Real Estate

Actual Deposit Date for the check?
day of mortgage completion question?
i moved out of a house that i rented with a friend and now the landlord is sending me a bill for 14,000.00?
Does the landlord have the right to ask to you clean the apartment?
What're the steps in buying/selling a house?
Can someone help me to find mortgage professionals who provide FHA loans in Seattle?
Hi Guys, Refinance the house, but couldn't (penalty is huge) please help and advise...?
I rented a house that is zoned for one unit?
baby on the way, housing?
How can I get an eviction notice for being behind with rent for one month, If I have a land contract?
I was charged loss of use fees by Thrifty w/o proof (fleet utilization log). Is this legal?
How to prepare if someone breaks in my house?
Yields and Adjustable Rate Mortgages?
how can i find out about what people in the holy land do for lent and easter?
Does buying a condo STILL qualify for the $8000 tax credit being the 1st timer of condoowner?
my apartment is infested with Roaches what should i do?
i NEED an apartment in starke,flordia PLEASE HELP HELP HELP?
How much is an appartment going to cost?
site to verify property value.?
How can I collect unpaid rent from a past tenant?
If you want to buy a house in Arizona that has 3 mortgages on it?
Has Paulding Homes gone into liquidation?
I have a jerk off neighbor in my apartment building who is playing his TV loud?
Where can I find a used mobile home sold by a private person in San diego that I can move onto my property?
Real Estate License?
Is it practical to invest in a Condominium? Would you rather have a condo such as great a SMDC? :)?
Council tenants please help ?
is it possible that i can see here in the net the land title of a certain land that i am looking for?help!....
on number 2 what details are you asking for.?
Can i get a judgement against a landlord who refused to return deposit with no lease?
where can i find the landlord-tenant act for montana online for free?
Both of us signed a twelve month lease, he moved. am i responcible for his half of the rent?
Is the company "We buy Ugly Houses" honest and reputable?
Write a letter to Tenant?
i am ready to purchase a home, should i pay all the debts on my credit report first?
How much money would you need to live in a studio flat?
How much money do I stand to lose by pulling out of a home purchase?
Rooming with cousin and gf?
Which of these three Home Counties is considered posher, Berkshire, Surrey, or Buckinghamshire?
What does the Ad litem look for the following specifics?
No term on lease agreement, when can it end?
I filed bankruptsy last year.I rented my house out when I got married. The renters left damages. Can I file?
Any way to avoid mortgage insurance?
If I buy a home with renters can I evict them?
I have been renting a property from a private landlord since 25th November 2010 this was originally a six mth?
Why do apartments charge application fees?
i live in a council flat but my friend wants the flat, we was going to an exchange but its took forever?
should I buy a property in the north pole?
Does the value of a residential property area deppreaciate if it's next to a shopping mall ?
Can I get a FHA mortgage with SSI?
I've changed my mind on buying a house, can I get my earnest money back?
Can my boyfriend's landlord BAN me from the property?
how to omit deceased name from husband & wife deed, minnesota?
No Occupancy Permit for our basement apartment.?
How to deal with North Fork Bnk, continually sends their statements out late, causing penalties to occur?
Whats the best way to buy a house with bad credit?
Western Union number?
when you buy a property how deep does the land that you own go?
I want to rent a house, what documentation do i need to provide?
How to have an open house?
What closing costs does the seller normally pay, on a Short Sale Agreement?
how can i get a HUD voucher if i live in fitzgerald but i want it to move to Virginia?
how can child receieve deed from parents and burrow off paid deed to pay parents for property?
is it alright to start an escrow account if rental property is up for sheriff sale?
Is there anyway someone who is not 18 but 17 and has a parental cosigner can sign a lease for an apt?
N.J. Stat. Ann. §§ 46:8-1 to-49 where can I find and print this nj law [landlord tenant rights]?
My sister may be going into a nursing home. We own a piece of land together. The deed is in both of our names?
We are buying a house on contract. How does that work?
Paying Mortgage ontime?
House hunting, can anyone help?
can you live in a home before deciding to buy it?
If paying cash for a property, how much should you offer?
Is it weird to leave a gift for the people that buy your house?
I have been pre approved for a home loan . Should I wait until the economic stimulus bill passes or buy now ? ?
I am a landlord with a very problomatic tenant.... she was arrested today at gunpoint - help?
How many viewings to expect?
Help! I need to get a home loan and my credit is classified as "Poor"?
can a ex home owner apply for a council house in birmingham?
How do you buy a tropical island?
Will the tax burden be less if I put 20 different rental properties under a property management company?
Liverpool Apartment - buying?
what is required in the state of arkansas to be a licensed real estate agent? thanks?
Colorado Short Sale Laws/restrictions?
What do you think about my realtor?
Home foreclosure/eviction. Help?!?
About Mortgage Forclosure?
Water leak damages, what precautions to take?
My ex is being forclosed. I am on the mortgage but NOT on the note. I have been served. What is my liability?
should i buy a home in jacksonville, fl or should i wait a bit longer due to interest rates?
Anything out there to help me be a 1st time home buyer.?
Moving out and don't want to take roaches with me?
should my family foreclose, and rent a house instead. interest only loan, and 80,000 in debt.?
what is the most important things to consider before moving into an apartment?
I'm interested in a 100% financing. Are 80/20 something to consider? Pros /cons?
if I sell my house, how do I use the equity to buy another house?
Should we sell or rent? Does a landlord have to be responsible for repairs on a rental place?
Why wont my home sell?
Whr to find cheap student shared stay in Boston for one year?
Can I still buy a home if I'm retired?
What can I do if a cop moves into my apartment?
Help please!!!!?
where can i get real estate postcards made in oceanside, ca?
a person left belongings in my apartment after he was evicted from the property.?
Breach of tenancy contract by landlords/Estate agents – what should I do?
Have you ever flipped a house??
How get the name of a homeowner of a house in my neighborhood?
What would it be like to live on only 20,000 dollars a year?
Do I go to city hall/court house to find homes that are being foreclosed?
How do I evict a month to month tenant?
Building a home from scratch.?
Timeline for Moving Out-Of-State???
I'm thinking of buying a house with my friend?
on line real estate classes?
Can my husband kick me out of the house if were Both on the land contract?
Refinance Newbie - Feedback Appreciated?
What to do on this real estate in Illinois?
how long can you prequalify for a mortgage loan once your paperwork is signed for the actual loan?
What is the original price of $120.00 if it was 80% more?
Do you think this house is a good deal?
Any unique interesting course Like real estate ...?
What are the qualifications for low income housing for an apartment in utah?
