Real Estate

Evicting Renter, I've shut the water off.?
Do you need a license to be a property manager in Texas?
I am selling my house in Cleveland OH, What is the best way to use the internet to let people know about it?
old houses in richmond ky. back in the 1900s?
In california - is it more expensive to buy a house in San Jose than in Sacramento?
What should I do about my landlord renting our house illegally?
please someone answer :(?
Horrible neighbor at my apartments?
how to be able to get a real estate brokers license here in the philippines?help!thanks?
How can I Find if my Landlord is register.?
how to calculate monthly payment and other finance question helppppp?
looking for the real estate broker?
Suit filed in court to pay for half of equity she owned in a condo.?
if my husband and i were living month to month do we need a 30 day notice?
What is the average rental in Sharjah for a 2 Bedroom furnished flat with central air conditioning?
Where can I find houses in CO that are Section 8 approved?
Best place(s) to live in Washington County Texas?
Is $200 a fair price to charge a renter for cleaning a 2BR condo after occupancy?
Is it illegal for a landlord to rent a house with single glazed windows?
I want to buy a $1 million house with 10% down. I know if I pay less than 20% down on?
Rent property on your own or use a rental co.?
My HOA retuned my payments and closed my acct? Am I required to pay them.?
can a landlord make me move because she wants her place back within 2 weeks?
what is a loan officer?
i have a tenant who is late on rent, its her first time. the rent is $1600/month, she paid $1000?
I have my New Yorkreal estate license and would like to get it for Pennsylvania as well?
Broker only showing me "cheaper" houses?
Can my landlord remove a window ac unit from the house?
Section 8 houses in california?
How can we split the rent fairly?
Is the FTBI a good option?
How old do u have to be to move out?
Felons rights when applying for an apartment?
how do i find out about free government houses?
What is a good website for Costa Rica real estate? ? ?
how many tons of cereal boxes winds up in a landfill?
Is it illegal to refuse to keep up on maintenance on a rented home if you are late on your rent?
What are the penalities for lying on a mortgage application?
broker wants more money?
I am in highschool and want to be a Realtor.Tips? Help?
how do i get out of my lease..?!?
Can anybody recommend a good investment idea?
President of Homeowners association?
Im a UK resident & have a house on my name which my dad does not know about.can I stop him from finding out?
Home ownership?
Has my Tennent given me enough notice?
Is Aritzia having a sale anytime soon?
please this is urgent!!?
I want to open a restaurant.?
I have a question about buying a home for the first time?
Why is there a dog on campus?
If banks don't require down payments on home purchases, banks' risks rise.?
How do I find out what the Mello Roos Tax is of a house?
how much money needed to fund a campaign?
Anyone have pointers for renting an apartment? (see specifics)?
How do i get my ex out of my house!?
find owner of a property in waco tx?
Ok..Kind of a silly question..?
how do i find an address if i only have the lot number and subdivision?
what is the best UK Buy to Let mortgage on the market?
what century's are we in?
Best place to invest in real estate in Florida?
Is it possible to afford a million dollar home on a $200,000 annual salary?
Does anyone know of apartment/townhomes/condos that accept pitbulls?
How does the neighborhood watch evict a neighbor if the owner has abandoned the property?
Can landlord keep stuff in garage I am renting?
How do I find realestate for lease with the option to buy?
what is "sticky" rent? and how does it cause real estate cycles?
is it possible to buy a home or condo with absolutely NO money beforehand?
My roommate just moved his baby momma and her three kids into our home. Its his home. What should I do?
My rights as new renter?
why are mortgages taking longer to close?
Can a landlord enter your house if you never signed a lease?
Buying a second home.?
My apartment lease was supposed to be from June 2010 until July 2011, however i just noticed today that they?
where can i find a list of properties for sale in my area due to delinquent taxes?
How do I present a good case in court?
When do you start with the eviction threats against a late tenant?
Can I get two months rent waived?
Can your LLC pay yourself for working on a rental property?
What's the best thing to do (10 payments behind)?
Do I need commercial property to do this?
which company has more market share in the motor bike through out the world?
Can my landlord refuse to rent me a larger apartment in the same complex I am already living in?
Where can I go to sell my stuff like a group yard sale (in LA)?
rights landlord rights vs tenant?
Began constructing a house in 2009 to be used for rental and investment.?
Can my landlord evict me w/out providing a reason & giving me 60 days to vacate if i'm on a year lease? In CA?
How much should I make to live comfortably?
is there any such rule that a tenant can claim ownership?
Can an American rent or sell Real Estate property in Canada?
is my house paid for?
south france properties?
Short sale homes, closing date extended. Can they do this?
Do anyone know if there's an 3 bedroom hud house in Silsbee tx for rent?
How can my housemate and I get our third housemate to move out?
We just moved in to a new apartment, we signed the lease saying we had a cat now the landlord came today and?
Neighbors in the their late 50's have run into some trouble with their mortgage. The house is worth approx?
Building my credit....?
Can I reduce the offer made on a house once the original offer has been accepted?
How high does your credit score have to be to buy a house?
Fell behind with rent?
Can I get the hombuyer credit this year?
Is it a good idea to construct residential apartments in south Goa?
need to contact ScottTilleys manufactured homes by e-mai?
What causes the real estate market to boom or bust, other than interest rates?
Should I tell Real Estate Agent How much I Preapproved for?
where can I find properties for sell in Malaysia?
Car damage due to a ceiling leak in an apartment builing garage.?
Kicked out by roommate!?
selling my house for what i owe?
If a statement of charges is never sent within the 21 days are we entitled to the whole deposit?
My landlord took me to court so he could legally evict me from his premises.?
How can I get out of a condo lease(in Las Vegas) shared with a crazy ex-girlfriend?
How do I evaluate distant markets?
Can I sue my husband for not paying the morgage when I would give him the money and now my home is being repod
Is is legal to sign one lease while in breach of another?
In NYC, how much notice must a landlord give a tenant of lease non-renewal?
Urban Housing question?
I'm short of money for rent....options???
Can someone apply for section 8 online in ny?
LANDLORDS...i have a rabbit thats just given birth and i have to move into a no pets house?
Can a landlord force me to pay for the previous tenant's paint job in an "as is" lease?
Has anyone order the "Trump University" e-book and dvd.... its supposed to show you all Donald's secrets etc.?
can i have an eviction expunged from my record/report/history?
Is their any way to make an offer on a repo with a contingency?
How to calculate home equity?
I'm moving house and the vendors want to bring the settlement date forward?
probs with a flat contract?
what should i buy with $30?
