Real Estate

is my rented space up to code?
Is a landlord obligated to put in new carpet after 14 years?
Is a 450 square feet apt big enough for me & a baby?
What percentage do real estate brokers take whenthey seel your home? I'm in Queens New York?
My AC in my rental home is broke, they say they won't have it fixed for 2 days. Is This Legal?
I am a private tenant is the landlord allowed to come out and check the house every 6 months?
What is the first step when wanting to buy a house?
is there a real estate exchanger in kanecounty?
Myself and my g/f are looking to get our own place.....?
My Tenant has gone bankrupt. Can I evict them?
Can someone afford a 300000 dollar home with a 150000 to 180000 salary?
When I am buying from a realtor (not representing me) do I have to pay them anything? Or is that negotiable?
what do you charge a tenant for insufficent notice in houston tx?
Landlord failed to provide mail box key for 7 months..?
What are some types of retail business that don't require immediate front parking for their customers?
cheap apartments in indiana or illinois?
I am employed, but my husband is not. We have 1 teenager at home. We have to move in 6 weeks.?
What do i need to rent an apartment in toronto?
In the state of Alabama what is the limit a landlord can increase rent at the end of a lease?
Whats a good website to use for find apartments in Fairfield?
What to price items at for a garage sale?
what is the escrow fee,Los Angeles, CA?
Following the description, would you say it is a Real Estate Agent/Broker or a Transaction broker?
break a lease to move out of state?
im trying to buy my first home , and i would like to know how do my husband and i go by with out paying down?
Counter offer acceptance and Escrow question?
What happens if home owners fail to pay their property taxes?
How should a CA broker handle Trust Funds?
What is the best mortgage company for someone who just okay credit and not alot of money to put down?
I want to find the address and phone number for sylvia graham who now lives in arlington texas.?
Do i have to pay late fees on my apartment?
Anyone know how i find out companys that buy your house straight away, without the need for estate agents..?
calculating sq ft in a house?
anyone know the best way to find land for sale for a new build business?
What will I owe in taxes for doing a short sale on my rental home?
can an apartment complex charge me for a chimney cleaning fee? i was never told this before moving in...?
My ex neighbor is renting her house out to a lady with 10 kids is that legal?
How is property tax calculated?
Huge Spiders running around in my apartment?
home appraisals and time limits when buying a home?
I am trying to get into the Real Estate market and also sell life insurance How do I start????
Owner of 8436 S Peoria, Chicago, IL 60620?
Utilities in my name?
Would you rent an apartment studio that...?
any place can I buy 2 bedroom apt. for 30,000 $ ?
I am subleasing a room and the tenant (now my landlord??) is trying to stay in one of the rooms i am renting?
how can you get housing based on your salary. What are the requirements?
Im resigning my rental agreement for another year, the monthly rate changed after I signed the lease, is it ok
How does home loan modification work? What is the process?
how come can't find the new pages of,
Am I being disscriminated if the land lord says no to housing benefit? ?
My mom put my brother and I on the deed to her house (via quit claim deed) in 1999. Do we pay cap. gains ?
where can i go to look up someones tax id #?
On an application to rent a house it wants "credit references." What do I list?
What are the measurements in survey terms for chains and links. they are on old deeds stating land plot. Thank?
What would you say to convince someone to move to your town?
Company that is fast to get home morgage?
how do landlords go about officially breaking a lease to apartment?
Landlord L moves to evict Tenant G for non-payment of rent. Tenant G files for bankruptcy....?
Access to listings available only to real estate brokers in NYC?
Deposit on apartment waiting for lease?
free apartment valuation?
i think my boss is commiting section 8 housing fraud?
Where can I find information on selling my own home?
Was kicked out, and my property thrown away?
sample letter to landlord to move out in three days?
Inexpensive, nice places to live in US?
Why is it called house "hunting"?
Is it legal for my landlord to charge late fees? (in California)?
Can my husband and i buy a house through a private seller for less than what is owed?
I have a mortgage with 6.125% interest rate. I have a second mortgage interest rate of 6.25%.?
I'm going to be late on rent and don't know what to do...?
rental houses in savannah ?
What are apartments in SC obligated to do with your mail after you move out?
would you go for a readymade villa/house or go to build your own house? Can u give a detailed answer?
Use a realtor or sell our home ourselves?
is $10,000 a good down payment on a home....?
Need help finding owners number of a property?
Tenants rights regarding rent?
what happens if my appraisal is lower than my 203k loan amount?
Refusing to Accept Military Orders for Canceling Lease Without Penalty?
What will happen to our house if my husband should die and my name is not on the loan?
How hard is it to get your first apartment?
if a home was fore-closed upon and was auctioned over and above the owed price where does the money go?
Where can I find info about reverse home mortages?
What is a 3 year Hybrid Libor loan? What does that mean?
What are the steps I should take to claim an apartment?
having hard time paying rent this time?
Can i move out at 18?
Apartments for less than $500 in Toronto?
where do i find free landlord forms for deposit refund?
best state to buy an inexpensive house for mid fifties single adult?
Mortgage closing costs question?
Can't seem to sell our house...any suggestions?
Can landlord charge for carpet but put in hardwood. CA residents?
trying to get out of lease after roommate left?
joint mortgage?
Can I hire a thug in S. Africa just to scare a girl?
Is it a better idea to rent or buy in my situation?
can my landlord charge me for this?
What to do if an ex-tenant leaves place very damaged and moldy and then runs off?
I want to fire my Realtor. Can I?
where have all the real estate investors gone?
What is the difference between owning property as tenants in common and joint tenancy?
How long will the underwriter take to evaluate my loan and approve it? ?
if i have a bad credit there is any way to refinance mi mortgage?because i,m paying 3,100 a month?
I am planning a family reunion soon and I was wondering, how to bring 1 million family members from Chicago?
Automatc Lease Renweal??? Eh?
How long can a unit be with out water while being worked on for maintness isues?
Is the real estate licensing exam hard?
What is an addendum to a home loan?
I have bad credit and my partner has good credit, does one counteract the other when applying for a mortgage?
Can I put an electric and Gas bill in my name at age 17?
What does "triple Net" mean in a commercial real estate lease?
I would like to know what kind of real estate introduction letters there to help promote them selves?
A credit card company put a lien on my house. I have to sell quick and can't afford to pay it off. Help!
Can we still buy a house?
Do Australian real estate agents make a base salary?
Rolling Contract. Tenant late with paying, didn't give 1 month's notice says I cannot keep any of her deposit.?
Renting my place, but afraid I HAVE to be on the HOA Renter's List?
