Real Estate

Mortgage with the same bank that's selling a property?
Rental in Coimbatore?
Is there a scam with people?
Apartment law about backyards?
Is there any retired real estate agent that could help me with my real estate exam=$?
can i include a 5% down payment into a 30-yr home loan?
Is it true that you have to pay off your mortgage before selling your house?
Need a way to borrow 60,000 to buy land. anybody know of a unique or different way to finance.?
does a landlord have to provide heat in the winter?
can credit card be use as a downpayment for buying a house?
Anyone know what out-of-pocket expenses I will incur using a USDA rural development loan?
I put my name down for a Council House in 1956 do you think I am getting near the top of the list yet?
how much housing benefits am i entitled to?
If someone isn't on a lease, do I have to give them 30 days to get out, or can I kick them out on my own will?
how hard is it to rebuy back your house after you lost it in a foreclosure?
Does new home developments service ready for high speed internet and TV cable?
pay off my mortgage to develop my land?
how do i get contact info on an abandoned home?
Good real estate brokers?!?
Is the Real Estate boom over?
break my lease or get compensated?
Advice for a first time homebuyer?
Quick Claim Deed, Am I Screwed?
If you only have one month to live, what do you do with your remaining days?
ok this is my question..My husband and I separated, not Legal Separation I got my own a my own at .apartment.?
What's the cheapest place to live in the South Bay?
Maintenance at apartment dragging his feet?
$10/hour. How much rent can I afford?
Refinance question.....?
Roommate hell, Legal Advice?
I didn't sign a renewal, why do I have to stay one more year?
Sick of the landlords?
I need to download a renters leasing application.?
Can you go to jail for not paying your rent to own bill?
Can a work permit holder buy a condo in Canada?
my apt complex made a mistake and set out my property then put all of my things back in while I was away?
What does the seller take to the house closing?
My roommate is stealing from me, can I break my lease?
references with housing association?
Can an Apartment manager get in trouble for moving her family members in and moving them up before others?
If you buy a property in foreclosure and the owner files for bankruptcy but the bank sales. What happens next?
I was pre-approved for a mortgage and now I can't get financing. Can I do anything about it?
why need selllers agent?
I am obligated to full fill lease if it was altered by landlord?
A seller asks $158500. I offer to buy @ 150k, with the seller paying closing. fair? if not, what is?
Is there a law that states how far away one house has to be built from another? If so how far?
any one looking for a realtor in orlando?
A commercial real estate agent - what can they do for me?
Should I convert my 4BR home into 3BR with a master suite?
How can I rent a house for a party? ?
how long does tenant have to sign new lease with new owners.?
girlfreind and i split up she does not pay rent not on lease can i change the locks?
I'm underage, and my landlord is taking money from me..?
how do I find out if my name is on the house deed. The financing is but my husband already owned it?
What are the differences between condo and apartment in US?
When does a seller start looking to purchase a house, when their current house is under contract or before?
How much money would I need to have before moving house.?
Can My Landlord Legally Do This?
My city needs commerce and tenants: commerce is waiting 4 tenants- tenants waiting 4 commerce. How do you fix?
do i need to put down a deposit if i buy my dads house?
Could someone pls advise re: the average price -USD- for the purchase of a little house in Veracruz (Mexico)?
Is there anyway to add a second person to a home loan?
How much does a typical sized house cost in your area?
help me find a web page or phone number for my texas homestead exemptions?
Does a landlord have the right to enter my gated yard without giving notice?
Currently I own a 3 family home I used my FHA on. I have a VA as well. Can I purchase another 3 Fam with My VA?
Does any one Know of a good rent to own house in central Phoeniz AZ.?
What is the least expensive area in California to buy a home and in Nevada?
Changing Mortgage?
Is my landlord retarded for wanting rent money I already paid or am I at fault?
HUD properties, can thy be sold as a regula SFR,?
I am selling my house and I need help?
prospective tenant has bad credit but wants to pay 1st months rent and double deposit, would u do it?
Without hiring an appraiser, how can I find out how much my home has appreciated in valuse?
Sample letter to landlord regarding pets?
Help looking for an Apartment?
can my landlord charge me for this?
Should I buy a house from my mother?
im putting my address on amazon put i live in a aparment and i live on the second floor how would i do that?
Is title insurance deductible on your federal taxes?
How to apply for a council house?
What are the best courses on real estate investment ? ( In US)?
does anyone need to refinance in the greater bay area?
What exactly is reasonable wear/tear on carpet in California. My daughter has 5 kids and a large deposit .?
How do I go about filing a complaint on the management of my apartment?
i currently have a home in NH, in the spring i am looking to knock the home down and rebuild?
Do you feel that today's wages are keeping up with the rise in rent/house payments and why?
What should I do in my situation?
I own an ocean front condo in nc. how low should I drop the price pre-hurricane?
Does anyone know about the reputation of NationPoint Mortage Company?
i have a roomate who has trouble paying rent and utilities, how can i switch her with someone who will pay?
Break my lease or get evicted?
If you don't have a tenancy agreement,can a landlord just throw you out?
if I had $250K cash, what is the best way to invest this in real estate? Put 50% down on new house?
About how much does income based apartments cost?
Do I have to re-paint my apartment before I move out, if I painted it myself?
price of home sold 4407 westway avenue, highland park, texas?
do open houses really work?
Military Clause for foreign military officers assigned to the USA?
Help...My landlord is trespassing?
how would you get an ex-wife off of a morgage without any money spent?
Where on the web is the best place to advertise a Wet Palm Beach Florida condo for rent?
Need help finding a New home?
Do I Have To Let Him In My Home?
My husbands name is the only one on our property deed. How do I go about getting my name on the deed.?
I want to buy a house with no credit?
I am looking for a home loan of 25 lakh rupees. my preferance is SBI and LIC housing finance. which is better?
Selling a house?
Owning a house and buying things for it?
renting issues PLEASE HELP!?
What should I do about my this situation?
Am I pretty much stuck?
i just bought a house in allegheny county and want to know how to appeal the assessed value?
Why is so expensive to rent Apartment in Savannh, Ga?
Can I sign the closing papers for my condo for sale in NYC? I'm in CA & my NY lawyer wants power of attorney
How long will he have?
can you help me to get my greek house signed off, we are english ang are getting ripped off, Help?
Could I afford this house?
May I sell under construction flat for which agreement is done?
is it an apartment scam?
what will happen if i break my rental lease early and i am on a fixed income?
How much gas do people use? (House)?
