Real Estate

we have under 2000, 1000 acrs in chengalpet,?
What do you think about a couple who are not planning to have kids buying a 4000+ sq ft house?
What assurance do we have that our money is "safe" in a bank?
Inappropriate questions about potential apartment renters?
renting a home with poor to bad credit?
How do people afford multi-million dollar second homes, like on the ocean.?
Can you co-sign a house for someone?
Is this a good house for 3 people?
Are there any rental assistance offices in Greensburg Pa for people with bad credit and pets?
CATCH 22! If you're permanently disabled and can not work, how can you get a loan to purchase a home?
Is buying really better than renting?
I want to own house, what should I do?
Finding homes in Pre foreclosure?
how can i end my lease early for an apartment to buy a house in delaware?
foreclosure or bankruptcy?
Tell me the names of some reliable real estate developers in Hyderabad?
can a lease contract be broken if your being threatened by roommates?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth ?
Where do you go in the UK to get help with finding a flat?
Should I list my house with my realtor sister, just to make her happy?
Why was slaverly bad for our country reguarding economics?
Do I need to pay penalty if I end my renting period earlier?
How do you deal with a mother that hasn't left a will and has died, the kids want to sell the house, minus 1
how do I find out where my property line is?
In order to get government housing do i have to live in that area for a set amount of time?
Know/used Real Estate Protection Program? Being asked to put 3 mos rent in escrow b4 seeing apt. Normal?
Where do I sell my business plus my commercial building?
I've held 6 jobs within the past 2 years,interested in prchsng a home.Will lenders find this to be a red flag?
should I buy a house in China?
Is this legal?
Minimum costs of living in rented accomodation alone? Thinking of moving out?
Does my landlord have to do something about this window problem?
When you bought your home, did you feel pressured to buy the most expensive you could afford?
Need help no house!!!!!!! ughhhh?
Need Input for an Issue I am facing (serious answers only please)?
Where can I find foreclosed properties in south New Jersey?
When purchasing a house by land contract, how is the monthly payment set?
Condo - 1st floor corner apartment or 2nd floor middle?
I want to sell million dollar homes. Where to start?
Not entitled to Housing benefit if I lost my job in UK?
who do you think is the wrost mortage company and why?
Buying a house??? help please?
How to find a good real estate broker to work for?
Moving to TN with a section 8 voucher. What is the voucher limit for 5 people in the home?
Down Payment Assistance for Investment Property in Texas?
Private Renting in the UK?
How do I list an apartment for rent?
Do I have to put my social security down for an apartment?
how much salary does a nyc real estate sales agent make?
can you charge interest and late fees on mortage?
No mortgage on house. I pay the taxes on the house, but the house is not in my name. Can I deduct taxes?
how to lease land for a cell phone tower?
Qualify for medicare and own a home?
Why do I have to trust in a mortgage broker when I am looking for a mortgage to my house?
Where do you find lots you can own for a mobile home? How much do they cost?
Is 1.5 acres enough for two small houses and small farm land?
Has anyone rented a timeshare through exchanged through RCI?
so if your landlord dosent have a copy then you can leave when you want?
Need to stop Foreclosure need advice?
What exactly is section 8? and how do you apply for it??
about to rent a flat - how do I pay bills?! HELP?
How do you find someone interested in purchasing a large working cattle ranch in Texas?
What is the multiple listing service that NYC apartment brokers use for looking up rentals?
Inexpensive, nice places to live in US?
If im planning to move and it isnt the 1st yet can i move with out paying landlord rent for sept ?
where can i go online to find houses & duplexs for rent ?
If I was given a 60-day notice to vacate, do I have to give and pay for a full 30-days?
Have you thought about moving to a place where you can buy a less expensive home?
where can I find a loan for a down payment, secured by collateral other than the home?
Can the landlord increase rent if he fixes damages in tenant's apartment?
I have bad credit and i'm in need of a house.?
How much should my income be in order to afford a 3 million dollar home in San Jose,CA?
my landlord is raising my rent. i need assitance. who do i contact?
Any Land for Development in Hyderabad or Secunderabad?
How I can get information all about to advertise with, please I want know terms&conditions, Prices,?
exclusive designate buyer agency contract?
I am relocating to the LA area in september so I am looking for one bedroom apts for $750 a month.?
Can you own a dog if you live in a apartment that you own?
How do you become a real estate agent?
Purchasing Real-Estate in Your Early 20's.?
Can you tell me some site for free property listings?
Does a landlord have to pay moving expenses if they force you to move out of unit so they can move in?
I want to rent my own house, what is the procedure?
spend a little more to live in a better apartment or save money by suffering a bit?
Can a mortgage company (in CA.) that holds the second (20%) on your home, foreclose on the entire home?
Where would I be able to find an Amish Home Builder in Ventura County/Conejo Valley area? ?
Can I get a second mortgage?
What is the cheapest way to way to own/buy property in florida?
Some one has been coming up next to the house and eves droping, how can i catch them?
Do U think there is a real estate bubble? Do u own a home? Do u own investment property? When did u buy them?
Can property tax for one-two years be included in closing cost?
what is the definition of having living rights?
what are some good appartments in oddeas,TX?
looking for houses for sale in North Manchester?
I reside in Dayton Ohio, Im quickly looking for an apartment and thought I found one. I went to see the place?
Where are houses to rent in Boston?
Is it normal for a landlord to want to make periodic visits to my property? Can I say No?
Can I get a appt for 600$ a month ?
How do you deal with a mother that hasn't left a will and has died, the kids want to sell the house, minus 1
What happens when the owner sells his house?
Should I buy a house for $60-70k or rent for $700/mo if I'm there for 4 years?
Can I apply for a VA loan with no credit history?
Which cities or towns in the northeast are amongst the best places to live and buy a home?
Where can I find the materials 'fortune builders, "flip this house workshop" uses?
is it better to transfer ownership of a house to your children or leave it in a will?
Where are the low income and apartments under 500 dollars in East Birmingham?
We are pre approved for a mortage and just got laid off?
Your thoughts on this refinance/addon question....?
Earnest money when down payment is a gift?
how to find who owns a property?
Seller won't fix home issues?
Potter owns a house in Oakdale which is not in inhabitable condition?
Whats the fastes way to sell my house in Oklahoma?
My sisters landlord is doing something illegal?
is there houses for rent in flagstaff,az?
How to get $25k loan?
How can i search for real estate foreclosures and preforeclosures at the county court house?
still rent or buy on l/c???
My mom added my brother to her deed on a house that she is currently having built. He is not on the loan but?
do you have to make an offer on a house first in order to see it?
neighbours want us to remove fencing on our boundary so they can get access- Do we have to do so?