I have a flat rented out and I have no mortgage on it. How can I borrow against it so I can pay off a £15000?
Eviction notice question?
tips on choosing a roommate and landlord?
making 10.50 good for a 19 year old still living at home, but plan on moving out in the future?
what's the building codes for commercial space in manhattan?
How can I protect myself from construction fraud?
Is is rude to request to not ride with realtor while looking at homes?
is there any property transfer tax in Spartanburg county SC?
i recently bought a house my question is should i buy title insurance and why?
What is the ideal percentage for a down payment on a house?
I locked in at a 5% interest rate on a 30-year FHA mortgage today (4/8/10). Did I get a good deal?
Apartment shopping...?
What is a normal # of square feet for a studio apartment?
What can I do with a real estate license?
My apartment has black mold, what does my complex legally have to do to fix this?
Is this broken tile completely my fault?
Any vaccancies with real estate law firms or real estate companies in UK or Singapore??
compare these two houses?
Is there a web site that will tell me what areas of the U.S. have the most affordable real estate prices?
broken lease agreements?
assistant with back rent?
My family is looking for a house in Douglaston Manor, NY?
What is the perfect age to start selling real estate? I have heard that younger people are not taken seriously?
what is the best way to start real estate salesman position.?
How to get a mortgage with enough monthly income?
I live in SC and have a friend staying in my house. How do I legally evict him from the premises?
How much would the cost of rent would be living in a 1 bedroom & bath apartment in fl in a gated community?
I deposited for precontruction condo downtown Miami Jan05, should I sell before complete May07 or hold & rent?
community care grant to move to another house?
When people buy a house do they actually pay that amount when they sign the papers?
I have a situation. I took out a mortgage loan with a loan officer. He put on the loan application more money?
How to buy a house on a tight budget?
Landlord threatening to keep deposit! California?
can an empty lot be used as a comp in a real estate appraisal for a lot nearby that has a home on it?
Where can I find info on home sales over 3 years in 8 states based on resale and new construction prices?
Is there anything that can be done? I live in a lower apt. and the tenants floor above me creaks like crazy?
This is in my new LEASE. Is this fair?
Two bedroom apartment..?
Can I refinance an investment property to a primary residence, giving primary ownership to family member?
In Canada - Is it better to buy a brand new Condo or a resale condo?
I have income XX dollars what is ratio to allow to buy a house.?
I live on a fixed income of $2000 a month/?
I am a landlord with a very problomatic tenant.... she was arrested today at gunpoint - help?
I have a two year lease and i want to move. Can a thirty day notice allow me out of this lease?
what do i do about a landlord that goes in when i am not home?
How time-consuming is it to get into the foreclosure business part-time? How much cash do you need to start?
Can I afford this apartment?
what percentage of candidates pass the texas real estate salesperson examination the first time?
help with flat mates?
based on the examples presented in your text an interest rate on a consumer loan of 1.5% is most apt to be
What would you say is a 'good' age to leave home?
How can I get out of my lease in Nebraska?
I'm buying a house and only plan on staying in it for a maximum of 5 years. Can you give me some advice?
how will i find out if my loan is under freddie mac and fannie mae?
When will my rent be due?
What is a good house price for someone with a salary of $60,000?
Do you live in a House, Apartment, or Trailer?
who pays houe closings coast?
Can our landlord evict us because she's had a change of heart?
Is there a real estate bubble in San Antonio, Texas?
How can I start flipping properties in Las Vegas?
Is it normal to have the seller pay for the closing cost?
Do you think 3.5 Million dollars is too much for a 4 bedroom apartment in nyc?
Should I buy a flat by taking a fradulent mortgage?
Soon to be first time home-owner, now I have to make a Choice need some advice?
How to establish new company in Singapore for foreigners?
how do you find a free or low cost probate attorney?
How much money do you usually need for a down payment on a foreclosure home?
Should I hire an unlicensed roofer?
Rental Business: Driveway Widening Dilemma?
what are the disadvantages and advantages of seller accepting an offer with this clause attached?
What is the web site that has Nassau county, Long Island house info, prices paid etc...?
What can I do to keep myself in my in-laws' (rental) house?
Service included in rent terminated by landlord, but rent not lowered. Service not stated in lease. Legal?
Where can I find mobile homes for sale in Ventura?
Managing agency entering my house without my permission?
should i invest in property at 19 years old ?
Is Uniway a good company to become a member of to get wholesale pricing?
How do I determine what a plot of land is worth?
I am looking for a villa to buy in Koh Samui, Thailand?
are tenants entitle to their deposit back,even though they move out before lease expires?
If there was a fire in your house right now, what would be the first thing you would save?
what can a rental company say to another about me?
Can a landlord really kick you out if?
renting an apartment?
are there any investors willing to help people get homes?
is there any chance of someone sending me £175000 to buy a house?
what is the zbu?
Can i buy a townhome with 740 credit score?
Is there zero way I can do to afford a small lot?
whats the best website to find new apartments, condos, townhomes and etc to rent?
How to Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on an Existing Loan?
what are the ethics for a real estate agent having her clients sign an exclusive buyers agent contract ?
If you get an apartment that is a two bedroom but your occupancy type is single. what does that mean?
Will the home prices continue to rise on Maui?
Does anyone know of any real estate or rental property companies who let people rent/own homes w/ bad credit?!
Credit Check Questions?
When will the real estate market be normal again?
land in indiana to buy to set a mobilehome on?
Do you think this is fair?
where in san antonio, tx can a felon rent an apt.?
what kind of help can i get after i have recieved notice that my house has been forclosed on?
When selling my house in MD how many percent shall I pay the realtor agents? What other costs will I have pay?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
Can you buy a house when you don't have any money for a downpayment?
which is better to sell residential or commerical real real estate at this time in Georgia?
me and my soon to be wife credit isn't good mines a 536 and hers is like 550-560 can we get a mortgage?
how long can a landlord stay uncontactable? i have a problem with my boiler and the landlord has his phone off?
What is your opinion of a 36,000 square foot house?
Does any state impose a maximum $500 earnest money deposit on VA loans?
anyone familiar with the lease to own process for single family home? im the owner, pros vs cons, tips? thanks
what exactly is transitional housing?
Do I need to hire a solicitor to buy a house? and does it cost money to make an offer on a house?
Should I??????
I am planning to move into a new apartment. How big is a 675sq ft. apartment?
will the goverment help us who are so upside down in our mortages like have banks redo notes to lower princip?
Mortgage Statement Question?
Do Grupe or Centex build quality homes?
