Real Estate

When does a landlord become a slum lord?
to keep renting or to buy?
Question about paying different types of house bills Chicago IL?
If your lease is up august 31st, and you gave you r60 day notice ,if you move in july would that be considered
Who owns million dollar homes?
How will they deliver my stuff to my Apartment?
I'm totally confused, 6% of what? To FSBO or not to FSBO that is the question?
Rental property and building super's offer?
Is it possible to get a loan to purchase your first home if you have bad credit?
My boyfiend just brought a house, and he asked me to move in with him.?
Does anyone know of any cheap Apartments that takes people with BAD credit?
Where can I find a For Sale by Owner Real Estate Contract?
Does anyone can tell me something about the Belgium Real Estate Market of today?
Swapping a name for another on my Mortgage.?
how can i find privert landlords ?
When apartments ask for check stubs, how far back do they go?
Is BOND meant to be a months worth of rent?
Someone wants to sell me a house on Moshav Beit Meir, Israel for $600,000. Am I getting a good price?
Ways To Hold Title - Which do we choose?
Apartment management and lease issues?
How do I sell a timeshare?
how soon can I get an apartment on my own after bankruptcy filing?
Can i find out the names of uk homeowners?
a 100 to 260 is how many percent increase?
How do you secure a rental property in western australia on a low income?
Can you file for back rent and stolen items?
how would I find out the names of the previous owners of my house...?
Kicked out of our house.?
in texas can you sell a doublewide you have purchased as owner finance?
what are the disadvantages of housing associations?
In a 2 bedroom apartment, with 3 people, should the person with their own room pay more? If so how much more?
can you help me with a tenant I have?
is it true that i can buy a foreclosed home for less than 100k???? do you know any websites for this???
Maintenance men used my toilet without permission?!?
Commercial Mortgage Calculation Methods?
Why is it so difficult to pay off our mortgage loan with Chase Bank?
Is there a form that I need to fill out to give my landlord my 30 day notice?
If I sell real estate I must pay a federal capital gains tax. Is there a California capital gains tax?
what is the pro and con for shareowner ship house?
getting kicked out, and need help! (apartments)?
How effective are real estate agent open houses when your home is for sale?
Can my landlord charge a pet fee half way through the lease?
How can I make renting safe and easy?
Is my landlord liable for a slip and fall accident?
Who rents with evictions ?
Renter insurance and home was flooded help!!!?
URGENT: I live in a house share (a rented room), can I be considered resident?
if landlord says the house is ready to move but is not what do i do?
Is it legal for a loan co to quote one percentage rate and then put another on the final paperwork?
Realtors, since you got licensed, how many times have you changed brokerages?
what rights do renters have ?
dividing a large flat in 2 small flats in mumbai?
Whats the diff. between renting and leasing?
How can I find out about buying foreclosers homes in different states without paying for a membership fee.?
How much money is enough to live comfortably in San Francisco for retirement when you reach 40 ?
If a lodger is stealing from you, can you legally change the locks?
Can a person with great credit/job still get a Loan on a 100 YO home with structural issues?
buy or rent house..............?
Can Anyone Help Me Find An Apartment?
How can i obtain an appraisal supervisor/mentor in Alabama?
I am being charged water from the complex for roughly $45 a month.?
I have rented out my flat and need advice about my Tenants?
My neighbrs r runnin a drug house, how do can i get out of my lease if the landlord says no.?
what's mean apt/suite, for fill application?
Number of feet in square mile?
Good BPO companies or banks. BPO's, (Broker-Priced Opinions) ????
We rented a house that is trashed ?? Never seen property... feel taken advantage of?
my mortgage company is stealing 9% from me on the interest rate. what should i do?
Why don't i qualify for a 2 bedroom apartment at Housing Authority?
How can I prevent landlord from entering?
What should my initial offer be?
can we still apply for an fha loan if there's a 3 months gap on my employment?
How do you fight an eviction?
Where do I find a list of properties that have recently sold in specific areas? Can I search the list?
how much does the Arizona sunsites land cost per 1/2 acre?
Help with a council flat?
Where can I find housing insulation?
How can i find out if a land is buildable or if it has all the necessary Amenities for a small home?
Do you have to have a real estate license to provide property management services and rent, non-owned homes?
Landloard not wanting to renew lease of tenant?
What should I do about this problem with my apartment?
In Chicago, how long does it take for the process of foreclosure?
My Fiancee and I are currently looking for a house...?
need fha appraisal help?
How many names should go on an apartment lease?
Can anyone give me legal advice re purchase of real property in the Phils.?
how much is utilities if rent cost $800 a month?
What goes on at a national real estate convention?
Landlord requires we have the carpet professionally cleaned before we get our security deposit back?
How can we split the rent fairly?
What are some minor improvements you can make to your house to increase the value of it?
Is it possible to change a lease?
regarding transfer of flat in tenanted property?
how to report too many people living in one home?
Where da hood at?
does anybody know about tax lien sales on mobile homes and how does this work???
security deposite my landlord want's to keep it?
How much commission does the broker get paid on a commercial lease in California?
I want to rent an apartment and this is what i recieved via craigslist?
Is my current residence in my rental history?
Does the purchase of a bank-owned home bring property values up in the neighborhood?
how to add another name on title deeds of the property, when i also have got mortgage on property?
Do I qualify for a mortgage?
Where can someone with really bad credit get a home loan?
Amrapali Princely Estate 9211725661 Noida Sector 76?
I rented a house 7 monhts ago and know my landlord has sold the property.?
I'm looking for a real estate agent on Anna Maria Island Florida. I want to purchase inventment property
I told my landlord i couldnt pay my rent due to hard times i expressed I am willing to leave by sept 1 st?
As a subtenant, can I suit a landlord for entering my room without permission or warning?
Would anyone buy a house that appears to have termites?
are there any data about ethnic distribution of victims of real estate foreclosures in USA?
Can a real estate agent demand you use a certain mortgage company?
Can My Landlord Do This?
When is the right time to buy a house!?
What sites are good for finding 2 and 3 bedroom flats to rent in London?
Renting house in Michigan Landlord wants to move in?
Hoh do I find out what my property is worth without going to areal estate office?
My roommate wants to move into her own place, but our lease isn't up for 6 months. Can she legally move out?
AFFORDABLE Apartments/Rentals near Tidewater Community College in VA Beach?
Rural Development loan - house guideline question...?
How much money do I need to make hourly to?
Will my next career be in real estate in the near future?
If you are not a student, can you rent student flats?
I'm looking for a wholesale lender that finances agricultural loans, stables, etc. in Florida?
Is it against fair housing if...?
