Real Estate

im looking for a home wit 4br in lorton for rent. if anyone can help me email me(:?
I need the names and contact info on companies that buy houses asap?
what happens after my 5yr interest only arm ends on my mortgage loan?
Another mortgage application question?
I need to talk to a real estate agent for a school project that I would need mock info on.?
How to start a restaurant from scratch!?
When a mortgage company asks your annual income is it gross or net?
How do I find a manufactured home in central Alabama for sale under $15,000?
Whats the first 3 things (major things) you would buy with 1,000,000 dollars?
real estate agent interested in using gps for topography maps, best equipment to use?
Moving out tips? What is "Reasonable wear and tear"?
Should I buy a flat by taking a fradulent mortgage?
i want to attract real state customers from home,how can I do it?
Is now a good time to buy income property in Southern California?
how can the government be so blind?
can i homestead land in the U.S. or Canada and get it for free?
How do some people get so rich?
How much does it cost to live in a project apartment in Boston? Can men recieve welfare?
how do I find out if someone is in foreclosure? Do I have to pay rent if my land lord is in foreclosure?
What are some good ideas for marketing yourself as a real estate agent?
summer tenant question (real estate section)?
Does Landlord Pay Gas & Water?
what is the anticipated real estate value of a home in Garden city, NY?
Would this be legal to do this....?
Anyone know?
Attention Real Estate Agents. I live in California, and I want to become a real estate agent...?
can a owner of and apartment give a 60 day notice to vacate the entire property?
New Home buying question?
Can Lessors make Lessees stay after the contract has expired?
What are the best towns for Autistic kids in Norhern NJ?
question about paying rent for an apartment?
Real estate appraiser information anyone?
I am moving into an apartment with another girl. How do we decide who gets the bigger room.?
good company for 100% house loan?
What are the pros and cons of buying into an adult community at age 55?
How anyone use the trump institute phone line for help?
cheapest places to live in us??
Our homeowners association is out of control. We would like to dismanle it. Any advice on where to start?
Boyfriends on on lease, what can I do to get my $ back.?
Can you rent a private rented flat without a job, will you get housing benefits for it if youre single, 18?
What does it mean to buy a house on mortgage?
can i make a person move who is paying for my house on a rent to own basis, because the house is not kept tidy
Is it a good time to buy property in florida?
What are the chances we will qualify for the home loan?
i have a 1year tenancy agreement can i leave early?
if I get evicted will I ever be able to rent again?
How much can I ask for from my (business)landlord?
Im originally from jersey and have lived in NC for the past 8 years. Looking to move to Chicago..any thoughts?
What would happen if my tenancy agreement expired while landlord passes away in hospital. Been here 6 months?
Has anyone on here gotten their house built in Texas or Georgia?
Do you think the recent flood damage will bring down real estate prices in Boston's North Shore?
How do you lease a condo in Canmore?
where can i find free download lease agreements for houses and rental applications?
rental deposit?
landlord has me without hot water for 2 weeks?
Is roofer estimate enough proof of condo damage or should I also get a building inspector report?
Is it illegal for a landlord to switch the electricity to a tenant before tenant moves in or signs a lease.?
where in topeka, ks can i rent a safe, nice apt. between 400-500$?
where can i find charts for the development of real-estate prices in india ?
I own a rental property with conservatively about 50k of equity in it. I would like to borrow against that..?
Is it legal for the landlord to raise the rent every year ...?
I am locked into an apt. lease for 10 more months, should I move out and buy a house?
How do you pull equity out of your home with taking a how equity loan out?
Which city is the best place to by real estate in Brazil?
Earnest money deduction... Reasonable ?
Columbus Ohio-Oakrun/Windrush Apts.?
who played the female roles in the theater in Shakespeare's time?
Question about a lease being up?
Tenant Right's and Landlord Obligations?
Do I have to have Mortgage Insurance?
what are the steps to take in buying first home?
Landlord/Tenant issues?
can I make my landlord pay for removal of dangerous trees?
Buying a house with him...should my name be on...something?
My husband refuses to add me to house title?
How do you find out about buying a foreclosure?
How do I pay for an house that is bought on ebay?
Does anyone know of unnecessary mortgage fees, or ways to lower them?
HI, 3 PURR-FECT CATS AND LDS active widow need rental in BULLHEAD CITY, AZ. Clean. Pay rent in cash - OK.?
How can you rebuild your credit after a chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
What is a jumbo mortgage (as opposed to a traditional mortgage)?
Can one get a decent apartment in London not far from centre for 150-175k£?
30 or 60 notice for rental tenant to vacate in california?
i have lost the deeds to my house what do i do?
Ownership of property.?
If I make 1100 a month, what's the most you think I can spend on rent and be okay?
I have lived in a house for 4 years. I don't have the money to move. How do Texas squatters rights apply to me?
I'm selling my house and am wondering if it's ethical to set up a tape recorder at my open house?
Is there a reason why our condo isn't selling?
does anyone live in a noisy flat?
Roommate is trying to skip out on the rent.?
How can I get my name removed from house title?
First time buyer, Mortgage / Maternity help?
How do u decide who gets master bedroom?
we are paying mortgage on a empty house that is for sale is there a better solution?
Looking for cheap clean apartments in Columbus, Indiana?
Much needed advice on moving out with friends.?
Can my landlord enter my house when I'm not home to show?
What does "mandatory fees" mean?
What is the diffrence between a 'Flat' and an 'Appartment'?
Where can I get a sample Real estate puchase offer form?
Does anyone remember what a 'dumbwaiter' was. Are they still in use anywhere in homes (apt. bldgs)?
W2's for mortgage loan?
Does this sound like a scam?
Is living in top-floor flat cold?
If you are renting can the rent be increased 9 days before its due with no other notice?
How do i go about evicting someone who as parked their rv in front of my home she hasnt paid rent?
can my insurance agent sign a new policy with a new company without my knowledge?
As a homeowner, what do you want most from a real estate service provider?
FHA 203k, does every bank offer it?
Number of luxury appartments in US?
I'm looking to buy a house and need mortgage info....?
california civil code 1942 & loud neighbors?
Help with Crazy Renters?
Is right now a good time to buy?
average price per square foot of condos in Michigan.?
about land problem? which doc required to approach forward?
where can i get a beach house rental for a couple hours in key biscayne?
Any tips on finding a new house/apartment?
i moved out of a house that i rented with a friend and now the landlord is sending me a bill for 14,000.00?
How can I make $1000 in less than a month...?
Anyone know how long you need to keep documentation for relating to puchase of a house?