How hard is it now trying to buy a house coming out of bankruptcy??
I am in so much trouble!!!?
what is the difference between bankowned and forclosure? And how do you buy them the best way?
Why are foreclosures homes so cheap?
Can I bid more than 10% below asking price for a new home and be taken seriously?
Mortgage advice - How can I get a mortgage?
how much should our home cost if we make 82K a year?
what mortage means?
big debate on house buying!?
What should I state in a Certified letter to my old landlord who won't return deposit?
My wife & I want to buy a Condo/home in West Los Angeles area. We have $10,000 saved.Do we have any options?
Is it possible to buy a $250K apartment with only $15K down payment?
When you put a bid in on a house, what is an acceptable amount to bid under the asking price?
How much would a private island in French Polynesia cost...?
i have rented my house out for 12 months but i want to move back sooner. when can i terminate tennency?
Is there a website that puts home owners together?
About how much would it cost to hire movers for a small move from Brooklyn to Manhattan?
will housing prices be the same by 2014 in las vegas ?
Mold in our apartment, tree branches, landlord terminating Lease?
I do not have a lease, I want to move in the middle of July.?
Australians: does anyone know how to go about interstate transfer for public housing?
are there any listings for houses for rent in orange county n.y?
rancho mirage senior housing 92270?
real estate law... please help?
What are my rights as a renter when it comes to Automatic Rent Withdrawals?
Bank pre approved for a home loan?
Outline 5 important issues/facts to consider when purchasing an apartment/condo in a complex/building in LA.?
what kind of heating bill do u pay for in your apartment?
Western Union number?
Is it easier to buy a third home if you already own 2???
Cheap 2 bedroom apartments in Spokane WA?
Should I buy or rent a house in Lincoln, Ne?. I am retired. house in Lincoln, Ne?
General Questions About Hiring A Realtor?
I have 5 acres in Colorado that my cousin would like to purchase. We live in Ca.?
What does L1 & NLY 10 FT of 2 B 7 Subject to Ease mean? We are having property line issues with our neighbor?
Can some one sum up The Louisiana Purchase?
Does it make sense to offer $72,000 for a house that is listed at $68,900?
I am interested in purchasing a home.....?
Can a text message ever be legally binding as giving landlord notice 'in writing' to end a UKtenancy agreement
looking for a 1bkh in south goa and within the budget of 15 if any one has a flat or an apartment ?
loans affecting apartment approval?
What is the minimum credit score you can have to rent to own a condo?
should I get a variable mortgage or locked? should I consider just the rate for chosing the Bank?
if your renting a house from someone can you rent out a room?
Background check for an apartment?
What if my landlady threw my stuff out 3 months after she evicted me?
can you live in a house your selling?
Are house prices going to continue to drop this year 2009?
Are there grants in Texas for first time homebuyers?
easy 1000 points!!!!?
I want to move to Florida but I am concerned about the hurricanes and humidity.?
Can my landlord charge me extra for cleaning when the lease is up?
What state yields the highest in rental population?
Confusing apartment situation...foreclosure?
unapproved for mortgage - need help "not what you think, please read"?
Can I break a 18 month lease if my father is terminally ill in another state, to go live with him?
I was thinking... building 12x17 cabins in Oregon/ WA. do you know what they are worth?
how do I add a person to the property title that is not fully owned?
Who sells "House For Sale" signs?
Question to rental property managers or real estate attorneys.?
I own a home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Should I sell to buy in/near Atlanta, GA?
what do i need to start a property management comapany?
Do I get my escrowed property tax money back if I sell my home?
What is a security deposit and when is first months rent expected?
should i buy a new home in phoenix now or rent?
I would like to refinance a commercial property and payoff a second mortgage?
How to I become a realtor? Where do I take classes?
my landlord is threatening to kick me out my apartment due to my 2yrd old son running over his head.?
Next door house on sale? do i have first right of refusal? dodgy estate agents selling...PLEASE HELP!!!?
I am trying to locate township, range and section in a particular county in Oklahoma, who has that information
Why was I denied the first time home buyer's tax credit?
I have a Land in Madhupur Bihar. It's about 40 Katha/2 Bigha. I like to sale it. It would Be a Big help if?
How to low my interest rate?
where can i find a list of repossessed or forclosured mobile homes for sale in alabama?
"Is It Discriminatory For A Potential Landlord To Say Cats Okay But Dogs Not?"?
What do you think about REALTORS?
What steps should one take after a foreclosure and bankruptcy? Is finding another home hard?
Question about buying a home and placing an offer?
can my landlord do this?
How do I evict a person (friend) from my home? He is not paying rent as we verbally agreed.?
Real estate help please?
i gave two people a 30 day notice to remove their fathers belongings in my house and garage.?
legalities of moving out of a share house?
Pipe bursting..................?
Can I break my lease?
Is there any way to get out of paying property taxes?
Can My Landlord Charge Me For This?(California)?
a man sold his house @ $100K this year, Sales Price is 40% over the orig.purch. price. What is the orig.purch$
how can you afford an apartment with a part-time job?
i live in a rental home the air conditioner stopped working landlord wont do anything about it what can i do?
What are some good Real Estate Investment Clubs?
Renting from Flatlands?
remodeling a new home thats under construction?
If someone is living with me and pays towards Bills and help with the Mortgage; is that taxed?
I ereected a building for a metal building contractor and he won't pay up. Can I put a lien on thr building?
Can you rent an apartment for just a summer?
where can i get my licence in yonkers,NY how do i get started what are the requirments in NY state?
Can I use cash to stay at a KOA or do I need to use a credit/debit card?
im trying to apply for a mortgage loan but my credit is a issue.. help...?
Does anyone have any information on Bloomfield Homes? Is this a good builder?
Can someone simply explain the mortgage crisis. I just told someone that I read millions are in trouble but..?
I want to find empty lots near woodbury mn for building a house.
Can I sell my house on my own? Or do I need a Realtor?
how can I find bookeepers for realestate investors in the Dallas and Tarrant Co. areas?
What are landlord's responsibilities regarding section 8 voucher?
When is an appropriate time to get a FSBO home appraised?
For Sale by Owner? Any advice?
can u give me list of property development company in chennai?
Real estate investement nightmare. Need advice from expert?
Which is the biggest benefit of offering buyer concessions when selling your home?
Should we say buying?
Does anyone know a good apartment rental agency around Washington DC?
Should I turn the water off in my house while I am on vacation?
real estate licence?
How can I get someone to find a rental in my location for me?
Is there anywhere I can advertise my house for free online?
