Real Estate

With my lease ending in november on 30 2012 what should i do? with my family ?
Is this Estafa, or more?
I am renting furniture and I've made a total of $1,360 in payments. Are the lamps and tables mine?
I want to form an investment company that will rehab homes. May be no money down depending bank. Interested?
Am I able to live on my own with parents consent?
how do i know if this is a rental scam?
can the landlord remove halloween decorations in the hallway outside my apartment?
if you found 20 dollars on the floor how would you waste it?
how to become realestate agent?
If we look at a house with 3 other people, who rents it?
Is it difficult to find a pet-friendly apartment in New York City?
What are some national fiscal policies that can affect mortgage rates, housing starts, and housing prices? Be?
landlord is refusing to give me my mail!?
My dad owns a house in another country and wants to give it to me. Will I have to go through a credit check?
how much will the rent be on a three bed council house in redditch, worcestershire?
Leasing agent always calls saying she forgot to collect fees?
Which CITY has the cheapest real state.?
How do you find a reference number for a house?
Tenant Messed Up Bath Tub?
Which city is more expensive: Chicago or Cleveland?
How to search for an apartment from 4 hours away?
motgage payment should be no more that 28% of take home pay and mortgage payment should be no mre than36% of n?
Can a lawyer act for both the seller and the buyer of a house?
if you find an abandoned homestead can you take it over & build?
Can a landlord evict me if i have kids?
What should offer be?
I am currently looking for a 3 bedroom house w/garage?
Husband's income and wife's credit history for joint mortgage?
I need some tips. Want to negotiate rent down from $1295?
commerical apprasier for my bldg. in yuma Az.?
What is a "short sale" with regard to the real estate business?
smart to buy income property?
can u hold rent back due to lack of maintanence?
can your parents sign a lease so you can rent the house when your 17 years old ?
my landlord asked us that maybe we should move. what are my rights?
county appraised value to sales price % difference in Northern VA?
What website offers info on home values, selling prices, appraisals, etc?
Buy a house or stay rented?
My landlord has asked to inspect the property. She has given notice of more that 48 hours.?
Our house is going into foreclosure.Back taxes are owed.Can the all our property?
can any one help me please i am trying to get a mortgage we were turn down for 1 mortgage because of our ?
My mother-in-law is being denied a mortgage refinance because they say its a two family home not a single?
Need a mortgage company?
How to avoid capital gain on house sold out of state by non resident.?
Confusing lease agreement?
My son in laws been made redundant and they are in rented flat hoe do they end their tenancy early ?
Real Estate Listing Agent holding out offers? Why won't he reveal the offers?
We've had our land listed on the market in coastal GA for 6 months now. Why won't it sell? Is this normal?
Pay me $8.50 hours, for dishwasher so how much next raise they goin t give me? also they said i did great job?
Should i keep an apartment if i have no transportation and i still live at home and it is not closeby?
what is a Real Estate pre licensing certificate exactly for?
Can an apartment charge you more for a spot on your credit report?
How to find the best property in an area?
Question on buy out of lease: "Lessor may deny the buyout offer"?
I started my own cleaning busines, so far so good, cleaning apt. homes.offices, but i have a problem with?
what is a jumbo mortgage and is it a good option to purchase a house?
Any sites for houses that have property for horses under 200,000?
I got my va home loan eligibility dont understand?
the state of fl how many time do you present a check to the bank before you can charge the customer?
how much does it cost to buy a house in bahrain?
whats the average mortgage every month for a 1 story nice home in a nice area??
Can My Landlord deny my use of an AC Unit?
Shelter living: Name of program that helps you get housing after a certain period of time.?
Insurance refused my claim - what are my rights?
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
Does anyone know that if the trees dying, is the tenant responsibility? I am the landlord.?
Eviction Information Needed?
What is the minimum credit score needed in order to obtain a loan for the purchase of a first home?
How do I buy a house for cheap? And I mean cheap!!!!!!!!!!?
can i qualify for 1st time home buyer if i was on a deed?
I need a change should I move to Brooklyn?
i have to pay rent in 2 days but i am missing $300?
Do you live in an apartment, duplex, house or ?
Should i buy a condo unit in west palm beach florida?
how does a V.A loan works to get a loan for a house?
If I file bankruptcy, will I lose my rent house. It is the only income I have.?
Interested in purchasing a coin operated meter for mains electricity in rental property.thanks for any inf.?
Does getting a mortgage prequalification letter lock in an interest rate? If so, how long is it locked in?
I am trying to get a mortgage really soon to move out within a week. I need to get one very fast?
Can anyone tell me about their experiences with loan modification?
What are some good websites that i can buy stuff off of to resale and make money?
my friend bought her house about a year ago the lady who owned the house?
How Does Having A Cosigner Affect the Mortgage I am Approved for?
Rent lease price negotiation?
where is the biggets mall now?
Does anyone know where I can get a job doing loan mods from home?
Can a renter rekey the home he is renting and refuse to give the owner a key?
which is the most common way of obtaining title to real estate?
Thinking about the future ramifications and abandoning our apartment?
I heard the Chinese govt owns every piece of land in China. What are the pros and cons...?
is it legal to rent an apartment, and then rent out that apartment to somebody else for more money?
Can a landlord evict only one tenant if it is a joint lease and the tenants pay together?
ERA says they will sell your house of they will buy it. Anyone dealt with (or worked for) them?
why Looking for Apartment in Mumbai | 09999684955 |rustomjee juhu elita luxury apartments ?
How long should it take to secure a mortgage for a house?
Foreclosed homes?
do you pay rent early......?
What should be my longterm plans for buying/renting real estate?
I can't figure out what to do with my house. Should I do a short sale or foreclose?
If you live in a row of terraced houses, which border are you responsible for?
Clermont, FL?
How can I buy a house I cannot afford?
what precautions should i take before buying a residential house in gajiabad ( u.p. , india )?
Owned my house for 10yrs. Then g/f moved in. Then remortgaged and in joint names. Now she wants half!!!?
how long can you keep a chac voucher if your moving papers exspire?
What should I do about my neighbor???
What would you call the job position of the person that shows apartments to potential renters?
Your thoughts on foreigners investing big bucks in USA real Estate?
How much would I have to be earning to get a mortgage for GBP£132,000?
how far behind before forclosure starts?
I'm a college student in maryland and I was wondering if I would be able to be a real estate agent...?
2 Bedroom Apartments for rent near Cupertino under $1000?
Can I add equal share partner of 4 years to my mortgage retroactively?
why is RMC not so popular in Kerala?
what site can u buy a house on the computer?
landlord hasn't replace my air conditioner?
