Real Estate

Is $350 dollars a month of rent cheap?
Failed lease agreement with my sister!?
is gazumping legal?
I need sound legal advise on a real estate purchase?
what should i sell my home for?
If selling your own house and are having an open house should you be there?
loud noise and music?
Want to buy a home, what are our options?
Apartment leasing in Florida?
do you have to pay electric and gas bills etc. when you rent?
can you tell me a list of websites in the uk which sells caravan and camping parks?
Can your house be repossessed if the equity is much greater than the outstanding mortgage?
Anybody know of any good Mortgage brokers in Richmond VA?
will the jobcentre accept statements printed in branch or does it have to be home address only?
.Decesion making can be made at any level of management but the types of decision vary according to the level?
Guidelines? FHA to Conventional refinance - purchased 3/2010?
How much savings do u need to buy a house?
who do i complain to about the building department, related to apportionment's ???
Where can I find out about new mortgages in the UK?
Any advice selling my house without a realtor?
What role do breakers have in providing electricity to an apartment ?
selling my house?
When buying a foreclosure, do you have to evict the tennants or does the loan company?
How much to charge for house sitting?
Buying Short Sale property. Week before closing. BofA changes rules and we may not have a house.?
what is 30% of 8,000?
How much is monthly maintenance % on condo's in new jersey usually?
FHA home loan. Do we qualify?
Reverse Mortgage Question?
What is a triplex home?
How do you flip your house?
If a limb off a tree in your yard falls and damages property on a neighbors yard, whos' insurance pays?
legal rights of tenants if landlord is illegal immigrant?
how do you stop a neighbor from building his property up so high that its going to flood my house when it rain
Is there a map to which is council house and which is not?
what should i do now?
Can I let a property to my sister?
I have a different kind of mortgage for a first time homebuyer loan. Will I still get the credit?
Unable to get refund on a "How to purchase foreclosures" as promised. Ord'd online, seen on tv.No call back.?
can anyone give an estimate the cost of enquiries?
husband an i bought a house in 07. im only on title do i qualify for 8000?
13 year old in an apartment?
Why do people think that all landlords are extremely rich?
How do you become a real estate hard money lender?
Is buying land and building a home ok @ this time?
My sister just got her realtors license. can I put this on fb?
What website do you go to, to buy territory/land in Maryland?
How to be a mortgage broker? How to buy up mortgages and make money?
Roommates not paying rent?
I want to buy a castle?
What can young couples do about soaring houseprices?
I am a woman on limited income in Irvine. I need a 1 bd apartment in Irv or Tustin? How can I find?
My landlord did not return the security deposit? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
how would i find who a property in New Mexico?
What are the most desireable areas to live in Colorado Springs, CO and what areas are to be avoided?
What is a "Gsr Mtg Ln Trust 2007-oa1" and is there a phone number and address I can talk to someone about this?
What is the best way to get an ex-partner off of a mortgage and deed for a home you bought as a couple?
Is a landlord entitled to enter you home and then take photographs of the interior without your permission?
I Had a Fire in My NYC Building, What Happens Next?
As a tenant how can I find out if the house I am renting is in foreclosure?
What should my annual salary as a Real Estate Property Manager be?
Are there any new programs given by the Government to aid home owners with falling homes value?
Good long term 10 years Tenant asked about his tub?
I want to move to brooklyn, please help guide me, i am on a tight budget?
Is widely advertized buying tax lien houses and apartments and foreclosures really a hoax?
i have maufactured home for rent what would you ask for rent?
My apartment just fell apart. What do?
In Ohio, can I break my lease if I do not feel safe in my neighborhood?
how long are house closings?
Who is and what do you do?
Help. i want out?
My grandmother, who rents my spare room ?
How to go about lowering security deposit for apartment?
I'm a Broker and cannot attend a showing with my client. How do I allow them to view with another broker?
How is real estate looking like in the FORTH WORTH & SAN ANTONIO area?
What is the limit for jumbo mortgages in FL?
anyone know anyone have a 2-3br single family home for rent in san francisco and owner also accept section8?
What is the average cost to BUY (not rent) an apartment in Europe?
i bought a building for school there is tenants there can i avict them because i need it for a school?
real estate in salton sea, ca prices?
Can a landlord use your deposit to replace a scratched cooker?
Is it legal for a non-US resident (Swedish) to own land in the US?
Is it normal for a landlord to have a copy of the keys to the house we are living in?
If you was a Land Lord.................?
Should I rent a room or studio?
Can I afford to move out?
what form do i need to file if I clean houses ?
I really want a house like this does it have a name?
I want to move out of NY to IDAHO any advice?
Rental income, what I don't understand?
On forclosure can they forclosure your home only behind 2 payments.?
Help I might be homeless (New York City). I need advice.?
loud noises at apartment complex?
Can I be locked out after a new lesase agreement?
My landlord has been entering my apartment without notice, can I sue?
will the council still house you if you are homeless even if you have rent arrears?
who has the cheapest renters insurance in california?
Facing eviction in Hillsborough county Fl. Is the there anywhere I can get some type of emergency loan.?
When a house go's into foreclosure do they send u notice of it?
Can I charge a brokers fee?
Advice from a landlord if possible please?
I am renting a 1000 sq ft apartment with oil heat that is shared amongst the other tenants.?
how can i starting right now with nothing or little step by step become millionaire then multimillionaire?
best mobile between 11k-15k?
can a landlord clean out your apartment 4 days before my lease is up?
Should I pay my month notice?
where is the cheapest place to live and just bum around for about3 months mexico but where?
I have bad credit I am looking to purchase a home what can I do?
Which school is better for Real Estate brokers license in Charlotte, NC?
Me and my family I try to buy our first house?
Where and how can I find out history about my house?
What is a decent amount to pay for a first time home?
Breaking an apartment lease early?
I want to get into realestate investing. Any suggestions on how to do it with little out of pocket cost?
What about property value?
How early should I look for an apartment?
Can someone provide a detailed job description for a mortgage loan processor?
will mortgage rates ever go back down?
How often do HUD back up bids get accepted?
how much would i have to make to afford these apartments?
home grants?
How do i split a 4 bedroom rent with 5 people?
Should I buy a house now?
Does anyone have an apartment for rent?
what is a good website that i can find apartments at?
what percentage of tax is witheld for property gain if you lived in the property for less than one year?
i need a good property solicitor in yeovil somers?
list of real-estate agents e-mails in orlando florida?
To buy, or to rent??
do you have to be a real estate agent before a broker?
my landlord gave me 30 days notice to move out?
