Real Estate

Living at home at 25?
Can we afford a 300,000 dollar house on our income?
What happens to our mortgage if we sell our home for less then we bought it?
Rental Business: How to Professionally Let Go this a Property Manager who is also a Handyman?
My tenant has disappeared with arrears. How do I get the deposit back from the Deposit Protection company?
Is it reasonable for a tenant who is emigrating to use their deposit as rent?
Can a 16 year old move out and live on their own?
Endless Noise from 2nd Floor Neighbors?
can a house with a mortgage be sold on a private contract without paying off the mortgage?
Need fund to repair our home?
How much on top of downpayment do I need for FHA mortgage?
I am 24 years old and I want to buy a home while the market is down. That would be my first home..............
Whats your worst Real Estate Horror story?
How high will my electric bill be compared to gas in a high rise condo?
If we back of from a refinance application what are the implications?
How long after you turn in RTA form to section 8 will you be able to move into the place in Santa Cruz County?
I am a single parent with 5 children looking to buy a home for us, where do i look?
i want to know if there is any sexoffenders in the town i just moved to?
How can I find out who owns a vacant property in my street?
Can our landlords do this? We are renting an apartment.?
apartments questions?
Why can't I get a loan but can get a mortgage?
my boyfriend wants me to live with him at his house...?
Can i rent myself an apartment while still a student?
How long does it take for the bank to accept offer in a short sale in Texas?
Transfering property ownership?
I have a tenant I am not happy with. Do I have to offer them a new lease, when the current lease expires?
How much rent can we afford based on our income?
does anyone know a website for house rentals and not apartment rentals in orange county area?
Getting into real estate investment?
What types of homes can you buy in manhattan, and for how much?
How should a landlord give 24 hour notice?
Can my Landlord kick me out?
what the property value of the homes in woodranch,simi valley?
i want to buy a liquor store in south CA how can i find one for sale ?
Theres a house thats had no occupancy down our block for 3 years now, how do we figure out who owns it?
my house is due for repossession, can i sell it for less than the outstanding mortguage?
does anyone know who will do a 100%LTV loan in texas?
Do you think some home inspectors are scam artists?
How can I kick out a seller from the house I bought?
Does any one know of ligimate jobs you can do out of home?
Is there a way for people who have poor credit to buy a house ?
Trying to find land to let in lancashire?
How hard is to sell your home privately? In Canada.?
What is the best way to sell my home?
wanting to rent a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom kitchen? more details below if anyone can help. hamilton ontario canada
is it possible as an English man to secure finance in Turkey without using England based assets?
Is there a way to get a loan to payoff your mortgage if you need the money to close on your house?
when you check other banks for mortages and rates I already check with a mortgage banker and he ran my credit?
A written contract enforceable? Not notarized, but written by a notary public.?
when selling a non for profit property, such as a church. where can i find answers on who profits from sale?
Can I get approved with a co-borrower who has late mortgage payments?
How much does it cost to move a historic house?
Can I move out from home at 16? (UK)?
how can I find the street address for the community pool at windham park community in overland park ks?
Has anyone heard about anything about, it's a free virtual tour service?
landlord and tenant documentation?
how do i know if this is a rental scam?
Car or apartment first?
Washer Repair in rented apartment?
What are the Pro's and Con's to buying a Condo, as opposed to a House?
Assured Shorthold Tenancy - Is notice required if contract is ending?
Are the days of flipping properties over?
Is there anywhere I can look up info on houses that were on the market but taken off without selling?
Apartment for Rent in Melaka?
Whats the formula for calculating the vacancy rate of a multifamily property? Thx?
Can I "refresh" my apartment lease?
Feeling singled out and needing a solution to renting in HOA?
Can we really buil this house for 100k?
Can i get a 90% mortgage????? -UK-?
What happens if I leave stuff at my old house in utah?
What is a 90 10 mortgage or loan?
Applied for an apartment lied on one part :/ Do they actually check your bank when they ask for then name?
Can I get low-income housing assistance in Mercer County, NJ?
where in califoria?
What type of home is this?
Should I sign over my share in our house?
If you make an offer on a house on do you have to buy it ?
My mom wants to buy a new house under my name?
Our apt bldg. tenants have to pay for sewer and water bills,any renters out there pay for this 2 besides rent?
What do I do about a nasty landlord?
How many houses have you lived in?counting apts, and counting mobile homes ?
(If you own a house) How much do you annually pay for your house taxes, insurance and maintenance?
I rent a house in Geneseo, NY, and I was told that the landlord has to pay for the water bill. Is this true?
Where can i find Co-Ownership Agreement?
Can I move into a new house without work and claim housing benefit?
Section 8 housing status..?
wildlife in johnson county, ks?
I need to find an Address for someone out of state.?
can landlord keep portion of deposit for fingerprints around switches and small mould patch in shower?
How can I find out who I worked for in april 2010 - April 2011?
How long can an eviction(unpaid)judgement be held against you and affect your mortgage loan applications in IL
cheap apartments in indiana or illinois?
I have some questions about the procedures of buying auctioned home, like how to check for liens, encumbrances
why do people said you need to have a good credit?
Should I sell my house and buy another now...?
problem with neighbour over erecting a outer house on our land?
Texas Apt Rental Deposits?
Is this wrong what my landlord is doing?
do houses get blacklisted?
8k tax soon do I have to pay back after selling home.?
my mom passed away last year and her house is in foreclosure. how much trouble would i get in if i just up and?
What is the value of 16000 square feet Appartment at Vadapalani chennai?
What does the "BB" mean in a Mews address?
can my landlord change my lease to make me pay utilities under the rules and regulations clause?
property question need help?
Anyone know of an insurance company writing homeowners insurance in Plaquemines Parish? Belle Chasse?
Is anyone interested in a waterfront estate on Maryland's Eastern Shore?
What can i buy with $10?
we are renting a house and we want to move, does anyone know how to get out of a lease? we still have 8mo left
People that live in renting homes, what other utilities/stuff do you must pay?
on note not mortgage?
can i hold rent in escrow?
Need to rent a house with pets.?
Does anyone know where any section 8 housing vouchers are open?
looking for a legitimate mortgage broker home based business?
moving citys and real estate?
How much to offer on a home.?
Credit Check Questions?
would they notice?
Why is buying a house so hard!?
Can I move into my boyfriend's Apt?
Is the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill a safe place to live for a mom and her 13 year old son?
Landlady won't leave us alone and spies on us, what can i do?
where in my deed would find info about homeowners association?
