Real Estate

Where is the best website to find land for sale? I search everyday and want others too.
in having a quit claim deed recorded what does it mean when it says it is indexed but not recorded yet?
How can I contact a model agent?
question about appartment rules?
Who can i contact to help me pay rent?
Where can I find the best mortgage deal?
How do I find out what the "useful life" of a carpet is under Washington State landlord tenant law?
IF the owner of a home is deceased and you are willed the property, is the property automatically paid for?
i applied for a townhouse that checks your credit background, she told me that things they look?
About to take a Real Estate Test looking for any FREE pre-test I can take to prepare myself?
What is the practical tips if the landlord refuses to return the rental deposit?
First time home buyer information?
I need a name for my apartment?
The estate sold now what?
What is the benefit of joining the NAR. Of being an actual Realtor and not just a salesperson?
How old do you have to be to get an apartment?
how to find a good apartment in Lansdale, PA?
Do we have to pay our landlord for this month?
does a planning permission for having a caravan on purchased land cost much?
I just put my house on the market...?
Is my salary enough to get an apartment with?
What is the best software for analysing purchase of rental/ investment property?
Can anyone tell me of any auctions in the UK preferably London that specialises in Residential property?
my friend bought her house about a year ago the lady who owned the house?
Is Calculus a higher level math than Intermediate Algebra?
How long does it take to get approved when applying for an apartment?
Can anyone buy a house on $28k income?
FHA Mortgage. what happens to the payment when annual MIP requirements are met?
Validity of Quit Claim Deed in Florida?
Which part of Singapore do u think live is best??
What is Mortgage Repackaging?
HELP!! HELP!!anyone have a property for rent?
can you make money off buying and selling homes?
I want to know where can I find for house titles in houston and chat with a representative?
Saint that helps sell house?
Landlord and Renting Laws?
taking over mortgage?
Is it possible to get a home loan @ a income of 13,200 a year?
Question on Sale of a House?
I just got my first client looking to sell their house in nj. is it legal for me to do this?
how can i find out who the top 10% of realtors are in a given county?
Apartments in Chico that offer individual leases.?
what is the good place to buy a home in chennai?
annual maintaintenence contract for buildings and societies?
How do I evict a roommate that has not paid rent & has no written agreement?
Does anyone know of anywhere in western PA that deals with bad credit mortgages?
can i claim land that i have looked after but belongs to someone else?
How do I deal with an overbearing and nosy landlord?
how much house can we afford?
do i need landlords permission to apply for Housing benefit?
If I can put more than 20% down on a house, should I?
how long before bank has no rights if mortgage is not paid?
Are published prices for houses negotiable?: Serious answers please?
what are the steps to perform a rapid rescore to raise fico score?
How to make a scary house seem warm and inviting?
is it normal for the house to be still on the market when our offer has been accepted?
What is the Median rent in Flagstaff Arizona for a one bedroom apartment?
Can I legally kick my parents out of the house after they have lived in there for over 30 years?
Is it really necessary (or safe) to provide my bank account number in a rental application???
Were can I find info on laws relating to trusts &CC's in South Africa?
companies that bulk buy properties and offer discount to investers?
Anyone know if mortgage companies/banks do a 5 year refinance for about $26000?
How do I save $20,000 in 4 years ?
apartment question please?
if a lien is put on a house and one does not pay the lien can one just ignore it until he goes to sell it?
Can buyer refuse to buy after inspection?
How many residential mortgages can I have? And how can I work around this from an rental property standpoint?
What is a "deeded easement"?
Can a landlord on in my house why I am not there I have dogs?
how do i find out who owns a house?
How can you find the selling price of a house that sold while remaining confidential?
Where should i purchase a house?
What are my tenant rights and my landlord's responsibilities??
Buying a foreclosed home? A few questions!?
Are there apartments/condos/homes to rent near Statesville, NC?
Where can I find a place to live were I could pay little rent.....?
Could your landlord keep your deposit because you moved out before your30day notice ended?
I had a stroke and im mobile by scooter. I need a low cost apartment. how do you get section 8 i have ssi?
What kinda housing is this?
i want to sell my backyard (and keep my existing house).looking for a survayer?developer? to help in adelaede?
Can a landlord in new york city use luxury decontrol to raise the rent of tenants occupying the premises?
How Do I get a government contract to fill a building with storage?
What can I do before moving out, to prove that I left the place clean and not beyond normal wear and tear?
housing association maintenance of pre-existing white goods?
if i take out a loan in america will i have to pay it if i move to europe and never come back?
Why is landlord threatening to evict me? I have a cosigner and they haven't been asked to pay the back rent.?
I need help! We're moving to Phoenix and we're looking for nice, safe place to rent house 1000 or less month
How old do you have to be to rent an apartment?
is a landlord liable for an electric bill if the tenant does not pay?
Buying a house with my boyfriend?
Where can I find legitimate listings for cheap New York City apartment rentals?
The Bank loans officer lied about the interest rate & the locked in lower repayments on my home loan !?
were good site find rental homes?
if you pay for a house with cash do you have to pay mortgage?
Is it wise to buy a home without a lawyer?
How can I complain against apartment complex?
about a rental house?
we want to sell our house, what should we do to make it sell quickly?
My landlord has not given my house deposit back...?
Can I claim my share in parents property in India?
Why is downtown Chicago sooooooooo crowded?
Do some people leave a little junk behind when they've sold their house to you?
I think a real estate agent lied about also being an accountant. How do I verify?
UK Mortgage. Can my parents give me £15k with no problems?
i have 30,000 to put down on a home that cost 75,000 what are chances of me getting a loan for the home if?
What is the best way to earn money in the United states legally to live a comfortable life?
What is the longest waiting period for closing you can ask for when buying a home?
can you live in a home before deciding to buy it?
Can I ask that buyer help with closing costs?
Where can I find information about storage rental values in my area?
if the landlord excepted half the rent can he give u a pay or vacate notice after?
How do I get an apartment like this?
I am paying 700 for rent. I am ready for a mortgage, but I have filed bankrupt.?
My parents cosigned on a home loan for me. If I get foreclosed on, will they have to worry about their house?
where can i get a neighborhood name list map for houston texas?
what doesit mean to be preapproved for a home loan? When the lender gives me a intrest rate will?
My house swap was refused?
Renting a room.. my rights when it comes to health codes?
can get housing benefit abroad?
Why do people homestead their property?
how are mortgages calculated?
If a limb off a tree in your yard falls and damages property on a neighbors yard, whos' insurance pays?
