Real Estate

How is it to live in a studio apartment ?
How can I buy a house with out having any credit at all?
I have my house listed with a realtor. Someone offered the price we asked. Can he change his mind?
Advice please - Disrepair claim against my landlord?
Foreclosure Summons...HELP!!! Many Questions!!?
Missouri laws on property abandoment?
How soon can I buy a new home after selling a home to avoid foreclosure?
i am placing room for rent ad for my aunt i have a line that i use for the ads im going to do cosmetic work?
Can you estimate how much more house I can afford after an increase in income?
Bulimia and my apartment lease?
Can you refinance your mortgage after living in a condo for only two years?
Real Estate Agent?? Is the job worth it?
I pay $400 a month now for a apartment and I would like to buy a house.?
refi, buying 2nd home?
landlord problems!!!!neeed help?
credit tobuy a house?
By the year 2200 or 2300 are there going to be mostly apartment buildings instead of houses because of growth?
How much notice to you give when moving out?
Where can i find statistics on the number of people moving from one state (MI) to another (AZ)?
"what is a life time estate"?
Does any one know of a Real Estate Attorney in Bakersfield, CA?
can you tell me when a house was sold and for what price?
Apartments renting and no credit?
How do I find out what the "useful life" of a carpet is under Washington State landlord tenant law?
Home Ownership Questions?
could i get an apartment?
I had to short sell house I owe 159,000 sold for 60,000 house was appraised for 57 foundation problems,will i?
I mopped the laminate floor in my apartment that I rent, now it is bubbling. Will I loose my security deposit?
I have a Land in Madhupur Bihar. It's about 40 Katha/2 Bigha. I like to sale it. It would Be a Big help if?
Renter question - excessive remodel noise?
What are some advantages of renting from a landlord rather than a corporation?
i'm2years in the cotract of a3year how can i get out it with out paying?
How much rent should be paid?
What happens if real estate sale is not recorded at the courthouse and I buy and record my sale?
The John Beck scam...?
Does anyone know of a personal storage facility located in Spokane Washington. I've already tried searching on
place i can put a for rent ad?
In the state of oregon if your renting and the toilet clogs,who is responsible?
Can I sue my mortgage company?
Can you own a dog if you live in a apartment that you own?
How can I earn an income off of being the middle man between real estate transacions?
Hi, I am 23 years old and I want to get rich owning apartment homes. Can anyone tell me how to get into this?
How to get of contract to buy ?
can he just jack my money?
is a home equity line secured by real estate?
where is the cheapest place to purchase waterfront property in America?
which lien has priority to mortgage foreclosure sale proceeds?
how to get rich with realestate in british columbia, canada?
Are these scams on craigslist?
Can't you really take money out of your 401K/403b whenever you want?
Anyone sold their home because of noisy neighbour? Do we have to declare problem to buyer?
preconstruction family home?
Forclosure rights for tenants in NYS?
Is Maiteland, FL Considered a nice ,and safe town?
Can i apply for low income housing from another state?
Which area is best to live in Boston?
Can I sue HUD and Wells Fargo?
how can i rent a 2 bed flat in southampton on housing benefit?
Real Estate Closing: Seller Without Lawyer?
How do you get rid of a crappy roommate?
Can i finance a home while I'm starting a new business after bankruptcy?
what is the definition of the term PLM in the mortgage business?
how much does it cost to buy a two bed flat in north carolina?
were can i find a ranch house?
home builder?
What is a good financial institute to go through to try and purchase a newer mobile home?
What is the Average amount of apartment inspections a year? or even month? does anyone know?
Is it a bad idea to buy a mobile home?
If I get evicted, will it show up on my credit report ?
can a 17 year old rent an apartment if shes grauated highschool and going to college in aug?
neighborhood homes: small & big?
Advice please from landlords?
What are the legal factors involving Escrow in Texas if I don't want to go through with buying of the house.
where is there a real good apartment complex in bangor maine?
are "routine" property inspections allowed without notice?
Raise my Sister's Rent by $500 (HUD) she has three children (Single Mother) Father is deceased?
We never signed a lease. Can we move out?
Is my landlord responsible for servicing my oil boiler?
Should roommates gf pay rent?
What are current 30 year mortgage rates at?
Does anyone do this?
Is it legal to open a haunted house and charge people for it?
which papers do i have to provide to rent a flat in Japan?
When buying a house do you need a real-estate agent?
should I refinance now or should i wait 8 months. prepenalty is 15,000.00?
what are the areas to avoid when looking for a flat to rent in bristol?
How difficult is it to rent with bad credit?
question about first time buyer house loans?
Are there lease-to-own options in hawaii for single familiy homes?
I live in California and own my home free and clear. Will a Living Will protect my home from a lawsuit?
No move-in checklist, water damage?
can or does a 16 year old get a mortgage for a buying a house?
Are there any grants available for first time home buyers?
Apartment Application?
can Foreigners buy appartement in meibourn?
I'm having problems with a tenant that is renting out a bedroom in my house.?
Does bankruptcy hurt you when trying to rent?
Have we got a housing problem in this country?
how to find the cost of building a house on a vacant lot in toronto?
I want to rent out my house. How can I find a renter that I can trust to pay their bills?
Kid friendly neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia?
Looking for Nice Newer Apts in Bay Area close to Hercules/Pinole, CA HELP!?
can you move out at 16 in northern ireland?
I am selling my condo, Can i change my realtor?
What is Citizens Home Loans of America?
Where can you go to find out what a home that was recently sold finally sold for?
Want to know more about the USDA rural development loan?
Around how much will it cost to add a master bedroom and a bath to a small house.?
What is a zero down owner contract?
Do you need an eviction notice to make a person move out your house?
what can i do out of the house when it's raining for less than $30.00 (including gas)?
How many real estate transactions is the MultiCapital Group involved in?
i am a new landlord help!?
the flat is in my wifes nane, can she change the locks on me if i'm still registered as living there?
What should be my initial offer?
how many people live in your house?
My landlord is doing an inspection Tuesday. Help !?
Rooms? for rent? anyone.?
if I get evicted will I ever be able to rent again?
Social Security and low income housing help please?
Does anyone have experience to share about buying a house from a parent?
Own house, roommate. verbal agreement.?
My landlord is filing for Bankruptcy and says that he is loosing the house we are renting.?
If me and my husband are on my auto loan and title, can I sell it without him present?
Anyone got a website for student housing in Liverpool?
If a lien is put on a home during a divorce and the home gets foreclosed on, who pays the lien.?
