Real Estate

Selling my house: stage it or leave it empty?
What is the name of the guy that builds mini houses to live in?
in California City, Ca why are new homes being built all scattered around and not organized like in Palmdale?
why use a broker to get a mortgage?
We recently moved & we are still receiveing the previous owners mail...?
what do you think of this home?
I am recently divorced, looking to buy first home, but credit score is really low. Are there any loans for me?
If a joint tenancy if created after the property is paid for, is this a joint tenancy in common?
How long does it take for a landlord to evict you?
if you have a cosigner on an apartment does the cosigner need to have a job or just good credit is good enough?
Should I stay away from this house, is it haunted?
Does anyone know how to find a house to rent in Bangs or Zephyr, Texas?
Should I buy the home I just fell in love with or keep looking because it is too soon?
California Landlord/tenant rule: can I take over my property if the tenant moved across the street?
How hard is it,these days to become bankrupt.Do they take your house and all posessions.?
How much is interest on a 120000 dollar house with a 30000 dollar down payment?
Missed 3 months of rent on my apartment with no lease?
What is wrong with going through a real estate agent's lender?
• • New Construction • Turnberry Beach House •?
free foreclosure websites for miami, fl?
What happens when the permit cannot be found?
if you're not in a lease, can a landlord keep your security deposit if you don't give them 30 days for moving
What ?'s to ask a realtor when interviewing them?
Do you think it would be possible to make money helping people with loan modifications?
Mortgage Broker Questions.?
What do I do about a nasty landlord?
Real Estate Licensing?
How much to put AC In a 2700 sf house?
can my daughter rent off parrents and still claim housing benefit?
When bidding for a property is it best to play it cool in front of the estate agent???
I don't know about how to go about buying my first house?
How can I rent again after an unlawful detainer?
Do "You Can BUY HOUSES-- No Money Down!" Courses work for you?
does it matter what state i put in a purchase i did online?
what is the difference between 'building coverage' and 'site coverage'?
Signed a lease because they said i had to to live in the apt, but was not intended to stay there for long?
Is it possible to get a lease for a month or a few months...?
Is it easier to get a home loan to purchase a duplex since you will be making income from renting our half?
How does it make you feel when you have to give the landlord all your hard earned money for rent?
I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY APARTMENT BATHROOM real estate company do nothing?
What do you use your 2nd bedroom for?
How do I get down to 191 East 3rd Street?
Can you negotiate rent?
Does anyone know where is a good place to move to? (in UK)?
I'm trying to find houses for sale in the Enterprise Mississippi area?
Section8 an rent to landlord?
my landlord just died. i have a six month lease. i am told to move out. what are my rights?
Does my daughter qualify as 1st time buyer for stimulus package?
Housing Projects in San Francisco?
How do you feel about people you don't know "rating" your credit worthiness?
Can I realistically live on my own without living paycheck to paycheck? What Are avg household bill ranges?
I am in possession of a landed property in Lekki,Nigeria about 20hectares, ideal for housing estate.?
As a single woman, raising a daughter, trying to purchase my first home, does anyone have any advise about HUD
My flat was uninhabitable for a month, should I have to pay rent?
when we go in loss in share market?
is there a timberspring retirement community in nacogdoches texas?
how much to lease space at the average mall?
offer on a house thats short sale?
Can my rent be raised even with a written agreement?
Im 20 years old going to San antonio. Im in military and want to rent car for one week.?
What are the effects on property value when a new school is built in your neighborhood?
What is a owner's policy?
(U.K. only!) Can I move to where my fiancée lives with what little money I've got coming in at the minute?
do I need a real estate attorney to purchase a home in New York State?
what are the big real estate companies in vancouver b.c., canada?
Home Buying Questions?
How do I find homes for sale in Ontario, OR?
Where is the Real Estate Market in Florida headed?
How does advertisement affect our purchases?♦?
how do rental car agencies have the right number of cars at each location?
Dealing with race comments in Real Estate??? R/E agent?
If my rental lease reads ending May 9th, 2006 would I give notice April 9th or do I have to stay until June 9?
Will a Homestead protect my property from a trustee sale?
My store sign is being used by the a tenant (question)?
My mortgage payment is now 10 days late, can the bank legally threaten to take my house?
can a landlord raise the rent more than once a year?
Can I get a foreclosure ( that is my ex's) off my credit report without using an attorney?
How do we qualify for low rent, Section 8 or Hud? (best answer s)?
ok is there a website for real estate to post what you are looking for?
Do the bank owners own all the money in the bank ?
If I buy 40 acers in California can I build a diy cabin skipping building codes and permits?
i'm subletting haven't signed a contract what will happen if i don't pay my last months rent?
Is this house okay to move into?
I need to find a place of my own and I make only 1200 a month.?
i want to buy a house. im a first time buyer.?
We've been thinking about renting out a room for extra money. Anyone have any experience with this?
Signed a lease but the company changed.. is it binding?
moving to colorado....?
Need $1500 with bad credit history in northwest indiana?
Is it a good idea to invest in an old home?
How to divide rent between 4 people in a 3 bed home when 2 of the tennants are a couple?
Is it better to buy or rent in san diego?
I'm buying a house, what's a "year long property access"?
what do you do about someone that you trusted and you gave them a loan?
can I sign my house over to my ex husband?
Will mortgage rates go up or down?
Is there any incentives for first time home buyers now?
What is in store for me when buying a duplex alone?
Is there advantage to landlord for me to move? ?
If a landlord did not mention that I would be responsible for whole blocks electricity usage, what can I do?
what is the general rule of thumb when looking at gross salary to determermine an affordable mortgage?
Does a tenant have to for early termination of a contract ifthe person buys a house?
When relocating to a new area, what are some good tips for purchasing a home?
How do you increase affordable workforce housing in a high growth, yet low wage, area?
Virginia Real Estate Question?
question about eviction?
Looking for apartment in NY!?
When a house listing says it needs some "TLC" , does that basically mean the place is a piece of crap?
Do you think this real estate agent is keen to employ me?
what does buyer responsible for escrow?
Can you just build a house in Antarctica?
My landlord has yet to cash my rent check from last month.?
Landlord issues...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
can a landlord give a 30 day notice to tenant to vacate?
Is my home overpriced?
condo for sale in West Palm Beach Fl 33401?
What is equity?
Renters: Now that obama's in and he wants to tax the $250K+ earners,my low rent is going Up!?
summerset house is closed to the public?
Is it possible to pass on to your son unpaid home mortgage as inheritance?