Where do I find parcel maps for residendial property in oregon?
what websites are there for people?
Is there a law in Missouri that forces land lords to reveal if the rental property is in foreclosure?
Does anyone know if I can sell my home in Florida via a raffle or a write in contest?
What happens when you don't pay rent for your apartment?
Renter refuses to leave!?
Any reasonably priced neighborhoods in Seattle area?
what is the approval for apartment rental based on?
even though my lease expired on a certain day, am i still required to submit a 30 day notice of vacating home?
Tenant Skipped! 2 Questions?
Is it rude to ask the seller for early access to the home you are buying?
do paver patios add equity to a homes value?
Suit filed in court to pay for half of equity she owned in a condo.?
what info can i share with ex tenant's new landlord?
Question about selling my home?
How long did you search for your home before you found "the one"?
What caused the housing/mortgage crisis in the early to mid 2000's and who were the stakeholders?
How can I buy property at an auction?
I work for a furniture company & we had 2 infestation of bed bugs in our warehouse & now i have them in my apt?
If a landlord sends a text telling a tent to vacate can that be considered a legal notice? ?
I am interested in selling my home as-is. Does anyone know anything about this? What cut would I take?
I have a USDA rural loan on my home. Can I rent it out and buy another house in a different state.?
mapping site, that shows the house and the price, i had it but now can't find it, please let me know the site,
Forclosed Homes in the UK?
why wont the council give us a new council house?
Can I buy my own house at auction?
How To Treat Rent Revenue Entry In accounts If it is in Advance Receive?
what are tenant rights in fl. in regards to repairs?
Why is it so hard to get realtor feedback?
Can I file bankruptcy to save my landlords house?
Is there anything I can do about loud neighbors?
My landlord will not renew my contract until i pay money i withheld until repair work was done.?
Realtors with the name similar to Dukeman & Grabely?
usually about how much is an application fee for a house for rent in Miami gardens ?
What are similarities and differences between current mortgage crisis and that of during the great depression?
Should I evict my tenants?
My father in law is looking to sell his house. He thinks he'll get $160k, but i think more like $125k.?
Explanation of french land zoning?
This Part of my Lease is Confusing?
Is there anyway to get rid the PMI on a FHA Loan that will closed this month? Is this a good deal?
Help. i want out?
What happens when you make your last mortgage payment, will i need a lawyer?
Can you buy or sell residential real estate without a real estate agent?
Do we have to use the same realtor if a property becomes available at a later date?
Can my landlord really charge me all this money?
can the landlord ask for 6 weeks deposit and 3 months rent ?
What is the "closing" in the process of selling a house?
My husband, 2 kids, and I need to move out of our in laws apt by October, can we file for section 8?
Help me come out of this situation.My Landlord is going to sell the property after the contract period.?
Is it a right choice to buy a flat in Manapakkam,Chennai?
I want to move out of my mom's house?
Should I move in or move somewhere else?
Renting council place,?
Can you adjust your mortage rate lower by negiotation in this market?
How do two people on one deed remove someone from the deed?
What does this mean, regarding Real Estate?
What does this part of the lease mean?
article on fixtuer,chattel and joint tenant?and what they mean?
when selling a house is the settlement check funds available right away?
Should the landlord return my money! ?
How long does it usually take for an underwriter to approve or deny your mortgage application?
Help! i'm a renter and my home is in tax forclosure!?
Can I leverage an owned house to help buy another one?
How can I force apartment management to fix leaking roof and ceiling?
Can a landlord refuse me renewing my agreement?
If a tree from my property falls on someone else's lawn who is responsible?
How can I obtain a Real Estate form called..."Les Pendines"...?
if you needed an emergency plumber or locksmith where would you look first?
If $3575.00 is 30% of a 6 1.2 commission what would the selling price be.?
What are the typical fees a Real Estate Agent charges a seller in Canada?
tips on saving for an apartment?
Landlord not providing items stated in lease?
Moving from a rental?
Can My landlord amend my lease without my personal signature?
how can i check the status of a usda home loan?
what is required in the state of arkansas to be a licensed real estate agent? thanks?
how long does it take for FHA to process mortgage loan info?
can I marry my section 8 landlord?
what does QUIT CLAIM DEED means?????
Where do you live and how would you rate it?
my door is damaged on my rental property. my tenant did not advise me of the damage until i noticed and asked?
I would like to know my local Land Registry Office in the County of Durham in the UK?
How do i know if i can trust my mortgage broker? is what he is quoting me more...?
Should I pay my house off or not?
How big/how much would this storage unit have to be?
how can i find out about what people in the holy land do for lent and easter?
Does Anybody Know A Good Website To Look For Houses To Rent On. ?
mortgages for property in hungary?
inspection on a home that i am buying?
Do you live on a council estate?
What will this foreclosure mean to us.?
Is there a way I could avoid building such high interest on my mortgage?
Who is in charge of utilities payments for commercial real estate?
my landlord wants to take a picture of the apartment am renting right now before i leave,?
What were my tennants trying to pull here?
Can I get a quick claim deed and say I'm giving my house to my daughter and pocket the cash?
How do I get a non rent paying tenant to leave my home?
how do you find investing clubs?
Large offices floors for cheap in LA?
Is the landlord responsible if you have a electrical fire and you have no rental insurance in Illinois?
Where do u get a fake teaching certificate?
When should I refinance my house?
I need info bout fallbrook in northeast houston i believe its a neighborhood or townhomes around that area?
Is there a website that I can go to in order to learn about different neighborhoods?
Do you need to put your house in your kid's name so you won't lose it if you are put in a nursing home,?
Does real estate fall under business admin?
5 Day Eviction Notice?
Renting vs. Buying?
Rental lease is good for tenant or Land lord?
Question about mortgage payments from first time home buyer?
What is the worst thing that could happen if I break my one year lease if I only been there just one week?
signature being forged by ex husband?
First home buyers grant Australia?
Im scared about who may move in on my street?
Can I skip this month mortgage if I'm refinancing next month?
What are my legal rights?
Do you need special zoning to subdivide your home for rent in Baltimore, MD 21212?
When buying a house what does a limited title guarantee mean?
Is it just me? Will it get better? I just want to move on?
Real Estate Questions, Thanks!!!?
Would this be a good investment?
We are buying a home...what happens when the appraisal comes back less than the purchase price?
Orange County, CA taxes on 1st home?
How to get someone name off deed to house, if they don't want to sign quit deed and haven't helped pay?
Can I be notified of my husbands every move by cell phone?
i need a 40.000mortgage?