Homes for $1.00?
I have a VA loan with Wells Fargo in central Florida what are the ways Honorable to get out of it?
Does anyone know the best place and/or places for resources about investing in real estate?
What is the average rent increase per month in Queens NY for a rent stabilized apartment?
How can I end my tenancy?
warranty,seller,inspector refusing to fix ventilation problem, home just purchased last month, any suggetions?
Where do I find inexpensive eviction attorneys?
help about to move to my own apartment?
What is the best way to go upon looking for a place to Rent in San Francisco?
my conscience is bothering me!?
I was denied removal of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on my home loan account. What can I do?
From an investors standpoint is it better to go with 15, 20 or 30 yr loan for my mortgage?
What would be fair compensation?
Rental Property Electrical?
If the landlord Terminates Lease early is it still counted as me doing it?
Should I get my own apartment or stay at home?
can a landlord take tenants to court in the state of NY if the owner resides outside of the state of NY?
I want to purchase a residential plot in Haridwar. which place will be best for me.?
i have a tenant who is late on rent, its her first time. the rent is $1600/month, she paid $1000?
How do I go about reporting my apartment complex for failure to fix plumbing issues?
What do I need to know about buying a house?
Rental Agreement and notice of leaving uk?
Poop on the kitchen floor?
$1300 Rent?
moms house paid off we want to put it into my name now because she is gravely ill. How do I go about doing so.
how do i buy a house when i have £80,000 in savings and the property is advertised at £139,995?
solicitors fee's for a re-mortgage?
How we can live with glore?
selling house, will receive check for 150k want to sign it over to my boy friend we lived together 20 years?
What is a loan to purchase mean?
Home Buying - first timers?
Can a person with an annual gross of $65,000-$70,000 qualify for a $350,000 house?
Need serious help for a punch-line?
can i quick claim to escrow my house?
Apartment Scam - Can I claim money?
2 guys rent apt. one quit job,owes for elec.and hasn't pd this mth rent. How can I get out of lease 3mth bal.
Landlord trying to dodge court?
My neighbor bought a Hyundai. If he parks it on the street, will it bring down property values?
does any one know of a lender that will lend on manufactured homes?This is a home only. I am in colorado.?
Should we stay at an extended-stay hotel or a lodge?
Landlord has sold house with me as a sitting tenant where do i stand?
Can I break my lease in TX for a job transfer out of state?
How hard is it to get a Self Certification Mortgage in the UK?
A prior renter in our home who paid some (not all) rent is threatening to sue for equity. Is this possible?
looking for a realty broker by the name of Tracy Jacobs?
Pre existing conditions of mobile home not noticed til move in, what do i do?
Renting apartments, 3x the amount.?
How far behind on payments before they foreclose on home?
Tenant Question: Does either the landlord or real estate agent have to disclose...?
I'm a new agent real estate in Texas. What do I look for in a broker and what kind of questions do I ask them?
Overprotective rental landlords - What is realistic?
Is it easier to own a home or...?
how can I find out if mylandlord claimed bankruptcy and is losing the property I live in.?
i have a question about subsidized housing
Is it possible to work on campus and rent an apartment off?
Apartments: 1st floor or third floor? Which is better? Economically/noise/bugs, etc.?
What do the status code for Louisiana MLS listings mean?
Landlady evicting me from flat 7 weeks after having my first baby
Could raising my rent (or refusing a lease renewal) because I'm pregnant be considered discrimination? ?
I let a friend move into my house and now she wont pay rent and I want to kick her out? What can I do legally
any advice?
Are utilities part of the rent?
if i had a complaint about a bad hotel and i mean it was in a horrible state who do i contact?
can somebody help me ...?
How can I avoid foreclosure if Iam 3 months behind in payments?
can you sign a lease in michigan, but live in texas?
like to buy a house next door but...?
What happens if you don't sign a rate lock agreement with your loan officer?
The value of land values for homebuilders?
Planning Permission??
first time home buyers credit.?
How many days does a renter get to move their stuff off your land?
Rent Question.....Rent laws?
What happens if you break a apartment lease?
What is the maximum number of tenants that can legally occupy a four bedroom house in Nevada?
can the guy who sold us our trailer take it?
Can we ask for the rent to be lowered?
Do any one know of any apartments that don't do credit checks in baton rouge, la?
How can I get land title and what is the requirement?
remodeling a new home thats under construction?
Attaching a mobile home to owned property - any advantages/disadvantages?
Does anyone know of a vacant cave I can live in?
I am renting a house in Colorado and the pipes burst - am I liable for the repairs.?
Master deed signed by power of attorney?
What happens if a realtor's commission leaves me short of paying off my mortgage?
real estate agents in utica new york and surrounding areas?
can roomate withhold my personal belongings from me if i am trying to move?
How to find owner financed homes?
When is the HEB at Fry Road and Grand Parkway in Katy, TX expected to be complete?
There is a house I want to buy that is currently pending a short sale, can I contact homeowner directly?
Our builder did not build the house according to plan, do we still have to buy it?
what is the process for placing a lien on a home in Chicago, an individual, not a corporation?
Can Susan still live in her home and not get evict from her landlord after she rent the house for 9 years?
Wrote a postdated check for $400 deposit to move into an apartment, check was cashed a week before, can I sue?
what cash source should I use to sell off my house?
How do I get these stupid kids to stop?
What is the best way to purchase a house in a specific neighborhood?
Who does the security deposit go to?
How do i find the best broker/company to work for after obtaining my real estate salesperson license?
is there a law that gives renters a grace period before the landlords charges penalty fees?
Did i do the right thing for myself going to corporate about an issue?
where can i find an email listing of filipinos residing in the U.S.?
Can I loose my home....?
I need to move but have no money?
What happens to your first, last months rent, and deposits when you sign a new lease agreements.?
How much money are you willing to spend on a house?
HELP!!! I accidentally put my family's house for sale.?
Capital gains in california? How does it work here?
How much house does $158,000 buy in your city?
my tenants were ordered to pay and did'nt can I set a motion?
husband is in residental care , i want to sell my home , what can i do ?
How can I get out of my apartment lease in PA?
can a landlord but you out if your check is late and say monday you have to get out?
I have been renting a house for 4 yrs. I do not have money to meet rent, how does the Texas squatters right ap?
How to go about buying a strip of land belonging to the city?
How much to offer a short sale thats been on the market 7 months?
What to do if my apartment gets flooded?
Which is cheaper or better- renting an apartment in la, or buying a 1 bdrm house?
I'm interested in buying homes on the Gulf Coast... does anyone have any ideas?
