Real Estate

Renting a property - without a guarantor.?
Does this make sense to you? Does this ad include utilities in the rent?
Retail Lease Fee seem high?
I am approved for a home loan but only with a down payment.At this time we don't have any money to put down.
who owns the barn in higher chisworth?
How would one go about purchasing a piece of land in the forest?
What is most convinient method of transferring property/land to married daughters ?
who or where would i look to , to get the name of the owners of my apt. building? (not the manager)?
When can I make an offer on a house with one agent while waiting for cancelation of buyer's agreement to clear?
When does a seller start looking to purchase a house, when their current house is under contract or before?
I didn't bring these. Does the landlord have the right to charge me with bed bug treatment?
define whatis mortgage and the different services involved in it and also the process how it works in USA?
If you got conditionally approval and gave all the documents back and the lender said its in underwriters?
Are the people that bought their home with interest only payments at a threat of bankruptucy?
where can i find who bought the property next to mine?
When can I legally rent a house/apt?
I'm getting a backround check for an apartment in Florida ?
what are the fees to become real estate rental agent in new york?
Hello if my father quit-claimed to me land he had just paid $30,000 for years ago?
Is it possible to have your real estate agent license as well as a mortgage broker license at the same time?
Anyone interested in land for sale in North Carolina?
if a landlord rents a property to other persons that said landlord no longer own,is landlord liable for suit?
I am purchasing a property through my IRA via an LLC with checkbook control.How hands on can I be managing it?
Is there a public pool available that does not require residency in town from North Haledon area?
I'm looking to buy a small stretch of land and put a caravan on it.?
Trying to get a deposit back from a landlord when nothing has been signed - where do i stand?
200 sq foot condo bad investment?
About how much would it cost to rent out a car for the weekend? ?
I would like to buy a rehab or forecolsed house and fix it up?
rental property Iowa?
Does anyone know how and when home owners accociations started?
What is the importance of leasing office space and any information concerning leasing Office space is needed.?
buying a house ................?
flat for rent/PG in amritsar?
MLS Real Estate on Blackberry Bold not working?
Real Estate Question (Appraisal) ?
Which do buyers prefer: a 4th bedroom or a large kitchen?
Can I Force My Landlord To Give Me Rent Receipts?
What would be the first thing you buy with 1,000,000 dollars?
What would happen if you left your job before the closing date?
whats a good website to look for apartments?
how do you get out of a real estate contract if our realtor has misled and lied to us?
does anybody know if it's possible?
What are the dangers to look out for in becoming a landlady?
can i refuse to let my landlord inspect flat?
What is a 'short sale'?
u get 10 days to move out if you go to court and loose an eviction,but how many days do u get if you dont show
Is it better to do the month by month or long term electricity deal?
I let someone rent my personal vehicle for a specified amount to be paid weekly by a specific day and time.?
My Landloard raise my rent, Im suspicious about it....?
if i buy a house and my girlfriend lives with me & pays half the mort.if we split is she entitled to anything?
for how much can i sell my w580i?
Do you need to pay Capital Gain tax when you sell your primary residence and lived on in for more than 2 years
how much does it cost to rent apartment in seattle?
Tenant problem..Please help.?
How much money for a downpayment on a small apartment in New Jersey?
What should I charge for rent?
Why is there a T on my window (read more in details)?
Unsanitary apartment conditions and management is very rude and will not fix.?
can a hud manager of a apt.complex tell you you can not hang clothes on a door handle in your apt?
My landlord refuses to fix problems in the house we are renting. What are my rights?
I will be moving to Montgomery County Maryland soon. Agents have told me to "only" use a local lenders...
who do I report bad landlords to?
Real estate Perk test question?
How much are the bills in a house that cost 140000 thousand dollars!?
can a 19 yr old apply for a mortgage?who should I apply to?
Who hires a home inspector besides private individuals?
how do I find one foreclosure home for my family and I with no hassle or scams?
Search for Home sales comparables?
I want to move out of the house when I'm 18?
Residential Letting: Notice of Moving Out?
Can anyone answer my questions on landlords and private renting?
Form of notary for Washington, DC?
sell apartment under construction?
a man sold his house @ $100K this year, Sales Price is 40% over the orig.purch. price. What is the orig.purch$
how does a land contract work?
what is the difference between 'building coverage' and 'site coverage'?
how much condo reserves does this condo should have?
Can My Landlord Do This?
Does the New York state allow me to put my rent in escrow until my landlord fixes the heat and hot water?
What does it mean commission will be 50/50 up to 2.5% for a short sale?
What would be the closing cost on a $630,000 loan to buy a house if the interest rate is 6%? Also, is it?
DO realtors lie to get what they want from the buyer? Please be straight with me. I feel sometimes like our?
Does the VA come after you for a deficiency on a VA Loan?
i want to add a name to my house who do i inform?
My my landlord let my roommate move out?
New York City real estate?
Can you tell me about Real Estate Classes after you get your license?
What kinds of hours and things do real estate agents do?
My landlord is kicking me out october 15th?
who owns carleton mobil home park in carleton michigan?
I'm renting a house for 575 and next door has just come up for rent and that 474 what do I do?
Where is the best place for a person with poor credit to get a home loan?
£400 a month how much can i buy a house for similar payments?
My apartment says I can have 1 pet...?
Does anyone know if you can have 2 realestate lic.' in 2 different states. In particular Nv. and Tx.?
keep or sale? house prices gone so high?
Does Anyone Live Near Norcross, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Atlanta, GEORGIA?
Can I back out of this house sale?
Where can I find a Free aprartment rental lease?
Why do real estate agents on the buyer's side refuse to work with for-sale-by-owners?
Where could I get a mortgage loan?
Is it best to pay off your mortgage or keep making payments?
Is it difficult to find a pet-friendly apartment in New York City?
So I got a letter from my apartment that my lease was going up by $100...?
how to get out of broker fee?
My landlord wants to pay me to break the lease on my apartment, how much should I ask for?
Cost to rent a rowhome/ townhouse a month?
do you think buying a condo in a las vegas casino or near the strip is a good investment?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of renting a copier?
Should I buy a home...i'm only 21?
am interested in buying a property with no money down, please advise?
lease termination issue. only one tenant signed, lease renewal. Is it valid what can i do? (Australia NSW)?
what does QUIT CLAIM DEED means?????
Can my ex kick me out of our apartment if my name is on the lease too?
I am looking for furnished house or apartment in Addis Ababa close to medical school. Can somebody suggest ?
Attention les francais... Does anyone know of a person or immobilier that rent to Americans in Marseille?
