Real Estate

WEBSITE LISTING HOUSE VALUES IN CA w/o requiring personal info?
my landlord is sueing me and my roommate because i withheld the rent .?
I have a 5 year lease on a restaurant and my landlord has an auction planned for Nov. 17th? Can she do this?
ok my friend is in the airforce in utahand he got orders to move to california he owns his house and has been?
What can be build or done in a CG1 zoning in San Bernardino?
What information from my cosigner do I need to lease an apartment?
Can my husband Quick Deed our house to someone without my signature?
How hard is it now trying to buy a house coming out of bankruptcy??
When will house prices become affordable again?
Home Loan? Home Equity Loan? Personal Loan? Something Else?
if a realtor came to your door and gave you a plastic business card, would you keep it?
My Landlord gave me notice I have to leave at the end of this month. Can she do that?
My landlord, showing the house?
can a seller pay down payment on a sellers second?
Is a one bedroom apartment with about 645 square feet too small for a single person?
Does some one need to buy a land in Sri lanka to do busseness or bult a factory?
REVENGE: My landlady lives in the same house as us. There are 3 tenants. She is making our life a misery?
Can my husband and I withdraw money from our individual IRAs for a first time home purchase without penalty?
will a lender nagotiate a loan?
if I was going to buy a rental property, what would give me a better return? New home or older home?
When a house go's into foreclosure do they send u notice of it?
I am married i m buying a house with an fha here in florida?
is a lease paid monthly?
will the council house me if i'm 17 but have a baby ?
my house is set for auction on Friday. The mortgage Co. will not work with us. Will bankruptcy stop auction? ?
what do you call a person that builds houses?
Apartment Lease Math Problem?
what happens if a landlord breaks a lease?
what are the best areas to construct a shopping mall in sydney and what is the land rate there?
Do I need to find myself a new agent?
girlfriend uses boyfriend's and his income to help secure the equity she had in the home before she met me.
does anyone know any successful short sale agents?
Purchasing A Home Or Condominium?
How can I get the landlord to do repairs in my apartment?
I am tyrying to find the closing price of the Nikkei 225 share index for Tuesday 6 February 2007?
What percentage of the selling price of real estate does the selling agent make from the buyer?
homes mortgages under water will double next 6 months...yes or no?
Will court split assetts on house?
Does anyone know where to locate/buy the type of wall heaters/air conditioning units used in hotels & motels?
Would you recommend Rutherford NJ as a place to live?
If you move into a rented property can you request for an electricity meter to be installed?
Is it allowable to buy a piece of land in NY and live on it without electric, sewer, etc.?
Opinions on Buying a Cottage?
Can you approach a homeowner that recently took there home off of the market?
Im buying a home, do i give my realtor a closing gift?? ?
If I obtaine about 70% in 12. Then what will be the fee for CPL?
How do I transfer property from a revokable living trust in the event of incapacitation?
I just received a collection notice for a four year old gas bill from northwest natural gas in Oregon.?
i didint give my land lord the rent can i sew him for stealing my light and not putting windows?
I am a residential contractor looking for a good catch phrase..any suggestions?
Can our landlord evict us because she's had a change of heart?
HELP! Agriculture/Residential land turned into commercial land.?
Housing advice please?
What's it like being a Realtor?
can a wife have her husbands name taken off the deed if she is the only name on the mortgage?
Older (early 60's), job is looking bad, condo-owe 165k, appraised at 160k, need to cut 50% on mtge?
Where can I find a nice and affordable 3br house and not lose the weather of San Diego where I live now?
What is the best bank to go through to get pre-approved for a house?
Is this Legal?? Can landlord divide already leased property with a fence, that was not advertised/leased as so?
Rental Agrement Issues. He may be swindler?
Will I be able to get a mortgage loan a year after a short sale. In Fl.?
How to force flat mates to break Tenancy Agreement?
I wud like to put up my house for lease by MNC's how do i advertise?
How to perform background checks on landlords?
How do apply for housing or anything like that ?
are landlords require by law to pay certain amount of money yearly to fix their rented house or aprtments ?
is n-e-1 4rm san antonio Tx?
Current refinance loan rates for rental condominiums in NC?
What banks are more likely to lend now?
Real Estate Agents - Help! Getting ready to sell our house.......?
Is it better to get a conforming loan plus 2nd trust or to get one "mini jumbo" loan?
I am in Alaska and am planning on giving a 30 day notice to move out, Do I have to give an Exact reason why I?
What are some ways that you can get out of your rental lease?
Can I sell my condo?
Is it possible for a house to cost $19???
Can't longer keep paying my mortgage, what should I do?
Cockroch problem in appartment! Help!?
Landlord Damaged My Car?
Anyone have any good ground rules for renting to a friend that has kids?
Anybody in a fifth wheel right now.?
Getting an apartment?
can a landlord evict you because they have dicided to sell there property, house?
Tax Credit... Accepted offer now what?
Loaning someone money in Florida?
Cancelling on a rental application?
What happens if my landlady finds out I claimed housing allowance? Please help me?
Nice safe apartment to live in, in Memphis, TN and vicinity.?
apply for a grant for a house?
Does your landlord have to provide heating and air? we've been w/out air for 6 days.?
My brother has died and he and his partner are on the deeds of the house.He did not leave a will will his next
My inlaws and husband have lived in our house for 7 months and are going to buy. inlaws have paid rent are as?
What is the minimum down payment for buying a new home nowadays?
I would like a job description for an assistant to a mortgage loan officer.?
What does utilities included mean on apartment listings?
How to find owner financed homes?
Do the apartments have to repair this?
if your house forecloses how long do u have to wait to purchase another one?
As a landlord, I have a legal issue. What should I do?
which the professions can have to live in a $ 900,000 house in los angeles?
if my house has been forclosed and bought by a bank ?
How can I prove that an unauthorized tenant is living in my rental unit?
what is zip code for flordia?
Section 8 houses in warner robins ga.?
mortgage and credit score?
Is it wise to invest in rental property 5 hours away from my residence.?
Can you BUY a HOUSE lower than the Listing Price?
Real estate: how are people able to buy property and rent it out to others?
Selling house question?
which one should I do first; find a loan or a house?
How would I change wanting to move?
does anybody know if it's possible?
Where can I find data regarding origination, default, servicing numbers by top American lenders?
If you had 1 million dollars, would you buy a house,or settle with a condo?
Any openings on private house rentals in Staten Island, NY? Maximum monthly rate: $650?
I am looking to buy a condo in a development close to nature. Not high desert but green grass & trees. Ideas?