Best way to get Mom to buy me a house?
is this a proper lease statement?
My private landlord has refused to allow me to have a free water meter fitted, is there any action I can take.?
can i appy for housing for 2 councils?
Tax credit apartments?
Cheap places to live in MIami ?
Can a security guard at my apartment building make show identification?
what is the cost of construction of independent house in present situation?
what is the monthly council for band B in west sussex?
I own a home w/ boyfriend. We r splitting & he wants me to sign house over.?
landlord setlement money?
Breaking a lease before it starts in PA?
Should I have to pay the rest of my lease after being evicted?
Who gets the house if one of the co-owner dies?
Question about our rented property..?
What is the average rent for a 2 family house in Montclair, NJ?
rental agreement question?
Selling a house and avoid reassessment?
How can I find out who lived in the apartment before me?
Please help us! Apt owner charging for damages?!?!?
After the current bad economy situation, will it be more difficult to get a mortgage?
How much should an apartment manager make 28 Units Complex in Santa Monica California?
Grants and/or government assistance to help get a house?
My fridge is not working, we let landlord know since its his fridge, and he said we have to pay the first $50,?
Is now a good or bad time to get my real estate license?
Building Maintenance Negligence?
I pay 425.00 all utilities incl. in apt. in trenton mich. is there any place as cheap in this area? I hate my?
First time home buyer loan?
closing costs?
Has anyone ever purchased a house like in the infomercials?
Has anyone heard of a FOURTY year mortgage?
i need to know how to write a letter to my landlord giving him notice of me leaving the premises?
We have been such since moving in new house. hubby suspect mold and find green in furnace in attic. what?
Is there a website that offers a list of bank/mortgage lenders per state?
Getting out of a lease? landloard not paying trash?
Is buying a home a difficult processes?
Landlord wants me out of flat.?
How much would it cost to remake warehouses into apartments?
how much money would i need to start becoming a landlord?
What are the best online no collateral loans?
What question should I ask about renting a apartment?
What is this new MahaVastu buzz all about?
If i have a shut off notice for my eletric bill is it ileagle for my apartment houses to pay the bill.?
I designed a concrete inflatable home - I need $700k to finance a 80 unit building project?
Can I Sue for Untimely Return of Security Deposit?
How do I select which houses I should buy to rent out?
I rent my home month to month and have no lease i have been a good tenant and paid rent on time and have proof?
i bought a house at a pa tax sale and there are people shill living in it how do i handle that?
can electric company turnoff electricity if there is a disable person living in the house?
8020 Home Loan??
Unfair mortgage company . Help with this please.?
Can we transfer house to fiances name?
Is it possible to buy such a house?
can i live in a proprty when the last owner died in 2007?
How much in materials does it cost to build a house?
Do potential homebuyers prefer to see a "perfect "" spotlessly clean" house when going for a viewing?
How do I find an apartment in a diff state before I move?
What is a good website to find residential property listings for sale?
How to report an eviction or a bad rating on someones credit for RENT?
Council exchange? I am in Leeds, want to move to London.?
Can a landlord keep my money if I don't move in the apartment?
How to find best home loan service in Chandigarh?
My landlord's son smokes pot in the house... what should I do?
buy property with no money down .?
Can anyone recommend a specific mortgage lender?
what is the zbu?
My landlords switched. Do I still have to go by the old landlords lease?
How do you evict someone on your land with their own trailer?
Should I buy or rent in California?
Can I claim under tenancy act?
You have $1000 in your pocket no job no home and no family to lean on. What do you do?
Should I rent and invest a lot or buy a home and invest less?
Am I ready to move out?
Can the landlord raise the rent?
Can you get out of a lease if it hasn't been 30 days?
Is a Landlord supposed to be responsible for replacing kitchen appliances in a Rental House FOREVER?
Can your landlord decide what time you can take your shower or do your laundry?
In Washinton State can you get a long term (15 to 20 year) mortgage/loan on unimproved land?
I want to move out is this budget realistic? PLEASE answer?
What holds more power, your name on the deed or your name on the mortgage?
Water leak damages, what precautions to take?
I saw a house selling for a $1.00, is that correct?
Is there anyway to get out of my lease?
When looking to buy a house, do you find floor plans useful?
Is this a reasonabe offer on a house?
Yearly Income to live a comfortable lifestyle in the Northeast?
do you think interest rates on home loans will go up or down in the next few mnonths?
Should I buy a condo?
is it bad time now to buy investment property in NYC (condo conversion, nice neighborhood, 410K,rent-$1800)?
is this a proper lease statement?
property prices?
Apartment Scam - Can I claim money?
How do I check the history of my house?
Local Taxes - where at?
is GIFT DEED and WILL are same thing?
I want to move out but my pay/hours are stopping me.?
Real Estate For Martha's Vineyard?
Breaking Lease - Specific Date?
I am looking for 220 acres in texas for sale?
how many couples have sex in home they are looking to purchase?
Can a landlord legally charge you their property tax and insurance?
i am one payment behine on my morage the bank said that i have to catchup the payment by the in of the mouth?
what is APR as it relates to home loans?
whats the best way to rent a house with a yard near Buffalo (North) University NY?
Looking for a single family homes in the Grand Forks, ND area, ANY SUGGESTIONS !!?
Do you have to appear in court if you were told eviction was filed but never were served by the actual court?
How can i find out if anyone has died , new twn hs. im purchasing?
Loan brokers and bankers, do you verify the applicant's citizenship in a home loan application?
Can you determine if water is wasted in an apartment by renters or experiment used to know whoes using most.?
Renting an apartment and shelves?
My landlord won't give me a key to the front door?
How do i deal with a dodgy landlord?
Is it better to put my rental property into a Trust or an LLC.?
How can I earn an income off of being the middle man between real estate transacions?
If someone isn't on a lease, do I have to give them 30 days to get out, or can I kick them out on my own will?
what happens if I stop paying 2nd mortgage?
Does any know how much the down payment is to renting an appartment?
Rental lease end date?
How much is a porta potty in Ontario?
looking for a renovations contract?
Can I ask my renters for their social security numbers and copies of their driver licenses?
Who is to blame for UK housing market decline?
Moving to upstate NY, whats a good area?
i want to move out now. where do i go?
What is the best down payment assistance program for first time home buyers?
what is the execution of 45 06?
I need some tips. Want to negotiate rent down from $1295?
looking for some assistance with rent in Missouri. I'm a single mother.?
letting my home for rent in UK, what is the minimum insurance I need to take on the property i let out to rent
My husband and I are being evicted, no where to go? What can we do?
