
Where can I find 10 US cities with cheap cost of living expenses?
I am a first time home buyer i never purchased a home it will be my first loan...?
Should I go into subsidized housing?
Poll-How do home owners pay their bills?
Does an apartment complex have to give warning before a fine?
does hud help pay for lot fees for preowened properties, for disabled sinior?
VA home loan: Property has had to be in the market for 90 days?
I was approved for a home loan but need to come up with $30,000 for a down payment any ideas?
My daughter need to refi her arm mortgage by oct. but her home value is less how should she proceed to refi .?
What is a transaction coordinator?
If you have a real estate license, can you sell houses everywhere? Or just the state you got your license in?
Real Estate Agent or Secretary?
In Real Estate, what does a ( Letter Report ) look like and where can I get one?
How does Fannie Mae help first time home buyers?
I was outbid on my offer to buy a condo (short sale). My realtor told me how much, is that illegal?
Scared of foreclosure?
i need to find rentals in jeffersonville indiana?
my son and his girlfriend want my husband and I to cosign a 300,00$ mortgage as they have alot of debt and she?
Is it possible to kick someone out of the apartment if she is on the lease?
Mice in my Apartment?
Rental Business: Working with Property Manager: Is this request reasonable?
can my father buy me a house and help pay mortgage if im emancipated and 15 just wondering?
why are mobile homes/manufacture homes so cheap?
Can I draw up this type of agreement?
Do colleges charge you a lot of money to cancel housing contracts?
Can A finacial institution refuse to take more than my minimum mortgage payment?
Do you think a bank will give us a loan?
We are 90 days delinquent TODAY...(please read)?
Desperate in New Orleans, Louisiana!?
I have a 2 bed mobile home?
Moving to the Washington,DC area & want to get info on towns nearby.I know there is site to help. Know of it?
Terrible Townhome Association?
How would utilities be per month for a single occupant in an apartment?
Need advice on rent being raised on lease-to-own property!!!!?
i have 2 questions regarding oklahoma city?
how fast does a landlord have to react to an infestation complaint?
If paying more than monthly payment would it be better to apply it to the principal or escrow?
Looking for a house for sale in Kyle, Texas on Miller street?
What advice would you give to a young individual changing careers to become a real estate agent?
I am looking at purchasing a home for the first time. Is right now an good time to purchase or not?
Where do you find information for government grants to rehab sec 8 low income housing?
Is it normal for a landlord to want to make periodic visits to my property? Can I say No?
Should I be concerned about purchasing landlease property?
my landlord is not renewing our contract in our flat,has he got to give us a reason why,we are good tennents.?
House Buying?
can I legally change my apartment lock and not give copy of key to landlord?
Tenant who won't leave?
how to buy abandoned or vacant buildings?
Where can I find a FULL FHA Inspection Checklist?
What recourse do I have if my movers are 4 days late delivering my stuff?
what are the approximate costs of demolition of a 40 ft trailer in the ft. myers area of florida?
High Risk Lender- appraised value much higher than selling price?
should i evict my brother in law?
Where is the most affordable 'safe' area of london near goldsmiths uni? (SE)
Can I break my lease early?
how can i get on the property ladder with very little money?
What Are The Steps To Do A Foreclosure Short Sale?
Rental Question? Who is responsible? Landlord or Tenant?
does anyone know a good site where i can find an apartment for rent?
how do you get rich in real estate?
Is anybody out there from Hyderabad,INDIA need help.... please....?
Do you have to pay to view a flat?
Who do I report a bad landlord to?
For Advocates .i belong to india,i live in India.?
Who can I contact to provide condos for executive leasing?
Im thinking of moving to seatle with a friend to a aparment how much would it cost.?
How long does USAA/Dovenmuhle take to foreclose on a property? How many payments can be missed? Anybody?
could you give me a good link to look for apt's. or even cheap studio's?
if your house goes to sheriffs sale is there a way to keep it if you claim bankruptsy before your six months?
i need a christian landlord with a 3 bedroom rental in ocean county New Jersey?
i need to know how to get the application for section 8 in ct. for the apartment squire village?
Ameriquest/ class action law suit?
Apartment contract signed, move in date is today but the apartment was not cleaned. Can I back out?
is there any companies that gives you loan to buy a house?(not banks)?
Rent to Own or Short Sale?
real estate office protocol?
If mortgage rate is 3.0% & 3.5% APR, why would it have to be 3.5% if I pay all the fees & points up front cash?
How can I buy a house?
How do I get a mortgage on real estate?
I want to rent out my only home privately to students, whilst renting another for myself, do i have to pay tax?
Should banks have it all their own way? What do you do to get a better home loan deal from your bank?
Where can I find attorney that is licensed in FL& MO, bankruptcy/real estate law?
If you are carrying a second for a private party and they can't get refi how do you get your money back?
changing loan names - on our house?
buy a you pay for the land?
my apt complex made a mistake and set out my property then put all of my things back in while I was away?
What does LCR4 zone mean in Los Angeles County?
How often do people get turned down when applying to lease an apartment because of bad credit?
what is the law about replacing the carpet in an apartment?
If father dies and left daughter house property and his name is still in deed will they send her property taxs?
Why are some many people moving to Florida?
renting from an owner?
can perfect home find me if i move?
I your mortgage company raises your mortgage almost 1/2 is it ok to add some of that cost to your tenants rent?
should i move out of my mom's house?
upper middle class/affluent areas/cities in Florida that are good for families?
Can I deduct my apartment's finders fee?
How does ANYONE afford to BUY a house?!?
How do you buy a house for business?
Landlord says no pets... but..?
My partner and I are looking for a place to live, and we've seen a few flats available to rent privately?
1 year contract with landlord want to go before?
Where is the best place to Move?
Can i apply for section 8 housing in another state if im planning to move there?
How many months can a Landlord charge you if you break your lease?
Can a student rent an apartment without a job?
I signed a lease at this apt. I live in. My church wrote a letter stating if I were unable to pay the rent.?
How Can You Get Rich Quick And Easy?
Getting a council flat at 18?
Offer on house declined?
How is the rental market on the east bench of Salt Lake City?
Pa landlord issues......... HELP PLEASE!?
Where can I find a list of free pre-foreclosure listings?
Do you need perfect credit to get a mortgage?
What is a triplex is it a apartment and how do it look?
can our landlord evict us from our home if we are up to date with our rent and have not broken tenancy?