What street has the biggest houses?
Bought a house with boyfriend,we broke up.Can I get my 43,0000 down payment back?
In relation to housing benefit what are the thresholds fpr low income?
Why hasn't my house sold?????????? It's been 6.5 months?
Looking @ homes for sale online..HELP!?
Do I have to provide power to a derelict house via extension cord?
How can I find out who owns a certain home? Is it public knowledge and if so, how do I find out?
What are the most popular retirement places in Western N.C. and Eastern Tennessee?
how do you know what online classes are excepted in Texas?
Survey:How many times have you paid the rent 2 to 3 months in advance and then the lease holder tell you 2 go?
my apartment owners want me to relocate to another unit. should'nt they help me with the expense?
Can anyone tell me the difference between interest only and fixed rate mortgage rates?
i am selling my house and it has old carpet, should i give a carpet allowance or put in new carpet?
how can I collect back rents from a tenant she skip 4 months rent and moved out without giving me her new addr?
Condo Hotels?
I have a question regarding the statement about subleasing?
Scared about moving out on our own.... Does my husband make enough for us to get our own place soon?
Is there anyone who knows Dr Harrey Bin Dawaut or Marrangun Bin Dawaut, is he a real lender?
about bank housing loans?
If someone has paid the bills in a house for 3 years are they intitled to half the house?
Can you have yard sales in a Trailer Park?
Is now a good time to buy a house and take on a mortgage?
If a the sq ft. of a fenced yard is not specified in a lease, but was shown as is and we have had usage of it?
can a child under 18 own real estate in west virginia?
Are UK house prices going to crash?
What is a Deed of Trust? (Regarding setting up a second home loan with father) How do I get one?
Ending enancy Agreement early, can landlord hold me liable for rent if he finds new tenant in 6 months?
If you had $120,000....?
My father passed away I inherited a house. ?
Is real estate investing over?
No credit check place to rent in Phoenix Area I need Help!?
what are my rights as a tenant, if I have a neighbor who is mentally unstable,?
My realtor shows no interest in selling my home for the past 2 years?
Has anyone stayed in the Almost Heaven apartments in ocean city? Wanted opinions before booking?
My fathers estate is in propate as his aires we will own this home but his widow has applied for homesteading?
Where can I find NM MLS listings without signing up with a thousand realtors?
How would i go about building my own home?
What is needed to rent an apartment in the US?
property closure signing single family home decited to give up earent money and back out on deal,now they sue?
Can I deliver a demand for rent before the grace period?
whats the average age of a first time home buyer?
Can my roommate do a lease assignment without my consent?
I am looking for noteholders ready to sell. Where can i list my e-mail for them to reach me?
Notice to vacate regarding Rental lease..?
I contacted two realtors about the same property.. whoops!?
Need to find out landlords phone number, but roomate wont give it.?
I have a three day notice to pay up or vacate the premisses and it was not procesed through the court?
I have basic salary 2700 and housing allavance 2200,tottal it posible to sponcer my wife?
What can I do if a cop moves into my apartment?
I am a first time home buyer. I live in Los Angeles, CA. It is a good time to buy a house right now or wait?
I would like to buy a house.....?
How much would my payments be?
Can multi-units combine on a water bill to reduce access fees?
What is the maxium rate for a home loan?
How so i get the best deal on real estate?
How many days notice to give landlord on a year to year periodic lease?
How do I close my account with Gun Broker?
What are advance charges on home mortage loans?
Eviction Process in florida. Does anyone have answers to how long till actually on the streets?
which homeowner is responsible?
A house less than 200 meters for $750,000? Is it worth it?
If i rent a place 1br appartment with three people me my girl and our son age 6?
Properties to rent in Scotland?
what is an option fee in home loans?
Need a realtor in Ruidoso, New Mexico to sell a lot. What is the percentage asked of the selling price?
Credit qualifications for home loan?
does anybody know how much we would get offered for a mortgage on joint earnings of approx 37000. thanks?
Trying to kick my cousins out my apartment what should i do?
Our house is going into foreclosure.Back taxes are owed.Can the all our property?
whats the meaninh of afordable housing??
what price should I list my house to sell?
What is a HUD-1?
what is a non agent facilitator?
What can I do about cockroaches in my apartment?
If I rent a flat can I sub let a room without telling the landlord?
Does anyone know of a home to rent in Alberta?
I was wondering what are some good places to live and that are not too expensive.?
Which is the most efficient way of getting capital for real estate development without becoming frustrated?
Getting an apartment at 17 in New York?
What states have the Cheapest land per acre?
Where should we move!?!?
how do I find out if a home builder is licensed in the state of ia?
someone owns land infront of my house. what can i do to legally access my house without trespassing?
Whats the Best Place in Florida to buy a Condo?
Economic concerns regarding my mortgage?
remove mechanics lien nc forms?
Apartment Hunting--Price "Installment"?
When doing a residential exhange does money have to change hands or can it be just paper work?
i rent and a tree fell on my truck who pays for it?
My next door neighbors wish to have us evicted due to noise complaints. I'm not sure the situation is fair.?
map of 17 Horseshoe Pond Lane, New Hampshire, Exeter, USA?
How do I find a cheap apartment?
really need to leave home, asap, help please?
Raw Land Density Information?
help me find a web page or phone number for my texas homestead exemptions?
Has anyone bought a home using a Conventional Renovation Loan (not 203k-FHA)?
Is my landlord right? (New Hampshire)?
Does putting a sign up help sell a home faster?
My ex-landlord says I owe her $8000 for damages and I disagree how do I prove I am telling the truth?
how to sell a property?
Can i have the police get my apartment Keys?
How do I get my earnest money back?
Where in the US can I reside where there's jobs and a low cost of living? - I currently live in NYC metro area
What are the best neighborhoods with the very best looking houses?
what is the prime interes rate now?
is there a way to roll my mother in law's mortgage into our balance when I buy a house?
Is 12% interest too high? Owner financed home.. please help!?
HI I recently placed an AD my house for rent but it was placed in the wrong area how do i fix this IF I CAN?
Apartments in Maryland Baltimore?
Is there a statute of limitations on fraud?
are there places that will help with back rent?
appartments for rent in east orange?
The John Beck Internet program called "Free and Clear" does it work?
Why property in Delhi becoming costly, specially residential?
Poinciana Florida Real Estate?
Apartment Rent and Security Deposit?
Will Housing prices go up or down ?
How I get a name as a co-signer removed from mortgage?
If our landlord signed a checklist at our final walkthrough, can they add extra damages later and charge us?
Our landlord is asking us to pay for insurance, need help answering this?
