Real Estate

how do I evict short term tenants?
my home is going into forclosure what can I do to save it?
When a landlord says, "No pets", does that include fish?
When will the real estate market bounce back?
I have a duplex that is getting foreclosed on. Please help!?
Help Me For Looking A House?
Nervous abt what to do. My lease is ending. Help?
2009 new home owners tax credit? what if there is a Co-owner?
Does FHA approve loan/purchase of a home without appliances?
How much did you pay for a condo and what city do you live in?
In real estate loans, what are CPL, Payoff & HUD?
how much does the average real estate agent in California make?
can my landlord deny me electricity?
What can i do about this landlord, Moving would give her what she wants.?
How to get real estate license?
I moved far away,moving companys that pack & move for cheap? & animals?Will they deliver to storage units?
What are the ammendments made in Housing finance after budjet?
Can I refuse her entry if she hasn't paid rent?
Is there anyway to move out before 18?
What is the possibility of me buying a house in rual Missouri ?
can someone help with real estate problems? trying to buy a home.?
Does anyone have the cheatsheat or answer-key to all the questions on the California Real Estate Exam?
What do you think would be a fair rent price in N Central FL to charge for a 1B/1B room if I pay all utilities
How much are house utilities?
what is the pros and cons of "reverse mortgage"?
how many people can live in a two bedroom house?
can anyone tell me anything about fliping houses?
My apartments complex is filing bankruptcy. What does that mean for me?
How can I find the current owner of property?
Will she take me back to court ten months after her eviction (we live in MN)?
Is $3,500 too much for an apartment?
Question for tenants or landlords! What are my rights?
Is being a landlord as much of a pain in the butt as people say?
I have applied for an Renting an apartment and its approved now i dont want to move what shall i do?
Is it worth refinancing?
My roommate is threatening me. ?
If an ad for a property to let doesn't specify NO PETS?
any suggestions on a really good name for a house?
i prefer secular reduction in lending rates with a cut in the base rate?
Y or N please: Are realtors more motivated to work with ...?
Is there a cost difference?
Real Estate Agents?
What are housing problems?
Find No Regretz Kennels in Central Illinois?
How much would gas, electricity and water cost per month for one person living in a small apartment in the UK?
Should I rent an apartment or buy a condo or duplex?
Are there any mentoring programs for a real estate invest in the Washington DC area?
Since a large piece of my backyard slid into my neighbors yard, how much should I bill him for the use of it?
How do I look up Country club homes in Lexington, NC?
I am looking for a broker/online consultancy to buy property in Bangalore?
How can we force landlords / Apartment managers to ban dogs like they always used to?
What should I be aware of when purchasing a pre-forclosure home?
Landlord from hell. Help needed?
Did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac EVER issue Loans for Homes?
Is it unsafe to get a home loan with no deposit?
i would like to move but i live in homeless accomadation. what do i do?
i have no money. where should i buy a house?
How to get someone name off deed to house, if they don't want to sign quit deed and haven't helped pay?
What is this type of building called?
Why does the seller of a home have to pay a commission to the buyer's agent?
When you refinance your mortgage, can they automatically add your spouse?
Mortgage rate locked without a call from LO?
What can I give visitors @ an open house?(real estate)?
Using 401 K money for down payment for house with a plan to pay the money back to 401 K in 2-3 months.?
looking for the average monthly electricity bill for seattle washington?
Information about rent to own homes in DFW area?
Co-sign a loan to buy a house?
Houses for rent in Wilmington North Carolina?
If my brother dies w/ debt can they come after my house?
we're getting ready to buy our first house. any pointers i haven't heard yet?
Buying a mobile home on large plot of land, then building a house?
how do i get my name added to a title before my husband dies. he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is inc?
Can apartment complex evict you based on an employee's negligence or failure to process ur lease correctly?
Can an apartment keep my deposit if I signed a lease with a 750 deposit and they now want more?
Please anybody who knows that ONE realtor who can work with very low income due to disability. $160,000 cando?
House payment estimate please?
Who pays the closing cost & surveyor?
Is it illegal for a company to check my credit without my permission?
Can you call any title company and find out how much is owed on a home?
Does anyone know of anyone about to sell their residential property in the Glasgow area?
how to get sellers to move out after closing?
How risky would it be to purchase a home in "as-is" condition?
Do I have to notify HUD if I stop receiving Social Security?
what is the difference between hire purchase agreement and loan?
How should I approach my potential landlord if I want to ask him to let me pay for the deposit later?
Can my landlord ask me to pay full rent even if I leave the flat in the middle of the month ?
Should I hire an unlicensed roofer?
How do I deal with this MEAN RUDE neighbor ?
What kind of rent do people pay for a two bedroom apartment and in what city/state are you?
How much do you need to have as a down payment for a house that's worth $250,000?
Hi how can a 13 year old kid make money fast i need it bad!?
How can I ever afford to move out?!?
Should I buy a home in Albany New York?
can a mortgage company add your spouse name to your home title without your autorization?
where to find real estate treated posts???
lease or finance?
I want to know where I can find the laws covering a buyer of a home in PA.?
remove mechanics lien nc forms?
How can I avoid foreclosure if Iam 3 months behind in payments?
Is Hoboken safe? Compared to lets say.. Sunset park brooklyn.?
How to split Rent?
Renting a house trouble?
How do I conduct a lien search at a County Court house?
hi my dad is charging me rent? in 17?
What can I do about a landlord who is trying to force sex from my wife in exchange for receipts already owed?
How long can a landlord hold a rent check before he cashes it?
can any one help for the finance in calcutta for completing the project which has been stuck just for the fina
lease to own..can we change the locks?
how do you stop a person from puting a fruadgulent lien on youre property after its been dropped and appealed?
My landlord wants part of my rent in cash - do I have the right to refuse?
Landlord Problems? Help!?
Requirements for VA refinance...?
Rental application process? (please read)?
Want to be a real estate investor?
Why is the fall of house prices in the UK reported to be a gloom?
What if the applinaces are not working in the house I am buying? Will that cause loan disapproval?
Can I still get a mortgage?
give me some information about California Real Estate?
I sold a house and hold the mortgage. How can I reduce the interest rate only? Do I have to hire a lawyer?
Home loan denied now what???????????
I am paying 700 for rent. I am ready for a mortgage, but I have filed bankrupt.?
I can't find a roommate and I've already advertised on cragislist and church?
how to set the deed transferring and money transferring at the same time?
Can anyone recommend how to get started in real estate investing?