I want to start a business but I need help were do I gofor help with a plan and grants??????
I sold the house I was living in for a really good price. So why is my landlord so upset?
purpose of estoppel certificate?
who do i contact to get a property title transfer?
How do I make my section 8 tenant to leave?
Why is this co-op selling way below average market price?
What percentage of downpayment do investor-owners generally look for during a land contract deal?
How can i trace my Landlord?
selling homes ,no down payment ,1st year payment assistance,where and how can I get people to believe me?
my moms home mortgage modification went wrong please help?
TO buy a house or wait?
tips and steps for first time apartment hunter ?
My father in law is looking to sell his house. He thinks he'll get $160k, but i think more like $125k.?
how long will it take us to sell a house in manassas, va?
Going to small claims court to get my security deposit back in nj?
What is a ownership: fee simple,,, mean when looking at realstate contract?
How much should we charge for rent?
How can we split the rent fairly?
Mortgage Points?
In PG County, how long before you are evicted?
industrial lease properties in scarborough canada?
How can I get Bank of America to reduce my mortgage rate from 6.5% to the current rate 3.5%?
is it a sign of wealth to have a vacation home down the shore? even if it's small?
Landlord refuses to put bond in scheme. Should I fight it?
Where is the best area in florida to retire? Considering real estate value and quality of life.?
if i rent ahouse do i owned taxes on the house if i rent?
How to split the rent?
How do I go about buying a condominium?
My roommates leave the lights & TV on all the time. Is it wrong to ask to pay less?
im trying to rent out my house?
I have a Real Estate Business, Web Site, Established Phone # Good I-net exposure?
How Does Mezzanine Finance Work?
How can I get 900sq.ft. retail space for rental real fast?
how long does it take for FHA to process mortgage loan info?
Offer Declined - One Month Later?
can I take out another home equity loan?
Is it true that the rent is due every first day of the months? if so what is a penalty for someone?
Not informed of property easement?
We put our house up for sale and now we don't want to sell. We haven't had an offer. Can we back out?
What can 500000 get for buying a house in these cities?
I have recently paid a bond on a property, I have not signed anything?
Why wont private landlords except housing benefits?
17 a good age to move out?
the cost of a house in california per scuate foot?
Need a place to rent as soon as I can?
I was renting with option to buy a double wide trailer. I have put 30,000 dollars towards it was lost by owner
can i find the ownwer of a house on the internet?
Landlord from hell. Help needed?
Any recourse for fake smoke detector in apartment?
Breaking a Lease on a house in Foreclosure in Colorado...?
Where can i find the best mortgage?
how to refinance my house, if i only h`v been on business for 7 months?
Is it legal for my landlord to show my apartment the day I move out while I'm moving?
What does "EZ QUALIFY" look for on an app to rent a home?
do some parents just let their kids inherit their home over expecting them to buy their own?
Can I sue Title Company for negligence?
What should I do - fix up the money pit I inherited or sell it as a "fixer-upper" and get into senior housing?
would it be hard to pick up and relocate, how could I find a job far away then move has anyone done that?
Is it true that if you have so many acres that you can have your own like town and zip code.?
Where Can i Find a Home For Rent?
My landlord says I won't get my deposit back but I'm entitled to it!?
how do i sign onto the broward county MLS?
Can I ever rent again with a judgement on my record?
Mortgage modification please advise.?
Letting agent asking for High Application Fee's?
Apartments: 1st floor or third floor? Which is better? Economically/noise/bugs, etc.?
What to expect on 2nd Interview with Apartment Leasing Company?
San Jose Housing Authority Rules?
can I live off of 35,000 to 40,000 in Southern Ca?
How can I get another home loan?
Is this a good price to rent a mobile home?
Why are townhomes priced considerably lower than single family homes?
Lawsuit Eviction Help!!!!?
How good is 25% share ownership in London?
What is my mobile home worth?
Does anyone know of any new homes being built in Baltimore that are less than 200k?
Can I find out who is closing on a property?
do most people wait till they find a spouse to buy a house?
Who are the major online Flat-fee MLS companies? And who is the most successful of these?
Wats the lowest percent of a down payment would u need for a $77,000 house?
Is it okay for a young couple to live together in a studio apartment?
Where can I find the best sites for Property in SW France?
Where to find apartments in Lansdale, Collegeville, Norristown area?
Can my room mate legally get me in trouble if I kick her out?
my landlord is raising my rent. i need assitance. who do i contact?
what does "net lease rate" and "occupancy cost" mean when leasing a building?
Applying for a home that is 50 thousand?
Interview questions for Real Estate Agent?
if i have poor credit can i stll get a 50k loan to purchase a home?
Real Estate for Comanche, Texas?
Why are house prices inflating in the UK?
Smoker will not go outside to smoke. His smoke drifts into my apartment. Says hes sorry. What to do?
Would it harm my credit score if I refinance my auto only a couple of months before applying for a mortgage?
Realators what could we do to succede better at finding a home?
when i become wealthy. i was born on 02-10-1982india?
Is a salary of $145,600 anually good?
can my landlord show up unannounced in florida?
Can anyone help me with a sample eviction notice?
where is the cheapest place to buy a house?
Is it bad telling the truth or lien about it?
I am looking for information on Island Brokers Realy in Oak Harbor wa state The Good the bad and the ugly.?
I am working in One Real Estate Agency but there is no Management at all, how will be management in RE?
"subject to inspection" term in real estate?
If my landlord stops paying mortgage do i have to keep paying rent?
Do you need a Realtor?
Tenant? squatter? Sub-let? what are my rights to monies for Bills?
I want to move out with my fiancee but i will be moving when in 16, what do i need to do?
what does fully furnished mean?
Can I get a new realtor?
looking for a room in fremont, ca?
What are some nice apartment buildings in the Bronx?
apartment question please?
How much notice should i give?
How much propane gives the same amount of heat as a cubic foot of natural gas? How much does the propane cost?
Can anyone help me with the name and numbers of people that will considers renting to someone with an eviction?
Anyone know the new criteria for buying a house?
What are my rights as a tenant?
IF I sign a real estate contract to purchase land in Georgia do I have any window to cancel the contract?
My boyfriend is thinking about taking out a mortgage......?
Do I need a lawyer when buying a new home?
I am renting a house i think is in foreclosure. What do i do?
Can a single person with a fico of 630 get a loan for a used 1997 manufactured home in a park in So. CA?
I have a 2nd home. should I rent it or sell it?
Can I Leave My Roomate without notice?