Would you ever buy your childhood home?
Why include address, cause its for sale!?
How soon should you seriously look for an apartment before you actually rent?
Where can I find the List of Custom Window Manufacturer near Orange County?
Why does the seller of a home have to pay a commission to the buyer's agent?
Do the PMI underwriter and the credit underwriter use the same guidelines?
When Bankruptcy occurs can you move back into your home you orginally moved out of?
How can I find a farmhouse for rent between Greenville,nc and Henderson,NC?
Whats the best place to get a first on my house as far as customer service.?
How much is lawyer fees for the sale of an apartment in Queen New York?
Why can't a rich person give me $350,000 so I can buy land and build a home?
Help....i moved into an apartment building and my landlord moved her daughter into the one next to me...?
Does spouse inherit one hunddred percent of estate in the stateof North Carolina?
Apartment complex/ town homes that do not allow residents with children?
Hi, my question is related to gift deed. My jijajee want to transfer the property (flat) through gift deed.?
How do you find a money partner to purchase an apartment building in NYC?
Can I get a mortgage to buy a house I want to sell in 3 years without incurring penalties?
i'm looking to view mobile homes online in my area in new iberia which site do i log on 2?
when people say that houses are the smaretest investment youll ever make whaty exactly does that mean?
My lease says that late rent is after 3rd day of each month, does it mean the 3rd day until 11:59am?
If I own land in a good area, how come it costs so much to build a new house on it, than it does in a bad area
In Real Estate, what is a "HMG Fee Agreement"?
Why is it taking us so long to get a council house..?
Why is it harder for me as a citizen to get a home loan, but the hispanics and latinos have a ton of programs?
What are the average utility costs for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Springfield, MO?
What does "Sale is subject to seller find another property to live in" mean?
Where da hood at?
what are my options? is my landlord responsible?
Buying my first House?
Does anyone know how a "REVERSE MORTGAGE works?
If a house is listed at $69,900... what is a reasonable offer?
How much would it cost to buy and/or rent a 1br, 1 bathroom, small (used) caravan or mobile home?
Please settle this argument: Someone with a credit score of 400 and a 25% down payment?
If your name is on the deed of a mortgage, and not the loan, and you did not sign any papers, can they forclos?
Can I still rent an apartment these days with a lousy credit score?
How much does it really cost to buy a house?
How do i go about looking for property overseas?
Can I get a mortgage and how?
Who should pay for the inspection?
Housing benefit changing house?
Illinois Institute of Art... what area of Chicago is the school located?
Stopping an eviction?
Is a chain lock safe for apartment door?
how do i get my name added to a title before my husband dies. he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is inc?
im looking for a house to rent, ?
Can an aeronautical engineer afford a nice house in California?
Can a quitclaim deed be reversed if the date of the transaction is wrong?
is the pennsylvania real estate state exam hard?
I'm thinking of buying some Real Estate. I was wondering if there is any tips anyone has, for me.?
Financial worries about building houses?
is it required to have a smoke detector in the living room of a sf house rental in los angles city?
Colorado renters question,would i win in small claims court ?
Can an apartment complex (property managment company) take their tenants to small claims court?
Real Estate Bird Dog?
Can I buy a house for 250.k if I make under 30.k ?
Do most Landlords send good Tenants birthday cards?
Can my grandmother evict me from the family home?
Where do I go to find out if I have a lean on a house?
when buying a house with the market the way it is now is it a must that i have really good credit or ok credit
Down Payments Options?
How do I protect myself legally if I'm moving to an apartment thats got shady management?
Is their a way to find if sex offenders live next to you?
what is the geographical area for the 95829 zip code in sacramento?
tennant rights?
How expensive of a house could I get?
Homes for $1.00?
whats a good website to search for apartments. I already used craigslist.?
can my landlord wait 7 days to get the rent money?
we got approved for our first home loan. can we use some of the loan to pay of our credit card bills?
After a studio apartment near Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles California would the next step if i am?
If you buy a plot of land, do you own it down through to the center of the earth?
Anyone with real estate knowledge that could answer this?
Looking for new home?
My landlord is refusing to fix my boiler?
We need to break our lease...HELP!!?
My sister is giving title to her house to my husband and I what type of deed is the best to get?
Would you rather..?
Exactly how good are internet mortgage companies?
Should I buy the house that I am looking at?
What is the best time of year to sell a house?
Is there a nonsmoker out there who would like to rent a room in Moorpark for $575.?
Can I get a home loan ?
If im added to my partners morgage will i automatically go on the title deeds?
how to sell a property in France on the US market. Website/Agent or French magazine.?
how much equity do I have in my home?
Need to find an apartment and need a car payment too... is this possible with no college degree?
How To Get Help With Rent?
I make $1500 a month. Need cheep rent?
are egress basement windows law for basement burlington,ont to rent?
Housing crash???
Can a loan officer in Indiana be considered a 1099 employee?
Where should we move to in central Kentucky?
do you think homes in fresno will increase by a lot by december of this year?
~~~hi all whats the best interest rate for a buy to let mortgage~~~?
What price would be reasonale to list this house for?
renting a house, and the landlord is breaking the contract by...?
creating a statment of income?
What is the best website to assist in finding a roommate in Minnesota?
Can I get a loan for a house?
Real estate License help?
Who pays for Bed Bugs?
What part of Denver, colorado is the best part to move to?
the lease on apartment monthly rent?
What happens if you don't sign a rate lock agreement with your loan officer?
What is better, an ARM or a fixed rate mortgage?
Would my cedit increase if i got my own place?
What is a must if i want to buy a home with a friend?
Buy-to-let mortgage advice needed?
Is it true that most people on housing benefits get put into horrible high rise flats ?
I live in hudson county in nj and facing eviction, what is the quickest way to get affordable housing...?
Can my landlord video tape(constant) inside my residence?
I'm 18 and ready to move out, advice needed?
can i buy my parents home for less than market value and give them lifetime estate?
Why are foreclosures homes so cheap?
How long before we can re-finance our home?
I am interested in becoming a real estate agent. What is the best way to get started?
How do I respond to ads on Craigslist for apartments/ rooms for rent?
roomate won't pay rent or move out?
We are selling our house. and holy crap people are rude they expect a showing at the drop of a hat.?
I am tired of renting, I want to buy a condo (in the No. VA DC metro area). Can somebody please help?
will my agency help if i live in los angeles like im 15 i want to live alone can they help me pay mortgage?
where can i find California real estate purchase agreement form online? cannot find it on
Does new home developments service ready for high speed internet and TV cable?
