In the poems "Oh Lovely Rock" and "The Stone Axe" by Robinson Jeffers...?
how does this poetry seem so far?
Opinion about my poem?
What kind of mood would you say this sentence sets?
Is this a poem? id it good??
i need help with shakespeare sonnets?
Will you Please Read my Poem?
Please critique this australian poem?
what do you think of my poem? please answer?
What do you think of 'Medicine-Woman' poem?
can someone explain this to me please?
what is the literal meaning of 'I stand up " in the poem miss rosie?
Patrick R.--> Poetry Folder?
What is the English idiom that describes this?
what poetic devices are in this songs?alicia keys "if i aint got u"?
They Were You.........a poem...c\c?
Can someone please help me fix up this narrative poem I wrote?
In the film the outsiders, what is the name of the poem and poet that johnny recites?
What about an eeyore Haiku?
Is it possible to write a poem about the Presidential campaigns?
Love and LIfe!!!?
the last stanza in the poem "the passionate shepherd to his love" what consonant sound is dominant?
Rate poem, Please :3....?
Whew, thump, thump. Is this thing on?
Should we start posting our poems in the religious section?
I need help with.....a poem?
which of these words relate to 'running away' or 'fleeing'???
It about poems...?
Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College?
I am a begginner, How is it?
Wilde’s heyday was the 1890s, a period when Victorianism was winding down.?
Your thoughts on this poem? Dont pay attention to the format, read it as if it were a paragraph.?
2 Judith Wright poems that i can relate in an essay?
What magic does she see? A poem to critique?
What is the point of poetry exactly?
Do you like this late-nighter?
What poems by Sheenagh Pugh focus' mainly on the theme of memory?
New, this was a reply to another members question, care to see?
Critique this poem please.?
suggestion please: good prayer poem to read at my team meeting?
How do you feel when someone misinterprets your poem?
how can you make poems?
Please, if you would be so kind, read my poem and then assign it a number rating from 1 to 10?
What does this sentence mean, "Here lies the one whose name was writ in water?"?
compare and contrast a limeric and a sonnet plz?
Help me finish a poem? I cant think of anything else to write?
Has your dog ever been your muse?
8 Line Poem help?
what do you think of my poem? plz let me know?
i need help writing a poem?
Who wrote "Spring is sprung The grass is ris I wonder where the birdies is?
Please recommend some Nice poems ?
What is your own definition of Poetry?
How would you rate the first few parts to my large poem story?
Is it a good poemm? (20 characters)?
My hair is thinning, can poetry help?
What is the name of a poem where the author talks about someday I will see my corn lined up in a row?
What do you think of this poem?
Telling a cop he cannot carry a gun is like....?
How do you like my poems (: ?
Another random love poem...?
What do you think of this poem?
Help finding meaning in a poem?
Is love a verb, noun, adjective, or something else?
Is it awful ?
what do you think?It's kinda crappy but i felt like this could be dedicated to my father.?
say oink (yes,I know it sucks),please insult?
Do you suffer for your "art"?
Has your perspective ever been changed after new-found knowledge?
A world of troubles (could it be true)?
Weird poem I wrote...just wonderin what u think of it?
Where can I get an english poem entitled "Seasons"? Please give me a link or write me a poem.?
what rhyme scheme is being used?
Poetry help? Writing a Victorian poem! HELP PLZ!?
Will you C/C the new script {Άτη} of the Greek poet?
I need some help asking a girl to prom using a Candy Bar Poem.?
A poem for the Special Children?
New Poem: Minute Minutes, if you may c/c?
Is this a good love poem? Rate on scale 1-10?
How could I improve this poem? How are these line breaks?
Please rate my poem........?
will you comment on my poem?
What did Maya Angelou mean by this?
what do you think of my poem???
Can someone rate my poem?
What do you think of my poem from love?
Comment on a poem about sticks and stones, but words will never hurt me?
I need a poem about Inspiring slaves to show they're not hopeless and they can escape?
Can someone write a good friendship poem?
May I help you feel insignificant today?
Will you read this cheesey poem - a night night poem from a aching head? and c/c it?
All I have to offer. Have you time to read?
HELP ASAP PLEASEE D= what is the meaning and argument made by the author in this poem? explain.?
Where is a good place I could submit short stories and poetry?
Is this poem a joke? You tell me.?
What adjectives would you use to describe a winter sunset?
what do you think of my poem?
I have to model it and idk how? what kind of poem is this?
What is the form of the poem Gloire de Dijon?
A nice story,in my opinion,yours???
Poetry... Poetry... Like it or no?
What does this poem mean to you?
My Boat Doesn't Always Float, care to comment or critique, thanks?
What is your favorite poem, and why?
The fall of dignity, a poem will you c/c?
need a poem about healthy lifestyle..?
Explain "All Is Truth" poem please.?
A short poem i wrote, what is your interpretation?
What do you think of my poem?
a tribute to Y/A poets.....?
English homework help...is this a good poem?
please help me?
Will you read a simple poetic script {Weaves} of the Greek poet?
missing parts to my poem??
Is the poem any good?
missing someone wrote some lines howz this ?
What do you think of my poem (very short -- four lines)?
Will an archeologist translate these unknown words taken from an ancient marble epigraph? C/C please?
furniture...friend or foe?
What do you think about this poem? I really cant let go!!! please help me let go of my ex boyfriend.?
