Real Estate

I live in a High Rise Apartment building, and the fans in the elevators are not working.?
Advice for moving out of first apartment?
Walking away from a house?
Will I ever be able to get another apartment? I was evicted from the last one?
Deed security?
is it bad time now to buy investment property in NYC (condo conversion, nice neighborhood, 410K,rent-$1800)?
I want to buy a house about RM250000 in cash, is it risky ?
roommate and I signed a mortgage together. I am ready to move and she wants to do i get my name off?
where can i get a neighborhood name list map for houston texas?
Do you think that this is to low of an offer?
understanding commercial real estate?
I am selling my house. How do I pay real estate agent fees if there is nothing left after the sale?
Does a landlord have the right to tell you, you dont have the right to have overnight guest.?
How can I recover my earnest money deposit on a newly constructed home if I am declined for financing?
Buying a house in orlando florida good or bad investment?
Why do I have to get an investment property loan?
entitled to house in will not on deed?
Is it possible to get out of a lease that was JUST signed 4 days ago?
Can a purchase a gun?
My tenants want to press charges.?
Real estate investing: Signing a partnership agreement without a lawyer.?
How much is the going rate for a double wide?
What is the average fee a realtor charges to sell a property in Seattle Washington?
Can a cosigner break a lease for everyone on it?
i need advice on how to make money on real estate buy remodel and sell?
I never signed a new lease for my Town Home, can I move with notice?
Why not buy a mobile home if my house is going to depreciate anyway?
How long can a home sit on the market w/o dropping the price!?
how much it cost for buying cosmetice in one year?
What do these numbers in my deed mean (property boundaries)?
How can I get out of my rental lease?
How is being a Real Estate Broker?
My landlord has told me I will be evicted because my lights aren't in my name.?
what is a 2/28 ARM MORTGAGE?
in new york state, are landlords required to provide deadbolts on doors for rental units?
Cost of a 4 acre house?
What is better a better use of money? Please answer!?
how much will i get in housing benefit UK?
List of investors looking to invest in islands with lots of Japanese and European tourists?
need access to real estate cash flow notes?
Landlord trying to evict us, today the electricity has been shut off, who can I notify?
I'm looking to buy a house and need mortgage info....?
What is the highest amount of square feet for a house that I can buy, with making $45,000 a year?
Selling my house,but thinking of renting a room out in the meantime...any special requirements i need to do?
Why is buying a house so hard!?
how do i get a home equity line of credit if i just purchased my home?
what is the value of 12826 Emiline St Omaha, NE 68138?
Ameriquest/ class action law suit?
My ex neighbor is renting her house out to a lady with 10 kids is that legal?
What is the etiquette for saying thank you to our Realtor and mortgage company?
why i have a high Credits, Adj & Other Charges fee??
which is better for my loan?
How does "State tax/stamps" affect income tax?
How to sell houses fast.?
How can I find a free example of a rent comparison analysis to use as a guide in making my own?
Whats a fair rent for a Partitioned family room space?
Don' want to buy this house?
Rent Distribution... Renting a 1 bedroom in a 3 bedroom house, but paying half the rent and half the utilities?
My rommates mom kicked my out of my apartment!?
my landlord has doubled the rent laid down in my tenacy agreement.Can I be evicted for refusing to pay the dif
How am i ever going to be able to afford to buy?!?
looking to buy land and home in rosenberg tx 77471. need to ask general ?s?
where can you go to find foreclosure property for sale in maryland?
how to recall the existing condo board of directors before the next annual meeting?
can someone who is considered to be nice and considerate be a successful landlord?
I am trying to buy a condo and the condo association wants me to give them a police report, how do I get this?
If a REO house is lost in a bank's system is there any way for it to be found, so people may view the house?
I am looking for a single apartment in LA, Hollywood, or San fernando Valley under $750.00.?
are you considered poor if you live in an apartment?
whats the meaning of red flagged. in property appraisial?
I live in canada in a semi detached home,i want to trade houses with my neighbour is this legal?
my landlord has not paid his mortgage and we now have a re-possession order sent to us, is our tenancy void?
Do you pay the real estate agent on an apartment?
moble home park in brookfeild ohio?
How does feedback removal work with Square Trade?
where to complain encroachment in DDA flat?
on a scale from 1 to 10 how many people own homes no mortgages?
Looking to get into Real Estate?
How big is 50 acres? How much land do I really want?
Is buying a second home as a gift to my mother an "investment property"?
My Husband and I would like to buy a home,but our credit is 615 and 608.Do we hold off or try for it?
My Landlord is living in my backyard in an RV.. What can I do? - Alberta, Canada?
where is an affordable and up-and-coming neighborhood in nyc (manhattan, brooklyn, queens & the nronx)?
Does it cost more to maintain a trailer/manufactured/mobile home than a normal average home?
Housing & Money.. Help?
Can I Force My Landlord To Give Me Rent Receipts?
what is mass appraisal using oasis system?
one income homes compared to two income homes?
Who can you call about a bad landlord?
Can I get 1 mortgage to buy 2 apartment units?
What is the purpose for a security deposit?
how do i buy a hud home, does the gov. garintee the rent?
First time homebuyers?
Is Flagstaff, Arizona a nice place to live?
Is it true in California you can walk away from your house if the price drops/loan companies can't touch you?
Give me your thoughts regarding urban gentrification.?
do you have to include a fha/va disclosure in your sales agreement if the purchaser is not using those types?
Question regarding Short Sale (Real Estate) need some advice please?
I want to buy HUD House buy i don't understand what that mean :FEMA FLOOD ZONE X CHECK FOR UPDATES?
How much are nice modular homes?
A South African point of view on mobile homes in the U.S.A.?
How do you qualify for habitat for humanity?
What do you think is a normal price for a good house?
How does this '2 room scheme' for those over 26 on Housing Benefit work?
Is my landlord a fraud?
does anyone know about short sale home?
infestation in my home while on sec. 8 housing?
Will the economy affect people who buy homes through the NACA program?
How to find a room/living room for rent in a home besides online listings?
Can I be sued for housing?
Wanting to buy a home?
what i must do with my 50,000 ringgit malaysia?
What are my rights as a tenant if Landlord wants me out in 3 days without eviction?
Who owns the Primrose School property ?
Does the cost of building a home drop during a recession like the value of homes currently on the market?
Move to San Miguel and Need Rental Property?
I will rent a basement apartment?
security deposit? what is that?
how can i get my name off of the lease for an apartment with my ex?