What is the process for getting an apartment lease, I'm new to this?
Good or bad idea to get a second mortgage?
We just finished paying our GSIS housing loan and we really dont know when we can get our land title from GSIS?
Qualifying for assistance?
Can my landlord do this?
my tenants were ordered to pay and did'nt can I set a motion?
You think my Landlord is telling the truth?
What is a transferable bond for termites?
are there any free sites to find rent to own homes?
What is the status of the condo market? Does it mirror that for single-family homes?
Post lease apartment inspection question?
Can I get a decent 2 room apartment in foshan or guanzhou in china ? what is the rent for a furnished apartme
i am 17 and i want to to get an apartment?
We have a house that we want to rent out. What specifics do I need to be aware of as a landlord?
Owning land?
what does it mean if my dad puts me on the deeds of his house?
The bank want to short sell our house what can i do?
property investment ideas UK?
Is there anything i need to know or do in order for my escrow to close quickly?
Why are homes so expensive in the UK?
how does a adverse possession work?
how do you ask your banker to lower your rate on your home because your 5 yr arm is up and not your primary.?
will mortgage rates ever go back down?
What can we do, if living without lease?
What is an apartment manager to do when there are too many no-show appointments made?
How much time do I have to give an approved applicant to sign lease? Can I still reject them?
How do people afford such large houses?
Landloard not wanting to renew lease of tenant?
Gift for Real Estate Agent?
My son was murdered at a house he was visiting in St. Louis, Mo 16mos. ago. Can landlord be sued?
Need some help with home buying?
When looking to buy a house, what is the ONE room that is a dela breaker for you?
should my daughter pay rent to her boyfriend landlady, she stays there at weekends?
What are some of the housing issues in America? s?
My ex gf and I share an apartment and I am the primary on the lease, can I kick her friend out legally?
Question about defaulting on mortgage?
I'm buying a second house for a brother / sister to move in, will there be any consequences?
Endless Noise from 2nd Floor Neighbors?
Qualify for a refinance?
What is Real Estate Transparency?
Question about the enV?
When do i put my 30 notice in?
Need info on real estate sales. For Sale by owner?
Where can i buy an apartment complex in california for a dollar?
Wanted : Advice on buying a house with bad credit.?
if someone live in a house with no lighta, water,or gas what can u do?
Any Good Real Estate Sites sites to list my home for FREE ?
what would you say to a person, or young couple, just starting to invest in real estate?
i live in fl, and im renting a condo with 1year lease if i need to break lease earlywhatare my choice/conseqen?
Try and buy a house now or later?
Just bought rental property under my name, but want to covert it to the name of the LLC. How can I do this?
Me and my girlfriend are moving in together?
Landlord not met his obligations, what can I do?
Average gas, electric, water bills for wisconsin resident?
Why are single wide manufactured homes prohibited in almost every city in America?
to be real estate negotiator or bank mortgage consultant?
does anyone have information on 3743 L Street Philadelphia, Pa?
Anyone knows anything about Walton International?
Houses for sale under 10k?
i live in a really ghetto apartment and need to break the lease Any ideas how to do that?
What if a dealer check my credict when im buying a house and the closing day is on the 7 ?
How do you get a person not on a lease agreement out of the rental property?
rental assistance who has info on it?
Two women who work for Primerica came to my door tonight?
My brother in law owes me £ 30,000 and he owns two rental properties with that amount of equity in them. He is
service level agreement?
No bill to pay water bill and they want to cut my water off.?
how do I find the value of land in the city of Ghandidham India?
On benefits but want to move in with my partner who works 16hours help?
What is your opinion of this?
I live in Miami fl, and my mom asked me if I would want to move to Boston what do you thing?
Advice please - Disrepair claim against my landlord?
Is my lease for my apartment invalid?
I just got laid off my job and i need help to find a way to pay my rent dose anybody knows who can help me?
the building i want to lease says $17.00/sf or 7,593.33 a month what does the $17.00/sf mean?
Housing question in England?
Where is the best place to build a house?
Why do some sellers do not want to put the listing in the mls?
when you purchase home owner insurance ,is it legal for them to charge higher rates based on our credit report?
I filed bankruptcy about a year ago and don't have much rental history, what are my options??
What will be future property rates in the middle of Mumbai?
Anyone know where I can get free information about Real Estate Investing?
how likely?
new house, which mailbox is mine?
How can I sell my home fast?
Would rent for an apartment be considered mortgage?
Would you ever get a roommate?
how much land do I have to own in order to put two houses on it. In the town of Custer, SD.?
Where can I find a lender that does multiple properties(bulk purchase)in NC?
landlord trouble (rental)?
Internet in an Apartment?
Need creative ways to turn undeveloped property into money?
How many hotel rooms nationwide in America?
How hard is it to buy a house with bad credit? What if you have a down payment?
if a red house is made of red bricks, and a yellow house made of yellow bricks,what is a green house made of?
Are you for or against public housing?
Investment Advice? (Long)?
can rent arrears which was left unpaid for 6 years with landlords consent suddenly be demanded back?
i need help woth my tenent?
Is 130 a week a rip off for a 27" travel trailer camper?
can i get evicted this month, i just got a notice but is it legal to do that?
Home Appraisal Question. Appraisal Higher than asking price?
Where can I find abandoned buildings (restaurants etc..) in cherry hill, NJ?
Single parent on benefits, housing benefit advice?
How much would it cost to build a replica of the "Spencer Mansion"?
help need info on renters rights in michigan?
is that governmen can buy commercial property from invester with income?
Stupid question!How much do my fiance and I need to make to buy a decent house?
What can happen if you can't pay your mortgage?
loans affecting apartment approval?
should i move to florida?
move to a smaller city or stay?
is it possible to lease an apartment with poor credit?
Real estate investing question dealing with partners/investors?
how to get home mortgage after bankruptcy?
Does a landlord legally have to tell you the house is in foreclosure?
Were can I get a coach from hull to flamingo land and how much will it be for a family of 3?
Why can't I locate internet listings for "Condos Only" near Victorville, California?
Short Sale Home Bought Going into Auction ( Need Immediate Help)?
Where do I get a copy of the landlord tenants rights for Pennsylvania, and is it legal in the state of Pa....?
How do I get on-line advertisers for servicing real estate investors?
first time home buyer needs help?
Can you get away with lying on a Rental Application?
Mortgage Application Question?
Breaking a lease agreement?
How do I find real estate investors who will buy million dollar properties with millions in equity?
Will my aby look like me are my husband?
Is there a formula for how much to charge for rent on a house?
