Real Estate

Please help I'm a homeowner and been going my my gf for 14 months , she has moved in?
Can I sell properties from outside the US in California without a real estate license?
Why shouldn't I purchase real estate with "hard money."?
any body have a house that would suit a family of 5 that they don't want in the erie pa area ,or any where?
Where can I find a definitions list for the Department of Finance (NYC) Occupancy Codes?
we went into foreclosure...?
Is it a good business for a realtor to give a closing gift to a buyer?
Who should fix the violations?
need my name removed from lease roomate refuses?
Landlord trying to dodge court?
What do orange or green stickers mean in vacant homes?
What does "sale failed released" mean?
How quick can I evict a roomate that's not on the lease?
what is the value of the mold detection market?
Can I end my tenancy agreement early? Uk?
Where could I find a real estate forecast for commerical and industrial beyond 2006?
can anybody help me find a place to rent?
How can we buy mobile home thru seller financing if owner still owes bank?
How can I find a garage apartment in north Texas?
Are there any webiste or sources that I can use to build a home with a budget?
what galway city bin company services an larnach apartments on bohermore? and how much are they?
Is it reasonable to haggle with landlords when renting properties in the current climate?
How to change the title of a house?
how to transfer a land title?
Can I pay my rent on the 4th and still be ok?
Can my landlord allow people to move in for $300 cheaper for the same type of apartment?
If a HOA is started in my area, do I have to join?
What would be the average monthly cost of owning a 3700 square feet house?
i want a rent-to-buy a mobile home in savannah,georgia?
please help moving disaster.?
Does the landlord have the right to go inside your house if your not home?
Is there any difference between vitrified tiles & Porcelain tiles?
housing benefit officer?
what is an assistance residential property manager duties?
Which city is the best city to live?
Help... need to find a place rent in T.O.?
income spent on rent utilities in Germany?
What do you do when your landlord never answers their phone or returns phone calls?
"This is not homestead property"?
can i afford to rent?
Can a person sign 2 contracts with agency?
What can happen if you can't pay your mortgage?
what are the steps to obtain a mortgage loan?
Breaking a Rental Lease in FL?
identify conditions that exist making adjustable and fixed rate mortgages favorable to lenders & borrowers?
where can I get a loan to redeem a house in foreclosure?
The the realtor screw me over when making this offer?
Can I get into college housing if I have a felony in retail theft that happened 2 years ago.?
what is one of the most efficient ways to market a brand new real estate company?
is it a good investment to buy a property in dubai?
Where is the cheapest place to live in B.C.?
What are the Pros and Cons for renting a room in a house with 2 other guys?
Rent or buy? What are the pros and cons of each. I am looking at houses around 80 grand to buy or £500 pm rent?
Does it increase your worth to pay rent?
Which is necessary for the landlord of a residential property built before 1978 to provide to a tenant?
Rental lease laws in Michigan?
Is our HOA bound to a bad contract even if we fire the management company that actually signed the agreement?
Do both landlord and tenant have to agree to renew the lease agrement?
Is it possible to pass on to your son unpaid home mortgage as inheritance?
Ex landlord trying to collect on unpaid rent after 5 years?
Cash Deposit on Home Purchase?
Is this the end of the housing boom? For October, existing home sales was down while new home sales surged.?
My ceiling fell in in my rental house last night. No water damage. Who is liable for this?
where can I find listings for small acreage in northern colorado?
Proposition 30 in CA , effect on my small business? I have two care homes for the elderly, both LLCs, gross ab?
Is there a part of the world that has water front property that is inexpensive?
What should I write to loss mitigation department?
Can I back out of a purchase agreement if bank decides not to loan right before closing?
Can you please name me some safe, luxurious places my wife and kids can live?
how is my loan qualification can be different amount?
How do I get my name on my husbands deed and morgage of our home?
i'm about 2 close on new house but didn't sell the old 1. what is the best mrtg to be able to use $ from old?
does anyone know where can I find bank owned apartment buildings for sale in New York?
Can my landlord push us around like this?
Am I required as a landlord to have the house sprayed for insects?
i'm trying to find a college room mate in dearborn michigan i'm listed on craiglist?
help me with this?
if i had a mortgage for say £250,000 but they only valued the house at £220,000, what happens if i want to sel
deposit protection scheme?
Should we sell our condo and buy a house?
even though my lease expired on a certain day, am i still required to submit a 30 day notice of vacating home?
Is it the landlords job to fix a mold problem on a rental and can they make you move because of it?
Where can i live by myself with no money?
what does township do to help you find a place to stay?
How do i locate low income housing that accepts SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME benefits as proof of income?
Im 16 and living in the UK can i move out?
Wherer do you go to apply for squatters right in Venice, Ca.?
does RESPA allow a CLO to reward a broker and an agent for helping?
how is the real estate business doing these days for agents?
If you have 2 mortgages on your home, can you refi only one?
After you pay the mortgage off on the house, what else has to be paid?
How do I know what price range of houses I can afford?
$825/mo for this studio apartment with full utilities/amenities? Thoughts?
Why are my parents charging me $450 rent at 18?
paying back the 1st time home buyers tax credit?
How to gain connection in a pre wired apartment complex?!?
my apartment is infested with german cockroaches help!?
When someone has a rental unit and they refer to it as a duplex, what exactly is a "duplex"?
What is the name of the paper that states ownership of land right, or land. plzzz help?
how much property of the U.S.A is owned by foriegners?
what does no pets on a lease refer to?
If I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about Century 21 can they terminate my lease?
What should I do when a property manager is making up fake repair bills when he was managing a rental home?
Who will pay for the carpets?
If I work full time hours, but on casual wages, am I eligable for a home loan?
Is someone living in the rental house if the info on the house says this?
my grandmother is away on vacation and i am short some cash would it be okay to sell her house??
ca. rent control?
My parents own two homes with no mortgage on either.My mom past & he wants to take her name off, what to do?
What Happens Once Your Water Bill Debt Is Passed On To A Debt Collection Agency?
First time home buyer tax credit - We can't close on our home due to structural issues?
wich loan type is the best?
Do "You Can BUY HOUSES-- No Money Down!" Courses work for you?
Can anyone recommend a specific mortgage lender?
Help with housing lingo?
Can a trustee, legally act as owner of a property owned by a trust?
When buying a distressed property, in which stage are you likely to be get the best deal...?
Looking for advice on buying my first house in Oklahoma soon.?
Who is responsible for paying the appraiser?
Illinois real estate: Is there a default limit of days to get the house inspection after the initial contract?
can a manager of a trailer park evict me ?
