Real Estate

Will south panola be closed tomarrow 1/21/11?
how do I get to my classifieds for the morning news paper?
what does nt mean in renting an apartment?
If you could do 100% financing on one house, would that make you choose it over another?
realestate classes to become a realestate agent online for new jersey?
How much money does a first time buyer need for a deposit, amoungst other things?
How can a ex con get housing in Sacramento?
who can give me a free web site to view my five acres ?
Homes for rent 400 dollars in rockingham county?
What would be the best reason to leave from lease...without paying any fees...Thanks?
what do i need to do to get my girlfriend out of my apartment?
i just won a tourmaline mattress, i want to sell it, never use. can i sell back to company, prefer at KL.?
Neighbor is making a shed close to our house (Legal Questions)?
my new partner owes money?
30 or 60 notice for rental tenant to vacate in california?
Does having a misdeameanor affect being accepted to lease a house/condo/apartment?
Looking for a Loan Signing Agent Class/Course in Northern California?
I'm frustrated!! Real estate angent with not sales or listing?
can a landlord let one person have a pet and not another when on same property?
Real estate sales in Maryland for non-payment of property taxes.?
The people selling us our new home have requested to stay for 15 days after closing. What should we do?
Buying a duplex, don't want current tenant?
What is the most inexpensive land available in the US.?
Not sure whether to buy or rent? First time buyers' grant?
is the landlord responsibile for shower glass damage?
Second mortgage holder preventing sale?
how do you sell a house fast?
Is there a free website I can use to find out who owns a property in Houston?
need a mortgage company that does stated 650 FICA?
Anybody worried about losing their home due to this recession?
Why i am Making loss in Intraday trading in Eq (Bse/Nse)?
Mortgage rates & renting?
What costs would a cash home buyer in Texas have with the title company?
How easy is it to reverse refrigerator doors?
is $150 too much?
name my apartments?
We have just sold our house in Spain. Due to ill health gave power of attorney to our Solicitor.?
I am looking for a solicitor in UK who has branch in Dubai?
How do you get out of a mortgage prepayment penalty?
what is the best way to find a house for sale?
Buying a home without a realtor?
Can a landlord charge you?
I am looking to rent a house in Blackpool?
Lien on property - does it affect sale of home?
If you are a renter can you change your locks and not give your managers a key?
any suggestions on a really good name for a house?
Fair rent adjustment?
I'm disable i get ssi how can i get free money to buy a house for my family i got two daughters ages 4 and 2?
In Pennsylvania does there have to be a limit on the term of a real estate listing contract?
how do i find out who owns a property in my town?
how can i sell my house quickly?
how can i evict a tennant (uk)?
No inventory done - how can landlady tell furniture is missing?
is a verbal contract in North Carolina binding?
i'm2years in the cotract of a3year how can i get out it with out paying?
Would this amount of debt hinder me from getting a mortgage?
Do you think house prices will drop in 2008?
Best way to go about renting a flat?
I want buy a house, my husband and I work and bring home $2400 every month?
house payments?
What percentage of your income some apartments charge?
Character reference for renting?
Question about Closing Date Changes?
I'm looking for a wholesale lender that finances agricultural loans, stables, etc. in Florida?
How old do u have to be to move out?
Is there such thing as grant money for new home owners?
I think Section 8 is allowed in my apartment complex how can I tell and what can I do?
i want to sell my house to my daughter and me. or have my daughter buy into the existing mortgage?
Lease Statement regarding Landlord Defaulting on Mortgage?
is real estate in calabasas cheaper than santa monica?
As a subtenant, can I suit a landlord for entering my room without permission or warning?
Will fannie mae pay for repairs on a foreclosure?
Do mobile homes appreciate?
Can you co-sign a house for someone?
I rent a deplex in N.Hollywood and the landlord does not want to fix my sink that is rotting. What do i do?
How to save on fixed to mobile calls?
I moved two months ago into a new aprtmnt, signed a 1-year lease, & want to terminate early. Is this possible?
how do landlords do background checks?
renting a house?
problem with renting student accommodation?
Shouldn't the landlord solve issues between tenants?
Homes for rent 400 dollars in rockingham county?
How long will an apartment building personel take to let you know if you got the apartment?
Is this a good price for an apartment?
How can I sign a lease in another state without going there?
Can your landlord raise the rent anytime that they want during the term that you have signed your lease for?
If someone transfers their apartment lease to me, will I have to go thru the same screening process?
Ok well my brother lost my dads house and he filed chapter 7 and is to b auctioned nov.7, 2012. How long do we?
Has anyone used Mark Forytarz from Castran Gilbert real estate? I'm thinking of selling my house.?
For anyone who lives in buckeye Az! One of my best friend needs a home.?
Can my landlord raise my rent by $150 a month?
I want to turn my house into two flats how who what do i need to do?
Can I evict tenants for continued late payment of rent?
How do you find out what your 911 address is for rural properties?
How many feet are in 1 acre?
What do I say when a prospect asks is it safe and or quiet?
Can you rent an apartment when you're 16?
Renting with bedbugs?
how to transfer capitol gains from a home sale?
do you think interest rates on home loans will go up or down in the next few mnonths?
Looking for the best and current forclosesure listings in San Diego, Where?
how can i get out of a lease agreement?
why is it you can not get broward countys forclosure list absulutly free on line?
What are the qualifications to receive a Texas Brokers License?
What actions can I take against a apartment complex for unsafe living conditions?
How should rent be divided in a Master bedroom situation?
my land lord always ask for rent 10 days early i allways pay on the 15th wtf now he has no money and were out?
if you give a escrow check to a realator, and they lose this check , can you sue ?
My landlord entered my property without ANY notice and began to harass me what are my rights?
any good online lists of foreclosed houses i don't have to pay for?
removing someones name from deed?
San Diego condo selling at $400K but now are accepting offers.. what should I start with?
How long is the Typical Lease Option to Buy home Lease for?
Vacation rental problem..?
tenant question..........................?
Has anyone had experience with Hill Country Property managment in Austin, tx area?
mortgages for credit score under 500?
Conveyance solicitor is asking for more money - can we argue against it in anyway?
How can I find out if property was left for me by someone and I was never notified?
How to evict a roommate with no real rental agreement, only verbal?
Simple house rental agreement, where do I find??
Buying a home with judgement against me?
How much would a house in Lake Jackson, Texas (out in the middle of nowhere) cost?
What shoudl I offer for this house?
What is a security deposit and when is first months rent expected?
which homeowner is responsible?
