what is your reaction to this poem?
Can you find Imagery in this poem?
Space filled up, galaxies stripped open, care to read?
Explain wordsworth relationship with nature in the poem solitary reaper?
I have to read and explicate a poem for English, I need an idea of what to do for a class activity?
would you say this poem is good ? im thinking about giving it to my mom for mother's day... i wrote it?
how do you like this poem?
"Quote".. a ditty for thought?..please -will you c/c?
can anyone find me a poem?
In ONE WORD, what is the CONCEPT of the following poem?
Target audience for this poem?
what do you think about this one?
my poem? 1-10?
Can someone tell me if my poems are good?
Describe the influence that had upon you, the foreign literature. My name is Giorgio Veneto, C/C please?
Tips for writing a sonnet about New York City?
X word for an acrostic poem?
Can you give me feedback on Macbeth poetry?
Feedback on a new poem please?
constructive critt/oppinions on edited poem ?
And one Haiku to look at. just for you.?
can you comment and correct my poem?
Firts poem I've ever written. What do you think?
Doesn't rhyme just wastin another 5 pts..forgiveable?
Does anyone know a poem about play?
what do you think of this poem?
Good by my dear memory. my latest poem... just want to know what people think of it, i am open to critism?
A simple poem . . . c/c?
Is it safe to walk in your own shoes?
Be truthful people what percentage of poems on poems are any good?
What are words for an easy concrete poem?
Can someone help me with a sonnet about summer? Please don't use Shakespeare's language also make it simple.?
Critique my poem?It`s called the snail....?
What is your favorite poetry technique or tool?
Okay,draft for Mom's Birthday. Feed back????
Okay, so we have to write this poem... I need some help?
Is there someone leaving the light on for you?
What is a good poem for my graduation ceremony?
what are some good poems or websites about poems for your grandma?
Does anyone dare to recite the poem from "Death of a Martian" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers?
Please write a Haiku about Thanksgiving...?
Name of a long poem that describes how Hell, Sin, Death, was created. about Lucifer.?
When Xylophones ruled the Earth?
another poem that I'd like your opinion on?
13Messengers from the Dead?
well, some are convinced that this is not poetry...so what is it?
Your opinions?????? Honestly!!?
Seul (Alone) Pt.1...What r ur thoughts of this poem?
Acrostic poem for history.?
Please criticize my poem.?
All you poetry experts out there!!!?
poems about the harlem renaissance?
Pardon me, can someone remove this knife from my back.?
Anyone know a good, uplifting quote or poem?
For Doe (who likes villanelles) — Is this what forever is REALLY for?
Writing questions, writing exercises, and writing as a hobby?
Is this poem good or no? comment please?
Repose from yesterday: Added a couple of stanzas to my poem. ?
Can Anyone help me????
Is this an example of personification?
Will you comment on this poem please?
What feeling does this poem portray to you?
Anybody know of any good websites for poems?
If YOUR LIFE was a POEM what would be the tittle .?
Poem stuff?
Pls read this poem and tell me what you think ...?
Yeats: All Things Can Tempt Me.?
Here is smoe of my newest... What say you?
Do You Like My Poem??
I need some Acrostic Poetry Help ?
Here is a poem to start the day. The Dark Prince is back. Comments?
good love poem websites for my babe?
Mind a little poetry from the top of my head?
Would "long black land" be alliteration?
Will you C/C on a Greek song translated by request - by the Greek poet?
A Sunrise Awaits Us, a poem to critique?
What are some kennings that i can put in my boasting poem for English class?
What do you think of my poem?
And what do you think of this short Po-em, I've Written? Thank you?
who's poem is this????????
Please explain this poem in depth?
what do you think of my poem?
Is my poem good?
A type of poem i don't usually write. I hope you all like it.?
I need help analyzing a poem by Margaret Atwood. Please help!?
Will you offer thoughts on this effort?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
How can I compare a person to the night? Help please!?
Will you make a poem or a song with the title Helen P?
Would this poem be a weak "Dear John" letter or not?
.... what do you think ????
Anyone know any good poems about moral struggle??
PLZ Read My Poem? :(?
Do you think I am a good poet?
Can anyone write me a poem???
Any good emo suicide poems you wrote?
can someone help me write a metaphor poem?
"I never hear the word 'escape' " by Emily Dickinson?
Can you help me with my tanka poem?
So, we can pretty much say, if you don't get an answer within a couple of hours?
A poem needed help just help?
Looking for honest critique. Will you help?
Depicting a quote about a collectivist future?
Rate my Christian Poem(1-10) Have an open mind, if not Christian?
Poem analysis on "Prisoners"?
care to comment ?
How do you make yourself heard?
Is this a simile? : Mom stares at me like I have a new face she's never seen?
Anyone know a poem about someone being fake/hiding from their true self?
diamond poetry.. ?
what does this poem mean?
Poem? Please give good critiques!?
Critique...poem for my girlfriend...Puddles!
where can i get background, myths related to poems??
Do You Like My Poem??
Does anybody know any poems?
Who knows a positive poem about London by someone famous?
what do u think of my poem?
Could you critique this poem and give it your comments?
When the end begins (poem)?
What do you think of this poem?
In need of a good POEM!!?
Love peom edited a little. What's better this or the first one? ?
What do you think of my Religious poem?