If I have $185K remaining on my mortgage, and I'm inheriting $200K, do I pay off the mortgage ?
is buying a home with a high interest rate a bad thing?
i am looking to buy a home in israel but want to use an american bank for the mortgage?
Should I buy a home in Florida?
How much are closing fee's, usually? Does the amount of the house or interest matter? 90k house, 5% int loan.?
Moving out before the my lease is up?
If I live in my sisters house and pay rent and I also have put the cable bill in my name can she kick me out?
How can i make sure i'm set up to move out as quickly as possible?
HELP!!!!Can i refinance? i HAVE AN ADJUSTABLE?
What is the current land value in 77023?
looking for someone to help pay rent i no family to help me i have kids?
who is reasonable for paying council tax, me the tenant or the landlord who bought and owns the house?
Can you rent a hotel room alone at 18?
To find classes on saling and buying real property.?
In Texas, can an apartment be leased to a new occupant before the original occupant moves out?
Has anyone else had a problem getting a 1098 form from Litton Loan Servicing for 2011?
Building for rent ;Central Valley CA?
How can I rent a house when I am new at my job and my credit score is bad? (about 600)?
Porn producer rented my parents house pretending to be a resident?
Cheap cities to live in? Rent?
Should I buy a home or keep renting?
Shouldn't home owners who own a house or several houses and rent them out?
holding a note on a building?
How is the procedure for buy a house, which one is the best loan?
Home loan options?????
Can a landlord charge past the Security Deposit?
Anybody who is interested to purchase a 5-hectare area suitable for beach resort or rest house?
what does a person need to have (specifically) in order to be able to buy a house?
Can you determine if water is wasted in an apartment by renters or experiment used to know whoes using most.?
How do I get rid of my unwanted (noisy, drinking, playing loud music) neighbors in my apartment complex?
house for rent, am i being scammed?
What qualifies as "24-hour-notice" in Oregon?
is this considered a low ball offer?
What is the worst problem you have had with neighbors?
How much more were your tax rebate checks after you owned a home?
What is Esgrow?
what is the average cost of building a house in stafford?
How much is a 1,000 square apartment usually cost?
living in a house ?????????
Can you become a millionair using the real estate business?
How exactly does the money flow in a mtg refinance?
What is the average price for utilities in an apartment?
how do we save our home or buy another?
Why is my house taxed $30000 more than I bought it for? I have protest and been to the ARB to no avail. HELP!
is it legal for a council tenant with the right to buy her council house?
Tenant Mentioned his Dishwasher is not Working Properly/Broken. who should fix it?
Does a sibling have a right to a childhood home, or do they have to compete with other people who bid?
If I take a 401K loan for buying home will it affect the bank loan?
Where may I locate small business grants that are available.?
in louisiana can you sell a house without having all the owners sign the papers?
help!! my landlord wants $100 for a lost key!!what should i do?
rent and deposit please help
Can my parents sign an apartment lease with me?
My sisters landlord is doing something illegal?
I listed home for sale on Zillow yesterday, but still not listed on homes.?
Apartment and rental question?
What it the advantage to forming an LLC with reguards to Investment property I currently own.?
I'm moving to new apartment Saturday! Just found out previous resident died in train accident!Should I do it?
Neighbors recently sold a house by owner?
how can i sell my house in the shortest amount of time for the most money in this market?
Landlord bait and switch?
Should i move back to my home state?
My Landloard raise my rent, Im suspicious about it....?
Where can I get the 2001 California Building code online?
13 year old in an apartment?
Bank Gave Up Intrest in Court ( Forecloser) on my home can the bank that bought them forclose again?
how does one go about getting a apartment with an eviction on record.?
As I said previously I rented my house out and they trashed it and left without paying rent?
Unemployment and Foreclosure, Connection?
My husbands mom passed away and he wants to sell her house ...?
Do I have to have a down payment to buy a new house?
Cant get regular mortgage contract of deeds is great?
how do i evict squatter quik and legal?
I'd like to upgrade (not repair) my apt. by adding screen doors then deduct it from rent. Can I do this in CA?
I own property with my ex and need sell my part. How do I do it?
Is it possible to buy a house with $89147.8216 Jamaican?
My father is selling his house and I am selling the lot next to it, do I need a Realtor, or?
How to settle unruly loud neighbors with a constant barking dog (live in apartment complex)?
Are common maintenance charges to be shared on Sq. ft. basis or per tenement basis ?
Sister using my name to get an apartment. How would I write a legal contract if she were to break the lease?
We all know London estate agents are crooks, but to how much of a degree are they crooks?
How many homes are there in California? How many are worth at least 1 million dallars?
Where can I move to that's safe, low income housing or apartments, and good public transportation system?
How much money should I take with me when buying abandoned storage's?
Another question regarding price...?
Coryell County eviction process?
Does my tenant owe me rent for an additional month?
Does renting accommodation = constant moving?
Title insurance on grant deed in California?
I want to auction my flat.?
how long does a landowner have to wait for rent money with out givcing a late fee in TN?
Forclosure is looming for millions of Americans - YEAAAAAAA?
should i buy a D.R. Horton home?
In economics what are the negative side effects of price ceilings, in relation to rental prices on city flats?
how do i find forclouser property?
Where can I ge help to prevent foreclosure. Only income is his social security.?
real estate lookup in york south carolina?
still rent or buy on l/c???
How fast can you arrange a mortgage?
Apartments that allow large dog breeds in El Cajon, California?
my bike got stolen what should i do first call the cops or the landlord?
How do I turn my home into income property?
does anyone know where for me to look?
how much does it cost on average for canadians to heat their homes?
Will the buyer back out from buying my home?
My family and I would like to find out if their is any house for rent to own in or near the Washington School?
Is real estate in So. California going up or down?
Can you take anything if your house is foreclosure?
about sq ft and percentage?
Is a old historical Mill on the riverfront a good rehab investment?
Do you have to pay rent after getting a 2 month notice to move so being evicted?
Buying a property that has a mortgage against it by the seller?
How bad is it to break a lease?
building a new house, couple of questions... in DE?
i bought a home on a auction can i get the rebate?
Who pays the closing cost & surveyor?
Is it required that landlords tell their tenants when their rent amount increases?
does anyone know of a listing where i can find listing's for people that` are in foreclosure/DEED prop to me?
how do i find a section 8 house to rent in fishers indiana?
Is it true that when a fence is built it has to be 7 inches inside the fence builder's property line?
girlfriend trying to kick me out of apartment what my rights?
Foreclosure question?
