Real Estate

-UK- is real estate a good job(buyin, fixing and selling houses)?
I'm purchasing a second home for weekend use. Will I qualify for the 6500.00 tax Break?
is it possible to have a low, poor credit score but have more then 50% down to qualify for a mortgage?
If I give notice 4 a lease & it goes past the end of lease, but I vacate at lease end, do I owe 4 those days?
How do you buy a tropical island?
Options other than foreclosure?
Apartment Lease Laws - Can he be sued...or worse?
If I owe debt to my landlord and they sell the building, does the new owner inherit the debt owed?
Why do they pressure me into buying a house?
first apartment?
can I evict my tenant for non payment if she has cancer?
Spanish property law question??
monthly mortgage payment after PMI removal ?
from where we can receive corporate finace??
Purchased a NewHome that Sits on Undisclosed Storm Drain Easement?
Is the price of houses going to go down any time soon?
What are the different lease types when renting commercial property?
land in northern cyprus who owns it?
How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Staten Island, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, New York?
How do you add a name to a house deed?
at what point is it advantageous to refinance a home loan?
My girlfriend changed the locks &my name is also on the lease. what are my rights?
How soon before moving in, can we look for an apartment?
My question does not seem to be getting answered and I really need to know this??????
Why are my tenants ignoring me? Im the landlord?
where is the hottest home market?
can non-residents of Uttranchal acquire immoveable property in that State ?
You own a home that has a market value of $145,000. There is a first mortgage on the property in the amount of?
what are the chances of an apartment complex finding out i brought a small dog in my place?
where and how to file when denied the right of first refusal in the district of columbia per real estate?
I own a building in Main St. Flushing NY, how much time would it take for it to find a new tenant?
morgage help and advise?
Can the tenant sue? Sick, out of work ownership etc.?
What are the best ways to finance a flip?
Paid off mortgage...6 months later no deed.?
I'm going abroad so thinking of letting my flat out. I'd not be around to keep an eye on it.?
how often do houses NOT go through to signed papers?
In England, who's responsibility is it to inform the council that a property is being rented out to students?
I'm in California. Where can I go (online) to check out a real estate broker?
Sign lease now or day I move in?
Where can i find affordable rental homes in the cincinnati area that might take section 8?
Recommended Apartments in downtown LA?
Can I demand that agents stay with prospective buyers, accompanying them upstairs to our rooms?
Can corporations/individuals own parts of the Ocean?
Does a landlord have to pay moving expenses if they force you to move out of unit so they can move in?
Can you be a mortgage broker and a real estate agent at the same time? What is being a mortgage broker like?
does buying mortgage leads really work and if so where is a good place or website to go to?
I am trying to sell my house and my husband is no where to be found(gone 6 months) Anyway around a quit claim?
What is the smallest electrical pvc pipe used in the building?
how much does it cost to rent a small house/apartment down south in western australia?
Flat in Manchester City Centre - how much?
Seller refuses to pay for more soil testing (NJ Real estate)?
What are the best apartments to live in Clarksville, TN thats under $700 a month?
Are there any small towns or rural communities offering special real estate opportunies to new residents?
Would you consider this a middle class or upper middle class home?
Starting your own "city"?
Buyer Will Not Pay After Closing on House in Florida?
broken lease agreements?
What If a persons Name is On the Title but ,not on the Note of current Home Mortgage and?
Is my landlord just allowed to come over to see the place because she wants to?
Windows were installed but job was not finished! Been calling the guy for months!?
Roommate's guest at at the apartment ALL the time!!?
Is it possible to live on your own?
Im am 17 and im getting kicked out of my house because my dad doesn't want me there can i rent an apartment?
how can i find someones address if i only know the town they live in? already tried phonebooks and 192.?
Buying a foreclosed home?
how is mahavir constructions of flats and what type of quality they will have while constructing the flats?
In 1989 my father bought an apartment for about $70K in SF, but the city has put a "lien" on it...?
How to get of a power of sale?
Do real estate agents get reimbursed for their travel?
define first refusal,benefit of division,option,lease back,good tenancy deposit,rent roll,fair wear and tear.?
Apartments in Jacksonvile near UNF?
Can i afford to move out ?
How do ifind out how much the rel estate agent paid before I go and double his profits?
What do you call those people who throw you out of your house if you haven't paid tax/rent/whatever?
Does it make you happy to see greedy home owners keep dropping their selling prices?
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! im in trouble?
Can you break a lease if you are moving to another country?
Any advice for someone looking to buy a condo in Ixtapa Mexico, to rent/personal use.?
I need to know what Bank can do a Comercial Loan ?
If I pay the money that i owe to apartment will the eviction be remove from my credit?
What questions should you ask when looking at apartments?
If you are carrying a second for a private party and they can't get refi how do you get your money back?
Can my landlord legally let herself into the house I rent without first notifying me?
what is the procedure of moving in a new apt?
where in califoria?
Would you want your realtor to tell you?
Legal housing discrimination: Gender (Yes), Ethnicity (No), Age (??)?
How much does it cost to live in Tulsa, OK?
Is this a good deal on 5 acres in Oregon?
Price of 3818ZC 9?
Best neighborhoods/where to live in Kansas?
How do Doctors and Lawyers and jobs that make about 100,000 a year manage to own homes that cost like 1mil?
What should I offer for a foreclosure home?
Is there an age limit on Hotel Rooms?
Is this sound weird? 10 points for the best advise. Thank you?
Does this mortgage payment seem affordable for us? First time buyers?
can a landlord keep ur deposit if you didn't sign a lease? and have a reciept?
If I don't pay my morgidge, how long before I lose my house?
doesn't the judge have to order judgement for attorney fees and late fees for an eviction in Detroit?
how many squarefeet are there in .9 acre's?
Am I a victim of predatory lending?
Selling Land To A Sibling?
trying to move but need to break lease?
will there be a tax credit to buy a house in 2010?
If I give notice 4 a lease & it goes past the end of lease, but I vacate at lease end, do I owe 4 those days?
What do you need to prepare when buying a condo?
Where can I get free moving boxes, so I can move out?
Can you get a mortgage working a temp job? If so, where?
What will replace the world trade center towers and when will the construction begin?
my lease is up how long can i stay in house im renting?
i need a real estate business attorney?
If I buy a house am I required to join a Homeowners association?
University housing to small to accomodate my family, Can I recieve an allowance for off campus?
How do you make a complaint on an apartment manager?
Can a property be relisted on MLS/ etc while it is still under contract?
Is my home a primary residence or rental property?
How can I buy a house? I'm a student, no job, low credit.?
