Real Estate

are my loan officer/banker and my realtor allowed by law to discuss our house/finances w/out me being present?
first part of this week there was mention of a appraisal site that started with a Z in a featured artical.?
In connecticut, is it illegal to rent out your basement?
I wanted to move out of my townhouse complex badly, I signed a lease that ends sept 9, 2006?
Council threatening to possess my home?
Why should i buy a house for $150,000 if i will eventually be paying over $300Gs for it in the long run?
Can you terminate a lease early if your ceiling ed, started leaking and caused damage?
what size of mobile home can i put on my lot if its 42x80?
What are the best areas to move to if im looking for a home under $75000 but in an appreciating area?
Debt to Income Ratio (DTI)?
How much money do you need to pay a realitor when selling your home.?
We bought a home two years ago and it is an FHA mortgage. My son was tested for lead and it came back at 14?
neighbors property survey?
Hi, we are renting a flat in a building with 5 flats. Each flat has its own door,?
What should I prepare before I rent out my condo? landlord question.?
I would really want a flat stomage ?
If i have an address, is there a way to find out who lived there?
is there a bankruptcy attorney out there who can help a low income family immeadiately?URGENT!!!!!?
Do you happen to know of any apartments in Mephis, Tennessee, that don't do any credit checks?
What do u need to start a buy, remodel ,and sell for profit real estate business (Lisence , Permits or what)?
What are the chances of the bank coming after me for foreclosure?
what is an inverse mortgage?
Where you can get the best investment property for sale ?
If one paid rent on June 1, but stayed for the entire month of June responsible for paying that months rent?
Is Carleton Sheets real estate infomercial a scam?
whats the square feet in a 30x40?
Rough estimate for water bill in Dallas?
Our subdivision pool is dirty & HOA do nothing.?
Bank asking for biggest and best offer on foreclousure?
Monetary sponsorship to modify sellers home to be wheelchair accessible?
Can I sue someone for illegally occupying my room? Can I break my apartment contract?
The sale tax is $45 on the purchase of a dining room set for $1125. Find the sales tax rate.?
mortgage calculators for mobile/modular homes?
Mortgage Loan from Chase?
My estranged mother passed away over a year ago...?
How to choose a mortgage?
Broker only showing me "cheaper" houses?
For a $500,000 home, can 4 persons put down $25,000 each and take out $100,000 loan each?
Mortgage loan for house under 50k...please help!!!?
What do I do if my temporary roommate doesn't want to pay utilities? (follow up to different question)?
From which site I can sell my ancestral home?
where is the best site to find bank owned homes or foreclosed homes in the New Orleans area?
As a landlord I am going to start giving my tenants invoices for there rent due. What do you think?
Any opinions on Summercrest Apartments in Waynesboro, VA?
Im having really hard time with my landlord?
Me and my 2 buddies are thinking about moving to Cali... lotso f answers please.?
Does anyone know of a place that deals specifically with a distressed piece of land?
Do home owners really sell houses and hold the note?
Anyone out there know the benefits of mortgage insurance?
Renting and Bill Splitting?
Termination of lease agreement?
What is the most recent trend for home prices in Tucson, AZ?
percentage of online payment failure rate?
Just entering real estate and what should i expect?
English speaking estate agents in Bulgaria?
What is the pay range for a real estate agent in PA?
does any body know where i can find houses on sale?
I have a lease for property in Va in 1750 complete with stamps. How could I sell something like that?
what is the site called were you can find out how much houses sold for ??
What makes a company deny a person when they apply to rent an apartment?
What should I do about this problem with my apartment?
Why do people think owning a house is a such a good idea?
Bills for a 2 bed flat?
How much a Master bed room cost?
Mortgage brokers or anyone in lending business.?
I need an excel mortgage calculator for doing 80/10/10 loans. Does anyone know where I can download 1 4 free?
How Can I Sell my House?
how do you find what a specific home recently sold for?
California Real Estate Brokers License?
What is the best and most affordable neighborhood closest to Rutgers University?
I am a landlord. Can I change my 12 month tenancy to 6 month tenancy with my tenant?
Is buying a better idea than renting?
Can you sell a property in a living trust to a family member?
MyRealtorTonyaJones, can you visit my site its a .com?
eviction from flat?is landlord correct?
How long can my landlord keep my security deposit?
mortgage deeds?
Can a Lanlord sell the house?
Workshops on real state, investment and flipping houses?
We're buying a house and need to move very soon, could we rent the new place from the owner before we buy it?
Purchase house for 240,000 but the tax appraised value is 320000. If you put 0 down must you pay PMI?
My brother and I share a condo together and both of our names are on the deed. Next year I plan on moving. I
does anyone know where I can find plans on building a treehouse?
is it legal to hold the rent if you have asked for something to be fixed and it hasn't been done yet?
Can I afford a $600,000 house?
can i use an annuity as a down payment for buying a coop?
how much does retractable shelter cost?
how can i purchase a mobile home with my ssi income of 603.00 per month?
Can I ask a realtor to hold a house for 6 months with some kind of legal agreement?
Intra-family transfer done secretly?
Are you for or against public housing?
wife lived in 2 fam home with children collecting rent, now wife moved, renting both units, can i get half?
I'm 20 I have a 100k I want to buy a house for 69k how can I make this work to my advantage?
How do raise your credit score fast for buying a house.?
leaving a house for someone uk?
How are property taxes typically figured into closing costs?
If a house is 1258 square feet and the house is priced at 139,900 how much is it per square foot?
How does eviction from an apartment work?
To purchase a home or not?
Can I rent books at discounted rates?
What's a good way for me to get an apartment to let me sign a 4 month lease without a job?
Describe the organizational procedures for clearing and vacating a meeting room?
looking for
How much does a home price go down? If they are asking 65000 for a condo, what is an acceptable offer to make?
Our house is 3500 sq. ft. Is that considered large?
how many days are in agust?
Can i get landlord to kick roommate out if she is breaking her lease?
Entering unit without giving approximate time?
Roommate breaking lease?
Whats The Mortgage Percentage Rate in Canada?
is rajarhat in calcutta a good place to invest in property ?
can my landlord evict me for breaking a window?
What is the average cost for an exterminator in FL? I live in a mobile home.?
How do I get my mothers house?
Can I install a garbage disposal in a rental apartment?
apartment in Mountain View CA?
What is a good name for Condominium Management company?
Does anyone know how bad my credit will get ruined by foreclosure on my condo?
do i get paid for being in a default home?
how do i start with real estate with little or no cent and that for a profitable end.?
free foreclosure websites for miami, fl?
Can I afford to pay this much rent on my salary?!?
Does anyone know a good Mortgage lawyer in NJ for Attorney Review?