A Swan Lake memory, will you C/C please?
A Poem - Sorry, An Unpleasant Poem - Do You Dislike?
poem ends if you can`t think of me with a smile don`t think of me at all does anyone know the poem?
I need some poetic inspiration?
what do you think about this poem I have made?
Help with a poem title!!!!?
Rate my poem please, thanks?
Your thoughts on this poem?! (:?
had to pick a poem i english can someone else me with some things?
What is a good nikki giovanni poem for rythm?
Help me with this poem.?
Does anyone know a good poem to read to my class?
rate my poem? please!!!!!!!!!!?
help with english poem?
tell me what you think of this poem?
Examples of poetry...?
This is not a poem. How does it make you feel?
I wrote this in about 10-15 minutes. Is it any good?
Help with poem OLD ENGLISH?
In Desperation....................c\c?
I need a native American poem. please help me?
Thorn in my side the Roes Will you C/C this Crap?
Four stanza narrative poem for school help?
please read my poem about a smile?
what do you think of my poem?
Can you write me a 6 line mini-sonnet?
Why does the narrator think Annabel Lee died?
I edited this to make it an every day poem, Are you depressed? how do you fix it?
Does anyone know any good math poetry websites?
Can any poets help me please?
Poetry like a box of chocolates poem, comments?
Who dares to wish to make the average heart sing and call themselves a novelty or a thing?
Poem Analysis: Where The River Meets The Sound?
whats the rest of this famous poem?
Would you please c/c my poem?
What do you think of my poetry? Honestly?
POETRY HELP !!!!! asap?
Rate this Poem? Feedback?
i know you want to critique me on this.?
How can i be less sad?
100 Days in the Blink of an Eye ( Thoughts )?
What allies do you have in the maple tree?
Is this poem OK? Please rate?
how are human life and flowers are connected?
The poem, ‘The Magic of the Brain’ by Jenny Joseph?
Writing a suicide note?
Why does Yapoo remove my poetry?
What do you think of my poem?
how do you write a jazz poem?
Honest Opinions on my Poem?
Any thoughts on this poem, are the rhymes too forced?
What are your feelings on my poem,thanking those who gave hope for a dying friend?
15 yrs old. Critique my poem?
Tell me what you think of my poem?
Help with a rubai poem?!?!?????
why did he lie?
Rate my Poem???
Will you join us?
A question from a young girl made me think of this, High heels, c/c?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you read and tell me...?
is this a good poem...?
'Tears of Luna, Succor Me' is this poem's plea. Will you C/C?
What do you think of this poem?
This Geom is a simple triangle. Do you like these 'Shape Poems'...?
Similarities in 'Still i rise' and 'Digging'?
Where do I find this poem that starts "Love it is a river tht drowns a tender reed,:love it is a razor...
POETS: what do you think of my poem? does it inspire you in any way?
what do you think of my poem?
How is this poem.....................?
Synopsis for the poem "Lost Dances Of Cranes"?
Anyone like this poem?
What do you think about my poem?comment plz...?
Any metaphors in this?
What are the elements to this poem?
what does E. E. Cummings' "anyone lived in a pretty how town" poem mean?
Poem on What was fighting like for soldiers during WWI?
How do you feel about this poem?
A poem I wrote,opinions/comments?
How good do you have to be to join the Bloody Awful Poet Society ?
What think you of a sandy, Morning poem?
Swamp Woman and the Sailor..please play!..C/C?
Can you critique my love poem?
I wrote my little brother this dark lullaby. I thought perchance you would c/c the lyricals?
" No hard feelings "... Dont you agree that Men are smarter than w0men ???
My *protest* poem. Any thoughts?
your esperanza in california write a poem to your mother that is still in Mexico explaining how u feel?
I am going to go read a book, put my feet up and wait for the phone to ring, how bout you?
"Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday" -what do you think?
Hero poems to famous people?
i love you more than???
I have very few regrets. Do you purge your regret through words?
What are some well-known poems...?
Does anyone recognize this poem. I would like to know where I can find it.?
Aging Ballerina, will you comment please?
A song I wrote on the bus this morning. Comments are ok.?
How did that happen...?!?
What do you think of this poem?
What say to the pome, "Doing a 24 hour shift on the Bridge"?
May I share a poem inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Match Girl"? c/c?
have you a cherished poem you wold like to share with me?
do you like my poem READ READ READ?
Is this a good poem, I wrote for this girl that I like at my church. The poem is called JESSICA.?
I like poetry, but not confident about my writing.?
Help me with poems please?
"Lady Wisdom is NO Whore"?
What do you think of my poem?
Who dies in the Simon Armitage poem 'Hitcher' ?
What are some pretty names for a British girl?
A poem. How do you spell failure?
Need help writing a poem from the Outsiders!?
What does this sonnet quote mean?
a sort explanation of the poem The ruined maid stanza by stanza?
Could you please critique my poem (Number 1)?
Does my poem speak to you?
short original poems or short stories?
Poetry citation MLA?
what poem is it that cameron diaz reads at the end of In Her Shoes?
Compose a 3-stanza free verse poem of 5 lines each.. Help me...?
It's a little dark in here, isn't it?
Need help writing 3 word poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Compare Langston Hughes vision of America to that of Walt Whitman's.?
Will you write a poem about something you find yucky?
I want to write a life metaphor poem about a candle ? How should I write it ? Any one have any ideas or rough?
