Real Estate

How do I sell my house quickly?
How much can rent increase when you renew a contract in NC?
Would a landlord have to keep paying utilities if a tenant files bankruptcy to halt an eviction?
I need to know how to get out of a lease in ohio?
Is it true if the bank forecloses on your house and sells it for less than you owe them they sue you...?
Ok very serious help lease!?
Can you buy a house when you don't have any money for a downpayment?
What is bucks county mls?
can my landlord evict me because she doesn't like children?
Why has this not come out yet?
recently kicked out?
Can anyone recomend a good foreclosure website?
Can anyone get a home loan?
I am having bed luke since long time, hardle come in the way please give me guide?
what is the website that you can search for apartments for rent in you city?
Closing costs for a house?
What is the expected increase in property taxes in Brooklyn, NY after purchasing a home?
My ex is being forclosed. I am on the mortgage but NOT on the note. I have been served. What is my liability?
section 8 Certificate Housing?
for rent!!!?
apartment rental contract?
Buy or rent?
why do people bother buying homes?
what are the problems of a car rental?
does anyone know about rogers springs lake community in tennessee?
we were preapproved for a mortgage but at underwriting they keep dening loan because of unique property. why?
How can I find out who bought apartment complex?
How do you find foreclosure listings?
what can i do to public housing?
How much would it cost to build this home around the Los Angeles, California area?
Occupant turn water on?
what is a definition of a SLUMLORD?
How much are venues? (Event Centers)?
I have a rental property with tenants I want to sell but their lease isnt up until September 1st. Can I sell?
what does buying an apartment mean?
question about if i wuold be excepted for renting?
Affordable Apartment?
Where do i go to apply for Section 8 or HUD?
I am trying to do some research on the pros and cons of selling my house without a Realtor.?
Renting 1st apartment: down payment?
Im looking for a website that has a free property assessment for westmoreland county, Its been driving me craz
compensation term is compulsory for lease deed?
can roomate withhold my personal belongings from me if i am trying to move?
apartment rent question?
whats the cheapest u can rent for a room in queens, NY or new hyde park, NY?
Moving out of my Apartment Landlord has not fixed anything, need advice.?
My girlfriend and I are gonna buy a house for investment. Going to be in her name. How to protect myself?
when looking for rent a studio (some place for a single guy) what should i look for and not do? moving out?
Can I leave an apartment before my lease is up?
Where can I buy a house with a water view for a good price in Canada?
do you have to have good credit to go into real estate?
How to protect yourself when moving out of state (housing wise)?
Does anyone know any accredited Mortgage Loan Broker schools in the state of Illinois only?
Should I inform my tenant I have started the eviction process?
does anyone have a motomed for sale it's for people in wheelchair?
What happens if one person on an apartment lease with 3 people's names on it wants to move out?
Can anyone help us please? We are looking for a 4 bedroom rent to own ANYWHERE. My husband is a OTR trucker?
Should I put the mortgage in my name?
Do I have to include my personal financial disclosure in the financial statement for a rental property?
What does it mean if my property goes into negative equity?
I have 4 months left to sell my home or I will be stuck with a house rental and a mortgage?
How many houses are sold in the US yearly?
What is the fastest growing area in Florida?? Best place in Florida to practice Real Estate brokerage??
What are the top 5 places/areas in Pune for buying plots/flat from?
What happens if we fire out broker and hire a new one?
why would a man buy a house if he was single?
Retrieving property from apt. eviction in which it was at friends apt. but we no longer speak?
nc law regarding mold and rent?
How can I find out about my property?
What taxes and in what percentage am I supposed to pay if I buy a house in USA?
what is name of new website for getting value of your property?
Is a 50k salary good to live a normal life?
Why don't the banks recycled the foreclosure houses?
Where 2 get $2500 immediately for rent?
Tenancy laws, How do I stand? I and 4 other tenants live in a victorian house that is privatly owned, Now the?
How long is a home appraisal good for?
how to get rich with realestate in british columbia, canada?
Who can I talk with about my DTE bill beside the ?
In Florida can a landlord refuse to fix the rental properties if your behind on the rent?
What happens if I break my apartment lease because I just bought a house? My lease is up Apr. 30th.?
I have freehold property in Dubai. Can I work in another gulf state, as I wil be having 02 RPs in gulf states
Can you get a FHA loan for a non-HUD home.?
My brother in law owes me £ 30,000 and he owns two rental properties with that amount of equity in them. He is
If i was to rent out a room in my house to be used for business?
how can i sell my deceased husbands car? my name is not on the title?
Where can advertise for a flat?
Is there homeloan modification program in Texas?
Any recommended books/websites for first time home owner?
Give me the 411 on buying a house.?
What does it take to become a real estate agent in Nevada? How many years?
I'm leasing a house on a one year lease. I have six months remaining on the lease,How do i get out of it.?
why are house prices so high?
how do i see real estate info online (homes I drive past in frederick md)?
Is it legal for a manager to pick and choose who they will lower rent for in an apartment complex?
How do I find out who own property?
How long do I need to wait after closing on a home to buy a car?
Mt Airy, NC?
Saint that helps sell house?
I have been paying very high gas bills since i moved into rented accomadation?
I want to know were to get a lease agreement for vacant land on the internet if their is such a thing for w.a.
Need to find inexpensive homes that will be fixed up and rented with a fha loan of a low down payment of about?
NY State Transfer of deed?
Tenancy Agreement?
As a landlord can I legaly ask for a credit history, or peform it myself. Please provide references.?
What does an ALTA Survey consist of?
which realtors in new jersey offering free real estate course?
can i buy control fittings for my central heaters?
Where can you find cases of mortgage fruad?
Selling Rental Property?
My landlord has moved into my home for two weeks with six family members.?
how much is an acrea of land worth?
Trying to sell house myself without broker , do I need to pay buyer agent fee?
Can i still apply for financial aid for my self if im under 24 and still live with my parents and pay rent and?
Going real estate agent rate in southern california, commercial lease?
How do landlords check the credit background of their tenants?
how is alamony based on and for how long is it in california?
Is there a way to put a family member on the deed to your property with out refinancing your home?
does anyone know of any websites that list homes for sell? i just started a home business on noteholders.?
does anyone know of anyone renting a room for a mother and son in glendalearizona? please let me know asap?
Rental in Coimbatore?
How much should I charge for as an APPLICATION FEE?
Need to buy some property.?
what's the price range of house I can afford?
I want to lose weight over the summer?
Foreclosure/Walk away?
Where is the North East Florida Real Estate Market Going?
Do I have to be there?