Where do the landlords appoint their tenants?
I want to make up a contract for renting out a party hall. Any suggestions on how to get started?
Do you know of a room I could rent?
Who has the lowest prices on self storage facilities in San Diego North County?
Can my landlord show my house?
What is the best way to find a principal broker? after getting broker lincesed?
Can someone help me find a name for my Real Estate Team?
Should two students buy an inexpensive mobile home or rent an apartment?
Rent student housing without a co-signer?
Need a way to borrow 60,000 to buy land. anybody know of a unique or different way to finance.?
Can I get a mortgage for more than the value. . . . .?
I am going to make an offer on a townhouse I like. Can I low ball the seller on the price?
Moving out...?
You want to buy a house in 4 years and expect to need $25,000 for a down payment. If you have $15,000 to inves?
Can i ask my property manager or landlord when i move out "what i need to do to get my deposit back"?
roommate breaks the lease and not willing to return the deposit?
Can anyone tell me a company that lends money for french leaseback properties?
They cut down my trees WITHOUT an easement, now what do I do?
Any banks/lender recommendations who good give lower rate for home loan ?
How much will it cost to sell my house with and without a realtor?
Can you get out from buying a house if after the inspection you find problems?
Why do people keep telling me that it would be a mistake to become a real estate sales agent?
how would i go about being a title searcher? for homes?
I'm 17 and I want to move out?
What does this mean on the Title Report?
Do I have to sign some sort of contract when I hire a property management company to manage my rented property?
Balance Due at my former apartment complex?
define whatis mortgage and the different services involved in it and also the process how it works in USA?
How can you obtain a legal contract when buying a house without a real estate agent?
Moms landlord might be coming into her apartment at night?!?
career as mortgage broker?
who is really to blame about the mortgage mess?
Do you have any advice for someone investing in real estate for a supplemental income?
At the end of the JOINT apartment lease, only one tenant wants to move out, another insists on staying?
2nd home purchase (to live in)?
military breaking lease in california! help!?
How can I opt-out of my apartment rental lease without loosing my rental deposit?
What happens to a lender when they put a mortgage on your property and dont give you the money?
can you have pets in a rented house?
Where can I list my home for rent or sale?
Can I break my lease? Two people were killed this morning @my apartment complex. I don't feel safe!?
Is building in American is over built?
Cash Buyer Delays Closing?
i am a private tenant in a furnished apartment and the washing machine handel broke who pays for repairs?
houses for RENT in florida ?
Marriage, mortgages and debt?
How much are nice modular homes?
How do you know what to offer when buying a house?
What is the Average Rent for a Trailer (aka Mobile Home)?
I know there are lots of good real estate agents, but are there any good fake estate agents out there?
Is it legal for an apartment manager to charge for parking?
How can I leave earlier than my shorthold tenancy is due?
What is the best age to buy a house and is there a such thing as buying a house too early in life?
I am trying to find the number of real estate agents by county in all states?
how do you know when you are able to apply for a home equity loan or how many years after you purchase a home?
What is the difference between Single and 1 bedroom apartment?
Tenant pays lump sum rent for entire year and owner discovers abuse & damage before yr. is up, can we evict?
how to evict a house guest who has become a nightmare. my family owns the house, can she be forced to leave?
Question about House Auction in the UK?
Can an apartment complex (property managment company) take their tenants to small claims court?
Is buying a condo - a chance to live rent-free?
We paid a deposit to private rent. The house was sold and we was kept on. Who pays back the deposit.?
What is the gas prices over in your area?
Can I be 18 an rent an appartment without credict?
Anyone out there know the benefits of mortgage insurance?
Who takes care of pest control, landlord or tenant?
Help Please - My Landlord tell me yesterday to move out tomorrow! ?
How to verify condo feature "Washer/D could be installed in unit"?
Why hasn'tno one brought the most expensive house in the world yet?
How should I leave my home I'm renting?
What is the best Broker School in Los Angeles, Ca?
who is the best company to go with to purchase guranteed to pass la real estate exam?
Can an emancipated 17 year old get an apartment with power of attorney?
Landlord is selling house prior to end of lease. Are we obliged to let people view while lease still current?
flat for rent/PG in amritsar?
Is it fair that I pay rent?
can anyone tell me how to find out who owns a house that no one is living in?
What kind of house can i buy?
I bought a house from a developer which has faults, they're refusing to put them right, what can i do?
Is housing benefit paid for 13 months?
Would you live in a motor home?
203k loans?
How many hot water heaters should an apartment have?
how do i break up with my home loan officer?
What is the financing of forever 21 ?
Housing Prices in Abu Dhabi - Studio, 2-3 Bedroom Apt, 2-3 Bedroom Villa?
My monthly mortgage went up for $from $2200 to $3400. Do u know any attorney who can help me from foreclosure?
landlords refusing housing benefit?
looking for a house for rent!!?
How many houses are sold in the US yearly?
Precautions & signs for apartment rental scams?
Is the HARP program going to rescue homeowners and turn around the economy?
does anyone know about the 1% fixed interest rate for 5 years?
Is it legal for my apartment manager to charge a $300 pet deposit per pet?
I have a high FICO score (810). What does this mean for me as far as qualifiying for a mortgage?
can i buy a house for $200.00 like tv adverstises?
What steps need to be taken into consideration when applying for a morgage?
What is the average price of an 2000 square foot home in Greeneville TN?
how can i get my name off of the lease for an apartment with my ex?
cheap apartments in baldwin county?
Is there hope for breaking a lease on a house if I was layed off from my job?
piggyback mortgage? 2 of them? whhatt?
How can I find the perfect apartment for me & my husband to afford?
Help!! My tenant wont let the real estate agent in to show the property.?
I am leaving Brooklyn and would like to find a similar place. Where should I move?
What is a home deed and can only the mortgage holder be on it?
Who is responsible for a break in a lease agreement?
Why do mortgage companies transfer or sale mortgages?
What is a mortgage??
what happens if i dont pay my rent to Unite Student Accomodation.. ?
sell my old furniture and buy new ones in philadelphia?
what townhouse community in prince georges county md has the most turnover?
history on our new house?
Would buying shares and investing money on the stock market be considered a form of gambling?
With the purchase of the land from the sugar company in Florida.....?
can you buy a home for less than 80,000 with a low credit score?
Real Estate Agents: What laptops under 1000.00 are you using.?
Why do people list their houses for more than they're worth?
How can I edit or cancel my real estate ad. Pete?