REALLY NEED good poem?
proof read / your input/opinion?
Where is there an open mic for spoken word or poetry in Austin Texas??
Poetry or Prose Competitions for Youth?
Do you like this poem?
What is it? ... can you see it? please read this poem and comment?
Help finding resource?
What does this quote mean?
Is this the saddest poetry I have ever written?
Please comment on my rhyming verse which is a true story? thanks?
Does this poem make any sense to you?
What is the cost of being equal?
What do you think of this piece? ><?
what are the rules of engagement...c/c?
Will you C/C on a Good script of the Greek poet?
What is a good website to find poetry more new poems??
Do you think we ever recover completely from child abuse?
Please read my poemish song I made in class?
do u like my poem i wrote?
What makes you shiver? A poem?
Is this any good? *it's poetry*?
can you help me with a haiku?
Poets, do you really get into your work?
please read my poem i made?
define poem ( what is a poem)?
College - Screenwriting, creative writing, poetry, Russian - Best College choice?
They're not really snow flakes, you know....?
I am looking for a reliable poetry contest for a good prize?
Sylvia Plath Poetry?
I need a long PUBLISHED descriptive poem for Forensics any good ones?
"Spin Set" A poem of the world. What are your thoughts?
Are you up for a poetic challenge? October's daughter....?
Who be da Phool ... Comments???
What do you think of this poem?
Where's Linda the Poetry Fairy?
Read me poem?
i need good similes for hope?
What is it that we want? Should it be simple and selfish? What? What?
help describing something with beautiful words..?
please read poem i just made?
Would you please read and C/C this poem?
Is a chicken cot the route to stardom or a measure of your bottoming poetic fathom? C/C if you may?
Fill in this poem i will never....?
Help with this Nice Poem?
are these poems good?
World Poetry Movement.. Can I Cancel?
Rate my poem ?
Can you please C/C Poem: "The Child Warrior"?
What do you think about my poem?
Which version is better?
Something's Missing?
what do you think of my poems?
Is this a good poem?
Well...is it any good?
help me find literary devices in this poem? (its short)?
Another one for your comments and critique?
What do you think of this poem?
I Wrote This Poem?? What Do You Think?
The following line from Jack Argueros' Poem "Sonnet for Heaven Below": "Shabby gossamer shoes always arouse th?
please help with poem meanings ??? please i give 10 points to anybody that makes an effort :D?
Poems and sonnets - Romantic period?
What is the meaning of the poem entitled, "Any Human To Another" by African American poet Countee Cullen?
In Spencer's The Fairy Queen, does the Lion ever appear again after Book1 Canto 3, or did it truly die?
For those of you who do not understand poetry, or certain aspects thereof?
I need rhyming words that are romantic. Any ideas? Its for a love poem I am writing.?
Do any of you get a bit sentimental at times. Comments and critique welcome, thanks?
stop youth violence poem help?
Please read poem I just made?
shakespear - can u find any of these futures in this poetry genre?help?Tone= mood?
is my poem any good? its for a story i'm writing...?
honest opinions on this poem?
Who knows maybe you will read this?
Does anybody know what page this poem is on? Please help!?
What is a good side dish when serving a poem?
Rate my poem?
I wrote a song...how is it?
What do you think of this poem?
what type of poem is this ? & what figurative language do it consits of ?
Petit Fours... Do You Ever Make Fox Paws?
Will you comment on a worn out teddy and a broken locket please?
what do you think of this poem?
What are your overall opinions and critique of this poem?
what do you think of the sonnets i wrote?
A very serious poem posing a very serious question?
is this a good poem ?
Will you read my poem?
What do you think about this?
Would you recognize this poet?
Is it a game? The 1-100 rating?
anyone help me with the poem i wrote?
read my poem please? :)?
Is today a new beginning?
tell me if you feeling this poem i wrote for my bf (its longg)?
What do you think of my poem "Dreams Unfulfilled"?
I know Poetry.com,but where are my poems go to ?
I'm supposed to write a limerick poem about my teacher? Please take your time?
I know this is soft and sappy and a love poem. So what. Do you like it.?
What do you guys reckon to the poem I wrote for my Auntie who passed away..?
I'll just keep em' coming, help me please!?
Where do you plant the seeds of truth?
Bacon poetry help???????
A New Poem, any comments Please?
what do u think abt this poem?
PLEASE be truthfull, is this a good poem?
Esteemed Poets, please rate my poem 1-10 & interpret if you fancy?
what is foot in poetry and how to identify meter?
How does war in Iraq influence poetry and literature?
can anyone give me poems so i can type them in for my homework. Note poems have to be made up not copied by?
Can you please critique my poem?
help me make a narrative poem?
what do you think of Neverland?
any ideas for dark poem titles. anything gothic, dark, scary. need ideas?
Will someone help me find this poem?
I've written a poem or it's like, how was it?
famous poems about the ocean?
I'm not completely happy with this yet, what do you think so far?
Skippin Rocks, C/C please?
What do you think of this poem please leave your comments?
Do you shiver when it's cold outside?
Could use some help brainstorming. Ideas?
Does anybody out there know who the author of this poem is?
I wrote this for my friend..?
"For Shazzy" ...a fervent and mighty strong blessing.... c-c.?
Do you have any friends?
What say to "Inside Hurricane Gustav...Houma...Images" poem?
