Real Estate

I Have a Question about Real Estate in general. I am curious as to how to system works.?
finding and obtaining loan from private individuals using their credit to purchase a home?
Why do pay day loan online services ask for bnk account information before they approve a loan? Can they?
life will suck if u did not get a flat from parents?
Property left by tenant, to be moved whenever?
I want cancel my short sale purchase contract.?
Tips for selling my house myself???
If someone dies in a home does the house resell value drop?
Rent Distribution... Renting a 1 bedroom in a 3 bedroom house, but paying half the rent and half the utilities?
where do I find recent real estate transactions in Madison County, Illinois?
If you own 2 properties and one goes on foreclosure, after the sale does the lean go to my other property?
Planning to Own a Condo? Things that I must remember before buying?
Can a 13 year old have a house in their name?
If a seller of real estate is sued for specific performance, do the brokers receive their commission?
I am on section 8 housing and tired of it?
Lease is up but landlord won't let me leave?
Can I provide one internet/cable package to my 4 family house?
Can someone please explain this real estate investment example?
looking for repo homes in Palm Springs, CA.92264. Where can I find info on this matter?
Renting an Apartment with a 607 Credit Score?
Moving question, landlord penalty for leaving furniture and not cleaning.?
What is a "Red Time Unit"?
Can you leave rented accommodation just after 2 months?
Is there any online forum about renting cheap apartment in South West City, AZ?
Landlord trying to take me to court over utility bill?
landlord wants banking account number??
In Florida, what recourse do you have if your employer suddenly makes you sign a document that says they can?
Getting kicked out tomorrow, how can I make my rent?
Renting an apartment.. What do I need to know?
Requesting repairs for WI rental home?
To buy or not to buy......a home?
If you want someone out of your house but their name is on the lease first what can you do?
Can my apprasial for a Home Equity loan also be used to get PMI off of my mortage?
9 months behind in our mortgage & attempting to Relocate!?
Is 28 dollars (taxes included) per sq. ft, a good, bad, or average price for retail space?
Got a lowball offer on our house. Should we take it off the market and "ride it out"?
Is this an odd request from a renter?
Will someone tell me how I can get churches to help me get into a place?
breaking my apt lease?
UK house prices- are they really falling? I have seen a few now and they are overpriced and not very nice!?
can a tenant lock out the owner by changing the locks?
Departure Fees - Retirement Village (Australia)?
Anyone know how long you need to keep documentation for relating to puchase of a house?
Does one have to be good in math or financial management to be a good realtor?
how will a housing court judgement affect my credit?
Which is the cheapest place to rent an apartment in Cherokee? NC 28719?
What is the minimum length of time you have to reside in a property to avoid paying captial gains upon resale?
How do I find out who owns an abandoned property?
Finding down payments on loans?
How much does a typical sized house cost in your area?
What is typically the most expensive utility?
real estate agent has sold my home advise me to self act what does that entail pls i need help?
Is Central A/C a good thing in a Condo Building?
Our vehicle was repossesed The loan company still wants the balance on the loan. can they do this?
Rented house - heating problem?
How do I evaluate an offer from a developer to buy for my 4 acre parcel?
Should pay 9.6% intrest on a purchase of a home?
Is it legal in MD for my landlord to tell me I must hire a cleaning service?
I need room for rent in south baltimore, Canton, Highlandtown, Bayview.?
I have a mortgage on my name but house is not on my name anymore, person responsible for paying the mortgage i
spanish landlord forms?
Whether to take a home equity loan for paying for a home loan in a foriegn country to get tax benefits ?
I own my own home am looking to buy a private sale home.what is the best route to start sale?
Do you have to sign an apartment lease in person in NYC?
How much does it cost to move from California to Iowa?
What is Actual Value?
Does anyone know of any apartments in Bangor, Maine that are 650 or less with all util. included?
Is it better to pay mortgage on a house or get a bank loan and buy the house then pay the load off?
Any new townhomes developments in the South Bay to purchase under $600,000 that you recommend?
Should we purhase a home now or wait 6 months?
Listing of section 8 housing rentals in cincinnati, ohio?
Should we talk to a real estate agent?
How many Square feet is your house?
need to find out about a potential landlord in the indianapolis area?
How much should water rates be for a studio flat in Ashford,Middlesex?
How many people do refinancing in the Philippines?
Possible to Buy Cheap, Safe House in Las Vegas?
How do remove a co-borrower from mortgage?
is your house 1 story or 2 story?
I need websites where I can find......?
Why is Greater Vancouver, BC 's housing prices so high right now?
What state has the lowest taxes?
We are tired of renting! my fiancee and i wana buy!?
Where can I find more information on a house's history?
Rental Scam or Real, I am kinda confused?
How much does 3 to 5 acres of land in Orlando, Florida cost?
If I sell my house does anything left in it?
HOUSE DEEDS. What is the best thing to do?
My a/c isnt working and I have a baby in the house 108 with heat index..?
! Keeps linking to this Forbes article on America’s Empty Cities.?
Roach problem and Landlord wont help, illegal?
what is the best beach in the United States to live on?
How is it living in a mobile home community?
when staying at a motel, do they have stop charging tax after 1 month? and are you due the paid tax back?
Property rental in the UK?
Buying a home at age 18?
Is a 450 square feet apt big enough for me & a baby?
What exactly is LTV (loan to value)?
first time home owner!!! what do i need to know?
Where can I find (FREE) photos and floorplans for log cabin homes online?
what is fiduciary mean?
where to colect late condo rental?
Should I file complaint against my to-be landlord?
Me and my roommate are both lease holders his gf stays six nights rent free?
Do you HAVE to be 18 in order to rent/buy an apartment?
what if you are trying to get a loan, but you don't have none of your old income tax returns?
Rent privately?? Estate agent ?
Can I rent a property that I am renting?
Will we afford $1200 dollar rent?
my credit score is very bad, can i get a home loan in california?
Can a 16 year old legally rent a basement suite or apartment?
Should I buy a home in Daytona Beach, Florida?
I am moving and wanted to know by law, do I have to allow the landlord to show the apartment to new tenants?
can i evict my grandaughter ?
Does this mortgage payment seem affordable for us? First time buyers?
Is My Estate Agent is allowed to Harrass Me!?
Can you get your entire deposit back due to roaches?
Can leasing a car now to screw me for getting home loan later?
Where are public records of mortgages?
Which companies provide the best online estate agents to help sell a home?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of owning/buying a heritage listed home??
Can an alarm be set temporarily in a vacant rental?
what price to redeem home in foreclosure?
plz help!! should i still worry about this, i noticed some black streaks and dents on the wall, which i didn't?