Real Estate Investing: Best place to buy cashflow neutral or better properties in the US?
What happens with foreclosure in WA state?
i moved out of my apartment because i couldnt make the rent?
Buying foreclosed property from bank? Inspection indicated major mold problem and more?
My neighbor is asking for an easement for a drainage pipe to go thru my property, should I ask for money?
Can I file charges against my former landlord even if she gave us time in writing to come get out stuff?
After purchasing a home, how long must I wait before I can be approved for a Home Equity Loan?
Is now a good yime to buy a home or should i hold off? someone told me the market is not very good right now?
how do i get a grant for a down payment on a house for a first time homeowner?
How long does it take for the paper work to be done after you buy a house?
Is there a way to find out how much someone owes on a mortgage?
USD housing question!?
Were can I get a coach from hull to flamingo land and how much will it be for a family of 3?
With the subprime mortgage crash?
Is it possible to get out of my lease if....?
can my landlord evict me???
is it a good idea to try to save money by selling your own home, or is the risk too high?
Is buying a house or paying rent better?
In the state of Florida, what laws govern a referral service for property rentals? Flat fee only?
What is the average time it takes to close escrow on a reo bank owned home?
Non-refundable pet deposit?
Landlord turns over house to bank?
How much would it cost to live in LA?
can i sue my landlord for prolonging the gas getting fixed?
Banker Kitteh denied my loan?
I want to sell some farmland, how?
If i won section 8 in boulder do i can rent in longmont or 1 year i have to live only in boulder thank you?
we had to let our doublewide mortgage go due to financial problems,it was with we get a?
I need help with my Real Estate Test. I am about to take the Florda state Exam. Pleasse HELP!?
What Amount Should I Pay as Painting Charges?
How do I stall getting kicked out of my house?
my dad and i are getting an apartment together?
Whats fair in splitting the rent?
What should i do about getting out of my lease? -Please read-?
I want to buy land worth $27,000. What kind of bank loan am I looking for to help me with this. I can not seem?
What is the penalty for Breaking a rental lease in Montogomery County?
What can be done about a "parking bully" (HOA won't get involved)?
Is a charge off better thaen foreclosure,if so why?
Do you personally think home values are going to drop further?
who's responsible for the main electric board renewal me or landlord????
Really need help with questions regarding property with multiple owners?
What is the process of buying a home? I live at home still and have been deciding if it's smart to buy.?
Question about pets in apartments?
Found out my landlord is billing me for water I did not use - help!?
Real Estate Salesperson License?
Timeshare company sent me new mortgage paperwork.?
How long before we move house?
How much does an acre of land cost?
If I move out at the end of a lease but my roomate stays for one extra month is it a new lease?
Is it legal for a company to make me pay sewage for 2 neighbors from a agreement a past owner had with On. hyd
Do I owe the Electric Co. for 6mo. without being billed?
How does "State tax/stamps" affect income tax?
In Nevada a wife can buy a home not using husbands credit?
what is your opinion on "lease with option to buy"?
Which Part Of NJ Has The Cheapest Apartment Rates / Prices ?
what does ' 6 bedroom, semi-detached, student property' mean?
Do you rent or own your home? Why does this work best for you?
My apartment neighbors are harassing me...what rights do I have?
Would you rather live in a small house on a lot of land, or a big house on a small lot?
any advice on buying houses to rent out?
what are some jobs that are within the real estate business other than real estate agents and brokers?
ive got 2 children a girl 8 yrs old and a boy 3 yrs old when will i be entitled to 3 bedroomed house?
I signed onto a lease that had my roommate as the primary lease holder. Is there anyway I can get off of the?
I accidentally shorted my rent check by $20! ?
what happens if i drop out of my house?
Can I get a permanent visa for Spain if I buy a house there ?
does the borrower get the remaining money after the house has been sold under a foreclosure?
do you register a lease to purchase?
when can bank foreclose on property?
Home Loan Query, Which is the best bank to take from and?
Housing benefits and people living with you help?
how do I get cash at closing?
how does a bi-monthly payment on my morgage save me money over the life of the loan?
I am helping a friend pay her mortgage. My name is not on the deed. Will I have ownership of the home as well?
How long does a roommate has to be gone before s/he can be considered to abandon the property? In GA?
I made a mistake how much will this cost me...heating my house issue?
any suggestions for reading up on mortgage default resources?
Definition of "Normal Wear and Tear" on a rental apartment after move out.?
how long do i have to move after my home was auctioned off?
Would my cedit increase if i got my own place?
average price of a home in toronto 1956?
if in process of eviction if the rent is payed can it be stop?
If I am renting and paying a mortgage price on rent, what must the landlord pay?
How do I find the Legal discription for property?
I just got a 30 day note to vacate the place I signed a 1 yr lease on due to foreclosure, do I have to leave?
How important is closet space in a house generally?
i want to know about International commercial Bank (Ghana West Africa)is there or not and international or not
Landlord turns over house to bank?
How do we even begin getting a home loan?
if i am applying for a home loan as owner occupied and i dont get qualify?
Was there a large housing boom in the 1980s and early 90's? if so where and why?
my credit score is very bad, can i get a home loan in california?
Locked out of my apartment!?
Can my landlord just show up and come into my house wanting to do a walk through?
I rented a house for 15 months. I had a verbal lease no deposit. Being sued for damages there were none. Help?
can you refiance a house that is currently for sale?
Claiming DSS with boyfriend?
In what website can I find listings of owner financed homes in Houston tx?
Can my letting manager take 2 Weeks rent and not let me live it out?
What is required when buying a home?
My parents want to buy a home under my name. What should I do?
The primary difference between a real estate broker and a real estate sales associate is that?
We just bought a new home. my husband is the borrower of the mortgage.?
I want to rent out my house. How can I find a renter that I can trust to pay their bills?
can you tell em the best home swap sites in uk please?
web site for housing authority of riverside county to find section 8 inforamation for landlords?
how many real estate brokers are incorporated?
Is it possible for Apartments staff to...?
How does a Conventional Renovation Loan work?
I'm have 100k to buy a house the house is a100k what's the chance of me geting it for 90k?
How to obtain a Quit Claim Deed for a time share in Florida, and how much does it cost?
Getting married, we need to get my fiance' out of her lease so we can move in together.?
New homes Sales poll:?
as much as I think mc cain is the wrong man to be our next president, I think one of his ideas is very good.?
What are the laws regarding deposit return in Florida?
House mate moved out with unpaid rent?
Home Equity and Foreclosure?