If an apartment complex in broadview hts ohio controls the heat to all apartments, what is the minimum?
council house tenants?
i bought my house cash no morgage. and i still have not recvieved my deed.?
how much does credit matter when renting?
What is your opinion?
My tenant fell through the porch and broke his arm will insurance cover this?
I'm looking at different townhomes and apts for rent, I always rented apts. from rental communities, but there
Can you own a house, not live in it, and keep it for aslong as you want?
Apartment searching...?
Which is better, renting or buying a house?
how do i purchase an abandoned home?
Whose resposible for repairs in building?
do apartments usually check for mistermeanors on the backround check?
Selling a house with ghosts?
Would you go right to buying a home if you could?
where can find applications for rental homes in CA?
Would you mind graffiti on your property if it was in good taste and done by a competent artist?
I have land for sale in Chilean Patagonia....?
What are the Responsibilities of a Travel Agent?
I want to rent a nice home in Tampa for a Birthday party Does anyone know of anything?
How Long Does a Title Search on a home take?
is 1100 square feet 3 bdrm. single house small or a nice size?
Where is a good place to put $150k that can earn money and I can have easy access to it?
I am buying a townhouse for about $250,000 which I can pay cash. Should I take out a mortgage anyway?
Evicted with roommate?
Can my stepdaughter take my house when my husband dies?
is it possible to find out if a person wanting to rent a house of myself has a good credit rating?
My apartment now leasing for lower than I am paying?
What are the requirements of becoming a real estate agent?
how can i rent an apartment if i have bad credit??
Using equity in house to buy another?
Carpet issues in rental! Help!?
Is it easy (or stupid) to buy a home for the first time without a realtor? What are the savings/other options?
Who can help us save or house?
When you finance a home, do you have to go through the realtor?
Should i get a realtor to help me find a rental? ?
in arkansas is there a law on a bank refusing payment?
Multiple offers on house?
Is my Landlord being unfair?
what happens if an HOA takes over your deed? Do they take over the mortgage also?
can i get a 150000 morgage with 110000 annual salary and 610 credit score?
How much rent should i contribute from my monthly salary?
Is my landlord allowed to issue an eviction notice?
Need help with applying for apartments?
How do I find how much is owed on a property I want to buy?
emergency loan for property in Puerto rico before it goes into foreclosure I am currently in IL.?
Is there something that you wish you knew before buying your home?
My landlord passed away and the new landlord greeted us with a 3 day pay or quit!?
Child support in mortgage underwriting?
Where can I get Olympic pins from the Utah games?
what should you look for when trying to buy a new or used house?
which is a better buy?house or condo?
I inherited my parents home in Texas 7 years ago. Since that time, the house has been vandalized several times?
Im looking to buy a fixxer upper home with back taxes?
Is it possible to get out of my lease if....?
how does environmental condition affect rental value?
Where are you live?
Has anyone been taken off a mortgage note without refinancing or selling the house?
Where can I find a lowwww cost APT. in brooklyn?
Property Tax Rate in Greensboro,NC ?
Places to rent out for a party in Glasgow?
Looking to buy a house soon.. No down payment?
how much money do u need to buy a home?
Converting a garage into a room? Decrease or increase value?
I escrow my residential taxes and insurance. Can I stop escrow and pay them myself. How?
How to calculate fee when given APR, Rate, and Loan Size?
when will the sheriff evict a tenant after aruling in the landlords favor?
How much should I bid on a HUD owned property?
Can the landlord show my apartment before giving notice?
What do you live in?
Refinancing with poor credit?
where can i get a decent map with visible townships for belmont and harrison counties in ohio?
can my land lord turn off my utilities if i am behind on the rent?
Does my landlord have a duty to repair?
Is a 3-hour indoor yard sale a "commercial enterprise" in NJ?
Can I ask a landlord to provide proof of the previouse renters expenses to avoid being charged for a repair?
i want to rent out my spare room, but i live in a rented house, can i?
realtor resources on the web?
Should I pass on this house?
I have an occupied rental for sale. How do I show without losing tenants?
How much does it cost to change your name in California?
There is a 12% discount on a purchase you made that would have normally cost you $700.00. How much did you spe
Can you get away with lying on a Rental Application?
Is it ethical for a landlord to come into your leased home without telling you?
how much is a water and a garbage bill in northern california?
Help with new apartment leasing job please!?
Have you ever heard of Brian Buffini?
i think my boss is commiting section 8 housing fraud?
My rent is being decreased by .68% starting December 2012. I currently pay $622.00/month. What is the new rent?
what happens if your house was appraised at one price and the county say it's worth less.?
Can someone purchase real estate without indicating its real value?
where can i put my town house for rent for free?
Can I be notified of my husbands every move by cell phone?
Real Estate: Is there a reason why I can't buy a commercial property and make is a residential property?
How do I find house listing from Herrington and Long Realtors?
Should I move into a home where a murder suicide was committed?
Prospective landloard asking for TOO MUCH sensitive information.?
is my ex landlord right ?
Difference between purchasing a house and a townhome?
why do we not think and construct business colonies under ground?
Why do people think they are home owners when they never even get close to actually owning their home?
Does the VA do home equity loans? If so can you provide a link and info about it?
As a landlord of a paid off home do I need to have a homeowner insurance policy?
The house actually belongs to my mother (paid for) and now she wants to give it to me. Can I do a quitclaim?
what requirements must be met to manage rental real estate in colorado?
how do u manage an apartment unit?
shoud you put the price of the home on the flyer?
Can a broker in NYC suddenly charge a hefty renewal fee on an apartment?
"Abandoned" property in Georgia... How can I buy it?
Does having a pitbull next door make your house harder to sell?
How much is land in Alaska ?
how do i calculate cost per square foot on a one year lease at $1260 per month for 200 sq. ft.?
Where is the best site to find listings of recent home sales in valencia, ca?
condo's sold in 63146 7/1/06 to 12/31/06?
Fire safety labels in student accomodation?
Living in apartment at 17 years old?
What will my mortgage be if....?
Is it possible for our mortgage loan to get denied this close to closing?
Would buying a house with elevated radon levels that will be mitigated deter you from buying?
whats a poll lease main in usa?
Do I have to pay a real estate agent even if they were unable to find me a home?
Do you rent or own your home?
Is it acceptable to live in a council house full of mould?
Is it legal for a loan co to quote one percentage rate and then put another on the final paperwork?
Need to find property sales from the sheriffs auction in putnam county ohio 2005?
Starting your own "city"?
150 goes on sale for 1/3?
how do i qualify for a reverse mortgage?
Can my landlord tell me I can't have a doorbell?
ethics and rules bank has to adhere to in a short sale in Minnesota?