I need your advice urgently?
Condo being sold Overpriced... HELP?
I'm planning on renting out a condo that I own, And I would like to do a criminal?
im trying to sell my property in central brittany - what is the best and fastest way to do it?
My landlord indicated to me that they dont have coverage to cover lost caused by a tenant, is that true?
Home Gift Providers Association Info needed?
how can i find a house in texas for about 20,000 to 35,000 dollars?
What happens if I add a room in my garage, no permits, then sell my place?
What is a discovery deadline?
how much does a penthouse in chicago cost?
Why aren't mortgage rates coming down?
is it possible that i could just move in and pay my rent n deposit?
do i need to pay my utility bills if my lease is over before they are due?
Who is a competent real estate professional that is easy to work with when looking for Los Angeles homes for s?
Im buying a home that costs 145,000 I am putting down 90,000. Is 8 1/2 % too much?
My lease says I must pay water & sewer, and I must pay everything except water & sewer.?
is there any 1 bedroom houses for rent in victoria under $450?
What does Pre-Forecloser mean in Real estate?
what type of houses do they have in cyprus?
interested in starting real estate, what is the best way to start? specifically with no down payment.?
why is it so expensive to buy a house in Los Angeles?
Can a landlord ask to pay $100. extra each month plus the rent increase if you want to rent month to month?
Prices for home in Florida?
Can you get a home loan if you can afford it but don't have good enough credit?
My deposit check to the title company for my house was sent to the wrong place by USPS! Will we close late?
Can our landlord make us move out of a handicapped apartment if a handicapped person needs to move in?
How to find 3000 quid to buy my dream house in Bulgaria ?
Can anyone who has recently sold their home tell me what the usual process time is?
Can a tenant's request to see the original lease in the landlord's possession be denied?
how to move out of your parents house quicker?
how do you find a contact name for a property you would like to rent?
Quit Claim Deed New Jersey?
Is it the renters responsibility to clean up storm damage to the property?
whyis the rent getting higher and the wage is getting lower?
I will be bringing home $2500 a month?
Do Quicken Loans have a website with foreclosed homes?
Breaking a private lease?
Is there anywhere in the U.S. that doesn't have a property tax?
Need help finding a affordable house in Maryland?
can people own condominiums?
does anyone have a motomed for sale it's for people in wheelchair?
apartment financing?
real estate contract for the removal of contingency?
Isn't it my right as a renter to have until the 5th of every month to pay rent without receiving a late fee?
can a landlord send me to collections when I do not live at the apartment?
how can i sell my house fast?
Can someone tell me what arears means in real estate?
What are my options now?
If a tenant is behind on rent and does not want to renew the lease and still has property in the building can.?
Can Landlord refund rent for eviction?
private tenant rights?
Is it true that the rent is due every first day of the months? if so what is a penalty for someone?
Can i sue Wells Fargo?
Can anybody help me find a decent 1/2 BHK in and around Koramangala within a budget of Rs. 8000/-?
Buying/Selling Home.....what do you think?
Can we evict them? yes or no?
What to do about a tenant that isn't really on the lease to pay the rent and no running water?
If you are not a student, can you rent student flats?
How to negotiate a better real estate price?
how is a foreclosure actually carried out ?
How can i get a loan?
Will submitting a quit claim for property in Los Angeles County cause a tax rate increase?
Is there any way to get out of a house when you owe so much?
What can I do with $2700?
We are approved for a home loan with?
What price range can I buy a house in for having 200,000 as a down payment?
Which is the better investment?
in real estate is there a difference between "Separate Ownership" and "Sole & Seperate"?
I need help with REIF please?
How do I find a house for rent in Eastern TN?
can a maryland townhouse in owings mills be in a flood zone?
Are basement apartments legal in Nassau County NY?
I, lost my job, i cant make my car payment, rent is due, utilities etc. Nobodies hiring! Any suggesting! Help?
What recourse does one have when stolen from?
is there a printable form for renting a room to someone?..?
Best place to obtain study materials for Realestate license???
Where can I find a list of foreclosed properties on-line?
I rent and have bad credit and would love to buy a home is there a way?
I had mold in a condo, which has been removed, and a real estate agent?
i need mortgage leads quick i'm going broke with all these real estate agents !!!!!?
What's the best way to a home from a friend?
Buying a home with bad credit possible?
my tenant uses her central air all day all night since april is there such thing as over using the unit?
What are the standard guidelines for financing a home owned less than 90 days by the seller?
My 6k time. Good or bad ?
How Real Estate's "Industry" developed through time in the past 10 years?
What actions should be taken against renters who do not pay rent?
Can a landlord put a sign up when a tenant is still there?
What can I do if my landlord will not make repairs to my home?
How much of a difference does credit score make on a VA loan?
How can you stay warm in a house with no heat? Power outage. It will be days/weeks before power is restored. ?
building symbols?
Can you get your pet "fee" back if noone on the actual lease signed anything?
What do I need to do in order to create a company to buy properties in usa?
Broker's License?
Can our landlord charge us for a broken toilet flush as damaged?
i want to have sample of letter requesting motorcade permit?
landlord rights question?
How do I get my name on my husbands deed and morgage of our home?
How do you take over a mortgage?
Are Section 8 address listings available as public knowledge in Ohio?
When renting a property, if your lease states that normal wear and tear, who determines it?
If i am 17 and i want to move out of my mother house can i get in trouble if i just leave ?
can a landlord let one person have a pet and not another when on same property?
What is it a good price for apartments?
My wife is buyng a house under her credit and name?
how to sell my house fast?
My mom wants to buy a new house under my name?
Can I deduct a loss on sale of primary home on my federal taxes?
Home building costs.?
What will happen to the interest$ paid on an interest only loan when I refinance if minimum$pd to principle?
How can I negotiate this deal?
If I decide on foreclosure can the mortgage company garnish my wages? am I out any money if I walk away?
Can my landlord have my boyfriend removed from my trailer just because she doesn't like him?
can my landlord charge me a utillities depost?
what is the best way to proprating?
Do I have to use the realtor who showed me the house I found?
I can't get money on app trailer how can you help ?
Do I still have to purchase?
can a landlord add things to a lease once its already accepted and signed by both parties?
Please help me understand?
Anyone seen the news today about the FED bailing out Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac?
What would you expect to pay for conveyancers fees for purchasing a property?
if i foreclose on my home because of losing my job will the bank go after me for the money that is owed?
Steps in buying a home?