Does anyone know of a place where I can compare home prices by state?
Does anyone know of private mortgage lenders on north carolina???
theres no telephone polelines in the District of Columbia, why??
Which way is better to purchase a home? Downpayment size?
landlord hasn't paid mortgage but getting rent. letter arrived last friday,possession hearing in county court?
I'm paying £41/week for my bedsit,from a housing association,don't you think it's too much?
how do i find some one with out paying for it?
Where can I find an affordable 1-2 bdroom apartment in tucson, az?
How Long Do New Manufactured Homes In California Last Before You Do Major Improvements?
Does anyone have a blank prd nationwide realestate tenancy Agreement or know how i can get one on the net???
is it good to be a home inspector?
I want to make offer on this BANK OWNED FORECLOSURE house.when will the Bank will respond?
how can I get a house that I can afford to make payments for?Don't have down payment. I payed rent enough!
I just got my pre-approval letter in the mail. What do these requirements mean?
Question about a loan to buy out a business?
buying a home in Portland, OR?
Please please please help me. I'm getting frustrated to death.?
How would one go about fipping houses for profit?
Seller didn't disclose pending special assessment for condo. Who is responsible?
Pros and cons of moving into an apartment with friends?
want to move our services to new addreww?
Can I ask my landlord to be present for the final inspection of the apt I am levaing?
Landlord is not paying her mortgage from my rent house?
Can we put a mobile home on our property?
How can I buy a house?
Can A contractor put a lien on a house if no contract was signed?
possible landlord fraud?
Advertising/article in LA Times 7/2/06 encouraging readers to join buy real estate even with bed credit safe?
Can anyone who has done a short sale on their property tell me how much it impacted their credit score?
Is the housing market getting better or is mortgage loans going to be difficult to get from now on?
step by step guide to land trust?
How much do you pay in condo association fees? Do you feel like it's reasonable?
Can/would a landlord sue for breaking a lease and moving out early?
Should I ask the landlord (friends parent), to not charge me rent until my apartment is fixed?
Are real estate brokers also landlords?
can we break a lease if we werent told the place is for sale? Its not in the lease.?
Are there any forms similar to a pre-nup that would protect either myself or my boyfriend in the event?
Is Indiana a judicial foreclosure" state or a "trust deed" state when it comes to forclosure.?
How can a Young Guy Afford a House?
Who pays for the home warranty and the survey? The buyer or seller?
Our property owner has violated the terms of our lease.?
My landlord refuses to return our deposit simply because he says he has no money!!?
If I make 100000 off the sale of my house how much do I have to pay in capital gains?
How do I get my name off of a lease after getting kicked out?
how to buy a SpeedLaser?
if i am on a month to month lease and my landlord does not renew it, how long do i have to move?
Where do I stand legally with a tennant who won't pay rent?
how can i find the book value of my Manufactured home without consulting an agent?
what is the difference between a conventional home loan and a fha home loan?
Can I get a home loan without 2 years at same job?
Military Clause in Apartment Rental Agreement!! Help!!!!?
what are the modus vivendi and modus operandi for Ginnie Mae's secondary mortgage/capital market operations?
do I need anything else for my first apartment?
Who came to my house?
How do people sell a house that they haven't finished paying off yet?
How to make contract about giving land on lease with reliance retail outlets?
Should i go on a Lifetime Tracker or Fixed Rate Mortgage?
Landlord tryin to set me up?
Should you get a realtor for the purchase of a brand new home?
I'm finding it very difficult to make a claim for benefit?
does this seem sketchy to you ? apartment lease?
Who is responsible for repairs in an apartment?
Is it safe to buy flats coming up in zirakpur area near chandigarh these days?
We are applying for a USDA Home Loan...?
Why are british house prices and rents Astronomical?
If you loan a item for rent a center can u go to a pawnshop and get it back to return the item?
What are the major pitfalls and cautions when considering buying a government-seized house?
Wats the lowest percent of a down payment would u need for a $77,000 house?
has anybody gone thru a home loan from bank of america the one call " no fee mortgage plus"?
My sis was told by an apt manager "the sooner you move in, the better cus the prices change"?
Can a landlord tell me to leave early and then say I have to stay & pay the remainder?
Is it legal for a landlord to give out a ssn out without consent?
Rental Property Income & Taxes...?
House mate had a fire, and wants me to pay towards it?
i need help from a realtor or anyone who knows about houses!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Are there any ranches or land for sale that borders and joins yellow stone national park?
Can a landlord sue me for damage to an aprtment?
how do i go by getting my real estate license in GA?
What % rate for owner financing?
Can people buy UK land if they are not citizens in UK?
Buying a new home going thur process for FHA loan?
Whats a decent amount to spend on a house?
i'm about 2 close on new house but didn't sell the old 1. what is the best mrtg to be able to use $ from old?
how do you seal a leaking concrete flat roof?
Can Two People Share A 1 Bed Flat?
husband and wife divorce, wife is awarded house but does not put it in her name. Husband name is on title, div?
Does the army give money to move and furnish a home?
When did they stop using lead paint in indiana.?
Ex-Roommate left flea ridden bedroom.?
How old was you when you bought your first house?
Apartment rental eviction (7 days to go until the 1st)?
If you were a home buyer, how would this statement make you feel or react? What would you do? See details...?
how do we save our home or buy another?
Real Estate: Is there a reason why I can't buy a commercial property and make is a residential property?
california assistance for low income apartments for 18 year olds trying to get out of bad household?
Whats the best present for a first home owner?
How much rent should I charge my part time lodger?
Should I buy a condo even if I know I want to leave town in within a year?
How long will a landlord hold an apartment?
Should I buy a house in new Zealand with 90% mortgage now?
First Time Buyers Tax Credit - Selling House need help?
calculating house appreciation?
Uninhabitable living situation?
Can I withhold rent if my landlord refuses to comply with city ordinances and inspections?
Opinions on living in a neighborhood where the houses are close together?
My boyfriends house is gonna be foreclosed ?
In California, Can a creditor garnish your wages after a foreclosure has gone through?
What is the best(Price Wise) apartment near Grcc for a college student?
If a bank dont accept your offer do they at least try to negoiate?
becoming a mortgage broker?
Can we afford a million dollar home?
I'm the landlord of an owner-occupied property that has 3 apartments, does the Fair Housing Law apply to me?
Is it wise for me to rent an apartment that costs $1000 a month?
How much leverage does a buyer have to have minor cosmetic fixes done to a house?
rental deposit question?
Do I still have to pay rent?
real estate complaint?