How to transfer the land title of my parents property under the name of thier children after they died?
How long after an open house did you get an offer?
houses to rent by the beach in new jersey?
can a landlord garnish your wages on back rent?? We are current on our rent just owe some back rent..?
Should I buy home or rent?
Should I sue my landlord?
Can I refinance a property to avoid paying capital gains? can I 1031 a rental to a primary?
I want to break my lease early?
If the land of an area is owned by the government; how comes we sale and purchase houses and plots?
In connecticut, is it illegal to rent out your basement?
How do I become a Realtor in California?
Accepted counter offer from Bank of America now what?
I am moving out of my rental house in a week and i cant get ahold of my landlord. She seems to be avoiding me.
new purchase mortgage with a credit score under 500 in pennsylvania?
what is the rate of appreciation for property in atlanta GA?
How can I get a specific list of customers?
How easy is it to move away from home?
Do you have to sign an apartment lease in person in NYC?
If you are on house arrest in INDIANA can you move to a different county?
Can I move into a new house without work and claim housing benefit?
If a house it foreclosed on, and sold at auction, what happens to the original owners equity?
How do i find out who owns a home i'm looking into buying?
I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apartment to rent in Santa Monica in late summer next year?
Can we hire a buyer's agent in the middle of a contract?
Is there any way to make 27 acres into a natural reserve? and get apid for it?
Can I legally break my lease if dangerous poisonous spiders and insects are infesting my rental home?
Me and my ex own a house for two years I have only been on the deed for seven months can I sue her for house?
Househunting today...what would be the typical house payment for a house in the 100,000 to 175,000 range?
Can you get the first time home buyer tax credit for 2009 if you own investment properties?
Mortgage brokers stay in contact after home sale?
Should I refinance. Option listed?
Renters rights: . Can my landlord come into my apartment without me being home?
What / where is the most expensive property for sale in the world? and how much?
When My Husband Gets Deployed, Can I Go Home Without Losing Our House?
What do you do when your landlord never answers their phone or returns phone calls?
How can I get the equity I have built up in my home?
how do i......?
I recently took out a home loan and changed my broker and lender at the 11th hour...?
I am going to make an offer on a townhouse I like. Can I low ball the seller on the price?
Can someone on a lease kick you out? Please help!!?
My name is on the lease what are my rights ( more info added)?
Who to contact if builders destroy your property.?
I want to move out of the house in louisiana?
Any advice for a first time home buyer in california ?
who wants to buy my corner lot?
How do you go about buying your first house? where do you start,bank or Realtor?
what do you mean by free property management software?
I had found a local website ( and am not able to go into it. does it still exsist?
who is a good loan company or mortgage lender?
Should I get hardwood stairs in my townhouse? Resale value?
what is the average cost of a normal sized house in boston,mass?
does Mc Donalds own more land than the USA government?
Water issues:new home?
How can I find a gas station to lease?
How muh does it cost to remove your name from a mortgage?
Anyone know of a rental house in Suffolk or Holland VA area by private owner? (Min. 3 bedroom) (out of city!)?
How often do you misplace the mortgage or any other bill i.e. the rent?
Where is the best place to live in Asheville if you have a family?
What are some of the pitfalls to buying a rental property after just having purchased my first primary home?
How likely is a couple in their 20's to buy a $175,000 home in cash in the USA?
What is she buying me?
my husband and I are thinking about leasing w/ option to buy a home what is a contract buyers escrow?
where can I find free government tax sales information?
Do you really think its a bad time to buy a home?
A statement of owners equity reports the changes in the owners equity for a period of time TRUE/FALSE?
Looking for good lead on purchasing a nursing home facility?
What is a typical income requirement for a mortgage? 4x? Also, no initial cost mortgages, worth it?
Why is my site no longer cached by ?What does that mean?
I am a Canadian, will I be able to work as a realtor in United States?
Renters NOT Cleaning up?
How can you fight a collection agency that will never return your call?
Loan amount more than Principal?
What is the riskiest thing about owning land in Costa Rica?
Can you become a realestate agent and a mortgage broker at the same time in Ontario?
how u find rent in boulder county accepting section 8 voucher?
Why did a Foeclosure happen to me when i own the property and have the warranty deed?
apartment building's information?
Is ONLY for San Francisco area?
how long does an apartment manager have to notify a tenant of a bounced check?
Places in/around Willow Grove PA that allow teen entry holds100+ ppl is < $1000 to rent, and will host concert?
Credit Union requirements for Mortgages?
My landlord wants me to take the ac out, but I really need it, even in the cold .?
can anyone tell us a few of the basics in becoming a landlord?
Can my apartment complex regulate the water heater?
Can anyone give me advice on a 2/28 mortgage loan?
were are some good ad sites to advertise stuff dealing with real estate....?
Does rahu in the 12 house aspect the 5 house?
What do i need to qualify for low income.?
Mortgage advice..........?
Can my landlord ask for 5 months rent to break my lease?
How do i find out if the flat i live is council tenants? or privately owned tenants?
if i have power of attorney over my mothers estate gave to me before her death?
how can i make a home studio?
Renting vs. buying in this economy?
where can I find a loan for a down payment, secured by collateral other than the home?
What are the pros and cons of buying a fixer upper vs a home already remodled?
looking for how much an ohio home sold for at sheriffs auction?
How can I make a complaint against a bulding surveyor who missed defects in a house?
How much can i rent my condo for?
Can anyone recommend a site or company for background checks for rental applicants?
how many emergency exits are needed for a basement apartment in nj?
What is the best way to find houses for rent in Metro Detroit?
does anyone know the loan modication laws?
Can you get a home loan if you have over 50% of the price to put down even with bad credit?
Can my Landlord enter my property without my permission?
What if I was given notice to leave for non-payment... but?
Any tips or advice, for someone living in their own apartment for the first time?
what is todays mortgage 30year fixed rate?
I own two homes, can I put one of them into foreclosure?
my loan officer just submitted my information for a conventional loan. I qualify for everything except my?
On NJ property deed there are two spouses and child separately listed. One spouse died. automatic to wife?
I am interested in selling my house, what are my options? It was built in 2005; I've lived here for a year.
2 Friends under JSA: LHA Bedroom Entitlements?
how do i get my name off of house mortgage my e-wife now is paying for Thur our divorce agreement?
Is the cost of living expensive in Florida?
Am I expected to pay?.?
What is a performance appraisal? 10 points?
What is the proper documentation I would use if I am "buying" a home that is for sale buy owner?
How long does it take to close on a new house in Texas?