Another for my X, do you think she'll be pleased?
This is my first poem, is it any good? Can you also help me with a good title for it.?
Is this a poem?
What do you think? (PLEASE don't steal)?
what rhymes with harbour?
Where are you, what time is it, and what's the temperature?
Ages For a Lifetime ( Feedback )?
Analysis of Cantos 17, 18, and 19 from Dante's Inferno?
Can You Help Me Make My Own Sonnet! s.?
Tell me if you like my poem, please?
Writers Block: Could you help please?
Help me with POETRY!!!?
Have you ever been almost lost?
what is in a poet? that affect your feelings?
Do you like this poem I made about america?
Does an elegy have to rhyme?
Diction in this poem?
does anyone know the genre to this poem ?!!?
Where's the flamin' rain?
Translate this to spanish?
What do you think of this from a sixteen year old?
This poem I wrote about drugs?
Can anyone make me an acrostic poem for the name Valerie Bojorquez???
☺what do you think of this poem? 10POINTS!?
RATE MY POEM ive been told i have a great lyrical ability and could be famous thanks?
Do you like this poem....?
Help naming/advice please?
How do you think a poet uses word choice to create a meaning in a poem?
Dream again... what do you think about this poem?
Would you like to share your opinion of this poem?
Opinions on my poems?!?
Do you have a moment to spend with me?
How many clocks do you have?
Do you like political poems?
help with deciding a good shape for a concrete poem?
does anyone know any examples of a narrative poetic autobiography?
Will you rate my poem?
Ummm do you like this thing i'd like to be called poem?
Grade my poem???????????
Does this look familiar to anyone?????
Alabanza POEM.?
I am from poem examples please I need help?
Please rate my poem?
New poem! Tell me what do you think!?
What is a good theme for this poem?
A poem that will probably go forgotten?
How would you improve this poem ....? Change the line breaks or put on the brakes?? S.V.P.?
I need help writing a poem?
Will you C/C the new script {Become the rain} of the Greek poet?
what do you think of my poem, and how does it make you feel?
A pensive day, will you C/C please?
How do you write these types of poems?
Bad Haiku!!!?
Each Day....a dream poem?
What do you think of my poem?
find 5 literary devices i this song(metaphor, simile , personification, rhythm, alliteration)?
What do you think about this poem?
How are these poems.............................?
Do you know any good poetry?
walt whitman "i hear america singing" and "a noiseless patient spider" to be?
What's a great poem that i can say to my boyfriend?
Okay, like Jeopardy my answer has to be in the form of a question, so . . . Do you like my poem?
Any views on my poem?
What do you guys think of my poem?
Will the poets vow to eliminate "beautiful," "amazing" and "definitely" in their answers?
What do you think of my poem?
Like Walt Whitman,could you "turn and live with animals ( because) they are so placid and self-contain'd"?
can someone help me i need ideas?
can someone mark stressed and unstressed in my poem please??? need it before monday!?
"Incriminate, I Ask" for C/C, What prompts you to question guilt?
Pattern of Rhymes in "The Sun Rising"?
Any tips for writing poetry without a cookie-cutter rhyme scheme?
any comments on my poem "lies"?
What do you think of this?
What do you think of my poem........?
hey can anyone tell me which poem of wordsworth was chosen as the best poem ever?
One Lit Question? Help Please?
Hi, what do you think about this poem, and how would you analyze, critic this poem?
This is one of my favorite short pieces from RHPS.. any thoughts?
What is the meaning of the poem good and bad children?
Is there any where i can find annotations for "hot enchilada" by robert graves?
Is the poem 'The Highwayman' appropriate for 8th grade?
Reposted civil war poem. Any feedback be great :)?
Opinions on this poem?
9th grade poetry help!?
Can someone please paraphrase Fire and Ice?
Opinions on this poem? This is dedicated to Nana.?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
Is this poem any good ?
Pleez help me!!!!!!!!!?
Honest opinions please. Is this good?
Will you critique this poem for me, please?
Honest critisism please it sounds of to me.. so what do you think of my poem?
can u pleeeeze honestly rate this poem?
Please Let Me Know What You Think Of This Poem.?
Can you please comment on this poem? I'm dying to know what you think?
im 13 i have a poem... =)?
I need a thesis statement about how the poem "The Tyger" relates to sustainability of HUMANITY?
Can you write a poem about ME?
Would you help me edit these?
The painful night sky c/c?
How is this poem? (short one this time)?
What say to the poems, "Five Glimpses, or...Five For The 5 Points Of One"?
What kind of figurative language is this?
Which is the longest epic poetry written in English?
What is a good love poem for a Colombian girl?
words that rhyme with fell?
what is the symbolism in " A very old man with enourmous wings"?
Do all poems have stanzas?
what do you think of this sonnet?
Here I am. Do you like my poem? why?
i put alot of my emotions into this poem. do u likt it? i am 14?
What kind of a hero is Gilgamesh? How does the poem about him qualify as an epic?
looking for the perfect poem...?
Should I continue this or start something new?
Whats A Good Rhyme?!?
Did ancient forest dwellers wear sandals, boots or tennis shoes?
What does the poem, "Dear John, Dear Coltrane" by Michael Harper mean?
is this poem good?
poem on animal testing?! good or bad?!?
what are some poems that have powerful meanings behind them?
Do you like my winter sport poem?