Are you a property investor?
what should be the distance between an electric post and residential unit?
When a landlord says, "No pets", does that include fish?
where can I find houses under hunderd thousand dollar can anyone give me a good web site to go to thanks?
My husband and I are wanting to buy a home it will be our first.?
How do I find out the details of a home sold in my neighbood.?
What is the best way to advertise the sale of my house to people out of state?
My tenants lease is up soon and I am wondering how much to increase the rent for the next lease agreement?
how do I find a good property management in orlando florida?
I'm closing on a condo next Wednesday! Will a new credit card hit my credit report before I close?
Is it legal to charge people for property they didn't damage?
being 1 day late on rent?
I am looking for 220 acres in texas for sale?
How Do you find out Who Owns A House?
do you know any houses for sale near milford maine?
can anybody help me please? council housing?
Can we withhold our last 2 months of rent?
I want to buy or rent a small section of land in the downtown district of Savannah, Georgia?
Should I retire in the Philippines? I know my dollar will go father. Can I own land as a forgiener, health car
Do you think 2013 is a good time to sell my house?
i am trying to sell my the Realtor blowing me off?
apartments in grinnell iowa?
what are central laws?
Where can you buy a "For Rent" sign to put in front of a rental home?
Should we buy a house when we have student debt?
Any mortgage advisors on YA today?
We go to Naples,Fl 2 weeks per year. In 5 to 10 years we will go for 2 months. Should we buy a Condo?
HOA put rental cap in place even if it's not in bylaws?
how do I solve land problem?
What does the average 3 bedroom apartment rent for in Santa Cruz Ca. in a decent area?
Can anybody tell me whether Washer/Dryer is personal property while selling my home?
Are house prices going to continue to drop this year 2009?
I would like to purchase a home. But!!!?
i want to buy out my girlfriend from our mortgage?
How to become a landlord?
How can I buy a home with bad credit and no money down?
If a house is $185,000, how much would the house payment be around a month?
what to do with 150k?
what percentage of candidates pass the texas real estate salesperson examination the first time?
What is the address for Honopu Hawaii?
What is the web site for South Dakota Housing Association?
anyone know any websites in spain that deal with renting out commercial property, mainly in marbella?
if one of joint tenants transfers the property to the other joint tenant, who signs the or both.?
the value of property in 1994 at 4504 farallon ct. antioch, ca 94509?
I want to buy a preforclosure home, Who do I contact?
How can I legally kick out a non-lease tenant in California?
Any recourse to get money that was promised to us by our real estate agent?
where can i find a cheap apartment in columbia, md?
Real Estate Agents Run when they hear my Loan amount?
will the cost of living in california ever go down.?
hi my momhas property that is under her name now can i build on it although its not under my name?
How to set my credit up to get pre-approved?
can i throw an unwanted guest out of my house?
When will the housing market turn back around?
How much would a mansion in a rural area cost?
Does anyone know how long you have to vacate a home after foreclosure in Tn?
what other web sites offer something like craigs list where u can find apartment and stuff?
I REALLY REALLY want this House!!!?
Should I go with my first mortgage qoute?..or shoup around? My realtor reccomended this man, but Im not sure w
I am interested in purchasing a home.....?
What is the cost of living in the US Virgin Islands compared to the midwest US?
How can I be put on mortgage deeds minus rights to deposit - UK?
No credit check place to rent in Phoenix Area I need Help!?
In California, if I lost the key to my bedroom, can I be charged for a whole new lock?
What will my interest rate be on a home loan?
I was denied security deposit for my apartment after I surrendered the apartment. What can I do to get the dep?
how can I find a sample Real Estate Comparable market apprasial?
do first time buyers have to put a deposit down on the house that they want to buy??
Can I take a tenant to small claims to recover back rent?
Can I get a house for any cheaper?
im 18 and i want to buy a house?
How much does someone have to make a year to live in a nice apartment in Manhattan?
how do i make a real estate pruchase with "subject to"?
How do I find houses for rent in another state, online?
When Does Foreclosure Make Sense?
Where is the best area in florida to retire? Considering real estate value and quality of life.?
Military retiring; breaking lease on orders, what about roommate?
HARP Refinancing Loan Costs Negotiable? Estimated Costs very HIGH?
How to force a landlord to evict you?
can my husband sell our property which is under my name here in philippines?
I have a plot of land in idaho that I keep asking the neighbor to move his property off of, what are my option
How can moving be positive for me?
Transfer condo title?
i am a tenant in an apartment building that is literally falling apart and i can't afford to move right now.
I am buying a house in ohio, how do I get out of my lease?
Landlord/Tenant dispute UK?
"I'm still waiting for a rescission" from the selling agent means what in real estate?
how to get out of venue rental agreement?
Lease Option vs. Rent To Own?
Park doesn't buy mobile homes back.Hate the stigma!Help!?
How would you fix California?
why do banks take so long to approve the sale of a foreclosed home?
Help with housing for a 17 year old?
Am I at risk of being evicted from my apartment?
what can i do if i owe more on home than what it is worth?
Can you "borrow back" your downpayment in a HELOC?
I would like to know more about how to become a realtor in illinois.?
what is the unthinkable place you wouldn't imagine yourself living at?
Owner financing - Who owns the property?
Should you rent or own a home?
What are my rights? Homeowner/RA gets $grant to halt store being built, against wishes of other homeowners?
how do i find homes sold by the gov. because of none payment of taxes?
why does credit matter when renting an apartment?
I'm worried the tenants won't get their stuff out by the time it says on the lease. What are my options?
Mortgage Rates increased?
My moms name is not on the lease?
When just starting, can I be a real estate salesperson without a car?
What is the cost of living in the US Virgin Islands compared to the midwest US?
Have you ever had burst pipes and flooded out of your home?
if there are termites in a house would the seller or the buyer pay for the repair?
Where can I get help from the state in PA, Phila to get a house or apartment?
looking to buy a home but credit is very bad is there a place that would loan money to someone with bad credit?
Where is better to invest in rental property,Charlotte N.C or Buffalo N.Y.?
I'm a graduate looking for a job, but can I rent a property?
Is it just me or is craigslist down?
What does it mean commission will be 50/50 up to 2.5% for a short sale?
Two part question about buying real estate in India.?
What should college students look for in an apartment?
Can my landlord enter my property anytime he wants?
i need a real estate and mortgage transfer.?
How can I find out about my property?
Should I move to Florida?
the meaning of by posting a copy for each of the above-names residents in a conspicuous place?
colorado springs vacation RE market?
should i buy a condo if i'm only going to live in a city for 3 years?