How can I get started in buying foreclosures/hud properties without a lot of money saved up?
I am looking for the impossible. A one bedroom duplex/home/apartment for under 600.?
My rights as a tenant?
Who's tired of hearing everyone talk about the housing market and home prices?
can i be evicted for having a guest stay with me i am payed up on my rent?
Does this sound like a scam to you?
How much would it cost to buy a place in Tokyo or rent an apartment? (Please read description)?
use home equity to buy a rental?
Ask neighbor to stop parking in front of our house?
Can anyone recommend any good websites for apartment hunting?
Buying a home .. question about offer?
i,ve been sick from work long time on and off-- no extra work to meet mortgage, loans-eviction threats -advise
can i get information on hud in Texas please answer quick.?
Here's My Financial Situation - Can I Afford a $400-$500k Home?
i am looking for a three bed house to rent in callington cornwall, beggining march lomg let req ?
Should I get a refund on the appraisal for the house I was purchasing but no longer am I purchising?
where can i get information on starting a flat fee realtor business?
If i lost my house @ they sold if 4 $7000 more then we owed on the loan how do I find out if they owe me money?
Water leak damages, what precautions to take?
Real Estate Testimonials... (Passive Income or Flips)?
tax advantage of having my rental property in a LLC rather than claiming it myself?
Is tenant eviction a problem in the USA? How serious?
Leasing agent always calls saying she forgot to collect fees?
How can people afford to buy houses in FL?
Social housing and ability to pay?
Do I have a right to my deposit back?
Are there nonprofits that will accept donation of a house?
What is the price rang to rent a tux?
Wife and I put $375 into a savings account each month.?
whats the minimum credit score to buy a house in california?
my landlord evicted me for being two weeks late on rent without any notice and I lost everything I dont know?
Which state in the US is worth moving to?
As a landlord can I insert such a clause into a tenecy agreement?
how do I get my stuff back from my land lady ? she wont answer me?
Can a landlord legally do this?
my rental has no heat, uttilities are included in rent?
Can I find any info if I know their living Address?
Looking for a experienced person to secure a lease option tenant for fully rehabbed home in Marshall Michigan.
if my wifes name is on the title but not on the loan and I die what happens to the house?
Should I buy this house?
How fast can you evict tenants for non-payment of rent?
Question on Rent? Qualifying to be able to live in a townhouse?
Rent to own homes? Are they a good idea?
can i cut the power if tenant refuses to put it in their name even though it is in contract to do so?
My aunt just asked me to find out who the "inspector" is for our area?
How to buy an apartment? (i.e. the process)?
If i had housing in i was evicted in i reply again for a another housing what are my chances for getting a?
Please please please help me. I'm getting frustrated to death.?
how to find good real estate agent? phoenix?
house we were getting closes this weekend?
What is the best way to find a principal broker? after getting broker lincesed?
Mortgage loan modification is it really true?
How do we increase the value of our home?
where can i find foreclosed homes?
show trustee sale 2514 hill ave dickinson,texas 77539 details?
what web sites are the best for finding foreclosures in California?
Is it legal to live in a space intended for an office?
Does it cost money to have a Real Estate agent?
Short sale? Foreclosed? Renters?
what is the differance between a line of credit on your home and a home equity loan?
what is the advantage ans disadvantages of buying a concrete house or flat?
Is there any way to get out of lease?
How do I get cash back at closing, when purchasing a home?
Is there a listing of resident owned communities in Pinellas and Pasco counties in Florida?
What exactly does it mean to waive fees in a mortgage refinancing?
where can i find a basic rental agrrement form to rent a home?
what are the forms called to add a person onto your houses title?
What is a tenants right regarding lead in a massachusetts home?
what does good credit score, but low credit mean?
what are the normal closing costs for refinancing a house?
How do you file a complaint against a landlord who wont refund a security deposit?
Does the $8,000 housing credit count as income?
Is it legal for 17 people to live in a 3 bedroom apartment?
William h brown estate agents in the Leeds area?
am an only child and my mom passed away 2 yrs ago. she owned a house. how do i get it transfered in my name?
Is this a good time to buy a home in NJ since the prices are slowly falling?
looking for a single family home neighborhood with a no pets (especially dogs) policy and noise in Florida?
my landlord is out of town and my central air is not working right. it is 90.what can i do?
Cancel Real estate sale contract?
Only my spouse's name is on the Mortgage loan and the house foreclosed. Can I buy the house under my name?
I have an Apartment Lease Question?
How do I find all new construction homes in the given area? New is a key. Thanks?
How can you get out of a timeshare with a fiancee who broke off the engagement but who decided to sign us up?
How much did buying a new home cost in the year 2000?
Can my landlord withhold some of my security deposit after we had a verbal agreement?
How much housing benefit would we be entitled to?
Any reviews or thoughts on Pinnacle Communitites?
no lease was signed ,,,,,,,,,,,,?
Rent due and manager no where to be found?
When someone takes a bridge loan, when do they get a more permanent financing?
What is a reverse 1031 exchange?
I'm thinking about renting out my house...?
Do I need to pay penalty if I end my renting period earlier?
Is there a list of all the real estate Multiple Listing Services in the United States?
I am trying to rent an apartment again. How can you rent an apartment if you've been evicted in the past?
can a landlord only give u a 10 day notice to move out?
What does (sorry no M.O.) means in renting add?
how do you find homes for sale in mayfield ky in graves country?
best areas to live in Bournemouth? any no-go areas? and which is the nicest area to buy a property?
I need help with toning up a certain part of the stomach and arms?
Retail tenants directory?
Safety of western union transfers?
You can not discriminate against people when renting a house. Can you use these factors though?
Question about a lease..?
30 Year Fixed @ 6.5% Good Deal?
Are there any lenders offering 95% ltv conventional loan on a purchase? Non- USDA, Non- VA and Non-FHA.?
What are good websites to search for London rental property?
how do you find a listing of sold homes in your city?
question about home equity loan?
asking for a discount on options on a new house build?
How much should my roommate pay?
Should two students buy an inexpensive mobile home or rent an apartment?
Does my landlord have to do something about this window problem?
The smell in my flat is just bloody awful, like sewage Private landlord with agent responsible for it's upkeep?
what is the best real estate training program for Texas Licensure?
What are some other high quality custom builders similar to Viceroy Homes? Can you name 3 others?
Where can I find a large map of Toronto MLS zones... ideally with subway stops and other amenities listed?
I live in a 2.5 year old terrace house and think the soundproofing between houses is inadequate.How do I check
How do I get out of my lease if the house is uninhabitable?