I sign a lease for apartment and I don't want to move in. Is ther a grace period ?
Any lenders out there that will loan to a condo conversion with owner occupancy less than 51% in San diego?
Should I start charging my squirrel in the loft rent?
Does anyone know of any grants to help first time homebuyers with down payments or closing costs?
The Park Owner is Sabotaging my SELL...HELP?
Does email count as a written notice?
how do you get emergency housing assistant in the city of berkeley,ca?
roommate just moved out still owe back utilities.?
I'm looking for person to find the righ house for rent in Phoenix affordable, nice, safe for kids specially.
Where can I find a copy of a typical exam that covers commercial leases? Can I find this online somewhere?
How long do I have to wait before I can get rid of a roommates stuff?
Is it better for me to get the tax credit or buy a cheaper house?
I need to find a site that will let me look up real estate that can house horses in or near Worland, WY.?
The house foundation is half made of a concrete slab and the other half is a basement.. will it work?
My friend wants a home. He wants to use a Fake W-2 Does the Mortgage company Check those things.?
Should I move out of my house because of my housing situation?
Anyone know any good websites for...?
How do i place a mechanics lein on a property in Michigan?and where do i go?
Is it common for banks to sell your mortgage?
my renter is not evacutaing my property . gave one month notice , now not paying rent?
how much does it cost to install a permanent bridge over a creek, following the California water laws?
Leasing land at mobile park, it is covered w/poison oak. I am suppose to maintain, shouldn't it be safe 1st?
Are you an apt. manager w/ a studio to rent in hollywood? I'm looking for studio for 750 let me know.?
once i'm approved for a home loan how long before it expires?
What zone land can you use to build a self storage business on?
how are mortgages calculated?
how do i sell a home i owe more on than i can sell it for?
where can i find houses for sale by auction without paying for a list?
I live in Arizona, but want to buy a property in Texas?
Should banks have it all their own way? What do you do to get a better home loan deal from your bank?
My sister ran into the house with her car. How much will this cost?
What exactly is "Ernest Money" when you are dealing with a home loan?
What are the pros and cons to living where there is an association?
Starting a Limited Liability Partnership?
Will my lease be worthless?
i want to rent in blue ridge Georgia?
step by step guide to land trust?
Is it possible to get my entire security deposit back in CT when the landlord never did a walk through?
Why don't for sale signs have the property price on them?
How do you pull equity out of your home with taking a how equity loan out?
How to Buy a House?
Should I be worried about my apartment rental application?
My grandmother willed the farm and the 200 acres that go with it equally to her 17 garandkids. 10 want to rent?
Loan officer asking for reason for late payments. What should I say?
What all do I need when moving out?
can a person get a deposit back on a landcontract if you havn't signed a contract?
My boyfriend moved into my apartment and we broke up but he verbally agreed to still pay rent.?
Has anyone used for a purchase of a home? Is it worth it or do you get bogged down by them?
My brother-in-law is critically ill and not able to write a check for his rent. What can we do?
How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Edson,Alberta,Canada??
I had found a local website ( and am not able to go into it. does it still exsist?
My dad wants me to move out of the house. I'm too young and I can't afford it?
Will my family be approved for rental?
How much does it cost to buy a school building?
Can I own land in a different location if I live under Section 8 program?
My landlord doesn't respond to an inquiry about late fees. What can be done?
My parents kicked me out, where is the cheapest place to find accomadation?
Ex-boyfriend dosen't want to leave apartment.?
I bought a house from a relative years ago. He signed a Quit Claim deed and i didn't recorded it until ......
Someone broke into our house?
If you could live in any city in the US which would it be?
Do MLS listings expire?
Pros and cons of living in Thamesmead?
do you still pay rent in probate case?
HOA dues on a foreclosed home?
where can i find awebsite that pays on internet browsing w/ no fee?
How to get some money back from the landlord?
Is it common practice for realtors to take you out after the sell of your house to celebrate?
where do I find total # of home sales in a given county for last year (2011)?
can a single mother with child be evicted in the winter in wisconsin for past due rent?
Is it a bad idea to buy a foreclosed home?
listing of cheap stores for lease in 34432 dunnellon fl area?
5-22-06 Does have an area on its website where you can look for missing people?
Do you think it's ok to tell your landlord the reasons why your rent is late? Even if it's a bit personal??
Real Estate Business ?!!!?
Is your house an asset or liability?
"it is all turn and burn." - What does it exactly mean? Thanks!?
When you buy a house at a trustee sale, do you own it free and clear immediately?
looking for a gauranteed loan?
Is it a good idea to buy brand new/nice things in your first place?
Is it true I don't have to pay capital gains tax if the profit margin is 250000. and below on real estate ?
Should my rent be less??
what do i need to have to rent out an apartment for a night?
do you really need a realtor when buying a home?
would the councle pay for me two have a flat as dont feel can stay at home any more and am disable?
does this mean there is a baloon payment in two tears?
Can I qualify for a mortgage loan without 2 years of income?
Real Estate Question?
Applying for a mortgage to buy a house?
Can a 13 year old have a house in their name?
Agent won't make offer?
how much in usa dollars would a home cost?
Can anyone please share with me what was the outcome after there foreclosure in Texas?
How is a real estate development company taxed on its profits/flipped property sales?
Who pays for Bed Bugs?
When you move into an apartment...?
Can we take out more mortgage than what we need?
do you know any good house rent website for london ?
Buying a repossessed house. A property due to be repossessed on 17/4?
Have i been a victim of housing descrimination?
Can landlords go into your rented house without your knowledge or permission?
anyone know of any 3 bedroom all one level apartments in KC area?
Can she get a roommate without my authorization if we both own the house and I don't live there?
Who Knows of cheap housing in South Carolina..Bennettsville to be exact...?
Can I do bancropcy in mortgage?
how long r u aloud to have a house guest in your home if u rent your home?
How long does a foreclosure affect your credit score?
How long does one have to pay the rent after it is due before getting penalized?
Are there any Banks / Lenders that will loan me money against a rental property?
we have got a holiday chalet on a site but no lease. can we be thrown off?
Landlord is trying to get over on me....?
what after the 3 day notice?
What state are you from? How do you like it there? What are the pros and cons?
Eligibility for housing benefit?
can you get a normal mortgage and then rent the property out?
result of draw of faridabad plots under huda held on 19 march 2007?
When You Sign A Business Lease, How Do You Prevent The Other Party From Stealing Your Idea and Kicking You Out?
How much should a 26yr old pay?
Have you ever bought a home at a foreclosure sale?
