Real Estate

when you get official mortgage offer after survey how long til it goes through?
So, why does the county real estate property appraisal continue to go up & the bank appraisal value goes down?
Can two home owners submit a 1031 property exchange if the properties are geographically separated?
Faults reported due to lack of proper manuals - who is responsible?
My room mate wants to leave the apartment we live in before the lease is over.?
Do you think that itis a good deal to buy a rental house for $150,000 and rent it out for $995 per month?
Is $499 a good price for this apartment?
Where's a good place, good sites etc.(excluding,apt .finder,or like) to find to rental in Austin?
if a house for rent to own says "financing available no money down" can i get the house with bad credit?
How do I move my wife and kids to my other house in Skyrim Hearthfire DLC?
has any body ever bought a foreclosed home directly from a bank?
is it possible to but a mobile home or house when your credit rating is below 550?
What's a good town to move to in Washington State?
What do people think about investing in Parump Nv?
How much does a 100,000 house cost a month?
How can I find out how much my landlord paid for the house I rent from him ?
Can I Trust this Person?
How to get out of paying rent?
Does anyone out there know what the CT housing market is projected to be in 08?
Would you feel safe and what would you do?
We are buying a home...what happens when the appraisal comes back less than the purchase price?
How can I remove my ex-boyfriend from the deed to my house?
How do people move to a new house if their current one doesn't sell enough to pay the mortgage off?
Renting a room until April '08 Can I break the lease early?
the company wanted the house back & didn't want the money,do i still get the money?
Can we be Kicked out our chalets which we own, by the owners of the sites? read on....?
what site can give me then calculation of the value of my home , without asking for too much personal informat
Can I move out of my apartment before my lease is up if I'm still paying for it?
What is a Good Website To Find Houses For Rent in Naples NY?
When applying to rent an apartment, what documents can a landlord legally request?
landlord problems he wants to kick me out because he sold his house.?
my landlord is in foreclosure?
Landlord issues(no lease)?
i want to know about the draw of residential plots of huda of jagadhri and my application no. are 61844 &61845
How much should you offer when buying a house?
How much is the cost of living in public housing in toronto?
flipping houses....if i had the money and the contracters is there a good chance would make a proffit?
How can he find an apartment?
how do i apply for section 8 housing for denton, tx?
how do i get a construction loan with bad credit.?
Can we get approved to rent a house if my husband has good credit and I have bad credit?
I want to rent out a studio for my massage therapy private practice that has an apartment right above it.?
how long do you have to be working to rent a house?
We are thinking of changing our company name - give us your feedback?
How do I build just a lot, no house, anything. Jus a lot so I can put a business on it?
How would I go about getting my own house?
Buying a house, house warming?
What are some good free websites to search for foreclosed homes in California?
Selling a houes as a realtor?
What are the risks in renting out to a SECTION 8 tennant?
When a house is put up for sale, how much does the seller expect to budge on the listing price?
Guaranteed loan and direct loan program?
who do I contact to get a listing of a countys inventory?
If my apartment is full of roaches could i break the lease if they do not take care of it?
Should I pay rent if my landlord gave me keys one week after my lease started?
If you pay half on a mortage for five years and your name is not on the lease do you have leave if they ask?
what happens now if my rent has been late a few times?
Is it posible to get a homeloan in one country but buy a house in other?
What should I do to file a lien on a property in cook county , IL ?
Is it realistic that house prices will rise on average 5% annually over the next 40 years? If not, what is?
Homes for Rent NEAR Monroe, WI?
How Do I Break A Lease Due To Sis Is Allergic To Mold In Apt, Is There A Legal Way?
i have been left a half share in a house. the co owner wants to rent it out but i want to sell it.?
Is it possible to get your appraiser money back if you aren't told that house repairs are to be made by buyer
real estate investing?
How can I calculate Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for a real estate investment?
I want to move into a new house?
What are the best website to list your home for private home sales?
where can i find information on commercial property values?
what are the chances of an apartment complex finding out i brought a small dog in my place?
How would I go about finding the least expensive option to having a house built on my land?
Property tax and cost to buy...?
blocked drains who is to pay me or Lanylady?
my landlord asked us that maybe we should move. what are my rights?
Apartment leases for animals?
numerology of house no 9?
English Landlord and Tenant law query- Am I liable to pay nearly £2000 in services charges?
new owner keeps previous owners business name?
buying a house in Ca.?
Rent or buy?
What does Anti Parochi Agreement mean?
Tenant on HUD broke their lease with me...what now? Details inside!?
do you need a license to be an estate agent in the uk?
Tuscany hills apartments in san marcos ca, when does the pool close?
My dad and mom's house. how do i take my dads name out???
What is the outlook for the Hong Kong property market in 2006?
anybody know who to call to get a loan to refinance your home with a poor credit score?
First home buyer grant victoria?
Is there a way to buy a house, without a downpayment?
Is there a FREE way to find out if someone is a legit homeowner?
How does the payment work on 'Holmes on Homes'?
how are you suppose to buy a house with no money down?
Can you buy a nice townhouse in a nice neighborhood in Cheston, Indiana for $100,000?
Whats the best way to sell my house quickly?
Buy to let mortgages UK?
Should I buy this house?
i need help with something..Eviction notice?
How do I make a nonpaying tenant leave my house?
Recently read article on houses for sale at the cost of a new car?
I am 6 months behind mortgage payments on an investment property. How do I get rid of it?
which is better chicago or new jersey?
How does forclosure on a property work?
Living on the top, middle or bottom floor of an apartment?
How to become a realestate closer?
new house, which mailbox is mine?
I have a question about my utilities?
Buying a Home Built in 1959?
What is this new MahaVastu buzz all about?
great thinkers?
i am looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom house in essex but by a private landlord long let and must take dss?
What is a VA forclosure?
Are there any studio apartments available in Louisville Ky for price range of $200-325 a month?
how to catch a cheating girlfriend?
house eviction can u help?
how can people evicted you from your home over an awning?
if a landlord dies while a tenant is living in same house,can tenant claim the property?
I am exchanging from a housing assocation to council property, how long before I can apply to buy it?
what is a 1x1 flat for apartments?
Can someone buy a house within a year to two years after declaring bankruptcy?
Legally how often can my husband or I go into our rental property to see if it is being cared for?
Best neighborhoods/where to live in Kansas?
Does anyone know what happens when you break a one year lease on apartment?
What is the formula to find out average percent increase in a price of a house?
If i rent a property, can i rent that to someone else?
is it possible to purchase sections on the sea?
In real estate, what does it mean when the advert says - "must see" property? Is it really bad or really good?