WHO and WHY do you think the real estate market favors today-Buyer or Seller?
can i call to check on my application?
will they help me???
looking for someone to help pay rent i no family to help me i have kids?
finding rental property in orlando?
how do i get a mortgage in ireland?
If you wanted to rent out Starbucks could you?
Can I sue my landlord for this and how.?
Could I make a living buying 'fixer-upper' houses and selling for profit?
Help with getting an apartment?
If i lived by myself how much money would i have to make to live comfortably?
Can you refuse you landlord entry to the premises?
What bank can I go to to get a home loan?
Anyone have a link or info to the bank of america rent to own home loan program?
Housing benefit with private renting.?
Is there a special license required to purchase homes from auctions?
When can you sell a house you inherited without paying capital gains?
Lands in Bangalore?
Tax Lien Certificates - The truth?
At what point can a listing agent agreement be breached?
In the state of texas can a landlord show a rental property to sale while it is occupied? No written lease.?
Unable to rent a house on benefits?
What is a better way to build strong relationships with realtors?
I was living with a friend and got kicked out for no reason on the 1st. I will be out on the 16th. Pay rent?
Can i live in my house if i haven't passed final inspection or occupancy certificate?
can i sue my mortage company if they said they will call the police because they said my son was home alone?
We are getting a 25 year old male lodger in our house...i'm 16?
who would you be more apt to call?
Mortgage Loan: WellsFargo VS Bank Of America?
landlord said would evict if...?
how do i decrease my debt to income ratio?
anyone looking for property in Singapore or any items or anything i can do?
Do I have LEGAL right to earnest money?
Can a landlord keep a tenant's deposit to use for owed rent?
What is HUD program for housing?
If my girlfriend puts a restrain order against can get me kickout the lease my name only?
Can you help me find large development sites in the UK?
where can i get a free living will?
If you have 2 homes & one foreclosed,?

Where is their a good place to buy notes?
Do you have to have a down payment to buy a house?
Why are house prices going up in california?!?
can i get a FORECLOSED home?
baby boomer retired 10 days ago, BUT I have a mortgage I need - i need a reduced rate from a 6%. help plz?
Can I get a mortgage if I own my own business?
Mortgage company paid a lien I was disputing without my knowledge?
I've heard that most people who buy a condo prefer hardwood floors. Does?
Do you think is is an invasion of privacy if .....?
Can I get a home loan?
My rent is due in 2 days, HELP!!!?
In canada can a landlord? ?
What is involved to be a Real estate appraiser, and what do I need to do to become one? ?
Can a landlord ask a tenant to take down a sign that is posted in the window inside the apartment facing out?
Security Deposit?
if the couple's combined income is AU$70000 how much house will be affordable?
How does it affect a homeowner if the lender that provided the 20% of a 100 % finance is declaring chapter 11?
Rent Proration- This is obviously unfair, but is it legal?
where can I find free government tax sales information?
how do i get a flat with the council?
When potential buyers come to view my home, should i let them out of my sight??
I'm in the process of buying a house?
Is it possible to manage to move to a bigger city if you don't have a job?
Am I legally obligated to pay rent?
housing question for section 8 who is considered family when it comes to renting to a section 8 member?
Do you think our landlord will make us get rid of her?
where can i buy rocksmith-new money cap?
Wich state has the lowest cost of living?
My sister's housemate is selling the house, what can she do?
How would I go about trying to find a way to recieve free money to pay for my rent till I can get a new job?
rights landlord rights vs tenant?
Can you rent an apartment in Iowa with theft on your record?
once a chapter 13 bankrupcy has been filed, how long is it before you can buy a house with a decent rate????
Social security letter for rent?
Does tenant have to pay rent even when he's on a vacation ?
What's wrong with renting?
Can a landlord walk into my apartment?
i have paid a mortgage loan for a friend and she promised to pay me back. she never paid me back and i want m
ethics and rules bank has to adhere to in a short sale in Minnesota?
Can I get approved for a home loan?
Is it better to rent or buy a house right now?
How would a bank or lender find me to perform a BPO; Broker Price Opinion?
What is the future for shortsales?
I am looking to re-locate to Lincoln (UK) and I will have a budget of about £150k. Can anyone tell me what?
If I'm not in a contract with my landlord and leave, do I still need to give notice?
my tenant use a water without permit do i have to fine her my water bill was to high?
Would a home built using shipping containers be considered a mobile home?
Is 542 score too low to purchase a home or mobile home?
Renting with bedbugs?
Moving into a new apartment?
Is there a minimum amount in opening a bank term deposit?
help with house history?
Do you have to live together if you're married and each live in your own nycha apartments?
moving out from an apt - how much would they take from my security deposit?
I am not working, I can't make my house payment, what can I do?
Young people, do you plan to buy a house? Or is happy to just rent?
i recently moved into a great apt with a wonderful landlord...her boyfriend owns the house with her?
need to rent a warehouse?
how to find a real estate broker?
I am looking for residential rental property availible in western colorado?
I want to buy a home...?
anybody know how to flip homes for quick cash?
Rent/Utility Assistance, Garland Texas?
Is this the right time for me to move out?
How long will it take for FHA underwriters to prequalify?
Can I still evict my tenant?
If i refinance on my home, isnt that like starting your loan payments all over again?
suing previous home owners for bat problems?
How long do you usually have to wait to hear back after placing an offer on a house?
i waforeclosure papers . what are my rights as a tenant ? Do I need to worry about being put out in the stree?
Good Real Estate Investment?
how bad is it to rent a mobile home?
How will the Fed interest rate cut affect me - I can lock in my mortgage rate in December?
Apartment rent increase?
do all bills paid places rent to non students?
Should council house tenants be able to buy their houses at a discount price?
I ripped a little piece of my check can I still put it into my bank account?
How can I get an eviction notice for being behind with rent for one month, If I have a land contract?
give me realestate listing in Mysore,India,dating from 1staugust todate for both buying and rentals in good lo
i won section 8 voucher in boulder 2012 but how long take to get my voucher tks?
When purchasing a house for cash instead of a mortgage?
How long after a change does it take for the fed prime rate to affect the lending rantes offered on mortgages?
Why are there so many foreclosures?
how much to pay to live at home?
Mortgage company increase monthly bill without notice do I have any recourse?
i need game that u can build your own houses and move in and u can make a persons and dress them up .?
If your landlord steps onto your property uninvited, could you use physical force to remove them?
I'm the landlord having problems with the tenant.?
we need a bigger council house but the council say it will take a year how is this fair?
I am going to rent a room in my house. how can i ensure a good renter?
Please help. If some one is living in my home without a lease or agreement do i have to get a eviction notice ?