Im buying a home, do i give my realtor a closing gift?? ?
how do i find a job in florida when i live in indiana (i need this job before i move)?
shipping boxes from Seattle to LA?
Last months rent vs security deposit?
What are the advantages of VA-guaranteed loans?
I currently claim housing benefit and working and child tax credit but live in a housing association flat?
If I inherited a house free and clear that is too big for my needs, shoud I sell it in this down market?
who is owner of the rienzi tower in dallas?
how much does 8 or 9 land acres cost?
Can me and sister rent an apartment together?
I am looking to buy a home in colorado what things do i need to know since i live in PA?
What would be a good real estate topic?
can you be reimbursed from the landlord if you erect a garage on their property?
What should we do with our home?
Where can you rent a commercial kitchen in metro detroit?
There are some vacancies for post of account assistance?
How do you obtain homeowners insurance if your new home won't be your principal residence right away?
Price of 3818ZC 9?
Why do people think they make money from their house when actually its the bank who make the money?
we have got a holiday chalet on a site but no lease. can we be thrown off?
who do u contact in regards to unnecessary charges billed after move-out?
Can you submit an Unconditional Release to the MLS board?
Why would a potential landlord want my bank acct #?
How to get back my earnest check?
How do you buy a house at a sheriff's sale?
I want to purchase a CONDO and rent it out?
Moving and what should I do?
We just moved in to our house and?
Where can I buy property at auction around lincolnshire and yorkshire?
Interested in donating a mobile home to hurricane Katrina people what agencies or group do I contact ?
How can I get an apt with no money??? ?
Is it a good time to purchase a home?
What happens if you purchase a home at a large amount and the value drops? Will your taxes be reassessed?
I am 32, single and want to buy a house in London.?
Does credit score factor into how much pre-approved for home loan?
If I buy a property for $50,000 and share the deed, will I have to pay gift tax?
Can you get a mortgage working a temp job? If so, where?
How long do of a notice do you have to give a tenant to go in and work on their apartment ?
land purchasing question ...?
can i apply to be a part time real estate agent even i dont have license, just for starter?
is flipping houses a safe investment ( generally)?
How Do I Negotiate Rent for Apartment?
Re-Finance question for Arizonans only!?
Private sale without Estate Agents knowledge?
anyone can recommend an online site to apply for a personal loan for a person with bad credit?
What is the best home rental site on the internet?
Breaking the lease agreement?
What is the name of the newspaper in Reaford, NC?
What are the tax "loop holes" that can be closed? I personally take?
If homes are at an all time low, shouldn't people buy now while the prices are low?
My escrow payment increased much more than my taxes increased...why is that?
i am looking for the guidelines for a tin mortgage loan?
can a person live in or shall i say move to amsterdam?
is it unfair for a landlord to say, no pets, no smoking, no DSS, no pictures on the wal....?
can my landlord kick me out?
Is it ok to sub let an apartment from some one?
How and when do I "upgrade" apartments with the same company?
I have lived with my parents for 12 years helping out with finances. They passed away?
Higher rent than new renters?
My boyfriend and i are looking for an apartment around the 91205 zip code around 600 dollars rent.Suggestions?
How much notice does a landlord have to give a tenant to vacate upon sale of a house.?
Landlord/Tenant responsibilities UK?
How much money do I need for Miami rent?
Can your get a mortgage loan from a bank that isn't in the town you live in?
average earnings for a real estate agent in 2005?
The AC unit at our apartment is AT LEAST 40 years old. Is this too old to be efficient in any way?
i am looking for a fully furnished place to rent?
Real Estate, Developers, and Investors PLEASE ANSWER! :D?
How much money on average shoud you have saved up to rent a one bedroom apartment in NC?
In the UK, if a property does "not include bills", how much should i expect to pay for those bills?
Problem with tenants in the building.Confront them directly or contact landlord?
How can I get information on recent home sales & appraisals in Carson California, U.S.A.?
what all is included in making central budget?
Sheriff padlocking door?
If my house is foreclosed do i have to move out before it is sold?
what's the best all around "background" check company on-line to use? thanks!!?
Are there any actual psychological deficits for kids living in low income housing?
Where should I move out?
How far can a landlord go back in months to collect a late payment fee?
How to find property for sale in South Africa?
what happens if I stop paying 2nd mortgage?
I have a doublewide Manufactured home and own the property with a 75LTV and 783 FICO SCORE, What Direct lended
Opening Bid - First Time Homebuyer?
how and why do real estate prices change?
real estate questions?
problems with my landlord and my gas stove!!!!!?
Im 17 and moving out. Can i be on the lease if my parent co-signs?
Which website is the best to look for foreclosures?
How long does a FHA forclosure take?
Can I back out of a signed listing agreement the same day I signed it?
Does a landlord have right to enter your property?
A house is $75,000. If 20% is put down on & the balance financed at 12% for 30 yrs, what's montly payment?
How can I set a rent value on a house?
Apartment lease changes in Tx?
How much money for closing on a 150 k house?
Sewer smell in store?
Tenancy Fee paid, informed house was held for me subject to satisfactory refs ?
Is it illegal to rent out multiple rooms ina one family house in queens,ny?
What would the address of a house in the middle of nowhere be?
can medicaid take proceeds from house sale when home was not in my step dads name?
How do you get into the business of flipping houses?
what are the tenants rights about increase rent in UK?
when you buy a property how deep does the land that you own go?
Buy a house and a car at the same time?
real estate agents brokers and realtors?
Is their ANY benefits in renting over buying?
What dollar value is used for real estate included in living trusts?
i need a $10,000 loan asap?
What should I do to file a lien on a property in cook county , IL ?
who is responsible for damp/condensation issues?
How can I buy a house in California with limited income and bad credit? Help!!?
Where can I find a free one page simple / Generic Rental Agreement for house / apt?
Buying an "as is" home with no water pump. Red flag?
how can i get rid of a house in a bad neighborhood?
If i'm a member of the sfar and need access to the san mateo mls, do i need to join samcar?
Ever heard of a grant to fix up your house?
What is an all-inclusive trust deed?
What is a rd loan? Would it be the best option to do?
pros and cons of this house?
Can I be on a lease and not live there?
What are the benefits to owning a condo/townhouse/small home compared to renting an apartment?
Appartment/Condominium in Muar - Johor?
Where can i find a very good real estate website for renting houses?I need it ASAP plz plz plz replie?
Do I need landlord's permission to obtain estimates without work being done?
My ex roommate wont give me my stuff back?
I am a widow and have tried to sell my house for 3 years with no luck. It's only me. can i walk away?
What are the chances that prices on land in the Florida Panhandle will fall?