Can a landlord kick someone out that's not on the lease but has been living there for 10 months?
My brother wants to buy me out of the house we inherent so he can rent it out and sell it later. What's fair?
Where can i find an affordable apartement?
What to look for if the borrower wants to make a purchase loan?
If I find a home I want to buy, how to I do it?
What can I do to persuade our home builder to work faster?
How clean must your house be for it to be shown by a realtor?
What percentage of my home do I owe and what does the bank own?
Do I have any rights to a breached tenancy agreement as a student?
How much is it to buy 30 acres in Humble, TX?
Can my landlord do this?
Landlord Tenant Dispute Help?
Verification of Housing Co-operativ societies?
Can a new federal employee working in DC, living in Virginia break a lease to move closer to a work location?
can i lower my payments?
Early termination of lease part is not filled out by landlord can I move?
Do MLS listings expire?
UK question: Can you get a mortgage if you are unemployed?
tenant problem help driving me crazy?
Does anyone know of a apartment complex in the DC area that will rent to someone with bad credit?
Trying to find a way to get out of house rental lease. Any suggestions?
How long does it takes for a city check to pay you when you won a case?
How much would building a field cost?
I want to make up a contract for renting out a party hall. Any suggestions on how to get started?
why are private landlord's reluctant to accept housing benefit?
How to buy a home when broke?
Loan for house, no credit, no down payment, steady job!!?
Can a 16 year old legally rent a basement suite or apartment?
Customary Alameda County Closing Cost Splits?
Relocating for business - House deposits?
Does the VA come after you for a deficiency on a VA Loan?
How much should I put into my home before selling....?
I had mold in a condo, which has been removed, and a real estate agent?
Home Owners-what is your opinion of this: Buying a home is a ticket to financial security is a "scam" per...?
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
Is buying vacant property a good idea for me.?
What income do i pay on rental property?
Can storage unit owners throw away your stuff?
landlord trying to get me to replace carpet thats from 1988?
Combine two apartments/Flats into one larger ?
Where to rent in Decatur - Atlanta?
Does closing usually happen on time? Who attends?
where do I get a mortgage in Ohio?
What's the maximum percentage of your monthly salary should you pay for a mortgage?
what to expect in a health and fire inspection? at my house?
what can we do? please read?
do i have to live in Pennsylvania to apply for section 8?
low income?
does anyone understand why my bank would sell my mortgage to another bank when the loan is in default?
Should I lock my rate now or wait?
Short Sale? after appraiser?
How old you you have to be to move out in the uk?
do all 50 states have real estate poperty tax??
where i could find an appartments in the state of nj?
Why are some of the reason you choose to rent?
how can we sell the house very quickly???
Do I have to pay rent?
I have a credit score of 423.I had a repossecion last Oct. Back @ wrk now.Any ideas on how I can get an apartm
Bedroom in an apartment without windows legal?
Help me come out of this situation.My Landlord is going to sell the property after the contract period.?
Advice about getting my first apartment?
Are apartment rooms priced per person or overall price when listed?
I put off buying real-estate in Hawaii last year as it was very high, it came down. Good time to invest?
How does the Canadian credit system work with regards to getting a mortgage?
how much does it cost to rent a flat in central london?
looking to obtain grant money for affordable housing for kids?
Would you buy a house on a busy street?
Is it smarter to put xtra $$ towards your monthly mortgage or to save as a downpayment on your next home?
Is it OK to ask my buyer's agent as how much commission they are getting in the deal ?
what paperwork do i need to file to ask the court if the bank demonstrate it has a right to enforce the note?
Does my landlord have the right to enter our gated yard at any time, unannounced, in the state of California?
Can you pay 3 or more months rent ahead of time?
Where is the most affordable beachfront property in the west? (CA, OR, WA), thanks?
Does my landlord need to replace the broken refrigerator?
can someone with sickle cell trait suffer from mental issues?
What are some good ideas for my real estate postcards?
Questions about 30 yr and 15 yr fixed rate home loan and early payment ?
How (and where) do I go about finding land with caves for sale?
How can I refinance my mortgage and save money?
On average what is the utility bill for a 1BR apartment in Rochester, NY?
Do I Qualify For a First Time Home Owners RRSP Withdrawls?
Can my landlord evict me if I was only able to come up with 3/4 of my rent now, but will have the rest in two?
im buying a house but might be in negative equity ?? help?
I am buying a townhome that, but the land and airspace above is not included. Does it matter?
Can one roommate allow a guest to live in residence, if the other roommate objects?
Would you buy a house in the current financial climate?
Im guaranor for somebody that got benefit but didnt pay rent?
if i co sign on a lease for an apartment can my girlfriend kick me out just because she gets mad at me?
Can a landlord evict only one tenant if it is a joint lease and the tenants pay together?
Are apartment rents charged per room, per person or is it monthly rate for the apartment?
Is my landlord being like this because of my age?!?
what is the fastest easiest way to get a grant?
If my husband forecloses on a rental property, will it affect my credit?
What exactly can I do if someone discriminates against my section8 voucher?
As a real estate listing agent, what are 200 things you would do for your client?
What do I pay when I sign a lease for an Apartment?
how much can I spend on a mortgage?
Does the landlord have the right to ask to you clean the apartment?
I am an investor.How can I get a listing agents contact directly without getting a broker involved on my side?
Can someone recommend an excellent mortgage broker to me?
N.J. Stat. Ann. §§ 46:8-1 to-49 where can I find and print this nj law [landlord tenant rights]?
I have horrible credit with 2 evitions. I need an apt. in indianapolis. Can anyone help?
Why would a person pay 1000 a month 4 rent when they could have a mortgage for that or even less money?
We are 3 owners of a house. The 2 of us want to sell but our 3rd sibling and her husband are not moving out.?
best area to live in Houston TX for my situation...Please Help!?
I am being required to buy renters insurance by the owners of the?
we all live in a ?
Which makes more sense??
what should I buy with 100?
(10points) how register (residential land/property) using possession certificate?
How can you purchase a home with bad credit?
i'm 20 and would to take out a loan but dont know if thats a bad thing to do?
i have valid proof of residency and my landlord it still trying to evict me?
Will I be denied for an apartment?
Living in Baltimore Harbor?...Mall Nearby...?
If i was to rent out a room in my house to be used for business?
can owner of house im renting use surveilence inside?