Help !!! Price of a two-room !?
taxs what to do been paying last 2 yrs i cant afford to change my deductions how can i make this work?
Should my child keep the key to our house when she moves into her own apartment?
Owning a new home with my daughter?
if you were going to sell your house would you have a male or female relitor?why?
can a lien be placed on a house (because the contractor didn't pay a sub) after the house closing &clear title
whats the average mortgage every month for a 1 story nice home in a nice area??
How can I increase the value of my house?
How long do you think it will take two professionals to move my stuff?
Is this house gorgeous?
Are there any homes in the City of Fort Worth wtih a morgage payment of $500 a month?
Is my landlord just allowed to come over to see the place because she wants to?
Would like to move to California when I'm 18! Tips/advice?
How much trouble can she get into for subleasing?
Is my landlord choosing sides?
how can I find what the fair market value of a house was in 1983?
What is an up-and-coming neighborhood in Raleigh for young professionals?
What's the average total for utilities for a one bedroom apartment in Akron, ohio ?
Just found out my Landlord is my Managing Agent! Is this legal?
My friend asked me to move in to live with him. Does it make me legally entitled to live there?
How do i get someone out of my house who's lived there 7 months, they have not helped with any bills.?
Can people live without electricity?
Should I buy a home in las vegas as an investment?
Poll: do you stay in an owned or rented house?
What kind of house can you get in your area for $150,000 ?????
Where can I get samples of LLC (Limited Liability Company) documents on the internet?
Who owns my house at 3021 Piedmont Avenue?
How much does it cost to rent an apartment in downtown atlanta and in the dakalb county area?
What is the best way to look for a house to buy?
electric fee? too much very high...?
If a current or previous landlord fails to provide a reference what should or could i do?
Can someone help me on this question?
Is there a website where you can find out who owns a house?
Landlord is shady need help?
Looking to move to an affluent area in Virginia US. What is the best area to raise a family?
Didn't turn in my apartment condition checklist, what can happen?
Is it better to live on the first floor or the second?
Where can I find definitions of what it means to call an office property a Class A or Class B property?
I have paid a apartment complex application fees which they stated were nonrefundable which i understand but?
Going to be 2 weeks or longer before my in laws can get us the info we need so we called the processor?
will a home seller generally accept $1000 down payment from buyer?
how can I find a sample Real Estate Comparable market apprasial?
Are the people that are moving to New Orleans to work qualified to live in one of the FEMA trailers?
What happens to the additional money you owe on the home in a short sale?
house getting broken in .?
My apartment manager was doing something sneaky?
What to say to a bad tenant who doesn't let landlord inspect the property?
What are the pros and cons from walking away from your mortgage?
So I am getting my real estate license can you help me?
If a landlord doesn't take a security deposit is there a max amount they can charge upon moving out?
Want To Take Legal Action Against Attorney?
what can I do to stop my landlord randomly popping round?
how do i find a buyer for my north georgia real estate fast?
Where is the best place to get a home loan...with bad credit??
has anybody out there had to deal with bad landlords in their life time?
i am renting but now l gave my 30 day notice to move out 9nov do l own any rent at this time?
what is a power of attony?
I share a paypal and ebay account with my mum, will I have to get my own when I move out?
Will I see my easements on my deeds ?
where can I find apartment rentals (besides craigslist)?
How to buy a house on a tight budget?
How many hours can my landlords keep my water off?
how do i fill out a lease agreement to lease a mobile home for 6 months?
How does it take to get an foreclosure house?
how do I access the website of the estate agent christopher hall in buckley?
buying a new toll brothers house?
What are roommates really looking for?
At what age you got your first house?
Can I leave items in a house when I sell It?
Why do people in rented apt buildings think they have reserved parking spaces???
How long does foreclosure go in FL?
my apartment is infested with german cockroaches help!?
I want a home. But my credit score is 520. PLEASE HELP!?
In connecticut, is it illegal to rent out your basement?
I'm planning to buy a house in Liverpool, which areas should be avoided and which areas are recommended?
i need out of my house..please help me!?
i want to get a loan for a house?
We pay rent, but our landlord is under preforeclosure. How long do we have to moveout?
Is buying homes for back taxes a good idea, do you have to be a "handyman" to be able to make $ doing it?
What are the FICO Score Requirements for a Reverse Mortgage?
So how much does a typical modest 3 bedroom house cost in the USA?
To design a house you need to buy land, how do you buy land in Toronto?
i just want to rent out a room in my apartment who do i do that or were do i go to plese help?
How much should I give?
When doing a home loan modification, the term "Servicer" comes up a lot. Who is the "Servicer"?
Can I move without giving notice to my landlord in nj?
What are the pros and cons of living on top floor of a building?
What does the home owner do with this information?
how much should i pay for a right of first refusal on property worth 1.2 million dollars?
Why isn't there more Chinese inspired architecture in America?
Does an inground pool increase your property value?
What do I have to do to buy a Utah home without a realtor.?
Condos having a bad reputation?
UK Estate Law Advise?
I just sold my house. My agent paid his coordinator $350 out of my fees. is this normal?
bought house at auction with 10,000 deposit can i get it back they say there are estate problems?
A question for mortgage brokers?...?
Is there any way to get out of this lease?
shared house tenants rights?
Help...should I evict my tenant?
Tenants beware did you know this?
friends of the court forms?
What should I do with my new warehouse?
How to buy a hotel and remodel Finance?
Making an Offer 20% lower than Asking Price acceptable?
Does any one know any place in CA where you can buy a home for 150,000 to 250,000?
How can I calculate my yearly taxes on the house I am planning to build in Chenango Forks, NY.?
What will happen if you get an attorney fee for not paying your rent?
How much notice should a renter be given if landlord is selling home?
How is Stated Income verified for a home loan?
Websites to find whole flats to rent?
why does rent have to be so much??
how much does an average rent cost for a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment?
If my wife and I rent out our house and buy a new house out of state should we put it in just my name for...?
Are there any different rules for an immigrant to US to buy a house there?
renting a house?
What does it take to buy your first home?
Builder Sold Pre-owned flat?
No written landlord tenancy contract?
The people selling us our new home have requested to stay for 15 days after closing. What should we do?
Is there insurance difficulties when you own a house but live in it?
What are the chances that TENANT prevails an UNLAWFUL DETAINER suit in ORANGE COUNTY?
Can I Get My Real Estate Brokers License?
Any apartments in NW Chicago that allow more than 2 pets?
how can i find a room in house?
What is a Colony Flat in Edinburgh?
