Real Estate

Any advise for first time home buyer?? Please help!?
Free links to finding public information on real estate which has been purchased.?
Can I just kick someone out of my apartment whos lived with me for 3 months and is not on the lease?
how does escrow work ? I have no clue about realestate terms.?
Can I lower the interest rate on my mortgage without refinancing?
Does anyone know a Legitimate Mortgage note buyer?
what is the price per acre in kansas?
if you had a choice what state would you live in?
How do i place a mechanics lein on a property in Michigan?and where do i go?
What is the law regarding things stored on your property in VA?
How late can a "loan-to-own" 5 year interest only mortgage payment be before going into forecloser?
No heat in apartment since 10/22 - Can I get into trouble for posting a sign on Apartment's Main Door?
Can I be charged a whole months rent when only living in the apartment for less then a week?
Can I buy a home if unemployed, a full-time student, but with at least $30,000 in the bank?
i need to find a rental home in or with in 15 miles of georgetown, sc that is not a vacation rental.?
Boyfriend is in the army? Does he make enough for us to get an apartment?
How do two people on one deed remove someone from the deed?
Paying parents too much rent, what can I do?
Am I bound to a lease I never signed?
How much does it cost to rebuild a flooded property? Approx. 1600 square ft. 2 bath, 3 bed. 1 floor.?
tenants want deposit back, threatening to sue/harassing me, house was badly damaged, what do I do?
My landlord has been entering my apartment without notice, can I sue?
How to get out of a lease ?
suggest a company name starting with "E" having beautiful meaning related to real Estate Business?
How does a US citizen sell a share of property in Mexico?
Iam currently working construction, at piece rate, using my vehicle. my vehicle broke and can not afford to re?
My current roommate owes me almost $1200. I would like her to sign a contract but don't know were to start.
Complex capital gains question concerning real estate sale?
Rental Property laws when closed in escrow?
What are the best townhomes to live in the Los Angeles area?
what happens to the home owner when the bank forcloses?
If I sell my home who pays the real estate agent?
Why do people use discounted cash flows to value commercial real estate?
what is escrow and how does it work,etc.?
Landlords and Tenants?
Can you buy Royalties for environmentally friendly products like solar or wind rather than oil ?
What documents should I provide my landlord (rental) with?
Is my landlord responsible?
home loans-Please suggest me?
Foreclosure question?
What should i do to move out my mothers house?
Where can I watch the borrowers 1997 online free?
My landlord says he has to move us to a different apartment?
looking for a lender that will finance a manufactured home on its own land?
I live in Arizona, but want to buy a property in Texas?
Has any one taken Real Estate classes online?
I am buying a municipal lane. To give deeded access to a neighbor MUST I include a survey? Ontario law please.
what good deed you do today?
Can you trust a Lifetime Transferable Foundation Warranty?
Can I obtain a mortgage in this type of situation?
Anyone know any good apartments or places to rent in Twenty-nine Palms (near base if possible), CA?
do manufactured homes have a deed or title?
Am I responsible for a mortgage after I move out?
we have a rental that we owe twice what it is worth how do give it back to the morgage co?
What does rental assistance mean?
Housing association tenants HELP?
What is the residual value of a 90 year old home?
Should I look through houses that are open for inspection if I don't intend purchasing them?
Can anyone recommend a good HOME INSPECTION COMPANY in Orlando?
My name is on the deeds to a house that is worth 280000 pounds i can have the whole house for 80000 ?
Where is the best place to get a mortgage in Milwaukee?
how will the trillion dollar deficit affect the housing market?
where can i find affordable apartments in hurlock maryland?
Hi I live in lancaster,ca and my landlord is saying that she going to evict me but I dont have a lease?
So, why does the county real estate property appraisal continue to go up & the bank appraisal value goes down?
How can i buy a house with no money down???????
Do you want a big or small house?
How do I get out of a home lease in Washington State?
Rent to own car lots?
can i sue housing authority if they lost 3 yrs of confidential information?
Can you buy a house when you don't have any money for a downpayment?
I have been in my home for under 12 months. How much can I get for it in a quick sell?
Can a renter put cameras throughout the apartment when renting a room to a tenant?
Can realtor raise agreed upon rent in bidding war?
Should i refinance my home?
How do you put your rent in escrow?
what does areverse morges mean on my home?
where can I purchase a bodybugg?
how does rent a center or aarons work for renting?
Need 2 BHK in Electronic City, Bangalore in 5000 to 5500 rent where wired broadband is available. Plz advise.?
Why do some landlords charge 2 people more rent then a single person for an apartment?
Is landlord responding in timely manner?
Break my lease or get evicted?
How can I qualify for FHA when am self employed easy ?
First time homebuyer in Houston?
Whose credit gets taken into account for renting an apartment?
could you rent out an apartment as a two bedroom if one of the rooms has no closet?
Told to move out, but my names not on the lease in Connecticut. How long do I have to leave?
How can I get out of my lease?
Has anyone else been scammed by NACA?
who pays for home inspection when purchasing a home?
What are the job opportunities for loan processors?
Can I purchase a home with no money down, mediocre credit and still have a low interest rate?
UK Mortgage. Can my parents give me £15k with no problems?
Does anyone know where I can find a sample real estate exam for phase 1, Ontario?
Getting into real estate investment?
Can I change my move in date?
How can I find the value of a property I was given in 1982?
I'd like to know if anyone out there has purchased a short sale home and how long did it take?
How does a mortgage work?
real estate question on bird dogging in NY?
Can anyone tell where to find show homes in Brampton, Ontario?
Where can I find survey's on lots in the Forest trail subdivision in conroe tx. Forest trail lot 1&2?
can i buy a home if i make 3,000 a month?
what is the preferred temperature for an office?
How much is the average water bill in a studio apartment ?
How to deal with stomping upstairs neighbors?
How much would it cost to start a homeless shelter?
how much will i get in housing benefit UK?
I'm looking to buy a house in the USA?
hello if i were to purchase an affordable house what would be some tips?
I am looking for land for a self storage facility. What size lot would I need for a 200 - 300 unit operation.?
I am on section 8, my landlord notified me he was selling the house.?
I need an advice about what to buy...?
selling a petrol station in melbourne victoria australia?
Is it too late to cancel the purchase of a house if the bank already approved it?
My family was cheated by an asuran .We mortgage our property and get from him four lakhs and five times regist?
I am putting a house on the market and want to insure it until it is sold. It will be empty but furnished.?
what does 1+0 under Bedrooms mean?
Who owns the property at 208 Vesper Ave. Federalsburg, Md?
me n my b/f r renting a house. we want to buy one, but we both have bad credit can i change that?