Is there a curfew for section 8 tenants?
Selling, do we counteroffer again?
Are there some (rental) apartments that give you permission to change the flooring?
if a property is rented unfurnished?
Is there any way a person with a broken lease able to rent an apt or home w/out 1st paying the broken lease?
My landlord sold the apartment and the new guy is raising rent. How much notice does he have to give first?
Can I deliver a demand for rent before the grace period?
I have a cosigner on my mortgage. The past 3 months I have been paying late due to finances. One 30 day late?
Any tips on living on my own?
can i buy a house for $200.00 like tv adverstises?
looking for room to rent or 1 bdr apt in Lynchburg VA?
Mortgage Questions for 1st time home buyer w/ 600 Fico score.?
Question about rental agreements.?
what real estate sold 4019 teesdale st phila. pa. in 6-2003?
How long should landlady keep my deposit after I have moved out?
Will using Equity Accelerator really save me money on my mortgage loan?
Which bank offers the lowest interest rate for mortgage refinance in California?
First house offer rejected, what would you do next?
Should I get my own apartment or stay at home?
anita eaton?
Do APPROVED short sales close fast?
how can a tenant negotiate with the owner on the realtor's commission?
Can a Landlord force you to pay the buildings property taxes?
I have a home with Equity and would like to pull out some of it to pay off credit cards will I be able to with?
Vendor doesn't move out on time please help?
im a single mom of 2 small children and there is a house for sale down the street for 40grand how do i get it?
If something devastating happens to a person, what rights do they have to ending their apartment lease?
Paying rent in exchange for credit?
Define Gross Building Area?
Is building in American is over built?
How to I get into the field of mortgage underwriting?
How can I fight a landlord claiming we had an unregistered pet?
Why don't landlords rent to people on benefits?
I feel really creeped out by my new house!?
Does anyone know a good home modification lawyer in the Milwaukee area?
OMG Electric bill is nearly $600!!!!?
What would u do with 30k?
Hi I have a question with regards to property law in uk.?
How much money can a person that owns an orchard make in one year?!!? plzz answer!?
Lease agreement land lord/tenant?
If I provide the land how could I get a commune started.?
should we rent or sell our house?
how much would it cost to have homeowners insurance on a 45000 house?
am looking at buying apartment in queensland australia,what is a 'sinking fund' charge about?
Will you give me your opinion about our house decision?
lease agreement question?
What is considered a good sized bedroom?
when will 100% mortgages return?
If a person is on the deed to a property but not on the will, what rights do they have to the property?
does anyone have any experience with camden grand harbor apartments in katy texas?
Should my roommate pay more for rent?
What are the top 5 places/areas in Pune for buying plots/flat from?
Who owns the fence to the left and right of my house as I come out of my back door?
are there any agencies or grants that help pay for relocation?
How do I get info to apply for section 8 in Arkansas?
Where can I find out how much my utility bills will be at my new house?
Renter's home getting foreclosed?
House prices. Will they drop in the future.?
Where do I find private landlords ? I'm looking for 2 bed furnished house in a nice area in Bedford . ?
can my apartment manager stand at my window to hear whats going on inside my apartment? ive caught her twice!!
Loan Modification mortgage question?
Will real estate rates come down in mumbai ?
where is the best place to buy a house right now?
How long can you remain in the house after it is sold in a foreclosure auction?
for sale by owners, owners are sketchy lives/ haunted?
when purchasing a condex what should be written into an offer to protect the buyer?
Immigration to UK after buying land?
how write a gift letter for funds use to buy house?
Am I required to give 30 days notice to my Room Renter?
my mum had bonds but has since passed away how do i find out about them i cant find them & not sure when bough
When sell home why reqd. to give immed. possession or pay prorate of buyer's mortgage?
Sandwich Leases in Canada?
will the cost of living in california ever go down.?
price of home sold 4407 westway avenue, highland park, texas?
What you wish you would have known about buying your first house?
Can anyone tell me a market value for a 1974 Hilcrest Manufactured Home 14x70 in fair condition?
What is the best way to advertise the sale of my house to people out of state?
What's the best attitude when buying a house?
can one get a home loan with bad credit and no savings?
Help with tracker or fixed rate Please!!!!?
If you were moving to a new state what are the most important things you would do to find a new residence?
POLL: Which home would you choose and why? POINTS?
How do you transfer hud vouchers to a new county?
Can a landlord charge interest on late rent if you are not living there?
I purchased my home Sept '05 added my domestic partners name on the deed Feb '06 can I remove her name?
help with my landlord not carrying out repairs?
Average Utility costs for Apartment in CA?
In Oregon, can I cancel my real estate listing agreement before the stated date on the agreement?
Snotty tenant?
What do I have to say to convince my hubby to buy a house?
When getting a loan to buy a house can you get a loan for more than you need?
In today's real estate market, Is it better to buy a 1 family home or a duplex?
if i am putting my property on rent as a private seller what contract do i need?
Home foreclosure information?
Half rent half buy scheme in the UK?
Fannie Mae accounting scandal: What effect on the real estate market and banks?
i want to know my balance in my housing loan?
Do I have to pay HOA if I have a planning to foreclose?
What is a Seller's Disclosure?
does any one know how to get out of a rental lease on a house? without having to pay the remainder of the $ ??
What questions should I ask when buying a home?
What is difference between 'Leasehold' and 'Freehold' property(in London UK)?
Why when I send a email with an attachment to someone they say that they have not recieved it?
Is now a good yime to buy a home or should i hold off? someone told me the market is not very good right now?
Is there anything my apt management can do?
Is it wrong to buy your friends forclosed home?
i just out that my landlord does have a update license to rent since 2008 can i move out then?
How can my parents get our old house back from the bank? How likely is it that they will let us have it back?
current interest rate on land loan?
How can I get homeowner to do repairs on rent house?
How difficult is it to buy a home in Mumbai and what's an average cost? Please answer thanks?
On a rainy day tips in house nothing to do?
What does it mean to mortgage your home, or to put your home up for mortgage?
how do I find out what mortgage company my home is under?
how can i raise money for my real estate project?
Average utility bill for a 1 bedroom flat?
Housemate refuses to pay bills?
what free web site can I go to find out what month/year a house was sold in detroit?
Estimated Buyer's Closing costs.... any real estate agents?
New home offer and counter offer?
Does my landlord have to do this?
does anyone who has sold a home for sale by owner have any tips or suggestions and how can one get started?
What is the best way to get ready for a real estate appraisal?
I' m renting out my townhouse and wondering how much should the security deposit be? And the pet deposit?