Can you buy a house without a down payment?
landlord break the lease,wanna now about our rights?
Where can I find some grant money to pay the down payment on my house?
What is the best advice on flippling a house for the first time?
I have money to buy short sales foreclosures REO's. Do you have any in Las Vegas?
is it a valid career to buy a house and renovate it and sell it for profit?
How common is it for someone to place an above list price bid on HUD homes in the first ten days?
can one buy a house for under 100 thousand dollars?
Where can I get emergency money to pay my rent... 5 months behind. Single working Mom not making ends meet.?
i need to know when finding a foreclosure home what are the loan stipulations?
Our mortgage broker didn't have paperwork finished in time, and we lost the house! Can we sue?
My huband and I are looking into buying our first home..?
Can I still evict my tenant?
How much may a realtor accept as a gift?
Can I lose my home if my renters do not pay?
Hi everyone was wondering ?
how much would it be to rent an apartment for two people in los angelas california in the year 2008?
I've always wanted a vacation home in Iceland. I'm financially sound. Is now a good time to buy?
Can I break my lease if my landlord give my personal information to strangers?
We have a pool in our apartment building and theres people in there having a pool party who dontg even live he
Bad Tenants!!!!?
How to split the rent - 4 people, 2 share bedroom?
Please help im goin homless?
What new products are taking off in the new home construction field?
How Long does it take to repair your credit score?
What kind of people live in section 8 housing?
find apartment in omaha?
How to get out of a lease?
I'm moving to a new townhome In about a month?
How do I oppose planning permission to a housing development taking place on my doorstep in Northern Ireland?
what are homes selling for per square foot in headland alabama
Can a Industrial condo also be occupied as residence?
i have just had a homebuyers report done for a house, the value is alot less than our offer, can we negotiate?
Why do some apartment leases require a granter?
Is there any way I can get my security deposit back from my former landlord?
does a reply to a advocate notice relating to property dispute , to be given through an advocate only ?
Landlord says "Pets okay," building manager says "no"?
I signed an apartment lease, and move in 2 weeks, ON THE CONDITION that my next paycheck proves I can afford .?
What jobs are there in real estate?
Does anyone in North Carolina know how to go about finding housing for low income families?
what does the term "triple net" mean when leasing property by the sq. ft.?
Can a landlord give verbal 30 days notice simply because they want to move into the property themselves?
what would I need to do as a 16 year old to live in my own apartment.?
How to resolve foreclosure?
where can i find a real estate purchase contract for arkansas?
Do co-signers for an apartment have to live in the same state?
Is it wise to buy a house right now?? Read the details too.....?
we have 47 years left on our lease. what if any is the value of this lease.?
Can I keep my flat (housing association) whilst I go to uni?
Plz pointme to busines plan document for real estate busines?
how do i find out about realistate titles in az?
How much money do I need to save to move out of my parents house into my own apt?
how do I calculate prorated security deposit for carpet that was not new when I moved in?
I am renting out an apartment and need to check references. What are some questions to ask the references?
where is the best place to rent in australia?
Will I get my last-months rent and security deposit back?
with all these repossessions who are the banks going to sell these homes to?
what jobs make lots of money i want to be a realestate agent is that good?
will i owe on lease?
How to start a real estate investing business??
My landlord has sold the property I reside in and has has sent me an eviction notice.?
Does New Haven, CT housing authority require a security deposit for Quinnipiac Terrace?
In Atlanta if i have a apartments on my credit will I be able to get another one?
I have $45000 left on my mortgage and just received a windfall of $50000. Should I pay off the mortgage now?
what do you do when you find out some one sold you a bad house?
What EXACTLY do apartments look at in a credit report?
Investing in hotel rooms in Orlando Florida?
Can I get an FHA loan in CA if I already own a home?
What is the law in Minnesota about renter disturbing the peace?
Termite and renting ?
Why do so many apartments in Chicago require a "move in fee"? Is it possible to avoid these costs?
I am a tenant and I need help communicating with my landlord.?
What web site can I find comparable appraisals for FREE near a house I am thinking of purchasing?
How to use Equifax Credit Check?
is there ANY way we break our lease with no financial repercussions? We have no privacy, we are being watched!?
New loan officer - confused about Mortgage Insurance?
A friend and I jointly own a condo but now he wont settle?
What are cdd fees?
How much to offer for house?
What is the new web sight for featured on Top stories for estimating market value of your home?
What exactly is a mortgage?
threat to evict due to overnight guest?
my land lord always ask for rent 10 days early i allways pay on the 15th wtf now he has no money and were out?
Landlord/Apartment issue...please help!!?
Do you think I am right in my thinking about BAA offering more money to house owners ?
Do real estate agents like to assist with renting?
Should We Purchase A Home For Both Of Our Parents?
Buying a house in London NEED HELP!?
when purchasing ahome what is a interest rate with an option arm?
is there a way to trade stuff from renter center?
Why are house parties found in suburbs?
am i entitled to full deposit back?
Trailer info and costs?
Can a U.S. citizen own property in the Philippines?
Does a real estate agent make good money?
Home crisis! Can we own or are we supposed to rent? We HAVE to move!?
Can apartments refuse to rent to you if you have bad credit.even if you are willing to pay a full year upfront
why is it so hard to find somewhere to rent these days?
How can I be credited by my landlord for money I spent trying to obtain a certificate of occupancy?
Can you look at a house that is "pending-loan" or "pending-short sale" ?
I am 19 years old and was wondering of getting my real estate agent license to work for century 21?
How do I kick out my roommate thats not on the lease?
How do I find overseas buyers for a block of land on the NSW Nth coast of australia?
How do I buy a home with bad credit and on money down?
How can I find my next landlord being unemployed?
what to expect when you buy your house?
which lenders offer the most competitive zero down mortgages for physicians?
Lease agreement land lord/tenant?
Can this allow me to live rent free?
Would you want to be my roommate when I have this condition?
Section Eight Question?
Is owning a home better than renting an apartment?
Any opinions on Apartments in Santa Clara, CA?
mortgage statement question...?
CSUN Housing????
What is Guaranteed Leaseback in Real Estate Purchases Mean?
How can I buy a house with horrible credit?
renters enmax bills issue?
Vacation rental home, how to get rid of this next to my residental home.?
How can I get a bigger loan?
house reference question?
Is it easier to sell a 2 bedroom home with a garage, or a 3 bedroom without a garage?
where is the best city or town to rent in CA if you're under 25?
Will my cousin have to pay delinquent taxes after I transferred my house to him?
Buying a house with a dual agent?