Will a landlord let an adult and their adult child rent a 1 bedroom apartment or will that be hard to do?
18 and looking for a home?
I have been frauded. What should I do now? Should I sue Bank of America?
I am October12 ,1963 born.Am i fortunate enough to have my own house?
Can we afford an apartment?
can i have a rent reduction if there is some noisy construction work?
How would I get my first job and apartment out of state?
In Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio can you rent a apartment at age 18?
How do i apply for setion 8 housing?
are my privacy rights violated?
Can my roommate keep me from moving my stuff out?
How do you determine a home's selling price?
what is the best way to buy a home with poor credit? Helpful answers only Please.?
how do you file a eviction notice in California?
how many homes for sale are there in el dorado hills?
Growing family in a two bedroom house in uk. Can't afford to get a bigger place?
Are external wood furnaces allowed in the city?
Where can I find info on Free Govt land available to Squat or Homestead?
Which house is better for us?
who buys gold in oakland county?
Lease question! Can I get another address by while still on another lease?
If I rent a flat can I sub let a room without telling the landlord?
Do I have to pay a full months rent if my lease ends mid-month, or will I have to pay a pro-rated amount?
anyone know of a national mortgage lender that hires home based loan officers?
how much does the average mexican house cost in u.s. dollers?
How much did you pay for your home?
For rental properties, what are the pros and cons of putting them into a LLC.?
tennant gone to jail how long will council pay his rent for?
Should we call the Listing Agent?
Why do so many SF realtors drive either a Mercedes or BMW?
I have a MA Real Estate license but I am not affiliated with a Broker. Can I legally accept a referral fee?
how can people afford to spend $500,000+ on their first home?
Selling a house problems?
We had a shopacheck loan 21 yrs ago we have not had anymore since 2005 have we got ppi?
Help! for paying rent and deposit please?
how do I get a mortgage in germany, to buy property there. Im a UK citizen with clean credit record?
Is it illegal for your landlord to raise rent if you made the property desirable?
if i get a mortgage in new york can i use it in connecticut?
First-time apartment advice for college student ... ?
what does house prices got to do with how much you earn?
real estate math question?
Can my landlord raise laundry costs without notifying us first?
can one buy a house for under 100 thousand dollars?
If a house rents for 1300 and it says $1000 deposit, what does the deposit go to exactly?
What is the going rate for renting agricultural acreage in Douglas County Minnesota?
Buyer makes an offer on a house. Seller makes a counter offer. Now...?
Making an offer on a home...the counteroffer?
Currency Mortgage help?
I think Section 8 is allowed in my apartment complex how can I tell and what can I do?
Is there website for just condo/townhome listings.I am selling home to relocate to Orlando from St Petersburg?
where can I get a copy of a lease to lease out commercial real estate?
Should the government bail out people who's variable rate mortgages are foreclosing?
Please look, thank you?
Is my landlord able to keep my security deposit?
tenant is 5 days late with the rent? im the landlord, what should i do?
Leaving residential care. through care and after care. barnardos and independent living?
Do you live in an apartment, duplex, house or ?
Is this legal!!??
Buying a new home going thur process for FHA loan?
Am I being high maintenance?
With a assumption agrement on a house,what will I have to pay back to the person and or....?
My roommate forged my name on the leasing agreement at our apt, w/o my permission. Can I get out of the lease?
Are you able to move out of your house at 16?
What are the different types of mortgages?
A friend's Dad pass away recently and left him his home which had a Reversed Mortgage.?
how do I get my apartment rented?
I've inherited my grandmothers house.Can I keep it or does it have to be sold?
I purchased some land from an aunt w/o title search and now find that it has several liens on it. What now?
how hard would it be to buy a home with student loans?
Is 7% interest on a 30 year fixed refinance good or bad?
When getting a home loan to own a house for about 5 years which is better? fixed rate or arm?
i am looking to rent from the private Landlord?
what can i do about spiders in my house? please help?
I need an advice about the person that use to be my realtor...?
How do I find out what type of deed a property has?
how long does it take a landlord to evict someone?
How much does an acre cost in Bartlett, ohio?
My Husband and I would like to buy a home,but our credit is 615 and 608.Do we hold off or try for it?
What does this property Description mean? Does this seem safe?
can my husband and i file for a joint morgage if he is the only one working?
Would $765 a month be a lot for one person to pay for rent?
How can I adjust to moving to a new house?
should my mom become a real estate agent or should she keep waiting tables?
I would like to find out how old a house is. How do I get this information?
I lost my 20.00 hr job in January, is there any way to save my home (especialy gov help)?
if you pay rent by check can you put a hold on that check till the end of the month so you don't go negative?
What percentage of net income to charge son for rent?
Can a parent be a co-signer on mortgage for 18 year old with little income?
Is this normal behavior?
were is the best place for an italian resturant?
living in my father foreclosed home with my sister tring to make us pay her rent or get out of the house?
CA Real Estate License Prep - Best Program?
Quit claim deed vs warranty deed?
How do I find Vacant properties? Will the USPS Postman help me? I am a newbie in real estate.?
nervous for moving out..?
What is the going rate ($) for an architectural survey of a 1-story commercial ...?
Choosing an Architect and writing a business plan.?
can i list my house on a mls list without a realtor?
Why does title require an affidavid from previous owners?
When looking for an apartment, what are some major key factors I should look out for?
What can I/my roommates do about someone on the apartment lease who moved out but refuses to give back keys?
Need some advice on home loans?
i need help finding houses or apartments on the westside of deland. where can i look?
If a renter wants to bring their own appliances but you already have...?
where to colect late condo rental?
is the landlord responsible for flood damage?
Are real estate agents required to say if a house has had a murder or suicide committed in it?
Can 2 adjoining properties be purchased with one home loan?
how hard is it to move out for the first time at 20?
I would like to know my local Land Registry Office in the County of Durham in the UK?
where can i buy an assignment of contract?
right to buy?
Home Buying - first timers?
Is joint tenancy and ownership the same thing.?
Mortgage brokers or anyone in lending business.?
Does Anybody have a house that they would be willing to sell as a Land Contract in Lansing MI?
owners kicking their renters out because they sold their condo?
are people getting scammed with the $120 yorkshire deals?
Why seek tenants for a home that is being placed on the market?
Does a landlord have to provide a cooker in an unfurnished house?
How may bedroom will I be eligible for with section 8 in Santa Cruz County?
where to find rental properties in clayton county GA by owners?
how many mobile homes can you buy and sell in pa before you need a dealer license.?
our house is up for sheriffs sale what rights do I have as a tenant?
