Real Estate

how do i get out of my lease?
can u just leave your real estate agent your working with if your not happy?
What are the odds that cops will send dogs to my apartment?
If I'm not a bank or creditor can I still get a collection agency to go after someone for a debt they owe me?
How can I locate a H.U.D.foreclosures house in San Diego, Ca.?
DO realtors lie to get what they want from the buyer? Please be straight with me. I feel sometimes like our?
Real Estate?
What agency do you contact to obtain contact info for realestate owners?
California 'Short Sale'. After close of escrow, can the 'seller' stay 3 more wks ('buyers' request)?
how many people should live in a 3 bedroom house?
Single mom looking for help to buy a house in S. California.?
Can they evict us in 7 days after Payment Due?
What are 2 bedroom rent prices like in D.C.?
Salary Range for a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator?
How to obtain and buy foreclosed homes in PA............I also see no money options for home buyers.......?
I need some ideas of a new filing system to log whenever each renter pays their rent, ours is very outdated.?
I have a question about backing out of a verbal agreement with a realtor.?
I just read about it and can't find it. It's like a goodgle search to check out your home's value, starts w/ z
Should I sign Quit Deed?
What are some nice and cheap areas to live in New England (not CT)?
There's an apartment complex in SC that my sistaer wants to buy. How do she find out who owns it?
I need to know how to get in touch with Wabash Leasing LLC, located somewhere in California. Please help.?
How does a hike in interest rates affect those with interest only home loans?
In a foreclosure i would like to know something?
Home Inspection Okanagan where do I find?
Living in Durham Region in Ontario?
Cheap places to live outside New York City?
What parts of Chattanooga TN should be avoided when buying a house?
How much does the avg. home inspector charge...where can i go 2 school to become 1?
Would I qualify for Council Housing?
Could this be a scam?
Where can I find a small home to rent in the Interlochen MI area?
Rental Business: Handyman wants me to pay him before I even check work, before I see apartment?
If my landlord intentionally concealed a known flea infestation from me can I sue or am I entitled to anything?
When buying a home, what is the first step? Do you see a realtor first or meet with a lender first? Thanks!?
what is the best month to sell my house in vegas?
203k question FHA Mortgage?
Is there ANY WAY to find forclosure/property auctions without paying fees for the info?
TEXAS no hot water, leaking ac, other problems MOVED IN 2 WEEKS AGO!!!?
Can anyone explain to me what express path financing is?
Is it really a good idea to refinance?
Im trying to move into an apartment and they want to know if i've commited a felony?
Can we get a home loan?
Any way to sell a small estate without going through probate?
i have called my landlady 6 times, and sje doesnt answer! i wanna move out?
rental properties in jensen beach florida?
who is responsible for paying for repairs for VA loan approval, the buyer or seller?
What is the legal time when foreclosure proceddings are in place that you have to come up with the money?
My roomate wasent paying rent for two months and ask her to leave but she hasent pay me yet?
Should we get approved for an apartment?
Can i take over the house and put it in my name?
How do u get of a co-mortgage.?
How di i find a house or apartment with no job and a baby on the way.?
what should i do about my roommate situation?
how do i get a broker license?
Can you get a mortgage allowing you to bid on a foreclosed property?
how much does it cost to live on your own with a roommate?
Which is a more realistic city to move to?
Can i get my rent deposit refunded?
I work for an estate agent. I have just sold a house, Nice bit of commission. What have you done today?
When applying for a mrtg it's worse to have a lot of debt that no down payment right? Just wanted to check.
Can I get my reimbursed for my rent?
moving back to apartment where i broke lease?
what is the real estate market like in Foley Alabama?
if i'm a renter, is it my responsibility to insulate the house?
How can we get out of this lease?
looking to talking to people doing business or living in Pattaya thailand ??????
how do I find out who actually owns the apartment complex I live in...not the L.C. name the individuals.?
UK: do you think it was a good idea the government took away the housing allowance thing for under 25yr olds?
What is a cash for keys negotiation?
How are average house prices in the UK calcualted?
what is the worst that can happen if you default on timeshare property?!?
Is it trespassing if you enter a newly made house?
i have a legal question. is it ok to rent my house out to other people if the bank has a lien on it?
What is the minimum credit score you can have to rent to own a condo?
i am looking for a month to month motel in san diego?
im from india and my family is going to settle in uk ? can u tell me which place in uk is best to live ?
Anyone know how i find out companys that buy your house straight away, without the need for estate agents..?
I'm looking at a house that is built in brick is this a good insulator?
What does it take to buy your first home?
Is there a way to close on this house with the lien on it?
my landlord is threatening to kick me out my apartment due to my 2yrd old son running over his head.?
does my landlord have the right to forbid the installation of a/c units?however i pay my own electric bills.?
How do I pay for an apartment?
Why was I charged extra money for Escrow?
question for a conveyencer or solicitor?
My Brother has died and I live in a house he owns with a mortgage, I am 78 and do not want to be evicted.?
What should we know before leasing our church property for use by a charter school?
can we be evicted from a rental property?
I want to owner finance a house that I own. Do I pay the taxes and insurance every year or do I have the buyer
Any recourse for fake smoke detector in apartment?
I need 2 know about d.i.y. conveyancing?
tax sale homes list?
How do I buy property and sell acreage from it simultaneously?
Restrictive covenants?
tips on reducing bills such as electricity/gas/water/TV/council tax,?
Will I have a hard time finding a decent apartment to rent in Florida with a previous eviction on my credit?
Does anyone know of any cheap Apartments that takes people with BAD credit?
Is 24000qr enough monthly Salary INCLUDING HOUSE.Can i bring my parents who are 60+of age in resident visa?
My landlord wants cash only for rent, is this all right?
My parents want to buy a home under my name. What should I do?
Unemployment and Foreclosure, Connection?
Timeshares from RCI. Is it a good investment?
my rental property will be sold on the steps of the courthouse on aug. 7. what are my right?
Is anyone famliar with stone work in mobile homes?
USA: What are the chances new owners will keep graduated income rent levels?
How much do I pay a Real Estate Agent??
Rented an apartment, but stuck with a mortgage?
Is any one need of Furnished Apartment for Rent in Chennai (INDIA)?
How does a land contract work?
We have bought a "short sale" home that appears to have gone into foreclosure. What does this mean?
owner financing deal? good or bad?
would discrimination be considered if the landlord agrees to rent to the tenant over the phone, telling the te
What rights would ma partner have of our son when wee split up?
What Oregon city is the best real estate investment?
whats the average age of a first time home buyer?