Is there any underwater homes or hotels for rent?
is it ok for the owner of a rental unit to enter your unit whenever he/she choses?
Real estate investing: Signing a partnership agreement without a lawyer.?
how many people can live in a two bedroom house?
First time Buyer help..........pls?
A dumb real estate question?
How is a condo different from a apt?
how do you become a realtor in colorado?
Why do people buy a home they can't afford and get a mortgage that isn't fixed rate?
What is a good magazine/publication for learning about residential real estate in the US and/or northern CA?
Selling a house in a bad market, is it better to ....?
Can anyone tell me of reputable programs for first-time home buyers? Any with LITTLE or NO MONEY DOWN?!?!?
I'm buying a second house for a brother / sister to move in, will there be any consequences?
How do I prepare financially to buy a house?
What do you think of the new Freedom Tower they are building in NYC to replace the World Trade Center?
Would it hurt resale if you put a door going outside in the bathroom?
How many real estate agents are there?
Where do I find a lender to buy only a piece of land?
what website will give free information on property ownership in California?
Where can find a place to rent out for a party?
In Illinois Can a real estate contract be rescinded and earnest money refunded if single family home is condem
When does housing start back up?
We are living in a rented house since 32 years ??? What is our right on the said property being a tanent.?
How much would it cost to live on my own?
Can my landlord deduct my security deposit because of a lien they said I put on their property?
How many days late can you be on your first mortgage payment without having your house taken away?
Can my husband & I buy a home without me on the loan or title?
what's a good slogan for a real estate property management company in chicago?
Loan on behalf of overseas property?
how much do housing benefits pay?
What is the reputation of the apartment complex (The Falls of Venice) in Venice,FL?
8weeks to move out my home?
I've been a landlord for 5 years and have 2 storage units full of 'other people's stuff' that was deserted.
My landlord is refusing to fix my hot water heater, what can I do?
financial advice- should we sell house after 3 years?
What steps do I have to take to get my PA real estate licens?e?
what do you do when you have a existing mortgage and you signed and didn't know it was a mortgage?
are landlords in San Diego required to put our (750.00 in our case) deposit into Escrow and give us interest?
does anybody have any information on right to buy council houses in hailsham (east sussex)?
How much money does a starting real estate agent make in NYC?
How to find information on a home on our street.?
Should there be two names on my moms deed to her home?
In the state of GA, how long does a landlord have to fix the air conditioner once it is reported to them?
Is now a good or bad time to get my real estate license?
Changing a boiler over to central air system?
I co-signed apartment lease for my friends. They cant pay....?
What are the steps to finding and getting an apartment?
what are the guidelines that must be followed to rent out a deplex?
How to get out of paying rent?
what are the signs that the property mangment company you work for is going under?
what is the best Multiple Listing Service site to list condo?
oes it make sense for 70 yr olds to buy a home? with 3k down. income is just ss and rr retirement.?
How do you write a duplex address?
Is there any way to get out of paying property taxes?
i was looking to put my house on the market in the next 6 months, however i found a house owned an for sale?
who are the best people to rent my house out to?
Not accepting an offer for the asking price Will we get Sued?
Asking for help for a down payment on a home?
can I break my lease in VA if I loose my job? Please help!?
How can I find "HOUSE" not an apartment for rent in my area?
Questions concerning rental payment to apartment complexes?
Can my landlord tell me what car I can drive?
how long will rent have to be late before a apartment complex will give you a notice?
Am i being stupid to even consider being a first time home buyer?
Where are there good websites for home/apt/condo rentals? NOT the monster websites like "ForRent".com!
Adelaide Rental house?
How do I find a good relator?
Has anyone used Homewise Lifetime Lease co? Is it a good deal or a rip off?
What is the worst thing that could happen if I break my one year lease if I only been there just one week?
How much does a home price go down? If they are asking 65000 for a condo, what is an acceptable offer to make?
Why are big detached houses in the USA ridiculously cheaper than here in Britain?
What is included in a commercial lease?
Is a basement remodel figured in the property description as a two-flat ?
Can a landlord refuse to add someone new to the lease?
Will second wife get the house? Mom and dad bought home in 78.Mom died 93. Dad marries in 2000. Never moves in
Am I in a good position to buy a home?
How many years do people usually take out a mortgage for?
What are the legal ramifications for an out-of-stater to own a home in Colorado?
does anyone know of a mortgage broker in South Carolina?
Can a 16 year old get an apartment?
How can i find dss homes?
Do I have to go to court If I receive a eviction notice?
Where can I find classy condominium at Fort Bonifacio?
So I am getting my real estate license can you help me?
What is a good Real Time Strategy game for the PC?
I have people who didn't sign a lease and haven't paid any rent how can i get them out I'm in ct?
Would like to buy the property we currently rent privately...?
Anyone have good luck with selling there own home?
Living in California?
Got locked out of my apartment had to pay 350$ to locksmith...?
Is it against the law to rent a house or apartment to an illegal alien in USA?
Mortgage product fee a one off payment?
Disgusting Flatmate - what are my rights?
does "heat and water" cover basic electric?
If my sister has section8 &i do too can we both live together? If I sign a lease already.?
Housing Discrimination?
Why don't people in council housing want a home of their own?
Landlord problem, tenants how would you handle this?
Is there a way I could avoid building such high interest on my mortgage?
How can i get my deposit back?
What is the best sites to go to find a specific properties history (owners, prices sold for, mortgages etc..)?
I want to move to either Orlando, Florida, or Panama City, Florida, or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.?
How can i check my home history online?
Credit Union requirements for Mortgages?
is there any property transfer tax in Spartanburg county SC?
How to attach a bill to a home closing/ mortgage?
What are the pros and cons of split closings in real estate?
Do landlords have a legal obligation to cash your rent check, a certain amount of days after they receive?
will a job change affect an apartment application?
how to i break it to my landlord that i fixed up a part of the house and am going to decuct from rent?
Is now a good time to become a real estate agent?
If a Home Owners Association (HOA) has less than 51% owner occupancy, can you get a mortgage?
Real Estate Question?
Any programs for newlyweds buying a house?
Who owned land be4 anyone owned it?
Should I let my land I own foreclose?
Water or landlord problem?
what is the cost of 3000 sq ft at $2.50 per sq ft?
Whose responsibility is it to have a fire extinguisher?
what does " buy to let" mean?
does anyone know about property or land Thanks Amanda?
successor to parents home?
How to make a rent agreement in Delhi?
Lease ended, what happens now?
How many days can you go without paying the rent?
if a tenant moves out and leaves an unpaid phone bill, is it the landlord responsible for paying it?