I currently am buying a townhome and want to purchase a new home and rent the townhome. How do i do this?
what is the proceedure for filing a suit for nonpayment of rent and repayment of alight bills and return of i?
chances of getting a mortgage?
Would you rather get your own house in the UK or move overseas?
My wife and I are looking to buy our first house. Our credit isn't the best. What can we expect?
ont govt incentives for 1st time residential home buyers ?
Cat in rental house - bad for hardwood floor?
Is a verbal statement binding from a past landlord?
Can I get out of paying termination fees if I only been n my apt 7 days n havent even paid first month rent?
Can i pay less rent when i have noise disturbance?
Can she change the lease?
Any opinions on Sussex Downs Apts or Ashley Court Apts in Franklin, TN?
what are ltvs?
Can you buy a new prepayment electricity key over the counter?
Investments in Commercial Real Estate: Office Buildings. How best to analyze various properties?
What is the best time of year to sell a house?
Is prominent land-use attorney Fred Bosselman still alive? If so, where?
Rented an apartment question!?
If my landlord leased a 5br house that violates a 3-person limit (via city ordinance), can I sue?
How does HIPS put back the buying house reform in england and wales?
Can U.S citizens purchase property in Venezsula?
an apartment with 4 roomates and 2 want to leave?
My daughter came home from work and found herself locked out of her house the landlord changed the locks.?
How low is too low of an offer when buying a house?
Would you rather sell or rent your house?
what documents cosigner needs for morgage loan?
How much should we counter-offer on our home?
i live in memphis how can i tell if they are goig to tear down my house? i live in a duplex.?
Who is an underwriter's boss?
Anyone know about new home grants??
Will I need a down payment?
What do you think of this apartment?
what is the current valuation of my house?
can schools ask for house contracts?
Is my landlord ripping me off? I pay more for the same apartment?
being evicted & your credit?
I have been trapped in my bedroom against my own will?
where will i find out how much a property in my area sold for ? [salford uk]?
Initial payment to buy a rollsroyce phantom ewb.?
there is a patio space in front of my flat, but is it my space or my upstairs neighbour or both of ours?
A letting agency has withheld deposit and rent in advance even though we changed our minds about moving in?
What percent of Tax Lien Certificates end up with certificate lienholder getting the property free and clear?
how do i find a good/honest real estate agent?
Rent with option to buy?
Can we buy a house with No Credit?
Do I have the right to keep my rented room off limits?
Obama wants the rest of the bailout funds realeased, should'nt we quit while we are behind?
Should a married couple rent a room in their house to a complete stranger?
Moving into an apartment, suggestions, tips, and personal advise to help me out...?
what kinds of fees come with buying a house?
how to become a real estate agent?
home builder?
How can I find the perfect apartment for me & my husband to afford?
I am looking for aparments in Hudson NY?
My landlord has given me my two months notice-if i move out before that, can I claim back any advanced rent?
my rights as a condominium owner in ca.?
would like to have some information maryland real estate loan officers in maryland?
A real estate agent came to see my house on sale and wants to buy for herself?
Needing help finding apartments in the Lewisburg, WV area?
any good websites to rent apartments?
Please HELP! my boyfriend wants to get a joint mortgage!!!!!?
What questions should I ask when interviewing potential roomates?
Moving soon! Apt. lease is for another 6 months. Is 30 day notice enough to leave leagally without penalty?
closing cost for 50000.00 dollars?
Need Help finding "Rental" Insurance company Pensacola, FL for my home. Help please?
how would I find out the cost of a care taker for an estate, 2 houses manyout buildings 85 acres?
Can the bank withdraw your financing after the date you are suppose to have the financing for.?
I need help with real estate! Is this place too good to be true?
What would be good place in chennai to buy an apartment. Is it Pallavaram or Urappakkam? Please suggest me?
our house is in foreclosure and my husband recetely died his name was the only one on the loan what is going t?
Can I get a loan to buy a home?
A question for real estate experts?
For an apartment Is it best to sign a year lease or 6 month then renew?
I have recently purchased a 1 bedroomed aparment in Lagos Portugal and am trying to find someone to clean?
If I have a tax deed (in Alabama), how do I get a clear title and full rights to the property?
Do I have to pay rent Oct,1 2012?
Selling a property, owner not in US?
mn landlord- tenant Refigerator died?
what's a good place to move to in Orlando?
Roommate's guest at at the apartment ALL the time!!?
Using some of my security deposit to cover next month's rent.?
Who or where is N&G Real Estate Limited Partnership located? Is there such a place in existence? I live in MI
ok i'm tryin to get on the property ladder. who is makin up these house prices cause they r too expensive.
I have farm land in Meeker countyMn in Greenleaf township what is the asking price per acre.?
How big does a house have to be to be considered a 'Mansion'?
escrow funds question?
I was outbid on my offer to buy a condo (short sale). My realtor told me how much, is that illegal?
is it wise to invest in property in croatia?
Real estate blogs?
What are some good cities to live in that have a low cost of living?
I want a research about hotels ....Plz :'(?
I have a partner ownership of a house n i don't have a job n the other owner?
i put my son's name on the deed 2 my home along with mine?
Rent-A-Center Question!?!?!?
can u help me find a roomate in arkansas?
The parent trap. House buying I dont want!?
Do we have a option to Changed our minds about a house?
How can I find out the value of river front property in Washington County Indiana?
house not selling, 30 days left to redeem, can i save home?
Can I ask for a rent deduction from my landlord?
If I found a hundred bucks in your driveway , what should I buy you with it ?
Can a former landlord have you arrested for damages done to their rental property?
Roomate? Im 17 and have a baby i work a part time, should i find a roommate or get my own apartment? ?
Broke lease-- help me get my deposit back!!?
What is the going rate (per square foot) to for office cleaning?
Problems after moving into a new home?
House payment estimate please?
does anyone know why the mortgage company put hand rails only on one side steps on foreclosed property, in det?
Mortgage commitment letter?
Can my realestate agent lend me money?
Who handles land transfers? Transfer tax in PA? Gift tax?
My mortgage company just increase my monthly payment with out a notice. How can I get them to lower my payment?
Also can i sue or get some money back i spent on the apt like carpeting, painting,and repairs i did?
Is there a place I can legally buy?
could i buy a house without a morgage?
buying a house?
What does it take to live to move out of your parents house?
I rent a house. Who pays for a broken light switch plate?
Other than craigslist where is a good place to look for home rentals in Nashville?
Help- trying to break lease, but landlord says we will owe money?
My apartment has new owners. What legal rental increases are allowed for California?