Are 360,000 a year or 160,000 a year an average ( in Canada )?
Should I buy a property now?
Can an inspector change the font to a smaller size in the home inspection report?
Are there any income based townhouse apartments in Houston,TX?
Where could I move to?
can a mobile home be owned on private land near Tucson Arizona?
Anyone get their $8000 back yet?
I want to declare bankruptcy in lansing michigan is there any cheap places to do so and how much should this b
Cost of renting a house in central London ?
Purchasing Plots in Navi Mumbai for commercial and residential use.?
is my credit good enough to buy my first home?
What percentage of the selling price of real estate does the selling agent make from the buyer?
can a landlord make a tenant leave uk?
How do I get wifi in an apartment?
is this even legal in a commercial lease?
Does the carlton sheets real esate program really works?
Why are real estate sales so SLOW now here in Miami?
Commercial Leasing Commission?
what branch of finance gives you the lowest home loan. i have good credit and looking at 8.5% on 110000 loan?
should i dorm or rent out an apartment?
Does my landlord have to pay for damage to my property?
Can i have the police get my apartment Keys?
does any one know who has a house or an apartment for rent in philadelphia?
is TDS on rent flat? or is it a slab.?
Can I get a small 203K loan if I already have an FHA loan?
How do you calculate the interest on a construction loan?
Where can i find out who owns a property?
Having a hard time finding houses that are available for rent to own?
is anybody interested to give there flat on rent in ahmedabad ?
Problems with roommate?
What is the most expensive home in the State of Ohio?
Do I have to give 30 day notice when my landlord gives me a 60 day notice?
How is Interest on Security Deposit on rental property disclosed in 1040?
Tenancy agreements (UK)?
Do you have a recommendation for a clean, quiet and decent apartment complex in Vegas?
What time does rent a center open?
Real Estate Closing Without A Lawyer?
How do you determine what the levered IRR would be if you only had an unlevered IRR to work with?
My sister is currently renting a two bedroom 1 bath apartment with her room mate.?
i'm2years in the cotract of a3year how can i get out it with out paying?
File lawsuit against landlord to claim $2700?
Can I move now that I am in foreclosure?
Is it reasonable to request a reduction in rent if the AC was broken for 10 days in 90 deg. weather? how much?
What are the current interest rates for a purchase of a Manufactured home in CA.?
Does a 60 notice starts day day you sign for one or a month later?
I own 1/5 of my mother's house and my sister has moved in and changed the locks on the doors.?
asking for a second time .. tips to save for an apartment?
Buying a House and I have no idea about....?
How do you get out of a short sale if you can't wait any longer? Do you get your deposit back?
Are the prices of houses falling again?
How long has the housing market price been going up?
i lost a house 3 years ago when can i buy another house?
Does anyone know a good real estate schools?
Does anyone have their Mortgage through Countrywide?
If there is a sitting tenant in a property being purchased - what formally terminates the tenancy?
Breaking Lease, Not safe?
Does anyone know the best deals on apartment rental/room-mate situations in New Orleans right now?
Do I have a case in small claims court?
What should I do if my tennant doesn't pay rent (other than kick them out)?
How can I stop someone from smoking in my house?
Has anyone had great experiences with lease option homes in california?
Investing 100000usd for 50 yr IN ...REAL ESTATE ?? NO home plz?
how do you call on a house?
can i get a deed to a florida timeshare recorded?
I need the address from this phone number 951-479-9300?
What will happen if I stop paying the mortgage. UK law only please....?
Finding a place to live after foreclosure?
can i refinance my ballon loan into a fixed loan?
When did you buy first house? ?
I have a 14 day visitor agreement of my lease, can my landord kick me out if?
Ca Mortgage Broker?
Is the landlord insane?
I never received a loan committment letter, on a house we are closing on supposably in 2 days.?
Legally, Who Is The "Seller" In A Sheriff's Deed?
My home is in foreclosure in California help!!?
Small Claims Court - Flooding Property -Think we have a case?
Purchasing a home next to a cemetery?
Real estate agents always advise buying rather than renting. But what if you can never afford down payment?
is this considered a low ball offer?
What precinct am I in?
Is it worth it to work just to make your morgage payments?
can a mortgage broker decline to do business with me and my realtor?
what does it mean to lease a house?
I'm renting a house: Is it my or my landlord's responsibility to maintain the lawn?
in a villa with a privacy fence and the landlord wants to tear it down can they?
Can I set up a tenant to pay their rent directly to my bank account?
Do I allow my home to go into foreclosure or sell it and rent it back?
what ways are there to raise a deposit to buy a second flat to let out?
a dairy farmer agreed to rent our barn for 600. a month. we had a lease written and she will not sign.she is?
If our family income is $565,000 a year in DC, and my dad says we're upper middle class, is he correct?
How do I find out how a property is zoned? If it is zoned residential or commercial?
"This is not homestead property"?
What are the best criteria in buying vacant lots for investment?
Can a pharmacist afford this lifestyle?
How can I get out of an apartment lease in Florida?
What should I expect to pay for rent in San Diego?
Our real estate contract settlement deadline is tomorrow. What if the bank fails to meet the deadline?
How do you start a city?
How old do you have to be too get a apartment/house in texas? ?
Can a landlord transfer bills into my name at start of tenancy (July) but not allow me to move in until Sept?
can I purchase points to lower my mortage without 20 % equity in the property?
How Old Was You When You Moved Out??
Pls help...welfare is paying my rent for the apartment I'm I get a security deposit too.because that?
selling a home below value, but taking a new mortgage to pay off remaining of what is owed on home and include?
Court Dates On Previous Tenant?
Where can I find out ONLINE who owns a particular property, when they bought it, and how much they paid?
If I suspected my landlord had hidden cameras in my apt. how would I find out? And if phone has been bugged?
Can you be evicted for being late with your rent, if you've been having medical and financial hardship?
I am interested in finding a home that is facing foreclosure. Is there certain information that I need to get?
Divorce, home Mortgage and moving out...?
do I have to be on the lease if I want to live w/bf or can't I just be a tenant under him?
My landlord hasn't paid the mortgage am i gonna be on the street?
Where is private money found for Real Estate investing?
is it legal for the bank to counter my offer with no 5 or 7 days for the normal inspections?
I'd like to buy a home. My credit isn't great but my finances are. Will lenders finance me?
Is it possible to afford a house for £450000 on a salary of £30k-£40K?
Cost of Utilities for 1 bedroom apartment?
What can we doas tenants to get reed of slum land lords ?
can someone stay a night with me if i rent a room?
how would you know that the title of land is in good term?in such what government offices can help me.?