I want to lease/rent my commercial proerty for long term?
What stops people that are delinquent on their account from emptying out their storage unit?
How do I find information on obtaining a minority owned business contract?
help with buying a house?
End of apartment lease, pre-approved for house?
My apartment pool has been down for over 6 MONTHS, how can I make them fix it?!?
I am a real estate appraiser, any appraiser knows how to fill out the MC Addendum fast & accurate, or know?
What qualifications do you need to buy a house?
Do you think it's ok to tell your landlord the reasons why your rent is late? Even if it's a bit personal??
New Orleans - would you build your house there?
Do I pay a full months rent when moving out on the 15th or the prorated amount?
My 20 year old son and my 17 year old daughter want to rent a flat together how would they claim?
What to do when you buy a house in San Francisco and the renter does not move?I have that problem.?
What are some suggestions to obtain a real estate license in California?
can i make enough money in real estate in order to survive?
How much should i charge for an hour rate?
Where do 18 year olds get the money for buying a house?
Where do I look for nice rental homes not through realestate agent, around melbourne eastern suburbs, thanks?
How Much Do Real Estate Assistants Make An Hour?
Loft conversion legalities for renting to students?
Late on rent, trying to email landlord but getting no response. Now what?
Real estate values - worth changing stove to gas?
how much is your monthly mortgage?
how much! should i charge?
DO you know mortgage rates are going up or down? is it time for locking the mortgage?
My apartment neighbors are harassing me...what rights do I have?
why don't people have their homes refinanced vs. modified? ?
Whats the best way to get on the property ladder as a first time buyer?
My tenant refuses to sign a tenancy agreement.?
Due to changes in circumstance we can no longer afford our home that we bought 3 yrs ago. What r our options?
Landlord agreed to terminate lease, now wants tenant to pay rent and hold security deposit?
Want to work w/ commercial realator, do they charge?
Do you live in a city or town or rural area?
should i be paying maintanance to my ex if i have my son 5 nights a week?
Can one buy a decent apartment/flat in london for 150-175k£?
Looking for house to rent in Kildare max price €750 per month 1 year lease?
In California, How long does a landlord have to return your deposit after you move out?
Would me and my mate be able to afford a flat to rent in Edinburgh?
Can the clerk of court send your apartment complex a money order for 3000?
Should i rent or buy?
Should my roommate's girlfriend pay rent if she moves in?
Looking for a single family homes in the Grand Forks, ND area, ANY SUGGESTIONS !!?
Apartment hunting and credit scores?
Should I get a house appraised or inspected first?
When using a realtor how fast should you expect them to be available to show a house?
deed rules when someone dies?
Credit background check and banking check for commercial retail store lease?
I need 2 find a flat in SW area of London 4 me & my dog, urgent or I'm gonna loose my dog :(studio or 1 b/room?
can a beneficiary's ask the executor, how much money is in the will?
how much notice you must give to leave a property?
Is it legal for a landlord to search a renter's property?
About Rentals......(or real estate agents/agencies)?
I was illigally evicted from my apartment by my roommates. I wasn't on the lease. What can I do?
Rental Business: Purchased Refurbished Fridge for nice Tenant Instead of New One. How to Communicate..?
Anxiety normal for a first time home buyer? Home owners opinions please?
Moving house, but how?
Who should I live with when I move out?
signing home equity loan with or without spouse?
about closing on buying a home?
can i rent out our home which we used a FHA loan?
Sent my rent checks to San Jose will it get there on time?
Property Dispute (builder Ansal API) waiting since Aug. 2008?
I'm planning on buying a house with a VA loan and 0 down payment. Do I need cash because I have $500 atm?
What would happen if I sleep at a house with "A FEW" fleas left?
i need to buy a house but i have horrible credit, what can i do?
When as a property owner/manager would you just throw up your hands and tell a renter that they need to stop?
Need some more help on backing out home purchase?
What is registry in real estate?
No clause in regards to pets?
What Does Housing Authority Do ?
Public Housing problem?
When facing ejectment for an illegal apartment can the judge grant more than 30 days if you made the place ok?
What are the steps of getting a "tax foreclosure" error off title? And can I still close?
Questions about a lease?
Mortgage Calculator or advice if possible?
How soon can you get a home equity line of credit after purchase?
How much can I rent a 3/4 bedroom place in London for?
I want to buy a building?
Paying for an apt. at 15/16?
selling home for under market value, buyer wants to get $25,000 from us to do home repairs. is this negotiable
Where can I find an attorney in Ft.Myers that can recover the funds of a bad check that was written to me?
If you make $250,000 a year how expensive should you buy a house for?
Foreign nationals buying land in USA?
renting abroad from a private
For FHA is there a minumum feet between back wall and fence?
Did I get evicted???? Help?
what is a sub -prime mortgage?
did I download a MOVIELAND site through that I didn't know about?
Can I withhold rent if my car in the parking lot keeps getting broken into?
in your state, how much does a 3 bedroom 2 bath house go rent each month?
Bank of America Principal Reduction?
renting an apt to family members?
how much is pg&e etc when renting?
signing home equity loan with or without spouse?
ok im moving out soon im only 19 yrs old my monthly check is 2000 how much shd i pay for rent?
Builders permit needed?
If you have the money. would you buy a timeshare in Punta Cana?
how to break a lease for a apartment?
I own 3 houses, I let 2 out to DHSS tennants and 1 to private tennants. Do I need a licence. ?
how can people afford to spend $500,000+ on their first home?
What kind of math would I need to be a real estate appraiser?
What is the process for buying one's own home?
What are the typical fees a Real Estate Agent charges a seller in Canada?
how do i know if this is a rental scam?
Looking to expand my jewelry business and want to get a grant to help me purchase a building to do so.?
What cities are great for real estate investing and what areas in those cities?
Is the HARP program going to rescue homeowners and turn around the economy?
what is 30% of 8,000?
Good apartments in Denton, TX?
What is the best plan and bank to refinance a home?
what certificates do I need to rent out my property?
omg!!! my house in going in forclosure! anybody know when the bank can take it away?
I'm buying a house and only plan on staying in it for a maximum of 5 years. Can you give me some advice?
Is there a difference in getting a home loan through a local agent or online?
the lease on apartment monthly rent?
how is a foreclosure actually carried out ?
Will they cancel my housing assistance?
Can someone help me? I have a mobile home park question...?
“Ghosts” should landlords / estate agents “tell you / inform you”?
Letting Agent rip off??? Help Please!?
What are the five general categoreis of real estate?