Where can I go to find recently sold houses in Edmonds, WA?
Has anyone purchased a property with thier Landlord/Lady? ie; Shared Ownership?
Anybody knows how to NOT go through a property agent? They take too much unreasonable profits.?
Any opinions on Brookside Village Apartments in Dalton, GA?
With rising Property Market Value - Have RENTS increased noticeably?
Would you live by a rail way track?
Is it appropriate to send a follow-up thank you letter after viewing a home when an agreement wasn't reached?
Whats the difference between a regional and a local MLS listing? ?
how do I get a grant to buy a home?
Does a NH Broker still have to pay their sales agent the commission owed to them if they are leaving?
Has anyone had a short sale refused by the mortgage lender.?
How much in materials does it cost to build a house?
I am looking for noteholders ready to sell. Where can i list my e-mail for them to reach me?
can mortgage co. force loan payoff with insurance damage proceeds even if contrary to mortgage contract clause
How big is 43 acres of land?
Want to back out of renting to a tenant?
How can i get a house mortgage?
Need to determine my home and property's appreciation rate for the last 5 years.?
What are some questions to ask when looking at apartments to rent?
Is Keller Williams a reputable realtor company to work for?
When someone has a rental unit and they refer to it as a duplex, what exactly is a "duplex"?
Do you think it would be ok with my landlord if?
If my landlord writes the wrong address on an insepction paper can she still come in the property?
First time house flippers!! What is the best advice and/or tips for flipping?
How do you sell a house w/o a realtor?
my husband and I are seperating ours names both are on rental lease..How can I get my name off the lease?
can a maryland townhouse in owings mills be in a flood zone?
can my buyer brake a real state contract because appraisal was too low, even though he is giving 60% down?
I am thinking about selling my house as a rent to own?
how do one becomes an Appraiser?
if our property is £300,000 and we get 90% of value what are we left?
Is there a way I can look up the history of a property for free?
what would you do if I gave you $50,000?
Will i get approved for a home loan? ?
Is Next student a lugit loan company?
where cane i find a chevy truck with a extended cab at the year of 1999?
Where is a good country to move to?
Where can I find a copy of a typical exam that covers commercial leases? Can I find this online somewhere?
I am looking for the names of smaller private owned real estate companies in va beach va, can anyone help?
Can I change lenders after an appraisal?
Should you get a realtor for the purchase of a brand new home?
I'm trying to find a condo in New Orleans that has a liberal pet policy?
How could I live out in Los Angeles without knowing anybody and with no home or money?
How to become a property developer?
I need to raise £3000 quickly, can you help?
i have a hundred thousand dollars and i want to buy houses, any suggests?
does any one know how to get out of a rental lease on a house? without having to pay the remainder of the $ ??
Is it generally easier to get a home or business loan from a bank you've been with?
Need advice on how to Proceed with difficult Landlord?
Rental Business: Tenant Wants a Reference Letter?
We had new renters move into our rental home?
what steps do i have to take to evict a tenant from a residential dwelling?
As a guess how much of you pay-check each week as a % goes towards rent/mortgage payments?
suggest a company name starting with "E" having beautiful meaning related to real Estate Business?
As a morgage banker would you disregard a low credit rating if it was caused by a forclosure on a time share?
Do you have to go to college to be a realtor?
Could I use a real estate license from MA in NY and CT?
Any agents have Feedback on Point2 Websites?
Evicting roommate on the lease... meeting with the property manager today?
A house an asset or liability?
What's the housing market future look like?
What can you do when someone you bought a house from did not make a significant disclosure?
Are the pediphiles in my area i live in santa clara 1555washington st?
Have you ever had to break into your own house?
what can i do if my landlord still has not given me my rental agreement?
Apartments for rent in IL?
At what point can a listing agent agreement be breached?
signed no contract, moved out, lost deposit due to no 30 day notice. What do I do?
I need to know what a forced closed not a foreclosure?
HOW TO GET 10-30K Canadian Dollars for Downpayment on first house???
Would the council let me put a lean too on the back on my council home?
apartment rate goes up for a current resident?
GIS Mapping and Property search info for Lafayette, LA.?
Why are people walking away from their mortgages just because they owe more than their home is worth?
moving out/apartment?
When trying to move into an apartment and they are running a credit check, what are they looking for?
I live in Detroit city and want to apply for section 8 in Oakland County where do i go to apply?
I was stayn wit someone for 4 months with no written rental agreement&they are threatning to take me to court?
Question about taking out a mortgage?
rental assistance in Little Rock???
What should i major in if i want to be a house inspector?
How much notice do you give a tenant before doing a rental inspection?
If a Cooker is hard wired in is it classed as a fixture or a furnishing?
who should i contact with a realtors incompetence?
Neighbor Smoking In Apartment With Baby?
where can i rent a usedcar in ft myers flfor two months?
chase manhattan morgage corp. customer service phone number?
Do any apartments in fort wayne have second chance rental programs?
How long does it take to receive loan docs for a refi?
10 acres of land- what are my expenses?
Property law in MA - Can I sell my condo?
Whats the penalty for stoppiong an allotment and taking the money out?
i have changed my mind on moving in?
What would be the best reason to leave from lease...without paying any fees...Thanks?
how much are the apartments in time square in new work?
Misleading information from real estate agent...I need your help guys?
Roommate Dispute - MO?
Foreclosure time question?
Unlike America Why in India there are no buildings with washing machines for members provided by builder?
Is buying a house an important part of saving of retirement? could i rent for the rest of my life?
if you have bad credit don't you need a cosigner for a good apartment?
I need current leasing agents to give me suggestions on what to charge to lease a home overseas for a customer
How often can you refinance your home in the state of Florida?
Are there any 'sweat equity' housing projects currently in sonoma county, ca?
my wife and i get 25000 total can we buy a house in texas?
Worse case scenario if I move out 2 months early on a 6 month lease?
how much does it cost to u-haul your stuff from Tempe A.Z to Lee's summit M.O? Any info would be great?
How do I choose a real estate agent?
How soon after listing a house should one consider lowering the price if no offers?
i want to evict a tenant x-wife with no lease?
How do I handle this legal real estate matter?
has anyone invested in the go zone in mississippi?
How to sell my house?
Lucky Rental Org?
Are the pediphiles in my area i live in santa clara 1555washington st?
a letting agent is trying to rip me off.?
