Real Estate

how can I find information on a house that's abandoned?
Does anyone know where I can find a reliable website for a home rental in OC? PLEASE HELP! I need to move out!
need details on future new homes in Lake Elsinore, CA with golf course and lake access?
House Rent paid. what is CA. law for refund of portion of rent having vacated house before 30 days expired?
does anyone know about are can tell me about reo va hud.?
Who do I talk to about my slumlord?
My landlord is getting a divorce how much time I have to move?
Should home I'm going to buy have the grass cut before I close.?
Anyone know a good ECN broker to trade futures with?
what is the average price for a house in your area........If you rent how much is your rent?
how do i start to file papers?
Do we need a buyer's agent?
land lord won't give deposit back?
A lease on an apartment?
I'm selling a home. How do I best select a reator?
I have a property in Reno, nv I wish to foreclose on?
Hi, I am seeking to rent a 3 - 4 bedroom flat / house in Bangalore for a week.?
Can you buy a new home from a developer directly?
are ther any help for single parents when it comes to housing in the atlanta area ?
can an HOA ban renting my property?
Which one is better for investment: Vancouver real estate or toronto real estate?
If You had 4 years to turn £17,000 into £27, 000?
What to put for address on job applications when i'm not on apartment lease i live at?
what is foreclosed homes?
when purchasing a condex what should be written into an offer to protect the buyer?
is this right?
Would you buy a house that backs up to a school?
What is the rental frequency for Florida Keys luxury homes (I'm considering buying one to rent out)?
multisource appraisal?
Can lease holders of our property have the right to refuse to sell it to us and demand a renewal fee of +18K?
Apartment advice please....?
Rent problem....?
can or does a 16 year old get a mortgage for a buying a house?
Question on Rent? Qualifying to be able to live in a townhouse?
Is Now The Right Time To Sell My House Or Should I Wait till After Xmas??
Have I just met a scam? Please advise?
is rajarhat in calcutta a good place to invest in property ?
Complicated First Time Home Buyer Scenario?
Landlord apartment search question?
Is it true it's most financially wise to buy the smallest house that will fit my needs?
My mortgage is so high!! how?
Our new tenant is complaining about ants in the house.?
Just entering real estate and what should i expect?
My parents are filing for bankruptcy, will we loose our house?
Do I qualify for low income housing if I am pregnant and my boyfriend makes minimum wage?
2 Houses Under One Loan.?
Cost to Build A home In Northwest Oregon?
I'm about to bid on a property, my agent says I need a deposit check...can anyone explain?
Does coastal real estate in Brazil have good cashflow?
Why does my apartment manager need my 2005 tax return?
When do our W2's arrive to our homes?
i want to buy my first house in central point oregon i want to spend about no more then 160,000 how much woul?
where can we live while our house is being built?
Lender/Realtor Fraud?
Can I get DSS for a studio flat? how do I go about it?
maximum mortgage?
Need help with transferring a title on a mobile home?
If I buy a new home and default current loan, can the lender go after my new home?
What to do when you have issues with tenant?
summerset house is closed to the public?
Renting in London directly from landlords?
Can I trade in my mobile home?
Can a landlord shut your electricity for late rent?
I have a buy to let mortgage and wish to sell and buy another buy to let.?
What are the chances of a pretty expensive selling now?
What is the best way to get into real estate?
Tenant Wrote A Notice; They Are Breaking The Lease & They Have not paid their rent,What are landlord's rights?
what is a good website to fine houses for sale?
Can I break my lease in my student housing apartment!?
Broker Qualifications for an attorney in California??
looking for a house at 2939 hillglen rd?
can sombody help me to answer these questions please.?
Where can I find a graph of the real estate market value of homes in chicago over the last 25 years?
Earnest money return!!!! Help!?
Landlord selling house. For sale sign in front yard. 6 months left on fixed term lease. What rights do I have?
I am a home owner, can I sell my home to my son for only the amount due to settle my outstanding mortgage?
Landlord is being foreclosed on, can a 3 day notice go on my credit?
can i get a loan for help?
How much of a mortgage should I get?
In oregon what happens he i don't say rent?
Where to do start in buying your first house?
Urgent! Can I (or the landlord) evict my roommates?
If your name is not on the deed, are you still the owner?
Best place to live with kids, good jobs & cheap housing?
how would you like to buy vacation properties with ten other people and divide the weeks equally yearly?
Tenancy Agreement?
Are real estate agents responsible if they lie about the neighborhood?
Carpet issues in rental! Help!?
HELP! I'm not on the lease and my roommates moved out without telling me, and now I'm by myself in an apt.?
How do i access the rental value of my house ?
If a House cost $178,000 and A conventional of 90%. Whats the closing cost?
about mortgage how to pull equity?
buy a house/?? need help?
i am on the brink of going bankrupt what can i do?
Where can I get an apartment in MN if I have had an unlawful deatiner filed against me 6 years ago?
Is it possible to break this lease?
When using a realtor how fast should you expect them to be available to show a house?
My lease had incorrect information and now the apartments want us to sign a corrected lease.?
Husband job is relocating us to Bremen Germany for 2 years do you know the safest area to look for housing?
Can my landlord charge me advertising fees if he agreed to let me out of the lease?
Can a realtor or the bank change an address on a forclosure home?
How much money do I need to buy affordable house in dublin?
What is a mortgage??
Is now a good time to buy income property in Southern California?
How to obtain a Quit Claim Deed for a time share in Florida, and how much does it cost?
Which of these places would be good places to retire at?
I have tenants that owe me back rent they refuse to pay?
is it better to buy a new house in this year or next year?
I am sharing a yard with a neighbor, what do i do?
Can anyone tell me more information on RECO?
Paying landlord but landlord is mean.?
shipping boxes from Seattle to LA?
if you put a contingency contract on a home ....?
Trying to find out What the rate of increase in realestate was in Michigan in the last 18 months on average.?
What are the mold laws in Virginia for landlord/tenant?
how much do you pay each month on a £160000 morgage?
Bad Credit. Where can I find a mortgage I have really bad credit and live in Alberta Canada.?
How to tell how much rent you'll be paying?
I just got my pre-approval letter in the mail. What do these requirements mean?
Can I negotiate on a house's listing price if the seller just lowered the price yesterday?
To Buy or Not To Buy?
Possible purchase in approx.2yrs or less of a 2 or 3 bedroom condo, townhouse in Las Vegas area, Green Valley,
what could be the cost of a 3000 to 3500 sq ft.?
I am trying to own a property in a golf community property. What are the things to look for? what to avoid ?