Can you back date a quit claim?
Should my landlord fix the furniture?
I am looking information about Iranian house types.?
What are good websites to search for London rental property?
Is buying a better idea than renting?
A relative died and left me her house.?
Can we ask for the rent to be lowered?
What are the laws on eviction if I've been paying property taxes?
Anyone know any good places to find apartment ratings?
how can i buy cheaper houses in the US?
What are generally accepted accounting principles for tenant "CAPITOL COST"" for the term of a lease ?
Will the increased first home owner grant inspire you to buy property?
Does anyone know a good town that has an up and coming ski resort?
What is the difference when there is a house that is being foreclosed on and a house that is a Sheriff sale?
my roomate is trying to break our lease in the middle of the year,do i have rights?
i just got forclosure papers and they want me to file a written response what do i include in this?
I am getting a time share given to me. What do I need to do to get this completed?
Realtor Commision?
Best way to handle possible problem with tenants?
finding apartments which are close to Sacramento city college.?
I want to buy a home in Texas. Maybe Dallas, Houston or San Antonio.?
My mother has a mortgage on some property. If she does a quit claim deed..?
what is the rate of the lowest share?
Tenant with broken boiler. Whats fair and reasonable compensation?
FHA Home Loan-Atlanta?
how to become a mortgage adviser?
Looking for information about real estate loan assumption?
question about section 8 (southeast Michigan)?
can you buy a house using credit cards?
Can a landlord legally reject prospective tenants if?
Our renter has stopped paying rent and filed for bankruptcy.?
Flat complaint help!?
How do I go about buying a foreclosed home?
First time buyer?
Is it fair to pay a late fee??
Is this house really this cheap and why?
breaking a lease with my landord?
what websites are out there to give you comparable price selling of your homes in New York?
if I was going to buy a rental property, what would give me a better return? New home or older home?
Home closing delay due to hurricane.?
About home ownership....?
Advice please...?
who can i phone and complain to about a company that has done poor work in my house?
HELP!! Please someone that knows what you are doing please just read...?
Busy bodied landlords?
Do you think that this is to low of an offer?
Question about real estate (personal property) taxes?
Are these home buyers legit?
I leased an apartment for a person and now I'm finding out he was evicted. What can I do?
Who pays for Title insurance on a purchase in Florida (fee and mortgage)?
Any opinions on apartments for rent in El Cajon, CA?
Does anybody know what a studio in downtown Orlando would rent for?
How do people buy $450k plus houses? When they make less money than I do? (My household income is 130K)?
$1300 Rent?
what wed site do i go to, to find address for a empty lot for housing?
is a home equity line secured by real estate?
Which Bank offers the lowest interest rate for home loans now.?
Is it a good idea to buy a second house?
What happens if my property sale does not cover my mortgage and secured loan?
recourse against a unfair house appraisal?
Can my landlord keep my security deposit for damages I did not do??
I need help. Our offices are located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Our problem is most of them are...?
What recourse does my landlord have if I do not pay my final month's rent?
what is the differance in a motel and a hotel?
Should I short sell my house?
My old property management company will not give me my key?
Besides paying the break the lease fee is there any way a person can move and be accepted into a new place?
How much do you actually spend on a house eventually?
Sued landlord for taking our items now he's suing us for rent we don't even owe.?
House buying question! Old house or New house?
Seller can't leave home - closing is tomorrow! Help?
When buying a home for the first time, what should you do first?
How do I set up my Apartment buzzer through phone?
A Place in New York Area to Live?
Can I move out out of my apartment?
What to do with prior 401-k?
can a landlord charge late fee on a month to month if rent is paid on time?
Want to live in California but concerned about the high cost of living?
How to make my tenants pay on time? I placed 2 eviction lawsuits, but tenants pay in the last moment.?
How can I get help with housing ?
Suburban Detroit MI Housing Prices Artificially High?
Should I donate my 5 acres on Hwy. 100 near Los Fresnos Texas?
What is the deal with Section 8 housing FL?
How can I find out if the garage conversion in the home I rent is legal?
Is there a way to rent and not sign a lease agreement???
HELP with real estate question?
What fees are associated with buying a house other than those that are borrowing-related?
What is the cost of commerical real estate in Las Vegas?
Apartment communities versus stand-alone apartments?
refinancing my home? Please Help?
In real estate,what does owner will carry mean..what are the risks?
Has anyone had a problem with the Realtor or the home they purchased in Arizona in the last two years?
what is 2% of 30,000.00?
What's the best way for my elderly parents to refinance?
Fire science or real estate ?
What is the future of real estate projects on Yamuna Expressway according to you?
can a bank do a change of home title in one day?
Does anyone have ideas for how i could move out? NEED HELP!!!!!?
What are the duties of a Life Estate Tenant in Kentucky?
How to make sure we win in eviction of nightmare tenant?
does the landlord or renter replace fluorescent overhead lights?
House or condo??
Where can I find a good apartment in South Shore, Mass?
where can i get a loan to pay my rent?
Why do people say that renting instead of buying is throwing away money, you're paying for a place to live?
Sell my house in swindon fast with negative equity please?
Do we rent or buy???
must landlords pay interest on security deposits in milwaukee wi?
What Law controls the sale of property when one partner has left the matimonial home an the price of the house
Neighbor is making a shed close to our house (Legal Questions)?
what is a semi-attached house?
If one spouse buys a house, does the other have any legal claim to it?
if you were going to sell your house would you have a male or female relitor?why?
If mobile home on my property and someone else lives in, and they move out, can I keep the mobile home?
How much does the average real estate agent make in los angeles california?
Is it better to rent or buy?
Is $100,000 a lot to owe on a home?
How could I move out of my house?
What's a mortgage?
Question about home foreclosure...?
Who pays the Buyer agent fees......?
I signed exclusive with a mortgage broker and I don't want to use him any more what do I do?
My home is for auction Saturday and so far nobody has come to see it inside? is this a bad sign?
What is the current least fixed interst rate for 30 year mortgage with no pints?
If I wanted to get a deed wrote up for my new house, what kinda laywer should I hire to do that?
Selling a Flat in Scotland?
Who to contact about an unclean unsafe apartment complex?
We just sold our first home so it wouldn't forclose so we did a short sale on it. Now we are renting to own. ?
Do I have to be there?
How much is average rent in Maui, Hawaii for apartments?
How do you change the name on a deed from a deceased parent if there is no will?
How do we make sure our parent's home that's already paid off is passed down to the kids after their passing?