Can I refinance with a purchase contract?
is their any way i can get a flat on the council?
would you describe your "dream house" and where it would be located?
Does anyone how a person can get a free grant of any kind? We would likd to get a housing grant for no money?
how do you buy a home in Georgia?
Help i'm looking to buy my 1st home ill give .s?
Real estate investing: Signing a partnership agreement without a lawyer.?
how do I find the value of land in the city of Ghandidham India?
looking to move to florida?
i am currently working with a real estate agent to find a home. my question is who's job is it to find?
Is there any good House planning sites?
Help Please - My Landlord tell me yesterday to move out tomorrow! ?
Buying a house that someone was killed in?
What questions should I ask when buying a home?
Do board and care places have internet?
I'm buying a house and only plan on staying in it for a maximum of 5 years. Can you give me some advice?
No hot water in rented prop, landlord says pay rent, we say not till its fixed, he says move out, we say ?Help?
Is it better to pay little money for a long time or to pay a lot of money for a short time in your mortgage?
does anyone have a motomed for sale it's for people in wheelchair?
Mortgage Refinancing?
is there any property transfer tax in Spartanburg county SC?
What to dO.IF U STILL OWE ON.VEHICLE LOAN, but cannot afford repairs to damaged vehicle!?
My husband works and I do not,when applying for a home loan will they consider my debt as well?
I don't want to move?!!!?
Am I being SCAMMED from rental offer on craigslist ?
Can you sue someone for throwing out your property without a warning or permission?
I told my landlord by email that I'd be moving out in August on July 2nd. Can that count as a 30-day notice?
Am I too young??????????
How to verify real estate title if it's good before to buy it?
what major would a land developer fall into?
any houses for rent in commerce city colrado?
is it worth it to invest in real estate?
i am a new landlord in the state of maine and i wondered if anyone knew where i could get a simple lease?
Best answer chosen ASAP! How do I get my deposit back?
House buying what a ****!?
how many months can you skip mortgage payments before bank forecloses house?
What does pppn mean when staying at a hotel?
I'm a homeowner & I want to do a 'rent to own' with my house. How do I get started? Is there a penalty for me?
Apartment noise complaint?
how much time must pass between foreclosure start and final judgment? (WA State)?
Terminating a lease due to "uninhabitable" conditions?
A ? about my lease and the staff at the apartment complex?
once court order has been made for eviction has been made what will happen if your not out?
Do realtors have to present your bid to the seller even if they think offer is lower than the listing price?
My husband owns a home with another person. He is considering a short sale. He stated that this could?
having hard time paying rent this time?
what is the best way to get copy of quit deed in state of texas?
Sell off or rent out?
How do I find manufactured home co-ops in Florida without going thru real estate brokers? Thanks?
how long do I wait for an answer?
Paying rent AFTER eviction notice...?
In Real Estate lending/loans what is DTI?
Are there any apartments in New York City with floor plans like this?
can i sign up for housing when im 17 so i can have it by the time im 18?
I'm closing my business. What should the sign say on the front door?
Is now a good time to buy a house?
If I were to rent a property in the UK, could the property owner turn up at any time and start looking around?
is there really such a thing as no money down on buying realestate if so where do I find this place thank you?
Can apply for a council house in Birmingham City council?
Home property values?
What is the average cost to build a house in miami, florida?
In today's market what are the chances of an owner dropping it from 220 down to 200k?
I am trying to get info on tenant/landlord breach of contract I am in a comm. lease and my safety is in ?help?
Teen needs some insight on getting his first apartment?
Are there any laws in PA that state a boy and girl can't share a room?
Do you think property prices will crash soon?
Mold growth in tennants apartment.?
Can I have/hire 2 different real estate agents looking for a house for me to buy? First agent really wasnt?
What is the square footage and acreage of this vacant lot?
"what to do with $195.25 in positive cash flow a month?".?
where can i find a lease option contract for realestate form for free?
can you just do deed transferring by government offices?
Cash out retirement funds for real estate deal?
How to Kick out a roommate when he might hurt you?
can i quitclaim my property to my kids?
From LA Calif. I want to kick out a person who is living in my apt. and is smoking in bed. Possible .?
Found roof issues after 6 months after closing?
Can I find my house loan's out-standing balance through online?
Can they take my deposit?
What duty will I pay on a $1200 TV bought in NY brought back to Ontario?
I need a spread sheet that will calculate a 80/10/10 home mortgage loan for me. Can you help?
If i have been underpaid Housing benefits, do i get it back?
What is the difference between renting a house out and rental apartments?
Getting an apartment with my boyfriend? Costs?
Is $26,000 a year good income for a 20 year old that lives in California? ?
What are the requirements for eligibility for a home loan?
Should we put 20% down on a $500,000 home, or wait so we can put more down?
Breaking Lease Agreement in Ohio?
Is it legal to sell your house then less it's value to a stranger?
my partner and i would like to buy our first house, i have bad credit is it still possible to get a mortgage?
Electricity bill for apartment?
If i didnt sign the lease and didnt pay for three months and moved out there can landlord sue me?
Question about a short-sale property.?
What are the requirements of becoming a real estate agent?
How is this legal? Any suggestions on getting this agent back?
what's your experience and/or opinion with buying a condo in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area?
Where can I find Private Landlords in Baltimore City and move in with little or no Security Deposit?
Are the pictures we took pre-tenant move in good for court?
good semi-rural area to live with decent access to london?
Does anyone need to refinance their mortgage?
Can I back out of a contact on buying a property?
I need to re-zone a piece of property in Kern County, Ca. Where do I go, and what do I do?
How many years do I have to rent out my house before I can deduct on my taxes?
Tenant claims I wont be able to evict them due to problems at the property?
should I refinance my home for a lower interest rate if i plan to sell it in the next 2 years?
What sort of a place would 300K buy you in London?
If my landlord cut and pasted my signature to a new lease then made a copy to make it look like i signed?
Re- Financing Apartments?
Please help on what to do with land?
What legal action can be taken against a roommate that owes over 3,000?
Is it hard to buy a house in southern california right now?
I need help with housing for next year?
If my home is reposed, What will happen to me?
how can you find out what your home is worth?
do private tenants have the right to buy their rented property?
Should I refinance my house? Presently I am on 30year fixed with 5.875%?
why are people in nice houses in so much debt?
Can I evict and move back in?
Can anyone help me find a 2 bedroom to rent in San Jose, CA w/o credit check or upfront cost othr than dep?
how do i register my condo for rent on craig list?
What kind of charges can keep me from renting an apartment ?
how to distribute shares of ancestral propety?