Real estate (equity in land)?
Is there a site were I can Blacklist a bad tenant in B.C. Canada?
Flipping houses?
Is there such a thing as an interest only 30 year fixed mortgage?
What do I have to do Huh?
Is it a good deal to buy a new home from a developer who offers incentives only through their lender?
How to become a real estate agent in Ontario?
When you buy a new house how does you old mortgage work?
Can you use a usda loan for a foreclosure?
boulder creek newspaper name?
I am a renter on secton 8. does the lanlord have obligaton to me to keep the mouses out the walls?
Can a set of usable forms be obtained to produce your own Hip packs?
If I want an annulment and married after purchase of the house,does the other partner get any property?
i dont own any property and have 50k in the bank renting at 1k a month but propertys are 400k what should i do?
Can a bank order me to sign document to my house against a business loan of which no default has been made?
Marketing ideas to lease apartments to people?
What will the long-term effect of the internet be to the Residential Real Estate Brokerage Business?
What is the best area to live in Las Vegas?
Owners Title Insurance policy for house?
How do I find the unit rate?
Can I get the flat on rent in reputed area in London?
would the councle pay for me two have a flat as dont feel can stay at home any more and am disable?
Do property owners have to allow me to get a dog if I have a doctor's note?
Best sectors to buy a house in Gurgaon?
Someone who has moved house, please help?
Once pre-approved, what is the best way to shop for a better mortgage rate?
How do I get buy a house and get a mortgage?
What does gov allow to check on property?
can my landlord move someone in the house I am living in?
How am i ever going to be able to afford to buy?!?
We're thinking about moving to California?
Is it better to go through a bank or Broker for a home mortagage loan?
I work for a Broker and he wants me to show homes is this legal with out a realtor licenses?
Hello, anyone taking the pre-licensing courses for Real-Estate?
What is a Seller's Disclosure?
how can i find an apartment after being evicted?
Selling my house myself, what paperwork will I need for bids and accepting them?
My Central Air Ducks Make A Periodic Cracking Noise?
question about home equity loan?
When will real estate agents become extinct?
Can we go after the realtor, or home inspector? Who is responsible?
I just closed on a house deal today (california) and the seller asked for an extra 3 days to move out......?
Are grants available for first generation immigrants to help w/ downpayment closing costs for buying a house?
Help!!!! want to move please?
Can my landlord make get a p.o. box for my mail?
who gets the house appraisal report you pay for and how do i get a copy?
Will this new plan proposed by Pres. Bush affect CT?
what schools can kids from "unincorporated Hinsdale" go to?
What are the laws in KY. I should know before doing a "For Sale By Owner"?
How does "rent to own" work?
need to ask a question about a roommate that moves out.?
looking for realeste in the toledo ohio area 43609?
My mother passed away in OCT2010. She left no will but owes on her home we live in.?
What is the best way to get listings as a real estate agent?
Have to pay rent a week late for first time?
can you request a bank stop paying your taxes and insurance and just pay it yourself ?
Refinance question.....?
Is there any private home owners who offer cheap rent in southern california?
How hard is a real estate license test?
Good real estate brokers?!?
where is healthiest place to live in Arizona on a fixed income?
Landlord didn't pay water bill. Shut off ?
Are the prices for houses in No. California going to go down in the next few months?
How do I go about selling a real property in Japan I inherited?
Moving out how should I go about it?
is it possible to rent a $600 apartment on my income?
Where can you find the history of the house you own? Has to be free ?
warranty of habitability?
hi, who can open a estate-agent?
how can I find the price a home sold for in my neighborhood?
I live in the country and a person who owns property next to mine, is planning on building a house, but..?
As a seller, can I back out of a real estate deal if a contract is not yet signed?
How can I sell my father's Colorado mountain home for him FSBO from Missouri?
me and my boyfriend want to get a morgage loan to buy a hose but think we cant afford paying loan back.?
If i am 17 and i want to move out of my mother house can i get in trouble if i just leave ?
I need to know what I can do about my landlord?
Any real estate agents with experience?
Capital Additions on the Cash Flow Statement?
When is barstow pd and barstow court house closing thire doors?
what is a good price to take pictures of a house for someone?
Which Bank offers the lowest interest rate for home loans now.?
Short Sale or Foreclosure?
where can you get info on how much real estate taxes you have to pay for an investment property?
Am i responsible I canceled my rental lease.?
Is my ex landlord responsible for replacing the carpets at his expense?
Hello i live in illinois i want to know if my boyfreind, the lease holder vacates or apartment do i have to ..?
How fast can you evict tenants for non-payment of rent?
Is San Antonio, Tx A good place to move?
my landlord will not fix the A/C do I have to pay rent?
im a single mum with no job or money how can i move to another area and start again?
Is it legal to rent a room in Nassau county?
I want to get rid of my Roommates who just moved in, easiest way ?
Two college students need help with finding an apartment!?
How much a month do you pay in electricity in jacksonville FL????
When renting, does 'no pets allowed' really mean NO pets?
What are these little "buildings" called in rich backyards and parks?
Safe places to live in London?
Why do people think owning a house is a such a good idea?
How do I get my landlord to fix something that they have been lagging on repairing?
Is our landlord allowed to enter our apartment, and then comment on how we live?
Is it the landlords responsibility?
House in foreclosure * Real estate agent stopped by?
Where should I call if my landlord whom I rent a garage from Stopped giving me bathroom access?
Is it possible to transfer a lease? Advice ?
girlfriend on house title?
What to do...sell, stay or wait it out?
how do you gain leads for my property investment business I can pay $1000 per sale?
my will is currently in the posession of another institution,how do i let them know that i want to change it?
Just bought condo, I have tenant there who isnt returning phone call or replying back to emails.I need rent $$
If a current or previous landlord fails to provide a reference what should or could i do?
house registration?
Are there any home loans for teachers families with mod.income (too high for USDA, too low for conventional?
what are the best realty to buy from?
turn on gas in apartment?
if i give my notice to day is it a full 30 days?
from where can i obtain District of Columbia (DC) mortgage branch application?
Renter not paying contract for deed payment what can I do, can I get the past due rent that is owed to me?
buying property in berlin.any advice??
am i entitled to my security deposit back (apartment situtation)?
can i sell a property if i'm not done paying it off?
If your neighbor had a garage sale and you recognized a valuable antique for sale,?
I need list of real estate developers in south florida?
Need Imformation about housing please help?
Do I need to incorporate an investment rental property?
Should I hire an unlicensed roofer?
can a landlord kick you out for getting pregnant?
how do i find out how fast property value is raising in a particular area.?
renting house out as first time homebuyer?