Do you think 2013 is a good time to sell my house?
we need punchline & Slogan for Real Estate Consultancy?
I run an apartment complex, what tips can I use to rent more apartments?
I own land and I have numbers to look up location?
What is the average rental cost for a one bedroom apartment?
Who Do I File A Civil Suit On For No Felt Paper Under The Shingles?
No early termination clause in rental agreement?
what type of lease is this?
What will be normal property rates the rates in United states of America in the 2020's?
Why are some landlord's totally unreasonable?
what are homeowners association dues?+?
selling price for 3035 park dr. brighton mich. 48114?
my rights as a tenant?
Paid off mortgage...6 months later no deed.?
How to buy a home when broke?
Can my landlord refuse to renew my contract?
Is private landlord's obligation to allow tenant quiet enjoyment enforceable in Singapore?
Can a landlord change the locks to your appartment with out you knowing?
I'm trying to find a house for rent in Pflugerville, Tx?
IF YOU OWNED A POOL, and someone left a baggy on your door and inside of it there were:?
How can i claim the abandoned house next door to me?
I am receiving small amount of housing benefit but my mum wants to downsize and sell her house and she?
can I purchase points to lower my mortage without 20 % equity in the property?
How do I find owners of land plots?Tried locals,council,private companies to exspensive any idea's?
Any organization in Gloucester County, NJ that pay back rent?
where do i get a sample termination of lease letter for my tenants?
I was just approved for a short sale my 2nd loan was sold to a collection agency I need help with letter.?
can u have 2 gas /electric bills in ur name in the same county/state?
my daughter rents from a private landlord.?
if you have a bad rental history in one state will that carry over to another state?
Can apartments refuse to rent to you if you have bad credit.even if you are willing to pay a full year upfront
I bought a couple of properties in Florida exactly 1 year ago. Sould I refinance or sell?
Can a landlord keep my first month rent and deposit if I choose not to move in?
Any one know were can I get MLS search IDX for cheap in Houston, TX only?
How long does a house loan take?
Did you get help with your 20% down payment?
Landlord says he gave me 24 hours notice...?
My tenant has agreed I can keep his deposit. How can I do this with the Deposit Protection Scheme?
HELP I'm house sitting?
Why would someone sell a house appraised @ 56k for 20k?
have property prices fell since march 2010?
can my friend get a mortgage for me without her name on the deed?
Rediculous situation... does he have a leg to stand on?
Is my land lord required to provide a reliable location to deliver or mail rent payments?
Whats the easiest to find good mortgage leads in a slowing market in AZ?
how does one get council housing and what are the requirements?
If you were interested in buying a stock &could ask an all-knowing stock wizard, what 3 questions wouldya ask?
Am I responsible for a house lease which has not yet started?
My landlord won't return my calls, or reply to my emails?
If I buy a home with a co-signer and get a home equity loan?
Moved out of state with Rent-A-Center item, but still want to make payments?
is there anyway to get history about a house online?
job offer from Ny life i want to open a property manangement company which should i do ?
Can anyone suggest a GREAT Real Estate Co. to work for and why? Thank you ahead of time for your input.?
Rent a billboard for one day? Or week?
Where can you find section eight houses in greenvile, sc?
I own a house and rent it out, but the rent doesn't cover the entire mortgage, and I have fallen (see details)
Can I break my lease?
would it be possible for me to look after the management of the block of flats in which I live?
How long do I have to wait to buy another house after a short sale on previous house?
what can I do to sell my home?
How do I find recent purchase prices of a time share, Marriott Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge?
i have a apartment question?
Credit check by letting agent?
i have a morgage and truck loan with same bank can they default on my truck loan cause i cant pay for house lo?
can I walk away from a second home with out affecting my primary home?
How far in advance do I need to give the Property Manager I'm leaving?
My neighbour has had a satellite dish put on the side of his house which is now hanging over my property.?
Is it a good idea to rent an apartment that costs $1,700 a month?
Renting on dss could anyone plz help?
What is the best source to find houses for rent in the city of detroit mi.?
hey ummmmm is weschester in new york or pennsylvania?
condo, house, or apartment?
Mortgage Calculator or advice if possible?
can you live of of 40k a year in denver.?
Are sellers still paying the buyer's realtor fees?
I have a MA Real Estate license but I am not affiliated with a Broker. Can I legally accept a referral fee?
Anyone familiar with credit retreiver and evictions?
how many months in arrears can a mortgage lender action repossession against your property?
I need the names and contact info on companies that buy houses asap?
Does anyone know of an understanding nonconfirming home lone lender in Queensland?
Is there someone who is financially well off who assists people with a personal/private real estate loan?
Where would I look to find out who owns a property if I have the address already?
i have requested since november for my apartment maintenance to repair my dishwasher can i buy one and deduct?
My parents have been renting a house for about 25 yrs and they just found out they have to move out soon.?
Does 1905 Parkwood Drive, South Saint Paul MN have a monthly pet fee? Parkwood Estates. (Minnesotans Who Know)?
I want to move out before my tenancy lease ends,is it ok? uk?
Is it safe to buy property in Bangalore through them?
Water issues:new home?
The home my friend is renting is being foreclosed what happens next?
Help,Does Anybody Know Of Any Good Apartments In The Hollywood Area?
Water leak damages, what precautions to take?
Can you please help me with this vulture real estate agent?
do you need good credit to lease a motorcycle?
can i buy a house with my income?
waiting time for short sales in Baldwin park ca?
what are the dangers of a reverese mortgage?
i bought a land & the title is already been transferred to my name do they still have the right to cut trees?
In MA, if the guarantor on a commercial lease is now retired and lives overseas ,are they still held respo
Can my landlord's wife break my lease?
How can I track the progress of a foreclosure. I've been to foreclosure sites but I can't find the address
Am I liable to pay re-letting fees if no repairs were done and my apartment was unsafe?
NYC will not subordinate its position on my mortgage. I can't refinance my mortgage unless I pay NYC first. n?
Is it possible to live off of $12,000 a year?
how much should i charge for rent in my house?
i need a private flat to rent that accepts housing benefit in aberdeen?
are there certain real estate agents that deal with va loans?
My landlord(s) are driving me crazy! Help?
looking for franchise mortage broker to open new branch?
we just signed a 3 month contract on a house to be built, contingent on sale of my house & financing.?
Should I buy a house that's on the same street as my parents?
who owns the single most real estate in the united states?
Am I supposed to get my realtor a gift after closing on my first home?
do real estate agents have to wear suits?
rental lease question?