What happens to our mortgage if we sell our home for less then we bought it?
Can you sale a condo owned and move to a rented apartment? Can u keep all the money u get from this sale?
renting or buy which is best?
Advice for a job in real estate?
if you have knowledge on this subject please answer this: LEASE?
help!!!! where can i store my house deeds?
I have a contract on a property in Mexico but have not closed, I have a buyer for it now, how can I sell it?
so sick of people telling us no to get a subprime mortgage?
I am looking for appts. for rent or motels for rent in calvert or st marys counties in maryland?
would a bank be willing to lend up to 200,000 to a 19 year old in a full time job earning up to 16000/an?
What is the website for century 21 mortgage?
Whats the best website to look for homes for rent?
Is Dubai freehold properties still an attractive investment or the bubble is about to burst?
Is a "contract to purchase agreement" binding if date has expired?
what ultimately lowers mortgage rates?
What can I do about my landlord?
Where can I find a nice apartment in Nashville, TN with my credit score not being in good standings?
how do i deal with extortionate apartment service charges?
Can you get the keys to a new house before you actually complete - to move things in if the house is empty?
to be real estate negotiator or bank mortgage consultant?
my new landlord didnt own the property when we signed lease with him is it valid?
I'm on a joint month-to-month lease but want to move...Do I have to find a replacement?
Who can lend me money to purchase a manufactured/mobile Home?
Can a landlord ask for your bank account and savings account numbers on a rental application??
need advice on rental?
What's it like to be a Real Estate Agent?
Is ther a number I can call on my landlord for not fixing something in the house?
Is it possible for me to get a house? How?
in wich state should i buy my new home?
Can I buy my parents home from them but still have them live there?
Are my parents charging me too much for rent?
Is this legal? Why does the landlord acts like this?
about deposit of renting house?
What questions to ask a property management company for a townhome community?
How can I get a personal loan for $9000 to buy an older mobile home with no credit?
Can you be a successful real estate agent if you do not have a large social network to begin with?
I never signed my apt lease am i bound to it?
Extremely bad experience with Stuart Carson of ALS Home Insulations (WA), is there anyone else out there?
Buying a house, how long does it take to get approved for a loan?
How do I get started in real estate? I am very interested in becoming a mortgage broker and an agent.?
What is the average time a house sale is in escrow?
what implications are there for the early years setting?
I only make $800 a month. Is renting an aparment for half my income too much money to spend?
Who signs a final and best form, for the buyer to review, the listing, the seller, or both?
I really need an apartment, and I'm looking at government subsidized apartments?
Is it legal for me to cancel a lease on a house if the roof leaks and the landlord wont fix it.?
What are the main things that you look at when you are viewing a house that you might buy?
Is it possible to move out with low income?
getting evicted?
How can I get out of a 1 year lease early?
Are all trailer homes in a trailer park?
Is my house considered foreclosure if it was included in a bankruptcy?
How much does a house appreciate in 18 months?
Have you thought about moving to a place where you can buy a less expensive home?
What state yields the highest in rental population?
herald land real estate broker based in dubai is selling cheap land in uk, i want to know the credibility?
I need a room- mate to move out ?
If I'm renting and my water heater breaks, who is responsible for paying my motel coverage, me or the landlord?
how to compute for a future value factor?and to get the revenue for the first year of lending this amount?
Can I get a appt for 600$ a month ?
What are my options for moving under my circumstances?
Are the TV real estate courses of any use?
maximum number of tenants in a rental Alberta?
How to kick an ex out of my house. There is no lease, He is not on the title, and we were never married.?
Do I have to have my handyman write up invoices?
What is the quickest and easiest way to become a licensed realtor in tx?
Would we qualify for income-based apartments?
Can any body suggest which builder to choose, while deciding on purchase of affordable flat in Gurgaon?
How does housing Co-op work?
in my apartment if touch the light switch or medicine cabinet in the bathroom with wet hands you get shocked..?
Singapore Answerers Know - rent room to PRC people OK?
Do anyone know how I can access lease-free or short term(3 mos) rent apt in Memphis, TN?
My roommate is moving out. Do I need to pay her rent?
I am looking for the largest growing Real Estate Company in India?
Has anyone ever used Cash Homebuyers?
I'm buying at 114k, appraisal came in at 145k, still need PMI? With 3.5% down?
What is the approximate hourly rate for a real estate agent's personal assistant?
Does neighbor have to move boundary fence?
How to buy new house?
where can a family go to get housing if they have no job?
Can apartment complexes see previous rentals you didnt add to your application?
a word for someone who's kicked out of his apartment because he can't afford the rental?
Two years after renting agricultural land for farming, no contract was made, no money paid, still liable money
We're selling our home that we purchased with our VA loan..?
If I don't have a renting permit, is my tenant's lease agreement still valid?
Can my agent suggest what to offer on my house when showing it to another party? well below listed price, btw?
How would some one like me get into the wholesaling house business?
Should two students buy an inexpensive mobile home or rent an apartment?
Second broker price option?
Do i need to have money down for a house?
Is pavithrabhoomi developers good company...?
how do i make sure my mum and dad buy this house ?
Maintenance man signed my lease in place of landlord/owner- is it still valid?
can someone stay a night with me if i rent a room?
Why are my section 8 neighbors buying cable?
what's the easiest way to sell a timeshare?
how long will it take to get it to a safe area to check it out?
How to terminate my lease?
Doe there have to be a sink in the second bathroom of the house to pass a hud inspection?
Problems with "landlord"?
My fridge broke in my apartment, landlord unreliable..North Dakota.?
buying a house without permits for the additions in Maryland?
Does anybody know what how many units an apartment complex can have before?
how can i get a rebate on my next home?
I am looking to purchase a home with cash, which is best forclosure, pre-forclosure, or auction?
Price of 3818ZC 9?
What are some good apartments in Indianapolis?
Should I Foreclose on my home?
do you know where there is an efficientcy for rent?
who has the right to evict in a third party renting argeement?
Stuck in truck lease agreement?
Do I have to pay a full months rent if my lease ends mid-month, or will I have to pay a pro-rated amount?
Can i be evicted if the apt office LOST my money order that was to pay the rent?
Wanting to lease an apartment with friends, but I don't have credit.?
Why would a home be sold for $10?
Condo Unit For Sale?
Can I deduct my apartment's finders fee?
How far will $150,000 take me?
Previous landlords took out of our security deposit for painting, is this aloud?
i am looking to find a affordable appt. in minneapolis. Im moving in two wks, and have $2000.00 to work with?
