Real Estate

what does a landlord have to do when there mold in your home?
how does it work...?
Can we buy this house?
How do I find a simple Homeimprovemt contract?
tenancy agreement?
Tenant giving 3 day notice in state of CA.?
Looking for the best real estate class in los angeles....?
how much maximum agricultural land i can purchase in Brazil as a foreigner and how?
My lease ends in October but landlord says I have to pay an extra month.?
Other then Alaska where can someone find CHEAP land in the USA?
How do we buy things in lockerz ?
how to break a lease?
What counts as an 'insured risk'?
Paying rent too late????
Soon to be college grad chances of getting an Apartment for work?
I want to move out but my pay/hours are stopping me.?
I am being evicted from my apt. and my landlord is only giving me 3 days to get out.?
My home is in foreclosure. I am filing bankruptcy. Can I buy it back at the auction?
how do you apply for hud housing?
Multiple offers on house?
Who is responsible for the United States housing bubble?
If you fill out and apartment application in Florida and pay a holding fee for it.How long can it be held for?
An issue on purchase of flat.Builder of flat cancelled allotment for delay payment by loan agency/actionbyme?
told i have to leave my home but i own the land its built on?
How can turn this into a sentence? (Best Answer 10 Points ASAP + Thumbs up opints to everyone, help?)?
Is there a real estate bubble in San Antonio, Texas/anywhere else?
Can I get a home loan working out of state?
Distressed properties, foreclosures, tax lien sales, etc.?
In the state of GA, how long does a landlord have to fix the air conditioner once it is reported to them?
What's the best way to market the home I have for rent?
has this property been overpriced? dodgy estate agent?
How Do I But A (Tax Lien Foreclosure House)?
if i was going to buy a 300,000 dollar house what would be a good down payment?
Best home builders in Katy, TX?
what are 3 things you would tell someone who was about to become a landlord?
My mother-in-law is being denied a mortgage refinance because they say its a two family home not a single?
in california... is it legal for your landlord to charge you a late fee if you mailed on time but he got late?
What should i do to make $ 800 within 2-3 months?
easy 1000 points!!!!?
Can HOA come after the owner or just the home?
What kind of offer should I make on this house?
What to expect on 2nd Interview with Apartment Leasing Company?
Does the broker commission has to be paid by the loan buyer or by the bank.?
Is there a difference between a Real Estate License and a Brokers license?
What do you think? Young homebuyer.?
Does a house increase in value with time?
where can i find finacing on a few small apartment deals with low fico?
Who should pay for this, me or the landlord?
i have £13k ish in savings, what price house can i afford to buy? i do not understand mortgages?
should i rent or house or an apt?
Will I be able to purchase my first home?
how is the formula derived?
What is the whole procedure to renting my studio condo completely furnished in S.I. NY?
Where do you go to get section 8 in burlington, nj?
How much would it cost & wat is there to do!?
if you buy a house that is for sale by owner do they have to disclose things that are wrong with it?
I'm not a US citizen, how can I buy a house in USA? Do non-citizens have the right to own property in US?
i didn't write down who gave me what from my open house. is it that bad not to?
How much does it cost to rent a helicopter ?
Is there a tax penalty in Idaho if I sell a lot within a year of purchasing that lot?
Am I eligible to buy a home?
refinance or home equity loan?
i want to buy a house?
myself & my mum & dad need to find a place to live we have been told we will get help(housing benefit).....?
How much money would an apartment complex take out of your deposit if you left a 4 x 8ft hole in the wall?
I owe more than my house is worth how can I get out from it?
I have a new job in Redmond, Washington, where should I live? 2 kids preteen. Single mom Christian?
My husband and I plan to move to Hungary within 2 years time. Does anyone know of any good real estate agents?
how can i get prequalified throug a finance company to buy my first?
15 year or 30 year mortgage, if i plan on selling in 5 years?
Can I not renew my tenants lease, if I need to live in the home? NJ?
Does upgrading a kitchen really help the sale of a house (even if it's priced right)?
Is ARLA similar to NALS? I want to complain about the letting agent!?
What salary do I have to make in NYC before I can move out of my parents house?
Cost of Living in California, I will be making 50-80k, Suggestions?
hi, totaly confused, 1st time buyer, like the look of a home but it states free hold! what does this mean?
Where an I obtain a legal form to use in our Real Estate transaction?
Trying to evict roommate for stealing landlord apparently cannot?
What is a reasonable price to pay for a rented apartment in switzerland?
Has Anybody Been Helped By Countrywide On Their Sub prime Loan So That They Do Not Loose Their Home?
My freezer doesn't work,can I get the apartment owner in trouble?
Does anyone know about any "secret" downtown apts. in Grand Rapids?
would you buy a house people were tortured in?
do paver patios add equity to a homes value?
how to sue HOA without a lawyer?
Is it legal for the co-signer of a rental home and the landlord of to move tenant out of the home?
I am a co-signer on a house with a friend. Can I refinance the house into my name without the other co-signer?
With the Cdn. dollar almost par with US. is now the time to invest is Sout US real estate as a future snowbird
Can I evict someone in FL for making a house unlivable due to their inability to pay the water bill?
Changing deed of house?
What happens if the seller refuse to give deposit back to buyer cause buyer couldnt get the morgage?
Is buying a rental house worthwhile for $20 a month profit?
my apartment is infested with german cockroaches help!?
Under CA Prop. 13 can they raise the value?
Competing for commercial lease?
I want to invest in property in India? Where can I find best property options, online?
if i own a property 100% no liens and i sell it to someone who is paying for it in full what is the process?
is there a database I can access or buy to do my own research on the tenants I interview? I am a Landlord.?
I use to own a house 2 years ago I want to buy a new house in Fl can I get a first time buyer benefit?
When am I required to move?
what is the law about replacing the carpet in an apartment?
Property to let and planning permission?
What should I do in my situation?
me mom is kickin me out innit. need the counsil house. got no job and savings of 1500 squid. how long get it?
Where do I go to find a low income based apartment in Grand Rapids, Michigan?
Who can I contact to find out how much I can get for selling my house?
i'm looking for the section 8 program in concordia parish?
Why does BofA keep switching my account manager?
Can someone give me a financial breakdown of owning a house?
Why can't you afford to buy a home in the city you live,work and was born and raised?
Whats the process for building a home, in general, but if you have info on santa cruz county it would be good.
Is it possible to purchase a home at the age of 25?
Flat on a noisy road?
Like to know if I can sell a portable shed on a house I brought a year ago?
What is a new House Developer.Do they work on commission?