Sue tenants for breaking lease?
Buying something online without parents knowing?
Does a real estate appraiser recieve compensation before or after the appraisal of the home?
What should the members do? Please suggest.?
Why are escrow & title the same company in northern california, and seperate companies in southern calif?
sell my old furniture and buy new ones in philadelphia?
Is it illegal for a landlord to enter a tenant's apartment without notice?
What is the transaction when you pay money to a developer to buy a house before construction begins?
how much living space?
Unauthorized repair to condo?
can a 17 year old rent a apartment in arkansas if she is about to turn 18?
Is it against the law for a mortgage banker to take a client to a new firm that he/she is forming?
Real estate metes and bounds calculation question?
min on a FHA203K loan id $5000.00 for repairs, but what the Max & how is it calculated/what's the max amount?
I was recently laid off from my job. Can my landlord evict me?
Will I get a $300,000 mortgage with no money down in south florida?
My tenants owes me $760 for cleaning and she vacated the house. How do I get the money back?
Do I have to pay full month rent when moving out?
why the house in mexico are built different than in usa?
Is there away to buy an affordable home in California??? (Less than 300k)?
How do I get my Florida real estate license and what is the best way to get?
where can i find out about business's for sale in new windsor, NY?
Pros and cons about living in an apartment?
Is this a good time to invest in an apartment in Cyprus?
What does utilities included mean on apartment listings?
Offer on repossession?
If a seller needs a few more weeks to move out of their place, before I move in, could my escrow date be moved?
Can you file for back rent and stolen items?
I have rented out my flat and need advice about my Tenants?
How long does it take to build an approximately 2000 sq. ft. house?
can anyone tell me the prices for homes around ocala fl?
do you have 3 days to cancel a lease for a townhome in illinois?
Do you think if an apartment, that says no pets, found out you had a cat actually kick you out?
Is there a website where I can find out average home rental prices (by city) without jumping through hoops?
How (and where) do I go about finding land with caves for sale?
Real Estate professionals, do you have any problems with theft during open houses at properties you list?
what is Abbreviation HUBRD mean in real estate.?
Can a landlord evict tenants with a newborn baby for non-payment of rent in NJ?
How to divide rent between 3 people in a 2 bedroom home when 2 of the tennants are couples.?
I own a agricultural land in the city of ahmedabad near the Airport and want to mortgage/loan on it ...?
how long do short sales take?
Where is the most expensive place in the world to buy property?
Self employed for over 4 years and I need home loan having probelms please help?
When building a new house, is it a good idea to accept or decline the options that the builder offers?
Recently relocated to L.A.?
The Shady Landlord Holding out on Deposit?
Help Interpreting one lease paragraph?
Conveyancing or Solicitor Cheap and Effective?
How do you obtain homeowners insurance if your new home won't be your principal residence right away?
In PA, can a bank take my personal property after a foreclosure?
When do we need to give a rent notice?
what if a person writes a bad check to the IRS?
Is it common for most people to not know the differences between Foreclosures, Short Sales, Preforeclosures,?
I had a couple in to see my home for sale today?
If i live in an apartment can mantinence unlock my door and walk in if I dont answer the door or am not home?
Selling my Home but our new Neighbors have trashed their house.?
How do I get a court order to force my ex-fiance' into selling our home that we bought?
I just bought a house and they did not take their stuff yet.?
Does the Protection Tenants at Foreclosure act allow the tenants to avoid paying their Rent ?
What is a land trust?
Any openings on private house rentals in Staten Island, NY? Maximum monthly rate: $650?
loan modification??/?
How can I tell if my landlady's been in my apartment when I'm not there?
I'm trying to figure out if I can move out and pay for an apartment.?
how can I check the status of the sale of my house if my realtor isn't giving me all the information?
What % of the sales commmission doe a real estate agent get to keep? How much goes to the real estate co. get?
when will i get my own house and in which direction should i proceed?
I live in NY and my fiance and I want to buy a home after we get married. He has great credit and.......?
How do you find out how much houses have been selling for in a neighborhood?
Do you live in an apartment, duplex, house or ?
OK so I pay my rent on the 24th of each month. I am moving out on the 24th?
What are the main expenses I can claim from renting property?
Is $480 a month for rent good or bad?
Is it better to sell your house and hope to break even, or stop making payments and give it back to the bank ?
do modular homes appreciate in value as well as site built?
Do you think this a scam?
How do I write a recommendation letter for housing?
What are the basic utilities need for an apartment?
Has anyone used Cityrooms or any rental agency to search for apartment shares?
What is a better plan? Buy a house, rent it out and buy another or?
Can I rent out my basement for storage in NYC (Brooklyn)?
Can i get in trouble for selling something i rent from rent a center if i keep paying the payments?
How much do manufactured homes/trailers cost?
Looking to buy a building for a
Is there anyway to get out of a lease because I can't get a roommate, so I can make rent?
We signed a 1 year lease in February 2010. March of 2010 we were given a letter that said we have to be out bu?
If you were given $100,000 to improve your home.... what would you get done ?
OHIO - I leased a property, agreed to a six month lease and after 3 months realized it was too far away....?
What are the general rules about lease agreements on a housing rental?
Buyer Agents who make an appointment to view a house being sold w/o their clients, is this a red flag?
I don't have a credit card and I don't intend to. But I want to buy my own house ?
Where can I find a list of subsidized apartments???
If you lose your job and you are under lease for a apartment can they kick you out?
Would A Waterfront House Appraise For More ? How Much ?
How much would it cost to build this home around the Los Angeles, California area?
do i need to have a lawyer to buy a coop apartment?
how come i can't save money since i'm a new home owner?
Insight on Hawaiian Gardens, CA.?
Leasing for an apartment?
The the realtor screw me over when making this offer?
How can i get a home loan if.............?
Can you rent a car with a Walmart MoneyCard?
Can an apartment refuse to prorate?
how do i do a credit check on someone else?
How does it make you feel when you have to give the landlord all your hard earned money for rent?
how can I save to buy a home?
Key protection option in the tenancy agreement?
Have any complaints been filed against Beneficial Finacial?
buying a home in Portland, OR?
Anyone know where is a good place to buy a home near a nice large lake in the Poconos?
How should i ask my dad if i could move into the trailer in the back yard?
How do you find a place to live if you have been evicted?
landlord gave me an eviction notice oct 16 asked me to leave oct 31st theres no lease how much time do I hav?
Selling House Inspection Report To-Do List Bathroom Floor?
how many bricks does it take to bulid a house?