An industrial building of 11,000 square feet cost $370,500 and the owner wants a 12% annual return on the?
How does cash gift work on buying a house?
I have found several parts of my lease agreement that are completely illegal... what can I do about this?
How much profit does a homebuilder expect/need to make from a (example) $100,000 home being built.?
is there anyway to breAK our townhouse lease?
How to deal with a slumlord?
If Dow drops 300 points is it best...?
question about a home morgage and interest.?
Where can we get a 35k mortgage?
What is real estate?Then which is false estate?
how to do mortgage loan prcessing?
What is the difference between Single and 1 bedroom apartment?
How much should an apartment cost in LA?
Is a reliable and accurate website for looking at home values?
who chooses the title and closing companies when purchasing a house in Florida: the seller or the buyer?
What is the average closing time of an FHA construction loan/mortgage on a hospital?
where can i find land to build a house on?
What's up? Miami in the house?
How to get into real estate in NJ?
Apartment rent write off?
is there help for a low imcome family with kids to find help with housing even if the father is employeed?
Looking for flat on rent in Chennai so that both DLF IT park and ambattur industrial estate r rchble.Pls help?
what are my rights if i give someone life estate?
Question about buying a house?
What's is going to happen next?
How much should I charge someone to park their RV on my property?
Are we wrong for wanting our landlord to do more for the home we're renting?
Can your land lord kick you out?
What if I skip a mortgage payment?
Is this a realtors scam or legal....?
Does anyone of any decent apartments in the Indianapolis area?
I have an option to purchase agreeement to sell my house, I have now sold it on my own, can I legally do this?
value of 1988 mobile home 2bdr.?
Mortgage Down Fall?
I am a first-time homebuyer and was wondering what the 6% seller concession is and how it works?
When a home is foreclosed, is the homeowner reimbursed for the amount of money that was payed into the home? ?
Is she my friend?
Accessing my property across a farmers field.?
My apartment in greenpoint brooklyn's being turned into condos. Is it wise to buy and try and flip it?
Hi my address is blacklisted what to do?
My tenant just told me her dog had puppies.?
Can i buy a house without a credit card?
only allowed to see one Real estate agent when looking for apartments?
Is this mortgage fraud?
what would a down payment be for a house that is 51,000?
how old is the empire state?
Would you rather..?
Paying bldg superintendent something extra when moving in?
savings for mortgage whats my best option?
Can some one explain Hud Dollar Homes?
Landlord tenant liability basement flooded, my insurance wont cover loss?
Zillow -- MLS Question?
home loan : check list india?
Anyone knows anything about Walton International?
What are the best cities in America to invest in real estate?
How much should my roommate pay?
Which one of the "oranges" in NJ is the best to live in? Also, is it hard to find good daycares there? ´H?
I have a Question About a Pre-Funding Audit?
Fair credit, good job, large down payment, good enough for home loan?
If stated in your lease that you have two parking spaces can the landlord tow your car if you park in them?
My landlord is demanding me to pay more than the deposit that i put down at the beginning of the year. Legal?
Refinancing help...what is a better long term option?
How can my dad avoid selling his house?
What exactly is a "partition" and how does it work?
Is it better to move to Colorado or Alaska?
how much is rent or buy wher you are?
How many names should go on an apartment lease?
My roommates are
can you predict my future????
How do i remove my sister's name from the deed of our parent's old house?
Can someone give me information on The Hope Now Plan?
looking for a 2 bedroom apt. in hesperia ca.?
If I have a date of feb 21 to get my re fund will it be sooner?
finding a place?
What would you do if you were in my shoes ....seriously and realisically?
I'm looking at a house for sale and seller is willing to put in 3% towards closing costs, what can that cover?
I have a flat in my name on company lease facility.Can my working wife can take another flat also on rent in s?
I'm a new home owner with a variable rate, should i change to fixed?
Who came to my house?
what is the best site to get an accurate home value without having to register or provide personal info?
If a house is paid off but behind on property tax, can it be foreclosed or seized? does owner get change back?
Is it legal for a landlord in McKinney, tx to ask for proof of immigration status of potential tenants?
How can I get a car back home after buying it?
I just got a new and better job now I have to move and can't afford to pay off my lease any one know how to
How/Where to buy small amounts of land? (And I mean small)?
Is the landlord responsible for couch cleaning?
With the economy the way it is, is this a good time to buy a house?
Estate Agent claims flat not clean, wants to deduct from deposit?
I need leads for 100% financing on apts and lots in California and New York.?
can I mortgage my house through a foreign bank.?
Does anybody know how I can get an email address listing?
What can i do to get out of my Lease?
I want to move into a new house?
Planning a move to Texas and would love advice on renting. Please help!?
looking for a legitimate mortgage broker home based business?
what is the going rate 4 painting. sq.ft price?
how do you mortgage on a piece of land? what down payment is required?
Does any one know a lender that deals with extremely low ficas or with bk's not discharged?
where to live around the glen allen, va area?
How low of a House offer can I make?
How old does one have to be to become a building superintendent?
Can you buy a home with zero money down?
would like to get free website logo from the net?
can my upstairs neighbour hear me tossing round in my bed?
Besides paying the break the lease fee is there any way a person can move and be accepted into a new place?
i live on an unadopted street .the council have sold land at the bottom to a builder.?
Average cost of living in suburbs?
who were all property owners of 106w main st,Shelbyville,Mo.?
Is it possible to get a mortgage on a home that you already have a home equity line of credit open for?
Can my letting manager take 2 Weeks rent and not let me live it out?
Should I take the flat?
looking for private rental flats in boldon colliery?
Are there any haunted houses in california open year round?
Does anyone know of a free or low cost karate /kenpo dojo and/ or Boxing gym in NYC?
Does a lawyer need to specifically have to be licensed in real estate to represent a buyer of a home?
Can you buy a house without a down payment?
They lost my 30 days notice - small claims court Az?
How to force flat mates to break Tenancy Agreement?
How long before I have to move out?
I want to hold income property as a trust. How do you set one up on the cheap?
Government housing assistance for a single person trying to rent a apartment?
i am currently renting a flat, which has just been put up for sale as vacant possession? what does that mean?
what is a partition suit?
I want someones stuff out of my house?
What are good LEGAL reasons that can be given to a tenant if you decided NOT tor renew their lease?
how did you get started flipping condo's?
does anyone know how much an apartment would be in the dakota new york?
remortgage valuation based on market value or price brought for?
how much does a rent for a small appartement cost in your city/town/state(and which is the city/town/state)?
what happens to a house that was bought...?
