Acrostic poem on citizenship?
Was TD Euwaite a sociopath?
who knows how to write a poem using @ least 10 math 1 terms?
Will rhyming borrowed lines and forcing humor ever produce a thought provoking poem?
I'm not sure if this is a Metaphor Poem or not...?
good place to submit a poem?
How to write an anaphora poem?
What do you think of this food poem I wrote?
3. what do you think about this poem i wrote?
What do you think of my poem? Theres some hard words in there.?
Can anyone help me analyse this Emily Dickinson poem?
Please tell me wht you think of my poem, thnks?
I stripped this down, is it better now.?
What do you think of this poem?
My Girl. Who wrote the poem "Weeping Willow"?
Do you recite your poems to anyone? yourself?
Is this an alliterative poem??
do you like this poem even thought?
Poetry writers, need help?!?!?!?
Feedback on my poem? (About suicide and darkness)?
help with the poem SINDHI WOMAN by jon stallworthy!!?
do you like my poem? should i improve it?
Not really a poem but tell me what you think?
Can someone brake down Langston Hughes poem a Raisin in the Sun for me PLEASE?
meaning and theme of poems by rumi?
How about this?
For Semper, with Love.?
Some of you won't know how to take this, others will just take it, right?
And when is an apple not an apple?
what do you think of my poem/song?
is this a good poem?
My personal time machine, will you comment please?
please comment on the poem?
Another inspired by this morning's beauty. Do you like it?
I wrote a poem.. what do ya think of it?
Is the Quatern a valid poetic form for contemporary poets?
Who wrote this poem?
What do you think about this poem?
What does "The Poet" by Yone Noguchi mean?
I was just taking a walk through park and came upon this huge sleeping statue and thought of these lines?
Did you nearly forget the birthday poem for Bad Beast?
A poem about looking back to a pledge made years ago, comments?
a ROUGH draft of writings,,,a lesson to be learned,comments??
I wrote this unrhymed poem for a friend *Sunshine* is it's title, comments?
Can anyone tell me how this poem represents fantasy?
Please help me find the meaning of this poem?
Do you like this poem I wrote, Dawn Till Technology?
Where can you go if you want to go to a poet cafe?
i need help with interpret this poem?
Critique My Poem: Viola Hungry For Love?
I need help finishing an Italian Sonnet!!!!?
Can you tell me what you think of my poem?
Has anyone been offered a cup of Brew?
What think you of a 'Snidely pouts' pome?
Trying to find a poem about the fallibility/imperfection of humans?
Anybody know any poetry publishers?
"Of Truths And Hoaxes" The moon landing, with flag planting was contested as a hoax, or was it? Will you C/C?
About bein gay and comin out, will you comment please?
What do you think of my new poem? (critique please)?
Need poem experts to analyze this SHORT poem. 10 points for best answer!!!!?
Determine the rhyme scheme of the following poem. Don't forget to consider slant rhyme or eye rhyme. On t?
what is the overall meaning of this poem that the author is trying to convey? I don't get it, to me it's just?
How can I make my haiku better?
Emily Dickinson used slant rhyme and exact rhymes in her poetry?
Read this poem and answer a few questions?
Are the poems that I have written good?
How can I better my line. It sounds too cliche.?
The Spider. What do you think of my poem?
A poem about loss or losing ?
A question about a poem.?
What do you think of my poem?
A poem written because of a challenge . . . c/c?
What images does the poet use to convey isolation and despair in the wanderer poem?
Plz comment and c/c my mathematical poem! is it good for math magazine?
What the title of this poem by Alfred Edward Housman?
What do you honestly think of this poem I wrote?
What do you think about my poem?
"Sonnet 58" Is bribery a good means to get the objective? Care to C/C?
The skies opened up and began to cry....?
Not your average love poem. What do you think of this?
Can you name three 'epic poems'?
A Poem. It's about really mean people. What's your comment ?
check out my poem and comment please?
What do you think of my short poem?
When I am Dead, My Dearest by Christina Rossetti?
(Sacred Band p. 2) another Ode poem, will you c/c if you may?
please rate my trolling poem?
What think you of a valley full of ocean pome?
how can i find a poem for kids about Arkansas?
Does this sound like breakfast at Tiffany's?
Blood Siren, I need to get in touch?
One for Sin, as the rain looms....?
explaination of the poem what for?
new element?
If you had to write a shopping list to bake a poet, what ingredients would be on your list?
Will you C/C on {Arcanum Bride}, an older revised script by the Greek poet?
Would you comment on an evening offering?
What is your opinion on this poem?
who wants to write a pastoral poem?
What do you think of this poem?
would you care to comment on a poem about doubt?
I'm writing a poem..?
Help me understand this Shakespeare poem?
Summary of Love Stopped Before It Began - I.D CARSWELL?
Was TD Euwaite a sociopath?
What do you think of 'Birds, Spring, Winter Sonnet, Just For Fun' morning poem?
poetry question?
Immigrant poetry?
What's Your Interpertation of This Poem?
Can pride become a crutch?
Do you like my poem?
Inspired by Caz writing about love, although was this lust? Comments or critique welcome, thanks.?
please read my poem and thoughts?
Compare and Contrast: Robinson's "Richard Cory" and Dickinson's "I'm Nobody" - help?
Will you C/C on a particular script {Roost} of the Greek poet?
Rate me poem out of 10?
What's a good thing to write about for a sonnet?
wat is a good site 2 read sum good poetry from?
Why Did John Donne write the poem "Death Be Not Proud"?