Are mortgage financial details available to the realtors / seller?
what is the preferred temperature for an office?
How much should i offer for a house, marketed at £164,950?
Loan underwriting process and money down?
How do I buy a house after bankruptcy? It's been about 2yrs what are my options?
what is a Real Estate pre licensing certificate exactly for?
need advice, need to move out parents house?
Having only $1500 a month how do I keep all of my bills paid and current when they are more than $2000.00 a mo
Eventually, could I purchase a $2,500,000 house making $160,000 a year?
Where can I buy a yard sale sign?
How long does it take for the mortgage rates to go down after Fannie & Freddie are taken by US Govt? ?
Anyone know about how to extend a Bankruptcy Stay in a Foreclosure case?
Can I buy a house? $42K salary?
where can I find information on how much property tax i paid last year?
When is a good time to purchase a home? Should you rent until you save a down payment or use your rent to buy?
Taking over a mortage?
I am a salaried person, I would like to purchase a agricultural land, can I get a loan from the bank?
Buying a Flat Questions, Leasehold.?
1-1-230 house number were located?
Do you have 3 days to cancel real estate contract?
landlord might ask me to leave.?
do i have a legal right to my home blueprint?
i need to get some one to sign a lease for my apartment?
Where can I find an inexpensive apartment in Saint Mary's, Georgia?
I'd like to upgrade (not repair) my apt. by adding screen doors then deduct it from rent. Can I do this in CA?
Is it "okay" for a landlord to not charge the tenants a late fee as specified in the lease?
is it a buyers or sellers market right now/ Loudoun County VA?
Where's a good place, good sites etc.(excluding,apt .finder,or like) to find to rental in Austin?
How much is an apartment in Miami beach?
where can i find luciels house?
Can you sue your realtor for fraud?
about my apartment contract HELP?
If a house is haunted & you are selling it....?
My husband and I are having trouble with......?
What are the best realtors in nyc?
How to take back. property once. you deed as gift?
what is the average price per square foot for a home in the US?
Can your offer exceed your pre-approved $ amount by your downpayment?
Is it possible to find a decent home for 150,000?
Can we get a mortgage under these circumstances?
How do you buy forclosed homes and what are all the potential fees?
will my agency help if i live in los angeles like im 15 i want to live alone can they help me pay mortgage?
If you pay your rent to end of lease term can you move out early and not be liable afterwards? part 2?
Charlotte NC housing market, over or under valued?
Advice on how to sell a home fast in a tight real estate market?
Landlord Problems? Help!?
what are the advantages of co-signing for a home loan?
should people be allowed to own two or three homes?
im on housing benefit but paid 1 month rent advance myself would i get that back if i leave?
Moving appraisal?
Should I purchase home?
I was robbed 100 euros several days ago, but have managed to find the perpretrator (today).?
Need a home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, Avondale Arizona?
I have purchase my first credit card with a $200.00 limit, is that enough credit to apply for a home loan?
i want to sell my house fast as i have to much debt what do i do and were would i live?
Does the tenant have to pay legal fees to their landlord?
How do I go about firing my realtor?
Realtor doing her job?
What does it take to buy your first home?
How to get out of my apartment lease?
If I'm not a bank or creditor can I still get a collection agency to go after someone for a debt they owe me?
i bought a home on a auction can i get the rebate?
Should the government bail out people who's variable rate mortgages are foreclosing?
Is it illegal for apartment to leave tenant without hot water?
House searching help! Texas.?
Does the state of Ohio require that sellers disclose if a house is haunted?
VERY IMPORTANT! My brother's landlord wants to kick him out!?
How can I make people aware of a bed bug infestation in my apt complex?
Why home prices in Texas including Dallas and Houston are so cheap compared with the national average?
Landlord threw away our property? WHILST WE WERE IN THE HOUSE?
Breaking a lease in NJ?
what is the best insurance company to use for multiple rental properties in Georgia?
i jus inherited a large portion of land..(80+acres) in 31 and have minor debt and a small student loan?
MY Mortgage is due and I dont have the money?
I'm living with my bf in his house and we are moving in my daughter this week. now he wants rent.?
Is it a good time to by a condo here in the USA?
New REO/Trash Out Company in San Diego, CA?
I own three condominiums, and rent them all out. At the moment, I break even...rental income just about...?
Eviction by force is scheduled for next week. What happens to all the junk if the tenants leave it?
Who has priority on tax liens? Feds, State, County? Do any have priority over lender?
I want to move to a new state but dont know where?!!?
Can I find classes for realestate here in california?
To do a short sale on my house i need a lawyer?
Fannie mae home buying?
How FNMA make profit?
Anybody know Runcorn Cheshire ?
I can't get money on app trailer how can you help ?
Is there anyway i can get a council house?
how to resolve tenant issue?
Tax assessment site?
my hubby jus turned 60,he may be made redundant,i have apregnant daughterat home,is she liable for the rent?
What is better - renting or home ownership?
If my brother dies w/debt can they come after my house?
For someone who knows about Arizona areas and apartments?
Where can I find a mod. beachouse for 250-350k in Carr. or Cen. America? Need 2-3 bdrms & maybe a pool.?
Ex landlord trying to collect on unpaid rent after 5 years?
Landlord problems? 20 characters?
Advice for a 17 year-old wanting to move out?
My boyfriend is on incapacity benefit and im on income support & were moving in together will dss pay?
Can someone tell me what an Estoppel Letter is?
time to give to it's owner it's use is called?
Why are so many people trying to buy or sell Real Estate without the help of professionals?
What should I do? House is worth less than mortgage but need to move out.?
I want to find out who owns a vacant lot in Chicago?
Does anyone need a room mate in the Bucks Co area?
Is $100 a week a fair price to rent a room in a nice quiet house?
Buying land in Tennessee?
Should I foreclose? what are the consquences?
house eviction can u help?
Mortgage companys that allow to include rehab money?
Is male discrimination on room for rent ads due to cleanliness or females already living in the premise?
I'm just overwhelmed, can't pay my rent, can't get a job and have no family.?
where can I find the average rent per zip code?
are there any rooms for rent in modesto or ceres?
how to rent?
How to become a real-estate flipper?
I'm seriously considering moving in with my boyfriend, he owns, how should we split the mortgage and bills?
My boyfriend moved into my apartment and we broke up but he verbally agreed to still pay rent.?
Need to break my portion of the lease, roommates won't sign me off, no money for rest of lease either. Help!?
I want buy land...but i dont know..acre ,length calculation and other procedure..can any body explain me abts?
My ex neighbor is renting her house out to a lady with 10 kids is that legal?