How much is the avarage utilities for a 6 person household?
I have lowered my price on my house again?
Real Estate Negotiations?
whatz real estate status in pune, india?
eligable for money for closing on mortgage??
on a FHA loan can I apply on my 2 yr anniversary of chapter 7?
how much house can i finance on 90000 salary?
what banks on the island of guam can loan on a veterans home loan?
Help planning my first apartment!! ?
if i am selling a house without a real estate agent, what do i need?
How many years should you live in a rented property before the landlord decorates and replaces the carpet.?
If i signed the bank addendums for a home but the bank hasnt signed them yet can they accept any other offers?
can landlords legally spy on tenants?
How many houses does the average 1st time buyer look at before making a purchase?
I want to fire my Realtor. Can I?
lenders resposibilities if they grant an approval when they know applicant cant make payments?
why is there a real estate slump in mendocino?
how long do i have to live in a house in South Carolina to be considered a resident of that house?
How much would it cost to rent the Massachusetts State House?
modification of mortgage via hardship affidavit?
Closing on a home Question?
How do I know when is it the best time to sell a property?
Will resisting arrest charge (misdemeanor) get me denied for an apartment rental?
wht is the rate on a security that cost $1,000 and returns $2,000 after 5 years ?
First time home buyer! Any grants available???
Can my landlord put my rent up?
What would be a fair price to allow a neighbor to gain access to my power pole, is there anything to beware of
How to sublease?
I want to move into a new house?
Is the pricing of homes increasing in california?
If you can simply take over payments on a vehicle loan, why can't you just take over payments on a mortgage?
The Typical Price For Utilities.?
For college: Is it a good idea to get an apartment with a friend?
Should I rent or buy a home in California?
Questions about first time home buyers loan?? **s**?
definition of utility easements?
are mortgage rates going up ??
moving help.?
property uk - what does '' freehold with vacant possession '' mean?
Can a different Realtor sue us for commission?
Were can i go to get help with my rent before. i get put out by Thursday ?
I've inherited my grandmothers house.Can I keep it or does it have to be sold?
michigan lakeshore real estate?
hard money loan?
How do i find foreclosed houses to buy, the banks websites dont have much?
What's there to stop me withholding my last months rent to make sure I get my deposit back?
geniunness of plot for buying?
what is the general square foot cost of a room addition, no plumbing, in California?
Home purchase monthly payment items?
Does Eldeco Aamantran has good location? Does it provide 2 bedroom flats?
Is it legal to request a security deposit after a subletter has moved in?
where are the best source of distressed & foreclosure properties in Florida?
Moral/Legal Obligation?
In Las Vegas, what is the average Electric bill. Especially in the summertime when the AC is in full force?
Steps on buying first house?
How di i find a house or apartment with no job and a baby on the way.?
In Illinois can a real estate appraisal be reassigned to a different bank?
How Do I Break A Lease Due To Sis Is Allergic To Mold In Apt, Is There A Legal Way?
Just left University, need financial advice about houses/ rent etc?
Do you have to pay mortgage for a RENTED home?
first time renting an apartment... almost?
Looking for the perfect city to live?
I'm 17 and trying to rent an apartment in California for college?
Do I have to report my minors ssi income to hud or saha?
How do I find out who the owner of a specific house is in Kentucky ?
Can I get get approved for a home loan?
Landlord/tenant question in residential lease?
Does a single apartment include a bedroom?
How much should i offer for a house, marketed at £164,950?
Homeowners Association?
I'm facing eviction?
you rent your hole house out to anybody.Let anybody in the commutity to live?
kicked partner out of house as he didn't pay any bills,he wants me to make him a co-tenant to give him rights?
A good housewarming plant from a real estate agent?
Can I stop foreclosure on my house once it has started?
Foreigner neighbors leaving trash around the neighborhood?
If I found someone to cover a 1 year lease, did I break my lease?
Apartments near Triangle Town Center (raleigh)?
are landlords require by law to pay certain amount of money yearly to fix their rented house or aprtments ?
Issues with rental deposit?
I am a landlord. Can I change my 12 month tenancy to 6 month tenancy with my tenant?
I rented a room out to some old lady but she won't pay rent and won't leave either?
How can I get started in buying foreclosures/hud properties without a lot of money saved up?
Room mate question -- gross and illegal stuff?
How much is safe to spend while waiting to close on a house?
As a property owner, am I liable for my house guest?
i am currently in real estate school in florida and wanted to know the best way to study?
What happens if the house I put an offer in on is appraised at less than the offer?
What happens with my new build home if appraisal comes in low?
Where do we go to get my name put on the deed to my new husband's house?
can i move out at 16 in florida?
How to move out my hoarding mom's belongings that are in my home?
What is a good trusting name for a Real Estate Company?
Netherlands real estate registry lookup?
If a house is about to go into foreclosure, what does it mean to do a quick sale?
How much does it cost to rent space to throw a party in? About 30-40 people are coming?
how do i break my lease if there are no termination clauses?
Is buying really better than renting?
If I move into an apartment, am I allowed to install an alarm system and use a door stopper for protection?
Is it legal for my landlord to ask me to leave my apartment for her to show it to another prospective tenant?
What is a studio type apartment?
Can I refuse the rent increase?
OWNER FINANCING: How would someone look for houses that will be owner financed?!?!?
I need to re-zone a piece of property in Kern County, Ca. Where do I go, and what do I do?
The Pointe at Central? UCF Housing?
When buying a home for the first time, what should you do first?
I've sold a house. Do I need any other paperwork besides a Quit Claim Deed?
Dangerous fire in a council house?
Is my landlord bullying me?
should i move back home- please help?
If I buy a property for $50,000 and share the deed, will I have to pay gift tax?
How does one go about finding a good realtor?
Is it more expensive to buy a single family home and renovate the inside or to simply buy a lot and build?
What is a place in US where housing costs are cheap... I'd like to rent an appartment?
Question about breaking a rental lease?
is it illegal as a landlord not to have house insurance?
How much would bills be per month on a large 2 bedroom maisonette?
What are some pros and cons about purchasing a newly made home?
Graduated Income Rental Apartments & Sale?
What happens with abandoned houses?
Do you think it would be possible to make money helping people with loan modifications?
my credit score?
How much does it cost to rent a gym in Vancouver?
Can I get my interest rate reduce?
Is 500 sq ft big enough for 2 people?
Can I drop the offer I've made on a property?
investment property foreclosure.?
My renters claim a 'flea' problem?
okay then what about 100,000 dollars?
can anybody provide me the URL of 'Nahar's Amrit Shakti', if any?