Does anyone like ee cummings, and if so, what is your favorite work by him?
critique a poem?!?!?! HELP?
what is a homage poem?
Opinions on a new poem?
what do you think of this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
i would like to see what you think about my poem...?
What does this poem mean?
A 8 verse ballad on Titanic?
what are the characteristics of metaphysical, cavalier, and pastoral poetry?
Help me analyze a poem!?
Love Love Love...?
I accidentally killed a cat while reversing my car out of my cousin's hse...Here's an apology to the dead cat
All you poets, here on Y!A, I propose a challenge, what do you say?
Like this senryu? thanks.?
Now I'm mad....Heres to all of us. Comments???
The Gate.............a poem...c\c?
"A Supermarket in California" by Allen Ginsberg?
The White ChalkBoard (shortest story whatsoever)?
Dies anyone know the meaning if this poem?
i made this poem, is i any good?
LADIES A cool Poem You Feel this?
My poem: Destiny?
Irish Poet; Michael Hartnett?
Does this poem sound a bit arrogant?
Poetry with Rhyming with ball?
i would like to know if anyone would be interested in publishing amateur poetry?
I need a poem or a passage for elocution?
How would I put this in a free verse poem?
Might I proffer another's insights?
A Love Poem - Comments?
what do u think about this poem by dylan thomas?
I made a new poem please rate 1-100 thanks?
What think you of a coffeeless poem?
Would you say this is a good poem please tell me your opinion?
Is someone else dreaming?
What is a poem about the American Dream?
"Embryo" ........please C.............c?
Where are you?
What is long, black, and beautiful?
Other half of my poem read?
Sometimes, a poem about no words needed, comments?
What are some of the special features found in children’s classic poetry?
What words rhyme with lack? I am trying to write a poem and I have writers block!?
Reading someone else's love poem by Kate Light?
please rate my poem 1-10?
Decomposition by Zulfikar Ghose?
Do you know the poem John?
Inspired by naughty little boys, I wrote this short poem. Do you like it?
This is a poem i wrote a while ago, please read and give feedback!?
What Is Poetry...?
can i have some feedback please ?
critique poem plz?!?
My Poem....do you like it?
Did you ever see Emily Dickinson in Walmart?
short poems that rhymes?
Who do you think is the speaker in this poem?
Thoughts on my poem please?
Poem; Indecision a revised version. your comments please?
Is rap poetry?
"Petals, For Thee.....".....for your c-c please, a spontane?(a bud, for Cassie 58 as well).?
I have to write 7 poems in one night, HELP?
Please rate my poem?
How do you appreciate my poem on ROOPASI CHATURDASHI for GLAMMED WOMAN INSIDER IN ME?
What is a poem analysis for 'the Hand that Signed the Paper Felled a City' by Dylan Thomas?
opinions on poem???????????????????????????
a morning Poem to cc if You feel the Need......?
Can you interpret this poem?
A song?opinions please?
Another of my poems any good?
This came out of the blue, C/C, will you?
Let me know what this needs, would ya?
write a poem explication on "oranges" by gary soto?
What do you think of this poem?: Hey, Im 14 and I wrote this poem. Just use the words to create an image in
when was the poem invictus published?
Which is the best Philip Larkin poem to compare to his 'Days' poem?
Poets,may I ask you what inspires you to write?
Comments or suggestions?
I need a little help with my homework, it's poetry?
Will you comment on a Haiku please?
Beautiful and Delicate?
Support or refute a statement using Life of Pi and Hamlet?
is the title of a poem suppose to be underlined or quoted or what?
Do you ever question your emotions?
A poem---whadaya think?
Can you help me put this poem in prose? as a paraphrase?
Read and comment on my poem please?
four stanza poems?
A Poem I wrote for my new (future) 'LOVE'.... Would you just DIE if I was YOU?
Do I make every line of a poem start with a capital letter?
Here's a new poem. Critiques are encouraged!?
Please comment to my sonnet?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem by Jan Zwicky about metaphysics and cats?
Do you like my poem.....?
Is there something missing?
Just some more words (critique/comment)?
What do you think of my poem/rap that I had to write for writers craft class?
please i need a brutally honest opinion?
Is Buk still around the poetry forum?
lyric poems?
What do you think? Please help?
Help me wrap this poem up? :)?
i need help :) :) :P :I?
How is syntax used in the poem?
Please comment on my poem?
Production of large output (wall size, i.e. murals)?
Your opinon please...?
what do u think of this poem?
HEY WRITERS...Where does your best (most creative to you) stuff come from?
Why Did John Donne write the poem "Death Be Not Proud"?
The poem in "I'm not there" I NEED THIS ANSWER SOON?
Please read poem I made when I woke up this morning?
Doesn't one good turn deserve another? A poem?
Like my small piece? Thank you.?
Nationalistic Italian poem?
Could somebody write me a metaphor poem?
*What do you think of this poem?*?
I've been reading this poem for so many times and have no idea whats it about, please help! I'm so lost!?
A poem I wrote let's call it 'Moments' how's it?
inspect my poem?
be Honest do you like this poem?
Can anyone give me an acrostic poem with WICKED that describes the story of Wicked by Gregory Maguire?
Care to read Friendship poem dedicated to Y!A friends?
What do you think of my poem?
what are some personification poem tips?
what is your definition of poetry?
can someone gave me an example of a repetition poem?
where can i find poems?
Can you please tell me what you think of my poem, s best answer?
I'm looking for a poem to send to my boyfriend to say goodbye..?
