Real Estate

I'm about to leave the property before the end of contract but are these conditions legal?
is their a website listing the top realtors (who produces the most sales in a given area)?
If you buy a property that has commerical premises on it (in london, england), can you live in that section?
how to sue a real estate broker or salesperson?
what can i do with a mortgage company who is not willing to negotiate lower more affordable payment plan ?
is there a way to get on the section 8 list in chicago or find low income housing?
How to look for apartments in Toronto above stores and restaurants?
Cheap website to advertise budget holiday rental abroad?
can a lawyer hang a PA real estate license instead of a broker?
i m persuing cfa in a group so i have search some job who is the best job for me?
land forcloser?
How much rent should I charge?
closing on a house at 10am tomarrow morning!!!?
Kicking a House mate out?
is a home inspection mandatory to sell a home?
How much would it cost to buy Alcatraz Island?
Tenant rights - California?
Hows the best, fastest way to get a honest good subletter for a San Francisco apartment?
How to find somwhere to live when being kicked out?
What do you prefer? Living in an apartment or a house? Why? Do you live in a house or aptartment now?
Can I get out of my apartment lease without paying money?
Thinking of purchasing a few Lots of land in FL. Any advice or thoughts?
is RBC Centura an affiliate of Countrywide Home Loans?
Does anyone know a website that shows apartments available for rent based on a school of choice in California?
How can I buy a house for me and my daughter?
Is it okay to ask for inspection BEFORE placing a bid on a house?
I sold my camper that i have a loan on, we did not use the money to pay off the loan.?
I was looking for a studio/apartment and what does "maint. fee" mean?
Which house would you choose?
Having to evict tenants and getting new ones. What should I do?
Where can I find pictures and plans for a hotel project?
What to say on a rental reference?
If you get a settlement and live in income based housing will it affect your rent?
In forclosure need to sell home FAST!?
Does Amazon deliver items to your mailbox?
Where is a good place to live in the Dallas Lovefield Airport vacinity?
Mortgage Application Questions?
Real Estate people...How much does it cost to become a real estate agent so I can buy a home for super cheap.?
When moving in to a new place, are you supposed to get the key when you pay?
My mother has CREDITORS COMING AFTER HER. can anyone help answer? Please?
Need name of movers who can move a 12x16 wooden building in Anderson,SC?
renting an apartment?
can i get another home loan after divorce?
Does renting an apartment affect my chances of getting a loan for grad school?
how soon can you get a mortgage after getting a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged?
can some one tell me the site for private lisciencing for landlords and their lets.thanks danny?
Home Rental Agreement?
How many real estate related jobs are there in the US? What was the number a few years ago?
What can i do about this?
any big houses with land for rent for a family of 5??
When is your first mortgage payment due after you close on your home loan?
Builder Apartments vs Independent House, which would be better (cost + hassle) in a city like Delhi?
Am I held responsible for the damages?
What if there is a demon in my apartment?
If you are renting and you've told the landlord about rotten trees and they do nothing and destroyed my car?
Whattttt it takes to short parties and funnnn for the lake of INCOME????????
What Does Housing Authority Do ?
how old do you have to move out? in england?
Can you legally terminate a lease early if you are moving out of state for employment?
What is the process when renting out a house?
If You own a property outright buy another to live in with mortgage should i sell the first one or rent it out
Need to terminate my renter's contract early?
Tried to pay rent, apartment complex refused it, now I'm being evicted?
inverse real estate?
I'm renting a house with a lease option buy agreement, but the house is going into forclosure. Advice?
How much for a rental in dallas area for three day weekend?
roommates been gone for a few weeks, can i still make her pay her part in bills?
If a Corporation is buying property is personal credit a hugh factor?
Does anybody know any free sites where you can view listings of industrial buildings for sale in California?
How do I look up Country club homes in Lexington, NC?
Should I report this?
Real Estate Closing: Seller Without Lawyer?
Anyone know how to get ahold of churches that will help me get into a place? First time mother- 8 month old?
How to convice them to give me a 2 br apt?
How much rent could i afford to move out?
If I move out, can my landlord take me to court?
Is it right for her to be doing this?
Should I keep paying on my mortgage during the short sale?
Do you know of funding programs for first time homebuyers in Chicago, Illinois?
I had a property go to foreclosure in Michigan with 1st and 2nd mortgages.?
How do you live comfortably on your own when things are so expensive?
im 17 homeless with no job can i get housing?
Fannie mae home buying?
I want to rent a site to the food retail companies. What should i have to do?
can i afford to rent?
I need floor plans for the Winchester mystery house ?
Evicting a family in california?
help with rent Texas?
If you are an apartment tenant on a month to month tenancy, how much notice is required if they raise rent?
I m 16year student.Nd live out of my house. so plz suggestion me.what can i do for make some money?
What's it like having your home on the market?
Has anyone on here gotten their house built in Texas or Georgia?
What are some reasons why three 18-year-olds who are best friends should not rent a house together?
After a studio apartment near Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles California would the next step if i am?
If owner of a preforclosed property files for BK right before Trustee sale date, how does it affect the sale?
How irritating are real estate agents?
How do I get these people out of my house?
Lease Expire, tenant not moving out?
Is 20 years old to young to buy a home?
What should we counter offer on this house?
part three about the manager taht is trying to throw me out?
How can I find out who bought apartment complex?
Finding multifamily/condos/homes for rent in MA?
What is 'Market Time' in real estate?
has anyone purchased the claude diamond real estate program?
Will I be able to get a mortgage even though I am a casual employee?
I live in New York state and have a 5 day Eviction notice...?
can a landlord garnish your wages on back rent?? We are current on our rent just owe some back rent..?
Can I do anything about the people who park on the curb next to my house?
Are there any mortgage companies who will finance 100% for someone with a credit score of 543?
are there any sites based in new york city that let you find other people that share common interests?
How to get a mortgage? Foreigner?
Why do people think that all landlords are extremely rich?
she gave me a letter saying just july so if i pay just july she should have to take it if its in the 14 days?
why are realtors crooks?
Should I live in an apartment or a condom?
i am looking for a program that will let me view a property/address through satellite signal?
I am divorced and in our papers she was given the house but my name will still be on the mortgage for 3 years.
what shoud rent be on a 2or3 bedroom appt in a small town of about 20000?
When buying a house how much less than the asking price is acceptable to offer?
What factors should be considered in building other than construction cost?
Verbal agreement with landlord over lease renewal?
What's causing the scarcity of Class A office product in the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro commercial market?