How much does it cost to move from California to Iowa?
Will being on Social Security Disability prevent me & wife from home ownership in northern Calif.?
Renting a room until April '08 Can I break the lease early?
how can i see someones house live?
what is 5% of £3000 and how do you work out 5% of £3000?
As a first time buyer, should i buy a house in the current UK economic climate?
what are the closing cost of a home?
Is landlord supposed to pay back deposit if no contact was made?
IF you have a home, Why would you not refinance to a lower rate?
Parent signing a lease for a minor?
I pay my rent weekly. I want to leave in a week's time. When can I move out?
Can i get my security deposit used as rent?
How many American people live in low-income/public housing today?
Home equity loan question?
I need to know where there is an available apt. or house that is accepting section8 voucher holder?
my friend called very upset, she just got a 5 day eviction notice for non payment of rent?
Trying for a homeowners loan for the first time?
House and rent help I'm a new home owner!!!!!?
Why do older homes have so few bathrooms?
CHFA home loans for first time buyers, how do I qualify?
how do i get a personal loan for a closing on property?
Which of the following hypothetical real estate loan companies would you be most inclined to use?
Can you move out of your house at 17?
30 day notice for HUD?
mortgage rate: I locked in 6.25 but now it much lower, my closing is Jan 27, 06, will I be able to request for
illegal access over my land?
More money for first time home-buyers other than $8,000?
Which trade should I go into to learn how to renovate houses?
What is a status of a property pending with release, will the seller be able to accept counter offers?
Can anyone give me some good advice on private investing in Charlotte, NC?
Can I afford a $600,000 house?
can anyone tell me how much is 1/6 of $220,000,000?
Why do different real estate agencies have the same house?
Should I be embarrassed that I'm 29 and moving into a studio apartment?
Can a landlord evict you after you already paid through your lease?
whats the difference technically between a barn and a warehouse?
Good townhomes/apartments in the Fort Jackson, SC area?
what rights do i have as a room renter and asked to move without notice?
Should I sell my condo now or wait?
does anyone know of apartments in gresham oregon that accept evictions with a co-signer?
How do I trade houses with my parents if I owe more on mine than it is worth.?
Do you know of anyone looking for a roomate or renting an apartment for a reasonable price near Norfolk VA?
I need help with finding something asap!!!?
Do I have the right to ask the management company for my Apartment building where I live to show me the reason?
Private rented flat....... how long did it take for you to move into it?
what should i do if my mortgage broker lied to me?
How do you get to become a landlord?
Can i move out once i turn 18 years old in Los Angeles?
how much would it cost to have an apartment near water in nyc?
buying a home is a pain in the ***.?
My Old Land lord wants my forwarding address do i have to give it to him ?
If i killed my landlord and wiped out his family would i still have to pay rent.?
Will I get my security deposit back on my apartment?
Real Estate or Small Biz???
home loan modification?
What is the btter route for a first time home buyer in CA?
Can I receive rent assistance?
Does anyone know anything about a company called "Homes Gone Wild?"?
what free web site will tell me what month/year a house in detroit was sold?
How and where do I find Fannie Mae coupon rate everyday?
I am in contract to purchase a home, plan to close in a week. I found water in basement, what should I do?
Can minors make bank deposits?
Need to get out of apartment lease agreement. Need advice so that I am not penalized.?
Whats the average salary for a real estate agent?
need to rent an apartment in Regina, sk.?
How does one go about selling a house that has owner financing?
What is the average cost of a house in Tennessee?
is it easier to get a home equity loan when your house is paid off?
What does a house title look like?
I'm planning to move to Manchester - can anyone give me a run down of the good areas to live in?
accept a check for first, last and security deposit?
I am thinking about moving from Long Island? Any ideas of good affordable metro areas on the east coast?
Is there any 2 bedroom apartments near Stephen F. Austin State?
what do these mean "quit claim deed" & "creation of community property"?
Is there a way to buy homes cheaply by paying the taxes on deserted homes if so where do you send the payments
Fed up with estate agents hoardings !?
What is the fastest growing area in Florida?? Best place in Florida to practice Real Estate brokerage??
We are developing a 15000 sq. feet. building in Nashik n looking for a long lease proposal can anyone help ?
How long does a Los Angeles landlord have to return me my security deposit at the end of the lease?
if your up to date with your rent,but behind on council tax can they evict you from your home?????
which city has the highest median home prices in california in May 2006?
I hate my new house ? :(?
i am desperate for information on living in gibraltar?
Renting and mortgage?
Gas, elec, water bills???
Propety manager not doing anything to fix my apartment problems?
am i allowed to do this to a tenant? Details inside?
Is this the right time to buy property in Mumbai or Pune?
I,ve inherited my grandmothers house can I get a mortgage or loan on it to redevelop it.?
Is this luck or can you build wealth through home equity?
ok i have a question bout my lease agreement?
When Selling a Home (FSBO) how do you pay off a Morgage and Home Equity Loan to clear the title ?
How to find the best property in an area?
What is the difference between being a roommate and renting a room?
I need help figuring out my housing?
How can I avoid foreclosure if Iam 3 months behind in payments?
Is it possible to rent an apartment in Chapel Hill(NC)if you do not have a credit history?
Advice for first-time home buyer in Canada?
How can I find out the selling prices of homes in my Georgia neighborhood?
can a teennager live without a cellphone in this century?
where would i find forcloser properties in ma.?
Which is a more realistic city to move to?
If borrower doesn't pay, do co-signer's wages get's the situation?
Real estate investment groups?
Does this seem like a scam to you?
do you have to make an offer to but a house before you get a home inspector?
We live in an apartment, and the central air unit freezes up?
What profession can buy a house worth 900,000?
What kind of info do I need to research when buying my 1st home?
Is notifying the police department of a new tenant necessary when the old one was involved n criminal activity?
how do I process my loan?
Landlord/Agency attempted entry to property without permission.?
If I have cash to buy land in Oklahoma what do i I need to do first the seller is in different state.?
Seller agrees to pay closing costs - loan amount?
Politician vouches for tenant, tenant skips costing me 7 months rent, go after politician or tenant?
If you leave your Housing association flat and go to rent privately to a different borough because your home?
Is it true in California you can walk away from your house if the price drops/loan companies can't touch you?
I have a friend who lives in apartment in which the landlord told her she won't be resigning the lease?
What month will we most likly sell our home?
How old were you when you purchased your first home?
What is going on with our mortgage rep?
I really need help on prices for things?
I want to move out of my parents house (age 20) I'm wondering what I need to look at money wise?