I am a landlord; my tenants decided to move out 3 months early. How can I report her on her credit report?
i'm looking for section A rent houses in dallas?
I live in California, If my house goes to shortsale/foreclosure. Do I have to pay the difference if it sales?
How much does a 3 bedroom house cost where you live?
Condo rental says: "Per month: $4,455 - $15,548" - Why does the price vary SO much?
After giving up a council house will i be disqualifed on the list?
Can I get this dead-beat Tenant to EVER leave???
what do you think about interest only loans?
should I get a real estate lawyer to handle my house sale?
Average electricity bills?
What do you think of this place?
Can they kick me out so soon?
what is a reasonable price for rent?
I am 17 looking to rent an apartment. How to get around having a co-signer?
im in forclosure on my first home, it suppose to be a rental, but my renter backed out?
how does a land contract work, and how do you figure out interest?
naga city properties for sale?
Need answers to practice test to prepare for real estate exam?
Question on your end of lease with an apartment.?
What is the financing of forever 21 ?
Where is traffic like in Raleigh, NC -- what are the most congested areas (what roads wort in rush hr)?
Tenant Has A Felony & Want To Rent My Duplex?
Who or where can I file a complaint against my mortgage company? They have jacked my rate astronimcally!?
can i take out a loan to pay for a apartment im 18 no job and need place to live?
really unhappy with estate agent who can I report this to?
How do i go about getting my own place?
what's the name of the real estate appraisal service that began on 2/15/06; free; do it yourself;online?
What is a difference between Lofts, & Studio?
If mobile home on my property and someone else lives in, and they move out, can I keep the mobile home?
When you buy a home using a VA loan, does the VA sometimes also offer cash towards purchase of the house?
Can our letting agency make us leave the flat for 2 weeks between contracts?
Has your landlord ever agreed to let you out of lease early!?
My roomate didnt pay rent causing eviction how do i CYA for future renting or court?
How much auto-insurance coverage for wife if her name isn't on the house mortgage?
How to kick an ex out of my house. There is no lease, He is not on the title, and we were never married.?
what is the difference between a realtor and a salesperson?
What to do when you lost your rent deposit receipt?
How can I sell my house to it's best price?
do manufactured homes have a deed or title?
Apartment People Problem?
Can you look at a house that is "pending-loan" or "pending-short sale" ?
Can bad credit keep you from getting electricity service to your home in Texas?
can you have a room mate while on section 8?
i was evicted from an apt 2 yrs ago and need an apartment and cant get one is there any way around this?
Where can I go get my real estate license?
can you claim horse stable rent on taxes?
i would like to know how muchit would cost to change the gas and electric over to my name i am moving into an?
can I get a form for a quit claim on line?
Where can I find free information about the foreclosure process in California?
Advantages and disadvantages of shared ownership?
What are the best places find a rental house or apartment in or around Tiftonia Tennessee?
What should I do when a property manager is making up fake repair bills when he was managing a rental home?
Where do you like to live in?
what are my rights when it comes to owner financing? Can the owner fix all the repairs before we buy? HELP?
Good home owners insurance rate?
Should I ask my landlord to replace lightbulbs or replace them myself?
when should you think about changing realtors? I am not sure mine is trying very hard to sell my home!?
My name is on the lease what are my rights ( more info added)?
Moving out for the first time and young.?
what year was my house built? 16200 Aveston Pl 20716?
tennant gone to jail how long will council pay his rent for?
would i be likley to fail at flipping houses for a living if?
living in my father foreclosed home with my sister tring to make us pay her rent or get out of the house?
am I entitled to housing benefit?
If you could build a house in any country other than the one you live in,where would it be?
Is there a seller for 2473 Redwood Dr. in Antioch?
why have i received a letter about a housing benefit review?
In UK how can house prices have almost doubled in the last 10 years when wages have hardly gone up at all?
My landlord has never cut the grass where I rent,I did without compensation, I do I approach this issue?
My fiance and I are looking for an affordable apartment... help?
Landlords: What do you do when a Tenant calls you saying there's some mold in the rental?
Buying a house with him...should my name be on...something?
i want to move to a warmer climate?
Anyone rented a room to a felon before?
Can my parents be my guarantors even if they no longer live in the UK?
What would you think if your Realtor did this?
how much does it cost to live on your own with a roommate?
the question I want to know is do I need a H.S diploma to receive or take saleperson?
What's the difference in a PMI,MIP financed fee vs. PMI,MIP funding fee?
Failed environmental search, please help?
Rental application-is it legal in WA to ask the tenant provide their pay studs to be sure they have a job?
could someone buy and own the white house if they wanted to?
Landlord is annoying me!!?
Mobile Home Sales Contract?
What would cause my house to go down almost $10,000 in one week?
New Home Costruction - digging and foundation?
My roomates have been living off of me for 9 months now?
Need to move out..but don't have a place..what should I do?
Can I buy a second home with my first home already underwater?
Should i just inspect my own house, or should i pay someone to do a general house inspection b 4 i buy it?
what percent of one's monthly salary should be spent on rent?
I'm looking at a house to buy - it has the heating unit in a bedroom closet. Is this OK?
If I stop making payments on my mortgage will the bank still try to collect what is owed from me?
What happened to Sustinence comes up inst.?
Mortgage underwater, reduction in income, what can I do?
Are there investors willing to buy a house and allow an elderly person to stay in it?
do u need a home loan to buy a house?
What are the steps of buying a home?
can you sell a house on behalf of an incapacitated persons if you are the power of attorney?
Busy bodied landlords?
Where should i start when looking for a house for rent?
what are a set of rules for a condo/community of condos called?
I moved in with a friend BUT did not sign into a lease agreement w/ them. Do I owe them 30 day notice to move?
what is ontario rent control contact number?
What can you do in Ohio if your landlord is in breach of the lease?
How do I find properties in difficulty, prior to banks foreclosing on them?
Second mortgage holder preventing sale?
What is the difference in leasing a commercial property and renting one?
What apartments in Kalamazoo lease month-to -month?
To home inspect or not - that is the question?
Neighborhood flooded, should I rebuild or walk away?
renting for the first time.?
tenant/landlord issues?
Can I move out at 17 in Texas?
is this the rigth time to buy a house in GTA? will the price go up or down in next 5 years?
Help me name my real estate company?
Question about a apartment!?
Rodent problem! i want to break my lease.?
Should I consider buying an older house?
What are some nice and cheap areas to live in New England (not CT)?
What is my Maximum Mortgage?
My family and I are considering a move from New York to Las Vegas!?