Recently house prices have started to fall. Why?
Washington Mutual for first home loan?
First time homebuying?
Anyone moving to Alaska, I have a gorgeous Log Home for sale in Ski area?
HI. my name happens to be leon l. white i'm trying to contact MARVIN ZINLER?
If my fiance is pre qualified already?
if i owe money on my home can it still be seized over unpaid medical bills?
if you own land , how much depth do you own , or is down to the core yours?
Can your landlord kick you out of your apartment n the winter and make you keep paying rent?
Shall I keep my property in CA or sell it?
Could I afford an apartment?
im really quite stressed about my housing situation?
Why is my site no longer cached by google?What does that mean?
Trying to rent with friends-1 has a CCJ?
Can we qualify for a home loan with these scores?
I was attacked in my home by strangers, I was in the icu for about a day came home and my landlord evicted me?
what are my rights as a commercial tenant with the electrics?
Having trouble getting my apartment rented?
So your own bank will let your re-fi your home with no closing costs?
texas laws on lease agreement can any one help me?
If A sells a property to B - is he bound by the following? LAW QUESTION?
Have you, or anyone you know, found a new place of residence to be less that fully satisfactory..?
What is a simple definition of "equity" as it relates to home ownership?
Is there any way to obtain a list of previous renters that resided in a duplex?
I am looking for a place to rent in shelby nc that will allow pets, house apartment mobile home etc?
Is It Worth It To Refi This Home Loan?
Landlord/Tenant Disagreement in GA?
Where can i get listings for foreclosure homes other than internet & why is it hard to fine genuine homes?
the landlord form the apartment threw away our things?
What is Trianon CCR?
How can i get into real estate investment with no money down?
can my land lord turn off my utilities if i am behind on the rent?
How can I find businesses listed by address?
how can you find out if your name is on an apartment lease? advice please!?
I rent an apartment with my boyfriend and he does not help pay for rent can i legally kick him out?
My house was almost sold until the buyers hired a home inspector. Everything was great until he told the?
can u rent to a family member in mi who receives section 8?
How I get information about prices to get a property in Chile?
Is title insurance deductible on your federal taxes?
vacation home (second home) multi family ..possible?
Where do I find ready made contracts for letting a room?
Section 8 question; my bf and I will be getting married but will seperately what are the rules regarding this?
Do landlords have to give their apartment tenants fire extinguishers in Ohio?
House for Rent doesn't have Gas Certificate?
what city has the worst crime rate???
Which one is better for investment: Vancouver real estate or toronto real estate?
Can you renturn merchandise rented from rent a center in a different state than where you originally rented it?
Can i get a judgement against a landlord who refused to return deposit with no lease?
My landlord has gone bankrupt?
SmartFit Loan from Wells Fargo Bad Loans?
when my house was built?
The smell in my flat is just bloody awful, like sewage Private landlord with agent responsible for it's upkeep?
Buyer makes an offer on a house. Seller makes a counter offer. Now...?
Lot size calculation of a five-sided property?
Can a 598 FICO prevent me from get a decent mortgage, not sub-prime?
i need a house for rent i have 5 people Living with me and i need a house for low price?
What type of loan is best for an investment property ?
What would you prefer?
Real estate scenario?
Looking to move out,anyone need a new roomie?
probate i need to get finiancing to get thru probate are there any suggestions?
How would one takeover ownership of an abandoned house?
I keep getting bills from Eon electricity for an apartment that i own but is unocupied, with the power off! ?
Brighton: Prices, Vibe & Location?
What do you check the date on before buying?
how much do you ay if sell a property at auction?
my lease is up for renewal. and the rent is lower for new tenants how can i get the same rate as a new tenant?
We have never had to pay HOA dues, now the HOA wants to put a lien on our home is this ok?
How long to "clear to close" on FHA loan?
My landlord has never cut the grass where I rent,I did without compensation, I do I approach this issue?
I told my landlord i couldnt pay my rent due to hard times i expressed I am willing to leave by sept 1 st?
How do I recover $290,000 I've been scammed out of?
How should I determine fair market value for selling home to relatives?
landlord is crazy, can i get out of my lease?
We have recently discovered bedbugs in our house?
how much do a prof,painter get per hour?
MN Rental Apartment question?
Im a first time home buyer.?
Do Banks Pay Taxes on Properties in PreForeclosure.?
Can I transfer my home into someone elses name?
Room mate question -- gross and illegal stuff?
Boyfriend wants to buy a house under just his name?
What does everyone mean by the Real Estate Bubble?
Any ideas on "renting to own" houses?
Could you help me weigh the pros and cons of moving out of my parents' house?
Can my landlord charge me for carpet replacement then not replace the carpet?
cant get people out of my house?
what is the best state to buy real estate in now?
where can I find listings for rent to own in LasVegas, nv?
home price dropped from $1mil to $635k, bank will not modify loan because payments on time, should walk away?
Rental Business: Snow Plowing - get Contract or simple quote sent through Email fine?
If I inherit a house and sell it later,do I pay capital gains?
looking to rent a room in Norfolk Virginia any renters out there???
i can't afford my apartment anymore and have to leave, help?
Who should pay? Me or landlord?
ants in my apartment. what are my rights?
I'm getting transferred but still in an apartment lease how do I get out?
Can I get out of a real estate contract. I signed for 6 months and now do not want to sell.?
How can one apply for home equity loans ?
Trying to create a plan (post mortgage crisis) to buy a duplex as our primary residence & keeping rental prop?
Where to search for roommates in the Bay area?
How do I start a real estate investment business where I just raise capital for the investment?
i got an bank eviction notic and my landlord want his rent?
Where can I find a loan to help with my mortgage payments?
If I move out, can my landlord take me to court?
what to buy with $1,000?
Am I responsible for the mortgage on my husbands' name( he passed away)?
Anyone had experience with "Homelink Jumbo Mortgages Co."? They are offering fantastic 1% Option ARMs.Scam??
What Do I Need To BUY?
common laws in renting a room?
I want to buy a house and a car, between the 2 the total is 74,000. Will the bank do a combined loan for both?
Who is better to work for, Prudential or Keller Williams?
article last month finding the value of any home on the web..what is the web address?
Questions on how to figure rent///MOVING OUT?
Any realtors out there struggling right now?
Can i find an apartment in los angeles with parking under $700 a month?
Is there any law/act for house brokerage? if Yes, could you provide the details?
Breaking a lease agreement?
If you own a house and are buying another can you take out a home equity loan for the down payment for the new
If I have $612 in total disability income and have $450 rent not mention phone and utilities with about 2 left?