How do I kick out my daughter's 18 year old girlfriend?
Where can i go to get something notarize? like a bank or something i live in belvidere il?
If someone owned let's say, 5 acres. Could they sell off 1 acre or do they have to sell the whole land?
Landlord is going to search property?
how can i get out of my apartment lease?
Rental Screening and credit checks for apartments?
can you get your appraisal licensing in state of Maryland with at en year old felony?
Can a south Florida realtor take a signed offer from one broker company to another?
Joint Venture in Real Estate?
Carbon monoxide detectors in apartments?
help with rent Texas?
Bank appraisal is less than county assessment?
Has anyone recently taken the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam?
NRI/Resident Home Loan?
What can i but for my mom on fixed budget ?
Can I terminate my lease if...?
Downstairs Neighbor Going Through My Mail Box Puts Lock On Our Back Door?
What does a "curative" department do in the title industry?
Am i eligible for housing? Urgent.?
I rent a month to month room in a Lady's house, today she hinted that i must move!?
Is a home inspector nessasary?
What are my options... now?
In England, who's responsibility is it to inform the council that a property is being rented out to students?
my landlords are getting divorce. who would i pay rent to and not worry bout getting kicked out.?
Signed a lease but now there is new mangement can i get out of the contract?
What is the typical pecentage points that a realtor charges to list a Home in Cleveland Ohio?
As the tenants, are we responsible for paying the deductible for this accident?
Should I reimburse my apartment?
How can a 21 yr old on ssi with no kids get low income apartment?
I received a 30 day notice to vacate a studio I am renting, I paid more than half so for do I get it back?
Where are the "cool" cities. I live in Tucson and this place is really "live" if you know what I mean.
Problems with some tenants, husband wants name in the lease?
Anyone know some good landlords with places for rent in mendip area and surrounding nearby areas?
how can i rent an apartment after declaring bankruptcy?
In Real Estate what are VOE's & VOM's?
Can I buy my parents place from them using a reverse mortgage?
need a refinance a home in california?
My first Apartment and first time renter.?
I am looking for study guides to help with NC real estate class that i need to pass.?
If a property is for sell whats the odds that the seller would consider a rent to own option?
Can a person sell their home if they are in Notice of Default in California?
Would it be better to rent a condo or an apartment?
apartment bills in lake worth fl?
Forclosure auction question (real estate agent replies preferred)?
My husband and I are both legally disabled. We want to buy a house but have maxed out our credit cards in orde?
Roommate's guest at at the apartment ALL the time!!?
How do I get my landlord to fix something that they have been lagging on repairing?
name an expensive purchase]other than a house or a car?
will you become a millionaire by the time you retire?
Could you live with a high speed rail line at the end of your garden.?
I want to move into the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank building . . .?
We are under Bankcruptcy 13 for about 3 months already. Our second home is being rented by my son.?
Should I still pay half of the rent? Help!?
Our property is $60,000 underwater. Should I foreclose on my ARM mortgage?
Do title searches take upto 6 weeks ?
Where have all the buyers in the Boston, MA real estate market gone? And when will they come back?
What is self-managed?
Is there a site for rental homes that I can just enter the street name and it will show rental homes there?
I can't seem to sell my house?
PLEASE HELP !!!! Wth this guy who works for apartments jumped my yard! Help please!?
House resale value:Living rooms and family rooms?
seattle rental homes - what's the best websites to find them? i'm moving there soon?
how do you take a owner carry thru esscrow?
Apartments in tulsa ok?
With the housing choice voucher program, how long does it take to set up inspection?
I'll be moving out on my own soon and Im wondering what kind of stuff I'll need for my own home.?
What can you tell me about unit size mix for self storage facility.?
Does my landlord have the right to raise my rent by 30%?
OWNER FINANCING: How would someone look for houses that will be owner financed?!?!?
question about being a home owner?
real estate home warranty?
post-dated cheques. renting a room in canada.?
Does anyone know good source material online about buying a home?
Does anyone have questions we can post answers to on our SF Real Estate blog?
How much is the going rate for a double wide?
is it a big pain to sell a house?
how old do you got to be to get an apartment?
Would you move into an apartment with 10 year old carpeting?
How to get $25k loan?
why buy a bank foreclosure then a regular home?
Short sale offer accepted now what?
landlord sent me a water bill dating from the time I moved in 10/05 to 12/06 that he wants me to pay?
Do I need to tell my landlord ian dss?
can I break a lease if... this is to much?
How long after I stop making mortgage payments will I be ordered out of my house?
Can my husband evicit me from our home we are just renting the house?
How can I tell if my landlady's been in my apartment when I'm not there?
What is a LRO Adjustment?
can a landlord make their tenant paid their water bills?
How quickly can you refinance?
what is a good site to sell my home?
I am a single female. Should i purchase a house or a condo?
Can the landlord do this?
Can someone give me a financial breakdown of owning a house?
how to start live alone without parents?
I make $75000 a year. Looking to buy a $600,000 home.?
My landlord says she cant find our rent money......?
Where can I buy lots of cockroaches?
Should i say no? Left a house in a Will?
I am suspose to close on a house during the week of december should I still pay rent to my landlord or not?
buying a house ................?
When is it ok to move into a house?
Every apartment says its "senior oriented". Where am I suppose to live?
Upside Down Mortgage?
How to find out how much I owe for a warrant in San Antonio texas?
House sold under misrepresentation?
I've inherited my grandmothers house.Can I keep it or does it have to be sold?
As a single parent, what is the BEST CITY near an OCEAN to raise my child? Prefer East coast, but flexible.?
How would you calculate a positive cash flow for an apartment bldg?
if u have a warrant. will they find that out if i apply for section 8?
Where in Idaho is good land with cheap homes?
Getting a roommate & not getting along, possible for me to move out & her stay?
Should I rent or buy a home in California?
i was giving a two weeks notice to move out because the landlord doesnt want to fix the AC is this ok?
Advice on renting to family?
Let's say I got a 30-year mortgage for around 5.5%, if I always pay on time, can lender ...?
what is a jumbo mortgage and is it a good option to purchase a house?
What is the most trusted bank to get a home loan for first time homebuyers?
does anyone know any websites were i can find a victorian style home for sale in KY?
Council housing/homeless?
I have a bad problem please help..?
Is it creepy to move into a house were someone just died ?
What are standard Tenant finding fees and management in the UK?
Are there some (rental) apartments that give you permission to change the flooring?
When Should i apply for Housing benefits? Help?
please help interpret this- about real estate lease?
Do medical bills hurt credit score when buying a house?