We closed on our house and the deed is not filed yet, they wont give us keys can they do this?
How can I evict my tenant?
does ans independent loan agent share commission with anybody else?
Are there 500,000 Real Estate licensees in California?
Average renting costs In Australia?
Im still being harassed by my ex landlord who illegally evicted me in december what can I do ?
how much does it cost to build a new house in los angeles, california?
what does it mean to lease a house?
can a landlord ask for the 1st month, last month rent, and the deposit all at the same time to move in?
Is there anybody to help an old disabled man to buy a home with no money down and a small disability income?
Does a landlord have the right to get rid of an ex tenant's stuff?
Who can represent a seller to sign the closing documents?
How to turn a empty lot into farm land in state of New jeresy?
I'm looking for a good website to find a house for rent not a apartment. PLEASE :-)?
Two college students need help with finding an apartment!?
what happens if my appraisal is lower than my 203k loan amount?
Can you explain renting to own a home?
how can you let someone take over your mortgage payments and you get money out of it?
Is there anything that can be done to stop your rent from going up?
How long must one wait to purcahse a new home after a foreclosure?
Can you ask your landlord for another copy of your tenancy agreement?
Is renting really that bad?
How to become a real-estate flipper?
refinancing home after divorce?
How do I get a home loan?
Would like to hear comments about my story regarding mortgage lender,credit report and tenants laws.?
if u cant afford to buy a house is the shared owner scheme a good way to start?
When should I start shopping around to refinance my mortgage?
Which state has the highest real estate taxes..NY, NJ or CT?
lost mortgage?
Parking restrictions/yard, 2 family home?NWK NJ?
Are there any good books on real estate?
landlords with week to week lease experience?
what are the steps to obtain a mortgage loan?
How can I find out in my area how much a certain home is renting for that is occupied?
What are some tips for first time home buyers?
Good time to by land?
when buying a property on cash,should I rely on a listing agent, or my lawyer?
Which is worse for a house: having a a grow op or a crystal meth lab?
current interest rate on land loan?
What are my rights as a renter in Texas for child proofing my apartment? ?
How does a soft economy affect the holding period for commercial real estate purchases?
How to move to California?
What is a reasonable percentage/amount to ask above an appraisal amount for a house I am selling?
BCLT Burlington VT?
How do I find the selling price of a commercial property?
how do you get out of a real estate contract if our realtor has misled and lied to us?
Can you please help me with this vulture real estate agent?
What city/town in NC or FL is recommended for real esate investment?
How should I approach my potential landlord if I want to ask him to let me pay for the deposit later?
without payment of due maintenance , under section 125crpc revision is not maintainable delhi high court?
OK , what do I need to do to evict my roommates?
Do I have to pay my mortgage?
Have an active lease I'm still paying but needing to move?
How many Real Estate Brokers are there in the United States?
you are renting a house are you coverd under landlord insurence?
Looking for a house in spring tx?
Can a new home buyer put zero cash down for a home?
If you had a choice whether to buy a mobile home or rent? which would you choose?
How does one become a licensed Home Inspector, what is cost of training, & what are average yearly earnings?
could I get a mortgage for £18,000 to buy a property in bulgaria?
anybody know where i can check out apartment prices in Odessa over the web?
can i give a two week moving notice?
forms real state?
How many cats are you allowed to have in an apartment building down town?
Does anyone have a mobile home for sale?
When you buy a home how do you pay? :please read:?
How is hyderabad real estate market (Near Airport) to invest? and which is best and trusted company ?
I have had it with my tenants please help????!!!!!!!!!!?
What happens with your mortgage when you move house?
If I buy a home well below market value, can i re-finance right away to get the equity?
Is it better to rent an apartment or buy a condo/townhouse?
If a roommate is illegal (not on the lease) and refusing to pay utilities, can I take legal action?
buying land in riverside california do you recomned?
where is a nice area in orange county with low crime and safe. we want a townhouse?
after I paid off my mortgage, where and how can I get my deed of the house ?
West side apartments in las vegas nevada with no credit check or bad credit approval? ?
What is a 'letting fee'?
Please answer!! Anyone here really knows about Real Esate stuff...Is this right?
how to contact owner of property i live at?
Can landlord enter house after lease agreement expired, tenant has unpaid rent hse w/ physical damage?
I'm a recent grad from texas and got a job north of chicago, 800/mo to spend where can i live? that's safe?
Is it common for NYC buildings to require COI for all deliveries including big box furniture companies?
Am I still responsible for a lease/apartment after the lease as expired?
Is the owner responsible, in Florida, for repairs over $100 in a lease option to buy?
How do I convince my Mom not to let her rent out my other house?
want to buy a house,bad credit, no credit hardly ever, can i buy a house?
if a loan is signed with and/or with married people can only 1 sign to sell?
How much more should the person living in the better bedroom pay? (bigger, en-suite, built in wardrobes etc.)?
is the land mine or not?
What is the one most important thing that people look for in realtors?
Are there state laws that both names of married couples must go on deed to new home?
i want to remortgage a house but i own the house next door. the girl at the bank siad they can;t do it because
What's the best way to find an apartment in NYC without a broker?
What is the best way to buy real estate online?
Real estate agents; questions from a rookie?
Who owns the street i live on?
How much is a safe amount have saved to move to madison wi?
Are their small apartments with only one or two rooms for an 19 year old?
i'm thinking about moving to to dothan ala..i'm from ny any advice on that idea..?
Housing costs vs family size?
First time home buyer....Confused?
does an apartment have to let you out of a lease early for health issues?
do you know where i can rent a cheap room?
Why would a conventional loan be better than a VA Home Loan?
new mexico on line courses?
Anyone else agree that cost of living in various cities is total BS and doesn't add up?
Which word is correct (sell or sale) in sentence? See this before it goes up for sell or sale?
What is the best way to financially manage a small condo trust?
Living on my own..........?
what rate of interest i will be charged for a home loan of rs.1500000?
I might lose my apartment...?
who to call to rent a horse and wagon?
Seller won't reduce. House in the market for 8+months.What to do ?
advantage and disadvantage of auction and repossessed property in uk?
how long is take to get a deposit back from your land lord?
I will be bringing home $2500 a month?
Next step in housing authority?
How would a self-employed person create a small number of rental properties via financing (in Ontario)?
How do I legally get a family members out of my house?
how do i get my name added to my property title / deed?
can a land lord force you to sign a lease every year?
Where can I find Private Landlords in Baltimore City and move in with little or no Security Deposit?