Is there a bank or institute in DFW area which provides more than 4 mortgage loans?
the website that lists the value of real estate,starts with a "z".?
Would you argue about late fee if you were one day late on rent?
Can a subletter evict a tenant?
Do you think some home inspectors are scam artists?
Do I need to repay my 2010 First-time home buyers credit if I get married and need to relocate for spouses wor?
My lease doesn't have a termination clause. I need to terminate the lease.?
If I used a friends credit to buy a house, but I lived there and made all payments, what are my rights?
Can I rent an apartment in Texas without my husband if we are separated?
Real State bubble. Yes or not?
why dont banks try harder to foreclose on homes?
Is the landlord allowed to fix the outside of the house when tenants are living?
TIPS PLEASE.IM SELLING MY HOUSE,what things can i do to impress prospective buyers.?
Home Pricing (please help)?
How to see views on our MLS listing?
Need some advise on Mortgages please.?
I am trying to find out if I've been mis sold ppi on my mortgage but don't really know what I'm looking for?
what is ISM index?
please help!!!!need to get out my lease!?
should i live in an apartment or a condom?
First time home buyer. Estate Agents?
Brighton: Prices, Vibe & Location?
I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment that has an air conditioner and it is very close to mcmaster?
Should I buy a house or continue renting?
i gave two people a 30 day notice to remove their fathers belongings in my house and garage.?
do manufactured homes appreciate in value?
What can one do to prevent forclosures on thier house???
if i sell my property for under market value can my morgage company refuse to let me sell?
What is the prorated amount for taxes and insurance returned to John whenhe closed the sale of his home on Oct
My landlord just raised $300 on my $800 rent. Is that reasonable? Is there any regulations on that?
Why is what a landlord does with rent money none of a tenant's business?
how often the mortgage broker must reconcile the trust fund?
Where can I find help paying my rent?
Can i purchase a condo for 50K with a credit score of 590?
Property pre registration title deeds?
How long must i wait for my profidentfund to be paid out?
what are the most desirable areas in the Dallas area?
apartment question please?
Landlord issues(no lease)?
Renting an apartment questions....?
Renting apartments, 3x the amount.?
Isn't this against the law?
Provide best way to increase cash flow in retirement, 1sell house go to apt 2go to condo 3 go to life cycle?
Should i put my rent into escrow?
if u had 1million dollars whats ONE thing you would do or buy? ONE THING ONLY:)?
Decent apartments in Berkeley?
Does anyone know anything about these Olympia, WA apartment complexes?
Is it okay for my landlord to frequently visit my house to spot check?
How can I get a hi appraisal on my home.?
What happens to the money?
Real Estate Property Managers?
I sued a tenant and won a judgment. I need to garnish their wages at work, how do I find out where they work?
Can An Divorced Person Receive the IRS First-Time Home Buyer Credit By Buying The Ex's Half Of the House?
am i the real person for the job, realistate that is.?
ANY LANDLORDS IN Pa. accept section 8?
Pick A Payment commercial loan?
Is paying off your home mortgage a good idea?
Should I get my deposit back?
What do you do with tenents who are always late on rent and will only pay if it's personally picked up?
I'm thinking of selling my house for sale by owner. Who is responsible for the legal fees?
Should we decrease our asking price for our condo?
Can a FHA loan be refinance into a conventional loan after 120 days from purchase date?
How much have home prices in Chicago fallen over the past two years ?
Is it my primary residence if I'm always gone?
what is the procedure of getting property registered?
Question to rental property managers or real estate attorneys.?
Can the underwriter turn down the loan?
Where can i find emergency housing ?
1031 X I need to trade my home for another Can you tell best way?
how do i block a home owners association from filing a lein on my property?
what is a land contract, and how does one calculate the interest?
What kind Of credit report can you obtain to see if you still have a eviction on your credit report?
please help what is escrow mortgage is?
how long will interest rates stay low?
I'm looking for a web page where you can see the value of your house. Simple as just enter a address?
How much are bills for 2 story houses?
HELP!!! My Closing Documents were Messed up!!!!?
Property Transfer of Ownership?
"This is not homestead property"?
Why does my daughter have to suffer because my landlord does not want to do anything? Family life is in danger
How old do I have to be to move away from home?
How to sell a home with a VA loan?
Is owning real estate here in the US a good hedge against a dropping US dollar? And if so why?
How do you say Loan Officer in Spanish?
What is the average age of first time home buyer?
I'll give you an apartment to live in and money for groceries and a car to use. Are you interested?
How can you make someone get out of the house you are renting for them?
Contract for Deed Kansas?
Do all modification programs require that the home is bought before 1/1/2009 ?
My mom brought a fixer upper home and invested $ 20,000 in renovations, was she smart, please read and advise.?
I'm wanting to buy my parents home through owner financing so I don't have to pay interest already payed. How?
which progarm facilitates the construction and upgradation of dewlling unit for the slum dewellers?
I am a tenant and a debt collector threatened to put a lien on the house we rent. Is this legal?
Where are the best areas to buy property in Florida/Tampa?
How does Scheduled interest work in a mortgage?
When you list you house for a certain amount and say that's as low as you can get, why do they offer less?
Leasing a flat: making an offer?
what is a partition suit?
should single moms without college degrees even dream they can ever afford to own their own homes?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of owning/buying a heritage listed home??
How much would rent be for a one bedroom apartment in Kentucky? ?
approx. when will i get our refund.?
What are some ways to buy a home and avoid some hidden fees that come up in closing?
Trouble with tenant not leaving?
How do we buy things in lockerz ?
Mortgage Payments?
how do one deal with a vindictive greedy landlord?
We rented a house and landlords left a mower, weed eater, hedge trimmer, and fire pit. Can we charge storage?
had a offer on my house they want to be in for christmas is this possiable?
My landlord is selling my condo and has given me notice of this. Am I required to give 30 days notice in CA?
If my electric system of a house I am contracted to buy is out of code will homeowners insurance refuse me?
Can the bank come after me if I buy a house and then walk away from current house. I'm $70 K upside down.?
Which sells more in real estate a two-bedroom or three-bedroom?
can an apartment manager share personal information to tenants about other tenants?
I have a Real Estate Licensed from Texas. How can I re-validated the licensed to Florida?
In MD is it necessary to sign an exclusive buyer/broker agreement in order to place an offer...?
thinking of renting our flat out and maybe rent a house?
Should I buy a home right now?
My husband wants to foreclose our home. ?
How to find an old property?
Real Estate Question?
what is a quickclaim deed used for?
how to find out if a realtor is a good one?