If my landlord is selling my flat can the estate agent show buyers round without my permission?
Tree houses for sale?
What kind of offer should I make on this house?
what is the best way to find a real estate client?
Should I refund tenants $850 deposit?
the best, low cost, buyer lead generator system for realtors?
if a landlord sends you a letter with 2 lease renewal options(renew or not) is this considered my notice legal
I was illigally evicted from my apartment by my roommates. I wasn't on the lease. What can I do?
should i sell my house for cash at 16,000 less than full market value(as is) or go thru a realtor?
Tenant in other townhouse smoking in non smoking building? What are my legal rights? Crappy Landlord?
Morgage info. Shortsale?
Can a join tenancy stop me from moving out early?
I am looking at a HUD home that was a former meth lab/home. There are papers stating it has been remediated?
Realtors: What if I have my house listed on the MLS but find a buyer mysel?
real estate home warranty?
i live in chicago and need an appraisal for my house's value in may of 2003?
Selling a house are they legit or not?
buying a home soon help!?
where can i find and apartment for rent in lynwood, ca?
Foreclosure homes??....?
How do I get this guy and all of his belonging out of my house legally?
How can you find the mls number if you just have an address?
Do you live in an apartment or house?
My floors are squeaky and I'm on the 3rd floor. Should I care?
why is buying a home so confusing, who really knows all this stuff like escrow, etc.?
How can I find out how much my landlord paid for the house I rent from him ?
Who used to built forts in their bedrooms?
Would this be insulting to the neighbors?
I leased an apartment for a person and now I'm finding out he was evicted. What can I do?
Why no offers on my home?
Re mortgaging to a buy to let?
Dishwasher flooded rental place?
when is it illegal to rent out your house?
what is a put and call option in real estate?
How many hotel rooms nationwide in America?
My landlord is selling my house. I need to know what rights I have and how to get my deposit back?
can you own a house with prop 13 and rent it out?
Why do banks look to sell repossessed property so quickly?
Can a 15 about to be 16 teenager rent an apartment?
Am I legally responsible for mowing a property that was lost in foreclosure/bankruptcy 2 years ago?
How do successful realtors' market.?
ok i get an LLC than i quick deed a rental property to the LLC??? is this how it works?
Can I get a smaller home loan?
My Aunt's son fraudulently took out several loans totaling more than $600,000.against his Mom's condo.
what to do if I wanna get out of the rental lease before contract expires?
My mom did a quit claim deed on her home before she passed.?
Give me the 411 on buying a house.?
I have a question about Government Owned land?
USA Realestate sites?
Do realtors reveal good points discovered in an inspection?
Why is an inspector coming to my apartment building?
what is 30% of 8,000?
I'm renting in southern CA got flooded by next door neighbor's kitchen pipes can I have the carpet replaced?
When renting an apartment, what does it mean when I need to make 3 times the gross income of the rent?
who is best realtor in Phoenix?
housing bubble?
The Bank Wants to Take My house?
If I lived in my apartment for 4 years, am I responsible to replace the carpets?
Any good property Lawyer in Indira nagar/ Koramangala Bangalore who can help in Registration of the property ?
When buying a home before the sales contract is signed do I get time to review the contract?
How to find a landlord that would accept DSS, and provide internet?
Is a monthly rent of $1500 do-able with bringing in $2,600 each month?
I'm thinking of selling my house on eBay as a raffle £100 a ticket is it a good idea.?
condo/house what are the main differences? pros/cons?
were can i find nice apartment in New Jersey ?
I need help with getting Mshda?
I would like to buy a home but I have bad credit. where should I look?
what type of houses do they have in cyprus?
i filed last year but didnt put on there that my home was sold the year before whats going to happen to me?
How do i figure out how much more my work owes me?
Is my landlord allowed to issue an eviction notice?
does anyone know how to contact the owners of other than email/website contact form?
My home was sold at a foreclosure sale that did not involve my mortgage company, and while under appeal.?
Can I withhold rent legally if landlord will not fix the problem with neighbor's barking dogs?
Do you have to pay a real estate agent for showing you houses if you buy one directly from a builder instead?
Lakeside apartments in battle creek?
What sort of credit information on me can a property manager get from the following info provided?
Living in Canada, can I aqcuire a mortgage in England?
Apartments in/near Littleton, Co for poor credit?
Recommendation, Might move to New Orleans Area.?
Is it legal for them to do this .......?
Rights against a guarantor?
Should I buy a house right now or wait for a couple of more months?
Does this sound legitimate?
what happens if i sell my home while i am still in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?
What is the Income Strategies Institute, and has anyone tried them?
Written offer to buy a house -- so why would seller's agent engage in verbal negotiations?
Kicking boyfriend out whose not on lease.?
Refinance: mortgage is 280K property value is only 230K. Do you know anyone who can refinance this?
Well question #2! Does anyone know where I can get low income information ?
Is a $400,000 dollar house considered expensive?
how do i learn more about section 8 housing program?
What is a leasehold estate?
How can I acquire a home with equity from my parents?
I can't figure out what to do with my house. Should I do a short sale or foreclose?
I bid on a home via a buyer agent & did not get offer accepted. I feel she isn't helping rep. me adequately.
im thinking of renting my house out but don't know whether to go through an agency or private?
Can a realtor really predict when a bank will answer a short sale offer?
We want to buy our first home in Georgia (it's $189,000), our combined credit score is probably 700. Help!!
Has a Realtor ever said it WASN'T a good time to buy a house?
what is a wrap morgage on two homes on property?
What to dO.IF U STILL OWE ON.VEHICLE LOAN, but cannot afford repairs to damaged vehicle!?
Good website to find home for rent in London?
If you correct the housing market it will put many people back to work. Fix housing and the economy will impro?
I put in an offer on a house 6 days ago. How long before we hear something?
If I move into an apartment, am I allowed to install an alarm system and use a door stopper for protection?
Noise Nuisance / Damp / No Insulation - Rented Property?
Does anybody know of Nice & Affordable apts to live in?
Can people ask the Post Office for the history of Money Order?
Is it easier to live in a apartment or house wen moving out your parents house?
Real Cheap Apartments?
what questions should I ask before purchasing an apartment complex?
I'm in a rented flat,pay my electric bill directly. Who is responsible for the checking the meter is faulty?
how to get loan without registering the property under my name?
how can i advertise my business in spain in england and get a good price?
if I know the house address, can I find the owner's name online?