In the manufactured home parks what do shares mean?
Is there a way to search public records online and learn the price a particular home sold for in my area?
Can i own a house in a country that i dont live in, like a holiday house ?
can you break a mortage contract to sell and avoid capital gain?
Is a 50k salary good to live a normal life?
Would it be illegal?
Do I need to be a citizen or resident to buy American real estate?
Are these home buyers legit?
Short sale advice? Please Help!?
Is there any country You can live at comforably for only $1500 a month?
What causes Cancer and long does it last before it ends?
Should I just keep a safe in my house?
council tenancies, through illness you have to move.?
Can I buy a house for my parents in the same town. I know I can't buy a second home in the same town?
Is it better to rent a house or a apartment? Since both cost almost the same price?
What is syp dss lumber?
I'm trying to buy some land in Sri Lanka. Finding it difficult to understand the jargon. Can someone help?
Loft conversion legalities for renting to students?
my friend casondra has her own website how whould i get to it?
can i get a home loan?
Can a landlord make you ensure their furniture?
I want to buy a house, I only have cash but no job, can I?
$700 for deposit but won't move in since the rent has been raised.Can I get my deposit back if I dont move in?
I'm renting a mold filled house and my landlord wont do anything for us!?
I signed agreement with the seller, and now broker is ordering an appraisal. Does this mean I'm approved?
Who can help me with mortgage questions? Do you advise zero down? Help?
How can someone like this rent an apartment?
i want to rent a nice 3 bed room, house in coachella can you plz help?
Need help on a real estate question...I live in Calgary alberta a canadian?
How to transfer property out of my moms name?
How can I find out if the house I rent is in foreclosure?
90% mortgages reality?
Will somebody help me with Apartment loans?
Were getting a 2 bed 2 bath apartment and one of the bedrooms is bigger?
how do I view the history of things I bought ans sold on ebay and amazonduring the whole year?
How do I advertise my Real Estate business in Fayetteville NC to people moving here from Atlanta??
Can I sue my neighbors below me or my apartment complex?
First time moving out, may I ask for some tips please?
does a house need a stove for the fha loan to approve?
Do you need a mold clearance test done after mold remediation in order to sell a house?
can last months rent be used to pay for months rent if you are breaking the lease three months early?
Who pays for insusurance, title, taxes at the closing?
Landlord Problems? Help!?
What is the least expensive way to set up an L.L.C. in Texas?
can my renter not pay full rent for repairs?
Hiring a real estate agent?
where can i get a hud key?
I need current leasing agents to give me suggestions on what to charge to lease a home overseas for a customer
Part ownership of land, can I sell my part even if the other owner does not want to sell?
What is your average gas/electric bill per month? U.S Only?
Please help my finance question.?
San Francisco Condo Purchase... is my math right?
How long does it take for your realtor to show you a house?
Need help with real estate terms!?
I want to buy a house; I'm 24 with decent credit and climbing, but no down payment money?
landlord is trying to sell the house in the middle of my lease. What's my rights?
what is the average size of a loft house/apt? and wat are the prices to have one build?? say if jus buy land.?
Assignment of property to trust?
How does half an acre of land cost in conway south carolina?
i have tenannt and landlord problem?
land cost in north chennai......?
Builder sold me pre owened house?
When renting a flat is there a minium requried income?
renting against buying?
I am buying my first house; should I get a buyer's agent? What do they do other than getting a commission?
Salary for this home?
Is it possible to still get an apartment with a foreclosure but no rental history ?
Would it be illegal?
Can I use my New York Real Estate Appraisal Licence in Boston?
Minor buying real estate in California. ?
I need the address of a good Real Estate company at Miami Beach ?
What is a credit union?
I co signed for an apartment for my daughter how can I take my name off the lease?
Where can i apply for housing with no income?
How to prepare if someone breaks in my house?
My bf has owned HIS house for 5 years, 3 of which I have lived in and had a child with him...?
if u were slightly late with rent?
How to buy a home in Canada with not so perfect Credit?
closing on house tomorrow. seller left it dirty?
Party rental place?
can my landlord charge me for this?
Does a single apartment include a bedroom?
How will the current financial crisis affect property prices in Australia?
Mortgage and cash loan MESS! Please help...?
If I don't think I'll get any of my deposit back (900$), should I bother cleaning my house when I move out?
Is My Old Landlord Double Dipping?
I want to form an LLC to purchase rehab homes. There are great buys here. How do I find honest investors?
When will my first mortgage payment be due?
where is the biggets mall now?
i need an example of a house repossession letter from a lender?
I'm trying to get electric service in my new apartment?
landlord problem question?
Garage conversions bad for the neighborhood/value?
what is the average APR for mortgages?
50 year mortgage loans?
Is $3,500 too much for an apartment?
what are the dangers of a reverese mortgage?
How do you go about buying your first house? where do you start,bank or Realtor?
Think it's a good time to buy HD an LOWS with all the flood damage in the East?
What is the lowest credit score i can have to get a home loan with va loan.?
Can you buy your first house/condo under 200,000 w/ no money down and good/fair credit? Are loans easy to get?
I'm looking for suggestions that will help PAYOFF HOME LOAN faster...?
I am a landlord, my tenants pay only portions of the rent when they feel like it. I feel like I am harrassing?
Has anyone ever worked with a company called Liberty First Service? I am trying to find out some information a
I am living in an apt building apt and i,m having trouble contacting corporate?
I live in CA me and my family just received a letter on my door saying notice of trustee sale do we pay rent?
Is it normal if I move to a new city to be unemployed?
does my landlord owe me my months rent back?
exclusive designate buyer agency contract?
Rent issue.. advice please.?
Landlord/Management company keeping my deposit!! I moved out of a business unit back in March 2012...?
Reason for buying a property in Brighton?
Responding to a roommate wanted ad?
where can i find a lease option contract for realestate form for free?
what happens after serving a section 21 on a tenent what are the procedures to get my house back as he is not?
info on taking the real estate exam in memphis?
What can I expect to pay for utilities in Ventura County, Southern California.?
How do I get out of a contract for deed? or get a loan w/a high debt to income ratio and low credit score?
i bought a house in 2006 for $470000 and it`s worth $300000.?
We are under contract to buy a house, our realtor isn't knowledgable, & gives false inform. can he be fired?
what is a turn key operation?
When should I move out of home?
could never reach landlord, didnt give 30 day notice on i still at fault?
If you are renting can the rent be increased 9 days before its due with no other notice?
How get the name of a homeowner of a house in my neighborhood?