Apartments need help?
I just sumbitted an offer to bank on a foreclosed 1 bedroom condo for their asking price and them paying......?
Can you give landlord/tenant advice for Kentucky?
Having doubts about future tenant?
Can I Still Buy A House If I Have Bad Credit But Have Enough Money To Buy It?
Does putting a sign up help sell a home faster?
foreclose homes in MN?
Does tenant have to pay rent after getting notice to move out?
is it better to rent or buy when it comes to shelter?
Can a realtor help me buy a FSBO?
Do I legally have to let an estate agent into my home?
Can you change your HOA?
Can you buy a home with no money down?
if your principal house is sold on short sale;are you obliged to pay the deficit?
What are the tax consequences to taking on a roommate?
I sold my home in Jan. 2009. If I am closing on a new home in Dec. 2009, will I qualify for the $6500 credit?
Change mortgage payment frequency?
can someone live comfortably in an apartment when the monthly income is $1,200?
i need some help if anyone would help me out . I received a 60 days notice from my Landlords of termination?
Home loan again?
can my land lord give me a 24 hour notice to inspect my house?
How can I get an apartment after living away from home for 9 months?
Move in Day changed and postponed by landlord, issues with clarity?
What are the benefits and disadvantages of living in Las Vegas. I want to retire...?
Question about General Warranty Deeds?
Can a landlord prohibit a tenant from moving in a friend?
I need inforamation on government grants for buying homes.?
On, I see many unrealistically low foreclosure house prices. How can I calculate its real price?
I am a Tenant in a privately rented house. and at the moment im having problems with my shower?
50 State Taxation and Fee Burden Rankings?
Can i get evicted for having a pitbull?
I have no idea how to speak house..?
Anyone know of a good Real Estate Agent in Virginia Beach?
Do you think house prices will drop in 2008?
Government subsidized housing/30% of income. Why does my friend have to pay so much?
if i sell my rental home and buy another one do i have to pay capitiol gains?
How can I find out about my home that supposedly went into foreclosure?
Whose resposible for repairs in building?
what does it take to get a house of your own?
What are the rules for GPA holders under the Karnataka Apartment Owners Association act ?
Can a tenant be evicted for assaulting the manager? what legal proceedings are there?
Selling land, but not receive payment until 3 years?
Can I take a $1000 mortgage from my paid off home?
Should I buy a new home and dump my 2 upside down homes?
In the manufactured home parks what do shares mean?
How do I get billed for rent and electricity?
do i have to rent to someone who so going to pay under market value and that put so work in to the house?
Can home inspecter use grandparents living condition and work history in home inspection?
ok i get an LLC than i quick deed a rental property to the LLC??? is this how it works?
i live in a top floor flat 2 bedrooms with 4 kid age 7,5,3,1 and 1 on the way and the council wont move us.?
in your state, how much does a 3 bedroom 2 bath house go rent each month?
Anyone know where I can get free information about Real Estate Investing?
apt. complex liable for flat tires due to roofing?
How can I increase the value of my house?
what's your experience and/or opinion with buying a condo in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area?
What is the legal age to move into a apartment alone?
What does it mean by build equity as in Real Estate?
Can college apartment complex charge a different price to tenants for identical side by side apartments?
How old must you be to move in with someone else in tennessee?
Landlord/tenants rights question.?
I live in TN and would like get my real estate license. how do I get started? how much does it cost.?
My home has been on the market for 5-6 months, without any showings?
Re: Owner Financing - Do you know of any good websites on this subject?
Help Please , NEED Experience?
What are the best towns to live in Connecticut?
3 day to pay or vacate notice. What is the process when you receive one of these?
Signing a blank contract help, took out a mortgage without knowledge!!!?
how much does it cost to rent a lounge on average vs renting a 5 star hotel room?
my lease is going to up in march 31st of 2012 but i would like to move out on january 31st.?
FHA loan payoff interest for entire month?
I just signed a new lease starting 6/1, can I back out legally?
Can I use a multiple realtors to sell my home?
What excuse can I give my roommates to move out?
Real Estate when you go to prision?
Real estate im looking to buy, but its older. Im sure in needs work. Is it a good investment?
Has anyone heard of or their program?
How much can I expect my monthly mortgage payment to be?
how quickly does the foreclosure sheriff show up when your home has been foreclosed in Florida?
What is Appointment Of Statutory Agent?
buying mobile home but the seller has no title and they stop paying the loan 6 years ago how do we get title?
Starting a Career in Real Estate?
what are the steps for "virgin" house buyers?
Where in the world can you live on $12,000 a year?
How can I change a tennants in common deed to joint priprietorship?
What are the Pros and Cons for renting a room in a house with 2 other guys?
I'm thinking of starting a restaurant in Darien, Georgia. Does anyone know about this town?
Can a landlord request rent in October when they have yet to fix the shower from August thus you have no activ?
What is the going rate for a long term private lender mortgage?
Do I HAVE to let just anyone replace my roomate?
should i get my own apt or live in the one that i am right now?
Should I get a mortgage on a property? Can't commit to the area?
Are there any Banks / Lenders that will loan me money against a rental property?
How much does an average apartment cost in different areas of London? (per month)?
why would someone want to purchase a home incumberd with a mortgage, tax liens, that exceed its worth?
I sign a 12 month lease on 08/15/09, the rent is 643 per month. Can i get out of this lease . i never moved in?
If borrower doesn't pay, do co-signer's wages get's the situation?
House I'm selling fell out of Escrow, but now I'm renting and have 2 houses?
How can I buy a house no money no credit?
Can my rent be raised even with a written agreement?
I have power of attorney for my mother who is in care. Can I force my brother to sell their joint owned home?
will my heating, electricity, water etc be covered by my rent?
Does anyone know how real estate transactions on works?
Realtors: Are you finding your sellers want unrealistic listing prices? Are you talking them out of it?
what a father need to do?
what's better to rent a house or a town house for same price value?
Can we buy a house with No Credit?
Is my landlady extorting money from me? Rent advice?
do i get a thirty day or sixty days to move?
rent arrears eviction notice
How much is an average pay for a leasing consultant!?
why have so many Building Constructions stopped in Mumbai?
How old do you have to be to rent a apartment in Portland, OR?
Should I be financially responsible for cost of sewage hook up or should bank?
Whats the best way to find private renters?
What does it mean commission will be 50/50 up to 2.5% for a short sale?
how do i find info on a foreclosure of a home in the last 30 days prev. owned by brother in law who died?
We want to put ~$5k into our townhouse to make it more marketable. Best fixes for improving value 4 that?