I am first time Home buyer,I m qualify 4 mortgage,Does it better to keep mortgage& title one name or both?
my credit good 600-650 but irs stop me owe 13.000 trying buy a houes who can help
How do I sell the house I'm in and use the money to buy another house?
With a nice house across the street from me empty for a year, are houses selling at all in YOUR area?
Should I move out or stay?
if you have a 1year lease and break it?
What are some good Questions to ask a realtor during an interview?
does anyone know of a good first time buyer program for middle income families in Houston?
Can you be buried on your own land?
Can I request money back from apartment?
In the state of illinois can a landlord charge first, last months rent and a security deposit to move in?
couple of questions about home buying-first time buyer?
How can I get my 100year old home in Portland Oregon listed as historic to reduce property taxes??
Does my landlord have the right to enter my apartment in the following conditions?
My upstairs neighbor complained about my kids in a weird way...pls help?
How do I remove my name from the title to a house?
My neighbor yelled at me for selling my house so cheap? Who is right?
What is Krisdon Associates in London? What business do they carry out? Any info would be appreciated. VP?
Can I move out at 17 with approval!?
I refinanced under HARP in 2009 is there any way I can refinance under the new HARP?
After closing my mortgage, the company informed me that I owe $2800 that they incorrectly billed to my...?
Does everyone have to leave at the end of a joint tenancy agreement if only one decide to move out?
what is the purpose of making a home into an llc?
Whats the difference between an apartment and a condo?
How bad can a Reverse mortgage taken out 4.5 years ago be?
Can I be accused of USDA loan fraud?
How big was the first house and the house now?
How do you buy delinquent mortgages ?
I want to buy a condo listed for $395,000, my realtor thinks it's worth $385,000, how much should I bid?
Is rent really that bad in Toronto city?
Should I start a claim?
I want to get a flat for september when do i start looking and how do i go about it?
does maintenance inspection mean they go through closet and drawers?
Do you think it is a good time for buying a Condo/house?
I have a home in cabo, live in san diego. I plan to see the cabo home?
how mane apts is consider a commercial property in allentown p.a?
if I and three siblings are owners of a property and one of them is the executive of the estate, does that per?
interest drops leads to buyers market? - is that how it works?
mortgage loan prepayment question?
Can I be evicted without a lease or rental agreement?
Can i go to jail for writing on someones property?
I need help on this question!!!!?
Letter to the Landlord - Vacating the Premise?
Need a private rental property that allows housing benefits and children - how hard will it be?
Can a landlord collect a concessional coupon and deducted out of my security deposit upon final move out?
As a lodger, am I entitled to have my girlfriend stay with me sometimes.?
i need to earn 400 dolars im 13 and live in a apt an dont say mow lawn s or babysit an dont ask any ? s
Can my landlord do this?
I just pass my real estate exam. How much commission % should I get for helping a seller or buyer?
How will putting 10% down on a home purchase affect my mortgage rate and total costs (as opposed to 20%)?
when will i get my first time buyers refund?
Waiting on a short sale to close how much longer?
If your house is in foreclosure and you file bankruptsy.....?
How much is the average rent for a one bedroom apartment?
deutche bank?
If I sell a perpetual easement on my land, can it qualify for capital gains or a 1031 Starker Exchange?
looking to move to houston area. my husband works with weatherford. need to find safe kid friendly area to buy?
Landlord/Tenant issues?
What should I do about my first apartment?
Can a HOA seek damages for NSF checks?
Has my landlord been paying rent?
unlawfull retainer?
What do I do about my landlord?
Where do i find foreclosed home info or listings for WA?
Anyone in Japan?
building ice skating ring?
Hud Housing in pennsylvania?
We are claiming housing benefit our rent is 525 per month but only get 414 paid is this correct ?
My girlfriends parents are our landlords i pay rent weekly, they dont like me so they do anything to evict me ?
hat would be the starting salary 24 hrs on site manager of 66 units?
Real estate investement nightmare. Need advice from expert?
buying a house or renting apartment?
ARM - let it ride or readjust?
What can I do if my roommate want to use his security deposit as his last rent?
How much your monthly income is used towards your monthly mortgage?
Where can I find help paying my rent?
How much of a down payment do I need for a 180,000 house? My middle credit score is 646?
What advice do you have to offer when selling a home with out an agent?
I just got married a year ago, but were together for nine years. All we do is fight so I want to move on my ow
First time homebuyer?
How do you calculate the vacancy factor of a 2 Br condo rental in NJ?
what are the benefits of owing a Condo vs a house?
if a property owner adds me my name to the title?
mortgage question-pre paying principal?
Stolen money order out of rent drop box of apartment?
I helped my brother to get a house, he stopped making pmts since Jan08. I have my own house. what will happen?
A person wants to rent my room on the first of next month?
My landlord is refusing to fix my hot water heater, what can I do?
how long till the real estate agent takes their sign down?
Im 15 days late on my CREDIT CARD payments. Is it best if I pay them off? Or pay over, and then on time n/mo?
what he should do?sell it or keep it?
Im the buyer, my husband is the driver?
Gas supplier, estate agency, tenancy agreement and landlord obligations problems.?
Is it better to use equity in home to purchase investment property or.....?
looking for website that tells home values uses aerial photos. told it was, but is not?
Lent the house I co own with my father in law to my brother in law who now refuses to leave.?
Trying to make a decision on my mortgage...HELP!!?
How can I find housing price increases for a particular city?
I wanna move to Chicago..?
How much could I get off of a (new) inventory home in Houston?
Any ideas on how to write a lease agreement for a rental property that I own?
Can I be home owner?
ow much does it cost to move out in total , bills included ?
how to find the investors for the real estate projects in China? thank you?
I have no money to put down on house... is it a good idea to purchase with no money down or wait till i save?
Housing help or programs?
Is paying off a home mortgage big?
A ? about my lease and the staff at the apartment complex?
As a subtenant, can I suit a landlord for entering my room without permission or warning?
when looking for a realtor what are some things i should ask and make note of?
What do I need to know before buying a home?
Wealthy Counties or Towns in Northern California?
what are tenants rights for safe environment?
Is my contract valid?
Can you rent an apartment at 17?
How do I go about buying land in the United States?
are there any rentals out there for 750.00 anymore? (not roach motels)?
First time buying a house and i feel like i'm getting screwed with my payment, any advice?
How many days notice to give landlord on a year to year periodic lease?
How can I get on the council house list?
what is jt ten?
I had a foreclosure in the past year, can I get a mortgage on another home?
I have no idea how to speak house..?