Does increase property value have an affect on crime rate in a city?
POLL: Do you prefer to live in a Flat or House ???
What exactly does the $8,000 tax credit mean?
Since the value of the home I rent has gone down, is it right for me to ask for a lower rent?
I have been renting a property and recently recieved a letter from bailiffs warning me to vacate in 7 days?
Buy manufactured home with or without land?
Would an appraisal of my home assure me that everything is also in compliance of City codes?
Transferring the ownership of a mortgage ?
How to convince my parents to buy a lake house?
Is a landlord required to provide smoke detectors in a rental home?
Will my house price decrease by turning a small bedroom into a bathroom?
can i be denied an apartment because i make 3000 more than the max income?
my a/c is out in my apartment is there an agency to make them fix it?
Post inspection- Buying a home?
now that gas prices have teporarily dropped have you been buying more?
whats the average price for rent on a 2 bedroom house in owenton, oregon?
What would be a good name for a new apartment complex?
i want to know if i can deduct new window i put in our house on our taxes this year?
30 Day notice, in California?
Who are the top three producing realtors (sales) in the Las Vegas area?
Is it possible to obtain 2 seperate mortgages from 2 seperate mortgage company for one home?
what is a good price to offer for a bank owned home?
Renting an apartment with my undocumented boyfriend?
Can a renter pull a permit to make structural changes?
advice on first time move?
Then tenant signed a lease to rent our home on 1/13/07. When we cashed the depoist check?
how much housing benefit will I receive in greenford london?
How to Foreclose on Tenants I personally financed to buy my property.?
Are there any foreclosure sites that list details w/o paying for it?
Looking for a new bank?
Bay Area, CA 2nd Mortgage Rates?
Loan Modification - 2nd Mortgage?
Does anyone know where I can download a free electronic copy of a #723 Bargin and Sales Deed form?
What happens after the appraisal and is the lender's title insurance included in the closing cost?
Can i afford to move out ?
how do I tell my Real Estate colleagues that we're moving to a new office?
I need a basic rental agreement setting up, what should I include?
What fees are involved when buying a house?
How do i make my methhead neighbors move?
I am in so much trouble!!!?
Real estate help pleasE?!?
Landlord/letting agency holding my deposit ?
my roommate paid for us to get in the apartment. she broke the lease... where do i stand now?
looking for info on villa I saw for sale. 1410 Villas Estate Dr. Fenton MO. 63026?
how to get a possom out of a house.?
If I am renting a house in pennsylvania, and the owner sells, does the new owner have to.honor my lease?
Landlord tenant legal help?
Can a landlord ask for a NON-refundable deposit (renting apartment in Long Beach, California)?
looking for info on getting my $820 deposite back from my previous landlord?
How long does it take to get approved when applying for an apartment?
If I am buying a 28'x52' double wide how much should a concrete slab cost? the same size as the house...?
I would like a list of expenses on a commercial building, such as utilities, lease payments, and other expense
what is the price per square foot to build a home in san antonio, tx?
i rent and a tree fell on my truck who pays for it?
What to do when tenant makes it difficult for the landlord to access the property?
Breaking rental lease?
how did Donald Trump come up with he's skyscraper designs?
A person having a property in a area suffering with high vacancies. The property has 4 portions of which 2 are?
can i get housing benefit?
Non Disclosure agreement and escrow deposit?
This is about home refinancing. My husband would like to refinance but my credit is poor.?
What rights do I have as a renter?
is it legal to rent a house if you are paying an interest only loan?
should I rent or buy a home in Baton Rouge,LA?
successor to parents home?
Why it's not a good idea to add children as part of title to your property..?
what is the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city of savannah, Deluth, and columbus?
what are some basic first steps to take for home ownership?
I bought a house and a much better one became available in the neighborhood, what can I do?
whats a good site if youre looking to buy a house?
Can I be a bit cheeky with house asking-prices at the moment?
Will a financial institution grant a conventional mortgage on a house that wasn't permitted when built?
26 grams equal 30 mls?
When landlords check with prior landlords before renting an apartment?
In the short sale process why is it necessary to deed over the property and give power of attorney to the inv?
how can i invest in real estate profitably?
if you move into a apt. with bedbugs is it my responsiblety to pay to have them killed or landlords?
what are good websites for apartment reviews and ratings ?
What if my apartments are sold to a bank and i have no lease?
is it better to rent or buy?
Should I be upset over this? Please read carefully.?
$100 late charge for late rent in Illinois? What is the maximum?
Problams with renting?
Should I pay an "agent" a finders fee for an apartment when she did not get it in writing?
How to ask your landlord for a pet?
My husband and I put an offer in on a Short Sale property, but the seller took out all types of things after?
Leaseback Property yields in France?
what can you do when the seller of a home backs out after you have a verbal agreement on the sale?
they owe me rent money and will not return it?
who is responsible for paying for repairs for VA loan approval, the buyer or seller?
Is a 17 year old held responsible in lease?
I have two parcels on one deed. I bought them that way...?
can a landlord take tenants to court in the state of NY if the owner resides outside of the state of NY?
Buy or Rent Help Needed (serious, please)?
My landlord is trying to short sale the house I am renting! Help! What can I do? What rights do I have?
what would you do if I gave you $50,000?
What are my legal rights as a homeowner/landlord when there is no lease agreement?
rent commencement date?
Is it possible to rent a trailer home and have it stationed on your personal property (in the houston area)?
How do I sell my house fast? I want to sell it for the mortgage (25,000 under the appraised value)?
Would you give a contractor who had a 2PM appointment to give you an estimate and never called...?
Rude, Loud, Mexican Neighbors.?
Only the rich can buy a home in California?
they owe me rent money and will not return it?
What is the etiquette for tipping in a full service condo?
Do you think that real estate market is on the way to plummet?
Can you finance closing costs on a home loan?
How to afford a flat? ?
Do you rent or own your house/apartment?
I Live in a house on my moms property, I am 20 living with my boyfriend she wants $200 each for rent?
how do rental car agencies have the right number of cars at each location?
Can I be sued for leasing a house about to be foreclosed???
During construction projects, what happens to property owners?
Where can I get public housing quick? I am willing to relocate?
Return of rental deposit?
I am 18 just got kicked out of my house....?
Qualifying for Mortgage Loan (FHA New Construction)?
when buying a house can they put the original water heater back before closing?
Can paying 1/2 a years rent or a larger deposit get me a apartment dispite bad credit?