Roommate is not paying rent but is not on lease- do I give 30 days notice for him to go?
Which encumbrances or interests are superior to the lien of the United States?
should I buy a home in Atlanta?
Where are the APARTMENTS in Texas?
is it mandatory for the landlord to provide a parking space for the tenant?
Real estate agents-how long should it take for them to get back to you?
My home is for sale, and also is being foreclosed in 3 months?How do I sell it before then?
what is vernal land ?
where can i find a chart of accounts for a self storage business?
will i be allowed a mortgage?
Does anyone know an average figure for the monthy utility bills for a couple who are first time buyers.?
How long can you remain in the house after it is sold in a foreclosure auction?
Real estate question "tenant (applicant) and co-tenant"?
What are our rights if a broker doesn't follow through to closing?
Want to get out of my apartment but roommate won't let me?
FREE housing grants indiana?
where can my friend find an apt with an eviction on her record?
Does any one Live on there own?
I rented my house out to someone and they left without paying me some rent and have done some damage?
What is the ideal percentage for a down payment on a house?
How can I buy a house?
Down Payment for Electric, Internet and Phone?
I have 2 other roommates and we're on on the lease but they want
how can i get a low interest rate, low payment mortgage in Utah with poor credit?
property assessment fee? what is it for?
I bought a house with no water service (broke pipe) 4000 to fix no credit what are my options?
I have a doublewide Manufactured home and own the property with a 75LTV and 783 FICO SCORE, What Direct lended
Please explain 'short sale' in detail?
Re: Owner Financing - Do you know of any good websites on this subject?
Scared about moving out on our own.... Does my husband make enough for us to get our own place soon?
Can you build yourself a log/wooden house?
When can I sue a builder for a slop job on a house being built for me right now???
House wont sell why?
Legally how often can my husband or I go into our rental property to see if it is being cared for?
Typical Size restriction for aquariums in apartments?
My sister is inheriting my mums house.?
Can a landlord take you to court for other tenants bills?
How much does a lot cost?
Is it best to bid on property at public tax auction or approach before and make an offer?
Do I have to fight my real estate property taxes every year?
When is it the right time to move out of your parents house?
How can I find info about a particular house?
BPTP park elite floors, Faridabad?
Can my landlord give me a 30-day notice after the house sells at auction?
If a tenant is is always late for paying then rent...?
real estate license?
How do I apply for section 8 if my city is not currently accepting applications?
How much can i rent my condo for?
Can we get our money back from the bank foreclosure purchase?
Can I see the minutes from the Homeowners Association BEFORE i make an offer?
do landlords in s.f. have to report what they charge rent to tenants? are they supposed to pay taxes on that?
How does it work to buy a mobile home? Do you have to buy it? or can u just rent one?
Had a lease, paid deposit, never got receipt or landlord signed lease. We cancelled. Now they want the deposit
What is the fastest and easiest way to get a job as an appraiser apprentice with an experienced NJ appraiser?
Can i qualify for the credit od 6500 when i buy a home?
Yes Hi I am looking for a city called ASHDOWN , Arkansas does any 1 know how i would find house for rent there
Any programs or grants for first time homebuyers in Ontario? Specifically southwestern Ontario?
Can a Real Estate Agent tell a buyer what lender to use?
in what county is St. Vincent Hospital, Portland, Oregon, located in?
Does getting a mortgage prequalification letter lock in an interest rate? If so, how long is it locked in?
Can I sell my house for £1?
Where can I safely buy cheap property outright online?
How old were you when u bought your first home?
How to collect refund cheque from HUDA (Bahadurgarh)?
Instead of selling my home, is it possible to just transfer my payments to another person?
Fair Housing or BBB?
Where can I find First Time Home Buyer Incentives for the state of Louisiana?
Are trailers good investments?
Do I Have To Let Him In My Home?
I really need to get out of my lease, please help?
I live in California and I just got Married. I plan on moving to Jacksonville, FL, is this wise?
I'm 16 And I Want To Move Out?
What are my rights concerning a bad rental property?
is ther anything that can be done to a landlord?
how long do you have to be working to rent a house?
Which should I do first, consolidate or buy a house?
What is the best way to sale my co-op apartment in queens N.Y. fast?
I am thinking about buying a condo and renting it (becoming an landlord). Tips?
We bought our second home in 1999 and we are just getting around to selling our first house, will we ...?
Is it possible that EMI of the house can start after we get the possession of the flat in bangalore?
What exactly is a "partition" and how does it work?
how soon can i move into my apt showed them paper work 2 weeks ago so why is management taking so long?
Can my landlord charge me for broken bed?!?
Owning a property with minimal expense?
My landlord entered my apartment without proper notice, what can I do?
Need to break our lease.?
FHA loan for recent graduates?
can you live in san Francisco making 60k a year?
First Time Builders?
What are some valid reasons to access the equity in your home for a loan?
How rational is it to think you can slowly save money to buy a house with cash?
Is anybody out there from Hyderabad,INDIA need help.... please....?
Can a landlord invict a tenant if the inspection is next week?
Does anyone know anything about a so called refund from mortgage insurance if house forclosed?
going from a lease to month to month or moving out...?
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?
Buying Raw Land & IRS info????????????
Neighbor's tree limbs are hanging over my roof, All State says they must be cut down, can I make neighbor pay?
What is a good online estate agency to list my house on?
Which property website do you recommend?
Is there a penalty for breaking a lease?
where can i buy mortgage leads from? I am a loan officer, and if u r d 1, where do you buy leads from? Ne idea
Why is it not a good time to buy a home?
Just bought investment property-mortgage is $445. Renting for $1000. Is this good profit or the average?
my daughter is in a halfway house in baltimore, but i dont know which one.?
I need my ex off our lease.?
eexception clearing processor?
appeal to my landlord to reduce my rent?
Is it bad to live at home at 29?
Get out of a lease if they lied about the move in date?
Being evicted in PA despite the fact I have paid rent What should I do?
How is Local Housing Allowance worked out when your hours are varied?
Rental Business: How and when to let go a handyman who is a potential property manager?
i own outright 50% of my shared ownership house what banks can offer me a mortgage to buy the rest?
if you buy a house with your spouse and both sign for it and one of the spouse dies what happens to the house?
Who should pay? Me or landlord?
could i buy a house without a morgage?
how do i find someone by just their first name and approx age?
What is the best way to manage a HOA of 170+ homes and still reduce the annual cost?
I want to buy a house. My first house. How would I go about doing it? Where would i start? How would i start?
Where can I find housing insulation?