Is it appropriate to tip your Realtor?
Property Tax for Plot (one ground)?
I own a house but found the house of my dreams.?
PLEASE HELP ASAP Can I afford $500 rent on $2000 salary?
How do i split a 4 bedroom rent with 5 people?
Can a house be purchased jointly in Florida if only 1 party secures the financing?
hi, i am planning move to united kingdom, i would like to know how much is the cheapiest rent cost?
Do you need a license to be a rental real estate relocation agent?
Any recourse for fake smoke detector in apartment?
If you have a bad credit rating will it effect you when you apply the lease a car?
how do i find out who owns a property in my town?
How is housing set up for prior service at fort leonard wood?
What is a good area to live in Salem, OR - For a family with school-age children?
is there a web site i can find land (acrerage) for sale in alabama?
I am starting in the mortgage business,how do I obtain qualified leads to start my business?
My landlord is a butt. He says we have 2 be out by 8/1/09. Do we ?
Using the same realtor, how to negotiate?
How do I buy to let when the rent won't cover the mortgage payments?
is $400,000 a year a lot?
when would a contracter adress a subdision devlopment for placing a netowk infrestucture.?
"how do i fill out apartment applications?
i was evicted from an apt 2 yrs ago and need an apartment and cant get one is there any way around this?
Can I rent a house $1,000 when I make $1,650 a month?
renting, was going to replace the doors but?
My daughters landlord is threatening to have her evicted for not signing a cosigner addendum to her lease ....?
Does the landlord have to give notice PRIOR to entering your apartment?
I bought a house from a developer which has faults, they're refusing to put them right, what can i do?
Can a single male w no kids in WA state get housing assistance if he is low income but doesnt get SSI/welfare?
Money owed to me - mortgage company refusing to put charge on property?
Best way to find cheap apartments in Richmond?
Can anyone tell me more about Community Reinvestment Act or CRA Mortgages?
In a financial nightmare, mortgage?
Is Central A/C a good thing in a Condo Building?
how can i get out of a rental contract?
Landlord refuses to repair something that's his responsibility? What steps should I take?
Those who live in Sussex NJ?
Can someone please buy my house?
does any one know a website to go to to get templates for a written response regarding forclosure?
Writ Of Possession On Rental Unit?
How do I raise my credit score 100 pts in 6 months LEGALLY?
I am starting to think about buying a home, especially since the buyers market is great, how do I get started?
Did we offer the right amount? Lindenhurst, NY?
Part of my daughters home is on her property & part on mine,she is facing fore closer,what about my property?
Can our landlord kick us out of our apartment to rent it to someone else?
How can I find out how much I can rent a 3bdr, 1 bath house in Pasadena, CA for?
Is buying a condo - a chance to live rent-free?
Foreclosure listing links in Hawaii/local newspapers w/ the listings?
Is it rude to ask what exactly the commision rate is on the interview?
New kitcken or clear mortgage?
We live in a duplex and the noise restrictions for our county are 72 decibals or lower during the day.?
What is the average rental cost for a one bedroom apartment?
What is the best place in Atlanta, Georgia for a young single black woman to live?
can i pull out of a house sale if i have exchanged contracts?
How do I advertise a flat to rent on the internet?
Can my landlord turn off my water due to late payment of rent?
Questions about a refinance that didn't go through?
what's the price range of house I can afford?
slater hogg & howison byres road?
How do I find out who owns the mineral rights under my house?
When do you think our house will be finished?
AS a loan officer, what is the best way to market to real estate agents?
High water bills? Apartment complex stealing my water... and charging me for it?
Can anyone tell where to find show homes in Brampton, Ontario?
Any options for a guy who wants to walk away from a flood damaged condo in ohio??
Homes for rent in Brentwood ,ca and more....?
Im 17 and been kicked out of my mums house.?
How much does mortgage insurance cost -- for a $100,000 loan?
Where can i find statistics on the number of people moving from one state (MI) to another (AZ)?
What should I prepare before I rent out my condo? landlord question.?
While interviewing future tenants, what do you look for that would make or break the deal?
What is the phone number of arcon builders Llc in Bellevue, WA?
how do i find all the real estate closings for a city in the last three years?
what's the percentage of people who own real estate in the U.S.?
I'm renting a home & the owner wants to sell?
65K in connecticut with wife and a kid !?
What are the steps in buying a new house? (Fresh out of college!)?
What is a reasonable interest rate for an equity loan?
How do I ask a flatmate to move out who's only just moved in?
What is a good area to look for an apartment in Chicago that would accept a German Sheppard? Price $600-700?
Can my landlord try to throw me out in three days?
How do I find a free sample of a Term Loan and Promissory Note?
where can i rent hookahs?
Could i get my money back if i been scammed buy a loan company called Harrison Group Direct?
Moving into first place?
bexley council housing ?
average increase in value of chicago homes from 2001 to2003, percentagewise?
How do I make a nonpaying tenant leave my house?
What is a fair way to split the rent on this apartment?
Better to rent, or stay in our own apartment?
renting a flat in uk?
Can I pay my own electricity bill in a month-to-month with included utilities?
I have moved into a new house...?
Is it Legal for my Landlord to just knock on my apartment door and then barge in afterwards with no notice?
Non Disclosure agreement and escrow deposit?
What is the price of a house/flat in Karachi, Defence area, Pakistan?
What happens when you make your last mortgage payment, will i need a lawyer?
How hard is it to buy a house within a reasonable price range without someone trying to give you a crapshoot?
Can someone please explain to me, why a mortgage company would not want to finance a "flipped" home? ?
Im buying a house but I seriously need to buy a new car Will buying a car now prevent me from getting a house?
i am looking for the guidelines for a tin mortgage loan?
my real estate agent is not doing his job,after signing contract, now what?
Should I rent or buy a home in California?
What would be a sensible offer for a house?
Where do I find free tax lien listings in Baltimore, Maryland?
can you really get a shore house for no money if you just work for the landlord like they did on jersey shore?
How does UHaul work.. Can I pick up & drop off @ a differ location?
she gave me a letter saying just july so if i pay just july she should have to take it if its in the 14 days?
Looking for a home building package kit with prices - Not a log home.?
how do you learn all about real estate in less than 24 hours?
arizona real estate!?
what does a Pipe fitter Helper do on a daily bases?
Buying a house with Roth IRA?
buying investment property out-of-state?
What does it mean when a foreclosed house listing site list the house for $0.00?
How do I apply for section 8 in California? 92029 area?
I'm thinking about walking out on my manufactured home loan are the downfalls still the same as a real home?
Question about mortgage lenders..?