How much rent should my roommate's boyfriend pay?
Can a landlord sue you for back rent in the middle of a 72 hr notice to pay rent?
If you buy a plot of land, do you own it down through to the center of the earth?
preconstruction family home?
how much house can i buy in England with $250,000?
Can a bank require a 203k loan?
I am in the process of looking for my first house - please help!!!!?
The home my friend is renting is being foreclosed what happens next?
can a person renting in calif. not pay rent if the landlordfails to fix things such as the stove not working?
I plan to move out next summer ima start planning and saving money now?
What can i do in this situation?
Anyone know any houses in myrtle beach thatst will rent a house to a 18 year ol?
can you live in a hotel?
My landlords are trying to fix a lead paint issue and other things in my apartment themselves, is this legal?
i have valid proof of residency and my landlord it still trying to evict me?
Hello all. I was thinking of buying a second house. . .?
how is this for a business plan? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease have a look.?
If I make 1100 a month, what's the most you think I can spend on rent and be okay?
Can you rent out a property that you are renting to own?
Is $750 a month expensive for a 2 br 1 bath cottage house by the lake?
which ratio best shown a company's ablity to pay it's short term financial obligations?
How can I sell or find a reputable broker to sell my timeshare in the Berkshires (MA)?
is there someplace to report " bad" landlords?
Housing association tenants HELP?
Roofing Quote Question?
If you have signed with a real estate agent and then find the home on your own do you have to pay the agent?
How do I transfer my section8?
Moving into new house?
How to break my apartment lease?
Foreclosure Specialist?
If Donald Trump is so rich, why does he look not so good and wats with that hair?
What would I need to do to qualify for a home loan?
How much should we pay our realtor who did not find us a house?
If a property was reversed to a mortgage bank (reverse mortgage), when the original owner of the property?
Beware listing additional insured (landlord) on business insurance can be used as their legal rep against you?
Whats the smallest amount of land I can possibly buy?
bank put us in a morgage that takes 55% of our mo. morg it is at 6.95% should we refi for a less intest?
if i buy a house in america do i have to pay taxes per month?
What is the value of a 1997 "Country Manor" double wide mobile home?
can i get in trouble for continuing to rent my house that is going into foreclosure?
can a bank call my mortgage due for no reason?
Do I HAVE to give my landlord the right to call my college and get information about me?
Does anyone know how much a mortgage payment would be on a house $124,900?
Will someone tell me how I can get churches to help me get into a place?
Is it legal for my landlord to videotape the outside of my rental house?
If am able to earn 5000$ a month should i rent a place that takes away $1000?
How can I get a home for me and my daughter with bad credit?
where can I buy or rent the cheapest water cooler for my company?
A person who lives in a house without documents for some 15 years, may have the right to be the owner?
How do i get a mortgage if i can't get credit because i have never had credit?
Will turning my newly serviced boiler to half make my gas bills increase alot.?
How do I find the value of land in Bend Oregon?
When a tenant in a rent-controlled apartment sublets the apartment to another renter at a rent higher than the?
Where can I find summer work far from home that will give a place to live and work?
Landlord problem?
Landlord issue in VA?
is there a law that gives renters a grace period before the landlords charges penalty fees?
Can you change your HOA?
What is your opinion: sell or rent?
what can I do to sell my home?
How much bill my household bills set me back a month?
Survey---There where you live, are house rents more or less than the minimal wage?
Our House Built Onto Neighbor's Property?
Try and put me off moving into my own bedsit place?
What is the renters cap in California?
I'm looking at a house that is 167 years old, are there any federal grants to fix up houses this old?
Having some place to live without paying...?
itin # to buy a house?
I'm moving to Tampa, FL in January. I need to find a safe and decently priced apartment.?
what time is the next sale starting in ireland?
How much will banks loan for first time home buyer?
How can we force landlords / Apartment managers to ban dogs like they always used to?
If an apartment corporation made me surrender my keys so they could show my apartment, can they charge me for?
When can I sue a builder for a slop job on a house being built for me right now???
I need to rent a house in West Hills, Woodland Hills or Calabasas. Anyone know an available spot?
Moving out of my apartment, help?
Where can I get a mortgage with a low monthly payment?
Are you allowed to live in a park model home year round?
about how much is bulidings and contents insurance?
How expensive is it to live in a trailer park?
Will property value decrease along the Jersey Shore?
Is it possible/profitable to make the house you've lived in for 8yrs an investment property?
Is it legal for landlords to make tenants sign waivers?
rental property in reidsville area?
can you claim the value of a £20 note from your bank if you find half a note on the floor?
I'm looking for room for rent / Studio type unit near United Nation?
Can my apartment complex legally do this?
how much does it cost to own a house in malibu or south beach florida?
What are the approx costs to owning a private pool?
Affidavit of heir ship?
Informed of gas over usage 8.5 months later, in contract it states monthly/quarterly updates will occur.?
From the E.U so called Common Market?
will seller accept my offer?
can i get a mortgage,i have a very bad credit record?
conversion. German housing to american?
Are these closing cost fees normal for selling a property?
What should i major in in college if i want a career in real estate?
Who's the best wedding officiant in Tallahasse, FL?
Any one is selling a HUDA plot in Bhadurgardh?
How do you like Saskatoon Saskatchewan?
How much does it cost to live on your own?
St. Joseph statue for selling a home?
What to put in a renting contract for parents?
What would be the approximate cost of all utilities if i rent an apartment in Washington DC.?
Low income and want to buy a house?
india rental, property,real estate?
Have assoc. tring to forclose on our prop for an issue that was not disclosed apon sale what should we do?
What areas in California are comparatively cheaper when it comes to renting apartments?
What should I look for in a Real Estate Agent? What offer made you go with one real estate agent over another?
would you get the locks changed?
help with mortgages?
looking for a lot to rent or something on a land contract deal for a 14x70 trailer?
Can the Landlord go in my APT. without my permission?
I just rented a house and there is no electrical outlet for my dryer??? Please answer!?
We are pre approved for a home loan?
Is $75.00 to much for a credit report for a apartment rental?
refinancing home after divorce?
I'm 21 and want to move out?
Is there such a thing as Will notaries who offer a flat rate?
How do I CANCEL a PURCHASE AGREEMENT for home? Can I be sued?
Do I have to be working in order to rent to Section8?
A question about housing inheritance in Australia?
My apartment was flooded while I was away! What are my rights as a renter in NY?
Can a landlord keep my deposit and expect me to pay more after i have moved out and cleaned the apt.>?