Should I refinance my 30 fixed rate mortgage from 5.75% to 4.60%?
how much the price of the property 22 prospect crescent forest lake sold "?
If you miss a rent payment and the landlord ask you to leave what is your right to stay?
who can you talk to to find out if your landlord building is in foreclosure.?
7 months of asking for the lease I signed my landlord draws up a new one with diff conditions. what do i do?
If there is an apartment that goes by income would there be a deposit for electricity?
Would saying a house has 3 bedrooms and a family room sound more valuable or 4 bedrooms with no familyroom?
I'm buying a home from my aunt do I qualify for the first time home buyers credit?
Legal: Neighbor built shed on my property?
if lease ends do i have to be out 31st or 1st?
Will my medical bills effect my ability to renew the lease on my apartment?
Settlement date for my condo.?
can my friend pitch a tent without my landlords consent?
I am looking for a small country to buy like San Marino or Andorra. Any realators who specialize in this?
can a landlord say they want to see the house on this day, if you can't not be there have a key available?
Building a new house in back of garden, need help?
I need to rent a house but how can I find out it's not in foreclosure?
Friend being penalized for ending lease early months after moving and asking to be taken off?
Anyone knows how this "takeover the mortgage payments" work?
What types of construction development project might a development budget not be required?
Anybody has any ideas on how you could buy a house with bad credit?
has anybody out there had to deal with bad landlords in their life time?
Would you buy property in Mexico from these guys?
My landlord died last night?
is it fair to ask flat mate to pay rent while on holiday?
Does a business degree teach you to become a Real Estate Investor?
Can someone help understand this contract for deed?
bond price = $1000; bond fixed annual interest payment = $100;?
Can a landlord do this?
Rental/body shop scam! Help!!?
Would a bank rather take a lower cash offer or a higher loan offer?
Does any one know how to purchase a home w/out Realestate Agent?
i heard if your 17 you can rent an apartment but you cant lease it? is this true?
vacant homes out in country that have not been lived in?
What's the best way to find undervalued houses for sale?
New landlord, so new lease?
If you moved into an apartment, would you have a deadbolt installed?
Question about property buying...?
Can I claim my share in parents property in India?
long-term rentals in Christchurch New Zealand?
How does a foreclosure work?
Buy a 2/1 or 1/1 I can pay myself, or a 3/2 or 4/3 house w/a roommate?
Real Estate Closing Without A Lawyer?
Question about quitclaim ?
How do I handle this legal real estate matter?
Can I live off of 40k in San Francisco? Alone?
how much are the apartments in time square in new work?
Is Standing Order a normal procedure to rent a property from estate agency?
Where can I publish FOR FREE properties I offer for sale in NYC?
what is the total cash needed for a home loan of $413,250 to close?
Can I break a rental agreement because of cockroaches?
property sold at 5904 maurie dr watauga tx 76148?
I have bad credit, can I still get a house?
Affordable apartments for college students in Atlanta,Georgia?
should i buy a home in Austin, Tx?
How much money do i need saved so i can buy my own place?
Would it be good if everything was free?
can anyone help settle a disagreement please?
What is a good website where I can find rowhomes in for rent in Washington, DC?
is the landlord allowed to charge the tenant a fee for moving the rent from one account to another account?
can you break a lease on a apartment due to work relocation?
Why are estate agents allowed to set house prices .. why isn't it a regulated area?
Will i ever get my first time home buyers stimulus?
If my landlord has not provided me with a Gas Safety Cerificate, can i withhold the rent?
How does forclosure on a property work?
What is the PMI rate in California?
I have a house for sale and buyer wants Land Contract. What are the pros and cons of a Land Contract?
Whats the difference between a home loan and a home equity loan?
Is a co-signer with great credit but no job any good?
If I file bankruptcy, will I lose my rent house. It is the only income I have.?
How can I tell my landlord to deposit my rent check in a timely manner?
How do I negotiate a fixed rent lease with my landlord for 10 years since I will be improving the building?
Is it true that Canadian Banks now offer 35 yr mortgages?
I have sent a request for a deposit refund via certified mail . He has received it . does he have to reply?
heat included in rent?
my two roommates have decided to move out,breaking the lease we all i obligated to pay full amount o?
Can An Divorced Person Receive the IRS First-Time Home Buyer Credit By Buying The Ex's Half Of the House?
what is mass appraisal using oasis system?
Thinking of moving to California?
No AC in my apt for 4 days now. Who can I file a complaint with?
Can I get a copy of my lease off the web?
How many days must a landlord give you after telling you the price is going up?
Is it illegal to move into a rental property before doing a walk through with the leasing company?
I need help finding a home to live in?
don't you think they should make a website for bad credit apartments in Fremont CA?
can owner of house im renting use surveilence inside?
Is it HONESTLY possible to earn a lot of money w/in a couple of weeks in NYC real estate sales/rentals?
has anyone brought or is buying a house?
can you ask for more time to the judge when being evicted for non-payment?
Can a 14 year old buy a house?
Does my room-mate (owner of property) have the right to let people use my bathroom?
Can my landlord make me leave the house while they show during my last 30 days inSC?
do you have to make an offer to but a house before you get a home inspector?
I trying to work with my landlord they refused partial payment, I told them I move out before next month?
How can i make 20 dollars around the house?
How do i save my home?
im not on the lease and my sister is trying to kick me out!?
does anyone know where i can find a 1 bedroom apartment or house for rent in modesto or ceres?
What EXACTLY do apartments look at in a credit report?
Is it legal for landlord to apply my rent payments towards a plumbing bill I never agreed to?
is there anyway a single low income Mom can clean credit and buy first home with one loan?
Is it illegal for someone to reject an offer on a house if you offer the asking price.?
Whats a reasonble price to charge for rent/board?
Does the landlord can refuse to prorrate my rent?
Ca water co. required new tenant to pay old tenants water bill or refused to turn on water?
I want a house to start my daycare business in Philadelphia?
How long after you file Bankruptcy can you apply for a home loan?
What is the public housing income requirements?
About how much a notice of Lis Pendens cost, need to know a range?
Does my landlord have to provide a fridge?
Buying a home in Las Vegas?
Tenants breaking a lease?
What's the smallest house you could possibly live in ??