Do you think you write poetry more from sadness and anger or from happiness and light?
your body hurts me as the world hurts god?
What do you think of my poetry?
Will you c/c on a philosophical script written by the Greek poet?
is this a good poem. i might read it in group?
"Be-Hold" ...impromptu, please c-c?
Quick write, would you comment?
What are the stressed and unstressed syllables in this line?
what do you think of this poem?
Tell me what you think this poem is about. DO you think it is sad or joyful?
Will you write a poem based on this?
what do you think of this poem?
ever written a poem inspirted by an actor/actress, or movie? or know of where i can find some?
will you CC a Sunday Sonnet?
How do you like my poem?
How should I write a short poem on a social issue that consists of Earth's features/orbits?
Is this poem any good?
Alas it is finally here?
What word would fit here besides "farting"?
Have you ever been on the hunt?
Honest opinions? Poem I wrote.?
Whar are these writting saying? how would you interpret them? ?
Care to Comment?
A poem from my book titled, "Poetic Eyez."?
I want to write a poem, but can't choose a topic. Any inspirational suggestions?
like it?? yes..no??
HELPP PLEASSE ); Are there any devices(imagery, metaphor, symbolism, etc...)in this poem?
Does anyone have a poem that I can send to a girl I really like that she will wake up too?
Do you like my poem at alll?
An OPEN Apology. Is It BEST to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?
i need a 16 lined poem please!?
A special word to sum up my longing for the sea.?
Who wants to analyze The Minimal by Theodore Roethke?
**please tell me what you think??***?
I pulled this from my old files, would you like to comment on this poetic effort?
Read this poem.?
My first poem, what do u think (be honest)?
Kinds of Poems?
the poem "the passionate shepherd to his love" What are 3 examples of alliteration in the 5th stanza?
Help on these poems!!!(:?
Help me make my poem better?
With a nod to A Good Egg, Disenfranchised, c/c?
Can youthink of a title for this song/poem I wrote?
Poem called Charing Cross - thoughts?
What is your honest opinion of this poem?
What is a song that relates to the poem The ***** Speaks Of Rivers by Langston Hughes?
What do you get out of my Quote/Poem?
How to "present this poem creatively"?
Should i let them publish my poem?
Is this poem any good?
A dark poem on a bright sunday. Give me your thoughts?
I need help improving this little poem of mine...?
Will you C/C on a quote of a Noble Prize winner?
Poetry contests?
Ideas for a presentation on Oscar Wilde?
How do you analyze this poem?
what are some idioms in the story "Stranger Than True" By Barry Winston?
Has this ever occurred to you?
The Secret Rose by William Butler Yeats?
Are devotions a specific type of poetry?
Girls, do you find these poems sweet?
What is a good theme for the poem "Sick" by Shel Silverstein?
Mind helping me write a poem using these ideas? Not for school.?
Comparing and Contrasting poems?
Have I, already?.........?
Can you write me a 6 line mini-sonnet?
please read poem i made?
Critique This poem, please?
This poem is making a funny noise. Do you hear it?
What does this bronte verse mean?
can people tell me if this poem is okay ? i came up with it my self :)?
Does this line sound good?
Anyone know of some really good poems?
Rate my poem??!!??!!?
Which would you prefer?
Sucking Up?
what ya think made it kinda fast ehhh?
poem about rider through woods and ghosts in a ruined building?
Twas the night before something. Would you c/c & add to this poetic?
POEM PRIDE by Dahlia Ravikovitch? 10 points best answer.?
A poem for your thoughts and comments?
Honestly tell me what you think....?
Good or bad??? Honest please?
Need help finding a poem?
What can I pull from Wole Soyinka's Poem, Telephone Conversation?
Honest opinion about my poem?
Critique my poem plaese?
What do you understand about this poem?
Poem... your comments please?
Positive/happy Shakespeare sonnets?
Why do you not care anymore?
where can i get the summary of arithmethic poem which is written by carl sandburg?
Another little poem, opinion, please?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this 'Clerk To Witch' poem?
I Believe (2) Can you comment, please?
Will you offer comments please?
a slave poem you have written ? help?
what are the basic rhyme scheme and meter of "sailing to byzantium"?
This is a poem that came from the heart. Please comment?
Have you had a very good title that you made but no poem for it?
Is 1-100 sorry he broke my mind?
Do you ever ache from seeing bad things too often?
PLEASE HELP, i need a poem which is about "the colour of love"?
Will you write a poem about yourself as a child?
Read my poem? All I need are comments?
what do you think of my poem?
acrostic poem for love but not in a good love like lies?
Who are some contemporary published poets?
Comment on this Masterpiece please? =P?
I want to write a poem for a girl.?
Care to read "Who Will You Cry To Now That It's Over?"?
Do you like my new poem, Sheryl?
Can someone annotate this poem for me?
Can you feel me?
Poem.. Don't really like it. But what do you think?
A Child's Heart poetry collection? Girlfriend/Cat Poem?
Please give constructive criticism on my poem?
Will you oc/cupy yourself to evaluate a V.G. G.V. poem? {Clary} Hm.. And energetically participate if you may?
My 13 yr old daughter wrote this poem yesterday, could you please critique?
any poetry reading tips?
Title poem for a new working - thoughts??
im needing help on a poem ,a "what if" poem?
my poem i wrote?