Problems after moving into a new home?
How much rent would I have to pay?
How to Rent a home while getting paid under the table?
Apartment rentals in Buenos Aires?
what is the current mortgage rate right now?
where can i find the property line for my home?
Do you have to pay for a structural survey when you sale your house to a potential buyer?
What is the legal age for some one to rent a motel room in the state of N Dakota?
Will the changes we are about to make to the house get it sold faster?
is a home inspection mandatory to sell a home?
When should my bf and I contact a lender or realtor?
Can I apply for the Ownhome scheme with my mother even though she's not going to be living in the house I buy?
need a good apartment rental site for ann arbor MI area?
Can a landlord charge you more rent if?
How does it work when I want to buy a foreclosure home? I just want details please.?
Breaking Lease due to medical reasons??
If I have $50,000 for a down payment, what price house could I get?
I live in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs and i have one what can they do to find out?
How much money would an apartment complex take out of your deposit if you left a 4 x 8ft hole in the wall?
Is there any incentives for first time home buyers now?
Is this reasonable of me to ask my landlord?
when buying a house can they put the original water heater back before closing?
i am occupying a house that is a preposed land use action. The house is scheduled to be torne down on the 30th?
I want to be a real estate agent?
Who can I talk to on how to go about moving out of parents house on full time minimum wage?
FHA loans for homes to the disable?
do we have to pay for the carpets to be cleaned at the end of tenancy?
I signed an "offer to buy" contract on a house with a deadline to accept the offer at a certain day and time.?
by law,when being evicted,how much time must landlord give tenant to vacate premises?
Landlord/Tenant Disagreement in GA?
If I live in a condo can I hire a housekeeper?
Can yu have a garage sale at your appartment complex?
are there any deaf real estate agents in Arizona?
We're military in Katterbach. How to rent a house without a real estate agent, where to go?
my rental property was inspected for a tenant with section 8. i have a 3 bedroom unit,however the inspector is?
New to Real Estate! Should I go with Keller Williams?
Is an estoppel agreement signed by both landlord and tenant?
How do i tell friends i live with that they i need their rent money without them getting mad?
How can I avoid foreclosure if Iam 3 months behind in payments?
Can we get a personal loan to help pay rent the first month?
Any suggestions on auctions of houses in the LOS ANGELES AREA WHERE THE PRICES STARTING @70,000$ TO?
What's the best deal on an apartment or house rental in Santa Rosa Beach, FL?
my landlord is using the excuse of rent allowance not to give me back my deposit is that legal?
Has anyone taken the Rich dad education courses on real estate?
where can I find information on rates for rental homes in oxnard, CA?
What is an alternative to a credit check to rent an apartment or home?
What does shortfall mean in real estate?
parasrampuria builders ,iNDIA ,Need their website address please?
Getting jacked.... ? AEP!?
Can You Really Make Money as a Notary Signing Agent?
HELP!!!!Can i refinance? i HAVE AN ADJUSTABLE?
Is paying the landlord gas money an expected expense in my case??
Can I kick out my Roommate (sorry I don't know which catigory to put this under)?
Where do I find a check list for ques. to ask a person who wants to rent a room in my home?
What do you do if a tenant moves out and doesn't return their keys?
My house is under my dad's name, he wants me to put it under my name; how do I go about that?
Did my landlord break the lease?
Does a landlord or renting agency need to sign an apartment lease as well as the tenants?
how do i add my name to the deeds of my mothers house?
How do I get a package if I live in an apartment?
What is the limit for rent self declaration?
Owners living in the same apartment building...good or bad?
How can houses have such a low monthly payment?
who is responsible for the mortgage melt down?
where can i find real estate notes?
Can someone give me there home sharing details if you have Football Manager 2011?
can a landlord say only two certain people cant be in the house?
I have a lot of personal property lost because of mold which the landlord didn't advise me of?
Housing question pls help 10 points?
What does everyone in Ga mean double the rent at signing?
If a person has 2 homes and one is foreclosed on, how does that affect the other home?
Wanting to get PreApproves for Mortgage! Which is better Bank, Credit Union, or Broker?
who should i contact with a realtors incompetence?
What is the maximum amount of time I have to store someones personal property. Its already been over a year.?
looking for a loan to fix my property?
i need to know how do i find a lein on my property?
how to pass the real estate exam?
We closed on our house and the deed is not filed yet, they wont give us keys can they do this?
can anyone recommend me an agent? we are selling our land in Muzon Taytay Rizal Philippines 5654 sqm.?
what is a good price to offer for a bank owned home?
has anyone used "John becks free and clear real estate system"?
Can I roll over the profit from sale of a second home to a comparable second home?
Eviction Notice please i need some advice...?
Should I forclose on my home?
If you live with someone in an apartment complex and the person on lease moves out, can they evict remaining?
My friend wants to buy a condo from a guy who brought it from a guy had originally placed the condo in a trust
Can I bid more than 10% below asking price for a new home and be taken seriously?
Tell me what orange, nj is like (not east, south, or west, just plain orange)?
When can I go back into my condemned house?
how do i find a phone number to a street address?
Anyone used / familiar with the Moladi low-cost housing system ( a modular "house in a box"?
what does the acronym MITUM stand for? real estate term?
is it illegal to live in a property without hot water?
can you request a bank stop paying your taxes and insurance and just pay it yourself ?
How do i find how has the lien on my truck?
grants are near impossible or not enough. who specializes in home buying with income of 16k year disability?
In 2006 got a divorce and signed a Quick Claim Deed. this year the ex died. found out that he did not refiance?
My rent is late 20 days already, can the Landlord evict me. How and when.?
How do you get someone evicted in philadelphia?
How do I present a good case in court?
Roommate problem of utility bills?
If you are a renter and a child drowns in pool you rent from, is the owner of the home responsible?
my home is listed for foreclosure/i have paid back money owed/status now?
Should I buy a condo in south florida, or just continue renting?
Commercial property.. No lease.. Can i leave?
Can a landlord demand that I sign another 1 year lease after my first ends and not allow month-to-month?
Does anyone know where I can find a listing for starters homes?
How many entrances does a rental house/appt have to have in PA?
I heard an interview on public radio about a new website that has property values for any address. Zillo?
Tips/gifts for realtor and mortgage broker?
Where can I find a good title company to close on my house?
How much profit will I make on selling my house?
i get soc sec and ssa can i bye a house .?
need tips for first time home buyer w/ slight twist?
Apartment Lease Question?
Rental contract gone wrong!?
landlord and tenant laws?