If you rent your home and pay to have pests professionally removed, can you legally deduct that from the rent?
What price house would I be able to comfortably afford?
an independant field inspector came an left a note?
Is this unreasonable of me?
my employment was verified 7 days before closing will the underwriter call to verify again?
Does anyone have any info on getting grants or loan to replace windows in an owner occupied 3-unit building?
is my apartment condemed?
Is it easy to buy hud home?
I'm thinking of buying a house, what are the options other than a full structural survey?
How much should my roommate pay?
how long are house closings?
Saw a house for sale I liked, how would I buy it?
Good website to find home for rent in London?
After a studio apartment near Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles California would the next step if i am?
Where should I move to?
About how much money should I have saved to buy a house?
im on the mortgage/deed, not the loan?
Should utilities be turned on prior to renting out our rental property?
How much should I spend on a house?
real estate my friend has a house can they sell it without her knowing?
where can i find out how to set a price for my house i am going to rent? i want to make a lil money at this?
What questions should you ask when looking at apartments?
What's the actual cost of living in New York vs. a Southern City such as Dallas?
Landlord moves my stuff during inspection, is that okay?
How are leasehold improvements treated after the expiration of a lease?
how do you buy a home in Georgia?
I am retired and looking into LIVING in Tahiti NOT VACATIONING; I need info on apartments, housing, money, etc
A woman has 500$ in her bank account if she deposits 50$ every week, and she doesn't take out any deposits ?
does skrillex enen have a house?
How do I get a loan for a residential house in a commercial zone?
What do i do in my situation? I feel lost and scared and do not know what to exspect?
me and my boyfriend want to get a morgage loan to buy a hose but think we cant afford paying loan back.?
Home equity loan denied. Any advise?
How many Square feet is your house?
Co-signer on a Mortgage?
Apartment flooded, just moved in 6 days ago.?
What's the best way to find an apartment in San Francisco?
whats the monthly payment on a $100,000 mortgage as a rate of 8 1/2% for 20 years?.?
In an Authorized Guarantee Agreement for a lease assignment, Will I, As T1 be liable for costs?
my ex and i broke up i year ago but he still lives in my home and wont leave no lease help??
How long does it take for your realtor to show you a house?
Do you pay rent if you live at home and your parents claim housing?
It's been two months since I moved out of my last apartment, my landlord has not returned my security deposit
where can I find free landlord documents?
Does burying the St Joseph statue helps selling your house or properties faster?
Me and my husband are thinking about buying a house is it okay if we pay full asking price.?
We have been looking for a house but I havea few questions?
Where can I find a copy of a standard residential lease agreement on the net that is specific to WA?
Graduated Income Rental Apartments & Sale?
Almost 18 and could really use some advice on guardianships,notorized letters,and moving out?
I am buying a house on San Francisco Bvd 95820. Really nice clean neighborhood but not sure of the are as a wh?
Any good Apartment in Cutler Bay, Miami..?
what is the hourly rate for a service agent that works at Avis Rent a Car ?
What should my mom do??!?
Does anyone know of alink to a site dealing with the design of tree houses as actual homes or lounges?
Is it possible to have a co-signer on a home mortgage?
Poor credit home loan for smaller than usual amount?
can some one tell me the site for private lisciencing for landlords and their lets.thanks danny?
What is the best home exchange site for my house in Los Angeles for a house in UK?
Will I get my deposit back???
How long does it take for the seller (bank) to sign?
how is the cost of buiding materials affecting construction of new residential houses?
I am buying my first home. Asking price is 109000.00. What should my first offer be?
Is it better to pay 200 month more rent for a larger detached condo, or stay in the same place with less space?
What are the options if HUD now ownes a home that was forclosed but the previous owner had a lien against it?
How to refinance the existing house?
I'm looking for a 1 bedroom flat in Chandigarh for 1 month rental. Please advice on contacts. No realtors plz.?
rental property security deposit?
how does a bank repossess your house?
What are my rights as a renter with no lease?
Would this be my deposit from my house?
Does suicide affect joint tenants with rights of survivorship on a real estate deed?
Anyone knows if "Assumption Kits" are true and if they work?
hello i own a mobile home in s.fla 3/2 i currently have two roomates one is making my life hell how to evict?
Is there an age limit on Hotel Rooms?
Does buying real estate (home) in the Silicon Valley really pay off?
complaining about letting agent?
I am currently trying to rent my house because selling it will cost too much however, I won't be able to get..?
How is insurance handled in co-owned properties?
How does the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers work?
If a house is listed at $69,900... what is a reasonable offer?
Garage conversions bad for the neighborhood/value?
Question about renting an apartment.?
When selling a house . . .?
I have a real estate question?
My housing officer is annoying me!?
UK ONLY PLEASE... will house prices rise again anytime soon?
Signing a tenancy agreement? No specific details on contract?
What is the minimum amount I should have for a down payment on a Home loan of 170,000?
Rental business - give an investor I know my property manager's number?
What is the typical pecentage points that a realtor charges to list a Home in Cleveland Ohio?
Residential Application Form Help!?
How much should I pay for a house if my limit is $75,000 but im also buying land, hooking up...?
any realtors out there that have scripts or worksheets that they use for obtaining clients on floor?
I want to leave my apartment, but I have almost 8 months left on the lease.?
Want to buy a home but no credit what can i do?
what expense comes with buying a foreclosed home?
My husband, myself and my six children are being evicted from our apartment?
what is the appraisal price for a 1994 colony mobile home 2 bedr 2 bath great condition?
We're eligible for a VA home loan. Is it really that good, or is there something better?
list of property owners in Lamar county georgia?
i need a 2 bed with a 1-2 car garage home in Las Vegas for 900-950 a month in a good area available aug. 1st?
Which bank offers the lowest interest rate for mortgage refinance in California?
How can I sell the house by owner?
is gas in homes only used for heating?
What happens if I sell my house and I have owned/lived in it for less than two years?
Can a bank release acct information?
notice of dismissal of all action?
Which room in your house or apartment do you like most or you spent more time and why?
Rolling tenancy agreement question?
how do i find a forelosure specialists in so cal for a mentor without any up front cost?
Can I break a lease due to construction noise? Indiana?
Just bought a house (5wks ago). There is a leak in 2nd flr bath that the home inspector did not catch.?
how old do you have to be to rent an apartment?
Marriage, mortgages and debt?
Can I back out of this house sale?
how can I be trained as a a loan officer (real estate)?
Can I sell the appliances in a house I am renting that got foreclose on?