Does a Landlord have the right to have a key to every room within the rented property?
can i evict my grandaughter ?
African Americans and obtaining home loan.?
How much does a person have to make to buy a house?
Where can I find out information about the house I live in?
is there any way you can Check under whose name is the house?
No Recourse for 'Not Loved Anymore'?
Is renters insurance needed for roommate?
In terms of a leasehold valuation, wat is a dual rate?
can a landlord come into a house while you are gone and not tell you?
By check how much we're approved for will it hurt our credit score?
What can be done legally when current landlord is bad-mouthing you to other landlords?
Is it worth taking a big pay cut to move to another state?.?
What would u recommend...Buying a big 30-unit apartment building, or buying 3, 10-unit buildings?
cross collateralization?
Good or bad idea to get a second mortgage?
how can i find house and lots that are forclosures of bank at lapu-lapu city philippines?
Buyinf a rehab with a pool.?
What are the disadvantages of renting to own a home?
Taking over a mortage?
I need a Real Estate BROKER Exam crash LIVE course in Southern California.?
what is a good closing cost for a house value 190k, putting 15% down ?
I need someone to look for a apartment for me,I don't have the time?
can you get out of a contractors agreement. if they only have one of two home owners signatures.?
How much should I be making if I want to be living alone? High-school student?
I am letting someone rent my guest house. We agreed they would pay rent, but they have not.?
What are the negative effects of low income housing on a downtown business district?
I am civil engineer wants to start business of civil constructions ,please give me guidlines?
Has anybody in California received their fist time home buyer credit?
State of WA Real Estate Agent Preparation?
Can I apply for a "first-time homebuyer"/primary residence mortgage in GA if I am in NY and live in a coop?
What is the legal position in Georgia for trimming/cutting neighbors trees that encroach on others property?
Manage tenants yourself or hire a management company? How much do they usually take? Overcharge for repairs?
Full time student, council house, pay rent?
I have recently started renting out a property?
How do you go about purchasing a house?
for much i can find room on rent in new delhi?
Are housing rates more likely to get lower or higher?
no lease was signed ,,,,,,,,,,,,?
What is a list of rooms in a mansion?
what do i need to start a call center for a mortgage co.using 6 callers.?
i had applied for contribution jsa couple of weeks before decion is still pending how long normally it takes ?
I have a mortgage of $2100 and i have a equity loan for $1000 if i don't make the payment of the equity ?
does our landlord have the right to evict?
As a landlord, I know it is always better to rent to a single guy than a women.?
What are some good marketing ideas for a Realtor?
I need $500 to pay rent by Friday !! Have nothing a value to pawn. What do I do? ?
can you rent an apartment by yourself at the age of 18?
As a landlord do I go in the house now to get a quote on damages needed to be paid or after their 60days r up?
I had to move my pitbull for insurance reason and the owner what to know where they are located. What to do?
Renter's insurance, is it worth it?
Is it advisable to invest in property during this period with US mortgage mkt drowning ?
I really want to break my lease but I need some help?
Would A Waterfront House Appraise For More ? How Much ?
Y my store stuff gone out of my house in skyrim whiterun?
i'm about 2 close on new house but didn't sell the old 1. what is the best mrtg to be able to use $ from old?
The ll name is different on lease than what's s on the 3 day pay or quit is it valid ?
Is my low pay job worth keeping to get a mortgage?
Need a GOOD bankruptcy attorney in the essex county,New Jersey area?
What is a good place in Elizabeth, NJ? I heard about Elmora area and Elmora Hills? where are they located?
Rug that got wet was from a radiator landlord went Crazy?
If I have a lease purchase contract?
Trying to get tenants into Building?
When a person get a eviction notice tapet on there door from making loud noices all hrs of the night?
Landlord moved into home my daughter is renting. Is this even legal without notice?
FHA home loan... two years tax returns very different income amounts?
Is relocating to the Lakeland, Florida area a good idea considering children's educations?
Rent is deemed deliquent on the third day after same is due?
My landlord told me to fix the heater my self. I am freezing and cant fix it. ?
Can anyone help save my home?
Would a church rent me a room for a $50 donation per week?
What are the rules regarding pre-selling condos?
do repossed houses have to be sold for the market value?
I want to start investing in rental property?
Any Landlords out there???????
Why would a new neighborhood have listings that all have a "withdrawn" status?
im buying first home?
who would be the best source for a solution to a preditory mortgage company holding the financing of my home.?
what happen if u lose a job before closing date?
what is the average price per square foot for a home in the US?
What is a built up roof? ...and is it reliable?
can someone in jail be transfered to trustee in a living trust?
What should I prepare before I rent out my condo? landlord question.?
Is the Havenhurst or the Fleur de lis in hollywood good apartments to live in?
Why does a House sale for $30,000 but the map says the house value is $76k?
who is Corinna Fugate?
Does anyone have information on the add i am talking about?
rental leese agreements?
What happens if I leave my house, post the keys back to the mortgage provider and stop making payments?
Why did Renaissance Holding's Prospero Housing Project in Bangalore come under litigation?
"12 month lease" but dates were listed for 13 months?
if I buy land with nothing on it, then build a house on it...?
Estate agent says flat cannot be bought to rent?
Is it true that in January there will be 2% tax on the sale of any home.?
lease is up how do i get them out?
How long to wait on homeless list?
buying property in bulgaria?
My fixed AST agreement with my letting agent states that I have to give 28 days notice to leave...?
a letting agent is trying to rip me off.?
mortgage after foreclosure?
what would the value of the naming rights to sears tower be?
We pay rent, but our landlord is under preforeclosure. How long do we have to moveout?
i rent and a tree fell on my truck who pays for it?
how much down payment do you put down on a house?
My house is going to be appraised this Friday, what can I do to prerare it?
Having boyfriend to stay over in a rented room?
Is AC considered a renters' right, if the landlord fails to fix it?
Can I do a quick claim to pass my home loan to someone else?
Why are house prices inflating in the UK?
My landlord still hasn't given me a key! What should I do?
8020 Home Loan??
trying to find thevalue on a mobile home trailer?
Do apartments normally have shower curtains already furnished when you move in?
can estate agent still show viewers round a house after an offer has been accepted?
What are some pitfalls of a Senior Citizen on Medicare selling Real Estate to move in with family?
Short sale with seller approval? Whats next?
How can I get my inheritance early?
How can I get a property with the housing association (read more)?
My apartment in greenpoint brooklyn's being turned into condos. Is it wise to buy and try and flip it?
I'm tired of living around drugs?