This is for June because she requested it. How do you like it.?
Alexander Pushkin?
Darkness. . . Is this any good?
what are some places you can find water?
is this a good haiku?
What does it take to be able to create a Poem?
Writing advice please?
Know any Arabic love poems or love quotes?
Need an opening sentence for a poem about broken love and desire? Ten points to best line.?
Another poem I've written. How's it?
Help about INVICTUS of William Ernest Henley?
can someone please help me explicate this poem.?
Is this poem okay??? PLZ ANSWER!!!?
Is Christmas a time of sadness, fear, joy or wonder?
The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower?
what do you think of my poem?
What's more brilliant than Prufrock?
Its not mine...but its good...I wanted to share it. Your Thoughts?
whos the author of this poem?
Thoughts on my poem?
What do you think...on the prairie?
what does this poem my boyfriend wrote mean?
what do you think of this poem?
How do you like my poetry?
This one's about the time I lived in a tent on the big island. Do you like it?
is this poem any good..?
Any fan of Thoreau out there?
How does Emerson use nature to address self reliance in individual lives?
Which poet do you find fascinating?
What kind of a poem is "If" by Rudyard Kipling?
I am looking for a reliable poetry contest for a good prize?
What Was; Will you comment please?
What do you think about my poem? And what title should I give it?
A poem about how my morning started on YA?
Can you give me some poetic words that contain only I sounds? C/C maybe?
Comments please!!?
Part 1 and Part 2 Poems, thoughts?
Does my empathy for my husband's loss of his dog ring true?
What would you do if you could create your own religion?
what do you think about this poem???
Like this?
what does the poem before the sun by chareles mungosh mean?
Help analyzing a poem?
Has anyone heard of the VampClan called the Sons of Judas?
Poem the interrogation by Edwin Muir?
Is THIS Real?
What do you think about this poem?
LightSprite, I like to write silly verse on lonesome nights?
Would you mind if I post this one for a friend? ?
Who is your favortive poet? Please dont say Dr.Seuss?
How should I write this poem?
Poem help please?
can you give me an example of sodapop's bio poem?
Open call to ALL poets! What is the best poem you have thusfar written? Explain.?
Critique My New Poem: JiJi is Back?
what do you think of this peom so far?
help with an ending?
Write me a poem please?
what do you think of my poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Rate my poetry please? Thanks so much?
Can you please read my poems?
latin poetry?!?
so... how are thighs and poetry connected?
Music-what type...?
Poem question.....................?
What is the difference between the form and type of poems?
What is the meaning of the „to...for everything” on the inside of the La Disputes „Wildlife” vinyl?
"Plunged"....an impromptu thoughtful..would you wish to c/c for me please?
Why is the poet, William Wordsworth, eager to know the Solitary Reaper's song?
What do you think of this quote?
Would you please comment on this poetry collaboration...?
Poem I wrote. Anyone have any advice or critiques?
Who are your favorite 20th century poets?
How can the World Trade Center towers be resurrected?
Where can i find mp3's on the poetry of Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, John Montague, Derek Mahon and John Donne?
What do you think about my poem?
Please translate to Urdu or PASHTO... POETRY!!!?
help me i need a short poem about food?
can u PLEASE hep me with this poem?
a short poem. what do you think? does it make sense?
A Sonnet for comments and critique?
What are the steps to becoming a librarian?
Comments on a poem about the love of a poet's words?
Please help!?
what can be a good title for this poem?
See you later alligator After a while crocodile something something big fat moose?
What are some poem titles for someone moving,away?
Shakespeare Sonnet 55 help! asap?
What do you think of this poem?
Juke Joint,oh what-a-fun!?
Will you allow me to post a real poem again? LoL! Will you C/C {Daisies Bloom} by the Greek poet?
What think you of the ending Journal entry?
When did Pablo Neruda write the poem "If You Forget Me"?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you like this poem about my inner child, dreaming?
Can someone summarize this poem for me please and identify the theme?
Help with my poem please?
Poems over 20 lines.. about music?
How do you write a good?
An unfinished poem ...?
What point of view is this poem written in please cite why you think ur right?
My poem: probably rubbish?
Missing Pages......a poem...c\c?
My poem, The gifted young poet, comments?
What do you think of this poem that I have written?
A poem for your viewing? Critiques?
Do you remember your first kiss. Does this capture the feeling?
Let's Remember...Will you read and be nice, please?
Just a simple, easy to read poem by me. Care to comment?
My attempt at a Retourne: Care to Comment?
who agrees with me?
Will you expain these parts of poems to me?
Will you comment on this draft please?
back in town and looking....who are the hot poets on here now?
Can someone give me a 3 stanza poem?
The poem "Dreaming Black Boy by James Berry.?
Who can grant my last wish of the day?
William Wordsworth Religious context?
I need a good poem . do you know a good one ?
Would you comment on this poem, or is it a pome?
Does this sound like an Ode Poem so far?
Can anyone suggest a poem for my gran's funeral?
need opinion on poem i wrote.?
read and comment on my poem about assia wevill?
what are some famous poems/spoken word that I can dance to?
any good paradise poems??
some english poems for recitation?
What does Rusks by Rita Dove Mean? (Poem)?
Does this make sense or Not? Not a poem, just thoughts i felt i needed to unleash?
I need help with a poem?
Some feedback on my poem?(:?