Does my landlord have the right to enter my apartment in the following conditions?
How do you locate a good housing inspector?
Should I do an home inspection before I buy my new house?
Rent is ridiculous these days... Seems like a much better deal to buy than rent?
Do you need help selling your house fast, or want an investor to buy it from you!?!?
Can someone please help me with some resources for low income housing & more ?
3.5 months into buying a flat should i continue or drop out due to falling house prices?
pros and cons of living on the first floor of an apartment building?
I am starting a business in land development and construction. Suggest me a nice name for the new company!?
can i sell my house to my husband. he is not on the deed or current mortgage?
foreclosed homes in canada?
If you had £1,250,000 pounds what would you buy with it?
Can I get out of my apartment lease if I haven't moved in yet?
Property or real estate in Kenya?
Tribeca, NY condo's on Chamber Street?
Looking to expand my jewelry business and want to get a grant to help me purchase a building to do so.?
how close to my house and balcony can a developer put up a wall and another building including balconies?
My brothers and I inherited mineral rights held in Illinois. I know we inherit the property equally. But do?
If my roommate didn't pay the rent, can I lock the roommate out in North Carolina?
Landlord won't give deposit back?
my mother owns a house and wants to give it to me. how would this work regarding taxes?
Is this a good time to buy a home or condo in Orange County, CA?
Running into issues with co-ownership of inherited house?
Kicking out a roommate on the lease?
Does the VA second apprsial take as long as the first?
can any1 help me to find a site where you can check your records for bad credits or blacklisted?
how would i go about finding places to buy to run a daycare? .s to best answer!!?
How long do I have to negate a mobile home purchase contract?
House title name addition?
how can I rent out apartment in Malaysia??
Will a contract saying exFiance will continue to pay half mortgage stand up in court?
My roommate broke our lease, and now he refuses to give back the keys.?
I need to move but am upside down on my house by about 30k. What do i do?
where do I find online tyler texas zip code map?
Will my medical bills effect my ability to renew the lease on my apartment?
Question for commercial banker about a commercial mortgage?
can I still evict if I accept money after the writ of eviction is filed in Detroit MI?
how long lien will stay on my credit?
anyone in/near collinsville VA, virginia?
What is the average rent increase per month in Queens NY for a rent stabilized apartment?
Should he pay some money for rent?
I need help to move to a better house! PLEASE HELP!?
What house can I afford?
could i buy a house without a morgage?
What is a "tenant Resume" exactly?
Need info on Verbal Contracts in State of Texas?
How do I respond to ads on Craigslist for apartments/ rooms for rent?
Can I own a home with a yearly income of $16,000?
Scottish propert law? My friend who lives in the US wants to buy a place in scotland.?
Can my boyfriend and I afford an apartment?
What to do if you can't be flexible on the price of your house?
i'm looking the name of subdivision...villa antorium near in sta rosa laguna?
How much will I pay for my 140,000 house?
Make a list of the 10 most important things you would look for when choosing a house to live in.?
How bad is it to break a lease?
If I don't have a good credit history, am I able to rent a flat in the city?
Will my husband be qualified to buy a house?
Has the housing market ever been as bad as it is now?
Can you cancel an apartment lease contract the day after signing?
tenant wants to sue the building owner, because he fell down the stairs .?
Housing Market: To buy or not to buy?
Can I rent out a "vacation" property (that I own) without committing occupancy fraud?
we are buying a house and the rentors said that they will not leave?
Signed a rental lease but wanted to cancel- New Jersey?
My tenants lease is up soon and I am wondering how much to increase the rent for the next lease agreement?
The emergency light in my apartment building has been beeping for a MONTH! ive called them about it 5 times!?
Are there any apartment management jobs in Indiana.?
I owned a home and the mortgage company foreclosed on it, condemned it and now will we have pay for it?
Housing Benefit?
Do I get my deposit back?
how long does it take to own a house?
I am interested in finding a home that is facing foreclosure. Is there certain information that I need to get?
I'm thinking of renting vs. selling my condo. What % of rent vs. the mtg payment would make sense?
Things a First-Time Homebuyer Should Know/Do?
Do I have to give him the security deposit back?
I want cancel my short sale purchase contract.?
Rate of Return?
how to get enough money for a house fof kids?
Where can I find a cheap apartment?
Can I decide to no longer rent my garage to a tenant as long as I reduce the rent?
Should Any of These Waived Rights and Other Stipulations Be Red Flags On My Renter's Lease?
Should I buy a 900 sq ft home for $70,000 or a 1300 sq ft mobile home for $55,000.?
would you recommend being a real estate agent?
How should we go about refinancing our adjustable rate mortgage for a good fixed rate??
how much does medical assitants?
is resorts nationwide a reputable company?
How can I get a contractor to speed up completing a project?
Can I sell my dad's house?
Does anyone know when estate agents change 'for sale' signs to sold after an offer is accepted?
What are the best toilets for rental properties?
Why is it a one-story house is more expensive than a two-story house?
Can we live without water?
Is it cheaper overall to buy a house or a flat?
is $1050 a lot for monthly rent?
I got a full preapproval for a home loan. Will I get my credit checked again before i get the house.?
Should I buy a fixer upper house even thought the market sucks?
how do you buy a home in Georgia?
Can I sue a previous homeowner for not disclosing info to me?
what are some of the dangers of renting a home from the owner?
I already have a mortgaged property and want to change it to buy to let. Do I still need a deposit if its mine?
Balmoral International Land PLC?
what is the r/n b/n economic growth and the value of currency?
How much is the rent for 3 bedroom property in Your area ?
Does a landlord have the right to enter my gated yard without giving notice?
how do u get a title for a trailer house in oklahoma?
who are the cheapest house builders?
I live in Houston (house) and rent in San Antonio for work. Can I deduct mileage or rent from my income taxes?
Buying a house, how long does it take to get approved for a loan?
Landlord Responsibility for Basement?
am trying to locate a house for rent in northern kentucky, can you help?
how can i get a new mortgage when the house has one already?
Where should I advertise a home for rent if I want to attract winter visitors?
How do I find out if I'm eligible for interest on security deposit of my apartment?
Is my landlord trying to keep my security deposit?
I live in the country and a person who owns property next to mine, is planning on building a house, but..?
how much are seller's cost for a house?
is it possible to find out if a person wanting to rent a house of myself has a good credit rating?
Renting a home without a contract?
Can a Executor of a person Will?
how much for house framer by sq.ft?
my neighbor put up a fence on my property. Can I make him move it?
can I get a home loan on less than great credit?
need totaly free find a room-mate service for Toledo ohio area 43528?
does a landlord who doesn't live on the rental property have the right to put up political signs?