Trying to refinance home for last 6 months, now mortgage broker says loan is dead. Ripped off? what can we do?
Bad Tenant Woes in Boston, MA?
which one is better?
how do you buy a house?
mortgage? help me please?
Land Cheating by the name of a trust SRWHCS.?
Question on Buying a Forclosed Home in San Antonio, TX?
Where can I get the training to become a Real Estate Agent?
any rental houses in berne indiana?
in new jersey, where can i rent a place, apartment, motel, hall etc. ?
i live in memphis how can i tell if they are goig to tear down my house? i live in a duplex.?
Yeah, give some web address, job online, free web sites?
Situation escalating quickly with horrible neighbors - HOW can I reach the owner?
How do i deal with this room mate?
How many sq. ft. can you get for $2500 rent in Manhattan?
Little Hot water during shower in Iowa apartment?
How can you find out if a house is for sale and who owns it?
Help!! i dont have good credit and i want to buy a house?
is it legal for a landlord not to renew a lease in florida?
Is it illegal for a Real Estate agent to not fully disclose who they are in ads?
How my rent will be distributed if I gave them a notice in the middle of the month because they won't renew my?
how do you rent/lease a bar in fethiye-Turkey?
Does renting a property count as "supply of goods or services"?
Question about foreclosure on my parents land and house.?
How much i have to charge to spend night in one house where i work monday to friday live out????
Buying a mobile home?
can i buy a beautiful house in uk in 95000 pounds for my family yes or not ?
Can I afford a house?
Foreign nationals buying land in USA?
i have a small claim suit in my name for $1800. can I buy a house?
can a person sell their house to another person for less than owed to a bank?
Is the landlord responsible if you have a electrical fire and you have no rental insurance in Illinois?
Lease quetion about move in?
notice to tenant for vacating the house?
i'm looking for the section 8 program in concordia parish?
how can i sell my house through the internet?
i need home loan help?
what is the best apartment place in riverside that is the price between $750- $825?
I need a site that shows historical US metro property value appreciation rates?
Is it hard to get a Loan for Real Estate?
Can you help me with a letter i have to give to apartment residents?
Im trying to transfer my section 8 voucher to another state,portability question?
If my landlord rents the house before my 30 days notice is up am I still resposible for that rent?
Does my landlord have the right???
What is the address for the Primrose School?
Is it worth having a 2nd house 2 rent out with an interest only mortgage which is close to the rental value?
What would a 1997 two bedroom trailer be worth?
do i have to rent to someone who so going to pay under market value and that put so work in to the house?
How can I prove that I didn't have a cat in my rental (Kansas)?
Does anyone know around how much are bills for a one bedroom apartment in Santa Barbara, CA?
where can i find apartments or houses w/o a credit check in rich,va?
If evicted, are we responsible for rent until the unit is re-rented?
where can i get $4Mil for a new 420 home development in Ensenada Mexico?
how do I get a grant to buy a home?
If i put 4 wardrobes next to each other and cut out the back of 1 making a door isit legally considered a wall?
An idea of fees for first time buyer?
Where do I go to obtain a real estate licence in Philadelphia? Thanks!?
Breaking a Rental Lease in FL?
Landlord Issues!!!!!!!!!?
STUPID QUESTION - What exactly is a mortgage loan? Is it a loan that you get when wanting to buy a home or...
Harborview neighborhood in South Hermitage, Nashville, TN?
looking for realeste in the toledo ohio area 43609?
Low income and want to buy a house?
Where can I find affordable rental houses in Reno,NV?
Does a landlord has to notify the tenants if they raise the rent?
What is average cost for an 18 year old to rent a small apartment or home?
I am looking for a free dabatase of Home Price Sales?
How do you transfer a condo HOA to the HO's?
Would I be able to buy a house at 18?
Why do realtors not like short sales in the US?
Giving notice to your landlord?
how many days are in agust?
valuation of leased commercial property?
Can I break the lease for safety issues?
what rights has my landlord got in regards to entering my room without permission?
What is the best place to BUY real estate right now? Please explain why?
Is it legal to lease a commercial space to a tenant that is not up to building and fire code in Georgia?
Can i rent a room at 18 and work?
If I own a home in TX & mom lives there (not me) how can I get homestead for her?
my apartment is infested with Roaches what should i do?
what is the average size of a loft house/apt? and wat are the prices to have one build?? say if jus buy land.?
i want to cancel my real estate for $9.95. they charge me twice. i would like my refund back into my account?
Renting without a lease and getting evicted?
What are some good on-line mortgage companies?
What is a good website to advertise for roommates wanted to share my condo?
Inspector found asbestos residue in the basement on a gravity heating duct (octopus furnace type)?
renters moved in but failed to put utilities in their own name, and how can we as landlords make them pay?
Will I lose my council house?
In connection with my sale of real estate, my husband and I have given to my neice a gift of $13,000 each.?
mother-in-laws,house sold,even tho disabailed son livese in nursing home.can we us the adverse?
in which local stores in jacksonville can i buy processors and video cards for an affordable price?
credit score 720-want to let my house go back-but want to buy less mtg 1st before i let this go-how ?
I would like to buy a house, How do I find out about city incentives for first time buyers?
What is better - Renting out or selling your home?
Where can I find a black market in TX?
Have you ever visited Terrell, Texas?
Is this idea right of morgaging flat and buy new flat and give old flat for rental ?
what is considered townhouse compared to an apartment and Condo?
When do PMI payments come off my mortgage loan?
i need home loan help?
Are there any homes in the City of Fort Worth wtih a morgage payment of $500 a month?
can i still buy a house if i have bad credit?, say if i put down 5000$down?
What happens to a lender when they put a mortgage on your property and dont give you the money?
Renter's dilemma...can he evict me?
what is an apartment audit on individual units i have never heard of these or been asked to let management in?
How do I found out who owns a piece of property near mine?
I've heard that most people who buy a condo prefer hardwood floors. Does?
is this the right time to sell house in bombay?
How can I write a letter to my landlord,asking him to make several repairs w/o sounding rude or demanding?
How hard is it to live with a roommate?
which type of home energy is cheaper? electric, gas, or oil?
Can a landlord let anyone enter your apartment without notice or consent?
What will move your boweles?
bought land from city 2 yr filed 1 yr they gave wrong deed now they have right deed can we keep land on wrong?
i am behind in my morgatgage with really bad credit no one will refiance me i am going into foreclosure?
How quickly after a closing is your first mortgage payment due? We Close on the 24th of August.?