Can I change lenders before closing, if the loan officer verbally says 5% down but it changes to 10% down?
When bidding for a property is it best to play it cool in front of the estate agent???
I need a free website where I can find the full history of my house, past and present owners, its value when b?
How do I report a private mortgage loan to the credit bureaus?
Can I sale my house with her on the deed?
If a house is sold with central heating, does it have to work?
What is the difference between revision and novation?
Why are utilities so high up north, specifically Maine?
Condo Board Suing Developer?
do you have 3 days to cancel a lease for a townhome in illinois?
Submitted a 60 day notice and 8 days later told them that I did not want to move out.?
I want to buy a home but have bad credit. What are my options?
Heating cost for 1800 sq ft home in Chicago?
Difference between hud and fha?
I have a rental unit but can't find landlord insurance anywhere - Will Insurance Agency Rip Me Off?
Am I a squatter?????
Is Kew Gardens a good neighborhood for a family of four?
Where is a good online source to learn about the real estate market in Amsterdam Netherlands. Looking to buy.?
realtor issue - help?
Property advice on what to do?
in uk does inherited property need transfering to my name before selling?
Should I sell my house?
Does the Obama housing plan help me?
Is my landlord trying to keep my security deposit?
Can an older couple with no credit history buy a house if someone with new credit history and cash cosigns?
How old do I have to be to rent a hotel room?
can my landlord do this?
Buying property with and/or assigns?
How much rent do you pay?
does anyone know which loans you can have a non-spousal co-signer on, mortgage specific?
Where can you buy basket ball trainers in london below £40?
when do i pay stamp duty on my first property?
how do i apply for section 8 housing in alabama?
What is the 'devon rule'? I am looking into buying a house in Devon, and a few have this rule on, what is it?
Estate agent wants too much info?
i want to put a beach house up for rent in port lavaca(magnolia beach) texas?
I want to give my house to my son. I understand the tax issues, but is all I have to do is transfer the title?
should I pay extra on my mortgage?
If a person has $25,000 in school and vehicular debt, how much...?
In real estate, what does the abbreviation "COE" stand for?
Does anyone out there know if Arizona has any laws regarding land locked property?
What will happen if you get an attorney fee for not paying your rent?
do i have to pay to get the wasps nest removed? or my landlord?
Issue with rental property; need opinions on whether I am being reasonable or not.?
My bf wants to move in with me before marriage and I live in section 8 apartment. How can we make this work?
Do tenants have to pay agents agreement fee?
My landlord foreclosed &didn't tell me?
Whats a good website i can look at appartments for sale near me?
3 bed houses in worcester on dss?
As an individual is there an advantage in creating a LLC for rental property??
can my landlord still force me to pay?
have a dispute over a deposit with my ex tenant - cant agree on cost of damaged items, what next?
My friend wants to be able to work from home. Is there anything out there that pays $25/hr?
Can a landlord tell me to leave immediately if I'm not on the lease and have lived here for 8 months at 800/m?
what are my rights if my landlord is selling my flat?
question about buying a house?
HELP, im almost there in buying a foreclosed home help something happened?
I am looking for a descent apartment for a descent price that is close to UWM.?
should i pay my mortgage this month if I start a modification payment next month?
who do i report uninhabitable living conditions to?
Does anyone have any advice on getting new listings?
If my tenant refuses to pay the rent?
how do I get down payment assisting 1st time getting 97% approve?
I'm relocating to Fordyce, AR for work and can't seem to find any houses to rent around that area. Help?
If the refrigerator is break down and your landlord wont replace it?
Selling a houes as a realtor?
I have a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd mortgage on my house. My question, can the 3rd mortgage keep us from selling our h
looking for a home and morgage?
I want to sell my house faster.?
Can my landlord demand this of me?
Got eviction order from court ..what shall i do ?
Are landlords responsible for window covers like blinds or curtains?
I am thinking of relocating to Glendale, anyone have any info on this area or Phoenix?
I sold the house I was living in for a really good price. So why is my landlord so upset?
In NC,can loan officer turn down loan B/c he does not like realestate agent representing person/entity appling
Is it better to rent or buy a home in St Simons Island Ga USA price range limit $300k?
If I obtain a $480,000.00 loan for purchasing a home,how much would my monthly payment be?
Can I back out of a home purchase before closing?
Where can I get a mortgage????/?
is buying a property with a flying freehold as part of it a good idea?
Move in Day changed and postponed by landlord, issues with clarity?
what is the difference between a conventional home loan and a fha home loan?
what is the rental price for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home in san jose, ca in 2010-2011 zip code 95127?
how to convince my parents to move house? (read before judging)?
selling my house ,can my buyers solicitor get a search FAXED to them in light of the post strike?
Do i need a deposit to move house?
Can a real estate agent (not associated with a broker) represent him/herself to purchase a home in California,?
I'm buying a condo. My closing is tomorrow. Apt isn't in the condition that i want. Do i have to close tmrow?
why bid when you can buy?
What are your annual property taxes?
trying to locate realtor who listed property at 419 Abbeyridge Court, Ocoee, FL?
Where is private money found for Real Estate investing?
Must my landlord fix my locks?
It is worth buying a mobile home?
Is it wise to buy a house right now?? Read the details too.....?
Why shouldn't I purchase real estate with "hard money."?
Has anyone ever dealt with home are thinking about getting involved with them.R they legit?
Is it illegal for my roommate to not share the key to our mailbox?
mapping site, that shows the house and the price, i had it but now can't find it, please let me know the site,
Is there any way for a landlord to legally terminate a newly signed lease in a three day grace period?
Should I buy a home in Greater Vancouver in couple years?
Do Tenants pay a holding deposit when they apply to rent an apartment?
3 days to pay electric bill to landlord!!?
If you have a mortgage who really owns your house ~ you or the bank?
Can I sign 2 leases at te same time?
Need help with a quitclaim deed?
In closing costs, are prepaid "county taxes" same as regular "property taxes"?
How to evict a drug dealing tenant with no electric and not paying their rent in 4 months in California?
I'm trying to find some facts on charges by a realtor in Texas.How do I find what they are allowed to charge?
property taxes on my mortgage payment?
How i can find marketing agencies that specializes in real estate?
nj real estate licence reciprocity?
We own a house we don't want to own anymore. What are our options?
How long after an open house did you get an offer?
My parents bought a house and now they owe the bank 380k. They cant afford it 6 years later and we all want to?
9926153753 owner name?
Why do Realtors show you houses above your budget?
I would like to purchase a 1 bed flat in north west london..?
low income apartments in or near chicago,illinois?