Fence on vacant property lot?
what is the best philadelphia suburb for young families with $500k to spend on a house?
where is iranian embassy in sydney?
How much real estate can one person own?
What happens if I break my apartment lease because I just bought a house? My lease is up Apr. 30th.?
I live in a rural area and need to payoff my home do anyone know where I can get loan under $60k?
Does anyone have contact info for Tandem Property Management?
Can I terminate my lease for this problem?
Should the landlord return my money! ?
Landlord/repair issue... is this the right thing to do?
What can i do in this situation?
I want to rent a 1bed/1bath house in Orlando, fl?
How much does it cost to buy a 2 bedroom house in america?
Can I get out of an annual lease if I am being disturbed by a barking dog next door?
Have you chosen to rent a house and never buy?
It sounds like co-ops move along fine in the Seattle market. Shall I be concerned about low appreciation rate?
Rental Property Electrical?
Cant afford a mortgage- what other ways are there onto the property ladder?
Can I buy my house from my husband?
I am interested in becoming a real estate agent. What is the best way to get started?
how to generate leads for real estate?
Does anyone know of any cheap Apartments that takes people with BAD credit?
Are apartments in Naples, FL really expensive?
Getting an apartment with my boyfriend? Costs?
Does a person still qualify for the VA home loan with a general under honorable discharge?
Is there a way to buy homes cheaply by paying the taxes on deserted homes if so where do you send the payments
Im trying to move to a diff unit in my building but my landlord is being difficult...?
carbon monoxide leak, what are my rights as a tenant?
Should I move in or move somewhere else?
Can someone help me find a house?
Should I buy a house in Palm Springs, California?
Want to buy a house but credit cards in default?
Problem with a Disclosure Statement?
Lived in Westminster all my life, if I move to a different borough can I still get housing benefits?
Rent a beach house with a fake I.D?
should I sell my apartment to build a house?
I am a renter with no money for down payment and bad credit; is there any hope of buying a house?
Do home affordability calculators realize how much homes cost in westchester ny?
we have under 2000, 1000 acrs in chengalpet,?
Trying to refinance, got any pointers?
can anyone of the residents of GHMC tell me hw much garbage collectors were charging &how often they attending?
How do you buy land internationally?
rents in delhi for 1 room near oberai hotel?
My boyfriend moved to be with me 300 miles from home.
how can i find cheap houses and view them without having to give credit card information?
After Foreclosure!!!!?
do you have a moving van access policy for HOAs?
how can I buy a house after filing for bankruptcy?
What is the max in rent I can afford?
What things do i need to create a rental agreement?
how can i get my name off of the lease for an apartment with my ex?
how does environmental condition affect rental value?
Is the government talking about raising the loan limit on FHA home loans for this year?
my lanlord is selling the property..He gave me 6 weeks to move out..Is it enough?Do I still need to pay rent?
I moved into an apartment with old carpet and they are going to make me pay for it?
I'm thinking about renting out two bedrooms in my house. Should I do it?
how to rid my home page of non-sponsored ads. ex. Obama and refinancing homes, etc, etc?
Yields and Adjustable Rate Mortgages?
What is the best way to advertize rooms for rent for graduate students? Craigslist?
what does everyone think of a reverse mortgage?
So your own bank will let your re-fi your home with no closing costs?
tenant that didnt pay rent for 2 months up and left and left all belongings behind?
18 and Moving Out. Help?
in Legal terms is a HOUSEHOLD 1 appartment or the WHOLE buliding?
Does anyone know the definitions of the different property zones? e.g. R-6, M-1, etc.? Website?
Any programs or grants for first time homebuyers in Ontario? Specifically southwestern Ontario?
the landlord form the apartment threw away our things?
we live an apartment that had some problem what would our right be?
She thinks it's INSULTING, but...?
Can I get back my moms house that my uncle mortgaged without our knowledge?
My landlord is breaking the lease saying he and his wife are splitting up and he needs to move in. Help!?
Where can I find information on parcels of land for sale in Southern California?
Can i ask for a itemized list from my leasing office?
Apartment Notice? Need advice?
How to make personal Will? Somebody please explain? state TX. USA.?
What year my home was built and the square footage?
Looking for website for Jefferson County KY Tax`Asr's Office. It doesn't come up. Anyone know web address
what do you do when you have a existing mortgage and you signed and didn't know it was a mortgage?
Looking for an apartment in Raleigh, NC. What's a good website or way to find one?
how old is my house 3526 e Vermont st?
Is it me, the homeowners, or the renters responsiblity to change locks after being broken into?
Buying a house for Investment?
Home Equity Loans are similar to other Installment Loans Except...?
What is the domain name of the new real estate web site that allows you to type address and gives its value?
House foreclosure for sale?
If im backed up 1 month on both apartments can the court order me to vacate one of the apartments?
list of questions that a loan officer might present to a prospective borrower ?
Would it be wise to have 5 people in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment?
What Are The Steps To Do A Foreclosure Short Sale?
Does anyone know anything about P.A?
New house problems, do we have a case?
How Do I get a government contract to fill a building with storage?
Where are public real estate foreclosure auctions listed at?
What happens if I leave my house, post the keys back to the mortgage provider and stop making payments?
i want to move to a warmer climate?
Please help me decide!!??
Can you buy a home with bad debt?
How can I get the landlord to do repairs in my apartment?
Renting, how long does the process take?
Preapproved for a home loan?
How can I get a loan for $34,000 for a down payment on a commercial loan.?
Looking to buy & leaseback rehabilitation clinic/centre/practise in Scotland How do I go about finding one?
what taxes will i have to pay on renting my house out?
lender paid property taxes?
is there a conflict of interest even with a buyers agent?
When should my roommate begin paying rent?
looking for a park with cottages and sites for sale in northern Ontario?
Four Section 1 items noted on the termite inspection report (details as quoted),how serious the problems are?
Where in the USA are the homes the cheapest with one acre of land?
Landlord does not respond to my calls and other forms of communication?
what is the cost of living in costa rico compared to her?
Suggest Real estate investment opportunities in India with assured annual returns!?
does an INDEPENDENT loan agent needs a broker?
Fixed mortgage or 80/20 ARM?
If my house is listed with a realtor can i sell it by owner too?
I'm looking for information on pro and cons on interest only loans?
Is it possible toy use the Australian govt First Home Owners Grant to buy an unit in a caravan park?
Lease with buy option-Seller dies?
Apartment lease question?
What is the difference between a hotel and a motel?
My friend forclosed on her house but what I can't lunderstand how did she still get approved for an apartment?
Housing & Money.. Help?