Legally does a landlord HAVE to get a rental property inspected by the city?
how long does a landlord have before he must return my deposit and what can he keep it for?
Renting from aarons an stopped payin HELP?
Advantage Mitigation Services?
i have land in harford county md can i put a trailer on it?
whats the best answer for a question on a Application for a Loan Mod in Calif.?
My roommate is breaking our lease, 8 months before it's up, and hers is the only name on the lease.?
Does anyone have the Rancho Margate eviction notice?? I need proof that developers bought the property?
landlord requirement to release a tenant from lease due to domestic violence?
how did the homes built in the 1980s and early 90s differ from homes built during previous decades?
Should I buy a flat or rent?
Where I find a virtual land on www ? I want yo buy some... :-)?
if you are on job seekers u get full housing benefit?
Is 1500 dollars per month enough to move out on your own?
How long did it take you to buy your home?
renter fell in a home i do not live in?
I've been given a rent with option to buy offer.?
Why can't I give a 30 day notice to someone before they move in?
Can you hire a club for a party for under 18s?
I want to know.?
can the landlord remove halloween decorations in the hallway outside my apartment?
Possible mold from A/C issues less than 3 months in apt - getting my deposit and realtor/broker fee back?
We will be moving to another state in October; is it possible to get a home loan without jobs lined up?
my lease is almost up in my apt and the ads for the complex are much less than what I'm paying?
What can to be with us?
like to buy a house next door but...?
where would you move to?
Is there a website that I can use to look up the specific cost and info of a person's house?
Tenant Left Electricity On?
what is a real estate agent's responsibilities for an open house?
change the adress of L.L.C.?
Is my landlord responsible to change my carpets after I rented from him for 3 years?
is it possible to have a 2 bedroom in a 25 sqm condominium/apartment?
how do you turn a 1 family home in to a duplex or a multi plex?
How long can house prices rise for?
where is the best place in the united states to live for a new graduate nurse?
How to go about breaking my lease in Florida when there is no duration period stated on it?
What is a timeshare (in the housing market) ?
what needs to be done when a person pays off land to the seller in order to get into the buyers name?
Is it normal for a landlord to include the following in a repair clause?
Problem buying a house, need help?
Using equity on my property to build a much needed extension?
how do i remove a violent tenant who resfuses to pay rent and is not on the lease?
Can a landlord do this?
When will home values start going up?
What will happen to me if I walk away from a mortgage that I can't afford ?
Disabled,and losing home.... need to fill out form 4506-T for assistance aid, HELP!!!?
Can a quitclaim deed be reversed if the date of the transaction is wrong?
If I finance PMI, can this push me into the Jumbo loan limit?
Do you own / rent privately / council rent / live with parents in the place where you live?
Is it a hassle to sell a house by owner?
What is the price range of 2 room apartments (second hand) in Tel-Aviv?
how do I view the history of things I bought ans sold on ebay and amazonduring the whole year?
Which would cost less: buying a house or getting one built?
If i am 17 and i want to move out of my mother house can i get in trouble if i just leave ?
Does the government in the UK provide any kind of support for young people to buy their first house???
Does Wisc law require a single mother of 1 child to rent a 2-bdrm apt?
Websites for apartment hunting in california??? 10 points?
How do people pay for apartments that are millions of dollars?
I want ton look into leasing my home where can I find this info?
A 100% mortgage means you get your entire cost of house covered by a mortgage. What about the Deposit?
How much does it cost to live on your own a month?
How can I purchase my very own small island off the coast of Central America?
buy house in irvine?
can you move back home in your first year of uni if you don't like living out? has anyone does this?
Can I live off 24k in mobile al?
how much would it cost to move to texas from missouri?
How do you find someone - who could understand - that a house on a small ws sold to you, it was sixty miles?
After ice storm, tree fell on my car. Will my landlord be liable for the damage?
Would you rather live in a House or an Apartment?
how does a tenant find out what the previous tenant paid for rent in a NYC apartment?
Can you help me find a timeshare company in orlando or se wisconsin?
i can swap council property 3 bed for 2 bed?
My realtor's contract expires on 7/31. We have had on for 6 months and still have not sold our home...?
Ok i want to buy 20 acres of land and i want to dig down 15 feet i am paying 1 dollar per yard?
How much land would someone have to buy to make it a country?
Renting my first apartment?
Tenant rights concerning bed bugs?
If file chapter 7, how does it effect my landlord?
Is it legal to raffle off a buisness property?
can I sue my landlord for violating the agreement and lying in the contract?
My landlord randomly swept my porch that were renting?
why is it that houses in the city are more expensive than in the sububs or in the farming areas?
does a daycare reduce property value?
Advise on selling a home to an investor?
Need to get outta my lease!!?
renter gave notice on 3/5 but left the next day without paying rent.?
How long do I have to wait before I can get rid of a roommates stuff?
does a real estae broker violate his fiduciary duty by selling his own property?
Does settling on how a refund of earnest money deposit preclude all parties from further action?
What's a good way for me to get an apartment to let me sign a 4 month lease without a job?
Landlords personal property?
What is a Contingency to Sale/Purchase (COP)?
What would happen if one just built a $300K home 2 months ago in PA, already settled, but now wants to sell it?
what is the average cost of a three bedroom apartment in san diego per month?
is a lease still valid if the person name on the lease was a minor when it was signed?
New Home buying question?
Why do realtors avoid me right after I ask questions about buying an apartment building.?
Do you need to go to college to be a Realtor?
I am in so much trouble!!!?
Is a landlord required by law to give a rental reference to a former tenant?
Landlord put up political sign without my consent!!!!??? HELP!!?
Any affordable homes in a good area of california?
what percentage of your income goes towards paying your rent or mortgage?
Can my landlord keep most of my deposit for a dirty oven and pet hair on the carpet?
what is an MAI appraisal?
How much is a 1/4 acre worth in Maryland?
I am a landlord in California and found out my tenant has a pet, what can I do?
trying to locate realtor who listed property at 419 Abbeyridge Court, Ocoee, FL?
Queston about repossession?
Can I still evict my tenant?
Are we being fair with our Tenant?
How should I respond to an B of A counter-offer that is way too high?
How escort close if seller's house's tenant not moving out? I'm the buyer in CA and what should I do? Thanks?
Can I sell my home for a loss and buy a cheaper home?
i've been Living in a person's apartment for over 7 months does that make me a tenant?
If girlfriend paid for mobile home, but your both co owners, how can you get her out?