How much money should i save up before moving out of my parents house?
Foreclosed/bank owned homes?
Increase in cost of freehold (UK)?
What are the best countries to be buying property in?
Trying to find out who owns vacant land in Township of Ramara, ON Canada?
looking for apartments to rent around $550 around schaumburg or hoffman estates?
I'll be mega impressed if anyone can answer this question!?
What are buyers rights when buying a home that is occupied by a renter?
Will I have enough money to move out with a baby?
if my land lord is leeting the house go in to foreclosure can i get out of my lease?
How much would you pay to rent a 2 bedroom apartment?
Need advice when it comes to lease agreement for a beauty supply store?
where can i get free property records?
Where is a good country to move to?
My 25yr old daughter and 2yr old grandson want to move to CA. Is there a place on the beach affordable?
What's the differences between a townhouse, a condo, and a cottage?
I am having problems with the maintains of the ground around my condo. What can I do?
Please point me to some sample business plans for a startup property management business. four family building
How do you know you aren't getting overcharged in closing costs?
property manager for apt community?
Can my landlord charge me £20 extra a week because my daughter is now living with me?
I recently moved into downtown LA but no 1 told me the building next door is being demolished. What can i do?
I need to raise £3000 quickly, can you help?
Can my Landlord make me wash the carpet...?
Can an F-1 student visa holder buy a house in the US?
Does anyone know of any cheap Apartments that takes people with BAD credit?
ok part 2 of can a landlord does this??
Could my dad sign the papers to rent a beach house in Ocean City, NJ for just my friends and I who are all 18?
What to do with my tennants.?
My lease says that late rent is after 3rd day of each month, does it mean the 3rd day until 11:59am?
what is the difference b/w Economic Rent & Economic earning?
can you really get a shore house for no money if you just work for the landlord like they did on jersey shore?
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
Does the Obama housing plan help me?
advice needed on buying this property at auction?
Closed on my house June 1 and the A\C went out today! Is there anything I can do?
Can two people live in a studio in california?
studio apartment on minimum wage part time?
are there any free sites to find rent to own homes?
My landlord wrongfully threw up $1k of my property, now charging me $800 for carpets. Help?
How can you stay warm in a house with no heat? Power outage. It will be days/weeks before power is restored. ?
I'm trying to buy a home how can you help me?
Is there some kink of real estate/rental fraud going on here, should they be concerned?
Can I withhold rent if my car in the parking lot keeps getting broken into?
Anyone familiar with financing a home mortgage with "premium pricing"?
What procedures are taken to perfect a deed at the auction sell?
my roommate paid for us to get in the apartment. she broke the lease... where do i stand now?
putting information on someone credit report?
is your house 1 story or 2 story?
where would be some good developing areas to buy land so in a few years I could sell it for a profit ?
Accepting a buyer's offer...?
Can you include point of sale repairs in a FHA loan amount?
Has the housing bubble already burst?
owner to owner house buying tips?
Am i responsible I canceled my rental lease.?
Why are estate agents such idiots?
is it up to me to take my landlords mail to his new house. or up to him to come here and get it?
I need my ex off our lease.?
Can you get regular mails to your P.O box?
Can I deduct my apartment's finders fee?
i recently moved to the midwest and would like a breakdown on bidding paint jobs?
Needing to remove name from mortgage...?
I'm moving to Brooklyn. What areas are nice, safe and affordable?
Landlord Verifying Employment?
Do yout think I'll find a studio apartment for rent around $600 in a safe area in NYC?
Does deed in lieu of foreclosure have tax ramifications?
Do I file an eviction or is there something that I can file and give them this moment?
People Moving?
how can i afford to buy a house?
Does a new lease void an existing lease automatically?
i had to get out of my office lease. i now owe them $20,000.00. they had to get someone in there cheaper?
If someone else buys a property for you, do you still owe the real estate broker money?
Realtors and loan officers, how is business... Are you busy?
what is the best state to buy real estate in now?
I was wondering, what do you call a person whose a house flipper?
working n polaris gng 2 buy a prop 4 21k u/c compltd n 09 july salary 19k + anual bonus 24000 pa + rent 5000?
What are the top 10 richest cities in the state of California?
Can pharmacists open a pharmacy shop in shopping stores in your country?
Is the share certificate issued by a Registered Co-operative society will be valid title deed?
does anyone have a mortgage that they are carryback on a sell?
Can we buy a house with No Credit?
Fixed rate mortgages??
How else do I say 40,000?
Property agent broke his promise.?
Landlord or rental agency questions?
Are 3% commissions justified anymore?
what would you be most interested in buying?
Will buyer agent know if we buy a house with another agent?
How much does it cost to build a log house?
Rent after the judge ruled in your favor? Next steps?
What is the average turn around time and fee for a residential appraisal in Chicago Illinois?
If I used a friends credit to buy a house, but I lived there and made all payments, what are my rights?
Where can you go to find out what a home that was recently sold finally sold for?
i need mls home owners phone numbers thank you?
How much should I pay my real estate agent to show me houses?
Advice on how to sell a home fast in a tight real estate market?
If you have a gauranteed sale with your "new"home builder and a mortagage?
Do apartments call your last place of residence?
Housing help in Kentucky?
if the city boarded up a building can one still take controle of that property?
Can I walk away from the deal after a bad home inspection, or do I still need to pay for the appraisal?
How do I buy a foreclosed home? What do I need to know?
What kind of house can I get if I had an 80k downpayment?
is this a reasonable offer?
What are the rules for a 1031 exchange?
What is 'For Sale by Private Treaty"?
Can Two People Share A 1 Bed Flat?
How can I find out who ownes a house?
freedown of Information act?
Weve been using and caring for 3 lots, no info on buying from owners over the last 8yrs. We have legal rights?
how is the formula derived?
I moved out of a house after living in it for 2 months, landlord now wants 6 months rent?
If I sell my house myself, can I hire an agent to handle the closing?
Can I change lenders after an appraisal?
What does it mean to buy real estate and live off the equity?
I have been in a rental home for over a year. Can I break the lease to buy a home with NO penalties?
Should I rent out my house or sell it?
Do you think i should get a different apartment now?After what happen?And should i get an apartment from him?
how do i deed my land to my son?
Can you live in someone apartment to the lease is up then transfer it to your name?
I'm facing eviction?
can i take moey out of my escriw account to oay a mortgage payment?
What are the real estate rules for rejected first offers on a house?
sell up or rent out?
how do I find the price my new neighbor paid for thier house?