Will you enjoy an AWWW how nice poem that I wrote?
could you rate this poem ?
Please read my poem, tell me what you think?
whats your opinion on my poetry is it good p.s its not all lovey dovey stuff?
a poet needs your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Who wants to analyze The Minimal by Theodore Roethke?
Are there consequences for stealing duck poetry and rebasterdizing it to take credit for the geniosity of it?
How can I represent sonnet 141?
what is the difference between an ode, sonnet and a tanka?
can anyone please give me info about the poet Michele An Sutphin?
Can you help me make this poem better?
What are your feelings on MY POEM? Our longing?
Is there a name for a poem which isn't really a poem but written in verse, doesn't rhyme and has no rythem?
what was Poe's message in the Raven? Why did he write the peom?
What do you think of this poem?
Last one of the day. Here Again. Any thoughts?
what do you think?? ill give 10 points!?
What say to the ship called 'Cajun Doll' poem?
what is the author deliver their poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you like it when people reply to a poem with a poem of their own?
Need help analyzing Billy Collins Poem?
Is this a poem" When love turns cold "?
Afrikaans Poems?Please Help!!?
do you write poetry?
What do you think about this poem?
Will you critique my latest?
Poem about self harm?
Autopsy (a love poem) Part 1.Please critique.?
What think you of a dinky, wishy-washy, kooky poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
What do these few "jots-on-a-page" speak to you?
What are some of the best poems by Edward Thomas?
Thought you might like reading about a homeless old lady?
When will ya read my little score?
Critique This poem, please?
Help me understand this poem by E. E. cummings?
What are your first impressions - this poem? =)?
poem topic help?
"When I said i love you"A poem by me tell me what you think please?
Anyone know the poem about sunflowers with the line "she watched her god the sun march across the sky"?
What would be a DEATH poem reflecting the time period of ENLIGHTENMENT?
Anyone know any poems about cheating?
Anyone has notes about the poem "Plenty" by Isobel Dixon...thanks?
Opinions on my poem 'Never,' pls?
What do you think of this Poem?
Can a poet tell me what the world needs now?
what is Meter in poetry?
reactions and feedback for my poem,appreciated?
Sonnets: please help!?
Sad Stories?
Bust a rhyme? spit some verses son!?
date book was published at Merrimack Publishing Corporation 85 Fifth Ave NY No.18745 Santa Claus & his Works
Do you like my new pome?
Poet Trilochan ?
Part of a poem. What does it mean to you?
What think you of Part 3 ish of Allegra?
What if it wasn't so bad?
Which female poet had a dog named Flush?
Charles Bukowski poems about love?
How is this poem......?
Just a little ditty for you all, please comment?
Care to comment?
Feedback for my poetry?
What does this poem mean?
New Poetry (Comment / Critique)?
A Road To No-Where: A new poem for you to critique, if you please?
what do you think of this poem?
What are some of Edgar allen poe's best poems?
Has anyone heard of a poem about a tyrannical teacher?
My Limerick See what you think?
What do you think of my poem?
The Difference Between Being Alone And Being Lonely?
Analysis of the poem 'School Boys in Winter' by John Clare?
what do you think of my poem?
A slightly depressing poem... what do you think?
I need help with a villanelle poem!?
the words of the poem answer me{?} by christina rosetti?
Do you want to write a book someday?
Any good poem books suggested please?
Have you ever thought someone may have become unhinged by an event? and this is not about me! c/c?
Please read, comment critique?
pls help o dear my dear friends. helip me out here the deadline for poetry is 21st...?
Which little poem is better?
fun poem How Ugly are you tell me please?
What do you think about my poem? Could you please tell me?
How's this poem... :(?
Ex - basketball player poem by John Updike? 10 points?
When you see the Ocean, how do you feel?
What can I say is the structure of this poem?
Do drinking buddies stay together through thick and thin?
Run Away with me. What do you think of this?
Stormy weather makes me think. Will you join me?
Music anyone?
Tuesday morning offering...a delight!?
Please could I have your opinion on this poem (easy points)?
This one is giving me a lot of trouble... Extremely rough draft, thoughts?
I need an iambic pentameter poem that my teacher won't recognize!?
What do I need to work on?
A trifle with your permission . . . c/c?
Will you read and rate my poem?
can anyone write a poem about a number?
Have you ever driven off the edge? A poem?
I wrote this for my dog,what do you think?
why is nobody answering my questionnnnnnn, pleaes helppp!!?
Limerick poem help ???????????
poems about waiting for love to come to you!?
can any one plz paraphrase this poem?
What are some good poems?
Is it noticeable to anyone else that some of us are swatting back at the "Flies" today?
what is the alliteration of this poem?
Hey can somebody help me make a short poem?
If you screem for ice cream,?
again one more?
please give your honest opinion on my poem?
What do you think of my poem!?
Will you read the first of two poems about the mythical phoenix?
do you like my poem?
In Samuel Taylor Cooleridge's poem Rime of the Ancient mariner, why does he shoot the albatross?
Honest opinion on this poem?
what do you think about this poem i wrote??
How to turn a story into a poem? help please :)?
Robin Skelton's poem Tao meaning?
Please name a few poets that produce admirable work. My name is Giorgio Veneto. C/C please?
First time poet! Poem: love never dies?
What religion was Shakespeare?
whats is your opinion on this poem, it is kinda personal... its on anorexia i wrote it? need opinions,thanks?