Where can you find land lots around maryland online?
Rental Business: Snow Plowing - get Contract or simple quote sent through Email fine?
How much more should the person living in the better bedroom pay? (bigger, en-suite, built in wardrobes etc.)?
Do i still have to pay if rental company voids their end of the lease contract?
What are the best toilets for rental properties?
I need advice on how to live on my own (age 21)?
Is this possible? Mortgage advice, first time buyer...?
Is it a good time to be an appraisal trainee in california?
Landlord responsible for Mosquito infestation?
hi......any one can share any information about living cost there?
can i refinance a home which was brought not only 12 months ago for cash back. cost 390,000. needed 30,000.?
How can I aquire a private Island?
What is the safest country to buy home in Africa?
do i have to give 30 days notice in a month to month renting situation if there is no lease?
How much notice will be given for the end of the Gov guarantees for NRock?
Does the closing documents date matter?
House is in Foreclosure?
Any advice on opening a real estate office? Has anyone gone thru the process?
where do i find out how to by tax delinquent property's. And or tax lein property's?
our mortgage is both names but i pay all the bills. will i have to divide profits if we sell the house?
Where do I get info on buying tickets to Donald Trump's seminar in SF, CA?
i need a good property solicitor in yeovil somers?
how does a morgage work?
Why can't I get a loan but can get a mortgage?
Section 8 vs HUD which is better?
How can I get out of an apartment lease in Florida?
Gifting a home to a relative?
which is the cheapest way to rent a flat in London?
Would a condo allow a person to play the drums during the day time?
What do these numbers in my deed mean (property boundaries)?
How do i place a mechanics lein on a property in Michigan?and where do i go?
landlord tenant questions.... please help?
my landlords are getting divorce. who would i pay rent to and not worry bout getting kicked out.?
Can different mortgage lender approve you for different amounts?
No heating or hot water in rented house, what should I do?
I am a landlord, the tenants are complaining about excessive partying at one apartment, can i call the police.?
How To Add Someone To A Mortgage?
Don't you think its stupid that?
what is ppr in realestate?
Can an executor change the will after the person dies?
Question about Closing Date Changes?
Which city in America has the most beautiful real estate?
Landlord said I didn't have to pay the deposit for keys and pets when I signed the lease and moved in but now?
qualifications in real estate:where to start?
After a studio apartment near Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles California would the next step if i am?
what is jt ten?
Why should I use a real estate agent instead of selling a house by myself?
finding the owner of a home thats on the market?
first time home buyer..?
Can I get into real estate at 18?
How can I get my home refinanced even though I'm in credit counseling for a few bills?
Short sale or stay with security clearance?
30 days notice for not renewing your lease?
is it illegal to have charged a land lord for my stay in a hotel becuase he didnt respond to my calls about fr?
what are some cheap rental halls in salem county new jersey?
Can you break an apartment lease due to high robbery incidences in your building?
How can i make money by buying real-estate?
Can anyone tell me if a Real Estate Agent from the US can move to Mexico for work in the RE field please??
I hate math. Is there a simple way to understand real estate math?
Do I need an Estate agent to sell my real estate to a family member?
What type of people move into revitalized urban downtown areas?
I will appreciate any assistance with this question?
Is the housing bubble going to burst? Some are saying its time..?
Can I use structured settlement to buy a home?
Loft conversion legalities for renting to students?
How long do you have to move out when selling your home?
My landlord is going to double my rent, is that legal?
What is the going rate per hour for cleaning a vacant rental house?
Do you know any numbers on where i can call to complain on a landlord ?
When will I get $100 from
Should I ask my landlord to replace lightbulbs or replace them myself?
I am having an apartment inspection tomorrow, and i was wondering what they were allowed to inspect?
need opinions from all Irish students. anyone know about accommodation....???
Has anyone heard of Home Acccess USA? You pay $200 bucks and they find you a pre-foreclosed home no credit.?
should i pay my rent?
Is it true that property in Mumbai got cheaper by a lakh?
in Illinois can a landlord not renew a lease without previous notice?
How quick can I evict a roomate that's not on the lease?
How i can find rent in boulder accepting section 8 vouchers thank you?
I bought my property in Jun 2010 & applied for a homeowner's exemption, am I eligible for a proration in 2010?
credit check for estate agents?
Question about HUD? Fiance's mother wanting to rent our property, will HUD pay us rent?
I need to find a really cheap apartmeny in Los Angelas.?
Do I have to pay taxes 2 my aunt if taxes are already paid? We were just told about our deceased dad's land?
We are in process of purchasing our first house. Where find the lowers interest rate morgage?
If a tenant is is always late for paying then rent...?
Moving into first place?
How can I get my deposit back on my apartment?
Who's going to sell $FB shares in time for the lockout?
Has anyone tried real estate get rich classes, Does it work?
Can my roommate sue me for moving the things out of his room into the empty room?
whatt is your favorite drink?
Raising money for property development?
How in the hell of it can first-time-buyers afford a house today?
i had a permanent address but now i am living as a tenant help me for the address proof.?
moving out...well. trying to.?
any good real estate advertising sites to help me sell a cheap california house under 90,000 dollars???thanks!
How do I build just a lot, no house, anything. Jus a lot so I can put a business on it?
do you need an attorney when closing on a house purchase using a home equity loan?
What is your opinion of people who live in mobile home parks?
Growing family in a two bedroom house in uk. Can't afford to get a bigger place?
is it possible to add yourself to a deed?
Realators didn't give us info, now we could be out thousands!!?
Is your house an asset or liability?
Can I get a home loan.?
Is being pregnant a good enough reason to break my lease without many, if any penalties?
What should I say in a letter to my tenants?
how realtor and broker make their commisions? thanks?
I paid a deposit for a house but wasn't able to move in. Now they won't return my deposit to me.?
We are having a hard time selling our mobile home.......?
How do I go about getting a credit check and a background check . I'm a first timer. Help!?
The sale tax is $45 on the purchase of a dining room set for $1125. Find the sales tax rate.?
Finding an apartment?
How else can I find a roommate to sublease my room?
how do you find the name of the homeowner with only the street address?
FHA streamline refinance question?
How do i go about finding someone to invest in my apartment?
i need help with housing cant get help from the council?
L was living in a room in an actic,, the window broke wen l was trying to open t,nw landlord want 600 for it?
Will new bail out plan by congress, help new/first time home buyer? ?
Can I afford 500k home?
Is it possible to pass on to your son unpaid home mortgage as inheritance?
i want to add a name to my house who do i inform?
a person with 780 credit score wanting to finance a new home, what would be the finance rate for a 120,000.00?