What are the usual reasons a house would stay on the market for an extended period?
can you move back home in your first year of uni if you don't like living out? has anyone does this?
I sold a car and was unaware that there was till a lien on it from 5 years ago.?
Can I rent an apartment in a new city without having a job in the new city yet?
mortgages that is right for me my score is 516?
One bedroom one bathroom condo?
writting response to foreclosure?
What are my options with a house I just bought?
My landlady is a bully and refuses to fix anything. But i have no proof?
Why does everyone think about joing real estate college.?
Is it cheaper to live in the United States, France, or Ireland?
Does "For Sale By Owner" really work?
seller not going to closing?
city of wi real estate and properties?
How much should i charge for an hour rate?
how to start commercial mortgage broker company?
How do you get your name removed from a mortgage?
Need to sell my house fast?
How to contact a house owner?
Moving house question......?
im looking for an apartment in Salina, KS.?
A Solicitor has made a Statement of truth for a county court . for repossession of my late mothers house?
i live in b.c. in a condo. during a recent bath water went through the overflow and water went down into the?
What is the diff between a real estate certificate and a real estate degree??
Im looking for Bakersfields classifieds?
how many square feet is your townhouse?
Breaking Lease (Both Landlord and tenants want out)?
Should I move out of my house?
Is this a good plan to buy a house first time?
how can i see my house live on the computer?
Why was I charged extra money for Escrow?
As lessee in the state of texas what are my rights?
Leaseholder Rights for UK only?
If I give a landlord a security deposit to hold an apartment but don't yet sign the lease can I get it back
What are the chances of me being approved?
Can renter not pay rent for buying things for the house?
What is the best job to have in west hollywood for an apartment?
Locked out of house, what to do?
I'm trying to sale my Time Share.?
Best place to live with kids, good jobs & cheap housing?
How long after a person has their bankruptcy discharged, can the bank make me move?
Looking for a cheap but efficient moving company to move furniture only from richmond, il to crystal lake, il?
What would you do if your brother cheated you?
Rent payment please anwser?
My friend is the primary lease holder and she wants out?
what is meant by the term: Industrial forest land, when you are trying to buy a piece of property?
What age can you sign up for section 8 and foodstamps?
do you give a thank you gift to real estate agent?
Getting a new home but having some problems with mortgage?
Anyone know how i find out companys that buy your house straight away, without the need for estate agents..?
Can someone provide a detailed job description for a mortgage loan processor?
Am I missing something, how are people getting home loans when...?
when making an offer on a house what is a good starting point?
We are renting a house can the landlord show potential buyers around the property ?
in illinois if a person dies without a will, does the property, which is a very small amount of furniture, and?
CA FORM PAA -real estate?
How do you secure a rental property in western australia on a low income?
What should we do about getting our house back?
what are the consequences if i was to break my lease early in nevada?
Is it reasonable to ask for new carpet and paint before moving into an apartment?
I want to know about refinancing my mortgage.?
If you misplace your lease agreement are you legally entitled to obtain another copy from your landlord?
Where is traffic like in Raleigh, NC -- what are the most congested areas (what roads wort in rush hr)?
Why don't for sale signs have the property price on them?
a big bogus rent ripoff. please advise what to do!!!?
What is a Quit Claim Deed and what is it used for?
Do I Have To Let Him In My Home?
I am thinking about renting a condo to other people. Tips?
My buyer wants to bury their dog in the garden,should I let them?
Selling of property? NHBRC certificate ?
Property selling and buying new property?
forms real state?
Can my landlord throw my boyfriend out because hes not on my lease?
Doe there have to be a sink in the second bathroom of the house to pass a hud inspection?
Housing market?
How many American people live in low-income/public housing today?
Will it be OK buying a home without owning the HOA document?
How can I find out if there are available apartments if there aren't any for rent signs?
Do I have to pay rent if the school mislead me and there was never a contract signed?
Is my deed proof for the first time homebuyer credit?
Is it possible to rent your flat out and use the money to buy another property? Two mortgages at the same time
Any opinions on Western Mortgage Group in Houston, TX?
Why has this not come out yet?
Do you think Spanish Property is at rock bottom?
What pitfalls should I avoid in signing a commercial lease for retail space?
What type of loan do I need to buy a forclosed home that is not finished?
Do I have a case against my landlord?
if a flat is £65pw, is that per person per week or can it be split?
I'm on a lease,and so is my ex boyfriend.If I move out with my sister and he stays here,will they let him stay?
How do you find out who the owner of an abandoned building or house is?
Splitting rent between 5 people for a 2 bedroom house? What's the fairest way to do this?
What are some cheap apartments to live in the Denver Area of Colorado?
im claiming job seekers and im loosing my home if i move to Scotland can i still claim?
If I break my lease one month early what can they charge me?
Buy-To-Lets: Being a landlord of 15 properties (UK only please)?
can an owner put up for sale and show the house you are leasing?
Can brokers act as a buyers agent also?
Wat are some good websites to look up if Im trying to buy a house in Ohio?
our house is in foreclosure and my husband recetely died his name was the only one on the loan what is going t?
what's the best strategy for owning a home in a depressed real estate market?
Does anyone know what the laws are on 6 people sharing a 3 bedroomed house?
maras - referencing - advice please?
What is the average cost of living in Tampa Florida?
Decided to NOT rent the apartment. What can happen to me?
VA loan closing cost with a short sale?
my landlord just died. i have a six month lease. i am told to move out. what are my rights?
I never signed my apt lease am i bound to it?
Rental home in foreclosure ? some help please ...?
where can i enter an address to find out if its for sale?
my lease is up how long can i stay in house im renting?
How long does it usually take to get an answer for a rental application? I have no record and fair credit.?
I'm moving to GA and was told to look at ALPHARETTA & CUMMINGS. Is one better then the other?
With so many areas in the country in a drought. Why is there so much building of stores an condos using water?
If I sell my house for money, what return will i get?
We are thinking of changing our company name - give us your feedback?
email listling of house owners in america?
Split up in Father's Self acquired property?
I am a landlord and thinking of selling my property. I have tenants and not sure how to handle it?
Getting my earnest deposit back from the seller?
Which website is the best for finding affordable apartment listings?
Home purchase situation?
Should I move into Iron Bird Lofts or Sierra Hills Apartments?
How would a sliding scale of commission help a real estate agent?
How can I get out of my year lease?
If I'm living on residence, can they walk in without notice?
How much land do i need to set up my business?
Tenants rights regarding rent?
Why would anyone buy a house?
Any help??
tell me everything about a house being sold by an estate?
Is it better to hire a realtor or do a FSBO?