My roommate and I both agree to remove him from the lease. Is this possible without hurting either of us?
Can my landlord do this?!?
Closing on my home end of July - can I take my expensive luxury shower head or do I have to leave it?
Signed a House Rental agreement yesterday in Hawaii, need to break it. Any guidance?
What things should I be aware, and be ready for, when looking for an apartment to rent?
where can i get a room to rent nearby to kompleks kerajaan jalan duta ?
we are in real estate working as a broker to market builders projects by appointing sub brokers,by keeping the?
I am not a farmer,but I want to buy farm land in Maharashtra.Can I do the same?What documents I should check?
when can bank foreclose on property?
specific performance remedy real estate breach of contract?
Can I afford a $700 a month rent?
brother and I inherited our mother's house - appraised at $80K, I sold my half to brother for $40K do I need?
How old do you have to be to rent a apartment in Portland, OR?
what to do - sell/rent out/wait?
can you have a room mate while on section 8?
I am from Sri Lanka. I wish to sell my house. Where do I post details?
How to find water in my land?
tenants decide not to pay rent?
Where can I find a copy of a standard residential lease agreement on the net that is specific to WA?
why is it that housing is so expensive?
property buying question?
What would be a good amount to put down when ur buying ur first home?
Landlord complaint?
Can you close on a house without the title search being complete?
how do i see real estate info online (homes I drive past in frederick md)?
What are the property portals estate agents can advertise on for free? (UK)?
Rent help! California?
I own 1/5 of my mother's house and my sister has moved in and changed the locks on the doors.?
If rent is due today on the 1st and I pay online... can I pay at anytime before midnight?
I'm buying a house & want to back out of the contract but the seller is threatening to sue, what could happen?
should i get my deposit back?
Im a realtor and plan to send out prospect letters. If Im not certain of their names, how shud I address them?
PLEASE HELP! Can my landlord charge me months worth late fees all at once without notice?
If I refinance my currently owner-financed home, do I need a down payment again?
can you be evicted while on housing benefits?
How likely am i to buy at foreclosed house?
there is a patio space in front of my flat, but is it my space or my upstairs neighbour or both of ours?
What should we know before purchasing a house on a cash deal?
i need some info about buying my first home?
can you sell a house on behalf of an incapacitated persons if you are the power of attorney?
Should I spend all I have to buy a condo for rental income or buy dividend ETF, before buying Medicare plans?
When sell home why reqd. to give immed. possession or pay prorate of buyer's mortgage?
can the landlord stop a tenant from sitting in the front of the building?
Is this an apartment scam?
can i as a landlord shut off a tenants water which i pay for .they are two months behind in rent?
How do I kick out a roommate not on the lease but another roommate and I are on the lease?
How can I sell my home fast and at a good price?
Stopping an eviction?
Considering buying 2d home and renting the one we're in. Any good spreadsheets available? Thoughts on this?
what is the price per square feet in mugappair?
Can someone help me find a name for my Real Estate Team?
My mortgage broker has pulled my credit and given me preapproval, will the lender pull my credit again?
Does 3.5% for closing, paid by the seller, mean on a 200k loan i only pay 194k?
Can my landlord raise my rent?
Getting My First Apartment Soon.. What Do You Pay For Rent?
where do I look on the internet to find out how much a house sold for in maryland?
new mexico on line courses?
where do i look for fresh busiNess ideas?
What rights does a co-signer for a home equity loan have?
Do you have to make 3x rent for acceptance into an apartment?
hello guys! i need your help. where can i find room accomodations to rent for a few weeks? no lease and cheap.
1st day in a new apartment.. Next door neighbor complained.?
I am about to graduate! with job in hand..Do i buy a house or not??
What's the best place to refinance a VA home loan?
how long will the housing market last in amarillo texas?
is it possible to have my name on my parents morgage?
I have a house on land contract,but I lost my copy stating that it's my house.?
Anyone buy the Deed Grabber study course?
How is the hosuing market in Northern VA ?
Want to move to new state?
Apartment Lease Question?
We owe 30K on a mobile, the well went dry and we need to sell it and move it.?
Do realtors show houses on Sundays normally?
Need a list of fha properties in Los Angeles and the easiest approach to ?
Landlord blaming me for leak in shower, what are my rights?
how much notice do i have to give to my landlord without signing a lease?
Any ideas on how I can find out if this guy is legit?
can I get out of a 6 month real estate listing. its only been 3 weeks. no showings yet.?
Renting of time share?
how long till the real estate agent takes their sign down?
for people that have moved free houses to their lot?
Do you prefer to rent or buy you home?why?
what are they building on staunton bridge road in greenville sc?
Can anyone confirm apartment prices in Phoenix Arizona?
How to buy a home with EXCELLENT credit but without a job or steady income?
How much monney can inspect from an express home buying company?
Whats an unoffical offer?
if tenant pays 1st months rent & signs rental agreement?
How much of a Mortgage could i get in New York?
What is 10 % of $69,550?
Can I get a mortgage?
who do i complain to about the building department, related to apportionment's ???
Home mortgage Legal advice.?
Websites to find whole flats to rent?
I have been paying rent on a apartment that is not up to code?
How can I get off mortgage loan with my soon-to-be ex-husband?
1991 fair market value of house in williamburg?
Just got my council property, but it needs a lot of repairs. Will the council do it?
if i signed a lease but they required a cosigner, and i did not have a cosigner can i get out of the lease?
Should I rent a house or an apartment?
What do all these deeds of trust/reconveyance/successor trustee, etc. mean? Does this sound legitimate?
Can anyone tell me the interest rate on usda in Illinois.Would I still get the up to 8000 credit Obama promise?
What factors do you consider when buying a house?
Getting a house in ca, mortgage? rent?
How long do Rottweillers live on the average?
OK , what do I need to do to evict my roommates?
How do i go about starting a business in renting?
how will i be able to find out id a stay is lifted on my mortgage and how will i be notified?
When a person renting isn't the one responsible for paying who fills out rental application?
how much is the price for a 2 bed room flat in chennnai?
Is it ok to wire money first then sign the deed at a later day when buying a hud home?
what should i sell my home for?
Should i sell or rent out my house?
I want to get into a preforclosure in TX. What do i do?
Can I use a multiple realtors to sell my home?
Question about selling my home?
How do I ask a flatmate to move out who's only just moved in?
How to tell our renter she is NOT GETTING new carpet (respectfully)?
What are all the cost associated with buying a land?
How much does it cost to rent the Villa Rosa in Waterbury Ct?