Which debt to pay off for mortgage approval?
How do i get someone to legally leave my house if she is also on the deed?
can a landlord increase rent in the middle of a lease agreement?
she wants $3000! I need advice!?
Seattle: Rent or Buy?
Housing benefits and people living with you help?
Where can I find an office in or around Murrieta, CA for under $350 per month?
i am currently renting a flat, which has just been put up for sale as vacant possession? what does that mean?
@@@@is it true interest rates are coming down to avoid a housing crash@@@@@?
Is it ok to make second purchase after buying FHA property?
what can we as home owners take with us from the house\?
How do I add a name to house title - its not paid in full yet?
"based on modified growth" commercial lease per month?
what is 3.5%of 90,000?
We want to buy our first home in Georgia (it's $189,000), our combined credit score is probably 700. Help!!
Landlords, can you suggest anything to remove this smell from counter tops?
My tenant has not paid their rent.?
How to get the best deal on a house from a short sale?
Where should I report a management company's poor service?
Help Interpreting one lease paragraph?
Please Explain Income Restrictions?
Do you think the real estate bubble will pop or just deflate?
When buying a home, what is the first step? Do you see a realtor first or meet with a lender first? Thanks!?
High Risk Lender- appraised value much higher than selling price?
I would like to ask the commercial property owners across the nation why they can't start conserving water and?
Raw Land Density Information?
where will i find a fully furnished house to rent in brisbane?
What is involved in purchasing a home in NJ?
Is it a good idea to refinance?
i need an apartment next to one of the georgia perimeter campus in atlanta (GA), preferably donwoody campus?
Apartment management and lease issues?
Is putting 2 mortages on your house dangerous? How much can you get out of a 2nd mortgage?
Is your holiday home at risk in Spain? What is yr view on this report?
Where's the best place in great Britain to move?
My friend has 2 mortgages on her house? What does that mean?
Is the housing market falling?
WHAT is the cheapest COUNTRY to buy a house from and WHY?
What is the average price for a 1 bdrm apt in Bremerton, WA?
Purchasing a home next to a cemetery?
Apartment advice please....?
Where can I find 10 US cities with cheap cost of living expenses?
Rent to own?
Can the landlord keep me from putting a fence up?
Which is cheaper or better- renting an apartment in la, or buying a 1 bdrm house?
I'm buying a tenanted house&notice is2months.Is it reasonable notice isn't served until we exchange contracts?
what do you say when a realtor asks you in front of a buyer what I would be...?
My landlord isn't answering her phone! ?
i need 10000$ for buy a apartment,can someone help me ?
In new York can you move out at 17?
How would i write a appeal for a apartment building that rejected me because of my credit history?
how to prepare to move out from my aunts house?
what is land value in mount road?
how can i rent apartment around wudaokou(Qinghua,BeiDa,BLCU)?
the average rent cost in melbourne?
how does foreclosers work what are the steps i need to know & what to do?
Will mortgage interest rate drop during an election year?
Which is the most trusted site land/property in United Kingdom?
Should I refinance my 6.75% mortgage?
adequate housing?
i'm looking 2 buy a house... IN FL, NV, GA AND CA.... >>?
Can a property be put in several names (UK)?
Does a broken lease disappear from your credit report after 7 years?
How should I rent it for?
What is better to buy,an older home that is better built or a new home?
Can you rent from Easyhome for just a week?
good cities?
I need to find free rental agreement forms for Missouri?
If a bill is under the name of someone else, but I live in the same house, am I responsible if it is not paid?
Would it be a bad Idea to purchase a house right now?
Do you need a car to be a mortgage agent/broker?
Does this sound legitimate?
What do you think of this e-mail to my landlord?
Buying a house, sellers aren't updating us! Help!?
can i lease my home with option to buy while i still have a mortgage payment ?
Can a realtor give you all the detais of an offer on your property over the phone?
How do I get my easment back for my use? The last home owner gave it up. We want it back.?
How can I get out of a Lease Contract without Liability?
Where are the houses in durham for section 8?
Apartment Felon Situation, help?
what organizations help you pay your rent?
If the tenents are only 25 days late on rent can you post a three day pay or quit notice?
if my husband and I make 31,000 total a year on paper how much $ do we qualify for to take out on a mortgage?
how does the process of buying a home work with real estate agents, lawyers, and inspections?
can i break lease if i witness murder?
Should I sell my house?
me and my husband just rented an apartment. the owner currently pays the light and gas in the apartment...?
How do I find a great apartment with bad credit?
What Do I Have To Do To Get A North Carolina Real Estate Licence?
My roommate hit me what do I do? (Both our names are on the mortgage)?
My wife & I want to buy a Condo/home in West Los Angeles area. We have $10,000 saved.Do we have any options?
How much would the average 2 bed 2 bath apartment's utility and electric bill be?
Where can I find a generic rental application?
My 12 mo lease expires 07/3108?
If I am listed on the lease as a roommate but I pay the total rent do I have a right to be listed as the rente?
Can my landlord enter my garage?
Need help and information on Refiancing our home...?
Housing Authority Tenant Profile?
If you buy a house toward the end of the year, are you responsible.....?
Anyone know the name apartment in CA between National Blvd and Sawtelle Blvd, opposite the big soccer field ?
The Real Estate Show?
the apartment manager made a mistake on the lease and now he wants me to pay more money can he do that?
Is the real estate market in Vancouver BC still healthy?
do you know where there is an efficientcy for rent?
how soon after i sign the contract to buy a townhome can i move in?
Is there a good site to sell a haunted home on?
Would my realtor be able to sue me? (florida)?
Where can i go to get free money for closing costs assistance to buy a home?
If the lessor/agent is in the wrong do i have to pay rent untill they find someone else to move in?
Ask a Question for Cell Tower?
Can I afford to get my own apt?
Undocumented improvements to a house I bought.?
My husband changed the locks on our house and went to the landlord and changed the lease without my consent.?
Insufficient notice for moving out of an apartment?
if I make an offer do I have to by the house,it is fannie mae?
How can I take away 20 thousand dollars or more off of the cost of the house?
Could raising my rent (or refusing a lease renewal) because I'm pregnant be considered discrimination? ?
canadian home question?
im looking for a 2 bed house to rent in hampshire?
What are the refinance options for people with a LTV much higher than 1?
Can our landlord chuck us out when our tenancy agreement comes to an end?
what would rent be where you live for this apartment?
Slab flooring? What does it mean when a real estate agent states this is the type of flooring?
Tenant failed to pay rent for months?
How many years can someone Rent to Own a House in Ny?