Landlords: What strategies do you use to ensure damages at a rental property by a tenant is kept to a minimum?
on 2hd mortgage what percentage of house worth can I borrow on and at what inerest rate?
How would blackouts of electricity affect the real estate market in Kansas?
how to get and fill form of dda in dwarka/rohini which were declared by dda 6000 flats of 2 bedroom sets?
We bailed out the banks from going under will they give Americans the same break?
is it the responsibility of the landlord to provide a phoneline?
Closing Fri 10 / 14 / 2011 no answer today?
Since 2009 to present, I have been constantly subjected to my landlord making repairs because Code Enforcement?
$500 deposit return in Southren California?
15% of the most expensive homes sold in America are worth 30% of the total value of all homes sold. WHY?
What is a Sellers Assist in Real Estate?
How much do I pay a Real Estate Agent??
if i'm late for my rental payment for the shop, can the landlord change the lock?
Does anyone know of any apartment complexes in Phoenix or Scottsdale that accept Bad credit and judgments?
is it the rite time 2 buy a house now, considering the just raised morgage rate?
What does it cost to sell a home? Orange County, CA?
They are trying to back out of our offer and acceptance?
Should I rent or sell my mom's old house?
Where can I get free info about 1st time home buyer grants in NY?
I own my double wide house on property that's being foreclosured how long do i have to move my house?
The spiders in my house wont pay their rent?
Should banks have it all their own way? What do you do to get a better home loan deal from your bank?
will we qualify for a home loan?
bank put us in a morgage that takes 55% of our mo. morg it is at 6.95% should we refi for a less intest?
Are Real Estate Agents supposed to identify themselves as an agent when advertising property?
Can I sell my half of property?
should i buy or rent?
Where can I find a short term apartment rental in Tallahassee?
How come real estate brokerages are always hiring?
What to do when you buy a house in San Francisco and the renter does not move?I have that problem.?
I need an attorney who specializes in Condo law in FL that can go against powerful developers.?
My roommate and I both agree to remove him from the lease. Is this possible without hurting either of us?
I've been renting out an apartment lease did it improve my credit?
Who should pay for the inspection?
hat would be the starting salary 24 hrs on site manager of 66 units?
Home value today vs. 2002?
Moving to DC?
Can anyone help with this? Need your opinions?
Can I do a quick claim to pass my home loan to someone else?
My roommate has an unwanted dog, how do I tell the landlord?
Do you have a cabin on a lake?
how can i give my shop on rent to some bank for ATM n what amount of money can i get in gole market,new delh?
Is renting to own on a house a bad thing? Do people get scammed on it??
How can you dispute damages to a condo?
I have just been kicked out, Where can I go?
Can I realistically live on my own without living paycheck to paycheck? What Are avg household bill ranges?
Housing & Council Benefit Starting April 2013 in the Manchester Area. Can someone help.?
What excuse can I give my roommates to move out?
To buy or continue to rent?
What age can u rent a b&b room?
a lien was put on a joint checking acct for child support we are up to date this is arears which we pay every?
"Abandoned" property in Georgia... How can I buy it?
If you could Buy anything, what would you BUY????
Apartment buildings allowing pets in London?
how do i start a non profit agency in denver, co?
Tenants vacated property and left damage which they wouldnt rectify before leaving. Have had work done and?
Should I give my 16 year old money to buy an house ?
Mother and Son own a house in joint names. Son has Power of Attorney and decides to sell. Who gets the money?
what is the raw land price and devoloped land price in jebel ali dubai along sheikh zayed road?
Eviction from apartment?
I'm currentley looking into buying my first house. The maximum mortgage I can get is £50,000.?
Can a property management (apartments) bill water and sewage based square footage vs usage?
HELP! 48 hour eviction notification?
how can i pass ontario real estate association exam phase 1 some ideas please?
Landlord refuses to put bond in scheme. Should I fight it?
what is the difference between mortgage rate and apr?
When should I start looking at condos for the beach next Summer?
how to get a tenant out of your property if they refuse to pay rent?
Can rent a center walk in my house?
i got a 3 day notice to pay or quit from my landlord whats this mean/??
Do Banks Pay Taxes on Properties in PreForeclosure.?
i own a small business that is attached to a apartment building that is infested with cockroaches and they do?
How to get the best deal on a house from a short sale?
How much should a seller pay to realtor in Hawaii if we find buyer? We were told 10% standard for vacant land?
How does one buy a house,living week to week?
I am applying for an $81k FHA mortgage loan. What kind of interest rates will I get?
Large house rental in North Carolina?
Re: Bank is auctioning off our home on 4/16/12?
How can I tell my landlord to deposit my rent check in a timely manner?
the in's and out's for landlords who rent to people on housing benefit?
how do you compute for equity in real estate?
can my landlord kick me out?
Would anyone be interested in purchasing a Villa in The Villages, Florida?
How can you sell your share of land if you own land with 3 other people?
where can i find real estate courses that i can do from home but not online?
Social Security and low income housing help please?
can i get a dog in disability housing?
Is it a good time to refinance?
can my LLC enter into contracts ( mortgage purchase with bank)in ny Ulster county if not fully published?
Need help!Can a previeous landlord go to collections if this happens? please read?
Executor of a will, can I obtain a copy after family split?
Home Detective?
What does it mean if you are leasing something?
Can I hire a thug in S. Africa just to scare a girl?
contractor built my house of four years was built over the property line. who is responsible?
Is there a good website to view bank foreclosed homes?
how can i have a house net connection with the billing paid in bank?
can you help me write a letter of agreement, concerning, i agree to let my roomate out the 1 year lease agree?
stair lifts...private rented property uk?
Why is real estate so cut-throat?
Is it possible to own your own home on a single income?
Current rate of flats in sector-28, Vashi ?
I'm unemployed and struggling with my mortgage. What should I do?
What Happens If I Sneak In My Dog?
I'm 17 about to be 18 in Oct. how can I obtain an apartment?
Is there a real estate bubble? Or are prices correct? Or are you house poor?
how tall was the world trade center?
wrigtht and wright estate agents web site in Hinckley leicestershire?
Future landlord trying to force me into another location not on lease. Help!?
What is the best aproach to take on learning to invest in Real Estate?
What is a mortgage/renters rating?
Can a buyer back out of the sale of my home after signing a sales contract and giving earnest deposit?
getting out of an apartment lease agreement?
My wife, I, and our dog and cat need a place to move to in July in the St. Charles County area of MO for $400+
if my parents have 2 mortgages, and want to move to an aptment, is this possible?