Can I do anything about the $500 in bills my landlord racked up?
what is the price per square foot to build a home in san antonio, tx?
if my vacation home goes into foreclosure, will the bank go after my assets or place a lien on my home?
Can I terminate my rental agreement under the following provisions?
rental lease question?
My landlord died and left no will, his daughter has moved into his house but has no proof of ownership, ?
Actual Deposit Date for the check?
If I already have a house that is paid for/rented, can I get a better mortgage rate when buying another house?
I need to find free rental agreement forms for Missouri?
When the real estate market goes down, will people lose money?
Looking for info on extra payment's for my mortgage.?
Are there in lofts for rent near Texas Christain University?
why is better to buy than to rent?
If you buy a house flat out?
How to rent a house in Houston TX?
how much! should i charge?
if your landlord doesn't want to fix anything can you not pay him rent?
I was gonna move into an apartment I put down a security depsoit but now I cant move in....?
What happened with my home Appraisal ?!?!?
Lender says home inspection is already done!!???? HELP!!?
im trying to move to another state?
i want to be an leasing agent for apartments in texas,can anyone tell what qualifications do i need for that ?
Where should I move to near Sunnyvale?
I rent my place. How do I legally throw someone out?
Who has a good rental revenue agreement form?
My brother is sueing me for the house?
how many people are involved in making a apartment buildings?
Looking to move to the outskirts of Boston, preferably a town home, any reccomendations?
what do you do when you have a existing mortgage and you signed and didn't know it was a mortgage?
Why can't four people rent a spacious three bedroom house in Salt Lake City?
renting in california?
I want to know which are the good and reliable builders in bangalore?
how much is the mortgage on a $900,000 house in LA?
If you are buying a property/home why is joining a home owners association be mandatory?
I need help with the course in property (agents rep) assignments?
are there places that will help with back rent?
investment in housing?
Will my monthly mortgage lower, without refinancing, if I pay in lump-some?
Help! The bank is taking the house back so will i get me deposit back?
how can I find out the year my house was built?
Can my landlord enter my property anytime he wants?
II'm thinking about selling my house ...?
i need to put my flat on rent in zirakpur?
What documents do I need to rent a room or an apartment in the US?
can you get an apartment with a full time job at walmart?
why some landlords have special programs for tenant retention?
how many sales does an real estate agent have to have before being able to take the brokers test?
What should you consider when loooking for an apartment?
Help! my car loan is with a 21% interest rate what do i do ?
Could you help me to find good real estate agents in Berlin and Frankfurt, please?
where is three lakes estate located in Florida?
self acquired house property?
How much would it cost to move from fl to nj?
i was giving a two weeks notice to move out because the landlord doesnt want to fix the AC is this ok?
how do i sign onto the broward county MLS?
Should I sign over my share in our house?
which bank accept 10% deposit on purchasing a new flat?
mortgage payment?
Do zillow / predictions miscalculate payments?
please find exsecutive homes for rent ?
good company for 100% house loan?
To start a new business, is it better to buy or rent space - what if you need a large space like a warehouse?
With $100K down, making 60k year gross,how much could I qualify for 1st home purchase?
Is it worth taking a tenant to court for $2000 worth of damages to the apartment?
How can I rent a apartment with no job?
I am a Real Estate agent.Is there anyone here who knows where can I post my website to get a buyer?
Judicial power in bankruptcy?
Need Furnished Housing in Miami - Dec thru March?
Where should I move to?
I need Help, flat sharing issues.?
I rented a home with a private patio/2 1/2 car garage, 2 be/2 bath ,etc. my question is this: after 1 month?
i want 2 know my horoscope.?
black mold in apartment?
can you trade in a Mobile home if is financed along with your land and still keep the land to build on?
how much in documentary trasfer tax based on $1000 of the purchase price?
How can I increase the value of my home by $10,000?
How do I get started in the leasing field of property management?
Is this the landlord's responsibility?
Tried to pay rent, apartment complex refused it, now I'm being evicted?
Is it legal for Direct TV to install their service at a home without the permission of the home's owner?
looking for auction supplies, such as wooden number boxes?
Areas of Queens/Long Island, New York best for party house?
rent deduction when boiler broken?
Are utilities part of the rent?
How old must you be to buy a house in the UK?
Does foreclosure put a homeowner at risk of eviction?
Best way to trash a house in foreclosure?
Real Estate Licensing?
Landlord harassing me about
Can I really buy property with no money down?
Real Estate Website?
lease agreement question?
I need to get a new home.?
Who is suppose to check for certificate of occupancy in new house?
What is the ratio of income needed for an apartment rental? e.g.,if my rent is $600. HIs ow much do I need to?
should I consider buying a condo?
how de realestate people find apartments for clients??? from newspapers?or...?
My roommate is breaking our lease, 8 months before it's up, and hers is the only name on the lease.?
Why is the rent of a 4 bedroom apartment cheaper than a 3 bedroom apartment?
if my parents cosign for a low income apartment will i still qualify?
Has anyone recently got a mortgage with defaults?
Have you heard of a law that makes it illegal for a sister to sell her home to her brother.?
I am NOT happy with my realtor, what can I do ?
New job and we can't have water?
Why when I send a email with an attachment to someone they say that they have not recieved it?
I'm bought a condo in Toronto. How can I choose the best tenant?
What are my chances of getting to buy this house?
Can a cosigner break a lease for everyone on it?
What can you expect to earn as a Sales/Lettings negotiator in this market?
Should I wait to see if the housing market crashes before i buy a house? (UK)?
Has anyone worked with America Home Mortgage of Bellevue? Good people or not?
first time home buyers credit.?
Apartment after chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Approximately how much would it cost to move from Dallas, TX to San Jose, CA?
rights of bona fide purchaser?
Can we afford to live?
If a home is paid for and someone ones to transfer title, can a new warranty deed be submitted to County Clerk
Cancelling on a rental application?
License Builder in Florida?
Realtor only wants to show me houses her company is selling?
How many days should I give my tentant who is late paying?
Will I be able to afford this?
Will I get an apartment with my low salary ?
whats a good rent to pay per month in south wales,austrailia?
Best place to buy real estate?
Asking for help for a down payment on a home?
Divorce is final. Have to refiance in 90 days. owe 6500.00 on house value is 80000.00. not thinking cred score?
what is the process for placing a lien on a home in Chicago, an individual, not a corporation?
Are Sharia compliant home loans in the USA legitimate and how do you know which are the goods ones?