Are landlords aloud to splice your phone line?
Can a Home Owner's Association Charge Double in monthly HOA Fees for a Rental Property?
who is robin hudis?
RentControl: 3% should be applied on the current rent or on the amount showed on the original lease contract?
how can i figure out total acreage of land by using the size of the lot?
tenant is 5 days late with the rent? im the landlord, what should i do?
I want to invest into a Hotel/Condo unit are there tax benefits?
Can any one tell me the best free listing, good responsive website over India, Kerala to sell our properties?
Where are commercial-free website that give you females who wants to share your own room at reasonable rent?
Do i have to pay rent to council?
i live in ontario iam renting a one bedroom apt and out of the 5 windows only the two side by side in living?
I bought a house with my boyfriend and both of our names are on the mortgage.?
payoff on $12500.00 @4.875 for 360 months?
I need some sort of starting point.?
you rent your hole house out to anybody.Let anybody in the commutity to live?
credit checks when renting house?
Pre construction pricing and mortgage question!?
How much do you think my house is worth?? Guess?
does any one have 3,4 bed property in salou looking to rent it on a long term rental i've work lined up there
Is Central A/C a good thing in a Condo Building?
A house is selling for 530,000, and I want to offer 525,000 dollars do you think the seller will agree to the?
Notice to vacate valid?
What can be done about the vacant house we are buying... in the winter?
How to apply housing in Denver,Colorado?
How to sell my house?
Mortgage Question - Rate Locks & YSP?
What can happen to my new home?
Condos in the Orlando metro area. Need help?
How many housees are built in a month in Rhode Island?
Can i afford to live in a £350 a month rent on a £600 wage?
I would like to make a follow up letter to my prospect buyer of a property for closing sales?
How often is an employer suppose to give an employee a pay raise?
I live in Miami, FL. and I wanted to know if any of you knew of any grants to help me rebuild my house.?
How much should I earn to live in Pleasanton CA on 2012?
What should we do about our gas safety and should we press charges against our landlord?
I am looking for adult 55 and over communities in New Jersey?
is it possible to get a separate room in chennai for 2500/- rent per month with parking facility- someoe help?
best home loan company?
When I search for "Real Estate Appraisers 14618" most of 's results are businesses other than appraisers.
My ex-husband and I leased a house together. Now he has run out on me. Can I sue him for this?
Are these credit scores sufficient enough to rent an apartment?
i need to find stories about mold in homes or rentals in redding california.?
My boyfriend and I have a house, We let some family stay till they could find some other place: Sex Tape.?
is it true that the amount of times an arm loan can change is only at the time the loan is created?
help! i need some awesome advise and only serious advise?
I rent a co-op apt, and tenant pays late or the checks bounce and never returns my calls, how can I evict her?
Have a question about foreclosure?
Why do banks let vacent homes just sit around and rot?
What is the probability of a housing crash in Toronto at this time?
Question about my home-owners deductible?
how do i find info on a foreclosure of a home in the last 30 days prev. owned by brother in law who died?
The bank wants to foreclose my house, but we have made every payment?
Can we hire a buyer's agent in the middle of a contract?
What is a department of housing and urban development mortgage letter and is it real?
I want to make a deal on paying my back taxes but, don't know what a good deal would look like ...?
Is it a good time to purchase and rent a home instead of sell?
can i get a home loan if bad/no credit?
how old should the average person be before they get there own apt?
whether i have to obtain UDR for buying a plot?
Are houses where tragedies (like murders and such) cheaper to buy?
Me and my girlfriend want to buy some land and we are not married. Can we have both our names on the deed?
my landlord will not fix the A/C do I have to pay rent?
What is the acreage and square feet of this property?
Can someone please give me some input on the difference between buying and renting?
buy or rent house..............?
Renting in CA, is a broken hot water heater considered uninhabitable?
Having some place to live without paying...?
what is Weissenhof Estate? can anyone give information about it?
If you know zac efrons email then tell me?
Are smoke alarms required to be installed by a landlord on their rental properties?
My sister-n-law died a few years ago and left her house to my husband and I. we have a quick deed. We never g?
What does SLUG mean in real estate?
what was the average price of a home in the 1930s?
my landlord has given us 8 days to move out without any written notice from him or the courts,?
need help getting money for a house?
how long can you prequalify for a mortgage loan once your paperwork is signed for the actual loan?
Should I get my own apartment or stay at home?
Why do so many people want to move to southern California?
When do you start with the eviction threats against a late tenant?
Does anyone know anyone who works for the housing authority in st louis mo?
Should I look for another real estate agent?
The banks wont give us a mortgage because of my partners past goof ups (late payments, master card)?
How does buying a house actually work?
If I rent a house can I have a guest sleep over/visit me?
How does Hard Money Loans work? When do you pay them back?
Does my landlord have the right to do this?
Is being a landlord as much of a pain in the butt as people say?
Is income and credit worthy of getting home loan at this time?
Which site is the most reliable and authentic to buy land in England?
In Australia, do you have to pay rates on a unit? And what are body corparate fees for?
does a reply to a advocate notice relating to property dispute , to be given through an advocate only ?
How to get my name clear of all charges? Arbor Ridge (Asset Plus) Apartments?
To evict somebody for not paying...?
Flatmate sub-letting and ripping people off?
can my friend pitch a tent without my landlords consent?
I want to buy a double wide mobile home. What do I need before i move it into the lot?
I just got a job near Monmouth, NJ. What are some nice towns (ie: non-ghetto, Sec8) for my wife & I to move?
Can a landlord charge $1600 in damages after she already took our $1500 deposit?
Can I rent my house out while I'm in bankruptcy?
How will they deliver my stuff to my Apartment?
How to write a receipt for rental security deposit
Is refinancing cost (points & fees) related to rental property tax deductable?
Can a landlord require me to pay rent for days that I'm not allowed to live in the unit?
Does anyone have any serious interest in investing in an existing Kansas Hotel?
Landlords and overflow tanks conspiracy?
Where in california is affordable housing?
i live in texas and do not have a lease for property and want to move?
What do you think of the real estate bubble? is it real?
I want to buy a home that the bank bought back, the bank has sent me every where and I'm no closer.?
what does it mean houses with "bank Owned" ?
Can people trade houses?
i want to buy a house but have little income will a bank be able to help?
need a studio or one room apt in islandia/roncocoma?
I'm moving to florida in 3 months but i want to get a apartment that is cheap & kind close to the beach?
Florida foreclosed home that neither bank nor old owner want to claim, How do I buy it?
Is the real estate licensing exam hard?