Took a Job on Staten Island, Where to Live?
If a tenant gives notice, then decides not to move - who is responsible for the new tenant's accommodations?
Mortgage company saying I'm 90 days delinquent?
refinance mortgage is it worth it?
What are the rights of a tenant?
what is the maximum amount a seller can give towards closing costs in the state of california?
where to look for rental houses online?
I want to buy a house or a condo, how much of my monthly imcome should it be?
what are fha loan amount limits for st marys county in maryland?
can 1 person take money from a escrow account that has 5 names on it?
moving out contract. unsure if I can move out with 28 days notice or I must stay til end of lease. Please help?
do i really need a lawyer when buying a house (i'm not going to work with an agent)?
i am in a lease purchase agreement i put 4000.00 down and i pay 1195.oo a month for two years is this good?
Y my store stuff gone out of my house in skyrim whiterun?
What happens if I just move out of the house I own and calling the bank?
how much time it takes for navada real estate license for timeshare?
will landlord no i am claiming benefits?
Can my Girlfriend be held resposible for rent if she was not on the lease?
Do you know Anything About Real Estate In Canada..Let me know.?
how do I get a grant from the government to buy a house?
If you buy say a house for $450,000 and paid the whole price, do you get a deed to that house?
Want a house on rent in Vijayanagar?
i am about to buy my first home what should be looking for and what should i avoid?
Is there a time limit to getting my house back?
how much on average would it cost to live on your own?
House I am renting might be going through foreclosure?
Housemate is refusing to pay the rent, landlord wants us to pay, help!?
I think I was discrimated and served and eviction notice?
how does a newly licensed real estate agent in new jersey get into selling commercial properties?
what do you most want to know about a new city when you move there?
A couple take out a joint mortgage. Can a second charge be taken out on the property without joint consent?
Can someone else rent an apartment and I live in it instead?
Can you tell me how I can break a lease in Naperville,because my job downsized and my car is gone out?
Weird question on a home loan.?
Disclose or not to disclose....that IS my question!?
1 year lease - boyfriend cheated - HELP! :(?
What would you do if you didn't have enough living space for 1-2 years?
i live in PA and this year i had a problem receiving my rent rebate check because i live with my landlord ?
will the dss pay £600 for a private rent for me and 3 kids, do they pay it for you?
Using Security Deposit as last months prorated rent?
Where is the most affordable and safest place to live in San Francisco, CA? What area in the City?
after college i plan to move some place warm but i don't know where?
How would i go about building my own home?
How much real estate agents make and other stuff?
Buying a house / apartment in Paris.?
Any opinions on Sussex Downs Apts or Ashley Court Apts in Franklin, TN?
My husband and I have been approved for 100% financing to buy an new house. We don't have any money for the
2 Parts: If house is in foreclosure do I still have to pay rent? If house is unlivable do I still have to pay?
What questions should you ask when looking at apartments?
How can a landlord who requested you don't smoke in house/apartment tell that you have been smoking?
Will someone explain to me why the closing costs of my new home are being added to my loan?
Our house is going into foreclosure.Back taxes are owed.Can the all our property?
Tell me the best broker in Milton Keynes UK for the best Property..?
What are some reasons why three 18-year-old best friends shouldn't rent a house together?
Leasing a flat: making an offer?
hello i want to ask that from where i can get good books on real estate?
Who and where in Melbourne, Australia is the best and cheapest conveyancing?
I have a commerical business and I want to rent the vacant lot next door to place a sign for commerical?
You can buy a home with no credit with 20% down - right?
What can you take from a foreclosure.?
How do you find the resale value of a home for a prior year?
My lender told me that there is an application fee?
Getting a mortgage at 18?
Home Rental Agreement?
Have a question about when a home goes up for auction?
Disputing low appraisals?
Am i entitled to any housing benefit?
Is my landlord allowed to come in to our apartment without permission?
Would I get approved for a home mortgage?
Do I get my deposit back?
we rented a house and are now getting hit for bills which were never discussed?
Nosy and disturbing neighbor. Is there anything that can be done?
Closing date crisis, what can I do?
Is there any online resources for being a good real estate agent? skills, marketing, increasing earnings?
Is it fraud, illegal or something to sell land that is mortgaged with the bank?
how often is the landlord required to paint the inside of the house in tennessee?
LANDlord help please, will i get my deposit back?
Which way is better to purchase a home? Downpayment size?
How much down payment is needed for new home purchase?
Can some one if retired cosign to help someone buy a home?
Can you move into an apartment right away?
I need a apartment in Lexington with all utilities paid and under 550. I start school in November.?
Will I be happy in a mobile home park?
rent to own. What if landlord doesn't pay taxes?
Can i get the New home owner tax credit now?If so how. Thanks?
Being a renter and being allowed to date? Can a landlord really do this?
The people upstairs through cigarette butts into our yard - what can I do?
Can I Trust this Person?
I think my daughter has been taking some medications that are causing gout like symptoms?
What should I offer on this home? Any tips?
Why won't the Realtors let us choose our own Mortgage broker?
I am trying to rent an apartment again. How can you rent an apartment if you've been evicted in the past?
Bought my first house: need help understanding mortgage payment window?
would anyone know where I can find affordable apartments near the Northridge area in SFV?
i want to know how much willit costme to move a 2bath mobilehome to a nother mobilepark?
Why does my apartment still have electricity?
If my friend pays $1000 a month to live in his apartment, and I start living with him, will I?
I have been offered room in a house that is owned by person offering it. ?
Can my landlord tell my guests that they cant bring pets onto the property?
Loooking for a condo in brunswick ohio,,,to rent at least 3 bedrooms?
Should I replace 2nd bathtub with a shower ?
Real estate investment books/seminars/tapes?
I sold a car and was unaware that there was till a lien on it from 5 years ago.?
My parents are getting ready to sell their house and I'm concerned about getting my mail, how do I get it?
Am I responsible for HOA fees when I rent?
Ive been wanting to move out of my moms house for a while. Should I?
HELP I'm house sitting?
How can I locate a H.U.D.foreclosures house in San Diego, Ca.?
Whats the numbers of ppl allowed in a 2 bedroom apt?
Do you know a good real estate agent in California?
If my landlords only will allow me out of my lease if i find a tenant of a certain religion, is that legal?
Can I have a pool and/or garage added to VA Loan for home purchase?
Home loan options?????
apartments that rent to 17 year olds in st.louis missouri!?
FICO score; how to soft pull my score?
What is an FHA loan? Who qualifies?
I think I may be paying too much in property taxes. Who can help me assess and lower them, inexpensively?