Would you buy a house that someone got murdered in?
I have three babies and we are living in a rental unit that I can say is "unlivable". How can i get out?
Is it expensive to live in burnaby and other areas around vancouver?
I would like to move out of my current home, and into a better one?
Will the bank send me something to complete my 2008 taxes after a foreclosure?
What can i do if mother title of the land is lost?
when buying a property should i be notified of future building work and by who?
Who put into law that the Military has the right to move out people from their own land?
I'm looking for a guest room for rent with family oriented people. Are there any in Orange County,Calif.?
I have a tenant I am not happy with. Do I have to offer them a new lease, when the current lease expires?
Forcloser - Commercial Loan?
I want to refinance What is the best mortgage rate available?
What is the best repayment option for young first time buyers?
does anyone know how to find income based apartments in sacramento Ca?
I gave my tenant 60 days notice and she accepted but I think she will not move out on the date we agreed on?
my local council know I have a illness but won't move me?
is it better to invest in another house after selling your principal residence?Any tax benefit?
What is the best way or best places to look for cheap property to renovate?
home value on zillow?
Just looked at, applied for, and put a deposit on a loft-- then the leasing agent changed the rent terms.?
is selling and investing in real estate a good idea?
Are there any sites for apartments in Tampa?
If there is guaranteed housing in ireland where do you apply?
How long are closing papers good for when you sign on a home equity loan?
afordable section 8 housing?
Can I sell my roommate's things?
Need advice on what to do with this house...?
i have applied for a loan with a company and paid a legal fee, but i never recieved the loan?
Real Estate Broker License course?
Tenants Wont return key?
Do I qualify for low income housing if I am pregnant and my boyfriend makes minimum wage?
can my landlord charge me a full month rent as a damage deposit?
Why is the selling bank wanting to wait until after our closing to pay the contractor for repairs?
should my landlord be giving me reciepts for paying rent in cash?
can a landlord make up their own rental agreement?
I'm 18 years old and I want to eventually start a real estate investment firm. I need funding.?
bought land from city 2 yr filed 1 yr they gave wrong deed now they have right deed can we keep land on wrong?
is a negative loan good or bad and how exactly works?
Can your landlord raise the rent anytime that they want during the term that you have signed your lease for?
In the context of property law and acutions, what does the term 'passed in' mean?
Where is some good websites where you can see nice but used single wides for sale in your area?
What state do I sue my tenant in?
Worried about multiple families in neighbors house?
how to work as a loan officer?
What to do when buying a house?
Do You Believe there could be a House Price Crash in the UK?
Giving 50 days (of 60) notice for termination of lease?
if the mortgage payer dies then is the home always repossessed?
staying or selling my house?
I am trying to sale my house on my own any advice?
Can you help me find some good houses?
are there banks giving loans and take hot commercial property for long lease/rent at Chennai, India?
We are paying too much for our rent, how do we get it lowered?
Question on house flipping?
How can i find out the history of a house?
what are the ethics for a real estate agent having her clients sign an exclusive buyers agent contract ?
Is it legal for a landlord in CA to hold abandoned property for nonpayment?
Do you think his parents should help?
what is the best way to get a first time morgage that is afortable?
im pregnant and looking for housing help?
What happens if I stay a day or two after my lease is up?
Texas Foreclosure Law? Deficiency Judgments ONLY for difference between sale price and FMV?
How much dose a health inspector make?
How does the FHA makes it money?
My landlord comes over and screams and cusses. doesnt keep good records and demands rent that was already paid?
i rent a house in michigan and its in forecloser i need to know if i still have to pay rent?
How can I find a house for rent in Blacksburg for a month ?
Do property owners have to allow me to get a dog if I have a doctor's note?
what is land worth in west chazy?
moving to phoenix AZ, need 2 or 3 bd apt/mobil home. any coupons or tips, single dad with 2 kids from texas.?
Renting 1st apartment: down payment?
I want to relocate to somewhere on the Alabama Gulf Coast or the Pensacola FL area (or somewhere in between).?
Arizona Broker License?
what is the lowest rent posible?
How to find home before they're posted to
If my Appt. needs a repair, will it be taken from my deposit?
Buying cash or get home loan?
First time home buyer. Estate Agents?
If I want to flip a house and I get a real estate agent will they walk me through the process.?
Where is the best place to search for investment property's ?
what do you charge a tenant for insufficent notice in houston tx?
What does an appraiser look for when refinancing?
Cost of heating oil?
does anyone know of any private landlords in blackpool without agents?
Can my younger cousin move in with me to my apartment with a affidavid giving her mothers permission?
i'm about face foreclosure on my home of 33yrs. how can i get help stopping this process?
Flip Men tv series - every day over budget costs?
How much is a real estate license?
anyone know how to obtain a notary license?
does anyone know how to contact the owners of other than email/website contact form?
Roommate hasn't paid rent or utilities?
If my house is rented, do I have to cut the grass and trees? Or is it the owner's responsibilites?
how much will skyrim cost in feb?
what does studio apartment run of the house mean when it comes to hotels?
If a person makes an offer on a house for sale does the agent take it off the market?
Im buying a house... but things arent working out?
I signed a renters' lease on an apartment Haven't moved in. Do I have to move in? Can I get my $ back.
should my family foreclose, and rent a house instead. interest only loan, and 80,000 in debt.?
can i find a home owner independently/without their agent and make an offer?
HELP Richmond, VA......???????????????
can a disabled veteran claim the first time home buyers credit? $8000.?
Can I rent an apartment in Texas without my husband if we are separated?
i live in medina ohio and i would like to know who do i contact regarding getting are mailboxes change to?
Could i get my money back if i been scammed buy a loan company called Harrison Group Direct?
Building a home from scratch.?
Why are the housings/apt in Silicon Valley in such a poor condition despite its wealth?
is it still a good time to buy property in southern CA to flip it quickly? if not when? plz help!!?
Is it okay for a real estate agent to have a FLASH website?
How can I get property for way less then the asking price?
If you are an apartment tenant on a month to month tenancy, how much notice is required if they raise rent?
What are some good modular home companies in the northeast U.S. that will deliver to maine?
What area of North Carolina is best for Single People to live?
what are the financial characteristics of car rental companies?
Why wouldn't the apartment management tell me what things on a credit report would keep me from being accepted?
How many households in the US own a home that is valued over $1 million?
$2 to 3 million new 2story 4 bdr. home 01983?
What are some bad things about stuido apartments and good things bcz im looking in to getting one?
how do I find out what points we paid when we bought our house?