What's the best bank to get a home loan from????
Can a landlord evict a tenant even if the landlord hasn't kept his responsibilities?
Where is a site to find the price a home sold by address?
Why does rent and housing cost so much? what about us poor ppl?
How long after a short sale can we buy another home?
Where would it be a nice place to live? I'm in the medical field and planning on relocating.?
hwat are the living conditions in germany?
Should I pass on this house?
Like to know if I can sell a portable shed on a house I brought a year ago?
If I make a large payment on my mortgage on the principal will that lower my monthly payment?
Renting prices for a two bedroom place ?
How can I fire my Real Estate Agent?
should we keep renting or go ahead and buy?
How do I use a real estate WebID number online? The realtor has no website but lists the WebID number?
whats a good/fast way to find a roommate?
Reverse Mortgage Question?
My boyfriend and I are losing his house. It was foreclosed Any tips on affordable living near williamsvilleNY?
Can I ask shop owners if the empty space above them is available to rent as apartment space?
where can i get a list of foreclosed homes on sale by the government?
What category do I search for in the phone book to find someone who can estimate the value of our house?
Bedbugs issue - can the landlord sue us?
When getting a loan to buy a house can you get a loan for more than you need?
Who's responsible for shared bank expenses?
what can the city do about mold in an apartment?
How much would it cost to build a guest house?
Why do old homes has too many doors?
I built a new home in 2007. Then the market fell a part and I have been unable to sell my old home.Are there?
Can we afford this house?
Rental Business - how would you address this?
if a home gets a forclosre notice are u then able to still sell the home or does the bank than control it?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of owning/buying a heritage listed home??
Has Anyone Here Bought A Foreclosed Home?
What does a Mortgage Broker do....?
How much would it cost to furnish a studio apartment from zero with IKEA?
What are the required inspections for FHA loan in AZ?
How many homes are there in the U.S.?
Questions about building a house?
My roommate is pissing me off, what should I do?
my mortgage company said my HOA cant foreclose on me for past due fees is that true?
Questions about $8000 first time homebuyer credit?
Can my girlfriend kick me out if im not on the lease?
Omaxe Height - Faridabad?
What are the laws governing home loans regarding "pmi" insurance?
when a short sale has two loans on a house, what does that mean for the buyer (me)?
will the landlord pick us to rent his house?
Do they ask for your ID when you buy at babies r us with credit?
Tenant's rights in Texas?
Does anyone know of income based apartments in Bakersfield, Ca?
In Arizona, does a landlord need to notify you if rent wasn't received before penalizing you for late fees?
can my apartment manager stand at my window to hear whats going on inside my apartment? ive caught her twice!!
I am a Tenant in a privately rented house. and at the moment im having problems with my shower?
Estate agent breaching contract, not wanting to refund us?
Who owned land be4 anyone owned it?
whats the web site for looking up mls# in north carolina...?
Can anyone give me specifics on how bad home building is doing?
Cure Period Notice?
If one is moving to Omaha Nebraska, where are the most desirable areas to buy?
Where can a person find free boxes when they are preparing to move? Most stores won't give them to you now
Which type of mortgage gives you a better rate, a first time mortgage or remortgage?
I had a lease It expired?
Are High Rise Apartments affordable to live in for low income workers?
Which would you go for in regards to career decision?.........?
How do we price a house we are wanting to sell?
Can I get evicted for a messy apartment?
can i sue a landlord for a bill he had but deducted from my security deposite?
Real Estate Agent classes?
My husband wants to foreclose our home. ?
Should I do a 20 or 30 year mortgage?
I am looking into buying my first home and I was wondering if it is a good time to do so?
Is there a web site where I can find out who owns a particular property?
Can We Lock Out Tenant?
How to tell roommates I'm moving out?
Best places to live in shropshire?
can i force my ex-husband to buy me out of a joiny property which is not selling?
How do i go about finding a new house to rent?
Do I qualify for a home loan?
is it legal for the bank to counter my offer with no 5 or 7 days for the normal inspections?
should i rent out my home?and how can i find a tenant?
What should I do about a house?
Landlord making own rules?
What is the average price I would pay for a acre of land in Florida?
How do I find out who owns the mineral rights under my house?
Any suggestions for finding sublets in Chicago?
Has anyone been able to visit
break a lease to move out of state?
I am on prednisone for a flare up in my throat from a bad sinus infection. Can I drink while taking them.?
how much does a 3 bedroom apartment in Hong Kong cost?
Buying my first house!! Need some advice..?
Tenant not paying rent, verbal agreement, need them out asap. how?
Do I have to pay rent for a house I never lived in?
When letting property, are you obliged to provide curtains for the tenants?
What is the best way to go about buying a cheap home to rent for section 8?
Steps to selling house yourself to a relative?
Rental Business: Buy Card Operating Washer and Dryer OR Use Existing Machines and charge $20/Month Extra?
Please answer, i want to move out with my friend next year, when we're 16.?
Does anyone know of a good place to job shadow in Springfield, MO, Nixa, MO, or Ozark, MO?
Can I be taken off a house deed?
Is it legal in Indiana for two women, 1 man, and 4 children to share a two bedroom apartment?
Mortgage Payments?
how can I sell my home?
i would like to appiled for nj tra i lost my job and i really need some assistance?
Locking the door when you're inside the apartment?
How to buy or rent a house with bad credit?
My husband and I have been approved for 100% financing to buy an new house. We don't have any money for the
What does maisonnette mean in the british property market?
I have a 5 year 5% ARM mortgage that is good until Sept. 2008.?
Evict or not?
What's the best website to look at houses?
want to tie up with israle company for total electronic security solution for indian market.,give contact?
Tumbleweed homes?
Is it required that landlords tell their tenants when their rent amount increases?
Why are mortgage rates increasing when houses are not selling on the lower rate?
What kind of home loan is this?
Am I entitled to my entire security deposit if my landlord fails to respond within thirty days?
How long will he have?
How much is a fair price for my friend to charge me for a room?
im moving into an apartment for the 1st time any advice?
Does anybody know what a studio in downtown Orlando would rent for?
Looking for a Loan Signing Agent Class/Course in Northern California?
Suggest a best place to live in Mumbai? Want to buy apartment in Mumbai? Help me?
would you rather buy a home with a pool or without?
Is it Wrong to Not Want My Co-Worker Move into My Apartment Complex?
I am buying a townhouse for about $250,000 which I can pay cash. Should I take out a mortgage anyway?
Can you rent migets for parties?