Target Property Investment? questions? opinions?
Real estate festivals in Europe?
Should I consider switching roommates?
Selling your house - renting it back?
If I get a mortgage with someone is it necessary for them to go on the deeds for the property?
How much is suitable for rent/hotwater?
can my landlord evict me???
What should we do when buying a home if I have bad credit but fiance has excellent credit?
why are realtors crooks?
Im a renter. Im moving. What am I required to do to get back my full deposit?
Purchasing first home in Atlanta. Help - which area works best for me?
Lease in NYC for a college student?
How much loan can be get on monthly salary of Rs. 8000/-...?
If a mortgage is discharged by bankruptcy can that mortgage company put a lean on new property you purchase?
buying home with 25% down payment but no job?
How are military personnel for renters?
Can I add this to the mortgage?
Walton county Florida making a pond on property?
subsidized housing?
How do you rent to hud?
I need to find a decent place for my family to live in or near Barrow-In-Furness?
Housing Bubble in Arizona?
Is there ANY WAY to find forclosure/property auctions without paying fees for the info?
California Real estate As is addendum?
If you want someone out of your house but their name is on the lease first what can you do?
Does anyone know how much it would be to build a 2 story house in Beverly Hills California ?
When you sell a house, do you have to get it inspected for termites?
How do I get my name off of a lease without filing criminal charges aginst that person.?
Is it time to get into a fixed term with regards to mortgage?
Ive heard of a federal program which will give 50% of your home loan if you are a public servant. Anyone know?
Can i take my damage deposit fee back if i decided not to rent a bsmt anymore?I still have 5days before moving?
I am looking for a Merrill Lynch leasing office in Houston Tx?
Septic or Public Sewer?
They said i was approved for the apartment?
what does TOP mean in real estate?
Where can i find low income apartments?
Under what circumstances may a commission not be paid to a buyer's broker in the state of GA??
Do I keep the stuff I buy when I leave an apartment?
Can I request a copy of the lease before signing it?
What does it mean when a house has 1.25, 1.5, or 1.75 stories?
How much does it cost for a small unfurnished flat in a reasonable area?
Can I sell this timeshare?
.92 acres or 100x400?
I can't pay my rent and i've got one month left on my lease?
It is best to use a mortgage broker or go through the bank for a home loan?
If girlfriend paid for mobile home, but your both co owners, how can you get her out?
what is the average apartment deposit for a 2 bed?
Should we sue Bissle?
Anyone know of any good townhouses to rent in Reno, Nevada??
Buying a first home...?
currently i bbq for a living?
industrial lease properties in scarborough canada?
Can a person sell their home if they are in Notice of Default in California?
im being kicked out of my house. i found an apartment to rent but dnt kno how to get electricity.?
can i keep my landlord from raising the rent?
what is the process of buying a DRT-2 auction flat?
How do you calculate the max. Occupancy for a building?
when wanting to purchase a Manufactured/Modular home can you get a co signer on the loan?
what is the meaning of owner carry in terms of buying something?
My rent house is being forclosed how long do I have to live here?
My landlord will not renew my contract until i pay money i withheld until repair work was done.?
My landlord is asking for bill money upfront. Is that okay?
do you think it will be hard to get a loan?
Can I get a home loan with bad credit and co-signers?
Where are some areas in NJ cheaper, fixer up homes, and condos in New Jersey?
Can a rental property ask for utilities account numbers?
Tenants Rights.............?
what is the capital of california?
Buying a house, lender question?
How to respond to tenants petition?
Does any1 know TX law regarding sale of property when 1inheritor cannot be located?
Who pays for cleaning after ending tenancy?
Would you move from Southern California to the East Coast if you owned your own business?
How much is it to rent a studio in park la brea in los angeles, ca?
what's the requirements of building a 2 story house?
Loan Approval? Commercial Property?
can you move while on food stamp?
Ebay sellers - Planning to sell £400 Phone on ebay from hong kong what value should I declare on custom form?
Paying off my mortgage?
My hubby is at mct. He will grad on July 15 but his mos school doesn't start til Aug 5. Can he come home?
what will happen in my future?
How long does it take for a bank owned property sale to complete?
I am looking to get some help from the state of maryland for housing and other things... How do I do it?
What is the best way to find a no-fee apartment in NYC below 14th street?
UK Rental income tax?
If you were a landlord would you be ok with this?
What is the biggest mortgage I could get for a house in the UK on a salary of £25k?
income from selling property, does that effect my disability?
What are typical real estate seller's closing costs in Canada?
Is it better to rent an apartment in a complex or to rent an "upper" in someone's house?
If my credit score is?
Rick lists his building at current replacement value, rather than the price he paid for the building. What pri?
How can i make 650 a month rent as a student?
Can I hire a thug in S. Africa just to scare a girl?
How do I refianance my home if the appraisal is lower than the amount I need?
Why are my parents deciding to move into a brick house in Cali?
finding and obtaining loan from private individuals using their credit to purchase a home?
i want to build an apt complex or condo and i want to know what are procicures?
Landlord not providing items stated in lease?
Do I wait till May or do I move now?
how to convert centmeters to feet?
where can I find a list of real estate notes for sale on the wed(wedsite)?
I am helping a friend pay her mortgage. My name is not on the deed. Will I have ownership of the home as well?
How high does my credit score have to be to buy a?
I want to sell my house and need to interview a few agents - what types of questions should I ask?
Does my landlord have to pay me for relocation/moving expenses?
mortgage question, what is a 'charge'?
Is there insurance difficulties when you own a house but live in it?
whats a good site if youre looking to buy a house?
Where can i get a room on rent on hourly basis in south delhi?
Locking the door when you're inside the apartment?
Any suggestions for finding a website with lots of boston apartment listings?
What can I do about selling my home for less than I owe?
Should I move out of my house because of my housing situation?
why people buy more when price islow than when it is high?
How much does it cost to get a house appraised?
Looking for info on extra payment's for my mortgage.?
A "is this my problem, or the realtor's/seller's problem?" question..................?
what can i do about a very nosy landlord who shows up without calling and want to do inspections on the house?
How can I purchase an island?
ok i get an LLC than i quick deed a rental property to the LLC??? is this how it works?
What can I do if the section 8 inspecter didnt do her job and let me move in a durt apartment with problems?
Places where the temperature is always below 70?
What is a contractor supposed to do with personal property?
Will the bank accept this offer?
i Don't want to move:(?
Bankers or Banks for mortgage?