In real estate, what is the meaning of the pharse, "short sale"? Can someone give me details of this meaning?
What is wrong with my landlord?
What is the most expensive home in the State of Ohio?
i want to know about note broker?
I want out of my lease. Upstairs neighbors are noisy, and my apt manager refused to handle it. What to do?
Help to write eviction letter to tenant?
Should landlord pay for painting apartment?
I'm 19 and want to move out!!?
Is there any chance my landlord will agree to put double glazing on my windows?
Public Housing Question:St.Louis Missouri?
overpaid at closing table and now asked for refund...?
Is purchasing a condo in Whistler BC a good investment?
can I rent out my house ?
Do I have to be employed to rent a private property in the UK?I am able to provide 6 months deposit in advance?
Father Renting House, Can I Receive Housing Benefit?
Are there any escrow companies that need a travelling notary/loan signing agent?
Where can I buy a gingerbread house?
How do I get my ex girlfriend off my mortgage w/o refi?
where do i have to call to modify my mortgage loan if my bank dont want to help?
If a person has a judgement against them from a landlord, but can't pay in full, what happens then?
If i have a shut off notice for my eletric bill is it ileagle for my apartment houses to pay the bill.?
I have a tenant who has repeatedly pays his rent late.?
I have a 7 acre land of house can i subdivision of the land to sell?
How can i find out who my neighbours have their morgage with?
how to get into a foreclosed home real cheap?
Can a landlord come to your rental property evryday for no reason?
What can you do if property is sub let?
What's the best place for me to post my duplex for rent with longest time, lease price? any ideas?
do i still have to pay rent on a house that has not been foreclosed on yet?
Why is what a landlord does with rent money none of a tenant's business?
How to find "Shaw realtors" in Westchester, Bewe ork?
Does anyone have any tips to pass the georgia realestate exam? I took it once and failed?
How do i save my home?
i want to buy my first house in central point oregon i want to spend about no more then 160,000 how much woul?
How can I find out who bought apartment complex?
Can you sue a person for refusing to sell you their house after making repeated verbal agreements to do that?
If I inherited a house free and clear that is too big for my needs, shoud I sell it in this down market?
What government body in the uk will check my rented properties gas and electric?
a dairy farmer agreed to rent our barn for 600. a month. we had a lease written and she will not sign.she is?
Do you think the recent California decision against Lease2Own Homes will provide protection for other buyers?
Can someone break this down for me please ( renting apartments)?
HUD Section 8 Rental Vouchers - Waiting List, Columbia, SC?
getting an apartment in cali.?
are there real estate firms that accept grants for the down payment?
What is a VA forclosure?
Breaking my lease and a tenant within the building is moving into my unit? Am I liable for their rent?
What do I need to qualify for renting an apartment?
How much would i get paid every two weeks?
Is it legal for renter to pay home owner association dues?
Renting Park buildings?
Do they have properties rent to own.......?
How can I get a low interest loan on a mortgage being that my credit is bad?
Is the landlord mandated by law to send you the lease through mail?
How easy is it to get a shared equity mortgage?
Do I have to pay a full months rent if my lease ends mid-month, or will I have to pay a pro-rated amount?
Anyone got a website for student housing in Liverpool?
Ground Rent increasing by £250 every 10 years?
I would like to sell my house,but im under water. If I find another house, will banks recalculate a second loa?
How do I file a complaint to the Renter's association in my area?
Can you get regular mails to your P.O box?
how can I get a French Carte professional?
What is a good website to look for temporary roommates?
Is a lease binding if the person who signed was 17?
Studio Apartment Question?
About my calamity loan?
Im really upset over this house?
What Factors Determine How Much an Apartment Mgr Gets Paid?
suggest me some career options and colleges after 12th class?
I am considering selling a rental home. What is the tax liability on this sell?
Are there short-time apartments/ condominiums in Cebu?
Thinking of buying a home?
300k fha loan for college student?
tenancy agreement?
we are looking to buy our first home ......?
what are the pros and cons of a 1% home loan.?
What would happen if I left in the middle of the night?
Will one profit sharing check be calculated into income for a home loan?
what is a credit reference?
I really want a pet but the apartment fee is too high!? Do they ever waive the fee or deposit?
I found a camera in my bedroom put by landlord?
How much does it cost to live in Phoenix,AZ?
Do you have to do the repairs recommended by the VA appraisal?
What's the differnce between a real estate broker and a real estate agent?
First time Buyer help..........pls?
I need contact address (yellow pages)for Tower crane rental service at Eastern India?
How can I get my landlord to give me my deposit back?
real estate question please help...?
my landlord is suing me because he didn't collect rent for several months.?
Looking for apartments in the Bay Area - Houston, TX 77062?
How old were you when you bought your first home?
Real Estate Questions???
Should I rent an apartment if its going to be $5000 every month but I only make $9000?
What are some good Real Estate Investment Clubs?
Will landlords rent to 18 year olds in NYS?
My landlord didn't give me a key to the front door b/c he lost it?
Is my lease still binding......?
My house deed is in my name (I inherited it); If I want to sell, may I do so whether or not my husband agrees?
Should I reimburse my apartment?
I am looking to move to the lower east side in manhattan anyone know where I can get a good deal?
How long will it take to count 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ?
How can I use my 401K or IRA to purchase rental house?
If i buy land with utility bills passed due? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it legal for them to do this .......?
how can i get construction contracts?
I am a first time buyer and i would like to have a 45 year mortgage loan, how do i go about doing that?
can i put a lien against someone if they are the trustee of a property?
Can i add a co buyer to my auto loan?
doesn't the judge have to order judgement for attorney fees and late fees for an eviction in Detroit?
The landlady came up with an agreement AFTER we moved in.?
List two benefits and two risks involved with buying on credit.?
Im lookin for an apartment in Tampa fl?
My roommates are trying to kick me out?
if im a Broker Associate at prudential realty do i get paid by salary or commission? do i have to pay them ?
Is there a listing of resident owned communities in Pinellas and Pasco counties in Florida?
We are thinking of building with distinctive homes in South Australia, any good or bad comments about them.?
Want to move to manhattan in a few years any tips on getting the best deal.?
i am trying to sell my the Realtor blowing me off?
Do I have to give two month notice to end tenancy?
where i can find cheap aparments ?
When purchasing a home - what is your recourse if the seller's tennants refuse to leave prior to settlement?
I'm trying to find out if I've been mis sold ppi on my mortgage but don't really know what I'm looking for? ?
are property landlords supposed to put smoke alarms in propertys?