My partner and I have split up,everything is in her name,but i have paid the mortgage from the start.?
I want to sell my home .Will the profits have to be spent on another one?
HELP!!! My neighbors are so noisy with their LOUD music!!! Any help would be appreciated.?
How can I buy a house? I'm a student, no job, low credit.?
I make $300,000 a year, how much can I spend on a SECOND house?
Why was a hearing set for writ of eviction detroit?
Pathophysiology of vomiting from a fever?
How much should I tip each person for a $900 local move?
can a lender keep asking for more documents before funding a loan?
Roommate owes me money!!?
Mortgage advice - Self Employed?
Land Matters Need Legal Suggestion?
My rent has gone up 20% within the last year, is this legal and what can I do?
Help-U-Sell vs. Traditional Realtor -- thoughts, pros/cons, experiences to share?
Can a landlord charge me twice for rent in less than a month?
is it a good time to buy a house now?
Foster/Adoptive Family needs Lease purchase?
is it hard to open a auction house we own a huge building an need to make money?
I need help getting information on bed bug infestations in Arkansas, and what my rights as a tenant are.?
"i have been liveing at a apt for 5 yrs now my landlord said that i have to sign a lease?
No Drainage easement listed on Survey?
Looking to refinance my VA Loan to Conventional to free it up to get another this possible to do?
I moved in on feb 28 and have to move again?
Can they take my deposit?
How does the government make the decision to put a cap on rent prices and the rationale for the caps?
Personal mortgage at first, how to pay back and go conventional?
Where can I find the current mortgage rate in Oregon?
Why does the rental agency need social security card for all people in apartment?
How can I find a garage apartment in north Texas?
How long should a land appraisal take?
Where can I find a used mobile home sold by a private person in San diego that I can move onto my property?
Landlord charging me for wrong dated check?
FHA Loan/1st Time Homebuyer Question?
Do they look at everyone's credit overall when buying a home?
my landlord won't let me out of my lease but the neighbors are toonoisy. Complaining doesn't help. Now what?
Ex house mate left a bunch of her stuff here...?
Whats the best way to buy/lease/rent a home?
What do I have to do, to start a real estate agency ?
If you have a bad credit rating will it effect you when you apply the lease a car?
I'm moving in to a rented property but the toilet leads from the kitchen and has no door is this legal?
if you are going for health assistance do you report just you in a household if you rent a room off someone?
Why do we have to Privatiz are wastewater Treatment Plant Stockton California?
should single moms without college degrees even dream they can ever afford to own their own homes?
Where can I find a list of home foreclosures in my city and state?
How can I find out What the square footage of my house? Is it any of the house documents?
I am a licensed real estate agent in GA and just bought a house that wasn't listed. Can I get a commission?
Do I pay a full months rent when moving out on the 15th or the prorated amount?
I plan on renting a apartment which the owner lives on the property , is this a good ideal or not?? ?
We are refinancing our home?
can i be evicted if i have my son who was evicted move in with me?
Loan to move into dorm?
califonia security deposit?
How to buy a house?
can cops enter my home if door is open but i didnt give them permission?
Is it true that if you have so many acres that you can have your own like town and zip code.?
In US law, when you own a piece of land..?
Our landlord don't let anybody use the basement! Is there something we can do about it?
where can i find a list of properties for sale in my area due to delinquent taxes?
First time home buying?
How expensive of a house could I get?
Abstract Addresses...PLEASE HELP?
Can my fiancé take my son from me if we split up?
I want to sell million dollar homes. Where to start?
Why would realtor try and convince you to buy a Brand New home ?
What will happen if I break my lease?
Thinking about moving......HELP!!!!?
When should an apprentice ask for a raise?
Downpayment - Mortgage to buy a condo in toronto?
Why do people think that people who live in mobile homes are white trash?
My father-in-law is selling us a house here in AZ. He wants to use a quitclaim deed. What is this deed?
My next door neighbour is moving out her council house how would i go about applying to move in?
Landlord's obligation to maintain house?
i have an eviction on my credit, how can i be approved for an apt?
How can I find a place to live?
commercial lease agreement?
florida oceanfront real estate says "control depth" in the property description..what does that mean?
I get ssi on the 3rd of each month but would it come early on new years?
how do i buy a home that is forclosure?
i meed to find out if my landlord actually lives at address he has provided, how can i do this?
which would you choose, if you had a certain amount of money to spend on a house or apartment?
how do i break my apartment lease?
I'm selling my house and am wondering if it's ethical to set up a tape recorder at my open house?
What lender does TILA use for the "vacation mortgage" they advertise has no payments for a year?
Would you buy a house in the current financial climate?
Did we offer the right amount? Lindenhurst, NY?
do i get to keep the last months rent?
What happens if they ignore my offer?
I have a couple rental properties and I would like to have a company manage them. What would that cost?
If you had half the money for a down payment on a loan for a house, what reasons couldn't you get a loan?
How much would my monthly mortgage be on a 300k property if a put down @ 30k, and am a first time homebuyer?
if you break your lease two months early and use your deposit as the last month rent can they come after you?
How do residents of London manage to pay for their homes/rent?
Do you think a condo for 149,000$ is expensive?
How much is a property Title Report and exactly how much information does it include (liens, encumbrances)???
How much should I save before moving out?
I need a name for my website which is dealing with real estate and automobiles?
Can this generation afford a new home?
If someone stay i my house for rental for many year .can they claim my house as there house...?
if there is no clause in the original written agreement. can i take the furnace, he has foreclosed on me.?
How long does underwriting take on a mortgage?
Really Important! I may lose my apartment!?
Is it a good time to be buying a first house in the UK?
Need legal advice on an apartment.?
Which city is the best city to live?
Would it be wise to use some of my home's equity to try to become a professional landlord? Replacewife'sincome
Can a landlord break or change a lease?
i need help writing a letter of intent to the court, not to let my house go into foreclosure?
I have bought a house in 2004 in Sacramento & took 100k equity out of it and bought another house in bay area?
Is it a good idea to buy property in Argentina?
What's with houses on blocks?
OWNER FINANCE Texas Panhandle 2 & 3 Bedroom Homes?
How can I find out if property was left for me by someone and I was never notified?
my landlord is taking me to court for an evcition and pet fees he saw the dog 2 times,but in the lease it stat?
hello folks i'm 23 years old living in chicago i wanna buy my first home.?
What's the best way for my elderly parents to refinance?
tennant's meeting advice?
No hot water in rented prop, landlord says pay rent, we say not till its fixed, he says move out, we say ?Help?