How can you get a fair appraisal on your property if the comparisons that are done do not compare. What's fair
what would you do if you won £80.000?
i have a mortgage related q!! my friend saw a mortgage advisor who recommended a mortgage. he did not see any ?
What are the duty and responsibility of an housing agent can be expected who rented out your unit thereafter?
I just left the housing projects to live in a motel?
I'm buying a house on my own and I'm scared?
How to buy or rent a house with bad credit?
What is 50$ plus 30%?
are there any programs in Teas that will pay your closing cost when buying a house?
How much might a palm harbor home cost me before land?
I want to buy a new home before I sell my old home. how?
Serious issues with tenants! Help?
Apartments in either BG or Findlay they allow pets?
Trustee sale of property (California)?
Is "selective enforcement" a common practice of HOA's?
milwaukee landlord assistance?
How do i find Houses for rent in Fayetteville, North Carolina?
Is a seller of a home obligated to the written selling price even if it is way below market value?
Austin Texas?...Houston Texas?
What do lenders look at to pre approve you for a mortgage loan when you are self employed?
We are located in CA. Some employees receives an apartment as part of their compensation. They do not need to?
Does anyone know how many apartments and how many apartment complexes are there in the United States?
apartment charging outrageous things? can we dispute it?
how can i find out who is responsible for replacing a fence between my house and my neighbours?
Did landlord break lease?
Purchasing a home next to a cemetery?
where can you buy a house in England that is excluded from people but not to far away?
Are the house prices falling in the uk?
I need help finding a home. Please please help me?
I need help on house flipping?
Isn't it fraud to do rent to own if a home has an FHA loan?
My house is under my dad's name, he wants me to put it under my name; how do I go about that?
Fixen to rent a place and need advice?
Is it possible to rent...?
What loans can I apply for?
I am 18. I have a part time job, and I want to buy a house for 20,800. How hard would it be to get a loan?
who owns house at 3116 5th ave huntington west virginia 25702?
HelpAm I overreacting over this...there is some damage in my apartment which I didn't do and I can't?
What can the landlord do if I leave the rented house on my own (the rent is too high) and rent somewhere else?
How to get money off of rent?
If father dies and left daughter house property and his name is still in deed will they send her property taxs?
what do you need to add a name or person on a title or deed ?
Where do i stand in paying back owed rent?
I have an oil lease for the BAKKEN in ND?
we have been here 15years and ive put thousands into this house i dont have any problem paying mortgage?
Bank Loan Loss?
What is the best business opporunity?
I want to buy a house in a specific area?
Do you buy a house in Austin, Texas now?
What's the smallest house you could possibly live in ??
How do I get out of a home lease because of divorce in Washington State?
Are renting via safe?
--Im 17 years old trying to invest money in property need help--?
I am planning to move to Altanta, GA but I need to know the best neighborhoods to rent are and also the worst?
Can I sell via lease to own?
Lease says no pets, can I ask for one?
If my name isn't on title or deed in Mass, can a lien be placed?
how do i fire my realtor?
How do I transfer ownership of some land my mother-in-law bought?
Is there a way to see when taxs were paid on a house that is not yours?
Will we ever own a home?
How much house can I afford?
Can a conventional loan with a fixed rate of 8.125% be lowered?
My boyfriend moved to be with me 300 miles from home.
Real estate taxes were not calculated accurately. What do recommend?
landlord section 8 tenants?
Is it normal for a landlord to want to make periodic visits to my property? Can I say No?
I want to buy a commercial property in Pune, need guidance on which are the upmarket areas for this invstment?
which is better chicago or new jersey?
Is it permitted to create a dump in Effing ham County Ga. on a vacant lot he owns.?
anyone know of a national mortgage lender that hires home based loan officers?
RE Appraisers~ what form in Wintotal do you do a rental survey on?
Does it increase your worth to pay rent?
Can my land lord evict me without proof that I violated the lease?
What is the average cost to living alone?
LandLord Problems!! Is this Legal? What can I do?
If someone states in an email they will give me money, are they legally obliged to pay this than?
how do I cancel a rent guarantor agreement ?
Does anyone know how GMAC is when financing their own foreclosures?
how many sales does an real estate agent have to have before being able to take the brokers test?
If you knew about serious problems with your neighbors houses, would you tell them?
i would list the names of previous occupants at my address?
What type of retail/housing building would this be called/?
My tenant had some thing stolen from her room and now is refusing to pay, I told her she has to pay, what now?
Who owns a building that was built on our property by the neighbor who now wants to sell?
Is it rude to ask the seller for early access to the home you are buying?
help! im trying to move out into an apt but i have no credit! what do i do!?
How can I get a home loan with horrible credit?
When home owners move out prior to their foreclosure being completed who is responsible for the yard, water?
Do the majority of buyers normally paint their house even when the seller has?
need web site where to get legal forms for court filling unlawful detainer case in San Bernardino county?.?
Im a Single mother a Apartment HELP!!!?
Question on selling your home and buying one in this market when house is underwater?
Anyone have experience with the 1031 exchange in real estate purchases?
I have been frauded. What should I do now? Should I sue Bank of America?
Are there any Open Houses for "Trac" homes in the Orange County area that are like Lennar? ?
We are a couple who'is looking to buy with a shared ownership scheme, and don't know where to start?!?
If I'm selling my house thru a realtor, how much is the realtor's fee?
At what point can a listing agent agreement be breached?
Can a NY lease purchase tenant be evicted before purchase for non-payment?
how much would a half acre of land cost?
Making an offer on a house but.........?
Retiring soon, have a 20 yr old, 4 bdrm hs, needs repairs (roof, carpet, etc.) Shld I fix up or sell as is.?
Young Couple First Time Home Buyers?
How can I get money out of nowhere ?
is there any way i can get my security deposit back?
Do I need a real estate lawyer?
What do we do if my roommate leaves without paying the rent?
How do I get rid of a house that I cannot afford, cannot refinance and cannot sell?
Can I get a FHA loan to buy a mobile home & land that is priced at less than $40,000?
We have refinanced our home loan. The company that we're with messed the loan up.?
Can my husband kick me out of the house if were Both on the land contract?
How many times can I get my credit checked for a home mortgage without losing points on my score?
If you were/are a landlord, how would you want a tenant to approach you with wanting a dog?
which website do I need to find info.on a property sold in the 70's?
How can you find out online who the lender is on a home that is a short sale?
Is it wise to buy a house right now?? Read the details too.....?
Closing on home will sellers accept offer on another?
Estate Agent Unfair Fees?