Would you rent refurbished furniture for as little as 5 bucks a month?
Need info on the portland, maine area.?
rented a house few days ago but not happy. what are my rights can i leave? but sighed a six month tenancy.?
What would you say is a 'good' age to leave home?
Duplex - Heat Pump, but wiring?????
I Live in MN and have no equity in house?
what is the average credit score needed for 2 people to obtain a loan for a new home purchase?
Why would I not be approved for this HUD apartment?
My husband and I are buying a home and I have a question?
Realtors, do you use online real estate advertising such as:, Is it worth it?
Does a owner/landlord's son/daughter has a right to enter tenants property?
What are tennants rights after 2 years?
What is a REO real estate broker?
I want to know about homes colorado springs?
What is a retrofit certificate?
Where can I find a real estate website that can provide new homes less than 5 years old?
we are being threatened to be thrown out of our park because my mother is staying with us but we own our home?
If abuilder builds 100 houses how many No. 9s would he have to buy to number them from 1 to 100?
If you own a beach property, how much of the outlying waters are yours?
What is the best housing option for me?
how to say 6,900,000?
deed in lieu of foreclosure?
City Escrow on Property? Who pays?
I’m tied to my current mortgage provider for 2 ½ yrs, if I was to change would there be penalties?
How can I kick out my tenant?
California home was sold at auction and now banked owned. Can owners file rescission to get home back?
Can I sue my Landlord?
I am locked into a 2 yrs basement apt which I didn't realize.?
Is there is government help for low income for a security deposit?
I am returning to after 10years overseas. Will I have problems renting a house without references (in English)?
the website that lists the value of real estate,starts with a "z".?
Is it a good deal?
How much would a house like this cost in Iowa next summer?
How do I get a squatter out of my home that is in pre-forclosure?
Im really upset over this house?
My Landlord is driving me crazy!?
my landlord told me everything was good and he would mail out my depost less $100 ? 30 days later not here yet
I wondering if its possible to get a home loan, but at same time consolidate unsecured debt?
What is the max time allowed for a loan application to be filled out from the time credit was checked?
I'm moving 2 a new state and saling my washer and drier there whirpool and apt size how much should ....?
wats the cost of living in USA?
What's the nicest, safest apartment complex in birmingham to move into? Why?
jay fields bank granted him a single payment loan of $6,800. He agreed to repay the loan in 91 days?
please help interpret this- about real estate lease?
Can a tennant give a 30 day notice and assume the security deposit will be used?
I am a landlord. Can I change my 12 month tenancy to 6 month tenancy with my tenant?
where to find a home loan with credit score of approx 550?
I'm moving to Sacramento. I'm looking for a 1-2 bedroom apt in a nice location.?
Should this really be deducted from my security deposit?
Should I buy a house that is new construction or one that has been lived in?
Can you get a home loan if you have over 50% of the price to put down even with bad credit?
How much would renting a flat with the following criteria cost a month? Speaking of both US and CA.?
Should we split rent three ways or two?
We want a home loan but are self employed.?
What to do if you scratch a wall in a rental house?!?!?
Stuck in horrible mortgage?
Is there a Neighborhood Legal Association in Ft Worth, TX?
I don't have a lease agreement, but my landlord is evicting me. Can she?
Can i change the move in date on my apartment?
Can I buy a home in this situation:?
Will tile granite countertops in my kitchen, decrease the value of my condo?
need details on future new homes in Lake Elsinore, CA with golf course and lake access?
Selling our home to FHA buyers....Inspection vs Appraisal?
good places to rent lake house college students?
is there any cute new affordable condos or townhouse in a "good area" that are for sale??
I live in MN in an apt and there was recently a murder here.?
When selling a house through a Realtor, how long is the contract for?
Relocation appraisal vs Mortgage Appraisal?
what should I expect "fees" to be on a $290,000 mortgage loan?
I live in Madison WI I want to refinance my house should I use a local broker or a site like lending tree?
I signed a 1 year lease on a home but found a better house.?
any body here from studio city, or know of it. In california. is the area safe. please help me!!!?
What things need to be considered if I am thinking about renting out a house to others for the first time?
Buying a house. If I'm a first time homebuyer w no wife an make $100 K then is it realistic to buy a $1Mil hou?
I want to buy a home for under 4,000 bucks in FLORIDA.?
Do criminals hide ownership of property behind land trusts?
Foreclosure & Assesments?
who owns the most number of houses in the United States?
occurred in November when she washed 1,000 dogs. What was the variable rate for?
Do I have to pay rent?
what does this letter from san diego housing commison mean?
I had a bad housing experience. How will I ever be able to rent again?
I heard you can break an apartment lease if you are moving states for a job and not have to pay for it.?
Do you know a homepage for selling house in norway?
What government agency regulates title companies in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Fl?
If I have very little or no credit, how can I purchase a house? ?
i cant find it so really need to know?
Can my apartment building (rental) put cell towers on the roof without consulting / notifiying tenants?
Being sued for property damage?
Upside down in a home but not in financial trouble - how to sell?
what does it mean for someone to "get into real estate"?
without payment of due maintenance , under section 125crpc revision is not maintainable delhi high court?
Paris holiday rental managment company recommendations.?
what are the real estate secretary duties?
Which type of lease is this?
can anybody make a formal papers for buying a house and lot?
Me and Boyfriend want to get apartment but only one of us have a job?
Damaged balcony not by me.?
I lent some money (6 thousand dollar) to a so called friend.?
Hello Every one. I would like to open up a savings account with WaMu and would like to know are they good.?
Why is Vancouver expensive is it because of the view of mountain and sea or something Else?
Getting kicked out tomorrow, how can I make my rent?
i had lost my home?
Is it possible i'll find a studio apt for around 750$ on south beach?
Does anyone in Beaumont, Texas know the address to this Home?
I am 5 months in a high risk pregnancy can be evicted?
100% financing no down payment no pmi?
How would you respond to this threatening email from a former deadbeat renter?
Can my landlord evict me for my late rent. ?
a drug dealer lives in our apt complex, brings alot of foot traffic, landlord wont help, can't afford to move?
What Website do you use to look at Real Estate in your city ?
Can I let a property to my sister?
Should I go with a 30-year fixed or a 10-year interest only mortgage?
Can i get out of a 12 month tenancy argreement?
Where should I live, Winchester, Virginia or Orlando, Florida?
Is right now a good time to buy?
Where do I find a check list for ques. to ask a person who wants to rent a room in my home?
Help with mortgage dilemma?
Can a single apartment be purchased and rented out?