If I pay extra 1,000.00 U.S a month for my home loan of 185,000.00. How quick I can pay off my mortgage???
ok my mom wants to know how to find a deed for a land that her mom and dad own.?
anybdoy got land for development in mysore/karnataka/india?
does anyone know how to get a home loan with a spouse who has not so great credit. signed ready to move.?
Can either party in a house sale/purchase pull out of the deal once contracts have been exchanged?
what are the rules for a "subject to Inspection" listing? could I still make an offer?
First Time Buyer?
I want to buy land, only one acre or two. inside LA county, where can I survey land, locations, prices.?
Entering unit without giving approximate time?
Does anyone have any ideas for selling a high end house in this bad real estate market?
My landlord won't turn on air even when i pay rent i have two kids?
Can I go to the trial myself instead of hiring an attorney when I try to get possession of an occupied house?
I guess that iis what most people do on here is guess at the answers, is that right? No Facts, just guess?
i think my landlord came in when i wasnt home , i left a light on when i returned it was off , uncool ?
Can I back out of purchase agreement for a house?
Any opinions on House of Wadley Bed & Breakfast in Texarkana, AR?
how do i remove a violent tenant who resfuses to pay rent and is not on the lease?
can I raffel off my home in Arizona?
Can you sell a rented house?
Anyone know how to find out about foreclosures in Canada?
Can my landlord enter property without me being there?
What does it take to become a Real Estate Agent in Texas?
uhh....moving outta teh house at 15?
Breaking Lease (Both Landlord and tenants want out)?
Apartment inspections....???? ?
I'm in Scotland and have just received the deeds to my house.....what is the best thing to do now?
Who will refinance my single wide Mobile ? ?
Abandoning apt? consequences?
if your house cost 700,000 dollars in us does that mean your pretty much rich?
What are my options on taking out a loan on a paid off house?
what is the general square foot cost of a room addition, no plumbing, in California?
Living in California?
Can landlords make a person vacate a property in 2 weeks for no reason after being tenants for 14 months?
If you are buying a home is there a standard amount that first time buyers can get?
How to make an offer as a Realtor, on personal investment Property?
How much loan can be get on monthly salary of Rs. 8000/-...?
Is it good to have a home inspection done for a 2006 built property ?
how much of income should be allotted for rent/mortgage?
Liability on a plumbing leak?
Ok, we want my Dad to buy a house and rent it to us-how can he do it and not get hit with taxes too badly?
When it say 750+ utilities does tht mean yu dnt have to pay the utilities?
why are so many homes for sale in the Colorado springs area?
can you turn your home into a business?
if i take my property off the market how much do i have to pay the estate agent?
I live in a flat I own and having trouble with neighbours who also own there flat is there anything I can do?
what is the title of a person who locks, floats, and apply points to loans in a mortgage company?
When your buying a house can you ask for the closing cost and your downpayment from the sellers ?
I have multiple holes in my yard. No dirt mounds. I live in Eastern NC. They are about the size of a dime.?
mortgage question-pre paying principal?
Does anyone know of a mortgage company that'll give me a loan even though I filled bankruptcy 8months ago ?
I need help getting cable in my apt.?
I have stolen my Housing Bond, how can i get ?
Trying to sell home in bad condition?
This goes to home owners, please I want to buy a cheap home for my parents? :(?
Hi All...I just started a Property Preservation Business...I have experience in the business, and now have sta?
Hi, we are renting a flat in a building with 5 flats. Each flat has its own door,?
Renting apartment with best guy friend?
average earnings for a real estate agent in 2005?
When buying a house when do you think the earnest money should clear with your bank,.?
are there rankings for communities? we're looking to buy real estate but want opinions on the community.?
I have a USDA rural loan on my home. Can I rent it out and buy another house in a different state.?
Landlord doing nothing about cooker, what to do?
what does a realest appraiser do?
I'm living with my parents and they want to charge rent..?
court house address in carmen ark.?
Any Reasonably priced studio apartments in the south Charlotte area?
Need to buy a townhouse in Nashua, NH directly from owner (no broker/middleman). What is the best thing to do?
Laws about NY tenant having guests?
I am a chicago resident and my landlord told us to clear the apartment how much time do we get to clear?
I lived most of my life in Manhattan. Definitely not a "Texas Gal" type. Husband LOVES TX. Anymore "cons"?
Buying a shop, length of lease?
Are there any good apartments in Simi Valley ?
Can a person convicted of a crime still b able to b a licensed broker in il?
Never had a water bill, will I never have to pay it?
I need advice please, How do I deal with this stupid neighbor below us?
I want to find a site that showes townhouses/condos for rent in Dallas, TX?
Im buying a house but I seriously need to buy a new car Will buying a car now prevent me from getting a house?
Need help with Closing cost - Urgent!?
I usually do not discuss my salary with my friends. I am renting out a high end property ( over $6,000/mo )?
tocken for Purchase of flat?
My parents want to give me their house for the amount they owe on the mortgage. Can they do this?
can I break a lease if... this is to much?
my a/c is out in my apartment is there an agency to make them fix it?
can i pull out before the contracts are signed?
Did this person profit on the sale of their home?
Will the landlady be informed when I receive housing benefits?
what type of home can you buy in your area for $100,000?
i live next to a house that is empty and would like to buy it but have no info on it but the address?
can landlord go through mail in kansas with out consent?
Do we rent or buy???
I have 2 co-signers on my house what rights do they have?
What can I do when I own my landlord money and Im looking for more affordable place to live?
Am I liable for leaving on short notice without a lease agreement?
On CA Homestead Declaration, what does "own the following interest" mean?
Buy or rent?
How many houses have you lived in in your lifetime.?
Can a landlord request rent in October when they have yet to fix the shower from August thus you have no activ?
What types of incentives can a builder of the house offer you? Pay closing closts, etc. Which is better?
Would you buy a house someone died in?
New home offer and counter offer?
how does one buy real estate with no money down?
notice to leave by landlord?
tenant wants to sue the building owner, because he fell down the stairs .?
How exactly do security/holding deposits work for car rentals?
If you were to buy a house in cash (with no loan) is there still an age limit?
Can my cousin pass me down her section 8 number? If yes how!?
Are DR horton homes built well?
How many homes nationwide America?
What is a conventional fixed mortgage?
Rent to own house?
I want to rent my house out and of course i am worried about squaters etc.whats the diff in un\furnished?
How can I buy a house if I have very little to use for a down payment?
is GIFT DEED and WILL are same thing?
What is proper filing procedure for an Assignment of mortgage?
What are some pitfalls of a Senior Citizen on Medicare selling Real Estate to move in with family?