Where can I find a free online copy of the poem "the golden fleece of california" by edgar lee masters?
Does This Poem Sound Any Good?
the fall of the house of usher?
What do you think of this poem??
Help in Urdu poetry!!!?
Help analysis for this poem The War by Leon Gellert?
Rate this poem out of 10?
Need a good poem to do an oral presentation on (not free verse)?
need help with scavanger hunt clues?
ok, here is my love poem......?
Comments on this poem please?
Dark poem ?
The Tower??? care to comment????
Poetry in the 18th Century?
What do you think of "Our Love Is Deeper Than The Ocean, "Special Valentine's Day" morning poem?
Hey guys, rate my Poem please?
Memories. What do you think?
Has anyone here ever tried "Buggle Gum"?
Can you answer questions even when you're blocked?
Porphyrias Lover By Robert Browning?
Does anyone but me know this poem but me if so state that name and the poet?
metaphor poem comparing people to butterflies?
What type of metric foot is most common in rap lyrics?
Poem by Robert Frost..?
Angels don't exist... what do you think?
May I please offer a poem?
another poem,,,,plz be honest!?
Help me with a thanksgiving poem concept?
Poem analysis help please? What does the poem E Tenebris by Oscar Wilde mean?
Ragdoll..............a poem...c\c?
Can you please C/C poem: Shadows in the Sky?
Is this an Haiku poem?
What do guys think of girls who have written them a poem?
Significance of the Frost poem "The figure a poem makes"?
can u write me a poem?
Rate my poem?
Could you give me three descriptive words that define?
Do you like my poem....?
honestly, what do you think of this poem. please tell me!! (my son, my friend)?
2 questions about the poem "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love", pleaseee help.?
Do you like this poem?
why are you so cruel?
Barbie Doll Poem?
Could you help me out with something, please?
Do you think this poem is good?
a memory fades..?
What are the techniques used in this poem by William Blake???? (e.g simile, metaphor, alliteration etc)?
Will you eat this, please?
Could someone help me with this poem?
What do you think of this?
Are you ever pleased when you find your work (acredited) on another site?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you make a poem about me please?
comic poem reaction please?
Trying to describe Wordsworths treatment of nature using 3 words?
Will you join me as I say thanks and apologize for being late?
Can we sail away on a few words?
write me a poem about challenges about 5 lines you will get 10 points?
The Patriot, a poem about two flags and three generations, your reaction to it?
What do's you don't have to move on to let go mean?
can someone help me with an 8 line poem with hyperbole?
What type of poem is "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe?
A poem i wrote. Can you understand it? and What do you think? is it good? thankyou?
Stupid poem. You're opinion?
Calling all creative people to help me counter this rhyme ?
William Shakespear help?
Are United Press Legit?
...to where does despair lead?
Famous poems/ poets from Asia, Mexico, South America?
How to read and write poetry well?
How does one become "well versed"?
What do you think of Dr. Swetman And The Red Ink Pen poem?
Multiple Choice Poetry Help?
Where can I find the poem, You Left Too Soon?
Can you read/tell me what you think of my poem?
HELP pleaz.....?
what you think of this poem? be as critical as u want ?
Do you express anger or do you hold it in? A poem?
is "A crumb of cake would be a feast" a metaphor or a hyperbole?
So what is in a name?
What is your interpretation of my poem?
Well what about this one then?
How Does The Poem 'Base Detail' Present Conflict?
I need a poem with a lot of figurative language!? PLZ?
Ah well...what the Hell?
I really need a personification poem about summer any ideas?
Something silly, then should I get down to business?
What do you think of my poem?
Romantic elements in Spenser's The Faerie Queene?
is lil wayne the greatest rapper alive?
I need a really cheesy poem for a friend who is leaving my work.?
What's a good American or English poem for classical song lyrics?
La la la... How do I write a poem? ?
Now here's a sonnet. OK?
Do you like my poem? Please rate?
According to the poem the wanderer how might reflection on the "fates of men" lead to wisdom?
Freestyle Challenge... for writers only?
Help, Pikachu poem. Needs poetic devices!?
About Robert Frost (poet)?
Love letter/note/poem, ladies?
do you guys like this poem..i wanna know if the time i spent writing it paid off?
This is a poem I wrote... tell me what you think?
Please critique my poem?
how many fingers so why only two thumbs?
What do ya think of it?
Does this make sense for poetry using the word malice in the sentence?
What is your opinion on this poem?
POSTSECRET: can you send me a really great, touching one?
Help Finding the Figurative Language in this Song. ?
Should we start posting our poems in the religious section?
tanka poetry?
what is the message of the poem lesson?
Famous Poetry about Male Vanity?
I am trying to enter some of my poems in a contest for free...does anyone know where i can do that?
Poem for my idol!!!!! Xx?
I need to write a poem about the color green, but I'm totally brain dead any ideas?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of my Acrostic (TEXT) : )?
Do you like my short, rhyming poem...??
Reflections - Would you kindly c/c, thank you?
Birds in the trees?
Does any like Roger Mcgough's poetry?
I saw something, and cannot describe it to you...?
Who can give em a good...?
what is a good name for a junior year facebook album?
How do I submit my poetry writing to your company?
Do you like THIS poem?
Would you make suggestions for my poem?
Write your own original Shakespearean Style Sonnet?