How much time do I have left to vacate property in California? Wells Fargo Foreclosure Sale date Jan 19, 2011?
how do i find rental properties in Texarkana Texas?
I'm considering a move to the Tampa Bay area.?
can a landlord make a tenant leave uk?
I want to rent out my HDB room? Where can we key in to get the tenant?
Where do you think we would like to live in North Carolina?
Is it best time to buy home in cincinnati, OH (for first time buyer) or should i wait?
where can i find a room to share in south richmond hill, ny?
I sold my houses the buyers paid me half the money now I'm haveing trouble getting the rest what can I do?
what can i do to prevent paying taxes on a 40,000 profit i made by selling a rental house?
I'm the landlord of an owner-occupied property that has 3 apartments, does the Fair Housing Law apply to me?
Have to relocate for work but signed a 6 month lease(3months left) for a flat, Any way to get out of lease?
How to reduce a traffic noise in apartment?
Why isn’t Countrywide a Participating Lender for Hope 4 Homeowners Program H4H?
I am going to rent a flat with my g/f....?
How can I start a mortgage broker business.?
SOLICITORS? Can my landlord keep my deposit?
meth lab busted at my neighbors>.....?
why would anyone buy a home they couldn't pay for????really people now we all have to pay for this!!!!!?
Who is at fault for the Subprime Mortgage Crisis?
what can i do if my downstair neighbour doesn't maintain his garden?
Any good ideas on how to keep people from stealing the for sale signs we have posted to sell our home?
I live in the bronx and in a basement apartment which i found out through being served the apartment is illega?
1 year after an eviction...?
How can I break my 12 month lease?
Can I still get approved for an apartment with bad credit?
can neighbor remove fence on property line without notice if it has been there since the purchase of my home?
What are the home inspection requirements for an FHA Home Loan in Wisconsin?
Does anyone know a website that shows apartments available for rent based on a school of choice in California?
How are leasehold improvements treated after the expiration of a lease?
Can a landlord sue me for damage to an aprtment?
I live in an apartment, can I smoke near the entrance or a window?
My ex landlord will not give me my Security Deposit back, no damages were made, everything...?
live in janesville wi.what can i do if landlord wont fix roof leaks.hold rent etc?
feasibility of opening retail malls in smaller towns in india?
My landlord did not return the security deposit? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
I'm renting a condo from a landlord whose not paying the mortgage...?
My husband is being transfered to North London, England - does anyone know of affordable areas?
normal for landlord to increase rent after 1 year?
How long will it take me to get 20% liquidity so I can drop my PMI?
Which state has the highest real estate taxes..NY, NJ or CT?
if I'm on a deed to a home but not on the loan would I be considered on the mortgage or promissory note?
I have lost a great website. free real estate comparison system. had weird name started with a "V"?
If I'm a full time student does that qualify me for low income housing?
Should I move or should I stay put?
How to go about starting your own city.?
What are legal rent increases in florida?
How should one check the legal aspects of a real estate property put up for sale before purchase?
Is now a good time to buy a house in Victoia, Australia?
buy an HDB flat in S'pore. (Singapore PR)?
Can you move out at 16 in sc?
Looking to move to florida..we need to find a toddler safe, nice quite afforable town in florida?
Someone broke into our house?
What's the difference in a Conventional loan and a FHA loan?
Australia NSW Routine Rental Inspections?
What are the steps of a Short Sale from Sending an offer to getting a decision on the offer?
if i cosign for an apt and the tenants sign for another year am i still resposible?
What is ATIMA stand for in relation to mortgages?
How would you turn $150,000 into more?
how do i know if the property i've purchased is a good investment?
Who is the concerned person in ICICI Bank I should talk with, if I want to lease out my property for a branch?
How much does a land and house package in Elmswood?
does the city use more electricity than the suburbs?
If you had to cut out a roommate to get an apartment how would you tell them?
are leaseback agreement legal in USA, France, and italy?
Can you buy a home with no down payment?
If I purchase a home, will this affect my chances to receive student loans in the future?
can a landlord add things to a lease once its already accepted and signed by both parties?
Who ownes house at2996 s elati englewood colo 80110?
are condo fees a ripoff? $300 for water, gas for 1st two years only, sewer, home insurance. What is sewer.?
Is it legal to rent out a granny flat in San Diego?
What is the Best Mortgage Calculator for Home Equity Loans and Home Refinancing?
My real estate agent and broker are liars.?
What is the best way to market properties to 1031 investors?
What does the term 'land contract' mean?
Can my husband kick me out of the house if were Both on the land contract?
Living On My Own? Advice and Tips.?
What to do about red rash ring around my ?
Does anyone have experience living in the Florence, South Carolina area? I am thinking about moving there.?
If two people have good jobs, bad credit, & no $ how can I buy a house.?
does a sales person in real estate entitle to commisstions if a client has a section 8 voucher?
I have a residential rental property, what should I look for in a property management company?
how do i buy a home that is forclosure?
Former landlord owes us money?
Overprotective rental landlords - What is realistic?
where can i find a list of repossessed or forclosured mobile homes for sale in alabama?
Why start a career in Real Estate in today's economy?
how do i find out who owns a piece of property in tampa, fl?
Names of some realty companies in central florida?
How do remove a co-borrower from mortgage?
Need a loan using the FHA way of a low down payment on the purchase of a house in the area of LA California-?
How do I find low or fixed income housing for myself in San Jose california?
How do I buy a House for a Song, in " Homes" they make this claim, yet they're showing the price?
Ready to move out!!! Help.?
who are the condominium board members for the Bella Vista Condo, arlington, Va.?
Good classes to take in Uni for real estate?
Louisiana state renting a property?
What can you do to improve the apprasial price of your house?
Real estate tagline or slogan ideas?
How much would a house extension cost?
LANDLORDS please answer.Does she have grounds to get me back into a court room?
is it customary for builders to install hidden cameras in spec homes?
In PA - how does one go about garnishing wages if you have a court award tht not paid?
How do you evict someone who is living with you but is not on the actual lease?
Parents are kicking me out, I need help finding an affordable place to live.?
How much should I expect to pay for a move out cleaning?
first time home owner!!! what do i need to know?
Can I get deposit back if I change my mind on a lease? Never signed anything.?
how much house can i buy in England with $250,000?
California: My Landlord gave me 48 Hour notice to enter my Apartment 5 times in a few months. Harassment?
what is loan to value ratio for a condo ?
How do i find foreclosed houses to buy, the banks websites dont have much?
How to get housing in the uk..?
Closing Cost help on my first house?