What kind of questions to ask?
is a manager for an apartment complex supposed to let their tenants know of constructions going on?
what does ' 6 bedroom, semi-detached, student property' mean?
What City Do I Belong In?
If i payed my appraisal but im only pre approved does it mean im close of buying the house?
Rental noise and is a tennant entitled to peace and quiet outside of the hours of 11 to 7 am?
Buying a foreclosed home? The pros and cons? The do's and dont's?
Should I move into an apt with on site and coin op laundry?
If I own a condo that has been a rental property and sell it for a profit, can I use the gain to refinance my?
Where can I download a homeowner exemption form for will county in illinios?
The parent trap. House buying I dont want!?
Anyone else agree that cost of living in various cities is total BS and doesn't add up?
My roommate and I have signed a lease agreement but our co signers have not, are we still bond to it?
Tricky legal question, but very urgent???
As a landlord, am I required to required to return already paid portion of the month's rent?
Why does our apartment place ask for our bank acct... We pay check every month; they do not do a transfer.?
How do I go about getting or renting a trailer to live in?
How much does a 3 bedroom house cost where you live?
I have 57 acres in PA. I want to raise livestock for profit. What is the most profitable livestock here in PA?
How many months can a Landlord charge you if you break your lease?
What apartments in garland/north dallas area would qork with a DISMISSED misdemeanor?
I want to buy a 2BHK MIG flat-which site will be suitable for me?
My father died on 4-15-2000 but his condo was transferd the same day. How is that possiwble?
What are the best websites when looking for a house to rent in Phoenix? Do you know of agents who can help?
could I live normally on this pay?
Am i eligible for housing? Urgent.?
Should i move to california?
How to get mortgage foreigner ?
I have rented out my flat and need advice about my Tenants?
how do top salesman close deals?
buyer ask agent whats the best way to take title to the property brought?
Need a top-down list of cities where home prices have fallen,(yeah but MI has very high taxes) & there is good?
In NH if a tenant sublets their apartment with out permission is it legal?
What does "utilities included in the rent" mean?
Residential Service Contract?
some one tried to sell me a house they did not own?
What is a studio apartment?
Planning to buy A forclosure house in Florida , Do I need to hire a lawyer?
Spell Check 3,395,900.00?
I own a house but getting divorced and need help?
Help!!! No Letter of Intent (LOI) with tenant?
I want to know about mortgage. need your valuable advice please?
Anyone know of any good moving companies (we are moving from California to Colorado)?
My friend got evicted?
Tenant Skipped! 2 Questions?
What qualities make a good realtor?
Landlord is holding security depost... what are my rights?
What kind of paperwork do I need to have in order before sell my house without a realtor in Texas?
Where/How do I find "downright ugly houses" in Washington State?
Thinking of buying a house... first timer... what should we know?
I was approved for apartment which is currently occupued?
Paying parents too much rent, what can I do?
What House price should i be looking at on £50k?
sue a leasehold landlord uk?
Describe the difference between a mortgage and a deed of trust.?
how much will my £100,000 2 bedroomed terrace house in Manchester be worth in 5 years?
Landlord won't get our dishwasher fixed.?
Does anyone knows a mortgage company?
Is becoming a real estate agent or mortgager broker a good way to have extra income?
Why is it that its so hard for a mid-class person to buy a home??? In Ft.Lauderdale?
am i out of order to offer a lot less then then asking price on a house?
What happens to old apartments?
What does losing your job and not being able to pay off credit cards have to do with not paying rent?
Can you buy or sell condemned mobile homes?
What are the best "free" and "pay" websites to sell property privately in the uk!?
Where Should I Move To?
Would you pay 1300 dollars for an apartment? per month!?
is it a good time to buy a house in michigan?
Urgent; Lost our house, is this legal? Odd situation?
Should my roommate's boyfriend (who has basically moved in with us) be paying rent?
Do you know any online UK estate agents that deal with property for sale in Spain?
two friends and I bought a time share, we haven't pd for 5yrs , but it affecting my credit for the whole amt?
I am scheduled to close on a house on 11/30/09. Am I eligible for any tax credit? If so how much?
how do i get out of a columbia house membership?
Why is it taking us so long to get a council house..?
I have an eviction warrant which says bailiffs will come on 4th March 2009?
is it true that a realtor must submit every offer to the seller regarless of price?
What happens if I abandon my lease?
What is the maximum deposit for renting accommodation in England?
should I buy or rent a house in california?
What is the going rate for a long term private lender mortgage?
how much of a mortgage will we be able to have?
Do apartments contact creditors on credit report?
help important help first time home buyer help?
Are there trailer parks where middle class people live who want to save money on housing?
I'm renting a house: Is it my or my landlord's responsibility to maintain the lawn?
What is the current state of the American housing market?
Looking at buying a house. I have never talked to anyone and I wanted to know where to start?
Should I refinance my 30 fixed rate mortgage from 5.75% to 4.60%?
How to reduce the price of home already on market?
Illinois real estate: Is there a default limit of days to get the house inspection after the initial contract?
Are there any buyable abandoned buildings in Las Vegas?
Man drove up and took pictures of house?
why do people vacate an apartment leaving their stuff behind?
Exactly how will they get me to sign?
I am trying to buy a hotel where should I start looking?
Does landlord have the right?
Century-Link, Internet constanly disconnects.?
how do I link a realstate software to quickbooks pro in my computer.?
how do i find a house for sale around waterville maine ?
Can I afford a $460,000 house?
I'm trying to sell my house but having no luck. Any suggestions?
Can I get an affordable apartment while still going to school?
I live in an apartment with bad credit, how do I buy a house from here?
How to get 99 years lease in India ?
Monthly payments(living on your own)?
how likely is it to move out on your own for the first time?
Is Transferring money safe?
what is the worst thing to happen if my house will be forclosure?
can a mortgage broker get me the mortgage i want without all my proof of earnings?
how to get Home loan? i am having a NRE account and having a valid work visa for United arab emrates, Dubai?
im trying to sell my house independently,any tips about the best way to do it?
I do have condo that we lease due to our move but we are losing around $500 a month. Could this offset my tax?
how do i go about signing up for hud...i live in pike county ohio?
Apartment help please!?
why did old Nasty home get so high ? And rent took off also?
What steps do i take to sell my fathers house if he is incarcerated?
Where can I get a NOTICE OF RENT INCREASE form?
Info/opinions on new condo development "Mura" in downtown Los Angeles?
which city is better...ripon or manteca?
Can I be evicted for being pregnant?
Can a landlord with hold SD if?
Balance Due at my former apartment complex?