How much does it cost to rent a penthouse per night?
If you are renting a home in the Dakotas and sign a lease for a one year contract for another year (new lease)?
does the borrower get the remaining money after the house has been sold under a foreclosure?
Lying About Marital Status on Fannie Mae Loan?
Housing loan problems..?
What does "no less than $20" wording mean in a lease?
Can I evict my tenant for this?
For a family of 4 how much the rent cost minimum for settlingdown in Calgary ? Pls help?
How do married couples buy a house with two credit scores?
tenants moved in four other family members can i have them removed only two of the people are on the lease?
Is it normal to cook for my boyfriend every night if we live together?
How can I buy a house?
How do laundromat owners make enough money to afford the cost of owning the space and machines?
if you buy a house with your spouse and both sign for it and one of the spouse dies what happens to the house?
Near half of homeowners in my area are selling? how about yours?
How to finance investment property with almost zero down?
my sister needs a place to live in utah,has unpaid doctor bills on credit report also low income, please help?
How hot is the Real estate market on the Moon?
Real estate finance homework cash-on-cash return and cap rates?
I have basic salary 2700 and housing allavance 2200,tottal it posible to sponcer my wife?
Underwriter asking for some "conditions"?
Housemate search dilema?
driving test info.......................!?
i want to know how to get out of lease ?monday nite two people killed in my apt nite it goes on daily?
Are homes exclusive only for 1 real estate agency?
I would like to find realtors and or Builders who need a mortgage broker?
How can I find an apartment for short term rent in Cambridge or Boston?
Builder Sold Pre-owned flat?
I plan to buy a home in September.But I read that buyers should wait for year end b/c house prices will drop?
Looking for an apartment in Jacksonville NC, HELP!?
Would I Be Able To Move Out At 17?
UK: do you think it was a good idea the government took away the housing allowance thing for under 25yr olds?
I want to buy a house eventually, but i have a few set backs?
Stupid question about apartments/condos?
I plan on moving out of the country in the next year, I need money now. do I sell my house now or refinance?
myself and my fiance are looking for an apartment while we go to kennesaw state. any help?
Safe places close to sac state to live?
Tenant Has A Felony & Want To Rent My Duplex?
I have lived in this condo for 3 years?
Downpayment for pets?
What are some good places to list your house for private home sales?
why is it on houses that have been sold the estate agent puts up a sold sign?
Mortgage Rate questions?
Can I refinance with a purchase contract?
I want a loan against my cars title?
Requirements for a FHA Loan?
landlord wants me to get rid of dog?
Apartment issues help!! ?
Would this individual be considered a squatter and what are their rights in California?
My landlord lost the key to my house?
letter to tenant explaining repair obligation?
How do u decide who gets master bedroom?
Can a second mortgage holder demand a deed in lieu of foreclosure / eviction?
Would it ecfet my moms credit in getting a place of her own if she puts her name on my lease as cowe singer?
Need some help in calculating mortgage?
What should I do about the loud tenants upstairs?
Realtors, since you got licensed, how many times have you changed brokerages?
have a question about monthly mortgage payment...?
Can anyone explain this to a 16 year old?
As a landlord what can i do here?
can you get a mortgage if you are black listed?
how to rent a decent home or apt with bad credit?
how to invest in Miami Preconstruction?
rented property, disabled vehicle, threatening to tow my car?
Security Deposit refund?
VA LOAN APPROVAL- NSF on bank statement?
What happens if I pay my FL real estate taxes after April 1st?
first time house buyer?? I need help...?
Can my mom's ex kick us out?
My offer was accepted on a house now it's been rejected buy a higher offer is that aloud?
Does the LL have to follow the lease or the state law, if it's different?
How to become a landlord?
Help with timeshare contract cancellation?
Where is the most expensive place in the world to buy property?
Where can I apply for the Tax Credit Advance Loan Program?
low income apartments and housing?
Anyone going to the 2006 Real Estate Wealth Expo in Los Angeles?
how do i go about to apply for section 8 for housing ?
Should I buy a home now in the Washington DC, suburban Maryland areas?
Apartment noise complaints?
Homes have gone up in my area, can I refinance to get rid of the 2nd mortgage and just have one?
What happens if the seller refuse to give deposit back to buyer cause buyer couldnt get the morgage?
How much should I save for a downpayment for a home?
DH is co-signer on my MIL 2nd mortgage, his brother is renting from MIL, can we kick him out?
If two people marry, one has good credit and one has poor, how does it affect their ability to get a home loan
I have been living in this for 15 years and my dad sold in how much time do I have to get out?
Can a landlord state they only want 3 people living in a 3 bedroom home.?
Legal age to purchase real estate in California?
want to buy a house in Las Vegas NV please help?
New Apartments 850N Clyse Morris Blvd. Daytona Beach Can"t find web site?
My friend is homeless and needs help finding a place. Anyone know where he can go or look?
What is the value of 16000 square feet Appartment at Vadapalani chennai?
I owe taxes for my Mobile home for last year, How to find out how much?
Is it illegal for a landlord to rent an apartment that has black mold?
If a private lender has bought your 1st n 2nd mortgage (5 yr. baloon) Is it safe to inform them of plan 2 refi
Where would I look for finance of a farm for first time buyer?
Which would cost less?
how do i make sure my mum and dad buy this house ?
what is the property tax rate for harris county city of friendswood?
Apartment Lease?
if i take my house off the market and sell to an invester do i still have to pay the estate agent?
i am interested in buying a house or a mobile home what do i need to do i am in a credit union?
is real estate prices too high in Philippines?to drop soon like America?
Can My landlord evict me if he made
where can I find Artie Moreno's (the owner of the Anaheim Angels)email address, or how can I contact him?
Can the bank come after me if I buy a house and then walk away from current house. I'm $70 K upside down.?
If I am on the mortgage, but not on the deed, do I own the house?
The John Beck scam...?
Do landlords usually check your credit history before offering a rentor a rental agreement?
Real estate agent commissions?
Private Owner Options for Apartments?
How do I go about buying a condo??? PLEASE help?
Does a owner have a right to have keys to the apartments?
should i let my tenants keep their shoes outside their homes?
could I rent my huge 75'x30' garage to a business for their equipment?
My house is set to foreclose. There is an auction date. If I get the payments current, will it still foreclose
Seller financed home and mortgage questions.?
Does a new mortgage account hurt your credit score initially?
Are you for or against public housing?
I own an Estate Agents and I want to know what YOU want as clients from us when selling a property?
The estate agent is bringing someone round tomorrow to view my flat ?
how to become a real estate agent. how much does it cost ? which is better. college or online?