Can I get out of my illegal sublet?
where to go to get help with a sherrif sale?
what website do i use to find out if there were any deaths in my current home?
Home Sellers: When listing your home, did an open house help?
we are in contract to buy a home the buyer now needs to have the closing date a month later than agreed?
stopped paying condo fees?
How do I ask my roommate to pay more rent than me?
I bought a piece of land for $5000, for my foundation, should I disclose it?
What could I buy to sell in future but that will keep its value.?
Where can I get samples of LLC (Limited Liability Company) documents on the internet?
How much, on average, are las Vegas condos going for in auction?
Which position makes the most money in the real estate business? Realtors? Brokers? What?
Should council house tenants be able to buy their houses at a discount price?
Can my landlord charge me more than we agreed after a walk-through?
when is the nava sheva sea link project in Mumbai India expected to be complete?
I bought my home and the seller wasn't honest. what can I do?
What is the best website or way to view foreclosed condos in PA?
rent without a lease law suit?
Where do I find info about the best places to live in Albuquerque?
Why is it taking us so long to get a council house..?
Any tips for someone who is about to flee the nest for the first time?
earnest money?
I dont know what to do about my landlord. please help.?
house for sale 134,000 what do we offer?
Our rented property flooded due to a broken pipe. There has been damage to contents. Is the landlord liable?
please this is urgent!!?
is it possible to swap mortgages with someone?
Considering moving from Los Angeles, to Huntsville Alabama, good move?
Does any one know a site i can get my rights as a home renter?.?
how can i get out of a real estate contract that was signed yesterday to buy a house?
Is Burlington, NJ (Plaza Park / Orchard View) a good place to live?
How would I get into property management?
real estate licence?
What is a good landlord website-service to screen tenants? I prefer unlimited use for a flat fee.?
Does a 120 home closing sound right?
Where is a good online source to learn about the real estate market in Amsterdam Netherlands. Looking to buy.?
If I am trying to buy a home, can i cosign for a renter?
No heat in apartment since 10/22 - Can I get into trouble for posting a sign on Apartment's Main Door?
Hi.... Can anyone give me any advice on Stoke Hill, Exeter? Thinking of relocating?
i live in a council house but the area is really rough and there are always loads of drugs etc around?
My neighbor is moving, I asked him why. He said the bank bought his house. What does that mean?
Problems with "landlord"?
how can a poor broke person fix their credit and gain enough money to buy a house for themself?
First time home buyer FHA Loan?
how is mahavir constructions of flats and what type of quality they will have while constructing the flats?
how much is clay(fl) electric deposit ?
What's a good price for an apartment in Pensacola, Tampa?
is there a web site i can find land (acrerage) for sale in alabama?
Has anyone heard of a FOURTY year mortgage?
Should I buy property now?
Where can I find loan payoff programs?
I accidentally put my wrong social security number on my application for an apartment.?
can I have my boyfriend evicted from my apartment if he is on the lease as a secondary leasee?
I started a real estate business, any suggestions on how to build business credit? I'm trying to buy a 4-plex.
Can our landlord do this?
How do I figure home mortgage interest?
Is buying rental property a good or bad idea?
If am able to earn 5000$ a month should i rent a place that takes away $1000?
Loss Mitigation work out plan with Washington Mutual?
how much less is it to build a house with sumacher homes than build it with another company?
Can a landlord return your deposit then decide to take it back?
renters handed a subpoena for the landlord they have been paying rent to. Foreclosure. What rights do they hav?
If paying more than monthly payment would it be better to apply it to the principal or escrow?
wahat is the internet address to find out property values?
Looking for an apartment in Phoenix, any suggestions?
What is a "covenant" in commercial real estate?
what can my boyfriend do with the mould in his student house?
Tenant Rights question: MN. Landlord sold my condo but still wants to charge me rent?
Real estate help please?
I lost my job a couple of months ago and currently have mortgage payments. Will they work something out?
do they still do no doc loans for mortgage?
who replaces carpet when you rent a home?
How do I terminate a month-to-month agreement w/a roommate? Only have verbal agreement for rent each month.?
can somoone help me withr these chemilce properties?
Where is a good country to move to?
Can my Landlord kick me out?
How much money do I need to have before moving out on my own?
what does SSCTP stand for in realtors' lisitngs?
what is Weissenhof Estate? can anyone give information about it?
What programs are available for first time home buyers in Santa Clara County with a high combined income?
according to fha I don't qualify for the first time buyer grants, whats up with that???
Can landlord charge me for carpet cleaning during move out if it's not stated in the lease?
i own a vacant home can i get the from that house delivered to my house?
We're thinking about moving to California?
tenant fallen 2 behind on their rent,can I get a court possession order now uk?
House next door has been bank owned for 5 months. Residents still there. How long does eviction take?
We are under Bankcruptcy 13 for about 3 months already. Our second home is being rented by my son.?
does apartment lease buy-outs affect your credit negatively?
Soon to be first time home-owner, now I have to make a Choice need some advice?
Moving Into First Apt Help?
I need to write a proposal for my business. I'm trying to get my rent lowered. I have signed a 3 year lease.
Is a real estate license good for anything other than being an agent?
if your lease runs out soon & you wanna move - can you sign a new one before the old one expires?
Is it legal for aperson 2 harrass you at work for an unpay bill?
can you buy a house with no money down and a credit score of 520?
Would you like to waive your fee?
Who can help me with mortgage questions? Do you advise zero down? Help?
what is a good area to live in California?
I'm looking to purchase my 1st investment property overseas in Florida. Anybody have any good links or advice?
construction costs per square foot in Montreal Canada?
Ambiguous clause in residential tenancy agreement?
What offer would you suggest?
When n=2 which is a possible value for l?
In West Virgina what creditors can seize property?
Lowest renting spots in Florida?
For a first time home owner what is the best type of loan to get? Small DN Payment80/20, FHA, or Stand. etc.?
I would like to ask a question about FHA Loans.?
what is happening in the current housing market? When will it improve. I want to sell my house.?
what is the best way to find probate property in Cleveland, Ohio.?
what are my responsibilities as a landlord?
What is required to become a real estate agent in Quebec/Canada?
Can the landlord show my apartment before giving notice?
When do PMI payments come off my mortgage loan?
I want to invest in property using equity in my home. Do I refi, get an equity line, or equity loan?
How much notice does apartment landlord have to give you?
tenant eviction in IL?
how do I find out who actually owns the apartment complex I live in...not the L.C. name the individuals.?
Is it right to ask your rich inlaws for help when buying a house?
can my landlord deduct from my security deposit before i move out?