Roommate Matching Fail/Lease Breaking?
Can my Landlord Evict me if ?
Breaking a Reservation for an apartment?
if you break out of a lease, can you lose more money than the rent you owe the landlord if he decides to sue u
Can someone with a pervious, recent foreclousure and bankruptcy dismiss purchase a home for $50,000 w/ 0 down?
MY listing agent insisting a another open house after having done once 2 months ago. do i need to agree?
If a residential property is built in a commerical zone, how would it effect the value of the home?
how do I get someone off my property. Doesnt pay rent.California, won't give me straight answer.No lease no re
what is the validity period of a sale agreement?
where would i find recorder of deeds?
Do I Need Realtor to Buy A House?
My daughter decited to break her lease. The owner is trying to make her pay 1/2 months rent + 299.00 reletting?
once you bail out on a apartment lease can you get it back?
tenant rights..... help plz?
I live in California, how can I break a lease due to a job loss and financial hardship?
Anyone know the tips of how to get the house sold faster?
I have two questions: What is the average cost of a home in the U.S. What is the average income?
How many residences are in Huntington Beach, CA ?
Is 500 sq ft big enough for 2 people?
Should I file complaint against my to-be landlord?
Can my parents claim me as a dependent on their taxes if I pay rent to stay in the house?
Is my landlord allowed to close off a room in my house from use? Like an open living room? If I'm paying rent?
How can obtain list of all former tenants of a residence in NYC?
where can i findddd rental with no credit check?
Who would you rather have to build your house...?
How do I change my name on my property's deed now that I am married?
where can I find listings for rent to own in LasVegas, nv?
what should we do,we got a notice of trustees sale!!!?
Is it OK for a landlord to . . . .?
are the homes for sale on craigslist legit?
Should she get the money back?
what is the difference between a freehold and a leasehold as pertainig to foreigner buing condos in Thailand?
i live in bristol and i was wanting to know what was the land used for before houses were built on it?
Which is best, Commercial real estate leasing or buying? (Pro's & Cons of both)?
My apartment is invested by coackroach?
Horrible roommate..should we tell the Realtor?
whart is a short sale?
Where is the best place to rent apartments in Central New Jersey?
Can smoking in your house contribute to diminishing its value?
Can I set up a tenant to pay their rent directly to my bank account?
why are properties so expensive?
How do I get business for myself?
Where should I move to?
Lease agreement question!?
What does 16 section land mean?
Landlord refused giving back deposit?
Santa Monica Renters policies?
Renting from aarons an stopped payin HELP?
does anyone know how long a search on a property would normally take when selling or buying a house?
can my landlord kick me out if i dont pay rent cause of bed bugs?
montgomery county home inspection.?
My land lord wants to paint the inside of our house but its winter time?
First time home buyers credit?
how to become a real estate agent?
How do I get out of my fixed rate mortgage? I'm paying 5.7% interest?
is the land mine or not?
Can I use my security deposit to pay my rent? (PA) LANDLORDS PLEASE ANSWER?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
What are some home loans for people with high debt to income ratio?
I need a roomate or I need to move in to a place! Anyone know were to find one?
How much does 1 acre cost in New Hampshire?
if im emacipated at 16 with a child can i get on section 8 housing?
What can you do with Metro Detroit Real Estate for profit?No money down?
how to advise on equity remedies regard to landlord who didnt fulfil his contract /didnt renovate the house?
How do I get billed for rent and electricity?
If a bank forecloses on your home do they pay you back what you put into the mortgage in the years you had it?
Can you live in a small apartment earning £4:50 an hour (full time)?
To buy a condo that is $50,000, I have $14,000 for down payment, how much income do I need to get the loan?
Hi, I am looking for a house to share for school?
We are buying a house in the Las Vegas Area...?
How long does it take to close on a home that's in probate in NJ?
what is the condition of the real estate market were you live?
is it bad to pay rent in all 20's?
what type of housing programs are available 4r parents with children with heart problems in Cleveland,Ohio?
can i get my mails back. i was not using my account for a period 6 months. i had many important mails.?
In Real Estate what does the term "Possession: by agreement mean?"?
Can a landlord eveict me and my kids if they didn't give me a eviction notice.?
Moving Into First Apt Help?
Can you recommend a service/ company that can help us downsize, sell stuff from our home> We are in South NJ.
Why is my site no longer cached by google?What does that mean?
What is the average rate of sale vs rent in chicago? If i Buy a condo in 600,000 how much can i ask for rent?
will rent prices come down anytime soon?
I want to buy a few vacant lots, and then sell them when the market turns around....?
Does anyone know of any homes for rent or sale?
if i pay $3000 mortgage for principal & interest. how much can i get tax break from this amount?
Roommate wont provide me my rent receipts.?
How can I get on the council house list?
How much money is needed for down payment for a house that cost 200,000$?
How can a person who has bad credit and limited income but no debt buy a home or property to build a home?
Is it possible to be a principal owner of a house that my father wants to put 50,000.00 down but my credit may?
What are some really convincing reasons to buy a beach house?
I just rented a house and there is no electric outlet for my dryer only gas??? please answer?!?!?
Are there laws on light in rented accomodation in the UK?
I want to give my house to my son. I understand the tax issues, but is all I have to do is transfer the title?
Can I pay my own electricity bill in a month-to-month with included utilities?
How do you buy a house if the owner is dead?
Does everyone have to sign the apartment lease agreeing to an animal?
Is my landlord able to keep my security deposit?
How can I get Real Estate Leads?
What is the average rental for commerical retail property?
How much do building permits generally cost?
What are remortgage good & bad points?
How to I find the cheapest mortgage?
If I have very little or no credit, how can I purchase a house? ?
around how much money would rent be for a 2-bedroom apartment?
What should offer be?
galveston coastal property a good investment?
i have had to drop my house from £210,000 to £190,000?
If someone states in an email they will give me money, are they legally obliged to pay this than?
There is a piece of land that was offered to us for $5000. in Malibu. Should we buy it?
looking for a buyer?
How does Rent to Own Work?
Annoying footsteps Noise from the floor above. Can I take any legal actions against it?
How does a person become a contractor to clean out foreclosed homes?
Trying to sell a house thats overseas?
Does anyone know of a mortgage lender that will buy out a bankruptcy and/or foreclosure?
Where do I go to get help with moving out and getting my own flat?
Is a loan closer and a loan officer the same thing?