Our realtor wants to meet with us AFTER we have already bought a house. what could it be about?
purchase land at county tax seizure auction. Found occupied moble home on property. what are me rights?
I sold my house in Phoenix 9 months ago and am renting as prices go down. How much longer should I wait to buy
breaking my apt lease?
What to do when my roommate girl tripps out? Should I void the lease agreement made between us... Help!?
I closed on a house yesterday, kind of?
Could i live off of $1200 a month?
how many people can live in a 2 bedroom apt? ?
What is the average buy to let mortgage interest rate?
How low will House Prices crash to?
Typically how does a debit credit system with base salary?
Can anyone give me legal advice about apartment renting?
Will the housing market pick up before the end of the year?
I'm looking at three places tomorrow cause I'm moving. Which one do you suggest?
I want guideline value of land in chennai city area wise?
where can i find a cheap room to live in? i need it around morristown nj?
how do I evicte a tenant for non payment and for abandoment of my apartement?
cost of building an apartment in BOLOGNA?
Housing benefit and bank accounts?
Landlord does not respond to my calls and other forms of communication?
Can you live on $250 per week in australia?
find new constructed home?
Has anyone ever broken a lease on their apartment?
I am looking to move to the lower east side in manhattan anyone know where I can get a good deal?
What would be a good script to get loan sellers to contact you?
cant afford to move out?
Tips and advice for first time renters?
renter broke lease..moved some of stuff..but still has some things..cant get them to get ..what can i do?
can i not pay last months rent and let my landlord have the security deposit?
i need websites for all public land auctions that are reliable.(no scams) how can i assure this?
How to evict someone who's name is not on the lease?
Do you know of anyone looking for a roomate or renting an apartment for a reasonable price near Norfolk VA?
where to duplicate condo door access proximity card?
what is a efficiency home?
Whats the best area of sheffield for a first time renter?
what company owns indian springs apartments in houston texas?
Does anyone know anything about Bluegreen resorts and their vacation club? Any bad or good experiences?
I have a rent arrears issue.?
How many houses have you lived in in your lifetime.?
The the realtor screw me over when making this offer?
tiny house on wheels?
If apartment leasing agent told me to lie on application?
Can your landlord be on your property without notice?
Is a $8k VA Funding fee for a $274k loan sound right?
Getting kicked out tomorrow, how can I make my rent?
Rental company decided to replace boiler, we are all without heat?
If you lease a home to two individuals and the couple is no longer together which of the leasees can stay?
What are some good ideas for marketing yourself as a real estate agent?
am i being taking advantage of by a real estate agent?
My vacant rental unit is using more electricity?
What are some minor improvements you can make to your house to increase the value of it?
Renting to people with 6 cats? Or other animal hoarders?
Do you have to mow your own lawn if you live in a duplex?
how write a gift letter for funds use to buy house?
How to find an apartment with short lease (or tenant at will)?
what kind of home improvments are people doing to there homes now?
a nightmare tenant who plays havoc with me?
She thinks it's INSULTING, but...?
What do landlords look for when doing a credit check?
We have had our mortgage in principle approved?
how do I find out how much is owed on a home?
mortgage broker vs credit union vs bank?
Rent to Own housing....?
how many hopuses can a first year real estate agent sell?
How can we legally get out of an apartment lease?
Which condo to choose?
mortgage with existing debt and no deposit?
Can my Landlord request I pay my rent in cash?
Does closing usually happen on time? Who attends?
How do you get your name removed from a mortgage?
i have a small claim suit in my name for $1800. can I buy a house?
pros and cons of.....?
what kinda lawyer do i need to sue my apartment complex/order them to move me in to another the complex?
How long does it take to get an appraisal when selling ur home?
how can i get a home loan with no money down and a credit score of 520?
So I work as a mortgage person trying to help financial planners make $. Best way to contact them??
Will section 8 allow me to pay the difference between my voucher allowed amount and the rent in my new unit?
Need advice in selling home with very slight leak in roof in sun room.?
Do you have to use one of these companies to set up bi-weekly mortgage payments or can you just send them in?
on our property taxes they give a fair mkt value is this something we can really go by ?
What is a typical fee for a real estate agent?
Buyer makes an offer on a house. Seller makes a counter offer. Now...?
I bought a home in Charleston, SC, in March, 2005. Was that a smart thing to do, investment-wise?
Is there a reverse mortgage available for people less than 62 years old?
has anyone gotten out of their direct buy contract?
My brother has been in prison for 18 years. How do I find out what court house, in california,?
Where can we buy or hire (rental) front end wheel loader for construction project in chennai tamilnadu india?
Is it legal to charge an extra $100 for a third adult living in a house?
I rent and have not paid in three months. Now I have solicitors letters, help!?
I have a lot of money but not much actual income, will it be hard to get an apartment?
Is there a good town to retire in Maryland?
Can we get a house?
When does a landlord become a slum lord?
i meed to find out if my landlord actually lives at address he has provided, how can i do this?
Housing- Nelsonville Ohio?
find the information of BRITISH-AMERICAN housing ltd company in NEW YORK city of America.?
Can you terminate a lease early if your ceiling ed, started leaking and caused damage?
Can the Landlord throw someone out of an apartment if they are not on the lease?
When should I tell my landlord about damages to carpet?
Real Estate Investing?
Why should not one buy property by entering into a GPA Contact?
Are there any renters insurance companies that also cover medical equipment?
In the state of ohio how many people are legally allowed to live in a 2 bedroom apartment?
How do you become a real estate agent?
I am a private landlord and want to know what happens if the tenants lock themselves out!?
Is it legal to sell your house then less it's value to a stranger?
How do you finance a large commercial property?
Recourse for purchasing a renovated condo that does not meet code?
got kicked out of the house while i just started my job, what should i do?
If you owned an apartment complex and lived in it, would it be beneficial to not charge yourself?
who pays a realtor for showing rents?
Can you be evicted instantly from University Housing ?
Should I stop paying my mortgage?
will at&t's prepay rates change soon?
If I am living in an apartment and my ex spouse is on the lease and he has since moved out,if I wanted to move
we had to let our doublewide mortgage go due to financial problems,it was with we get a?
Do you think 110K in London is enough to go to a property auction?
Should i get a Mortgage, Yes or No?
buy property near cemetary?
obtaining a copy of the deed?
Ontario Real Estate Laws...HELP PLEASE!?
Where can I find a printable 3-month lease for a room for rent in Pennsylvania?
can a bank change the mortgage origination charge from the original agreed?
Bank bought foreclosed home from Auction? How do I buy it from Bank?