Rental Business: Buy and Own Coin Washer and Coin Dryer OR Lease the Machines?
I need help landlord is taking me to court because of an eviction?
In California, if I buy a home at auction and previous owner still occupies how long do they have to move?
Buying a home, but I have USAA as my bank?
how is alamony based on and for how long is it in california?
How wise would it be to try to buy a home when I possess bad credit?
do I need to involve wife and childern of a owner of a self acquired property in the absolute sale deed?
Where can I find great online places to list 1000's of Houses online?
Anyone out there facing foreclosure in Houston, TX?
i need mortgage help?
How long, after being sent to FHA from underwriting, can I expect it to take for my purchase loan to close?
Auto repossession as part of loan agreement?
Rolling tenancy agreement question?
Allen County Eviction? (lima ohio)?
whats the best way to get a rent check to my land lord?
single parent needs affordable apartment?
Are conveyancers liable for not advising of a Section 106 listed on local search? Sellers did not disclose.?
Can my Landlord do this?
What should a tenant on a two year lease do when they are ready to vacate the property?
What exactly is escrow? How does it work?
real estate tenant question?
Does anyone have a "Home Ownership Accelerator Program" mortgage?
Does anyone know of really cheap hotels or motels in schaumburg or elk Grove Illinois? Or one month rentals?
need advice on a real estate issue?
Landlord charges. How do I check?
if water leaks into apartment below me, when taking normal shower is that landlords problem or mine?
Need serious help for a punch-line?
Surveyor missed a major point when inspecting my property?
I think my mom was tricked to sign a contract with a broker, what to do?
If my house, which was foreclosed, is bought by a corporation what are my rights?
What is the maximum income you can have and still qualify for First-time home buyers grants.?
my mother in law wants to buy her first house.?
what are the main important basics on buying your first home!!!?
should i sell my house now or wait ?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth? ?
top ten real estate courses for beginners?
Can a landlord tell you who you can have in your appartment during the day?
What are the 10 most important things you would look for when choosing a house to live in?
land equity help?(california)?
Home prices declined sharply. What happened in Oct 2011?
Club Live Question?
how can I buy a house?
life estate?
Mortgage repossession ?
Any information about self-storage units?
how much is 1 pence worth in dollar????
i am about to rent an apartment and the lady gave us the option of paying an 88.00 bond or paying?
Should I look through houses that are open for inspection if I don't intend purchasing them?
Section 8- Increase in Income?
Know any good zero down mortgage companies?
Hi, I'm buying a house and we r closing on the 7 of this month. My friend is buying a car cash so we went ?
can any one tell me the home rents in canada??
I signed a lease and never moved in due to me switching colleges. Need advice.?
In Indiana, if a house being sold has unpaid property taxes is the new buyer responsible to pay that debt?
Can 4 people live in a 2 bedroom apartment?
how to find fairfield ocean walk point owners. want to rent condo?
renting out our home with out property Manager?
Help land lord broke payment agreement.?
will i qualify for a home loan for 35k with a stated income loan and credit score of 580 in wisconsin?
im being set out by sheriff. i just paid my landlord money toward back rent. can i still be set out?
what happens after my 5yr interest only arm ends on my mortgage loan?
How much are new construction eco-friendly houses?
How would me moving out part time affect the rent and housing benefit?
My landlord has moved new renters in while I still have term left on my lease?
Selling a home For Sale by Owner (FSBO). Received a call from a Realtor two days ago and the Realtor said....
How do you make a guy leave when he won't leave?
How will this play out legally?
I want to become a real estate salesman in New York......?
I need help buying a new home?
how long is the secretary for the HUD in position?
Has anyone outside the US applied for any grants and was actually awarded the grant?
Someone posted one of my properties for lease on craigslist - how can I make them take it down?
What is the gas prices over in your area?
Can a landlord come into your appartment when you are not there?
Home is on Short Sale and Tenants have not paid rent or have paid very late, and not full amounts.?
What is everything I would have to do when looking for and buying a home?
I want to buy a house about RM250000 in cash, is it risky ?
What's the best websites for searching for apartments?
Is the Reno, NV area a good place to raise a family? People from that area please share your thoughts.?
why do people insist that paying rent is "throwing money away"? it actually is providing a roof over my head!
What is the new hip artsy neighborhood in Brooklyn?
a real estate inherited me in europe, what should i do to get rent from the tennant?
california realtors fast way to get licensed?
what is the standard trip fee for property inspection/preservation in northern california?
How do I write my shipping address if I have an apartment?
does it really takes a year to get called for an apartment ?
Help on Tenancy agreement problems?
should I buy or rent in California?
How can I get a loan ??PLEASE HELP !!!!!?
Evicting roommate on the lease... meeting with the property manager today?
How much does a typical middle/upper-middle class home cost in the U.S.?
is it risky to buy house in US now?
Can you provide a sample form of rental agreement?
Do multiple rental credit checks lower credit rating?
I live in Madison WI I want to refinance my house should I use a local broker or a site like lending tree?
Do I still have to purchase?
Getting out of rental lease early?
Can my bf pay for rent and have me in the lease?
Can a lanlord take my property if my rent is late?
If your buying a house and the land must be annexed to the city after sale. What does that mean?
judgement on your record!!!!!!!!! but only showing for less money!!!!!?
How do I get my landlord to fix things in my house?
How do I acquire the deed from the county?
Home Loan for buying land?
Do most people in college who move out to an apartment?
is there a web site for watertown daliy times in ny?
what does it mean to refinance a house?
can you buy a house in nj with 649 credit score?
what percentage of my monthly income should go to rent?
If i sold something for $350,000 US money. how much would i have after taxes is took out of that? i live in NC?
can i do a mutual exchange whilst having outstanding rent arrears?
Has anyone had any experience of selling a house through Keys & Lee estate agents of Collier Row Romford?
Can a 18 years old person can rent an apartment or a house?
tangier morroco - property scams?
About how much money should I have saved to buy a house?
Does each apartment unit have to have their own electrical box?
how would i go about writing out an eviction notice?
How do you buy a home for the first time with a bankruptcy two years ago?
Rent student housing without a co-signer?
Help,trying to by house?
"Deal or no Deal"...$500,000?
Bush just sign the order for congress for the housing.Will this help someone paying high mortgage
If the apartment complex's management has property in foreclosure are you responsible for paying rent?
What is specific performance in a NC offer to purchase contract?
Should we sell or rent our second home?
what doesit mean to be preapproved for a home loan? When the lender gives me a intrest rate will?
Eviction question (gettin evicted soon)?