Am I eligible for housing benefit?
Mortgage lender crossing the line?
My real estate broker forged my name on papers day before closing?
Closing on my home end of July - can I take my expensive luxury shower head or do I have to leave it?
Can I rent out my condo if I purchased it as an owner occupant a month ago?
Why doesn't real estate just sell for the asking price instead of having to go thru all the paper work...?
My tenant is not paying rent?
I want to move out of a flat in which I am renting from the current tennant and have signed a basic contract ?
When renting an apartment, what does it mean when I need to make 3 times the gross income of the rent?
Do I have to pay right away once I sign the apartment lease?
What is assessed value of real estate?
How should i invenst my money?
How long does the 1031 exchange office hold funds until they dis purse to new purchased property?
How would I file with Fair Housing in California?
UK! buy a property and rent it?
Do we buy this house?
Cost of apt in trump tower?
In a divorce can I take my wife off my mortgage with out refinancing?
House for Rent doesn't have Gas Certificate?
Can you rent migets for parties?
My apartment contract states "No cats or dogs" can I get in trouble for owning ferrets?
Can an American rent or sell Real Estate property in Canada?
How difficult is it to get a VA home Loan...?
Would i be out of line by performing monthly interior inspections at my rental properties?
How do I find an apartment for rent in Budapest that's not for just a vacation?
what is Santa clauses phone number?
Gay share accomadation?
A house needs repairs before it closes. The seller would do it but he is strapped for cash. What R my options?
those any one know any usda gurantee home lender in rockland county ny?
can my former landlord sue me if i don't pay her my balances on rent during my stay in her apartment?
Very young couple wanting to relocate our family family?
We want to rent an apt in June... can you sign up early?
lease approval process?
I have a credit score of 423.I had a repossecion last Oct. Back @ wrk now.Any ideas on how I can get an apartm
Will Real Estate get better within the next few years?
Buying a house vs. renting?
HELP!! HELP!!anyone have a property for rent?
How long does the entire forclosure process take in MN right now?
My landlord wants me to clean leaves off the roof-Liability issue!?
How much is apartment rent in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates?
What do you think about buying a foreclosure home that is in good condition?
I'm having trouble finding a room for rent in my price range. Any other ideas of where I can look?
is it the law that you get back a percentage of your security deposit each year?
becoming a realtor in AZ?
Can two people get a mortgage if one is a college student?
does anyone have a test/answers for Ohio real estate exam?
My letting agent/landlord wants to be overpaid and won't reveal the landlord, what can I do?
How do you know when to stop looking at houses and decide which one to buy?
Earnest Money for a New House!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how costly is it to purchase and/or maintain a manufactured home?
Question about rental agreements.?
Would it hurt resale if you put a door going outside in the bathroom?
Wanting To Move To Nevada But Cant Figure Out A Town?
Mortgage Broker able to buy house you want?
Eviction Process in florida. Does anyone have answers to how long till actually on the streets?
Explain consolidating mortgage with existing credit card debt.?
Can police officers afford homes if they live alone?
Can my landlord evict me for a lease violation i was not aware of?
Ok whats the catch and anyone hear of this?
need to refinance with no reserves?
who would you trust to buy property in costa rico?
I have been googling and even purchased you have SIMPLE how to wholesale real estate no money down?
My regime wants to start foreclosure
i have a tracker morgage for the last three years, i live in ireland, is the new ruling on mortgage interest r?
I am trying to get a grant to become a real estate appraiser where can I get one. I am in florida?
for tax purposes what is an improvement?
Can You Break a Lease?
if i buy a condo can i rent it out without having certifications or schooling?
what dose it mean dismissed without predjidice?
Part P Diy Rules?
what are some good sites for houses for rent ?
if my landlord turns over his property to a realter do they have the rite to show property if im not there?
What are the average utility costs for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in Harrisburg, PA?
Can the rent or lease of a business be tax deductible in CA?
how much can a 9-13 bedroom appartmen in New york,overlooking central park, can cost i want to buy one .?
My tenant has a primary heat source and will not use it. I'm afraid my pipes will freeze. What can I do?
What's the cheapest housing area within 3 hours of Los Angeles?
How to construct a rental contract?
DISCOVER HOME LOAN have anyone refinance with them?
We pay PMI for our home mortgage, can we refinance to get rid of PMI?
Can a property be listed with multiple realtors?
I don't trust my landlord (goes in apt., takes inventory, how do i keep my valuables safe?
Landlord Passed Away, Should I Write the Rent Check in her Daughter name?
if anyone could afford anything what would they buy?
Can they denie you if you are on disabilty and they say you can't receive an apartment because of credit?
Should I refinance or pay more each month towards principal?
My landlord is making me pay more than what my lease states?
Has anyone ever got a good discount on a HUD Foreclosre home for sale?
Is it worth having a 2nd house 2 rent out with an interest only mortgage which is close to the rental value?
how many days notice am i to get saying i have t9o move? been here 7 years!?
architect or contractor?
My wife and I have FICO scores above 760 yet our mortgage broker offered us a rate of 7%. Can we do better?
Where should I move in London?
Can you use a VA loan more than once to buy a house?
Could someone give me a practical example of a broker's lien?
What can I do to find a apartment that allows a person to move in with felonies?
My apartments lowered rent for new tenants..?
Where can I find the chart of sold homes' average price of north American city?
stuctural damage to house--would you buy it, if it were fixed.?
How to resolve my apartment issue because i cant get my deposit back!?
landlord scam me out of $70, should I move?
Should I buy a house from my mother?
Question about pets in apartments?
Is it rude to ask the seller for early access to the home you are buying?
military breaking lease in california! help!?
how to find who owns a piece of property?
How are canadian mortgages calculated? 3 times your salary?
why don't houses in florida have basements?
Is there a legal reason a landlord would need to know your reason for moving out?
How long does an entire eviction take?
Can seizures delay your menstrual cycle? Negative preg test...going crazy!?
is anybody here an only child, if so did you end up inheriting your parents home when they passed away?
Is an Exclusive 'finders fee' agreement valid if it has no expiration date? (BC Canada) Is it never ending?
Is it legal for me to cancel a lease on a house if the roof leaks and the landlord wont fix it.?
can an apartment cash a rent check early?
heat included in rent?
How do I get someone to move outta my house?
cash for keys offer?
are there any private investors that would hold a mortgage for me?
how do i find forclouser property?
What does a VA property appraiser look for?
I recently buy a house but I still carry 3 more months of lease on my apartment. How can i break the lease?