Safe neighborhoods in L.A. for a single female in her twenties and straight out of college?
My apartment got fined $1000 for a kitten?
what does applicable amount mean from the housing benefit?
I get a 1099; How would I prove my wages if were to try to get an apartment since I'm not given a paystub?
we closed on our house 3 days ago, but now the lender is delaying funding. can the back out?
If you have a foreclosure on one home, can the bank take your second home?
Can the Landlord throw someone out of an apartment if they are not on the lease?
Heyy everyone! I live in The valley are there any good apartments that are month to month?
Can ownership ona house be transferred legally without exchanging money?
getting a house by taking over mortgage payment with no credit check? co in ca offering list of preforclosures
is it common to negotiate on price when you are looking to have a home built with a high volume home builder?
After two bankruptcies can I still buy a house? With no money down. The only asset is a good salary.?
Can I use the disibilites act as a base idea to get out of my lease agreement without penalty in Michigan?
Where can I find information about my house?
I am an only child. My dad and I want to buy a house together. I am young, my dad is elderly.Can this be done?
How many time will we hear "FAIR SHARE" in the next 9 months?
If you made $143,000 a year, how much would you spend when buying a house?
As a Landlord, Can I.....?
Looking for a rent to own realtor in Sicklerville, NJ area?? Is anyone (banks) still doing rent to own?
we closed on our house 3 days ago, but now the lender is delaying funding. can the back out?
What is the best way to buy/rent a house in mumbai?
AFter a 75% reduction, you purchase a new washing machine on sale for $170. What was the original price of th?
Any probs w/ Colorado State Business Group/CSBG/Core Realty? I'm sgl mom w/2 kids!! I WANT 2 KEEP OUR HOME!
House Rent Question just got a letter from landlord...?
Lender/Realtor Fraud?
How do you finance a large commercial property?
Transfer of real estate in california under a quick claim deed. Is there an adjustment made to the propery val
Should I go through with renting from this person?
Can a buyer back out of the sale of my home after signing a sales contract and giving earnest deposit?
I am being charged water from the complex for roughly $45 a month.?
Can landllord use deposit for professional cleaning at end of contract?
Can i afford to move out?
Mortgage company says I can't rent out my house...?
What is the best free classifieds to sale property on?
is a realtor a must?
I am trying to find a one bedroom Apartment for under 600 a month?
dept of housing illegal subletting?
what does a Pipe fitter Helper do on a daily bases?
I'm turning 16 soon and need a council flat?
Lead remediation certificate?
How do I sign over a deed to land?
How will the current inflation rate affect house prices in the UK?
How much to charge on rent?
do you like your house?????
i need back rent
how do I get out of pay loan trap?
Non Profit buying land?
what is the interest rate for newly approved mortgage(private home)?
how can i found my property papers, because it lost and i dont able to find them?
If I lower my property taxes will it affect the re-sale value of my house?
Question on an FHA loan?
can security self storage sell your own personal documents?
Is now a good time to buy a house?
how can i get a loan?
I want to buy a house asap?
How can I check if my new muslem neighbours are al-kida generals?
Failed FHA appriasal?
I was looking at rental apartments in UK and found a shared apartment for £115 pw.?
Is the landlord responsible for outrageous water bill?
Can you suggest me some good Real Estate Agents Website in Bangalore?
the real estate agent won't take our offer for a house, is that legal?
My apartment just fell apart. What do?
Washer Repair in rented apartment?
How does the real estate market look for 2012?
Give me all sorts of creative ways to purchase a 2nd home I want!?
How much is water, light, etc. ?
Can you smoke in private rented accommodation?
Buying a house, how long does it take to get approved for a loan?
Can landlord take belongings from apartment?
Does anyone know about credit reports?
Do I have to file taxes on renting out my house, even if I've never paid income taxes?
who gets security deposit after moving out?
Relocating for business - House deposits?
Can I rent an apartment? for a temp agency?
what do you do If your realitor refuses to lower your sale price?
How do you get a real estate license in central florida?
How much should an apartment manager make 28 Units Complex in Santa Monica California?
Where do I find out about foreclosures or foreclosed properties in my area?
How old do you have to be to move out?
What are re-certs?
Looking for house/flat to rent in nottingham?
What should we do about our landlord?
Residential Service Contract?
How to become a real estate developer?
my landlord is suing me because he didn't collect rent for several months.?
Can a landlord evict someone for damaging carpet?
Is buying a home a difficult processes?
My paypal account got limited..i cannot verify the address because i live in a rented room..there is no way i ?
Best part of London to rent a flat/apartment?
I want to sell my house faster.?
Wooden American houses? Why not use bricks?
ANY ADVICE??? we currently are buying a house that we can not afford. We have an arm and are currently?
What is the diffrence between lease and rent?
what area of knoxville, tn should i live?
how do i apply for a fha 203k loan?
how much would the payments, including interest, principal, insurance & taxes that run $800 a year be on $55M?
Is it common to get ripped off by real estate agents?
As the seller, can I keep the earnest money if buyer discovers damage?
Will landlords rent to someone who has a pet Opossum ?
Rate of Return?
What are the pro's and con's of buying a house right now?
my boyfriend and I where made homeless by my family I am at risk of violence?
Can they sue my friend?
I'm getting a backround check for an apartment in Florida ?
House selling rights?
What agencies/ websites sell commercial property?
Does state issue mobile garbage bin?
Help: About Home Evictions?
which country should we invest in real estate now?
How to move house on Skyrim Hearthfire?
Is there a time limit for reimbursement of interest overpaid on an Adjustable Rate Mortgage held privately?
Why are landlords such fuquers?
How can you pay off a mortgage in 10 years on an $80,000 home?
Would my realtor be able to sue me? (florida)?
getting a morgage?
cntg/ no ko?
What can I do to get this flat?
moving out?
Mortgage License Questions?
if i have a warrent in leon valley and i dont live there well they come to the address i live at?
im 18 and i have no job and im losing the house i live in in a mounth?
is there a weekly newspaper from ireland i could subscribe to here in america?
how do I fill out a land trust form?
I've seen an ad on CNBC for a buyer's agent service that gives a 75% refund upon purchase. What is the site?
What's the difference in a Conventional loan and a FHA loan?
If I buy a property via my own corporation am ``I`` allowed to collect a referral fee from the seller?
How to purchase property making less than $20,000 per year????
My landlord is pending eviction for not paying rent on November 1 which is stated in black and white in lease?