If I had a trailor on some one land and I moved it but I never pay lot rent could they put a lene on it?
If your rent is too above market value, can you renegotiate?
should i have complained to my Landlord about this?
Whats the best way to become a successfull real estate agent?
i have a 500 credit score where can i get a home loan?
Is anyone interested on 29 Flt. and Clear acres. Twn. of Florida NYS.?
Is $375 high for a 1 BR efficiency apartment?
What can our landlord do if we don't pay our lasts month's rent?
Sue tenants for breaking lease?
If your house is paid for, do you have any equity in it?
the value of property in 1994 at 4504 farallon ct. antioch, ca 94509?
if your lease does NOT have a provision in it for extended time away...?
How can I fix my house?
What is a standard form ucc-1 ?
How do we tell our real estate agent that we bought a home without him?
what happens when your house is forclosed?
Should I live outside Chicago or in downtown after college?
Buying my first home.?
i want to become a property dealer with my job?
Falling house prices - should we sell sell sell?!?
Can I get out of my lease?
What will be the rent for a new 2bedroom flat near kodigehali railway station?
what is a good website to find single family homes in England?
My landlord wont replace anything?
allegheny county PA home foreclosure are you responsible for the balance on the home what is PA law?
What is my return of investment on installing a new heatpump in my house?
Is my old Landlord abusing my security deposit?
What is the statute of limitations in missouri on an apartment dept?
Good or bad idea to get a second mortgage?
I applied for housing is there anyway i can get them to speed up the process its an emergency?
In real estate law what does the term contingency mean?
How do I not get my name listed as the owner of a house I am about to buy?
I have someone staying with me that refuses to move out, She is NOT on the lease! What can I do?
Serious issues with tenants! Help?
Where would I go to find a house to rent in Las Vegas for a week?
what should you offer when buying a house?
I paid the rent and the month's bills......I can stay,right?
Any opinions on rental properties in Mount Carmel, PA?
I have tenants that i need to be removed from my property??? help, can i they be sued?
can i downgrade my apartment?
What would you offer (bid) for this block of land?
We backed out of our deal with the house....?
What are examples of material damage?
Is anybody out there from Hyderabad,INDIA need help.... please....?
Is it legal to make a tenant get renters insurance?
Can I turn off my power in my apartment if last months rent is paid?
with lease property how do you know who owns the land?
Would you move in a place, you know you really can't afford or stay where you are?
If I forclosed on my home, can the bank go after my 401k?
Would it be possible to get out of my lease?
debts left at property i have moved into?
Need help finding housing in Santa Cruz County?
can me and my bird get a 100%mortgage with no proof of income?
Do I have to pay rent for next month if I move out this month?
I sign a home lease contract without my girlfriend permission in Australia . Is it still valid?
how to get your earnest money back?
Awful tenants: what can I do?
Should I use a real estate agent when looking for a home?
After signing a realtor agreement to sell a property can you back down???
can you discribe what real estate agents benefits are?
Absurd Rent Increase?
Is landlord allowed to be in my house when im not there?
Is this is good mortgage interest rate?
Buying a new house in NC?
which apartments in loudoun county accept section 8 vouchers?
Can I use buyer's assistance in conjunction with FHA 203(k) construction loan?
how do i know if my landlord has filed an unlawful detainer action in court?
Is the real estate boom over for good ?
what year was my house built ch4 7bn?
What requirements does it take to obtaining a Real Estate Salesperson License?
what type of home can you buy in your area for $100,000?
Am i allowed to film my friend when he is on my property? ( house )?
Can I be sued for buyers remorse if i was unable to get financing?
looking for house exchange from G72 area(Cambuslang)3 bedroom back&front to smaller in inverclyde?
can I use a french property as security for a UK loan?
what is the difference between a gross rent lease and a net rent lease?
if you could afford it would you buy a 4500 square ft house and have some money put back to save or buy small?
Have you ever heard of a real estate agent charging a retainer fee?
Tips for moving out at 18 with two roomates?
Is it true it's most financially wise to buy the smallest house that will fit my needs?
Can you fire a gun within the village of Godfrey IL outside of Godfrey city limits but yet still?
Mortgage information UK?
Co-signed for daughter. Will I be released when the lease is up?
When do I have to pay Mortgage?
How do I buy a house with no money down ....?
sell up or rent out?
Buying my first home.?
paid rent with money order?
If I want to kick my boyfriend out of our apartment, and he is not on the lease. How do I make him move?
We sign 2 new customers out of every 7 people we speak to. We need to sign 120 people to meet our goal how m?
my landlord refused to fix any problems in my house. can i hold up his rent?
Does paying your first house payment the day you sign your morgage papers really knock 10 yrs off a 30yr loan?
Trespassing or squatter rights?
I want to invest my money in real estate - in Michigan?
I want to buy a house, how much of a down payment should I Have and how much for legal stuff ??
Credit checks to rent a property?
Is it better to do a cashout loan on an existing mrtg. and pay off debt asap or pay off debt in 2yrs?
When moving into rented flat of private landlord is it absolutely necessary to take out insurance on my goods?
Can a person buying a home see if there are liens on a house?
when the landlord comes to inspect she has 8 other random people with her.?
Mortgage at age 19, any possibility ?
Can I buy a condo that has no association/6D?
We have gas station in Troy MI. We need 400000$ loan. Banks are slow on giving the loan.?
help important help first time home buyer help?
Is it possible to find a beauty salon in New York starting from the name of the owner?
is rent to own a scam,I live in Charleston SC. My credit is 618 score and I can't buy a home?
Apartment finding service in Sacramento, CA?
if you pay for a house with cash do you have to pay mortgage?
need real estate advice?
Assuming a mortgage, im 19.?
What is the mosr reliable and cost effective way to ship my household boxes from Florida to Los Angeles?
rights of manufactured home owners in massachusetts?
How do I get my landlord to fix things in my house?
payment on house?
Called my mortgage company to see if I can lower my interest rate...THEY TELL ME MY HOME IS ONLY WORHT 132,000?
I closed on a home this evening. Can the seller tell us when we can or can not move in?
Buy an expensive house or a modest one?
First time buyer offer accepted but estate agent won't take house off market!!!?
To move or not to move?
Before move in in Florida, how long do you have to cancell a rental lease contract?
What happens after a foreclosure sale on your house?
What are my rights after being served an eviction notice?
I am looking to RENT a home in the East Bay/Peninsula of California. Where do I start?
i know this sounds dumb but how much will it cost me to by never land ranch in about 10 years?
Am I entitled to my Security Deposit and Last Month's Rent?