My site is not found on , why? It's highly ranked on Google and
an example for a letter for a loan?
How Many Payments Behind for foreclosure in Tn with bank of america?
It is hot as hell in here and there is no insulation in the building. What should I do?
If your council tenancy predates the 1985 Housing Act do the changes in the act apply?
If you can see your breath outide on a cold day, could you see your fart?
Lot owners rights in MT?
Approximately how much does utilities cost you?
What Amount Should I Pay as Painting Charges?
Decent and reasonable priced area/apt. to rent in Boston, MA thats safe and close to Boston Design Center.?
Is my request for home repairs by seller unreasonable?
if not renewing a lease how much notice does a renter legally need to give the landlord?
Do I have a case? Slum landlord?
How can I get financing?
how can I find bookeepers for realestate investors in the Dallas and Tarrant Co. areas?
how to order a credit report on a tenant?
past eviction can i still rent?
how do you find owners to apartment complexes.?
Legally Breaking A Lease...?
are you ok with buying a foreclosure home?
Can a landlord sell the house and kick you out in illinois?
Can I get rid of Private Mortgate Insurance now?
My wife & I bought our house joint tenants. Only she is on the loan in default. Will this hurt my credit?
Tips on how to fix credit!?
Is it required by law that if a condo onwer (who has homeowner's insurance), and decides?
Are Land or Property Auction Sales good to purchase through?
I like to find realtor around this area at 8258 dimstead street , port charlotte , fl 33981?
Rented an apartment question!?
what places in chico ca rent to those with bad credit?
Help Locating Housing East Orlando?
can some one help me find a room for rent in new-burgh,ny that takes dss and $366.00 a month?
If I refinance with cash out can I just tak on the closing costs to the loan?
Advice needed for getting a apartment?
How do I find out previous owners of a piece of land?
Rental Business Dilemma: Coin Laundry OR Card Operating Laundry OR Just use Existing Machines $25/Month Extra?
can my landlord still force me to pay?
is there a list of tenants for the address 555 California Street in San Francisco?
need temporary housing fast!?
What are the essential steps to take when looking for a condo to buy?
like to buy a house next door but...?
Please Help! short sale question!!?
Can a landlord charge $1600 in damages after she already took our $1500 deposit?
how can I realy get free forclosed listings that are not paid adds?
what can I do to stop my landlord randomly popping round?
what is best way to help somebody?
I have 50% of a property held for me in trust. How do I use it as equity to buy another property ?
my new partner owes money?
How much would you pay for 300 acres in Warwick?
are there 50 yr fixed home loans out there?
Future Mortgage Refinancing?
What can I do when my house is not selling?
how does someone get financial housing assistance?
can i get a home loan if bad/no credit?
i been living in my home for about 2years when i fist moved in i signed aleased for 6months well that lea?
Relocating for business - House deposits?
how soon after i sign the contract to buy a townhome can i move in?
How do I get the name changed on a appraisal?
what's the best home mortgage co. with lowest fees for a new FL home?
Can my dad co sign a lease for me even though he lives in another state?
How do I perform a title search on property?
How do college kids afford apartments?
How do I buy a house and not have anyone know it's mine?
how do i know if this is a rental scam?
How much of a commision is paid on a commercial property sale?
is there any rental house or apt already furniture for rent in dallas tx?
I made 2000$?
we are renting a house and we want to move, does anyone know how to get out of a lease? we still have 8mo left
how much would i pay for cable in newark NJ?
What's a good place to live for someone on a low based income?
Can my wife purchase a house in the state of Texas and put me on the deed after I fix my credit?
How can I rent a apartment with no job?
Can my landlord force me to purchase and use a space heater if the heat in the home is not adequate?
what is the procedure of moving in a new apt?
does my house have to be insured in order to sell it?
Where is the Housing market going in the next year? How much will it be affected either way?
Why would it take PNC Bank 3 mos. to close on an FHA streamline refinance?
How can we get a home with no money down, bad credit and debt?
Should we Rent an Apartment or House ?
What lenders are known to give mortgages for less than 2 yrs out of bankruptcy?
can a landlord take my deposit?
why do people insist that paying rent is "throwing money away"? it actually is providing a roof over my head!
I am starting a business in land development and construction. Suggest me a nice name for the new company!?
The buyer and I have agreed to mutually withdraw on an item on ebay. Is there an official protocol?
should I rent to buy a home in las vegas?
I rented a house that is zoned for one unit?
How soon is too soon to pull out the equity in a home?
Buying a House, Foreclosed house list?
rented property.who is liable?
Does the buyer has to pay some money to the realtor aswell ?
Any good apartment listing websites for Sweden?
Buying house with 100% down. Do I need an attorney? Where can I find checklist?
Real Estate - True or False?
Buying a HUD home and fixing it up.?
What is the square footage of the home you live in... house, apt, etc.?
Why can't Trump just help put with the foreclosures, he is rich enough and he could use more properties?
is it possible to purchase a house for 250000 pound on a 15000 pound annual wage?
To landlords: do you enjoy screwing people?
Where can i find an apartment quick and fast ive been looking every where and no luck?
Is it standard to pay a Non-Refundable deposit to purchase a new home.?
Me and my roommate are both lease holders his gf stays six nights rent free?
I'm looking to buy a house.?
One Dollar Houses?
Address of the land registry,where I can get copy of title deed for property in Golders Green,London.?
can the people legally take the house away from you if they wont except the checks?
I have 57 acres in PA. I want to raise livestock for profit. What is the most profitable livestock here in PA?
If a HOA is started in my area, do I have to join?
Depend on project, wisdom, ....How much profit can a develper make in the USA?
rental certification letter?
Who owns a building that was built on our property by the neighbor who now wants to sell?
Rental home question...?
24hours notice prior to showing my apartment.... my consent?
What is the "first time buyer" FHA requirement?
Ok whats the catch and anyone hear of this?
Any thoughts on interest rates going up? What will this do to the current real estate market. I am going to?
Who should I buy a home warranty from in Florida?
what to do once you stop paying your mortgage?
How can I be happy with my home? I want a new home but don't want a big mortgage?
How do I borrow the rest to pay for this house?
Would it be okay to rent a rent to own home?
Do you think his parents should help?
Does this real estate theory make sense?
If i get emacipated at 16 could I move out and sign for an apartment?
Is there away to buy an affordable home in California??? (Less than 300k)?
Breaking a lease in hawaii?
Rental Business: Interesting Financing Dilemma?
Real Estate Broker License course?
how much does it cost to become a real estate agent in kentucky?
What's your best advice for a first time home buyer?
my landlord died almost a month ago..?