Does it make sense to create an LLC for the few rental properties I own?
If I signed a contract with my apartment complex & nobody 'DATED' it, is it still binding?
I'm looking to move out on a low budget, help?
What is the best way to go about buying a cheap home to rent for section 8?
How do you deal with a salesperson who is telling lies to try and push you into a sale?
can landlord enter my house if I don't want him to?
I have a friend who lives in apartment in which the landlord told her she won't be resigning the lease?
MTA Index percentage?
My tenants WILL NOT LEAVE! Am i in the wrong?
Do you still qualify for the first time home buyers tax credit if you need a co-signer?
How to start renting homes out?
Does a house need to have a working heater to legally sell it?
how to find who own a house?
How to locate the name of a property owner in Oak Park, IL?
Do you think it's a good idea that my son and I live in a basement or lower level apartment?
Can I come live with you rent free? ?
homes for rent near 21550?
can you rent a flat at 16 ?
Restrictive covenants?
I need to buy Income property owners telephone numbers.?
If on contract for deed it says that if original owners die payment goes to someone but what if that person di?
Do you think UK property prices are unreasonable esp. for single people who want to buy property on their own?
Why do rental websites suck?
Places where male minorities have equal access to affordable housing ?
How much do you think my husband and i can get a loan for a house?
Royce Builders Realestate question.?
Home equity mortgage? Zero down, pay only interests for 25 -35 years, worth or not?
What type of loan do I take out for home improvements?
Can i put up a rental fence in a rental home?
Real Estate Investment?
How do you report your landlord for not taking care of his property?
If you've lived in a place over 40 years can the landlord suddenly quadruple the rent?
what security of tenure would i recieve when buying a park home from a permanant residential caravan site?
cay you refiance a ballon payment on a land contract?
What is the meaning for P I T I S on rental property?on rental?
i been living in my home for about 2years when i fist moved in i signed aleased for 6months well that lea?
What job am I able to do to afford this mortgage?.....?
Roommate question...?
will i be able to afford a flat in 3 months time?
Is it legal for my landlord to ask me to get rid of my cats or face eviction?
Is there any retired realestate agents that can tutor me?
What is a studio apartment?
How to get your name off of a mortgage?
help on housing situation uk?
Landlord will not repair stove - what steps should I take?
Anyone have experience with the 1031 exchange in real estate purchases?
shoud you put the price of the home on the flyer?
Major money worries, rent and bills due soon!?
Tips for burglar proofing an apartment?
how 2 buy lean property?
How do I find the value of my home?
How much is safe to spend while waiting to close on a house?
How do I pay for an house that is bought on ebay?
Is it possible to rent an apartment with just one month down. No security deposit?
what is a high rise apartment?
Can my roommate keep me from moving my stuff out?
How many real estate appraisal firms in US?
my house was burglarized?
What does income restriction stand for in California home rentals?
Dispute between landlord and tenant ?
Answers Pleasee??? Regarding real estate?
I meant as the tenant trying to get rent back from an landlord and he knew the apt was illegal before he rents?
What is the best way to break your lease on an apartment?
How can I find out if property was left for me by someone and I was never notified?
Anyone know how you would go about changing owners on deeds? Skip?
If a house is listed at $349,900 what would be a reasonable offer?
Grand father passed, me and 5 other family members are on the deed. Can I move into the house?
what does it mean by "owner pays utilities" when renting an appartment?
Would me and my mate be able to afford a flat to rent in Edinburgh?
I have rent in arrears and won't pay as I'm gonna leave the UK permanently?
Where can I find out how much my utility bills will be at my new house?
High Risk Lender- appraised value much higher than selling price?
eviction ?
Moving to Las Vegas this fall. Cheap place to live?
I am looking at purchasing a home for the first time. Is right now an good time to purchase or not?
is a hombuyer obligated to give a seller a copy of the home inspection?
Logan opened a savings account 21 years ago with a deposit of $3,471.52. The account has an interest rate of 3?
I have 70k cash and make 50k/year, what investmen property can i buy? where?
Is this the right time for me to move out?
Real estate (equity in land)?
How much are down payments, usually?
What does it mean to have your mortgage suspended, during modification on a home loan?
how close to my house and balcony can a developer put up a wall and another building including balconies?
Benefit from interest deduction or pay off your mortgage?
Can you tell me if asking a landlord for lower rent is acceptable?
Anyone knows where i can get a good real estate investing website?
Miami FL title/closing agent?
What's the cheapest housing area within 3 hours of Los Angeles?
part of the property is self occupied and part of property is rented and the rent income is shown as income?
how do you avoid estate taxes on property?
Is Ditech a good mortgage company?
What questions should I ask when buying a home?
Where is the best place to live South of Orlando ?
Housing benefit advice!?
I have not made a mortgage payment since Feb 2009.I went Thru a loan mod but the payment was still too high?
has any one ever gotten a security deposit back from renting a house or apartment?
i live with 2 other tenants, 1 has an outstanding, unpaid balance, what action can i take?
short sale Question Very confusing.?
process to be come a Realtor and reviewed?
Is a 250 square meter condo big enough for four bedrooms?
does anyone know the formula for a land contract? $50,000 at 1% pmts 400 a month? Thanks JoJo?
Anyone experienced a short sale?
Why is there such a huge discrepancy between average income and median home price?
pay rent or quit in california?
My landlord never gave me a lease to sign, if I move sooner will I be entitled to my security deposit?
Question for landlords?
refinancing my home? Please Help?
Does this sound unethical for a realtor?
my landlord won't let me out of my lease but the neighbors are toonoisy. Complaining doesn't help. Now what?
Can I Still Buy A House If I Have Bad Credit But Have Enough Money To Buy It?
Where to buy Affordable House And Lot In Tagaytay City?
Can I use my deposit as my last month's rent?
First time buyer?
Lease and utility question.?
Can I take the deposit back?
what does the 2/6 represent in ARM mortgage programs?
Can I deduct a loss on sale of primary home on my federal taxes?
Can I take out the "Gift Agent" section out of a Power of Attorney contract?
Trying to find out how low of a credit score can I have and still qualify for mortgage, dont care about APR?
can a landlord take tenants to court in the state of NY if the owner resides outside of the state of NY?
My site is not found on , why? It's highly ranked on Google and
New apartment help :D?
i am getting annoyed by my tenants?
Our landlord is going to bring us a Port-O-Potty to use while they're fixing the sewer brokenpipe?
How do you abandon real estate property?
how many mobile home lots could I put on 2 acres of land?
Help me buy a house PLEASE..?
Why would the county need a 60 notice of eviciton? Is this a con on their part?