Should I help my boyfriend with money to buy a house?
Assuming FHA mortgage loans?
how do I find out if someone is in foreclosure? Do I have to pay rent if my land lord is in foreclosure?
whats the average mortgage every month for a 1 story nice home in a nice area??
What is the procedure in buying a house and getting a good deal?
How can I remove my daughter and son-in-laws name from my deed?
Does the landlord have the right to ask to you clean the apartment?
I have a two year lease and i want to move. Can a thirty day notice allow me out of this lease?
Is there a limit to how much a a management company can charge for providing info to the buyer of a property?
Do I have to pay court fees on a unlawful detainer if I have paid my rent before the court date?
"Eviction is such a harsh word"?
Would my husband and I be able to buy a home?
Whats the best way to sell my house?
i am trying to do a business plan but not sure if its a servive or product. (buy fix and rent houses)?
How long will it take lender to foreclose?
Hole in roof, non-working smoke detectors; break lease?
make house look better, to sell?
Is it better to invest in a rent to own home?
What is the current job market in the Seattle/Tacoma area?
Where are some of the most economical places to live in metro Los Angeles?
Bad debt and Homeownership?
commercial real estate property?
Apartment Hunting?
Does a tenant have to pay for early termination of a contract if the person buys a house?
how much money does a real estate agent make in ohio?
I purchased 1/3 part of land & registy clearly demarcates from where my part of land begins but other partie ?
Is my mortgage lender jerking me around?
how can i buy a home with a 570 credit score and a VA home loan in Texas?
can i be evicted for having a guest stay with me i am payed up on my rent?
where can I get information of comparables sales of my apartment building.?
Is it legal in Indiana for two women, 1 man, and 4 children to share a two bedroom apartment?
A contractor decided to build homes that will include the middle 80% of the market.?
can my husband make a claim to live in my council rented house after we separated?
Where are the best places to advertise when selling real estate without an agent?
Can a landlord charge a renter this???/?
How can I convince the bank underwriter that we won't "buy and bail"?
Questions regarding my first multi-family building purchase.?
Sachs year 2008 economic report and Mortgage rate?
Is anyone renting in UK, if you suddenly claim housing benefit, how would your landlord know, who doesn't?
How much should I save before...?
My brother has lived in a forclosed house for 2 years. Can someone kick him out?
is it possible to buy a home or condo with absolutely NO money beforehand?
Is California a good place to move to, if so what city would be good and affordable?
Why would it take PNC Bank 3 mos. to close on an FHA streamline refinance?
Can a landlord evict my mom who lives with my family? She is NOT on the Lease.?
Looking for a party hall on a budget in Sacramento, CA?
getting evicted?
tenant landlord dispute?
Tax value versus rent among other ?s?
Is a $8k VA Funding fee for a $274k loan sound right?
Question about breaking a rental lease?
Does an unrecorded , notarized quit claim deed effect chain of title?
What do I need to know to get a home loan on a firstime home buyers program?
Getting My First Apartment Soon.. What Do You Pay For Rent?
Changing the rent date without notice?
How do you check your own rental history?
can a landlord turn the power off after you pay him the bill?
Cannes Apartments? I am travelling to Cannes soon. Can anyone recommend an apartment to rent in Cannes?
Im 17 and moving out. Can i be on the lease if my parent co-signs?
1,200 sq foot home with four people.?
Can you qualify for a VA Home Loan if you have a charge off account?
Housing market picking up?
if the house that im renting has broken into several times can i break my lease?
if I make an offer do I have to by the house,it is fannie mae?
Where can I find a nice family oriented, very affordable Senior Assistence Living in Washington, D.C.?
Apartments in tulsa ok?
how do i fill out a lease agreement to lease a mobile home for 6 months?
What steps need to be taken into consideration when applying for a morgage?
what is the difference between a gross rent lease and a net rent lease?
who is RAYMONDDOBBS.where he lives. is he a fraud. has he got oesophageal cancer. prize 1000us$ from me?
I am in Alaska and am planning on giving a 30 day notice to move out, Do I have to give an Exact reason why I?
what is the middle household income from 2000-2005 in Orange county, California?
Long distance renting from an out of state owner?
Hello everyone! I need a hand, I'm a lease holder of a salon, I need to sell it fast, and gumtree is no good?
how can i find a wesite for rent or sell houses in vancouver?
I make $300,000 a year, how much can I spend on a SECOND house?
what is the name of that realtor goldwel&bankers?
Apartment lease?
Buying a House?
my landlord is taking me to court for an evcition and pet fees he saw the dog 2 times,but in the lease it stat?
Can I move out out of my apartment?
I have until 30 march 2007 to sell my house any ideas?
is it legal to reduce house purchase price instead of repair work cost?
Where can I find a hard money lender for 9 acres and a single wide in Frostproof. FL at 50% of the land value?
Are there any townhouses for rent in Michigan besides in Taylor for good prices?
I'm single mom with health issues, my BF wants to buy a house and put my name ONLY on the mortgage and he pays
If you are doing a rent increase how many days are required for a rent increase over 10%?
Will the buyer back out from buying my home?
is it too late to invest in real estate or it's time to dump it?!?
when do you think realestate in california will boom again??
if my roomate moves out and I don't sign a new lease, is the original lease still valid?
I want to find out who owns an abandoned house does anyone know a website where i could find out?
What is HUD program for housing?
is south Portland, Or. the most violent? ( milwaukie, tigard, etc.)?
return of security deposit?
where is a better place to buy a home?
just out of b-ruptcy- father want to sell me a house. owner financ. has mortgage on it.can it be done-how?.?
Should I feel embarrassed?
Can I be charged a brokers fee when I renew my lease?
At what age did you own / buy your own home?
How can moving be positive for me?
I have a friend staying with me in my apartment. She pays no rent. How can I get her out?
Are the houses on zillow for rent?
Please Help! Need out of my lease.?
Can I qualify for a home loan?
Can you put credit card debt into a new mortgage loan to consolidate into one payment. First time home buyers?
What blue print can i use to generate leadsfor mortgage and reral estate?
Can I make renovations on leasehold property?
Putting A house For Sale In The Media?
We are pre approved for a home loan?
How rational is it to think you can slowly save money to buy a house with cash?
what happens if i dont pay my rent to Unite Student Accomodation.. ?
Question regarding new Roommate & I moving out?
Can I sell my house after 1 and a half year?
Can i break my tenancy for house ?
What is a good price for a single family home?