I need my land surveyed,what's a ball park price,I'm in Mclennan county,TX?
Fort Collins Housing?
Are my hopes way too high?
should i sell my house and rent?
where can i get a list of properties forclose because of non payment of property taxes?
how much would utillities cost.....?
How can I evict my tenant?
Unfair mortgage company . Help with this please.?
If someone puts a lien against my house, and after that house goes to forclosure, what will happen to the lien?
Moving Into My First Apartment, Please Read?
if you have a miscarriage right before you get a section 8 apartment will they still give it to you?
How to find property for sale in South Africa?
If I purchase a home, can I break my rental lease?
Help! I'm being evicted because of my dog!?
Will my house freeze up?
Survey question???
How long does a private restriction deed in real estate last in California? (CC&R)?
How can obtain list of all former tenants of a residence in NYC?
What are average rates for an event space?
mold in house?
i want to add a name to my house who do i inform?
we broke our home lease to buy our first home, is there a law to protect us?
Do Real Estate companies offer a list of retal homes that you could get?
i wanna know how much im approved for if i make 30k a year 740 credit for a house?
How long does it take approx..?
1% interest only mortgage / loan?
I have renters on a month to month lease. They are 25 days late on this months rent. Do I have to give the?
I need emergency help to pay my rent this month and dont know where to turn..HELP?
what mean " no dss " when you look at advert for flat to rent.?
Late rent payment by tenants?
Closing costs?
How much can my landlord charge me to replace carpeting destroyed by my dog?
How to evict a drug dealing tenant with no electric and not paying their rent in 4 months in California?
where can i list real estate for sale for free?
is this considered a low ball offer?
Has anyone purchased tax deed property in San Bernardino Co., CA?
How do I add a person to the title on my house in St. Louis, MO?
How so i get the best deal on real estate?
can you take part of your rent and fix the house if the land lord was show enthe needed rrepairs?
Do you legally have to do a move-out walk-through?
Will the bank accept my offer on my dream home?
An an owner occupied property, is it better to buy a 2 unit or 4 unit proprty?
How many people do refinancing in the Philippines?
We have just let out our house to the local council.We signed a contract on 20 July.?
what number do I call to place my house on the list for section 8?
What % of your gross income is your housing costs?
Im 16 and need to look for a council flat due to resons... but where do i acutally start and how?
Cat in rental house - bad for hardwood floor?
Home loan options?????
Can someone recommend Property auction websites in the UK that sell property and land around London?
Condominium Owndership in Florida - Legal Question?
What is the difference in selling a manufactured home and a house in this housing market?
What is the web site that has Nassau county, Long Island house info, prices paid etc...?
How to tell if landlord is using spycameras?
My landlord refuses to stop entering my apartment without my permission. I want him to stop.Any suggestions?
would you rather buy a home with a pool or without?
Where can I find a rental property fast?
wats the cost of living in USA?
Wheres a good place to live in NORTH CAROLINA?? im planning on living there in a few years. i have small?
I sub leased room to person, i know they are doing drugs in room , how do i evict them.?
Do you see any violation in this situation?
Can my landlord do this? Is this legal?
where can I find Hardin properties in Denton, TX?
Do people live in trailer parks,in America?
When did my house get built?
Can I council tell us although we have a bigger need they can rent us a flat because there for over 60s?
My new tenant grabbed my Boob, what to do ?
What does NaN SF mean?
Can a landlord evict me if i have kids?
Can I still get a mortgage if I work part time and only earn around 9k a year BUT have saved a 20% deposit?
My husband and I are in the verge of a forclosure. We've heard of receiving a1099 from the IRS. Do we pay tax?
Is it okay to do this when moving out of an apartment?
How do I find homeowners in Beuamont, Texas that need a roofing company?
Can you move if you have no job on section 8 ?
what are the benefits of living in a condo versus living in a house?
What lender has the lowest interest rates for homebuyers?
expert knowledge wanted: service charge on part rent part buy flat with head lease charged double UK?
i have a credit score of 545 can i still purchase a home?
Help getting out of letting agreement?
Where do I find parcel maps for residendial property in oregon?
Can a landlord refuse to add someone new to the lease?
Can I change the locks when renting a home. My landlord is making threats!?
Need your opinion, first-time home buyer?
CHFA home loans for first time buyers, how do I qualify?
Legal landlord/tenant question?
What happens if you are current on your condo mortgage, but the building goes into foreclosure?
i have no lease in new jersey can i leave without notice?
steps to Buying a House and how much would it cost me(paperwork/downpayments)?
I currently have a car loan in mine and my mothers name, we are trying to refinance to put it only in hers.?
I would like to know about the first home owners grant in Queensland, Australia..?
Just bought a new house. i need a title for my project HELP?
Are these home buyers legit?
if you give a landlord 60day notice to vacate. can you change your mind?
Getting an apartment with my boyfriend? Costs?
how long is gone take my process?
Can a landlord tell me I can't have guests?
Party rental place?
what all do i pay when renting please help. anyone>?
What is the best way to make a little extra cash?
Is it ok (or how do I) write a follow up email for a rental property I saw?
What job am I able to do to afford this mortgage?.....?
Coming back to the UK?
can someone help me with this question?
Buying house for first time for 120,000?
How Can The Bank Pull This On Our Short Sale Purchase?
I need some lease abstracts.Who should I contact?
normal for landlord to increase rent after 1 year?
Is there an email scam involving Steron Furnitures Company?
Land survey & property boundary..i need 3 roadside acres much $$$?
my rights as a tenant?
Housing income limits?
Short-sale question.If I made an offer on a home shouldn't I be contacted by the homeowners.will give points?
My Old Land lord wants my forwarding address do i have to give it to him ?
Will real estate continue to be hot in Forida? How long?
My side fence came down In a storm but the house next to me is a repo for sell is the bank required to pay 1/2?
Apartment complex asking for money?
What can I expect to happen if I breech a lease for a retail location? Do I need lawyer? How do I find one.?
If I'm leaving a job, can I still qualify for a mortgage?
note on big ticket lease?
what about in GA or FL do you know any info on whether you can have a brokers license and agent license?
Is it better to make more principal payments towards my mortgage or save my money in a savings account?
can the landlord raise my rent even though he doesn't do repairs?
first time buyer with no clue!?!?!?
Please help me find a website that offers land for sale in the Cleveland area. Small lot. Just land. - Thanks
What questions should i ask when buying land to build a house on?
mtg for people with bad credit?
purchasing a hud home at full price cash, theyre asking to do a wire transfer a week before signing the deed?
how to start a management company for apartments?