Do you think I'm doing the right thing by filing a complaint against one of the tenants ?
my HOA wants to tent my townhouse for termites, what do i own my tenants?
i need a creative loan idea?
how to get out of a commercial lease?
how to buy foreclosed properties in philadelphia?
Realator trying to scare me into purchasing?
How long are the lease agreements for the Highlands apartments in Reno Nevada?
can i get a home loan if i owe 4,000 in federal taxes?
Evicting someone Not On The Lease?
I got a steady job, can i get a loan?
Can I have a roommate live with me and pay me rent on my home if I purchased using a VA home loan?
what is a 1099 form? how does that effect my real estate property?
Are house prices in the UK going to fall and when?
Can I kick him out of the house?
Is it rude/cheeky to knock on current tenants door and ask about the property?
i live in a apartment so do i replace the battery or does my landlord?
how much does a three bed room ranch in Sprinfeild Ma. sixteen acers area sell for?
If i put £250,000 in my bank will it look suspisious? ?
How expensive are the least expensive apartments in Downtown L.A. and Brentwood?
i have a home and would like to rent it out to boarders?
Where can I get land for free?
How long does it take to purchase a house with cash in the England?
first time home buyers credit.?
What do I have to do to buy or rent a house?
What credit card info is needed for buying a house?
Real Estate Agent classes?
how do you stop a person from puting a fruadgulent lien on youre property after its been dropped and appealed?
i need a loan of 900 .i am going to be kick out of my house on monday, what should i do?
How does apartment early termination of lease work?
How can I find housing price increases for a particular city?
If a note is dated in a 3 month term from Feb 28th?
How do i get a mortgage?
How much do we need to sell our House for?
me and a friend signed a year lease its only been 5 months and shes leaving and i cant afford the place?
are there companies that will manage your rental properties for you? could you tell me more about this?
I am employed, but my husband is not. We have 1 teenager at home. We have to move in 6 weeks.?
Refinancing Sticky Situations ...Please Help!?
Student housing rules?
How to cancel a contract with a realtor after just signing .?
Who do i contact to be featured on an Office Makeover TV Show?
what is the name of the loan ,, where several family members can sign up for the 1 morgage?
how much could i sell broken xbox360elite?
What is the average construction cost per square foot in Northwest Florida?
Housing Demand Sources?
What is an excellent second date?
what is a rate buy-down incentive?
What if the applinaces are not working in the house I am buying? Will that cause loan disapproval?
Moving out of home problems, please help.?
Can I move out at 16?
What is HUD program for housing?
"to high to clear the market"?
I want to purchase a run down house. Need help!?
Am I as a landlord allowed to do this?
Am I entitled to housing benefits?
what happens to house loan in Case of earthquake?
Will my house value go up?
House prices. Will they drop in the future.?
i m going to start real state development business.Pls give me one attractive name.?
Where are the best areas to buy property in Florida/Tampa?
how to afford an apartment?
Can a person charge you for rental?
how long will a landlord 'hold' a property for you?
Does the cost of building a home drop during a recession like the value of homes currently on the market?
Can a lender send out a 1098 form to previous homeowner on a foreclosed property?
Condo Association Complaints?
We Plan to purchase 1st floor (builder). It is 31 ft. wide from front and 30 ft wide from back. will it effect
After I sign a lease on a property, do I have a grace period in case I change my mind?
I am trying to pay my GMAC morgage on line. I need to known where to go.?
Foreclosed homes & For Sale by Owner homes - Real Estate Agents Welcome?
What should we do with this?
how to become real estate agent?
what century's are we in?
I need info about apartment communities who work with builders to assist renters with downpayment assistance?
Is there anyway whatsoever to predict / forecast mortgage interest rates?
if i have passed credit checks for a rental property but have not signed the tenancy yet and no longer wish to?
Should I just move out?
Can an p.eng give an assessment on proper grades and drainage of Moble home site during a 1 and a quarter hou
My tenants ruined the house with cat urine. What else can I do?
How to qualify to be a Section 8 landlord?
Going to Court for Rent - PLEASE HELP ME understand?
Getting a roommate do I have to put him or her on the lease?
is it possible to transfer Canadian credit to USA to rent a place?
Does the government in the UK provide any kind of support for young people to buy their first house???
can you rent out a place you are owner financing?
Houses for rent in Wilmington North Carolina?
Subleasing a section8 apartment section 8 fraud?
How do I search House Prices throughout the years?
I'm looking for an attorney to help me sue a loan company on a pro-bona agreement?
How much would a foreclosed home cost monthly?
I am thinking about buying won of these?!?!?!?
Does a huge house mansion have about the same bills as a small house?
In the State of KS, Landlord did not do initial walkthrough, do they have a foot to stand on?
Does my landlord have a duty to repair?
real estate fairness of appraisal?
Is this a good time to buy a home in Califronia?
How early do you pay your mortgage or rent if due by the first?
When renting, who should pay for water, sewer, and service fees? Is it the landlord or tenant.?
Is paying the landlord gas money an expected expense in my case??
Can I get a mortgage on a house when I've co-signed on another mortgage?
What companies are easiest to establish a contact and obtain a corporate relocation contract?
Is investing in foreclosure homes a good business to be in?
Could this be a possible bike rental scam?
Which refinance option is more convenient? (See details)?
How can i stop people using the side of our house as a toilet?
There is a type of loan that people can get where they get money to fix problems with the house. who does this
In relation to a lease, what is the 'Head of Terms'?
Does security deposit guarantee landlord must hold apartment after lease is signed?
commercial real estate property?
roommates been gone for a few weeks, can i still make her pay her part in bills?
bank put us in a morgage that takes 55% of our mo. morg it is at 6.95% should we refi for a less intest?
Does my landlord have the right to tell me what business I must use for my cable, tv, or internet services?
How can we find an old farmhouse near Memphis TN? Everything is new-build!?
Can I request a court ordered refiance?
How to find foreclosure info if in process?
Do you think some home inspectors are scam artists?
fixed term tenancy notice required?
Anyone have good luck with selling there own home?
How much is average rent?
im looking to purchase a home,and Im ready to make an offer?
We are 3 owners of a house. The 2 of us want to sell but our 3rd sibling and her husband are not moving out.?
I bought a couple of properties in Florida exactly 1 year ago. Sould I refinance or sell?
landlord is refusing to give me my mail!?
Can an estate agent re-use photos of my house?
How to take title with my mother on a house purchase?
My car was hit in my driveway by the renter next door. Can I put a lien on the landlord's home?
Can the landlord terminate the lease?