If property has historic interest does that property selling value increase or decrease?
Gas leak in apartment?
what does this stand for mvacty?
what is the going rate for an attorney to close on a home?
Should I move from my place?
My landlord is making me pay more than what my lease states?
If I have $50,000 for a down payment, what price house could I get?
How is the following problem solved?
Buying a house before the ring? What's your thoughts?
Hi I live in chennai-india--i m planning to buy a house-i need a loan-whats the best rates--?
Apartments in Nicholasville, ky?!?!?
People are rushing to buy properties now....?
Are you responsible for a lease if someone else moves in right after you move out?
Is my landlord able to keep my security deposit?
Theres a house in my neighborhood that looks abandoned. How can I find out about ownership of it?
renting with no tenancy agreement, do I have to pay?
what are the prospects for multi-family properties in phoenix?
Should I take a 15K loss selling a home?
What do landlords look for in inspections ?
Have rented a flat on a six month lease. The landlord as decided not to renew the lease?
We are moving to Chicago, I need to find a nice neighborhood!?
Can I sell or transfer my house into my sons name?
What are some nice all bills paid apartments in college station?
My first apartment, Monthly Bills?
I have singed a one year lease on a condo,but not moved in.Can I cancel the Lease?
do you live in an apartment?
I need to find a State/town to live in that will please both my boyfriend and myself…?
When will I get $100 from
land sale deed if registered on the basis of a non registerd POA can be cancelled as name not in 7/12 extracts?
in chicago, what do companies charge an owner to find a tenant for their vacant apt.?
is there a fha rule stating a mobile home that is used for storage purpose on a property will not qualify 4 s?
I purchased a home last October, 0% down.?
Renters Rights?????......need facts please.?
part of the property is self occupied and part of property is rented and the rent income is shown as income?
I have had a company building a website for us and we are going to continue with it ourselves, what to do?
What offer would you suggest?
do u think it is wrong for me to use my FEMA assistance to purchase a house?
In Minnesota, can a landlord make you pay a months rent and a security deposit before living there?
I'm upside down on a rental property in San Diego. I'm losing 900$ a month due to arm loan. What do i do??
i rent a property and i have windows but they do not open is this legal?
How to get hired by a Commercial Broker?
Can the landlord terminate my sublease if the primary tenant leaves in New York State?
where can i find low income apartments and duplexes in virginia beach?
Is buying property in Spain risky or ok?
can my landlord still force me to pay?
House prices. Will they drop in the future.?
how much does land cost in ontario?
When will house prices go back up?
In what ways have home viewers ruined the owner's things?
I have a Warranty deed question(Oklahoma)?
I am picky, and looking for a town with certain criteria, to live in after college.?
how to win a citation for a rental property that had things on the property and it was removed immediately?
Can I get a mortgage?
Please advise me on my apartment hunting dilemmas?
Home buying grants?
Can a neighbour stop me putting out my dustbin on his land which I own the Rights to Service my house from?
land value 650000 how to get stamp duty charge.?
Can my landlord keep my entire security deposit?
Does anyone know any organizations or charities that help single young mothers in north carolina with housing?
Should I still pay rent?
Question to rental property managers or real estate attorneys.?
what are my chances of getting approved?
Can my mother-in-law kick me out of rental home we share and the lease is signed by her, my husband and me?
My car has remote central locking locking, why not my house?
Surveyor for mortgage company re-evaluated the house twice?
how to write a complaint letter to my management and at the same time give the move out notice.?
What are the standard fha (hud) credit qualifications?
Would the council let me put a lean too on the back on my council home?
I want to move back to northeast england what's the best way to find a flat etc i have nobody to help me?
How do I sell a Rent to Own without a lawyer or real estate agent?
WHO thinks..........?
should i buy a house or a townhouse?
My landlord has refused to fix or clean up after sewage spills in basment for 9 mths he blames us says it's my?
how much you make when you sell a house and how often you sell one, how much and how often making loans?
Does paying off mortgage debt early , will take my interest rate low at the end ?
What do you think of purchasing a home too high for you to afford and getting room mates?
Will correspondence via EMAILS hold up in court for an eviction?
My real estate listing went into withdrawn status, can I sell the house myself given the conract's status?
are there any apartment complexes that has the rule no children or pets allowed?
Is there any downfalls still expected in real estate or its the time to say that the market has recovered?
Why does it matter what your credit score and history is when looking into renting an apartment?
Does rent to own and owner financing mean the same thing?
Can I break my lease if my neighbor was murdered?
i want to move to CA help!?
Can my daughter make a joint claim with me for housing benefit?
Why it is necessary to get a Rental Agreement registered.?
Where to buy Affordable House And Lot In Tagaytay City?
Considering buying a home on a few acres in the denver area ... where should i look?
How can i find a Host family in New York?
How much should I pay to get a real estate agent to visit and take pictures for me in a empty house?
Big Bear or Big Bear Lake, California?
Can't move out. What do I do. HELP!!?
what are our chances of getting a $200,000 loan?
We were just informed that the house we are renting is being put up for sale?
Should i pay the fee or fight it? I have until the 15th of October.?
If I can sue falling down broke stairs?
I need a complaint form from the Alabama Realtors association. Cant find form on Internet. Please help!?
i have been put on band B for council housing how long will it take to get somewhere?
Under what circumstances- (if any whatsoever), can a tenant in the U.K. boycott the rent on their flat?
I am having problems with my apartment?
can a foreigner take the real estate license exam in the Philippines?
Credit for buying a house?
Is it legal to have a landlord not show you a rental unit until you submit a rental application and deposit?
how would a notary, notorize a gift deed?
What do you do when your landlord doesnt return your security deposit?
Can landlord enter my apartment at will. i live in florida and I refuse to pay anymore rent, im not on a lease
Superanuation- Australia- Use my super to buy land for investment?
Hey...out of curiousity, how old do you have to be, if there is a set age, to rent your own apartment?
What portion of your income should you spent on rent, reasonably?
i would like to buy a house in the city of carson california, but my credit is not very good. what should i do
apartment rental questions? need advice?
does anyone know of an hard money lenders that don't check credit?
Where should I move in California?
Is 10.3% a good rate on a mobile home loan?
should i let the bank fore close on my house?
what is the cost of construction of independent house in present situation?
house payments?
(If you own a house) How much do you annually pay for your house taxes, insurance and maintenance?
what free site can i post my mobilehome for sale?
If you had to choose a Realtor?
How much would I have to pay if the weekly rate is $450.87?
What is the most beautiful color in granite?