I cant sell my house for what I owe on it.Trying to rent it out, but no takers. Live in Michigan what to do?
I am obligated to full fill lease if it was altered by landlord?
How do you become a Commerical Mortage Broker?
When people get evicted, does it really go on their credit?
Are landlords responsible for window covers like blinds or curtains?
What is the difference between a hotel and a motel?
Apartment help please!?
What was property management like in 1990?
Short on rent can anyone help me?
I am thinking of buying Costa del Sol property (Spain), is it a stable market?
Has anyone in Australia been forced to auction or sell there house due to high mortgage repayments/foreclosure
credit check for apartment?
Pros and cons of sharing an apartment/flat with friend?
What is the best period to move?
How much will cost to do home staging in CA with rental furniture?
how to calculate the cost to build a house?
Looking for --Please help?
Real estate comparisons by state?
Why didn't the judge evict the tenant?
how look do a land lord have to do repairs if it fell inspection.?
I made over $150k in 2006 And I have Over $100k in Rental & Home Mortgage % how much can I write off?
Tenants left house a total disaster. How can people be so rude?
any good websites to rent apartments?
Can a bank change their mind on the price?
My land lord wants to paint the inside of our house but its winter time?
5-22-06 Does have an area on its website where you can look for missing people?
Developing property on a known flood plain?
Can I be accused of USDA loan fraud?
How much does it cost to lease office space in a nice professional downtown Chicago office (for 8-12 people)?
I signed an "offer to buy" contract on a house with a deadline to accept the offer at a certain day and time.?
What kind of businesses can you start with a California Real Estate Brokers License?
If I pay taxes on a home which is not deeded to me, can I take possession of it?
Things to know before moving into first apartment?
what is the current interest rate for a home mortgage in California?
can someone please help me?
when will the property market stop depreciating
What is it like to live in a house?
What is Japanese mortgage bond?
i am desperate for information on living in gibraltar?
Questions about Foreclosure Homes?
what is the best way to find a house/mobile home for sale/rent without getting an agent?
What real estate rip offs are out there?
If I want to buy my first home in about 7 months, how early should I apply for a mortgage loan?
How do I get an apartment with a low-income?
i have paid a mortgage loan for a friend and she promised to pay me back. she never paid me back and i want m
Is $3,500 too much for an apartment?
can a landlord say this?
Landlords and Tenants?
In this economy, what do u think the average turn around time is to hear back on a housing offer?
Is loan origination fees on mortgages always required?
Do new open cast mines affect house prices?
Real estate agents-how long should it take for them to get back to you?
what is the best way to tell a tenant they have to move. their lease has expired ?
Advice - horrible ex owner!!?
landlords treating us like garbage?
when looking for a commercial mortgage for rental property, what is the benefit of having the property an LLC?
a question about renting commercial property?
Im about to purchase a house. Brand new built home for 191k, before 250k. Should I wait some more?
Why don't people in council housing want a home of their own?
can my daughter rent off parrents and still claim housing benefit?
How do I protect the family property from my uncle's evil new bride?
On average how much cheaper is a modular home?
Can I write my own back up offer for a home? If so is there a format I have to use?
Is the bank Allow to spy on you?
First time buying a new house, and I am clueless.?
What time is deadline time to vacate a property in NSW on last day?
How much is a typical real estate broker's fee? Is it usually paid by both parties (buyer and seller)?
How much should contribute to gf's rent?
What is the difference between (about Buying a Home)?....?
what cant be included in a lease agreement?
How am I supposed to afford paying the rent in NYC?
Landlord can't pay my deposit back?
Want to purchase a short sale duplex with tenants in place ..Los Angeles, CA?
need cheap housing close to UTI in houston texas Lockhaven drive is its address.?
Will I get in trouble for putting in a new wall outlet without telling my landlord?
In West Virgina what creditors can seize property?
Can anyone tell me of reputable programs for first-time home buyers? Any with LITTLE or NO MONEY DOWN?!?!?
Trasitional Housing: What kind of Transitional House should I open?
How do I find out if a mortgage broker was licensed in utah in may of last year?
Can a landlord do this?
how many house inspections does a home inspector do a week ???
How many people are allowed to live in a bachelor suite apartment?
looking for a lot to rent or something on a land contract deal for a 14x70 trailer?
lost our home to toranados lost job 11 lots on ky lake in tn.and a farm 57 acecrs need to sell fast &startover
Can I break my lease? Two people were killed this morning @my apartment complex. I don't feel safe!?
how can i find the email to Franklin Credit PO BOX 2301 Jersey City NJ 07303?
What lender has the lowest interest rates for homebuyers?
I am tring to find www.hnc in nc?
apartment & roommate info?
I have this tenant, who has been nothing but an inconsiderate person.?
what is required of your apartment complex in order to keep you/ make you feel safe?
what is one risk of home ownership?
Sale by Owner in Los Angeles Area?
What is the best option for buying your parents house, when you have bad credit and no downpayment?
Can my grandparents use the equity on the house they own to buy another for me to live in?
If i get emacipated can i move out & rent a house or sign for an apartment ?
i need the address fof this number 352-557-3342?
Real Estate Company,why not getting business as before?
website suggestions for commercial property location(s)?
What paperwork needs to be done to buy a house on a lease option? Whose name is the title in? Need a broker?
Can I still get a mortgage?
Someone broke into our house?
Can I get this apartment without a co-signer?
Advertising tips? House For Sale in Yorktown,NY.?
Can I do anything about the $500 in bills my landlord racked up?
Can I get a second mortgage on home if first mortgage is in chapter 13 bankruptcy?
How does a free man of the land make money?
if you get kicked out of a town house can you go back and try to rent again?
Is my old Landlord abusing my security deposit?
How can you own and manage real estate in an IRA?
Can my landlord charge me a cleaning fee after I move out?
where i apply open the atm machine own my place?
how long does it take to refinances a house?
Is it cheaper to build a two story duplex or single story duplex?
homes in huntington beach california?
How much more were your tax rebate checks after you owned a home?
In New Jersey, do condominium owners have to pay a stock transfer fee?
We want to own?
i need a commercial loan for a building $65000. value about $135k excellent credit. building free and clear?
how much should i put down on a house for 300,000?
Running into issues with co-ownership of inherited house?
Who would this property go to in this scenario?
how to buy abandoned or vacant buildings?
Landlord's rental agent is demanding cashiers check for rent.?
Down payment on homes help!!?
How long do I have to wait to evict.?
Questions about signing an apartment lease.?
They kept my entire security deposit, need help!!!?
can they foreclose on my house?
How do I handle this legal real estate matter?