Is a closing agent required in Oklahoma if I sell my house to a neighbor for cash?
How many hot water heaters should an apartment have?
What is the future for shortsales?
is it harder to get financing for a mobile home compared to a regular home?
When you own land do u own it all the way to the core?
Section 8 how would it work and how much would i pay?
Am I being scammed on Craigslist?
Should I let my landlord know if...?
I need the website for Britt Kennedy Sign Company?
Can you buy a house, non-financing with bad credit?
What's the commission percentage for a real estate agent in Tennessee?
What is the best way to sell my current home and build a new home?
How much money will I need down if I plan on renting my current home out and buying something bigger?
Does NJ require a disclosure statement be completed? What happens if I lied and the buyers find out?VOID??
How can you stop harrassment from a landlord?
How does a mortgage work?
How do relocation companies work?
I've mice in my flat, what can I do?
Is it true that in DixieLand real estate is much cheaper than in US north? And how much cheaper?
What to do with 5 acres of overgrown land?
How can I make my house sell faster?
I have the keys but landlord says I have to wait until 1st?
Would you buy a house that someone was murdered in?
House ads saying ''available for 1 year+'' but I only want it for about 9/10 months?
Any USDA mortgage underwriters out there?
wat is the best place in goa to invest in property?
can he just jack my money?
Looking for a real estate slogan. Any thoughts?
What is the website that allows you to view any house online. I am trying to find my mother house.?
Buying a ranch?
what is the middle household income from 2000-2005 in Orange county, California?
Where is a searchable database based on town demographics? I want to input critiria and be given towns.?
condo board prefers to see/meet people in person?
Is anyone else finding it really hard to buy a house?
Rent question: Two people decide to rent a house together. The rent is $800.00. They each pay $400.00.?
Where can I find information on real estate in Salado, Texas?
Is my landlord right?
I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for rent near Citrus Heights, CA 95-841?
I want to purchase a run down house. Need help!?
Can or do real estate agents check any database which shows where you have lived before?
Ever worked with Anthony T. Roberts Jr. Real Estate Guru?
How can I find out who lived in my apartment before me?
Been married 33 yrs- homemaker, why can't I be on a mortgage but the Deed only ?
I am looking for grants to help with the down payment or closing cost?
IS Jose Demata. still the owner of the 11 hectares of land in Bontongon Libona Bukidnon, if so please tell us?
Land Contract??
My landlord is smoking in my house what can i do?
Mortgage options in CA and TX?
Problem with landlords?
What does age restriction/adults only mean in buying a house?
a question about landlords and canelling leases?
I own student loans & in the near future we would like to own a house will I be able to?
Is it creepy to move into a house were someone just died ?
who will pawn a mobile home title or land title?
I want a home but have bad credit?
Where are the "cool" cities. I live in Tucson and this place is really "live" if you know what I mean.
can a landlord ask for a co-signer after a lease has been signed?
Getting your first apartment?
The teenagers under our apartment play loud music daily?
How do we know if our parents house was inherited by them if they are dead?
What laws can I apply to this cacelled move in date situation?
I have some questions about section 8 housing in general?
how we will find finished good ending inventory? when we dont have cost of good sold?
Would having this amount of money help?
How much is the cost of agency to rent a room ?
Builder playing games, BBB will not log the complain since my was 1st complain?
Chances of getting approved for a mortgage loan?
What is the difference between a propriety lease (real estate) and a regular real estate lease?
My tenant refuses to sign a tenancy agreement.?
Left Property in Ohio?
i rented a home for 7 years can i still be charged for the carpets with my security deposit?
Hello I am 17 years old my parents have bad credit to the point they can't own apartment. How can i get an apt
Can I add to my account? I'm transferring with my job and need dsl in another city in apartment for 6 month.
I found a box of deeds to many properties in my grannys attic ..How do I go about finding if they are worth an
1st time house buyers?
guideline value in chennai-600001?
Which company gives the best rate of interest in home loan and if fixed or floating is good in bangalore?
what does the average realator make per year?
need legal help after mother died where do i get info iam in nv property is in az?
I'm ready to move out, I'm 21?
Not living in apartment but still paying. How can I get off the lease?
How can I be on the dept but not on the deed ?
Where can I find commercial real estate listings by address in Michigan?
Are timeshares really a good investment?
how to get a real estate license?
How much would such a house cost? Fairly simple question..?
How do I find out if I'm eligible for interest on security deposit of my apartment?
How to Kick out a roommate when he might hurt you?
Should I or can I flip this house?
pro & con on 50 yr. mortgage?
I need to get a new home.?
I am in a private let with no tenacy agreement.our landlady wants us out where do i stand in a legal sense?
Can you get a flat from the council if you have a criminal record?
I live in GA. Can I use my deposits to pay for rent if house is going into foreclosure?
Can a landlord ask for multiple months up front?
Can I prevent my landlord from showing potential tenants round?
Qualify for a refinance?
Would you buy a house if you were talking about possibly moving to another state or country?
Can I charge apartment brokers to show my apartment?
We want to put ~$5k into our townhouse to make it more marketable. Best fixes for improving value 4 that?
Do you Become American if you buy a property there.?
Is it difficult to purchase your first house?
Do realtors help students find apartments?
I am looking for information on Lake Chautauqua in Ripley Mississippi?
Can my landlord evict me for having a cat if I got rid of the cat?
i'm an american. how can i get a home loan for a house in belgium?
How did you afford a $2M home?
does any one know of free rent to own house listings in overland park?
Rent To Own Home?
Breaking a lease agreement?
What's the difference?
When am I required to move?
Where else other than craiglists than I can advertise HUD homes for sale?
Should I make an offer on a downstairs condo that has yellow stains on the ceiling in the bathroom?
Is it a landlord's responsibility to provide a working phone line?
How can we insure a house in england between exchange and completion if we dont own it until completion?
Rentals in Boca Raton?
Kick some body out a house?
can u give a scenarios that's shows convenant that "runs with the land"?
Why is it that every real estate person that I’ve talked to does not know what Fixed income means?
Can I move out without giving the lease holder notice?
I own a house and I also have a roommate.?
Does anyone know of a home mortgage lender in Australia who offer 35 year terms?
How often do apartment complex's really return a reasonable portion of the deposit?
how do you keep your apartment from raising your rent?
Why won't our home sell? Any suggestions?
Why aren't there more homeowners under 30?
the legal term for fenced property that has been uncontested for several years and now belongs to the fencer?
i need help buying a cheap house!?
repaying arrears...........?