I accidentally threw my closing documents from a year ago.?
landlord constantly wants rent week or more early now has small claims against me not even a month late?
Financial ASSISTANCE ?
my condo association dues keep going up!!!?
tenant commited illegal activity ,i need to evict him asap?
How can I negotiate with an agent in order to rent a retail store?
Cost of Utilities for 1 bedroom apartment?
How does a mortgage forbearance agreement work?
Is it possible to get a 3-year mortgage?
Why would a real estate agent leave a listing up for sale and won't let anybody see it?
if being foreclosed on can you take the AC unit?
What makes a house be considered condemned?
If you live on an you like it, what are the pros and cons?
my credit score is 501?
how to sell a home in china?
If a person wants to buy a bank owned house would paying in full with cash speed up the process?
whats the best way to address your landlord (property management) when your rent check bounces?
can my landlord use my money order for something else even though i labeled it to be for a certain?
Help with rent on low income?
What is bank pad? I see sign outside a property.?
Would you argue about late fee if you were one day late on rent?
My neighbors house (In connecticut) is being forclosed...?
is there a 'best' time of year to sell a house?
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a major city?
How do I find out how much my apartment is worth?
My trust fund got tampered with. Can i put a lien on this guys house? ?
Getting a loan for a short sale hard is it?
Can I Rent an Apartment With No Job if I Pay The Whole Lease Upfront?
Can my roommate prevent me from having overnight guests?
Is the market overdue for correction?
Why is it that you have to evict someone when they aren't on the lease or pay any bills?
I want to buy my neighbors house who passed away, how do i do this?
Can my landlord, post-vacating the premises, retain my deposit for INCLUDED utilities?
Can I get a decent 1 br. rental for under $1000/month in the u.s?
How much does a good home cost in Sicily?
How much would it cost to build a replica of the "Spencer Mansion"?
Moving out of my Apartment Landlord has not fixed anything, need advice.?
Boyfriend is in the army? Does he make enough for us to get an apartment?
When interest rates are high, what can a seller do to enhance the marketability of her homes?
My neighbors below me are excessively loud....can i get them kicked out?
Should I be suspicous of this? Does this seem right?
Do you think 800$ a month is alot?
Does anyone have any imput, tips, warmings, etc. when purchasing raw land?
What should we offer for this attached villa?
Rent Increase in Yolo County?
how to revoke a MofU.or A letter of intrnt.for developing a piece of small plot.waiting for a ans.?
Why is it everytime I try to get ahead I fall behind?
real estate agent fees?
I'm moving out of state and gave my roommate 30 days to find a new roommate. We signed the lease together.....?
how far onshore is the city of houston easement on lake houston? i want to purchase land that is on the lake.?
What is your #1 tip for managing your mortgage?
House Question...?
what happens when you private rent a property through estate agent?
What do you think about housing market in California?
I sold somebody a house and they are trying to sue me, can they?
Month to month rent no they have to pay next months rent if they didnt give a 30day notice?
Is it legal for a loan co to quote one percentage rate and then put another on the final paperwork?
Would you rent an apartment next to your work or next to your bf if they were 30 min apart?
i need to know how much was paid for a house by the current owners in nelson county virginia?
Is it the landlord's job or my job to replace the kitchen lightbulb?
If I purchase a home, will this affect my chances to receive student loans in the future?
market america I am looking for a rep live in North carlina area?
Want to move out before turning 20?
NEED HELP finding apartment owners contact info..... PLEASE HELP!!!!?
How to advertise house sale overseas?
Is it cheaper to rent a condo than it is an apartment?
If you live in a row of terraced houses, which border are you responsible for?
Homes for rent 400 dollars in rockingham county?
if boyfriend refinances his girlfriends home for which she owned for 7yrs in the state of CA. both are listed?
Does anyone know of a good mortgage company in columbus Ohio to work for?
how do i go about selling my beach front proprety in the philppines?
How much does it cost to build a house in California, USA ?
Can you make real estate investing an actual career?
can cops enter my home if door is open but i didnt give them permission?
what is the best way to get out of a year lease?
How much bank charges for closing account?
Where can I find a real estate agent that sells pre & foreclosures in Washingon D.C. metro area & Norther VA?
looking for 4br 2ba house in high point NC or closer surrounding. any help outthere?
Do you really "own" a home?
Is there a real estate bubble in San Antonio, Texas/anywhere else?
state of texas removal of rental properties for sale?
Can a lanlord show the apartment to people without my permission?
Montana real estate law?
how can i find out how much of an offset i owe if anything, and if they took my refund for it?
Is it ok to wire money first then sign the deed at a later day when buying a hud home?
spanish property prices, where are they heading up or down?
What steps do potential landlords take in pre qualifying a apt. rental applicant?
First time buyer questions (alot of questions)?
How exactly DO you find an apartment?
What are the best upgrades when selling your house? indiana?
Real Estate Title Services Insurance?
If you live in NJ how do you manage to pay your property taxes?
real estate agent has sold my home advise me to self act what does that entail pls i need help?
landlord tenant rules and regulations?
questions on breaking a lease - thank you!?
Could you give me some words related to "buying" and "selling"?
Landlord blocked off our electric meter?!?
looking for land for sale by privite owners in tucson,az.?
The council refused my swap?
private landlords in sussex uk?
How do you tell a roommate applicant that you're not interested?
Why do so many realtors throw the words "New York style" in their listings?
Are we eligible for housing benefit?
How long does a foreclosure affect your credit score?
Could we buy a house this way?
Difference between Appraiser and home inspector?
Want to rent a house through HUD.?
I have a legal question about rent increases?
Where is the best place to get a construction to permanent loan?
American Real Estate licensing for Canadians?
Where can a person find insurance on a mortgage loan?
Problems with a good neigbor?
How would some one like me get into the wholesaling house business?
how do are found a phone number for rent a home?
Real estate licensing questions?
How often is a housing benefit claim miscalculated ?
In regards to building a dream house...?
How can a decline in real estate prices cause deleveraging and a decline in lending?
Why is my internet slow in My apartment!?
Fannie mae home buying?
Can a tenant demand air conditioning be installed into a property that reaches dangerously high levels in Oz?
Is 600$ to much to charge for a room to rent? All utlities and wifi included?
When you bought your home, did you feel pressured to buy the most expensive you could afford?
Finding 1-bed room/Studio apartment in Astoria ? I am looking at $1500-1800 range?
New apartment - roach problem!?
Rent to Own or Short Sale?
What are the options for financing a trailer in a trailer park?
My friend is on 2 open waiting lists...?