Felons rights when applying for an apartment?
How much greater can your house loan be than your income?
Where could I find complete TV listings for 12/6/2008?
i need to find an apt, preferably classifieds?
i need a cosigner for a home for a year?
tenancy agreement?
Is it true that I have to keep my Adjustable Rate Mortgage for 2 years?
is it illegal for me too get kicked out of an appartment afeter i payed the whole rent?
When should I be contacting a Lawyer regarding purchasing a home?
Tenant not paying for 3 months.What S'pore law or actions can be used? Tenant can afford maid but can't pay?
Affordable apartments for college students in Atlanta,Georgia?
What is the cost of a really good mansion?
property value for 3910 rose in houston texas 77007?
Can you buy a house with cash?
What happens if you lose the deeds to your house in Australia? Can I have them replaced?
So I'm moving to another state but i need to find an apartment first ?
I want to buy a home for under 4,000 bucks in FLORIDA.?
What does "roof rebate at close" mean?
Should I be worried about moving into this house...?
100% mortgages?
I need to know how to get $2,000 by the 20th of September.?
front part of the property belongs to elder brother?
Is it legal for a landlord have a key to a tenants property.?
Would it be wise to have 5 people in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment?
How much should I spend monthly towards my apartment rent and utilities? ...could you give me a percentage?
what is the best website for foreclosure listings in florida?
What are the important steps to take when buying into an existing investment property as a partner?
Is Seaside Heights Closing 2012?
From which site I can sell my ancestral home?
my question is: i am trying to get information on a reverse mortgage,what exactly does this mean.?
How do I select the best agent for buying a home.?
What advice can you give for someone buying a home for the first time?
Landlord knocked then used key to enter my studio flat?
do realtors get a comission from refering a client to a mortgage company?
how much should the average mortgage be a month?
I have an apt lease I need to break. I have someone to sublet and land lord won't let me, whatelse can I do?
would you recommend my 21 year old mate to invest in term deposits or property, what generally works?
Does anyone know the process of purchasing a sheriffs sale?
Trumbull County Ohio Septic Tank Laws?
Who pays the appraiser if a refi loan falls through?
What state would you prefer to live in out of Tennessee, Georgia and Texas?
do most of the celebrities live on star island in miami?
we are moving out of our apt! what should our 30day notice say?
Buying a home through the V.A. with bad credit ?
Should I forclose on my home?
I want plot in Dehradun?
how much it cost to build a golf course?
is it true that when you sell your house in 2013, there will be a tax of 3.8% on the sale price?
Buying a owner occupied rental and still owning a home?
after getting approved for a apartment with a co-signer, how long does it take to move in?
What does a pet fee cover?
Good home owners insurance rate?
My boyfriend and i plit up and the house we live in is in my name. I have changed the locks already. what ar?
property share for daughter in the family?
Why do I need to put my banking info on a rental application?
how much is BT landline phone rental on average?
Real Estate Question?
I want to do market analysis course plz provide me the name of university who is running such type of courses
what is better buy a house cash or do a mortgage?
anyone living in Patchogue, ny?
What state yields the highest in rental population?
what is a sub -prime mortgage?
How to low my interest rate?
My new apartment is infested with fleas, help?!?
I want to rent a room in my house, does it effect my mortgage?
can landlords legally spy on tenants?
What can I do if someone else's name is on the deed for my house and is trying to take my house away?
Backing out from a home purchase help....?
Where can I get land for free?
What is the best type of amortization loan ? Which do would i pay least interest durring the first few year.?
getting a mortgage in New Jersey?
Does one have to be good in math or financial management to be a good realtor?
Relocating and want to rent out my house - Could I get a mortgage for a 2nd home with a small down payment?
What role do breakers have in providing electricity to an apartment ?
should I buy a home in California?
are there any assumable mortgages in peoria arizona ?
Were can I get a 200 dollar loan online?
Has anyone done a rent to own contract?
average price of a modular home in Texas?
if you had a choice what state would you live in?
Is it normal for a landlord to ask for a deposit just to view a rental?
Do I owe condo dues after my filing bankruptcy until the sheriffs sale?
My son is 24 yrs old and disable, where can i can i find him help so he find any jobs.?
New kitcken or clear mortgage?
Where are public records of mortgages?
Regarding a renters stolen property and their coverage under their landlords home owners insurance?
Can anyone help with mortgage application?
What are resources after loosing everything in a house fire?
How do I pull public records for Puerto Rico?
Morgage on a house, how to get one?
Can I move into low income housing with only child support $$?
what is the future value of IFCA share in one month ?
churches for sale in the city of detroit,mi. ( east side)?
Would it be a bad Idea to purchase a house right now?
my apartment is charging me for a whole month but they wont let me move in until the 17th of that month?
Do I qualify for Income Restricted Apartments?
how does a formal eviction notice work and camn it be turned over by landlords?
Home Trade?
Do I still have to pay rent?
Landlords and Tenants?
Landlord Bankruptcy, what to do?
Can I rent out my council flat and live somewhere else?
how does owner financing work in texas?
What's the best place in California for a doctor to live with a family?
How long does the bank take to accept my offer on a house?
My tenent defaulted on his unlawful detainer but the does answered?
How could I find Central Bank of the Philippines acquired assets that are for sale?
Restricted Income Apartment question..?
My boyfriend was recently kicked out..?
I'm renting a house for 575 and next door has just come up for rent and that 474 what do I do?
How many days does my old landlord have to return my security deposit if there are no damamges? in Indiana?
reasons to give so that i can get on campus accommodation?
In Ontario, Canada, what exactly do closing costs entail?
What are the pros and cons of doing a "Quick Deed"? I want to Quick deed one of my homes to my daughter.
does anyone know where there is a 5+ bedroom HOUSE for rent NOT directly in the City of Harrisburg,Pa?
I just bought a hud house and found out after that its on the demo list?
When will be the best time to refinance a home loan?
Who would the do the credit report and rental history on if i have some one else in charge of my financies?
Where can I find a calculator that will tell me what loan amount I could qualify for?
Mortgage Payments : Paying Biweekly Or Lumpsome an Extra Payment once Yrly?
can you buy a house with no down payment?
requirements for concession trailer in riverside county?
What's the best resource for home owners to use when they don't want a realtor?
best state to buy an inexpensive house for mid fifties single adult?
Can you make an offer on a house before your mortgage is sorted out?
What is the future growth potential for California City, CA.?
Need advice, my life is in complete shambles. Thanks to apartments... Need some advice big time?