Help I Was sub leasing from a family member and they put in a 30 day notice do i have any rights.?
does anyone know how long a search on a property would normally take when selling or buying a house?
North or South Carolina rental prices?
Do I still Pay Rent If I'm In The Process Of Being Evicted?
21/m. No College Credits and living at home ready for a change. Ready to move out & go to College. I have ?'s?
I am buying a home, but the contract said they wont sale the oil rights, what does this means? should Ibuy?
Apartment question?
Can a realtor company keep your money if you don't buy a house from them?
Can You Decorate Rented Houses?
hey guys whats the best way to start if i want to rent out my flat? help please as i dont have clue?
Should I buy or rent in the UK?
Are Modular homes covered by an rural development loan?
monthly car rental plans?
Should I buy or rent in California?
Why do some apartment leases require a granter?
someone who works for a mortgage company and helps people who are losing their homes can't pay the loan..?
grants for buying a home?
how much is this property worth. just a ballpark?
Can I move out on my own?
Buying a mobile home?
First apartment? Can I afford it?
What is the best aproach to take on learning to invest in Real Estate?
lower appraisal than asking price. help?
How do I evict a month to month tenant?
Renting a new apartment?
How much for a rental in dallas area for three day weekend?
landlords that take the section 8 voucher in nh?
What is the percentage of allowable rental increase under current rental control in Toronto?
Cost of renting a house in central London ?
I have a 7 acre land of house can i subdivision of the land to sell?
How realistic is my dream?
possible landlord fraud?
my landlord has sold the house i am renting. I still have a lease.he wants me to move in 20 days. legal?
Whats going to happen in 3000?
How do you get into rental properties with no money down?
I want to find a site that showes townhouses/condos for rent in Dallas, TX?
can my landlord evict me for having a baby?
Can a Lanlord sell the house?
Should I put my new husbands name on my homes?
Find the number of permutations. 20P2?
Question about income and rent?
Wholesaling Homes to property Investors?
Do you have to pay the realor fee as a buyer?
What information is listed in a mortgage pipeline?
Are house prices about to crash?
Is real estate still a good investment if your down payment is low?
I like to buy a resort in Conover, WI. Where can I find INFO?
Name some towns in America that do not allow affordable "Low Income" housing.?
WHERE'S mY RENT?????????????
do UK people like Bulgaria`s nature or the low property prices?
Help with housing & Comunity care grant?
If my house, which was foreclosed, is bought by a corporation what are my rights?
how do i find out if my grandmother had a will and if i was in it?
Are rent payments included when calculating a debt to income ratio?
How do people who own their apartments in Poland pay for a new roof?
Can I get a second mortgage on home if first mortgage is in chapter 13 bankruptcy?
There is a homless in my house!!?
Renting a house - credit checks?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?
If on a lease it says guarantor is required if under 23 and the portion is blank and the tenet is 19 does that?
spend a little more to live in a better apartment or save money by suffering a bit?
how does a private person get to own a pub?
Are landlords responsible for freshly painting a property before each new tenant?
Tips for house hunting in a hot market?
House Prices of Las Vegas Homes?
How long does it take for the sheriff to show up in maryland after lanlord has requested the warrant?
Is it legal for a council to rent out a four in a block flat with no partition in the loft? ?
Where can I find a real estate web site that will give full mls info without having to give my Email/info?
How to get rich?
What is the cost per square ft to build a home in South Georgia.?
Ok very serious help lease!?
DSS and Landlord / Taenant?
I am looking for a list of top sales producing real estate agents in RENO/SPARKS Nevada for 2005 & 2006?
How much of a cut do real estate agencies take when you have them rent out your place?
If I rented a single family home that had a washer,dryer does my landlord have to maitain them? ?
My girlfriend and I bought a home about 6 years ago.?
I am looking for an all bills paid apartment one bedroom or studio in pleasant grove can u help?
Landlord charged us for appointment that we didn't know existed?
Where is the best location to buy a home for the least amount of money and the most square feet?
3 men wanted to share a hotelroom, the cahsier told them the room wil cost 30k,so they paid in 10k each, and w?
What are the best communities to buy a home in the Denver Area?
Home loan With a 634 score?
Landlord Entering Apartment Without Notice?
Which is better refi or heloc? have over 100k in equity in pri resident. want rental property...?
Is prepaying a home association HOA fees 1 year in advance a good idea ? vs. paying monthly.?
We have a renter who's lease agreement is up August 31st.?
Is this a rental scam on landlords part?
Any place where the commercoal rent is cheaper around Los Angeles area and the space square footage?
How many years do I have to rent out my house before I can deduct on my taxes?
Do Tenants pay a holding deposit when they apply to rent an apartment?
I need to sell my house asap!?
how can i appeal a rent increase ?
Am I being awkward over viewings for my landlady to sell our flat?
I have no credit. Can i still rent an apartment?
can a landlord ask fora security deposit every time you renew your lease?
how many people on here need to refinance there homes for a lower monthly paymnt, cash out or to pay off bills
How long does a moving house transaction take?
If you hold a real estate license & you do not disclose this when buying a home, what are the penalties?
What is the average cost of a three bedroom home in California?
Can I use an evicted house as a hangout?
What zip codes does Los Angeles include?
How do I change my name on a deed and remove a deceased co-owner's name?
If you do a personal property sale in Missouri, do you have to get an eviction through the courts?
How can I break my rental agreement/lease?
How do i apply for HUD in Texas?
Lease agreement question?
How much can my landlord charge me to replace carpeting destroyed by my dog?
why dont banks try harder to foreclose on homes?
what would be a good price to rent out a 3 bedroom detached house in bramalea?
Tentant Not Paying Rent- Impossiable to get a hold of. Please help!?
are there any assumable mortgages in peoria arizona ?
What are my rights as an apartment renter?
If I have a license for real estate appraisal in Colorado can you use it california.?
I need serious advice!!!?
Wanted a flat on rent in Pune!?
tenant trying to rule swingset that doesn't belong to us...was i wrong to give it to the rightful owner?
My tenant commit suicide in my apartment. By law do I have to tell the new tenant? ?
What happens if we fire out broker and hire a new one?
What is a good resource for beginning real estate investors?
I need a name for my website which is dealing with real estate and automobiles?
how long will it take to get my own apartment ?
Does anyone know about HUD requirements?
loan that my inlaws took out for us which we are struggling to pay back help!!!?
Must you have a credit card to rent an apartment?
When buying a new condo, is it best to go in with a realtor?
What is the average price for rent for a three bedroom house in Orange County?
Is buying a home a difficult processes?
Can a 16 year old move into a flat/apartment with parents permission?
Renting an apartment questions?
looking for a property to raise a tent for a wedding - Brantford, Brant County, Ancaster, Norfolk, Ontario.?
Are there pitfalls for a landlord who pays the full broker's fee in renting their apartment?
Try and put me off moving into my own bedsit place?
where can i buy real property in the philippines?
Issues with turning over keys to rental and time period to return security deposit?
Any programs or grants for first time homebuyers in Ontario? Specifically southwestern Ontario?
Need help looking for a great two bedroom apartment in South Orlando?
Are home mortgage interest rates expected to drop even lower?
My home is up for a short sale, but now I can afford it. Will the mortgage company allow me to keep me home?
Can I get some mortgage advice from someone not trying to sell me a mortgage?
How often do YOU hide from the landlord ?
In 2006 I sold my house I don't remember any of the information about who I sold it through and need it?
Owning a home- (Christians only please)?
How can my sister leave her abusive partner and not be liable for the tenancy she is in?
how do i find out about free government houses?
In a block of 100 houses, school van stops at every 6 th house and school bus stops at every 100 house . Find?
If my friend pays $1000 a month to live in his apartment, and I start living with him, will I?
I need a apartment in Lexington with all utilities paid and under 550. I start school in November.?
is offering 200,000 on a 249,000 dollar home insulting?
if some one refuses to except partial payment is it considered paid in full?
Who inspects/fixes elevators in apt buildings?
How do I prepare my apartment for a roach extermination?
How can I approach m landlord about damaged and stolen property?
How can I move AND pay rent?
who's with me in my house right now?
Do you live in an apartment or house?
question regarding housing?
Can a city take your property that you own and claim it as theirs even if your taxes etc are up to date?
how much can landlord raise rent in louisiana?
The landlord recently rented the store below a residential apartment to a neon sign shop is this safe?
how do you keep the man you love when he is attached or seeing other women,but you love him so much.?
What's up with this house's price drops?
Advice on mortgage?
am i able to get my things out of an apartment if i was only listed as an occupant on the lease?
Rent in advance help?
Your landlord has to fix the house right? that's why we pay then explain this to me?
Renter A/C issue Please Help!?
what can i do about the council making the flat below me temporary accomodation?
We're thinking about moving to California?
price of a 3-5 bedroom apartment in New york, in whatever place is highly expensive?
Any advice on opening a real estate office? Has anyone gone thru the process?
HELP!! I have lived at my house for 5 years & the previous owner just received a check?
How to buy a home when broke?
Is there an easy way to get out of my apartment lease?
can i break my lease if the well water is not treated right?
Will the landlord get in trouble for this?
What are the downsides to buying land in Arizona?
Need to find a place to rent, I'm under 18.?
How long before closing can I lock?
How big of a mortgage can a single person making $85,000 a year handle assuming little or no debt?
Can I get a mortgage in America for a house in Israel?
where around cleveland can you find land for a mobile home (not in a park)either to purchase or rent? thanks?
Did this person profit on the sale of their home?
Why do old homes has too many doors?
Looking for private investors in the Lansing Michigan aera. (NOT hard money lenders)?
Tribeca, NY condo's on Chamber Street?
Landlord Entering Apartment Without Notice?
Early lease termination?
is it safe to buy property from a sheriff's sale?
Anyone from the Central Pa area?
Buy an old house or build a new house?
is the apartment manager allowed to do this?
can breaking a rental lease effect my credit?
is there a certain time of year when lots of apartments are up for rent more then other times of the year?
I ran away from an apartment lease five years ago. Will that prevent me from renting a house?
i need a medium size building to rent where can i find one at close to carrollton,ohio,ohio?
On NJ property deed there are two spouses and child separately listed. One spouse died. automatic to wife?
how to conect my real estate agency to some britan real estate agency to work together like a partners?
independent living? help?
can I evict my tenant for non payment if she has cancer?
find lose title to manufactured housing?
When securing a home loan, what are the "points" associated with the loan?
How much would the price of houses differ if they were not all hand made?
How do I document all my unanswered requests about selling the house?
Dispute between landlord and tenant ?
what places in chico ca rent to those with bad credit?
where in georgia is the safest place to live?
What's the difference in a PMI,MIP financed fee vs. PMI,MIP funding fee?
Does my landlord have to do something about this window problem?
how do i find out if my landlord is renting legally?
I made housing loan last 17 years ago, and was assume by other person, what will I do to clear my loan record?
How do I build just a lot, no house, anything. Jus a lot so I can put a business on it?
what is the best way to start in real estate and how can I make the most money from it?
Can you include closing costs in a va loan?
I'm looking for a real estate agent on Anna Maria Island Florida. I want to purchase inventment property
Can the HOA be raised drastically and without notification?
Can/would my landlord call my emergency contact....?
how can i starting right now with nothing or little step by step become millionaire then multimillionaire?
if our house got foreclosed on would we be responsible for the difference the bank sold it for and what we owe?
What to price items at for a garage sale?
Should I pay off my home?
is there really such a thing as no money down on buying realestate if so where do I find this place thank you?
What must I bring with me to my Massachusetts real estate license test?
I need help making my rent this month.?
planning permission to change paddock into equestrian land , difficult ?
How do you secure a rental property in western australia on a low income?
How much is a nice 2 bedroom apartment?
What are my rights, when our renter has not paid his rent for this month and won't pick up his cell phone?
Roommate addendums and security deposit?
Based on the extenuating circumstances should i ask for jury trial for eviction? ?
What classes should i take in order to become a real estate agent?
Does anyone know anything about A website to help with a home purchase.?
Moving out of apartment, what to do?
What would you do to celebrate if you just got a verbal offer for the asking price on your house?
how do i remove an unwanted occupant from my apartment dwelling?
What does it mean when a tenant is not subject to rent control or rent stabilization?
Who would the do the credit report and rental history on if i have some one else in charge of my financies?
Looking for idea of what people pay for home owner's insurance on the Gulf Coast.?
Real estate investing: Signing a partnership agreement without a lawyer.?
My mother-in-law hasn't payed her mortgage, and nothing has happened?
How much do you make in comparission to your aptarment rent?
How do I find mortgage details?
I want to cover my backside with my apartment deposit?
What does the bailout mean for banks that own foreclosures?
if you sign a lease can you get out of it within 30 days without being penalized?
Best place to go for rental housiNg deposit ?
how much savings do I need to have before I move to Maryland without a job?