Chase wants me to refinance into a 4% fixed with no closing costs?
I pay my rent weekly. I want to leave in a week's time. When can I move out?
you have an eviction notice for non-payment of rent. if you pay your rent, will the eviction me cancelled?
House requires 20% down, no FHA or VA loans?
Real estate, new owners after foreclosure?
How can BAC threaten foreclosure when you are not behind in payments?
i bought a condo, and board is making me to remove my aid dog bc of their 'no pet rule'?
Im Looking for a house thats for rent and about 350.2 bedrooms.?
Is this luck or can you build wealth through home equity?
what steps would i have to take to start a property and home cleanup company?
Is it insulting to offer $170,000 for a home listed for $189,900?
what will i need to move out?
A mortgage where you don't have to tell income?
why my aparment has mildew suddleny?
why can't i find the web page of for real estates?
If I said I was moving to a different Apartment due to not getting along with neighbors what would you say?
how soon after buying can i sell my house?
How much space to be left on all sides of a ten storey building in City limits in Kerala?
Refninancing mortgage with personal loan?
Question of Loans?
what to do if your deed of sale has expired?
Landlord ending a tenancy agreement early?
How do I find out the last sale price of a property?
How to rent a garage off the council?
the poeple who signed a purchase agrrement to buy our home have now decided not to purchase our home what are?
fathers estate in texas after his passing?
how many years of college does it take to get your bachelors degree in business managment?
I need legal real estate advice on owner financing?
how much is rent or buy wher you are?
How can I move back into my property when tenants do not want to move out on set date -alternative offered?
What typically happens if I buy a survey and the posts go into neighbor's garden and behind stockade fence?
who replaces carpet when you rent a home?
Where can I get a list of property owners who have evicted tenants in Las Vegas?
How to calculate total cost per square foot.?
Is there a law against lying on a mortgage application?
tenant screening?
Should I pay an "agent" a finders fee for an apartment when she did not get it in writing?
Can I buy a house even though I'm only 18?
Should I buy a timeshare @ Westgate in Sevierville?
Do title searches take upto 6 weeks ?
Who does the security deposit go to?
Landlord changed his mind about us moving in?
How to move in minecraft?
What is just compensation for an easment or right-of-way?
land equity help?(california)?
if my landlord doesnt renew my month to month lease do i have to pay rent still?
me and my brother applied for a mortgage today,,,?
Buying a house for $50,000. What should my monthly salary be?
Looking for resources for apartments in downtown Salem, OR not apartment complexes?
Capital gains in california? How does it work here?
I have 15K burning a hole in my wallet. What do I do with it?
Is 30 acres alot of land?
Our agent presented lease/purchase-pressured us to sign-we refused-buyer walked-agent wants commission-help!?
Where do I file a claim on polybutylene pipe?
what is the zbu?
Is the agent lying to me?
Ideas to help save deposit for a house?!!?
How do you find out what your monthly mortgage note would be on a home?
Lead Networks That Are Not What They Appear To Be?
does anyone know how long you have in Illinois to vacate a house after the court forcloses on it.?
Hi, I'm looking for a good Rental Lease for single home. Can I get a free template to use?
How do you start a city?
should i buy or rent help please?
I have judgements against my name and trying to get a home loan (in South Africa).?
Can they evict us in 7 days after Payment Due?
Freehold property rental - noisy neighbours - what are my rights?
How long does it take to refinance a house with citi bank? And can you sue if they go past a certain time.?
Is it customary to give your real estate agent a gift of appreciation after we close?
I am planning to buy a property with 10.5 acre land but all I have is somewhat hand drawn map of the property?
Where in the US can I reside where there's jobs and a low cost of living? - I currently live in NYC metro area
What is a built up roof? ...and is it reliable?
Mortgage without a down payment?
I want to move to a rural area because my current area how do i convince my mother mother to do so?
Things a First-Time Homebuyer Should Know/Do?
Reverse Mortgage Question?
online listing agent scam or not?
looking for a house to rent in Topeka KS?
i want to throw a tennant out and want to know if it is a civil or criminal matter if?
I'm looking to rent a loft or house in the San Francisco area. My budget is 5500/month for rent any advice?
Need to write a letter to my tenants informing them of where to pay their rent ?
How can I get into Real Estate?
additional monthly fee?
Can I get an apartment rental agreement if I am leaving my home for forclosure?
To sell or not to sell - that is the question!!!!!?
Are you selling your HOME in RUSKIN, FL?
Can I use assets from a joint account with my mother (her account) to boost my income level to buy a home?
How can I get a high appraisal on my property.?
What can I do with these houses?
I currently am buying a townhome and want to purchase a new home and rent the townhome. How do i do this?
How do we put my husband's house into both of our names?
how do you set a reserve price when selling a property at auction (UK)?
Buying a first home with really bad credit...?
I am selling an investment property I have been renting for the past 15 years, what can I do to avoid paying-
I was approved for a home loan but need to come up with $30,000 for a down payment any ideas?
I sold a calculator on ebay, and the buyer says it doesn't work?
Can my landlord evict me for running a Brothel from my apartment?
Home loan deposit (deposit question)?
Moving out for the first time!?
Im off work on short term disability and expected to return in about a month or 2. Can i still purchase a home?
Okay..I'm selling my mobile home..I had a woman offer me a price?
Can we get approved to rent a house if my husband has good credit and I have bad credit?
Can someone still post a lien on a home in texas if it is homesteaded?
My credit score is 591, will I get denied for wanting to rent an apartment?
can medicaid take proceeds from house sale when home was not in my step dads name?
Real Estate Deed Legal Without Lawyers?
what is the website for a new century mortgage holder to access account info?
When calling about renting a apartment?
This is about public Housing?
Have to leave Parents Home?
How much does your electricity cost you on a weekly or monthly basis?
Does anyone know what criminal information housing Associations have acces too?
landlord 30day notice! urgent!! please help?
When is the best time to rent an apartment in the Cedar Rapids, IA area for a low price?
How to add my wife's name to a property owned by me and make it joint ownership property?
How can i run an apartment complex?
brokers liscense?
How much does it cost to buy a small farm in Ecuador?
How to tell if parents want to move house?
where can i find a mortgage calculator with extra payments?
not sure how to subtract 6% from 202,900.00?
How do people afford todays housing prices?
Got 2500 sq ft of land (plot) on a main to get max outta that commercially?
rent ISSUE?
you recently stared the paperwork to purchase your new home, and were just notified that you can move into the?
Do I have to pay rent Oct,1 2012?
How costly is rental accomodation in New Jersey?