Can I sue my previous landlord for $650?
Would you buy a condo near a railroad?
Does anyone know what 2 acres of land would cost for the spring grove / hanover pa area?
2 flats 1 electricity reader meter and we are paying?
Parent signing a lease for a minor?
what rights do i have as a room renter and asked to move without notice?
What is the average rate of sale vs rent in chicago? If i Buy a condo in 600,000 how much can i ask for rent?
Where can I find home records I buy? More specifically, if anyone has died there?
What is the best method to search for searching an apartment?
countrywide home loan?
I turned in my 30 days noticed Monday to the housing authority!!!! HELP ASAP?
Any suggestion to improve my writing skills?
i need home loan help?
Is a rabbit a pet or not?
What goes into moving into a new house?
What should we call our new office? It's a big new building for a media company? Something inspiring???...
How do I ask a (some what creepy) room mate to leave?
Landlord Tenancy Agreements?
Someone please help me out?
if my parents have 2 mortgages, and want to move to an aptment, is this possible?
Who should I sue, Landord or Contractor, for Contractor negligence?
apartment question anyone?
How do realitors get access to EVERY listing available?
im trying to find a private landlord in Reading Berkshire,that accepts housing benefit?
Need a guarantour for my loan! Help?
Why is it that a Real Estate Mogul never becomes the richest man on Earth?
At 2350.00 in gross income and 4 children what kind or rent can i afford!?
California Tax Sales at auction?
Things for my moving out box/ apartment?
I'm trying to buy a foreclosed home or fixer upper and renovate it. Where should I start?
My home value is 80% of my mortgage. What are my options?
help in buying a house?
How much rent could i afford to move out?
When you lease office space in a skyscraper how do technological services work?
My landlord asked me to forward his mail to his new address, how do I do that? ?
can my landlord wait 7 days to get the rent money?
Can I sell a condo to be built in the future if I have put a deposit on it but don't want to move in?
I am selling my home by rent to do I file & make it a legal binding contract & safe for both parties?
I am not sure this realtor is being truthful. what to do ? please advice.?
What kind of credit score do I need to qualify for a mortgage? Right now I have a 572-Experian.?
If my landlord violated our lease agreement am I liable for payment on my remaining lease?
Should I keep my old house and rent it out?
How many days do you have if you get evicted.?
housing market? is it far to late?
How many days must a landlord give you after telling you the price is going up?
Is It Rude to Refuse to Answer the Door When I'm...Taking a Bath, a Breathing Treatment, Lng Distance Phone?
How do you find who the agent or landlord is for a property?
After a short sale approval by the Bank why does it take longer to close than two months?
im putting my address on amazon put i live in a aparment and i live on the second floor how would i do that?
my landlord did not tell me about foreclosure?
need advice please about my situation have you gave up asocial housing house to go private advice please?
Who's your mortgage lender?
who typically prepares a lease for a client in a real estate transaction?
How can I get a low interest loan on a mortgage being that my credit is bad?
Security deposit charged for cleaning the mini blinds?
who owns beverly hills hotel?
What is a 'letting fee'?
how can a sibling's interest in inherited property be eliminated if the sibling is non-responsive?
how many days notice can a landlord give...?
Can anyone buy a house on $28k income?
Does anyone know a website, where you can view condo docs online?
What should I know about buying a foreclosure?
What is the best method of partnering with a land owner?
In the short term (2 years or less) is it better to rent a house or an interest only mortgage or renttoown?
If my new house address adds up to 13 is it bad luck?
Where do they sell these?
Is this considered 10 days late?
How do we sell our house we have on Contract for Deed?
Real Estate Investment Loans?
What is HELON?
mould question please help?
Who sets land prices in Victoria?
i need a $10,000 loan asap?
I live in a private house is it a legal offense for my landlord to go through my mailbox?
Would you buy a house whose owner was hated locally?
what are the advantages and disadvantages in buying a house and renting a apt?
Is buying smarter than renting?
where can i find a apartment for NO credit checks, or BAD credit OK in New jersey?
Having issues with my Landlord?
How much do I need to make per year to have an $800,000 house?
Is it true that you have to pay off your mortgage before selling your house?
foreclosed homes for sale in LA?
Is it reasonable for a landlord to ask tenants to show a rental house to new tenants?
trying to buy my first home but no luck?
Is it legal for an apartment manager to add a pet fee onto our signed lease agreement?
Buying a foreclosed home?
Complex capital gains question concerning real estate sale?
Help with Crazy Renters?
do you need credit to rent an apartment?
Exactly how will they get me to sign?
Private landlords in farnborough area?
How old do you have to be to rent out an apartment, alone?
I just filled out an application for an apartment - what do they look for in your credit history?
i need houseing advise?
we had friends rent our basement. they moved out & left all their stuff. its been 2mo can i get rid of it?
Can rent a center walk in my house?
I lost my 20.00 hr job in January, is there any way to save my home (especialy gov help)?
getting a home mortgage?
House Claims from a Will and Testament?
Is it possible to buy a house without my name appearing on the loan and deed? If yes, how?
if i have a valid lease somewhere else, can girlfriends landlord prohibit me from visiting, can they evict gfr
If i get emacipated can i move out & rent a house or sign for an apartment ?
Is it possible to fix it to where someones land cannot be sold?
I have a lese with a tenant that does not include a cat she just called to say the cat is in the apt : options
Can a mortgage be cancelled a couple of days before the closing date?
Do anybody know where I can get $400 loan?
Any special requirements when renting an aprtment/house? First time traveller to the US.?
opinion.....Which is the best Real Estate Company In North America?
i got an offer from citimotgage to modify my mortgage loan,cost 325 dollars,is this a legit offer?
Can I evict a tenant without a 30 day notice if the house has mold?
My property managers do not want to help fix my A/C unit.What can I do?
talk me out of a fixer upper (pics included)?
Can brokers act as a buyers agent also?
When selling a house . . .?
What are the requirement to buy land abroad? What are the first steps to take in being able to purchase land?
where can I find out, online, how much the home next to me just sold for?
what is the cheapest area around calgary alberta to buy real estate from?
I want to be real estate agent in America, whats the best route into this as a carear?
Landlord does not want written notice for end of tenancy agreement?
what is the title of a person who locks, floats, and apply points to loans in a mortgage company?
I'm looking into buying land in Nevada, but have some questions about utilities?
Under the new FHA condo approval process (HRAP), who can submit all the documents?
Roommate changed her mind, should I keep the security deposit?
How much will my payment decrease with a loan modification and will my 2nd be wrapped up with it?
When does a bank have to take possession of a surrendered house?
Do you work for a mortgage company and if so is your office currently swamped with foreclosures?
What should I pay in rent? Finance Question?
When applying for apartment, does the lease and/or application have to be done in presence of landlord?
How can you get the seller of a home to pay all the closing costs?
Will adding my brothers name to the deed of my house allow him to claim the tax benefits.....?
Your thoughts on foreigners investing big bucks in USA real Estate?
How much more expensive would building a new house on land you own than buying one if equal value?
Can a landlord evict tenants with a newborn baby for non-payment of rent in NJ?
Rent payment, my lease expires on 10/20/12 . I want to vacate but the apartment management told me that I can?
My room mate gave 30 days notice is he still responsible for utilities?
is our ex landlord breaking the law?
How big of a role does MLS play in the NYC Coop market.?
what is a duplex?
Who is the best company to get a home loan through with bad credit?
are there certain real estate agents that deal with va loans?
Is there construction financing available from the FHA in Manhattan?
Mortgage brokers vs. banker, which one will screw me the least?
What caused Mortgage Crisis (s to best answer)?
I am in highschool and want to be a Realtor.Tips? Help?
my ex wants to get her name off the lease?
I need to know some things about military housing. Please help?
What are the laws regarding heating apartments in Detroit, MI?
Is it public information how much a person owes on their home?
Second mortgage holder preventing sale?
My landlord turned off my heating and air conditioning unit, whodo I talk to about it? It is in the high 90's.
Mortgage Down Fall?
Is it within code regulations to live in a tent on a plot of land that one owns?
My ex gf and I share an apartment and I am the primary on the lease, can I kick her friend out legally?
Does anyone know of a website for housesitting?
can you get kicked out of your apartment?
Who has responsibility for the land between our houses?
does my landlord have the right to forbid the installation of a/c units?however i pay my own electric bills.?
Apartment early termination due to military orders?
I am purchasing a property and my buying broker wants to charge administrative fee of $400? Is this common?
is there any finance company that refinances a home that is 89,000 but the amount owed on the home is 138,000?
How much income do you need to show to buy a $120.000 apartment?
I a mother of 4 and have been trying to relocate from New York to New Jersey, can someone give me direction?
what happens when a house is in foreclosure, what happens to the people who own the house?
I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada and want to move to South Carolina. Is that a good place to live?
mortgage gimmicks?
I was looking for a studio/apartment and what does "maint. fee" mean?
Is this a valid DHL receipt?
Mortgage rate drop...?
What caused Mortgage Crisis (s to best answer)?
Would you buy property in Sedona Arizona?
will apartment take 6 months rent upfront?
Is there such thing as grant money for new home owners?
What is a good faith estimate and how close are we to closing on our home?
HELP I need a place to smoke weed?
How should I split rent in a 4 bedroom house between 4 people?
If I live in a condo can I hire a housekeeper?
Walking out on my lease?
How much can you get approved for on a VA loan?
Being kicked out - Boyfriend, Girlfriend and 1 year old son. Need help getting council house/flat?
Looking for an affordable apartment in downtown State College, Pa. Any Ideas?
On average, how long does it take to sell a house?
What's in the square footage of a house?
If my landlord stops paying mortgage do i have to keep paying rent?
Selling a home For Sale by Owner (FSBO). Received a call from a Realtor two days ago and the Realtor said....
how long after chp7 does a person have to wait to buy a house nothing over the top like 100,000 or less?
Are there loan for mortgages that will help with down payment on new homes that require money to hold land?
How can I find out if my loan is owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae?
WE are about to get sued... is there a way I can transfer the deed to my house to my3 year old sons name,?
Refrigerator repair in a rented townhouse?
Horrible roommate..should we tell the Realtor?
Is Investing in Jaipur Residential Projects a Good Idea?
Should Any of These Waived Rights and Other Stipulations Be Red Flags On My Renter's Lease?
Help - I need a REAL realtor.?
How do I find the owner of woodlands?
gifted down payment from a family member?
How much is land going for (per acre) in West Virginia?
My Realtor is robbing me, what do I do??
Can i buy a house $115000, with $50000 cash and bad credit in las vegas?
If flat costs £625 to rent it, what is its flat's market value? Is there any method to calculate it?
Where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him.?
Does anyone no any feloney friendly apt,houses for rent?
We are currently trying to sell our house, it has been on the market for about 2 months.....?
What area of CVA (Modesto) offers the best Internet?
Roommate not leting me out of lease.?
The apartment complex I live in is getting a four day parkinglot makeover, Is it fare to ask for a discount?
Is there a way to buy a house with poor credit?
How can I get a list of Foreclosures on homes in California?
What is FAR stands for in real estate industry?
lessor wants to take me to court?
Why does "Habitat for Humanity" build houses in bad neighborhoods ?
Price of galaxcy note2?
next year im going to alameda high ca and was wondering what the locker room locer sic was?
how can i find a house in texas for about 20,000 to 35,000 dollars?
how does it affect your ability to get a loan if you change jobs?
What is the best way to finance a hobby farm?
Unhappy resident question.....Is resident wrong, or is it the landlord?
what is the differnce between a CMA and an appraisal?
free houes rental list?
Help!!Which house do you prefer?
18, too young to buy a house?
I make 55,000 a year, have 20,000 in the bank. I get paid $700 weekly. Should I buy or rent?
Hello , I'm interested in opening a business in the caribbean and I need some help with finances?
Should I sell my house now or wait?
What are some good Real Estate Investment Clubs?
If I can sue falling down broke stairs?
Can my former landlord charge me for replacement of the entire carpet?
How to check for real estate commission in Toronto, Ontario,Canada ?
show me an example of the saleperson test for real estate in new york?
How long can you remain in the house after it is sold in a foreclosure auction?
10-day notice for unsupervised child wandering?
Should I buy a house in Grand Rapids, If I am only there for 2 years?
who lives at 245 ware road belchertown,MA.?
Can I sue the mortgage company that qualified me for a home loan?
is there anyone out there that can rent a room or basement to young woman and her two children?
Problem selling our mobile home/land?
If a landlord chooses to make the rental property "earned income credit" is that something the renter pays?
Has anyone bought a HUD house, need advice?
I need to find lease to own homes in north carolina?
We have been paying rent late 5-6 months can we still get a mortgage?
How does a person buy a foreclosed home?
where can i find some hard money lenders in arkansa to invest in real esate?
How much do you pay for rent?
After my lease is up, I want to move, but my landlord will want me to sign another lease, what would you do?
Is it better to have a nice down payment or a better credit score when purchasing a home?
How in your opinion is the best way to start looking at houses?
im a young landlord and i wanted to know if my tenants will still pay the rent if i raise it??
How in the hell of it can first-time-buyers afford a house today?
Clubhouse as part of amenities?
My landlord indicated to me that they dont have coverage to cover lost caused by a tenant, is that true?
is $10,000 a good down payment on a home....?
How long left until we can get the keys to our new house?
Problems with "landlord"?
Do you like living in an apartment or a house?
how do you fire your real estate agent?
Where are the lowest priced towns or cities to live in in the Western states?
list of forclosure homes orlando florida?
My mother bought a house in 2006.?
The last time I signed a contract for my land lease was in 2002. Is that contract still the one we follow ?
Is anyone selling a multi-unit building in SF?
housing benifit question?
will my landlord get pissed off at me?
can a new manager charge a new rent late fee?
Does my landlord have the right to do this?
I've lived in an apartment for four years! I'm moving out what counts as wear & tear!?
How much does home insurance typically cost a month in Bridgeport CT?
how much is this property worth. just a ballpark?
If i buy a condo or co-op, can I rent it to other people?
How much will it be monthly if i had at&t?
apartments in plano/dallas area?
m-in-law just took away our financial security, what do we do? she refuses to pay her half of the house!?
Hello I'm asking for a friend,How to put there house of the internet for sale?
my bike got stolen what should i do first call the cops or the landlord?
black mould and water marks on walls in rental property?
Does this make sense to you? Does this ad include utilities in the rent?
Can a landlord take and hold tenant's valuables without consent until he pays?
What are some of the base qualifications and terms I'm looking at if I wanted to buy a house right now?
In central bank.. what are the basis of making money?
I'm pregnant and my landlord won't give me a lead paint inspection. What can I do?
How do you get the best deal when leasing office space?
how much loan would i get to buy a home if i make $5000 a month?
Re-negotiating with a Ratified contract on a foreclosure...?
Is it possible to get a 30 year fixed home loan for 50,000 when I don't make much?
I need a home in Idaho Falls Idaho but,don't have a lot of money. I would like to buy a home for about $5000.0
landlord trying to get over on us.?
city inspector follows me around says cause I take my stuff even got a notice?
What do I have to do to buy or rent a house?
What happens when the bank forecloses on my home?
tenant rights? landlord stole my renter...!?
sublet an apartment?
I need $500 to pay rent by Friday !! Have nothing a value to pawn. What do I do? ?
Foreclosed/bank owned homes?
If i have had a car repo about 4 yrs ago can i get a hud home or a fha loan?
do you have to go to uni to be a travel/estate agent?
Household bills: how much would electricity, gas & water be roughly for 1 bed apartment?
Do I have to allow a tenant to remove a fitted mirror in my property?
can landlord enter my house if I don't want him to?
Hi I have a question with regards to property law in uk.?
does any one know anout house auctions?
Should we keep our current Real estate agents?
can we kick our tenants out?
How can I ensure that I get my deposit back with as few probs as poss - Housing?
In the state of Ohio, is it legal to force a tenant to purchase "renter's insurance?"?
New York City apartments help?
What is a good site to find commercial properties?
I think the goverment should be held responsible for all the people who took on?
Should we buy a house or wait???
will i owe on lease?
What are my chances of getting to buy this house?
What are the laws regarding heating apartments in Detroit, MI?
what is a tenant at will mean?
what is the maximum amount a seller can give towards closing costs in the state of california?
if i file forclosure on a home that i use as a vacation home,?
Me and my boyfriend want to rent a hotel?
My brother has died and he and his partner are on the deeds of the house.He did not leave a will will his next
i want to buy a house but have little income will a bank be able to help?
Do you have to buy points to lower your interest rate?
Can I legally change the locks?
Can I legally keep the couch?
Can Landlord Show House Whenever He Wants?
My girlfriend wants to be on the deed?
Foreigner neighbors leaving trash around the neighborhood?
is it smart to purchase a condo with no condo association.? the house is a 3 family. any tips on what to look?
When will the housing market turn back around?
If a house is appraised for more than I purchase the home for, can I get a larger loan?
Zoning lawyer advice in NY pls?
Is it possible to buy a duplex with some friends and then have it legally split?
How do I get a home loan?
Has anyone purchased tax deed property in San Bernardino Co., CA?
If I buy a 2nd home & can't make the payment in 1 yr & owe after forclosure, could I lose my 1st home I owe on
Damages to my apartment moving in...?
Bizarre story! I need help approaching a strange man?
whats the difference from renting a apt.than a house?
Is it possible to get out of a contract for listing a house with a realtor.?
I have a question about Government Owned land?
Is there any programs in Philadelphia that will help single mothers with housing other than PHA, I'm 22?
a 6 month lease...what would be the exact day to move out?
How do I go about finding houses for auction?
From where may I download a NY Mortgage Assignment Form?
Can you live in public housing and pay $1000 a month in rent?
Have I just met a scam? Please advise?
how to calculate the average rent from 1993 to present in california?
I need the tax laws on property sold on the court house steps Laclede Co Mo ?
I am interested in investing in Detroit real estate - to rent and hold.?
Occupany Agreement in Mortgage but moving out of country?
Houses Prices ....?
HomeOwners: How old were you when you bought your 1st home- and how many do you own now?
Time it takes to generate commercial lease?
How can I look up Property ID numbers for any state and see how much taxes cost each year?
My condo association is threatening to turn off my power?
I need to find a roomate in Erie County new york. I've searched the well known ones. Is there one just forhere
Selling my house,but thinking of renting a room out in the meantime...any special requirements i need to do?
Why won't my landlord do any fixtures to the place im in?
My neighbor is asking for an easement for a drainage pipe to go thru my property, should I ask for money?
whats the best real estate portal in INdia?
what can i do about spiders in my house? please help?
What are the best areas in Buffalo NY area to find a 1BR apartment for under $600/mo.?
When negotiating on a house...silly question?
I want to buy a condo for investment purposes, what is zoning and short term and long term rentals?
What are the pro and cons of buying a house that needs repairs?
Can I buy a house...?
what does FHA designation mean ?
Where can i find cheap land for rent?
How do i remove my sister's name from the deed of our parent's old house?
Does it matter which date you pay rent?
I want to buy a house with no credit?
Since when has it been illegal to remove coaxial cable wire installed from a house/Apartment?
how are the rooms in an apartment considered?
Does anyone know a good place to rent for a birthday party in Chambly, Carignan or St hubert ?(quebec)?
As a renter, how long do I have to show my landlord's property? I have 4 months left on my lease.?
what is APR as it relates to home loans?
what is the best place to list rental homes in kansas city?
i rent mo. to mo. and was ask to move out for no good reason what do i do now?
how can i get out of a real estate contract that was signed yesterday to buy a house?
Where are the least expensive NEW homes in the USA?
What advice would you give to a first time buyer?
Help for affordable housing?
I need to know how long it takes to sell a home in San Diego CA. I mean how is the market there.?
Unofficial Sublease/Sublet?
price of home sold 4407 westway avenue, highland park, texas?
Where can I find a online mortgage that will allow me to input my current mortgage payment and the amount I?
My home loan has been sitting in underwriting since 8/13. I feel like the longer it sits there, the more the?
What is the best way to get into real estate?
does a house need a stove for the fha loan to approve?
Can the landlord of my flat legally show a prospective tenant around even if I have 3 months rent left?
can a home buyer change lenders a week before closing?
What are some good modular home companies in the northeast U.S. that will deliver to maine?
Manhole inside a house - is it for rental or should i sue?
Can a landlord specify what months you are allowed to move?
My general contractor is in jail (Texas) and now subcontractors are asking me for payment. What do I do?
How long does approval for an apartment take if your just waiting on approval from compliance office?
When people are married, is home ownership 50/50?
I want to buy a house or a condo, how much of my monthly imcome should it be?
My grandmother wants to purchase a home and use my income along with hers. Need Advise?
When Buying Commercial Property what studies do I have to conduct?
are real estate lawyers paid by the company they work for?
Can you bake bread on an industrial level inside a residential home?
Can i get my earnest money back if the seller can not close on time?
Is the wait for section 8 in burlington, nj really 2-3 years?
Homeowners Association?
I am trying to remember the name of a free market value website. I think it starts with a Z.?
Does the well belong to the land owner of the land in which it is?
What can I do? I have no credit (no cell phone bill, no anything) but would like to buy this house...?
On NJ property deed there are two spouses and child separately listed. One spouse died. automatic to wife?
i have a home i rent out and they have the electric in my name can i cut off?
What is the approved loan mod companies?
Apartments for rent in Port Colborne Ontario ?
help! i don't know where to start on owning my own home!?
Transfer condo title?
How to get into a house with marginal credit but a good income?
Finance question(Mortgage)?
what does everyone think of a reverse mortgage?
Apartment Hunting--Price "Installment"?
What do you own when you own a condo?
Can my landlord refuse payment by check?
Where can I find apts / rooms to rent ?
Real Estate courses in california?
Should I buy and rent homes to people?
I want to break my lease ASAP?
does the estate agents act cover property bought in spain through english estate agents?
My parents want me to add me onto their house title. What are the benefits?
who played the female roles in the theater in Shakespeare's time?
Can a mortgage be cancelled a couple of days before the closing date?
Do I need a real estate agent for a short sale or can I do it myself? ?
real estate my friend has a house can they sell it without her knowing?
where can I find cheap rent for either a house or apt?
In CA, can you be a realtor with your salesperson lic, and a mtg broker, with a broker's lic? Or vise versa?
Loft conversion legalities for renting to students?
Can my angry ex keep me from getting a new apartment?
Can I be locked out after a new lesase agreement?
First time home buyer?
Do i need to have money down for a house?
how do I check on the quality of a resort company?
best way of buying a home in florida?
How do I refinance a manufactured home with above gov. levels of arsenic in water?
Whats the difference between Median Household Income and Average Household Income?
How much do Health inspectors in Baton Rouge get paid?
What's the best brokerage for California flat-fee MLS listings?
Why does our apartment place ask for our bank acct... We pay check every month; they do not do a transfer.?
Does a landlord in Indiana have to repair or replace a refrigerator he originally provided?
can get housing benefit abroad?
What Is the Time Limit To Terminate Month-to-Month Tenancy in WA State?
help what do i do with all these clothes?
Am I weird for not wanting to own a house?
Is it possible to buy such a house?
How Many Payments Behind for foreclosure in Tn with bank of america?
How do I find a town to retire in Tennessee without signing up for spam?
can we move forward with the modification?
Can you get a discount on a HUD Foreclosure?
Can I turn off my power in my apartment if last months rent is paid?
What is your opinion of this?
Can someone please buy my house?
How is housing set up for prior service at fort leonard wood?
House exchange/ Housing (Scotland) act 2001?
Westlake Village apartments Daly City, CA?
What is acceptable to ask/how do you go about pursuing an apartment you're interested in renting?
I have mice getting into my refrigerater?
Should I reimburse my apartment?
I am purchaing a home through a remax agent. She has charged me $250 for compliance fees? What are these char?
first time home buyer needing help///?
not sure how to subtract 6% from 202,900.00?
help i want a house but someone made an offer?
Can Landlord Show House Whenever He Wants?
what is the property tax on a $500thousand home?
How do you find out about the history of a house?
Do i go to a bank or mortgage broker to get pre approved for a home loan?
Bought a house but the seller is being slow??.....?
Can a bank change their mind on the price?
Who is responsible for post construction clean up on a rental property?
Do you need to go to college to be a Realtor?
Our builder did not build the house according to plan, do we still have to buy it?
can my apartment manager stand at my window to hear whats going on inside my apartment? ive caught her twice!!
gas electricity prices best deals can you help first time in new home.?
Are Rent to Own homes requiring no down payment or credit check real?
Can I safely give the buyer of my house "agreed occupancy" between exchange and completion?(About 3 weeks)
How old were you when u bought your first home?
Has it been too long for a response on an offer on a house?
How long is the average and what is the fastest you can close on a house? (binder,contract,inspection...etc.)?
do i get to keep the last months rent?
a legal question about real estate?
How to void an impossible mortgage rent to own contract and get my money back?
Anyone know about renting an apartment for the first time?
Does anyone have any info for low income apartments in chicago?
Where can I go to see what Land is for sale?
Can my landlord do this?
I need an explanation of pros and cons about fixed and variable home loan rates.?
are landlords in San Diego required to put our (750.00 in our case) deposit into Escrow and give us interest?
How long do I have to get out of my lease after signing it?! (in Oklahoma)?
How can I market a high-end rental property? ?
Does anyone know about 'vendor financing' a property?
Could I afford this apartment?
Can my landlord refuse to allow me a window air conditoner because he just installed new windows?
I am looking for private owned homes, or apartments for rent, in the Washington DC metro area, or Maryland.?
What is a fair price/offer for this home to either buy or rent to own?
is there anyway i can find out the value of my house on the internet?
Home builders/Construction?
What do you do when your landlord turns off your hot water?
How to become a part time realtor?
How do I deal with this MEAN RUDE neighbor ?
What terms are synonymous with "land contract houses/housing"?
Laid off, will they approve me for a mortgage if...?
how much should you rent out a two and a half million dollar house for?
Credit for buying a house?
Apartment was full of cockroaches, landlord refused to return deposit, what do I do?
how can I find if there is a BT line connected to the property I am about to rent . The agents don't know.
Where is the most economical place to buy vacation real estate near a coastline (ocean front)?
in an eviction notice if it says i have the "right" to meet them in "ten" days to?
Part ownership of land, can I sell my part even if the other owner does not want to sell?
can i make enough money in real estate in order to survive?
Making an offer on a home...the counteroffer?
Why would someone sell a duplex at a good deal? Am I better off getting one built?
my landlord is suing me because he didn't collect rent for several months.?
$8000 for first time home buyers?
Renter not paying last months' rent?
Can an Apartment Complex force you to buy a gate opener?
my house is up for sale at £109,950. should i accept £102,000. ?
When can I remove the tenants belongings?
1031 exchange?
What's a good listing for commercial real estate?
if tenant do not vacate the house and my father in his will claim that after death of my wife this house will?
how much should i charge for rent?
Best place to move to in CA?
I want to advertise my homein the Poconos in a New York City newspaper, prferably for attorneys or doctors?
do business property owners have to use realtors to sell their property in alabama?
If a bill is under the name of someone else, but I live in the same house, am I responsible if it is not paid?
i'm2years in the cotract of a3year how can i get out it with out paying?
Is my landlord liable for damage done to my vehicles by other intoxicated tenants?
Is Harris county TX in GO zone? Is commercial development included?
How to clear thousands after house sold listed with veda?
should a landlord clean carpets between tenants? Especially when dogs were in the home?
how much does a penthouse in chicago cost?
first time home buyer what to do??
i have $200,000 i was wondering to invest in realestate and rent it out?
How hard is it to get into Real Estate Appraising?
when renting a home...?
can anyone tell me how to find out who owns a house that no one is living in?
How can I break my commercial mall-based lease that I signed only 2 months ago?
can my landlord have my car towed from my own parking spot ?
Can we revoke an easement across our property which the landlord next door has to access his back yard?
can you have a room mate while on section 8?
how does craigslist make thier money?
How can one refinance a house with negative equity?
Please i need advice! About landlord wanting to tow my car without any cause!! Can he do this?
If a landlord doesnt fix anything who do i call?
Where do I file a claim on polybutylene pipe?
My sister took some property that was willed to me and her. She used my initials and her name to pay taxes.?
My husband/son and I are looking to move near Tampa. What are some areas like Westchase w/o Westchase prices?
should you tell a landlord about a broken window that you fixed?
do building societies often refuse where the person wanting to rent is on state benefits?
Can an adult son move back with his parents into their council house, with his partner and jointly buy it?
I'm currently living on benefits and I'm wondering how I could start living in a caravan park.?
what are the cities with the biggest drop in the house market?
Who is a good company to buy my mortgage note ?
How much do you have to put down on an FHA loan?
How can you find out who owns a house?
Real estate: how are people able to buy property and rent it out to others?
Should it be the car?! or apartment?!?
What can I take down my nans house?
Hi. In Texas how can you get a Judgement taken off you record in order to purchase a home.?
Is it a rental scam or something?
If I'm on the lease ?
How does your address get passed around after a home purchase?
can a seller change their mind to sell their home after its under contract?
Why is my house taxed $30000 more than I bought it for? I have protest and been to the ARB to no avail. HELP!
landlord sent me a water bill dating from the time I moved in 10/05 to 12/06 that he wants me to pay?
What time do most Condo pools close?
If you knew you were only gonna live somewhere for 4 months what furniture would you buy???
can my land lord give me a 24 hour notice to inspect my house?
Why do all houses in the UK look the same?
can my mum rent a house but i live in it?
Does this mortgage payment seem affordable for us? First time buyers?
How to purchase a home with a private loan?
Can I sue my Estate Agent?
Who should pay for the inspection?
Illegal mortgage practices?
how much does 1 acre of land cost in north Dakota?
How can I star strictlyt no-money down real estate business across the globe. I have the time to invest .?
Is a landlord allowed to park in the garage if he is renting the apartment inside the garage?
I'm 20 years old is it weird that I think like this in regards to money and paying rent vs mortgage?
I have two manufactured homes on one electric meter and I want to rent one out. What do I do?
i asked a question about rental 30 day notice,,,great answers..thanks,,i have another one since renter will no?
My landlord told me my building was safe, come to find out it is not. Help?
What is intangible tax on a mortgage and why is it a debit to the buyer, on a Real Estate closing statement?
Mortgage related question?
How do I find a good apartment for rent in the LA suburbs?
How to know if there are cameras in my house?
How can I own a parking lot (Bronx)?
I am 20 years old. I want to buy a house within the next year. What should I start preparing for?
If I signed a one year lease dec 20 and the move in date is jan 1st can I change my mind?
My Apartment Was Robbed Because Maintenance left my door unlocked!!!!!?
How do I fill out a property contract? Please help me...?
Why does Oregon show up when I typed in Colorado Springs?
Need to find out about a title?
how much have house prices risen since 1991?
Tenant broke lease agreement. What should I do?
roommates or living alone?
my brother is renting an apartment with a freind they both signed the lease how can he get out of the Lease??
Are snakes considered pets on a lease in California?
How do I let people know I got my real estate license?
If I apply and am approved for Section 8 Housing in VA, is it still valid in CA?
how can you find out how something was manufactured?
I recently bought a condo with central air main area very cool bedrooms warm?
does the landlord have the right to evict only one of`the tenants in a roommate situation?
I am looking to buy my first home. I have a wish list and I've been doing research. I'm looking for insight.?
Is it fair for me to pay half bills and rent when my bf makes almost triple the money I make?
MICE, MICE and BIG Rats on the street at night....?
how much rent will camdens housing benifit pay for a 4 bed house in chalk farm?
Can I be put on the title of the house even if I am not on the loan and would my credit,debt or income have to?
Which is better... a 80/20 30 year fixed morgage with no morgage insurance, or a traditonal 30yrfixed w/mpi?
Im buying a home that costs 145,000 I am putting down 90,000. Is 8 1/2 % too much?
Are there any government grants for investors that want to build housing for section 8?
what are the laws for a verbal rent agreement?
Who can give me inside info of how to run a property management company?
How do you calculate the interest on a construction loan?
Does 1905 Parkwood Drive, South Saint Paul MN have a monthly pet fee? Parkwood Estates. (Minnesotans Who Know)?
How long is the drive from Sugar Land, Tx to....say, Spring Valley?
Anyone have experience with a Broker Buyer's agreement?
What happens to my equity line of credit which is $9000.00 after foreclosure ( CA)?
can a landlord tell me that i can't pay my rent in two payments?
Where can you rent a house for only one dollar a month?
in having a quit claim deed recorded what does it mean when it says it is indexed but not recorded yet?
Does having home broken into twice, car once, mail stolen repeatedly in 5 months give reason to break a lease?
Landlord and water problems again?
My husband and I are looking at a foreclosed home. Will we be notified if it has back taxes?
How do I remove my ex's name from the deed to the house?
Do i serve a section 21a or 21b?
Can i get into an apartment with no job but i have a cosigner who is helping me pay the rent?
My deposit is in jeopardy. HELP!!!?
I had a home that was abandoned and foreclosed in Indiana Last year. What is my tax situation?
Can you get a home loan with bad credit and no money down?Please help!?
When a house is put up for sale, how much does the seller expect to budge on the listing price?
I inherited a house with my sis?
free fsbo prospecting?
wrigtht and wright estate agents web site in Hinckley leicestershire?
can i be evicted for fighting with my landlord?
Can a person buy a house as a business and rent it to themselves?
How can I start flipping properties in Las Vegas?
Does anyone have renter knowledge? Is is legal for a landlord to enter your apartment when you are not home?
what should i do next with this shortsale?
Can a landlord refuse to give you a bill for rent?
Am I in a position to buy a house?
How do i behave when people are viewing my house to buy?
Housing programs. please help?
Is there an online resource that has a map of average home values in the US?
A question about property deeds...?
Can I remove the "for sale" sign from my new home?
are there any problems with the real estate in little italy toronto?
where can i find beautiful houses under $500,000.00 in texas?
when i will have my own house/flat?
How can i buy a home when my credit is at 460?
I wanna finish my lease contract and have the full deposit back. what should i do?
list of land acquire by cidco,newmumbai.(with servey no)?
I need a realtor's advice?
Looking for a house to rent, How do I apply in my situation?
Single apartment living(student), what's your budget, list of bills?
Have you ever lived in an apartment with a leaking ceiling?
Apartment management company is breaking the lease. What leverage do I have?
Question about apartments and student loans?
I'm consedering renting to a Section 8 tenant - any words of wisdom?
a legal question about real estate?
Am I responsible for a home going into foreclosure eventhough I signed a quitclaim deed?
is my landlord responsible to keep the basement properly heated?
Can I sell or transfer my house into my sons name?
My lease is up, but they wont let me move...?
Advice on moving out on my own?
what are non-escrow loans?
USDA Rural Housing Direct Loan?
A friend and I jointly own a condo but now he wont settle?
i want to buy a house @77084?
If you are paying rent with late fees every month for 10 months and have all check stub?
Can my land lord tell me what I can and can't put out on my balcony? I live in Monterey Park, CA.
Is it better to rent through a property management or home owner we have a foreclosure on our credit?
I'd like more information about housing in Williamsburg, Va - 1-2 bedroom apartments for rent.?
I really do not know what to do? Rent, Sale, buy land PLEASE ANSWER?
Can I get an FHA loan in CA if I already own a home?
Should the landlord return my money! ?
Is buying a home at age 50 a good idea.?
i have a 500 credit score where can i get a home loan?
Commercially zoned........?
What is the internet address of online rent pay for Hunters West apartment?
My potential soon-to-be landlord said that they participate in a tax credit program....?
Why does the home loan borrower generally pay a loan origination fee?
me and my husband bought a house i need to come up with the down payment where can i go!?
refinance under making home affordable plan 10 points?
can a hud manager of a apt.complex tell you you can not hang clothes on a door handle in your apt?
can i sue?
We want to put ~$5k into our townhouse to make it more marketable. Best fixes for improving value 4 that?
How do I find out who leases commercial space in a local shopping area?
best areas to live in Bournemouth? any no-go areas? and which is the nicest area to buy a property?
Do they do credit checks when renting an apartment, even if you meet the income requirements?
Real estate agents/brokers how much do you make?
What about Real Estate Market in Ahmedabad?
Real state question? cancellation of contract?
in california... is it legal for your landlord to charge you a late fee if you mailed on time but he got late?
Pls help...I'm soon moving out of my apartment and I wrote a letter about my 30 day notice my landlord wasn't ?
I live in Texas and am hoping to buy a house? I am wondering about Realtor commissions?
What will be normal property rates the rates in United states of America in the 2020's?
What are my rights - Landlord/Tenant Question?
Who would you rent to between the two .?
Can my landlord use my deposit to pay to repaint the apt.?
I live in an apartment with my daughter and my neighbor smokes a? What do I do?
I need a home!?
Why do so many homes in the Northwestern Montana Kalispell area have no garages?
Can the home owers association(HOA)take one's home?
paying for first and last months rent?
has eayone ever used "buy owner" to sell their house?
Rental property, what to look for?
I want to buy a flat in a eleven floor appartment, pl. suggest which direction and which floor to be selected ?
Can you get a 203k loan if your paying cash for a house?
Can I purchase a home in California with a 519 FICO score?
Any way to get out of my lease early?
Real estate agents: do you think it's a bad impression to drive your clients around in a sports car?
My Grandmother wants to buy a house with us, it has seperate living quarters in the back and she feels?
Property values....I live along the Gulf Coast and am considering the installation of a Backup Generator ....?
If Rent-a-Center dont have ur right address how would they handle it if u dont pay?
my grandma said that I could live in her extra house for free as long as I pay the land taxes every year.?
need free updated map with position of buildings at lot 5 w loadmaster circle gainesville texas?
Do you have to have alot of money to purchase your first home. And I wanted to know how quickly could I buy?
If you were/are a landlord, how would you want a tenant to approach you with wanting a dog?
What do you consider an expensive home?
I am a real estate consultant,i have investors so i want more details of lavasa city ?
I want to pay cash for my house?
How cheap is a 1 bedroom apartment in oklahoma?
What are some good cheap ways to increase the value of a house?
how much money is needed for typical closing cost of a home purchase?
Can my friend stay with me in my apartment that I pay for?
Help me explain difference between breaking lease and eviction?
Renting and working overseas?
£400 a month how much can i buy a house for similar payments?
trying get the listing for manufacture home community in s. california. parks listings, modular home?
Unexpected flood zone affecting closing?
Are prices on new homes normally NON-negotiable?
Do you live on a council estate?
Selling house with tennant?
Why cant i find any houses to let that the landlords accept dss?
What rights does a tenant have in upstate new york regarding eviction....if they have no lease?
If someone smokes in their bedroom, would the smoke go into other bedrooms (aka entire house)?
Buying a house?
how can i find affordable housing in another state?
Where can I find a list of Mcallen TX HOME foreclosures?
how do i find information on past history of our recently purchased home and property?
Can a person with a non-FHA mortgage refinance with an FHA mortgage?
I currently have excellent credit but my home is worth $30k less than its worth.Should I go into foreclosure?
Are these prices to clean a flat reasonable?
notice to leave by landlord?
What are the steps of a Short Sale from Sending an offer to getting a decision on the offer?
house buying what happens?
Is my landlord responsible to change my carpets after I rented from him for 3 years?
if i cosign for an apt and the tenants sign for another year am i still resposible?
If i apply for an mortgage loan from a lender, the bank and urban developement will this have an tremendous?
Are there any low-income apartment complexes accepting applications in Chicago?
Should I skip mortgage payments to get a better rate?
Is it illegal for my roommate to not share the key to our mailbox?
When buying a house outright do you have to have a signed cohabitation document before exchange of contracts?
My roommate had her boyfriend move in after i had signed the lease with her. Is there a way to get out of it?
How much should i sell this for?
how can i get a loan and don"t have to pay back?
did our landlord break lease by raising water bill falsley then city never raised the water bills?
My home is currently in foreclosure, how do I surrender it?
How could I move out of my house?
Could this break our lease for my apartment?
Does a real estate agent make good money?
I just rented an office on Feb. 1st. Now the owner says I must get out. What rights do I have?
If I can put more than 20% down on a house, should I?
I would like to know which cities are environment-friendly?
i put down a driveway for a customer. she paid me £2000 but refuses to pay the £3000 can i take it back up?
I want to buy a home but have bad credit. What are my options?
I am trying to locate township, range and section in a particular county in Oklahoma, who has that information
Buying farmland in Africa?
Selling house with tennant?
im moving next year and i want to know what i need to do to prepare? should my man move close by me?
Bad Landlord, Horrible tenants.?
Is the Villages of Avalon a good area to live? In Perris, CA ?
What is the diffderence between etn 8 and HUD?
Would you rather keep your house or your mortgage?
I live in NYC. Mice showed up in my apartment. Can I terminate my lease before its expiration without penalty?
Older male roommate for younger girl?
I want to start my Own Country?
rental lease home florida?
Where is the most affordable place to live and still have a good standard of living?
How do I find history on the property my house is built on?
Our house been on the market for 1 month with no showings yet does anyone out there having the same problem?
What would be a good rental property to invest in?
Are realtors worth it for a seller?
My father died on 4-15-2000 but his condo was transferd the same day. How is that possiwble?
Where are the low income and apartments under 500 dollars in East Birmingham?
Can a landlord force you to take care of the backyard?
Can my dad sell our old house with out my permission?
what's a good area to live in Georgia?
I want to buy a house!!!!?
Where is the best place to get a first time homebuyer mortgage?
My monthly mortgage went up for $from $2200 to $3400. Do u know any attorney who can help me from foreclosure?
Can I afford to move out?
can i sue my neighbours landlord/managing agent?
Any advice on Loan Modifications?
I live in the bronx and in a basement apartment which i found out through being served the apartment is illega?
Average utility bill for a 1 bedroom flat?
BCLT Burlington VT?
I bought my mom's home 5 yrs ago & put her name on deed. I want to sell & my mom wont sign over deed.Now what?
Buying a house? Anyone please help!?
Living next door to your ex?
Has anyone done a campground business plan wanting to share and discuss it?
We need help to rebuild our community - where can I find lenders for a short term high interest loan?
What a a row-home attached? Is it a Condo?
Where can i find a 3407 Certificate form for resale of condominiums?
can a complex take money from your deposit for "stains" on carpet, but the carpet was not new at move in?
planing to move out at 18 whats the first thing to do when moving to a new town?
If i gave you £1,000 to spend tomorrow, what would you buy?
I need help with purchasing a house in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia?
I want to buy a place in Buffalo NY...?
i want to move to the gold coast when i turn 18?
How do you find existing for rent / for sale restaurant retail space?
how come can't find the new pages of,
Should I foreclose? what are the consquences?
Can you check into a hotel if you're not yet 21, but will be soon?
take out retirement to refinance?
If a bank forecloses on your home do they pay you back what you put into the mortgage in the years you had it?
As a landlord, I know it is always better to rent to a single guy than a women.?
what is a good price to rent out a couple of rooms in Santa Barbara, CA?
Mortgage payment question....?
i live in utah, and my company doesn't offer paid maternity leave, or short term disability...?
How do I determine how much rent to charge on a building I own?
Am I legally responsible for mowing a property that was lost in foreclosure/bankruptcy 2 years ago?
what happens if your landlord dies but you are buying on contract for 10 years and you put 5,000 down?
just moved in somewhere with no smoke alarms?
buying house no mortgage?
Weird question... My RE agent flipped out when I asked him how much I was paying him? Thoughts?
Some neighborhoods are being demolished in Flint, MI, Detroit, MI, and Youngstown, OH?
If you miss a rent payment and the landlord ask you to leave what is your right to stay?
How long has the housing market price been going up?
i am renting a house but the landlord is not paying the mortgage. what can i do? ilive in dothan alabama?
Why do people start selling their houses along crossrail?
what low income apartments are for rent in atlanta?
what is the definition of a silent lease?
How long do Rottweillers live on the average?
Why would a landlord need to check exactly where your money comes from?
Can they evict us in 7 days after Payment Due?
When do i put my 30 notice in?
Sarasota Fl Housing Authority Has Apts for elder & disabled any sec 8 vouchers for those?
I need a video on real estate investment?
What do I do about this bat?
What should i ask a roomate before i move in?
registering under construction flat in chennai -?
If my fiancee and I were each working 30 hours a week making 8 dollars an hour?
Real Estate investment?
I need to know how to find the number of bedrooms for each address at apartment complexes?
if a tenant hasnt paid the rent for like 2 weeks how can we kick them out?
Can a slum lord press charges on me for doing a stop payment on a check I had given him?
Where can we get a 35k mortgage?
My landlord is charging me for a lock box that I returned, what can I do?
does anyone know of a place to buy CHEAP replicias for resell that is in the UNITED states?
Were can i buy lake front or bay front for cheap price ?
Why is it taking these sellers so long to respond to our counteroffer?
am buying a new home?
pros and cons of Earth Homes?
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who is the best personality of the century from (1900 to 2012))?
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Should people who mortgaged more than they should have (and they knew it) be "bailed out" vs. bankrupcy?
MY mother died when i was 14. my dad and her where seperated. I am 22 now, am intitled to the house or part?
I am looking to rent a room in Springfield, Virginia!?
If i got a 3 day pay or quit for my apt. on wensday do i have till Monday since the 3rd day falls on a friday?
Is this a good time to buy a house? 10 points for the best advise. Thank you?
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can someone please help me?
Equity of A Marital Home
??????Is this a good Idea???
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what is the best way to rent a three bed,2 bath,house or apt.IN MOST ECONOMICAL WAY,Near stanford university.?
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