I have a credit score of 423.I had a repossecion last Oct. Back @ wrk now.Any ideas on how I can get an apartm
I want to rent a warehouse for a party for over 1,000 people in the bay area do you know where I can find them?
is my landlord in breach of our agreement?
Average cost for utilities for a 1 bedroom apt with1 adult and a child in Dallas, Tx?
Can anyone help me to find a lymphedema therapist in dade county that takes medicade/mediass? Im desperate!?
Landlord is not paying her mortgage from my rent house?
A lady gave me 200. for Deposit on a house for rent that I have. So far she has not shown her face.?
Where did the equity in my foreclosed home go?
What is the best method to search for searching an apartment?
The people selling us our new home have requested to stay for 15 days after closing. What should we do?
Our rent is late with a $70 late fee. Is there any chance they'll let it slide since it's the first month?
what is the name of the site where you can find residential addresses by searching by owner name?
Buying property in US?
How to add my wife's name to a property owned by me and make it joint ownership property?
Would you consider 70 degrees to be too cold?
Will Renter's Insurance cover personal items carried on your person?
How does a foreclosure work?
3 month rental sterling hgts MI area - 3 beds - kitchen, fridge - need 3 rooms may 30 to aug 30 prox. 8 adults
a couple of yrs. ago someone sold land on the moon 4 $19 per ac.& legal. if true who was the person?
Pipes busted twice, pay fee to break lease?
Bad credit mortgages in Louisiana? Where, who? Any info is appreciated?
Connected utilities, apartment lease revoked, am I required to pay?
Should I pay off my car before applying for a loan for house?
We bought our house in 2004 and are now underwater by about $30-$40K. Is foreclosure our best option?, = Good, Bad, or Ugly?
Help me with a realtor problem!?
I have rental properties in a Chicago suburb and would like to know how to market them as corporate housing.?
If I build a house in the countryside, how much would it cost to install electricity?
Who can I contact to provide condos for executive leasing?
compare these two houses?
Does anyone know any good and honest estate agents?
Are condo investments a good idea?
Will my dad taking out a second mortgage to help me buy a house affect my sister's college financial aid?
1st time homebuyer,5000 n savings,approved,4 100,000,will i be able 2 use $8000tax credit 4 closing n down pay?
Should I pay my house off or not?
have problem about my apartment!!!! pls help?
To Foreclose or not to Foreclose.... that is the Q???
Are apartment managers usually willing to work with you when it comes to your rent?
best country to buy a house as investment?
What would be my rent amount if I get 5% off?
is a 10 percent profit a good enough amount or should I try to rent my house after we move?
Need to buy some property.?
is it possible trace the realtor name for a property sale 12 months ago in florida?
how can I purchase a new home with little money down and poor credit?
Why is real estate so cut-throat?
Sending rent money through paypal?
home sold at loan default aution. how long do i have to redeem property?
i am homeless. i found an abandoned house for 3 yrs. the bank hasnt fixed it up. should i break in & fix it up?
is it necessary to submit a quitclaim deed to get my name removed from a mortgage while my x boyfriend re-fi?
No move-in checklist, water damage?
Shared ownership or renting?
My home value is 80% of my mortgage. What are my options?
I have a week to move out & have no money. What to do?,?
If you are renting can the rent be increased 9 days before its due with no other notice?
What is a better resale value in Tampa..Calusa Trace or Carrollwood Village?
Why is the best time to move apartments to get the best deal?
My landlord wo'nt take care of his obligations so what can be done so he does?
tenant hasn't had hot water for weeks...just told us last night?
Renting a house for Prom?
why are people in nice houses in so much debt?
what are other websites besides craigslist to find houses for rent?
What's the best thing to do (10 payments behind)?
Can i get a loan for a house?
Apartment trying to charge me for WHAT!?
what do u do if your landlord doesnt give u your lease signed and doesnt fix things?
I'm renting a house and need to move out when is my last day to do so?
Corporate Housing question?
Can a mortgage company refuse your payment?
Lookin for a Rental House IN Houston.?
I left some belongings in a place I rented over a year ago and now the landlord wants me to remove them.?
what is the latest status of freezing ARM mortgage rates?
How to find house or apartments for rent?
Should I buy condos in Savannah, GA?
stay at apartment, or move? pls help?
I made 2000$?
if your landlord has sold his building am I responsible for rent for the remainder of my lease?
Do I still have time to buy a hose and get the first time homebuyers tax credit?
i wanna buy a open house in inz. being an indian can i buy the property in nz?
My amortization period?
Do you enjoy rehabbing houses and is it profitable?
Feeling singled out and needing a solution to renting in HOA?
Is it possible for someone with a low credit score to purchase a home?
how much above appraised value can I sell my house for? what is the norm?
What year was my rental house built,and the square footage?
What is better, an ARM or a fixed rate mortgage?
How would you calculate a positive cash flow for an apartment bldg?
what is a power of attony?
do repossed houses have to be sold for the market value?
I am being sued from a house I rented in May of '06, and was wondering if the Landlord can still come after me
If my mom is on Section 8 can I live with her if I am over 18 ?
Im want to move into a house and i cant work out the money!!?
A couple sharing the rent?
the apartment complex i live in was bought by a new owner. my rent went from $575 to $750. is this legal??
Concerning Real Estate: what kind impact will government's development plan on prices of affected areas?
if you rent aunit from an advertisement amd it dont work and the landlord refuses to fix what can i do?
Could I use a real estate license from MA in NY and CT?
is there any 1bth/br studios for rent in the 250 /300?
What can we make our landlord do about excessive mould?
Can I get a mobile home loan in upstate NY?
When are UK house prices going to start going back up?
are Modular homes cheaper to buy then Normal houses?
House in foreclosure * Real estate agent stopped by?
is it going to rain tomorrow?
Can a lis pendens be put on property after it has already been sold?
What is the best way to sell my flat privately in Scotland?
a drug dealer lives in our apt complex, brings alot of foot traffic, landlord wont help, can't afford to move?
If a landlord verbally agrees to reducing your rent can they then take the difference from your deposit?
Is there anyway to get rid of a mortgage loan?
We are trying to buy a property in short sale.The seller has submitted the offer to the bank.The BPO has been?
Where Can i find a pool of hard money lenders for residential remodeling?
Is there any law that states a landlord has to paint an apartment every so many years and if so how long is it
Can I use a credit card check for rental deposit?
if the value of a home is 75000 dollars and the seller only wants 39,000 wouldn't it be real easy to get it
Could someone give me a practical example of a broker's lien?
i let my property via a letting agent?