We have a lender that says we are pre-approved and to start looking for properties, but ...?
Im a single mum who will be moving into my new home in november i want to kno what exactly am i entilted to?
We are buying ahome, if the seller has a family member do the plumbing/HVAC inspection they are certified,?
How can I successfully dispute a deduction from my deposit?
Can you get a bridge loan if your property does not have a buyer yet?
what do people think of
My house has been on the market for almost 6 months...?
If I bought a house with a unpaid electricity bill from previous landlord, what will happen to me?
Moved to apartment. Not used to the noises..?
What should i expect in monthly utility bills?
I've lost my keys and cant get out of my house, my landlord said there's nothing she can do about it?
I plan on renting a duplex or apartment. If I ever get robbed will the owners insurance cover my stolen item?
how do i go about renting out a timeshare?
Is my landlord trying to be greedy to keep my security deposit?
Is there a down-side to paying off your mortgage early.?
hi i moved into the property two months ago had a contract with the landlord, paid him deposit and rent in adv?
i want a listing of forclosed an bank owned homes in my area?
what % of people in the US are considered to be in the low income bracket?
Can you negotiate rent?
Should I buy a flat or rent?
Rough price of a HVAC unit for a 10K SqFt commercial building?
sample letter for removal of personal property?
Can my husband not be on an FHA mortgage, but be on the title at closing?
Where can I find my mother a small 3/2/2 in Southwest Houston that is in a decent neighborhood?
Fraudulent listing of Apartment?
What questions should you ask when looking at apartments?
how can i stop a tax foreclosure on my home in illinois?
What is a good, reputable mortgage company that will not ask for any money down, including closing costs?
What is a Morning Room?
Can a builder enter a home after sale and rip out carpeting w/o permission?
Do I sell my house now?
Mold in house, i want to move, how can i?
Do I Owe the Landlord Money?
I just found a 4,000 sq. ft. House listed on a realty website for $4,000. Is it possible this is correct?
How to shift from a parents house to a rental apartment?
How much would I need to live alone, instead of with my parents, in Allen, TX?
I want to sell some farmland, how?
Loss Mitigation work out plan with Washington Mutual?
I what to find homes in central florida below apprasied value?
Mortgages: is there any way to get a mortgage without deposit.?
If I mail a rent money order for my roommate, am I liable if the rent doesn't arrive?
If a potential landlord says he'll call tonight, but doesn't, should I call him?
is it hard to rent houses/apartments in australia on a 1yr working visa?
what is the federal housing authority guidelines for foreclosures?
im thinking of buying a house on landfill in the bay area what are your thoughts?
Getting a home loan. Does property need to be local?
In Maryland, if you are renting and your landlord tells you he wants you out , how much notice must he give U?
whats a good mortgage company for people with bad credit?
Landlord Advice needed?
The home my friend is renting is being foreclosed what happens next?
How DO I Buy My First Home in Essex County, NJ?
Bad credit...want to buy a house...?
Is it okay to go through life without friends?
Please help im goin homless?
What do i do if the land lord ignore my complaints?
I own heriditory property in Chennai. The land belongs to temple for which land rent is being paid monthly?
told i have to leave my home but i own the land its built on?
I am renting a 1000 sq ft apartment with oil heat that is shared amongst the other tenants.?
what is a good area to live in California?
required funding for a mall in two tier city in karnataka with one of the best tenants?
How can a Young Guy Afford a House?
Why is money put into property in huricane country?
my father pass away and left the house to my brother and me but he doesn't want to sell and i do?
Its always been my dream to work in real estate. like buying/renting out houses.?
How can I come up with 2,000 dollars?
Can I refinance an investment property to a primary residence, giving primary ownership to family member?
*repost* OKOK I NEEEEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where's a good place to live in LA?
Should I require my new tenant to get renter's insurance?
Purchased first home and MLS misrepresented the heating and cooling of the home? What can be done?
What are the most economical and convenient places to retire??
I am a Property manager at this apartment going on foreclosure next December 2nd, what could happen?
renting property through a limited company?
Home Closing?
How low of a payment can I get for a 115,000 house?
percentage of the original mortgage loan required to be paid as annual debt service is called ?
In res. unit sale,what do abriv. CAP RATE, GSI, GROSS MULTIPLIER MEAN...THANK YOU1?
How do I transfer ownership of some land my mother-in-law bought?
Where can I get a 95% mortgage in Scotland?
how can i get a mortgage when i have debts?
If you have a foreclosure on one home, can the bank take your second home?
who owns the land that the Napa Premium Outlets sits on?
My landlord refuses to return our deposit simply because he says he has no money!!?
What are my rights to a atv in my name but will not be returned to me? ?
If there is obvious defects should I wait for inspector before negotiating or request repair in initial offer?
What are the pros/cons of investing in senior/retirement accommodation?
How can my house decrease in value 1k, while another 2 doors down exactly like mine increase 4k?
My Landloard raise my rent, Im suspicious about it....?
I have a rental property with tenants I want to sell but their lease isnt up until September 1st. Can I sell?
How can one save on closing costs, if one uses the same escrow company to close, when one sells, then buys?
Landlord Suing me?
when offering full price on a house, from a prequalified buyer, doesn't the seller have to sell?
How can I increase the value of my home by $10,000?
Pls help...I'm soon moving out of my apartment and I wrote a letter about my 30 day notice my landlord wasn't ?
can afelon be a realtor?
How much could a doctor afford to pay for rent?
Landlord asked for key to apartment - does law require i give key?
Im looking for a good resource where in I can buy a flat in Mumbai. Where can i find that?
Should I invest in real estate in New Mexico or Oregon?
pals i need answer to an open university assignment for b631 Tam0?
should i move out and get my own apartment, im 22 yr old?
In Missouri, can a landlord come into the house at anytime, regardless if I am there and without notice?
AS a loan officer, what is the best way to market to real estate agents?
Reasonable/normal to pay for ALL utilities, sewer, water when renting?
How much of a commission do mortgage brokers make (usually) and how can I become one?
Planning on relocating to greensboro,nc?
Why does F.E.M.A. spend an average of $70,000 per travel trailer, when $70 G's would buy a permanent house
whats a good chachy name for selling?
Should a retire move to Austin,Texas?
who takes section 8 or hud on the nc coast?
monthly mortgage payment after PMI removal ?
housing for rent that allows pets in cleveland?
Is rent to own a good deal?
what is the average amount of points you can be charged for a mortgage?
My wife moved out of our house and is now renting.what rights do I have to occupy the rental?