Can I please ask some advice on my rented house
how hard is it to move out & live on your own??
Help !! I'm in a predicament with my landlord. He's using lies and unfounded accusations to get rid of us!!!
im havin a hard time payin house payment. has anyone ever traded their home?
best apartment share agencies in New York City. I have a room available in prime area?
Can you legally rent out a house without a renters license?
Can my landlord enter my apartment without notice?
Do apartments call your last place of residence?
how much is your rent ?
i want to pursue education in real estate through correspondance from U.S.A?
Should I move or should I stay put?
WHere do I go to find out who owns an abandoned home?
I have to buy a 1 BHK flat in Delhi/Faridabad area through a Bank loan.?
Can/would a landlord sue for breaking a lease and moving out early?
If you knew about serious problems with your neighbors houses, would you tell them?
Can a Anuradhta nakshatra person buy South facing Apartment/House?
How much does one single individual needs to make on a yearly basis in order to live just right?
Guaranteed loan and direct loan program?
can you buy a house under 18 in california?
New house problems, do we have a case?
Can my boyfriend of 2 years kick me out of his house with no notice?
Can you own a dog if you live in a apartment that you own?
Landlord entering without asking...and breaking a lease?
has anyone ever been sued because they breach their apartment contract?
Rented on verbal agreement that they would buy in 3 months.?
Should I buy a home in delaware?
what to do when you just find out your apartment is the fire escape for everyone on your floor ?
house renting websites?
Can I suit my landlord for lead found in my 3yrs.old daughter?
How can you be a good banker.?
landlord dilema??
if you live in a duplex apartment, and there are 2 parking spaces, one assigned to A & the other to B,.?
how is mahavir constructions of flats and what type of quality they will have while constructing the flats?
Can home inspecter use grandparents living condition and work history in home inspection?
Are Apartment Amenities Free?
After claiming bankruptcy, how long was it before you were able to buy a house or obtain credit cards?
can my landlord charge me a full month rent as a damage deposit?
i need email address for ulf hansen at playland properties in perrysound?
How bad would you get in trouble if you stole 100k of equipment?
Why is the general public so stupid?
I want to buy real estate overseas. How do I get a loan or do the financing?
we have 47 years left on lease and our landlord wants to buy us out.what is it worth?
residential regarding?
I need help I am buying a house its about Owner Financing for two years then getting a bank loan.?
deed poll information?
Lists of maintenance companies/corporation and management properties?
Should I move into an apt with on site and coin op laundry?
What can I do about my obnoxious neighbor?????
is century rentals a scam?
Trailer Dilemma.?
Accepting a buyer's offer...?
i would like to move but i live in homeless accomadation. what do i do?
Potential landlord playing games?
My floors are squeaky and I'm on the 3rd floor. Should I care?
Is there such a thing as a real estate company that will buy your house if they don't sell it for you?
Realtors: Are you finding your sellers want unrealistic listing prices? Are you talking them out of it?
I gave a 30 day notice on March 1, I then requested to stay 6 more days and she said no. Can she call the?
who played the female roles in the theater in Shakespeare's time?
Do I have to steamclean the carpets before I move out?
Can I donate my mobile home to a charitable or non-profit and have them take over rent for the leased land?
Where can I find (FREE) photos and floorplans for log cabin homes online?
What can I do to help my flat to sell?
Can you get a mortgage with no job?
When buying a rental building, how do you absolutely verify rental income BEFORE you buy.?
im 17 and my parents are asking for £120 a week to rent my room since i dont go to college anymore?
Open house question am I required to show my home?
First Time Apartment Rental Questions?
can a landlord put the water and trash bill in my name without my permission? and make me pay for propane?
California 'Short Sale'. After close of escrow, can the 'seller' stay 3 more wks ('buyers' request)?
What should I do my landlord won't give me my money back after living there for only 2 weeks?
shortsale realestate home sale?
Is there a site better than Craigslist for listing a room for rent?
How do I rent an apartment with no job?
Getting a second mortgage loan while the fist mortgage loan is new?
Can my friend get a rent reduction based on this?
Am I responsible for paying for FHA to inspect the house that I am purchasing?
My tenant left her apartment, put keys in an envelope but did not show up for the inspection.?
Should I retain a real estate lawyer just to do an assignment?
My landlord has sold the property I reside in and has has sent me an eviction notice.?
People who rent - I need an idea of how much I can expect to pay on bills each month?
What does this mean?
Listing of section 8 housing rentals in cincinnati, ohio?
which site is best to find a real estate open house in new jersey?
if i buy a house in america do i have to pay taxes per month?
What are renters rights?
£24k a year rent, on £450k property?
Is it possible to by a starter home if you just moved to a new area starting a new job... with fair credit?
what is a good slogan for a realtor to use?
How old does one have to be to become a building superintendent?
What other costs come with living in an apartment?
6 month tenancy agreement?
why are houses so much cheaper in certain areas?
Why do adult children of deceased parents turn the home into rental property instead of just selling the home?
How does "real world" apartment searching work?
Selling versus renting in port saint lucie, fl?
Where do you go in the UK to get help with finding a flat?
model home hostess?
How do I find about any liens against my home?
Moving out when 18. Dorm or apartment? Need help1?
Who lives in an HOA single family home?
I cannot rent an apartment because I am a student despite having good credit and a job. Housing discrimination?
what is normal referral fee in real estate?
I live upstairs and required to pay my own heat?
I am Looking for apartments and houses in and around Port Huron Michigan for 100 to 400 a month?
Need to know what apartments in okc are section 8?
please could anyone help.i,ll moved in too a new house at at the back of my houseis a road and next door put a
Can I get deposit back if I change my mind on a lease? Never signed anything.?
What can I do to move out of my FEMA trailer and I have no where to go and have lost evertything in Katrina ?
How do I get an unruly rommate evicted?
How is the real estate market in california usa?
How quickly can you refinance?
is there a record of who has lived in a particular house?
Is there a way to find out if a realtor is legitimate?
I don't know who to believe...?
do realtors charg to mutch?
My landlord is doing an inspection Tuesday. Help !?
Possibly buying a house with my boyfriend?
Landlord not providing items stated in lease?
If I have a tenancy agreement with a landlord can they make me leave if they sell the house?
Written offer to buy a house -- so why would seller's agent engage in verbal negotiations?
Advice on clause on lease?
Is the real estate licensing exam hard?
do you think real estate in michigan will continue to decline?
Approved for a loan on a house?
job scopes as an housing agent toward the tenant?
How do I come about renting an apartment? (establishing credit)?