I just looked at a house for sale by owner/investors rto 4000.00 down 850.00 a mo 50.00 towards equity monthly
how do i buy my first investment proberty with bad credit and no cash?
Can a landlord take my security deposit due to old carpet?
How do i buy and develop vacant houses?
in a villa with a privacy fence and the landlord wants to tear it down can they?
Can the landlord do this?
What can I do with a 20% increase in equity on our home?
Evicting a tenant PLEASE HELP!!!?
Condo lost value 120k to 30k need a new place?
my landlord said he'd kill my pet rabbit?
Foreclusure property?
I'm trying to find a real estate agent named sharlene kielslich phone number?
im viewing a house in the morning they want £92,000?
waited if i was approved for mortgage, turns out banker is on holidays for a couple of weeks?
Are real estate transactions a matter of public record?
My girlfriends father owns 4 houses in St. Albans. If he wants to buy another, will it make it a hotel?
Can i get a loan for a house?
Is it worth renting a property that is also up for sale?
Where can I get free moving boxes, so I can move out?
Can I work for more than 2 real estate brokers in California?
Where can I find explanation of different types of real estate deeds?
new home construction around 3000 sq ft with interior design and fully furniture what is the total cost to bui?
How can I maximize my tax deduction for rented farm land?
mutually breaking a lease?
My belongings was stolen is the landlord responsible?
Tips for a person moving out for the first time?
Home Appraisal- My appraisal report is requesting I fix exterior paint chipping and repaint bare wood along?
is it fair to ask flat mate to pay rent while on holiday?
Do I have to let a friend who crash moved in with me ,stay longer when he wants to lower his rent?
What is it ok to post on an apartment rating site?
Can I take legal action against someone backing out of a verbal agreement to sublet?
I live with my mother and she receive help from SSI and she help me with the rent. Do I put it in my incometax?
is sherman oaks a safe neighboorhood to rent an apartment?
The smell in my flat is just bloody awful, like sewage Private landlord with agent responsible for it's upkeep?
Land in Massachusetts?
free commercial leases agreement document?
Difference between short term mortgage and long term mortgage?
I'm looking for help for home repairs for low income disabled?
Considering buying a fixer-upper house, but my husband is worried because water has been left "on" .
Im looking at buying a home in Denver, does anyone know where I can get the best rates?
Best and worst Mobile home today?
question for realtors or real estate lawyers?
I want to move out of NY to IDAHO any advice?
Property law: get out of a mortgage ?
Relocation questions: what's the best to do?
Apartments to rent in Seville?
Does the Aparment Complex have a right to money that shouldnt be theirs cause I wont be livin there?
My real estate agent refuses to give commission to me after agreement! What should I do?
before signing a lease to own agreement, should we have the home inspected?
Is anybody broker than me right now?
How to get a roommate for an apartment by tallahassee community college?
Credit and condo renting?
where and how to file when denied the right of first refusal in the district of columbia per real estate?
how long do i have to stay in a council house?
Do we have a option to Changed our minds about a house?
Where to find this type of house in LA?
Is it a good idea to look for a new job while looking for a new apartment?
OC Housing Market?
i want to find out who owns the home at 7170 pennington drive pensacola fl 32526?
What is the minimum leasehold term one should look for when buying a leasehold property in the UK?
what area of the usa is nicest to live in?
buying a house- which is better option- line of credit or normal mortage?
I want to rent a house in Portsmouth without paying the Agency fee's.?
what vital sign should be taken withought the pateint knowing?
is there any kind of help from merced, county? that will help you get into apartment?
Where can I get a list of Real estate Concho Vall.??
I'm a college student, tired of the dorms! I need an apartment!?
What age did you move out of your parents home ?
Why are tenants so disrespectful of property rights?
Flip Men tv series - every day over budget costs?
payoff on $12500.00 @4.875 for 360 months?
How to get out unwanted tenant?
where can i find out about business's for sale in new windsor, NY?
I am looking for a small flat to rent in Bagshot area - best company or website to find cheap-ish rentals?
what free web site will tell me what month/year a house in detroit was sold?
Can you find out if a property has an outstanding loan or lien against it?
Tennant/roommate has been charged with a crime of theft&usage of my checks whats the best way to get him out?
Where can i find low-income apartments in sacramento, California?
How do I go about buying a home?
mortgage or a bank loan?
Looking for apartments where registered sex offenders are welcomed to move in?
Who to call for appliance repair in Los Angeles?
Is it best to pay off your mortgage or keep making payments?
my landlord is taking me to court for an evcition and pet fees he saw the dog 2 times,but in the lease it stat?
could i get an apartment?
"Which do you prefer to live on your dream house or in the apartment?"?
Where can I find good research about evictions in Orange county,sa?
prices of two/ three bed houses in evanstown gilfach goch porth cf39 8ru?
My lease is up on the 15th of june?
Are these living costs about right?
Best place to buy real estate?
how do i find out how much my motel is worth if i were to sell?
How do I sign over my personal rental property to my business rental property?
If you were a teenager and had a choice between living with your parents or.....?
do you have to stay in your apartment for a whole year if you have a one year lease?
Property scam? I've put my property on a website and have had some one contact me who wants to buy my home.
Renter pays landlord but landlord uses money for other purposes?
What is the minimum amount one has to invest to participate in REIT's (Real estate investment trust's)?
If I become blind and have a guide dog, could rented properties still require that no pets are brought in?
how come i live in a house for seven years and make no money selling it?
tenant defaulting on rent payments,agent in between,what can I do?
who gets security deposit after moving out?
Anyone know were I can find recent sold homes in my area online?
Tenants not giving one month notice?
What are the best things to remodel in a house?
How long does it take to complete a house purchase?
how to get rid of a tenant not paying?
Do you know of a way to get out of a contract on buying a new house?
how to i speak to a live agent?
properties in ireland under 100k in euros?
can someone stay a night with me if i rent a room?
I need a free downloadable mortgage calculator, excel preferred. Does anyone know where to find one?
i was giving a two weeks notice to move out because the landlord doesnt want to fix the AC is this ok?
Is there anything that can be done to stop your rent from going up?
How much can my landlord charge me to replace carpeting destroyed by my dog?
Is $100K enough to start flipping houses for a living?
With todays economy, if my wife and I have questionable credit is it possible to get a home loan?
Looking to Draw Equity out of Rentals, Have Questions..?
I need to sell my home. I refinanced 1 year ago. The price of my home is too high. What should I do?
Is there any type of emergency assistance when you are being evicted for reasons other than a breached contrac
Where can I find listings of undeveloped land parcels in Monroe/Wayne county NY?