Why does my downstairs neighbor blast her stereo every time I vacuum?
what was the value of my house in 1991?
When the world ends, will houses be cheaper?
does the downpayment make a difference on how a house is appraised.?
landlord said would evict if...?
what is the average cost per square foot for new residential construction(single family detached)in San Fran?
What do you think of this place?
Hi, i plan to move to KL start 1 Sep 08. Anyone that have unit at Tmn Abadi indah Or Desa Murni want to rent?
Should I buy a 900 sq ft home for $70,000 or a 1300 sq ft mobile home for $55,000.?
Good neighborhood to buy house near Bayonne, NJ
Where are the best place for live in San Fran(for a single family)?
sharing washroom with my roommate ?
how much does 197,000 square feet cost in us in average ?
landlord asking for passport photocopy?
What do Realtors want to know about a buyer before accepting them as a client?
Anyone worried that they will never be able to afford their own home?
If we don't pay HOA because it's not required for renting my condo do we have to abide by the bylaws?
Would I be able to get a buy to let mortgage as a first time buyer (UK)?
Help ! trying to help my mom housing issue?
Where can I find duplexes in Wausau WI?
Are the larger and VERY expensive estate agents the best?
How negotiable are commercial real estate commissions?
What are 2 bedroom rent prices like in D.C.?
What things should I consider when buying a house?
Pre-funding conditions for a home loan.?
What is a "deeded easement"?
I will be bringing home $2500 a month?
Does anyone know if you cant get fha loan though the bank with low downpayment?
How do you find out the history of your housing estate?
Can my landlord throw my boyfriend out because hes not on my lease?
Can I afford to pay this much rent on my salary?!?
Can you adjust your mortage rate lower by negiotation in this market?
How do i buy the house im renting that is in Forclosure? ?
what does it mean to lease a house?
Tricky legal question, but very urgent???
can property management give a 3 day to vacate property if you pay monthly rent?
can you sign a lease in michigan, but live in texas?
4 people/3 rooms. How much rent should each person be paying if 2 people share a room in a 3 bedroom apartment
I want to rent a room, where can I find?
Is it good to move with a girl in a apartment?
How much should I charge someone to park their RV on my property?
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage?
Is this apartment matter legal?
IF I PAY my RENT can i STAY ????????? PLEASE HELP?
Can a landlord get any of his lost rent back from scheming, lazy low-lifes?
what is the percentage for capitol gains tax?
I rent an apartment with my boyfriend and he does not help pay for rent can i legally kick him out?
How can I find out who the mortgage company is for a house in my neighborhood.?
How many square feet in a square of shingles?
Do I need a permanent job to apply for a mortgage?
I asked a question about bankruptcy and getting property?
we have a rental that we owe twice what it is worth how do give it back to the morgage co?
What should I do regarding rent?
Wanting to start a business that takes care of vacation homes while owners are out of town .?
Can a seller raise the purchase price after the offer is accepted by both parties?
i think my house is haunted?
When should I contact a lender, realtor? How long is the process?
Advice needed please UK answers only?
Can I skip this month mortgage if I'm refinancing next month?
Would this be insulting to the neighbors?
What do landlords look for when doing a credit check? Background etc???
Please Tell Me All About the SEEDIEST Trailer Park You've Ever Visited?
want some input on a room rental gon bad?
between atlanta an florida, which is the best place to buy a home?
My landlord says he has to move us to a different apartment?
Looking for original blueprints for original world trade center?
does any one know of any landcontract homes in allen park mi?
Do criminals hide ownership of property behind land trusts?
do i need to tell hud if social services is cutting me off?
explain capital gains tax in terms of real estate?
Advice on moving out of state?
What can be done about the vacant house we are buying... in the winter?
Where do the online appraisal sites get prices of other houses in my neighborhood? Specific sources please.?
Siding options to do a 100 year old midwestern duplex justice?
where is best/nicest place to live in australia? from U.S. where would I want to live there?
I have applied for an Renting an apartment and its approved now i dont want to move what shall i do?
if rental agreement is for one year can landlord terminate rental agreement for any reason?
Are all manufactured homes in trailer parks or are some in regular neighborhoods?
What's it like to live in the Santa Clara, California area? Job Market and Housing.?
when does a person have to move out of the property he is renting if on the tenancy it says 21st Nov. 2012.?
What is the worst thing that can happen if you don't pay your rent other than eviction?
How much to pay a house sitter?
Can anyone help me with finding a new house?
I own my own home but rent it out because I cant afford to live in it should i sell up or stay on the ladder?
where can i find landlords that accept dss in oxford?
How can I get accurate information about Cochin builders and flats?
Looking to get my MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) license, but worried about my credit check.?
I currently live with my parents. How much money is needed to move out?
how do I find the price my new neighbor paid for thier house?
Who are real estate financiers/developers and how can i get in touch?
Anyone got a website for student housing in Liverpool?
Has anyone sold and bought a house and had the settlement on the same day?
what are my rights as a commercial tenant with the electrics?
What to I need for a first time mortgage in Oklahoma?
how to find about a home builder in Mississippi?
Does the freeze include homes with an already pending sale date?
What is a good starting offer on a new contruction home.?
How much does it cost to insure homes in Tornado Alley?
Should I buy the home I just fell in love with or keep looking because it is too soon?
My roommates are
In Ohio, how often does the land lord have to change the carpets? If ever?
Does this mean that a mobile home can become a permanent structure?
If you were selling your home would you upgrade your retro 50's yellow formica countertops to granite?
Steps in buying a home?
Would you buy an overpriced house???
I locked in at a 5% interest rate on a 30-year FHA mortgage today (4/8/10). Did I get a good deal?
What are my rights in Texas in reference to property access between properties with zero lot line?
how do find out how much somebody owe on a Mortgage or if it went into forcloser or any leins on a house in FL?
How much do you pay for rent?
Is there a limit to how much a a management company can charge for providing info to the buyer of a property?
Rent increase before lease is up?
My bf and I purchased a house together in June of 08. We broke up, he left and neither of us can afford the...?
I had a short sale back in 2007. I want to buy a house today?
What do lenders look at to pre approve you for a mortgage loan when you are self employed?
how much can i expect to pay for rent in the atlantic city, new jersey area?
My friend is the primary lease holder and she wants out?
My husband and are in our 40s. Looking for somewhere affordable to live, but more exciting than FL. Can u help
Landlord refuses to give a copy of my lease?
what does SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE mean as it relates to real estate purchase?
What are the hottest US real estate markets?
How can I fight my homeowners association?
How do I buy a foreclosed home? What do I need to know?