I have a flat with a 79 year lease, I hope to sell in about 4 years is it worth trying to extend the lease now?
Why aren't there more homeowners under 30?
What are the chances of being approved for a 200K mortgage loan?
What can I take down my nans house?
Can a landlord take legal action on a rental lease agreement that has expired?
i live in texas and do not have a lease for property and want to move?
what means administratrix in real estate terms?
If you could move anywhere in the U.S, where would you move to?
Should i have to register the flat in my name before transfer?
Im 17 and been kicked out of my mums house.?
How much does a commerical apartment increase in value each year?
where is the most square footage per dollar to buy a house?
My son in laws been made redundant and they are in rented flat hoe do they end their tenancy early ?
100% owner financing?
Do I get my earnest money back if I decide not to buy the house?
What apartments in Fort worth will lease to people with bad credit or foreclosures?
How can i make $2000 in a year or less?
Can I get an apartment with a indecent exposure charge?
How do I find houses purchased with FHA loans in my area?
Can a landlord tell you, you cannot...?
For those of you paying rent...?
What's most important to you home buyers?
I am looking for a sample of a rental contract between a private renter and rentee?
Why are my Apt Mangers posting "Applications are now being accepted" - when their is No Vacancy?
How much to buy a small house or apartment in Damascus (Syria)?
Mortgages?? What to chose?
is council housing safe to live in? is there a lot of crime on the estates?
My landlord says I owe him much more than the receipts reflect. Are the receipts admissible evidence in court?
If you don't have a tenancy agreement,can a landlord just throw you out?
Signed Lease: Landlord wants to dissolve the contract? Financial losses from my end. PLZ HELP?
Tenant not paying rent b/c dishwasher won't work.?
How do you evict a tenant in Texas?
Is it bad to live near a construction area?
dose any one now of lowincome housing in vannuys ca arera?
Is Foxtons a good estate agent?
Am I liable for leaving on short notice without a lease agreement?
What kind of taxes/fees are included into the price of buying a house?
As a renter, what rights do I have if house is sold to someone who plans on living in the home?
should i use an aprtment locator, will that affect the rate of my rent?
Can someone survive a high jump if they land onthe roof of a car ?
Offer on house declined?
what is a renter verification form and where can i get one?
Landlord renting apartment illegally-What to do?
what risks are there in buying a co-op?
Why is it that notice must be given to vacate an apartment when the lease expiring should be good enough?
how much of a home loan can I get if my income shows I make 26,000/ yr and my credit score is 710? Please help
How is the interest rate on your home equity line calculated? I know it resets every month. Doesn't that..?
What rights do tenants have if a house they're renting is taken over by the bank (landlord not paying mrtg)?
I'm looking for a house to rent in the richmond va area preferrably a modular home does anyone know of any?
TDI City Kundli Good investment for long term ?
Why don't people in council housing want a home of their own?
What should I say in a letter to my tenants?
Can I make my tenant leave my property when she has signed a lease but has not paid ANY money?
Do tenants have a right to stop paying rent if a minor oven repair has not been made?
I have $500,000 for a down payment, can I afford a $ 1,300,000 House?
Who pays for Bed Bugs?
replacing carpets before selling in NJ?
I live in Florida I have recently put security deposit on a place and now landlord want to keep my security?
I bought a house last year, can I buy an investment home now? ?
What to put in a renting contract for parents?
What is the best plan and bank to refinance a home?
does a house come off the market after an offer is accepted?
Can a bank collect back rent if a property was foreclosed on?
can a landlord deny me gasoil aide im already approved but the company needs his authoritycan he say no legaly
I gave my roommate 30 days notice and he isn't on the lease, but he refuses to leave. What are my rights?
Where can I get a mortgage with a low monthly payment?
My landlord's mortgage went up a few months ago, can he increase my rent?
howmany British people will move to spain by 2012?
cannot find assoc. home equity home site?
What would you think if your Realtor did this?
what kind of house do american people live in?
Landlord is being foreclosed??
Should I be a real estate agent, or home inspector?
information on Alabama law regarding tenant eviction?
exclusive designate buyer agency contract?
where is the best place to advertise a commercial mortgage broker?
Bad service form an realestate agent can i get out of the contract?
Advice please - Disrepair claim against my landlord?
Can I get my earnest money back after closing?
How much money do i need to put upfront to buy a house?
I'm having an address problem with a refinance?
Are there ANY mortgage companies out there that will finance someone with at 475 beacon???
need help on selling house question?
Our new neighborhood turns into the ghetto at night?! Need advice?
If i owe rent arrears in the past can i still have a bank account without getting money taken away..?
Is a co-signer responsible for another tenant if something happens?
in california,do you need a licence to broker or flip a real estate note?
Apartment Housing help please.?
Troublesome Condo Owner?
what are some of the refinance scams out there when closing the deal?
What interest rate should I expect for a 1st time buyers mortgage with a credit score of 590?
Home value today vs. 2002?
need to rent a house worried about credit check?
dress code for real estate classes?
I'm in the process of purchasing a home - how do I verify the property lines before it goes to title?
Can my landlord ask for 5 months rent to break my lease?
Check Printing Software for Landlords or Business Owners?
What's the difference between a mansion and an estate?
If part of a river runs through a piece of land that you buy, do you own that part of the river?
How would you confront this rude neighbor?
I need 100 dollars towards my rent?
is a home inspection mandatory to sell a home?
Should we Rent an Apartment or House ?
calculating house appreciation?
How do i know if a section 8 housing is pet friendly?
rent deduction when boiler broken?
What's going to happen to the housing market in the U.S. in the next 12 months?
whats the best real estate portal in INdia?
Can the prices of a unit in a Condominium rise?
Should i buy a property in South East this winter?
NHE (National Housing Endowment) Certification Scam?
Renting an apartment with bad credit?
How do I find public records on a house I want to buy ?
Desperate in New Orleans, Louisiana!?
Who provides money for a flat DSS or Housing Benefit?
Questions to ask a potential roommate?
I have no money for rent what should I do?
i'm looking for apartments with section 8 applications?
looking for a park with cottages and sites for sale in northern Ontario?
Can a property owner evict a renter under lease to sell a home?
How much should contribute to gf's rent?
I want to cover my backside with my apartment deposit?
I want to break the lease of premises because of unemplayment?
can i kick out my basement tenant?
Where do i go to apply for Section 8 or HUD?
low cost rent to own condo unit manila or makati area?
is it descrimination to say no to a renter becouse of someone in their family is a tuck driver.?
how do I find out which are abstract states and which ones are title states?
how can i choose a good assistant in Real Estate sales?