Can we use a payment history on a loan as proof that we can afford a mortgage?
is there a real estate/tax guru out there? how will the $8000 tax creditwork?
Where can you find a mortgage points calculator to compare a loan with no points versus a loan where you are?
Has anyone heard of investing in land plots in England?
What's the difference between "assessed value" and "market value" of real property?
Can I cancel my contract with my landlord?
My friend and i are planning to move out and get a loan when we are 16... is this possible with a good income?
Is there anyone willing to sell us a house for $1.00?
How to file a complaint against CalHFA?
If you will leave your (rental) house, do you have the obligation to inform the landlord a month earlier?
I am a single female looking to buy a condo in long beach. Safest parts?
for closure: bank sales the good to cover the loan. He can t sale for total amount do you owe the difference?
Is Primrose Hill a safe place to live?
if an apt is bought out by a new owner how do you find info on previous owner?
Can someone explain to me how a sheriff's sale works?
my home appraisal came back much lower than the price I paid, what should I do?
Can I have/hire 2 different real estate agents looking for a house for me to buy? First agent really wasnt?
California Tax Incentive for first time home buyers?
How hard is it to get an FHA Loan? My credit scores is 618 (almost exclusively medical bills).?
Living on my own..........?
Can you rent out a garage for human habitat ?
would like to rent a land as a site for storage of recyclable material near Kent?
Why are some houses on ! Estate listed EXTREMLY low (about 1000 dollars) for New York?
what appartments raleigh nc accept bad credit?
what is the best remortgage deal out at the minute?
Can you get the keys to a new house before you actually complete - to move things in if the house is empty?
To restore gas service line needs to be tested, tenant shut off for non payment. who pays?
A duplex has a scheduled gross income of 3,000 per month. the vacancy rate is 5% and expenses are 19,300 year.?
I sued a tenant and won a judgment. I need to garnish their wages at work, how do I find out where they work?
is flipping houses a safe investment ( generally)?
How much to reside my house?
Apartment rent increase for added roommate not stated in lease?
does a sales person in real estate entitle to commisstions if a client has a section 8 voucher?
i live in a duplex and my landlord is selling the property and did not even tell us. is that legal?
Tell me the price range for a 3 bed 2 .5 bath in your area!?
Counter offer acceptance and Escrow question?
Is it worth having a 2nd house 2 rent out with an interest only mortgage which is close to the rental value?
Can I use an evicted house as a hangout?
I need price ranges for a flat in New York.?
Questions about mortgage after bankruptcy. Can you help?
Getting out of a lease?!?!?
Free help on paying rent and bills?
3 bedroom home for rwnt in downey for 1200 ?
I just inherited 50,000.00, which is A LOT to me, I'm looking at buying land cheap & selling high,suggestions?
How much notice does my landlord have to give me before asking i move out?
Is there a law in va that landlords must paint their property before renting?
My landlord is refusing to deduct the money for a repair that we did to the phone jacks?
How can I get a car back home after buying it?
Why are lenders reluctant to refi a rental moile home in Ca. for an out of State owner?
First time home buyer.....?
Can i still pay the mortgage on our house if my husband dies and i'm not on the loan only the title?
Wich is the average price for renting space, per square feet, in a mall?
what does it mean when the bank says the loan is libor + 1.5%? is the rate here fixed or is it variable?
how can useless guy get rich esaier?
Can landlord change the name of the utilities if it is in some else s name?
Do I have the financial assets to invest in a house?
How can i find out if my lanlord has a certificate of occupency ?
what should you do if your landlord doesn't pay the water bill and your water gets shut off?
I cant pay my mortgage!?
Clermont, FL?
what are foreclosures.?
finance question multiple choice?
As a Landlord what bills do I pay and what do my tenants pay?
i'm looking 2 buy a house... IN FL, NV, GA AND CA.... >>?
If someone calls my landlord can they tell them i was a bad tenant?
If you had to rent an apartment in a big city what would it be close to?
My father and mother are joint owners of a house purchased by my father from his own savings.?
I have a mortage already, can I lower it without another loan?I heard that I can cancel my PMI, anything else?
how can i go about finding informationon inherited land?
I rent. My stove has been broken for 4 days. My landlord says it could be another week before I get one. ? 2do
What is Home Equity Credit Line of Credit (HELOC), whst is the advantage and disadvantage of that?
Is my landlord trying to extort me by charging me $100 extra for being just days late on part of the rent?
eviction for pet deposit?
What is the going rate for renting agricultural acreage in Douglas County Minnesota?
Can someone please give me a rough idea of property prices in the different cities of New Zealand?
Landlord refused giving back deposit?
Foreclosure and Deficiency Judgement?
How many people in the U.S. are not aware of the Mexican laws applying to the ownership of property in Mexico?
We have been paying rent late every almost every month can we still get a mortgage?
Most prized possession?
foreclose....... what are the consequeses if my house got foreclose aside for having a bad credit?
Please I need a help for this question!!!?
Where can I find information about storage rental values in my area?
Deed Poll? Is it safe?
Buying s house that needs work and I need advice please?
making offer on land?
wanting to lease a house privatly how do i find out if the prospective tennant is on TICA?
If apartment management company changes,do you have to sign new lease with new company?
How can I find out where our property lines are?
Can a person with legal working visa in UK be able to purchase a house in London?
is Lemon Grove, Ca. a great place to live?
Can I stop paying rent or get a reduction if landlord has not fixed damages?
I have used a piece of land, which no one for 11 years, now someone is saying they own it, can I claim it.?
"Eviction is such a harsh word"?
Websites similar to,, and
Is anyone have a fsbo home in lubbock?
Help! What is “tax lien certificate" and how can you buy a home like that?
What steps do I take to get a loan to build a house?
How many days is the legal recision period on a loan secured by homestead property?
Where in Manchester I should buy 1st FAMILY home? Looking for upcoming area, must be close to Uni's, £150k max
What is my next move with for former apartment complex?
The Cities of the future will be high density and jammed packed, do you like that idea?
Why is high density, multi story low income housing better than individual housing?
Can you get the keys to a new house before you actually complete - to move things in if the house is empty?
Gas AND oil to rent a house?
how to find your own apartment and process Melbourne australia?
How can I search for a home by the year it was built?
I want my neighbors OUT!!!?
I have a chance to buy a house for 80000 and the house is worth a 280000 pound i have bad credit ?
have any of u landlords ever been taken to small claims court by a former tenant?
fmv of a house alarm installed in 2000?
how can I find info on Los Cabos time share villas in Bunito/Sunset beach area?