What do you live in?
Can a lease be broken if it violates city maximum occupancy?
Cheap apartments rent in Budapest?some one knows the places?
Best real estate management software?
If your Landlord tells you?
Ancestral property without partition deed. Salable or not?
I just moved into an apt with a major roach problem...?
how to find goverment grants for first time home owners with out buying the books!?
how much is utilities if rent cost $800 a month?
I am looking for a house to Buy?
Hot water requirements for rental in California?
Moral/Legal Obligation?
Which business makes more money vacation apartments,hotels,and apartment complexes?
I purchased 2 acres & the survey shows that the neighbors fence is 13' in on my property. How do I fix this?
Under what circumstances a lending institute may lend on Leasehold Property in India?
can cops enter my home if door is open but i didnt give them permission?
How to sell my house?
Question about Closing Date Changes?
Have you ever visited Terrell, Texas?
Is there a website that shows both apartments and houses for rent in my area?
do you have any info on Charlotte?
I'm getting my first apartment I need Help?
Looking for an apartment.?
What do I need to say to a commercial landlord to be taken seriously?
How can someone who doesn't live in your home or anything evict you from your home?
Real Estate Agent Requirments?
Would a condo allow a person to play the drums during the day time?
how is inhertance done on joint property indiana?
What is the average price of commercial land in Cecil County MD?
Dog close to weight limit at apartment complex?
real estate agent fees?
how long does it take for a lender to foreclose on my house after none payment?
How much should my income be in order to afford a 3 million dollar home in San Jose,CA?
Why have the prices of houses gone up so high, but our salaries have stayed the same?
are there any apartments in san antonio that allow unlimited pets or more than two?
How safe is western union bank?
What would you estimate this home is worth?
When does h n r block doing the holiday loan for 2012/2013 in bristol va?
Only very recently DSS... will I have a problem getting a place?
Do the owners of a home who are selling it have to tell the new buyers that the house has been under water/?
Can I take out a personal loan or open a line of credit to cover the closing costs?
Can I be locked out after a new lesase agreement?
I have just been kicked out, Where can I go?
questions a buyer should ask a seller when buying a home.?
Why do most people still pay full price for a house when they could just buy a foreclosed home?
Looking for short-term rentals in Ft. Myers Fl help?
Best way to go about this?
qualifying for a mortgage?
without using a mortgage calc. but with a regular calc. how do u calc arm rates?
where to find past real estate transactions in montgomery co. ohio?
apartments running credit check?
What will replace the world trade center towers and when will the construction begin?
Last time to move out?
how can i got 30 years old property records of some areas in delhi, is it possible to get it online?
Does the pre-approved lender amount effect the offer ?
Good software for rental properties?
I'm trying to buy some land in Sri Lanka. Finding it difficult to understand the jargon. Can someone help?
Would sleeping with my landlord keep her from kicking me out?
1st time home buy tax credit?
what are the property values in Bridlewood in fort bend county?
How difficult would it be these days for three 18-year-olds who are moving out of their parents' house?
is it smart to invest money in real estate in florida for rent?
Where can I watch the borrowers 1997 online free?
Can a person buy a home with bad credit?
How do you become a real estate hard money lender?
Are there a number of folks foreclosing and getting into a new house? And what about the rest of us?
Where are low income housing in vacaville, Ca?
What qualities make a good realtor?
Tenant Rights - Trespass by Landlord?
Can a landlord charge individual tenants different rent?
What is the best way to aquire mortgage leads?
Is there a real estate bubble? Or are prices correct? Or are you house poor?
mortgage refinancing?
Can I break my lease?
Real Estate for Muslims Logo help?
What are the rules for recruiting other real estate agencies agents in Rhode Island?
Buying a HUD home and fixing it up.?
How much does it cost to maintain a 1 million dollar home in the US?
can anyone tell me about how much it costs to go to small claims court?
Home Loan vs Home Equity Loan?
if im buying a house from a for sale by owner and some repairs need to be done, who pays?
What are the basic knowledge of property investment you need to have?
I need help with getting a down payment for a home. I have some just need more.?
How does Rent to Own Work?
Can my husband kick me out of the house if were Both on the land contract?
What is section 8 housing?
where can I find a strip mall for sale in the east valley of the phoenix arizona area?
if i own landlocked property and cant get on the property can i make the government buy it?
can I evict my tenant for non payment if she has cancer?
how much do you pay each month on a £160000 morgage?
what are the current intrest rates? for mortgage?
How much would it cost to buy Detroit?
Would I buy a Home after my credit is fixed?
Have advice for rentals in Bozeman MT?
Which home loan interest rate should I take,fixed or floating?
What protections/put options are accessible by individual homeowners to protect against SF Housing price drops
Builders - Do you car if your building a small house? is there work in Sydney write now?
how much money it will cost to built a golf park?
Can i get a loan if i get paid 125 dollers from my school a month?
Is it possible to actually lose money if you buy a home and sell it in say three or four years?
My house devalued. How does that help me with taxes?
theres no telephone polelines in the District of Columbia, why??
Realtors? How much do they usually charge?
When renting a house, who is responsible for putting a doorbell up?
Asking tenants to help with huge water bill they created-unreasonable?
Which city is the Cheapest place to rent for a room if I'm moving to LA county?
How do I find a manufactured home in central Alabama for sale under $15,000?
where can i get a no-money-down home loan without paying an outrageous interest rate?
If you break your house lease what do most landlords do most of the time?
I'm going to ask this again with a little more detail, can we afford this? $400 apartment?
I live with my mother and she receive help from SSI and she help me with the rent. Do I put it in my incometax?
I would like a job description for an assistant to a mortgage loan officer.?
I own 3 houses, I let 2 out to DHSS tennants and 1 to private tennants. Do I need a licence. ?
Who customarily pays for a survey of property prior to sale - buyer or seller?
Bank is listed as owner?
Could you explain me what "break clause" is in a tenancy agreement? thanks?
Husband and I just bought a house. Mortgage in my name due to his bad credit. Whose name is on deed?
How do I best protect my assets when renting one property?
I have a bankruptcy and in june it will be two years old will anyone lend me money for a home I am a vet also?
What does it take to get a real estate license? I want to salesmans school long ago? what the laws now?
Loaning someone money in Florida?
Does anyone own a house where you have to share a driveway with the adjacent house?
Should I pay my mortgage one month ahead or should I?
what are rules on getting a fha loan if you already have a loan on a house?
eminent domain: a good policy in moderation, or a bad idea altogether?
what does it mean when someone says (The discloser of you property?)?
Has my landlord been paying his mortgage?