How Much Should Each person be Paid?
How do I contest a final bill from a landlord?
Electric company for new house question?
demand and supply for first home buyers?
What if some of the people on this website bought a large parcel of land with which to build an abode...?
refinance my home?
question about foreclosure?
I am paying my property manager 25% to rent my vacation home. Is this a fair rate?
How do i go about starting a business in renting?
Need Home Construction for non patta land?
Can I afford to move out of my parents house into my own flat?
First time buyer questions (alot of questions)?
I am going to bid on a HUD home tomorrow, its 87,500 dollars, I want to bid 80. Do you think that is okay.?
do you think hte housing market will drop in bay area or east bay california?
What are the best first time homebuyers mortgage programs today??
What states in the nation are going through the highest growth of commercial real estate?
How much harder is the California Real Estate BROKER exam than the salesperson exam?
I am a tenant,am I responsible for this?
We are in the process of buying a home, well we drove past the house yesterday...?
Is it possible to obtain a loan for more than the asking price?
Can I ask a roommate that just moved in 4 days ago to move out right away if there has been no lease signed?
I am looking to lower my current mortgage interest rate.?
were to get help when we are behind 3 mortgage payments?
what does it mean houses with "bank Owned" ?
How does a mortgage actaully work. u.k?
Is there really a way to LEGALLY live in a house thats in FORECLOSURE until the process is complete?
How much is the rental cost of 2 bedroom apartment in Canada?
can my father sell me his house for a third of its market value?
we are looking to lease a store to start our new bussnies?
i cant find florida rental laws none of the sites tell me anything?
How do i calculate commericial rent?
Is it possible for 2 families to buy a house together????
Positive ROI - Rental properties in upstate NY?
How exactly does lease option to buy work?
how do I find a list of local real estate agencies in Columbia and Venezuala?
I need help finding a name for my Real Estate Team of 3 women.?
I want to buy a home in Orange County CA., but prices are dropping, should I wait more?
I'm looking at different townhomes and apts for rent, I always rented apts. from rental communities, but there
Is it true that the wood balcony on my condo is my responsbilty to maintain( eg staining, repairing?)?
Can transfer of home be done while owner is still alive but living in nursing home/?
Can I get home improvement money in with the mortgage?
how much would mortgage payment be on $159,000.00 at 3.2%?
I lost my 20.00 hr job in January, is there any way to save my home (especialy gov help)?
There's black mold in my apt and my heater went out last night?
Would I get approved for a home mortgage?
Are mortgage rates expected to go up or down in the next 3 months?
I'm a New home Buyer, what do I need to know?
how to get title insurance?
house registration?
I need a starter home in Sneads Ferry NC for me and my girlfriend...please help me?
My apartment was broken into?
If I'm the seller of a property, and the buyer puts earnest $$ down but backs out, who gets the $$.?
What can I do about a landlord problem?
Would making repairs to my lot and work building improve the value of the property?
What months would a year to date profit/loss cover?
Closing costs, how likely are the homeowners to cover?
House Rent paid. what is CA. law for refund of portion of rent having vacated house before 30 days expired?
Is it a RESPA violation for a mortgage officer to pay a friend for a referral if it won't increase the cost?
anyyone ever heard of a mortgage company that co owns property with their client theyre giving the mortgag
find info about PA real estate advisory services AKA Providence Alliance Burbank CA 91504/ BBB? / valid co.?
My fiance and I are buying a house that the previous tenant commited suicide in.?
How can you own a deed to a house but not the land?
How do I know what price range of houses I can afford?
can an 18 yr old rent an apartment in sydney australia with a 17 yr old?
if your apartment contract states you have to keep your house warm to prevent your pipes from bursting?
Who hires a home inspector besides private individuals?
What does it take to do your own title searches?
Is there a FREE way to find out if someone is a legit homeowner?
Are there lofts available for purchase in Anchorage, Alaska?
If im added to my partners morgage will i automatically go on the title deeds?
I want to buy a house, I only have cash but no job, can I?
Do I need a license to be a commercial property manager in Maryland, or DC, or Virginia?
Looking for a 3 bedroom apartment in Northern Sussex Coutny, NJ?
I bought a house that still has the seller from the previous closed short sale living in it?
harrassed by my landlord?
What can I expect to pay on average for utilities, excluding water, sewer, and trash, in Pennsylvania?
which city has the highest median home prices in california in May 2006?
what are the pros and cons of having spouse name on house title?
Do repossessed homes sell for less?
What is the best way to break your lease on an apartment?
Back Charge Landlord?
If I become blind and have a guide dog, could rented properties still require that no pets are brought in?
Can a security guard at my apartment building make show identification?
Can i break my lease? Florida, roaches....?
How much on average for new carpet for 1300 sq foot home? Best and worst case?
how can I collect back rents from a tenant she skip 4 months rent and moved out without giving me her new addr?
can I mortgage my house through a foreign bank.?
Do many people bid on REO houses in small towns? What is the best way to ensure you get the contracted bid?
Lease is up tomorrow do they have to give me 30 days?
In a Commercial Lease, am I obligated to give 90 days notice when the lease has expired and is month to month?
IM being evicted for a pet,how much time do i have ?
hi i was just wondering where i could find records of who died with in the house and who has owned it.?
What are the basics for using a down payment assistance program to buy a home?
First time home buyer. How much will the bank loan us?
I have a house that I plan on renting out and my sister wants to rent it.?
House water drains into creek...?
I purchased my first home in late 2004. Although modest, it has gone up in value about 35-40 percent.?
do I have to let people in to view our rented flat if we've paid rent?
What is the legal time when foreclosure proceddings are in place that you have to come up with the money?
My apartment is asking me to pay $1,500 for "breaking my lease"! How can I...?
When people are married, is home ownership 50/50?
free online property title report?
what are easiest and lucrative real estate investing options and will 30k start me off?
whats the first step to buying a home after you've found the one that you want.?
What is the average rental cost for a one bedroom apartment?
what's the name of the real estate appraisal service that began on 2/15/06; free; do it yourself;online?
home next door selling for 42,000 less than mine?
how do i sell grave sites inherited in another state?
what is the average apartment deposit for a 2 bed?
how can useless guy get rich esaier?
I have not made a mortgage payment since Feb 2009.I went Thru a loan mod but the payment was still too high?
can l get into real estates without take a course or placing money for a training.?