I am looking for 220 acres in texas for sale?
can a residencial building permit be apealed by a neighbor?
Is my landlord stealing my power?
do the lessors have the right to cut the electric current and water because 3month deposits were used up?
looking 4 real estate sites in the philippines.?
Is it common practice for realtors to take you out after the sell of your house to celebrate?
is part ownership when buying house a good deal?
Tenant lacking enough security deposit?
If my apartment has been seriously damaged should I expect a discount in rent?
hi can you help me i am a council tennant i was wondering if i give up my house do the council give me some mo?
How exactly do Section 502 Rural Housing Loans subsidize a monthly mortgage payment?
does VA require that a stove is required in the home?
does a landlord have the right to walk into the home he has let out and ask you to move out without notice?
with a credit score 786 what is the chances of getting a mortgage loan?
Mortgage Payments?
Roomate 3 day notice?
What is better a better use of money? Please answer!?
How many times have you moved your home?
why is the land rent so high in CBD?
Two bedroom apartment..?
how long does a landlord have to give there renter before they are kicked out?
How do we negotiate rent, or should we get out of the apartment?
What does it mean by 'current status'?
is there a site which post pictures of homes around boston not for sale?
Bounced rent check?
if i co sign on a lease for an apartment can my girlfriend kick me out just because she gets mad at me?
Requirements for mortgage loan broker?
When looking at apartments, is it normal to be charged $25-30 or more for a credit check?
should single moms without college degrees even dream they can ever afford to own their own homes?
to buy a house for investment?
How do I rent an apartment in a city I don't have time to visit?
Apartment and Home Rental help?
what type of home can you buy in your area for $100,000?
how do young people survive if they are kicked out of the house with no job?
the landlord came up with a outrageous lease we didnt have one and now he wants one and we cant afford it what?
should i buy a new home in phoenix now or rent?
Buying a Car and a house at the same time.... Good Idea?
can i be held legally responsible for evicting a tenant who has never paid rent?
What is difference between BUY OUT and WAIVE OFF of Notice Period?
What's a good town to move to in Washington State?
when wanting to purchase a Manufactured/Modular home can you get a co signer on the loan?
A renter moved out a week ago leaving his things and owes rent and late fees?
Landlord notified me of a mandatory inspection 4 days in advance. Am I legally obligated to let them enter?
If I put my rent in a drop box of the the landlord and and one week later the say they don't have it , who pay?
Where/who is the best person/place to sell my timeshare property?
Do I determine the selling price of a reversed mortgaged home?
I bidded on a house and now I cant afford it what do i do?
Who can I contact to find out how much I can get for selling my house?
two brothers jointly own an inherited house thats being rented out, can one sell without the others permission
I cant afford my Mortgage - can I ask the bank to reposess the house?
do you have to move out on or before closing on a house or can you set a date afterward?
if my apartment is suppose to give free wireless is it my job to call the wireless company if it is not workin?
if i am applying for a home loan as owner occupied and i dont get qualify?
When a person dies and has rented a home for 22 years is the next of kin responsible for their debt?
Can I legitimately get money off my rent?
Is it okay to pay $500 for a room that is divided into two?
what is the most important things to consider before moving into an apartment?
los angeles.Could you live on?
If a house is appraised for more than I purchase the home for, can I get a larger loan?
Which state has the highest real estate taxes..NY, NJ or CT?
Any discriminating sites besides BBB to help me find a good, reasonable moving co. in Vancouver?
Live work spaces for rent in London?
who is the transfer officer of triodos bank tlc scotland?
HELP! she charged me $1000 for the damage my rabbit made?
how do you know if your landlord's rental property is being foreclosed on?
How to find house address?
What happens next after calling 311 on landlord?
In Memphis, Tn. Real Estate School just off Mt. Moriah, tell me anything about it? Is it worth going to?
how did the homes built in the 1980s and early 90s differ from homes built during previous decades?
Help! Anyone know about Foreclosures?
do anyone know where i can get the paper showing the structure of the house?
I have a rental property and just found out my tenant died, I don't know what to do?
Moved into apartment 3 days ago. My heat will not shut off!!?
What can I do to keep the apt.tenants next door from parking in front of my house?
I want to pay higher upfront fees (but not points) to get a lower rate on my mortgage. Any suggestions?
Im moving apartments. What does this apt application mean?
What is the cheapest part of Birmingham to rent a flat/house?
Habitat for Humanity?
Can my apartment make me pay my rent with a money order?
buy back candles in tamilnadu?
Is the $8k first time home-buyer tax credit still available for 2012 purchases?
Escrow in Default?
I need to get out of a lease asap!!!!?
What is the best site to find: Chicago Condos Foreclosures.?
Am I paying my house insurance twice?!?!?
Has anyone ever bought a for sale by owner vacant older home and then resold it for a profit?
I want my tenants to leave, the lease has been terminated, but they are refusing. on what grounds can I evict?
what is the length of time to file for lesion beyond moiety?
Do you think owning your own apartment is better than trying to be someone room mate?
if your house cost 700,000 dollars in us does that mean your pretty much rich?
Can I walk out when the lease ends?
What kind of gift can I buy for my realtor?
how much does a house cost in edmonton?
my landlord has served me with 4 weeks notice and we only have a verbal tenancy agreement, is this ok?
How does cash gift work on buying a house?
Would I have to pay capital gains if co-own a home with an aunt that we rent out if i sell my half?
Is the landlord respondsible for replacing an air condtioning unit on a commercial property?
should i be paying maintanance to my ex if i have my son 5 nights a week?
I have a 2nd home. should I rent it or sell it?
How does section 8 housing work?
Where do you look for places to rent?
Can a landlord evict a tenant with simply a 30 day notice in Maryland?
I sign a 12 month lease on 08/15/09, the rent is 643 per month. Can i get out of this lease . i never moved in?
What exactly is reasonable wear/tear on carpet in California. My daughter has 5 kids and a large deposit .?
How long will the underwriter take to evaluate my loan and approve it? ?
housing benefit?
How much roughly would it cost to renovate this property ?
How did Neverland go into foreclosure?
what is a quit claim deed?
My aunt and uncle's mom past away a year ago. They or fighting over the two houses she owned?
How long for a mortgage offer?
Can my spouse buy a house in his name only and not have any problems in the future because I am being sued?
Is it inappropriate to contact a home owner (seller) directly when buying a house?
How much is .000008 of $ 1,000,000?
What is a McMansion and who coined the term?
I have a 100k I want to buy this condo for 115k it's tenant occupied Do I buy it get a mortgage and pay the ?
are there any apartment complexes that has the rule no children or pets allowed?