Is there a way to buy a house, without a downpayment?
on average how much money does a notary make?
can you rent an apartment by yourself at the age of 18?
how do i get out of a lease since i was not allowed to see the property till i paid?
If you quit your job whilst Pregnant are you untitled to all benefits? Housing Etc...?
If I make $1100 a month, how much rent do you think I could afford?
does a daycare reduce property value?
My landlord's son smokes pot in the house... what should I do?
me n my b/f r renting a house. we want to buy one, but we both have bad credit can i change that?
Rented Items Problem?
Can military retiree be evicted for nonpayment of rent?
My real estate agent told me that a home thats $ 400,000 isn't necessarily better than one $ 70,000 true?
I run an apartment complex, what tips can I use to rent more apartments?
In california - is it more expensive to buy a house in San Jose than in Sacramento?
How can I save up enough money to pay my rent and care for my 7 children?
Denver Real Estate Prices In Last 5 Years?
Can an unmarried couple get a home loan together?
does a rowhouse have good resale value?
What to do as a tenant? Help?
We recently moved & we are still receiveing the previous owners mail...?
My sister-n-law died a few years ago and left her house to my husband and I. we have a quick deed. We never g?
can agent charge rental fees every year?
how do you get help with your rent?
I want to buy a house or a condo, how much of my monthly imcome should it be?
Do you think Lending Tree is a reputable company to handle personal real estate needs?
Can you sell your blood or blood plasma for money in Humboldt County, Ca?
Landlord failed to provide mail box key for 7 months..?
applying for mortgage and getting new job?
Looking for help with family bills, rent, and other expenses.?
Which of these three Home Counties is considered posher, Berkshire, Surrey, or Buckinghamshire?
Is it a breech of sale agreement if a real estate agent gives permission to neighbors to modify land?
What are the steps in purchasing a foreclosed home?
Question about Mortgage Rate?
Which company gives the best rate of interest in home loan and if fixed or floating is good in bangalore?
What are pros and cons of housing authority?
This is a project I need to complete for my class, any suggestions?
If you're a real estate appraiser, do you like your job and does it pay well? What are the pros and cons?
Not heating or hot water in rented student accomodation provided by Unite (all inclusive).?
FSBO purchasing: any tips on negotiating an offer. They are asking 90k..we want to START w/ an offer of 65k?
If I give a landlord a deposit to hold an apartment and decide 8 days later not to take it, can she keep money
Would You buy a house,as a first time buyer, in this market right now?
Loans money for rent?
Can I get a buy a house with a larger down payment, but bad credit?
Isn't that what a security deposit is for?
Is craiglist a trutworthy site when it comes to renting apartments?
i've been giving 2 weeks to move out of my house by the owner. is this legal?
what is calgary housing price normal level?
we need a bigger council house but the council say it will take a year how is this fair?
Thinking of buying a house... first timer... what should we know?
my son cleaned and decorated a flat then the landlord turned nasty gave the flat to someone ele.What r rights?
Is it okay to own a house and an apartment at the same time?
We have an inheritance of approximately 12 million dollars, How much should we spend on a house?
OMG My house was stolen help!!!!?
Is it ethical for a landlord to come into your leased home without telling you?
Buying a house?
What are the most common reasons for selling a house?
would you guide me finding a foreclosure house 4 bedrooms in Pennsville, NJ?
Question about real estate (personal property) taxes?
how can i find my plot plan online?
I live in the state of CT,My tenant always pay late?
My Husband has just walked out on me 3 weeks after we signed a joint tenancy agreement. Can i get out of it?
How to become a Mortgage Broker FL?
I am trying to obtain a loan through the USDA rural low income program, I need more information.?
On mortgage application form, what does the "Dispensing Notice" mean? It says sign if applicable?
Apartment building Superintendent Good or Bad?
8020 Home Loan??
What's the best resource for home owners to use when they don't want a realtor?
My Real Estate agent wants me to write a good faith check for a house I want to make an offer on.?
Over the phone interview with Bank about home loan, help?
how much have california home prices increased in last 10 years.( graph)?
Do I qualify for low income housing if I am pregnant and my boyfriend makes minimum wage?
Property to let and planning permission?
Can I avoid the withdrawl penalty if I am purchading real estate?
what percentage of candidates pass the texas real estate salesperson examination the first time?
What are the things I need so that I can get approved for an apartment?
Does the agent have to get confirmation on an occupied unit before showing it?
Signed a rental lease but wanted to cancel- New Jersey?
I want to pay off my 30 yr Mortgage in 17 yrs when I retire, How do I calculate the extra amt I need to pay?
i am new to vermont. what are the requirements,laws ,process of buying a home in rutland vermont.?
Florida HOA denying the sale of my property due to precious owner damage to downstairs water dripping between?
What is a secured redemption bill?
do you need a license to be an estate agent in the uk?
As the owner of a privately owned apartment complex, I asked a political canvasser to leave. Legal?
How do i stop getting mail for the previous tenant?
Our apartment is constantly warm and humid! Problem with the A/C? Will our apartment complex fix it?
I saw a house selling for a $1.00, is that correct?
What Can I Do About Crazy Downstairs Neighbors?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
What is my Maximum Mortgage?
How do I find help to clean, fix & organize my home in exchange for free rent?
My neighbors below me are excessively loud....can i get them kicked out?
Can a trustee, legally act as owner of a property owned by a trust?
Should the federal government bail out people who are over their heads with their mortgages?
Do you have to have a lot of money to start buying houses and renting or selling them?
"12 month lease" but dates were listed for 13 months?
who is responsible for the cost of repairs?
Will management companies usually let you transfer your lease to another of their properties?
How to keep a neighbor from HELL out of your Open House when the day comes to sell?
Can I move out at age 17 in weatherford?
Can a landlord in Florida charge late fee of 50.00 plus 25.00 a day on late rent ?
how can i buy land internationally? asap?
can i single mother get evicted from a low income housing apartment?????
My fiance and I aren't financially ready to buy a home but are sick of wasting money on rent....Condo?
How much should the Manager make?
How long would it take to make $3000?
Can a renter refuse to give me access to show my property ??
How does a construction loan work in South Carolina?
How long to pay loan?
Can you have a co-signer for an apartment if they are not living with you?
How old do u have to be to own ur own flat?
Legal Advice Needed - ASAP - Tenant & Lanlord regarding lease?
How to fight my landlord in court ?(nyc)?
If i have a shut off notice for my eletric bill is it ileagle for my apartment houses to pay the bill.?
Need example for a written letter to a landlord?
If I currently have At&t and upgrade early do I have to pay early termination fee in addition to the $200?