Under Sec. 8, does a room with a window opening into an internal courtyard count as a bedroom?
mortgage after foreclosure?
what does it mean on pha website assigned to tenant-based?
To Buy or Not To Buy?
Has anyone actually got a loan through Grand pacific lending services? They are 150 w jefferson, detroit, mi?
perfect house but its in a bad location what would you do?
where can i get free quit claim deed documents?
when buying a house. who usually pays the closing costs?
Real Estate professionals and developers, investors please answer this question!?
My Dad died and my Mom wants to sell me her house for $1.00. How does she go about it and it be legal?
have a 550 credit score, just paid off my past debt , good stable employment and ready to buy a home. any sugg?
When buying a home for the first time, what should you do first?
Can I kick someone out of my house if they aren't on the lease but get mail at my house in Florida.?
Questions on mortgage please help?
Landlord is selling our home can we refuse to sign the papers?
Can my downstairs neighbors screw with my hot water heater?
do i have an eviction on my record?
My husband changed the locks on our house and went to the landlord and changed the lease without my consent.?
I need the classified ads for Mitchel South Dakota.?
Is this a good morgage rate for me (CANADA only)?
Why is a 2 bdrm apartment in a black neighborhood...?
I need to replace thermostats in 2 apartment complexs I own- how can I do this most cost effective?
I have recent become a citizen of Spain. Where and how can I obtain a real estate license?
i tripped and broke my leg, i can't find out who are the owners of the land. Who's to blame?
looking for the person that i can e-mail about section eight in collage park,ga.?
what information is needed to qualify for a morgage?
Does anyone know where to get info for special home loans or grants for the disabled?
my wife and i separated. what happens to the lease? who leaves who stays?
Are landlords aloud to splice your phone line?
housing loan for a repair?
Can I get a mortgage loan being disabled on ssi?
my tenant yells at me constantly when she calls me can I evict her for everything she is doing?
Is the state of Washington a cheap place to live?
Is it cheaper to buy or build a house and what would it depend on?
how long does it take to move into a privately rented house?
can a conventional mortgage be refinanced using the fha program?
Roommate wont provide me my rent receipts.?
Can a landlord keep your deposit on a place you have not seen or signed a lease on. i have only signed a ?
we are in contract to buy a home, all my credit references and employment are perfect but the bank processer?
Can 2 unmarried people get affordable housing together?
Moving out my apt early?
where can i get a loan for a manufacture home after bankruptcy.?
Any advice selling my house without a realtor?
Tips for buying first home any advice?
How long does a lessor have to tell you they plan to bill you for something after you move out?
What does a sales contract mean when you are going to buy a house? Is this the same thing like an offer? Or?
landlord/tenant dispute?
My wife and I are thinking of buying a vacation/rental home in Big Bear.?
I co-signed apartment lease for my friends. They cant pay....?
do you think that MySpace is bad for teens?
How much would it cost to move to Tennessee?
Why does an MLS # for a house on a web site not show up when I put the number in for an MLS search?
do she have to pay rent?
How long does it take from filing with sheriff to actually kicking out the tenant?
where can i find appartments in my area...?
How can I find out what property a person owns if I only have his or her name?
I have to move out. Do you think I can do it under these circumstances?
looking for up and coming real estate website?
can we break a lease if we werent told the place is for sale? Its not in the lease.?
I Ashokkumar (DOB 26.08.54) rented LIG flat.Ravi Hooda (lawyer) not vacating Kindly help me what I do.?
I found a house I love, but I am wondering how do I negotiate the selling price without previous experience?
Can you adjust your mortage rate lower by negiotation in this market?
what are the probable fees after buying condo?
Getting my own house?
Home Apprasial that came in much less than anticipated?
Can I sue my lawyer for negligence if he stalled on a land for cash deal for 3 months and the sellers backed?
who is responsible for the cost of repairs?
where can I find a key for commercial washer?
In apartments what do you have to put up with that you don't like?
council house question?
New Zealand . .I'm looking for a beautiful Beach community to live . . .?
I moved in to a house and the previous renter left stuff here and i sold it they came back to get can i go to?
buying a house from me and my daughter?
Ex-Roommate Issues and Bailment?
i live in an apartment and people upstairs are making a lot of noises?
What are the main things i should look for in an income property home?
can a landlord keep your deposit for not moving in on the date you arranged?
Does a tenant have the right to expect a landlord to live up to her terms of the lease?
I am a landlord looking to break renters lease?
If a landlord rented out a closetless room to me, is our contract invalid?
looking to buy a house?
do you think buying a house through an auction is a good idea for investors?
Is it worth becoming a real state agent in Maryland or DC right now?
How should I determine fair market value for selling home to relatives?
Are there any condos, or apartments for senior adults for rent?
For co-op apartments in NYC, does insurance cover terrorism losses (if there's another 9/11)? Thanks.?
Who is liable for a missed financing contingency in a real estate deal?
wud dss pay for 1 person for 3 bedroom house?
do I need a real estate attorney to purchase a home in New York State?
landlord shut power off without notice?
explain why do u believe"if u make a habit of buying things u do not need,u will soon be selling things u do?
Question About Payment?
how do I buy a home with cash?
Why do banks let vacent homes just sit around and rot?
Can I break my lease if my landlord is unable to get fence fixed after 1 month. I have dogs & kids (in OKC).?
My mum promised me this house but then backed out...not sure what to do :( thanks for reading?
Will OSAP help me with rent?
would you buy a new house? if so, why? if no, why not?
Does anyone know the starting pay rate at circuit city?
Is it worth the investment to add granite countertops to a townhome in the kitchen?
How to put a free advertisement for selling a business real estate on the Internet?
What is the average electric bill for a 4-bedroom apartment?
trying to sell my house in california, any suggestions? its selling for 85 k located in needles cali 92363 !!?
Filing for bankrputcy living in mobilehome park?
Are house prices in the UK going to fall and when?
Dodgy Finance Broker (Australia) Please Help!!!?
Indiana Landlord Questions?
Do I pay $200 pet deposit with my lease renewal when I paid $250 last year?
Can spouse sell home ?
How do you get a council house?
what is the procedure in assume my lot?
Is it Illegal not to have a lease for an apartment?
Am I a victim of predatory lending?
Home Equity Line of Credit - HELOC?
How much is 30 acres of land worth in Sligo, Ireland?
which mortgage lenders service California and dont execute a irs 4506 form?
How would I go about moving out on my own at this point need tips ?
Do Real Estate Agents get paid a lot?
where can i find out the good house in chennai for sale?
where could i fan houses in washington heights,new york?
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