What is the dfference in Florida between a RE Sales Associate and a RE Broker?
Renter moved out and dented fridge?
Question about difficult tenants?
How to calculate a mortgage payment?
What happens if you have waived financing and now cannot get a mortgage?
Tell me what orange, nj is like (not east, south, or west, just plain orange)?
Can my landlord demand this of me?
Can my landlord send detailed 'late rent' notice to my neighbors?
My lease ends in October but landlord says I have to pay an extra month.?
Is it legal for the co-signer of a rental home and the landlord of to move tenant out of the home?
Whats a good age to move out of home?
Opinion: Is Northern New Jersey's cost of living getting ridiculous for what you get if you live there?
Cheap places to live outside New York City?
Do I Have To Let Him In My Home?
Me and my girlfriend are moving in together?
how much have california home prices increased in last 10 years.( graph)?
not tellin the landlord you pay by dss?
if a tenant in common do not pay their share of property taxes on the property for over seven year?
How do I locate delinquit tax information on a property?
is there a difference between a loan officer and a mortgage broker?
How does one buy real estate without any money?
I have an eviction on my credit, my wages were garnished but I still owe but apt lawyer say I haven"t paid?
If I buy a home well below market value, can i re-finance right away to get the equity?
Buying a flat in Manchester England city center to rent... Is there little to no profit?
How can I get the lowest down % on a loan for a 2nd home (duplex,investment)? Here are my details:?
If your land and house are paid for why pay taxes?
Wherr can i rent a car without a deposit?
is it possible to find out if a person wanting to rent a house of myself has a good credit rating?
how old do you have to be to rent an apartment on your own?
can iremain on sec 8 ifmy kid goes to an out of state collegeand resides off campus?
how do i make sure that if something happens to me my wife will get my house?
What is Rider A in a lease, and does it supersede missing pages?
own your own?
If you send a complain to a company, do they give you something to try and satisfy you somehow?
Can a landlord refuse a notice to leave ?
can my landlord evict me because she doesn't like children?
Our landlord made us wait 3 weeks with a water leak in a broken pipe in kitchen, water was running on the floo?
question about renting an apartment?
Can you rent out a house you just purchased 7 months ago?
At 2350.00 in gross income and 4 children what kind or rent can i afford!?
Private House Sales -What is the best UK site to use ?
How much will it cost to move into an apartment?
Can I move out from home at 16? (UK)?
Am I still in contract if my real estate agency went out of business?
How to get revenge on a noisy neighbor after other attempts to stop the noise have failed its been 9months now
DO realtors lie to get what they want from the buyer? Please be straight with me. I feel sometimes like our?
looking for rent in Lamar,CO?
have you heard of burnhill land investments?
What is an addendum to a home loan?
where can i find commercial property for sale in paris ie cafes/bars?
How do i find out if the flat i live is council tenants? or privately owned tenants?
When the real estate market goes down, will people lose money?
We're renting, but no water for 2 weeks from 8am-6pm? Is that okay?
how much would my payments be as a single mum with 2 children paying $300 a week rent and do you get more rent?
my landlord told me everything was good and he would mail out my depost less $100 ? 30 days later not here yet
How much time do I have to stay at my house?
Law regarding landlord wanting keys?
Would I be able to qualify for a mortgage?
what is the validity period a sale agreement if no time limit is mentioned in the agreement?
do you know any on who can help save my house?
Is this landlord on the level or or are contractors this hard up for work?
how does one get council housing and what are the requirements?
Me and my ex own a house for two years I have only been on the deed for seven months can I sue her for house?
Is my rental lease agreement still legally valid?
Landlords responsibilty?
Is there really government help if you can't pay your mortgage?
my landlord just died. i have a six month lease. i am told to move out. what are my rights?
I am hurt because my boyfreind believes I have slept with sumone else.?
I have a rental property and want to know how I can check an applicants credit, where's the best place?
safest/best place to buy land in Tucson, AZ?
Bath and body works application follow up?
I am looking at a HUD home that was a former meth lab/home. There are papers stating it has been remediated?
How can I terminate my buyer tenant agreement after signing it and is there a fee?
balloting of taiser town for 240 and 400 sq.yard application?
Does the Obama housing plan help me?
Can a restraunt sue a local oil jobber?
Do condos in Milwaukee, WI have horrible resale value?
i live in new york. my dad is getting a job transfer so we can either move to florida or california. where sho?
Renters Rights having problems with landlord?
Is it legal to sell your house then less it's value to a stranger?
I am currently house sitting for a military family?
Help finding roommate or appartment in El cajon, CA.?
Condo: amenities vs area?
Why do some state property laws allow people to steal your land?
Which townhouse I should choose for renting?
Should I sue my real estate agent for unauthorized work to my home? She re-plumbed my whole house?
There is a house on the market for 3K asking price. What would you offer?
Original Copy of Land Title can be a used as a guarrante,if i were borrow money to my friend.?
I got a forclosed house but I have?
What should we do about unfair Apt. Parking??
I'm starting work in Ipswich Hospital in August and need to rent a place. What area should I avoid/go for?
Question about a lease..?
can the people legally take the house away from you if they wont except the checks?
Property valuer after prospective buyer?
What does HOME EQUITY really mean?
Regarding FL real estate contracts. Does a verbal acceptance of an offer by an agent hold any weight legally?
Frankfort IL has anyone bought a home from Burdelik Builders; good builder?
Is it really a good idea to refinance?
My landlord thinks that she has the right to come over and inspect the house we rent at anyoint....?
Do i have to agree on a new roommate?
If homes are at an all time low, shouldn't people buy now while the prices are low?
Can my landlord deduct money from my deposit if I was never given a proper tenancy agreement?
People who have rented a uhaul before: Can you use a prepaid greendot card?
Is it true that Blue Jays attack other birds by eating their heads and their face right out and eating eggs?
If you have a bad credit record will you still be eligable to rent a house from an estate agent?
What is real estate outsourcing and mortgage processing?
Am I responsible if my tenant moved out and left me with the utility bills?
asking price 150 neptune drive toronto condo?
my apartment was flooded, my landlord is refusing to replace the carpet. What is the law concerning this?
Why is everyone so interested in the abandoned house across the street?
i have a signed contract to buy a acre of land and now seller trying to cancel sale?
I purchased some land from an aunt w/o title search and now find that it has several liens on it. What now?
What happens if both me and my roommate's name is on the lease, but...?
If you are buying a property/home why is joining a home owners association be mandatory?