My parents paid the original loans in 1972 and I have paper work!?
is this a right time to buy house in mass or rather wait? and how long?
What if I break a lease for apt.?
Strata by law says 'No dog' in Australia?
Landlord Passed Away, Should I Write the Rent Check in her Daughter name?
Can we live without water?
Is leaving your apartment before the lease is over consider eviction?
I have a section 8 voucher, looking for a place in San Antonio Texas. My deadline is in May.?
Looking into doing a rent to own, can you tell me what kind of Q's I should ask the owner?
Housing Benefit Advice?
can i fake tax returns to a lender to qualify for a house with out the gov finding out?
lease to own..can we change the locks?
does the borrower get the remaining money after the house has been sold under a foreclosure?
At what point should I get a loan pre-approval & GFE?
2-3000sq ft, 4/3- 5/4,homes sold in 29223, Northsprings area yardage 1/2 to 1 acre, on lake sold for how much?
Can landlord change the name of the utilities if it is in some else s name?
How long does eviction process take?
Is it possible to withdraw your offer on a house if it's already been accepted?
Can you build a house 2 bedroom house under $45,000?
carpet depreciation for a rental home in riverside county?
Putting our house up for sale after only 2 years.?
South Dakota Apartments?
who is a good loan company or mortgage lender?
hat would be the starting salary 24 hrs on site manager of 66 units?
What is Basingstoke like?
How to give a house as a gift to my mother?
should I move if my landlord might be spying on me?
I need a basic rental agreement setting up, what should I include?
How to find Land/Building Value?
Can anyone recommend a specific mortgage lender?
can you sell real estate to a nonprofit for free and write off the appraised amount on your taxes?
I have a friend who pays rent weekly for an apartment she stays in. She purchases a money order?
how to buy abandoned property,in an abandoned town?
Waiting for house to Close?
(in arkansas) is it legal to offer reduced rent to senior citizens?
Can you break your lease after being robbed?
Can the owner say you'll get the keys a week early, then ask you to pay for that week?
Is it a good idea to refinance my house?
how can i find affordable housing in another state?
What is the cheapest tax based city in texas?
How do I get a proper deed of reconveyance out of the idiots at Countrywide?
Expensive estates in some cities?
If I have a slummy landlord that won't fix a hole in my roof, who can I report him to? In Texas.?
Flipping houses?
MA Tenant/ renter's Rights?
If you had to pick, would you rather live in the New York metropolitan area or the Washington metro area?
we are ina bad situation with family and we want to know if it is possible if able to rent a house?
Florida Board of Realtors Required?
how is a cost of living in South VietNam in the year 2006?
Can our landlord do this?
my mom is on social security and wants to sell her house...will this affect her benefits?
i am currently in a foreberence agreement with my mortgage company?
How much does a one bedroom Apt cost in and around Phoenix Arizona?
tips and steps for first time apartment hunter ?
Can i say no to a council flat ?
can i take a online class to become a realtor i live in ct.?
Sould we buy a 2nd home in Hawaii? My wife works in Hawaii and I in Wyoming. We will be maximizing our debt.?
CLOSING A SHORT SALE HOME IN SAN DIEGO, sellers still living there.What can i do ?
Selling land in a town in Tamil Nadu - India?
Can an 18 year old afford a house that cost 500,000 dollars?
can landlord charge you a late fee from january in september?
Rent to own, is it a good option?
Can you really buy a foreclosed house for only 1000 dollars and not have to pay anything else?
What are the global financial/banking consequences if the oceans raise 5 feet and damage coastal real estate?
we are being threatened to be thrown out of our park because my mother is staying with us but we own our home?
Can I be evicted?
So I work as a mortgage person trying to help financial planners make $. Best way to contact them??
How do I find an insurance company to cover my home rehab projects?
Can I take out a bank loan for the deposit on my apt?
Is it possible to rent a single family home?
My Great Grandma wants to give me her house, but it has a mortgage, what do I need to do?
Free and clear real estate?
Buying a House....doing a House Inspection?
After the 6 months do you have to pay the whole amount for a wells fargo education connection Loan?
My mom died. just got my executor letter from court and the bank put the property in the forclosure what 2do?
Can I break my lease??!!?
If I don't have any income and live with my roommates could I be denied on my rental application?
When is we moving in a house?
how can i buy a property in auction?
I am an American who lectures in an overseas University. Can I buy property in The US?
How can I ask my girlfriend to get deposit back when I am living here?
Foreigners buying up U.S. real-estate?
How do I remove a tenant simply?
Should I take legal action against my roommate?
What kind of questions should I ask the Construction Superintendent, at a Pre-Construction meeting?
Why would a landlord need to check exactly where your money comes from?
What constitutes excessive noise in an apartment?
Should my landlord pay for broken washing machine?
Can one legally rent a house for living and then use it for business purposes?
how can you buy a house with bad credit?
Assuming me and my roomies want to settle down for a couple years, is an apartment or a house/condo better?
Can a landlord accept someone with no job?
what does it takes to be a good real estate seller?
who owns our beautiful MOON ? look out the window, is it not our beautiful MOON looks so lovely ?
when is the best time of the year to sell a house in California?
About to go through a Divorce and need some help with a Home Question?
What is the least expensive area in California to buy a home and in Nevada?
How long does it take to get approved for an apartment?
council house registar.. can anyone help?
So im trieng to rent an apartment and i asked if utilities are included so lady response!?
Looking to rent my house and purchase another any advice?
Can deployment disqualify you from a FHA loan?
We just bought a house using a VA loan...?
what does no pets on a lease refer to?
If I have an offer on my house that I'm negotiating (but no contract), can other potential buyers still look?
My house appraised for far less than what I owe!?
We've had our house for a year(FHA 30yrs at 6%) and want to pay off all of our other debts...?
How much would it cost to add a 12 x 12 room onto a one-story,1240 sq.ft. house in Oakland, CA?
Are there loan for mortgages that will help with down payment on new homes that require money to hold land?
Who gets late fee for rental payment? Landlord or Management company?
i rent and a tree fell on my truck who pays for it?
I want to take a small loan out for about $4,000. Where is the best place to go? Tips?
I own a 15 apt. 6 store building. Do I have to escrow the security deposits with a bank in a seperate account?
I HAVE A HOUSE i AM RENTING OUT..the tenants did not pay my credit is ruined what can I do?
What does a deal that involves 50% of the cash flow with, 12% floor, and prorata share of 35% equity mean?
how write a gift letter for funds use to buy house?
Landlord tresspassing?