Am I obligated to buy this house?
I recive aiviction notice?
IF you could buy SUMMER home in a Country, WHERE it will be, why you choose it there?
How to get your name off of a mortgage?
What would be a good source of funding for a house build when the existing house in place needs to be demolish?
what is name of new website for getting value of your property?
Where is the best real estate at?
can an 18 yr old rent an apartment in sydney australia with a 17 yr old?
Any problems with my company buying a single-family property and using it to house out-of-town employees?
Im looking for homes or condos for rent but i have really bad credit anyone know what i can do?
Legal mortgage/will advice?
One Bedroom Houses Do They Exist?
Who do you think get more quality sleep time? People who live in houses or people who live in apartments?
IF I SAVE 10,000 CAN I BUY HOUSE IN FORCLOSURE?? or do i need more?
What is the difference between Real State & Real Property ?
New Valuable Home Vs. Old More Beautiful Home?
How is the real estate market at this time nation wide ?
Is there a limit as to how much my landlord can increase my rent by?
Can a Realtor charge commission when buying his/her own home?
Mailbox on rental property, now everyones using it.?
Is your house an asset or liability?
Is it a good investment to buy a house in New Jersey for savings purposes?
If you could move anywhere in the U.S, where would you move to?
How can i make 20 dollars around the house?
Need $1500 with bad credit history in northwest indiana?
How do I prepare amortization table for a 30 year Mortgage loan using Microsoft excel?
how to succed in real estate?
My new job is 63 miles away. Can I break the lease for this reason. I was told I could by some one that did.?
Is a apartment landlord responsible for a burst pipe in a wall and the damage?
California: When getting an apt are the landlords strict on credit check?
Do mortgage companies usually mislead people in an attempt to abtain business?
Other than credit rating, how will a foreclosure effect me?
Can You Rent A Real Estate House ?
Laws about renting residences ?
will my agency help if i live in los angeles like im 15 i want to live alone can they help me pay mortgage?
House prices? A House been on the market 12 months, asking 187,000 quid - what would you offer?
Why do landlords use carpet in their rental properties?
Do you Become American if you buy a property there.?
West Georgia National Bank own my loan, how can I stop foreclosure ?
what websites allow me to sort real estate listings by house size or lot size?
If you have signed with a real estate agent and then find the home on your own do you have to pay the agent?
Know of any good home mortgage programs for people who work as office temps. I have 3 mos. w/same company.?
Are there any agencies that rent houses without a credit check in Atlanta?
good places to rent lake house college students?
Question about property buying...?
who typically prepares a lease for a client in a real estate transaction?
has anyone bought or sold a HUD home?
My parents have bad credit no job and we need an apartment to live in, help? (read description)?
How bad does a foreclosure hurt your credit and can you ever buy a home again?
Am I being scammed on Craigslist?
What does a Mortgage Broker do....?
considering purchase of 4 unit apartment bldg in Pensacola, Fl. Would like to find info on RE markt (zip35234)
Confused about selling land....?
Can my landlord force me to move upstairs in two weeks?!!?
do i get my whole rent deposit back?
How much can a condo association do to prevent rentals?
Would he affect us not being able to rent a house?
What happens if I pay my FL real estate taxes after April 1st?
Can I get a mortgage to buy a house I want to sell in 3 years without incurring penalties?
Does the Lending Insitution hold the Mortgage Note?
Is Carleton Sheets a real person with a real system that works in investment properties?
How good does your credit have to be when trying to rent an apartment?
Advice needed on my landlord?
Atlanta Post Property Apartments?
How bad would you get in trouble if you stole 100k of equipment?
Harassment by property manager?
is real estate a good choice?
Can me and sister rent an apartment together?
warranty of habitability?
Is it unethical for you solicitor to refer a house for sale to their husband who is a real estate agent?
How long does it take for the paper work to be done after you buy a house?
Our association fee covers pool maintenance but the pool hasn't been open in 3 years!?
who's with me in my house right now?
Will my monthly mortgage lower, without refinancing, if I pay in lump-some?
how to purchase tax leined homes?
I'm thinking about buying a time share. What should I watch out for?
Looking for a Lender?
Should i buy a condo unit in west palm beach florida?
What are some relators in OCNJ that rent out to groups?
How can I know how much less than the asking price to offer for real estate?
which is an excellent school district & good neighborhood in southern california to buy a home around 500,000?
Owning a home- (Christians only please)?
worried about bad reference from landlord?
Average Utility costs for Apartment in CA?
Selling my home by owner?
How do I park my real estate agent license in Ontario and avoid expenses?
How much do foreclosures or short sales usually sell at relative to the value of the home?
About how much would a civil lawsuit cost me?
Can I afford to move out?
How much hectare is 1 acres?
Am i eligible for Section 8 housing in sacramento?
Is this a good deal for an apartment?
Roommate is trying to skip out on the rent.?
My lease it states that if I dont give 60 days notice before I move then they will charge me, can I get out?
I haven't moved into my house yet, previous owner hasn't moved what do i do?
Is $55,000 A year good? What is the highest deposit I could make on a house with that and how much would I...?
Is a flat that is owned by my dad classed as a "family home" on the student finance application ?
If a mortgage rate is currently at 6.2%, when is it appropriate to refinance for a lower interest rate?
do you pay rent early......?
Landlord is not paying her mortgage from my rent house?
Has anyone ever successfully bought and sold pre-foreclosed real estate? Could you explain the process to me?
Steps to selling house yourself to a relative?
Should I buy a house or continue to rent?
Does anyone know where I can find Real Estate Investors in the Chattanooga, TN area?
can i use zero coupon bond as a loan guarantee ?
Haggling rent prices?
1031 exchange forms and backwards purchases?
Do you need to give 30 days notice in a month to month renting situation?
The value of land values for homebuilders?
I just got a new and better job now I have to move and can't afford to pay off my lease any one know how to
how can i zero in on buyers looking for a second home in mexico. are there web sites?
Buying off plan?
Lease asked, Felony Conviction? No! He pleaded it. He was NOT convicted! Can the landlord evict?
Inspection report was not I obligated to buy the home?
can i lose my £600 deposit for a few scraches the hob?
Are the seller financed properties on ebay worth buying?
How do I own/buy a WHOLE CONDO complex(not just one)?
help!! my landlord wants $100 for a lost key!!what should i do?
What are some really convincing reasons to buy a beach house?
Why are the interest rates so high?
i want to build and lease a strip mall , how do i start?
Is nebraska an up and coming state and would it be a wise place to invest in by purchasing property?
Endless Noise from 2nd Floor Neighbors?