How to apply for a home loan to buy agricultural land?
City records at the court house question?
My brother is parked in driveway of my rental property then breaks in house what can I do?
After closing a home purchase, what documents should I receive in the mail?
what is the description of a commercial real estate broker?
where do I look for property being sold for taxes owed in macon county missouri?
Selling Real Estate as a side job?
Is a verbal realestate contract in the state of Washington binding and honerd?
Is now a good time to buy a house and take on a mortgage?
my sister in rhode island wants to give me a piece of her farm to build a house ,will she loose farm status?
What do I need to do to buy a house?
todays the 15th if we sign the lease today landlord wants rent every 15th of the month?
Can any kind of lawyer charge up front fees for loss mitigation services?
Can you sign a lease to an apt in Bolingbrook, IL when ur under 18?
Relocating for business - House deposits?
How much do I need to make to be able to get a mortgage for a $200,000 house?
expressions of interest absolute beachfront house for lease cairns qld.australia?
If a house is 1 million dollars, and your down payment is $200,000, is that good or bad?
I am on Social Security Disability. I am 27, engaged with 3 kids and am looking to buy a home.?
Where are the lowest priced towns or cities to live in in the Western states?
Is it typical that the agency is charging £100 just to change the name on the tenancy agreement?
Is my old email promise to my real estate agent still enforceable?
how can one put a lien on property and house that is left to four people and one is going to be excluded?
what bank will do during loan process?
what does "ppp furnished" mean?
Is it really necessary (or safe) to provide my bank account number in a rental application???
I have just been offered £450,000 for a house with an asking price of £600,000 Would you say that they were?
anyone know of any 3 bedroom all one level apartments in KC area?
How do I go about opening my own beach resort?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the?
Apt mgr served an eviction notice but after resolving issues I was not forced to move. Is this on my record?
Landlords????!!!??? I am looking for advice?
section 8 housing, texas?
Do the banks have foreclosure lists, without having to buy them? ?
Can I auction off my uninsured property?
Realtors isn't this unsafe to do while showing a house?
Short Term Disability/Mortgage Closing question?
How do I sell my home and purchase a new one.?
subsidized housing in Toronto, Ontario tips/suggestions?
the average rent cost in melbourne?
Is it legal for my landlord to select the contractor for repair work on a unit I am renting?
in chicago, what do companies charge an owner to find a tenant for their vacant apt.?
Approximately what is time and cost for investment property renovations?
Is Ohio an abstracting state?
can my landlord move anybody in to our shared accommodation?
If you mow the lawn for seven years, do you have rights to the house in Virginia?
why is it better to own your home than rent?
Breaking Lease for Pet Policy?
Can I move out? Can I rent my own apartment?
Landlord/Agency attempted entry to property without permission.?
My roommate is abusing my dog, what can I do?
How long will it take for me to Notice a difference when working out?
should i refinance my home which is now 8 months old, or apply for a secured loan.?
In a divorce can I take my wife off my mortgage with out refinancing?
how much rent should i pay if my gf and her sister pay 1320 a month on their condo?
Do you have to pay mortgage for a RENTED home?
how long before a house goes in forcloser?
Property tax and cost to buy...?
legitimate sites for free foreclosure listings in south florida?
How can I get his price down?
rental and leasing plus mold what should i do (see details)?
Is it bad to buy a house on land that you don't own?
Husband will not pay rent am I responsible?
How much would I need to make a year to buy a 109,000 house?
How do I find or rent an ampartment with not good credit.?
How do you change light bulbs on a garage roof top in pole lights?
If I Emodifi my loans is that gonna effect my credit for good?
Relocating from California to Atlanta, GA.?
where can i find charts for the development of real-estate prices in india ?
putting a house for sale do i stop paying on my mortgage?
my tenents dont pay rent on time?
I have lived in this condo for 3 years?
how can i find out how much my room mate mortgage is?
Does a condominium in New York State require an outside insured company to remove the snow in front of Bldg?
Can I Trust Annai Builders (Atulya smart Home Anakaputur 6.2, Tambaram 8, kilkattalai 9.8 )?
Letting agent is ignoring me?
How can i purchase an affordable home, with little money down and bad credit?
are association fees on a condo included in your loan?
where is the best place,cheapest way.fastest way,to get a second morgage...I have aaa credit?
Can you pay rent to your landlord in advance, so you don't have to worry for a few months?
Looking for apartment help?
Brick house vs concrete house?
Which house would impress you more if you were a guest & why? And which one would you like to live in? Thanks!?
How do you become a real estate agent?
With this recent mortgage bail out of lenders, are we rewarding bad behavior?
When selling a house is lease to purchase a good deal?
What is the best service besides the MLS for non-real estate agents to use to evaluate the worth of a property
Why not destroy empty and foreclosed houses?
I am going to be moving in a couple of weeks.My landlord said we can start moving in next week,but we?
who gets the interst that is accrued when a landlords monies are being held in a trust account?
Can you legally park in front of anyone's house (in USA)?
Is my landlord breaking out contract?
Can you negotiate prices of a house if you live in another state? Can you fax offers in?
Landlord asking for 6 months rent in advance, is this legal?
How long does it take for a warrant to expire in Charlotte NC?
can somebody educate me on this.....?
Difference between shared expenses and rent?
Purchasing a house from an individiual and using a mortgage broker for my financing. Now they tell me....?
anyone with bad credit ever gone through naca?
Home closing delay due to hurricane.?
Part Buy/Part Rent properties ????? Any info?
for mortgage purposes what is the difference in rural and suburban?
how much notice do i have to give to my landlord without signing a lease?
Giving an eviction notice in California?
isn't this illegal, renters of house?
what website do i go to to find out what a house is worth?
can you get out of a contractors agreement. if they only have one of two home owners signatures.?
If I sign a lease with two other people and they both break it with the military clause can I be held to it?
Can some one if retired cosign to help someone buy a home?
apartment in california just served us a three day pay rent or quit for bieng one day late, Is that legal?
Where, in writing, does it state if/how my landlord can enter my apartment? (Washington State)?
What are legal rent increases in florida?
is it wrong to get a mortgage for a house on my own without my partners name on it?
If I've already filed my personal taxes how do I go about getting my $8000 First Time Home Buyers Credit?
If I am on a lease with my kid's dad, and I am moving, and give my notice, will I still have to pay for him?
where can i find a good paying guest? one room with Tv connection attached toilet and an AC in chennai.?
Apartments and a dog.?
Bad credit mortgages in Louisiana? Where, who? Any info is appreciated?