Can I turn over property in a storage unit to the owner as abandoned?
What does "Contingent with no kick out" mean on a real estate listing?
I'm having an issue with my apartment property management office?
Serious issues with tenants! Help?
Santa Barbara raffles a million dollar home for $150 tickets. If I win, should I take the house or the cash?
If my power went out while i was gone and food spoiled,should my landlord reimburse me for the food or...?
Do you think realtors are paid too much?
Where can I go to find a lot that will be able to hold diesal gas tanks above ground for sale??
canI apply for a second mortgage loan without my spouse co-signing?
If I transfer my house to an LLC, how long must it be held before it qualifies for an "in kind" transfer?
Does anyone own a mobile home and how much am i expected to pay for rent...Blackpool area?
How do I kick my roomate out when her names on the lease?
how to take the realtor's license test to become a realtor, what is the qualifications?
Secure tenant- can i be evicted?
About how much would a civil lawsuit cost me?
Vacation Renter Rights?
Have you ever bought an expensive real estate course?
What Lender can help a first time home buyer get a loan with no VOM History?
living in CA buying a home in TX?
Where, in Los Angeles is the best place to rent of buy for a student?
To all landlords: Am I obligated to change a good wallpaper just because the tenant does not like it?
What advice can you give for someone buying a home for the first time?
What's the difference in a PMI,MIP financed fee vs. PMI,MIP funding fee?
What is a list of apartments in Gainesville or High Springs FL?
I am looking for a good loan officer in CA, to work on my refreences?
At What Age Did You First Get Your Own Place?
Multiple offers on house?
Who is the property manager at Station Plaza in Yonkers New York?
Property Management Education online?
what changes to my home will increase my home value?
How do reverse mortgages rip off old people?
Acreage refinancing with bad credit?
Cheapest apartments in Saratoga, California?
payment on 130,000 at 4.5 percent?
who do you think is the wrost mortage company and why?
real estate job info?
How old do you have to be to rent a sublet, and if you're underage does it only require parent consent?
Landlord has locked us out and refuses to give back our posessions.?
Where can I find the property tax records for Orleans Parish?
When applying for a Mortgage, can you use your unemployment benefits as a source of income?
do i need a lawyer to quit claim on deed?
how do I check on the quality of a resort company?
I want to give my tenant that rents a room 30-day notice. When I do is she required to pay rent for all30?
What are the best websites for renting rooms in the NYC area ?
Rent problem....?
We want to get our house repossesed as we are in rented and about to go bankrupt, is this possible?
I have a tennant 3 months. He brings all kinds of stuff at12-30am to 4-am and?
can i have two properties in my name?
How can I get in contact with Crown Point Timesharing, Incorporated based out of Arkansas.?
Rental Info?
were can i find a ranch house?
What is live in(accommodation)?
How much should it cost a homeowner to refinance? ?
What did you last buy a lot of because it was a good price?
If i buy land with utility bills passed due? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When you list you house for a certain amount and say that's as low as you can get, why do they offer less?
How safe is it to buy an auction property? for e.g from 99
Is angie's list a good way for a real estate investor to find a contractor?
Selling a house?
I purchased a condo @ the end of July, and A/C started to leak the week after I bought it.?
does maple wood of taylor have a website?
Is it normal to be asked to use 'in house' services(solicitors/mortgage arrangments) to buy a repossessed home?
Please help me sell my land?
How much harder is the California Real Estate BROKER exam than the salesperson exam?
Can a realtor list property with only one of the owner's signature?
How much money will I need to buy an apartment in New York?
How many houses can a person own?
How can I buy a foreclosed piece of real estate with bad credit and no money?
Mortgage pmi Insurance?
Has anyone ever lived in Coral Point Apartments in AZ
My apartment is asking me to pay $1,500 for "breaking my lease"! How can I...?
What happens if I don't pay my electricity bill?
I'm looking for an Atlanta apartment that fits these criteria?
My rights as new renter?
if you have a job you need to know your income how would you find out on your check stub?
can i use property management company to rent my house, when am still paying mortgage on it ?
can a landlord change rules even after you have lived there before he owned it?
How do i film a music video in a warehouse setting for free or cheap?
New H1 visa holder -unable to decide whether to buy on mortgage 2BR apt or take on rent-adv & disadv?
If a real estate agent goes months without selling a house, do they generally earn close to no $?
What action can i take against a landlord that enters my apartment without notice?
Arm Resets in 2011 & Home Depreciated - what to do?
suggest a company name starting with "E" having beautiful meaning related to property dealing?
Has anyone heard of Clement Property Group?
how many clients can an estate agent get realistically in three weeks? apartment letting, lettings,sales?
If I find a person to sublet my place and my roommates do not let him move in, am I liable anymore for rent?
In the context of Business Offices what is the strict legal definition of Subletting in England?
can i buy a house with no money down?
I have given my 30 day notice and the landlord has now started entering my aprtement w/o notice, what can I do
would you be willing to rent to a sex offender because his /her children want to live near school?
what is a good area to live in California?
what is the average price of 1 acre of land?
What are the conditions and time length of certified mail sent to Landlords?
Kicking boyfriend out whose not on lease.?
does a landlord have to provide heat in the winter?
Unclaimed Money while selling/buying property...?
can a non-us citizen purchase real estate in the us?
What is the lender called in a deed of trust transaction?
Do I need to be on the social housing list to get a shared ownership property?
The property I rent is in foreclosure. The landlord has not paid mortgage in 7 months. Do I need to pay rent?
Why don't estate agents put the asking price up on their "For Sale" board's?
if you see a house boarded up in the outskirts can you make it your home?
Once you find the address of a foreclosure, how can you find out where the auction is being held?
can a landlord show your apartment before you move out?
How does the assignment of contracts to investors works? If i want to resell the property. I am in texas.?
please help is this a good final agreement?
I just contracted on my first house, when can I start cleaning and painting it?
Can I buy a foreclosure and pay it off by renting the home out immediately?
What city department handles foreclosed houses?
What is the legal age to be bound by written contracts, such as lease agreements?
Is it legal to not give a tenant a copy of the lease agreement?
can you list out some apartment names within the coimbatore and their locations plz?
Any opinions on Grandview Gardens Apartments in Florissant, MO?
is it possible to live in a house for two years or more and have nothing ever?
Who pays for cleaning after ending tenancy?
OmGoodness.. I think my landlord is trying to screw me over... can he get away with this?
our landlord wants to increase our deposit which he has held for 2 years can he do this?
What character on Green Acres was the owner of the messy house?
Landlords, I need help encouraging a tenant to decide to leave...?