Are there companies that will move household items and dispose of them?
how can I find information on a house that's abandoned?
What exactly are the "negotiable" closing costs when purchasing a house?
Why is it so difficult to sell a pool home near the beach in Fla.?
Real Estate Agent Question ?
can i sue housing authority if they lost 3 yrs of confidential information?
My apartment complex will not fix my leak.?
Kicked out of house, what can I do?
Looking for short-term rentals in Ft. Myers Fl help?
I want to start real estate agency in Maharashtra, India. What is the procedure?
how much mony does real estate appraiser make?
in california... is it legal for your landlord to charge you a late fee if you mailed on time but he got late?
Is there anyway you can end a fixted term lease early on a rental property?
need to find rental listing in birmingham alabama?
What should i do to make $ 800 within 2-3 months?
can the bank sell your house for a $1?
if i file forclosure on a home that i use as a vacation home,?
where can I get FII's Buying & Selling DATA in Inidian market?
I am upside down on my home loan about $30K...?
How to get a room-mate to quit smoking a in the house?
Question regarding being a "Granter" on a home loan.?
Does anyone else love their landlord/lady?
Does this sound like a rental scam?
When and why would a triple Net (NNN) lease be considered a good option for a tenant?
I want to sell my house without a real estate agent?
How much would it cost to build a guest house?
Where is the best place to live in rhode island?
How to prepare attractive notice to rent out a room?
is it the rite time 2 buy a house now, considering the just raised morgage rate?
Rent Issues?
Is a finished basement counted in a home's total square footage?
How can I get a $225,000 Home Loan with no down payment?
Can I get my security deposit back?
Is a fence considered a permanent fixture and can the owner take it during a short sale?
Grocery list for moving out for first time?
I own land in TX for 20 yrs and new neighbor says move fence b/c its on his side 40 ft, Do I have to move?
How do I get out of my lease?
Could a good Lawyer afford this price for a condominium???
One month late and rec'd notice to accelerate?
looking for a vacation home?
If$400.00 was deposited in an interest bearing acct. exactly 15 yrs ago, how much is there now?
Can I buy a house with $2000 month income?
what is the cost to a apartment owner after a tenant moves out?
Will we be able to stay in this house or will council want us to downsize?
Any way to get out of my apartment lease because of this?
Can I get my interest rate reduce?
low income apartments in california?
how do I become a Real Estate agent in Mo?
Do I have the financial assets to invest in a house?
how do you get a job and home out of state befor i move?
What does it take to buy a home?
Is it possible to purchase a home with bad credit?
How good it is for me to concentrate all my investment on real estate market? Pls. expound on this thnks!?
land lord wants me to replace all light bulbs?
Is it common to get ripped off by real estate agents?
while selling my house, buyer is demanding previous years will , original copy or i pay 1200.00 more . the fi?
I want to know how to find section8 home renter in Arizona Phoenix can you help me find it?
How does Housing Benefit apply to Joint Tenants?
why is price of Delhi and NCR real estate is increasing ?
What should I do - fix up the money pit I inherited or sell it as a "fixer-upper" and get into senior housing?
Im putting my name on my girlfirends mortgage, can I put it in my name if we split up?
The Bank loans officer lied about the interest rate & the locked in lower repayments on my home loan !?
how do i get web sites for real estate offices in sothern va?
I need a cheap way to furnish my apartment?
What is the best price for agricultural land?
Am I selfish or not. What should I do?
No Permits on a Property?
When is housing benefit going to be stopped for under 25's (UK)?
I have a possession order for my England property. If the tenant goes away for 2 weeks, can I change the locks?
If I were to get financing for $400k condo,how much will my payments be?
I want to find out who owns an abandoned house does anyone know a website where i could find out?
looking for property bought by a relative living in orange county California in the late 60's?
what are the top california mortgage lending companies?
how can i find a investment group for help on closing on a condo on south beach?
what kinda lawyer do i need to sue my apartment complex/order them to move me in to another the complex?
Change of income for mortgage qualification?
How much money do I need to buy affordable house in London?
how do you keep the man you love when he is attached or seeing other women,but you love him so much.?
When selling a house, when do people generally make an offer?
how soon after i sign the contract to buy a townhome can i move in?
I would like to place my listing for sale but forgot my password. Also forgot my security question?
First Time Home Buyer in NY w/ bad credit but large down payment needs help!!!?
What does it mean?
Really any legal eagles out there; I have a pretty complicated question. Please be as precise as possible..?
Is this house a good buy?
Can an Apartment owner sue you for breaking a lease?
In UK if you have a landlord that doesn't accept DSS tenants, how does he know if the tenant claims housing?
do you consider a house that's 5,000 sq. ft. small, medium, large, or huge?
My husband paid off house in full over 20 years....we are getting a divorce, the house is in my name only..?
how would you sell a house that had mold but was repaired?
What's the best way to find commercial property locally?
Foreclosed homes, how much negotiation room is there?
Landlord question, Is this legal?
Can one Co-Trustee sell property without the signature of other Co-Trustee?
Can I get the administration fee waived for an apartment?
anyone interested in real estate buisness, specially in the housing sector, buying property/? contact?
Why do real estate agents get a bad rap for being conniving cunning and liers?
Lein on house that I did work on?
Wake Forest's Heritage or Cary's Amberly?
HELP! Live in WA but have short sale offer for my rental home in TX- how can i be exempt from 1099 for balance?
True/false: you will have your own house, car and a partner by early 2018.. ?
I would like to start my own property investment business in florida, where do i start?
how to make a house more appealing for buyers?
what is name of new website for getting value of your property?
is it true that over 90% of today's millionaires made their fortune off the basis of real estate?
How to Get Out of an Apartment Lease?
How can I found out if property is for sale before signing a lease?
Have a question about government housing. Please help! Dont want friend to be out on the streets. thanks.?
Am I required to give 30 days notice to my Room Renter?
can claim of lien be filed in state of fl. while a matter is being litagated in the courts.?
Does anyone know of any new homes being built in Baltimore that are less than 200k?
Owning a house with a friend - silent ownership?
can the landlord of my flat charge me half the cost of new windows?
What can an apartment landlord discriminate against when choosing tenants?
Nice safe apartment to live in, in Memphis, TN and vicinity.?
What is the importance of leasing office space and any information concerning leasing Office space is needed.?
we were left a house in a will?
Washington State - What do I do if landlord ignores attempts to turn over keys?
where can u get an eviction notice? do you have to contact the court first or just get it at any store?