Does a landlord have to let you out of a lease for getting married?
My mother has a mortgage on some property. If she does a quit claim deed..?
can you control a property and assign it to a buyer without a license?
Where can I find (FREE) photos and floorplans for log cabin homes online?
What is the rent a kid program?
Can anyone recommend a good website to find residential lots for sale in Palm Springs, ca? thanks!?
Housing market advice?
Can you buy or sell residential real estate without a real estate agent?
What are the hottest US real estate markets?
Buiness Real Estate Question?
Can anyone help me find a lot for rent in or around Myrtle Beach SC that will accept an older trailer?
Who does 100% financing for investment properties?
Please Tell Me All About the SEEDIEST Trailer Park You've Ever Visited?
Morgage on a house, how to get one?
Does anyone have any advice for picking a good realtor? What are some things to look for?
Can a landlord do this?
what type of goverment grants are there for buying a house. i am a single black male.?
Does anyone have contact info for Tandem Property Management?
if the bank owns the house across the street, who cleans up the trash in the yard?
Is a fully renovated basement with kitchen built along the width of a ranch home a negative resell factor?
How do landlords check the credit background of their tenants?
How can i get out of my apartment lease?
my landlord has not paid his mortgage and we now have a re-possession order sent to us, is our tenancy void?
3years ago We asked the seller to service the furnace.?
Finding a legitimate reason to break a lease early?
HOA needs to repipe (water) building, but does not have the $30,000. Best way to finance this type of project
Getting a second home that I will live in within 5/6 months with a low interest loan.?
Any advice for a first time home buyer with limited finances?
Know me the most trusted site land/property in United Kingdom?
What is the star tax deduction? Who qualifies? New York State?
Someone living in my apartment?
Has anyone setup a "Reverse Mortgage" on their home?
Anyone know where I could rent a property from which I can convert into anything I want?
Should I borrow against my 401K for my down payment on my home?
Would you buy real estate from an agent with a nice car or otherwise? Or does it have any influence at all?
Mortgage Refinancing?
A house number : 1313?
Im looking for a first time home loan. Can anyone tell me a good place for this?
What is going on with real estate prices in SF bay area?
Can you purchase a home before it goes to auction?
would you like to live in greece?
If another big hurricane destroys another coastal city do you think ..?
Is it better to be charged PMI or take out a 2nd mortgage if I want to lower my monthly payments?
How do I know if a property I am buying has a lein on it?
If i did a loan modification for my house about a year or two ago would i be able 2 cosign 4 mom 2 buy a home ?
if i voluntarily give my house back to the bank how long do I have to move out.?
how old do you have to be to rent an apartment in california?
I don't like my house anymore. How do I get out of a mortgage?
How much do houses cost in the US?
What do lenders look at to pre approve you for a mortgage loan when you are self employed?
I live in GA. Can I use my deposits to pay for rent if house is going into foreclosure?
what is the formula to figure monthly home payment?
Who is homebuilder in Alabama?
my tenants wont move out.?
rent a flat without a job?
Real estate test Info?
Rental Business: Building Strong Relationship with Lawyer..? ?
I am looking at purchasing a home for the first time. Is right now an good time to purchase or not?
I paid $350 security deposit for a condo (rent). I found a better place. Could I leave the condo agreement?
can i consolidate 4 mortgages into 1 mortgage?
Becoming a Real Estate Agent?
Would i be out of line by performing monthly interior inspections at my rental properties?
Is 6% a very high real estate agent commission for selling my house?
Is a real estate license good for anything other than being an agent?
What is a good yearly wage for living in Central London with a husband and 3 children?
what is an impact loan?
How can I qualify for FHA when am self employed easy ?
How do i get my mortgage paid?
what states provide section 8 housing?
What are the pros and cons of buying a condominium?
Can i build my own cabin in Canadian wilderness but who do i buy the land from if no one owns it?
How much do utilities for a house cost?
Would you buy real estate from an agent with a nice car or otherwise? Or does it have any influence at all?
Second mortgage close out.?
My fiance and I are buying a house that the previous tenant commited suicide in.?
offer on a home? Over priced?? SOO EXCITED :)?
Apartment Search help *Virginia?
do you pay rent early......?
I walked away from everything due to domestic violence. Now I have poor credit and a foreclosure on credit.?
are there houses for rent in the everglades?
Do you have to get permission to build a extra room in your house in the rural area?
i'll be selling my 2nd home that i've lived in for 8 years now. Will I have to pay capital gains?
how long does it take to emotionally recover from a burglary in your apartment/home?
In renting terms what does pcm stand for e.g. £200 pcm?
Earnest money return!!!! Help!?
is it mandatory for the landlord to provide a parking space for the tenant?
When will housing prices bottom out in So. California?
Apartment searching...?
How does assist to sell work?
Does the former tenant have claim on vegetables left in garden?
Where can I buy property at auction around lincolnshire and yorkshire?
how do you remove a person from title of a home if they dont want to sing when selling?
landlord evicted notice.?
Can she do this?????????***?
Buying a wonderful house in a bad neighbororhood?
If I Break My Lease Early And Only Had The Apartment A month Will It Affect My Renters Credit History?
Commercial occupancy permit, taxes, & law in Massachusetts?
APARTMENT hunting need help!?
My landlord says i cannot have my dog,?
wanting to break a lease in Fl...just started the lease jan 1st.?
I am a first time home buyer. Should I continue home my search, or wait until the housing market bursts?
where can i find finacing on a few small apartment deals with low fico?
My offer was accepted on a house now it's been rejected buy a higher offer is that aloud?
between a house and town home which one is better for a bachelor?
im on the mortgage/deed, not the loan?
what can i do about this renting problem?
Is there a difference between having an eviction and just being in a state of collections ?
Mortgage brokers or anyone in lending business.?
we had a buttress system installed to approve our manufactured VA loan.?
anybody know of any good places for rent?
how do you profit from Real Estate?
what is the best way to go about buying a home for the first time?
Is the housing market going to crash in the uk?
How low of a House offer can I make?
Illinois Apartment Water Bill Laws/Statutes?
What is your best idea of the average amount of expenses for living alone, in a studio, in Stamford/Nowalk CT?
I am applying for an $81k FHA mortgage loan. What kind of interest rates will I get?
It is worth it to buy a duplex and rent out a level? do i need a lawyer, what are extra taxes like?
Whats life like moving into an RV as a first home?
Can you lose money on a home appraisal if your room is dirty and a full trash bag was behind the door?
What qualities make a good realtor?
Investers for 5 Storied Apartment in a fair Site.?