Real Estate Agents - Help! Getting ready to sell our house.......?
if im buying a house for 165K how much should i have to spend out front other then my 3.5% down payment?
When is the best time to sell?
Can you rent two apartments at the same time?
Can our landlord charge a crazy amount for rent.....?
Cannot honor apartment lease?
How can I terminate online lease, that I was cheated on?
landlord didn't give us chance to get security deposit. what can i do?
I am letting someone rent my guest house. We agreed they would pay rent, but they have not.?
If someone owns an apartment building...?
how to evict a mobile home owner?
Should my roomate share the living room?
Tax on rental paying mortgage on new home - UK?
where can i get financial assistance to move into a home after being evicted from one?
How many houses can a person own?
Apartment Lease Question?
will i qualify for a $250,000 mortgage loan with a credit score of 674 and $8,000 to put down?
Urgent help!! loan modification?
How low can house prices go?.?
I am now defaulting on my commercial lease? Need questions answered.?
How to ask your roommate to switch rooms?
Help, I need legal advise about a tenant?
What happens when landlord breaks lease?
Chapter 35 dependent Student. Housing assistance?
can bailiffs take MY property?
How long do you have to move out when selling your home?
How do I go about getting a mortgage or home equity loan with bad credit in NC?
Can a real estate attorney help us with the purchase of a foreclosed property?
As a landlord, I have a legal issue. What should I do?
Do you hate wasting money on rent?
if there is no clause in the original written agreement. can i take the furnace, he has foreclosed on me.?
i need a creative loan idea?
Can I build a home on a 180k budget?
Why shouldn't house market meltdown and recession hit hard?
How does it make you feel when you have to give the landlord all your hard earned money for rent?
If my house gets forclosed on, will I have to pay extra taxes on that?
If a home I was renting burned. No cause has been determined can I get my security deposit back?
What actually is Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance(MRTA)?
FHA home loan. Do we qualify?
House renting confusion! Help?
Why are people telling me to just give up? Basically I am trying to...?
First time buyer?
What do you do when your tenant does not pay rent?
Can a Executor of a person Will?
What do I enclose in my 30 days notice to my landlord?
Can my landlord do this?
what is the best way to get a home loan?
What are fees to look for when buying a forclosed home?
If I'm half owner of a house can I be kicked out of I'm on the title of the house?
vacation home (second home) multi family ..possible?
Can you make a seller pay for repairs needed after the sell of a home?
Where do I find out about foreclosures or foreclosed properties in my area?
Is the landlord responsible if you have a electrical fire and you have no rental insurance in Illinois?
Rent Direct is it a good apartment hunting site?
What does 1% "override" mean? (commission)?
2nd mtg holder is telling me i need to makeup 3 months of payment?
how much do a house cost in the US(just a simple house)?
Anyone get their $8000 back yet?
how can i find the book value of my Manufactured home without consulting an agent?
How to sell timeshare ASAP?
Home Equity Loan?
If the gross income for 3 people in my house hold is $3000 a month, would i qualify for foodstamps?
Is a co-signer responsible for another tenant if something happens?
How long did you search for your home before you found "the one"?
what does turnkey mean in buying a condo?
Can a landlord charge for rent in a mobile home that is on a property illegally?
My boyfriend put me on the loan to the house, without my signature?? What can I do about this?
Should I be wary of a live in landlord insisting on cash for the deposit and rent?
what if my landlord is breaking NEC codes?
how to become rich renting houses?
LANDLORDS...i have a rabbit thats just given birth and i have to move into a no pets house?
what would you do?
Who Should pay closing Cost?
How much does a Real State agent usually makes??
Paying parents too much rent, what can I do?
Can I buy a house for cash and put the deed in my spouse's name only?
How do i find a house to buy, refurbish, sell and make a reasonable profit .?
To anyone who rents houses to college students... question! :)?
I desperatly need to sell my home. What can I do to move it fast? Cheaper homes are all around me.?
senior put in nursing home and on medicaide, bank wants to foreclose on property?
If you could own a 2nd home ,,where would it be located?
how to sell a commercial property by owner?
My landlord is in foreclosure. Can she evict me if I stop paying rent?
How do you list property for sale on Craigslist?
Does anyone know of any fiance companies that would give 100% financing for a low credit score?
I was told that............?
Can you get a mortgage allowing you to bid on a foreclosed property?
Does it stay on my renting history if I don't pay what I owe to my previous apartments?
Neighbors are saying our landlord is going to evict us because of animal smell, landlord never says anything.?
My home is in foreclosure&Bankruptsy & my insurance was cancelled & now there is damage to the home, will....?
How do I become a real estate loan agent.?
When buying a house, can buyer and seller use the same solicitor?
Are there any safe rent to own companies out there?
I need a book on being a loan officer.. A good one... A real good one...?
My landlord wants to kick me out.. Help?
how much is pg&e etc when renting?
Ontario Real Estate College - Phase 2?
Since house prices in the UK are falling does that mean that rent will fall also?
Need Mortgage help! Citimortgage company not assisting!!!?
Other than credit rating, how will a foreclosure effect me?
1 acre w/3bdrm hse 2yrs old, catchment . Keaau,Hilo HI {250.000.00} 10g's dn,1g mo/1yr..bal /finance,,,good???
can i break my lease in florida if the complex changed it to pet friendly?
New loan officer - confused about Mortgage Insurance?
Evict or not?
Are there any home loans that dont check your credit?
how does a seller set up a multiple listing?
Where is a site to find the price a home sold by address?
need a mortgage loan?
Am I in a position to buy a house?
Security Deposit. Please Help!!!?
two hundred and ten thousand dollars is eightyeight percent of what number?
How can I purchase tax leins?
Anyone know any houses in myrtle beach thatst will rent a house to a 18 year ol?
Selling mobile homes on rented lots -> How does it work? Where should I advertise?
What happens after a foreclosure sale on your house?
is it safe to use my credit card number for a credit reference on an apartment rental application?
Can a landlord fine you? Pet issues - Please help NJ?
Who are the management company that operate the business commerical buildings in tampa?
Is there a way to use GIS to predict real estate development trends?
How much on average are closing costs when you buy a house?
i have a credit score of 677 with a bankruptcy discharged 18 months ago...?
How to go about gettin approved for a loan to buy a house?
VA Streamline Refinance- Lenders that don't require appraisal?
Real estate quandry explained?
I have a USDA rural loan on my home. Can I rent it out and buy another house in a different state.?
How can I buy a home without a Mortgage?
What is a good amount to pay parents for rent as a grown adult?
what does carry back the mortgage mean?
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