Anyone know where I can find a good real estate sales assistant?
Where are you located? Is the RealEstate market Booming? Bursting ?
Getting a home loan through Bank of America?
Living in a shed, good shot at getting a council flat?
I am above 55,how much do I have to contribute to my CPF account after selling my HDB flat?
Can a single mom who makes 33,000 a year buy a house?
Where is there an apartment up for rent, has a pool, washer,dryer, and is $350 or less?
How the loan lock like ?
580 CREDIT SCORE SOME COLLECTIONS JUDGEMENTS are 4 yrs plus told app will go to underwriting not manual help?
What is an easy quick way to find a rental house by 7/1?
What is the procedure in buying a house and getting a good deal?
How much should the offer be? Have a picture?
A couple of questions about landlords, leases and security deposits.?
Should I get married before buying a house?
What down payment does a uk citizen have to put down when buying a house in the USA ?
could we rent a flat?
what rights do i have as a room renter and asked to move without notice?
I need 200$ fast what is the quickest way i can achieve my goal?
Should I sign this lease?
if evicted... how much notice will be given to vacate?
Closing Costs 101? What are they? Who pays for them (buyer or seller)?
i want to find a good site with rapid results to find a roomate i have a place i need a roommate?
food costs a month?
My town just got hit by a flood last week. How does that generally affect my property value?
Apartment vs. Loft... ?
How much money do I need to save to move out of my parents house into my own apt?
Will we qualify for a mortgage?
Is it worth refinancing my home at this rate 8.3%?
calculating car interest v. home interest. It does not seem fair.?
realtor job description?
meeting with a real estate agent, small business?
If 5 people are renting a 3 bedroom apartment that costs $2400 how much should the single bedroom person pay?
what is the "ee" and "or" rule in real estate prep for state exam?
Is it me, the homeowners, or the renters responsiblity to change locks after being broken into?
Should I lie to Bank to get mortgage?
how much does medical assitants?
how do you negoitiate a short sale with a bank on a pre foreclosure property?
Who believes the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN is because of the MEDIA?
Eviction help for South Dakota?
how fast does a landlord have to react to an infestation complaint?
"Is It Discriminatory For A Potential Landlord To Say Cats Okay But Dogs Not?"?
What point are we at with our mortgage loan.?
Why are homes in texas so cheap?
If I signed a quick deed after my divorce and my exhusband refinanced, but is now in foreclosure, he never fil?
Landlord is annoying me!!?
Real estate in humboldt county ca?
In order to purchase a home, a family borrows $ 267,000 at 10.8% for 15 yr. What is their monthly payment?
Is it a good time to buy a house in California right now since the prices are low?
Can a 13 year old have a house in their name?
Question regarding earnest money ?
I'm trying to put together my future.?
18 years old want to buy foreclosed home?
How many days do you have to move if evicted from your house in Georgia?
if my house is about to go into foreclosure and my credit score is less than 500 wo can help me?
if a property is sold 3 times in one day for different amounts. can this be fraud?
Can anyone get a VA home loans?
If you bought your council flat with the right to buy,does the council buy it back of you , and let you rent i?
My family and I are in need of a place to live in the Aberdeen, Md. area. Any prospects out there?
When you buy a house, how much do you pay as a down payment?
son got displaced from his job, (the business closed) can he get out of his lease?
What's the best way to get a great deal on a Foreclosure Home?
What would you do?
How to save up for a house when i'm older?
How to remove deeded utility easements?
I want to move out of a flat in which I am renting from the current tennant and have signed a basic contract ?
Property purchase from tax auction how to determine if any other liens are on the property?
How can I make an effective argument against my landowner?
I don't see the foreclosed house next door selling anytime soon. Should I mow the lawn?
How to find a house or apt in todays market??
real estate investing?
foreigners living and investing in cosat rica?
What could I buy to sell in future but that will keep its value.?
What are the effects of a Lease Agreement and a Leave and Licence Agreement to the witness of the agreement?
Can my landlord make me pay to recarpet my entire apartment, when the carpeting in one room has been damaged?
San Antonio and Austin, house hunting.?
my roommate is selling his house and moving and threw out my things. what can i do?
Are there career recruiters that specialize in the real estate and/or mortgage field only?
How much do we need to make per year to afford a $350k house?
Question about rent?
I have some shares to sell whats the quickest way to get payment?
I recently bought my first home and paid cash for it do I need an attorney at closing? ?
I want a flat to leave in ca, or pa for 6 months what is the rental charges ?one bedroom flat?
can someone explain what ESCROW means, the more detailed, the better:)?
Unexpected Pregnancy... Should I tap into my Roth IRA to buy a modular home?
MICE, MICE and BIG Rats on the street at night....?
My aunt charges me $300 rent since Aug. She says I have to start paying $700 in Nov. Can she do that?
Are carpet indentations from heavy furniture damages if a tenant did nothing to remove them?
how do I get a mortgage in germany, to buy property there. Im a UK citizen with clean credit record?
is the landlord responsible for the water bill in the tennants name after they move?
What can an apartment landlord discriminate against when choosing tenants?
If Me and two friends want to rent an apartment who has to sign the lease?
Where can one get the best interest rate on an investment property (duplex) while not paying points?
How can I find real estate sponsors, companies or people, to by appartment buildings and get 50% from the rent
Renting as a business owner apartment scam?
how do i find out about realistate titles in az?
buying a home in Portland, OR?
will escrow go through??????
Do we have to use the same realtor if a property becomes available at a later date?
Running into issues with co-ownership of inherited house?
I need a form letter for sell or buy a house?
Need help ASAP about flat insurance (I am a 2nd uni student) :(?
Can you help me finding a tenant-please?
I just got notified that I have a new mortgage holder. Is this normal for loan to be transferred to?
Why do banks look to sell repossessed property so quickly?
Does a real estate agent really truly represent the best interests of a buyer?
How to get 1 bdrm apartment in Lynchburg, VA for free?10 pointss?
What happens if you sign the agreement of purchasing when buying a home and cant get the mortgage approved?
i Sold my home threw a short sale. why do I have to fill out a 1099a form. on it states the full amount of the?
Flipping houses.?
Anyone going to the 2006 Real Estate Wealth Expo in Los Angeles?
can a homeowner sign a rent to own lease with me when there home is under contract with a realtor?
Real Estate Agents actions to public?
What is the average monthly rent for a small three brdm house on a lot,in Central Florida?
Fort Collins Housing?
is there another website like craigslist?
Is a verbal agreement binding in the state of Colorado regarding property?