Ive heard about buy foreclosures is an excellent bussines but, after?
living in apt in TN, breaking up, his name not on lease. landlord says he has right to stay? T or F?
is there any way to lower assessment fees?
Can we afford a million dollar home?
How and When can I afford a house?
Your landlord is renting out a house and does not report it, what do you need to do?
How many days do landlords have to give for an eviction so he can make the apartment in to a house?
Do we need a buyer's agent?
15 year or 30 year mortgage?
rental deposit question?
How much would you put an offer in on a house that is on the market at 160,000 pounds?
not sure how to subtract 6% from 202,900.00?
After a studio apartment near Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles California would the next step if i am?
opinion.....Which is the best Real Estate Company In North America?
Moving Into My First Apartment?
Will the short sale tax break still exist in 2013?
Loan for house, no credit, no down payment, steady job!!?
Is it possible to move out at 18 secure income to provide for yourself and pay your own education?
Saint that helps sell house?
Is joint tenancy and ownership the same thing.?
If my landlord sells my house is my lease still valild?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of owning/buying a heritage listed home??
Landlord ultimatum beyond lease agreement?
harry holdings?
i want to rent my house out whats the cheapest way?
can some one give me a name of a land company in western north carolina where i can lease land.?
Can a landlord ask for first last and security when moving into a house for rent?
where online can i find an apt in frederick, md??
How do I get out of a lease legally?
Should I refinance now or wait?
Will you rent or lease to someone with 2 med/small dogs?
Are Realtors required to be licensed in Dubai?
My rights as a cosigner of my house?
What rights does a co-signer have?
My landlord says my ac iis working and is notdo?
ending tenancy..............?
Would you buy property in Sedona Arizona?
why is it so hard to find an apartment to rent for a foreigner bachelors in sainikpuri,hyderabad?
daughter wants to move houses?
Effectively, am I surrendering my lease in order for the new tenant to sign a new lease?
How long does a landlord hold on to a security deposit check before they cash it?
How can I buy a house for zero down and still have low monthly payments?
How much do I need to make a year to get a mortgage for a 40k house?
how does the process of buying a home work with real estate agents, lawyers, and inspections?
Buy to let mortgage question? Please help please?
How does forclosure on a property work?
i have a lease agreement ? i live MI the landlord never told me that she had snakes can i break the lease?
what age were you when you bought your first home-and how much?
stopped paying condo fees?
my credit good 600-650 but irs stop me owe 13.000 trying buy a houes who can help
Does Obama new mortgage plan help me?
oakwood homes?
Is there any country You can live at comforably for only $1500 a month?
Anyone know how much homes in Mexico appreciated in the last 15 years?
Paid rent faithfully since feb landlord refuses to fix a/c what do i do? did not pay this month?
what do i need to type in to find a morgage company in pine bluff ar?
Haggling rent prices?
Problem with my apartment (paying bills)?
what are the eviction laws in the state of tennessee?
What would you do?
I interviewed a realtor and he put his sign post in front of my house before I decided to hire him. Comments?
How can I find out the balance on a bank owned house? house hasn't gone into foreclosure yet.?
Can he put me out?
Should I move out or no!?
When will property/real estate in the U.S. appreciate? 10-15 years more?
Landlord Was trying to come into my home with out my consent???
Moving to Parma, Ohio?
I want to buy a house; I'm 24 with decent credit and climbing, but no down payment money?
wanting to move out within the next 6 months to a year. what do i do now?
how do i decrease my debt to income ratio?
Can you be asked to move based on insects only?
What requirements to rent out a building?
what is unamortized cost mean in regards to Leases?
Who owns your house when you have a mortgage?
What are the chances of being approved for a 200K mortgage loan?
how can i starting right now with nothing or little step by step become millionaire then multimillionaire?
Does splitting mortgage with GF count as income?
What are the top things to know and do when moving out on your own for the first time?
i am trying to break a lease on an apartment and need help?
Section 8 tenants & $150.00 Jeans
Besides money what does it take to buy a house once you found the one you want?
how often do houses NOT go through to signed papers?
Which mortgage companies finance for manufactured homes and which companys loan is easier to get?
How old do you have to be to rent an apartment?
Where can you find a decently priced rental in/near Berkeley, CA?
where can i get a hud key?
what are the disadvantages and advantages of seller accepting an offer with this clause attached?
Why do I need a home buyer's agent?
who owns river ridge lot 61g&63g?
I have a 5 year 5% ARM mortgage that is good until Sept. 2008.?
Where can I find free forms to use for renting properties in Ohio? I need a lease and legal forms...?
Is there a better company than to get a home loan if your credit is not good? PLEASE HELP!!!?
My Old Apartment is trying to charge me for the used carpet in my apartment Help!?
Self-owned property to run in a single-member LLC?
I live in Houston (house) and rent in San Antonio for work. Can I deduct mileage or rent from my income taxes?
Is my Landlord being unfair?
I need advice on how to get out of a lease that doesn't start til next month?
Can I be notified of my husbands every move by cell phone?
My lease expired the end of August 2009,when suppose to ask for the 30 days notice ?
What expenses should i expect when i live on my own?
which r the most popular?
what can i do to make buying a house easier?
What is the difference between a HELOC and a Home Equity Loan?
Can I burn down my apartment and get a settlement ?
which one is better to have if i buy a house now, fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage?
if a house for rent to own says "financing available no money down" can i get the house with bad credit?
Renting a room in my property?
i have been told not to put anything in your own name even your primary residence.why do they say this?
is there a loophole to the community property law in texas? I want to buy a home while seperated.?
How much could a doctor afford to pay for rent?
How to get House value?
What do you think of purchasing a home too high for you to afford and getting room mates?
Our apartment management failed to let us know of fees they assumed we paid?
Half owner of our house wants to abandon; how do we keep the house?
Relocating for business - House deposits?
What refinance company?
When as a property owner/manager would you just throw up your hands and tell a renter that they need to stop?
Is there a mortgage company that will pre-approve a first time home buyer with real bad credit in Texas?
Mortgage loan requirements?
can your landlord talk about your finacal busness to other people?
Putting our house up for sale after only 2 years.?
How much did you pay for your home?
Where can I get public housing quick? I am willing to relocate?
balloon mortgages?
im returning to the uk after 10 years abroad i have no ties to any town can i get housing benifit any where?
can rent be raised without a new lease in ct?
how do you find out if a property is haunted?
Money plus current market value?
I am a single female. Should i purchase a house or a condo?
Apartment...upstairs or down?
DC Area, how much for a 1-room apartment?
Accepting a buyer's offer...?