My side fence came down In a storm but the house next to me is a repo for sell is the bank required to pay 1/2?
What is wrong with people?
CO - OP BOARD question ?
Is Calculus a higher level math than Intermediate Algebra?
What do I do? My maintenance men for my apartment building smoke in my apartment while I was gone.?
Can you move out of your house at 17?
How can you force the seller of the house out if they are not willing to move out on the agreed closing date?
Deposit and first months rent paid- How much can I get back?
which of the folowing banks are the best for morgages loans and credits?nation wide,hsbs or alliance-lecester?
How much does it cost to lease a pizz oven?
How expensive is it to live in Italy?
Moving in new place - didn't know someone keeps a cat...?
Can a foreigner own property in Costa Rica?
who or where would i look to , to get the name of the owners of my apt. building? (not the manager)?
I' m renting out my townhouse and wondering how much should the security deposit be? And the pet deposit?
If a foreclosed home is selling for very cheap, does it mean that is has lots of issues?
Crisis loan for rent in advance-is it for rent at a current address or only if you move to a new place.?
I have a house in Jalandhar, I have rented out the first floor of the property 9 month ago. From last 4 month?
How do I sell a restaurant/privately-owned business?
What are they going to do with the squaters they are turfing out?
We've been asking our landlord to fix our washer dryer unit, and he doesn't fix it.?
Is my lease on my rent house valid if the lease was dated " for the period of 8/1/05 and ending 7/29/06"?
Signing a blank contract help, took out a mortgage without knowledge!!!?
how many hopuses can a first year real estate agent sell?
what's life like in Iowa, down near Centerville?
Renting to a roomate and taxes?
Anyone ever heard of Network funding Mortgage company out of Houston?
Rental Business: Vacant Lot Private Sale - Finder's Fee?
Sent my rent checks to San Jose will it get there on time?
somebody told me...and i need help really fast please?
what all documents required for safe purchasing of land/ house in JAMMU,INDIA?
What should I provide as a landlord for a house to telents?
Are house prices rising at a ridiculous rate everywhere or just in the uk?
Need Help !! First time home buyer looking for direction and advise from potential realators ?
Can i be evicted from my home of 24 years?
How much do you think they could get for the Vatican?
Is it necessary....?
I am married but want to refinance my house only in my name. What do I have to do?
Bad Credit, Great Income, No Money Down- How can I...?
median house price history, santa clara county, CA, USA?
what does the new mortgage legislation in NJ say?
how can i live to be 200?
Let's say I got a 30-year mortgage for around 5.5%, if I always pay on time, can lender ...?
We are building house in india and planning to avail a loan in USA. Would it be possible to get the loan here?
how do you homestead your house and where do you get the forms?
Can you answer on house construction?
Do you have to have alot of money to purchase your first home. And I wanted to know how quickly could I buy?
how can i live in an apartment with low income and is a part time community student?
where is the most expensive real estate in usa located ?
Are landlords responsible for window covers like blinds or curtains?
Where in Utah can I get more for the money when buying a home?
Should I expect to be kept awake all night if living in an apartment ?
Buying a home please answer?
how to rent a decent home or apt with bad credit?
wud dss pay for 1 person for 3 bedroom house?
how do i rent an apartment in paris?
Is it my or my landlords' responsibility to take care of a major weed problem?
What happens next in the short sell process?
What season is the best time to purchase a home?
If a tenant gives notice, then decides not to move - who is responsible for the new tenant's accommodations?
Does the army give money to move and furnish a home?
Where do I get information of median sale price of house/ number of bedrooms, 2005/ narberth, pa 19072?
Landlord's responsibilities towards asbestos in Australia?
This guy from France says he has a house forrent over the net?
how do i find out if a property im renting is under foreclosure?
Should I buy house now or later?
Where can I live for free?
What would I do when my roommate doesn't want to pay rent?
Can asbestos be 100% removed from a house where it has been tested to be a high Asbestos explosure area?
i am on a year lease with my roommate ( lease is under both our names).?
I was injured at my rental home,is my landlord resposible for the bill ?
What to expect if i decide to rent out a room in my house?
grants for buying a home?
Can a real estate broker legally take an interest in property in lieu of commissions?
I'm closing my business. What should the sign say on the front door?
commercial land for sale in oakton, VA?
Does a HOA have the right to tell me what kind of vehicle I can drive?
Is it possible to sell a house if it is not permitted?
what does for sale under contract mean?
my rent is £65 weekly if i was to buy the mortgage would be £430 including insurance .?
buying a Mobile home but is the Mortgage Rate is it going up?
my boyfriend and i rent a house together and he is moving out due to us breaking up?
Is Elizabeth City, NC a nice town?
what price should I list my house to sell?
Are there career recruiters that specialize in the real estate and/or mortgage field only?
want to buy 40 to 50 acres at 79938 area.About how much would it cost.?
What do I need to do to include a trust fund in extra income in a pre-approvals process?
how do i go about buying my first home?
Hello, anyone taking the pre-licensing courses for Real-Estate?
My home is blackballed by the previous real estate agent who owned my home,no one will show it-how can I sell?
What steps are needed when deeding property?
How much should I sell it all for?
Moved into apartment 3 days ago. My heat will not shut off!!?
I paid my rent late this month; how likely is eviction if I refuse to pay the late fee?
Need to buy a townhouse in Nashua, NH directly from owner (no broker/middleman). What is the best thing to do?
i have about 40K in debt. my credit is not great. I want to buy a house. Is that possible?
How do you become a real estate agent in Ontario?
Seller Financed Land Sale?
Any way out of an interest-only loan?
What is the chances that i will get approved for an apartment?
should I buy a home in california?
How low will House Prices crash to?
Help! Getting out of a lease.?
Our house is finished being built, but its not what we were promised. What should/ can we do?
Help! i need three rules for being a secret agent.?
I want to buy a home in another state while I keep working. Can you have residency in more than one state?
Fiance deployed, how do I break a lease?
Where can I look online for affordable apartments to rent in Rochester MN?
When a person get a eviction notice tapet on there door from making loud noices all hrs of the night?
What questions should I ask when buying a home?
Should my landlord still sort out our problems if our rent is quite low?
Real Estate Property in Jacksonville, Florida?
Where can I pick up an apartment guide?
Do you think 9.25 % interest rate is ok for a first time home buyer?
How can I sell Worldmark timeshare without paying?
How effective is John Beck's amazing profits. How much info does his book and cd leave out?
i am thinking of selling my home should i use a real estate agent and waste 6% comm or should i try to sell it
what is the difference b/w Economic Rent & Economic earning?
Getting an apartment at 17 in New York?
What is House number of residence address for an apartment?
Can my landlord evict me for no reason?
Do ALL FHA loans require mortgage insurance?
How do I find a website that lists housing from private owners in Hampton Roads, Va (Norfolk/VA Beach).?
I have a question about a short sale?
Apartment/Condo/Rent to own house? Which is a smarter choice?
Can a single male w no kids in WA state get housing assistance if he is low income but doesnt get SSI/welfare?
On seller financing, what is reasonable rate of interest to pay on contract purchase of house currently?
Does anyone know a good real estate lawyer in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA?
what if i owe on my house mybe not good to live in needs lots of work what to do?
i need help woth my tenent?
would you help pay someone else rent ? you didn't know........?
Can "office" at apartment just come in & search you apartment?
is it a good idea to buy repossessed/foreclosed homes?
Where's the best place to find foreclosures in Macon, GA?
can my landlord do this?
where can i i find an investor on the privite side in my aera?
Should I join a real estate coaching program? If so, Tom Ferry or Mike Ferry?
what are the laws for a verbal rent agreement?
what's a good area to live in Georgia?
landlord wants me to get rid of dog?
I have two manufactured homes on one electric meter and I want to rent one out. What do I do?
How is the best way to reduce years in your mortgage without a lot of money? I don't want to pay for 30 yrs.
Can I legally move out of my apartment/breaking lease if the mold cant be cleared up?
Where can I find a sample affordable housing property management plan?
How do I report an unsafe house ?
my mortgage is $3100 I charge $1995 as what market conditions allow. Can I write off the difference as a loss?
Does my landlord's home owners insurance cover me if i get hurt at a house im renting?
Locked out of storage? What can I do?
does anyone know how to get free money to buy my first home?
Do you have to pay for a structural survey when you sale your house to a potential buyer?
Is there anyway i can get a council house?
How long for a mortgage offer?
Roomate with Air Force Orders?
Im 20 years old going to San antonio. Im in military and want to rent car for one week.?
Would you pay 1300 dollars for an apartment? per month!?
i have property in america but don't know what to do with it?
If I buy a house for $205k and it appraises for $300k, will the bank give me a loan on the appraised value?
can your lanlord make you move even though you always pay your rent on time and have had no complaints? just b
What is the most you would pay for a house?
My old landlord is requesting more money on top of our diposit after final inspection. Help!?
what percentage of my monthly income should go to rent?
mortgage rates in nyc.?
I sold something on I want to keep it?
where do I get forms and applications for varience of ufe?
how do i find homes sold by the gov. because of none payment of taxes?
Can my landlord charge a late fee 7 months later?
does a landlord who doesn't live on the rental property have the right to put up political signs?
I like to know , How long do you have before the bank can foreclose on on you.?
What happens if I stay a day or two after my lease is up?
Which bank to go with for my home loan?
Scam or not?
Is it better to buy land & have your house built or buy a house that is already built?
My apartment burned 2 days ago my complex moved me 2 another apt but went up on my rent,while im under a lease
Do I have to take out loan to buyout the co-owner (my brother) of the condo I'm living in?
should i pay off my debts, such as, credit cards before applying for a home loan?
ok all the people who were nasty answering my questions you do not know the situations?
Is it difficult to get mortgage for timber framed house?
what is the unthinkable place you wouldn't imagine yourself living at?
i got an eviction notice and was wondering what the paper means when it says.....?
is it hard to open a auction house we own a huge building an need to make money?
Cosigner and unemployment benefits. Will anyone rent me an apartment?
does anyone know about rogers springs lake community in tennessee?
How much money does the buyer have to bring to the closing in this scenario?
I need a new product to sell in Argentina Area Atlantic Coast in summer (beaches, malls, etc)?
help! We can no longer pay.?
CAn my landlord do this?
How long does it take for your realtor to show you a house?
does it cost anything to putme on my dads deed since iam perment guardian over him since he cant do anything?
What would happen if every bank closed down?
I'm a first time Landlord. Help!?
can I appraise an house on my own?
Moving Into My First Apartment, Please Read?
Is this real estate agent lying to me?
Moving in with friends, house rules?
Tenancy paperwork and the postal rule?
I'm 18 and unemployed, can I get a loan to help me with the first steps of moving out, bond & months rent?
where can i find a flat/apartment to rent in san pablo california? i live in the uk at the mo.?
Housing market in San Diego county VERY frustrating for this buyer! Why?
Orane Orangutan?
Do you think $400-500k is too much for a new home in Colorado?
My lender told me that there is an application fee?
What's it like living above a bar?
Landlord-tenant question...?
What is the name of the paper that states ownership of land right, or land. plzzz help?
How do I obtain a deed on my home?
I am not ready to buy a home, but my GF is, should I do it?
how much house room as far as square footage do i need?
is pennsylvania a great place to live?
Can my LANDLORD sue me for not paying last month's rent if we did not sign a WRITTEN AGREEMENT?
any housing(rental) houses hillsboro,il.area?
What are the most interesting urban renewal projects in Europe during the next few years?
Tenant backed away from lease?
What can I do to inspire my real estate agent to work harder to sell my home?
If you have a credit score of 750, what kind of interest for home?
2nd mtg holder is telling me i need to makeup 3 months of payment?
Do you think that this is legal?
Can you rent a bedroom to two students?
Fannie Mae Homepath and Uninsurable Roof?
Are we as landlords responsible for a broken toilet seat?
what is a deed in lieu?
i have just bought a house that was repossesed and is blacklisted how do i get the address un blacklisted??
Credit Partner For Mortgage?
who pays for the exterminator?
Is $480 a month for rent good or bad?
what is the nicest area of boston with lots to do and nice apartments?
in a rent to own situation who pays property tax?
UK How much money can I borrow?
If a tenant pays for all improvements, what is the landlord's obligation?
Can a real estate attorney contact the owner of a foreclosure house to see if they will sign over deed to the?
When should I get pre-approved for a house loan and with what institution?
is real estate agent the way to go??
what to do about sex offender in california if you have sex offender appication?
i rent a property and i have windows but they do not open is this legal?
My lease is up on our house and I want to move out when it's done?
How much would you put an offer in on a house that is on the market at 160,000 pounds?
Indiana Landlord Questions?
Help with housing for a 17 year old?
I'm looking for in North Carolina basically Kinston, Greenville area?
What is my best (and legal) option to lessen taxable “profit” on the foreclosure of my “rental property”?
You have $1000 in your pocket no job no home and no family to lean on. What do you do?