How would you look for a 10-15 acre field for sale in the Northeastern U.S. for 30-40k?
Chase wants me to refinance into a 4% fixed with no closing costs?
my lease is up feb 10 2010?
When putting down a home address for an apartment can you put apartment C6 or do you have to put Apt. #C6?
How does mortage work?
what is property tax and how long do you have to keep paying it???????????
can you have you name on more than one lease at a time.?
are condo fees a ripoff? $300 for water, gas for 1st two years only, sewer, home insurance. What is sewer.?
Do you think they will accept my offer asking for a 45 day escrow?
rent to boyfriend ?
How to invest in multifamily housing?
Who owns your house when you have a mortgage?
What do you think? Can I break my lease?
When are UK house prices going to start going back up?
What price apartment should I get with my yearly income?
looking for home builders in the san antonio area, besides kb homes?
Is it mandatory that the landlord pays the water of the apartment he's renting?
Single parent on benefits, housing benefit advice?
My landlord never gave me a copy of the lease or receipts for cash payments of rent and damage deposit?
does a house need a stove for the fha loan to approve?
how do i find a mortgage company with a quick refinace turnaround?
Bit of odd question but I need answers?
How to void residential lease & vacate because of infestation?
Is it a good time to go with a particular adjustable rate mortgage?
Landlord wants me to pay for carpet cleaning service while I'm still living there.?
how long does a tenant have to move out if the property is sold?
Dream of Hidden rooms in my house ? ?
IS there web site which provides information on Properties in California? Such as Tax, last date of sale, map?
My Family owned 3 furniture stores. Is it wrong in your mind for me to buy stores to close them? See below?
Which one is cheaper?
anyone know a good website to find property for rent in Dubai?
Am I ready to buy my first home?
anybody know where i could rent a function room for a good price in north dublin?
I think I was scammed into signing a bogus real estate contract - Help!?
should i buy it??? is there a catch?
Is a bridge loan a good option if your house has not sold and you already found the house of your dreams?
Is this a breach of contract?
how to get out of an aparment lease.?
what is lease or hire purchase?
What is the biggest mistake you have made in a real estate transaction?
calculations for refinancing in TX?
Tenant Smoking Below Me?
Are these features included in the apartment rent (site link)?
Can a landlord charge for cleaning costs above the deposit?
If I were to rent a property in the UK, could the property owner turn up at any time and start looking around?
I need info bout fallbrook in northeast houston i believe its a neighborhood or townhomes around that area?
I want to live in Hilo, HI for a month to see if I want to live there, check out places to live, where 2 stay?
How to start a restaurant from scratch!?
I bought raw land in NC. The appraisal for the land was based on a purported lake being built.?
How do I find an apartment for the summer?
We had one (1) mortgage financed with a mortgage company and about $16,000 financed with the owner of the?
a landlord said legally she cant rent a 600sq ft house to me , my wife and my 7 week old baby it a one bedroom?
Is it better to rent an apartment after high school?
is now a good time to buy a house?
how can i set up a housing-company?
Does anyone know anything about P.A?
We paid a deposit on an off plan flat in Spain. But builder broke contract by not completing in time.?
Can you own a home on a Home Depot salary 14/hr?
If a house is listed at $69,900... what is a reasonable offer?
We live in Southbury CT. We are not handy. Do you think a condo is the best choice for us?
I am buying land and a manufactured home. The apprasal and sellers costs don't match.?
How much money would you need to live in a studio flat?
How much (on average) are rent and utilities in a Los Angeles apartment?
what is real estate? please be as specific as possible?
Bargaining power of cash?
I'm buying a house, what's a "year long property access"?
ok so does any one know where I can buy an owner financing house in Jefferson county, Missouri???
I want a house to start my daycare business in Philadelphia?
Missouri laws on property abandoment?
I lease a small hotel, the landlord wont maintain the firescape, does he have to according to law?
estimated price per square meter of construccion in canada?
About how much does a flat rental cost in London?
Will someone explain to me why the closing costs of my new home are being added to my loan?
How long does it take to build a house?
What does it mean commission will be 50/50 up to 2.5% for a short sale?
Where can a person live if they are working in nyc only one week a month?
Parent signing a lease for a minor?
Can we split realtor fees if we sell our house?
I would like to know how to find houses for rent...I can only find apartments when I look on the web.?
need help with a NYCHA question!!!?
Who do I call about a home that may or may not be foreclosed?
Land contract question?
Anyone know of any houses for rent in the Steubenville Ohio area?
Ok I am not understandind if I buy a home and fix it up?
How & where could I legally correct the wrong area (sqft) of house recorded in the county of San Bernardino?
How should I look towards buying a home?
Can I do something about my apartments?
Cost of a 4 acre house?
Does any one know where to get the actual california real estate exam?
How much reasonable land in square feet do you think you need to build your dream home?
Real Estate Deed Legal Without Lawyers?
Is it hard to buy a foreclosure house? If you've done it, can you let me know about how it was? Thanks!?
a real estate inherited me in europe, what should i do to get rent from the tennant?
If I purchased a home for $350,000 and I paid in full up front, how much equity would I then have in the house
will the.......?
im looking for a trailer to rent to live in south carolina can you help me?
is there a home owner equity protection act?
how much if any can a landlord raise my rent?
If a Trailer park has 32 residents, how many teeth(real) are there in a Trailer park ?
Anyone have any luck getting rid of a tenant who doesnt pay rent by paying them to get out?
Is this seller responsible?
where do I get a mortgage in Ohio?
what is the most effective customer care services?
can the landlord tell me I cannot use a fan in my bedroom. The tempurature outside is 90 degrees?
loan re-modification?
what will happen if I leave my home during a foreclosure?
I don't want to move?!!!?
Selling your house question/foreclosure?
how can i make 595 dollars?
costs for renting privately?
How long does it take to purchase a house with cash in the England?
I hav land of 75cents in kerala.wnt to built gud flat to giv it 4rent.Bt i dnt hav investment.?
can i sell my house that only has my name on the deed without my ex husband signing off the deed in the state?
Why do mortgage lenders add 1 percentage point for mult-unit properties?
who do we contact if we have not recevied your w-2?
I'm starting my own Real Estate Company, what should I name it?
Does giving the keys to a renter constitute by law that the renter can move in?
My escrow payment increased much more than my taxes increased...why is that?
what is your opinion of a VA home loan?
How do I get an apartment?
What rights do i have as a tenant?
Medjugorje-Ireland: Does a real estate the obligation to inform about a mortgage over the buinding?
i am about to buy my first home what should be looking for and what should i avoid?