How can you fire your realtor if he/she is lazy and not doing much for you?
Is it against the law for the rental office to place an exposed late notice on your door?
Am i tamisha going to move into my own place sooner than later?
I am looking for an all bills paid apartment one bedroom or studio in pleasant grove can u help?
Landlord advise please?
What are our rights / Renting flat?
where can i go online to find houses & duplexs for rent ?
Once you go to court for an eviction notice, how long does the judge give you to move out. fayetteville nc?
I want to break my year contract for my apartment.?
Do I still need to pay up rent if I leave before evicted?
If an apartment is doing an employment verification, does that mean i am approved for the apartment?
trying to find a office building phone number as in the front desk.?
how do you no how to trust a website when buying something and you have never heard of it?
How does paying down a huge amount on my mortgage affect my payments?
Where can I find more information on discrimination from a landlord?
Can I hold my renters property unil they pay the remainder of rent due?
What Downpayment Assistance Programs Are In South Euclid Ohio?
can a mortgage broker decline to do business with me and my realtor?
I am currently 56 days past due how long do you think I have left before it goes into forclosure? I live in SC
What do I do about a nasty landlord?
Not on lease, kicked out, am i obliged to pay for rent?
How many mortgages were 'sold' in 2007? ?
what do i do when a tenant refuses to pay rent and says it doesnt matter, he'll be filing bankruptcy anyways.?
if a flat is £65pw, is that per person per week or can it be split?
I'm looking for help for home repairs for low income disabled?
What are my rights as a renter if someone new buys a house?
Did people who bought homes with mortgages they couldn't afford are to blame or is it the banks fault?
Who should pay for house problems when selling a house?
Best way to get Mom to buy me a house?
What's the actual cost of living in New York vs. a Southern City such as Dallas?
I gave my landlord a 6 month notice that I have to break the lease?
how can i protect myself from apartment staff who hate me ?
how much does utility cose for a double wide mobile home in WI?
What will be the percentage change in the real estate price of LA?
If you sign a lease and no money or keys were exchanged is the lease voidable?
Do i need to have credit to rent an apartment in Sa Antonio, TX?
Do landlords talk to ur previous landlord?
Would any of you invest in property in Indonesia?
Is 20 years old to young to move out? Realistically.?
Where are some safe, nice apartments near winter springs, Fl?
What if a house appraises for less than you offered?
Any advice on opening a real estate office? Has anyone gone thru the process?
Buying a foreclosure?
How long after an order of notice do you have to be out of a house?
Buying a house how much do I need to make a hour to buy a home like this?
What happens if I break my lease this way?
Landlord in foreclosure?
Could this be a scam?
is it possible to find a partner for construction business in turkey?
Has anyone used Bargin Network or any of services to buy houses up for foreclosure?
Apartment Lease Question?
Is it wise to take out a Home Equity loan to purchase a new home if current home is not sold yet?
Is there such a thing as buying or selling air space?
What does this mean when looking at an apartment?
what is the median price per square foot for housing within the Varina area of Richmond VA?
Rental Business: How to let go a property manager we caught damaging property he is supposed to manage!?
Rental Assitance north carolina?
I'm finding it very difficult to make a claim for benefit?
Can a home builder become rich?
Commercial lease - no contract?
My landllord will not give me a break on the enormous late fees of my rent.?
I'm sick and tired of this and i found a solution can anyone help me in making it happen?
hi my wife has rented out one room in a shared house in london,in 2005 to one women she is been living for all?
Who do i contact to make a complaint about ANZ bank regarding a house settlement ?
If i put 4 wardrobes next to each other and cut out the back of 1 making a door isit legally considered a wall?
Problems with a good neigbor?
is council housing safe to live in? is there a lot of crime on the estates?
I have 2 houses? One is primary and second is a weekend home about 50 miles away. I want to refinance primary
What does leasehold mean?
Is it okay to remove all my lightbulbs out of this apartment when I move?
Need help finding owners number of a property?
Is it better to buy a house if you pay for it in full or is it better buying with a mortgage?
Is there anyway you could help me calculate a real estate price?
What do you do when you buy a house and find out the neighbor has their driveway on your property?
median house price history, santa clara county, CA, USA?
how long can it take for a landlord to obtain a court order to get you out of his property?
buying a house with cash?
Eviction due to rent arreas when recieving housing benefit.?
Real Estate online course?
What does this mean? Short sale question?
Can someone with Power of attorney, affect my living situation?
homemade fireers?
A home is owned by 2 individuals.?
Can you get a 203k loan if your paying cash for a house?
how to buy real estate with no money down?
out of interest what website do you visit the most?
How soon do I need to try to prequailify for a home loan?
Was kicked out, and my property thrown away?
Can you use your FHA home as a rental after 3 years?
Would I be able to qualify for a mortgage?
anybody out there can give me some info on cashflow?
Amrapali Princely Estate 9211725661 Noida Sector 76?
Can the wealth of a family be predicted just by size of thier homes?
IS 2% Fixed interest over 30 years a good rate for a home loan?
Buying Foreclosures?
how to evict when you can not find the original lease?
Is rent to own a good deal?
What are the taxes,fees and charges to be paid to Govt. when purchasing a flat from a builder, in Bangalore ?
how to fill quit claim deed form?
My landlord randomly swept my porch that were renting?
Renting in uk with bad credit?
where do you think the real estate market is going in the next 6 months?
How much does it cost to rent out skateland for a day ?
what are a tenant's rights once they voluntarily leave?
Where can I find assistance or info on the bailout plan for homeowners? ?
If u refinance your house, do u lose equity?
Does the Aparment Complex have a right to money that shouldnt be theirs cause I wont be livin there?
after I paid off my mortgage, where and how can I get my deed of the house ?
Should I pay my landlord/housemate rent?
Our realtor wants to meet with us AFTER we have already bought a house. what could it be about?
As a buyer do you still need to have searches done if they are included in the HiP?
If i'm buying a home, do seller pay my agent 3% of the house value? Do i have to pay my agent anything>?
Creative Real Estate Investors, What was your best Deal, and How was it configured?
Do you have to pay for forclosure listings?
What to tell a realtor?
How does a foreclosure impact your personal credit if its owned under an LLC?
What are some careers in real estate, other than being an agent?
Is Wisconsin a nice place to live?
when you check other banks for mortages and rates I already check with a mortgage banker and he ran my credit?
Is my lease still binding......?
How much can i afford on a 1000/ month budget apartment wise?
My landlord is doing a walkthrough for the first time in 2 years?
what info can i share with ex tenant's new landlord?