Can a person from the UK buy a house in America without holding a Green Card?? Any Tax implications on salary?
About 7 months ago I rented a house , and now need to get out of lease .?
Is it very difficult for us (a bf/gf) to purchase a house for the 1st time?
Have OK from management co. to sublet adjacent office but can't locate leasee..?
Can a california resident with a 577 credit score qualify to purchase a home?
I'm renting a home & the owner wants to sell?
Can I get any shop on installment basis in lucknow, Gorakhpur,Faizabad all in Uttarpradesh, INDIA.Pls help me.
how does owner financing work in texas?
Should I wait to trade in my truck if I am going to be buying a house in the next couple months?
Can a stranger open your apartment door without permission?
I'm scared living alone in an apartment ? ?
Buyer Agents who make an appointment to view a house being sold w/o their clients, is this a red flag?
Mortgage: Cannot get pre-approved with good credit, but no history?
Is it legal for a landlord to tell other tenants that your leaving???
How can people afford to buy houses in FL?
I am getting a divorce, and have a settlement coming. Need advice on renting or buying home?
Where Can i find private landlords in york?
Renting - need advice?
I want my tenants to leave, the lease has been terminated, but they are refusing. on what grounds can I evict?
what are the steps to follow to create a lease agreement?
apartment financing?
How can someone who is on disability income ,w/poor 2 no credit credit,get a home loan?
building 100% self sufficient home little cost?
looking for a income-based, very low income apartment in Alameda county california.?
What is the full forms of 'bhk' which is now used in describing the Flats/Houses?
I plan on going to community college in the fall and wanted to also rent an apartment???!?
Should we drop the price on our house?
Are there any apartments in my area that do not accept children?
Can landlord give 3 day notice if he thinks you have to many occupants without proof?
how do i find map of my land in cumberland county?
would my apartment manager hire me as a leasing agent?
Is it possible to live off of $12,000 a year?
i'm considering renting a house but owner says bathroom outlets don't work. is she responsible b-4 i move in?
Is buying a house with cash BETTER than via a mortgage ??
Anyone have good luck with selling there own home?
what would happen if i cant find the deeds to my house when it comes to sell it?
$180000 mortgage what would my monthly payment be at a 30yr fixed 3.75% with very good credit?
Student housing rules?
the best proft the mortgage paid in full?
Why do apartments charge application fees?
can you live in a house your selling?
I use to rent this building for a restaurant that my family we closed down and left our things there?
whats the first step in buyin a foreclosed home?
I want guideline value of land in chennai city area wise?
people who own more than one house create homelessness! why can't they use hotels?discuss..........?
can they check youre credit for section8?
How does an 18 year old proceed in buying a home?
18 and ready to move out! Help please...?
Where can I find the law that prohibits builders from forcing buyers to use their specific lender? "steering"
where can you find the best result for room for rent?
My landlord is refusing to accept my cash rent payment because a good majority of it is in one dollar bills.?
Notice period at the end of my tenancy?
Do you have to have a good credit history for section 8?
Please i need advice! About landlord wanting to tow my car without any cause!! Can he do this?
apt search between sunnyvale and south san francisco?
Does anyone know of any good deals on commercial property?
Shall I buy a home in Toronto?
how much does credit matter when renting?
Who's fault is it when a building is encroaching on another's property?
whats the first step to buying a home after you've found the one that you want.?
as a landord am i responsible in fixing a bathtub that the tenant broke?
Will a landlord let me rent a room?
What is the best way to finance a hobby farm?
what is the cost of building a house per squer foot in woodlandhills, california?
can they charge me a late fee of 75 dallor because my my rent was pay after 5:30 pm?
Would a church rent me a room for a $50 donation per week?
I am in the process of buying my first home, what are some things I need to prepare for or watch out for?
How do I get my first month's rent + security deposit back from my landlord before I move in?
Can I legally break my lease if dangerous poisonous spiders and insects are infesting my rental home?
What is the best area in Las Vegas to live?
if you have really bad credit how much will a lender require for a down payment?
Roughly, what the cost be to move to an isolated house in the countryside?
My lease expires, I am in bankruptcy, & need cash to move - how long does it take to get evicted?
Can our landlord evict us for no reason?
i need a real estate and mortgage transfer.?
How can I kick out my tenant?
anyone else used countrywide soliciters?
Running costs?
Guidance value or fair market value of the property or Stamp duty value of property in Bangalore?
What do we do if my roommate leaves without paying the rent?
If someone swears/signs an affadavit in front of a notary and lies, is it perjury?
What does Halo Halo, taste like & where can you buy some in Northeast Texas and more that I have no room to ?
My landlord asked us to change the utilities into his name for tax purposes, can I get in trouble?
is there free information about no money down realestate investment?
Is it necessary to obtain a building permit for a single family dwelling in Pulaski County, AR?
Tenant/landlord dispute in Ga?
can a landlord evict you in 15 days?
How to determine closing costs on a mobile home?
i am on a lease with two other people?
Is there anything I can do to make a new landlord more likely to accept a dog into their house?
I was approved for a home loan but need to come up with $30,000 for a down payment any ideas?
Parking on street in homeowners association neighborhood?
chances of getting approved for an apartment with bad credit + no credit, first-time renters?
Does the minimum lease payments include the contingent rate ?
If my Appt. needs a repair, will it be taken from my deposit?
Sublet Agreement ~ reason for concern?
Is there anyone out there who has gone through foreclosure and what if anything would they have done different?
How do I get a credit check for renting a house?
how much would you charge for rent?
What is an encompass file?
looking for a vacation home?
What is a satellite auction?
Will A and B, who started the expired one-year lease, be held responsible?
I have a legal question about rent increases?
Can a 17 year old move out of their patents house without permission as long as they continue going to school?
What is intangible tax on a mortgage and why is it a debit to the buyer, on a Real Estate closing statement?
I've got 3 college girls who want to rent my house, but they say they want to pay individually, whereas I want
How can I find out if I am eligible for a home loan?
Even though we have signed some papers can we still back out of our home loan?
How do you find out who the owner of a certain house is?
good areas in welland,ontario?
Rules & Regulations to rent out a property?
If I move in with my girlfriend, how much rent will we have to pay?
why are mobile homes/manufacture homes so cheap?
how to write an apology letter to your neighboors?
Is this a good price for an apartment?
I need a realtor's opinion....?
What is a fair rate to pay a realtor or real estate broker for the sale of a property in cape coral florida.?
DH is co-signer on my MIL 2nd mortgage, his brother is renting from MIL, can we kick him out?
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