What to do when your tenat wont move??????
Is this normal in a rental agreement?
Is a chain lock safe for apartment door?
Apartment Lease Question?
Just bought a house (5wks ago). There is a leak in 2nd flr bath that the home inspector did not catch.?
Can I buy a home if unemployed, a full-time student, but with at least $30,000 in the bank?
How can I get my annoying landlord to ease up? Does he have a right?
What is a good down payment of a $100,000 condo in California?
How many homes across the country is seeing higher energy bills and are the businesses feeling the pitch?
First-time home buyers please respond...?
Which real estate companies are best for new agents?
question about a mobile home we bought?
Plumbing broke and house almost caught fire. why won't our landlord fix this?
How can I sell my father's Colorado mountain home for him FSBO from Missouri?
who has the best mobile home loans?
How to deal with bad tenant?
Who is considered the best real estate developer or company in the world?
Should I spend more on brick for a new house in Columbia, SC...or go with vinyl/hardie plank?
Avg mortgage rate I may qualify for with credit score just shy of 700 and debt-to-income ratio of 0.8?
My tenant is refusing to pay rent because THEY have damaged an electrical appliace and want us to pay?!?
When PURCHASING (not renting out) a property what should be standard regarding appliances included?
My roommate is screwing us over!?
If a home-buyer has a seller that is willing to pay all the closing costs and possibly more ?
how many people should live in a 3 bedroom house?
can we apply for 2 home loan at a time..?
Can my boyfriend be held accountable for damages he's caused to my apartment?
Money probs !?
I need serious advice ... eviction notice.?
Can you pay 3 or more months rent ahead of time?
is it legal for a lease to own landlord in sc to require more $ then the deposit pet deposit and the first?
Where in the US have houses been consistently selling in the high-end million range?
Looking for house in Edgecliff, Double Bay or Bondi, Australia!!?
Is it safe to buy real state in Orlando, FL ?
do i apply for public assistance in the state i wanna move to before i relocate to another state?
Is it necessary to obtain a building permit for a single family dwelling in Pulaski County, AR?
my landlord has sold the house i am renting. I still have a lease.he wants me to move in 20 days. legal?
I am thinking of buying a condo in a complex that just did a condo-apt conversion. Is this a good investment?
I don't live in the USA and Im British , but I am looking forward to buying a Vacation home in the US .?
who should i sue? the tenant or the landlord?
Finding owner information in NYC Real Estate?
Should I buy a house before the $8k tax credit is up in June 1010 or wait?
tenant asked if she can run a childminding bus at the flat. I am cool with it but Any thing I should be doing?
i accepted the offer for my house now i want to withdraw?
Can you sue a realtor for bad advice and withholding information?
I need to move out of my rental home much notice am I legally required to give my landlord?
Will one noise complaint hurt my chances of getting another apartment?
Is it ok to call the landlord, whom has your rental application and check the status after 3 business days?
What are some good COMMERCIAL Real Estate Schools I can attend online?
When do I get the earnest money back?
When buying a property, is it cheaper to pay for a survey by a surveyor recommended by yur mortgage lender?
Landlord moved and left no forwarding info. Who should I contact?
How do I find out information about a pending sale?
Which Banks offers housing loan at lowest rate for mhada house in mumbai.. pl help?
If two people are on a residential lease agreement can one charge the other with breaking and entering?
"We are wasting time unnecessarily trying to describe water as water" is this phrase correct.?
Why are some landlords so funny about DSS and Animals?
AM I Bound to my realtor?
Should an estate agent represent both buyer and seller?
Condo Prices in Southern California?
I like to know if there is a company will refinance second mortgage after 1 month of purchase.?
Damage Deposit laws in tn?
I live in a house owned by a housing asc, do i have the right to buy the house?
tenant is 5 days late with the rent? im the landlord, what should i do?
If you are renting a home in the Dakotas and sign a lease for a one year contract for another year (new lease)?
Is my income more valuable than my credit score?
Can an estate agent lie about another offer?
Co-signing for home loan?
WAnted to persuade neighbors to change our current property maintenance.dont know where to start.?
Average monthly utility costs for a 1 bedroom apartment in Garland TX?
Real Estate help please?
I didn't sign my lease and I need to move out. Can my landlord come after me?
What does it take to become a Property Manager in Florida?
should i build or buy a house?
If having an Illegal apartment is so bad, why do so many people have it and how do they manage it?
To inquire about a home for rent.?
is it possible to do voluntary work (no salary) and claim income support and housing benefit?
Recently got an apartment with sister. ?
How can I safely rent a house?
selling my house questions?
Do blue collar workers have a chance to survive in America with the outrages price of living today?
I need to up my advertising on selling my houses in Bulgaria. What is the best option?
If my apartment needs repair, is my Landlord required to give me a place to stay while the work is done?
What are my rights as a leaseholder while property is on the market?
Where Can i Find a Home For Rent?
Why is the rent in senior communities cheaper than other places in the same neighborhood?
would you live in a biggest house in a poor neighborhood OR a smallest house in a rich neighborhood?
Buying House .. How much money should come from my pocket?
buy to let mortgage?
Can a married couple apply for Section 8 housing in Chicago if they both have a low income?
Question about a apartment!?
I have the keys but landlord says I have to wait until 1st?
I am a tenant. Can I take down the Landlords for sale sign?
What are the steps I need to take when moving out of an apartment?
Does a new mortgage account hurt your credit score initially?
Is there a website where I can find listings of properties available through tax sale (nation wide preferably)
can a manager of a trailer park evict me ?
If my tenant does not pay the last month's rent, can I keep the security deposit?
Mortgages?? What to chose?
Can i add a co buyer to my auto loan?
how do i rent my own place as a 17 year old in germany?
What should I expect with a foreclosure?
Is there a requirement in Florida for how many vistor parking spaces a condo development must have?
Does putting a sign up help sell a home faster?
how do you obtain tax and deed homes in illinois?
I want to take out a loan for around $50-60 thousand to build a small house and buy property.?
is it possible to find a low priced house in the market right now?
What's going on in the midwest? Why is real estate so cheap in places like Ohio and Indiana.?
Is it possible to buy a house with poor/bad credit?
My mortgage company just increase my monthly payment with out a notice. How can I get them to lower my payment?
what happened to market if fed cut rate by .5 bps?
mortgage arrears can they reposses?
I have had it with my tenants please help????!!!!!!!!!!?
can I deffer my mortgage payment for 6 weeks until i close on my house?
anybody interested in investing in an apartment in kochi/india?