What's the process of buying a gov't foreclosure?
what can a CA. real estate Broker do?beside listing properties, can they also act as a real estate agent?
is india become a greater than usa or japan?
Is it a good investment to buy a house in New Jersey for savings purposes?
is it legal for apartment complexes to run a criminal check on a new applicant?
Will my order in pizzahut make it to my daughter's apartment?
Renting a house but want to buy it?
My husband is pre approved to buy a house we cleaned is credit up payed is taxes.?
Help with bad landlord/apartment in Texas?
2 people renting a 1 bedroom apartment?
Fixing holes in walls in Apartments?
Moving out, can roommates sue us?
if your given notice to leave your the landlord do you have to give him two or thee weeks notice?
Is there a housing bubble in the Bay Area that will burst?
How does Capital Gains Tax effect house flipping?
need some pointers of content for letter to home seller?
Why does a flat yield curve hurt mortgage business ?
What is a VA forclosure?
how to fight my landlord in court ?(nyc)?
should I ask my realtor to look into repos or the like?
how to find out if a house is on foreclosure?
Where in california is affordable housing?
What percent of your take home pay should you pay for rent in California?
i have something against noise of opening and closing doors?
How can I run a credit check on a roommate?
My landlord blocked my email? (Seattle)?
How can you fire your realtor if he/she is lazy and not doing much for you?
How long did you search for your home before you found "the one"?
What happens if I leave stuff at my old house in utah?
Can my landlord deduct my security deposit because of a lien they said I put on their property?
landlords are a pain ?
Getting a second home that I will live in within 5/6 months with a low interest loan.?
new ideas inhouse loan officers for open houses what do you think?
Which mortgage companies will lend 5 times my wage or more?
Does anyone know what and how to do an assumable home loan?
an increase in the interest rates will lead to increase in level of deposits?
How should I handle this problem with my condo association?
In a real estate transaction, what are FHA non-allowables?
Why are house flippers such in a rush to sell the property asap?
How can I get an agent?
What is the average price of rent in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?
How can I get my annoying neighbors to move?
If your house was on the market and a rival agent visited you offering a better deal how would you react?
Is it a good idea to buy a property in Canada these days?
Should I refinance? Should I get an adjustable rate?
hi i'm trying to locate a castle motel on 88th/broadway in los angeles,ca?
should i refi or take equity out? i own a home alone but my bro. pays 1/2 my apr is 5.3 fixed?
I would like to know how to get imformation on foreclosers?
I called police for help and my apartments stuck a lease violation notice on my door for "disturbance"?
Why would someone's mo. mortgage go down even with a fixed rate?
Looking at an apartment today, any tips? 10 points:D?
Just entering real estate and what should i expect?
what is the name of the website that gives you home values? It starts with a Z...?
can i use money from my annuity to buy a house ? will the lender accept it?
Should I enter into a business agreement to buy a townhouse for $600,000 with my Ex-wife?
Can I make a will to leave my house to my children?
Can anyone help me find flat for rent in koregoan park in Pune?
if i do a modern apprentiship will i lose housing benefit?
Where do i go to find a pa law that refers to recreational cabins and not being legal to live in on a full tim
Can I get a mortgage if my partner has been unemployed for nearly a year?
Ipayone Real Estate closing down?
Help with a mortgage question please.?
I want to move to North Carolina?
How do I break my lease???
What is the minimum credit score you can have to rent to own a condo?
Info on Closing Cost for House?
if i owe $700,000.00 on my mortage and my home is now only worth $500,000.00 would forecloser erase my debt?
Urgent Housing Issues..(In singapore) Pls Help!!!?
How do you sell your house when your neighbour's looks unsightly.?
How do i claim a new home on my taxes?
Please help !! Could search and help me find a name of studio apartments ?
if you break out of a lease, can you lose more money than the rent you owe the landlord if he decides to sue u
What is the best way to make money in Real Estate?
How do I find the value of my home?
buy a house in America?
Does a "rentor" have to provide utility statements when asked by rentee, or is "memo" sufficient?
i need a 2 bedroom apartment or house in mesa arizona in zip code 85210 for around600 bucks?
how do nonprofits get money to purchase property?
I want to buy a new home before I sell my old home. how?
Has anyone ever heard of IMHP?
I have my house listed with a realtor. Someone offered the price we asked. Can he change his mind?
How do you puchase tax sale homes in Mi.?
Were can i buy lake front or bay front for cheap price ?
I really want to be more independent and move out of my mother's home. I live in Lancaster, Ca?
Should lawyers be allowed to sell real estate, too?
what is the average % of closing costs for home-buying in California?
Can I walk away from my home?
can my landlord start charging rent for my cat and change pet security deposit terms on my lease?
Can I get deposit back from builder?
Can a personal representative to an estate remove the house from probate after accepting a purchase offer?
housing for women are not doing there job, Can you help?
i need to know when finding a foreclosure home what are the loan stipulations?
My regime wants to start foreclosure
How can I find public records of real estate transfers in Nebraska?
lender for Agricultural property?
Renting a house but want to buy it?
Would I like living (buying) in a condo?
Can a landlord refuse to rent me a 2 bdrm apartment because I'm pregnant?
Foreclosure and Deficiency Judgement?
How much will a 55 grand mortgage cost me a month(roughly)?
Should I buy an investment property now or later?
you cant ask if someone would visit your website?
landlord/tenant dispute?
Open house question am I required to show my home?
ware can i find government grants for first time home owner?
How much does the avg. home inspector charge...where can i go 2 school to become 1?
When giving 30 days notice to my landlord that i am moving, does it have to be from the 1st of the month?
What's the difference between a condominium and a coop?
How do I get started in commercial real estate investing?
Why don't estate agents put the asking price up on their "For Sale" board's?
Outside of the United States, what are some of the best Real Estate markets for buying right now?
If a tenant gives notice, then decides not to move - who is responsible for the new tenant's accommodations?
MyRealtorTonyaJones, can you visit my site its a .com?
What city's real estate market is still booming despite the higher interest rate?
how much notice do i give to my landlady to vacate property she says i cant move out until?
Questions about being a home builder?
what is the legal way in alabama to get a tenant out if it is only on a week to week basis?
Is notifying the police department of a new tenant necessary when the old one was involved n criminal activity?
is it easier to become a real estate agent, real estate appraiser, of inspector in NJ?
What about not paying or escrowing my property taxes and homeowners insurance?
can the new landlord increase the rent comparable to the present rent?
Can you tell me if asking a landlord for lower rent is acceptable?
Roommate question...not paying his part of the rent....?