Best way to buy a Starwood Time Share on Secondary Market?
Buying a house that you will be able to run your business from.?
whats a great company to work for as a loan officer in southern california?
My tenants WILL NOT LEAVE! Am i in the wrong?
what are the going prices for a 1/4 acre lot in seven hills, henderson, nevada?
Do I have to pay rent if repairs are not done?
How many days must a landlord give you after telling you the price is going up?
What compensation can be claimed for unplanned building work which requires tenants to evacuate the house?
I just registered a domain for my mortgage website. You guys like?
Real estate agents deal with rentals?
Do anyone know about cheap townhouse in 757 va?
Can I kick out my roommate's guest?
what is the job for an underwriter in a home loan?
Is buying a house an important part of saving of retirement? could i rent for the rest of my life?
Can a VA loan be made on a land purchase, or is it just houses?
How much do you make in comparission to your aptarment rent?
How soon should you seriously look for an apartment before you actually rent?
LEASE contract. Any advice will hep. Thank you.?
Do you think I will qualify for a second mortgage in this scenario?
USDA Loan?????.......?
inside stairs in a retirement home do they have to be carpeted?
What year was my rental house built,and the square footage?
Who can give me a good answer to give potential buyers when I'm asked why I'm moving?
is my landlord screwing me or what?
can i still get a mortgage at a decent rate if i have bad arrears problems?
What do I need to do to get a real estate license in Texas?
Has anyone recently taken the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam?
How to find a licensed real estate broker by only knowing her name and state(CA)?
eviction notice to tenant?
Is it better to rent an apartment or buy a condo/townhouse?
Can I buy a home when I can afford it or when my credit get's clear?
Is the property market going to drop soon?
What do i need to do to take over an apartment lease?
How is rent to buy scheme. Is it safe ?
Does anyone know how to get apartment listings in El Segundo, CA?
Can i get a apartment or a house for rent if im only 17?
Since it has been raining, I have noticed that there is water coming through my apartment walls. Help?
Building management doing bed bug extermination with no cause, what gives?
Tenants contract?
Which loan is better, 30 years at 6% or 15 years at 5.5%?
I live in GA. Can I use my deposits to pay for rent if house is going into foreclosure?
Finder's Fee questions?
Should I move now or wait a while?
If one received the $8000 First-Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit, how long must he wait to sell the house?
Ex-landlord withholding deposit?
Is this a good time to buy a home in the Bay area, california?
Im currently renting privately but i am wanting to move out how much notice should i give?
whether i have to obtain UDR for buying a plot?
what are my options with this landlord?
how do you profit from Real Estate?
Should I put the mortgage in my name?
can someone who is considered to be nice and considerate be a successful landlord?
Is my landlord BSing me? Read what they told me...?
Is it possible to rent an apartment with just one month down. No security deposit?
What can qualify as rent? For example, if I am staying at a place and am unable to pay rent, but still offer m?
need web site where to get legal forms for court filling unlawful detainer case in San Bernardino county?.?
best home loan company?
Will SCRA protect me from breaking lease after Ive been deployed?
My mom is 60 and wants to move from new york city to elsewhere, what is the best place for jobs for her?
Where can I find public Wisconsin tax records online?
how do you get out of a reverse mortgage? My grandfather has one on his house and is gravely ill.?
I cant pay my mortgage anymore. I want it repossesed. Selling is not even an option. What do you think?
I want someones stuff out of my house?
My lease it states that if I dont give 60 days notice before I move then they will charge me, can I get out?
What are the current rates and product fees for Halifax "consent to lease" mortgages?
budy died, we fixed trailer took $3,000/19000 - now mother wants to hold on it. found more $estate.can we sel?
HELP! hud project based section 8 housing ca?
What to expect my first month in a new apartment?
Can I loose my home....?
should I take a home equity loan from a rental to help pay for a new home purchase?
How is a buyer affected in the event the single seller dies in a 'Real Estate' contract agreement?
qualifying for a mortgage?
How long does it take to get your money after closing on a house?
who I contact if I want to get my refund from a home sale in California?
Landlord question?
Can A landlord enter without permission?
how much money needed to fund a campaign?
best way to start investing in propertys as a student?
houses you built for free?
I'm thinking about moving to Baltimore?
I need tips on how to sell my house fast in a slow real estate market.?
information on single parent programs for home ownership with bad credit?
Anyone familiar with USDA direct loan?
Question about suburbs in Melbourne Australia...?
Cancelling on a rental application?
Home Equity and Foreclosure?
Can I break my apartment lease because of a spy camera in my apartment?
Getting an apartment?
My landlord says she cant find our rent money......?
I do have condo that we lease due to our move but we are losing around $500 a month. Could this offset my tax?
when do you do a home inspection?
I am a residential contractor looking for a good catch phrase..any suggestions?
What is the best way to quickly sell a house without lowering the price any more?
Does anyone know the web address for historical realestate records in chicago ILL.?
Im putting my name on my girlfirends mortgage, can I put it in my name if we split up?
monthly mortgage payment after PMI removal ?
I'm trying to move out on my own with a 500$ budget I'm looking for sthing w/ utilities included any suggestio?
I want to end my private home lease. How much notice do i have to give? Is it 21 days?
Legal query - Rented property - agency and house problem!?
how much does it cost to sue the association?
if someone took out a 20 yr loan on their home and passed away,what happens to the home and loan?
What would be good place in chennai to buy an apartment. Is it Pallavaram or Urappakkam? Please suggest me?
The Rough Side of Town (Guitat & Organ Driven Boogie)?
can a landlord just come in?
need advice on moving to Pennsylvania, school, housing, benefits etc .?
Name removal from mortgage.?
i want to sell my wringer washer how much do i ask?
How can you buy a home with poor credit?
what is the difference between stated and full doc for a mortgage loan?
An idea of fees for first time buyer?
How much notice should you give your land lord prior to moving out?
wisconsin statues on illegal removal of property?
Where is the cheapest place to live in B.C.?
in texas in the town of midland can you drop out of your apartment leas?
where can i find hampton real estate assessments?
Do They Still Sell These?
How do you send a flat rate box?
I am going to rent a room in my house. how can i ensure a good renter?
Roommate moved out and refusing to pay rent?
I live in a shared student house in the UK, I have found out that I will be staying in Asia ....?
Is there a way to get out of a lease with my roommate with my dad as the cosigner?
What's a mortgage?
How do I find out who owns a piece of land if all I have is the GPS co-ordinates?
First time home buyer question?
Can my landlord sue me for not paying rent even though I was not on the lease?
Can I move out without a job?