Are there any rent to own or lease to own in the bay area?
can my land lord enter my property without my permission when i am not there? i'v been abroad and they said te?
can you tell more about owner fiancing when selling a house?
where is a good town in new jersey to live?
In todays economy, is it better to buy or rent a home for single person, no family?
what are the modus vivendi and modus operandi for Ginnie Mae's secondary mortgage/capital market operations?
Bedroom(s) in Local Listings?
My partner and I are looking for a place to live, and we've seen a few flats available to rent privately?
What sites are good for finding 2 and 3 bedroom flats to rent in London?
private landlords in sussex uk?
What are the most important cosmetic features to you in buying a home (not brand new).?
I'm going to lease my home. What is one the best services to get back ground checks on prospect renters?
Please help! How much would this cost...?
What is the average electricity bill for a 1200 sq ft home?
How to get into real estate investing?
Will someone help me do a pencil search for a property appraisal?
What do I need for my apartment?
how much is rent at the meadow view apartments in perris, ca?
From where can I buy a dining room furniture?
Will HUD be able to help if wells fargo denied us?
i need to transfer some property that is in a relatives name into my name. how do i do this?
I rent an apt. in a 3-flat bldg. in Chicago that's for sale. If it's sold, can the new landlord kick me out?
I want to buy a house. My first house. How would I go about doing it? Where would i start? How would i start?
can a landlord take tenants to court in the state of NY if the owner resides outside of the state of NY?
What % of apartments in Manhattan (or New York City) are in buildings with doormen?
Why renting home so expensive?
Can a landlord keep my first month rent and deposit if I choose not to move in?
What kind of housing would you get?
I'm planning on buying a house with a VA loan and 0 down payment. Do I need cash because I have $500 atm?
Does a landlord have to pay moving expenses if they force you to move out of unit so they can move in?
We are renting a plot from someone on there land and have recently found out that the person who has been rent?
How can I find the owner of a home at 2300 Cedar St. San Bernadino,Ca over 20 yrs ago?
What if I dont "actually" plan on moving into the investment property Im buying?
How do I find an apartment in a diff state before I move?
Bargaining power of cash?
My apartment lease was supposed to be from June 2010 until July 2011, however i just noticed today that they?
what is the difference between a home equity loan and refinancing with a cash out?
Do you think real estate prices will continue to drop? I live in the New York area?
Housing & Money.. Help?
If you don't like your roommates, can you move to another apartment unit?
Satellite in an apartment?
Wimbledon vs. Hampstead?
What's the cheapest yet quiet apartments in Chula Vista,CA?
what are my chances of getting a loan?
Fixed rate mortgages??
What else can we do if we have to foreclose on our house due to inability to make payments?
When is this the start of affordable housing in the US, specifically in Orange County, California?
shall we pay more for renting a house if other people move in?
Would you live in a motor home?
How can I be on the dept but not on the deed ?
When writing balance sheet,do we need to separate land and property values or they are put together?
can I quit claim my residence to my wife and eliminate any liens against me from civil judgements thereby?
How can I evict my tenant?
I signed a lease with an apartment 3 months ago.Is the lease agreement is already on my credit & will it effec?
Ideas for 24 room prior nursing home building?
Getting a mortgage for $440,000 on an NYC condo. Will this push me into a higher rate bracket?
Single family vs two family home?
Can I legally buy many acres and build a town?
How do I get out of my lease?
1st time home buyer.?
In real estate, what does the abbreviation "COE" stand for?
is the tenancy agreement in 2009 and 2012 is the same, or is there any difference?
Price to offer on a house?
Living on my own at 17?
In a rent to buy home who is responsible for repairs on the home?
what is the cheapest way to invest in real estate?
Bank of America foreclosure homes list?
Cities on the east coast where I don't need a car, but has affordable housing?
want to give tenet 30 days notice to move out in virginia?
Should i wait to buy a house?
How does a person buy a foreclosed home?
New Apartment Lease - Sublet?
Going for a home loan?
Can I get my money back from bank of america after accidentally paying my mortgage twice?
Tenant/Roomate refuses to pay?
If you have a quitclaim deed on a property, can someone file another one and take possession of the property?
where can i find good builders in hyderabad?
Will I need a down payment?
If you have $140k to spend, where would you live in CA?
Anyone know how to make decent money from home?
How to change title deeds on uk property without the need of a solicitors service.?
What to do if a Tenant/Roommate refuses to remove a pet that is not allowed to be on the property?
tenant keeps on talking about me behind my back?
real estate question , should we buy this house?
Is it a sellers market yet for real estate?
Apartment managers entering apartment?
Is it ok to buy a land in Saltonsi.?
Which area of California has the lowest cost of living?
What's the best way to screw over a horrible landlord?
About to move 200 miles away from home PLEASE HELP!!?
Can someone provide me with with information about affordable living in Allentown PA?
what is the federal reserve bank discount rate this week?
Recommendation, Might move to New Orleans Area.?
I have mice getting into my refrigerater?
I am going to rent my house, what should I know?
Looking for foreclosures online?
Looking for the best and current forclosesure listings in San Diego, Where?
How much does it cost to rent a portapotty?
can i have an eviction expunged from my record/report/history?
What is a GREAT ROOM in Florida houses?
How can I kick out my tenant?
Should I cosign for my daughter's first apt?
Should you disclose your survey to the vendor?
How to get the neighbors downstairs to turn their music down?
Which house is better to buy: a 1970s one and remodel or 2006 and no need to remodel? and why?
What is a home deed and can only the mortgage holder be on it?
New realtor business cards?
Can i withhold rent if...?
778 Experian Credit Score and first time buyer mortgages?
What do these numbers in my deed mean (property boundaries)?
looking for website that has things for sell for lake fork texas (rv's, boats, etc)?
I just moved out of an apartment and now have a security deposit dispute:?
If I like a specific home plan from a builder (IE Saussy Burbank) can I buy the blueprints from them?
looking 4 a house/duplex to rent that will be ok with me having a large dog?
I can't get a mortgage cause I'm self employed, they want evidence of my income?
I have just paid a deposit on a house but now I want to pull out of the deal - will I lose my money?
Does my landlord have to pay for another place for me to live?
What are the names of...?
Can you take a second loan out on land?
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good real estate agent in Houston?
first mortgage is current second mortgage is behind can second mortgage company foreclose on property?
Can someone explain to me what a copay is?
Got a lowball offer on our house. Should we take it off the market and "ride it out"?
I just signed a new rental lease agreement for 6 months. If just myself is on the lease do you think i can?
does a landlord have the right to walk into the home he has let out and ask you to move out without notice?