Anyone know where I can get free information about Real Estate Investing?
Where can I find a small house to rent in North Central San Antonio for less than $600?
Is it necessary to obtain a building permit for a single family dwelling in Pulaski County, AR?
i need back rent
I am looking to move into my first apartment and would like some help!?
Is buying a condo or condo-tel in Orlando, Florida a good investment now? What are the pros and cons? Cici?
Renting my place, but afraid I HAVE to be on the HOA Renter's List?
Have you ever purchased property by working with a group called "International Living?"?
if lease ends do i have to be out 31st or 1st?
Buying 1st home, 30 yr. fixed,10 yr interest only loan? ADVICE?
Adding taxes & Insurance into a home loan - Smart or Stupid?
How long should a land appraisal take?
what is the next course of action a landlord would take if you break a lease and habor a cat.?
where do i get a contract for the apartments to sign if im an apartment finder who is bringing them clients?
Can my estate agent add extra charges and confirming charges?
is that governmen can buy commercial property?
Is a small personal loan a good idea to help with moving out costs?
What do banks look for, when modifying a mortgage loan ?
How do I purchase a house in south florida - miramar area - please advise the process and best areas?
How much income would I need a month to afford a $50,000 house?
Mortgage: Cannot get pre-approved with good credit, but no history?
I am looking for a good,affordable place to rent out to throw a party.In sacramento and surrounding areas?
where can i find a good short sale lawyer on Staten island, ny?
anyone no apartments in brooklyn for cheap?
what is a good down payment amount to buy a house?
rental property - positive cash flow?
Does anyone know of a website where i can find house and condominiums in foreclosure for sale?
How Much Can cost apartments near Orlando,Atlanta,Boston?
As a renter, which of the two features is most important to you?
my house is in foreclosure and i have to walk away,will the bank come after me for my loan balance?
Is their a fee to transfer ownership of a property?
if you 30 years old still living with mom paying $200 rent do you think thats embarrassing?
I need list of real estate developers in south florida?
Would it be possible for me to lease an apartment for three months?
Unexpected Pregnancy... Should I tap into my Roth IRA to buy a modular home?
we are pretty much moved out and now they are saying we owe for next months rent?
what is the current mta rate?
what is 30% of $9,000?
How do I move my girlfriend out of the house if her name is on the deed but not on the mortgage? New,no equity?
Is Now The Right Time To Sell My House Or Should I Wait till After Xmas??
Should I buy a plot of land?
how do you become a house flipper?
what do you need to add a name or person on a title or deed ?
Do i have joint access or control over a apt?
how much does it cost to build a new house in los angeles, california?
How Can The Bank Pull This On Our Short Sale Purchase?
My new apartment manager told me my last landlord said I left property damage.?
how much would a child care owner in NJ make a year? (estimate)?
Im looking for a good resource where in I can buy a flat in Mumbai. Where can i find that?
Where can I find historic average home prices for specific zip codes?
How to be in Real estate sales? Help?
where is the cheapest place to live and just bum around for about3 months mexico but where?
buying a house?
good places to rent lake house college students?
what's the median home price in las vegas, nv?
G.O.Ms.No.623 dated 08/09/2008 issued for construction permission in the area of Jubilee hills,Hyderabad?
Our property is $60,000 underwater. Should I foreclose on my ARM mortgage?
Best mortgage deal?
what is the best area in Arizona to buy some land for an investment for future development?
Will buyer agent know if we buy a house with another agent?
How do I go about finding a house to rent and does housing trust pay for the bond money.?
When is an appropriate time to get a FSBO home appraised?
can i buy an office space and live in it?
Is a landlord or tenant responsible for funding replacement of contents damaged by the ceiling collapsing?
In San Francisco, what constitutes breaking a lease?
What to do if you scratch a wall in a rental house?!?!?
Any opinions on Hillbrook Apartments in Glenside, PA?
where is a good place to move to?
landlord rights re: selling property thats rented?
i need to sell my horse despertly need the money for help on my house bills and food im a single mom with 3 pl?
what does it take to get into real estate i need a good job my girlfriend is pregnant im in texas?
Is it worth refinancing my home at this rate 8.3%?
With all the foreclosure rising so rapidly will houses value continues to drop?
Rental contract void?
Should I hire this real estate agent?
Can I book a property with only Katha B?
What happens if I abandon my apartment w/o breaking lease?
can some one give me information about the current state of real estate in UK?
can I take out another home equity loan?
Looking to Purchase a Bar in the Florida Keys .?
Who to call for appliance repair in Los Angeles?
Please help. Dodgy estate agents?
Can a CA home seller stop escrow after all documents have been signed and account funded?
due to my job lost i stop paying rent for 6 month then i left my appartment to live with freind it`s in astori?
Want to help my brohter pay his mortage.?
Real Estate Property in Jacksonville, Florida?
my landlord took my coke? with no permission?
Can you back date a quit claim?
does anyone know what is included in rent for?
Which cost more a Loft or a Condo?
Does the Truth-in-lending statement mean that the loan is likely to be approved, or has been approved.?
Are common maintenance charges to be shared on Sq. ft. basis or per tenement basis ?
I purchased a new construction condo last year. The windows leak, what can I do? Others have leaky windows.?
Where can I invest in a home with little money down and rent the house for a profit each year?
What counts as an 'insured risk'?
what does a "mature lot" mean in real estate business?
If I sell my house, do I have to pay taxes on the sale?
where can I find the current rate for cash out FHA refinance?
what would be the best amount to use as a down payment on a house that is $150.000?
Buying a home: Where should I go first?
Let's say I buy a townhouse in Chicago - what percentage do you offer less.?
can a mobile home park shut off water or not turn it on just because they dont want you to live ther?
afordable section 8 housing?
How much to charge a roommate?
mould question please help?
apartments in 01757?
will the prices of flats in pune will go down?
Who is the best real estate agent in Saskatoon?
bad tenants?
What is the least time consuming & cheapest way to attain a PMI Certification?
Is it possible to survive on $500 a month in Virginia?
I only have $3500 in savings. Can I buy a $69000 house?
What is the going interest rate for a HARP 2 refi?
should i demand to see the lease before giving the rent?
Is it possible to get the keys to a home on the same day you sign papers to close?
what is good dedet and what is bad dedet?
what are the consequences of backing out of the sell of my home 3 days before closing?
i just got forclosure papers and they want me to file a written response what do i include in this?
As a landlord do I go in the house now to get a quote on damages needed to be paid or after their 60days r up?
can a landlord kick the tenant out of the condo immediately, if the tenant owe's him $2300?