What do you think? Looking for opinions on a house purchase?
how much does peabody ma section 8 pay for a 4 bedroom!?
I"m paying my rent little by little, If I'm paying weekly can my landlord still evict me?
Broker/Investor desperately wants my home and I need some help and much needed advice?
question about renting an room out?
How do I get out of a tenancy agreement in the UK?
Is the American dream of owning a home out of your price range now, it is in San Diego?
I want to downsize to a smaller home. If I purchase a home less than mine do I have to pay taxes on my capital
not on the lease but pay rent can i still claim my portion?
Can you look at a house that is "pending-loan" or "pending-short sale" ?
As a first time home buyer what are the benefits (if any) of having a buyers broker?
Renting a apartment or buying a house?
Can my landlord enter property without me being there?
How to get 'Craya Certificate' for land loan?
In nc how long does it take foeclosure before they make you move?
What does refinancing do to your equity?
A company that will come into your house and buy everything ?
How can I increase the value of my house?
Shall I avoid money return or court dispute as a result of some irregularly conducted lawyer's procedure?
where can you get a 100% loan for real estate?
Can anyone suggest a good company to refinance with?
Does anybody know what a studio in downtown Orlando would rent for?
Paying rent AFTER eviction notice...?
In Massachusetts, what percentage of the sales price of a home goes to a real estate broker?
Landlord kept security deposit and wants an additional $2300?
Planning to get my first college apartment... tips?
Printable renter app.'s and renter agreements for free?
I want to buy a house; I'm 24 with decent credit and climbing, but no down payment money?
my landlord is selling the house we live is being shown today.The realtor said we cannot be in the house
thank you gift for my realtor? read on...?
is there help for a low imcome family with kids to find help with housing even if the father is employeed?
I want to by a house. Where do I start?
Is there anything I can do about loud neighbors?
When you sell your house, do you HAVE to have a realtor?
condo for sale in West Palm Beach Fl 33401?
Put extra money on the mortgage or into uprgrades in the house?
How long does it take to refinance a home?
how do are found a phone number for rent a home?
Is it normal for a landlord to ask for a deposit just to view a rental?
How much does an average mansion cost?
I'm a Loan Officer and I want to network with others who work with homeowners, What is the best way to do this
we had a small flood in our home and the landlord didnt send anyone out until the next day. is that legal?
How can I find homes for sale in Houston?
Buying a home need 6,000 does any one any ideas on geting it?
Free house appraisal in Canada?
How do you get to become a landlord?
is it harder to get financing for a mobile home compared to a regular home?
moving out at 17, wut to do?
How can I get my stuff back from my former landlady (eviction in Idaho)?
What is the best loan to get for an real estate investor?
Signed an oil and gas lease and received money to do so. Will be a tangled process sell our house? our house?
Would I be approved for an apt?
apartment lease?
how can I sell my home by myself?
Where can I find a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) ?
Condo or House??
Legal housing discrimination: Gender (Yes), Ethnicity (No), Age (??)?
Realtor does not deserve 3%; what to do?
what is property tax and how long do you have to keep paying it???????????
I want to buy another home and rent it out. Would anyone rent a home at $1600/mo. when they could buy for less
where can i find it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
can a felon obtain a realtor's license in New Mexico?
How to find the after repaired market value of a property you want to flip, with or without foreclosures?
I never signed my apt lease am i bound to it?
What happens for future renting when a broken lease goes on someone's credit?
We just bought our first house?
direct selling agent(DSA) for banks?
Apartment trying to charge me for WHAT!?
Is real estate going back up?
How appraisal trainee with BA in Business and MS in Business marketing can find an appraisal company in Greate
Could be moving out of home any info would be great full?
I just moved to clinton maryland and need to knows where I can find apartments in thats areas?
Do we also provide the copies of our Resident status to the Apartment personnel?
my roomate is trying to break our lease in the middle of the year,do i have rights?
what is a high rise apartment?
Will anyone give me a free house?
Laws about leasing apartments?
Landlord does not cash rent checks?
II'm thinking about selling my house ...?
Is it a good or bad idea to try to sell my condo myself? What web resources will teach me what I need to know?
Real Estate Salesperson License?
Can an 18 year old in high school legally...?
Garage conversions bad for the neighborhood/value?
what REIT owns San Diego commercial real estate downtown?
can i give leasehold property to rent and can i sell when i want to? will i get the amount back ?
My parents owe alot on their mortgage and cant afford to pay. Can I take over or buy out without closing costs
Can a roommate take furniture from a furnished room situation?
Little advice?? property manager wont return my calls?
I really want a house.....?
What happens if a will lists a home that is sold but not the home owned and lived in prior to death?
I am 26, making $38,500 with a 635 credit score. How can I qualify to get a mortgage?
How do i go about finding out if i qualify for disability...and how to i apply?
best subdivision in queen creek az?
How are canadian mortgages calculated? 3 times your salary?
Will i win in court if i sue my lanlord for my deposit back?
difference of escrow and century 21?
Is my HOA required to provide residents with the rental list we're on?
fixed mortgage expired to adjustable, help?
Has your landlord ever agreed to let you out of lease early!?
In a rental apartment is it ok to have a fish?
What is typically the most expensive utility?
New Investor I got a 80/20 ARM Loan on a multifamily property HELP!!?!?
Good relocation company's?
Apartment:Chateaux Carmel, City: Houston, State:Tx, zip:77081, Address: 5621 Westward, Reviews Please?
what happens if a handyman takes 1,800. check from a home owner?
Are studio type condos in Honolulu a good investment?
Help finding a vacation rental home?
Proposition 30 in CA , effect on my small business? I have two care homes for the elderly, both LLCs, gross ab?
Me and my b/f are trying to get a mortgage but the most we can get is about 80k, thats not likley to buy a...?
can i buy a house on my own?
not feeling safe in apt?
Is it wrong for the Home Owners Association to fine you?
Does anyone know of a website like where you can post your opinion real estate agents?
Selling my home and then renting one?
Is there any other pub sales company which doesn't charge commission on the sale other than pub-sales-uk?
is there a program in Alberta that will assist someone to pay the security deposit on an apartment?
The sale tax is $45 on the purchase of a dining room set for $1125. Find the sales tax rate.?
Rental problems in FL, desperate for advice?
Will a shelter give me a better chase at getting low income?
Why do realestate agents remind me of used car salesmen??
how do I find a good rental property management software?
Can I rent a room that's already rented?
What prices do rental homes usually go for in southern california (particularly the orange county area)?
how do I complain to the authority about builder for not doing things right in nj?
had a offer on my house they want to be in for christmas is this possiable?