Renting prices for a two bedroom place ?
my wife and i have been looking at a home (asking price 155000)?
Why not DSS when renting a Property?
Renting apartment with cousin and gf?
Will I be able to get food stamps if I move out of my parents house?
I am living in my friends living room on an air mattress, how much rent should I pay for the month?
Home investment profit split help?
Can I use a collection agency to get $ owed to me from my daughter for rent,utilities and damage?
California renter rights after being served Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Surrender Possession?
The two questions are in the detail section and have to do with landlord tenant problems.?
Can I terminate the tenancy agreement before the end of contract?
How is it that I live in the 3rd largest city in the US and I can only be serviced by one Internet/TV provider?
my employment was verified 7 days before closing will the underwriter call to verify again?
home loan pre-aprroval?
Is this a low income a month for a family of four?
what is bmrda layout's odd site,not released means?
How can I get out of a interest only loan, after the 1st yr?
What do you do to a Quit Claim FOrm after it is signed.?
buy to let mortgage deposit % rate?
Why is real estate in Poland so inexpensive?
Earnest money return!!!! Help!?
find housing manager?
Do I have to pay rent when issued a 30 day notice?
2 bedroom apartments in Fort Myers, what do people pay for water gas electricity trash sewer cable internet?
How much does a decent one-bedroom apartment cost to buy in Bangalore? (Ittina, Brigade group, etc)?
I am an only child. My dad and I want to buy a house together. I am young, my dad is elderly.Can this be done?
Doesn't my landlord sound like such a Douchebag?
can you sell your home early to pay off chapter 13 in kansas?
Is this rate ok for a 80/20 loan?
Is it worth buying a house if im only going to be there 1 year?
Can Anyone tell me what would i need to concentrate on for the texas loan officers exam?
Can a landlord let themself in the home with out asking?
in pennsylvania can a person hold personal belongings for money owed to them ?
Residence hall house names?
Is it possible to list a house for sale with more than 1 realtor?
What can I do if my landlord doesn't fix my maintenance issue?
How many residences are in Huntington Beach, CA ?
Is it a good time to go with a variable rate in Toronto?
moved into a house rental paid a very large dept the landlord cant pay his 600. water bill we have our water?
How to get a property threw dss?
can a landlord put rent up without a new contract?
if i voluntarily give my house back to the bank how long do I have to move out.?
How much is property in Julian, California?
How much $ /rent% should I set aside yrly for maint./repair when I rent out my house in the Boston, MA area?
Avg Utility Bill for a 2,000 sq ft 4br/ 2.5ba house in Orlando FL?
Is there a website where I can find listings of properties available through tax sale (nation wide preferably)
We bought land on Martha's Vineyard. Is it a good time to build a custom home?
Do you know of funding programs for first time homebuyers in Chicago, Illinois?
how many people live in your house?
do mortgage companies approve new loans with past foreclosures?
I want to know about refinancing my mortgage.?
What are the tennants rights in California?
I own a house in broward county florida. how do I pay my taxes quarterly?
Can an 18 year old in high school legally...?
Have you ever used a mortgage broker?
If there are two people on a lease renting in an apartment complex is it customary that when the leasing?
what is a curb offer in real estate?
Anyone looking for a live in manager for your building?
Do I owe money on my second mortgage if I foreclosed on the house two years ago? ?
Is it possible to get a nice house in Las Vegas for less than $100,000? Where?
What is the step by step process to inquire a investment residental property?
how can i live in an apartment with low income and is a part time community student?
How can i find out if a land is buildable or if it has all the necessary Amenities for a small home?
substitute word for owner?
Instead of buying a house i want to buy a apartment building what would be the first step that i have to take.?
what does it mean when you look up public records and see a ''compliant'' and an ''assignment'' on your house?
where can i print free ledgers or templates?
Anyone want to buy a house in Wisconsin?
If a person living in a basement suite does not pay rent to the leasee does not move when asked?
What is a jumbo mortgage (as opposed to a traditional mortgage)?
Problams with renting?
I don't feel safe in my apartments what should I do?
is pottsville,pa a good place to move?
Where should I move in California?
What is considered a standard payment percentage for a conventional mortgage loan?
What does financing mean?
can you see if you can rent a house if its for sale?
how do i fire my realtor?
Help with a quitclaim deed?
How do college kids afford apartments?
will rent prices come down anytime soon?
home value on zillow?
Where is the cheapest place to live in the US?
Real estate investing: Signing a partnership agreement without a lawyer.?
Can we break our lease if my father is sick and needs someone to live with him?
Buying a house realistic?
How do I go about finding an apartment with bad rental history or bad landlord refferal?
The manager Is kicking us out for no reason I don't want to move what do we do?
Fire science or real estate ?
A few questions about buying a house...?
How many years can someone Rent to Own a House in Ny?
When will the house prices go down in California?
3 people signed into a rental lease, 1 is leaving, are the other 2 liable for his share of the rent?
Hey does anyone know how hard the realtor exam had?
Would a bank do this today?
Why was I denied a condo rental with a male roommate?
My buyer wants to bury their dog in the garden,should I let them?
Trying to find apartment.?
Should we rent from this landlord or move on?
Renting Problems! Please help!?
housing benefit when someone dies?
How come it is easier for a low income family to get a home loan than for a middle class working family?
what are the top california mortgage lending companies?
How long after you sell your home are you allowed to live in it? is it up to 30 days?
Need to sell my house fast? ?
what's really short sale or let your house be forclosed?
Was there a large housing boom in the 1980s and early 90's? if so where and why?
What is the property tax rate for a home in Livonia, Mi?
Really need help with a lease to own property?
How much of a discount can I expect when buying an existing house?
How do u Find out if the city owns a house your looking to buy?
Legally- what time is it okay in apartments to make normal level noises in the morning???
How hard is it to rent houses right now?
Getting kicked out by the end of the month... Can't afford anything?
We sold our house and closed on last month. now they are saying there's a stain in the carpet?
Landlord used refundable pet deposit to cover repairs for damages NOT caused by pets?
Can you apply for section housing in maine while in job corps?
wHERe can someone buy the house?!?
Anyone ever rented an apartment in Grovetown Georgia?
Buying a home after short sale in California?
I think the goverment should be held responsible for all the people who took on?
rental cars for a week less than $160.00?
Is not allowing a renter to have dogs considered discrimination?
i need emergency help for my rent?
Dept of Building approved the plan for building a stair from 2nd floor to yard.?
Centes homes or Cp morgan ?
what type of home can you buy in your area for $100,000?
tenant is a cop not paying rent?