Explain second mortgage?
how do you find homes for sale in mayfield ky in graves country?
Can I collect rent on my dead dads property?
my boiler is broken. am I entitle to ask for a reduced rate in my rent for this month?
What is the average price for 3-room condo in the East?
I went on a Leave of absence for knee surgery an on my return to work , ( in which I call the office and?
What is an interest only loan and what are the benefits and drawbacks?
housing benefit enquiry?
Is it possible to rent an apartment with no credit history?
Where are the best cities to retire to in the Southwest?
does maple wood of taylor have a website?
What do you think about our offer on this house?
Are letting agents required to take an inventory of a property BEFORE tenants move in?
Do people ever advertise rooms that don't require a deposit?
What will I need to rent my first place?
please help?
Please help me!?
What tenancy rights do I have if facing eviction?
Is it time to take our house off the market?
I'm the owner of 80- acresof land. I need financial assistance.?
Is now a good time to buy a house in the UK?
What interest rate should I expect for a 1st time buyers mortgage with a credit score of 590?
need help selling 2 hard to sell properties,,, just for the balance due}??
Can your house be repossessed if the equity is much greater than the outstanding mortgage?
how come Cuba only recently allowed people to buy or sell homes?
At what point does maintenance become excessive if you're renting?
What is the best solution to raise funds for a museum undergoing renovation?
how does an owner go about selling his or his own property without a Real Estate agent? What are the steps 2?
I forgot to fill out Payments made in person section in the 3 days notice to pay rent or quit?
Should we accept this offer on our house?
seeking for a way to sell a NEW ADULT CONDO 55+ in north jersey any suggestions?
How to get rid of decrepit house?
I want to move out of my mom's house?
can the owner hold me to the lease if i want to terminate it early?
i am not going to be on the mortgage with my boyfriend but on the deeds, am i still entitled to half the house?
How do I count the 30 days - think prop' man' took too long?
What to do about the dishwasher not working in my apartment?
Buying A Home In North Dakota?
Can you help me find a timeshare company in orlando or se wisconsin?
Loan to move into dorm?
what should i charge my parents if i'm their real estate agent?
what is residual income on mortgage loans?
How do I learn how to research on job market,industries of different areas, cost of living of cities, housing?
budgeting for home owner association fee?
Does a landlord have to give an excuse to issue a 30 or 60 day notice to vacate?
Home renters leave and choose not to pay rent?
Property purchase from tax auction how to determine if any other liens are on the property?
Any ideas on if the mortgage interest rates will go back down anytime soon?
do i need a lawyer to quit claim on deed?
When renting a flat is there a minium requried income?
should I sell my mobile home and buy a site-built home instead?
is it true that i can buy a foreclosed home for less than 100k???? do you know any websites for this???
If a home that you own is repossessd, and foreclosed, do you have the right to be notified before foreclosure?
What are your options when a bank has filed foreclosure on your residence?
If you are living with someone who is on a lease(you are not on the lease) can they just kick you out?
how do you become a house flipper?
How can I get my name removed from a joint lease?
Rental Deposit and Bad yard?
What is my best route for buying my first house?
Should people pay for their homes waste disposal/collection based on the amount of waste they generate?
does my mum going to get housing benefits if my girlfriend moves in?
How do I clean the air in my new apartment?
hard money loan question?
Can you damp proof the cellar of a house built on a spring?
How expensive of a house can I afford with this salary in Western WA?
should i move out and get my own apartment, im 22 yr old?
Can a landlord just demand access to a property..?
Can you take out a loan on house that already has a mechanical lien on it?
Do landlords in Ottawa Apartments set income requirements?
Need a guarantour for my loan! Help?
renters enmax bills issue?
average restaurant rent as a percentage of sales?
Is a single story home better than a two story?
looking to buy a new house?
if the landlord put the rent up and i cant pay the extra what can i do?
What are the legal requirements and standards for renters in California?
I am buying a house on San Francisco Bvd 95820. Really nice clean neighborhood but not sure of the are as a wh?
i need to get an apartment with no money down where can i find this?
is this house really worth it?
What is the 'devon rule'? I am looking into buying a house in Devon, and a few have this rule on, what is it?
Is this a rental scam on landlords part?
Can a home of a deceased person be sold prior to probate.?
In Wisconsin, how long does a landlord have to return a damage deposit? (we all agree there is no damage.)?
is there anyway i can find a property to rent privately??
Money plus current market value?
How do you look for houses online?
What should I do about this renting situation?
after moving into my new home my landlord trys to stick me with a $500 dollar gas bill when its not in my name?
What would be better financially, a time share for a beach house rental or renting a beach house?
Apartment question?
Is this legal? Why does the landlord acts like this?
How do you know how much house you can afford?
can a landlord ask for a co-signer after a lease has been signed?
why is it better to own your home than rent?
House value questions?
where can i look up low income apartments?
Where can I buy a house in a cave?
what can i do?
What to find a shared house to live in Bournemouth?
questions about selling our home?
Which city is the cheapes to rent a appartment?
Can a mortgage broker make 25k / yr part time in NYc if they work hard? ?
continental cup-a-soup diet?
My landlord is witholding rent money that I over-payed?
How old were you when you started to be able to afford dwelling?
is anybody worried about house prices going down?
I live in an apartment is it hard to change units?
Can my HOA tell me no?
how much rent should a couple pay?
First time home buyer loan?
I'm looking to rent a loft or house in the San Francisco area. My budget is 5500/month for rent any advice?
Is it possible for my 17 year old boyfriend to rent a place with me?
what is a loan officer?
Better to rent or buy?
How can i find agent in UK to sell my properties in Bulgaria?
how do you get approved with lenders as a mtg loan brokers if you are just starting out?
House is $170,000.00 down payment is $18,000.00 how much is monthly after?
3 bedroom house with no back door, only 2 front doors?
My landlord sent me a 30 days notice because they will remodel the unity. When can I leave my apartment?
What is the perfect age to start selling real estate? I have heard that younger people are not taken seriously?
how do you sue a landlord for not making repairs?
what does housing consist of on the supplement to the mc 210 statement of facts form?
Renting property in Nice.. on a long-term basis, not a holiday basis?
slater hogg & howison byres road?
my friend wants to buy a 500,000 dollar house and he only has 10,000!!?
Has anyone had a home appraisal before they moved in...How did it go? Has anyone had an appraisal less than?