If I didn't put the word APT in the address for my online order, is it still okay?
How hard is it now trying to buy a house coming out of bankruptcy??
Should my roommate's boyfriend (who has basically moved in with us) be paying rent?
Part P Diy Rules?
I am renting furniture and I've made a total of $1,360 in payments. Are the lamps and tables mine?
My landlord has forgotten to take our rent?
I'm self employed, I deliver papers and do pretty well, I gross about $80,000 but when I got my taxes done I s?
Is there any way to add another person to a deed w/o canceling the title insurance?
i think my landlord came in when i wasnt home , i left a light on when i returned it was off , uncool ?
When will the offer come?
Some information about moving?
I had an apt lease in 2002 for 1 yr i had moved my mom with me she signed a new lease with landlord in 2004?
Muliti state Reseidency: We owned a home in NC. My family and I lived in there. I lived there until I got ...?
how long does it take for a house to forclose?
address of single family homes sold, woodlandpark,Co, in april,2009?
Down payment for a home paid directly to the seller?
What is the property tax % rate in Orange CA, 92867?
What can I claim on my taxes for buying a new home even if I previously owned?
A couple sharing the rent?
how long has beacon property management been in business?
Been living in apartment for 5 months and never signed a lease. Now we want to move out next month. Can we?
Can I be evicted without a lease or rental agreement?
Im being evicted?
How can I make 30k into 100k?
Which South Minneapolis neighborhood is "better"?
Do these people share property?
They kept my entire security deposit, need help!!!?
How to apply for a mail box address if you just buy land in a Country setting?
When do we start the loan process for a new home construction home?
I have one bed room Apt which is bank own my landlord run away 6 months a go?
could i buy a house without a morgage?
A person who lives in a house without documents for some 15 years, may have the right to be the owner?
real estate investment?
Is my ex landlord responsible for replacing the carpets at his expense?
I want to put a bid in on a townhouse that is a short sale but i have?
Where can i receive financial aid for housing?
Is $2000 enough to save up for an apartment that goes by income?
in a daily newspaper it says.visit But cant get it????Can u help?
Savings versus Mortgage?
I m being raped for my deposit?
can i know the room rent rat of australia?
What is a built up roof? ...and is it reliable?
Roommate Dispute - MO?
Construction Loan, Unable to Sell, Foreclosure in CA?
How long for a mortgage offer?
What year was my house built roughly?
Need a good attorney to help get monies owed from real estate deal.?
I would like to start shopping for a new apartment or town home. How would I start?
why cant we have homes made out giant Lego bricks and do away with builders?
Workshops on real state, investment and flipping houses?
30 Year Fixed @ 6.5% Good Deal?
Tenant stays in rental unit past the date of lease termination date. How much do I charge?
renting with bad credit?
My boyfriend has lived in my home for 31/2 yrs and I want to split up. How do I evict him from my home?
What business would NRLL stand for?
Any info. on Wetherspoons public house opening in July '07?
Should I sell my house and buy another now...?
What are homes in my neighborhood selling for?
can you help me with a tenant I have?
can a landlord sue someone for unpaid rent 9-10 years ago?
How do I find a small house [1 or 2 bedrooms] in surrey? I want only up to £150,000. Freehold, patio or small
Has anyone sold their timeshare through Jared Ryan Properties or GMAC?
I'm trying to sell my home w/agent Getting stressed from working,etc. Should I go w/investor?
Is there a tax break on homes for disabled people on fixed incomes in Nebraska?
Need GOOD property management co. in Will County, IL for New Lenox condo assn.?
If i live in section8 in pay less than 100$ will i recieve a utility check?
where should I buy a house in the phoenix area?
Moving into a castle?
Help, my landowner wants our family to move our store to another unit.?
Can I get a mortgage if my partner has been unemployed for nearly a year?
How long will it take to build our house?
When looking to buy a foreclosed home, what does "transfer value" mean?
when selling my house should i include with the list price the closing cost for the potential buyer?
What would be a better choice managing a rental property yourself or using a property Manager?
How would I go about finding a real estate investor to partner with and learn from?
Is now a good time to refinance a mortgage?
How do I become a property introducer/finder?
Is it possible to get an eviction off your credit hisory?
Why seek tenants for a home that is being placed on the market?
Any tips for a first time home buyer?
My neighbour turned her house into a grocery store.?
Can someone tell me what arears means in real estate?
What risks are involved in buying tax sales?
Real Estate Investing: Best place to buy cashflow neutral or better properties in the US?
Can a landlord kick me out for having a in home childcare 6 months after they gave me permission? HELP!?
Sacramento Private Security | Patrol | Security | Paladin, Patrol ...?
Has anyone been approved for a home loan with mediocre credit score?
If I stab someone for breking in my house, will I get in trouble?
Moving house what to do?
Hello to all, Does anyone know of lenders,brokers in Texas. that currently work w\people whom have poor credit
looking to flip houses?
What do the blue "notice" signs on houses mean?
Help Termite inspection?
I found an apartments, I can afford the rent, but not the Security deposit. Please Help!?
How do you buy a house while renting an apartment,when there is no money left after bills each month?
what country holds the most land in the US?
Is it legal to start a small business wherein my products are rental houses?
homelessness in QLD?
Where can I get an apartment in MN if I have had an unlawful deatiner filed against me 6 years ago?
My brother is sueing me for the house?
How Old Do I Have To Be To Move Out Of My Parents House.? What Rights Do i Have.+?
Is a basement remodel figured in the property description as a two-flat ?
my daughter is in a halfway house in baltimore, but i dont know which one.?
how long do i have to wait before i can buy a house with a foreclouser?
Does anyone have renter knowledge? Is is legal for a landlord to enter your apartment when you are not home?
Landlord doesn't return deposit? For cleaning and painting costs when apartment was immaculate?
Anyne suggest a good reputable business for rent option lease own a home?
how do i calculate cost per $1000 financed for a mortgage if i know the rate and term?
How can I prove my income for rent purposes when I won't be working full time until school year starts?
How can i get a council house?!?!?
If you have not paid rent for 4 months but you do give payments little here little there and your landloard?
I have a real estate question, My sister wants to sell her house to my older brother,?
In Washinton State can you get a long term (15 to 20 year) mortgage/loan on unimproved land?
Refinancing for a mortgage?
Is it against the law for the rental office to place an exposed late notice on your door?
late rent - help please?
can a daughter of parents house in which brother is living ask for retro active rent when there has been none?
Fiancé out of town.. ?
what is a Truth in Lending form? how does it differ from that good faith thing?
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