How long do of a notice do you have to give a tenant to go in and work on their apartment ?
Should my renter's boyfriend have the code to the alarm?
My landlord pays for water and I run the shower on full blast all night to drown out my neighbors snoring?
Most apartments check credit history..can they look past credit history and put u in a apartment?
I'm looking to rent an apartment with a friend she's requested the bigger room, how much more should she pay?
Where can I find affordable luxury furnished apartments in montreal?
California first time home buyer grant?
Does your bank keep increasing your monthly payment?
Do I need to pay upfront to break an apartment lease?
Can you legally terminate a lease early if you are moving out of state for employment?
Is it legal for my landlord to show my apartment the day I move out while I'm moving?
Can I get a FHA loan to buy a mobile home & land that is priced at less than $40,000?
When is your first mortgage payment due after you close on your home loan?
Is it a good idea to buy a house if I only plan to live it in for 3 years?
Where is the best place in Rajkot to buy property for Investments ?
where are the listings for real estate in :Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador?
Can college students rent or buy an apartment while at school?
around how much money would rent be for a 2-bedroom apartment?
How many days notice do you have to give management in order to move out due to threats made by a neighbor?
What is difference between BUY OUT and WAIVE OFF of Notice Period?
How much is safe to spend while waiting to close on a house?
Which is online sites to buy a modern furniture?
Apartments for low income? Please help?
Does anyone know if century 21 drug test seasonal employees?
Has Zillow done away with zestimates?
Is there an easy way to get out of my apartment lease?
I bought a condo (being built) & will be ready to move into in March.When is the best time to lock in my rate?
Legal to enter personal rented room without written notice or a call requesting permission?
Renters reufe to leave should I throw there things out?
I do have condo that we lease due to our move but we are losing around $500 a month. Could this offset my tax?
When should I tell my landlord about damages to carpet?
I need to sell my house asap!?
Do I have to pay? Can I be sued?
What is refinancing (in Real estate?)?
What kind of people should be in apartment body corporate boards?
What does this mean?????????
What city in San Diego, CA is more family oriented?
Second mortgage holder preventing sale?
Cant sleep my dad doesnt have enough money to make the house payment?
How long does it take to get a house from the kirklees council if you are in band c?
Reputable and trustworthy home builder in Australia?
What is the differance between a mortgage and a home equity line of credit?
Best North Carolina town to raise a family??
how long does a bad rental history stay with you?
Why don't estate agents put the asking price up on their "For Sale" board's?
Buying a home for the first time...what type of mortgage is the best for us?
We have a problem with scorpians in our apartment, and want to move out early, can we get out of the lease?
Should home owners in San Francisco have earthquake insurance?
is it possible to combine 2 loans into one? read on...?
I want to give my tenant that rents a room 30-day notice. When I do is she required to pay rent for all30?
how can I setup a LLC in florida?
Wanting To Move To Nevada But Cant Figure Out A Town?
Can I get a rent to own home if I have no credit?
Section 8 Tenant In Rental Unit?
Is my low pay job worth keeping to get a mortgage?
Can I take a $1000 mortgage from my paid off home?
What happens when the bank forecloses on my home?
Terminating a lease to own?
Will fannie mae pay for repairs on a foreclosure?
When a house is in forclosure, what happens to all of the stuff inside the house?
im moving at the end of sept, but i want to find a place now... is there a way i can search now?
Real Estate Agent claims he undercharged me for sale of house seven months ago, do I have to pay?
Judgment day May 21 2011. Please answer.?
HELP !!!home not in same condition as when contract executed?
How many names should go on an apartment lease?
I really want to break my lease but I need some help?
what kind of offers or discounts do first time home buyers receive?
can people that are not on a renter lease vacate the apartment?
Being sued by seller of property?
Do you think paying for a 9 room home for rent at $2000 a month is to much?
What is the limit for jumbo mortgages in FL?
how do i find information on past history of our recently purchased home and property?
First time renters, scared?
Is it safe to live at Bristol Square Apartments in AustinTX?
Who used to live in this house I want to buy?
Landlords are trying to raise rent because of water bill?
My landlord(s) are driving me crazy! Help?
finding a apartment in fall river,ma?
How can I find the address of a building that isn't built yet?
When leaving your property unoccupied whilst in snowy conditions...?
In oregon what happens he i don't say rent?
Mortgages for young people?
what profitable business can one start with $10,000?
Anyone have a house built can you share your experience?
Should I Get An Aparment?
how do I find out who holds a mortgage on a certain property?
should i move out of my mom's house?
buying a real property in the Philippines.?
Applying for SNAP; but I don't have rent reciepts.?
How many real estate appraisal firms in US?
im a single parent with the worse crdit and dont have any money i want to start flipping houses and need steps
How long does the 1031 exchange office hold funds until they dis purse to new purchased property?
how to find a real estate broker?
How Do I Negotiate Rent for Apartment?
Can i give a 5,000 dollar downpayment on a rent to own agreement?
MN Rental Apartment question?
How to turn a empty lot into farm land in state of New jeresy?
Home loan With a 634 score?
Is it hard to transfer a lease on an apartment?
Would this amount of debt hinder me from getting a mortgage?
lower appraisal than asking price. help?
averate rent per sq ft for retail store in mississauga? any website with information?
What will happen if you get an attorney fee for not paying your rent?
Renting a room in an apartment?
Do I need a lawyer for closing on my house?
Do anyone know where the St. Louis county public housing sites are?
House Guest Question - Who is wrong?
what kinda rate can i get on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage?
does anyone know about a program where you can buy a home after renting it for a year?
can i buy a house with my income?
where can i find out the value of our house?
List all legal, valid reasons for breaking a rental lease?
What is the proper documentation I would use if I am "buying" a home that is for sale buy owner?
Arguments about the heat with roommates? I need some advice.?
going up of rate price in home?
how do I find where homes are listed?
Can someone explain the entire eviction process in California?
do u want to live near london?
How would I go about buying a run-down house in the UK?
Couple Divorce Questions (please answer home buying)(I now it doesn't sound right here)?
Is having 1000 leftover from paying bills and rent a month good?
I want a british name to name my building.please help...?
hwat are the living conditions in germany?
30-day notice law in california?
Will I get in trouble doing what the landlord is requesting?
How does joint Ventures in Real Estate Development work ?
Question about Filing a bankruptcy?
Can you explain renting to own a home?
can a apartment charge you 1st mo rent last mo rent and a security deposit?
Do I need any special legal documents to sell my duplex? Or do I just put up a for sale sign and thats that?