How do archaic words add to the emotional impact of the poem?
what's your favourite poem?
Can someone tell me the meaning behind this poem?
Does anyone know what "How Soon Hath Time" is about?
Is it okay to enclose a line in a sonnet in parentheses?
what is your favorite poe poem?
PLEASE READ MY SHORT POEM! It won't take long and would really help me!?
what poetry device is used?
Tips, please?
what do you think of my sonnet...?
What is Nikki Giovanni's tone in the poem "Choices"?
Is this poem good? Please comment!?
Whats a good theme for this poem? Ten-O-?
What do you think of this poem?
Do "teddy bears" talk like this? c/c?
All my best poems? Need help for which one to submit to contest?
is this a good sonnet?
Will you comment on Just Today, please?
what is the literal theme of the poem the witch?
what do you think of my poem?
What is the message of Wilfred Owen's poem 'Disabled'?
What say to "T-Rex, Wal Mart, Pompeii, and a Hurricane Good Morning!!" Pome?
what did Jonathan Culler mean by "formerly the history of criticism was the part of history of literature...?
Did Edgar Allan Poe Make A Change In The World?
Cooin and cookin, will you comment please?
R u ever inspired by the most bizarre and can you C/C this knee deep and add something?
Compare & Contrast the following in Dulce et Decorum est and Everyone Sang?
this poem has been giving me so much trouble!!!?
Pls, help with poetry....thx?
I don't know who wrote this but she used my fingers on the keys, C?C?
i have to wright a poem, about customer service . but its hard ,HELP PLEASE !!?
word to your mother?
What are some cute phrases you can think of?
why can't people check their bad manners at the door?
poem "dignified courtship?
Three Beautiful Flowers?
If you write a poem in the first person do readers automatically assume the poem is about the writer?
Does this Ditty Cheer You Up Or Make You Want to Scowl?
What are some poems that use masculine rhyme?
Help with sonnets please!?
what does this poem mean!! please help!!?
A thought I wrote after a breakup?
Another for Comment?
1-10? poem i wrote?
What do you think of this haiku?
What do you think of my short poem?
How should I write my thesis for poetry?
What do you think of my poem?
Opinions/Interpretations on my poem?
What do you think about my poem ?
Can You Give all Elements of Poetry and the Definition?
i would like to know the lyrcs of the marathi poem 'kujbuj kujbuj kujbuj re ' from old marathi bal/kumar bhart?
I need a Mitchell Davis poem.?
rules for found poetry- using lists?
Poem: can someone give me a Critical Analysis of this Poem?
iambic pentameter in this sonnet?
Does your pet know when its time?
A boy waiting for his girlfriends reply?please leave your comments?
Can somebody Help me Create a four stanza poem with an ABABAA RHYMING SCHEME?
another poem please rate?
please analyzed this poem "Candles" by Danton R.Remoto?
What do you all think of my revised english poem?
What do you think of this faithful poem?
Have you ever felt like this ?
Breath on Glass, an old poem,. c/c?
The Leveller by Robert Graves?
Going to show this poem to my crush. I need feedback.?
paraphrase and mimic?
Last poem of the night. Rewrittten, but is it better.?
HELP..?! I Need An Animal Poem Tomarrow for School. it has to be 3 stanzas?
Opinions on this please, i wrote it about a friend who had a difficult decision to make?
what do you think of this poem?
Do you have drive-by shootings in your town?A poem?
A poem for my friend?
Please leave your comment/critics on this poem?
May I have this dance with myself?
What do you think 'the night is darkening around me' by emily bronte is about (poem)?
How good do you have to be to join the Bloody Awful Poet Society ?
*******Poems Please********?
Wordsworth's Tables Turned?
Do you like this poem?
Would you please tell me how strange this actually is?
What would you do if you met this person?
Help me finish my haiku?About young love!?
Good morning.. Last Night ... A Poem.. (a question)?
what do you think of this poem?
please read and comment on my poem?
Rate my poem I wrote for history please and thankyou?!?
Do you like my new poem?
Poem I wrote.. critique it PLEASE "Speckles of Life"?
another poem of mine - i swear it isn't emo!?
Some good 20th century female poets?
Help with my poem?? I need some corrections.?
Ready for a Challenge??
Do you like my sisters haiku poem?
Is it ok to post a poem here?
rhyming help?
What are your feelings on My very sad Poem?
where can i find two of jack davis' poems? (australian poet)?
please can someone help me with this poem 'Quickdraw'?
Can you help me improve this poem?
"A Strange Thing Happened" for your participation and/ or c/c, please?
Did you ever try on your father's clothes? A poem?
how can I wright good poetry?
line to this poem?!?!?!?
I wrote a poem, but am afraid to post it here because someone might not like it. What should I do?
I need a 6-12 line rhyming poem about sheep.?
I have to write a poem using song lyrics?
Whats A Good Rhyme?!?
Is this a good poem or no?
Feedback on poetry?
I'm in love with Mark Mark and don't know what to do?
How can I get a poem I wrote copyrighted?
The sights go away, what do you think for this prose?
What do you think about this merry ole Jane poem?
What is your opinion of Charles Bukowski's poetry?
Can someone help with these 4 poem questions? PLEASE?!?
What's the best way to make a blank sheet of paper fill it's self in, what pen would you suggest I use?
i need a poem to represent the loss of my uncle?