Is there any legal registered money lenders oversea who be able to help south africans?
How am I supposed to do afford my rent?
How can I get back my foreclosed home in Florida? Someone mentioned something about redemption.?
How can I double 50k in 3 months?
Productive passtime for an On Site Real Estate Agent???
is it legal to rent out your unoccupied house in a destination city to freinds(or anyone) for weekends, etc.?
how do you find investing clubs?
when you rent a house?
How can I get a legit Home Equity loan with bad credit?
does anyone know anything about
In NYC how do I go about knowing if a particular co-op is a good investment?
I hate my new house ? :(?
Real Estate?
What kind of salary would I need?
cheap apartment info?
Can Condo Associations Demand To Inspect Your Condo?
Can a renter break a lease early?
mortgage question-pre paying principal?
landlord problems he wants to kick me out because he sold his house.?
what can i do about spiders in my house? please help?
What can you do, if current landlord is pissed you're moving, and tells prospective landlords untrue things?
waiver of subrogation in retail lease?
Is it hard for a foreigner to buy a house in USA?
does my landlord have to inform me of a new tenant in our shared house?
where are houses that are for rent in pearland, texas?
Does anyone know of any good real estate companies in Beaufort/Jasper county South Carolina?
does anybody have a 5/6 bed property to rent in blackpool for my friend who is wanting to relocate with family?
how soon after i sign the contract to buy a townhome can i move in?
what would be the best way to advertise Costa Rican Real estate in the USA?
how can i find a room in house?
Can the builder keep my $10,000 deposit?
How can owning a paid off townhouse help me buy a house?
First Time Home Buyer in Buffalo, NY, Can you help me?
Who can I contact if necessary repairs are NOT being made to our apartment?
What do I need to buy a house?
Who can I speak with.?
how would I register a house under section 8, and where can I find this information?
Back up offer on a short sale house?
Breaking Apartment Lease?
I am moving out notice?
do landlords have to pay for water and trash in california?
What is the least expensive area in California to buy a home and in Nevada?
Any opinions on apartments rent in El Cajon, CA?
Should I call and complain or call and request?
When does the maintenance man at my building have the right to enter my apartment?
Does anyone how a person can get a free grant of any kind? We would like to get a housing grant for no money?
We want to get out of our house, but how?
Breaking a Rental Lease in FL?
Buying a house for 995,500?
How much should the offer be? Have a picture?
Apartment lease in a new state?
how much are closing costs on buying a house?
How can rent out my land for Mobile tower installation?
Landlord asking for new address?
Real estate question?
Can we negotiate our rent?
How can I get out of my lease?
How do I advertise a property I own in the United States to people in Canada looking for a vacation rental?
Which is Best Web Site to Sell International Properties?
How many times can you use VA to get a house?
Please let me have the address of the oldage homes in south India - I willing to pay for it?
Does anyone know of any fiance companies that would give 100% financing for a low credit score?
Do you like apartment living?
Can my letting manager take 2 Weeks rent and not let me live it out?
Breaking fixed lease due to job, how should I go about this?
i signed a lease and was told if broke she would issue a warrent and have me arrested. Is that possible?
Can you break a 12 month rental agreement without any problems?
How do condo managers make money?
We have been looking for a house but I havea few questions?
Does a cosigner on a mortgage effect debt-to-income ratio?
Great.... now what????!?!?!?
I have land in northwest Wisconsin it sells for $2,800 per acre,there is 5 prime acres what can I sell it for?
What kind of mortgage do I need?
what is the rent for a business property.?
Approximately how much would a $300,000 mortgage cost/month?
If your landlord kicks you out, do you still have to pay rent?
Much needed advice on moving out with friends.?
what's better to rent a house or a town house for same price value?
top 10 cities to live in the usa?
Can my wife fulfill the 60-day occupancy requirement with a full power of attorney?
I brought a house and pay off the mortage 3 years ago but have not received the title what should I do?
Noisy neighbors... Should I write them a note?
Pre approved for a home loan?
in a real estate closing, what does the seller generally have to pay for ?
I need to know the owners or how to lookup a property. 7532 S Vernon Av, Chicago, IL?
Short sale or stay with security clearance?
Where do I find an apartment in Broward county?
Former FSBO's: How long did you try to sell your house on your own, before you "caved in" to a Realtor?
Muliti state Reseidency: We owned a home in NC. My family and I lived in there. I lived there until I got ...?
Who is responsible for a broken boiler in rented accommodation?
can a landlord do this?
Is Dubai freehold properties still an attractive investment or the bubble is about to burst?
Hi Please give me a list of housing associations that accept direct applicants in London thank you!?
i've given notice, is my landlord allowed to show the property to potential tenants on weekend, who decides?
Does anyone know a real estate lawyer in Palm Springs California?
how do i find out if my father owns any land?
Apartment trying to charge me for WHAT!?
in a contract of sale, what does specific agreement mean in terms of liability if breached? this is a house sa
how to evict a tenant in jackson county Mo.?
Can i finance a home while I'm starting a new business after bankruptcy?
any body in Pasadena CA have a room to rent??
community care grant to move to another house?
Question about Buying a Home?
Where to buy in or around Disney...?
What is a commercial business?
About to take a Real Estate Test looking for any FREE pre-test I can take to prepare myself?
If I am a landlord, and I put solar panels on the roofs of my properties...?
What happens if you have waived financing and now cannot get a mortgage?
My boyfriend and I want to purchase our first home in the next 6 months. Can I get some advice?
How do you make money in real Estate?
Been in new place 60 days landlord made no repairs before or since. fridge does not cool food, air is broken,?
what should i put in my 30 day notice to my landlord?
like to purchase a flat at OMR chennai,?
What does "utilities included in the rent" mean?
Do I have the right to ask the management company for my Apartment building where I live to show me the reason?
How long does it take to set a home closing date?
I have a big property and i don't know what to do with is help?
curriculum development?
Forclosure, Florida, auction was sold to plaintiff.?
Should I pay off a good portion of my Car Loan or Save for a Hud Home(Rent To Own)?
do i have to pay to get the wasps nest removed? or my landlord?
Where is the best R.E. Investors locations in the USA?
How can we find affordable serviced apartments in London?
who can lend a deposit for mortgage?
I need a studio between $500 - $ 700 in New York City.Please send contact details please.Thanks a lot?
Is there any country or region where there is no rent or mortgage for a home? I want to live rent free?
Help me with these Housing Questions?
Can my land lord require me to do maintenance on the house I'm renting without compensation?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of refinancing a mortgage with a direct lender versus a broker?