Have you had a successful load modification in southern California? If so, what firm did you use?
Purchase condo from developer/broker?
any one know of houses for sale in southwest michigan? Looking to move at the end of summer?
What type of loan is best for an investment property ?
Is real estate going back up?
How can you describe this house if you were trying to sell it?
Who has the lowest intrest rate on a new home mortgage?
How long does it take to get a clear bill of sale signed by a lender? Is this faxable or need to be original?
How does a Realtor get on a banks list to sell their forclosed homes?
Property owners/landlords, your take on this?
If I abandon my apartment and leave it a mess with all my stuff in it, what happens?
Is there anywhere to find out which bank has the best interest for a mortgage loan?
How to sell by owner a house in New Hampshire?
First time home buyer question.?
Your landlord is renting out a house and does not report it, what do you need to do?
How does a bidding on a bank foreclosure work?
i wanna purchase a house, but my credit score is 586 will i be able to do so?
which mortgage broker to choose?
Good party rooms in dc for teenage party?!?
is it worth it to buy a house just to write off the interest?
how do i obtain a quit claim deed? what is the process to that?
My boyfriend is thinking about taking out a mortgage......?
Do Apartment leasing agents have access to my bank information, without my permission?
how to people buy multimillion dollar homes? do they pay it themselves or get a loan?
how long does a house sale take from offer to completion?
I can't seem to sell my house?
are any properties in ireland selling?
My husband and I have good scores..can we buy house now?
Is Foxtons a good estate agent?
What price range should our apartment be?
Can a landlord tell me I can't have guests?
Can anyone tell me what book thoroughly explains the world of real estate w/o it being "For Dummies"?
Whats more expensive to live in? California or New York?
what is a "good" deal when it comes the percentage rate you pay realtor to sell your home?
I just bought a condo last year. We have an 80/20 loan 5 year ARM and an interest only loan. Comments.?
Cost of electricity, water and gas for a one bedroom apartment in VA?
If you are paying rent for an aparment do you have to pay the electrical bills also?..(moving on my own soon)!
Finding Estimate Fixed Cost?
Landlord won't prorate rent reduction?
How much commission does a real estate salesperson make?
Help me understand housing Benefit, pretty lost here?
Is $100,000 a lot to owe on a home?
I have a buyer for my house who has viewed through agent 1 but wants to buy through agent 2 is this legal?
can i buy or own a lock pick set in michigan?
What exactly is a "short sale"?
if I sell my house, how do I use the equity to buy another house?
In Florida, out of work no income, no food, not even a place to live. This is what my son and his family?
what is the going rate for an attorney to close on a home?
Can you use a home loan when purchasing a home that also has a operating milk bar ?
This is a question about extending settlement on a freddie mac home steps property?
what are the current going rates for land contracts in Michigan?
If my home is reposed, What will happen to me?
real estate forclosure?
What else should i consider when moving?
Pay off car or use as home down payment?
Rental lease-confused?
Where can I find real estate sold prices on the internet without submitting my personal info?
How can I find crime rate statistics for various communities?
How can I find Real Estate tenants without using a realtor?
What do you do at an open house? (urgent)?
why is short sale so long?
What do you think should happen to abandoned homes? Should they be torn down?
Do you live in a condo? How much do you have to pay per month in fees, taxes, etc.?
How do i apply on line for low income ?
I'm at work right now, and I need help! Does the insured pay when the mortgage is not escrowed or is it:Lender
Can my husband and I break a lease for our rental due to the fact that we bought a house. What are the rules?
planning permission to change paddock into equestrian land , difficult ?
I'm not on the lease but listed as a resident?
How does a rent to own lease work?
Is there any way we can buy a house with poor credit?
if a woman have a problem an her aks a man for hope an the man do not hope the woman waht is the naxt thing to
Which is best for a mortgage? 16 hours minimum contract/full time but no guaranteed hours?
question on Mortgage sites!?
Bank declined offer on shortsale?
House for sale in One state, Live in another.?
Do you think that this is legal?
Buy a house now or wait?
Is it weird to be worried that we'll buy a haunted house?
how do i go about moving out...?
if you put a contingency contract on a home ....?
Is there really a government loan that will help me start a real estate buisness asap?
find out how much a house is worth.?
how long is the forecloser process on commercial property in Florida?
how much do you think it is?
What would a 1997 two bedroom trailer be worth?
What is the first step when wanting to buy a house?
how can i move out without a 30 day notice?
I deducted a repair to my front door now landlord filed for eviction?
ok im 21 single mother.Im looking for help with finding a job and houseing..can anyone help?
my landlords are getting divorce. who would i pay rent to and not worry bout getting kicked out.?
Equity loan on a home thats paid for to pay for repair/remodel?
Shared Equity Home Ownership Mortgages Explained?
If i let my daughters boyfriend move in would i have to add him to my lease? i live in an apartment.?
what is an extension of lease? apartments?
am i a retard to run up walls?
Have you dealt with GMAC Mortgage?
I moved out of my apartment in Los Angeles. Do they owe me interest on my security deposit?
WHAT is the cheapest COUNTRY to buy a house from and WHY?
Should I buy a house by taking a fradulent mortgage?
What is ownership corporate means?
How do I apply for a mortgage in the US on an F-1 (student) visa?
every year ... new lease?
Housing Cooperatives?
My husbands name is the only one on our property deed. How do I go about getting my name on the deed.?
Can I really afford this?
why is it so hard for my husband and I to buy a home?
I have basic salary 2700 and housing allavance 2200,tottal it posible to sponcer my wife?
What does a real estate site mean when it says Common Amenities?
Can I rent an apartment at the age of 17?
HOME OWNERS!!! Advice on buying a house?
Is it worth taking a big pay cut to move to another state?.?
Do i need to have money down for a house?
Terible living situation, no money????Please advise?
how would i get a 4 bedroom section 8 house in Texas?
When renting a property, if your lease states that normal wear and tear, who determines it?
No signed lease, can I use my security deposit for last month's rent?
How can I break a 12-month lease for a rental house before the year is up?
Is a 70 year old man too old to start a farm?
Can Texas landlords take water and gas utility bills from rent payments?
Im looking to buy a foreclosured home in the Melbourne, Florida area.?
How does a buyer return your money in a Rent to Own contract?
how do get sattelite views and property values on homes in my area? something on "zillion"?
Real Estate Broker License course?
how can i take my name off a deed and leave it soley in my brothers if it's in both of our names in florida?
i've been giving 2 weeks to move out of my house by the owner. is this legal?