Just you and me (a poem) please read?
poems about punks or the punk subculture?
Your opinions of my poem?
What do you think of this... maybe a poem?
poetry help?
Ever had to pause for a short poem?
Do you think this poem's allright?
Worth the read? thanks.?
Who can give me a poem about old nostalgic photos or nostalgia itself?
help writing a poem please?
Can somebody give me an annotation/response to this poem?
love poem. is it any good?
Can you please read my poem?
When would you claim yourself as a poet???
Shakespeare's Plays: Much Ado About Nothing?
Do you remember your first attempt at a love poem. Yikes!?
Much Ado About Nothing poem/rap/song help?
poem on 9/11.... please comment?
a poem on freedom, kindly give comments and/or critique please?
what is ambiguity in the road not taken?
Would you like to join in the "defense of Moley's poems" poetry slam?!?
Help writing poetry!?
another poem?
How does it feel to have remove your unoffensive, harmless posts in Y!Poetry section?
Please give an opinion on my poem.. 1-10 rating?
Does this poem sound alright to you?
Have you ever read a poem that gave you an epiphany?
stressed and unstressed ? poem help?
words that rhyme with mind?
lyric poetry help....?
Sonnet To Satan interpretation?
EZZY 10 points: Analyse this poem?
Poem for papa from great grand daughter?
What should I write my sonnet (poem) about?
write a poem about what somone done for you?
why do you hate me?
looking for a, lost/never happen poem?
What do you think of my poem "MONSTER"?
While truth can be confusing, would you please comment on the poem itself?
need help with rhyme?
Will you please take a minute on my brief poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Songs to match the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling?
What do people think of this poem for my girlfriend, any advice?
I am looking for a poems to help inspire my co-workers that have been struggling with their work, share please
Who Wrote This Poem, Clyde Watson, or Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth?
How is my poem? thank you?
Critique this poem please.?
Here is something for you to read. I just wrote it. I make no further claims. c/c?
Any opinions about my poem Time To Eat?
Can you forgive me, this is probably not worthy?
what you does think of this poem?
Graduation poem for my girlfriend?
Poetry section, where is everyone--no poems or questions in over 30 minutes?!?
Help with quick word problem? Wont take much time, Promise!!? Help gets 10 points!?
Could I be sued for this arrangement of the English language?
Please coment on my poem?!?!?
just a poem a i wrote?
Mother's Day sayings to put on a jewelry box.?
Do you like these poems? ?
I need to write a poem and need some help on what to write it on....?
who can send me info. by mail the tools i need to copyright my poetry for free?
another poem... thoughts please...?
In Coleridge's Kublai Khan, why is it "twice five miles"?
PLEASE HELP ME! Does anybody like my poems?
Does anyone know the explanation for the poem Musee des Beaux Arts by Wystan Hugh Auden?
help me please with this poem!!!!?
What is a good poem to write a poetry analysis on?
Is My Poem Okay? Do I Have Enough Detail?
A question for girls?
Help mmme.... plzzzzz?
Is this a good poem (i wrote it)? ?
Do You Like My Poem # 3?
Shemzeda'j the chinese devil of ink....?
Does anyone know any good poems to say at a funeral?
a poem about love.....?
What do you think this means?
Does a poet need a long poem to get his point across? C/C?
what is a short poem that uses allusion?
Are you poetic, could you write a verse......?
I'm looking for a poem about a moustache. Does anyone know it, or where I can find it?
A poem can mean anything that a reader sees in it?
what is it about this poem that makes it breathe?
What do you think of my Silly billy poem!?
My first Poem, if it passes as a poem, looking for HONEST opinions and help!?
Words that rhyme with...?
[[10 points]] Need help with writing my bf a reallyy long poem for are 1 year? Need bunch of ideas/help plz<3?
A Villanelle for Sylvia (A Pen That Bled)?
hey on a scale 1-10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best) rate this poem...thanks?
What form is The Harlot's House written in?
I need some honest opinions on this poem 2 (not the same post)?
rate my poetry and try to be sincere ?
how does my I am From poem sound?
How can you finish this song? its from the show the league, its for a girl I like & I want a different ending?
Does a poem have to follow a rythym?
How does this poem illustrate the power of the word?
My Last Duchess?
How would you rate this short love poem?
need help with shakespearean poem?
What do you think about this poem?
Can anyone please summarize the main idea of the poem The Guitar by Federico Garcia Lorca?
what do you think of this poem i wrote?
what is journal poetry?
do you like m ypoems?
How to write a Paradox poem?
Compare and Contrast poems: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night and As I Grew Older?
read my poem and tell me what it means to you?
I entered my poem in poetry.com..it appeared in the database for the first day and vanished after that?
????..........Is this good?
Why young people do not have time to read poetry?
I need help making up a poem for my history class!!?
Opinions on my new poem????????? please?
When it's all getting on top of you, don't you wish you could fly? A poem, will you critique or give comments?
What is the name of the poem used as a clue in the first tomb raider movie?
Will u rate my poem?
Analyzing traditional poetry?
Thought's on this short poem written by me?
Veteran day poem help?!?!?
What is the best poem of all time?
Opinions and help on my poem?
Can you type few rhyming lines/poem on: Its time to pause and think.....?
What do you think of my once deleted poem?
Do you feel "connected"?