Who do I pay the rent to when the landlords are divorcing?
define single family on home loans?
What applicable fees are required from a new real estate associate from Texas?
what is the steps or procedure of becoming a mortgage underwritter?
If a house is rented and the gardens are overgrown / neglected. Who is responsible the tenant or the landlord?
Why would someone park a corvette in the driveway of a house for sale and include in the purchase price?
Would you buy a house with no legal access?
Which states are the best to move in to?
Is downsizing on my apartment breaking my lease?
Can I purchase a house with a broken lease?
Moving into a castle?
What would you do?
Does the Landlord has to replace the carpet after 30 years?
what is better to buy or to lease a car?
In 2-family home, who pays for basement when shared by both tenants?
What is the best type of amortization loan ? Which do would i pay least interest durring the first few year.?
buying a home soon help!?
If a landlord evicts me in 30 days and i dont leave, can the police kick me out ?
Websites to help find homes in Virginia Beach, VA?
What do you do when your landlord doesnt return your security deposit?
commercial electricity costs in northern california?
My landlord wants to take our security deposit! Help!?
Can I buy a house with my credit score and income?
Is there a limit to how much things you have in an apartment?
if you pay a security deposit on an apartment. Can they hold it for you?
Then tenant signed a lease to rent our home on 1/13/07. When we cashed the depoist check?
Whose responsibility is it to have a fire extinguisher?
Starting a Career in Real Estate?
I just got a foreclosure notice in the mail,what do i do now?
How do I become a mortgage broker?
passing the background check for real estate license in ca?
Deed my rental property to another?
Is it time to go home yet?
How do you get a loan on a converted four family to a single family home?
Should I refinance my 6.75% mortgage?
Can I afford a $295000 home on a monthly $2800 salary?
Should I buy this house?
Are there any cities anywhere on the coast (East or West, just as long as its on the ocean) for cheap homes?
Help me with these Housing Questions?
Apartment or House, which is better?
housing market in Raleigh-Durham Area in North Carolina?
I live in texas, a right to work state?
3 Day notice to pay rent?
i just out that my landlord does have a update license to rent since 2008 can i move out then?
Landlord says my dog cannot relieve itself on my fenced in porch?
Co-ownership advice Northern Ireland?
can a foreigner buy property in uk?
Can you buy a house when you don't have any money for a downpayment?
what are some small cities that are in houston where I can live safely.?
Moving into a mobile home and am curios about there credit check.?
i am looking for a hse for family of 5. 3 bed finished basement with 3 rooms. about fsbo with owner 100%?
Landlord in alabama wont fix heat help with laws here?
Ability to flip land for the trees on it?
need to know the exact location of my property in caloocan city.?
What is at present the current prime interest rate?
Can anyone recommend some sites (possibly free) to post a house for sale by owner?
where can i find information regarding the pennsylvania hud housing program?
Tenant In Breach Of Contract?
What are the pros and cons of buying a condominium?
is any money owing to the landlord/the managing agent?
is now a good time to buy a house?
where can i go on the internet to find rental homes in ocala?
do you usually have to pay extra for more than one person on a lease in NC?
need advice bfs ex wants to foreclose their house cause she wants to live in a diff one. (still paying loan)?
How and when should I go about buying my first house?
Did mortgage rates go up in California today ?
Bills (estimate) for how much if you lived in a 1B/1Bth apartment (Georgia)?
Where do you go for legal help for lease info?
How to break your apartment lease?
i own my home i want to see lease agreement drafts?
NYC will not subordinate its position on my mortgage. I can't refinance my mortgage unless I pay NYC first. n?
How much can my landlord charge me to replace carpeting destroyed by my dog?
Bank of America website has been acting erratic for last few days since Aug 21 2010. Cannot access it now.?
what is a quit claim deed?
Does anybody know anything about rentel rights?
How can you i know the name of a house owner?
How do I add a name to house title - its not paid in full yet?
How can I find a farmhouse for rent between Greenville,nc and Henderson,NC?
What are the best criteria in buying vacant lots for investment?
When a house for sale sign is outside a house?
I've recently moved into a flat and get a lot of mail for the previous tenant.How do I return them to sender?
Can I move out without a job?
Are house prices going to fall in the new year?
Are house prices going to fall in the new year?
how much does an acre of land in arizona cost?
I live in Philadelphia and my apartment does not have adequate heat in the winter. What can I do?
How can a single person live on their own with living in a bad neighborhood or too expensive place?
I am looking for real estate agents that specialize in retail locations at airports, resorts, cruiselines?
I recently bought a new construction house.?
How inheritances affect Section 8 Housing?
need a web site for detriot mich to find out how much we paid in property taxes last year?
Moving out, young and scared. How much does it cost?
I have a question regarding NC Landlord tenant laws and constructive eviction?
I'll be moving out on my own soon and Im wondering what kind of stuff I'll need for my own home.?
what are they building on staunton bridge road in greenville sc?
Homeowners, Have you ever heard of doing this?
Do you have to sign an apartment lease in person in NYC?
how i now is the original movil home title?
Has any one taken Real Estate classes online?
What should I do - fix up the money pit I inherited or sell it as a "fixer-upper" and get into senior housing?
where can I get Moving Boxes ?
My mother-in-law didn't resign her lease. Can she move out?
I think an appraiser undervalued our land. How can I find out what land is selling for in my area?
Can a loan mod company charge me a fee if I'm only in the trial phase?
Should i rent a house from my employer?
two bedroom/two bath/two parking spaces and three people. how do you split the rent?
can i buy a beautiful house in uk in 95000 pounds for my family yes or not ?
I owe more on my house than it's worth. What happens if I sell it for less than I owe?
When commercial buildings are not being used do agencies still have to pay fees like tax and etc?
Can my new manager force me to get rid of my dog?
What is the best property management software?
Can I donate my mobile home to a charitable or non-profit and have them take over rent for the leased land?
foreclosed homes in Germany?
How To Add Someone To A Mortgage?
Obtain signed lease before paying rent?
can i pass down a land property to my 5 years old boy?
Is a rental lessee the only one who needs a credit check, or also her child if he's over 18?
How can I stop someone from smoking in my house?
Is it legal for a tax-credit apt. to limit the number of credit hours you can take per semester in college?
Can you get a 203k loan if your paying cash for a house?
If a house is listed at $250,000 what is the lowest possible offer one can make, and still be taken seriously?
If the bank gets the money that's owed on the house through PMI and is only losing out on 20,000?
Is the company "We buy Ugly Houses" honest and reputable?