Why are terraced houses less popular?
when you sell a house, how can you make sure you get the $?
I'm looking for an apartment that is safe and affordable in San Antonio, TX, help!?
tenant fallen 2 behind on their rent,can I get a court possession order now uk?
What is downpayment of a house? And what is a mortgage note?
My old landlord wants money back from me even though he has given me my deposit back..any advice?
Why do mortgage lenders ask how many floors are in a condo building?
can my daughter rent off parrents and still claim housing benefit?
Are there any condos, or apartments for senior adults for rent?
I have a first and second mortage. I am trying to sell but no offers. What happens if I stop making payments?
look up people in apartments.
How do you find horns for fl studio?
Question about renting an apartment.?
How do you move to a new city?
Moving out of the nest?
what the property value of the homes in woodranch,simi valley?
Landlord Bankruptcy, what to do?
Besides paying the break the lease fee is there any way a person can move and be accepted into a new place?
Apartments/Homes for rent in Twentynine Palms, CA?
San Jose Housing Authority Rules?
Did I just lose my security deposit?
What does dismissed with out prejudice mean in a foreclosure case?
How do you purchase a new house before you sell your current one?
If you will leave your (rental) house, do you have the obligation to inform the landlord a month earlier?
where can I find information on how much property tax i paid last year?
on a month to month lease can a lanlord just through you out with harly no notice?
Real estate question- How do you find out what 3 flat in your area sold for in the last 3 years?
Why do I have a lien on my vehicle when I am the co-signer but the original signer has none?
Selling property, how tidy should it be? what should and shouldn’t be on display?
Short sale with two loans?
trying very hard but a no go area as foreigners gt all the work?
Tenant and need advice about wasp infestation!?
Should I buy a one bedroom or two bedroom?
Can you move into an apartment right away?
If I make a large payment on my mortgage on the principal will that lower my monthly payment?
What are som average costs for the following bills?
If you sell some land can the seller choose the method of payment?
Please help me find out how to fight a contractor lien against my house, the contractor was hired by the buyer
Finding good neighborhood for young people around Chicago?
Should I sell my home or hang in there?
How do I find decent apartment roommates for college?
is becoming a real estate broker either in commercial and residential a bad choice?
How do I go about buying a home?
What reasons would a listing agent stall letting me write up my offer?
What is the benefit of using a Realtor?
What i need to know about buying my first house?
Real Estate Letter for loan modificat? Cleaning up & combining sentences? More concise/etc? (Its pretty short)?
Condominium vs. town home vs. house. Which one is easy to maintain and live? Which one is good investing?
How can I buy Govt sold tax-defaulted houses?
Can you legally break an apt lease if your buying a house , without it affecting credit score?
Can I get Fed ID with just name of company?
In a 1031 exchange can you buy before you sell?
what grants are availible for restoring 100 year old homes?
If i have a burglar alarm installed at a property I am renting, am i obliged to give my landlord the passcode?
What is a good small town in Ohio to move to?
break out of house contract?
preparing for renting first flat?
What are the chances the $8000 tax credit will be extended past the Dec. 1st closing deadline?
what is the average price for a house in your area........If you rent how much is your rent?
what is ISM index?
how much should i charge for rent?
whose is resonsible for taking care of pest control landlord or tenant?
i have maufactured home for rent what would you ask for rent?
technical name for this type of appartment?
If i am renting a apartment, am i responsible for water damages if my wash machine flooded some of the house?
Help me buy house in usa?
I am paying 2500 to break my lease. What about my security and last month's rent. Will I get that back?
I'm in need to find a 2 bed HUD approved townhouse/apartment for me and my son in the Charleston WV area.?
Am I required to give 30 days notice to my Room Renter?
Home loans?????
Has the financial crisis caused an end of the property market?
real estate availability in jalapa, mexico?
my landlord threatened to sue me for late rent...?
Home builders/Construction?
Can my friend stay with me in my apartment that I pay for?
Help please!Nicor shut off our gas without sending a shut off notice.?
Help me with these Housing Questions?
What subjects school should cover if financial eduaction is to be taught in school?
When will the offer come?
I'm looking for a toilet trailer rental for a wedding coming up?
buyer ask agent whats the best way to take title to the property brought?
I want to live in a apartment. What do i need to pay first?
How do you use the Roth IRA's first-time home owner benefit?
What is the difference between a NNN lease and a gross lease?
Need a loan on a cell tower lease in Ohio?
how long does it take to get your rental deposit back, after the walk through etc...?
Is there anyone else whose mortgage is greater than what they could sell their home for?
I live in NJ. I will be getting laid off of my full time job paying $1000 a week. I should?
I currently live in Iowa and was looking into moving into a metropolitan area. Here are my criteria....?
Can a nurse in NYC afford a house in the Hamptons?
how do i get my name off of house mortgage my e-wife now is paying for Thur our divorce agreement?
what is land worth in west chazy?
Real Estate listings?
in real estate,which buss entity will be better,limited liabilities corporation or company?
First month rent + Last 3 months rent + 2 months rent deposit?
How can i get my deposit back before my lease is up evn tho i just moved in a month ago?
Can I get into college housing if I have a felony in retail theft that happened 2 years ago.?
The banks appraisal came back at more than I am paying for the house. How uncommon is this?
How would you confront this rude neighbor?
Normandy oaks in jax, fl?
How much would a great paint job help the resale value?
Can 3 people be on the title of the house?
are house prices going to go up or down?
i need to find a listing for rafiq and louvonia hargett in williamston n.c.?
is there a way to get help for gov. grants, without paying for a program or software?
why is property so high in missouri?
Where can I find a form for selling a house on contract?
Who gets the tax benefits to owning a home?
are there any incentives for teachers buying a house?
Why didn't the judge evict the tenant?
Where's a good easily affordable place to live in Tampa for a young male college grad?
I want to buy a property in the future..?
rent to own question?
Are there any other options for getting out of a bad real estate investment?
who wants there own place?
Do you live in modulare home { trailer}?
What are the best free sites for finding rental homes.?
What could I charge in N Central Florida Ocala-for furnished 1bedroom/1bath Room monthly--I pay all utilities?
where can i find apartment listing for mississauga?
Getting kicked out tomorrow, how can I make my rent?
I need to consolidate my home loans?
Where can I get real estate agent who can help us buying properties all over USA?
where can i go online to find houses & duplexs for rent ?
an a person who has filed chapter 7 bankrupcy get a mortgage after 2 years?