Please comment on my poem? ?
comment on Christina Rossetti's vision of life and death in her poem "Uphill"?
What do you honestly think of this poem?
Do you like this poem I've written?? Can you tell what it is about?
I need help revising my thesis on Shakespeare's dark lady sonnets (127-154)?
Can someone help me with my poem???
What is your interpertation of this poem?
Romantic elements in poetry?
Can you give me an example of a Shakespeare style sonnet?
Is Lili's windy rhetoric worth listening to?
Do u think this is a good poem???? :D?
Can you Please C/C Poem: Sept 11, 2001?
Wouldn't be a Sin to forget a friend?
Opinions on my new poem ?!?
As for Shakespeare, which poem do you like most ? To be or not to be...?
isnt a haiku 5 lines?
Is there single booklet with analyses of all poems in The Rattle Bag?
When we went away, give me feedback ploise?
Is this poem good?? Roses are red Violets are blue I love you lets say "I DO"?
does any1 nkow where i can get a cool pic of a piano with blood on it?
i need a poem of alliteration asap?????????
Mary Oliver poem analysis help please?
Sad, moving, poem, what do you think?
Please critique my poem?
Something stupidly symmetrical...Care to scrutinize and say something???
Can you give me a title for my poem?
Why do sad people write bad poems?
'The Witch Runt' if you will please tell me what you think of this.?
Is the word 'hunger' an iamb or a trochee?
Have you seen "her" ?
What is it called when all the lines of a poem have the same amount of syllables?
what is a poem that relates to tupacs song dear mama?
Most important quality in a poet?
music poem?
What's the name of the type of poem...?
So what are your thoughts on the peom I wrote?
Does anyone besides me like to write poetry?
William Shakespear's Sonnet LV (55) + Wendy Cope's "Not only marble, but plastic toys"?
Please tell me what you like about this poem?
A poem by Patrick star?
Who's the canary in the Y!AP coalmine?
Will somebody read my poem (pastiche) and tell me what you think and how to do a commentary on it?
How do you like this poem?
Does anyone know any good poems that are 20 lined stanzas?
This may stink, but it is how I feel right this second. Let me know what u think.?
Edited version of a piece already posted...?
rate this poem for me i wrote it earlier,tell me what you think?
translation of garcilaso de la vega sonnet xxi?
Is this a poem only a woman would write, comments?
How do you feel when people praise your work?
If I write you a poem, will you write me one too? May I read it?
a bit of haiku to test the soul ?
please comment on my poem?
i need a poem!!!!!!!?
Hey I've got another poem... Not as much as a love poem as comedy and I need some ratings 1-10 please!?
I'd love to have your opinion on this poem?
need a poem?
how does the poem go the weed that grows on cliffs?
A poem about love read and rate and feedback?
Do you like this poem?
Who is the poet of "Ballad of A Mother's Heart"?
Who wishes it was like it used to be?
Which of these features describes a Shakespearean sonnet?
Example of Moral Vision?
Perfect city in body , not your mind. Care to interpret?
I wrote a poem, what do you think of it?
What do you think of this hen and Montezuma morning pome?
Anyone think this is good?
Will you c/c on a poem by the Greek poet?
Can somebody help me compare and contrast these two poems?
Poetry sites?
What do you think of this poem? I wrote it for mt boyfriend..don't know if its too corny??..?
What do you think of this My Daddy poem?
Do you like this poem....?
Will you please tolerate this?
Who likes my poem that is ment to be random?
What is a good classic romantic poem?
In what book can I find the poem "Goose Pond", by Stanley Kunitz?
I need an acrostic poem?
Need A Good Poem....?
Can you please give some constructive criticism on this self-loathing poem of mine and suggest a title for it?
Is this sonnet poem good?
Can someone suggest a new last line?
sex poem. adult opinions only please?
Comments on a light hearted poem about decking the halls?
I need a rhyme, it doesn't have to be perfect?
Can you read and rate my poem?
honest help with something i wrote for a friend - she asked for poetry for her birthday, and i'm nervous!?
Part III. How can I improve it?
I need a poem?
can you help me improve this?
Are you thinking about having a Good Morning?
A Limerick. Please read it. Please.?
comments &suggestions on this poem ?
Question on Ted Hughes' poem 'Wind'? Analyising a line? HELP!?
"Man: A Question" Is there irony to all these? Care to C/C?
Can you put o captain my captain into a song?
Size Zero... i wrote this to try and make people think.?
what event is the poem ballad of birmingham based on?
Does anyone know, who write this poet?
Haiku from my walk in down town st. paul MN?
how do you like my poems?
Do you love this poem?
what exactly is the poem leda and the swan about?
The Shy Stranger.................a poem...c\c?
How to write apollinaire poems?
First try at poetry, tell me how bad it is.?
I'm looking for a poem from mother to daughter?
A poem "Scream your name from the rooftops"?
What is your opinion regarding my winter poem?
Is my poem good??????
Poetry poetry terms.....?
Who wrote this really sad poem?
Analyzing - A smile to remember by Charles Bukowski?
A magazine poem - can someone decipher this?
Does anyone know any good South African landscape poetry for a year 3/4 class?
Metaphors/Similes in this poem?
Analysis the poem of "Tha man he killed" by Thomas Hardy.?
If you could recommend only one book of poetry, what would that be please, thanks?