If you can't find a job would you move and start all over?
PMI 5% Conventional Loan for House?
Has anybody in California received their fist time home buyer credit?
What can i do about a landlord neglecting my repairs to my apartment, in Michigan?
What is the best way to invest $150k in real estate now?
what is a good website to find homes for rent in ottawa, on?
Give me the 411 on buying a house.?
Property Value?
Where can I find the Tenant/Renter Laws for MI?
Agree or Disagree?
I asked my lender to modify my loan by fixing my introductory rate on my adjustable mortgage.?
Would I win some money if I sued the landlady?
Can you remortgage your house to lower the original mortgage debt?
landlord given 2 weeks notice! what happens if i stay ?
What is an ideal down payment for an $100,000 property?
Section 8 and HUD help!?
What is Home Equity all about?
"Question Is For Property Managers" Do You Love What You Do.. WHY? What is the range I will start out with?>>?
Does anyone know any good and honest estate agents?
imangine living in a casle?
Renting a room in a shared house?
HELLO!!!!!!!????????????? HELP?
Do you live in an apartment, condo, co-op, or townhouse, etc. and how much do you pay per month?
letting agent not attending viewings?
What is the best way to market properties to 1031 investors?
trying to find owner of property?
South Carolina - Taxes on Property taxes already paid?
Move or not to move??? Your opinion please???
We are fighting off foreclosure. Everything was in the wifes name. Now I find I am on the mortgage.?
A lease on an apartment?
Shouldn't my landlord be concerned about the safety of my apartment?
How much do you think that I should put as a down payment when buying a house?
Where can I get a loan easily with being on disabilty allowance?
What do you do about an apartment that keeps flooding?
1st mortgage current and 2nd mortgage is foreclosing, can payoff both?
Can anyone recommend a good financial planner in Phoenix, AZ who specializes in real estate?
My roommate broke her lease 3 months early, can I keep the entire deposit?
Which are the factors required for the recovery of housing market?
my house has been on the market since march 2006 and wont sell and has had about 2 pathetic offers?
How to get the CMDA Approval for the patta Land?
give me a short description of rental van service?
in the UK will interest rates rise in the next year?
I can't pay my rent and my landlord gave me 2 days to get out, is that legal?
My Landlord is looking to sell the house I rent; what happens to the lease?
How much is one square foot cost today in America?
tenant rights with no lease agreement?
What are the dangers to look out for in becoming a landlady?
Hello i'm trying to move and i'm looking for a shelter in minnesota minneapolis for me and my family to stay .
i need to transfer some property that is in a relatives name into my name. how do i do this?
Is it possible to get a mortgage for a house if I am unemployed?
2 Family house? rent for 1 unit does not cover mortgage?
Can a buyer back out of a purchase aggreement bc they are scared. I have a signed contract by him.?
Loans and Appraisals?
how can i find out if a house is in forclosure?
Is it wise financially to refinance a mortgage?
$8000.00 tax credit-Who has received it? Please help?
Where can I find residential land for sale in and around Clarksdale, MS?
What can we do to stop the foreclourser on our home? We owe $15,0000 on our home and it is worth $150,000.?
Buying our first house... Offer?
would they notice?
can i buy a money order for euros, where to purchase. thanks.?
What would be a fair mortgage rate for me?
How can I find the selling price of a neighborhood house that sold recently?
Can our landlord throw away our stuff? Virginia?
My estate agent is cheating me, HELP?
is savannah chase a good location to buy a house in raeford nc?
Realtor Commision?
How do you place a bid on property listed by the veterans admin? Is it still done online in Illinois?
house in NYC?
bought house at auction with 10,000 deposit can i get it back they say there are estate problems?
When a person get a eviction notice tapet on there door from making loud noices all hrs of the night?
How soon can you get a home equity line of credit after purchase?
Accepting Partial Payment?
i bought my house with a mortgage from Abbey at age 20 with out help from anyone ,is this rare (32 years ago)?
We have made an offer on a house and still waiting to hear back??? Please help!!?
what to put on drivers license when staying at hotel for extended stay?
how can i come up with $200 within 2 weeks?
Utility bills/lease question?
Late Mortgage Payment?
Should I sell my own house, like new, in Harris Houston TX or use a realtor ? I am not in a hurry.?
What do you prefer? Living in an apartment or a house? Why? Do you live in a house or aptartment now?
Can my Landlord do this?
My neighbours have complained that our family is noisy, how can we help them deal with it?
My brother is ignoring his foreclosure, based on this notice how far is he in the foreclosure process?
Can I Apply for Housing Voucher section 8?
Should I live in MN.or ND?
Does any one know how to purchase a home w/out Realestate Agent?
What can a landlord charge for?
Who the heck is going to buy all of these new houses in Southern California?
I have no lease, the landlord refuses 2 make repairs but wants 2 get paid. What r my rights? I'm from NYC?
Trying to get a deposit back from a landlord when nothing has been signed - where do i stand?
Should I rent an apartment if its going to be $5000 every month but I only make $9000?
repaying arrears...........?
I need help finding a home NOW?
does anybody know if it's possible?
What is the property association for Sonoma Woods Condos in Newport News, Virginia 23608?
How do I find out the details of a home sold in my neighbood.?
What tax credits are there for homeowners?
My job has been cut to 3 days/week and i have an offer full time in hawaii. I need to get out of house lease?
How do i get started with opening a group for the elderly?
lot map Asrs Property No. 3267-17-1?
I'm a first time home buyer and I just wanted to know if the price in this listing is?
Baltimore residents only plz?
Is it better to have a nice down payment or a better credit score when purchasing a home?
House foreclosure for sale?
Tenants willfully destroyed a dryer . How do I determine value for court?
Which mortgage company offers best interest rates and good customer service?
Is a one bedroom apartment with about 645 square feet too small for a single person?
can i take possesion of my rental if tenant has abandoned the property more than 7 days in New Mexico?
is there anyway out of my 12 month lease?
Buying a property abroad?
Where do you find information for government grants to rehab sec 8 low income housing?
Im going to work overseas for a few years & so will be renting my home out. (UK)?
Can i put in an offer on the house we want even though ours isn't yet under offer?
The price of double rooms for rent in london are per person or total?
is it okay for me to rent a house with full of men?
Would an agent accept me to rent a house from them?
What can a renter do when landloard shuts off water for a day?
Worst that can happen with extra tenant?
broke up but still paying rent help!?
Can I break my lease?