Reverse mortgages and having a life estate?
were to park for free in ec1 area includes the big park pasted clapton pond ,whipps hospital?
Emergency housing In windham county?
Could i rent/let at 17?
how can any body afford thoughs exspensive houses in california?
renting an apt in beadenton FL?
what is mitigation related to mortgages?
Do a non American student can rent an apartment in U.S. ?
i want to buy a home?
single parent being evicated from private landlord?
how much would mortgage payment be on $159,000.00 at 3.2%?
what do i need to start a call center for a mortgage co.using 6 callers.?
Deed of house is in my name, mother in law to be pays mortgage but fiancee cheated where do I stand?
is it true that i could try to sale an international property on ebay??
How long does it takes to paint a one bedroom apartment?
i have applied for a loan with a company and paid a legal fee, but i never recieved the loan?
How can John Q. Public compete for short sale/foreclosure properties?
Whats the best thing for me to do about my house?
Getting an apartment first time?
If you were in escrow with a house and then ?..?
How does an apartment become qualified for low-income Housing?
Will management companies usually let you transfer your lease to another of their properties?
Violent Roommate! Can I get out of this lease?
Do I have to put my social security down for an apartment?
What can I do about a scam artist that stole $52,000.00 from me other than sueing?
is there an advantage to having a leasing agent lease your home for you if you live in another state?
Mortgage application question?
Is there any ways for friends to buy a house together?
Becoming real estate agent I have to join Realtor board to sell houses?
What should a landlord say to a potential renter, if the person seems sketchy?
Would you call the wife of an estate agent who is a Freemason a maisonette?
would u include escrow fees in mortgage points. Like if to buy a home the bank is ?
Buying a 110k house, how much will the closing costs be?
Am I expected to pay?.?
where is the most expensive real estate?
Down Payments Options?
Our landlord is selling our home without notice to us. How does this effect us?
If someone puts a lien against my house, and after that house goes to forclosure, what will happen to the lien?
what is Abbreviation HUBRD mean in real estate.?
People don't understand me!?
Getting phone interview with real estate office, what to expect?
I would like to buy a house but I have no credit is their an agency that would help me?
How can i see property for sale in Mexico?
i live in california. who knows the date over here?
is my landlord paying the mortgage?
are there a list of homes in md that has been reported to have lead in them?
I am looking for Bella Vista Apartment Homes in Arlington,Tx?
Can I back out of a lease that hasn't started?
what is tract land?
Are they committing mortgage fraud?
I'm selling my house and my lien Holder went out of business?
In the UK can I sue the Surveyor that surveyed the house I then bought?
Our house won't sell and we NEED to move...?
Is Wells Forgo a good morgate company?? I need a loan for a house but i have no credit?
My neighbour constantly flooding my property. She lives on the first floor, my flat is below her property. Sh?
Rented out my flat but they not paying?
Living in unfit, unsafe rental home, who do I contact? Kansas?
Can I rent an apartment at the age of 17?
If abuilder builds 100 houses how many No. 9s would he have to buy to number them from 1 to 100?
My landlord wants to take me and my 3 roommates to court because of fleas, our lease was over 2 weeks ago?
What expenses/things do I need to budget out before I move out on my own?
buying a home soon help!?
What would be the best loan option for a house that needs modification?
What should I do about this fence dispute with my neighbor?
What is the proper way to go about buying land for a future home? What all do I need to consider?
can my landlord take on rent arrears from the previous landlord and chase me for them?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
How to make an empty plot of land livable?
if im in council supported housing how long will i wait for a flat im 18 been in a shared accommodation at?
Can I break a rental agreement because of cockroaches?
If a house is 1 million dollars, and your down payment is $200,000, is that good or bad?
If I sold land that is worth about $60,000.00 How much tax would I have to pay? Will it be just a one time tax
How can I accumulate teeth legally?
Where can I find info on creating a circle of influence chapter?
In my situation is an interest only mortgage right for me?
how do you find out who owns a property?
Should I rent or buy a home in san antonio?
I live in Pennsylvania and my landlord has sold my building. Am I still bound by the lease with new owner?
Is my landlord required to have keys to the house?
How do I determine what I will receive on Section 8 in Tucson, AZ?
if you rent a property is the landlord responsible for having a gas fire serviced & replaced if faulty?
What process do I use to purchase a fsbo home without a real estate agent?
Just got a letter about my "Proposed Value" on my house. What does that mean?
What does it mean when a house is "for lease"?
Help I Was sub leasing from a family member and they put in a 30 day notice do i have any rights.?
I messed up and owed my landlord money and eventually paid him,but he still breaks my chops,?
What happens to an item on ebay if it ships to ur house after you move?
I like to know about OWNER FINANCING.?
how hard is it to move out for the first time at 20?
How much taxes will I have to pay if I made 70K from selling my house in FL?
Any dorms/apartment in Makati?
Please help, need advise on crazy, CRAZY neighbors!!?
Average rent for a 1 bedroom or Studio Apartment in Washington D.C.?
How can I evict my roommate?
PLEASE! bf was buying house with his (now) ex fiance SHE WANTS TO FORECLOSE IT!!!? HELP!!?
First time home buyer has a simple question?
Where can someone with really bad credit get a home loan?
Landlord wants me to do my own background check?
HELP! Is this rental discrimination?
My wife and I are thinking of buying a vacation/rental home in Big Bear.?
I have land available in California and want to grow a and sell it to a shop. Is this possible?
1st time homebuyer,5000 n savings,approved,4 100,000,will i be able 2 use $8000tax credit 4 closing n down pay?
Are there mortgage programs for people collecting social security benefits?
What can you do with a business degree?
Is my old Landlord abusing my security deposit?
What is the standard rate for House & Pet sitting?
Will I be able to rent an apartment for $550 working part time?
What is a good yearly wage for living in Central London with a husband and 3 children?
If I'm the seller of a property, and the buyer puts earnest $$ down but backs out, who gets the $$.?
Are foreclosures a good investment option?
Landlord using my electric?
Where can I find a website about Leasing to own Real Estate for Ontario?
Is it better to sell your house before or after you find a new house?
Apartment rentals website for free for So. Cali????/?
Is there anyway a landlord can legally do this?
What are generally accepted accounting principles for tenant "CAPITOL COST"" for the term of a lease ?
how long do i have to own a house in washington before i can sell it and not pay huge taxes?