HELP! We helped homless family move from tent to empty rent. prop.,now they wont leave, what to do?we r broke!?
??????Is this a good Idea???
What does rental assistance mean?
Moving-out in June. Lease ends July 31st. Do I still have to pay June month even though I paid last month?
What is title ownership?
why is it that adults know how to buy their own house and cars etc...?
How much does mortgage insurance cost -- for a $100,000 loan?
what is a LTV?
How to write an adress including P.O box# and apt#?
should i buy a house for my parents/ grandparents to rent?
How to break a rental agreement (with low risks) from a Apt complex in California?
Landlord question, Is this legal?
What should I do about un-trustworthy Realtor.?
Help Me! I am going to see a House Tomorrow?
My husband and I are buying our first home. What insurance will we need?
Should I get out of Real Estate?
how does a adverse possession work?
Can I sue my HOA for mismanagement/misconduct?
Whats the difference between a forclosed home and a bankruptcy home?
After being given notice, can we leave earlier?
I need a blank copy of a Condominium Status Certificate?
what is the escrow fee,Los Angeles, CA?
When should I tell my landlord about damages to carpet?
I was offered a combined mortgage. 20% at 9.8% and 80% at 7.5% on $115,000. What are my monthly payments?
I told my best friend/ new roommate that he could use the 22nd as his move in date but now after he's moved in?
where can i download eviction forms for free?
What particular areas of the 5 boroughs of New York City should I avoid?
Could my dad sign the papers to rent a beach house in Ocean City, NJ for just my friends and I who are all 18?
whats the worst thing could happen if you skip town? without paying bills or rent?
I own properties in Uk and rent them out. Is there a tax advantage to be gained by forming a company?
how can a person get a home, loan without having to show proof of income?
Has anyone order the "Trump University" e-book and dvd.... its supposed to show you all Donald's secrets etc.?
Money Planning For Moving Out?
Can my landlord enter my apartment for an inspection without giving me specific times?
How hard is it to take my name off of a mortgage?
HI :) We are house hunting and have a realtor. I like to listing agents on signs in the yards though....?
What does maisonnette mean in the british property market?
How old you you have to be to move out in the uk?
A mortgage company inflated my appraisal a year ago on my town home?
I have an interest only mortgage. My lender has said if I can afford it I can pay 10% off the capital each yr?
Who are some of the top vendors in the property management industry?
I REALLY REALLY want this House!!!?
how many days does the buyer's realtor have to deposit the money into escrow account?
How long can a home sit on the market w/o dropping the price!?
Can a Landlord just walk into my house in NY?
Has anyone ever heard of an amp suppressor?
What should I name my house?
what is the best steer for market and for rate of gain?
can my landlord raise the rental of my apartment i rent now?
is it legal for a landlord to put a camera to watch who comes in and out of your apartment?
how do i do a credit check on someone else?
How much would the utilities cost for a 3br house or 2 br apt. in Montgomery county Maryland?
Can I live In California with a salary between 35,00 and 42,000?
My credit score is poor, non-prime & I want to buy a home. Any lending agencies that will work with me? Ideas?
what is that new website that shows home values of all homes in a neighborhood mapped?
When dealing in real estate purchase what does the term "Stock Cooperative" mean?
Not sure what to do from here... thank you for reading.?
True/false: you will have your own house, car and a partner by early 2018.. ?
Buying a home? Loan? $200,000?
uk housing association advice please i need HELP!?
are their real estate companies who handle resale of timeshare.?
I have a 1year least how can I get out of it and not loose my security deposit just seperated from my husband?
whats the web site for looking up mls# in north carolina...?
I think my ex landlord is ripping me off?
how do i find listings for low-income apartments in arlington texas?
how long does it take to get a real estate license?
No Lease Agreement - what's the most ethical way of moving out?
Can a person bring a service animal into a rental property that doesn't allow pets?
Letting. I've decided to rent my flat out, but would my mortgage agreement prohibit me doing this?
I need to know what this means "utilities not included"...please explain further...?
How many years can someone Rent to Own a House in Ny?
If a house is appraised for more than I purchase the home for, can I get a larger loan?
I cant afford my Mortgage - can I ask the bank to reposess the house?
Can an American rent or sell Real Estate property in Canada?
can they void my lease signed by both the office and i for a more expensive rate lease?
is it ok to use deposit for last remaining rent?
i have a lease agreement ? i live MI the landlord never told me that she had snakes can i break the lease?
Would you sell one of your hands for $1,000,000 ?
a letter of request to an association?
How to get my mortgage out of my name and into my sisters?
what is the most affordable, nice neighborhood to live in hawaii?
House deposits...UK ONLY?
real estate tax for my county, 1099c tax etc?
A slave in my own apt?
How much do I need to make per hour to own an average apartment/needs and go to school?
What is the best website about real estate notes (seller financing): land contracts, trust deeds, notes, etc.?
how do I get out of a lease when you break up with a girlfriend?
Can an executor of an estate rent out a house until they want to sell it?
how to invest in Miami Preconstruction?
How to buy land if I don't want my name involved?
how do i find bankrupt home in my town?
We need help with paying our rent, where can we get rent ASAP?
what is the average cost of building an 1800 square foot brick ranch home in fayetteville, n.c.?
I rent in a 2 fam house w/ owner. Who is responsible for shoveling ?
can a landlord keep a deposit from someone who changed their mind before signing a lease?
Which website should I use for tenant screening?
Does a commercial landlord have to provide a notice before raising rent and triple net?
How much value are houses losing each month?
i need help with something..Eviction notice?
Where can i retrieve property and tax records for free for a property in sharp county, ar?
I Live in a 55 + park & the new managers abuse & harass the people they don't like. What can we do? HELP!?
Help I need a good website name for a national real estate site that is available?
Selling home in Georgia? Does anyone have a copy of 2006 GAR (Georgia Assoc. of Realtors) Forms I can use?
Could you explain me what "break clause" is in a tenancy agreement? thanks?
Do you know where I can get a mortgage or business loan for HMO property that is under £250,000?
Can my landlord refuse to renew my contract?
how does rent to own a home work? state of pa?
How much did people pay to see a play in Shakespeare's time?
What is the best way to get involve with a realtor to have the house clean before closing?
I think I have a bug problem. I rent so is it my responsiblity or my landlords?
Should we do a quit claim deed?
HELP ME! I have to go to a tribunal tomorrow because of my real estate!?
I need some good advice (hopefully by a real estate lawyer!!)?Lawyers...what do you think of this?
Unique (and frustrating) condo dilemma?
space rent mobile home not paying?