Is there a special loan for relocating?
If a home is foreclosed around $150000,Can i lowball a cash offer for about $110000?
House building in Oxfordshire?
sample of grand sales (clothes) in malaysia?
Anyone know of an apartment locator in St Petersburg, FL?
House in foreclosure * Real estate agent stopped by?
How can I find out if my apt complex is in foreclosure?
Are realtors allowed to walk into my rented condo whenever and as often as they please?
Can you help me find some good houses?
Breaking Apartment Lease?
Can I break my lease in New Mexico, because of mental illness?
can i get my own apartment through nycha ??? please read for the details?
looking for website that tells home values uses aerial photos. told it was, but is not?
what are my chances of getting a loan?
how can Zoning: RE2C affect you?
does anyone have any information on a reverse mortgage?
can i request my landlord to change carpet in my apt?
Can I take my property management to court for broken a.c.?
How did credit defualt swapping cause people to lose houses they already own?
how to add name to deed on co-op?
I'm a Broker and cannot attend a showing with my client. How do I allow them to view with another broker?
Snooping landlords what do you do?
we have an oral agreement are we supposed to fix the home even though we rent?
helo i would like to buy some property in bulgaria?
What is the typical pecentage points that a realtor charges to list a Home in Cleveland Ohio?
Should I sell my home through HomeVestors?
I am a civil engineer, doing construction business at Bangalore. I dont have much projects now.?
where can i rent a usedcar in ft myers flfor two months?
didn't recieve copy of renewed lease?
How to evict someone who's name is not on the lease?
What is the average rent for an apartment or house in texas?
As a landlord can I deduct this from tennant's deposit, if so how?
who is the best property cource to do about buying property?
The price of double rooms for rent in london are per person or total?
What does the term "Option pending" in real estate terms? Can other offers be considered?
If I put 10,000 on a new home would it go to the principle?
Can my landlord evict me? (read description) (UK ONLY)?
If I want to rent a condo, can I get a real estate agent to assist? If so, where can I find info on this?
how much council will pay on rent?
where are the best towns for a soldier to retire to in Arizona?
What would be a rough estimate of a 15 year mortgage, variable rate on $260,000?
uk ? how much do you pay for water a month?
My girlfriend and i broke up. she owns the house. how long do i legally have to move out?
landlord setlement money?
Can a landlord state they only want 3 people living in a 3 bedroom home.?
is there an expiry period for a covenant restricting the building of more than one house on an area of land?
Where can I find an agency that buys homes for use as a group home or for shelter for those that need it? I ca
How good is the MLS now?
Rent payments - How can my tenant pay rent to me electronically?
Apartment/Condo/Rent to own house? Which is a smarter choice?
registration of Mortgage what does this mean?
how to file for partition in ca real estate?
i have just had a homebuyers report done for a house, the value is alot less than our offer, can we negotiate?
thank you gift for my realtor? read on...?
Can I get out of closing on a house.?
How can i get a college loan that puts money in my account and i can use that money for rent and school?
Question about house?
i,ve been sick from work long time on and off-- no extra work to meet mortgage, loans-eviction threats -advise
if you pay down the princaple does the monthly payment drop or stay the same?
My tenants of 9 years are getting married and they invited me to their wedding. How much should I give?
How to get into real estate investing?
what courses are available at pasadena city college?
What should I look for in a rental property?
Chapter 7 bankruptcy question (Royce Homes)?
Rent due with water damage?
I'm being made to cosign my parent's lease now that I'm 18..?
How can I buy a house? I'm a student, no job, low credit.?
What would be the best course of action with this piece of land (very expensive :D)?
Should you lower the price of your house before 30 days?
were can i find a cheap shared room for a couple in dallas price range $100-$250?ASAP!!?
How much does it cost to get a water well inspection in Louisiana?
Is it better to take a sum of money and put it into your primary residence or invest it in another property?
How long must I live in a primary residence before I can get financing for a new primary residence?
is it legal that my landlord is still charging us rent?
Tax sale - Judicial Sale - If there is a Dual Lot on deed, but only one map number listed?
Is there a way I can look up the history of a property for free?
Can anyone tell me the difference between interest only and fixed rate mortgage rates?
Can My landlord evict me if he made
My boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment i have to sign the lease?
When will the real estate market crash and cause the next great depression from all the dangerous loans made.?
how do i find out who owns an empty building? commercial?
Is it illegal to bypass a real estate broker by attaining lease forms directly from the management company?
Should my Landlord charge me for snaking a drain?
On a 30 day notice - do I give it on Feb 14?
is 5% below the list price bad for seller?
i want to buy a house but?
How much does a two bedroom house cost per month in India?
Can I get out of both a purchasing agreement and listing agreement due to agent?
I have tenants that owe me back rent they refuse to pay?
Does adding a pool to you home raise the property value?
What should i do about getting out of my lease? -Please read-?
MY listing agent insisting a another open house after having done once 2 months ago. do i need to agree?
Is it possible to get 100% mortgage?
In Ohio, how often does the land lord have to change the carpets? If ever?
Are you required to be licensed in every state to have a mortgage website?
Is it POSSIBLE for my house to be TOO clean for potential home buyers?
I am a landlord and trying to evict the tenants for non rent.
I sold an investment home, without an agent. The buyer is paying close to?
I would like to know what is wear and tear when moving out. My landlord is money hungry and mean. please help?
How Long Does a Title Search on a home take?
I am being evicted from my apt. and my landlord is only giving me 3 days to get out.?
Can the letting agents or your landlord enter your rented accommodation when you are not at home.?
Failure to sign lease? First apt Texas;?
Please help me find info on benefits of Sycamore Place Sub-div. in Vallejo,CA? 1160 Cunningham St Vallejo, CA?
SSDI Mortgage Possibilities?
Florida Real Estate Exam? Anyone recently taken the state exam or studying to take it?
Should I buy a house that's on the same street as my parents?
How do I establish ownership of my dead parents home without a will. Is probate necessary or is there another?
How long does it take to close on a home that's in probate in NJ?
Can we break a real estate contract for sell of a house?
If I buy a mobile home (trailer house), would I also own the land beneath it?
I have a friend who owns an acre on land outright but has a student loan and some medical bills on his credit
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
Real estate question: Why would someone buy a home, but never record the deed in their name?
breaking my lease?
Can a property be relisted on MLS/ etc while it is still under contract?
with bad credit is it possible to borrow money on a house that was deeded over to me with no money owed on it?
Is there a place where you can locate apartments with the rent showing on the site that you are looking at?