Are estate and letting agent boards really effective?
My Apartment wont accept my 30 day notice to move. what can i do?
How long does a house in AZ take to sell this time of year?
If the land of an area is owned by the government; how comes we sale and purchase houses and plots?
What is a lease option and how does it work?
Could anyone infer on this Additional Occupancy matter? Owner wants $200 extra. Pics included?
Why do they paper over the windows on a construction site?
How much can a landlord raise your rent on a lease renewal? ?
Maximum no. of people in share house (Melbourne)?
If you live with someone in an apartment complex and the person on lease moves out, can they evict remaining?
Can I add to my account? I'm transferring with my job and need dsl in another city in apartment for 6 month.
First time landlord, what i need to know.?
Im buying a house but I seriously need to buy a new car Will buying a car now prevent me from getting a house?
Can a Landlord make you pay an additional month without providing a 60 day notice?
is $1000 or $2000 too much for an apartment in los los angeles CA?
All docs went to title company...?
is there anyone that will give me a home loan with a credit score of 545?
Does anyone know of any real estate or rental property companies who let people rent/own homes w/ bad credit?!
myboyfriend and i got evicted last week how can i get my stuff out of storage what do i do?
My landlord listed the house for rent while myself and kids still live here.?
Tenant is being weird?
Might be fired before we closing date on a house?
Anyone from pennsylvania that can help me?
Interested in renting an apartment....?
Can I get a mortgage in America for a house in Israel?
my storage unit was sold at a lien sale and I lost everything I had and I don't know if they had the right to
How can I get into Real Estate?
Is it OK to call and ask on the status of an apartment application?
how to find apartment in rockville,MD?
What can the landlord do if I leave the rented house on my own (the rent is too high) and rent somewhere else?
Doesn't my landlord sound like such a Douchebag?
I purchased my home Sept '05 added my domestic partners name on the deed Feb '06 can I remove her name?
is it legal for a lease to own landlord in sc to require more $ then the deposit pet deposit and the first?
What am I entitled too?
Can you get a mortgage in state A to buy property in state B?
self storage monthly maximum late fee?
is section 8 like Hud? or is it hud? im looking for a hud apartment but don't know if that is section 8.?
about a rental house?
in property listings what does WMCH mean?
First time landlord--How hard will it be to be approved for a second home?
I am 24 years old and I want to buy a home while the market is down. That would be my first home..............
Tenant Right's and Landlord Obligations?
How do you show mortgage insurance on a GFE?
Can you rent when your income does not come from a job?
Is there a free site to look up list of people who claimed bankrupcies in my county?
I am a tenant. Can I take down the Landlords for sale sign?
unemployed low income housing?
can i get out of my lease?
can my renter not pay full rent for repairs?
Draft of sole seling agency agreement between a builder and an estate agent who has been given sole selling ag
what would qualify as a line of credit for a mortgage loan? Car insurance, rent?
Stressing over my NEW apartment!?
who's with me in my house right now?
I found my flat mate inspecting my underware. what should i do? ?
how much rent can i afford alone comfortably?
What website would you recommend to find an appartment in London?
Can we still buy a house?
Can a landlord refuse to provide photographic evidence of repairs to a tenant?
Question about buying a home and placing an offer?
What is the average interest rate for an FHA loan?
If your paying for a house and you leave the house, do you lose money?
where can i find a list of properties for sale in my area due to delinquent taxes?
would a laser tag entertainment business be considered retail or what?
What would you look for in a website if you were in need of a handyman to do repairs on your home.?
what are the ethics for a real estate agent having her clients sign an exclusive buyers agent contract ?
Home rental security deposit: who owns the interests?
where can i find information about real estate title search in dupage or cook county without paying for it.?
What is a real estate search engine that searches not only For Sale properties but properties not listed?
I need advise about a quit deed claim?
What's the cheapest way to move to a new home, if I don't have anyone to help me move?
Moving into someone elses counsil house?
is it ok for landlord to enter apt. w/o notice,if there is no urgency?
what are good websites to find reviews of apartment complexes?
What is the law in Nevada if you do not pay property taxes?
how many square feet in an acre?
Do you think a tiny shoebox of a studio flat in Belgravia would make a good investment?
What should I do about this renting situation?
Am I as a landlord allowed to do this?
Can i break my lease due to bed bugs?
Should i move or keep looking?
I just filled out an application for an apartment - what do they look for in your credit history?
if a home cost 260,000 and you have to put down a 4.2 percent down payment?
Why do most people who rent in my area say "NO PETS"?
How to get out of my letting contract when my room is unlivable?
How can I convince my landlord to evict my roommate?
How do I go about changing the address on my land deeds?
My fiance and I are considering buying our first home. What questions do we ask the seller or agent?
can a new manager charge a new rent late fee?
What is the quickest way to obtain a CA real estate salesperson license?
I am renting a house to someone who wont pay rent but they wont move out. How do I get them out?
Why is it considered "second class" to be living in a flat rather than a house??
What is the best way to pay off a home loan if you don't plan on living there long?
SO I put a down payment on a new manufactured home, but it won't be ready until next week. Where should I...
How do I come about renting an apartment? (establishing credit)?
first time home buyer and...?
How can we force landlords / Apartment managers to ban dogs like they always used to?
can you get a will on your house if?
Getting my first apartment?
What happens if I sell my house for less than what I owe, but can't pay off the difference?
What is the BEST and QUICKES way to successfully market myself as a Real Estate Agent?
should I get a real estate lawyer to handle my house sale?
what is the word that Virginia court house uses for the sale of back taxes on property that is owed?
proximately how much square feet home came be built on a 18,007sf lot.
Should I move or stay?
How can i rent a house wth bad credit and rental history?
Is there anywhere that will finance me for a home loan with a 613 credit score?
does "heat and water" cover basic electric?
renting apartment in Toronto?
how do you get a job and home out of state befor i move?
When leaving rented accomodation, can the landlord charge you for cleaning they have not actually carried out?
Do I have to return my keys even if I'm paid to stay until the 19th?
what does it mean when an apartment building states in the description "cable tv available?"?
If a home was built in 1980, should there be any worry about possible asbestos? ?
I am divorced with three children,what kinds of funding or programs are there to purchase a home.?
How do I get rent assistance?
Brokers in California. What study course do you recommend to use to pass the state exam for Brokers?
Follow-up again to quit claim?
Quick Selling a House?
about renting a house in sydney?
Can a landlord take sentimental items as payment?
keep finding the perfect apartment.. NO PETS policy is stopping me from getting it :(?