Does a homebuyer's survey advise me on possible extensions?
Asking too much for this home?
Fired the Realtor-What are our rights?
I have a credit score of 640 and have paid all my bills on time for 4 years. Can I get a home loan?
Do you think becoming a real estate agent is a good career choice or should pursue a safer choice ?
my house is to be auction on june 2 my landlord claims he is handling it how can i be sure its not a scam?
creating a statment of income?
is it wise to refinance right now?
property value for 18760 persimmon ridge rd alva florida 33920?
How do I get my house back or can I move back in?
Do you think owning your own apartment is better than trying to be someone room mate?
What is the difference between renting and leasing property?
How can I politely tell some that I do not want to rent them my house?
Property Investment?
can an hoa forclose on my house?
What assurance do we have that our money is "safe" in a bank?
Help need to move by the 1st of aug. looking for a three bedroom cheap in the Los Angeles area.?
How much should you pay a real estate agent?
Am i tamisha going to move into my own place sooner than later?
will my roommate leave when he finds out my house has roaches ?
What is "free agent" when you're buying a house?
Apartment buidling Offer - Good Faith Deposit - will the Bank Return this if Deal Dies?
Is there such thing as a ginormous housing bubble here in Orange County, California? And is it about to pop?
Home loan agreement numbers do not add up to me.. can anyone help me understand?
Does anyone know of any mortgage assistance programs available in Texas? I heard of some new section 8 package?
If you own a beach property, how much of the outlying waters are yours?
Minor buying real estate in California. ?
First Time home buyer, will this work?
how does someone find work as a court appointed receiver?
How do I prove how old my house is if The County Clerk and appraisal office does not know?
i bought private placement shares of a company called " EFOORA" and have share certificates .?
What do I need to have to rent an apartment ???? credit , anything else?????
when dealing with a home, can someone please explain the word EQUITY to me in laymans terms?
Would it be possible for me to lease an apartment for three months?
Are electric bills and water bills included in the rent ?
Planning to buy A forclosure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
Can I get my house condemned?
how much are closing costs on buying a house?
Will I be able to rent a room?
As a renter, which of the two features is most important to you?
Can anyone do a mortgage on a property with mobile homes on it?
In Masssachusetts, can a landloard charge "late fee" for past due rent?
not sure how to subtract 6% from 202,900.00?
can a felon obtain a realtor's license in New Mexico?
is there any 2 bedroom 1 plus bathoom houses for rent under 620 dollars a month in franklin county VA?
Buying a house with girlfriend. Her income is 1/3 of mine. How to purchase so dont get screwed if we split?
Vague Shared Driveway Easement Two Deeds Ago? NYC?
Can I open new businesses and charge rent to property that is mine?
registration of Mortgage what does this mean?
Ontario Landlord Laws?
What is the transaction when you pay money to a developer to buy a house before construction begins?
Is it worth it to get a real estate agent to rent?
does anybody know any finance companys that help people buy a house with bad credit?
landlord tenant questions?
I rent for $800 a month. Would it be better to buy a condo and pay a mortgage even though my mortgage payments
How much rent can I afford?
where can i get a home purchase loan with bad credit, no income and no money down?
If you & your spouse made 95,000 a year what kind of prices for homes can you afford?
How much notice does a realestate agent have to give before showing an occupied house?
Where are the best places to advertise when selling real estate without an agent?
can you see if you can rent a house if its for sale?
Was I wrong to have watered the plants on the balcony? Neighbors got mad?
what is a loan tie-in fee?
How to tell our mortgage lender we are going with another?
I housing benefit needs to be cut, should the government be looking at cutting down rent charges?
grandfather clause on tenant leases?
What things should I be aware, and be ready for, when looking for an apartment to rent?
Where is a housing authority office in the bell,ca area?
How much will I need to save up to for a buy to let mortgage?
Mortgage versus home equity line of credit?
what's a good place to move to in Orlando?
Is it better getting a condo or a house?
Want to help my brohter pay his mortage.?
How common is it for someone to place an above list price bid on HUD homes in the first ten days?
What are some sure signs of being in a predominantly upper middle class neighbourhood?
What do people look for in a family room when buying a house?
Can I rent a apartment?
The house I want was originally listed at $249,000?
I just rented a house and there is no electrical outlet for my dryer??? Please answer!?
how to sue HOA without a lawyer?
My husband and I are wanting to buy a home it will be our first.?
Is 28 dollars (taxes included) per sq. ft, a good, bad, or average price for retail space?
the landlord came up with a outrageous lease we didnt have one and now he wants one and we cant afford it what?
Looking for a better Real Estate Listing Management?
Can Fannie mae or freddie mac help me with my mortgage if its not thru them?
help! i don't know where to start on owning my own home!?
What can we do to keep our manager?
buying a new home while foreclosing on another?
How can you buy a house if you have filed bankruptcy?
What does it mean when a house is "for lease"?
how to start live alone without parents?
Finding Spot Builders in Central Florida - building a new home - where to start?!?
Can i use my first home for rental property while still paying for it?
s there a difference between Conventional 30year fixed and FHA 30year fixed loans?
Who's responsible for the mass number of recent and upcoming home foreclosures?
How much would i have to earn to be renting a house for £600 a month?
How much notice should we give our land lord?
i need to get a new apt and i own my own business so i dont have proof of income what can i do?
Who Is The Number 1 realtor in Tampa Bay, Florida?
Putting our house up for sale after only 2 years.?
Can I get back a deposit on rental I've decided I don't want?
what type of license is needed to manage properties in florida?
if you are behind 1 month on rent, can the apt manager come into your house unannounced and size your things?
disability income, want to buy a house/cando in CA anyone in the same boa t and want to split ?
Occupant turn water on?
How exactly does lease option to buy work?
If I had an eviction on my record, how would I find a place to rent in Kansas City?
What are your first thoughts when you think about Newark NJ?
I live in Maryland. What happens if you landlord evicts you for not paying your rent.?
Should i be entitled to rent discount?
Can he really stay when I asked him to leave?
I sign the loan doc and lock the rate also transfer the down payment to ecrow. Does this mean it is over?
if the avarge income is 800 $ a month and your renting a 3 bed room for 500 will the 300 be enough to pay?
need help on this problem real estate?
I,m looking for a apt in the white river jct vt. 05001?
What can you do to improve the apprasial price of your house?
getting a morgage?
IF i had a 576 SQ In Alaska,how much could i sell it for?
I want to get my own apartment...need advice?
Home Foreclosure Question ?
What county in NC does not have an Internet cafe?
Pros and cons of moving into an apartment with friends?
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