A slave in my own apt?
anybody interested in investing in an apartment in kochi/india?
house living expenses in the future?
hud housing? how come it takes social workers/case workers and a staff of 20 to figure out if you qualify?
We are pre approved for a home loan?
breaking a lease with my landord?
My MH burned when nxt dr neighb's (a tenant) was intently. set on fire. who pays for my losses?
what can be done when the maintance man scratches my furniture and denies it to the landlord?
In Urgent need to Break a Apartment lease..pls help?
When is a landlord allowed to come in the apartment?
Is there a legal way to remove a tax lien against a home?
Life time state tenant will not leave- help!!!?
does anyone live in the columbus OH area?
Help with security deposit?
Can anyone recommend an apartment referal website for San Francisco, CA?
Any ideas how I can find an old mortgage loan number online? The home was sold about 4 years ago.?
Questions about renting out my house?
what website do i go to if i wanted to know who owned a vacant lot in houston?
Is owning your own home everything?
How long will it take for me to become Real Estate Broker?
Has anyone ever heard or had experience with Second Avenue Residential?
What should I do first to buy a house for the fisrt time?
Besides a house or a car, name the most expensive purchase in someone's life?
do you own or rent your home or live with parents?
The lady downstairs keeps complaining about noise! What should we do?
i have split from my partner and moved out do i have to pay my half of the mortgage
Can the landlord kick me out for having a dog?
Is there a website that I can research the real estate sales history in hoboken new jersery?
My house has been listed in the newspaper for foreclosure notice today. Too late to save it?
I'm a New home Buyer, what do I need to know?
How do I add a person to the title on my house in St. Louis, MO?
sellling house, mortgage paymnt?
Landlord Signed Rental Agreement and Gave Apartment To Another Renter?
Drive-By Appraisal Review?
will we get any help?
I'm moving to GA and was told to look at ALPHARETTA & CUMMINGS. Is one better then the other?
My landlord has moved new renters in while I still have term left on my lease?
Will we get ssi payments for august 1 2011?
tips for leasing your home?
What is an example of a raised flat area?
I am buying a townhouse condo for 600K in SJ Cali with option arm at 0 down. Is it a good deal ?
How to buy a house when you have the worst credit ever?
why is it better to own your home than rent?
i haven't receive my economic stimulus payment notice?
Is my land lord required to provide a reliable location to deliver or mail rent payments?
Tenant is able to pay a security deposit, landlord insurance and 6 months of rent... do I need a guarantor?
any places in franklin county pa for rent??
Can I be on the deed to a house my FIANCE' is buying for us?
does anyone no if anyone would be interested in purchasing or renting our townhouse in bolingbrook?
month to month leases in canada?
I want to buy a house in FRESNO, CA.....please help me.?
When doing real estate, what is the best action to take?
what does it cost a real estate agent to list my home on the northern illinois multiple listing service?
On average, how much money do you have to make a year to buy a house/mansion that is worth $4,200,000?
how can i move out of my house because of personal reasons but im only a teenager?
Question about Buying a Home?
a question about getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for home loan?
We put an offer on a house on Monday. The offer expires Thursday at noon.?
How does one get access to MLS without being a realtor?
How do I go about selling my Dads home myself?
Should I put an expiration date on the buyer's agency agreement I am signing with my real estate agent?
my landlord raised my rent without signing a new lease, is that legal?
Is it possible to afford 1 bedroom apartment?
the arp complex i live at sold is my lese still binding with the new owner?
Real Estate help for first time home buyers,PLEASE!?
Can a legal resident alien own more than one real estate property?
Is now a good time to buy a house?
govermint loen?
Can you get info on deaths/ murders in a home thats for sale?
can a working section 8 family live in a restricted rent complex,what does that mean and how does it work out?
I moved into my rented house on 1st February and this is my last month in the tenancy - when do i vacate by?
How long does my mother have to get out of her deceased mother's house when there is a mortgage on the house?
is there any way you can Check under whose name is the house?
Tenants who have been late with their rent , please only answer?
Is it worth buying a house for only three years?
Could this be a possible bike rental scam?
if you buy a cemetary plot can they not let you use it once you purchased it?
Should the tenants pay for hotel fee during fumigation of termite control?
Unable to rent a house on benefits?
Has anyone ever heard or had experience with Second Avenue Residential?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Apartment On Your Own ?
Didn't do an initial walk-through, where does the burden lie?
How much money is ok to put in my bank account while claiming housing benefit?
How do I apply for Section 8 in Texas?
Am disabled, bought a new cluster home but the back yard isn't accessible to me due to some mounding away from
If you're a roommate who's not on the lease, but want to be on the lease, does the lease have to be broken?
Should I fight this??????
I gave notice one day late, now there's issues.?
Do I have the right to have house keys on completion of sale?
what is the best way to sell a house in preparation for a divorce?
Is it possible to move out with hardly any money?
how to buy a house with 2 separate loans?
there is no private road maintenance agreement and the lender is asking for one?
do modular homes appreciate in value as well as site built?
Can I leave my city if I'm on section 8?
Shots outside! get out of lease?
What's a good area to invest in the Washington DC area?
Can my landlord move in to the building I am renting from without telling me?
Does anybody think the new stimulus bill that is gone pass tomorrow with the $8000 tax break.?
How much income do you need to show to buy a $120.000 apartment?
What would happen if I sleep at a house with "A FEW" fleas left?
What is the best way to get MLS input sheets out to my realtors and receive them back filled in?
I'm looking for a rental place (apartment or house) around Flagstaff, AZ.?
If i sold a house and recieved 15% which equaled $67 how much did i sell the house for?
Easy 10 points for people working at real estate brokerages like Century 21?
south carolina houses for sale?
Can a 1600 sq ft home be built for less then $100,00 in Richland, Washington?
What will happen to our house if my husband should die and my name is not on the loan?
Can a Landlord raise a security deposite after she accepts a Security Deposite of a lesser amount?
Moving out please help!?
if ur a renter and u make a party does the landlord have the right to say no with one day notice?
Where can I find surveyors company in Warren County?
Sould we buy a 2nd home in Hawaii? My wife works in Hawaii and I in Wyoming. We will be maximizing our debt.?
Who pays a buyers real estate agent?
What are the chances of being denied a loan after being approved by automated underwriting?
Do I have to be at home to let the repairman in?
I want to look into a cabin to rent for the night with a fireplace on long island?
When buying a bank owned home, what about the buyer does the bank look at?
How to buy land that does not have a PIN number?
refinancing home to remodel home need loan,have had one before of this companies loan, grace angulo brawley ca
can my mother claim housing benefit if she rents from my sisters boyfriend?