How long can someone rent a house before the cleaning deposit doesn't apply,like worn carpet etc.?
Looking for landlord input...what do you think?
Buy house or rent for 120% higher price in shaky job market?
NYC Open Houses..locals: help please?
under what circumstance do I not have to pay a real estate agent when seling my home?
how do i get around payin 30% deposit wen i buy a comercialy zoned house?
A house is going up for auction this friday, and we know the bank is buying it back for list- what can we do?
if I rent out a venue for my birthday, will they let us serve our own alcohol?
Is it better to go through a bank or Broker for a home mortagage loan?
does anyone no of houses for rent in campbell county,ky?
can you sell a property (house and land) before a subdivision process is complete?
can i get another home loan after divorce?
The landlord lost the house to the bank so thats why we cant pay the bill, this town wont let us out the water?
Any tips on getting a new apartment and taking care of it?
what is the best way to find a house 4 rent?
once a buyer signs papers how long do you have to get your things out?
Building homes to sell. Any advice on getting started?
Best place for me, an American, to buy land and build a home outside of America?
Does anyone know of any pet friendly apartment buildings in westchester ny?
Is there something wrong with Seaside Oregon? Beachfront real estate there is dirt cheap?
Should I buy a house as a sophomore in college?
how do I get an offset mortgage in the USA - are they legal?
Now that the Real Estate boom bubble burst! What is the new hype in Real Estate that people may need help?
can i claim my principle payments on my property that i rented out?
I work for a broker at a real office and I want to develop a site specializing in no fee luxury apartments.?
Where can I find a cheap apartment?
looking for houses for rent in orange county new york?
If you do not move in on your sign date for lease can they hold you to your lease?
Old age home with separate room or a flat with all facility necessary for old person and full day good food?
Council Housing !!!?
Can you determine if water is wasted in an apartment by renters or experiment used to know whoes using most.?
i live on a fixed income it would be niceto have freeyear?
How do I get my deposit back?
is a lease still valid if the person name on the lease was a minor when it was signed?
breaking a lease on an apartment?
why KB homes are less even though it has big square footage?
how do evict my room mate who the landlord never wanted in my house?
Decreased rent for changing appliances?
Buying a flat in Pune?
If you have a mortgage who really owns your house ~ you or the bank?
As a single parent, what is the BEST CITY near an OCEAN to raise my child? Prefer East coast, but flexible.?
How do I legally get a family members out of my house?
How do I become even Richer?
Would you rake the yard if you were moving out in 2 weeks? (rental property)?
Can you get a real estate license with a felony on your record?
How can a person with an income 40k-50k and a decent credit go about securing a home ?
How much will I owe in taxes if I made $3000 in 2010?
Own property with Ex-boyfriend, need advice to sell my share!?
My mother is 85 yr old she gets social security and retirement check..she owns home with no mortgage...?
Can I move out of town under wage earner?
Would you purchase a house with a ghost in it?
I found a house I love, but I am wondering how do I negotiate the selling price without previous experience?
What would happen to my mortgage if anything went seriously wrong with Northern Rock?
If a house it foreclosed on, and sold at auction, what happens to the original owners equity?
If you own a piece of land, do you own that land down to the center of the Earth?
Must sell our house - need ideas to make more attractive? PHOTOS?
Does she like me or does she not? (more info included)?
Will a water meter affect my home's resale value?
Can I be sued if I back out of the purchase of a house?
How do "normal" people with "normal" paying jobs ex: teachers, police, afford to buy a home in CA or the like?
My landlord is refusing to deduct the money for a repair that we did to the phone jacks?
rent increase?
breaking lease before the end period?
What are the pitfalls I should watch out for when letting licenced property mgr manage my rental house.?
i want to find houses for sale in my area?
What are some good resources for subletting houses or condos in the San Diego, CA?
Which offers more opportunities and wealth in Florida? Real estate sales or mortgage brokerage?
im doing property management, how could i pick up more buildings & buiss.??
someone has a mortgage in my name?
Can we keep buyer depost and sue appraiser?
Lien on House for Previous Owner?
If someone is pre-approved for an uncoventional mortgage in Canada (mortgage of 95% value of home being built)
Is 30 days notice necessary?
What is montana law about 3 kids plus both parents renting a studio apartment?
What is a yellow letter?
I have $5,000.00. I want to buy property. Any suggestions?
How do I get out of my over-priced home so that I can buy a forclosed house - with the least amount of damage?
How much do I need to move out?
Anyone get their $8000 back yet?
if i want to buy a house around 90k what is a good deposit to have?
What are the most important cosmetic features to you in buying a home (not brand new).?
I need help with REIF please?
i want type in gujrati?
How Much Will It Cost to Close on an Apartment Building?
How to advertise to sell my house by myself for free?
how can I pay a 150,000.00 house note off in 3 years?
how can i get housing help? like finding a low cost place?
house or condo??????????
what is the statue of limitations for real estat home inspector law suits??
how do i get tenants out of my home?
Me and my roommate are both lease holders his gf stays six nights rent free?
Could I afford this house?
Moving to NYC. Should I sell or rent out my 2-br condo in Sunnyvale, CA?
By law, how long after you move out should a landlord refund your deposit.?
I'm really interested in a new home buyers programm that government's running. D'anyone know anthg about it?
Would you rent an apartment studio that...?
Is there anyway to get out of a condo that is underwater without killing credit?
what programs are out there for a person getting ssi where do i find these programs I got money to put down on?
Whats a good homebuying book/site?
im 16 and is going to run away to florida can i get me my own place hotel,condo,house,or apartment?
I paid my rent late this month; how likely is eviction if I refuse to pay the late fee?
Real Estate Agent Salary?
I want to make up a contract for renting out a party hall. Any suggestions on how to get started?
Is there a statute of limitations on real estate tax REFUNDS in Scott Co. VA.?
Getting an apartment first time?
Who wants to buy a house in Stockton, California?
Should I rent out my house while I travel or sell it?
Section 8 housing tenant qualifications for California residents. Where can I apply...websites??
Do we have to pay our landlord for this month?
How do I findrentto own houses in Gaiesville, Florida?
Is it better to pay off debt or have more cash?
what areas have the highest relative property rental rates in the USA?
Where can I report about an apartment management?
Facing a foreclosure and haven't paid a mortgage for 11 months!?
How can you get out of your apartment lease?
my landlord charges $800.00 a month in rent and charges $25 for and first 2 days and $35 everyday after can?
Can property managers appear at eviction hearing in Detroit instead of owner?
rent to own property is it true?
what exactly is a guarantor?