Is it hard to get housing in the apartments at UMBC?
Why, when the value of my house has fallen ,?
HELP!!! My Closing Documents were Messed up!!!!?
Is there a curfew for section 8 tenants?
Do you live in an apartment or house?
Should I buy or rent in San Francisco?
Could I afford to buy a house?
home loan for purchase of apartment?
Should I be embarrassed that I'm 29 and moving into a studio apartment?
Does Landlord Pay Gas & Water?
My real estate agent is a slimebag ~ Now what?
What's your opinion on someone buying a condo?
how to rid my home page of non-sponsored ads. ex. Obama and refinancing homes, etc, etc?
Real Estate Agent Question ?
How long do I need to be at a new salary to re-qualify for a home loan?
wanting to know the cost of all electric house in oklahoma 2200 sq ft?
Can my bf pay for rent and have me in the lease?
Does this real estate theory make sense?
I didn't pay my rent on time and wont pay it until the following month, can my landlord evict me?
I am trying to locate a landowner in keene tx by the address only?
How can i estimate the approximate house listing i can afford?
How long does approval for an apartment take if your just waiting on approval from compliance office?
what is commercial real estate? How do people in the business get paid?Where can I find info about the career?
How do I recover my forgotten password?
What is the difference between an apt and a flat?
anyone know the best way to find land for sale for a new build business?
EBAY-Can I buy more than 1 piece when I won the bidding?
omg!!! my house in going in forclosure! anybody know when the bank can take it away?
when i will have my own house/flat?
is there such a thing as transferring your mortgage from one company to another?
How is the real estate market currently in Las Vegas, has the bubble started to burst?
is key energy up for sale and who is buying anadarko?
is it a good investment to buy a property in dubai?
what does this letter from san diego housing commison mean?
How much should I save for an apartment?
court house address in carmen ark.?
I just want our house to be sold?
Is it possible to buy a person, in britain or america?
On a Estate Agent's ( Monies required form ) Please explain Apportioned rent, with an example. Thank you.?
Can I live on college campus with a Section 8 (housing) voucher?
Can you get a loan to buy a house if your credit sucks?
in real estate property, to offer to buy it from the owner or listing agent, do i need to sign my signature in
Selling a house, how do i stand now?
How do you list property for sale on Craigslist?
without notice, can the landlord replace an item without the consent of the tenant?
Tax question about how much extra to get?
My house has been on the market for almost 6 months...?
whats the difference in the process from buying a house directly from the owner or throught an agent/bank?
why they ask me fill out affidavit when applying in house mod not the hamp?
can the buyer walk away from a real estate deal because they are getting a divorce?
do you think my landlord would mind if.......?
What are the top ten mistakes homeowners make in their home mortgage?
Buy to let mortgages UK?
Would you buy a house with 13 as its number?
Is tenant or landlord responsible for spoiled food for fridge not working?
If I wanted to make a deposit on a place that I wish to lease does the property manager have to put my deposit
What are ways you can break a lease early?
College student here looking to rent or buy a house, help?!?
Refinance question.....?
taxs what to do been paying last 2 yrs i cant afford to change my deductions how can i make this work?
about trustee's sale?
what is required of your apartment complex in order to keep you/ make you feel safe?
Selling a house in Florida...?
does anybody else have an adjustable rate mortgage that they need to get out of? my rate just went up to 9%?
should we rent or sell our house?
Are there any rental assistance offices in Greensburg Pa for people with bad credit and pets?
In Urgent need to Break a Apartment lease..pls help?
Can I refinance with out my partner's signature?
how can i get rid of a house in a bad neighborhood?
Large house rental in North Carolina?
If some one is living in your motor home with you and you move the vehicle off of the land i am renting can ?
what is a "short sale" in real estate?
Can a co-owner of a home (50%) force the other partner into selling the home in California?
New Jersey virtual institution?
How much would a two room apartment in the LA, California area cost?
Can my brother evict me if i am co-owner?
How far in advance should I call the complex to ask if there is an apartment available?
Should I buy a condo in south florida, or just continue renting?
buy or rent home?
Help!!Which house do you prefer?
Will I be able to rent a room?
In a divorce can I take my wife off my mortgage with out refinancing?
Apartment lease, garage space?
Laws about NY tenant having guests?
How long should a preapproval for a home loan take?
should we marry before buying a house or after?
Where can i buy a studio Apartment in Vrindavan, Mathura? price range 4 - 5 Lakhs?
Is 1000 sq. feet enough for me and my girlfriend in a one bedroom apartment?
i waforeclosure papers . what are my rights as a tenant ? Do I need to worry about being put out in the stree?
Home loan modification?
how is the formula derived?
South Carolina - Taxes on Property taxes already paid?
How much do you pay for rent on a 4-6 bedroom house where you live?
how do i find a cheap apartment in Colorado Springs?
how will a housing court judgement affect my credit?
Explain me as how the mortgage interest payment gives me a tax break ?
I can't afford housing on my own, due to student loan debt and medical debt?
When a lending institution dissolves, how do you find out who purchased their loans?
mobile home appraisal came in too low is this a scam ?
Do I have to pay?
What are the different types of mortgages?
When will my rent be due?
How do you buy a home when you have nothing?
My house is up for sale, the Estate Agents have told me to drop it £13k?
am i able to buy a house?
buying a home in oklahoma and land What and how much for the abstract?
Problems with rented flat?
what is the normal monthly rent for a flat sufficient for four persons in Russian small cities.?
How do I know that I got the best deal in my home mortgagerefinancing?
Renter's rights in the state of arkansas?
Whats the best way to buy a house with bad credit?
The owners want to sell, but someone on the mortgage - not an owner- doesn't want to sell.?
Where can I find a nice family oriented, very affordable Senior Assistence Living in Washington, D.C.?
What other soureces to consult in real estate?
If you are on food stamps/welfare can the county help pay your rent?
will i be classed as a priority need to be rehoused by the council? UK ANSWERS ONLY?
Do you have to appear in court if you were told eviction was filed but never were served by the actual court?
Tenants issues being ignored?
My husband and I would like to buy a home now...he declared bankruptcy but makes more?
what job ........................................…
renting-property in foreclosure?
what mortgage refinance options do I have?
typical rent for college student in Minneapolis?
To all Landlords ?
Serious issues with tenants! Help?
Im moving out my aparment, my carpet is slightly torn?
What if I purchased a deed??
Help me with a realtor problem!?
is $10,000 a good down payment on a home....?
how long does it take to get a real estate license?