Can we afford a million dollar home?
Can you suggest me some good Real Estate Agents Website in Bangalore?
what does referral source mean in a application?
even though my lease expired on a certain day, am i still required to submit a 30 day notice of vacating home?
Ex-roomate issues... Need Help, who is being lame?
where can we rent a conversion van in illinois?
if you rent a fully furnished apartment does the stuff inside become yours?
how do you get a deposit back ater you change your mind about a house?
Whats the best way to purchase a home with a credit score of 640 but I have $70k for down payment?
Loan underwriting process and money down?
How do you get rid of non-paying tenants?
I want to make an offer on a FORECLOSED house listed $110,000.?
Why were mortgage rates so high in the 80"s? 10% or more, I heard...?
Housing question in England?
Is it a good idea to buy a second house?
where do I go to get a copy of my deed on my house?
Switching to a different appt?
can property stakes move on their own over time?
Who has the best real estate?
I signed a lease for 1 year. My landlady will not make repairs.?
What loan should I go for on a HUD home?
what is the average per square foot per month for commercial space in southern california?
How would I word a notice to repair to my landlord?
What exactly does "as is" mean on realty purchases? Who owns buildings that are on skids? Thanks.?
What is the best way to look for a apartment in Wrigleyville.?
Moving for the First Time?
what is better? My husband and I are looking at homes within the 150-160 thousand range.?
Are non-refundable deposits truly non-refundable?
what does this mean in real-estate terms :?
PLease help!! ASAP!! Its really important?
Ending tenancy early no heating two kids under 3?
c. Anna is willing to settle for an annuity that carries an interest rate assumption of 9%. What annual paymen?
First time renting an apt, HELP!!!!?
How much of a home loan can we afford on 40K gross year?
Does anyone know of a good free service to advertise a sublet in North chicago, besides craigslist?
Is now the best time to buy a house before prices rise again?
If someone uses property as collateral on a bail bond and then sells the land is the transaction legal?
Can I get an apartment I'm currently 16?
what is the total number of grievances that are filed against real estate agents in one year across the us ?
dealing with rude landlord ASAP!?
i am renting a house but the landlord is not paying the mortgage. what can i do? ilive in dothan alabama?
My ex roommate will not respond to my calls or texts about coming to move her belongings out, its been a month?
Do you have to pay more than twice the value of a home on a mortgage?
Am I required to give 30 days notice to my Room Renter?
i have a signed contract to buy a acre of land and now seller trying to cancel sale?
What does losing your job and not being able to pay off credit cards have to do with not paying rent?
Name two UK single family dwellings and two multiple unit housing schemes?
Second mortgage close out.?
Commercial real estate leasing?
Will my let my roommate move out?
How do I find the history on my house?
How to get a loan on a fixed income immediately? Of up to 3,000.00?
Is it true if we sell our hbd flat, whatever profit we have half of it goes to our CPF?
lodger taking drugs?
Should I do all adults' credit and background for my tenant?by ca law or by common practice?
Lookin to put a bike on layaway or a payment plan(lease or finance)?
What kind of offer should I make on this house?
How to you save up to buy your home?
Can I break my lease in my apartment because of roommates smoking weed?
Which U.S. real estate agents offer French property for sale?
i have to be moved out of my house in two weeks. then i will be homeless, where should i go to get help.?
I need to get a new home.?
My landlords are trying to fix a lead paint issue and other things in my apartment themselves, is this legal?
make house look better, to sell?
My tenant keeps letting his dog defecate on Strata private property what should I do?
Are there any nice apartments in PG county and surrounding areas with utilities included?
Which part of Singapore do u think live is best??
Are there a number of folks foreclosing and getting into a new house? And what about the rest of us?
average monthly rent for 1 bedroom apt in covallis, oregon?
What is the legal age to be bound by written contracts, such as lease agreements?
How much rent can i earn before i have to declare it as a second income?
Are there any companies in AZ that will hire me now and then pay for me to get my real estate license?
If a fence falls over in a rented house and damages somebody's vehicle, who pays?
On average, how long before a rookie real estate salesman makes his first sale?
Resale Certificate ST-120 Help!!!!?
What cost & time considerations are there for Manufactured Homes?
Help with "Financial reference" on rental application?
How exactly to Industrial Revenue Bonds work in terms of obtaining financing?
Can I take out 2 FHA loans?
what should I do?
I recently bought my first home and paid cash for it do I need an attorney at closing? ?
I would like to know is realestate a good career for one who does not want to go to college?
are condo association fees included in your monthly mortgage or do u have to pay seperately anyone....?
If my apartment lease has a clause saying I can pay 2 months to leave early, will it be held against me?
Question about fees when you are selling your home?
What is the transaction when you pay money to a developer to buy a house before construction begins?
about a rental house?
I bought a house last year, can I buy an investment home now? ?
Landlord is not willing to continue lease with us, though we paid bill on time. What can we do about it?
What is the average cost of Gas, Electric and Water bills for a 700 sq ft condo in NJ?
What is your Mortgage payment?
how can i get an agent?
Where can I find about low- income housing in Okaloosa County, FL?
If two people have good jobs, bad credit, & no $ how can I buy a house.?
need advice on rent, CCJ's ?
Friend / Roommate is a reckless slob. Who would be responsible?
Can i end our tenency agreement early?
temporary holds on previous deposits?
looking to rent apts in lancaster,pa?
Can LL rent to others even though I have a hold deposit in place?
Deducting Loan Origination fees?
you just borrowed $100,000 on a 30-year, fixed rate mortgage at 6% compounded monthly.?
My girlfriends father owns 4 houses in St. Albans. If he wants to buy another, will it make it a hotel?
in los angeles, when you rent an apartment..who pays the water?
We own a house we don't want to own anymore. What are our options?
I had mold in a condo, which has been removed, and a real estate agent?
IMPORTANT MORTGAGE FORCLOSER QUESTION. 2 people on Deed, but only one person on mortgage - Can Bank Forclose?
Hi I want to know if, I signed a year lease and later found my apartment was illegal is it still binding?
i need to find an aparment in virginia beach with no credit check, credit isn't that great, can u help me?
what the property value of the homes in woodranch,simi valley?
My aunt and uncle's mom past away a year ago. They or fighting over the two houses she owned.?
can you legally hold a roommates belongings until they pay rent?
Can my LL end my month to month lease?
Should i rent or buy college books?!?
time to give to it's owner it's use is called?
how do i write a 60 day notice letter for leaving my apartment?
Can a temp qualify for a home mortgage?
Is it best to go through an estate agent when renting in London?