How long do I wait to receive the security deposit back?
Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of the Real Estate Commissioner?
Landlord doesnt want security deposit or for us to sign a least is this fishy?
Got the heating oil tank filled up but I moved out...Should I pay ?
Is $148,900.00 a good offer for a BOA Short Sale with a 2nd mortgage with Ocwen on a property $235,000.00?
Can our landlord make us move out of a handicapped apartment if a handicapped person needs to move in?
what to do when you just find out your apartment is the fire escape for everyone on your floor ?
What should we do about unfair Apt. Parking??
can you live in a house your selling?
if i pay for security deposit and don't have no lease or agreement?
can you have your own estate sale?
I want to put a bid in on a townhouse that is a short sale but i have?
having issues at apartment?
i will like to find a free real estate practice test online?
(TX) HELP! Home seller, mortage guy bickering. My $ on the line. Options?
Is there anything that can be done? I live in a lower apt. and the tenants floor above me creaks like crazy?
What is real estate outsourcing and mortgage processing?
How do I get my landlord to fix up the house im renting from them?
Can I buy my own house at auction?
If the home I rent is for sale and under contract for months, do I still have to pay rent?
where can I find rental assistance in the chicago area???
where would you move to?
Landlord have to notify tenants if they sell property?
i live in texas and do not have a lease for property and want to move?
How does 3 day notice to pay rent or quit work, no rental agreemt signed?
I am renting a house thats in preforeclosure? Ca?
Can I sell my house for less than i owe on i t?
Can my landlord keep the full final months rent if we stay there only 9 days out of 31?
If you buy an acreage of land cash do you have to pay taxes on it?
Is it advisable to invest in Dubai real estate?
Why do some state property laws allow people to steal your land?
Earnest money deduction... Reasonable ?
can my land lord make me pay the rent even though i gave him one moths notice and i have moved out?
I have a rental house I might sell, How much should I get?
How do you change the name on a deed from a deceased parent if there is no will?
Should be wait and buy or move now and rent?
Can we comfortably afford this?
Are assumable home loans still available?
How old do you have to be to rent an apartment?
why is people so rude and i know how to spell stupid *** i just didnt feel like typin alot so some words are?
Rent to Buy Homes in Australia?
couple will not move out of my garage.?
Rent a van for 12 person in koh Samui.?
How long does it take to complete a house purchase?
In India, which bank is offering low interest rate for house loan..?
Websites to find whole flats to rent?
do you have to have good credit to qualify for an apartment?
real estate legal costs ?
Does a pastor borrowing from a congregant and not repaying the loan a breach of fiduciary relationship in Ill?
Better to rent or stay in own apartment?
we live in rented property,my mums house is her own.i do not want my husband claiming some of it if we split.?
Do you feel sorry for people who buy a house they couldn't afford?
Can My Landlord Do This?
I am interested in buying a home. How do I go about locating the owner?
if i own a trailer and the man who rents the land its on and moves someone in it.. how do i get them out?
Can I carry forward my $25000 rental loss?
Which are the best cost of living states?
First Apartment: Security Deposit or Bond?
House downpayment?
What happens if my parent dies and leaves me property that still has a mortgage left on it?
Any Real Estage Agents? Help me understand this offer?
Where can I download free rental applications online?
Buying a house- gutting and fixing it up?
Housemate is refusing to pay the rent, landlord wants us to pay, help!?
is the price of a new house negotiable after signing the contract?
If there is an apartment that goes by income would there be a deposit for electricity?
Is there monetary compensation if we get Pre-qualified by a mortgage company but end up not using them later?
California Condo in Litigation...several owners would like to refinance. Any lenders who will work with us?
Poor credit, trying to apply for an FHA mortgage loan...?
What would the cost be to get a 60 x 120 sized lot surveyed?
do leasees have to pay for water?
what is the normal real estate commision and how is it devided up?
can credit card be use as a downpayment for buying a house?
My Tennat is moving in today and the power is out?
Real estate agents..?
What is a note modification & can you do that after a forebarence?
I have 57 acres in PA. I want to raise livestock for profit. What is the most profitable livestock here in PA?
What States do not allow short sale processing companies to process short sales without a mortgage license?
Should i turn a roommate into the landlord who is doing drugs?
Is this a breach of my rental agreement?
Seller doing their own termite inspection?
I need a Real Estate BROKER Exam crash LIVE course in Southern California.?
How much is 3% of 7,000?
How do you get info on purchasing property placed with a trustee?
Is it better to take a sum of money and put it into your primary residence or invest it in another property?
Need help finding an Apartment in Lincoln, NE?
I'm selling my apt in NYC and the brokers want 6% comission. Is this standard? Should I push for 5%?
does anyone live in the columbus OH area?
My landlord has moved into my home for two weeks with six family members.?
ok i really need some help?
What can I do about a landlord problem?
Can military retiree be evicted for nonpayment of rent?
buying a home soon help!?
Ok to call on rental ads on Sunday?
I need to know what to do because I have no clue ?
The real estate market is pretty good right now. Do you think in a year from now the house prices will?
Renter's dilemma...can he evict me?
What are the states where the SELLER pays most of the closing costs?
After home loan sanction is it compulsory to disburse immediately or they disburse as per my wish?
How long will it take lender to foreclose?
Will I get in trouble doing what the landlord is requesting?
Quit Claim deed to transfer two thirds of title?
How do adults buy a house?
Is there significant decline in prices of vacation homes in the Cape?
Does anyone know if, when you live in a rented housing association property?
How much does home insurance typically cost a month in Bridgeport CT?
If you buy a house with carpets included as they are brand new, the carpets have vanished who do you call?
What are the affordable yet respectable areas to rent in Oxford? Advice Wanted!?
Has anyone ever had a non conventional home loan?
if you give notice verbally and not writing in your apartment it works or no?
I rent for $800 a month. Would it be better to buy a condo and pay a mortgage even though my mortgage payments
What's the rule on splitting property in Washington state?
Ideal Price For An Apartment With This Salary?
website suggestions for commercial property location(s)?
What do i need to do to be real estate agent?
How does a foreclosed home affect a soon to be marriage?
I want to know about marketing program of rental of an apartment in America.?
why would they move stuff and and hang up posters and stuff?
Who is responsible for shoveling snow in an apartment, the landlord or the tenant?
can i get housing benefit at 17?
Can a landlord report you to a credit agency if it doesn't state he can on the lease?
move to house the 1st..been here 5 days...can i break the lease within 10 days without penalties .l?
At 16/17 am I able to rent my own home?