My lease doesn't have a termination clause. I need to terminate the lease.?
what type of paper work do i need to buy a house?
how do you apply for hud housing?
What do I do about my mortgage being almost $80,000 more than what my home is worth?
Will we get denied by CMHC or GE due to my limited credit history or 6 months of work experience in Canada?
a lien was put on a joint checking acct for child support we are up to date this is arears which we pay every?
Bulimia and my apartment lease?
Where do you go when the house you've been living in has been sold, and you cannot afford to move?
Lennar family homes in Ft.Worth,Texas?
how much does pmi add to your monthly payment on a 210000 house ?
Can I legally hold my rent?
what is the cost of living in missouri compared to Iowa?
what is the cost of building your own house: 1200-2000 sq.ft., never mind the cost of land in Michigan suburb.
Anyone bought a log home?
Freddy Mac or Fannie Mae for HARP 125% refinance?
I need some help with getting out of my lease!!!?
Looking for the best and current forclosesure listings in San Diego, Where?
How can it be sold? Any help will be appreciated.?
Can I legitimately get money off my rent?
How do I forclose on someones home ...?
I am in the process of renting out my flat without a letting agent.?
london apartment prices?
How can I get out of my lease?
Am I crazy for renting to family?
I am looking for names of previous owners of house at 6240 Tremont Dallas, Texas?
Need quote on cost of Modular Homes. Any ideas?
is the brentwood inn in tomah wisconsin for sale?
when you have a yearly lease is there a way out from under neath it,if you decide you want to leave?
Breaking residential lease?
What can our landlord do if we don't pay our lasts month's rent?
Can anyone tell me in simple words why do homes appreciate in value and cars do the opposite?
College student here looking to rent or buy a house, help?!?
How to get a loan for a mixed use building?
feasibility of opening retail malls in smaller towns in india?
What would you do if you were 20 years old and were renting an apartment with 6 months left on the lease, and.
Rent payments - How can my tenant pay rent to me electronically?
where can i buy a home or condo in tampa Fl?
i am remarried and my name is not on the deed of my husbands house.?
Can a landlord go in the house while you are waiting to meet her at a different place to pay rent ?
News For Appraisers?
How does a neighbourhood start?
Tenant Right's and Landlord Obligations?
how is alamony based on and for how long is it in california?
Does a new mortgage account hurt your credit score initially?
Apartments/Housing in Houston?
If I give a landlord a security deposit to hold an apartment but don't yet sign the lease can I get it back
If you rent out a house does the renter need to know how much the morgage actually is?
Is this a good time to buy a home in Califronia?
please suggest me any good sight ,learning about property invest ment?
How can I sell my land?
how can I reduce my home loan to market price?
landlord trying to get over on us.?
Is there any way to get my name off a home loan for a house I bought with an ex?
Cosigner for a college student with excellent credit and rental history but no job?
Question about rent/lease?
Can sellers gift a down payment to the buyer of their home?
Ok for me to move out at 20?
In a rent to buy home who is responsible for repairs on the home?
Use a realtor or sell our home ourselves?
get out of buying a house?
where is 10 labelle dr.springfield,ma.01129 show me?
My dad passed. My mother, 70 yrs old, now wants me to buy their house. Good idea?
In Dort Meyers beach, Florida, how much does a basic apartment cost a month?
Is AC an emergency under AZ tenant landlord act?
girlfreind and i split up she does not pay rent not on lease can i change the locks?
what are the oklahoma guidelines as to how many people may occupy a one bedroom apartment?
How long after I take my house off the market do I need to wait to refinance?
What have property values done in the 70006 zip code since hurricane Katrina?
What's the maximum percentage of your monthly salary should you pay for a mortgage?
How does a stripper verify her income when trying to rent a house?
how do i block a home owners association from filing a lein on my property?
I signed a lease with four people on it?
Which decade in past 100 years was the biggest "boom" period for new construction and home building?
I need my rent deposit back?
Is a 4-bedroom house bettter than a 3-bedroom one?
what is the name of the web site that compares real estate market values?
If a Landlord fails to collect rent or even make contact with a tenant for 1 year, do they then have the right
i need to know if there is any kind of way that i can pull the equity out of my home for 9yrs with a 522 score
Is there a website that allows using Section, Township, Range to view a map?
What should i do about my lease? my landlord wants me to pay the rest of this months rent but since weve moved?
HARP Refinancing Loan Costs Negotiable? Estimated Costs very HIGH?
what is the rent of a two bedroom furnished apartment in delhi (nizamuddin area).any good ideas for a flat?
Why is my site no longer cached by ?What does that mean?
How do you research towns to see how good they are when buying real estate?
How do I go about taking the exam for a real state license in MD? And getting licensed to be an agent?
housing bubble?
What are my rights as a tenant if my landlord raises the rent?
Renting a property in London and will be charged extra rent by having an additional person?
Paying rent in exchange for credit?
Is there a statute of limitations on home owner maintenance fee's?
Somebody please help!!!?
Are there any safe rent to own companies out there?
HELOC vs. Home Equity Loan?
what does it mean when they say there is no mortgage on a property..?
Will the price on this apartment go up?
what percentage of your income goes towards paying your rent or mortgage?
Roommates sites??
when making an offer on a house what is a good starting point?
I moved into an apartment 4 days ago and want to switch units, but told I cant.?
interest only loan for 5 years, then paying for 30 years mortgage? It makes sense?
If a builder builds 100 houses how many No. 9s does he have to buy to number them from 1 to 100?. ?
is it possible to secure a loan using an annuity for collateral?
How to terminate a tenancy by a tenant?
What would u do if u got $1,000,000,000,000
Is cali a better living situation?? Our life is bad in Portland.?
who is harold melzack?
Trying to find an apartment in San Jose that doesn't require a credit check for renters!?
What happens to an item on ebay if it ships to ur house after you move?
can my roommate evict me if my name is not on the lease?
How come my house is not selling? I need to sell my house. I fixed it up but nobody wants to buy it? HELP!!
How much do you have to earn to rent a property for £850 a month?
I want to find out information on the summer bluegrass festival in grassy, Missouri?
Approval for $150,000 house loan?
I have 3 rentals, 2 apts and a house. Is it wise to do my own taxes, how hard can it be. ?
what are the going prices for a 1/4 acre lot in seven hills, henderson, nevada?
Is it acceptable to live in a council house full of mould?
Has Anyone Had To Evict A Tenant...How Did It Turn Out?
can i sue a tenant for breaking a lease here in pennsylvania?
How much can i rent my condo for?
is there a site on the web a person can research what apartments sold for in the past or commerial property?
How to evict a "tenant"?
Can an emancipated 17 year old get an apartment with power of attorney?
Can you get a mortgage if you have bad credit>?
What/where is the best method to find shared accommodation in Sydney?
Any ideas on selling my house?
Can I deduct a loss on sale of primary home on my federal taxes?
What are the penalties for canceling an apartment leasing agreement?
Nice Nashville Apartments?
Advice on clause on lease?
My grandmothers contract for her home says "prorated at closing" what does that mean?
A real estate agent should have the following qualities and should never______?
what is the minimum credit needed to try to buy a house?
If homes are at an all time low, shouldn't people buy now while the prices are low?
how much on average would it cost to live on your own?
Help...My landlord is trespassing?
I have a question about apartments?
Apartment costs in Santa Barbara?
In regards to building a dream house...?
As a guess how much of you pay-check each week as a % goes towards rent/mortgage payments?
Describe the organizational procedures for clearing and vacating a meeting room?
Where can I find surveyors company in Warren County?
Worst that can happen with extra tenant?
Why does a mobile home over 30 years old have no value?
How can you add value to our Organization if offered appointment?
Told my landlord about a broken tile?
Outsourcing of Detailing drawings, designing, tracing work fm US, Architectural/ Civil/ Steel fabricators?
does anyone know where i can find a 1 bedroom apartment or house for rent in modesto or ceres?
Equity loan for uncompleted remodeling?
How to pass spare time withoutgoing out of city?
What a apartment complex ask for a deposit if an apartment is not promised to me?
Do I owe money on my second mortgage if I foreclosed on the house two years ago? ?
I am trying to find out the price on a home for sale at 228 E South street Bluffton Indiana46714?
Should I pay rent if my landlord isn't being cooperative with a pest problem?
What should the average water or natural gas bill for a one bedroom apt. in charlotte, nc?
How do I find help to clean, fix & organize my home in exchange for free rent?
How can I find out if my home loan is backed by Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae , currently it is held by Countrywide?
Can I buy a house on credit card and keep transferring to a new credit card every 9 months?
Do you think home prices can drop below 100 dollars per sq ft?
would you live in a biggest house in a poor neighborhood OR a smallest house in a rich neighborhood?
need to sell my house in 30 days as is. what options do i have?
Are 100% mortgages widely available in the UK?
explain capital gains tax in terms of real estate?
tx renters right to ac/water?
Stadium naming rights?
Is buying a house really better than renting if it means you'll have less disposable income to save?
who could have interest in buy lands in Panama for ecotourism?
Where can I find the materials 'fortune builders, "flip this house workshop" uses?
We are 4 months behind on mortgage & Chase already proceeded into foreclosure &sale of home. can this happen?
Roommate leaving lease early....what to do..?
do we have to pay the mortgage when buying a rent to own house?
does anyone know how i go about obtaining a mortgage credit certificate?
can my wife or attorney be appointed executor in my sister's estate?
Does value decrease in a neighbor hood when a manufactured home is added to it?
Do you need to declare you receive housing benefit?
I told my friends son he could stay in my vacant house until Aug 1st. Now he won't leave. How to get him out?
can anybody find permanant rental property in the algarve?
landlord/tenent issue!!!!?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of refinancing a mortgage with a direct lender versus a broker?
PODS: Anyone had a problem with Portable On Demand Storage Units?
Gay share accomadation?
If a foreclosed home is selling for very cheap, does it mean that is has lots of issues?
I just purchased a home in Arizona. The seller stole the furnace from the place, is the Realtor responsible?
How quick can I purchase a house?
Builder threatening to sue?
Why is it when I call for an apartment on Craigslist from another state they never call back?
No written landlord tenancy contract?
Skipped out on Lease. Arkansas. Any advice.?
does a landloard have the right to evict me because i will not do special favors for him?
Should I lower rent for my Tenants?
Landlord verses tenant..who would win in court?
which is more economical for a 110,000 mortgage?
Phase 1 of Real Estate Licensein Ontario- What is important that I know..?
We pay rent, but our landlord is under preforeclosure. How long do we have to moveout?
average restaurant rent as a percentage of sales?
Does the Obama housing plan help me?
I have 2 homes and one is about to get foreclosed?
How do married couples buy a house with two credit scores?
web site for bombay dyeing spring mills real estate project at dadar, mumbai?
what primary and secondary data souces used in housing market research?
wHERe can someone buy the house?!?
What is the best way to get started in Real Estate appraisal business.?
where can i get forms to file a foreclosure in los angeles county?
RA1 Zoning?
What do they mean when a condo is listed at only $1800 for instance?
Is it a good idea to buy a new build flat from Barratt Homes?
How to buy or rent a house with bad credit?
How much does it cost to build a house?
Do you have neighbor in rural area?
Can I break my lease in my apartment because of roommates smoking weed?
My landlord is getting a divorce how much time I have to move?
I am renting out a room in my house, where can I find a free lease/contract for them to sign?
How can I get a loan ??PLEASE HELP !!!!!?
If I want to Sell a house and want to do a rent to own for someone how do i do it??
i own a house. how do i give my mom lifetime rights keeping the house safe from my divorce or death?
What legal fees can be deducted from condo retnal income?
can anybody help me please? council housing?
Will I be approved for a mortgage if I work a contract job?
Me And My family Might Move to florida?
Mortgage Loan Officer License?
Does anyone know about Gorenter scamming people of their money.
contractor repossessed the A/C?
How do I find a low income apartment for rent in the San Fernando Valley?
If you were in escrow with a house and then ?..?
Is it legal to charge rent in an unfinished apartment?
About how much are utilities in a trailer in upstate NY?
mobile home renters rights in georgia?
If the mortgage is paid off on a house?
How does your address get passed around after a home purchase?
where are the good areas to live in minnesota. preferably close to the city?
When you buy a house, how much do you pay as a down payment?
Do you prefer to rent or buy you home?why?
Any way to stop or minimize smoke coming in my ground level apartment?
Does a renter have to live in the rental property in which they have a lease on?
what is the difference between realtor and real estate agent?
If I buy a home that is constructed in 2008, Do I have to pay property taxes on it in 2008?
how much does it cost weekly to rent a stair lift?
how much money do you waste by having a pool?
I have a tenant who has repeatedly pays his rent late.?
Is there any way to get out of a home loan we can't pay our mortgage and we have to move what do i do?
i am buying a home and need a loan that will not show on the credit buerau as a loan. need to pay a sm bill?
What steps do potential landlords take in pre qualifying a apt. rental applicant?
after given a court summit can my landlord lock doors on me?
what is the average price to rent a one bedroom one bath apartment in england?
I'm supposed to close on a house on May 12th, but the bank won't let me close until May 17th.?
Can i have a co signer on house mortgage from mental stress taken off the mortgage?
Is there any real estate that rent houses not sell them?
are you supposed to get your real estate agent a gift after closing?
Land contamination - who's responsibility to inform buyer? UK conveyancing solicitor advice needed!?
Real Estate status change?
How much does it cost to rebuild a flooded property? Approx. 1600 square ft. 2 bath, 3 bed. 1 floor.?
How can I get poof of income?
If you are a home owner or want to buy a home some day, than what are your reasons?
my daughters landlord has failed to carry out her request to repair windows that dont open what are her rights
How much is lawyer fees for the sale of an apartment in Queen New York?
Landlords please answer only?
Need help getting out of a bad sitution with home?
Must you have a credit card to rent an apartment?
I bought a cemetery plot and would like to use it the summer for miscellaneous activities. Is this acceptable?
I receive ssdi I have 4 kids do you know of any programs for emergency housing?
Is there a loan to buy house back after sheriffs sale during redemption period?
how 2 bulk 4ward many (100+) 'sent' messages to new 1 addressee as 1 exercise? thanq?
i need a 2 bed with a 1-2 car garage home in Las Vegas for 900-950 a month in a good area available aug. 1st?
Realtors, please tell me in simple terms how I could increase my success of purchasing a home?
What is the best way to get started in Real Estate appraisal business.?
When office space decreases, should property insurance premimum decrease?
i donot want to sign a new 1 year lease. can i still stay in my apartment on a month-to-month?
Real Estate: National Council of Exchangers?
what is an inverse mortgage?
Can I book a property with only Katha B?
Under real estate auctions, what does the amount mean?
How much does a 2000 year model, single wide mobile home cost in Texas?
When purchasing a new you have to keep Mortgage insurance for 5 yrs?
Why does the media have such a pessimistic outlook on the housing market?
Can I buy a house for 250.k if I make under 30.k ?
When i sell my home will there be a sales tax that i have to pay? I live in Saskatchewan Canada by the way.?
When looking for a home to buy, what would you classify as the most important features?
I paid an electric bill. The electric company has no record of it. They say I owe $400+. I paid it? Help?
split from partner - want to sell him property for £1 is this possible with a mortgage?
How hard is it to buy your first house?
I need a realtor to answer my question, please.?
Can my landlord evict me after accepting lasts months rent on a renewal in NYC?
What's the average price for electric in a 2 br. apartment in a complex in south Buffalo, NY?
How long are closing papers good for when you sign on a home equity loan?
i need help finding a cheap motel or boarding house in saratoga springs ny?
Is there a SAFE website that allows you to check the past residents of your house?
How can i get a credit line on against a residential investment property?
How does one get around a 20% down payment on a second property?
My rental company cashed my rent check before its post date, is this legal?
what porcentage of the value do i nned to have to buy a condo?
We are going to put our house on the market. How important is it to do all of the little improvements?
Home renters leave and choose not to pay rent?
i was evicted from an apt 2 yrs ago and need an apartment and cant get one is there any way around this?
how would i go about writing out an eviction notice?
Please I need answers...Is it a good idea to buy homes than rent them out...?
is purchasing a 2nd home in Marshfield, Massachusetts a good long-term investment ?
Can buying FORECLOSED properties and reselling for profit be lucrative?
My 19 yr old son and his g/f r living w/ me. not paying rent etc. am i mean to think of evicting them??
is there a way to get help for gov. grants, without paying for a program or software?
when getting a loan on a home do you have to spend all of it on a home or can u spend some on furniture?
Landlord keeps calling about the rent before its due.?
Home problem comming up.?
Has anyone had any experience living @ New River Cove apartments at davie, fl?
what does `under the table` money mean....talking about mortgage deals dealing with a solicitor?
Question for landlords?
Landlord issues?
I really need to get out of my lease, please help?
How to Put My House Up for Rent?
in california if my home is forclosed on, what are my responsibilities and/or costs?
Who owns Northampton Power Station in England?
is there a way to find out how much a house sold for in my neighborhood?
can i find my property lines online?
I am going to bid on a HUD home tomorrow, its 87,500 dollars, I want to bid 80. Do you think that is okay.?
I am looking for information on Standard Deviations used in Real Estate?
I have lived in my mobil home for eight yrs on someone elses land without paying now they want us off the land?
how do I find out how much is owed on a home?
Home loan modification?
Why would buyers whom didn't find my house a good fit go to the open house after their viewing?
When having a piece of comm. prop. (like an office condo) appraised...are the int or ext measurements taken?
sample letter to landlord to move out in three days?
about eviction?
how do you keep your apartment from raising your rent?
i am 16 years old an i have a job and want a flat?
How to get out of a lease?
how much is th rent for the house 2/2 in Chatsworth ,CA ,91311?
Can any one tell me the best free listing, good responsive website over India, Kerala to sell our properties?
Hi, I have a friend whom is having difficulties repaying her mortgage and would like to know if it is possible?
What are the best sites for researching real estate / land investment opportunities?
Is it wise to use same realtor for buying new home and selling current home simultaneously?
Where can I find a mortgage calculator that shows benefit of additional principle payment?
Group living homes? Anyone have any experience in the biz?
Residential Purchase Agreement North Dakota?
What will replace the world trade center towers and when will the construction begin?
real estate being foreclosed on by beneficial in gallia county ohio?
Bought a trailer as is... had no idea there was black mold.?
What is a FHA Amendatory Statement/Clause on Real Estate ?
I'm 20 with a 100k I want to buy this house for 69k what should I do to best benefitt myself?
Wheres a decent spot in San Francisco near the clubs?
I want to give my car on rent. any reliable organization?
My husband took out loan on home and they have me as "Borrower" yet I'm not on the loan?
Looking to move to an affluent area in Virginia US. What is the best area to raise a family?
Would anyone know what website I can go to in order to search for real property?
I am in foreclosure> Is there anywhere i can get a loan to get out of this mess?
Mortgage question refinancing?
where can i buy a home or condo in tampa Fl?
Can my landlady put the rent up however much she wants?
Government Refinancing Help?
Do low income apartments check credit report?
Apt walk through tomorrow, need advice?
Who knows about Georgia lease laws?
Any tips on living on my own?
how to improve chances in getting council flat in Dudley?
Have you ever been taken advantage of?
Home Equity Loan?
Tenancy laws, How do I stand? I and 4 other tenants live in a victorian house that is privatly owned, Now the?
Electrical limit in free apartment?
My 1800's era apartment has ceiling leaks and I am tired of it. Help!?
What is th best 1st time buyer program for new house buyers? Or best person to talk to or seek out?
What are my rights living in the same apartment for 13 years?
How can I reverse my mortgage payment and have most of my money go to my priciniple instead of intererst.?
Got any tips for a college student?
Wanting To Buy Home-Not good credit!?
Is it better to buy a new home or add an addition to current home?
we have a tenant that has told us under certain reasons she has no choice to move out and has returned the key?
Is it legal to sublease our apartment to someone else?
what is the final monthly payment you pay for ur manufactured home?
When buying a new home, How long before you can "refinance".?
Apartments in Akron, Ohio?
Question about short sales in real estate?
I'm 81 and I believe someone has taken a unauthorized reverse mortgage against my property, what should I do?
roughly what house price can i go for with 80 grand a year wages?
Can a a person under the age be a cosigner for a loan?
Can An Divorced Person Receive the IRS First-Time Home Buyer Credit By Buying The Ex's Half Of the House?
what are the disadvantages of housing associations?
I have a short sale coming up in October 2009. Will I be able to stay in the property?
My tenancy haste expired and landlord want to increase rent?
I live in a low-income apartment?
Can I get out of an assured shorthold agreement?
Can you build you own pool in California?
What things should I consider when buying a house?
My roommate is stealing from me, can I break my lease?
Besides monthly rent, what other costs are involved in owning an apartment?
How can I buy a house in CA in 2012?
how to become a realestate agent?
Can an Apartment manager get in trouble for moving her family members in and moving them up before others?
what kind of info would a apartment rental company ask your old rental company?
if i end a lease early and pay the break fee will it affect my credit rating?
If a man resides in Oklahoma when he dies, but owns property in Colorado, which state would have jurisdiction?
house reference question?
Can a new home buyer put zero cash down for a home?
What is the cost of living like in Columbia Maryland?
Real Estate Closing: Seller Without Lawyer?
How do i go about evicting someone who as parked their rv in front of my home she hasnt paid rent?
To what extent can I discriminate against a roommate?
Next door house on sale? do i have first right of refusal? dodgy estate agents selling...PLEASE HELP!!!?
i having major problems with my landlord?
80/20 Mortgage, info on it and is it good?
I just want to know everyone's opinion on buying a mobile home...?
How much rent is reasonable to charge a 17 year old?
What do you need for moving out for the first time?
How does an American buy Canadian real estate? Is it almost the same procedure as in the U.S.? Down payment?
A person working for the company i rent my apartment comes into my apartment without permission.?
Help! Can someone give me some insight about some home-buying issues?
I have an eviction warrant which says bailiffs will come on 4th March 2009?
Does anyone have any good deals for a rental car?
I have a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd mortgage on my house. My question, can the 3rd mortgage keep us from selling our h
What do I do if my temporary roommate doesn't want to pay utilities? (follow up to different question)?
how do you sell a house fast?
landlord problem question?
What can my agency/landlord do when my tenancy agreement is finished and I wont leave ?
how to break a lease?
Landlord wants me to do my own background check?
What type of people live in council houses?
If I'm broke, and my account is a negative balance; is it possible that I could still invest in real estate?
I need to find me an apartment asap any ideas ?
What is the process for getting a tenant out of a foreclosed house?
Why are the interest rates so high?
Can I be eligible for a home equity loan if I have liens on my house?
Should I consider foreclosure properties to purchase?
Can you fix flat feet or no?
What is the best way to finance a new home purchase and addition simultaneously?
What can I do about maintenance person entering my apartment w/ notice?
Can I buy my own house and rent it?
Landlord tresspassing?
How can i get out of my 12 month lease?
Best price for land?
What should I do about this fence dispute with my neighbor?
Suggest the upcoming suburbs in and around Kovai for real estate investment options?
If i have no water and i cant get in contact with my landlord can i call a plumber and pass the bill over?
Can vendors that are selling a house trash the property before they leave?
How do i remove my sister's name from the deed of our parent's old house?
Good down payment amount?
Looking for SAFE studio apt, preferably non-corporate, SW Austin?
to see map of my house in 1930?
Where do I obtain names and addresses for a postcard mailing I am doing for a real estate agent?
Is it possible for 2 separate married couples to buy a house together?
my manager of the apt. complex where I reside, will not return my calls concerning my electric bill. It didnt?
I have bad credit, can I still get a house?
I just got a letter said that I didn't pay for my home for 8 months in 1 year.?
How can I create a large email list and use it to keep in contact with my real estate investors?
Is it normal for a landlord to ask for a deposit just to view a rental?
My landlord is my roommate and he smokes pot and other drugs. Can I break my lease?
Landlord doesn't return deposit? For cleaning and painting costs when apartment was immaculate?
What are the top 10 places to live in Canada & in the world?
What's the best place to write a bad review of a property management co.?
I want to buy a house?
does price affect your buying descions?
Is it cheaper to build a house rather than buying one?
Should I use a HELOC to pay off rental?
what does for sale under contract mean?
Sold House without a realtor?
how much will subsidized housing help me with rent? (more details inside)
Do you have to pay prorated rent if you physically haven't moved in the home yet?
Buying a wonderful house in a bad neighbororhood?
What is going to happen to the real estate market in California for the remain of this year and the next?
What Will Happen to Mortgage Co.s' After Foreclosures?
Can I sell my house with a joint mortgage with my ex partner on it?
If I am on a 30,000 salary, can I afford to buy a house?
name of the owner from the nextn addres1615 terrace st visalia ca?
what should be the mission statement of a real estate company?
What do these living sizes mean?
Buying a house, how long does it take to get approved for a loan?
What checks do estate agents make if you pay 6 months rent upfront?
how is the cost of the water bill equated?
has anyone ever received free money from the government?
where can i find a 1 bedroom flat that accepts housing benefit in south east london?
When does everyone think property prices likely to return to 2007 levels in london? I have read 8 years?
If i rented an apartment in a duplex, can i paint on the walls then repaint when i move out?
Why do some Landlord treat their tenants like crap?
is this the rigth time to buy a house in GTA? will the price go up or down in next 5 years?
If I close on my house in the middle of September, when will my first mortgage payment be due?
what is a concession fee when applied to an apartment lease?
Where can I go to view forclosed properties for free, not a pay sight?
Can the sellers cause the earnest money to not be returned?
which website to buy kids for sale online!!!?
How to rent out a parking lot in Downtown Detroit to make profit?
What do I need to do to get a real estate license in Texas?
is it normal for a lender to ask me over the phone what my citizenship status is?
Moving out if mums house?
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