How do I find out who owns a particular house in Saginaw, MI?
Help with housing & Comunity care grant?
Neighbours shed is obstructing our view?
What is a timeshare (in the housing market) ?
Is there any way to obtain a list of previous renters that resided in a duplex?
Cost to run a rented house/flat for 1 person on average in Kent UK?
How much does renting or buying a house cost in England?
If your birthdayvis on 1985 the 1st of november how old will you be now?
Selling a home in Columbus, Ohio?
How can i check my home history online?
can my landlord evict me for having a baby?
New Tenants Mother Gets Smart?
Where can I find a online mortgage that will allow me to input my current mortgage payment and the amount I?
House Deeds Transferring at death?
Can anyone help with this? Need your opinions?
someone broke into my tenant's unit - is it my responsibility as a landlord to fix her door or is it her?
In real estate what does "GCI" mean?
can a building manager legally kick out a tenant if a shower leaks to the apartment below?
Who's responsible my landlord or me (tenant)?
What's the difference between an efficiency style apartment and a studio?
Is it possible to be kicked out of an apartment, when you're paying rent?
motels with weekly rates in Elko, NV?
If i bought a new house, does the kitchen have Fridge, Oven, and Microwave?
what law allows a person to take the land rights to land that they are using and caring for.?
Help please? My house burned down and I have 2 mortgages and a lien on it.?
How to evict a roommate on the lease?
looking to move out, but not into an apartment what are my options?
First time homebuyer - are there good programs if you don't qualify for 1st time homebuyer assistance in MN?
How do I stop a foreclosure?
where can i find the best semi or detached house for 350k in GTA west area?
My landlord took me to court so he could legally evict me from his premises.?
Should we leave furniture etc in our house we are about to sell, or can we move it all out to our new place?
how many hopuses can a first year real estate agent sell?
Tenant breaking lease for room rental (California)?
Where can I purchase Blumberg Legal Forms on Long Island, Suffolk County?
Is there a free online site where I can find out how much my property taxes are?
Can a landlord evict you after you already paid through your lease?
If a person is preapproved in one state, can this be transferred to another state?
Theft, Trespassing, and Invasion of Privacy in a college owned apartment?
What if you lose the original keys from the Oak Park apartments in Oak Creek WI?
My Partner has a house of his own . I am a first time buyer.?
Do you think this offer for a home is to low or insulting?
I leaved in a rented property for 18 months, am I obliged to repaint the property after leaving?
When in the middle of offer/ counter offer on home in Texas,can seller accept third party offer to cut you out
Best Area to live in Lakewood CA...?
Rental - furnished home clause?
What checks do estate agents make if you pay 6 months rent upfront?
Is there any recourse for a FHA inspection that was a sham? The inspector did not turn up the asbestos in home
Buying a house in partnership pros and cons?
Do you think its possible to live off $800 a month?
Landlord wants rent, even though I've been evicted?
How long does a property contract exchange take in Scotland?
Need to write a letter to my tenants informing them of where to pay their rent ?
I'm having trouble finding a room for rent in my price range. Any other ideas of where I can look?
Is this mortgage too much? I think my MIL got taken for a ride?
my rent is £65 weekly if i was to buy the mortgage would be £430 including insurance .?
Florida HOA denying the sale of my property due to precious owner damage to downstairs water dripping between?
What is the average amount for a commercial building (per square foot), to buy not to lease?
Will My Landlord Be Angry If I Broke into My Own Apartment?
When do you think the house prices will go back up ?
i was giving a two weeks notice to move out because the landlord doesnt want to fix the AC is this ok?
if you co-own a financed property such as car and house, how can you claim your portion?
Just made an offer on a house and it was accepted, what next?
How do i got about getting a flat in the Uk?
Does a mortgage entitle the bank to property/assets outside of the property mortgaged?
My appartment building is trying to charge me $1100, for no 60 day notice, HELP!?
Boyfriend wants to buy a house under just his name?
buying a home in Portland, OR?
Is my moms landlord reliable?!?
Does any one know of any realtor who gives 2% cash back to the buyer at closing? Some TX agents give 2% back.?
I'm a college student, tired of the dorms! I need an apartment!?
How do I ask my Landlord to install a shower?
How much would moving men typically charge to move a studio apartment 2 miles?
Is it possible for me to not have my husband name on my property paper?
If your house becomes uninsurable, can the mortgage company call the loan and demand full payment?
What should I pay for rent?
Is Raleigh a good place to buy property as a rental investment?
Could raising my rent (or refusing a lease renewal) because I'm pregnant be considered discrimination? ?
How Much Approximately Would It Cost To Move A Mobile Home?
If a Cooker is hard wired in is it classed as a fixture or a furnishing?
How much is your mortgage payment ?
why do people allways chop meat or fish thank you.?
i would like to buy the lot of land behind my house?
monthly car rental plans?
how much would it cost to rent out a club for one night?
How can I sign a lease in another state without going there?
How much do you have to pay for a condo?
do you have to move out on or before closing on a house or can you set a date afterward?
Does anyone know if they got acceped into Cal State San Marcos?
anyone know how long it takes 2 b offered an affordable house in cork? I've filled in all the paperwork...
How can I get an apt with no money??? ?
How much should I put into my home before selling....?
what is the hourly rate for a service agent that works at Avis Rent a Car ?
what percent of income should go toward housing?
how to get a mobile home with land financed...iv`e got a very good credit score... and down payment?????
Should I stop paying my mortgage?
Are there any state or federal programs that will help a single mom on SSI buy a home?
What is everything I would have to do when looking for and buying a home?
Are there any mentors/ sites for new real estate investors?
which is the good strategy to get commercial real estate inquiries?
Why aren't home inspections done BEFORE an offer is made?
Renting an Apartment with a 607 Credit Score?
me mom is kickin me out innit. need the counsil house. got no job and savings of 1500 squid. how long get it?
do you any websites that are like (house searching)?
is there a list of names for tenants that are on eviction notice?
Are you a Real Estate Asset Manager?
My addendum for house. I now live in.?
I was looking at rental apartments in UK and found a shared apartment for £115 pw.?
landlord threaten to have the sheriff evict me at the end of the month ?
How do I buy a foreclosure home directly from the bank?
Need help with rent history question! Urgent!?
URGENT: I live in a house share (a rented room), can I be considered resident?
Queen Creek, Arizona Housing Bubble? What do you think about it?
what are the appraisal techniques in infrastructure projects>?
Looking for fully Furnished Weekly Rentals?
How does owner financing work?
Will swapping a lease from another person benefit my credit score?