Opinions on this poem?
I have to write a close reading on the poem "she walks in beauty", can you help me?
Comments on a verse about children speaking back, sort of?
Hoe to create a perfect poem with a perfect background on the computer?
ever changing and always evolving?
What do everyone think of this poem?
Can you write a haiku about a clown that will make me cry?
Paraphrasing poem ?!?
Can I tell you about the last show I went to?
A number of words...?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
A Poem of Encouragement?
So...how often do you get your teddies out?
What do you think of this poem I JUST wrote?
Ethan Frome Free Verse Poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you C/C on the new script of the Greek poet?
How does my poem sound? Criticism needed!!!!?
Why dont cage birds Sing? Care to comment on my Poem?
What can I say to someone who worries a lot?
Write a parragraph about the life of a pen ?
Is this more of a poem or a rap?
What is the paper called that's used to write personal letters?
is my poem good came from my heart?
Is this Poem ok for a project?
Can anyone write me or find me a Villanelle poem that is written about a Noun.?
WHat are some good 18th birthday poems for a girl?
comparison on my older vs newer poem?
Will you comment on a once upon a time encounter, please?
What can a cast iron pan teach you? C/C?
What are the literary terms in this poem??
is this a good poem..?
In your opinion, why is poetry less popular these days?
who is the poet of poem "Crow Fall"?
What rhymes with Natasha?
Please read my poem! I need your help!?
Who wrote this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What is going on with me artistically, how can I improve things?
Does Anyone Get S.A.D?
I need help on an ABC poem, haiku, and rhyming poem!?
Roses are red violets are blue, we are the Valentine's and we will kill you.?
Need some Help writing a poem?
Rate my quick poem, 10 points :)?
If I deactivate my Deviantart Account?
do u like this poem or not?
Judgemental .....?
Are there any websites where you can submit horror poetry to be published?
A poem inspired by RAPTOR?
what are some different types of poetry?
Something off the wall I'm working on. Your suggestions?
Elegy poems???????????
So, what is the ideal answer to all the poetry questions here on Y!A?
10 second poem: write a very short poem in 10 seconds, don't edit at all?
I thought of you at the Literature Wales writers fair?
What is "the family man" about?
who does "we" refer to in the poem "auto wreck" by karl shapiro?
Poem from my bleeding heart...(I'm not an expert...) i just hope you like it?..?
any poem by famous poets about two people who are so in love and will?
Are our souls still caught up in a ghostly embrace as we glide gracefully across our own face?
Will you accept my apology and best wishes?
Would you please take a moment from your busy schedule to have a look at a poem of mine that I worked hard on?
romantic poems help!!?
Earth Day, a poem for Mom. What do you think, sheep?
Can you find Imagery in this poem?
I'm finished for tonight, though not "Finnish" I'm alright.?
Honest opinions on a poem I wrote; it's called Waging War Against a Typewriter?
Is this a good poem?
This is for firecat..What are we all here for?
killed at the ford by henry longfellow?
I need help with a name for my poetry book! Any ideas? Please good suggestions!!!?
Eternity is like...? Please Comment!?
Looking for constructive criticism for a poem I wrote!?
What should I write a poem about?
Can you write an ACROSTIC poem with "Razzel"?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Comments on a late night chick poem?
I'm asking for honest opinions...Do you feel that Poetry is like Art and is open to many interpretations?
Literary Devices Help?
What is this poem called ?? ?
Is this poem good or bad?
what is a good poem for boyfriend?
Tried to translate a beautiful song based on philosophy of life, from some other lang to English.Plz review &?
The poem of "Sir Patrick Spens"?
Here's a poem,what do you think?
What kind of a poem is "If" by Rudyard Kipling?
My poem? Does it carry any meaning?
entitled "dancing wings"?
Can you write a poem about a yap friend you admire ? and perhaps we can try to figure it out?
what can i do to stop cutting myself?
What do you think about my "love" poem? (Just lie and say you like it, por favor)?
What does this poem mean? I'm so confused!?
What is the point in poems?
Who wrote this? What does it mean?
I wrote this poem the other day... how is it?
need a poem on "MY FATHER"?
Metaphors, Personification and Rythm used in the 1959 poem ' Mushrooms ' by Sylvia Plath?
Is there anyone who would like to critique my poem?
How can i improve my poem....?
Are you lost if you know where you are? Poem, comments?
Rate this poem from 1 to 10?
Do you like this poem?
I need to write a poem about music?
What is the meaning of each stanza of this poem?
Need comments on my poem...?
Please take the time to read this poem and what do you think?
What is a good epic poem idea?
Dear Friend, ..Poem...Thoughts?
What does poetry mean to you?Poetry to me is about feeling and being able to feel what we see,touch and read-?
Is this poem good or bad? And should I give it to my boyfriend?
Henry David Thoreau Poem Analysis?
Need a poem to write for my favourite teacher!?
i need a poem for how to save our planet?
Pablo Neruda, said, poetry is an act of peace. In what sense do you think this is true or false?
What you guys think of this little poem?
I need to write a poem using at least 15 of these words?
What do you think of my poem? Some advice please!?
Thoughts on this please?
How Carol Ann Duffy's life experiences influenced her poem 'Valentine'?
They deleted me AGAIN! Will you rebel and read?
Lawks-a-lordy! I composed a poem today. Whatcha think?
Write a love poem to Meridith, or any member of The Office?
Haiku help?!?! I cant write poems so..?
Who would care to c/c on this "Owls Have Someone Who Cares" poem?
sylvia plath opinion?
5 verse poem on character?
I;m trying to write a funny poem about a truck (friend is a truck driver), can some one help me please? Thanks?
[One for Sorrow]...What does this poem convey to you...?
Is that a shark? Will someone critique my poem please?
Will you read this poem found on the wall of a cave in France?
Rate and comment please :)?
Please will you c-c my spontane?
new poem. please comment?
what is an shape idea for me to write a shape poem?
Rate my poem please, thanks, 10 points?
What do you think about this poem about womanizer and innocent me?
i wrote this new poem? ?
what's a good topic to write a poem about?
Dramatization of Phenomenal Woman?
i need help understanding the poem suburban sonnet by gwen harwood?
can someone make me a good acrostic poem on snow?
Thoughts on winter past. What do you think?
Is It Plagiarism??????? If so why?
question for Irish?
why is a sonnet significant?
What do you think of this poem?
Comments on an Acrostic about a new med's side effect?
Techniques in this poem?! pleaseeeee help!?
Might this be construde as metaphorical? Will you comment?
Comments on my poem?
This is in need of editing, would you read and give me your thoughts?
poetry better than prose?
New Poem: Minute Minutes, if you may c/c?
s...what do you think of my poem?
Poem thingy i made. Feedback? Any goooood?
Poets, a dark one for today, your thoughts?
Comments on this poem, please?
I need a 14 line spanish rhyming poem?
can someone post the poem "NAMING MYSELF" by Barbara Kingsolver?
what point of view is used in Robert francis's poem "Catch"? 1st 2nd or 3rd?
what do you think?? just to let you know im not suicidle.?
Poem Help!!!! Please. Catalog and ???
Did you vote? Can I tell you about voting?
What can youth be compared to?
is someone can help find translation of fernando pessoa to english?
English Help please?Symbolism?
Need help writing a poem about myself (contemporay)?
what's ur favourite "Romantic" poem?&poet?!:P?
english symbolism(poem)?
How is it?
If you know about poems!?
I need a poem about an everyday object. nothing too complicated, but not to revealing either.?
Images of Hell in the poem "The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot?
Do you like this poem....?
Poem: Danger is not at first by Emily Dickinson?
Is this a good poem? I wotre it Myself?
Help me finish this poem, please?
Give me a comment on this poem.................?
Do I Need To Rhyme If I Use Iambic Pentameter In My Poem?
In what year was the poem 'What The Dog Perhaps Hears' by Lisel Mueller written?
What is your opinion regarding my poem?
Can you tell me?
As I Lay Dying project?
is the poet salah faiq still writing?
i need your advice on this poem i wrote last night?
Can poetry be a part of singing music, does it fit in together?
how is everyones new year?
Please Critique thoroughly? Golden Pocket Watch.?
do you like my poem about vampires?
♥Ok...which one...or are they both bad?
The poem "grandfather says" by Ai analysis?
(love song, with two gold fish)?
What are your feelings on our goodnight,farewell poem? Joy and I ?
Do you like my new poem?
I wrote this poem a while ago and just found it, any thoughts / critiques?
Looking for honest critique. Will you help?
Is death the same for everyone? (Please c/c)?
my cousin is ENTERING a POETRY CONTEST, & she's 6 YEARS old?
a need help about a poem?
do you like this poem?
Do you know this poem?
Eyes Opened--Poem--c/c?
what is a juxtapositon poem?
Is This Really A Good Poem?
Opinions on my Poem? Advice, thoughts?
Describe the features of Whitman's “Song of Myself” in terms of its theme and form?
when u lose some1?
is there a fedrico garcia lorca poetry prize?
Time when i was homesick?
Care to comment on a couple of Ku's?
my gf`s name is Sarah.. can you help me write a poem?
Is not our language miraculous in its letters as they let us?
Is the grass greener at the top?
When did you start writing poetry?
can someone wright me a poem about bmws ive got to do a report about anything in literacy and right poems help
Do you like this poem I wrote about the boy who broke my heart and stole my virginity?
What do you think of my new poem?
I need a poem Please!!?
All this talk of mental brings to mind an acrostic? C/C?
why the important genre in victorian age was novel while in romantic period was poetry , please explain it to?
Can you critique my poem for me?
What, exactly, is a Eurwaitian Converb?
Which of these Cinquains do you like more?
Would you say this is a good poem please tell me your opinion?
What do you think this poem means?
What do you think of this poem?
What does a poem being written in "prose format" mean?
How Long Dose iT Take To Be A Poet And A Baker ?
should it be, 'you were' or 'you are'?
What is the history behind the Mother Goose rhyme "Little Tommy Tucker"?
what are your feelings on my Poem? A Joyful Way Out?
What meter is this Emily Dickinson poem written in?
What do you think of my Cinquin poem?
what are some good scary/creepy/evil.. whatever type poams?
Do you like my poem I change it a bit.?
Poem any good .s for best answer?
I need some tips for writing poems?
does anyone know a line by line explanation to the poem the flesh and the spirit poem by Anne Bradstreet?
i wrote a poem based on a song i heard how is it? fast feedback! 10 points?
What do you all think of this poem??
Can someone give me there opinion on my poem?
What is the tone of this poem and when does it change if at all?
Question about poetry format?
A poem, if you want to read it, and comment. Don't be afraid to say what you felt.?
What do you think of this poem?
When was the poem "Lovepet" by Ted Hughes published?
need help finding a poem?
Boy names.. help for a poem?
If you dont mind ?Can you read my poem?Please!?
How do you like the poem?
Does a babbling brook really babble?
a little blank verse...care to c/c?
Can I plagiarize a little from SIN?
Would you like some incentive this morning?
Poem: "Moving On". Comments?
Any good poems that relate to these topics??
I don't know how to write a love poem! Help?!?
metaphoric poem? please help!!?
How do you like my poem?
could you help cite something in mla?
Are you in very much of a hurry?
I found this poem. What do you think?
Reword these quotes but have them keep their meaning?
Anyone know about Leonard Cohen Poet?
Shakespeare's Sonnets???
any pne gotta love poem?
HEY plz rate my poem 1-10....and give me a yes or no if you think it could be published! tyty?
What are your thoughts on this poem about reading?
I've never posted on this segment...but what do you think of this poem...it's a little dark and a bit sad.
A poem with a question, do you have the answer? Critiques?
Sad Poem? Ya like? Dont be shy give it a litttle shot. Those heartbroken ones will undastand ma pain?
Plz read and comment on my poem? how do u like it? any comments are welcome!?
can you help me find the meter of this poem?
Is the woman a lesbian in the poem "The Laboratory" by robert browning?
what the rest of the Columbus poem?
An Ode to Morning (yes, I LOVE mornings!), would you C/C?
What is the significance of the number 59 in Yeats' " Wild Swans at Coole"?
can all you ladies read this poem? please I want to share it with you.?
For those of you that are familar with the poetry of Pablo Neruda...?
Main idea of the first couple of stanzas of "Song of the Open Road"?
Any title offerings for this piece of crap?
Hey PEOPLE i need your VIEWS?
Do you like this timely poem?
"Crossing The Bar"?
is there a song that has similar meanings for the poem "a moment of happiness" by rumi?
Please rate my a capella spoken word on a scale of 1-10?
How's my poem?
Will you please watch your step as you read this poem?
I'm lookin for a poem called "The Next Room" does anyone have a copy?
What is the meter of this poem?
You picked a fine time to leave me, will you C/C please?
Poem about memory through an object?
Short poem needed for homework.?
What's your favourite poem? Who wrote it? And why do you like it?
Please write a poem using imagery.?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
"En memoriam" Comments?
Will you be in Kansas City for LitFest 2008 on Saturday, May17th?
I slashed this poem in half, did I lose the meaning. Comments and Criticism please.?
Where does the poetry come from?
What does this quote mean: Poetry is to prose as dancing is to walking.?
Song lyrics meaning? Poets please analyze?
Literature poem practice essay, need help!?
Please please help me interpret this poem?
does any one know a limerick discribing a girl (without using names)?
What think you of this poem about caffeine?
My Poem (opinions)?
I need some poem topics?
Could you perchance call this?
Poem: To Know Just How He Suffered -Would Be Dear by Emily Dickinson?
Does anyone know any sensory poems from famous poets?
Who killed poetry?>>>>?
a poem: Are you expecting company?
anything special i have to do to get this copyrighted?
what do you think of my poem?
Have you had surgery before? Dave's nurse made me think of it? On waking, c/c?
What are your feelings on MY POEM? The Crying Rope?
Can a bit of prose inspire a poem from you?
what are some impossible tasks?
do you like this?
Unrelared incidents - please help?
Things to write on your helmet?
Tomorrow I face the devil, and my nerves are just about shot. I need a laugh... Will someone write me a poem?
Can we be sure Shakespeare was the author of all the works attributed to him?
What do you think of this poem?
Is this sympathy poem any good?
My Princess..........a poem.....(See note).?
does anyone have anything to say about this poem?
am i a good poet?im just a teen?
Have you ever heard a voice you never forgot? Poem comments?
does a villanelle need a specific meter?
Poem....again Posted it already but never receive enough answers...?
What is the best poem you have heared in your life?
What do you think of this poem? Plz Comment?
Ever write a Poem and feel freed?
Do the poems of the Man'yōshū influence society today?
just wrote this poem?
Elegy Poem..??
Interpretation of this poem?
Please paraphrase and explain?
i wrote thing?
I need a good, original line to start my shakesperean sonnet about love?
Do you like to fly kites?
Is this the prairie? Annabella's never been here.?
Set in concrete. Do you find this with your poetry?
Would anyone read a poem about Vampire love?
please read poem i just made?
Im writing a poem for my best friend's birthday, opinions?
if by rudyard kipling?
explanation on the poem "On Beauty" by Kahlil Gibran?
What is this poem about?
A late night poem. How do you like it.?
How many poems did Ezra Pound write?
Am I chancing it posting another poem with redshanks in it?
Men: If you loved me would you have the courage to write a poem for me or read me one from a great poet?
Plz read my poem and criticise it! do u like it or not? plz comment.?
A trifle . . . c/c?
What do you think about this love quote?
poem 'foreign' by carol ann duffy? Where can I read the full poem online?
hows this poem( its pretty rough but bare with it.)?
Are memories as true as we remember them.(content & some language)?
What type of poem is Fog by Carl Sandburg?
Presentation help-Analysing a poem?
Walk with me on my love journey. Tell me what you think of this?
Something strange coming from me, but perhaps you like it?
a dark poem i think....please read...?
can you rate my poem?
HELP: "A Poison Tree" Analysis?
What are you comments on this original first draft?
i seek a poem..Loves Golden Tapestry.. i dont know who wrote it now when it was published..help me please?
Please C & C: What do you think of this rough draft poem?
Would you be so kind as to give me honest feedback on my poem?
Publishing poetry. How do I go about doing this?
Short poem about my son?
What do you think? Teen Poem...?
someone make me a sports poem?
What do you think of this poem?
How to start a descriptive essay on roses?
Help with poem for Civil War Reenactment?
How do you send a birthday greeting to a contact that doesn't allow email? anyone want to give a comment?
Any published poems that are good?
How does the choice of writing a poem effect the tone of your piece of writing?
How do you craft a prose?
Can i get an honest critique for this Poem, Please?
A short simple poem waiting for you to comment?
is this short poem good?
what do you think of my poem?
How do you like my poem??? Critique and comment please!!!!!?
Marilyn Manson poem about drugs?
I would love feedback on this very short poem?
HELP.....Poem ideas?????
My day today, comments?
Is it poetry if there is hardly any form at all?
what do you think of this poem?
Poets, What's in your warehouse?
Can someone identify two elements of poetry in this?
I wrote these two poems...one is good the other...not so...how can I make the other better?
what poems are similar to 'in paris with you'?
How is this poem? Deep enough?
Feedback on my poem please?
I need help looking for a poem, with the lines "The Frost this morning spread itself..."?
Honest opinions of my sonnet?
How did people respond to tony harrison's poem, 'National Trust'?
acrostic poem for my name?
what do you think of this poem?
Is a nod really and truly as good as a wink?
Poem...what do you think?
what do you think of my song?
Rate my poetry please!?
Can I have your comments on this one?
Can you make a poem about life in jail?
A Holiday Haiku... tell me what you think!?
Let Me Know What You Think Of This Poem.?
Can you offer any suggestions for improvement please?
Do you agree with this famous & popular poet of my country, when he writes the following?
English poetry help - Understanding the poem?
What do you think of my New Year's resolution poem?
What are the poetry devices used in Kerri Hulme Lullaby for A Stone Doll?
I wrote this in like two minutes do you think it is okay?
Please Read!!![[PLEASE]]]Please Read!!![[PLEASE]]]Please Read!!![[PLEASE]]]?
Where do you go when poetry takes you away?
A lousy acrostic about myself?
Please tell me how to fix my sonnet! :)?
I'm new to poetry. Can you tell me what you think about this poem ?
Do you have any children?
What do I write in a "me" poem?
How could I improve my Dorsimbra? (suggestions)?
Where did the Victor Hugo poem "Be Like the Bird" originate?
Poem inspired by Dancing with the Stars, will you comment?
A New style: Care to Comment?
10 second poem: write a very short poem in 10 seconds, don't edit at all?
Can you suggest any poems that are about change?
Is Seamus Heaney a unionist or a nationalist?
This poem is 32 years old. Is it any good.?
Comments on once in a blue moon day poem?
WHat is the theme of this poem? and a good title++ please rate it :]?
Will you C/C on a new script of the Greek poet?
when was the poem 'The Conscript' by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson written?
Not sure if this is poetry or prose or free-verse, but i wrote it and want opinions :)?
Have anone heard of the poem Uphill by Christina G.Rossetti?
Have you ever been the last person to see someone alive? c/c?
what kind of polls/ surveys?
Please paraphrase and explain?
is this a good poem for a 17 year old?
Any teen poetry contests?
What do you think of this poem? for valentines day!?
Can someone please tell me if what i wrote here is a Found poem?
Can anyone think of a poem of Land greed?
what is your opinion of this poem?
Trimming a messege down in characters?
New poem! Tell me what do you think!?
Freestyle Challenge ... for writers only...?
what do you think of these poems? and what do they mean?
What is the theme or message of this poem?
What January Meant To Me c/c?
can you comment and correct my poem?
Can't find a poem please help?
~~ "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, please read?~~?
I need a poem again!!!?
What is the connection between.....(HELP)?
This just spilled out.. words, thoughts, poem .. how bout rhythm?
What do you think of this poem I wrote ?
Can somebody analyze this poem for me?
How can I turn this into a poetic device?
I Need Help With a Poem, how to complete this poem?
what do you think of my poem?
Could you give me some suggestions?
Is my English Sonnet good?
Whats a good poem about music?
I need help with a fill in poem "Don't show me"?
A new poem?
need a poem for my mother?
New poem. Feedback please?
What are your thoughts on this poem, the thirst?
In a multigenre project, do I have to make up a poem or find a real one?
A short poem?
2 short poems of mine?
examples that poetry is communication of an entire experience?
what do you think about when you hear "wont give up?"?
What do you think of a selection of songs pome?
What is a good title for this poem?
After contemplating a life filled with overwhelming shame, I have decided to unblock Danny. Now, he is free to?
What do you think about the poem...Winter's Maid?
explain what's mean rhyme?
About as deep as a Country love song...but fun?
What is the significane of Petrarch's Sonnet 134?
3rd time posting, no responses.. Anybody?
poem .Sending out an S.O.S?Criticicts welcome?
Of Alien, of Aliens - Do you like this poem by my young sister?
Why isn't rhyme a figure of speech?
I need some honest opinions on this poem 3 (FUNNY)?
what do you think of this?
why was walt whitman known as the good gray poet?
HELP! Poetry project!?
What of a love unspoken?
My latest addition to the poetic walls? Your opinion?
rate this poem?
I'm trying my hand at poetry, do you like my poem?
Why is Dallas so nice and cool and kind and rad?
One more, then back to work. Is this poem too short?
Was the contempt she has for me embalmed in a potion which emanates love, though better I'd known, well prior?
How do you write an "about the poet" ?
On writing and rewriting, and what to do before planting forests, c/c?
help find a Quaker poem about kindness to dumb animals.?
What are some techniques poets use to get readers involved in the thought and emotion of a poem?
Poem about Boundaries?
This poem was written several years ago a renewing love. What do you think of it?
are there differences between the English sonnet and the Spanish sonnet? if so, what are they?
Do numbers define you?
Do you like?
I need help with my poetry assignment?
Do you like Egyptian Poetry?
can someone please Help with a poem?
does anyone know where to get the poem lizzie 6 by carol ann duffy?
Can you write a stanza of a poem about despair?
Elizabethan/Shakespearean Secret Admirer Poem?
Do you like my new poem?
How do you write a poem's name in a paper?
"Hurt" Do you like it?
Does this forum look kindly on new poets?
I started writing this poem/song thing. i wanna know wat you all think. its not finished yet....?
Please give constructive criticism on my poem?
What say to "Voodoo vs. Gustav" morning pome?
What are you thoughts about this girl?
Have I already sent you this one?
How does this sound? Any tips to improve?
Plz take a look on my poem nd comment on how do u like it? plz c/c.?
If you had to wear a halloween costume that was opposite of your usual self, what would you be?
Could you please write a poem underneath a title I give you?
[[10 POINTS!!!] What is The Weakest Thing by Elizabeth Barrett Browning about?
Can you help me analyze this poem?
another poem?
Why all the stress over rhyming and not rhyming poetry.?
Will you write about your scariest dreaM?
Please comment on my summer poem?
What do you do when you're doing this? Comments?
DO you like my poem a bit?
A write about two of my ancestors, would you critique or comment please, thanks?
what do you think of Simple Simon?
good, bad, in between??
Whats your favourite line read from a poetry?
Just Write Man! Read and weep if you please and thank you?
what do you think of my poem?
3 questions about a poem?
I posted a wrong link to my piece of creative writng and I would very much appreciate crtiques and feedback?
Is this poem any good?
Feed back on my poem please?
Question about ABAB and Stanzas in Poetry?
"He Trumpets" a fun-spontane to get the week moving, for your c/c please?
poem criticism 1?
"Because of the girl, we exist." Poem?
hows this poem.. please comment ...?
Fall similes or metaphors?
What names have you been called? A rage, c/c?
How do you interpret this poem if a guy wrote it to a girl?
Where were you in 1994, August of?
Give me a random word about 4th of july?
Can i get someone to give me their opinion on my poem and maybe edit it?
Kids say the darndest things?
So do you like my poem for English?
What do you think of this poem?
Another poem?
If you like my poems on here?
Poets - What is your 'style' of writing?
Haikus about cherries or cherry pits in public domain?
My first "rhyming" poem?
Can anyone give a simple interpretation to this poem?
A good way to memorize a poem faster?
I need Help Finishing this poem for school?
Please critique my poem?
How should I finish this sonnet and what theme should I use?
What do you think of this poem?
to what book does carlos bousoño's poem España en el sueño belong to?
Using metaphors to describe colors?
do you like my poem xxx? im 14?
what do you think the term?
How to write a good rhyming poem that's 15 line?
Does anyone know title of book of poetry by Mark Doty?
I just made it up .....?
Summary of shakespeare??? PLEASE HELP?
do you like my poem? its for school?
There must a poet at the Mississippi Dept of Trans. "Watch out for Long Logs." This could be misconstrued, no?
what do you think about this poem?
please tell me what you think of my new poem?
will my girlfriend like this poem?
I'm not Dr. Suess..So what's the use...Will you read some words obtuse?
literature experts, tell me which ralph waldo emerson poem the following quote down below is from?
What c/c for this "Anatomy Of A Hurricane" poem?
Please help me make my poem better...please :)?
Are these good answers for my poem homework?
Your thoughts on this little poem, please?
Lightning Strider Take me There... (Thoughts)?
If by Rudyard Kipling?
When was Poetry: I by Adrienne Rich written, and what does it mean?
Poem Help....give me anything you've got ?
Do you like my poems (4 of them)?
Do you think this poem sucks?
we need .......?
Will time reveal all at the end?
Do you like this poem....?
HELP!!!!!!!!!! Nursery Rhyme Delema?
Critique my essay please! HELP!?
i NEED a 12-line poem that is not too difficult to memorize.. bad :/ i have no luck.?
Will you C/C on a Greek song translated by request - by the Greek poet?
Poem for the name Ayesha?
Write a poem about the beach?
why are familial relationships important in poetry?
Ok i have this poem and...?
Does it really matter? Will you comment please?
poetry. im tryin to get some of my poems published, what should i do?
"Given that none of us is]starving "?
rate this poem?
Please tell the truth: What do you think of this poem?
"A poem for firecat" tying not to miaow,,a c-c please?
a poem I hope you like?
Critique on my poem please?
Is it hard to read Dante's Inferno?
It's just a field, will you comment please?
What say to 'Battling Spellchecker Morning Pome"?
Have you cleaned your closet lately?
What do you think of 'Dedicated to Everyone Who Thinks They Write Bad Poetry' poem?
4 line poems help me?
I made this poem in under 10 mins do u think its good?
this poem needs a title. not too simple of a title but one that expalins it all in 1 to 4 words?
Have you ever felt like I feel right now in my poem "Oh, Kill me now"?
I need help finding a good poem?
Feedback on this poem please?
Vegetarian Poets?
Tell me what you think of this poem?
Can someone help me with my poem?
Anyone know a wedding poem (or other occasion) starts "God gives you this day"?
do you write poetry?
What poetic genre is the poem maggie and milly and molly and may by E.E. Cummings?
poetry analysis question. PLEASE HELP!?
Please look at one of my first poems?
What is an example of alliteration in the 10 things i hate about you poem?
I am making a poster about getting rid of junk cars! Can you help?
Do you like this poem?
i know that this isn't a really good poem...?
Do you think my poem is good enough to win?
Poets: Do you prefer to write poetry on the past, present, or future?
What do you think...?
names of old CLASSIC love poems?
a poem about the beach that is easy to make a conrete poem?
Help with English Poems - Douglas Stewart, 'Leopard Skin'?
Can someone help me find poems that comapares and contrasts?
Help on Sonnet 29 of shakespeare?
What poetic devices are used in sonnet 140? ASAP?
Plz read my poem and tell me how do u like it? c/c!!?
I have 2 write an analysis of a poem from a Modern Poetry bk about an environmental issue. Does any1 know 1?
Will you Comment Please?
Why is this poem funny?
Help with this poem and its poetic elements?
Do you think men doing ballet is a form of poetry?
could someone give me the appreciation of the poem of the poem BABY'S WORLD by rabindranath tagore.PLease?
what is the message of the poem entitled Please Listen To What Im Not Saying?
is this a good poem i wrote?
Is this unrhymed piece a poem?
Do you like my new poem (i edited it)?
Haiku dedicated to a friend who has everything, you like?
Opinions/Thoughts on Storytelling Poem(Rap)?
Poems for a lost loved one?
Will you C/C the new script {Daisies bloom} of the Greek poet?
Need help with tone of poem "Women Work" by Maya Angelou.?
Feedback on Extended Metaphor Poem(Rap)Thank you?
a dark poem from my dark poetry? what do you think?
can someone please tell me what poem this quote is from?
Oh, my skies! Another poem. Will you offer your critique?
wedding poem help please?
Who is the persona in epitaph by dennis scott?
I am looking for the poem with the words " I am only in another room.?
What does contrast in a poem do to the reader?
A "I GOT A STIFFIE AT SUBWAY" Poem. What's Your Comment. It's A Sonnet and Such for the Holiday.?
Who is the speaker in Langston Hughes' poem "Refugee in America"?
Poem on the "dumbest thing..."?
Does someone know about the poem the highwayman? ?
spred thy earnings?
I wrote this piece after a vivid and beautiful dream I had. I would love criticism, reactions, thoughts please
Help me figure out the meter of this poem?
Do you believe in the truth?
Poem: Ana or ana. Opinions?
my poem! do you like it??
Can we sue poetry.com in regards to Immortal Verses?
Do you feel icky when you eavesdrop?
Could anyone help me find a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks...?
Was Shakespear a novelist or a poet?
the poem "the passionate shepherd to his love" What are 3 examples of alliteration in the 5th stanza?
World Poetry Movement.. Can I Cancel?
Where is the last place that love lives?
Do you like this poem?
Can I have Some Feedback on my poem please?
Are there any proper poetry competitions in the UK in 2012?
This is not a poem. Is it?
Edgar Allen Poe Poem Summary?
Time on my thoughts? ...?
What makes these poems effective?
the last stanza in the poem "the passionate shepherd to his love" what consonant sound is dominant?
End of the World..what do you think?
i need ideas for a poem. :o)?
English. Poem Interpretation. Help.?
Can you beat my poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
Descirbe what this songs's deeper meaning and what you learned by taking a closer look, and 3 examples of poem?
What do you think about this poem I made about this girl?
Please critique this poem and dissect its meaning?
do you like my poem, and what should I call it?
What does "Subverted Expectations" in Poetry mean??
A Vision, base on a dream I had, c/c?
First poem I ever wrote, what do you think of it?
How do you define love - cuz I got it right here?
this question is for "annabella" and " i think i know".....?
No,because you love me? What would you say after this sentence?
"My purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset; to follow knowledge, like a falling star.... anybody know this?
What's wrong with my poem? (It's an acrostic, but the question is not the title)?
Tell me what you think?
Opinions on a poem of mine?
can you give me a comment for my poem ??
"Speak to Me", a poem Comments please?
Is "Song--To Celia" an example of pastoral, carpe diem, or metaphysical poetry? And why?
I got this poem type thing inside, but if I claw it out with a sharp object it's gonna hurt real bad....?
Now I am here, may I rest?
Is this a limerick poem?
Can someone help me with the interpretation of an edgar allan poe poem? "Imitation"?
Understanding Scansion?
What are some companies/magazines I can submit my poetry to?
Do you like books? Are you a book? Library, c/c?
i need help tryin to understand the poem eves apology by aemilia lanyer?
Poem or Quotes about passion for work.?
is this too creepy to be a poem? Is it any good? C/C plz!?
A poem about what I've been doing since Christmas Eve Day, can anyone relate to it?
What do you think of my poem?:)?
Is my meaning clear in Part IV?
Do you like my new poem?
What think you of a 'Snidely pouts' pome?
what do you think of my poem?
What you think of this poem?
my poetry, be honest, does it suck?
Where can I find love poems on the internet that are six minutes long?
What do you think of my poem? Be honest, but not too brutal! ?
some vocabulary problems in patrick kavangh's Childhood christmas?
In the first section of the poem Beowulf, what impressions do you have of Beowulf?
Will you read my poem, please?
This is for someone I thought was special to me, but now I don't know. Comments??
What words rhyme with Aysha?