Real estate quandry explained?
Who owns a building that was built on our property by the neighbor who now wants to sell?
Seller's real estate agent wrote in disclosures (above my signature) after I made offer?
Can my landlord remove a window ac unit from the house?
Is this a lien on a Mobil home I bought 5 years ago?
We are renting townhouse from owner with an open lease. They want us to move. Must it be in writing & how long?
How do I get my slumlord to take care of a termite problem?
Builder sold me pre owened house?
Mortgage advice............?
i just got forclosure papers and they want me to file a written response what do i include in this?
court house address in carmen ark.?
Where can I find information on property transfers in Riverside County?
If your gym closed for 1 week for repairs, would you ask for refund?
Where can i find houses to rent online. What website besides (
Where is the Housing market going in the next year? How much will it be affected either way?
I need to move out soon but have no money savedh?
but is it like rent to own?
whats the maximum amount for housing benefit in ts6?
Help Termite inspection?
How much do realtors normally charge to sell a home?
I'm now on section 8 and my landlord is not going to accept my voucher. Can he do this?
Can I move out out of my apartment?
My tenant stayed in my house for 8 days after lease ended. Can I charge him a full month's rent or only 8 days?
short term stay in branson mo...where to stay?
I'm leasing a house on a one year lease. I have six months remaining on the lease,How do i get out of it.?
Does my landlord have the right to enter our gated yard at any time, unannounced, in the state of California?
landlord losing money, raising rent?
Cheap studio apartment complex in Davis, CA?
ssi over payed us and now we are divorcing and i dont work and take care of him will ssi go up even if we owe?
Does real/nonsubdivision property mean there are no building codes?
We are renting townhouse from owner with an open lease. They want us to move. Must it be in writing & how long?
House Guest Question - Who is wrong?
What exactly is LTV (loan to value)?
How long does foreclosure stay on a credit report?
Should I short sell my house?
What is the Best Way of Paying Additional Rent in Advance?
How much would a commercial property cost to rent/buy?
In California can board members bid on there HOA foreclosures?
Can going to school full time and paying for your own apartment, car, food etc.. be done?!?
One Of My Career Choices Is Being A Commercial Real Estate Agent In California , What Are My Odds?
model home hostess?
How much are nice modular homes?
Housing Contract Question?
what is a good slogan for a realtor to use?
Considering leaving and going to a new state...any suggestions?
Who should pay for the inspection?
Does Wisc law require a single mother of 1 child to rent a 2-bdrm apt?
HELOC vs. Home Equity Loan?
Could you tell me where I go to find MLS listings for Hamilton and surrounding areas Please?
When you buy a home how do you pay? :please read:?
Can I take legal action against someone backing out of a verbal agreement to sublet?
are there loans that will pay off debt and buy a home together?
What can a renter do when landloard shuts off water for a day?
why do I need title insurance?
real estate contract for my home?
What Can I Do To Learn About Real Estate Investing?
Escrow closed and I already got the house.....why is my real estate agent giving me more papers to sign?
is my landlord responsible for broken due to break in?
How much does the realtor charge for fin…
i live in a duplex and my landlord is selling the property and did not even tell us. is that legal?
Which house would you buy?
What would be a sensible offer for a house?
Moving in with a friend?
What happens if my mortgage company failed to record my deed?
In South Africa, can one get a home loan / bond to build on a piece of land that does not belong to you?
Can i get loan for purchse of land from any Bank in India?
what type of paper work do i need to buy a house?
If our family income is $565,000 a year in DC, and my dad says we're upper middle class, is he correct?
Info on Closing Cost for House?
What are my rights as a tenant with cockroaches?
Can I change my move in date?
Orange Orangutan Survey?
What should I do? My former roommate is refusing to pay out the lease!?
Can you please tell me how to search for property in Malta?
Can a landlord ask you not to use your blender and vacuum?
Behind in Rent, can they kick me out in the winter months???
Can I deny entry to my landlord?
I just got a new job and need to relocate. Will I be able to buy a house in the new city?
Can landlord let prospective tenants view property while already occupied?
when owning a large apartment building, how much of the income should one expect to go to operational costs?
Landlord's other tenant robbed us twice...tenant rights?
Do you personally think home values are going to drop further?
What is the process of a lockout?
Why would someone abandon a house?
Is there any way to prevent the force of sale on a home with "tenants in common"?
how do i buy my first house?
I am going to buy a T Point House, is this inauspicious, Can I buy this or not, kindly tell me?
Tools that I should be using as a nyc apartment rental agent?
What are the basic knowledge of property investment you need to have?
can i get a mortgage with extremely bad credit?
Does anyone know anything about Electric Bills for One bedroom apartment In Ann Arbor, MI?
sister and mother owned a condo in fla warrantee deed. Mother gives me her half if I die who gets my half?
How much are property taxes in Colorado namely, Denver and surrounding area? $250K house as example?
income needed to pay a mortgage of £500,000?
how do I negotiate a commercial lease to start a business?
How to become a real estate developer?
1st time homebuyer In the state of California...?
What is the maximum amount you can write off on a home loan?
PET FRIENDLY RENT, is it possible?
Can my landlord tell me that I can not have quest sleep over or have children in the house?
People who have rented a uhaul before: Can you use a prepaid greendot card?
Can you buy a house, non-financing with bad credit?
Has anyone thought about relocating to Toon Town?
Is Uniway a good company to become a member of to get wholesale pricing?
If a house is 1258 square feet and the house is priced at 139,900 how much is it per square foot?
Does bankruptcy or foreclosure keep a person from being able to rent an apartment?
who do you call when the LandLord refuse give back money you put down on apartment.?
What are the amounts of Sec 8 housing vouchers for a single person in Riverside County CA?
How much do you need to make to live in a house that cost 100k?
I Have a Question about Real Estate in general. I am curious as to how to system works.?
How to become a real estate developer?
How to negotiate the price of this home?
Where can I find an inexpensive apartment in Saint Mary's, Georgia?
What do I need to do to become a landlord?
I'm looking for roomate,?
Shall I avoid money return or court dispute as a result of some irregularly conducted lawyer's procedure?
House is in foreclosure please i need advice and help?
Is my apartment complex/ management at fault?
Would you rather live in an old house or a brand new home?
separating from the military Lease?
Is my landlord required to have the furnace inspected?
Mortgage for "life estate" home?
can my rent be terminated in 3 days for nonpayment of rent?
What qualifications do u need to become a landlord?
Can a landlord ask us to sign a contract 12 months in advance?
How do I find the persons name and address that owns an LLC?
How can i see who just bought a house in CA?
How much can a landlord raise your rent on a lease renewal? ?
What happens if I abandon my lease?
looking for website that tells home values uses aerial photos. told it was, but is not?
How do I get a hold of a list of real estate for sale, farm near/foreclosures in the local area?
Do Banks Pay Taxes on Properties in PreForeclosure.?
Could somebody brief me on the area of Westland Michigan?
Please help!! I can't move!?
Is the contract voidable?
Can you actually make any money right now as a real estate agent?
How do I break my lease legally?
what documents are needed for a person can buy some land in other states in india?
What is a 5 in 1 buy down?
What should I do as a college student so I'll be able to afford a house in the future?
Do you think the recent flood damage will bring down real estate prices in Boston's North Shore?
I have a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd mortgage on my house. My question, can the 3rd mortgage keep us from selling our h
What are the best and most effective free classified sites on the internet?
We paid a deposit on an off plan flat in Spain. But builder broke contract by not completing in time.?
Will submitting a quit claim for property in Los Angeles County cause a tax rate increase?
What is the best morgage company in new jersey?
Should I invest in a townhouse or a single family property?
How can you stay warm in a house with no heat? Power outage. It will be days/weeks before power is restored. ?
Private rent notices?
Can you get an apartment with out a job?
Anyone out there ever sold their house themselves? Anyone tried and failed?
Haggling rent prices?
I want to give space for rent for bank's ATM. which person i contact in bank?
I'm planning on renting out a condo that I own, And I would like to do a criminal?
Mortgage Statement Question?
Where should I live, Winchester, Virginia or Orlando, Florida?
Need a House By September?
Berapa harga topdown YSS?
understanding commercial real estate?
Are home prices still going down in the Twin Cities - (Minnesota)?
Does the army give money to move and furnish a home?
How do I sell my home and purchase a new one.?
Breaking a lease with section 8, will they take my voucher?
I want to move out of NY to IDAHO any advice?
My apartment manager has not renewed my lease. I am planning on moving but got stuck with a 3 day pay or leave?
First Flat/House Share?
any real estate ppl or agents know what "last transaction date" means on a MLS listing?
Is it possible to amend an easement to property?
If I have $185K remaining on my mortgage, and I'm inheriting $200K, do I pay off the mortgage ?
Mortgage Rules & more (please read)?
What about investing in Tax Lien distressed property?
Would you allow a 20 year old to live with you and NOT pay any rent?
Can I sell or transfer my house into my sons name?
Foreclosing Su plans on using the name of consenting Ed in an effort to buy an Apt w/out a lien, consequences?
is real estate in calabasas cheaper than santa monica?
How can a ex con get housing in Sacramento?
Seeking email or phone number for Gary Carlson owner of Chicago Commons Corp. @ 12450 Wayzata Blvd, 55305.?
Improve front of house?
I have shares?
The commercial building I rent collapsed during Sandy. The landlord won't give me insurance information.?
Can you get a pre-approval on a home loan before finding a house? Is this lender jerking me?
What do i do in my situation? I feel lost and scared and do not know what to exspect?
how long can i stay in my home after foreclosure auction in new hampshire?
Any place to rent in the New Haven, CT. area preferably a good area for no more then $700.00 a month.?
Can my home builder insits on me closing escrow if the pool that is part of my sales contract is not complete?
purple frog, student accomodation query?
is there a way to find the original title of land way back january 13, 1922?
Is the first time buyer tax stuff still going on?
Are you sheltered from the mortgage crisis?
How much do you think they could get for the Vatican?
How do you find repossed houses?
can my renter not pay full rent for repairs?
My apartment that i live at doesn't have constant hot or cold water.?
where can I find help with a my mortgage? I have five investment properties and now having problems.?
Mortgage loan for house under 50k...please help!!!?
i would like to find cheap bank owned foreclosures,,, could you help.?
my landlord wants to move back into the house we are renting from him. we have a year lease?
How long can you stay in your house or it takes to foreclosure after you filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
my landlord won't answer to our calls or emails or certified letters?
can i rent an apartment without check stubs?
i need info on 12199 bell rd in lemont il is this land you can build on and are there taxes owed on it?
Can a landlord refuse to give you a bill for rent?
what is best for 1st time home buyers? old cheap house bought cash or nice house with a mortgage?
What percentage of homes for sale are single bedroom single bathroom. I want to live ALONE?
What is the average rent for office space in Denver, Colorado?
who is the #1 top most aggressive real estate agent in Ft walton beach Florida (mary esther fla)?
Is it manditory to own a home at some point in your life?
I am a Realtor and I would like some advice from other Realtor about?
Is my mortgage lender jerking me around?
Could this break our lease for my apartment?
buy house in France from someone still alive.they live in it still u pay a rent? this happens but how?
Cheap or free housing in Washington D.C. area...?
How long as short sales taking to get approved in Los Angeles these days?
How do I find what my mobile home 1998 Skylark limited edition be worth?
Lease question prior to move in?
im moving at the end of sept, but i want to find a place now... is there a way i can search now?
Anyone know about property value in Killeen Texas?
Anyone know of any agencys in Santa Clara County that help with paying pg&e, i have 2 girls and low-income?
A tenant moved in 1 year old, paying rent late so I decide to make up a lease what happens if he refuses it?
which site is best to find a real estate open house in new jersey?
Is it better to build a duplex or buy one?
geniunness of plot for buying?
What happens if my mortgage company failed to record my deed?
my landlord raised my rent without signing a new lease, is that legal?
Rental Agrement Issues. He may be swindler?
What is Owner Occupant?
I am looking for a fun & afordable city to move to. Suggestions?
I'm looking to buy a investment property, what are some states with rapidly increasing property values?
Is one week enough to study for my real estate national test? Studying advice?
About an australian (nsw) house lease...?
Anyone know of any 3-4 bedroom home in pasco county florida for rent?
Can I evict a tenant without a 30 day notice if the house has mold?
I need a home equity loan for an older manufactured home and on owned land over 1 1/2 acer only owe $11,00.00?
Having an Issue with my landlord - is this legal?
Planning Permission??
What renters rights are in Pa.?
numerology of house no 9?
my mom owes the bank and wont pay it back. If she dies, will they begin to charge me?
Do I have VA loan eligibility?
is there a web site for watertown daliy times in ny?
I'm looking for free listing foreclosure houses in carmel and fishers in Indiana that doesn't require?
Who pays the appraiser if a refi loan falls through?
japanese knotweed 2 doors down: Mortgage problems?
nc law regarding mold and rent?
Is not putting up a railing on a staircase against a building regulation when renting the premise?
Whats the price of a two bedroom apartment in Sydney?
Is my ex-wife intitled to the share of the house?
What is a 1 year release apartment?
How Do I Get A Low Income Housing In Georgia ?
i am trying to do a business plan but not sure if its a servive or product. (buy fix and rent houses)?
Where can I find a lowwww cost APT. in brooklyn?
What is an FHA loan? Who qualifies?
does my apartment owner have to pay tax of the rent that i give ?
What are the procedures of buying property which is in execution(levy)?
Does an addition make a house a two unit house?
What is the usual time period to set a real estate closing date?
Do you think house prices will drop in 2008?
Living on the top, middle or bottom floor of an apartment?
What city has the cheapest apartments and is really big dog friendly?
we are purschasing a 2002 fleetwood mobile home and want some infom. on it how do we do this?
how can i cancel an appointmen in home office?
is it legal for HOA to take photos of inside of the apartment/townhouse?
I am taking my landlord to small claims court for illegally withholding a security deposit. Help!?
fannie mae relocation assistance?
Mortgage at 20 Years Old UK?
what was the value of my house in 1991?
Received my annual escrow analysis statement...?
My landlord is charging me for a lock box that I returned, what can I do?
Friend / Roommate is a reckless slob. Who would be responsible?
If i own 95% of a pond can the person that owns the other 5% put a boat in and fish my part?
Question about buying something on Amzon?
i wanted to park my car out side our house.a neighbour?
What % commission to offer buyers agents?
If you call your boss and youtell him you are coming over to pick your check and he gets hositle on the phone
my wife and i have been looking at a home (asking price 155000)?
Does anyone know when estate agents change 'for sale' signs to sold after an offer is accepted?
Why cant i find any houses to let that the landlords accept dss?
My brother has died and he and his partner are on the deeds of the house.He did not leave a will will his next
Im having open house soon.. whats the best way to advertise my home for possible buyers to see??
I live in Ga. and am wanting to get into selling real estate can anyone tell me How to get started.?
Can my landlord force me to purchase and use a space heater if the heat in the home is not adequate?
If someone swears/signs an affadavit in front of a notary and lies, is it perjury?
Do you think we will have a problem getting a home loan?
is it required that a soon to be tenant to pay a deposit to the landlord?
Can i give a 5,000 dollar downpayment on a rent to own agreement?
is it stupid to pay 3800 a month alone for a mortgage even?
How much would the Humphrey's Brooklyn loft in Gossip Girl cost in real life?
Buying a house with no down payment?
can you use a school id for an apartment?
Need help with a quitclaim deed?
a name for a real estate agency/property business thats efficient and creative?
Is it mandatory when on a month to month lease to guve a 30 day notice to vacate if so ,if broken can it be re?
How to contact Real Estate Classifieds?
What action can i take against a landlord that enters my apartment without notice?
Ex Roommate's Property?
if i cosign for an apt and the tenants sign for another year am i still resposible?
what should i do outside of school to help me become a real estate broker?
i am looking to rent a house anyone know abouts where?
How do i go by gettin low incom apartments?
Can my Room mate kick me out if im on the lease?
What is a loan to purchase mean?
When buying a house how much less than the asking price is acceptable to offer?
How to buy/take over mortgage payments from ex-spouse. Before getting divorced he signed over deed....?
Who can give me inside info of how to run a property management company?
which is a good and small company to intern in the area of property development?
I live in NC and rent under 1 yr lease. Can the owners show the house for sale?? (See details!)?
No money down VA loan? Any out-of-pocket costs?
If you are paying rent on a place and you never signed a lease can the owners evict us?
We are trying to buy a house..The contract was signed by all they want to change it.?
can you rent out a owner financed house?
i need some help if anyone would help me out . I received a 60 days notice from my Landlords of termination?
Does credit score factor into how much pre-approved for home loan?
In texas if you don't have a 1st mortgage on home but have a Home equity Loan can you get 2nd Home equity loan
Does a landlord have to let you out of a lease for getting married?
ex girlfriend has lodger in were do i stand as i pay half mortgage?
An appartment company wont stop contacting me after I have told them to stop?!?
the landlord want to kick me out after 3 days !?
Rental Property as First Home?
i want to buy a house but my credit is bad,does anyone help with that?
How much is a 3 unit ranch apt bldg worth in midlothian Illinois?
How long after I sign a lease and repairs are not done can I break it?
is housing prices dropping in your area (usa)??
Is it best to sell my rental property when it is depreciated out or should I use it as an income?
Is it possible to be a principal owner of a house that my father wants to put 50,000.00 down but my credit may?
Is my landlord trying to extort me by charging me $100 extra for being just days late on part of the rent?
Should we sell or rent our second home?
Can a landlord just demand access to a property..?
Can a Brit get a US Mortgage?
can a landlord do this?
How do I get my name off of a lease after getting kicked out?
How Can I get out of a lease early?
what is 5% of £3000 and how do you work out 5% of £3000?
What are the disadvantages and advantages of taking out a loan to purchase something?
why do loan servicing companies refuse to negotiate short pay on foreclosures when homeowner has obtained new?
What do you think of someone buying a home and having a mortgage at a young age?
what do you do when a renter is always late with his rent .he is a friend of my husbands .?
We just bought a new home. my husband is the borrower of the mortgage.?
What steps or services do you take/use when renting a property to people?
list of real-estate agents e-mails in orlando florida?
Getting a loan to buy a house?
Can a landlord ask us to sign a contract 12 months in advance?
were can i get a home security system with no monthly payments.?
Whether the society can be formed, for developing farm houses for its members in a piece of land.?
my home is going into foreclosure, can i file papers myself to stop foreclosure or do i need a lawyer?
Should I rent or sell my mom's old house?
How long does it take to get a house from the kirklees council if you are in band c?
Can a landlord charge me for all kinds of cleaning that I did not athourize after I vacate in Arizona state?
How to find garages to rent in CALNE,NORTH WILTS COUNCIL.?
What is the minimum amount one has to invest to participate in REIT's (Real estate investment trust's)?
mortgage question, what is a 'charge'?
Can someone with a pervious, recent foreclousure and bankruptcy dismiss purchase a home for $50,000 w/ 0 down?
How long do i have to live in my home after the bank owns it?
A fair offer on a house?
Why aren't there more homeowners under 30?
what do i do if i know who stole my rent money order but cannot prove it?
Will you please help me understand VA loans?
How can I determine if my home was/is GUARANTEED by fannie mae and or freddy mac?
how many days does a landlord have to return a security deposit in california?
Can a 17 year old sign a lease in albany ny?
Why are my Apt Mangers posting "Applications are now being accepted" - when their is No Vacancy?
Can I let my kids live in our empty council house?
When does Real Estate legally change hands? Signing of closing documents, or recording of deed?
first time home buyer what to do??
Can landlord charge me for carpet cleaning during move out if it's not stated in the lease?
how do i find homes to be auctioned?
I don't feel safe in my apartments what should I do?
My landlord promised me laundry facilities. It's been 2 months now - what can I do?
What should I offer on this home? Any tips?
How do I get a home loan approval?
Surveyor for mortgage company re-evaluated the house twice?
If i apply for an mortgage loan from a lender, the bank and urban developement will this have an tremendous?
Are there any sites for felons seeking housing grants ?
What will I owe in taxes for doing a short sale on my rental home?
How much is the average electric bill in an apt?
what are my rights as a renter when my landlord is going into forclosure?
Can i withold my ex tenants goods?
Old apartment taking rent from my bank account?
Help deciding on an apartment?
I have rented out my flat and need advice about my Tenants?
Getting nearby utilities and paved road to new property?
What 2 areas does a local council look after?
How to handle a Sect 8 tenant who is angry and irrational?
whats the difference between A2 and A3 license?
what are easiest and lucrative real estate investing options and will 30k start me off?
Does a 60 notice starts day day you sign for one or a month later?
why dont British or American people move to third world Africa..& buy land and a house?
if you were a billionaire how much would you spend on your house ?
what is the value of 12826 Emiline St Omaha, NE 68138?
How cheep could you get rent on a triple wide thats for sale for 64,000?
What is the legal definition of SDNA?
whats better renting out or buying fixing then sellig?
My boyfriend is thinking about taking out a mortgage......?
Can I cancel PMI if I've done home improvements?
lost my job. cant pay my mortgage. any programs?
Is it worth it to rent out a shop with the home?
How do you move to a new city?
What is annual price appreciation rate for condo/townhouse in Edison,New Jersey?
Tenant suing landlord?
Removing your name from a joint lease when payments are due.?
How much does it cost to move from California to Iowa?
How much income do you need to show to buy a $120.000 apartment?
What if my rent check bounces?
Rental property please help?
Mortgage question?
Can I sell my lease back to my landlord in NYC for a substantial amount? If so, how do I go about doing it?
I have no heat in my apartment....?
I'm trying to sell my home w/agent Getting stressed from working,etc. Should I go w/investor?
How Real Estate's "Industry" developed through time in the past 10 years?
whar are all the preliminary steps to set up pvt ltd company?
What should I do about this issue about my previous landlord-for my new rental application?
Do you think house prices will drop within the next 12 months and if so, how much????
Can a pre-paid legal service help me with tenant-landlord relations?
Can my landlord do this?
how do you draw a contract up for a mortgage?
Good Credit, Have Debt...Can i get a Mortgage?
how much do utilities cost in st. augustine fl?
what are some jobs that are within the real estate business other than real estate agents and brokers?
apartment prices in NY?
Underwriting question?
my grandma said that I could live in her extra house for free as long as I pay the land taxes every year.?
Okay how about New York?
Does my landlord have the right to raise my rent by 30%?
What are some good websites that will allow me to find places for rent in Ogden, Utah??
You're BUYING a HOUSE - Would you pay more than . . .?
How much is a real estate license?
Legal Question About Short Sales Of Homes Please Answer If You Can.?
Where can I find NM MLS listings without signing up with a thousand realtors?
I live in a cul-de-sac in Font-du-Loc, in a pied-a-terre filled with bric-a-brac. Help?
housing loan for a repair?
What types of home loans can I get to buy a home in California?
What is Thin Plant in Real Esate?
Can I file small claims for items I left at previous apartment?
How much does it cost per month to live on your own?
Tenant moved out and glass shattered?
How do I obtain lost Right of Way in SC?
How can I kick out a seller from the house I bought?
With this recent mortgage bail out of lenders, are we rewarding bad behavior?
who is the owner of columbiarecords?
i would like to rent a home with options to buy until i can build my credit back, where should i start?
What do you think of the real estate bubble? is it real?
i wanna buy a property . flat or housewhich one is better?
Counter offer in selling a home advice?
If I sell my house for less than I owe, will the difference be due immediately at the time of closing?
I want to know the basics of starting a career in realesate in NY. would college help?
I've been renting the same home from the same landlord for 10+ years, do I own it?
how can i get a good deal when buying a new car?
We have an inheritance of approximately 12 million dollars, How much should we spend on a house?
After closing a home purchase, what documents should I receive in the mail?
Anyone have good tips for a first time home buyer?
will i be responble?
How long can an heir keep from selling a house when the other siblings want it sold when he is the executor?
How to qualify for a mortgage for a house with a in law unit?
im looking to purchase a home,and Im ready to make an offer?
If I wanted to find an apartment in New York?
Mortgage Advice?
Can a housing officer remain in a property once told to leave (UK answers only please)?
whats the chances of getting a joint morgage if you were black listed 4 or 5 years ago?
Please help me!!! Eviction question?
Could I still get a house through the VA home loan while I'm in the national guard?
What is the rent of 2 bedroom aprt in Sharjah?
Real estate developers help?
The Sandersons are planning to refinance their home. The outstanding principal on their original loan is $110,?
renting virgin :) is this a good price? :)?
Foreclosure? My brother was served with foreclosure papers yesterday.. What options does he have?
general warranty deed signed and notarized is it legal to record after the death of ones parent hold for now?
Help breaking a lease in an apartment?
Can they keep my housing deposit?
when a chapter 7 has been discharged and a creditor has not repossed their property what happens to it?
What is the best place to find government grants for first-time homebuyers?
Can u relocate with secton 8 if you sign a lease already?
Is there anything I can do about kitchen floor problems with my house that I purchase only 6 months ago?
what do i do to buy a home on a quick sale?
can people that are not on a renter lease vacate the apartment?
What is the fastest way to sell my home? Even with a drastically reduced price, today's market is flooded.
Real Estate Agents: How many hours per day do you work in the office and how many hours at home?
generally when renting a place..?
Can a condominium board in Alberta enact new restrictions on rental of units?
how much does a solar powered building cost?
Can I buy a house with terrible credit and no bank account. Although, I do have a large down payment.?
How can I split the rent fairly?
How much money do i need to move out?
Do you all think i should eead over the lease to see if that's in the lease?
why house price is going up in CA?
I saw a house I had wanted to buy, but the fireplace and chimney was not built to code.?
Renting Rules of Thumb?
Best Site to find a rental Home in Charlotte NC?
Are thr lws prvntng a lndlrd frm ending a mo. to mo. lease on shrt notice or rquire wrning longer than 15 days?
Another Condo Question?
Is there any way to get out of paying property taxes?
Why some landlords don't like the idea of letting tenants rent with pets?
does a bill of sale written for a mobile home hold the same legally as a title does?
How will I ever buy a house?
how to get enough money for a house fof kids?
Help finding affordable housing?
Anyone know any Pit-Bull friendly apts/condos/ the Seattle area?
What would be a sensible offer for a house?
Do you own your own home?
What items should I include as chattel on an offer to purchase?
How do I find the value of land in Bend Oregon?
Need help about purchasing home in texas!?
Average rent for a one bedroom flat or suite for couples n central oxford (UK)?
When are people going to start buying houses again?
flood damaged homes - should i buy one?
slater hogg & howison byres road?
Who ownes house at2996 s elati englewood colo 80110?
Best place to go for rental housiNg deposit ?
when your renting a buisness do you have to pay for fixtures and fittings?
i have to research about Population changes in queens ,new york as of february 2008, can someone help me?
Need advice on refinance 2nd mortgage ONLY?
sheriff sale is sept. 28th OMG!! WHAT IS THE PROCESS THAT NOW I HAVE TO GO THRU?
What are concequences for not having given an inventory list to your landlord after you moved in?
Do the mortgage people verify that you are a Veteran or do they just look at you paper work.?
payment for a utility easement?
What percentage of my home do I owe and what does the bank own?
My lease ends July but, my apartment says I cannot get out of the lease until September.....?
I paid for all my house in 2006 and now it's worth 25% less, but I have no loan?
Can a landlord get rid of belongings of a tenant who has left the property without any come backs?
How much does it cost to be a real estate sales person in the state of Washington?
Can i really be made homeless?
Landlord Tenant Dispute?
hoiw does the equity in a home work, when you sell it and the home has been paid for 17 yrs?
Questions about Breaking a lease, security deposit and lost rent?
Can you rent when your income does not come from a job?
Landlord withholds utility bill from tenant until end of lease?
top 10 cities to live in the usa?
What is the best mortgage for a first time buyer?
I need help, I have to break an apartment lease because of personal reasons?!?
What online resources are the best for finding rental housing in Eugene, OR near UofO campus?
In Indiana, if a house being sold has unpaid property taxes is the new buyer responsible to pay that debt?
Which would be the better deal?
Does anyone know of ways real estate agent can make money in the market other than selling houses?
Is Real Estate considered a security?
Just bought a house, there's a roof leak that the seller didn't disclose.?
What is the most inexpensive land available in the US.?
Why are some homes listed for selling "As is"?
I want to take a real estate course how can I find a local college or an online college or school?
my landlord is threatening to kick me out my apartment due to my 2yrd old son running over his head.?
question about section 8?
what' s REA? what abbreviation is for?
In 6 years I can save 6000$ would I be able to buy a 185k house with inflation in nj that is ok?
Question on gift for down payment?
What is an alternative to a credit check to rent an apartment or home?
Anyone got any tips?
I want to know if someone is unemployed can they still apply for Section 8 Housing in Houston, Tx?
Which is more expenisve to live in Southern or Northern CA?
Free quote for a Fleetwood Value Ultra 4484V Manufactured home. Manufactured 2/12/04?
If you buy a house and the boiler is broken, who is resonsilbe for having it repaired?
What happens if my mortgage company failed to record my deed?
How long can new home owner keep the mail of old home owners?
Landlord not-renewing lease with section 8?
NRI/Resident Home Loan?
eviction notice could thi be a ground for it?
landlord didnt return the security deposit back????
I am looking for a long term rental house in the Big Bear Lake area of So. Ca..?
when renting an apartment. what are the major cost?
LanI own a home in Florida, Jacksonville, I'm currently renting it out to my son for the last three yeardlord?
Is it okey if you can provide me a details about the purchase of aggrement regarding to buy a commercial bulg.
structures on a homestead/ranch?
I need information on buying a house with bad credit. Can anyone help?
My home loan has been sold so many times. i think my loan holder has lost my loan doc's?
What's the diff. between partial release of mortgaged land and having it deeded out to you, any advantages?
what is the smallest amount of money i can pay in monthly rent, living in a geared-to-income home?
Due to my lack of good judgment I have terrible credit and want to buy a house. Is rent to own a good idea?
If a for closed home is renovated can it enter the market at comparable prices to homes of the same value?
Is there such thing as a ginormous housing bubble here in Orange County, California? And is it about to pop?
my tenant refuses to pay her august rent, I filed papers for her eviction and for the outstanding unpaid rent?
Feeling uneasy about my mortgage broker... First time buyer, kinda clueless?
Air conditioning unit quit worked until on a month to month basis, is the landlord?
I want to buy land for Ag. purposes in LA County, where would I find listings of land-4-sale? Ag regulations?
Need Harsha Associates Contacts?
I sold a car and was unaware that there was till a lien on it from 5 years ago.?
can an apartment complex charge me for a chimney cleaning fee? i was never told this before moving in...?
Looking for perfect house!?
Can your landlord sell the house and make you move out before the lease is up??
Why are there so many foreclosures?
Does anyone in the Katy, Tx area know of contingency lawyers who will handle a lawsuit for money owed? Thanks!?
I have been with the same landlord since 2000 and he has never raised the rent on me...?
how many days before i am evicted from my apartment?
What to look for if the borrower wants to make a purchase loan?
How can I purchase an island?
you have an eviction notice for non-payment of rent. if you pay your rent, will the eviction me cancelled?
Fort Collins Housing?
if a landlord dies while a tenant is living in same house,can tenant claim the property?
Refinancing for debt consolidation -- second mortgage benefits?
Will Deliquent Property Taxes get Resolved?
is it legal for a landlord in ga to charge you for painting your apartment after moving out?
Places I need to change my address at?
Try and put me off moving into my own bedsit place?
What are my options if my landlord has failed to perform maintenance.?
is there any Scottish guys in the Philippines?
Has the parcel of land to be divided legally before it is sold in pieces?
How do I find the ideal Neighborhood?
I pay 425.00 all utilities incl. in apt. in trenton mich. is there any place as cheap in this area? I hate my?
What is the average yearly income for a aarchitect in colorado?
Water bill question (apartment)?
Can my landlord change my rental agreement?
can you go to any city hall and get your birth certificate. instead of waiting in line downtown chicago.?
Can i get my security deposit used as rent?
APHB gave an ad in paper last week....where can i get the forms and where is the housing location...pls tell..
Where in the world can I live on 3000 dollars a year?
I have great credit but no job, how can I get a mortgage?
If I marry someone wo is buying a house, does that automatically make me the owner of the house?
do i need to tell hud if social services is cutting me off?
First mortgage. Help please?
Does my landlord have the right to tell me what business I must use for my cable, tv, or internet services?
Where can I find out who owns a piece of land in Ireland?
how do i buy a home when we still owe on one and are behind on mort. and have poor credit?
Can my parents kick me out of the house we bought together?
I was gonna move into an apartment I put down a security depsoit but now I cant move in....?
I need some information on real estate?
lease agreement questions?
Is their a mileage block on pcs orders to get you out of a lease?
I am currently in a lease/purchase situation. The asking price is $109,900. However, the lights in the kitchen?
is it wise to refinance a 5/1 interest only loan now?
What is the average price of land per acre in Jackson Township PA?
Benton Corporation acquired real estate that contained land, building and equipment. The property cost Benton?
Did landlord receive stolen property when he took rent money?
do you agree that value has a value only if its value is valued ?
Is 7% a "standard" commission? Was this realtor trying to intimidate me?
What to do? Need advice...?
Should I buy a timeshare @ Westgate in Sevierville?
i paid off the mortage and my parnter has not payed nothing in10 years?
What does an appraiser look for when refinancing?
I am planning a family reunion soon and I was wondering, how to bring 1 million family members from Chicago?
Want to lease apartment but I feel they are misleading me?
Property owner listing?
Do landlords have any obligation to let me know ASAP if there is a problem with my electronic rent payment?
Do I have to pay rent?
Illinois real estate: Is there a default limit of days to get the house inspection after the initial contract?
does anyone know if the loan place in california is a legit place to buy a hous from on aland contract?
estimated gross income from rental property?
Do I have the right to keep my rented room off limits?
tenant trying to rule swingset that doesn't belong to us...was i wrong to give it to the rightful owner?
Any apartments or Garages for rent under $800.00 for rent?
Can some one explain Hud Dollar Homes?
what are the negatives/positives of purchasing a home outright rather than taking out a mortgage?
Housing Benefit for someone cohabitating?
I want to save my home from foreclosure?
can you buy a house with bad credit?
does anyone know the fasb discussing deferred rent?
Is it wise financially to refinance a mortgage?
Unclaimed Money while selling/buying property...?
how do i find city planning ordinances and property lines for free?
I'm in So.California, and I need a good "A" paper lender where I can submit and not worry a whole lot. THANKS
Has anyone managed to save their home from forclosure?
Help Please - My Landlord tell me yesterday to move out tomorrow! ?
Can a landlord shut your electricity for late rent?
Why do rising interest rates usually not helpful to home buyers?
how old do u have to be to get ur name in the house deeds in canada?
hwat are the living conditions in germany?
where i live my apartment besides rent have to pay hydro but been noticing my hydro is 5 times higher then?
good places for mortgages?
My apartment manager inspects us way too much and it is harassing. What should I do?
NEED HELP!!! my land lord is trying to keep my security deposit!! atleast look over this please!?
Difficult ex housemate moving back in? Help/advice please?
If my apartment lease has a clause saying I can pay 2 months to leave early, will it be held against me?
Am i able as a tennent to call a home inspector with my landords it against the law?
How can I (Real Estate Agent) get banks to let me market their REO properties?
A renter left my rental abandoned . I have all their personal property and a car in storage what do I do now
Should I hold or sell?
Question about a mortgage loan if you have bad credit but a first time buyer.?
I have a 30 yr. loan and want to refy to a 15 yr. loan. I've been in my home for 5 yrs.?
how do i find out about property, that has been seized for back taxes.?
where can i find a blank copy of residential lease agreement?
What are my options after filing Bankruptcy and home in Foreclosure? Need Help!?
website suggestions for commercial property location(s)?
how do i know what price to charge for a rental property?
How do i know if i can trust my mortgage broker? is what he is quoting me more...?
Anybody know were to apply for low income housing at online?
HELP ! We have a for sale date on our home !?
Aside from drugs, smoking, and pets, does a landlord have the right to say what I can and can't have...?
Is it a good time to buy a unit in Toowong, Brisbane?
Bills in room mates name?
How do I establish ownership of my dead parents home without a will. Is probate necessary or is there another?
Lease says no pets, can I ask for one?
Bungalow/Apartment/House for rent in houston for the holidays only?
I live in single family house and can i have my cousin live with us for a while?
Do you think if I make 10 or more an hour at work I can live on my own when rent is 400-600?
Should I have to pay my portion of the utilties for an apartment I do not live in?
Is Sioux Falls, South Dakota truly a great place to live?
What are the various taxes involved in buying a house property?
finding the owner of a home thats on the market?
What are the great neighborhoods to live in Toronto?
about moving house and payin bond? young and need help?
What is a customer entitled to when getting a Real Estate appraisal?
"Forgiving" Mortgage defaults?
Is it legal for my landlord to charge me $150 for late payment?
Do I have to pay sales tax on mobile home from my dad's estate?
**REnting apartments in 2009 economy?
Apartment searching...?
when you have a property, and then apply for financial aid for a school load, does that affect you????
Can I get a mortgage of $230,000? With what I got?
when do you do a home inspection?
Im 15 and would like to become a Real Estate Agent. Would a Real Estate Office let me intern for experience?
monthly bills other than rent?
When can I remove the tenants belongings?
How much is your mortgage?
Home builder's Responsibility?
Bottom Line: Do Real Estate Agents Deserve 6-7% of a person's net worth?
can i use a line of credit for a down payment of a mortgage?
How much does it cost on average to rent a 1 bedroom house?
I cannot rent an apartment because I am a student despite having good credit and a job. Housing discrimination?
I want to pay off my mortgage, do I need to get a lawyer or should I get in touch with the bank directly?
should i be paying maintanance to my ex if i have my son 5 nights a week?
How to change the title of a house?
I want to move out 3 months before i turn 18. help!?
How can I make a payment to BP/Citibank?
Landlord sold me an apartment thats smaller than he said it was!?
houses in richmond,va?
How effective is rent control, really?
Question about moving and rent?
My landlord has told us to leave... what are my rights?
Are Adjustable Rate Mortgages a bad idea for me?
Purchased a foreclosed house, or one thru a tax sale?