What should we do about this ?
what is obsolescence in estate management?
what is a "short sale" in real estate?
My apartment had a leak from the person above me.?
Its always been my dream to work in real estate. like buying/renting out houses.?
why have house prices gone up so dramatically over the last 20 years?
I need to rent an apt or house in Burbank CA but don't have good credit, any ideas?
What are some good websites to search for rent to own homes?
where do you apply for section 8 in orange city or deland florida?
what banks will offer zero closing costs for refinancing?
thinking about moving.... what is a reasonable salary 2 live off of??
what to you guys think is this a scam or not?
What is considered to be a good mortgage rate right now? Which banks are offering good rates? ?
Is $180,000 good for a 2 bedroom house on 5 acres?
Is it legal to rent out my home with a FHA / IN Housing loan?
Best site to find homes for sale in Toronto?
My house is worth 80000 less, would the bank consider lowering mortgage amount instead of going to fast sell?
Has anyone purchased a home through the NACA Program?
how do you type the house sign ?
Stay at a Model Apartment?
DDA 2010 Scheme - Flats quality?
If the yearly lease to my apartment is up, do I still have to give thirty days' notice before moving out?
ok my mom wants to know how to find a deed for a land that her mom and dad own.?
Is it possible to finance home purchases in Mexico and, if so, how does one go about it?
Landlord kicking me out!!! Please I need help!!!!!?
Is it weird to ask a whole bunch of questions when renting out an apartment?
What happend to a house when its not sold but removed from the market?
A realtor offered me commission?
Does someone have a sample announcement letter for a new real estate agent?
Is there a website that will tell me the history of a house I want to buy?
If I complain of mold does my landlord have to have a inspector come out?
i have been at my job for 8 months good credit but my boyfriend has bad credit and only working 2 months?
Has anyone ever broken a lease on their apartment?
I rent a NYC apartment and own a Florida home. What decides my primary residence. I live in both.?
Getting kicked out for being one day rent late?
Selling land in a town in Tamil Nadu - India?
mountain creek lenders I AM TRYING TO FIND IT?
how do i decrease my debt to income ratio?
I just sold my house in Los Angles county California. I was told I would not have to pay any taxes.?
Rented on verbal agreement that they would buy in 3 months.?
Whats the best way to walk away from my house?
I'm trying to find out who I need to talk to about air force base house that are for sale in Montana?
How do I get rid of a house?
I signed an illegal lease, what will happen?
so, my husband is a cosigner for 2 cars we want to get a home loan?
How do I get rid of a Real Estate Agent?
Can I walk out when the lease ends?
Currently selling condo, I have a weird neighbour who is causing problems. what can I do, he scares buyers?
Buying House in Another State..?
How do mortgages work?!..?
what do i want to do? buy a duplex and become a slum lord in Cleveland or buy a nice house in my home town?
dropping out of a lease for a different house?
How much is a section 8 voucher in C.C. Texas for a 4 bedroom home and a 3 bedroom plus the utilies?
Can I get out of a house contract before my closing date?
In the state of Michigan can I sue a person who lived in my home?
How much will it cost to bulid a luxury 3 story mason with 600 acers and 100,000 square foot?
What do I need to do to sell my house myslef?
Anyone know of decent cheap apt?
Is it worth it to foreclose on my house if I have about $35k in negative equity?
Please Help Me......My apartment is 340/month, my car is 333/month, do you think i can afford it?
What is the difference between a modular and a true modular?
Is inspecting your rental property once every six months unreasonable?
Renting without a lease and getting evicted?
Moving into an apartment?
Moving- have refuse/ items to dispose of in the Rantoul-Champaign, IL area. Where can I find a place to take?
how can ibuy a house in turkey?
can i get a real state licence if i have summary probation and 3 misdeameanors?
Upside Down Mortgages ! What are you going to do about them.?
If take classes to be a real estate agent do you have to work for the company that did the classes?
can anyone tell me about how much it costs to go to small claims court?
Is there a difference between a solicitation of offers to sell, and a letter of interest?
how the hell can first time buyers get a mortgage on wages under £20,000?
How do people afford multi-million dollar second homes, like on the ocean.?
what are easiest and lucrative real estate investing options and will 30k start me off?
What is a D4 property?
As a foreigner,can I take the advantage of first time home buyer tax credit?
Water damage to apartment landlord wont fix?
Can an Apartment manager get in trouble for moving her family members in and moving them up before others?
Can I claim under tenancy act?
where can i get 100% morgage with out putting any deposit down?
Is my tenant being rediculous?
What is a contingency offer? When you want to buy a home and and have one for sale at the same time?
Is there an affordable place to live near the coast in California?
Section 8 Housing?
Can a landlord put out a family in two weeks for a condemed house?
Why do so many apartments use flat paint?
Seller not ready to close, buyer has been cleared to close by LO. Does buyer have any recourse?
How should we split the rent between two people living in an one-bedroom apartment?
i just applied for a car but im in the process of getting a house,does this affect me getting the house?
If the carpet needs to be replaced after 4yr of living in a rental does the tenant have to pay for it?
What profession can buy a house worth 900,000?
How much mortgage could I afford?
I accidentally put my wrong social security number on my application for an apartment.?
Should I make music in my apartment or a music studio ?
If you use a mortgage to buy a house do you have to have a down payment?
do you own or rent your home or live with parents?
What is a good way to collect rent if you do not live in the same city as the rental property?
I own two homes, can I put one of them into foreclosure?
Found va mortgage online for VA loan. Anyone w/direct good/bad exp w/them?
Is it hard to become a real estate appraiser? Do they have a work schedule if they work for a bank?
Do Texas apartment tenants have a right to cure?
low income housing in Jackson County MO?
If I were to buy a $50,000 house, what would my down payment be and how much time might they give me to pay ?
can my landlord evict me for breaking a window?
Advice on selling your home when you have a pet?
how to find commercial real estate in Detroit, Michigan on the Internet?
How much notice does a landlord have to give tenants without a lease to move? ?
After renting office space in Alex.,VA for 6 months I broke the 2 year lease.?
i am looking fori nformation on a research paper on a job in real estate, where can i find this?
I rented a room out to some old lady but she won't pay rent and won't leave either?
I have a serious question about buying a home
on a rental application form they ask you what is your reason for wanting to rent i cant think of one?
Can I cancel a tenant lease? still no payment/no occupy?
how do I find a good property management in orlando florida?
Is it a good idea to rent an apartment that costs $1,700 a month?
Can i lose my lights if in the landlord's name because there mad?