I am a real estate agent what is the best ad to get buyers or sellers?
What town in Monmouth County NJ or in Staten Island is good to buy a Mother and Daughter home?
Landlord walking in house.and announcing herself after she is already in?
How can I find out who is listing a house that was for rent but is now occupied?
Why is my new loan in negative figures?
tenant is videotaping my property and my two teenaged girls?
House auction save buy?
Will somebody help me with Apartment loans?
Were blacks allowed to purchase land under the Homestead Act?
put my Address on craigslist?
Can your landlord deny you the chance to find someone to take over your lease?
Recently read article on houses for sale at the cost of a new car?
Safe to say you should buy a house worth about your annual salary but no more than that?
What does it mean when ottobah wrote "If there is no buyers, there would be no sellers"?
Anybody know anywhere there is rent to own property in franklin,ky in the country.?
What is the easiest way from me to get a North Carolina Mortgage Broker's License?
Is there a bank in Massachusetts that does mobile homes?
living in my father foreclosed home with my sister tring to make us pay her rent or get out of the house?
can i put capital gains from a second home in a revocable trust?
When selling a home, do you have to pay the commission of the second Realtor.?
do you think real estate in michigan will continue to decline?
Real Estate??
where should I invest, rural land or rental property?
Is there a very small house to rent for 500-800 a month in the Charleston, SC area?
If a person already has a VA loan can a FHA loan be added to their name for a new mortgage?
where can I find apartment rentals (besides craigslist)?
Can I afford to move out in a few months?
At what age did you own / buy your own home?
how can I find if there is a BT line connected to the property I am about to rent . The agents don't know.
How long after refi-ing your home mortgage can you rent out your home?
which two former coloines claimed the same land?
how does a low income family with poor credit buy a house in CT?
If your spouse has a judgment in her name will it effect what property you have together?
Is it really unsafe to work in a crazy house?
A family has a 50000$, 20 years mortgage at 7.2 % compounded monthly?
so how do i get the person off of my lease since they signed a new one? is there a way?
What does offset mean in mortgage terms?
need new service installed in new home developement?
I just signed a three year lease and now want out (Nevada), what are my options?
What economics situation would 'Slow market cuts time to build new home in half' represent?
I found an apartment I am extremely interested in.?
i want to buy a home from someone?
how much house can we afford?
Can property tax for one-two years be included in closing cost?
Where is the best place to be when a realtor is showing your house?
who buys houses direct from homeowners?
How do we go about buying a house on a lower income?
on a default student loan can they take property that you have purchased. Like land/ house/car ect?
its 45 degrees inside apartment, anything i can do for now?
What are the terms of payment for a house going up for sheriff's sale?
What should we do with our home?
What do I have to do to buy a Utah home without a realtor.?
Should I have to pay landlord for plumbing issues?
whats the best way to get more motivated?
Freehold property rental - noisy neighbours - what are my rights?
What is the average square footage of an office in Beijing?
How should i save to buy a million dollar house?
if i make 30,000 a year can i buy a house?
My friend was told by an estate agent that she could not view houses for sale until hers was on the market.?
How much should my share of the rent be?
house rent problem - want to rent a room and car park but the agency does not allow it.?
Are there any 'sweat equity' housing projects currently in sonoma county, ca?
Can you explain a real estate Short Sale thoroughly?
What should I do if I find mold in my rental house?
What should I charge my roommate for rent?
Moving with Job should I Rent or Buy my home?
florida holiday home owners!?
Should I pay home owners insurance if buying a rent to own home?
how does an interst only mortgage work?
How much does a real estate developer make a year?
if my refrigerator does not work do i have to pay rent?
My Roommate's Dog Scratched Floor, Now she is Leaving Early?
I just made a mortgage payment on 4/29/08. Is that for April or May?
suggest a company name starting with "E" having beautiful meaning related to property dealing?
Should a married couple rent a room in their house to a complete stranger?
should I invest in a mobile home?
where can i print free ledgers or templates?
what do you look for in an agent when trying to sell your house.?
Excessive landlord inspections?
Can I find a cheap apartment under 300 in Akron, Ohio?
can i buy the w960i in new york?
does any one know any mobile home lender ?
What exactly does "deliver possession" mean?
Lease ended, but tenant not responding...?
Landlord needing to do electrical work in my unit - being asked to leave apt for at least a week?
if you have a 1year lease and break it?
Roomate 3 day notice?
Lichen builders & developers Pvt. Ltd. Cochin India?
Should I buy a home in delaware?
Does anyone not have water in flatwoods ky?
When you're a renter, do you always have to be worried about disturbing your landlord?
my guest bathroom has not worked for three days and the apt. will not fix it till monday.what do i do?
How much of your gross monthly salary, is an acceptable amount to spend on rent? What is the norm?
Can a property owner write off the lost revenue from a vacant property?
Half owner of our house wants to abandon; how do we keep the house?
Can Home trust bank hike your morgage rate from 4.99% for 1 year to 5.99% when renewal comes.?
How many years can someone Rent to Own a House in Ny?
what is the definiton of group licensing ?
How much notice do you give a tenant before doing a rental inspection?
landlord entered without permission or notification?
My landlord has forgotten to take our rent?
Should I buy this house?
I need to find a low cost apt. here in colorado springs colorado , can anyone help?
Tenants' dog destroyed a tree?
How to choose a excellent Real Estate company to be an agent with?
Can my wife get me out from the house the morgage in bouth name we have 2 kids 11 ans 6 help thanks?
We put an offer on a house on Monday. The offer expires Thursday at noon.?
what do you call a person that builds houses?
how do i find a section 8 program for a college student that lives on his own?
My landlord kept a portion of security deposit for days that I didn't live in the unit?
Defaulted on 3 yr commercial lease after 1 yr. Now I am being told that I owe for the remaining 2 yrs.?
Can I sue a roomate staying at my apartment if was not on the lease?
Procedure for buying Foreclosures?
Question about my rental lease.?
Where can I buy a house in a cave?
So the owner of the house im renting came this morning to give me what seems to be an eviction letter..?
How to get a property threw dss?
why is short sale so long?
Can a landlord come to your rental property evryday for no reason?
Can you pay for an apartment in advance?
How do "foreclosure buyers" get the names of people in foreclosure or preforeclosure?
Sites with HOUSES for rent?
how would you like to buy vacation properties with ten other people and divide the weeks equally yearly?
PLEASE HELP! Can my landlord charge me months worth late fees all at once without notice?
What is the 'devon rule'? I am looking into buying a house in Devon, and a few have this rule on, what is it?
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