What streets do you walk?
The One Furrow by R.S. Thomas?
What is your opinion of this poem?
Poem contests?
can somebody make me a limerick poem? and a free verse?
Please Will somebody rate the poem? thanks.!!!!!!!?
Can anyone give me a poem abiut sports please?
Elaborate shakespear's view of mortality with special reference to sonnet 65?
Can you write a happy, silly poem for me please?
Write a poem from this quick write.?
I need to write a Visionary Narrative?
Snow bound in snow chains, are you passive or aggressive? Comments?
How's this poem?
In the poem "Wahbegan" the title is an ojibway word. What does it means?
Has anybody else on here been fooled into Love, on this section?
Poetry question, I came across this poem and don't really understand who is reciting it. The poem is called...?
Can you help me improve this piece of free verse please?
How do you define poetry?
Will you critique this poem please?
Will the Prayer Warriors accept this poem gift?
Do you like my expensive poem?
for buk..ok this is a bit mean..but it is not meant to offend?
Where can I get an mp3 of the Radio 4 Archive Hour programme called "Philip Larkin - The Lost Tapes"?
What should I change about my poem?
Poetry Help?? Writing a poem.?
Do you write differently when you are angry?
what do you think of this poem by H.L. Wright, from the Voice In My Head?
Never Seek to Tell thy Love?
Feel free to comment.?
How do you paint a piece of poop?
I need help in writing a poem.?
Would you critique my poem? Please? I think you might like it.?
is this too violent for a poem?
Read my poem... tell me what you think!?
Please read and rate my haiku??
do you like my HIPPY poem?
A poem about a China Girl if you would like to C/C?
I'm writing an epic poem on a singing tryout gone wrong?
please help me with a poem!?
A corny one, I know,...but your critique please?
can someone write me a poem?
How do you analyze this poem?
Who missed the poem by Gale S.?
Do you have a top 3 poets list and one sentence to describe why?
What poetic techniques are used in A Woman to Her Lover?
Try to write a story without the letter e appearing at all.?
Does this poem make sense?
How is my Poem?
What do you think of my Short poem?
Critiques on my poem?
Whats a mnemonic for a lyrical poem?
What is the Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy about? 10 POINTS !!!!!!?
Will you please C & C this short poem for Bannibal?
What does this poem mean?
what do you think of this poem i wrote?
Poem about friendship. This is also a question, Please respond?
Help with a review of a poem?
Thoughts on my poem :)?
I need Help Poem lovers?
In Praise of the Great Bull Walrus meaning?
What are some good poems?
Poetry (or writings) about writing?
Long form, prose inspired poem in need of c/c?
Chaucer Canterbury Tales?
I need opinions........?
Read this?????
Will you please join Sir Thomas as He and His Templar Knights Adjudicate the life of My Lady Dagung?
I need to know how music or poetry can define someone.?
Is my poem/writing any good? Whats your opinion?
is this is a nice poem!?? be honest?
how is my dream poem?
My first attempt at an actual love poem. A sonnet? C/C very welcome.?
Poets, writers, do you find it difficult to remove yourselves from deep dark poems, once completed?
What are some places that rhyme?
Another Poem By Carl Walker Tell Me What You Think?
shakespeare's sonnet 103?
Wasting time.?
My girlfriends birthday is today I wrote this.. What do you guys think?
This is an old poem of mine that means a lot to me. How can i improve it? Or is it okay the way it is?
a different poem. let me know what you think please..................................…
Do you read poetry because it is...pleasurable?
do you like my song or poem?
Drought, will you comment please?
like my poem??
Finish this sentence to create a poetry......??
I have a request, will you please block me?
Can anyone post their OWN poem here! 10 points to best poem?
Famous Poets about Jealousy or Insecurties ?
Not my best poem.. but what do u think?
Clear Skies.....a poem about when the volcano stopped air flights a few years ago?
hows d poem ?? critics please not haters :D?
Mizzy said so. Thanks, Mizzy.?
PLEASE help me with my poem!?!?!?!?!?
Please please help me interpret this poem?
Who's to say if I may ramble as well?
who knows how to make a poem FOCUSING ON any FORM OF VERB?
what is the meter and syllabic emphasis of this poem? Please help?
analyzing poems?
Clarinda from Rape of the Lock?
Is this a Bad Poem?
what do you think about this poem by Frances Anne Kemble?
Would you take a few minutes to read "Daddy's Poem" though I did not write it?
Can you help me find a songs/poems?
Can you help with these lyrics?
Poetry: Can I have some feedback on this please?
what should this line in my short poem be?
A "Miserable Sonnet" inspired by Styx & a Wilde Poet - What's Your Comment?
do you understand these lyrics? HELP is appreciated :D.?
Is this poem good or bad?
what do you think of these?
What dou think of this poem i wroteeeee? i'm only 14?
How to cite an original written poem from author?
Sonnet about missing someone...wdyt?
Can some one really tell me if they do dream as i always do.and how is the poem this time .constructive pl?
I have to write a conceit poem for English and I'm so lost, HELP!?
Could someone please write me a poem about a Kiwi!?
does any1 have a poem i can use? maybe u can help me write 1 with my name, please?
Help with this poem? PLEASE HELP?
please read poem i made?
What will become of me if my Father was a prosaic mandate and Mother was tercetic by nature?
Comments on some prose about smoke signals?