If my apartment complex has been bought out how soon should the landlord contact me?
what is the GRM rate in northwest indiana.?
Is there anything I can do about kitchen floor problems with my house that I purchase only 6 months ago?
should i apply for an llc for real estate?
What is the best route for getting a real estate license in IL?
I sometimes work out of town for a good paying job, but I notice f when I got home?
Does anyone know the number or website for Renters Control in Los Angeles?
Kindly give a specimen format for an agreement between a house owner and a tenant .?
Is it normal for a landlord to request bank information?
looking for 2 bedroom house in va beach va?
which is the best site to find a residential house in nagpur in 15 to 20 lacs?????
Utilities cost in Lawton, OK?
tips on buying a house and starting a daycare?
what kind of programs out their for first time home buyers?
I want to buy a condo listed for $395,000, my realtor thinks it's worth $385,000, how much should I bid?
should anybody help me to find the resident on rent near the reliance global service,ameerpet, hyedradad?
Why I never see just a room for sale in Manhattan (100/150 sqft like in Paris). Where can I find that ?
Looking for a place to rent, preferably in a community just outside Tulsa?
If a house is 1 million dollars, and your down payment is $200,000, is that good or bad?
What are the essential documents that should be in a "Contract for the Sale of Land?
need Preliminary Change of Ownership for Grant Deed?
Can i afford to live alone in an apartment in Chandler AZ?
Is there something in my house?
Is mold a reasonable cause to break a lease?
whats up with all these online mortgage brokers and are they safe?
Can someone tell me what is a "NOTICE OF DROPPING PARTY" on a forelosure, I am in FL.?
Should I live in an apartment or a condom?
What can I do about my landlord?
Can you take out a bank loan without a job?
Your Opinion - Should we change Realtors?
Can't afford the house mortgage, can the house be given back to the bank?
How do i locate low income housing that accepts SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME benefits as proof of income?
Can a landlord charge me for putting in a new toilet? She did not consult me & billed me for $400.?
The listing agent wants to split the earnest money...?
Is it bad to live near a construction area?
Question about the game of Monopoly?
Should I make extra principal payments on my mortgage?
where can i complain about a landlord in ohio?
Can I use a credit card check for rental deposit?
Can a landlord come into my apt and take one of my possessions if i am late on my rent?
How much do hostess make at Texas Road House in South Carolina...?
how can i find out what council houses are available in my area ? i live in wrexham?
Name three occasions when the Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationships Form must be completed.?
Can I kick my roommate out on a month to month lease?
we need help with a land lord?
I walked away from my home how can I see where it is in process?
How long does it usually to buy a house?
deposit paid, flat rented to someone else, am I entitled to some repayment from agency?
does anyone know of an organization that writes grants and submits them that is not a rip off?
Has anyone had a problem with the Realtor or the home they purchased in Arizona in the last two years?
is my first time I buy a house and I want to know if I need a title insurance for the clousing?
Have to relocate for work but signed a 6 month lease(3months left) for a flat, Any way to get out of lease?
Why do realestate agents remind me of used car salesmen??
What is the best period to move?
im selling my home and need some advice.?
NO DOWN PAYMENT: have you used that real estate course before?
Why would a bank-owned property require a cash-only purchase? What are they not telling us?
How do I add a name to the deed of my house?
I am a 2 time cancer survivor,?
NY State Transfer of deed?
Over a month calling landlord, can I fix this sink?
Can i rent my own house on an income of £650 a month?
my neighbir put up a wood privacy fence si i had my land surveyed and the fence is on ,y land how far does she?
becoming a real estate agent in Washington state?
want to know the details of income tax claim for housing loan which is in another city not occupied & locked?
Tax Deed Sales in California?
will i get my full deposit back ?
is my settlement going to affect me getting an apartment?
Would it be a mistake to sell the house I live in and make a $25,000 profit on it...?
Is this legal!!??
I just found out my semi new tenants have 3 cats even though they signed a no pets lease, can I evict them ?
Based on the extenuating circumstances should i ask for jury trial for eviction? ?
What will the cyprus (southern) property market look like 5 years from now? Is it likely to be on the up again?
Does anyone know of a lender that does Corporation Loans?
filed chapter 7. Want to buy home w/out bank. Besides owner financing, give me ideas how to do it?
I have searched online but can not find, how many exit/entrance doors does a home legally need in FL?
how long does it usually take to know if you're approved for a loan??
I have a cousin who lives in public housing. Do the housing authority managers have the right to open closets?
Got a permanent flat off the council full of mine?
Is it legal for an HOA to charge $10 for a credit card payment of association fees?
Where can I rent a one bedroom with an eviction and two small chilren in LA county? Recently divorce.?
Whats wrong with having a house on a Marshland or a wetland?
Im thinking of moving to seatle with a friend to a aparment how much would it cost.?
dose anyone know about the work from home program about real estate on back taxes?
Steps after inheriting a house?
If my wife and I add our son and daughter to our Va home deed as joint owners will this avoid probate of home?
help what do i do with all these clothes?
how to get mobile home and land financed our credit score is fair but we have a judgement?
Realestate making money?
Time line: Receivership to Foreclosure (Ohio)?
When buying your 1st home, do you need/recommend a down payment?
Where can I find info on home sales over 3 years in 8 states based on resale and new construction prices?
how to write a legal paper?
Can I realisticly buy a house?
How can I buy a house in the UK?
moving into an apartment in New Jersey, money management help please!?
What apartments should I live in at Jonesboro, Arkansas?
How much will a decent 2 BHK FLAT in Chandigarh cost?
Should I pay my rent?
Can you transfer a mortgage in to someone elses name. (say your son) with out penlety?
what is the best real estate training program for Texas Licensure?
Where can i find an apartment in the Washington DC area for a reasonable price with all utilities included?
can you put a sign up?
if i have a warrent in leon valley and i dont live there well they come to the address i live at?
Apartments or homes for rent in Northern PA?
I am looking for lake front property on Lake Maniatou in Rochester IN?
What are fees to look for when buying a forclosed home?
Grant Money available for homebuyers in disaster affected areas?
Where is a good place on the internet to advertise an apartment for sale in Jerusalem?
How do I get my slumlord to fix the broken stuff in my rental. I live in CA.?
what is the best time of the year to buy a house in california ? should i wait until winter to find a better?
How to rent an apartment if you're new in the USA?
what is a reasonable offer for a piece of land?
What does W.I.C stand for in Real Estate terms?
Apartment complex made a mistake?
I need help finding a home to live in?
how to transfer title property to my mother?
what is a double dipper concerning Landlords?