Housing Slump Over?
what does easement payment mean cuz there are house that have that and i was just ask so i know what it means?
what are documents we need to see if we are going to purchase?
Losing your House as Collateral can be a good thing?!?!?
Cheap flats or a room?!?!??!?!?
Interested in a good web site to list our home?
Future landlord trying to force me into another location not on lease. Help!?
How much do you need for a downpayment?
Can I have/hire 2 different real estate agents looking for a house for me to buy? First agent really wasnt?
Whats the best rate for a 30 year fixed loan right now?
Is there a time in which I can get out of a lease that I recently signed?
Do the Housing Benefit people put the rent money into the Landlords or the Tenants bank account?
Is owning a home better than renting an apartment?
i have a horrible credit score of 420 and i would like to purchase a house can i get any help or approved?
remedies of the Buyer?
Receiving second hand smoke from the apartment below me, what are my rights?
in mi. can a landlord charge for an extra person if he is on the lease and also a imediate family member?
Looking for landlord input...what do you think?
Help Noisy Neighbors!?
Do u need to register 4 electricity,water etc bills,when u move in2 a rented flat?Or do they come automaticaly?
Is splitting a mortgage a good idea (read details!)?
looking for home values in our area. where should i look? i don't want to pay a membership fee for a website.
if you have 400,000 how would you use it to generate more money?
question ? on easement?
Anyone ever deal with Well Fargo on a short sale?
what is the per sq foot price to rent a restaurant for in new hampshire?
Housing Benefit. Does the government give more benefit if the property is fully furnished?
Land... Would you buy 3 acres of land with a mobile home on it...?
Can I set up camera in front of a rental?
Can a landlord demand a credit check on you before you see any of his properties?
What do I have to do Huh?
can i get 30year fixed credit, when my visa is only 4 years valid?
is it possible to buy property in china as a uk citizen and what are the best ways?
$1,400 per month working one hour per week?
I'm goin to UCF, and I would like to know where is the best place to live? (Apartments or townhouses)?
can you have more than one mortgage ?
Mortgage Loan in CA Please Help?
where you make more money selling homes, making loans or refinancing.?
When will the USDA lone program zoning map change for New Hanover County NC?
What happens if you are caught in an abandoned house?
Can i get my home back?
what can I do if my landlord brings people in to view my apartment and...? 5 STARS BEST ANSWER?
loan re-modification?
Deed of Lieu....advice, help?
need to find contractors agreement sheets?
how safe is buying land off Ebay without seeing it first?
is our application fee too high? are these apartments worth it?
Can i ask my property manager or landlord when i move out "what i need to do to get my deposit back"?
Buying a home, question on broker agent for seller and broker agent/buyer agent for buyer?
Tools that I should be using as a nyc apartment rental agent?
What happens when a landlord breaks a lease?
What to do with 5 acres of overgrown land?
Anyone know about renting an apartment for the first time?
buying a home quick question.?
What is a reverse 1031 exchange?
How do I buy out my partner's share of the house we both own?
guidelines to writing a detailed business write-up?
landlord & tenant law in the philippines?
breaking lease before the end period?
We are looking for buyers/investors for the Real Estate Market in the Dom. Rep.?
What can I do about a low home sale price in my neighborhood affecting my appraisal?
Posting my Eviction Note on Facebook?
is a 1100 sq ft apartment a good size?
HELP. I have an opportunity to buy a 2500 sqft home for 360k and no down payment with an interest only loan?
How do I purchase homes from banks who own them?
What experience do I need to work at countywide financial?
Which is better for a seller financing? Lease to own OR Land Contract?
In colorado, can a felon live in the same house as a gun?
Would A Waterfront House Appraise For More ? How Much ?
Can we get out of the lease? ?
How big is your house? flat, cottage, bungalow or villa?
my bath room has issues this is the 3rd day with out a working bath room?
Housing benefit and crisis loan?
Will Fannie Mae accept this?
no lease agreement over charged with late charges on rent?
We really want to move ASAP but don't have the money?
What is average price for a 3 bedroom flat in Cardiff in an area where I won't get robbed on my front porch?
Missouri here. How do I add my brother as joint owner of my house, which still has a mortgage.?
What are some websites were owners are selling their cars?
uncle dolan set up tenet?
Which pays more in ct?
what does it takes to be a good real estate seller?
How do I verify if there is an existing lease on a non alienable property here in the Philippines?
How to locate apartment numbers quickly within a complex?
Looking to buy a house soon.. No down payment?
Can a landlord keep my money if I don't move in the apartment?
Regarding property managers vs. property owners?
What should a rental application look like?
Fengshui question: How to cure master bedroom in NE bad direction for my KUA #4?
any REAL ESTATE EXPERTS here ? ... Should i take out a mortgage or pay all-cash for a condo unit.??
Buying a home?
Is there any problems with the Realtor I've contacted also soliciting us for our mortgage? Good/Bad idea?
how do i sell grave sites inherited in another state?
free month to month lease agreement?
What does LGM mean?
How much is the average rent for a one bedroom apartment?
Can a homeowners request loan documentation that was sent to the Underwriter from the Broker?
If I buy a Disney annual pass on line can I redeem it the next day if it is listed as a block-out date?
I want to live in my RV to save please?
Generally how long does it take for a real estate agent to follow up for a buyer?
How do I open the safe in you apartment?
I need to find out who owns the rental house next door to me. It is public record, but where do I find it-web?
Been living in apartment for 5 months and never signed a lease. Now we want to move out next month. Can we?
How to get deposit and 1st month rent back?
Apartments in Hamilton OH?
how can i find out what todays interest rate is for a home?
renter broke lease..moved some of stuff..but still has some things..cant get them to get ..what can i do?
What to do when tenant persistently late in paying rent?
will i get a first time home owners loan?
How can real estate be listed as mobile home/modular?
Is it good to buy a house this year?i heard that the house market has been terrible this year.?
Is it "okay" for a landlord to not charge the tenants a late fee as specified in the lease?
$3000 for 72 months at 12% intrest?
Does anyone know if I can break my lease for unsafe living conditions?
Info on teanant and landlord law in Georgia?
What can I do to apply to rent to own house?
Looking for home in staten island. Which community is good/bad. Looking for no/low crime & great school.?
What's the average price of adding a brick veneer shell to an existing weatherboard house in Australia?
Can you buy a home with zero money down?
If a house is foreclosed on, and they don't get what is owed on it?
Mouse Infestation in Rental Home?
What exactly is a "Reverse Mortgage" and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Help! I am so sick of the letting agencies in London!?
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