We need a bigger house, but aren't ready with a big down payment! Advice- 3% down, rent to own, rent?
if you have a 1year lease and break it?
what if all residental real estate property were free except taxes and upkeep? what are the specifics to the listing?
Can a 17-year-old college student get an apartment?
Breaking lease due to financial difficulty?
Does value decrease in a neighbor hood when a manufactured home is added to it?
what town do i want to stay away from in PA.?
How much would the yearly expenses be for a single person in Tennessee?
How would you feel if your realtor didnt call you to congratulate on the house?
can I find a will online instead of going to a courthouse to and what website is this information on?
When buying property, how much less would closing cost(s) be if you pay the whole amount?
if you own two homes,one is vacation or summer home and you sell one do you have to pay tax on the sell?
I want to refiance my house how to?
What are the best UK magazines to promote french alps properties?
Will I be happy in a mobile home park?
Carbon monoxide leak in house. Landlord put off for 2 months. Legal action? Whatr effects on body from it?
mortgage help please, how much per month?
What is MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) and why would MERS own a residential property?
Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments!?
in search of housing / low-income housing for northeast dallas?
I was wondering what are some good places to live and that are not too expensive.?
Is it common for banks to sell your mortgage?
How do I know if a property I am buying has a lein on it?
I want to buy a new trailer but I gots no money as I burnt the last one..?
should i forge my references?? PART 2?
What's the advantage of a principal + interest mortage vs an interest only loan?
can i sue bank for granting someone power of attorney without proper documents?
If I want to find seller-financed single family prop. in Tarboro, NC, how do I do it?
Can a person get a 1st time homebuyer loan in one state and purchase their first home in another?
About how much are utilities when renting an apartment?
How to get a collateral loan using my house?
Why do realtors take such a huge chunk just to sell a house?
Where can I find people who have opened new phone lines or applied for new business names?
How can a person who has bad credit and limited income but no debt buy a home or property to build a home?
draft rental agreement in india?
to buy a house do i need to be working 2 years or just 2 w2's?
How many months can a Landlord charge you if you break your lease?
what happens if a co-signor wants to remove their name from a mortgage loan and not be responsible any longer?
renting a property with inadequate ventilation, is the landlord responsible?
Where could I find a rental house in houston, tx without going through an agent?
Anyone from the Central Pa area?
If I finance a house for my mum, can the house be in both of our names? Please read.?
Only for those with knowledge of Real Estate Investing..?
who's responsible for cashing a post-dated check early?
My parents have been renting a house for about 25 yrs and they just found out they have to move out soon.?
House requires 20% down, no FHA or VA loans?
can perfect home find me if i move?
Apartment Living...Has This Ever Happened To You??
gulf coast security oldsmar florida?
where can I get a website that lets my customers search the mls?
Apartment Lease?
No water in apartment?
what would you do if you were on low income?
Can you just build a house in Antarctica?
When looking for a house, do people mainly use the internet?
what is the criteria for getting setup as a mortgage broker with lending other than the money?
If a lease has expired, do the terms of the lease still apply?
Who can help me with mortgage questions? Do you advise zero down? Help?
What's the best I can get with this amount?
Company that is fast to get home morgage?
Apartment or Rent a House?
Where can I find a green...?
when i rent an apartmet, who must pay electricity water and phone, the owner or me (client)?
I am looking for a home loan of 25 lakh rupees. my preferance is SBI and LIC housing finance. which is better?
If I sell my house for less than I owe, will the difference be due immediately at the time of closing?
who do i contact about someone that is renting an upstairs to someone and is not claiming it as income?
I live in California, how can I break a lease due to a job loss and financial hardship?
is there any avalible rentals in the new orleans area?(and the surrounding area)?
is there any way to find out what a non traditionally built property is made of if the owners dont know?
can I be picky about race when looking for a roomate or gender?
I'm planning on buying a home for about 250,000 dollars. How much should I put down on it to significantly lo
Will it be better to sell real estate after the next election?
Who can I speak with.?
I have some problem with sublease?
Who is liable for apartment air conditioning unit and dishwasher?
Lenders that let you use rental verification form?
My house is worth 256,000 less than I owe...?
how can i sell my house through the internet?
Apartments in Sacramento, Ca that allow LARGE dogs.?
renting an apartment?
What is the average monthly cost of living in Gainsville?
do the terms "journeyman", "apprentice" etc. refer only to union jobs?
I am a first time buyer and i would like to have a 45 year mortgage loan, how do i go about doing that?
If a house is $185,000, how much would the house payment be around a month?
Rude, Loud, Mexican Neighbors.?
can my apartment manager tell me where i can put my furniture?
Should we split rent three ways or two?
What can our landlord make us pay for in a small apartment fire?
Maine Real Estate Foreclosure auction?
Is it safe to live at Bristol Square Apartments in AustinTX?
Which estate agent should I sell my flat with?
Are these items considered part of the appraised value of a home?
Can I claim compensation against a UK property surveyor who wrongly downvalued my house?
I rented a room out in my apartment in Cary NC?
What is the current interest rate for a mortgage in north carolina with great credit?
how much does a realtor charge to sell your house?
What is better if you are selling a home, COMFREE?
Where can I find help paying my rent?
will the jobcentre accept statements printed in branch or does it have to be home address only?
I owe more than my Condo in Chula Vista is worth and I can't afford to pay mortgage. Should I just go bankrupt
what have you done to help the homless?
What is an underlying mortgage and what does it mean as far as how much I pay monthly?
Our landlord is raising the rent and asked us for an additional security deposit. Is that legal?
im selling my home and need some advice.?
Apartment managers entering apartment?
which is cheaper to rent if you live altamonte springs, fl 32701 a studio or a one bedroom apartment?
i need a website. for private owners only. for rentals for apts. and houses. in st.louis?
How much is a mortgage REALLY?
Financial Aid for buying a home?
Are there any other options for getting out of a bad real estate investment?
How do you find the square footage of something?
cosigner on renting an apartment at 18?
I have a friend that needs rental assistance!?
is gettting loan for paying rent a personal loan?
What is the history of the real estate industry relative to the fact that agents are independent contractors.?
My landlord has told me I will be evicted because my lights aren't in my name.?
Please help me find a website that offers land for sale in the Cleveland area. Small lot. Just land. - Thanks
Free help on paying rent and bills?
What is the proper way to go about buying land for a future home? What all do I need to consider?
Does anyone know where i can get a quickform to transfer the deed of my house?
Before buying a land to build a home, what are some things I should know and consider?
How do we increase the value of our home?