How do I become or what do I need to do to become a realtor in Orlando, Fl?
is real estate going to crash in north florida in by 2009?
Have you ever visited Terrell, Texas?
Is the real estate market in Michigan improving?
My roommate is moving out. Do I need to pay her rent?
Is it right or wrong that the landlord havent return all the appliances he took cause we owe 3 month rent..?
do I need a new constuction loan if I buy a home that is not finished?
does your landlord have to provide your vacuum cleaner or do you buy it yourself?
Looking for a flat... anyone know any good sites?
Can a landlord keep my money if I don't move in the apartment?
How do you sleep in an apartment that is over 110 degrees?
Do you think cosigners would help if they are retired, but have millions in assetts?
Can I buy a house without credit, if I have a cosigner and a 25% down payment?
buying house in japan, tokyo?
How's it like having a roommate you don't know?
What approximately could be the rent for a small yet comfortable apartment in California , South coast.?
Where to look for the cheapest flats for sale,i.e. reposessions or...better idea?
Security Deposit. Please Help!!!?
When Selling a Home (FSBO) how do you pay off a Morgage and Home Equity Loan to clear the title ?
Is there a web site for advertising a home for sale. I am not using a realtor.?
I have bad credit; I filed for divorce earlier this month. Is there a way to buy a house, or rent a house?
Recently purchased home. Home apprasial.?
How can you force the seller of the house out if they are not willing to move out on the agreed closing date?
ok i just got kicked out by my roommate and didnt sign a lease agreement dont i still have to get a 30 day not?
im in contract for a home in the catskills and id like to flip the contract at when am i legally able to flip?
Can you submit an Unconditional Release to the MLS board?
Do I refinance or get an Equity loan?
how do i decrease my debt to income ratio?
Dishwasher flooded rental place?
House For A Large Family?
Would a house for sale that does not include a refrigerator prevent you from buying?
Can we give our house to our daughters now so that if we go into care we don't have to sell the house.?
How long does a landlord have legally to sue the former tenant for apartment damage?
What happens if an apartment becomes uninhabitable and I don't pay part of the rent?
Apartment vs. Condo?????
Ref. Real estate closing-
Letter confirming rent breakdown cost for the council, UK?
ive been evicted and don't know what to do, please help!?
what is the procedure to install the mobile tower?
Does my CO experience as a realtor working under an employing broker for 2 years suffice to be a broker in CA?
What year was my house built roughly?
Can a person buy a house without a Social Security number?
If your buying a house and the land must be annexed to the city after sale. What does that mean?
Can you terminate a lease early if u havent even moved in yet?
What would be the pros and cons of a cap to the % of rental units condo's HOA?
I believe my realtor stole our buyer to sell her own house. What can I do about this, if anything?
How to get apartment with felony charge?
Where can I find a free form for Homesteading properly in Calif on line?
can anyone tell me what the average time for a house being on the market is?
What can you do in Ohio if your landlord is in breach of the lease?
will i still be classed for child benefit?
How much is $55000 in take-home pay in California?
What happens if I dont pay my housing association fee...?
HARP program for Co-op thru Wells Fargo?
Can I sell a condo to be built in the future if I have put a deposit on it but don't want to move in?
What can you do to improve the apprasial price of your house?
what is the current union rate of pay per hour for a plumber if anyone can help thanks?
Landlord and tenants?
how many people can live in a two bedroom house?
How can i find out if ppl died in my house?
If I sell stocks to purchase a house will that impact my tax situation?
Im being evicted, do i have to pay rent owed?
New Roof, New Plumbing or New Kitchen?
How is a real estate short sale normally reported to the credit bureaus.?
How to make it big in the property market?
Applied for a HELOC with Trustco. They sent appraiser. Does that mean i am approved. free and clear on house.?
what does referral source mean in a application?
Can apartment complex evict you based on an employee's negligence or failure to process ur lease correctly?
I need to calculate how much rent to charge?
apt for rent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!?
how to renovate a home without refinancing?
what is cost breakdown of labor verses materials for residential home building?
Pay rent after foreclosure to old landlord? (LA, california)?
Can I sell the property, even when the home loan is outstanding?
Need legal advice on an apartment.?
What's the differnce between a real estate broker and a real estate agent?
i'm thinking of buying a house and i need advise?
i am in foreclusure can i still do a deed in lieu?
I'm looking for a slogan that goes with paynocomm?
walk away from you rhome after 2012 in ca will be difficult?
I signed a lease with my mom for an apartment can she legally kick me out?
Is it possible to get a loan to purchase your first home if you have bad credit?
gov. 15k to 25k loans if you pay 1% of down, and guarantee you live there 5 yrs & 10yrs. then don't owe back?
300k fha loan for college student?
Bad to buy $450 laptop on a credit card, 1 week before closing on house?
lease to own..can we change the locks?
Is Crossing republic good area to invest in.?
Where do they sell these?
If I have very little or no credit, how can I purchase a house? ?
What area code is Simsbury, CT?
Any thoughts on interest rates going up? What will this do to the current real estate market. I am going to?
How do you find out your utility bills and council tax for a particular place (rented flat)?
What are the best websites when looking for a house to rent in Phoenix? Do you know of agents who can help?
Is there funding in texas for gated communities to fix roads? What keywords should I search?
leaving a DANGEROUS private rented property!!?
How much is your morgage? Is it more than £1000 a month?
Can a landlord evict my mom who lives with my family? She is NOT on the Lease.?
Please Help Me......My apartment is 340/month, my car is 333/month, do you think i can afford it?
8 months prgant and live in a 1 bedroom,How Long does it normally take to get a bigger flat from the housing?
Does anyone know of a lender who will lend at 2 x 30, fico under 600?
Can you determine if water is wasted in an apartment by renters or experiment used to know whoes using most.?
Getting my deposit back ?
What is a notice of appearance in a foreclosure case?
Is there any good websites where I can look at available apartments for rent?
how many days before i am evicted from my apartment?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
Does a house inspector need to check every single room in the house?
anyone interested in real estate buisness, specially in the housing sector, buying property/? contact?
Would we be able to get a Mortgage?
Whats the difference in experience between a loan officer and a mortgage consultant?
I wish to buy a property with tenants in common with one of my two sons.?
Do companies like Cisco, Adobe, or Netflix rent out their office at night when no one is there.?
Steps in buying a home?
where can i find apartments that will be cheap 400 all bills paid just water gotta pay?
how much square feet makes an acre?
can my landlord kick me out?
Locks Can Be Corrected Only With The Help Of A Locksmith?
I am trying to find public record of demolition permits issued to the new owner of my building.?
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