Can you rent a private rented flat without a job, will you get housing benefits for it if youre single, 18?
Is it legal to raise the price of a house by the owner.after there is a set price on paper?
why are landlords always snooping round the house?
In New Jersey, should a landlord provide it's tenants with a refrigerator?
Need info on the portland, maine area.?
What happens if i cant pay for my room service when checking out?
Question about selling with a realtor.?
my apartment is charging me for a whole month but they wont let me move in until the 17th of that month?
Whats the best way to sell my house quickly?
Full time student, council house, pay rent?
Im about to become a mortgage loan officer. were is the best free helpful information online?
How do you evict a tenant? And can you evict a tenant if the lease isn't up yet?
whats the name of apartments at 8450 roswell road?
How do some people get so rich?
Housing structure names?
What are the prices and sales volume of houses in your area?
Is there anyone else whose mortgage is greater than what they could sell their home for?
Seller refused to sign closing papers for a short sale home. What are our rights as the potential buyers?
How much should I offer for a home in Colorado Springs, CO.?
if you buy real astate with haft down is there still a credit check?
Can you live on $250 per week in australia?
who will inherite the property if both owner is dead and without children?
Why do people keep telling me that it would be a mistake to become a real estate sales agent?
should i fix up the house i just inherited or sell it?
Cheapest month to buy a house?
I appologize I am asking the question wrong?
If I can make my mortgage payments every month, would my bank even help me modify my loan?
somebody told me...and i need help really fast please?
Should this work? Or is it a crazy idea?
Worried Homeowner! I am a LPN and make good money. But my husband has been laid-off of work for five months.?
What do real-estate terms mean such as "pro forma NOI" and "% CAP rate"?
Would you continue to charge usery rates on Freddie Mac profit.?
My parents are in a difficult situation regarding their flat and their downstairs neighbour any ideas?
How to break my apartment lease?
will i get approved for this appartment?
Which is the best way to have my slow paying tenants leave?
I have a lien on my realestate property from capitalone and i want to pay it off?
Is this house worth buying?
is my landlord entitled totheir rent without our boiler working?
Is landlord allowed to have a copy of my mailbox key?
what does this mean to you?
How long does your Real Estate license (in California) stay active after you have not been with a broker?
what should i do if the land lord wont return my security deposit?
what is the advantage of an intrest only mortgage loan, and are they easier to qualify for?
michigan real estate - vacation homes?
i need help on getting my first apartment...?
Should I agree to pay 1/2 non-refundable deposit on house to my (seller) real estate agent? He says he earned?
For an apartment house, which can be deducted for income tax purpose? Maintenance, repair or remodeling?
Applying for a home that is 50 thousand?
How do I contact police after landlord rape?!?
My Appartment is worth £235,000, what could I buy in the US for the same amount.?
after college i plan to move some place warm but i don't know where?
Can my brother legally get into my house if his name is on the deed?
i ned Information Abbot FHA insured?
Would I lose the apartment if I wait to sign the lease?
I want to start real estate agency in Maharashtra, India. What is the procedure?
moving to Australia for two years - should I sell or rent out my home in Doncaster, UK?
I just signed a new lease starting 6/1, can I back out legally?
Do I have to serve a proof of service on subtenents?
i have been told not to put anything in your own name even your primary residence.why do they say this?
If you just got finish with high school is it cheaper to rent a house or buy one ?
i need help with this lady in my apartment?
I am trying to give my tenant (roommate) a 30 day notice and am not sure the proper way to approach it. Help?
How to know that a forex broker has no dealing desk as he claims?
appeal decision H/B and C/T?
will i be allowed a mortgage?
complaint against landlord?
my landlord insists on sending family down for several weeks per year to stay in the house i am leasing. is th?
How much will it cost to replace apartment carpetting?
My Landlord has threatened S21?
What are renters rights?
Ok,this is the last question...!!?
Is it wise to buy a house right now?? Read the details too.....?
What are the most important renovations (upgrades) to do in a house to increase its value?
Landlord wants me out of flat.?
i have renter who thinks my property is in forecloser which it is not and renter refuses to move out?
What can i do if my landlord refuses to render a lease?
Can a landlord tell me I can't have guests?
Should my landlord give our deposit back?
How many months can a Landlord charge you if you break your lease?
who is a good company for long distance move?
I am selling a duplex in Sacramento for 500k how much would I have for a 1031 after fees ?
How do I get cash at closing when purchasing a home?
What makes people more likely to pay their rent?
can me and my wife get approved fro a home loan with the land only being in my name?
Should I buy a condo?
IF i had a 576 SQ In Alaska,how much could i sell it for?
How many children are allowed to live in a studio apartment?
i need help finding property places management?
Should i rent a house from my employer?
I need ideas on what to do with my land?
Should I plunk down $400,000 on a CONDO that has not been built yet ??
Can a landlord increase rent on a roommate addendum form?
apartments that are a house!?
How much *should* one spend on buying a house?
accept a check for first, last and security deposit?
How does forclosure on a property work?
I am looking for low income apartments in the Northern VA area?
wanting to sell mobile on rented lot,how do i do this.?
how many % can rent increase in california?
Not Paying Mortgage Insurance?
Mortgage companys that allow to include rehab money?
What are some careers in real estate, other than being an agent?
I have recently moved to rented accomadation and have discovered from a neighbour that the property?
What is an average rent for a two bedroom apartment in the inner west of Sydney?
Am I responsible for a mortgage after I move out?
Pay off HELOC or invest?
Buying a house that someone died in...does that mean that it is haunted?
how do I evicte a tenant for non payment and for abandoment of my apartement?
Buy points for mortgage?
To real estate lawyers: Is a developer allowed to do this?
First time house flippers!! What is the best advice and/or tips for flipping?
How do you value a rental property for depreciation purposes?
How do you know when to call it quits with a Lender and find someone else?
Foreclosure 3 years after chapter 7?
where is iranian embassy in sydney?
Can my fiance sell our house without my consent if my name in on the deed but not on the mortgage?
Bank appraisal is less than county assessment?
how often can a landlord raise the rent in a year and is there a limit on how much at a time?
What type of mortgage does Alan Greenspan have?
Buying a house with parents?
I am 25 years old and i need money to pay off credit cards can I take money out of 401K (if i have any)?
has anyone ever breach their apartment contract?
Can a landlord charge you for the 5 days it takes you to move out?
What is the best way to start a career in property management?
Never had a water bill, will I never have to pay it?
Is it illegal to allow tenants to live in an apartment without a stove or fridge?
how can I find an apartment section 8 voucher in nyc?
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