I'm interested in real estate investment mostly buying and rehab I can anyone give me any tips?
How much money should you have before moving out on your own?
Am i within my tenancy rights?
What % of my salary, should be assigned to pay for a mortgage?
BEST New Haven neighborhoods???
can i buy a house on my own?
Landlord spent my security deposit What can I do?
I want to include pictures in the body of my e-mail, how do I do that?
Is it possible to get refinanced if you are upside down on your mortgage?
do I need a new constuction loan if I buy a home that is not finished?
Under North Carolina Law... Tenants Possessions?
what rights do i have in nevada when renting a house that was foreclosed on?
As a Realtor do I have to disclose that I'm a licensee in Craigslist or Newpaper ads?
Afraid of Neighbors, Walking away from my home?
what information or forms are used when closing a mortgage in NY, final signing?
downturn in gas station buss. i am getting a deal on prop. 2.25acr. 4000 sq bldg. near ric va. countryside.?
Not entitled to Housing benefit if I lost my job in UK?
Moving with Job should I Rent or Buy my home?
If I am renting a house dose the owner have any responsibility to pay one of the utility's? Liveing in CA?
Can a person ask the bank to produce the original mortgage note in Canada?
what apts in austin, tx have the $99 move in special?
Is it worth suing my ex tenants for unpaid rent and leaving me with a huge bill for damages to enable me to re?
My house purchase is due to complete today. Any ideas what time it is likely yo be and what acutally happens ?
I am a tenant,am I responsible for this?
New job and we can't have water?
What would sell a house faster? Pillars or pocket doors separating the living and family rooms? PLEASE READ!?
Am i eligible for Section 8 housing in sacramento?
why do i get frequent jaw pain?
What kind of references to ask for from prospective tenants?
Do think house prices will crash!!!?
Do i qualify for a home loan?
where is a nice place to live/ retire in Canada near the Calgary or Ottawa areas?
landlords and wrong housing?
What should we do? We don't want to buy this house? ?
How do find out info about a deseced persons real estate property and land property.?
how do you get a council house?
my condo association dues keep going up!!!?
What good information do home buyers/sellers look for on an Realtor's website?
how do I collect unpaid rent and late fees from tennant?
any one know a website to look for rental houses or townhomes?
historical one bedroom apartment rental data in Everett, MA 1984-1993?
I have bought 1 acre on the moon what should i do with it, what crop is suitable for lunar soil if it has any?
how much is th rent for the house 2/2 in Chatsworth ,CA ,91311?
What is a good online estate agency to list my house on?
Average cost for a 1 bedrm apt in Seminole County FL?
Can someone help me with this real estate calculation (NOI)?
What is the equivalent to a Guarantor?
Is this a bad price for rent?
Is it possible to buy a house without my name appearing on the loan and deed? If yes, how?
Rental properties and pets?
I am considering selling a rental home. What is the tax liability on this sell?
Is it strange for a town of 90,000 people to have only one 7/11?
interested in purchasing a manufactured home?
Is it legal to not give a tenant a copy of the lease agreement?
Which city is more expensive: Chicago or Cleveland?
part of the property is self occupied and part of property is rented and the rent income is shown as income?
Why is it everytime I try to get ahead I fall behind?
As a first time homebuyer am I allowed to get assistance with my down payment in a rent to own position?
Is there Free land Available in the USA?
Is it illegal for a Realtor to leave a flyer on my door knocker at my apartment complex?
where can i find a church property for sale or rent in dallas tx?
How quickly can you refinance?
what banks will offer zero closing costs for refinancing?
Rent or Buy? Single mother, two teen kids, $20,000 savings, $2,500/mth salary?
Transfer condo title?
Is it legal to charge a lower rent for the summer (if you know the person will be away, eg a student)?
Help finding options to rent with low income?
what can I do if a landlord evicts me without notice?
what if my landlord wont let me come get my stuff?
Are these living costs about right?
Realtor or someone who knows about home loans?
Can you buy a house filled with mold?
Would it be better to ask for an appliance allowance or negotiate the price of a house?
is it better to list a house for sale by owner or with an agent?
what's the price range of house I can afford?
Not getting any of my deposit back as I've not given enough notice.?
What's the best place to write a bad review of a property management co.?
Which city is the best city to live?
So, now that I know I should buy a bigger place. How do I get out of my contract?
Does the landlord can refuse to prorrate my rent?
can i get help with government housing assistance?
is it possible to get a 100% mortagage as a first time buyer?
I'm 13 and moving house, I don't want to :'(?
If i have equity in my property, can i use its equity to purchase additional property without paying tax?
I signed a lease at this apt. I live in. My church wrote a letter stating if I were unable to pay the rent.?
What holds more power, your name on the deed or your name on the mortgage?
Can I legally break my lease if there is an ongoing roach problem?
what are my rights as a tenant in a foreclosed property that is being auctioned off? (state of massachusetts)?
If a tenant fails to pay the gas bill, is the Landlord liable to pay the bill.?
Housing benefits? How do they work?
I am renting a house i think is in foreclosure. What do i do?
anyone looking for short to really short stay myself as guest?
Is a house or an apartment safer to live in?
Are there any 'sweat equity' housing projects currently in sonoma county, ca?
I have one rental property and I would like to get a business name and take advantage of possible business?
Splitting rent in a 3 bedroom house with 5 roommates?
What is the present construction cost per/sft for building a residential house in chennai?
looking for 55+ communities in Tucson area, prefer mobile or manufactured home?
Home loan and Debt-to-Income ratio?
What are the most common reasons for selling a house?
I am in a desperate need of a loan......?
Do you need to hire a lawyer when buying land?
Thinking of career options, a real estate agent, opinions?
Can I break my lease if my landlord is risking my life through unsafe practices?
I'm Moving Out - He's Not on the Lease?
How do you change the deed to a house?
Question regarding real estate agents?
Can I buy a home without employment history?
if i sign a 1 year lease can the land lord ask me to move?
Can I sign 2 leases at te same time?
how to find places to rent in germany?
I am currently in a lease/purchase situation. The asking price is $109,900. However, the lights in the kitchen?
WHAT is A MORTGAGE...............?
Question about the application for renting an apartment?
How to get a mortgage with everything working against us.?
Would it be a good idea to buy a cheap house, then let the bank foreclose on mine?
is it possible to buy a house with one income?
Which do buyers prefer: a 4th bedroom or a large kitchen?
Which of the following is TRUE about a trust deed?
I'm a new agent real estate in Texas. What do I look for in a broker and what kind of questions do I ask them?