Can a landlord make you get rid of a pitbull or make you move if its not on the lease?
Illinois landlord says he wants me out?
if you are served a 30 day notice, do you still have to pay rent for that month even though your lease expired?
$100 late charge for late rent in Illinois? What is the maximum?
What does an ALTA Survey consist of?
Investing In Rome, New York Real Estate. Is It Worth It?
Are you legally allowed to break a lease due to a roach problem?
If a lodger is stealing from you, can you legally change the locks?
If i'm buying a home, do seller pay my agent 3% of the house value? Do i have to pay my agent anything>?
Closing Costs, Etc.?
How much debt can be on a single credit report in order to buy a home?
Please help me for this question if you have good knowledge for real estate.?
What excuse can I give my roommates to move out?
is it a bad idea to buy a house right now?
How is the Atlanta Georgia rental market?
how much a two bed room apartment in a good neighbourhood in new york city cost (for rent per month)?
Should I cancel the showing appts due to trash day?
The new tenant is having her mail forwarded to my house. I still live here. What do I do with the mail?
If I make 48,000 a year, what amount should I rent a condo or an apartment for?
Where is a good place in Canada for me and my family to live?
Can my landlord legally do that?
I live in texas, a right to work state?
If you've already taken the CA appraiser exam, can you let me know what to focus on in my studies? Math, etc
What is the standard executor's fee in IL?
How do I get into the Real Estate Business?
Buying Residential land in Maharashtra, Pune. Need to know the items I need to be aware/careful about?
what is the best way of saving money?
Please help me decide!!??
can my landlord refuse to fix something just because i am late on rent?
How many days notice to give landlord on a year to year periodic lease?
Whats the best way to buy/lease/rent a home?
What does this mean?
Taking a new job in Burbank, CA. Where should I live?
i have a problem with my house builder how can i get help ?
what city is going to have the highest home appreciation rate in the U.S.?
Is not allowing a renter to have dogs considered discrimination?
how can i buy a house no money down and a bad credit score of 477?
Can I rent a student House if Im not a student?
What are the real estate rules for rejected first offers on a house?
Evicting a roomkate that has no written agreement in Indiana?
how much money do you have to earn to qualify for a bond of 400000 euros in france?
What means notice of dropping parties? I am in florida?
email address of people looking for job in the united states of america?
Can you be on more than one apartment lease?
we rent a house that is in forclosure in is about to be auctioned off. Our landlord is denying this and is?
where can i find a real estate agent in tilbury ont?
My family and I are located in upstate NY Looking for property to buy and resell in the future any advice?
looking for a "list", where people sell things, named after a guy, something like "clifford's list"
anybody interested in residential flats in kochi?
still rent or buy on l/c???
What main aspects should i focus on as a loan officer?
I would like to list my condo on MLS for a flat fee but I do not want to pay a broker's commission.?
Refinancing our Mortgage - Help?
Can Wells Fargo hire a third party to foreclose on my house if Wells is not listed on the Note?
If I loose my home to forclosure and the bank looses money can they come after me for the difference?
For mortgage purposes, will my second home be considered a primary residence, investment prop. or second home?
Section 8 housing status..?
how will i find out what i am entitled to for housing benefit?
Two houses, both need finish with a 203k rehab loan?
looking to buy a home in indiana.if paid in cash,can we negotiate a better purchase price?
What Licenses do I need to be a shaved ice vender in California?
Can sellers gift a down payment to the buyer of their home?
i live in ontario iam renting a one bedroom apt and out of the 5 windows only the two side by side in living?
Real Estate Agent course Singapore?
Home Appraisal Suggestions?
I am considering buying a short sale- can the property tax assessment be changed?
Will the landlord agree to rent me the apartment?
Landlord will not repair stove - what steps should I take?
How long in advance should I book to view a flat for rent in London?
Question about real Estate speculation?
can my landlord change the locks bcoz im late with my rent?
where do i find hud miti family units in illinois ? ( I wii like to buy ) need a listing.?
What does a property developer do, 10 points?
is it possible to claim as income?
If you could purchase a home for only a couple hundred dollars more a month then your rent, would you ?
Is there to much home and property programs on T V?
What is Federal or State rental subsidies?
where is the best place to get information on pictures of condos, apartments, with PRICES in philadelphia?
Does everyone have to sign the apartment lease agreeing to an animal?
What would you do if you were 20 years old and were renting an apartment with 6 months left on the lease, and.
Can a single person that makes 33,000 buy a condo or a house?
is there a way to trade stuff from renter center?
Does WV have squatter's rights or not?If so how long does a person have to live on the land to take it?
can a landlord keep a deposit from someone who changed their mind before signing a lease?
Why is my mortgage company asking me about where I lived 20 years ago?
When did my house get built?
What are all the costs involved in purchasing a property as an Investor?
Can i purchase a condo for 50K with a credit score of 590?
real estate developers?
how can i get the rent from my tenants ?
a tenant is ruining the decor, making noise and bringing crimials into the block of flatds what can we do?
Owner of building says it appraised at a price we know inst true. Looking to buy and really need some advice?
Couple of questions in real estate....?
How much money does a realtor make if he sells one million dollars in real estate?
Sublet apartment what are my legal obligations?
do i have to rent my empty flat to the council?
Is Walnut Creek in CA a nice place to live? schools?
First time home buying?
is it smarter to actually buy the house or come up with a down payment?
For those of you paying rent...?
bidding on a home today... any suggestions?
i meed to find out if my landlord actually lives at address he has provided, how can i do this?
what's mean apt/suite, for fill application?
court house address in carmen ark.?
as a long term tenant, do i have rights to compensation as i have maintained and done the property up.?
The Garn St. Germain Act ?
Could me and my husband afford a $200,000 house if we make $100,000 together?
if i am on a month to month lease and my landlord does not renew it, how long do i have to move?
Please help experienced: With my current income, does it sound smart to rent a room with some housemates?
to buy or rent?
I need to get rid of my house?
Can I get deposit back if I change my mind on a lease? Never signed anything.?
A house that appraised for 175, then 170 at refinance--which value is considered when dropping PMI?
I rent half of a duplex. The other renter continues to trespass on my side of the property line. (no fences).?
what does escrow mean?
Can a single person with a fico of 630 get a loan for a used 1997 manufactured home in a park in So. CA?
Where do you think the best place to buy Real Estate right now is and why?
is it the responsibility of the landlord to provide a phoneline?
Utilities Deposit and Rental Deposit mean?
my boyfriend and I where made homeless by my family I am at risk of violence?
how much are the locker rentals at Cedar Point???