Inspirational quotes or songs please!?
Poem I love?
A poem for those with a case of the Mondays. Will you know you're not alone?
Rhyme time help! these words must rhyme and have the corre t number of letters?
What do you think of this writting?
The best sentence to the one whom you love !!!
what is your favourite---?
Prose Piece- "Call Me A Man"- Good Enough To Present To A Creative Writing Class?
Any comments? What will be the title?
What does this poem mean?
What is something that is almost an oxymoron, but not quite?
What are some general similarities between Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson?
Which poem can be read in two tones?
this isn't a poem, but it made me chucklebug?
Is Annmarie Fox a published poet?
C/c a new poem please?
Poem on school life ...?
How is this poem about a unique topic?
can someone please make a poem about living things? 10 sentences?
Poem I wrote in my backyard...what do you think? Constructive criticism welcome.?
Anyone know where I can find a Grandma poem???
Can someone give a rough translation of the poem "He was" by Richard Wilbur?
Care to read a poem about a phobia?
What is the meaning of this poem?
Could someone please help me with scanning the meter for this sonnet by Kim Addonizio?
i need to write a poem about this picture http://newdeal.feri.org/images/i62.gif using the five senses help?
What would make you go DaHa? A poem?
I like Elaine's idea of a school-days story poems. How is this one?
Do you like my poem? It's called "Meet me at the ice cream truck"?
what are you feelings about MY new Poem? Walk alone?
Has your spirit ever been broken?
what is this poem about?
Is my poem good?
Can you compose belated stuff to yourself?!?
How to start a fall poem?
Some qualities of Antonio of the Merchant of Venice?
Do you guys know any poems that relates to this ?
Is this a good poem about stars? I have to write a Haiku for English?
Coleridge: Kubla Khan; All of the following is part of the speaker's attitude toward the pleasure-dome except?
Explore the key emotions and ideas expressed in the poem below?
New poem..just wrote it...please, let me know what you think!?
Explain the significance of rhyme and meter in "The Lady of Shalott."?
A poem for the children, no adults, please....?
Is ThIs A gOOd PoEm?!?
how do we write poem?
Does anyone need any good poetry sites?
Search and Rescue team needed, SOS and C/C?
RATE Plz!!!?
Tell me what you think of my poem :) ?
What do you think...not an analysis, please, just your thoughts?
Happy Thanksgiving poem?
do you like this poem i just wrote?
What do you think of my poem?
How do YOU write a poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What meter is Bishop's Sestina written in?
Do you stop or keep going?
ARE these good poems or not?
Poetic devices in Sylvia Plath's "I am Vertical"?
plz tell me what you think (may be upsetting)?
I wrote this poem really long time ago and i posted it on . its been like a year and i really want it...?
Will you C/C on one more poem of the Greek poet?
Jeeeezzz...my pen has a will of it's own tonight...?
Here's a dark little piece. Do you like it?
Is it dangerous to swim in the river where you live?
I am so grateful...for you?
does this poem sound good?
What could be good start for a paper about phonology?
Who is this earth woman?
Hi, can someone help me write a found poem?
Why did the poet use 'mockeries' to describe traditional funeral rites? In the poem "Anthem for Doomed Youth".?
Can Christians please help me find the text for Helen Steiner Rice's poem "Somebody loves you"? Thanks?
What is a good poem about society?
Comments on a poem about walking away from addictions?
I cant seem to remember the rest of this poem...it was a long poem now i cant seem to find it on google. help!?
What can I talk about in my poem commentary?
What does this poem mean?
Can somebody help me make poem about covalent?
What do you think of my haiku?
A poem about me????????????????
What do you think of this 'Take The Measurement Of Me, God' poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Help Me With My Sonnet!?
What does this poem say to you?
Lunch brake poem, Can you guess what I'm having?
Do you like this poem?
What do you think of poems?
Poem analysis?
Another attempt at poetry,what are your opinions?
If you have a chance, could you read some of my poems?
Ok, I have gotten over *some* writer's block but now I need an opinion!!?
emily dickinson literature assignment HELP!?
how is this poem so far?
Do You know anything on the House of the Tragic Poet from Pompeii?
The poets Longfellow, Bryant, and Lowell exhibit romanticism through nature in their respective poems?
poetry help? please?
Report this again, if you would?
Can anyone offer an interpretation of sylvia plaths "sonnet to satan"?
poetry question?
Flirtation" Would you please comment on this short poem?
no hope for the diying?
The Lady or the Tiger poem?
Its been a while for me, but what do you think?
your views on my poem .. im novice .. plz dont b rude tips will b appreciated .. dont mind any typos plz :D?
If I sent both Buk and Hp a list of everything I have ever stuck my finger into...Who do you think could write?
Dues anyone know what year liz rosenberg's poem "Married love" was published?
Metaphor For Girl Blue Eyes?
can someone help me write a poem?!?
Say something?
my poem about words...?
What do you think about this poem?
A short poem .Thank You?
Please critique my poem : D (Ode to the Ocean...)?
I found a poem my brother wrote. I had no idea he wrote poetry! What do you think?
s...is my poem cliche?
what do you think of this poem?
a poem for my mom what do u think?
Proof-read my sonnet?
Poem: Search for eternal fame?
poem? how is it? is it decent?
tell me what you think of this poem?
Have you encountered the Abusive Male? A study for you.?