Calculating monthly rent from the square footage in commercial office space?
Where do I go to get housing assistance (not section 8) in the Denver, Co area?
How does Housing Benefit apply to Joint Tenants?
I rent a townhome in Minnesota and two months ago I let a friend move in. My fiance and I are the only two?
HELP should I move since I have been robbed?
I have 2 people living with me and i want them to move thay are not on the lease?
About how much would it cost to rent out a car for the weekend? ?
Is a apartment landlord responsible for a burst pipe in a wall and the damage?
what is the law on rent due dates and late fees?
inside stairs in a retirement home do they have to be carpeted?
can i raffle my house in south Caroline?
Tennancy and rent arrears options?
Is it better to buy a previously owned home or brand new? What are the benefits of both? And disadvantages?
what does a building inspecter do?
if my landlord wants to raise the rent and i cant afford it what do i do during the tme that i search for a?
My roommate is disrespectful and destructive. Help!?
question about moving into apartment?
Home buying advice...?
Renting a House/Flat/Studio, in London?
Doctors note to be able to raise chickens for medical reasons?
how to say 6,900,000?
Does anyone know any links for houses for sale in york,pa?
How do I find out information about a pending sale?
How can we break apt lease in NJ?
Is my mortgage broker trying to burn us? (Canada question)?
When buying a house when do you think the earnest money should clear with your bank,.?
Our realtor says seller doesn't want to open escrow, doesn't want to pay fees, is this strange or usual?
I am thinking about moving into a 2 bedroom house 1 bath" Could anyone tell me how much the gas bill could run?
New Tenants Mother Gets Smart?
If my apartment is not up to code, can my landlord evict for non-payment of rent until fixed?
Can anyone be kind enough and explain how self-direct IRA for Real Estate works?
what are the tax consequences if I short sale my home in Oregon in 2012?
Are these valid reasons I could use to legally break my lease in Texas?
what do you most want to know about a new city when you move there?
Moving away on my own?
Can you buy a house in Manhattan??
Can the vendor pull out of a house sale once it has gone unconditional?
estimated gross income from rental property?
What can I do about an apartment cashing a hold deposit without my permission?
how can i protect myself from apartment staff who hate me ?
I want to relocate from Long Island NY to PA, but need a methodone maintenance clinic?
how to compute capital gain tax on sold rental prop.?
What is the current Morgage interest rate?
Do renters have rights?
In Las Vegas Nevada whe your spouse dies can you hold up an eviction?
How can I go about finding a reasonable beachhouse for the summer for a group of 10 (early 20's) near NYC?
How long can a Guest live in a person's rental unit before they legally live there?
Can my landlord tell me who I can have in my apartment???
What are my rights if the seller does not meet the deadline for closing on a home being purchased?
today matenience came to my apt when i wasnt home and they locked my cat in the bathroom!?
National Growth Funding - san antonio tx?
To leave or not to leave your home due to crazy neighbors/?
How can I tell if a 1980 house was constructed with aluminum wiring without removing walls?
Whats the highest mortgage loan this person can get? They only have $40,000 in equity which will be the DownPa
where can i find a list of repossessed or forclosured mobile homes for sale in alabama?
Can I get locked out without an eviction order being delivered to me by the court?
Tennants in common or JTRS re FL homestead exemption?
Can we evict them? yes or no?
People who rent for most of their lives?
Like to know a about getting a first time home buyers grant?
Can my landlord evict me w/out providing a reason & giving me 60 days to vacate if i'm on a year lease? In CA?
Bad experience with previous letting agent, will this reflect on the reference check?
real esate appraisor?
how much can carpet replacement go up after ending apartment lease?
Florida VA home loan?
How to find out how much I owe for a warrant in San Antonio texas?
My roommate won't pay rent, but myself and another roommate can? Eviction?
How does Contract for deed work when buying a house?
How much does it cost to get a house appraised?
where can i find "note holders?"?
What jobs do people living in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have?
Want to buy a house but don't have down-payment money. Is it be possible to get a small personal loan for it?
Can you collect privately from a liability case where the defendent does not have insurance?
Can someone give me an idea of where our economy will be after the election, in Feb. of 2009? Lets say Mortg.?
Whats the chances of selling my house..with the credit crunch?
can a private lender (bank) evict the spouse of the owner of a newly built home on title?
What is a "covenant" in commercial real estate?
My future landlord has asked for a copy of my SS card to do a background/credit check. BUT I lost it....?
Can i end my tenancy agreement any time?
Felon Help?
We are looking for a home but our scores are not that good?
Can I change buyer's name and loan type on a Short Sale in process?
What can I do about a neighbor harassing my tenant and me?
Will credit score be badly affected?
Rental Agent in Twin Cities?
We received an offer on our house 3 days ago...?
Can you become a millionair using the real estate business?
What is Attorneys fees in Houston, TX?
Wife and I put $375 into a savings account each month.?
can a lettings agent refuse you a viewing because...?
Is there any way to get a house from a seller that has already accepted a bid from another buyer?
can i get out of a lease within 24 hrs?
am i being taking advantage of by a real estate agent?
Does anyone know how to purchase abandon homes for investing?
Moving to scotland and parents buying me a small flat?
my home was destroyed in katrina, should I rebuild?
If you get an apartment that is a two bedroom but your occupancy type is single. what does that mean?
where can I find a 1 bed condo in Manhattan area for $150k? 1 that's in an up and coming area like Inwood/WH?
Is having a Survey on a new construction home really Important? why? why not?
How can I get out of a Lease Contract without Liability?
first time home buyer questions?
In reference to Bond and Rentals?
FHA home loan. Do we qualify?
Buying a house, why should I get a home inspection?
why do people allways chop meat or fish thank you.?
when does a sublet contract end? that doesn't state expiration day in the contract?
In real estate what is adverse possession?
What is the average cost to living alone?
Can i refuse my agent entry?
is there someplace to report " bad" landlords?
Would my mom get approved for an apartment with a 615 credit score while $5,000 in debt?
Rental property damage. What is the law?
I bought my house for $110,000, but why does it say the Contract Sales Price is $118,000?
how can i end my lease early for an apartment to buy a house in delaware?
renting a house - Deposit help?
Location and space, vs. Luxury complex and Amenities for 1 year rent?
can I remove light fixtures from my home that is being foreclosed on?
need 4 bed home in Andrews NC to rent or owner finance ASAP with little or no$$ down does anyone have a place?
What is a good ratio for APR to Note Rate?
Is this legal in a lease??
How do you become an appraiser?