How much did you pay for your home?
Is it possible to get a home refinanced without any out of pocket fees including appraisal.?
How to sell a house fast?
What do I do?
I want to sell my rental property to my mother.?
Would we qualify for income-based apartments?
can a child (U18) have part ownership of a residential property in Scotland?
Inexpensive, nice places to live in US?
is an mortgage interest only payment a good idea? There would be a 10 year baloon payment.?
Who's willing to work with first time homebuyer's with fair credit?
Being on section 8 question?
Does anyone know or know where I can find how many real estate agents there are in the US?
Can i Offer 55,000 on a 69,000 house?
How do I sell an underwater house?
I live in NY and was wondering how much it costs to move a house trailer?
are their real estate companies who handle resale of timeshare.?
Is there a MLS for retail locations?
When will I get my electricity bill?
what can I do to sell my home?
does anybody have any information on right to buy council houses in hailsham (east sussex)?
Question for tenants or landlords! What are my rights?
First time apartment and bad credit?
What type of home is this?
Why are we letting "developers" rape our state(CA)so they can build more houses, and Malls? No more room!
I'm 18 and I'm going into real estate in september..?
Housing assosiation??? been offered a house? sort of ?
Bought a trailer as is... had no idea there was black mold.?
What happens if I abandon my lease?
My landlord recently sold the rental property that I am currently living in?
Catch-22 with buying a HUD owned property! Help!?
can you get me a list of realtors in Chennai, India?
Does anyone know a Legitimate Mortgage note buyer?
Is it legal in Indiana for two women, 1 man, and 4 children to share a two bedroom apartment?
Is it possible to sell my home in two weeks?
Selling my house vs. having someone taking over my house payments?
Working full time but cant afford rent!?
how much does utility bills cost each month in a 1 bed apartment?
what kind of info would a apartment rental company ask your old rental company?
For landlords if a tenant is late with the rent how soon do you contact them?
Would you buy a small and old apartment at a good location or a new huge house at a crappy location?
Help I might get an eviction?
What is the best interest rate available for a construction loan for a single family home?
I'm going to ask this again with a little more detail, can we afford this? $400 apartment?
Will mortgage rate continue dropping?
Do we have to use the same realtor if a property becomes available at a later date?
How to take care of a gas leak bill in an apartment?
whats the minimum credit score to buy a house in california?
If you are living with someone who is on a lease(you are not on the lease) can they just kick you out?
Im a realtor and plan to send out prospect letters. If Im not certain of their names, how shud I address them?
Is there any way I can refinance my house even though I am behind on my payments (Loan is a VA home loan)??
Landlord mistaken move out date so I moved out a month earlier. But he still wants half of the last month rent?
Question to the people of‏ ‏ Canada, how do you expect a hot dog vendor in complexes that wins the day?
can you deduct money from rents and pay for repairs done in your apartment which the landlord failed to do?
Does a holding fee prevent landlord from renting to someone else? Is the fee non-refundable?
can I legally change my bedroom doorknob/lock without notifying my landlord?
how to people buy multimillion dollar homes? do they pay it themselves or get a loan?
Do I really need an agent when buying a house/condo?
Moving out for the first time and concerned about financial stability, any tips/words of wisdom?
Should I be wary of a live in landlord insisting on cash for the deposit and rent?
Going to small claims court to get my security deposit back in nj?
How much does it cost to rebuild a flooded property? Approx. 1600 square ft. 2 bath, 3 bed. 1 floor.?
What should do you about a landlord that only accepts cash?
How can I be a good real estate agent.?
How does a construction loan work in South Carolina?
Young Couple First Time Home Buyers?
Shadowing my brother as a leasing agent?
How do you find low rent apartments in new jersey?
What would be a good offer for an $178,500 1br apartment?
How much do I need to make per year to have an $800,000 house?
Vacant home...PLease Help me!!?
if i decide to live in an accomodation do i actually need any money at all? or will i be able to live off loan?
what is inventory for fuel?
Rent Question.....Rent laws?
How do I find the selling price of a commercial property?
We pay PMI for our home mortgage, can we refinance to get rid of PMI?
I can't find any houses in cypress, TX that has at least 7 bedrooms? landlord has just put my rent up?
What apartments are good in Rockport Tx?
i have called my landlady 6 times, and sje doesnt answer! i wanna move out?
Anyone going to the 2006 Real Estate Wealth Expo in Los Angeles?
Can My landlord evict me if he made
is there any landlords who is intrested in gas safety certs for £38 per property?
What can a Mortgage Underwriter do after loosing a job, with no mortgage jobs out there?
Is it the renters responsibility to clean up storm damage to the property?
18 and I have to buy a house, but I don't have credit?
I am looking for a free property appraisal for austin county, texas, such as ditech.?
can an owner put up for sale and show the house you are leasing?
letter asking tenant for rental payment?
Will it be OK buying a home without owning the HOA document?
Which lender pays foreclosure costs?
someone who rents my home abuse?
Does a house go up in value faster and higher than a condo?
New York Housing Authority Fraud?
Does state issue mobile garbage bin?
My landlady gave me 17 days to move out for "not being a good fit and you make us uncomfortable."?
tips on buying a house and starting a daycare?
I can't get money on app trailer how can you help ?
Rental Property In NC by a Military Personnel, Should I file NC taxes?
Renter's appreciation?
Why are mortgage loans calculated based on pretax income and not aftertax income?
When buying a home (short sale) does the seller or sellers agent have to maintain the home?
what type of mortgage loan should i get if i only plan on staying there 5-7 years?
Req'd to pay full lease break fee at once or do they have to take pmnts if they're receiving them - TN?
credit score 720-want to let my house go back-but want to buy less mtg 1st before i let this go-how ?
I'm in a rented flat,pay my electric bill directly. Who is responsible for the checking the meter is faulty?
Are bids on residential properties binding in Massachusetts?
Land of 10 acres and above by lake victoria 20 km.from Kampala Uganda looking lookin' for serious investor
planing to move out at 18 whats the first thing to do when moving to a new town?
Paying rent after vacating?
Rights as a property owner when tenant breaks lease?
is it descrimination to say no to a renter becouse of someone in their family is a tuck driver.?
Breaking my lease in Illinois?
Will the bank take my house?
My renter had my mailed stopped being delivered to my mail box.....?
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Question about selling a mobile home?
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