I want to buy a building?
If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth? ?
Can you buy a house filled with mold?
carbon monoxide leak, what are my rights as a tenant?
apartment rent question?
Kick some body out a house?
Should I buy a home in Daytona Beach, Florida?
How do I remove my name from a deed?
If a house has been featured in a national magazine, would that help it sell better in this market?
how do i sell a home i owe more on than i can sell it for?
What is the cheapest place in America to buy a house?
If you buy a house directly from the owner, how much faster would u get to move in?
Doinhg a cash for keys with b of a. i dont trust them. should i only take a certified check from them?
Where can you rent a house for only one dollar a month?
do I have to keep a realtor?
I am looking for the impossible. A one bedroom duplex/home/apartment for under 600.?
How To Find Melbourne Real Estate?
How much time do I have to stay at my house?
Apartment complex asking for money?
where is an affordable and up-and-coming neighborhood in nyc (manhattan, brooklyn, queens & the nronx)?
Sell me half an acre?Berkshire Buckinghamshire want to put a cabin on it.?
if i have signed the tenancy agreement how soon can i leave?
where can I buy affordable, good quality furniture in pune?
How can I check that a management company (condo rental) is real/kosher?
wat do u all think of working as a property agt?
I would like to relocate my residence from Oakland to?
Lanlord entered home right before i moved with no permission is this illegal?
Back up offer on a short sale house?
Is it legal for a housing rental company to enter the dwelling a tenant is renting without their permission?
Is not allowing a renter to have dogs considered discrimination?
I signed a 3yr lease, there is 11 mos. remaining. Can my landlord require me to sign a new lease?
What should I do? I bought a 2 bed 2 bath condo in 2005, in San Jose, Ca. At the time....?
Does anyone know of a good quality real estate lead company to purchase leads from?
8020 Home Loan??
My mom passed away. She left me a house, loan in her name. Can't afford the mortgage, can't sell, what to do?
Why is everyone expected to buy a house?
were can you get a pre paid side kick?
In a rental apartment is it ok to have a fish?
I want the list for the Huda Housing Society Draw held on 30/08 ?
can u make money flipping a house with no money down or no credit check?
What does "to take out a new mortgage"?
i have been asked to be a guarantor on a rented property do they do a credit check on my bank balance?
How much would a small house in central NJ cost?
What is Logix Blossom County Details? Call 9999998662?
What % of your gross income is your mortgage?
Moving into new apartment- question?
Skipped out on Lease. Arkansas. Any advice.?
My parents are about to loose their house to forclosure...Is there anything they can do to keep their house?
I have poor credit. but there will be another person on the lease will i get approved for an apartment?
if you pay for a house with cash do you have to pay mortgage?
question about being a home owner?
How to sell a house free listings?
do I have to pay for a hole in a wall of a rental home?
How can i get my dad and sister to leave the rented house?
I really want a house.....?
Older Victorian Home Question?
What can you do if your landlord tells you and other tenants not to use water facilities?
can a landlord hold a final rent check for 6 weeks before cashing it?
(Direct Deposit For Renting A Apartment Question)- Will my landlord know my full amount in my checking account?
what are the taxes on a home in the los Angele's area that is priced one and half million dollars?
can i refuse to let my landlord inspect flat?
First house offer rejected, what would you do next?
How hard it is to be a realty agent? How does it work?
how to sign house over to co owner?
I am trying to do a loan modification. They are asking for my co-borrowers pay stubs who does not live with me?
How much would my guarantor have to make in this scenario?
What can I do about a tenant who refuses to leave after nonpayment of rent (Rent is charged Weekly) ?
21 and want to move out!!!?
is this a good apartments to rent???first time renter?
If a car is sold on autotrader is it immediately taken off listing?
I'm renting a house from a person yesterday i rec'd forclosure papers on the house i have 3 months left on my ?
i need to get rid of my house but do not have time to sell it. what will happen if i abandon it?
Landlord and Renting Laws?
Find me information regarding - the formation of Sole -proprietership in solomon Island . By ministry of lands
Selling land in a town in Tamil Nadu - India?
Before buying a Dream Home, What are the main point that are person should always keep in mind ?
Where can I find new housing for 2006 in sacramento and Placer county?
would you help me find a blank warrantee deed for Texas?
im 18 and i have no job and im losing the house i live in in a mounth?
What do you do if you're looking to rent but have bad credit?
Housing help or programs?
Do FHA loans finance short sales?
How do i find foreclosure auctions near me?
Can landlord terminate a lease by saying there is a mistake in the lease?
How many properties are sold privately a year in the UK?
House payment amount?
what is the typical rate for appartments?
Owning a Property in a community with over 50% Rentals?
Do you pay property taxes on a highrise condo?
Is it still profitable to become a home inspector and home appraiser in todays market?
Real estate help pleasE?!?
Who will loan me $10,000.00?
Toilet water from the apartment above gushed into my apartment all night. What is the apartment supposed to do?
Any tips on living on my own?
If i buy land with utility bills passed due? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my real estate agent has suggested that we submit up to 5 offers on five different houses.?
how many years of college does it take to get your bachelors degree in business managment?
Man drove up and took pictures of house?
why is this apartment so cheap?
what is the best apartment place in riverside that is the price between $750- $825?
how much amount will spend for dress for a month? is it planned purchase or impulsive buying?
With todays economy, if my wife and I have questionable credit is it possible to get a home loan?
I had to short sell house I owe 159,000 sold for 60,000 house was appraised for 57 foundation problems,will i?
When a place for real estate investment becomes best?
Deposit from rented house?
is it illegal for a apt building owner to live in a different rent stable apt in nyc?
Quit Claim Deed help! Dad is selling my house to me on contract.?
Need a slogan for new bus. cards, signs etc.?
How much money did you have saved up before you moved out and...?
Apartments near The City College?
how much is a 1985 Oakwood Mobile Home worth?
Landlord and fixing things.?
how to add husband's name to house title if his name is on mortgage already?
dose a landlord in idaho by law have to give a tenant a copy of the rental agreement?
why use a broker to get a mortgage?
What is the website for FREE Property valuations?
Can someone apply for section 8 online in ny?
Im looking for fully furnished apartments in Wilmington, NC. Any suggestions?
remedies of the Buyer?
when is under contract property closed for offer?
How much does a 3 bedroom house cost where you live?
Do I need commercial property to do this?
What is the best area to live in and what are the best schools in Houston, TX?
in a contract of sale, what does specific agreement mean in terms of liability if breached? this is a house sa
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