I need telephone number for apartment complex in Jamaica Estates NY called Dalny Gardens(175Dalny?
what are the steps involved in building your own house?
Being lied to by buyer's agent- want to make offer on home but not through him- what to do?
Does anybody know what are causes to be evicted from a home?
Can't afford mortgage because value of home went down?
roommates been gone for a few weeks, can i still make her pay her part in bills?
Question about brokers fee?
How big is your house?
Ancestral Property?
selling my house for what i owe?
How much does it cost to build a cheap house in a cheap place in the US?
what should i do about this offer on my home?
Is it rude/cheeky to knock on current tenants door and ask about the property?
Live in tenant causes fire, what is the outcome?
How can I buy Ballinger Island in Edmonds, Washington?
Should California Purchase Iowa?
I have a credit score of 640 and have paid all my bills on time for 4 years. Can I get a home loan?
My landlord says I owe him much more than the receipts reflect. Are the receipts admissible evidence in court?
How to find a living room for rent in a home (not an apartment)?
Is this house in a state of foreclosure?
Can I refuse to pay a fee my apartment is charging me for? ?
Will an apartment complex know if I was evicted?
Working with more than one real estate agent?
I bought a moldy condo. What are my options?
I want to know how to sell 5 acres of land in Laurinburg NC?
What were they allowed to take when they moved out?
I need a sample Massachusetts property deed can anybody help?
Does landlords usually call you if they deny you as a tenant after they do your credit check?
can you be evicted from your apartment in north dakota during winter months?
Can you put in applications on apartments before you're almost 18?
How Can i Book a Flat in Raheja oma dharuhera ?
sell it or refinance better? which will drop the monthly payment down?
Should I sell my house and buy another now...?
what happens to a real estate agent who knowingly accepts a fake SSN in order to sell a house?
whats up with this--landlord and rental?
bronze on council housing list?
Does anyone know how much public assistance in nyc pays for rents in public housing?
we bought a brand new home, about 10 months ago, can we sell it this early?
Neighbor's tree limbs are hanging over my roof, All State says they must be cut down, can I make neighbor pay?
hello a friend of mine sold her house the closing is going to be at the end of sept she is looking for house?
When will house prices go down in the state of California?
Will you move into a house thats been robbed before?
finance question!!!?
my landlord is raising my rent. i need assitance. who do i contact?
Room for rent in North Chennai?
Pre construction pricing and mortgage question!?
i want to buy a house any advice?
With my lease ending in november on 30 2012 what should i do? with my family ?
I have one week to move and only started working 2 days ago.?
How do i know it's safe to give my personal info to a landlord when trying to rent a house? ?
what is a landcontract?
Can a tenant refuse to let buyer in?
In real estate what exactly is an "allowance" from te seller and how does it work?
What is my e-mail password?
How is my Credit Score for buying a home??
House Assn holds rent due for ten month after termn. lease is a monthly claim for admin and travel exp valid?
bank owned home question.?
calculating house appreciation?
Whats the law for breaking a lease for rental apartment in connecticut?
How much is the total rent of an apartment with utilities if the apartment is $760 a month?
How can you stop harrassment from a landlord?
Am I the only one waiting forever for her FHA home loan to be approved ?
Can i lie on my rental application?
how can i get the rent from my tenants ?
can a foreigner buy a house in uk??
I have lost a great website. free real estate comparison system. had weird name started with a "V"?
due to my job lost i stop paying rent for 6 month then i left my appartment to live with freind it`s in astori?
what happens when your home mortage loan is in the underwriting stage?
Are the banks really giving home mortgages now?
Do you live in a house, apartment, condo, mansion.........?????
does anyone know how much it is to rent 2 porta potties in desmoines?
Should I pay my month notice?
When someone has a rental unit and they refer to it as a duplex, what exactly is a "duplex"?
what is 3.5%of 90,000?
any buddy know of nice single family homes for rent in IL near chicago-orland park? 950-1300?
What should we do? Is this housing discrimination?
how to get housing/perosnal loan ?
Housing and accomadtion help ? ?
Is there a site where I can find the least expensive town?
I am getting ready to move out of my apartment.My landlord keeps parading people through it, can he do that?
Which company or bank is the best to deal with to buy a mortgage on a house for around 150 - 200 K?
Why are homes in texas so cheap?
why wont the council give us a new council house?
how long after the sale of a house do the buyers get to come back making demands?
What are the biggest challenges for three 18-year-olds who are renting a house together?
Can a property manager do this? Ask to see my current home...?
Does value decrease in a neighbor hood when a manufactured home is added to it?
Can a second mortgage holder demand a deed in lieu of foreclosure / eviction?
How much does a home cost?
New job in new state - Will Bank Mortgage?
can my husband dad use equity so we can get a place or use his place as a diposit?
Are realtors allowed to walk into my rented condo whenever and as often as they please?
What is an average rent for a two bedroom apartment in the inner west of Sydney?
I am selling my house in Cleveland OH, What is the best way to use the internet to let people know about it?
Do they still have to pay rent?
Can a landlord show property while occupied to be sold not rented before our lease is over?
how do i calculate option arm mortgage?
What are the steps to moving?
what percentage of national new home sales are in florida?
my cousin rents a house and?
does the 3.8% tax on real estate sales in the Oboma care law apply to sales other than your personal residencr?
I want to buy a house with 6 1/2 acres. It is for sale by owner.?
What are your favorite real estate websites?
pre foreclosure?
i have a question about nycha and rent?
when should I start looking for a house to buy?
would the city consider waiving back taxes owed on forclosed home?
How to advertise to sell my house by myself for free?
What bills do landlords pay?
What can I do if my landlord won't fix our mailbox?
Is it common for NYC buildings to require COI for all deliveries including big box furniture companies?
6 months lease---------------?
How do I find a house to rent in Eastbourne for 2 months in summer 2013?
Are property prices in Southern California going to start falling?
Would you rent, buy an appartment or buy an actual house?
Do you think they will accept my offer asking for a 45 day escrow?
I rent half of a duplex. The other renter continues to trespass on my side of the property line. (no fences).?
Looking for a listing of all the auction houses in Chicago.?
Do you think 110K in London is enough to go to a property auction?
Landlord not providing items stated in lease?
What lowest fees for sales of real estate?
can i buy a house for $200.00 like tv adverstises?
What apartments can my boyfriend get into?
should I refinance my home for a lower interest rate if i plan to sell it in the next 2 years?
Does allow people to live there like in an apartment?
Should I go into foreclosure if I am $120,000 in negative equity and failed in a loan modification attemp?