Apt walk through tomorrow, need advice?
Can a buyer back out of a purchase aggreement bc they are scared. I have a signed contract by him.?
18 and looking for a home?
assistance for renters with bad credit?
Ever use an ELP (endorsed local provider) from Dave Ramsey? For real estate are they a good way to go?
Landlord asked for key to apartment - does law require i give key?
why do people prefer to rent instead of owning a home?
Is this a renting scam?
Home loan again?
does the house have water damage?
Where should I live in North America?
How do I get rental assistance for Bensalem PA?
do u think home price in s. cal will drop? i'm thinking purchasing one soon and hope i'm making right decision
How much should I offer on a home that costs $179,900?
how does a cemetery make money after all the grave sites are sold?
where can I find list managment companies apartments?
How do I take my landlord/agent to a small claims court over a deposit?
my apartment is charging me for a whole month but they wont let me move in until the 17th of that month?
i have been in this home for three years a rent to own house. gave the landlord 10,000 down when i move.?
IS a mobile home in va.required to be inspected every year if it is a rental property?
i used the first time homebuyers credit, can i sell my house before 3 years?
What is your opinion on buying a house with cemetry at back side.?
can he just jack my money?
where can I find free property profiles?
A short sale townhouse switching over to foreclosure?
I am moving out of my apartment ..?
Buying a shop, length of lease?
How would i go about building my own home?
Does anyone know where you can obtain free information about foreclosures without signing up for anything?
i m from siliguri i went to sell my mts mblaze which is in the warrenty it is 2 old any one intreted in buying?
my landlord is taking my whole security deposit and won't give it back because my dog damaged the carpet?
how do you go about renting a flat?
Apartment complex made a mistake?
renting a house - Deposit help?
How do I find the Legal discription for property?
Property rights help please?
Renting Home through a Real Estate agent. Pitfalls which we need to know.?
What is the dfference in Florida between a RE Sales Associate and a RE Broker?
I want to break my lease ASAP?
in an landlord/tenant action for non payment rent the judge rule?
what is the job of a loan officer? What does he/she do?
If your renting a house can your landlord enter without permission?
Tenant isn't paying rent. Can I evict and still get payment?
can somebody help me ...?
Compare Timberline and Elk roofing material?
How do i tell my apartments i need out of my lease do to losing my job?
Can a landlord sue their tennant for this?
Tenant trouble?
rent to own property is it true?
how much does it cost to rent a small space at the mall?
Having Refinancing Trouble?
complaint against landlord?
can a lien be placed on a house (because the contractor didn't pay a sub) after the house closing &clear title
I've just moved into a rented flat. Who do I pay for gas, electricity and water?
if i sell a house under on year and buy a new place do i have to pay captil gains?
When moving into rented flat of private landlord is it absolutely necessary to take out insurance on my goods?
Land that I bought, now what?
What is the process in buy ing a house and with bad credit?
Does a landlord in Indiana have to repair or replace a refrigerator he originally provided?
Generally how long does it take for a real estate agent to follow up for a buyer?
email address of people looking for job in the united states of america?
What are the pros/cons to renting vs selling inheritance property?
Real estate appraiser information anyone?
Does my Landlord have to put in new bathroom?
Can somebody explain my noob mortgage question plz ?
How to get list of NRI investors or customers willing to buy property in Delhi/ NCR?
How, And Could I......Make A Lease Through Someone That Is Not The Landlord?
Need to get back security deposit.?
i want to find someones home address they owe me 10 thousend $$$?
A Good way to talk to landlord about not having his rent?
How long or often can a roommate have a guest over?
Is it better to buy or rent a house?
Home listed in "AS IS", What can I do?
we are renting a house and we want to move, does anyone know how to get out of a lease? we still have 8mo left
Is there a separate rate sheet for commercial loan?
baag central ic payment?
House help?
1st Home Buyer Loan Question?
What exterior siding should I use (Brick, stucco, Vinyl)?
Can I get out of my lease because of a moldy basement?
does it matter what your credit is to buy a forclosured home?
Should I end my lease?
Where do I go to find a low income based apartment in Grand Rapids, Michigan?
Mold in my apartment. Can i move out early.?
Is there any legitimate information on the web about buying foreclosures or flipping houses for profit?
How does one avoid "bait and switch" tatics?
Consequnces for climbing through a window to an empty house?
What qualifications do you need to buy a house?
In UK if you have a landlord that doesn't accept DSS tenants, how does he know if the tenant claims housing?
I'm thinking of buying an itouch tomorrow?
how do i apply for section 8 housing in alabama?
good places to rent lake house college students?
what can i do bout evicting people?
is a written agreement that two individuals have signed, notarized & filed at a courthouse a legal document?
Can I take the interior doors from my brothers house if he plans on filing bankruptcy?
Which one is cheaper?
Getting my deposit back ?
Im 16 and living in the UK can i move out?
May need to break lease early for job transfer.. Options?
insurance claims?
Is it illegal to dont hire a real state agent in New York if you gonna rent a studio?
Should a flat with a 77 year lease have a reduced price?
Is it a bad idea to rent?
i want the the tenant to give me proof of moving out?
Is this a feasible way of getting out of an underwater mortgage?
What can I do about a landlord who is trying to force sex from my wife in exchange for receipts already owed?
how do i include my wife on my property title?
Do banks raise interest rates right away after the Fed raises its rates?
my council house i can buy for £54000, or should i continue to pay rent and chuck money down the drain.?
How can I find the property Contact to an apartment complex from the city?
Does anyone have an apartment to rent in San Francisco near Fishermans Wharf?
find the information of BRITISH-AMERICAN housing ltd company in NEW YORK city of America.?
How much would my Condo REALLY cost?
Can a landlord evict you based on a false claim brought to him by a relative/co-tenant?
does it make sense when you retire to buy a new home when your old one is paid off?
What does leasehold mean?
Is it advisable to try and buy a flat by yourself when you're only on a £20k salary?
we got a 5 day pay or quit notice...?
what to write on letter to end housing tenancy?
I wanna add person to new lease. Roomate doesnt.?
How can I sell my house faster without dropping the price?
I a 1997 mobile home. The remaining balance is 30,000 dollars. What are the pros and cons of trading up?
Do I pay my rent if my house goes to public auction in 5 days?
Help! Landlord has given me and my roommates a 30 day we have to move?
How much would a studio apartment cost to rent in Saratoga, CA?
How to find out if my landlord is going through foreclosure or bankruptcy?
Want to buy a home but no credit what can i do?
Where do get the best bang for your buck?
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