Can your landlord use an air-horn for noise control?
Are CA homeowners in for a rude awakening in 2006? Will Real Estate see a bubble burst or a soft landing?
I have a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd mortgage on my house. My question, can the 3rd mortgage keep us from selling our h
How do i buy and develop vacant houses?
Can you sue your realtor for fraud?
Is there such thing as a housing bubble in California?
how can i sell my lifestory?
cheap apartments in westpalm beach?
I would like to acquire a loan using the title to my car. I need a long term loan not a short term.?
when buying a new house is there anyway to research if someone has died in it in the past?
Landlord selling house. For sale sign in front yard. 6 months left on fixed term lease. What rights do I have?
Can they change the Covenant of my development to allow lower income homes to be built?
im looking for a Milano real estate agent?
How could I make money from 38.5 acres without removing trees?
Will I be able to claim housing benefit? UK?
An I a first time home buyer?
Neighbor flooded my apartment. Who is responsible for prorated compensation?
How canI purchase investment properties without them all being on my credit?
in a quit claim deed what actually happens?
How many feet are in an acre?
refusal of security deposit refund?
wholesaling: can I bind the property under purchase contract without earnest fee?
Do I need a title company to sell my land?
would the city consider waiving back taxes owed on forclosed home?
Questions about buying a house "as is"?
Is there any way you can get out of a 6 month rent contract?
NY Apartment Broker Fee?
what is the best way to notify a tennant they need do leave at the end of thier lease?
Can I buy property(House) in States??Please answer?
What would you say/write differently is this letter?
tips and steps for first time apartment hunter ?
looking for 3BR appartment or house for rent in New York near Manhattan within $2500 range?
I just bought a small house and now i want to looking for tenants. Other people advise me: 1) I give out Ren?
Apartment rentals in ARIZONA?
I need help on this question!!!!?
Is Ditech a good mortgage company?
Help with a council flat?
what website do i use to find out if there were any deaths in my current home?
im 27 and would like to buy a house,how much money would a bank lend me at present?
is it difficult to get a loan for land without a house on it?
Why does the seller of a home have to pay a commission to the buyer's agent?
I am not ready to buy a home, but my GF is, should I do it?
looking round a house, the previous owner had passed away..?
How does a wrap-around mortgage work in Texas, avoiding a "due on sale" clause?
I purched a home about 5 months ago and now need to sale!?
My landlord wants to pay me to break the lease on my apartment, how much should I ask for?
If my husband and I divorce and the mortgage and house is in both our names how can I get the mortgage interes?
What will this foreclosure mean to us.?
How much is a small 3 bedroom house?
Can I break my lease without getting into a lawsuit?
How can I find out if there are available apartments if there aren't any for rent signs?
I want to make up a contract for renting out a party hall. Any suggestions on how to get started?
How to get out of a mortgage????
May I qualify for section 8/low income housing, I live in San Diego Ca?
I was wondering can i sell a phone to metro pcs & get a new one but pay a deductible?
We want to rent an apt. and it requires an application plus $50 fee...?
My agent said the house he's going to show me needs minor TLC. What does TLC stand for?
Pl let me know whether a mortgage loan can be taken over by a home loan?
Is the landlord responsible for outrageous water bill?
Do I have the right to ask the management company for my Apartment building where I live to show me the reason?
where can i find out what properties have been sold in my local area and for how much?
which where is the good flat available for buying?
What happens if you move with something you rented from Colortyme or Rent A Center?
If I want to Sell a house and want to do a rent to own for someone how do i do it??
Why does landlord wanna do an inspection.?
3 day or quit forms for free?
selling house what fees go out to realtor?
Is there anything we can do, or are we just SOL?
How can I live on a low budget?
What home swap website are there?
I have a fiance that lives in the UK and i live in the US i want to open a joint account at a bank so she has?
Are rental companies required to keep the leases for a certain amount of time?
How would my sister buy me out of my half of a property?
Why would someone cry at the closing table?
how to last longer in bed with out buying or using anything?
Is this apartment in Derby, Connecticut worth it? (not bad area) but what about the price? ?
Can I re-fi my house without paying closing costs? Like directly thru my lender?
If I found someone to cover a 1 year lease, did I break my lease?
should i buy a home now?
My apartment flooded 5 weeks ago and my landlord still hasn't repaired the damages?
Is Renter liable for damages?
How do I foreclose on a house I sold on contract. The buyer stopped paying.?
How can i rent a apartment with bad credit?
where is the best state to live at for a family of 4 or single?
How fast can escrow close?
Can lease holders of our property have the right to refuse to sell it to us and demand a renewal fee of +18K?
What should I do about this issue about my previous landlord-for my new rental application?
Canadians please answer! whats a cheap and safe place to rent a studio apartment?
How hard is it going to be for me to rent?
Renting 1st apartment: down payment?
I am selling my condo, Can i change my realtor?
How to retrieve mail from an unoccupied house?
Case study 1 real estate why is the respondent fined? doesn't seem like he violated any laws...?
tenant rights on month to month lease?
Can my dad hand 30,000 dollars in cash upon closing on a house. Does it have to be considered a gift?
house we were getting closes this weekend?
Is this possible or legal?
If you buy a home on a mortgage, do you have to keep it until it's paid off?
How much do you pay your property management company?
which bank in NYC is best known for the first home buyers programs?
How can i get an agent?
Foreclosure law in Calif.?
is it a good time to buy a house?
would you go for a readymade villa/house or go to build your own house? Can u give a detailed answer?
Whole real estate system unfair to buyers?
I wanna buy a flat 2bhk but I don't have down payment?
My tenants changed the locks and refuse to give me a key. Is this legal?
I have a commerical business and I want to rent the vacant lot next door to place a sign for commerical?
Was I harrassed by this landlord?
Is caulking my job, or the landlords job?
What are the nice neighborhood on the Westside? (southern california)
Tree responsibility on owner or tenant?
What are the main points to consider when buying a barge/houseboat to live in?
I need help from my British friends?
how to find out who owns a abandon house?
What could I do with a pond on forest land?
Tenant not paying for 3 months.What S'pore law or actions can be used? Tenant can afford maid but can't pay?
I have a serious question about buying a home
Section 8 housing tenant qualifications for California residents. Where can I apply...websites??
if you live on relatives property rent free, can they cut the lock off of my house when im not home ?
How much is a one bedroom flat in london to rent?
I need to sell my house asap!?
How do I buy a house with terrible credit?
What are the steps in buying a foreclosure these days?
My landlord is moving another person into our house, does my rent drop?
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