Where are some nice decent 2br/1ba apartment at in Atlanta no credit check?
I have been served with an eviction notice. Do I need to hire a lawyer?
How to obtain allodial title in california?
Thinking of buying a house....any advice?
Have you heard - house prices set to soar !!!!!!!?
my house is due for repossession, can i sell it for less than the outstanding mortguage?
Wrote a rent check for $845 didn't have enough funds in my account to cover it.Was short by $318 the bank has ?
What are possible pitfalls of using a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR to sell your home?
Can my landlord charge a late fee 7 months later?
How much of a home can i afford?
When You Sign A Business Lease, How Do You Prevent The Other Party From Stealing Your Idea and Kicking You Out?
I need help with my Housing?
How do you get rid of a renter that isn't paying his rent?
Please someone help! Need help with rent ASAP!?
Have you ever moved to another part of the country?
What happens if I move out before my lease expires?
Has any Real Estate Agent started out working PT around your day job? Or still does? Thanks?
Apt Mgrs Please Answer.. Would U rent to a Criminal?
What do I say to a landlord who wants to 'drop something off on my kitchen table'?
Is it okay for a young couple to live together in a studio apartment?
should i sell real estate in selma alabama?
How can we avoid losing the house?
Is this realtor lazy?
I didn't sign a lease when moving into the house I rent because people already signed one, am I responsible?
How long until my house closes?
where can i get a free california brokers license test prep that is downloadable?
can you buy a house with bad credit?
Do i owe my landlady money if...?
Gotten in trouble for letting someone live in your apartment without reporting to the management / landlord?
Applying for mortgage as fiance/fiancee....instead of married?
What is the best program (hopefully free) for me?
Would you like to live in a house like this?
My car has remote central locking locking, why not my house?
What is the best home rental site on the internet?
How do I get advice for real estate investments for beginners?
Can i hold my landlord responsible for damages caused due to faulty plumbing?
Why can't Trump just help put with the foreclosures, he is rich enough and he could use more properties?
I am renting out a room to a friend. Should he also be using my private living room?
Question on a Home Equuity loan....?
You're buying a house from a sweet old lady. Her price is well below market value. Do you tell her?
Do I have to pay title insurance twice if I buy a home and then obtian a loan the following week?
Is it a good time to buy a house now? in woodbridge va, if not when..?
How can I find a farmhouse for rent between Greenville,nc and Henderson,NC?
As a new real estate agent i need some help? Serioulsy!?
can i find my property lines online?
Is this realtor lying?
What is your opinion of people who live in mobile home parks?
What is ATIMA stand for in relation to mortgages?
can i refinance a home which was brought not only 12 months ago for cash back. cost 390,000. needed 30,000.?
where do i find mailing lists of potential real estate investors?
Is it ok to say about my tax levy to my mortgage loaner?
First Time Home Buyer in NY w/ bad credit but large down payment needs help!!!?
Becoming Real Estate Agent with Online courses?
Do You Believe there could be a House Price Crash in the UK?
What's the typical down payment like on a condo?
what job would i need that pays enough to have my own apartment/home?
How do you sell your house if you owe much more than it's worth?
What does the average house cost in Las Vegas?
does anyone know any private landlords in the dover area?
Skipped out on Lease. Arkansas. Any advice.?
Is Chicago a good place to start your new life after you graduate from college?
please asap 5 mins max?!?!?!?
Rent an apartment or buy a house?
I booked a flat in feb.11 for Rs.15 lac. Can i now adjust the amt. 2b recd from selling old house.?
What is the best way to "Tack On/Disguise Fees (like the pro's)" within a contract? Special wording?
How do I confront my landlord about bugs/cockroaches?!?
moving to vancouver from los angeles. what are best websites and/or listing services to find an apt online?
Leasing joint-tenancy property.?
We sold my father in law our boat for what we owe on it before filing for bankruptcy.?
are we making a mistake?
how to find private mortage lender?
I'm looking for an Atlanta apartment that fits these criteria?
is commercial management the as property management?
What should I include to get the most out of my mortgage modification letter?
looking for someone to help pay rent i no family to help me i have kids?
Landlord won't give deposit back?
Texas Landlord Taking Me For a Ride?
Is anyone else struggling to get on the property ladder like me ?? CANT SEE A WAY OUT?
How much income do you need to show to buy a $120.000 apartment?
oakwood homes?
Is it unwise to be implicated in someone's apartment lease when I'm just renting a room?
First apartment? Can I afford it?
Any help from people who are renting? ?
I have a friend who would like to buy a mobile home (manufactured home) in Las Vegas. Who should he contact?
if a fire that burned down the entire complex started in your apartment, would you get in trouble?
what should i sell my home for?
Is buying a fanniemae house a more difficult process than just a normal reo property?
Should we really buy a house?
how can i get my 93 year old mother to sell her house?
can landlord enter my house if I don't want him to?
If housing is approximately 28% of a person's income, where can a family live for $250.00 a month?
House renovation abroad...?
Adding a tenant to the lease. Worth it?
What is an average monthly payment for a luxury home/estate?
What happens to your taxes after a house foreclosure?
There are many realestate websites. How do they make money anyway?
We bailed out the banks from going under will they give Americans the same break?
house buying what happens?
Coming to London due to Work commitments . Need advice?
The HOA removed the satellite dishes from the buildings, is this legal?
how can i do marketing for our developments in Turkey?
What are the forms and other paperwork needed for a real estate transaction?
Do I have to pay rent if repairs are not done?
I have put an offer on condo and it is a short sale. Is it recommended to up the offer above the asking price?
How can I get a apartment if i have a job, but no credit?
is it a crime for someone to intentionally pay taxes to get property?
question about spendulus package. foreclosures.?
Places to list my home for sale online or elsewhere?
can anyone tell me what the average time for a house being on the market is?
Why do people assume that because you're not rich you can't afford to buy a home?
What's making my apartment so stinky?
what's the rental rate per sq ft for cool office space?
Can I use the homestead exempt amount added to my wild card if I don't own a house?
breaking a rental house lease agreement in canada?
When renting an apartment...what do creditors look at?
My landlord is selling the house...what are the legal issues here?
hi, i am planning move to united kingdom, i would like to know how much is the cheapiest rent cost?
How much will the council pay towards a 2 bedroom house?
How much rent can I afford if I make 9.50 an hr and I have a part time job for 10-12 hrs as a sales lead?
Orange County, CA?
How can I break my lease early?
im looking for a trailer to rent to live in south carolina can you help me?