Landlord charge more for additional person moving in..... ?
Which house to you prefer?
Is my landlord aloud to enter my house if there is NO emergency?
subletting deposit laws?
Have OK from management co. to sublet adjacent office but can't locate leasee..?
Were do I find Cheap apartments in Lancaster or York county?
Understanding Mortgages in the UK?
Evicting roommate on the lease... meeting with the property manager today?
Is it better to pay little money for a long time or to pay a lot of money for a short time in your mortgage?
Landlord wants £300 from deposit to clean flat.?
I would like to rent a house/apartment.?
When home owners move out prior to their foreclosure being completed who is responsible for the yard, water?
I Inherited a home with a reverse mortgage?
Does anyone know of any lenders that are willing to do a 80% first mortgage?
thanks for all the great answers, but i have in till the end of the month to pay a sure ten amount if i want t
In SEATTLE, WA or closeby, can anyone tell me which area is best $$$$ to live? And which area is best-value?
I have 1.5 acres in montura ranch,labelle florida should i keep or sell?
I rent in California. Does the landlord have a right to put signs in my yard for other properties for rent?
What is the smartest & cheapest way to buy a house with land?
How can I find out who I worked for in april 2010 - April 2011?
Is there anything I can do after a sheriff's sale in Indiana?
Can you be evicted if your rent is 3 weeks late?
Renter insurance and home was flooded help!!!?
does the infomercial for buying houses for 300 really work?
Should I live at home or with my friend in an apartment?
2 Person Lease; Final Payment Owed but Creditor Coming After Me for Total?
Rent to own house / good or bad idea?
Definition of technical officer?
Who pays the transfer stamp taxes on a foreclosure sale in Florida?
Does anyone know who owns Woodside Leisure Park in Watford or how i can find out how the landlords are as i wa
Is Ditech a good mortgage company?
We live in Southbury CT. We are not handy. Do you think a condo is the best choice for us?
can a landord evict u if u have other tenants living with u when the lease didnt specify how many u can have?
what are the laws for a verbal rent agreement?
Do I have to pay rent for next month if I move out this month?
Cheap rent a car for 6 months in US?
what does a landlord have to do when there mold in your home?
What do you think of the new Freedom Tower they are building in NYC to replace the World Trade Center?
I'm looking for person to find the righ house for rent in Phoenix affordable, nice, safe for kids specially.
I live in an apartment with my daughter and my neighbor smokes a? What do I do?
how much a typical bill for utilities for a house of 4?
I live in reno nv how many people can live in a one bedroom apartment?
Can Association take a loan for $250,000 to replace driveways which are 10 yrs old without consenus of all?
Apartment move out question?
Can HOA boards prohibit renters/homeowners who rent their condos out from using shared facilities?
How do I take my landlord/agent to a small claims court over a deposit?
Whats the first 3 things (major things) you would buy with 1,000,000 dollars?
help find low income housing for me and my family. the only income I have right now is F.I.A.?
Do land lords except money orders for rent payment?
What questions should I ask a potential landlord?
What is the e-mail address for the Head of Broward County Housing Authority?
when renting a home...?
Living on the top, middle or bottom floor of an apartment?
Foreclosure question?
Question to the people of‏ ‏ Canada, how do you expect a hot dog vendor in complexes that wins the day?
Russ Feed Broker News?
i live in chicago and need an appraisal for my house's value in may of 2003?
How does it work to buy a mobile home? Do you have to buy it? or can u just rent one?
Where can I download a homeowner exemption form for will county in illinios?
how i can find a really good and cheap appartment in st. louis MO, by the end of this month?
Whats wrong with having a house on a Marshland or a wetland?
in search of housing / low-income housing for northeast dallas?
English couple buying a house in Queensland?
real estate license help?
Renting in CA, is a broken hot water heater considered uninhabitable?
What is automated underwriting?
Should I cosign on a home purchase with my fiancee?
Will I be able to afford this?
Missed payment(s) during refinance?
Two college students need help with finding an apartment!?
Is there any restrictions for FHA in regards to carrying a 2nd?
I have a small claims judgment in California but I can find the person who I was awarded the judgment against?
If I make $1100 a month, how much rent do you think I could afford?
During this recession, how has your house flipping business been doing?
What are the requirements to avail of no closing cost refinance?
How do I evict a person who has not paid rent?
Is it a good time to buy land in a rural town in connecticut for investment?
old houses in richmond ky. back in the 1900s?
If I return a broken tv to rent a center can they press charges if I dont continue to pay?
can a mortgage be changed to 'Buy to Let?'?
Terminate a lease agreement?
is there any way i can buy a home in nyc with a 527 credit score-1 family with 3 bedrooms, finished basement.?
How can i make my house look ghetto?
how to evict a mobile home owner?
Does anyone know where there is an open section 8 list in new york?
My rent is due in two days but I don't have my checks yet from BoA?
Will i win in court if i sue my lanlord for my deposit back?
How do I kick out my roommate thats not on the lease?
Any legal issues with former roommate going back to get stuff after moving out on lease?
Should we move into a better house?
moving to philadelphia?
how can i lower my house payment?
Can my landlord keep the full final months rent if we stay there only 9 days out of 31?
When my lease ends can the land lord kick me out?
reletives or apartments?
If a house is contingent with a kickout does that mean there is an offer on the house?
Could one buy a 500 thousand dollar house with a 100 thousand salary a year,?
My bartender is getting an apt, and he needs a reference letter stating his income?
My Landlords (house is in both names) are getting a divorse!?
if k=9,what is the value of 6k -4?
do i borrow 2 mortgages or one?
Describe position and duties of a maintenance staff for a 300 unit apartment property?
What's needed when moving from an apartment to a house?
Do realtors ever discount their full sales commission when a buyer comes in w/o an agent?
When you have a roomate in college do you pay half the room fee and ur roomate pays the rest?
How much does it cost to get a California real estate license?
How do you tell a roommate applicant that you're not interested?
Is there a verification of employment for a mortgage pre approval?
If a somebody sells drugs from their house will everybody be arrsted in the house?
An apartment guide online?
Can we get out of the lease? ?
Whats the best place to find student housing in albany?
purchased home 2 yrs ago, appraised now 10,000 less then what i finance? what can I do now. need to re-fin!?
Section 8 Inspection for a gated condominium - can the Inspector require me to fix other unit violations?
I have traded my trailer in to Oakwood homes. Now there is a problem. Please read more!?
I am looking to rent and have an agent helping me how doe she get paid if it is not her listing?