If i did a loan modification for my house about a year or two ago would i be able 2 cosign 4 mom 2 buy a home ?
list of real-estate agents e-mails in orlando florida?
Mobile/Manufactured home expert help needed!?
I wonder if I will ever be able to purchase my own home. I have crap credit , and a divorce. Is there hope?
What sort of flooring do you have in your living room?
So, what is it that people have against using a Realtor?
What site can I go to to print out FREE and valid Texas Warranty Deed forms?
Landlords arriving without notice?
how can i sue my mortgage broker for lying 2 me?
Why are there always weirdos hanging out in front of low-income housing?
what good deed you do today?
I just posted question bout a/c not bng fixed...the whole unit needs to be done, im on a fixed income?
does utah davis county housing authority also cover living areas in weber county?
I have money to buy short sales foreclosures REO's. Do you have any in Las Vegas?
Can I rent if I just recently was charged for possesion of a?
Approved for a loan on house with conditions?
are intrest rates going to continue to rise?
Do I have to give a 30 day notice if I never signed a lease?
Where can I find a fun job in Dallas?
I think my mortgage co is jerking me around. What do I do?
can some one rent me a 1 br house, for less then $650.00, is only one person, me?
how much is a ria of land?
How to insure your home and belongings within your home?
Can I use assets from a joint account with my mother (her account) to boost my income level to buy a home?
if my monthly rent is 500.00 and i move out on the 15th how much money is still owed to me?
Whos the best lender for first time home buyers,when you have hardly any money and ok credit?
can I claim mortgage payments even if I don't have one?
Is there anything you'd like to own but can't afford?
what is the best way of saving money?
What is a HDFC apartment?
Are there single rooms for rent in or near karol bagh? if they are please let me know?
how can i give my commercial property on rent to bank?
What is a good/reasonable price to pay for monthly rent?
Can she really kick me out of MY own apartment?
I want to move out of florida whats are the best states with low crime rate and employment.?
Looking for a basic CC&R template or by-laws template in order to fill in our complex's name, etc.?
does anyone have any info on income based aparments?
What stuff should I buy for my first apartment?
Rent a hall or party at home?
can the bank be liable for closing cost when a RESPA was not disclosed in the required 3 days,?
Paying for internet at my house problem help easy 10?
What's the lowest price for a house?
how do I get cash at closing?
architect or contractor?
Breaking a rental agreement?
if you move into a apt. with bedbugs is it my responsiblety to pay to have them killed or landlords?
Public housing in Manteca, california?
HELP!! My roommate is breaking our lease!?
I need list of real estate developers in south florida?
Is there anyway to refinance my home with a 550 credit score and approximately 80k in equity?
is ther a " Law of intent " on purchasing property in Louisiana?
when should I start looking for a house to buy?
Florida real estate Prices?
We are thinking about closing in our garage and making a room for our son, but we were wondering if not having?
Moving into student housing. What to do?
30 day notice to vacate?
Is a landlord required to provide smoke detectors in a rental home?
What else do you have to pay for when buying a house/townhouse?
were to buy a home in Southern NJ?
How do I get more buyer and sellers leads for my real estate career?
can you refinance a my communityloan?
I need to know if there are any apartments/homes available for rent in the delaware/maryland area?
how do you get rich in real estate?
What is the one room set rent in Saudi Arabia and expenses of living for one person?
Why do seaside apartments never sell?
i want to sell my house,and finance the buyer myself. the house is paid it Good idea?
What should I do, if my roommate is holding on the joint check for return of security deposit?
How do I get imfo on a forclosed house that is in Bankruptsy? the house is located in Indiana and has been vac
I wanted to know if you have an apartment complex on your credit report you owe can you lease another apart.?
breaking lease before the end period?
Can you have your own Council flat/house at 16, IF you get chucked out at 16. In the UK.?
What if my landlady threw my stuff out 3 months after she evicted me?
Realtor Suing Me for Compensation - Her Client saw my Sign and called me?
FHA 203K steamline Origination fees. Am I getting a good deal?
what is the average time for a house to sell in the real estate market in orange county?
I am wanting to purchase a home, i have already found one but i need help!!!!!?
Buying a home at age 18?
bought a house 30yr fixed fha sale price was 109.000?
Does the property tax amount change if you refinance ur mortgage and the appraisal of the house is now higher?
How can I find someone to rent my Las Vegas condo?
What Gov. Agency do Realestate Title Companys report to ?
What is the best way to send papers overnight from state to state that won't cost too much?
Mortgage company says I can't rent out my house...?
I signed a contract with my x-wife to help pay mortgage but the deal was we would sell the house and she wont?
do they have boarding houses for women in nc for women with no job and waiting for disability?
tenant abandoned house in new mexico , can i take posession without filling eviction?
How much is a 3 unit ranch apt bldg worth in midlothian Illinois?
How much should I charge for rent?
TEXAS no hot water, leaking ac, other problems MOVED IN 2 WEEKS AGO!!!?
how do i do a credit check on someone else?
how can I go about finding out if I have the mineral rights for a home I just bought in Clay county Fl.?
I have two manufactured homes on one electric meter and I want to rent one out. What do I do?
I'm in a rented flat,pay my electric bill directly. Who is responsible for the checking the meter is faulty?
What are the steps to becoming a loan officer?
am refin. rate 6.25 1&2mtg.rates7.75&11.25resp. they pay off car, 2300, $350, 30 yr had 21left,shouldI?
Why does my daughter have to suffer because my landlord does not want to do anything? Family life is in danger
how much does a rent for a small appartement cost in your city/town/state(and which is the city/town/state)?
Where are some apartments?
When viewing a house for sale,What should I look out for?
If I file bankruptcy, do I still have to pay mortgage?
where should I buy a house in gwinnett county georgia?
rent and RPI. How much is a reasonable rent increase?
how do you buy a house?
Land Contract late fee.?
Missouri Land for Sale?
would you buy a house people were tortured in?
Bad Landlord Reference. What can I do about this?
What specific things are used to determine closing costs?
Will adding my brothers name to the deed of my house allow him to claim the tax benefits.....?
When paying rent, do you pay for the month before of the next month?
Don't all of those greedy real estate flippers deserve to lose their homes and all of their money?
would it be hard to pick up and relocate, how could I find a job far away then move has anyone done that?
Tenant refuses to pay last rent so I used there last rent to cover.?
who will pay me to move to there state right away?
Buying a new home help pls...?
Is there any programs in Westchester county that will pay security and brokers fee for low income families?
What does a 19 year old need to do to move out within the next 2 years?
how to confront landlord about being short on rent?