Heating cost for 1800 sq ft home in Chicago?
Does homeowner's insurance cover your belongings inside the house? Or is that extra?
Safe to say you should buy a house worth about your annual salary but no more than that?
I am trying to decide whether I would like to work for a small or large Real Estate Company.?
How can I evict my roommate?
the deeds to my house which i own are only in my name, i need to have the wife name added to them what do i do
If you rent a house do you not normally have to pay for the electricity and water?
What is the minimum credit score you can have to rent to own a condo?
How can I flip a house with little money down and poor credit?
True or False: If you buy a house & pay it all off, you never have 2 pay rent ever again while you live there?
How do i buy and develop vacant houses?
Does this make sense? My mother in law is remodeling her bathroom. She has already remodled her kitchen?
Do most cities in USA, inc. have an area where the "newly rich" lives..w/ gated communities, golf courses etc?
How do people afford such large houses?
3 day notice to pay or quit?
How can I tell my cousin I pay rent for room not for them to use room as storage.Pay $400.use 1/3 of room.?
The owner can't pay the bills and will like to sell, what can he do?
Can you remortgage your house to lower the original mortgage debt?
Is it normal to cook for my boyfriend every night if we live together?
Would you rent a room for $700 a month plus a 3 month money deposit paid with a money order?
Where can I purchase a 70,000 dollar home?
is it a good idea to try to save money by selling your own home, or is the risk too high?
Can an apartment manager physically threaten a tenant?
worst landlord ever! -just wanna leave!?
How long does it take to get your money after closing on a house?
how do i own a home and i am self employed?
will the job hire me if i have to go home for the season?
What do I need to buy a house with....?
Mortgage interest rate. Should I lock now?
do you still payrent during a shortsale?
Would I qualify for a home?
where can I find Investors interested in funding real estate flips?
I need help with my real estate e-mail?
where can i capture a picture of a orange grove in florida?
where in georgia is the safest place to live?
Are mortgage payments the same during all period of mortgage?
housing association maintenance of pre-existing white goods?
Home Loan Query, Which is the best bank to take from and?
Is my tenant being rediculous?
Should my landlord pay to fix this aerial or me?
how do I get a grant to buy a home?
How can I get my 100year old home in Portland Oregon listed as historic to reduce property taxes??
Can I add my baby to my lease after moving in?
Where are the best areas to buy a home (as an investment) in the US right now?
How much will bills in a 2 bed flat cost?
My lease ends July but, my apartment says I cannot get out of the lease until September.....?
GOOD Real Estate Agents in Hobart, TAS, Australia?
How much does a Mortgage Broker earn in the US and UK on average p.a and how many settlements does that take?
Under what circumstances a lending institute may lend on Leasehold Property in India?
Is our landlord allowed to come by when she pleases and look in the windows when we are not home?
I am having problems negotiating my Mortgage with the Bank. Can William Shatner help?
Should I pay the landlord for plumbing problems?
Should I pay partial business rent?
My mother died without a will and is tenants in common on property with my sister and I. I reside in suffolk ?
Getting Kicked Out - Questions?
Is there any website to refer what is the current price of a land in india? ?
My fathers estate is in propate as his aires we will own this home but his widow has applied for homesteading?
not paying rent due to safety...?
Average rent of a apartment in florids ?
can the seller of real estate choose the closing attorney?
Living in a log cabin first house?
My mother has CREDITORS COMING AFTER HER. can anyone help answer? Please?
what site can u buy a house on the computer?
where is a good place to move that has low property taxes and has large acres of waterfront property?
What are some good apartment complexes in or just outside of Nashville, TN?
Has anyone order the "Trump University" e-book and dvd.... its supposed to show you all Donald's secrets etc.?
a list of states which offer the best home buys to then rent.?
does a property manager need a license in colorado?
Gave 30-day rental vacate notice-do I have to pay for additional 7 days that I won't be living there?
If you are renting a room in CA and you think the house is in foreclosure can you stop paying rent?
Whats the biggest high rise council estate in london?
What's the best way to acquire private investors to fund real estate transactions?
Is it legal for a mortgage lender to require an expensive appraisal then refuse loan.?
How do you transfer real estate property?
If Countrywide goes bankrupt, what happens to its mortgages during during the bankruptcy process?
Pay the rent now, or wait for landlord to ask?
Why aren't property rental prices now coming down in line with devaluing property prices?
How long does Freddie Mac take to accept an offer?
I am making $66k/year. What would be a good house prise for me?
How do I find an extremely inexpensive apartment, quickly?
I sold a calculator on ebay, and the buyer says it doesn't work?
How do you find out info about a home if it's never been listed in MLS???
Breaking into a house?
How can I persuade my landlord into letting me have a dog?
How can I find a home when my only source of income is unemployment?
My AC in my rental home is broke, they say they won't have it fixed for 2 days. Is This Legal?
How old is too old for buying a condo?
Second broker price option?
if you needed an emergency plumber or locksmith where would you look first?
What types of eviction notices can a landlord write in NY state?
Cheap or free housing in Washington D.C. area...?
Ceiling leaking bad (where tub is upstairs)?
Address of the land registry,where I can get copy of title deed for property in Golders Green,London.?
North or South Carolina rental prices?
I'M selling my home, a2 flat, which I live in 1/2 of it.?
How much is your electricity bill in your Apartment. I live in the Washington DC area.?
Did Bath and Body works change its offer from buy 3 get 3 free to buy 3 get 2 free?
I have space which i want to give it out for rent or lease, can any one tell what to do?
Applying for SNAP; but I don't have rent reciepts.?
I rent for $800 a month. Would it be better to buy a condo and pay a mortgage even though my mortgage payments
into hectares.metres to hectares?
will areotek help you land a long term job?
What would you put on an application online for Uncle if it's not an option?
what to do if tenant don't keep the house clean?????
How can I find an apartment for myself for cheap in cali?
What is the minimum credit score to buy a house in illinois or florida? ?
I want to rent an apartment?
Real Estate Brokers?
what are the best school districts in Houston,DAllas and New jersey? KLIENE in houston is no-1, Any other?
What is the diference between a real estate certificate and a real estate diploma?
Is it mandatory in the state of Maryland to have a military clause in your rental property lease?
Trying to figure out the first time home buyers stimulus. Do I get anything if I buy an apartment for $78,000?
move to house the 1st..been here 5 days...can i break the lease within 10 days without penalties .l?
Moving question--If you hire guys off Craigslist to help you move do you tip in addition to the quoted price?
Relief of Stay (Nevada)?
paying my rent this month?
Obama Mortage Package?
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