What day does a fourteen day eviction notice start on?
Can someone buy a house within a year to two years after declaring bankruptcy?
Help!!! Do I have to pay rent ?
I just got invected from the property that Im renting. What are my rights? How long can I stay there if I?
How common is it that a listing agent will want a buyer without a buyers agent?
If you are renting and looking for a home to buy what words would attract you to click an Ad?
Should I move into Iron Bird Lofts or Sierra Hills Apartments?
would you buy this??
Apartments in California please?
My partner and i are splitting up.The house is in my name but do you think he's entitled 2 a share when i sell?
what is a credit reference?
Do I need a consent to lease my property if I have lodgers?
Can a mortgage be cancelled a couple of days before the closing date?
Is there a country where I can legally resell/rent out a condominium that I bought?
I live in florida have own a condo that's now worth a third of what i paid for it. Help! What should I do?
Can a landlord deny me for an apt if my roommates credit was really bad (my credit was fine)?
if you rent a fully furnished apartment does the stuff inside become yours?
Do housing loans make sense?
Find No Regretz Kennels in Central Illinois?
How do I begin buying property?
International loans for property business?
Rented house - heating problem?
Help What City/Town Should We Move To???!?
I am leaving Brooklyn and would like to find a similar place. Where should I move?
Where can I get money to help build a house?
Do I have to share my communal hallway? Uk?
i'm subletting haven't signed a contract what will happen if i don't pay my last months rent?
Anyone know about property forclosure rules in Washington state?
Whats the best rate for a 30 year fixed loan right now?
Is it wise for an unmarried couple to purchase a home together?
How do I cause problems for my housemate?
Is this realtor lazy?
I'm buying a condo, and the contract has some questionable areas, when do I hire a lawyer?
is the brentwood inn in tomah wisconsin for sale?
Can my RE agent lose his license for giving me lock box codes, in California?
I purch a home in a short sale.The upstairs shower causes a leak in the ceiling light downstrs. who's liable?
Does anyone have experience w/ mortgages thru lending tree? & those they reccomend?llive in nyc and go?
Is 68.95 an expensive electricity bill for an Illinois apartment in the winter?
Is it worth it to rent an apartment with a shared bathroom if all the utilities are included in the rent?
Any inexpensive beach houses available in Galveston Tx for a wknd getaway?
How do i find real estate record or plat maps?
My landlord gave me three days to leave my apartmnet but I just lost my job and my family won't help me.?
Do you have to pay for forclosure listings?
does an INDEPENDENT loan agent needs a broker?
Can I fire my real estate agent?
Is Mortgage Investor's Corporation a safe company to refinance with?
The spread between my interest rate and apr seems to great?
Where would I receive a copy of my property Deed?
How long does it take for the State of Michigan to process a real estate license?
is the landlord responsibile for shower glass damage?
When buying a home, why is the appraisal usually just above the loan amount rather than actual property value?
Does getting a VA effect how much a Buyer Agent makes on the deal?
hubby did 80K worth of work on parents house and gets paid nothing for it?
Lease agreement apartment info?
Method for apportioning rent which is payable quarterly in advance.?
Should I buy a house or continue to rent?
Can I be sued for not paying an apartment lease if I don't live in that state anymore?
Urgent Advice please about letter received from Landlord today!?
Will changing jobs affect my FHA Loan approval?
what are the best websites to look for council houses to rent?
Florida how many people could live in a one bedroom apartment?
If a realtor is serving a buyer, how does it affect their commission?
question about subletting?
Can I get out of paying termination fees if I only been n my apt 7 days n havent even paid first month rent?
is raising the commision a good strategy to help sell a house quicker?
i want to buy my first house, im only 20?
Are clauses contained in an apartment application legally binding when not contained in a lease?
Help-U-Sell vs. Traditional Realtor -- thoughts, pros/cons, experiences to share?
Should I get my own apartment?
waited if i was approved for mortgage, turns out banker is on holidays for a couple of weeks?
My fiance' and I are currently going through the process of purchasing our first home. It is a foreclosure....?
can i do a mutual exchange whilst having outstanding rent arrears?
where can I find a public record of an assignment of an under lease in 1992?
Can I bid more than 10% below asking price for a new home and be taken seriously?
california realtors fast way to get licensed?
What is Florida law on leasing contracts?
how can i add my girlfriend's name to title of my house?
Rental Property?
what should i recieve if my landlord puts my house up for sale while im still in it?
If i bought my house for 725,000 dollars 4 years ago, how much could it sell for now?
How much money should you have before before you move out?
how much money do assist 2 sell agents make?
Can you help in giving the names of good Architecture firms in California?
how do you buy a house with poor credit, no cash, and no income?
How can i search for real estate foreclosures and preforeclosures at the county court house?
who owns property at 6313 north galvez st new orleans la?
Cheap rent a car for 6 months in US?
I am recently seperating from my husband we own a home together, we have been trying to sell would I be able?
how to apply for load permission to install ac in my premises in cesc area of kolkata?
I was behind in my mortgage payment. Now the bank is refusing to take my money. Is this legal? What can I do
I need sound advice anybody. I have got to get out of my car loan?
Why is it the time to buy a home instead of renting?
Do landlords talk to ur previous landlord?
In purchasing a home, what is the difference between an earnest money check, and an application deposit.?
Complicated Real Estate Question?
upside down on mortgage?
Can a person with less than great or no credit get an apartment if they have cash?
can a 16 year old take out a loan from the bank to purchase a house?
I am moving to San Francisco because of school. Where is the cheapest apartment rental for a 6 month lease ?
Breaking a Lease, I would like to buy a house. My lease is up in March 2013.?
How to get into a house with marginal credit but a good income?
how much notice you must give to leave a property?
I have not been able to sell my house. It has been on the market for 130 days.?
Whats an example of an equitable right?
Mold was found in the attic of a condo in my complex. Tests taken showed that the mold was not harmful.?
All terms being the same; how much is the monthly mortgage difference between a $130K loan and $180k loan?
What are the advantages to transferring property owned into an LLC, ...?
how do you find out who owns a piece of property?
How do you find expired listings of agent listed homes for sale?
Why is the fall of house prices in the UK reported to be a gloom?
What is the best loan to get for an real estate investor?
what would be a good name for a real estate, estate agent company?
Can you buld selfstorage business on any Commercial zoned area?
How to buy land if I don't want my name involved?
Cheap Housing?
Can I get the flat on rent in reputed area in London?
What kind of house can I afford on a 60k salary?
What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker?
Are there low income housing and apartments in los angeles?