I am trying to pay my GMAC morgage on line. I need to known where to go.?
is this the right time to sell house in bombay?
Housing benefit and bank accounts?
what is the difference between a concession and a lease?
if you have a lender for a home loan how long does it take for the process?
Where can i find Co-Ownership Agreement?
First time apartment and bad credit?
Looking for a experienced person to secure a lease option tenant for fully rehabbed home in Marshall Michigan.
oes any body know a cheap condo at around Thonglor in Bangkok?
How can I buy a rental property in another state!?
Rental Business: How to Deal with Noisy Rude Tenant who is Causing high Vacancy in Building!?
Neighbor flooded my apartment. Who is responsible for prorated compensation?
Can I pay my own electricity bill in a month-to-month with included utilities?
Should I pay my landlord/housemate rent?
to buy a house do i need to be working 2 years or just 2 w2's?
If I plan to sell my house within a year but I need money to pay bills, should I refinance now or sell now?
Where can I find a list of companies planning to move in Santa Clara County?
Should I consider foreclosure properties to purchase?
Do You Pick Your Own Complex If You Get Section 811?
My wife and I make $98K combined. Our mortgage is $153K ($1400/mo) and have 1 vehicle payment of $420.?
What are the best things to remodel in a house?
I live in a government housing apartment a tenant had gunk come from her faucet can u help find out what is we?
i'm looking for a roommate..I plan on moving to either cherry hill, or stratford, new jersey?
finding the best rental website for owners?
Would you pay 1300 dollars for an apartment? per month!?
I need to obtain a loan to buy my fathers estate and to buy out my two other siblings?
Can my landlord threatening me to move without an eviction notice?
Can I break my lease if I have raw sewage in my basement?
What is going to happen?
Buying HUD homes negotiation?
Will I get same breaks from investment property as in a primary residence?
Why won't my house sell?
Whats the best way to go about buying a house or appartment in another country?
can a nri buy agri land in yards and keep it?
I want to move out 3 months before i turn 18. help!?
Can an HOA trespass a renter from common grounds?
Can a landlord deny me for this?
When will my rent be due?
Landlord sold me an apartment thats smaller than he said it was!?
Buying a house in Honduras (or simliar South Am. country)?
Is there a law that states how far away one house has to be built from another? If so how far?
How can I get my annoying landlord to ease up? Does he have a right?
What down payment does a uk citizen have to put down when buying a house in the USA ?
Does anyone know how to make all your questions and answers into a group or blog?
what square footage hvac unit will cover 1800 square feet?
When is a good time to buy a house?
Worried about my neighbors?
How do I move to Los Angeles?
how do you go about putting a house in your name at the bank if your credit is rotten?
Only owner occupied loan modification ?
How does a Realtor get on a banks list to sell their forclosed homes?
Question about selling a mobile home?
how much does residential rental property management cost?
When you are selling your home, and the realtor wants you to "stage" your home, what does that mean?
If I bought stolen property whats going to happen?
what city is going to have the highest home appreciation rate in the U.S.?
should I rent or buy a home in California?
Can anyone help us find a 3bed 1-2bath house for rent in Visalia Ca .?
Armondo Motelongo the real estate guy on TV is going to be live near my house. Is he going to give free?
How much time should I give myself to prepare to buy a house?
I want to purchase a residential plot in Haridwar. which place will be best for me.?
How much can a house like this run?
Who to call for appliance repair in Los Angeles?
Are High Rise Apartments affordable to live in for low income workers?
how can i get the rent from my tenants ?
If I was to win a house valued at $100,000 how much would I owe the IRS?
what's the name of the real estate appraisal service that began on 2/15/06; free; do it yourself;online?
So,how unfortunate will you be if: I, an unemployed carpenter, am right about your $?
My friend's mom bought a house so I moved in but rent is $100 more than he said it would be. What should I do?
i need a place to live.... anyone know of any good websites to search besides the obvious???
Where is the most affordable and safest place to live in San Francisco, CA? What area in the City?
can you live in a house your selling?
Is the US Housing market going to crash?
are there any places in Chicago,IL to rent that don't require a credit-check?
I live in an apartment, can I smoke near the entrance or a window?
Is it legal for me to cancel a lease on a house if the roof leaks and the landlord wont fix it.?
Counsel house problem. Can i live there after my father dies?
Carbon monoxide detectors in apartments?
Renting a home in foreclosure.. who do I pay rent to?
How much does the average apartment in Paris cost?
Does anyone know how much a mortgage payment would be on a house $124,900?
i have called my landlady 6 times, and sje doesnt answer! i wanna move out?
whats the best way to deal with a situation where the lender's appraiser's value is less than the owner's?
Can I ask a landlord to provide proof of the previouse renters expenses to avoid being charged for a repair?
Yeah, give some web address, job online, free web sites?
My landlord wants me to clean leaves off the roof-Liability issue!?
is there a web site u can search to see what type of crimes have been done in a house b4 u buy it?
how much will i get if i sell this?
I want to move out ..advice?
What should we do about our landlord?
Are there any programs that help 18 year olds move out/live on your own?
what are the most recommended apartments in fairfield ohio?
Building a house?
we are thinking of buying another house and either sell or rent the house we are in.?
what were home prices in sourthern ca in 1950?
houses to rent by the beach in new jersey?
How old must you be to buy a house in the UK?
Where do I get a copy of the landlord tenants rights for Pennsylvania, and is it legal in the state of Pa....?
how can I save to buy a home?
Landlords do you ever wish it was legal to ban children from your rentals?
How can i sub-lease my commerical property????
i have 5.5 years left on my 7/1 arm. My rate is 6.0%. How will i know when it's a good time to refianance?
should i move back home- please help?
Too young to buy a $700,000 house?
Roommates Suggestions?
My neighbors are always parking in front of our house?
Should i move back to my home state?
Cheapest place in the UK to buy a house?
without using a mortgage calc. but with a regular calc. how do u calc arm rates?
What kind Of credit report can you obtain to see if you still have a eviction on your credit report?
one tenant refusing to pay rent, month to month no lease?
my father pass away and left the house to my brother and me but he doesn't want to sell and i do?
Where can i get help with section 8 or any type of housing assistance in New Orleans?
What's the best type of mortgage to refinance to?
Can you help me find large development sites in the UK?
can perfect home find me if i move?
Where are the brokers in california?
What do they mean when a condo is listed at only $1800 for instance?
I am buying a home at a price 40% below assessed value. Why is my lender still requiring pmi for 2 yrs?
Is it smart to move out of my parents house?
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