Try and put me off moving into my own bedsit place?
How much does it cost to build a log house?
Can i get a loan if i get paid 125 dollers from my school a month?
how to prove gave termination letter to tenant?
18 year old kid desperately needs help?
If the FHA will account for one in four house loans by the end of the year...?
If I'm broke, and my account is a negative balance; is it possible that I could still invest in real estate?
what is the foreclosure process and how much time does it take? I live in Ca?
how does it work to auction off a house and it dont bring what you want do you have to sale?
Landlord Problems? Help!?
What can i do about getting my deposit back?
re-decorating a rented flat?
what is the the cheapest loan you can get?
If i am buying land in Kasara would it benificial 10 years down the line?
How much do you pay for rent?
Should I refinance my condo before buying a home in 1.5-2 yrs?
What can I do?
how to know the current value of land in haryana?
what is a quiet title?
the best place to apply for a loan to buy my own home?
Am I crazy to want to move out when I'm only 18???
any mortgage guys out there?
I'm going through an unfair eviction process?
How can I be a good real estate agent.?
When will the real estate market be normal again?
like to purchase a flat at OMR chennai,?
Best way to find a property to rent for 4 months?
Can you be a successful real estate agent if you do not have a large social network to begin with?
how to convert centimeters to feet?
Hi. Can someone recommend a diligent, honest, responsive property manager for condominiums in Edmonton?
Closing costs?
Can I put a lean on someone's house who broke a rental lease with me and did not pay the rent owed me.?
Att: Real Estate Agents?
if the mortgage payer dies then is the home always repossessed?
I just want to know that ,is there a law for the landlord to increase the rent? if yes, what %?
Should I rent or sell my mom's old house?
is now a good time to by a house?
renting a property privately?
Nice apartment complexes downtown LA?
Can i get help with housing?
How can I buy a house no money no credit?
What happens with your mortgage when you move house?
Appropriate references to take to estate agents?
i am in georgia i moved in with a friend i pay the full rent can he evict me i am on not on the lease ?
What's the first step in getting started in real estate investing?
Is there anyone out there making good money buying / selling mortgage notes?
Rental home in foreclosure ? some help please ...?
Does anybody know what how many units an apartment complex can have before?
Is there any banks that would give me a home loan higher than the cost so i can pay off debt at the same time?
when can eviction proceedings start?
Taking a Personal loan or Mortgage for small Condo At 18 years old?
In the UK, if a property does "not include bills", how much should i expect to pay for those bills?
If I share my walkway with my neighbour, do I own half the walkway?
Any info on Tanner Bryce Co re: real estate offer to buy homes?
One bedroom one bathroom condo?
How do I advertise a property I own in the United States to people in Canada looking for a vacation rental?
I have a rental property in NC and I now live in NJ, and my renter is moving out this month. What do I do?
Will be moving to Milton Keynes, UK... Help!?
2 people on a one year apartment lease! I want to move out? What are my options?
Where can you find roommates?
where can you go to find foreclosure property for sale in maryland?
I'm looking at a house that is 167 years old, are there any federal grants to fix up houses this old?
Best place to rent in Cali?
how much it cost to build a golf course?
can i sue my girlfriend for deception for gain? used my income to help secure a re-fi loan. lots of equity?
In the state of NY can you finance land?
How can I get a list of foreclouse properties on publict acutions?
how do i buy a home in las vegas?
Is anyone looking to buy a house in S. Illinois?
I bought a moldy condo. What are my options?
Apartment contract signed, Apartment AC doesnt work and carpet is dirty, Can I back out?
I live by myself in a 3 bedroomed council flat,is it wise to get a move now(new housing benefit benefit laws)?
How do I find out if someone has been evicted before?
Is this legal for a landlord to do?
can my 75 year old grandpa ask for a house to live in with low rent?
Real Estate - Are corner lots worth more than standard lots? (No neighbors on 3 sides)?
What are the qualifications for getting a 201k loan from HUD.?
How does one become a california real estate appraiser?
If me and my girlfriend are moving in together and have no credit can i co sign the lease?
do you know of any 2 bedroom apartments in west knoxville that dont do credit checks..thanks soo much.?
Did my landlord void our lease?
what is the name of the web site that is very similar to Google Earth, that lists last sale price of homes?
How to get a loan for a mixed use building?
Can I Apply For An Apartment Without A Tax Form?
How do I evict someone out of my house that doesn't pay rent and there was never an agreement between us?
can I change my mind about my mortgage lender without losing my mortgage? UK?
can we break a lease if we werent told the place is for sale? Its not in the lease.?
Could we get a home loan for at least $90K...?
homes mortgages under water will double next 6 months...yes or no?
need advice bfs ex wants to foreclose their house cause she wants to live in a diff one. (still paying loan)?
Need advice on how to stage my home for selling?
My landlord is selling the house...what are the legal issues here?
What areas are nice to live in in Bangor, County Down?
my storage unit was sold at a lien sale and I lost everything I had and I don't know if they had the right to
how do I go about first time buyers for homes?
Buying a duplex but want to evict existing tenant... Help?
$10/hour. How much rent can I afford?
mortgage payment?
How did people have homes before banks invented mortgages for the sake of profit?
Whats the best way to buy a house with bad credit?
Whats the best present for a first home owner?
What is the difference between single family detached property and single family attached property?
I want to buy a house- help with figuring how much I can afford please?
how much does a condo cost in New York?
What will the Real Estate Market look like in 10 years?
what are good prices for us to use in our gym?
If I have a house I rent, and I paint the house with the landlord's permission, can I get reimbursed?
I had my house appraised in 2005 and it appr. for $125,000 had it appraised this week and it was for $98k why?
How do I go about finding houses for auction?
what is an 80/20 loan when buying a house?
I need help making my rent this month.?
How do get home loan(100% financing) with bad credit 560 fico score???
Can You Understand This? •○♥ Can You?
Where can I find a foreclosure specialist in Maryland?
What are my legal rights to the home my wife is buying,yet my name is not on the loan or deed?
Commercial Mortgages?
moving out for the 1st time what bills will i have to pay ( uk )?
I am planning to move to Altanta, GA but I need to know the best neighborhoods to rent are and also the worst?
Eventually, could I purchase a $2,500,000 house making $160,000 a year?
What would be a good city/town to live in within 30 miles of New Orleans?
i filed feb 1st y is the paydate the 21st?
My escrow payment increased much more than my taxes increased...why is that?
Are Modular homes covered by FHA loans?
Can you get into trouble by selling and buying test bank?
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