How do I find from public records the age of a house?
Why not DSS when renting a Property?
In 2006 I sold my house I don't remember any of the information about who I sold it through and need it?
How would we know if we had got a bargain?
Mortgage Question?
Can ex seize my home?
about how much money does a leasing agent make a year in alabama?
how do I find a place to live in tampa, FL for short term no lease while I search for a house?
Will I still get a package, if they didn't put down my apartment number?
does congress allow $20000 for energy efficient home improvements?
Who is America's Servicing Company?
Durham chapel hill area realtor?
My landlord is trying to make me pay fees not agreed upon in my lease.?
In a 2 bedroom apartment, with 3 people, should the person with their own room pay more? If so how much more?
where should i move to?
Home values now vs. 1997? i need help buying a home?
Does anyone know where I could find a place that would help me with my rent?
Trying to break/shorten lease?
If the trade imbalance causes a recession and the dollar loses its value, how will this effect real estate?
Can you use a home loan when purchasing a home that also has a operating milk bar ?
can i get a home loan if bad/no credit?
Mortgage on a lease?
how to get the house in my name?
letting agents or landlords who dont do credit checks in orpington area?
I want to invest in real estate market in Vadodara Gujarat. Want to know best platform who can help me?
Can we afford a 90000 dollar house on a 45000 salary?
Can you purchase a home with a 602 credit score?
buying a condo in flordia?
im 25 and make $30,000 a year and still cant afford a morgage. When will the prices be low enough to afford it
I'm looking for an attorney to help me sue a loan company on a pro-bona agreement?
Can a developer force a landowner to sell him the land?
My lease begins Nov 18 But I want to get out of it can I?
FHA Loan - Rules on Eliminating PMI?
Does anyone know what information an estate agents needs if you want to rent an office?
Does an apartment complex have to give warning before a fine?
my tenant keeps breaking the light swich in the bathroom and ask me to repair it, she has a shorthold tenancy.?
We put our house up for sale and now we don't want to sell. We haven't had an offer. Can we back out?
who wants to purchase liberty travel?
I'm in the process of purchasing a home - how do I verify the property lines before it goes to title?
Can I get kicked out of a lease for late payments?
Can someone help me find a name for my Real Estate Team?
Terrible landlord. I am moving and want out of my lease. Afraid of eviction?
How can I walk away from a home that I bidded on without losing my earnest money?
Housing Contract Question?
Where is the best place to buy an apartment in New York City?
How do i find real estate record or plat maps?
Does owning a nice doublewide on land automatically put you in the "white trash" category?
Not all companies are crooks. If you give CW the wrong financials you won't be approved. It is true about 2 mo?
By how much would my rent assistance decrease ?
Ook go with flow, my landlord wnt fix a/c i cnt repair it and gve them bill so im asking what do i do?
Real estate problem: getting commission deserved? Please help!?
Can the landlord do this?
Discrimination when leasing flat?
Can I list jointly owned real eastate in my revocable trust?
I paid my rent through a mail box in the office of my apartment complex. They sent me a 5 days notice.?
question about paying rent for an apartment?
houses for rent in milner,ga,30257?
Will my dad taking out a second mortgage to help me buy a house affect my sister's college financial aid?
Moving to Orlando FL area looking for rental property any advise helpful.?
When Will the prices of Real Estate finally slow down?
What If a persons Name is On the Title but ,not on the Note of current Home Mortgage and?
How much does real estate in Iraq cost?
my landlord just died. i have a six month lease. i am told to move out. what are my rights?
What are the worst things about Realtors?
writing a letter asking for owner financing ?
whats the best driving school company in london .?
How can i know the name of a house owner?
My GF and I make around 40k a year. But we are 19 n 18 yrs old. We want to rent an apt for $1900. Read more!?
Housing Choice Voucher Question. Please Help!!?
Are utilities costs (electricity, water, etc.) lower in Texas than in Florida?
how much does a penthouse in chicago cost?
What should I ask a new landlord or roommate?
where is the cheapest farmland per acre to be found in india?
My husband took out loan on home and they have me as "Borrower" yet I'm not on the loan?
does anyone know if there are any apartments available June 1st in Winnipeg?
First time home buying?
looking for rental assistance programs?
Does anyone have information on getting a mortgage where you use a piece of land for the down payment?
i can i buy a house, even if my credit is bad?
What mortgage should I apply for?
my landlord is not renewing our contract in our flat,has he got to give us a reason why,we are good tennents.?
Which is more lucrative for an agent? Commercial real estate specialist or residential?
do real estate interns get paid?
Looking for a house to rent?
Court order for Apartment payment?
How much do you have to pay to rent an average 2 bedroom house in Oslo, or in a small village around Oslo?
Why are apartments cheaper in the West than in the Northeast?
Should I get a lawyer...buying a house the deal fell through...?
has anyone been shorted an amount? i was supposed to get about $8k back and i only received $3,500 in my bank?
where is a nice place to live/ retire in Canada near the Calgary or Ottawa areas?
Can I move out at 16?
If i get emacipated can i move out & rent a house or sign for an apartment ?
Is it alot better to buy foreclosures to invest in?
How is it in Canada?
moving in to an apartment for the first time?
how can i afford to move 4 hours away to go to school in charleston sc on very little money?
what is the best way to find a real estate client?
The listing agent wants to split the earnest money...?
does any one know of any landcontract homes in allen park mi?
Can you rent a bedroom to two students?
Is the Jersey shore a good place to live if you are a recent college grad?
How should rent be divided in this 4br house situation?
Do you have an umbrella insurance policy on your house?
where can i get a free copy online of my rental history?
I want to sell my home, would sacramento real estate company can assist me?
how do you call on a house?
I need to calculate how much rent to charge?
Which condo building in downtown toronto area has a baskeball court in it? Thanks.?
When doing an eviction is their anything that I can do to make it uncomfortable for them?
How to buy a house from the bank?
How does a property increase its price?
Anyone knows where can I stamp my tenancy agreement?
Do I have any rights while waiting for approval for an apartment?
On average, how much does it cost to break an apartment lease?
has anyone heard of Income For Life in Cleveland Ohio?
The place that my garndson rents?
Early termination of lease contract, what happens next?
In Florida, how exactly does a licensed Real Estate "referral agent" conduct their business.?
I moved out of some ones house a month ago and they will not return my property. can i report it stolen?
What to do after paying off mortgage?
can you cancel lease on condo?
does anyone know a house for rent ?
Real Estate Advice?
how much home can i afford?
new stimulus tax bill for first time home buyers.?
Questing about renting house?