What to do about an apartment neighbor that reports us all the time to the apartment complex manager?
Will insurance company insure my home if my water lines are pvc and run overhead in the attic?
In CA, can you get a 3 days eviction notice for a "dirty" house? we have always paid the rent on time.?
Can my brother or my niece who is in Indonesia inherit my property in california,USA?
How much is an apartment in Miami beach?
Real estate home inspection for home buyers in Tacoma WA?
Is it hard to get an apartment after filing bankruptcy?
When buying a home before the sales contract is signed do I get time to review the contract?
California 'Short Sale'. After close of escrow, can the 'seller' stay 3 more wks ('buyers' request)?
if you get ssi checks on the 3rd wednesday will you get them sooner if its past 30 days?
how much would a 5,000 sf rambler cost?
We are about to refinance our house. They want to put it to 4 points. Is this a good Idea?
Is it really too presumptious for me to think I'm going to qualify for a home loan?
If some lies about their house being in foreclosure and you were in the process of buying it what can you do?
Has anyone ever got a good discount on a HUD Foreclosre home for sale?
I'm buying an apartment building. What numbers should I compare on the data/reports sheets on each building?
are home prices ridiculous?
What is a website that has listings of rent-a-rooms & roomates that is legit? Thanks!?
No overhead lighting in townhome complex?
In Colorado, can a renter ever take their equipment?
i have these questions..?
Getting out of a lease.?
Renting with a friend?
What would the real estate value be for Central Park in Manhattan?
what documents/paperwork is need to rent a house?
can you really get a shore house for no money if you just work for the landlord like they did on jersey shore?
I am moving and my landlord told me to write a letter of surrender to avoid payment of the remaining balance?
I live in Houston (house) and rent in San Antonio for work. Can I deduct mileage or rent from my income taxes?
I live in an apartment complex in Michigan that charges huge late fee's on rent. (over $120.00) Is this legal?
Breaking Lease - Specific Date?
Planning to buy home 350k. Will I qualify for a mortgage loan? If so, with which bank?
How to find a house in another state?
Near half of homeowners in my area are selling? how about yours?
Buying 1st home, 30 yr. fixed,10 yr interest only loan? ADVICE?
Is house sharing just full of couples wanting threesomes?
I recently took out a home loan and changed my broker and lender at the 11th hour...?
Would u rent an apartment to someone with this record? Why or why not?
Will I be successful in my new field?
What does it cost to file a quit claim deed in FL?
Need to get out of my lease (ontario, canada)?
can i still get a mortgage at a decent rate if i have bad arrears problems?
Would a bank finance me on an investment property?
i want to buy a house in ceres ca?
How can I a non-owner determine the exact legal authority of city officials to support alternative land use?
Breaking Lease Agreement in Ohio?
Half owner of our house wants to abandon; how do we keep the house?
How can we ensure rights to our parents property in the event of their death?
suggestions on best way to share 1 bedroom apartment?
Can I live off of 40k in San Francisco? Alone?
What kind of Apartment is this?
Transfer of property ownership in Sacramento, CA.?
Is it legal to rent out my home with a FHA / IN Housing loan?
Can I keep my flat (housing association) whilst I go to uni?
how do you qualify for a mortgage?
CA Renter: Faulty wiring caused damage when our tv was pluged in. Who is responsible for repair?
Quick real estate question i'll give .s?
how can i make one million dollars in one day?
my a.c. in my apartment has been broke for 4 months and my rental office has not fixed it, it 95 degrees?
Where are the lowest priced towns or cities to live in in the Western states?
For mortgage purposes, will my second home be considered a primary residence, investment prop. or second home?
Is my landlord discriminating against me?
remedies of the Buyer?
im renting a house and the landlord put a stop on the mail is that legal?
Anyone live in the Annapolis MD, Bay Bridge Arnold Area?
how do I set up an escrow account to be used for rent?
is there a thing called "renting land" ?
Does anyone knows how a real estate agent can get REO for sale?
Does anyone know of an apartment service/rental finder in Sao Paulo, Brazil?
I am moving and need to have good rental history. How does this work?
My deposit is in jeopardy. HELP!!!?
Houses in canada? On sale?
Relocating to Lanzarote - Buy To Let UK Properties?
I need some advice about my apartment deposits and charges in SC?
Apartment Marketing Ideas?
How do the performance of public schools affect property value?
How much was your utilities bill last month?
it can take care house?
How much do apartment utilities cost?
can i buy my nans council house?
can landlord shut off water for over week,he's evicting me and i have a 8 month old baby?
How do you find a pet friendly place to live in Layton Utah and be able to move in in 30 days?
I am 23 yr old, and am security guard and have saved for a house pls read to tell me if i am doing it right.?
I Am Looking to Move Into a Beautiful, Yet Affordable New Home; How Do You Feel About This Neighborhood?
i need help finding a site for houses or apartment in cleveland?
Backing out of an apartment lease that i just signed?
If a friend has become disabled and needs constant attention,can he move into my house as a lodger.?
How much rent do you pay Queenslanders?
is there any public way to find out what taxes are on a house i'm looking at buying. anything on the internet?
i am looking for the previously appraised value of a camp i am looking to purchase, where do i look for this?
It's been 4 days without AC in my apartment and there is a heat alert for the city of San Antonio, TX.?
Why do realestate agents remind me of used car salesmen??
i want to buy a house but have little income will a bank be able to help?
Housing assistance for moving families?
foot steps noise is driving me crazy at my apartment...?
can you find a form to get a 2nd mortgae on my house?
What to do when there is a typo in rental lease?
We remodeled a home and sold it, it has new windows, appliances, carpet, tile etc.?
I am legally changing my name. Will I have problems renting an apartment?
Will housing benefit cover all my rent?
What information do I have to bring to a annual section 8 meeting?
If I lower my property tax asessment will the value of my townhouse hurt me if I sell in a few years?
I want to buy my partner out?
A condo is advertised for $350,000. It states that a 20% down payment is required.?
Why are so many houses on foreclosures?
How much notice should a renter be given if landlord is selling home?
Is it POSSIBLE for my house to be TOO clean for potential home buyers?
Once I get served with a foreclosure notice, how long does it take for the "event" to occur?
I am selling some land, and need to know what closing costs are the sellers and what are the buyers (normally)
Do you have neighbor in rural area?
FHA Loans. Is there an income limit to get an FHA loan?
tenant and I signed a written agreement before signing a formal contract?
If a person has 2 homes and one is foreclosed on, how does that affect the other home?
can you get a place in south florida for $500 monthly rate. for example foreclosure, 1 bed apartment, studio?
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