Best sites to find storage area/rentals (Not craigslist)?
what's the zip code for Rangeley, maine?
Where is Rustomjee premium apartment mumbai | 09999684166 | rustomjee elita ?
Query about Holding Deposit?
tenant rights for sale of property in NSW australia going on for 8 months?
what are the name of land titles in the philippines?
What does PPO mean when dealing with real estate ?
What is the typical closing costs on a house, or how can the number be figured out?
is there relief for upside down mortgages?
What is the average asking price for a 20-acre plot of agricultural property in Teton Valley, Idaho?
does the statement --wich shall provide for maturity two years from inception mean there is a baloon payment i
Is there a way to get my last bill before I move out or change meter read dates?
is real estate on it's way down?
Can we move out of our apartments without paying fees?
Finding my old house?
Are bank owned properties cheaper then regular properties?
What should i ask a roomate before i move in?
Can a person from another country purchase a home in the U.S. without citizenship or green card of any kind?
HOA payment wrong account name?
what's the median home price in las vegas, nv?
How much does it cost to buy a small farm in Ecuador?
charges upon buying a house.?
Safe neighborhoods in L.A. for a single female in her twenties and straight out of college?
How is the best way to reduce years in your mortgage without a lot of money? I don't want to pay for 30 yrs.
black mould and water marks on walls in rental property?
What are housing problems?
How to find the cheapest legal and survey fees when buying a house in the UK?
if i pay a week before i move in a months rent do i pay my last month rent ?
Is it possible to find out who lived in an apartment in a specific year(1986)?
Should I worry about buying a place with a room that's not warranted?
if i move to florida will my ssi or ssd change?
Mortgage loan, Hazard Insurance and Homeowner insurance question?
food costs a month?
Does anyone have experience with the company Homevestors? The "We buy ugly homes" people.?
Im trying to rent apartment in Dallas. What kind of cost should i expect?
Is my landlord taking advantage of me?
do you have to pay rent for a room, if you're not there (i.e. on holidays)?
How can I raise capital to fund a real estate project?
My bartender is getting an apt, and he needs a reference letter stating his income?
Should I buy a condo in Baja Ca, Mex?
How much do utilities cost on a monthly basis for 2 people?
I am wanting to buy a house and have found out the tenant has just signed a 12mth lease,can i get her out?
where can i find free gay housing in palmsprings?
Landlord signed us into lease while mortage was in defalt. OREGON?
does anyone know what RENTAL ASSISTANCE mean?
looking for free real estate newsletters?
When should you start foreclouser on your home?
How can I get off mortgage loan with my soon-to-be ex-husband?
Told my landlord about a broken tile?
Abandonment of Secured property 1099-A?
How do i prove i pay rent if im not on the lease?
Opinions on Buying a Cottage?
I need help only from people that know .s?
My boyfriend is considering buying a condo, and has been?
I'm self employed, I deliver papers and do pretty well, I gross about $80,000 but when I got my taxes done I s?
I am planning to move into a new apartment. How big is a 675sq ft. apartment?
SSI living arrangement....?
Can you answer these mortgage questions please? Math?
help with forclosure (mn)?
can i consolidate 4 mortgages into 1 mortgage?
apartment but bankruptcy?
Need info on apt. rentals in Bedford, Pa.?
Why on earth do I need a realtor to help me buy property when we have the internet?
Can a seller get out of selling house if closing deadline isnt met?
Does God rent or own?
$37,000 in Orlando or $39,000 in Miami yearly salary.?
Someone know a cheap studio for rent in El Cajon CA?
I need 200$ fast what is the quickest way i can achieve my goal?
HELP !!!home not in same condition as when contract executed?
Has anyone had luck with rent to own in Ct?
List all legal, valid reasons for breaking a rental lease?
Does anyone know any resources that can help me pay the 3000 I am behind on my mortgage?
what is the lowest rent posible?
Is it a good deal to change Mortgage type?
What should a put in a letter to decline someones offer on our home?
What does first/last months rent as a deposit mean exactly?
What can i do when an old lady calls police on me when i'm not stomping?
signing a lease in nj?
Divorce and buying a home?
is there anyway to avoid foreclosure after they have sent you the letter of eviction?
Where is the best place to Move?
Can a family of 5 live in a 2 bedroom apartment?
What was the US national average rent of a single bedroom apartment in 1975?
Can I somehow kick all my tenants out to remodel?
Short Sales and adding the debt to your adjusted gross income.?
Can my landlord try to sue me?
Would you live in a house with no foundation?
Will getting pre-approved for a mortgage hurt my credit score?
we have a 105 acre farm for sell. what is the best way to sell it?
How do I add my name on my brother-in-law's house title?
I paid an electric bill. The electric company has no record of it. They say I owe $400+. I paid it? Help?
Where do I file a landlord complaint in the State of Alabama. I have dirty water issues.?
can my father sell me his house for a third of its market value?
Can I live off of 40k in San Francisco? Alone?
what realestate company would i be better going with?
whats a good rent to pay per month in south wales,austrailia?
Listings of reference material on infrasound?
Seeking realtor experienced with pricing and marketing Historic homes in the Morris County area of NJ?
payment for a utility easement?
Rental applicant short sale his own house?
If I become an accountant, can I afford a $500000 - $1000000 Home?
Does a renter have to inform the rentee that there was a meth lab found in the garage of the home?
Seller refused to sign closing papers for a short sale home. What are our rights as the potential buyers?
How do I rent to low income (referred to as section 8) renters in the city of chicago?
When can I legally rent a house/apt?
when does a landlord have to give my security deposit back or let me know what they have kept?
I'm a first time home buyer, looking for a nice safe area in long Island that ranges from 200k to 275k?
Down Payment Assistance for Investment Property in Texas?
I have been given 30 days to move oit from a house i rent. in these 30 days do i hqve to pay rent?
Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as a rental house in Brookfield NY?
How much rent should be paid?
What's the housing market future look like?
how much does 8 or 9 land acres cost?
Please explain this sentence?
How much do I need to make per hour to own an average apartment/needs and go to school?
How long do I have to move out if I never had to pay rent?
Is it legal for the builder to cancell purchasing agreement if a buyer finds and asks to correct defects?
Will I get in trouble doing what the landlord is requesting?
Who is the owner of Marchelle's Catering & Dsgnr in Prattville, AL?
Lease Agreement/Divorce Pending?
Anyone have a farm house for $1000 or less with acreage for rent within commuting distance of the Twin Cities?
im moving out of a rental house the day before i turn the keys its broken into?
is 200 square feet big for a bedroom?
information on non prime loans?