What are new and fastest developing locations in india to live and work?
Where can I find info on Free Govt land available to Squat or Homestead?
are there any other ways to getting a home loan???
Problem with landlords?
is my landlord required to supply working appliances?
Bed Bugs in Apartment HELP?
i want to buy a house but my credit is bad,does anyone help with that?
how long does it take for a house to forclose?
How do I get my new home address to appear on online maps? House has existed for over 2 years in CA.?
Estate Agent Commission?
i want to move out of state but...?
Why are my tenants ignoring me? Im the landlord?
What is causing so many foreclosures in todays real estate industry?
Is there a form of plastic that is biodegradable?
Any idea on a mortgage rate in MI?
For student apartments, is the roommate matching usually supposed to be very close?
i need to find an apartment that depends on income...?
I am 16 years old i am interested in real estate investing as my future career can you til me how to get start
why do they call them apartments?
Renting a flat around Hampstead Heath, London. Which agencies to use except gumtree?
Why is there so many low wage jobs in FLorida and the houses for sale are in the 200,000 and up?
How to assure a landlord you're a good and keen tenant?
Can a landlord legally charge you their property tax and insurance?
Interest only mortgage? Is it the best way to go?
I'm being taken to court over rent arrears. What can I do?
Applied for a home loan 3 weeks ago, does it normally take this long for an answer?
I am helping my sister move and we cannot find any Info on Income Based Apts.Do You Know Where I Can Look?
What to do about a landlord that won't fix a health hazard?
how do I access the website of the estate agent christopher hall in buckley?
If I own one quarter of a house what rights do I have?
If 2BR/2BR rent is $799, how much more does a person has to pay to get a master BR w/ its own BA?
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of home rental business?
Reasonable to request rent reduction from landlord this month?
should i rent some rooms in th house or rent an apt?
Is it possible to survive on $500 a month in Virginia?
Why is the cost of renting an apartment going up and the cost of living remaining the same?
Can first time buyers get a mortgage these days? With who?
ARM vs. Fixed Rate?
Can a man kick you out if your both on the lease?
Would I be eligible for section 8 housing? HACLA.?
I am civil engineer wants to start business of civil constructions ,please give me guidlines?
What do I need to sell a house privately?
I need some advice, i purchased some land so i can build a home but i need some advice?
When renting a house, how does the deposit work?
If you break a one year lease can the LL put a lein on your home in another state?
Where can I find preforclosure houses in baltimore?
What is the best way to handel property still in probate.?
Problems with hot water-what to do?
As a Landlord, Can I.....?
We are renting townhouse from owner with an open lease. They want us to move. Must it be in writing & how long?
how can I start getting real estate properties with out having to pay for a course or putting money down?
can I change agetns in the middle of a contract?
How cna i get out of a timeshare i bought?
My landlord wants me to take the ac out, but I really need it, even in the cold .?
My boyfriend has lived in my home for 31/2 yrs and I want to split up. How do I evict him from my home?
Where's a great place to live in Toronto?
How would I get a list of addresses of foreclosed or at risk properties for a specific zip code?
Is it safe to live in downtown Sacramento?
when did landlords start asking for security deposits?
can my landlord take on rent arrears from the previous landlord and chase me for them?
How to turn Residential property to commercial property?
Help with tenancy laws and rights as a tenancy?
How many famous people graduate from Tokyo university?
looking for 4br 2ba house in high point NC or closer surrounding. any help outthere?
question on breaking a lease?
I received a 30 day notice to vacate a studio I am renting, I paid more than half so for do I get it back?
license in escrow?
Sale on Craigslist question.. I sold something on Craigslist and the guy wsays he doesn't want it anymore and?
Where can I get a sample Real estate puchase offer form?
how do i find information on past history of our recently purchased home and property?
What can I do with my house?
I'm waiting for an approval on a short sale, but unfortunately, the owner of the house just passed away?
what is the cheapest way to set up a LLC for my rental homes?
will the realistate market crash?
How can you get out of your apartment lease?
If heat is included w/ rent but it runs off electricity (which I pay), should the rent be lower?
how can i save my house?
Breaking a Lease in NYS?
"what are the pros and cons of owning land"?
What would be the pros and cons of a cap to the % of rental units condo's HOA?
can a landlord keep a deposit from someone who changed their mind before signing a lease?
Is it possible to get mortgage on a household income of £15,000 a year?
I'm trying to find help with math problems dealing with mortgage loans to get my license as a loan officer
Lived in same apartment for 15 years and have to break lease. Am I liable for rent due?
if your pre-approved for a mortage loan, does that mean the loan is guaranteed?
For people with more than one house?
my rental property will be sold on the steps of the courthouse on aug. 7. what are my right?
Job as a real estate agent?
Can my landlord dictate how I clean?
Can you evict someone from your property if there is no lease agreement?
Can the landlord just drop by and demand to inspection without notice.?
Real Estate What Road Do I Pick?
We have a 2 year lease and landlord is short selling home and said that we might have to move?
Can i kick my sister out of my house?
I need to find a picture of or the actual first Century 21 Real Estate sign. It would be from the 1970's.?
Can I break my lease for false advertising?
Lewd violation (soliciting prostitute) in Fl.?
What's the best website to post my house that I'm selling in Chicago?
Is it a good idea to seek a degree at a university to get into real estate?
Im worried about squatters rights. What is the law on this?
Are you looking for a real estate agent in South Bay, california?
No water no rent im I in the wrong?
What kind of insurance do I need to rent cabins to tourists in Arkansas?
How do you write a lease extension for a property rental in California?
How do I forclose on someones home ...?
How can I stop my house from be forclosed?
Help!!! What are my rights as a tenant?
Breaking the lease before it starts?
I am tring to find www.hnc in nc?
Vacation Renter Rights?
cleaning fee when leaving the apartment?
what area of the usa is nicest to live in?
Landlord refuses to fix Hot Water, what can I do?
I have 3 years HVAC experience in Texas and would like to move to Florida. How do I obtain a Florida License.?
Will I be able to rent an apartment with a credit problem?
I am doing a 5405 and 1040x for first time home buyers ...?
How long does it take for me to get my Real Estate license Ones i sent in my application In California?
Themed Apartment Communities?
Does my tenant have the right to sue me over her deposit ?
how do u obtain a property lein?
what is the difference between bankowned and forclosure? And how do you buy them the best way?
tenant problem help driving me crazy?
what is an assistance residential property manager duties?
Should we buy a home or continue to rent for a year or two?
Landlord help!?
What percent do realtors in Maine charge for selling a home?
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