Looking for home equity loan in Chicago, owner occupied 2 flat.?
have you sold a property recently through an estate agent in the uk?
Buying a house in partnership pros and cons?
Mortgage closing and Tenants?
What is a good ratio for APR to Note Rate?
Price to offer on a house?
My mother-in-law has broken a 1 year lease with us. Can I sue? TX?
Do you think this offer for a home is to low or insulting?
I have a big property and i don't know what to do with is help?
How much does the avg. home inspector charge...where can i go 2 school to become 1?
Can I afford a $250 mortgage?
As the tenants, are we responsible for paying the deductible for this accident?
Is it easier to live in a apartment or house wen moving out your parents house?
who is the builder of 14318 N 129TH AV ELMRGE?
I'm moving to florida in 3 months but i want to get a apartment that is cheap & kind close to the beach?
First time home buyer help!?
Looking to buy land in Klamath Falls,Oregon.?
What are some good questions to ask?
WE are about to get sued... is there a way I can transfer the deed to my house to my3 year old sons name,?
Can I live in an apartment that costs $1300 monthly if I make $17 an hour?
How much do average mobile homes rent out for?
How do I find out if a piece of property has a mortgage on it?
is there an online site that has real home rentals available>?
Should I pay my sister rent?
Does this mean we might have a chance?
if i let my house in ny forclose am i still responsible for the balance after the bank sells it?
If I have a 15% deposit on a property I wish to buy, do I still have to prove my earning's?
Who's to blame for keeping high real estate prices... Agents or Homeowners (sellers)?
Why can't subprime borrowers refinance, and get another subprime loan to avoid foreclosure.?
Details about DLF gardencity Chennai new project ?
I'm selling my condo and already paid some listing agents. Any place I can advertise without costing more?
Wherer do you go to apply for squatters right in Venice, Ca.?
How does section 8 housing work?
Is their a mileage block on pcs orders to get you out of a lease?
what type of house will the VA home loan approve?
how can I setup a LLC in florida?
How can I get an apt with no money??? ?
Is my ex landlord responsible for replacing the carpets at his expense?
How can I find out all the brand new condos for sale in southern california?
Tenants who have been late with their rent , please only answer?
is there any way to protect your house when you own a busness ???
im moving to Michigan next year, whats better, a "condo" or a "townhouse"?
How are Condo Association Fees typically divided?
Housing estimates...?
my home has been foreclosed on and recently went to auction, but did not sell.?
Okay..I'm selling my mobile home..I had a woman offer me a price?
First time home buyer tax credit - We can't close on our home due to structural issues?
what r my chances of getting a stated income loan of 300000.00 with a credit score of 650 with no money down.?
What are the best realtors in nyc?
Roommate/Lease issue!!?
Which city in America has the most beautiful real estate?
Who works for San Mateo County Hospital?
There is a detached house we are interested in buying, how does the following room sizes sound like?
refinance or modifying what do they do?
I am interested in refinancing my house so what are the rates for 15 years or less?
Will my school loan affect my fiances mortgage loan?
Section 8 voucher landlord issue?
New landlord gone AWOL; what should I do with my rent money if I can't get ahold of him?
How do you stop a foreclosure in Albama?
what is the bank name foreclosing on my rented house?
I am moving to NY anyone know anything about any of the aprtments below?
where can I find a construction loan for a double wide.?
ARM - let it ride or readjust?
Is it right or wrong that the landlord havent return all the appliances he took cause we owe 3 month rent..?
How are private homes evaluated in a real estate appraisal using both the cost and the market data approach?
I need a free reliable site that will give values on homes like but more acurate?
about my property that used to be farmland?
Can I get a 30K loan if I have a 50% down-payment ready?
apartment broken into - lease options?
What are the assumed utilities when you find a roommate and advertise rent as "utilities included"?
Can we comfortably afford this?
Which house would you choose for resale value purposes?
I need help on house flipping?
My FICO score is 585. I'm trying to borrow $50,000 and my home is valued at $140,000. Where can I go?
can breaking a rental lease effect my credit?
How much does a land and house package in Elmswood?
The Elks Lodge in Buena Park has year-round trailer living in the parking lot without a license Is that legal?
if your home goes int foreclosure can you get it back if you have the money to pay back payment"?
I bought 2 new build properties last year & bought new conservatories for both. Can I claim back the VAT paid?
HUD Housing-Who Qualifies?
How would I find out the address of a property that my parent used to own in birch bay wa?
in an landlord/tenant action for non payment rent the judge rule?
Can they do that...This is a contract!!!?
I really want to break my lease but I need some help?
I need summertree apts web address in north little rock arkansas 72118?
is a termite bond worth the money every year if termite treatment has been done?
How long would it take to finish a subdivision?
My landlord is doing an inspection Tuesday. Help !?
Why are there so many foreclosures?
TINY bit of stomach fat... ?
I´m in colombia somebody is offering land in miami, how could I Know if these lands are legal?
is ther anything that can be done to a landlord?
Can my agent suggest what to offer on my house when showing it to another party? well below listed price, btw?
Why are our house values dropping and what can be done about it?
I'm in foreclosure. What are my options to keep my home? Can this turn out okay?
What actions can I take against a apartment complex for unsafe living conditions?
What is the relationship between a house's fair market value and it's assessed value?
What type of professional would you recommend for our situation?
When will house prices go down in the state of California?
One months rent to reserve an apartment unit?
Im looking to rent a caravan as a long term home in bournemouth area and dont know where to look. Help please?
How can I get my deposit back from the lettings agent?
I can't get money on app trailer how can you help ?
When applying for an apartment, does the management contact you if they reject your app?
Can my landlord evict me for running a Brothel from my apartment?
Should i invest in a condo?
Landlord redid carpet, but still charged me to get them cleaned?
At 16/17 am I able to rent my own home?
good weibsites to find a home to rent?
Can my mothers landlord charge her a pet fee?
How do I post some homes up for sale on google?
can i be evicted for having a guest stay with me i am payed up on my rent?
i own outright 50% of my shared ownership house what banks can offer me a mortgage to buy the rest?
What is the website property link for Fresno California?
how do I pull up all real estate pictures in northern california?
How much your monthly income is used towards your monthly mortgage?
How long do have to pay off a title loan?
I'm planing to rent office space and the owner offered to?
My Rights as a Renter ?
a tenant doesnt want to move even though the lease has been expired and we gave them notices what should i do?
Someone can answer me the land and building a/c have to provide depreciation?
When potential buyers come to view my home, should i let them out of my sight??
How do I get into real estate business?
how much cents equal to one acre?
New Tenants Mother Gets Smart?
performance appraisal?
Buyers trying to move in before closing?
Can a town refuse to have low income housing?
I am a landlord and my tanent refused to move out, what should I do?
Working out share of gas bill?
Going to be homeless at the end of the month?
what is the difference between realtor and real estate agent?
I am thinking of walking away from my condo?
Do I have to have my handyman write up invoices?
Can I buy a house using an FHA loan when the seller has only owned the house for less than 90 days?
Do I have the right to break my lease?
Moving Tips and Advice?
Is a landlord allowed to drop by and inspect his tentants' apartment?
Can a landlord make you get rid of a pitbull or make you move if its not on the lease?
is there a place online i can buy things with out good credit?
Do the Housing Benefit people put the rent money into the Landlords or the Tenants bank account?
How much is a good offer to make on a condo in the NY/NJ area?
How much are utlilies and other bills in an apartment?
What is the borrowers responsibility when a mortgage is sold to a new bank?
How much would I have to be earning to get a mortgage for GBP£132,000?
if you lived in a house and moved can you go back and ask the people that live their for you to see inside?
Mortgage question please????
How much should we pay our realtor who did not find us a house?
can we get the whole house under our name?
My landlord and I came to an agreement. How can I be sure she sticks to it?
Is it more economical to buy a house or rent an apartment?
Who is responsible for a break in a lease agreement?
Should i sign this lease without a job?
How old were you for your first time?
What makes a company deny a person when they apply to rent an apartment?
is this my problem as a landlord?
Landlord hired her sister's company to clean my apartment, obviously she charged to clean the whole thing...?
How many people are allowed to live in a 2 bedroom mobile home in california?
Can i get a loan if i get paid 125 dollers from my school a month?
how do i evict my roomate?-i own the condo,my bills are$2000 a month?
Can you break a rental agreement for a good reason?
Is anybody home?
End of interest only mortgage.?
Eviction for someone who doesnt have lease agreement...?
Can Bank foreclose on a clouded title?..Do this create a cloud in the "Title deeds' in Texas?
What is involved in purchasing a home in NJ?
Real Estate Agent classes?
should i demand to see the lease before giving the rent?
Question about Closing Date Changes?
I leaved in a rented property for 18 months, am I obliged to repaint the property after leaving?
What is the best place I should go to get my real estate certification?
How much money should i save up to move if im willing?
What happens if I sell my house for less than what I owe, but can't pay off the difference?
Words to help me expand my business?
how can I get clients?
Typical utility bills, specifically for multi-unit homes?
Quitclaim deed in Colorado?
where in califoria?
How can I save money on my home purchase?
did a purchase agreement, made offer and realtor is back with counter offer?
I want to get my own apartment...need advice?
Can a house be purchased jointly in Florida if only 1 party secures the financing?
As a homeowner, what do you want most from a real estate service provider?
Would someone give me a mortgage without a job?
How do I go about firing my realtor?
What is Owner Occupant?
Not one aspect of buying my first home is giving me any pleasure or hopeful anticipation, is this normal or...?
Equity value and appraised value?
Which city is the best city to live?
How exactly DO you find an apartment?
i am looking to rent from the private Landlord?
My family asked me to cosign a mortgage?
Australian apartments?
I live in the state of CT,My tenant always pay late?
I have no money - GOOD CREDIT - Can I buy a house in Columbia, Maryland?
Can I claim under tenancy act?
I Live in a 55 + park & the new managers abuse & harass the people they don't like. What can we do? HELP!?
is it cheaper to build ur own psp3000 or to buy a new one?
Do you think offering 200k will be considered?
how much would a 1982 schult 16x70 mobile home be worth?
Can my college find out if I move into an apartment?
I really want to break my lease but I need some help?
how can i make one million dollars in one day?
Does this sound legitimate?
i just got an application for an apartment and it says " how many persons are in your household?
CA.General Partnership?
Is it beneficial to use a real estate agent when buying a home from a home builder?
On what grounds can I evict a tenant?
Should my landlord pay for boiler repairs?
where are good places to buy cheap specific things for our first apartment?
Hi guys I lost my parents mortgage check?
How to break your apartment lease?
What happens if a realtor makes a mistake?
Can a landlord evict a tenant even if the landlord hasn't kept his responsibilities?
is your house 1 story or 2 story?
I need a draft of power of attorny to my brother regarding real estate inherited from our late mother?
New York City Rent Stabilized apt being convereted into co-op building?
homes for rent in georgia?
how to complete the sign-up process?
Has anyone bought a house rent to own or with an investor? What was your strategy?
Is the Villages of Avalon a good area to live? In Perris, CA ?
Real estate question?
What are some tips when trying to sell your home on your own?
How much value has your home lost?
Can I get an apartment even though...?
Why is Wells Fargo Mortgage forgiving amount to forbearance on my loan modification?
Why is my house taxed $30000 more than I bought it for? I have protest and been to the ARB to no avail. HELP!
between 2006/2007 when is the best time to by property and where what State??
Can I be on a lease and not live there?
Fulham in London - good area ?
Landload broke the lease what do I do now?
apartment dwellers; do you hear the tenets above or below you?
I sued a tenant and won a judgment. I need to garnish their wages at work, how do I find out where they work?
Doesn't sound right....?
What Are the Best Websites for Home Buyers?
I Want To Become A Real Estate Agent ?
Hi.... Can anyone give me any advice on Stoke Hill, Exeter? Thinking of relocating?
Why does everyone think about joing real estate college.?
How to check the numbers in a potential real estate invetment area?
I own my home free and clear and am thinking of selling it.?
My uncle do not want to show house deed?
I live on disability. How can I find a cheap, safe place to live that will let me live a decent life style?
Good time to by land?
Can I afford to move out?
Should I buy this house?
Can I move out at 17 in Ky?
I was a tenant in a sublet apartment what are my rights?
Does anyone have experience with one of those places that says they will buy your home, in any condition?
Can I afford to move out in a few months?
paying extra a month for false advertisement in an apartment?
Can I own a home with a yearly income of $16,000?
What is the best way to advertise the sale of my house to people out of state?
Mothers paper giving me house does not have my last name?
What to buy: newer townhouse or older single family home?
Who pays for sanitation ticket - tenant or landlord?
Best kind of home for 5 people to live in?
Is a draft lease a valid document to prove someones liability.?
If you came into a large amount of money, would you buy a house or condo?
If a landlord sends a text telling a tent to vacate can that be considered a legal notice? ?