Craigslist roommate posting?
looking for the average monthly electricity bill for seattle washington?
How much on average does Apartment Utilities cost ?
Can I terminate my contract with my realtor and buy a house directly from an agent that owns it?.?
Moving out of home? Financially Viable? Help!?
Should I pay Homeowner's Association Dues if I am living with the owners?
Can I rent an apartment under my name but have someone else occupy it?
Is this right of my lease mgr to do this?
My EX is trans home to my name. How to make sure LAND is incl with house?
signed purchase agreement/earnest money; appraisal came back far below purchase agreement?
Do housing loans make sense?
Should I stop making payments on an investment property?
need to report landlord but got no where to live?
Refinance mortgage is it worth it?
Anybody know some good apartments in ft worth?
had my house repossessed but want my furniture back?
Where should I move?
Can I move home if I have rent arrears with my current home?
Where can I buy land in Alaska?
timber land for sale in western maine?
VA LOAN APPROVAL- NSF on bank statement?
I need help. Our offices are located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Our problem is most of them are...?
I live in the Northeast U.S. and want a brownstone somewhere else more affordable?
customer wont pay?
What is the least amount that you would consider profitable when bying a foreclosed house?
What is owner financing? What are the advantages vs the disadvantages?
moving out of parents house?
Requirements for a first aparment or suite?
My house is worth 80000 less, would the bank consider lowering mortgage amount instead of going to fast sell?
What is the longest term i can get a mortgage over? Is there such thing as a 50 year mortgage?
what is the minimum credit needed to try to buy a house?
Has anyone won/completed sale in So. California's Lender Foreclsoure Home Auction? REDC/Hudson and Marshall
do you think that MySpace is bad for teens?
Is housing benefit paid for 13 months?
Do I have to pay rent?
About buying land to build on.....what if it is wooded? Will there be problems with the stumps?
I am renting out an apartment and need to check references. What are some questions to ask the references?
How could I find beach house rentals for prom weekend?
How can I find out who is in charge of an abandoned house?
Who owns your house when you have a mortgage?
Breaking a lease!!! Please help.?
new home owners stimulus package?
My roommate told me somebody else is moving into my room, and gave me 10 day notice, what are my rights?
In order to refinance rental property?
I have bad credit I am looking to purchase a home what can I do?
How should the word value defined precisely to revoke the need of it in this new century?
Should I follow my instincts about house for rent?
Need help with period question?
My old property manager is trying to charge me for the carpet.?
HOA Harassment? Final Notice!!!!?
Is this terms to break my lease?
what would you do if you won £80.000?
Qualifying for Mortgage Loan (FHA New Construction)?
Is it better for a 60 year old to retain his mortgage free property or sell up and rent to release some cash?
How do I get started in Estate Agency and what should I study?
As a land lord, how do you put a mark on someone's record?
I need help with living and a new life.?
what are the best parts of brooklyn and queens to get an apartment?
Having issues with my landlord on a month to month lease. What should I do?
Will landlords take template applications?
Can you get a mortgage in state A to buy property in state B?
Landlord is going to call police- for stolen air conditoner?
Is there a way to get free land in Texas or anywhere in the United States?
real estate question? please help!?
I co-signed apartment lease for my friends. They cant pay....?
When I sell my estate do I have to disclose the body in the back yard to potential buyers?
where around cleveland can you find land for a mobile home (not in a park)either to purchase or rent? thanks?
Should I rent or buy a home in California?
Where is the safest area to live in Durham, NC?
whats up with this--landlord and rental?
How much is your rent (not private) for a 2-bed house? we think ours is expensive at.....?
What to do if landlord refuses to remove previous tenants belongings?
Where can I find state by state comparisons online?
High or low down payment on mortgage?
Thinking about moving......HELP!!!!?
Which bank give home loan more than 20yr bldg?
Whats a good web site to find houses in my area that are being sold very cheap by banks or for other reasons?
How Can I sue the apartment complex for bug infestation?
How can you break a real estate contract in New York State?
Title insurance on grant deed in California?
how much of my total income should i spend on my house payment?
how much do a prof,painter get per hour?
Lawyer wants $700.00 and I say that's ridiculous.What should we do?
Where can i get a pay day loan without the hassle in Baltimore md?
If you knew you were only gonna live somewhere for 4 months what furniture would you buy???
What do you think?
Help with rent on low income?
I am interested in renting a house in middlesex county NJ. I cannot find any decent listings anywhere. Ideas?
With respect to the feasibility of real estate development?
i own a house with my brother, is it economically wise to have the house refinanced in his name (removing me?
I just found out my semi new tenants have 3 cats even though they signed a no pets lease, can I evict them ?
Question for real estate agents?
When i sell my home will there be a sales tax that i have to pay? I live in Saskatchewan Canada by the way.?
When is it a criminal act for an estate agent to withold a deposit with no disputes?
who lives in indio/coachella CA who knows where theres apartments available?
Adding roommate to my lease?
When calling about renting a apartment?
How much could i expect to pay for half an acre of land with building rights any were in buckinghamshire?
Are we eligble for a council house?
how much should i spend on a house?
what is the difference between renting an apartment and leasing one?
is my land lord breaking the law?
Can we hire a buyer's agent in the middle of a contract?
i want to know the flordia rental laws?
I am due my benefits on mon 6 th aug is it a bank holiday n if so when will i get paid?
Looking to move to small town for college?
where can I find a list of licensed realtors for state of washington?
what will be or what will i need in order to be able to rent an apartment?
we have a signed lease agreement until August 2012 and we will again renew after that, but I want to move out?
Can a landlord charge for utilities when there included in rent?
why do people said you need to have a good credit?
Where can I find the List of Custom Window Manufacturer near Orange County?
How do I find out the details of a home sold in my neighbood.?
what is a good website to find homes for rent in ottawa, on?
What is better? Invest in a multi-plex unit or a home?
I see new developments of small plazas, with signs that say that it is a PAD site. What does that mean?
Whose responsibility is it to fix our clogged bathtub drain? Ours or the landlord's?
what is a good price on a 1999 single wide fleetwood mobile home 16 x 80 4 bdrms 2 bath fair condition?
Can my room mate legally get me in trouble if I kick her out?
how to file a deed on land your trying to purchase?
does anyone know of a cheap place (under 500$) to rent in charlottsville VA?
Can I be charged a whole months rent when only living in the apartment for less then a week?
What is the correct amount of days to give someone to leave after written notice to vacate with no lease in Tx?
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