How do I know if my realtor’s cheating me? I can’t afford a lawyer.?
What are the amounts of Sec 8 housing vouchers for a single person in Riverside County CA?
bank owned home question.?
Pay rent in cash?
How long would it take to afford a 600,000 house?
Per AZ law, can an apt. mgmt co. evict a tenant as repairs are needed yet offer no help to move me for 5 days
How long must I wait till I can goto court?
Is it trespassing if you enter a newly made house?
Timeshare resell?
Will I have to pay capital gains tax?
Selling my home and need advice?
property on market 6 mos and bank owned would like to low ball by 100,000, would that be acceptable?
Is anyone else struggling to get onto the property ladder?
How much do people expect when they move into an apartment?
How much would cost to build a duplex?
As a new real estate agent, What are the best methods to get clients?
How can I get the list of all the duplexes on sale in Montreal?
a name for my house?
How low is too low of an offer when buying a house?
how do you negoitiate a short sale with a bank on a pre foreclosure property?
I have a short sale coming up in October 2009. Will I be able to stay in the property?
Why is real estate becoming so expensive?
What are my rights if my room-mate is arrested?
Real-estate mogulism?
On February 1, 2010, $100,000 was paid for four-years rent on an office building;............?
do i need notice before my roof is worked on?
i have a tenant that is living in my upstiars apartment, doesnt wanna leave and has no contract what do i do?
is now a good time to buy a house?
how do you add a person to a house deed?
who ownes that house?
I requently change jobs, moving from state to state. Any recomm on renting informaton?
I am looking for a house with a realtor and I signed a 'buyer's agreement'. Was this the right thing to do?
is it possible to secure a loan using an annuity for collateral?
how to choose a lender?
where is the hottest home market?
can i get help with government housing assistance?
I want to live in my RV to save please?
Donald Trump's name is on many properties...but does he still own them?
What is the approx rent for 2 bedroom, unfurnished house/aprment in Frankfurt city (close to schweizer platz)?
came home to find estate agent showing new tenants around my apartment??
i have just discovered my landlord has no planning permission do i still have to pay rent?
Do real estate ajents make good money?
Does the former tenant have claim on vegetables left in garden?
Has anyone ever presented a Rent To Own offer for a house for sale without using a realtor?
What questions shoudl I ask? What should we look for?
what do i do about a landlord that goes in when i am not home?
My friend told me apartments would let you out of a lease, if buying a house. Does any one know if this is tru
Do I have the right to ask for my electric company to stop/cut my electricity at home?
Can I legally have my name removed from my mortgage that I share with my husband.?
i need a template of a contact to owner finance a house?
how much does it cost to u-haul your stuff from Tempe A.Z to Lee's summit M.O? Any info would be great?
I rent my home month to month and have no lease i have been a good tenant and paid rent on time and have proof?
free rental lease forms?
My landlord says I won't get my deposit back but I'm entitled to it!?
Is it illegal to look through someones trash on someones property? My husband and I are debating if it is le?
If father dies and left daughter house property and his name is still in deed will they send her property taxs?
were can I get a mobile home loan?
Land lord wont do anything about cockroach infestation?
My freezer doesn't work,can I get the apartment owner in trouble?
Are oral contracts valid for transfer of real estate in California?
How much can we afford in rent?
Utilities in my name?
Do you think realtors are paid too much?
real estate listing mls #158247?
Looking for a two month rental south florida december and january preferably delray beach area.?
How much a month do you pay in electricity in jacksonville FL????
Question about countrywide payment?
im 25 and make $30,000 a year and still cant afford a morgage. When will the prices be low enough to afford it
I am 20 years old. I want to buy a house within the next year. What should I start preparing for?
If someone takes a short sell position,who then is forced to buy this security at a price above market?
Mortgage information UK?
Is there a way to get rid of your house if you can't sell it?
"how can you add someone's name on a mortgage with out it costing money?
Single parent on benefits, housing benefit advice?
how to keep unwanted people from buying property in your condominium?
what is rate of circle area in Paharganj for registry for residential house?
where can you obtain your credit check for free?
Is it possible for Apartments staff to...?
Is it mandatory that the landlord pays the water of the apartment he's renting?
Ebay sellers - Planning to sell £400 Phone on ebay from hong kong what value should I declare on custom form?
if a house has been vacent for 10 years has anyone the right to just move in????
Can I get an apartment rental agreement if I am leaving my home for forclosure?
whose is resonsible for taking care of pest control landlord or tenant?
what is a 1031 exchange?
can i take moey out of my escriw account to oay a mortgage payment?
I am looking to buy my first home. I have a wish list and I've been doing research. I'm looking for insight.?
im trying to sell my house independently,any tips about the best way to do it?
Does anyone know what the laws are on 6 people sharing a 3 bedroomed house?
i live in a rental home the air conditioner stopped working landlord wont do anything about it what can i do?
Can I truly buy a home with poor credit?
Real Estate ? do I remove myself from joint home loan in uncontested divorce?
What are my rights as a renter when it comes to Automatic Rent Withdrawals?
Can HOA dues be placed in escrow as a protest against the board/management company?
how can i sell a town house without a realetor?
What site do i go to to apply for a house loan?
how do you compute for equity in real estate?
the in's and out's for landlords who rent to people on housing benefit?
need totaly free find a room-mate service for Toledo ohio area 43528?
Can I knock on a stranger's door ask to buy their house?
How do you go about refinancing your mortgage?
If apartment leasing agent told me to lie on application?
if a 18 year old with no job is kicked out of the house how are they supposed to survive?
How would you efficiently rent strollers?
Leasehold condo list price is $150K with maint of $525. Do I pay off the loan + maint until loan paid off?
Is there a way to get 100% financing on a mortgage with bad credit and still get low payments through a VA loa
I want to know about farex, and could you tell me about a good agent?
nervous for moving out..?
What does your credit score need to be when buying a house ?
Can a landlord come into my apt and take one of my possessions if i am late on my rent?
if im emacipated at 16 with a child can i get on section 8 housing?
Where do you live?
Can you approach a homeowner that recently took there home off of the market?
Help! I need to get a home loan and my credit is classified as "Poor"?
How do i find someones phone number with their address?
Will I have enough money after mortgage/bill?
Backing out of a home purchase?
can anyone seriously tell me the advantages and disadvantagesof renting/or buying a home?
Rent to Own - Is this too risky?
Why havnt i recieved anything from secton 8 housing since interview ?
I live in Arizona with my boyfriend, we are both on the lease, can he kick me out?
When renting an unfurnished apartment, what are the most important things to buy for it first?
What did you hate about your last Realtor and What could they have done different to satisfy you?
Pls help!!!!I might be moving out soon and in June I noticed some dents and black marks on the wall and I ?
disability income, want to buy a house/cando in CA anyone in the same boa t and want to split ?
how do I find a builder that will buy my home?
i have just got a council house and they are nocking a flight of stairs out?/?
As a landlord of a paid off home do I need to have a homeowner insurance policy?
is it still possible to buy a house for 40,000?
how to find out if my wrapped mortgage is legal?
Are there any requirements on the house for an FHA loan?
Roommate refusing to leave apartment?
i have about 40K in debt. my credit is not great. I want to buy a house. Is that possible?
What is difference between HOME and HOUSE?
If my power went out while i was gone and food spoiled,should my landlord reimburse me for the food or...?
How do I find a lost parent in the LA Calif area? My mother has not answered any phone calls or called in days
Apt walk through tomorrow, need advice?
The house I rent is in foreclosure the owner is filling chapter 13. The first time he did a loan modification.?
If my landlord knocks on my door without any notice & I have no reason to see him,do I have to open the door??
what does m1-2 zoning mean?
Are "lease with an option to buy" traps?
Any suggestions, advice or cautions from those who've used a VA guaranteed home loan ?
My landlord sold the house i am renting my lease is up in september can she give me notice to move before that?
does anyone know which loans you can have a non-spousal co-signer on, mortgage specific?
Living in someones home and not paying rent?
Is it fraud if someone signs a real estate sales document as a single person when they are actually married?
signing a tenancy agreement is legally binding so why am I being asked to sign one before even having viewed?
closing costs?
background check for an apartment rental?
In Florida: How can I evict squatters from my newly purchased home if I don't know their names?
why it would be tough to be an appraiser during a period of high interest rates or low interest rates?
How much should land cost per acre in Rural Minnesota?
When renting an apartment...what do creditors look at?
How Do you find out Who Owns A House?
What is a commercial ground lease and what happens to the bldg. I pay to construct at the end of lease?
is it safe to buy property from a sheriff's sale?
Did I miss my rent check deposit date ?
Will it be hard for me to get a home loan?
do you have to pay a realtor to show you houses?
Whats the process for building a home, in general, but if you have info on santa cruz county it would be good.
What will be the rent for a good apartment (2 or 3 BR) in Mumbai within 10 KMs of Tardeo?
Again, how to tell my girlfriend she should pay half the rent and other expenses?
Is there anyway around the no DSS rule?
home loan rate option?
Do I need to get title insurance on a piece of land I just purchased?
Does my landlord have the right to tell me i cant have a dog in the house?
Homeless and council housing- where do we stand?
Is it legal for a realtor to show an occupied apartment?
Is there any help for me moving out of my house..?
If a person has a home equity line of credit with RBC in the US, will it be paid for when they die?
I'm closing my business. What should the sign say on the front door?
Where are the best areas to buy a home (as an investment) in the US right now?
may I become rich in real estate from 0 this year, tell me how? I need ideas and facts.?
What are the general duties of a leasing agent?
Please settle this argument: Someone with a credit score of 400 and a 25% down payment?
How should I go about selling a subject to?
can i deduct any points even if i did not pay points on my first home purchase ?
where can I find an affordable home in the US or one of the islands near the Caribbean?
Talking to mortgage broker?
Can tenant be held legally responsible for replacing a 10 year old appliance?
how do i find where a person works with his social security number. i have a judgement that can be collected?
My credit score is 507, 517, and 535.?
first time home-buyer tax credit ($8000), and we have to return the money if we sell the house within 3yrs ?
How much does a good home cost in Sicily?
Is a $50 electric bill normal for a one bedroom apartment?
Will this type of income information be enough to convince a roommate to accept me?
Is there a difference between a solicitation of offers to sell, and a letter of interest?
where to duplicate condo door access proximity card?
real estate,flipping houses,income property?
First time home buyer. How much will the bank loan us?
where can i find a notice of petion to evict in ontario county NY?
What can my elderly friends do with tenants from hell in Southwest Missouri?
what is the difference between home equity loan and home quity line?
Electrical problem with new home builder not willing to help?
On mortgage application form, what does the "Dispensing Notice" mean? It says sign if applicable?
can I break my lease because of other people in the building fighting?
Is it possible that EMI of the house can start after we get the possession of the flat in bangalore?
Next door neighbor has vines growing into/on my property.?
If your apartment complex has a no pet policy, can having a pet be cause for eviction?
Rent Increase?
What does MortTaxEx and HmTxEx mean on real estate mls listings?
Am I going to have to pay capital gains on my property that I have owned for 20 months in California?
Beauticians renting space on a week to week signed after 4 months.?
Can I bid more than 10% below asking price for a new home and be taken seriously?
Do most rent managers cash the rent checks on the day the rent is due?
loan on agricultural land?
when you buy a house and u own it and dont have to pay a mortgage. do you still have to pay taxes and?
Who is in charge of utilities payments for commercial real estate?
What Do You Think The Explaination Is Rezko Obama Buying Property Side by Side?
want a house but husband's ex is ruining his credit?
Trying to get tenants into Building?
Can a contractor put a mechanics lien in a homeowners house who refuses to pay final bill?
are landlords just allowed to come in my home in PA without notice?
Private renting in west sussex, surrey area on housing benefits no admin fees?
In a flat with 3 floors, which floor is it best to live on and why?
Help with bad landlord/apartment in Texas?
military breaking lease in california! help!?
I live in an apartment complex in Michigan that charges huge late fee's on rent. (over $120.00) Is this legal?
which is the best real estate investment option in Delhi NCR?
How do I find out which bank owns a house?
can I get my housing back from las vegas housing auth.?
what are some lake/river side communities in north carolina looking to buy a house?
Which house would you choose?
What does it take to buy a house in today's market?
I'm looking to find out what I can do to possibly go after the person I bought my home from due to some repair
I moved into my rented house on 1st February and this is my last month in the tenancy - when do i vacate by?
if you are thinking about buying a home soon but you have cash on hand is it better to put it in the bank ?
Apartment keys/intercom systems for apartments?
Isnt this the listing agents fault? thx?
find info about PA real estate advisory services AKA Providence Alliance Burbank CA 91504/ BBB? / valid co.?
Can a family of 7, the parents and 5 girls under 6 be denied to a trailer park if its only a 2 bedroom.?
Can my landlord refuse to renew my contract?
Are there Brazilian organized crime gangs quietly moving in on existing mobs in USA?
How long can they hold an apartment after you make a deposit. ?
i need to see a budget and how it is set up for rental property?
What is cheapest accomodation on monthly basis Calgary downtown innercity CAD500 or below rooming hotel.?
The house im renting is for sale, can the realtor put their sign up anywhere on the property?
can i qualify for the first time home buyers credit if i am buying the home from my father?
Does seller have right to see appraisal done for buyer's bank?
find the owner's equity for a $141,250 house after 10 years if the term of the loan was 30 years at 9%(12).?
What does it mean when a building goes co-op?
what is the lowest fha loan amount just guessing?
Preparing Construction pre-liens?
I have a 5 year lease on a restaurant and my landlord has an auction planned for Nov. 17th? Can she do this?
HELP! Where Should We Move To!?
My Mother left me Her house which is paid off, It's worth at least $400,000.00. I have horrible credit.?
What does it take to rent off a house?
What is houses in france?
I am looking to buy a house. My credit score is 796 but from only one bureau and that's not enough to get a?
Why do people list their houses for more than they're worth?
I'm from NJ and want to move to VT. I love Middlebury to Burlington, any suggestions?
Realestate agents? Are you the one who is supposed to find the lender or is the buyer?
What is the minimum a person needs to earn to be considered for low income housing?
how much is utilities if rent cost $800 a month?
Where in Manchester I should buy 1st FAMILY home? Looking for upcoming area, must be close to Uni's, £150k max
how do you buy a home in Georgia?
Opinions needed please ?
Best site for bad credit home loans(purchase)?Husband had HeartAttack,I don't work-you do the math-credit sux!
what does substitution TR mean. This is a real estate question?
how much does 197,000 square feet cost in us in average ?
has anyone invested in an tennants in common investment?
Is rent control really a form of social control and/or exclusion?
How can I find out what the average person makes doing a certain job in my area?
What time do you think its "LATE" (calling the police)?
I am a single mom with a credit score of 630. I want to buy 1/2 acre,then build later. Could I get financing?
Can my landlord do this?
What actually is Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance(MRTA)?
if your apartment manager is not straightforward can you notify all the other residents?
what is lowest interest rate to re-finance for 15 years on home loan?
I live in Bangor Maine, have shelter plus care, and need a place to stay.?
Law about sharing rooms?
what is the real estate tax rate for 60628?
what is a short sale in real estate and can you really make money off it?
How can I find out who owns a certain home? Is it public knowledge and if so, how do I find out?
1st time home buyer needs answers?
Why are flats in New York so cheap?
Husband's income and wife's credit history for joint mortgage?
My landlord wants to make us pay for a utility bill when our contracts say we have a "all included" rent?
I know some real estate agecies charge no finders fees on apartments but what is reasonable if you must pay?
what state is the best for forming a LLC in regards to investment properties?
A rental lease agreement?
How do I go about getting my Real Estate Licence?
i live in an apartment complex and someone i know showed up at my house unexpectedly not a friend not anybody?
RESPA and escrow account balance?
questions about moving out?
How can obtain a list of foreclosure properties in Australia, South Australia in particular?
Should an apartment rental application require your mother's maiden name?
Is there a UK property search site like Zoopla etc for UK commercial property - rental rates & value?
What would you do if you had 86,000 dollars?
What is the most you can earn and still qualify for 1st Time Homeowners grants?
Can I transfer shares of an NYC co-op to a family member without going through a real estate transaction?
Manhattan Kansas Lease to Own?
When someone takes a bridge loan, when do they get a more permanent financing?
Trying for a home loan, in underwriting for about 3 weeks, what does this mean?
Homeowners, if you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?
Real Estate Agents - What is you funniest/craziest story about people touring a house?
Landlord issue. Please help!?
Which part of Singapore do u think live is best??
WORST Buyer Broker EVER Real Estate Question *Points for Best Answer*?
If I can't find a business in BBB should I do business with this company?
Will FL studio slow down my computer? Where do I buy it and is there a good guide?
can anyone tell me how to find out who owns a house that no one is living in?
Will there be any repercussions if we walk away from the mortgage we've been paying for someone else?
Can an apartment keep a cancellation fee if you decide not to cancel?
Would you purchase a condo or a house?
My apartment has bugs or something?
would you send a close relative in residential care or look after them at home.?
Who knows about Georgia lease laws?
Landlord turns over house to bank?
I'm a recent grad in Graphic Design & am moving to T.O. soon, how easy is it to find an affordable appartment?
How do I know when is it the best time to sell a property?
Can you live in a small apartment earning £4:50 an hour (full time)?
How can I get addresses of apartments is a specific area?
Is it a good time to buy a house now? in woodbridge va, if not when..?
would i be able to obtain this kind of mortgage in L.A, California?
What are some good apartments in Indianapolis?
restaurant for sale?
What is the best online website for doing a background check on someone?
i am thinking of getting a condo. How do I find out more about the hoa?
If you had half the money for a down payment on a loan for a house, what reasons couldn't you get a loan?
Who is financially responsible for costs incurred by an adjoining apartment infestation?
I am a Real Estate Appraiser Trainee who already has a supervisor. I want to go work for another Appraiser.?
Lien Vs Foreclosure?
Can i live in a converted shippig container on land i own without planning permission?
if I have 20% down to put on a house, is a conventional loan better for me or FHA?
is there a way to get help for gov. grants, without paying for a program or software?
how much does credit matter when renting?
should a home buyer have a separate real estate agent than the listed agent and who pays that?
Job programs that help pay for housing?
is high prices in bay area justified with salaries and inflation?
How much should you pay a real estate agent?
What areas of Fort Worth are nice and safe? I am planning to move there next year?
Can I keep this tenant's deposit? Colorado?
is it ok to put more than 20% down on a house?
Is $35,000 a year enough money to own a three bedroom home in Chesterton Indiana?
Get out of a lease if they lied about the move in date?
Wan't to move but don't know where?
how can i do a title---deed search myself?
What information do I have to bring to a annual section 8 meeting?
Can i hold my landlord responsible for damages caused due to faulty plumbing?
If your rent is too above market value, can you renegotiate?
DFR Affordable Housing. Is This Website Legit?
neighbor keeps slamming her car door into mine, what should i do?
if there were no asymmetry in the info that a borrower & a lender had could there still b a moral hazard prob?
lease agreement expires in 28 days. signed new agreement for another 12 months but I now only want 6 months?
can i act as a landlord and rent one of my rooms out in my rented house?
Do landlords really care if more than just the leasor stay at a property?
Does anyone have experience with modular logs cabins?
I need the address for a Appraisal Agency in Kingston jamaica?
Landlord refuses to repair something that's his responsibility? What steps should I take?
Mortgage Loan from Chase?
Where is a good place for teenagers to live?
Has anyone lived or know anyone who's lived in college grove apts on schafer in detroit if so how are they?
Renting one house and buying another?
Where can I find a list of property to rent through private landlords?
What would happen if someone parked there car at a rented house that wasn't theres?
neighbours want us to remove fencing on our boundary so they can get access- Do we have to do so?
Would you buy a house right now?
Can a rental agreement be falsified?
What is the best way to send papers overnight from state to state that won't cost too much?
Where can I find a list of homes for Rent in Susquehanna, PA?
Needing to remove name from mortgage...?
Can my Landlord Kick me out of my Flat?
How can i break my lease before i move in if the landlord refuses to fix the house?
How much is this house worth by looks?
Our landlord broke our lease?
Trying to find a nice neighborhood in Norfolk, VA.?
I"m a carer in a residential care home?
house reference question?
Buying a Foreclosure home?
What city in wisconsin has the most pets?
I am looking at manufactured homes in CA, I will place the home in a MH park can I use a realestate Mortgage?
What is the deal about purchasing a foreclosed house?
How many days notice to give landlord on a year to year periodic lease?
Ambiguous Lease Agreement--Who Should pay for Utility if Party responsible not listed on agreement?
How does being added to a title of a home affect getting a loan for the house?
resale of a house where a family sells it to each other?
Looking for 1 BHK apartment in Chandigarh.?
rental certification letter?
You can buy a home with no credit with 20% down - right?
Evicition notice? How much notice needed?
Do I qualify for a mortgage?
Can someone help me decipher this into simple terms?
Our new tenant is complaining about ants in the house.?
What is a corporate owned home? And is it safe to purchase?
I have a real estate question?
I have a high mortgage and a loan I cannot get rid of,who are good mortgage lenders ?
i am a summer intern in ny looking at living in the ues. comments on the 96st and lexington neighborhood?
i want a office space rental form agreement?
Would I be able to live comfortably if I was an architect in Cape May, New Jersey with a salary of $79,000?
Is three people enough for a two bed apartment?
I am 21 years old and have owned a business for 2months...i make around 15k a month gross...can i buy a house?
Can i request another trailer Home?
What is Site Approval?
I have been finding mold in my apartment?
why would anyone buy a home they couldn't pay for????really people now we all have to pay for this!!!!!?
Any one know about subidized housing in bucks county pa.?
I have recently bought a house,when i moved in the bath had a hole in it.?
Where should I call if my landlord whom I rent a garage from Stopped giving me bathroom access?
Was I Charged Unexpected Pro-Reated Rent?
Apartment Lease Question - Satellite Dish?
just cusrious to know if the uk government is doing or has plans to do anything about the high rent prices?
Can my land lord automatically warn us that if we put Christmas lights on, she'll raise our rent money?!?
Question regarding tenant rights regarding contractors entering the property?
Unique (and frustrating) condo dilemma?
What's it like to be a Real Estate Agent?
How much will I get for a home loan when i make 3000 a month? credit score is 700?
DC Real Estate Market forecast?
How much should my income be in order to afford a 3 million dollar home in San Jose,CA?
Credit score, medical bills and apartments.?
dress code for real estate classes?
Flipping houses?
About how much is the PMI on a house priced around 250K?
How do I sell my house quickly?
Where in Queens can I find a house with its own yard?
$60k salary AFTER taxes? What price range of house could I afford?
I Need Help Finding A House For Me and My Roomates?
Why is it bad for a relative to sell you their house for $1?
I owe more than my house is worth how can I get out from it?
I'm wondering if i can get a 100% home loan with a 569 score?
I won $3000 on the pick 4. Does anybody know how much their going to take out for taxes?
Did my landlord break the lease?
what government applications do they have on enternet that helps with rent assistance that i can appy for emid?
Can my mortgage lender sell the 2nd when I after I request modification?
Mortgage approved then withdrawn at the very last minute for no apparant reason - Scotland!?
What are the recent home sales in Broken Bow, Nebraska?
My brother and I want to get a two bedroom condo together. Can both of us combine and take out one mortgage?
Mortgage lender will not lend more than the home's appraised value...despite sales agreement $5000 more ?
Will we get approved for an apartment?
What can I do about my landlord?!?
How many square feet are in an acre?
what if you are one member out of many in a oil lease and you want to know your part?
How much should the offer be? Have a picture?
Ex-roomate issues... Need Help, who is being lame?
what are the tax implications of a lease with option to buy for the seller?
I want to know about property rates at som sarovar, Nainital? Does anyone has any Idea how to find it? Help?
Im a new realtor with my first buyer.?
why wont the council give us a new council house?
How much time can I get in postponing an Eviction Notice?
question about real estate?
do I have to take my house off the market before renting it out?
can a landlord do that?
Can anyone give me a hug over the net?
Can I demand the property management company to transfer us to a new unit?
Get out of a lease if they lied about the move in date?
I ahve carried a jewlry line for 10 years my lanlord tells me I cannot carry it anymore.?
Apartmentmate sharing his room; how do we split rent?
If somone gives you power of attorney are you responsible for all there bills?
Can a Cash offer stop a pending offer on a home?
Do I have to pay taxes on rent I collect on a rental property I own?
How much would I have to be earning to get a mortgage for GBP£132,000?
My ceiling fell in in my rental house last night. No water damage. Who is liable for this?
5 Day rent demand notice?
without payment of due maintenance , under section 125crpc revision is not maintainable delhi high court?
How to get a property threw dss?
"as a tenant without a lease can a landlord just kick me out how much time does have to give me?"?
girlfriend uses boyfriend's and his income to help secure the equity she had in the home before she met me.
who can explain this sentence to me?
Hello I am 17 years old my parents have bad credit to the point they can't own apartment. How can i get an apt
How many square feet in an acre of land ?
Am I required to leave my home when my landlord shows it?
I wish to break my lease how can I and still get my security deposit back?
To do a short sale on a home how much will the bank lower the price?
A state law which, for example, gave some defined group of buyers an extension of 5 years on payment of home m?
Pulling out of renting a house?
we live in rented property,my mums house is her own.i do not want my husband claiming some of it if we split.?
can someone explain to me what would be the organizational structure of a real estate agency please?
How can I find commercial biuldings for rent or lease in the mid or east michigan area?
I'm moving to a new townhome In about a month?
Asking too much for this home?
What happens when you are served with papers for forclouse and you do go to court. Whar are your options.?
how to issue a home built?
Elizabethton Tennessee - or any other good small towns to move to??
Can you help me finding a tenant-please?
compensation for delayed completion of flat in Kochi..?
can someone provide with a clear and simple explanation of an aggregate adjustment (mortgage loan)?
Im being evicted?
Anybody know of a relatively safe place to live near UIC in Chicago?
If applying for SECTION 8, and you sign that you have $0 income, will they deny you?
can someone give me a pencil search appraisal on address 2700 n.e. 56th court unit 1a fort lauderdale 33308?
how to find out when my house was built?
What is a real estate referral associate?
can i move from council house to rented accomidation?
What is the best way to locate condominiums and townhomes for sale in the local surrounding area?
condo versus townhome?
is 300000 kb excessive time on an Iphone?
What are the dos and donts of buying a house on contract?
leasing question? adding roommates?
What is a realtor?
We sold my father in law our boat for what we owe on it before filing for bankruptcy.?
Were can I buy an electroejaculator?
The house we want to buy has high radon levels. What to do now?
Can a real estate company withold commision to agent on sale if u quit the company prior to closing the sale?
land contract houses?
Landlord NJ has accepted my family Back Rent,for Jan.Feb.then went to court to file for a eviction by Lieing?
If I buy 40 acers in California can I build a diy cabin skipping building codes and permits?
My Landlord wont give me my bond back. Can he do this?
Hey, Who owns all the land?
what does it mean when the rental board terminates your lease?
can i finance my my down payment for my home loan?
looking for a way to find current employers to collect on civil judgements for unpaid rent?
is there any reason why a real estate seller should say that the income is less then it is?
Can you refinance a mortgage with a credit score in the 400's?
What rights do I have as a renter?
PROP MGMT: How do you work out how much each tenant pays in operating expenses in a multi-tenanted building?
Does anyone know what happens when you break a one year lease on apartment?
Is there a way i can satalite a house back 5 months ago ?
Would you like answers to your real estate financing questions?
I married my husband in 11-10 and his house just went into foreclosure. I just bought a separate home in my na?
Do you think it's at home??
Apply for a home loan, questions they ask?
Would you ever buy your childhood home?
I am thinking of selling my home will i have to pay any closing cost?
If I buy a house to rent?
Legal advice needed regarding rental property!?
Is 400 to 530 dollars alot for a first apartment?
How does a FHA 203k loan work?
why would an insurance claim on my 2nd home cause my homestead insurance to go up?
What is the difference between a condo and an apartment?
Is there a law against a potential home buyer that backs out after the given 10 days?
how do you find out who owns a property?
Just bought a house, there's a roof leak that the seller didn't disclose.?
Will I get this loan?
Are landlords in Ontario, Canada obliged to paint tenants' apartments every certain number of years?
What happens if sale price of house does not cover mortgage pay off?
Personal mortgage at first, how to pay back and go conventional?
My boyfriend moved into my apartment and we broke up but he verbally agreed to still pay rent.?
how can i find out how much my parents house is worth?
I own a buy-to-let property, can my wife's son legally clai housing benefit to live there?
Moving out, buying stuff, gradually or all at once? ?
New housing developments?
Having problems with my building super?
flood damaged homes - should i buy one?
what is .5 bathroom? .75 bathroom?
What's it cost to move out of home?
price of title insurance in NEW york?
Outside of the United States, what are some of the best Real Estate markets for buying right now?
Im the buyer, my husband is the driver?
how do commercial real estate brokers who negotiate building leases calculate or earn their commission?
How do I know the proper rent amount to charge my boyfriend & how do I break it to him?
i have no job but i do have money to put down on a cheap house or apartment?
Guarantors when renting an apartment?
what are the best parts of brooklyn and queens to get an apartment?
Can I be evicted or can my apartment complex take my dog?
Can I qualify for another home loan?
Can anyone tell me a company that lends money for french leaseback properties?
Why does my downstairs neighbor blast her stereo every time I vacuum?
why does the stock of low-income housing has decreased in the past 30 years?
I have signed a rent release almost two months ago and did not receive a copy.What should i do?
renters guests tearing up the house?
If i have horrible credit, and lose my house where can i live?
Avg rental for a Studio Apartment at Delhi?
My real estate agent is never available to show me houses, is this normal?
Where would I receive a copy of my property Deed?
ok this is my question..My husband and I separated, not Legal Separation I got my own a my own at .apartment.?
is the price of a new house negotiable after signing the contract?
Is "bait and switch" practiced by some Realtors?
how do you buy a foreclosure?
I prefer secular reduction in lending rates with a cut in the base rate?
On an apartment application they are asking for my checking account number. Is it safe to put it on there?
Which word is correct (sell or sale) in sentence? See this before it goes up for sell or sale?
We have one land near Choolaimedu around 750 Sq feet area. Now we want to construct the same as a house.?
what is the Libor index rate currently?
What are the most important things to think about when buying 1-3 acres of land to build a house on?
want to rent a house in Midland, Odessa or Big Springs, Texas 3 bed/2bath preferably?
What happens if I pay less in rent?
houses for sale carlow?
is someone interested in real-estate business?
will a mortgage company remove fees if you choose to sell your home instead of going into forclosure?
Can you give me your honest opinion?
Is there a difference in getting a home loan through a local agent or online?
can you be evicted from your apartment in north dakota during winter months?
Im 21 years old. My rent is due and I dont have the money....what should I do? HELP?
Can my landlord demand a pet deposit after living in apartments for 6 years?
Eric Estrada infomercial neighborhoods.?
Any opinions on Grandview Gardens Apartments in Florissant, MO?
Changing a Lease Agreement?
how much should i offer for the house?????
When refinancing will loan balance be higher than payoff balance from bank?
My land lord shut off the electricity without any notice?
I have been with the same landlord since 2000 and he has never raised the rent on me...?
Where is the best Apartments??????? I need one?
Debt settlement program & Mortgages....?
I have a nice couple renting my home and they have gotten way behind in the rent . I have worked with them but
What comes first, the property or the property manager--if I want to purchase rental property???
Is the landlord insane?
Can I make a will to leave my house to my children?
how do you figure out percentage for apartment occupancy?
I want a house!!! Any advice?
Land Cheating by the name of a trust SRWHCS.?
I have a bad problem please help..?
Can I sue my neighbor for moving expenses?
I own land and I have numbers to look up location?
how do i explain how LHA works?
Renters Rights having problems with landlord?
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