4 short Amateur Poems? (yay or nay)?
help me analyse this war poem?
Name of poem by Pablo Neruda?
Do you like this poem about mothers ?
What do you think of my poem ?
Does anyone knows the meaning of this William Shakespeare's Sonnets.. below?
i am looking for a poem called sonnet by someone whose first name is christine.?
how do you say goodbye?
What do you think of this poem? Little Boy in Blue?
Do you see beauty everywhere?
Can you help this out? I am not good with the subject matter?
Wed. nite poem to c/c plz?
whats your input on this poem ?
We interrupt the Morning Shows for a Special Blab?
can I buy all the HBO Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam Seasons ?
Literary devices In Shakespeare Poem?
Did you see the Luv/Lovers?
in Theodore Roethke's poems, what is the main theme throughout all of them?
any thoughts on this piece of writing?
Spoken word poetry topics?
To whom do you think the sonnet 29 poem by Shakespeare is addressed to?
Did you guys hear about this yet?
Need ideas to write a poem inspired by the book The Age of Innocence?
What do you think of It Ain't All That Wonderful In Neverland!! morning pome?
Who wrote this poem..?
So, i want to make these poem about my,best,guy friend?
how can i make a poem about death, black, a red rose, love and me ?
Will you C/C the new script {Wince} of the Greek poet?
"Morn Of Life" A Poem, For Your Thoughts :)?
How is poetry like photography?
Stressed & unstressed syllables?
"Sonnet 65" how else could you convey your words as true? Care to C/C this poem?
"All of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire"...poem for c/c?
poems for my mother at 80?
Feedback on my poem please?
I want to find a poem by Nathan Alterman?
Vampire poem?
I made a poem. What do you think?
rate my poem?
Opinions/suggestions on a poem?
Would you comment on a poem with a different twist, or maybe it's just twisted?
Is this poem good? Suggestions?
can someone help me write a sonnet?
Is this a decent poem?
there's this GREAT poem i read once, but i forgot it!! do you know it?
What do you think of my peom?
Please Rate My War Poem?
Loves Me Not, will you read and comment?
OK this is for someone Very Special. Comments very welcome.>??????
Help me finish this poem?
poems about fitting in?
do u like this poem?
Do you recall when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
who wrote this poem i found in an old book ...no name?
what would you say....?
What's your favourite poem? What makes it great and unique for you?
Comments on my 'Treason' Poem?
Will you read my new villanelle and comment?
What do you think of my (new) poem?
What do you think of my poem?
is world poetry movement really a scam???? :(?
How do you like my poem?
Rhyme help!?
Do you like this very short poem I wrote?
i need a acrostic poem on friends?
Sonnet about neighbours?
What do you think of this song I'm writing?
What do you think of this poem?
How many poetry sites do you frequent?
i need a simile poem?
Can you help me find the theme and rhyme scheme in the poem Twister Hits Houston?
i am so alone?
What you think of my two Friendship poems.?
Why do fathers become statistics, why can't they be fathers?
Shakespearean sonnet about these topics...?
Do you break glass or plates? A little rumination. c/c?
Poem continuation of winter in a forest?
Descriptive poem for a piano piece?
Poetry based on 1 thing about your life?
A short poem for your consideration, comments please?
i need help writing an acrostic poem about renewable?
What was the name of that French Romantic poet? Fourcord, or something?
poem explication help please,,?
Need help analyzing poem, Hope by Emily Dickinson?
Why does Walt Whitman randomly place numeral 10 in his poems?
Here is a poem. I am so very sad right now...comments.?
Is there another site a person can go to to read poetry that doesn't?
Help I need a song?
Is this a poem "Passing through Autumn"?
When your spouse comes home, Him, c/c?
Which Shakespeare's poem deals with history?
[ASPIRA...I am NOT]...Would you please convey your feelings on this 'poem'...?
How many of you are moved by poetry?
please read my new poem?
For need of a connection, what do you think of this?
Looking for a short romantic french poem?
explaination of the poem what for?
Poem...read it, if you so desire.?
How can I improve this poem?
Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem “Love is not all” I NEED ANSWERS! please help, i'll give you points!?
I'm a writer w/writers block..HELP?
What's an acrostic poem for Westies?
I can't help it, I need your constant feedback...Please???
What is a song that connects to/relates to this poem?
What do you think of my poem, titled, Relations?
Any poets want to share what they go through to write a poem?
What does this poem mean to you?
Sleep well my love; Do you like my Love poem?
Is this Valentines Day Poem Tasty at all?
More of my diverted emotions?
Anyone know a made up Shakespearean sonnet?
Tell me if you like my freaking poem?
What do you guys think of my poem?
Poets, writers, bookworms etc...Don't you think that...?
What do you think of my Poem?
Neonman opened the political window, will you jump through it with me?
Need help with a poem!!!! please help!?
Does the term "Shakespearen" sonnet refer to sonnets created by Shakespeare only or to a whole genre that ....
Poets, one for Semper Fi, your comments?
problems with poetry.com?
poetry anaylsis!!??!!?
Can a mother give birth to the same child twice?
anyone know any famous poets poems on this topic?
Macbeth says 'I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition? Corruption?
Poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
I write poems, its my new one. plz tell me how is it.. its "GOD BLESS RAIN"!!?
Should I Write My Novel In Verse?