Is there government assistance for eradicating mold from your home, and other health and safety issues?
What is the fee to change the name on the electric and water account around St. Louis?
I have a flat with a 79 year lease, I hope to sell in about 4 years is it worth trying to extend the lease now?
I inherited my parents home in Texas 7 years ago. Since that time, the house has been vandalized several times?
Does anyone have any tips to pass the georgia realestate exam? I took it once and failed?
what is a 203k loan?
What is the best way to transfer property from an elderly parent to thier children with out paying tax?
Do I need to give a reason to not renew my tenant's lease?
can you get an apartment with a full time job at walmart?
We can't pay the rent.?
Apartment early termination due to military orders?
how could we buy AAKASH2?
property share for daughter in the family?
Apartment in Dudley?
Live in the SE of England? What do YOU think will happen to property prices this year?
How much is american money worth in germany?
Removing plants etc from a rented home?
How long does tenant have to remove items?
Is there a website where you can give an addresss and find out who actually is the owner of the home?
How to find the right cash house buyer?
Is there refinancing or HELOC options for people with serious past delinquency's on their mortgage payment?
I want to buy a house but have a lein?
Walton county Florida making a pond on property?
What is better to buy a house or a condo?
How big is a 2 BR 670 sq ft apartment? Is it decent?
What would be a good offer to place on this house?
Negative vibe in house since old house mate moved out, how to fix?
can anyone tell me where I can buy a house in Portugal without going through an agent?
What can happen if I don't pay my rent?
can a conventional mortgage be refinanced using the fha program?
i want to buy real estate for rental income but need to start with little money?
Why are my tenants ignoring me? Im the landlord?
Should I sign over my share in our house?
help i'm being evicted i have no funds to pay the rent what should i do ?
Can a luxury condo apartment complex legally discriminate against people with tattoos?
How much earnest money should I put down?
I just bought a home and want to put a jacuzzi in the backyard, who do i have to call to see if it's ok?
rite im new to the whole morgage thing so can some one help?
can you tell me where i can find a 3 bedroom home or apartment in dupage county that accepts section8?
anyone have any good saving and or budget tips for me?
Beachfront cottage for sale in florida?
I want to fire my Realtor. Can I?
What are my rights concerning a bad rental property?
What will happen if i dont pay rent and leave my lease in az and move to california?
can a manager of a trailer park evict me ?
Making an offer on a foreclosure, does it make sense to have a real estate agent?
Does my landlord have to do something about this window problem?
when people say that houses are the smaretest investment youll ever make whaty exactly does that mean?
Does anyone know a vacation rental service in Washington DC that offers great rates?
Revoking a quit claim deed?
Should I put property under my company name?
how much should i charge for handyman services per/hour- electrical , plumbing , etc.?
What can I do if my landlord leaves my front door unlocked?
spend a little more to live in a better apartment or save money by suffering a bit?
Is it better to do a cashout loan on an existing mrtg. and pay off debt asap or pay off debt in 2yrs?
I'm buying a home for sale by owner.I have my loan whats next?
How many times a year can a landlord inspect a rental property while occupied?
How long do I need to goto school, if I want to be a realtor?
What are these type of houses called?
My apartment flooded 5 weeks ago and my landlord still hasn't repaired the damages?
Will the housing market in South Florida continue to rise or will it start a decline?
I have lived in my house for about 4 years..we remodeled the up stairs and now my kids are afraid ?
what happens if your landlord dies but you are buying on contract for 10 years and you put 5,000 down?
1st time homebuyer- can I remove "for sale" sign in front of the house BEFORE closing? Is that legal?
Is it legal to have a landlord not show you a rental unit until you submit a rental application and deposit?
Can I buy the house without telling the agent?
How does it affect a homeowner if the lender that provided the 20% of a 100 % finance is declaring chapter 11?
My house is at a lower level than the road.When it rains the water enters the house.What can be done?
Are there any lesser known ways to get an apartment at a resonable rent?
how can I keep my landlord from raising my rent yearly?
Is there anyway around the no DSS rule?
Can an over-21 renter be evicted because of having alcohol?
My friend was told by an estate agent that she could not view houses for sale until hers was on the market.?
Can I sue my landlord for my fall?
What do I need to know about buying my parents home, to avoid it from going to a nursing home?
black mold/ rental dilemma?
how to find max loan amount in real estate mortgage?
Compensation for having to temporary relocation from rented property?
in the UK will interest rates rise in the next year?
What are the names of some of low income apartments in Stafford, TX 77477 or near?
650 rent with making 1600 a month...?
Best mortgage programs??
Can an apartment complex make you take down your satelite dish after allowing it under previous mgmt?
Are you suppose to tip a realtor for finding a house for you to rent?
Owners living in the same apartment building...good or bad?
Will lake elsinore house prices go up?
Is it possible to get a nice house in Las Vegas for less than $100,000? Where?
is this illegal?
What should I charge for rent?
does a bank have to inform you if they sell your mortgage note ?
Can a 16 or 17 year old get a loan for a house with a adult that will co-sign?
Tenants rights about not properly working AC?
Places to rent out for a party in Glasgow?
How do mortgages work?!..?
Landlord knocked then used key to enter my studio flat?
As a landlord would I have to replace a built in kitchen soap dispenser if tenant claims it is not working?
I am a chicago resident and my landlord told us to clear the apartment how much time do we get to clear?
should not the housing authorities be somewhat responsible when renters wreck my home?
Am I being ripped off?
@@@@is it true interest rates are coming down to avoid a housing crash@@@@@?
Lease says 12 mos. I moved in July 8th. Lease end date says July 31. Which is legal end date, 8th or 31st?
pick an apartment for an indecisive person?
can my landlord put my rent up?
Negative vibe in house since old house mate moved out, how to fix?
need to rent a house worried about credit check?
My offer at the listed price of $400k was appraised at $350k. What should my new offer be?
How can i get a apartment with out me paying?
the property i am about to buy is free hold and yet it has a peppercorn rent why?
3 bedroom home for rwnt in downey for 1200 ?
Looking for List Brokers to find owners of apartment houses in vicinity of Spokane, Washington?
The property manager sent me outrageous bills for repairs that was "allegedly" done. Can they sue?
Can they keep my housing deposit?
is a fixed rate the best type of mortgage at present with interest rates being so high?
I need help finding a home to rent in Eagle, Colorado?
trying to get a mortgage for land. can not find a bank to loan money on just land. any suggestions?
In vacant property in foreclosure proceeding what is the manner of execution?
What are the Indiana laws on grace periods for paying rent?
Explain me as how the mortgage interest payment gives me a tax break ?
Can we calculate interest from Loan Amortization Schedule?
Commercial real estate question. Can I get out of a signed contract as I am having buyer's remorse.?
What happens if you rent out your home during the 1 year after a refi?
I have a question about renting an apartment and the rules with evicting,?
If a house rents for 1300 and it says $1000 deposit, what does the deposit go to exactly?
Looking for private rent of a house in Oneida County NY?
Can I list my girlfriend as other income if she lives with me to get a mortgage?
I need to send a quitclaim deed to Italy - how do I do the acknowledgment part. The person lives in Italy?
how can I get a house that I can afford to make payments for?Don't have down payment. I payed rent enough!
buying a house?
how 2 buy lean property?
how many cats can you own in one home in harris county?
Do you have to own a house for a year before refinancing?
Can i live in my house if i haven't passed final inspection or occupancy certificate?
I have used a piece of land, which no one for 11 years, now someone is saying they own it, can I claim it.?
Can I get Home loan with someones Credit?
what should i buy with $100?
Breaking a fixed term lease in California?
Is there any way to buy a house with low income and no credit?
Apartment Leases Question?
where a good place to buy land?
how many apartments blocks are there in London, England and UK?
Can i buy a home with bad credit?
Help on understanding Mortgages?
i need info on 12199 bell rd in lemont il is this land you can build on and are there taxes owed on it?
Real estate problem: getting commission deserved? Please help!?
Can a year lease renew for a year in OHIO?
If I move out, can my landlord take me to court?
i rent a house who pays for the plumber?
I co-own a home with a relative I don't get along with,if I suddenly can't pay the expenses will I be homeless?
Apartment leasing question?
I'm looking for a vibrant downtown area in Michigan. Any other downtowns similar to Royal Oak's?
Is a 450 square feet apt big enough for me & a baby?
Why is it taking Section8 So long to give out the vouchers?
the apartment manager made a mistake on the lease and now he wants me to pay more money can he do that?
buying a house from me and my daughter?
is it possible to buy property in china as a uk citizen and what are the best ways?
How can I afford to rent an apartment and live on my own after high school?
Thinking of moving to California?
ok the californian dream for me is over... suggest a coastal nearby pls! $300.000 to spend?
What is the standard deposit for someone renting a house for 1 year with a monthly rent of $1350?
do's and don's as a home owner?
Bed Bugs in Apartment HELP?
Can I put a lien on his property?
URGENT my landlord wants to kick me out tomorrow!?
My husband and i were buying a house but the Loan officer tried to sell us on a 2/28 ARM instead of the first?
What is something that would make a realestates agents job easier?
Should my mom buy this house?
Can your landlord make you stay if your breaking your lease?
Where does a single mother with decent, steady income, yet no so perfect credit begin to get a mortgage loan.?
Selling my house. i need big help on my options regarding my situation.?
I live in California and I just got Married. I plan on moving to Jacksonville, FL, is this wise?
When is a good time to start looking at apartments for my fall semester of college?
I need help/advice on a mortgage question!?
First time house buyer Qs?
I need to have an ex refinance and convey the deed over to her. how can i do that with little or no money?
Can you recommend a few good real estate brokers for SF?
what happens to the house after my dad dies?
need web site for gov &bank forclose homes don t require credit card?
4 bedroom beach house in florida?
Is it better to live where u get paid more money w/ high expenses or where u get paid less w/ low expenses?
Where could i find mortgage phone number in arizona?
I recently sold my home before it went into foreclosure, but asking price was loan amt,it sold for a lot more?
Should we sell now or wait for it to be part of the estate?
How do you determine closing costs?
Home Detective?
rent question, advice needed?
i have recently bought a house in kerala i would like to give it a name.kindly give me a few names?
Looking for big time buyers for bulk properties.?
how long does a new home last in years?
how do you make and set up traps in your bedroom to keep people out?
I Want To Move Out, But Not Sure How To Go About It?
do i have to have a certain type of mortgage if i want to rent out my house?
Is it possible for a landlord to raise our rent?
Does anyone know how much a mortgage payment would be on a house $124,900?
landlord/tenant dispute?
statutory periodic tenancy, England?
If my home was foreclosed do I have to wait a certain # of years before I can purchase another?
Eminent domain -of mortgages - San Bernadino, CA?
s there a website where you can find out who owns individiaul properties in the uk?
I work in Florida and the owners of my apartment community are installing cameras here is my issue..........?
trying to find a house for rent in blytheville arkansas?
how do i find commercial properties to buy, vacant spaces or lots?
How do I find 9th Dec Properties 4 Sale advertised in the Daily New's Taranaki NZ new's paper?
18 and Moving Out. Help?
My Landlord is not registered...?
After a house is put up for sale because owner defaulted on mortgage payment can order be appealed?
bpt hosing authorities applications?
Can a landlord require me to pay rent for days that I'm not allowed to live in the unit?
Why aren't property rental prices now coming down in line with devaluing property prices?
What does a Mortgage Broker do....?
Where can I get information on affordable housing for grad students in the Greensboro area?
Help with working with the banks regarding my home?
what is the fast way to learn about foreclosures?
Can you evict someone from your property if there is no lease agreement?
comment brielfly upon which basis ( sales value or physical units),you consider to be most appropriate?
Emergency! Help! Rental Assistance!?
I want to find an office or warehouse in London with around 2000 sq?
what will happen if joint qwner of house.and need to claim bankruptsy. will they let me file that too?
Rent to own car lots?
If I owe my ex spouse rearages and money, and I own a home and them go on disability, can I lose my home?
How can I find a house for rent from a private landlord in Tucson, AZ?
how do you take out a second mortgage?
I'm ready to move out, I'm 21?
I am hoping to buy or rent a Business property?
Just signed a new lease, can I put nails in the wall if it says I can not fasten anything to the walls?
I need to figure out a new free location/store sitefor ournon-profitpromdressprogramthe locationwehadsold?
If you were to have a vacation house in Florida...?
How do I select a financial adviser familiar with rental properties to explain the tax benefits?
If your house was on the market and a rival agent visited you offering a better deal how would you react?
How can a person with an income 40k-50k and a decent credit go about securing a home ?
is it hard to buy a house that is a short sale?
Is California a good place to move to, if so what city would be good and affordable?
How much can I negotiate on a house to get them down?
Can a homeowners request loan documentation that was sent to the Underwriter from the Broker?
Is having a Survey on a new construction home really Important? why? why not?
have neighbours and home and away got the same producers?
Apartment paint and carpet replacement after 2 years in same apartment.?
Is It Really Better To Own Your own Home????
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