If the house I have rented for 6 yrs is being forclosed on.Do I have squatters rights?
i have moved to a new apartment. can i have the post office mail my mail to my new apartment?
what is the difference b/t real estate broker and agent? and are good ones mostly wealthy?
How do I file a complaint against an apartment complex/lanlord in San Diego CA?
Mortgage License Questions?
Should the tenants pay for hotel fee during fumigation of termite control?
What is the best way to market a land contract in Detroit, Mich. eBay? Some specialized website? Newspaper?
are you considered poor if you live in an apartment?
did barry cohen sell the new jefferson arms & the st louis centre?
Can i find an apartment in los angeles with parking under $700 a month?
Fordclosier on houses?
How can i get my deposit back before my lease is up evn tho i just moved in a month ago?
If two people have good jobs, bad credit, & no $ how can I buy a house.?
I am thinking about taking my landlord to court?
Buying a new house or old house?
apartment manager messes up OUR lease and makes us pay can hey do that?!?
Grand Homes in Dallas, selling new homes in new communities, how much do sales people make?
my landlord pays for water and I run the shower on full blast all night to drown out my neighbors snoring?
I am trying to sell a mobile home on a land contract.Where do I find free land contract forms? And answers ?
how does a land contract work, and how do you figure out interest?
i want to get into real estate maybe as an agent and/or a broker?
What steps do I take to find out the value of my home and what needs to be fixed on it?
Can i withhold rent if my landlord does not carry out work to provide heating?
what is new mexico real estate growth rate?
I'm interested in a property in Bergen County NJ. How do I find out who owns it and how much they paid?
when do you do a home inspection?
Unexpected flood zone affecting closing?
I need urgent advice about this eviction process?
Planning to buy A forclosure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
How do you buy a house foreclosure?
i want to know how to get out of lease ?monday nite two people killed in my apt nite it goes on daily?
We are buying a house that is being foreclosed where the owner took out 2 morgages. So the first one is forecl?
i want to get a loan for a house?
What are the chances of us getting our loan approved?
how much would this cost?
Mortgage broker? Or just go talk to banks?
Housing question ? can he get in trouble ?
If I want to sell my house so that I can give my husband (were getting a divorce) his share of the house value?
my landlord has not been paying his morgage even though i have been giving him rent now the house is being rep
Where should I shop for mortgages in Pennsylvania?
Can you sell your house for less than what it is worth?
How do I look up the name on a deed online?
Are the commercials true that you can get a home loan for like $150,000 and only pay $500 a month?
My Wife and I are moving to Chicago, any suggestions on how to look for an apartment? 1 bed, 1 bath affordable?
How much does it cost to build flats?
Is it possible that I can make money by giving repo information ?
What sort of flooring do you have in your living room?
Should I buy a house or continue renting?
Landlords and Tenants?
Already moved out and have deposit back?
Is $30 000 enough to start a life with in Australia?
I just want to know everyone's opinion on buying a mobile home...?
has anyone ever gotten a home loan with low credit scores and only in business less than two years?
how do you start a property management company in maryland and washington, dc?
OMG Electric bill is nearly $600!!!!?
how do i search for a home just put on the market?
are tenants in apartment buildings obliged to pay for landords repairs to the building?
Can my roommate prevent me from having overnight guests?
Can they take my deposit?
would you trust an 18 year old real estate agent??
House Vs Mobile Home?
Questions about a serious mold problem in my apartment?
how can i find out who owns my apartment?
Land lease laws,what are my rights?
Does anyone have a question about Toronto Real Estate?
no lease was signed ,,,,,,,,,,,,?
Help! for paying rent and deposit please?
If 273 shares bought at $38.76 a share, held for 359 days,then sold for $48.22.What's annual interest rate?
My landlord won't let me leave my condo because I only gave her 40 days notice instead of 60 days.?
I currently have a home loan and want to do major construction what can I do to just have one loan?
Is this a good idea (about buying houses)?
What is the complete including the street and house number address in paris france of Christopher samuel?
should i apply for an llc for real estate?
Should I buy this house?
looking for a landlord in rochester, ny, harvard street, # 137, need cell and home, cell better! thanks, jim?
Can a landlord showcase your place to possible renters while you still live there?
My condo was inspected buy a buyer. We went to contract. They have now found more wrong. Do I have to fix it?
question about having guests stay the night at an apartment?
How do I get into the Real Estate Business?
How can a landlord who requested you don't smoke in house/apartment tell that you have been smoking?
The spiders in my house wont pay their rent?
how much can your rent be raise in one year or what % in one year?
What home can we afford?
What can I do if my tenant does not respond to any communication?
I own a house with 130,000 equity in it. Best way to buy an investment property without selling this one???
Question about a contract?
To all Landlords ?
Real estate scenario?
What is the general process of renting an apartment from an agent in the UK if you are currently overseas?
If I have 10k can I buy a house?
Can you move into an apartment right away?
My wife and I bought our house in 2005 for $650k. The house is now worth around $450k.?
Is the Arizona real estate market going to pick up soon like it was last year?I?
I brought a house last year, it's been about 6-7 months. Is there any way out?
How do apartment lease work? Bills?
How do you evict someone on your land with their own trailer?
Anyone know of laws or cases pertain to selling a how with uncontracted repairs done to it?
Is it better to pay cash for a house if you have it in mutual funds, rather than take out a loan?
Question about Financing a House, please Help!!!?
Can your Landlord enter your residence unannounced?
How much would a 5,000 square building for a min-golf place cost.?
Can a landlord refuse me renewing my agreement?
omg!!! my house in going in forclosure! anybody know when the bank can take it away?
Question for Home Buyers and Sellers?
after agreeing to buy a house, how long does it take until you actually get the keys?
How many hot water heaters should an apartment have?
How do I get a cell phone tower on my property? What site can I go to for more information?
I live in gunnison colorado. its nice out. what should i do today?
What are the current construction costs per square foot for mixed use commercial real estate in California?
My rent has gone up 20% within the last year, is this legal and what can I do?
Do you think its racist if you have to be a farm worker to get into appartments/condos?
How to become a successful real estate agent?
i'm gonna pay for a house and lot tomorrow, can u help me how to make payment with the papers to be signed?
Instead of selling my home, is it possible to just transfer my payments to another person?
circle rate in indirapuram ghaziabad may 2008?
dee and atkinson estate agents driffield?
I don't know how to go about this. Help? NY to CA?
If you decide not to proceed with a mortgage loan, can the broker send you a invoice for certain items.?
I would like to start or buy a mobile home park is there grants for it?
Can I put multiple homes into 1 estate?
what does stated income mean in regard to loans?