So, i want to make these poem about my,best,guy friend?
Please critique my poem?
Help with a poem? s?
Really unique poem topics?
Do you like my poem? It's about hiphop dancing. please give me your honest opinion.?
Acrostics at your request do like me to do your home work.?Pl evaluate kindly do .?
Please consider this poem?
I've just started writing poetry - what do you think of this poem called 'It Takes Two'?
Help me write a poem for school? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
hows my poem about my ex? its for class?
a witch-poem, c/c.................?
Will you read my poem about Jesus and tell me how it can be improved? Part I and II?
What do you think about my poem? ASAP!!?
So what about this poem iWrote?
please rate a poem i wrote on abuse?
Winter Poem/Rhyme?
Can someone help explain this poem?
I need help finding a modern day poem that was made after 2001?
Is this a poem "Flames that Weep"?
this is poem for social science? its being graded how is it?
Is there a poem that has to do with rain by jack prelutsky?
why is it so hard to make money off of poetry?
Were doing this project about different kinds of poems can some one please give me a sonnet poem?
What do you think of this poem?
This may be sappy but what do you think of my poem?
Looking for honest critique. Please help?
shall we call this a poem...yes, yes I think thats what I will call it?
Online poetry communities that would welcome songwriters as well?
Question on Macbeth!?
Can you people rate this? :]?
Please offer your opinion it really matters...!!!?
in poetry,what's the difference between traditional ballads and modern ballads?
I need help with three poems?
What do you think? Feedback?!?
What are some metaphors in this poem?
Can someone explain this poem to me?
Do city dwellers miss the stars?
Analysis of Laurence Binyon - For the fallen?
What do you think of this metaphorical poem?
Can anyone please help me with this poem i'm looking for?
Good morning to you and yours......?
Could someone critique my poem please?
What do you think of my Detroit poem?
sad poems?
Can someone please write me a 14 line sonnet in iambic?? I want to compare..?
i don't know what i'm talking about and i don't have a cigarette... got a light?
how poetry acheive its effect,,,by what! likr in these texts!?
Who or what inspired you to get properly involved, in the magical world of Poetry?
What is your input on John Keats?
Missing Some Savior. READ. OPINIONS?
Have you ever photographed your life?
What would Serafim think of this poem?
What do you guys think of my poem?
help plz for the rhyme sceme and its mettricall patern about the poem Wild Bees by James K. Baxter?
I wrote a poem........ care to rate?
In response to a certain attiude 'trending' at YAP, will you c/c?
is this poem good enough for the one of my dreams?
Do more people write poetry than read poetry?
Where can I find a FULL online version of Howl by Ginsberg?
Poem, its been awhile since I've posted one...?
Can someone help me analyse a poem (Trees by Owen Sheers)? 10 POINTS!?
Poem About Some Guy Who Burns His Hand On A Lightbulb?
what is the meter of petals by amy lowell?
Amatur Poem.. But wth read if u want.?
What if we lived in a world where the popularity of poetry was on par with, say, professional sports?
help with writing a poem about a butterfly?
Looking for some readers to comment on this poem?
Would you care to comment on this pome? About the time change?
Do you like my poem?
Tips for writing a sonnet about New York City?
What are the seven deadly sins? Can you count these, C/C?
Will You Please Tell Me How To Improve My Haiku?
Should i tell this girl i really like her?
{Kiwi) Will you C/C the new script of the Greek poet?
Music Versus. Literature?
I need an easy poem to analyze for english class, one with an underlying metaphor / symbolyzes something else?
London Bridge nursery rhyme?
Do you like this poem?
(Bilgeways Hold) "Hammer-Bad" poem, c/c if you are not soft?
Will you read something that may or may not be a poem?
what do you think of my poem?
What does the use of assonance in poetry do for the poem?
...would spankings help me write a poem?
How do you edit your poems?
Is this a poem " The Reflecting Man"?vA35ZAA54100250709002"> I wrote a poem about, well just read it!?
I wrote this poem? Analyze it please?
Who would you rather make the two backed beast with Emily Dickinson or Sylvia Plath?
Did you know that "Stukkie" is Scottish for Starling?
What do you think of this 'Divorce Proceedings...Part 1' poem?
Create a poem about a My Favorite Family Member?
Shakespeare help??? Props?
Your thoughts on the possible effects of mind-altering substances on poetry?
Do Ladies deserve poetry?
Will someone help me write a poem?
Can I get your opinion on this poem i've written?
What are some themes of Walt Whitman's poem, Songs for Occupation?
Where to sell a poem?
Something more Dark Prince. How is this.?
What do you say about this poem? Also if you may rate it (0-9) please.?
Is this a proper Sonnet?
What do you think of the "poems" by Thomas?
Does your appearance make you sad?
Can you comment on this poem?
Here's another just to contemplate. Comments.?????
Acrostic poem for the name luis?
What are some really good sonnets?
poets and book names?
A HEARTfelt poem, will you leave comments?
What do you think of my poem?
"Dinah"--Rehen revision?
Do you like my poem?
T.S. Elliots "The Love Song of J. Alfed Prufrock"?
I need help writing a poem about me and my 2 cousins?
Advice on an English Literature essay on [The Depictions of Hell] using Homer, Dante and T.S.Eliot
how do you like my favorite poem. by raymond souster?
Tell me if you think i write well?
Is there anything more hauntingly beautiful than the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay?