English poem help please?
in the poem Advice to my Son by Peter Meinke...?
if you can get along without pep pills. if you can always be cheerfull, ignoring aches and pains.?
does anyone know any two poems that have one one theme?
Will you cc three lines?
rate my poem please, thanks?
Will you C/C the new script {Fog Horn and Bow Bell} of the Greek poet?
Is this a good poem I wrote?
what poem is better?!?
How do you like your Eggs? Philosophical? c/c?
know any good poems? list them here.?
What do you think of this poem?
It's been a while since posting a poem...so here's another.. What do you think is the meaning of this poem
Do you have any CC for this poem?
Allusion poems?!?!?
Can someone please help me understand the poem Brown Man's Burden?
I need help rhyming the word "together" for my sonnet!?
I wrote this one when i was mad at my boyfriend... Tell me what you think!?
Getting to know you....acrostic?
Do you have time to read another simple thought?
Hi friends! pray tell your thoughts on what this love poem is about?
Do you like this????????
Shakespearean Sonnet?
im alone im trapped. help me.....?
Emily Dickinson criticism, HELP!?
Honestly..Is honesty the best policy?
examples of a symbolic poem 10 lines minimum help!!!!!?
Hey can you tell me what you think of this poem?
Leave your opinions on my poem?
What's you favorite poem?
I'm Back............with my new poem..How's it?????
Just some of my thoughts, is this poem any good?
How do I start off when writing comparing poems?
Calling all established and budding poets. Where are you when you write your poems?
What are some things to consider when talking about form in poetry?
What do you think of this poem? Please be honest..?
A poem with the theme suggesting action should be taken at an opportune moment or else objective would be lost?
Will you look at this and comment?
After reading the poets here, do you ever wish one of them would write on a certain subject?
Reposting this 2+-year-old poem as it seems appropriate, will you c/c?
What do you think of this...?
More poetry from a 13 year old.........?
need help writing love sonnet?
Do you enjoy hearing a man speak about nothing?
Was Shakespeare's sonnet's preoccupation with fading beauty, about him losing interest in his aging wife?
What are some sensory details in the poem Love after Love by Derek Walcott?
hhmmm... why do people drown?
poem analysis help? =[[[[[?
Poems about quebec and or canada?
What is the meaning of this poem?
What do you think of my (allegedly) comical poem about a day?
epic simile for someone who is helpful, humble, and charismatic?
Sojourner Truth Poem/Speech?
What is a good word for the edge of a waterfall before it falls?
Am I the greatest poet of the XXI century?
My mom's making me do poetry recitations, advice?
what would a good poem title be that has to do with Autumn?
Is it OK to be Goofy here?
Narrative poem songs?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
How can I make this better?
what do you all think of this poem? pleaseee answer its kind of urgent?
what is the climax in the poem Edward edward?
What do you think of my poem?
What are good sites to enter a writing/poetry compettion for free?
Will you C/C on a real poem {Pitchers of Dark Ale}, if you may?
can you help me with this poem?
Poetry - A few more of my poems.....?
Sascha Brastoff?
how does poetry reveal our society?How does the history of poetry corresponds to the history of our society?
essay help??
What is the poet really thinking about?
POEM - kinda its like, you know, a romantic comedy?
What is the original French title of Victor Hugo's "More Strong Than Time?"?
How did the plague "black death" affected the italian poet petrarch?
What title will be best for my composition?
what is a good way to explain the tone of a poem?
Have you EVER written a poem that was not a reminder of Halloween? I smile to that, C/C if you may?
Have you been to a National War Memorial?
How do you think,would this story be interesting?
plz help me i want to memorize a poem very quickly?
I want to write a poem about no more bullying?
New poem, any opinions?
Where can I find a sonnet about love being blind?
anyone else having problems with there questiosn not postingfor a long time ? anyway what you think of this ?
Critique My Poem: Love is a Game?
What is the deeper meaning to C.K Williams' "Light"?
Mother's Day Poem Help Please!!!?
What is the poem "In Romney Marsh" by John Davidson about?
Can someone help me to really understand this poem??? (In Depth)?
Do you know the name of this poem?
My only submission for the day.....who cares about comments at this point?
any good at all?
Need a PEE paragraph about this poem helpp !!!?
What do u think of my poem? Please answer?
What's your favorite poem and why?
Help! I can't interpret this poem!?
what is the meaning of this poem?
Can you tell me what you think about my poem?
Please check out this poem entitled: My first love and her poem?
My poem? Is it good?
could someone please help me write a review of the poetry of elizabeth bishop??
Discriptive writing help?
What do you think this poem is about?
What is there left to do?
what do you think of my poem?
Poetic writers block- Do I need sadness as a muse?
do you like my new poem?
do you like my poem?
Constructive comments welcomed. What do you think of my new poem?
What is your favorite season?
Need help writing a metaphor about dreams?
what is an assonance?
Please read my go at a song "heartbreak"?
I was rudely being asked to post it at this section before so I guess I post it here?
How is this poem? (0-9)?
please help with poems?
Will you comment on "At Last"?
Boast Poem Help PLEASSSE!!!!!!!!!?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you like this computer language poem? (its sposta about computer lingo, thats the theme)?
I need critiques to make poem better no sugar coating thanks!?
A poem for Silver Bells (Jay) - Can I lay it at his feet?
Is this rap/ poem any good?
What do everyone think of this poem?
What exactly is Tupac saying in In The Depths Of Solitude poem?
Do you have to be miserable in life to write good poetry?
what was the dead poem society?
How long does it take you? Will you C/C please?
What do you think of this poem for a funeral?
is it a metaphor?
What are the poems "fortune" and "teller" by Kevin Young about? (subject and occasion)?
I like poetry and poets. Do you?
henry louis vivian derozio?
Need help with this poem! :'Carpet Weavers, morocco' by Carol Rumens?
Warning! Box of Kleenex required. I just wrote it and I'm soaked...?
I want to be a poet when i grow up so what do you think?
I have written some haikus and need critiques and comments?
Please help - what should I call my poem?
What you think about my poem?
Having ants ON your pants, as opposed to in: What's the difference?
Will you rate my little tale of love?
Please rate this poem?
so whats your poem?
Have you ever wanted to punch a Buk in the belly?
another creepy poem .s best answer?
I have very few regrets. Do you purge your regret through words?
Help on poem ideas? Nature poem?
can you read this one please ?
looking for the last poets poetry?
Please help with 8-line poem!?
Have you ever been revived? Emotionally? A poem?
Hero and Leander; need an explanation by john donne?
Have you ever witnessed a poet come apart at the seams? c/c?
This is a sneaky poem, I shouldn't be telling this, ssshhh.?
What do these lines from this poem mean?
What style of poetry did Ralph Waldo Emerson write?
Remeber my writers block??? =]]?
which single poem best captures the essence of the renaissance?
What type of poetry do you tend to like better? (rhyming or freeform)?
What does Odysseus' journey to Hades represent?
This is some poetry I wrote, feedback and comments are appreciated?
Please Critique this Holocaust Poem.?
I want some addresses of poetry publishers!Any help out there?
do you like my poem? i took a while to type it?
What a brief storyline of sonnet 29 by shakespeare?
whats open poetry?
Have you been in a haunted house lately (poem)?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Help on William Butler Yeats poem When you are Old??
Can we create our own existence?
my poem (about an eating disorder)...what do you think?
i need a poem thats sad and depressing about someone you love, but they dont love you?
Can anyone help me with my poem?
I am being pulled hither and thither ?
what is your favorite Poet or Poem...?
i need to analyze this poem?
What did Dr. Seuss mean in this poem?
A pome of Freedom?! what say you?
Criticism/help? Free verse poem?
I need help rhyming this line for my sonnet?
What to say in a poem asking a girl to homecoming?
Personification and Imagery in this poem?
I'd love some helpful feedback. Could you look at this?
what is the meaning of stopping by woods and how does the author use rhythm and rhyme to contribute to it?
My Halloween poem, what do you think of it?
what should i do for a media piece for the poem for sailing to byzantium by william butler yeats?
Literature. Maybe I can use some help form my fellow earthlings...?
Who said this (10 point)?
Poem about picking up after men?
When was "It was not death" By emily Dickinson written?
Lamartine and Baudelair, whom's your favorite?
honest thoughts on this poem please?
New poem, what do you think?
how should i start?
Would you comment on this shorty please?
Is easier to write a poem or cook a meal ?
Is my poem ANY good AT ALL??
The Voice of The Rain!!!!?
Care to comment on a Spatial poem?
What do you think the theme of this poem is?
What No kiss for the green bean?
What is Dickinson's writing style? what literary elements did she use? what imagery elements did she use?
Reposting this 2+-year-old poem as it seems appropriate, will you c/c?
Give me an animal, any animal..?
To compare the ways in which owen portrays the extreme situations which soilders experience in 2 poems?
Child of Our Time- Eavan Boland?
This great Canadian poet was also our most unlikeliest. He was uncommon because he was a common man. He was a?
another creepy poem .s best answer?
where can i get a poem about nutrition month.. i need it badly..?
Is this a good poem? please comment?
hey,wrote a poem.what you think?
help a short summarizing a poem......?
Can someone please help me with this rhyme time worksheet?
What do you think of this poem?
Please read this poem and want your opinion?
What does this poem mean?
what do you think of my poem?
Can anyone remember the childrens poem about Doctor Foster who went to Gloucester?
My Unpaid Aritst-Please Read and Comment?
Should all poems rhyme?
free form kinda sorta...something...advice?
What is this poem about?
This may be "pants" but explains where I'll be, will you read and comment?
Do you like my new poem: Monte?
I need a poem for school...?
Extended Metaphor, is this a good idea?
A poem on a distraction brought to my attention recently, C/C?
What poem [be specific] is there that at least one page long and can be easliy understood?
What should I title this poem?
Ladies what would you think of the man who sent you this?
Would it be possible for you to review my work then explain any thoughts and/or feelings it might evoke?
Did you ever have a therapist who did one good thing? Epiphany, c/c?
Major English exercise no. 13: The Clerihew?
Because of Ma...Do you want to go to a place, where I used to go?
I desperately need help with my ENG HMWK! :(?
Is this a good poem that I wrote?
Overnight At Grandma's.....a "Butterfly" Cinquain.?
I am doing a poem project for school, what are your favorite poems?
Do not go gentle poem................?
Help on finishing a poem!?
Please tell me what u think of my poem?
s for the right guess (title)?
this a very personal poem please tell me what you think=)?
do you like my poem?
I wrote my first poem, what do you guys think of it?
The Perfect Friend [poem] by Shannen Wrass?
i need a 1 min poem on football someone please help!!!?
How do I start my writing career?
Do you know about Yvonne Sapia (poet)?
Poem any good .s for best answer?
A small change in my Poem, some constructive C/C thanks.?
this wil only take a sec! rate my poem?
Sonnet problemss!!!!!!?
poem critique please?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem ideas?
Will you comment on this poem please?
A Golden Glimpse of Fall C/C?
Do you like my poem?
Poetry Minions,Read this for comment please?
Need some opinions on my poems/raps/ballads?
so im almost done with my sonnet i just need the ending which is the rhyming couplet, can i have some ideas ?
Acrosstic Poem for the work SERVANT? it doesn't need to rhyme just needs to have a rhythm ?
Can you tell who would report a nearly perfect sonnet? C/C?
Do you think this would work?
Calling all poets! When was the last time you actually bought a book of poetry?
I need help with a tanka poem?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
i need some distinctly male poets?
Ignoring the spelling wat do u think of this poem?
Take a look at my poem?
how to turn a poem into a monologue? 10 points best answer?
Need help with a poem.?
That MTRYtheoryruler guy gave me the best advice I've ever had: "Keep writing" is what he said....?
Is this a silly little love song poem? Comments?
Is this a poem " The lost moment "?
What do these lines mean in a Dorothy Parker poem: There was one?
I'm going to enter this poem into a competition at school. Can you tell me what you think?
Can I do this? A poem?
What is your opinion on my poem "Ending"?
Do you write your dreams down?
I want to write a poem for a girl.?
When I'm busy folding socks into squares I STAR everyone's turdish poetry. What do you do when you're busy?
Ok...is this something? kindly comment please?
where im from poem?due tommorow!?
What do you guys think of this poem?
Will you C & C this different kind of poem?
What is Eavan Boland 'The Poet' about?
can u make up a poem?
what is the message in the following poem?
Does anyone have any tips on hosting a successful poetry club?
Need some opinions on this poem I just wrote?
What are some good simile poems?
Tell me what you think of this poem plz?
Dylan Thomas (Do not go gentle into that night)?
Who wrote the poem/ad copy "Dream Big"?
What is the central idea of this poem?
searching for name of a tragic love poem?
Will you judge my poetry?
Help! Write an Being 10 poem?
What do you think this poem means?
Language Arts... please help. narrative poem?
What emotion does this poem evoke in you, if any, can you describe it?
What is your opinion of my poem?
need help analyzing the poem in the smoking car by richard wilbur. give me as much as you can.. thanks!!?
[[10 points]] Need help with writing my bf a reallyy long poem for are 1 year? Need bunch of ideas/help plz<3?
Touch Me ... (Might be better for 18 and older, sensual not nasty)?
Miracle of Life: Care to Comment?
Great older sister poem? Christmas gift!!?
What do you think of my words?
"Do, I, Hear?" a Spontane before I sink to the utterly banal..pleasec/c for me poets and the cuiousand even wo?
This is from .a question I saw and is an old poem, Dance?
Whitman's "song of myself" and "Out of the Cradle"?
What theme or advice does the poem "Still Night Thoughts" offer?
Have you ever felt like this? Does the feeling pass with time? What if it doesn't?
Poem: No Other Reason (please let me know what you think)?
What are some famous 3 stanza poems?
Does the tone of someone's words matter to you?
A Short Little Love Poem, What Do You Think?
Graduation poem about teachers ?
I need a Mitchell Davis poem.?
comments on my pint-size poem?
Rate my poetry thank you?
what the best poem by shekspier?
Poetry help?
What do you remember about high school?
"Courting Poetry"....And the verdict is...?
Help with a team motto/cheer?
Love poem for my boyfriends birthday card? Any ideas?
Can you relate to this? What do think about the poem?
What do you think of my dark poem, C/C please?
Can anyone help me on my poem?
Is this a simile?
what do you think of this short piece I wrote?
What is the name of the instrumental song that used to come out on the humble soul (reggae artist) site.?
Rate my poem about my manic depression?
Wht insrped Emily dickinson to wrte "A drop fell on the apple tree","a light exsit in the spring"
What is the theme of Sonnet 135?
Poetry or Photography contests?
What is the Flower that best describes you?
Is this poem bad, good, or alrite?
Part time poet looking for a job?
What would you say is the meaning of this poem?
Autumn calling, is anyone else feeling a shade of melancholy, c/c welcome?
Little Kid Poetry Books?
Edward Taylor poetry?
what do you think of my poem?
Will you read my poem before I show it to the one for whom it is intended?
I want to think, not from complexity, but because of simplicity. Can you make me do that?
My question not being shown?
Can someone help me with this poem? 10 points!?
What do you think of my poem?
Best English poems for recitation...?
I wrote a poem... that got stolen...?
What are some of Robert Frosts more depressing works of poetry?
What are some good poems about identity? Please help! Easy 10 points!?
I have wrote a poem about/for my cat?
I was reading a novel last night and my mind wandered--I missed two whole pages! don't that just drive ya nuts?
Staring contests... What's so great about them?
Most Haunting- a poem I wrote in a free-time media lesson. my teacher said it's freaky. what do you think?
Prose/poem help: how do i tackle the subject of "Online chatting"...?
Triolet zone time, I might have messed this one up , c/c?
Poem I wrote about suicide?
Please have a look? Poem...:)?
A poem about absolutely nothing. C/C?
Which poem did Amitabh Bachchan recite to Katrina Kaif on KBC?
how to write a poem?
Is this a good vignette?
Will you Please Read my Poem?
are tes poems good, te letter next to g isnt working on tis website so ignore te grammer?
is this sonnet in iambic pentameter?
A New Love Poem - Comments ?
A poem that has been waiting in me since September 13, 1996. C/C?
Serious question for the poets?
Which poem is the best?
What do you think of my new poem ' little things' ?
is my poem good enough to perform?
One of my first posts in Answers....Can you relate?
What do you say to 'Oh Why Can't Poets And The English Learn To Speak?' mawnin pome?
what is the sonnet Ozymandias;explain?
What does this poem mean? -poem analysis?
Could I publish this poem?
Anyone know the title or author of this poem?
where can I find an open mic for poetry?
poem by tennyson which begins comrades leave me here a little, while as yet tis early morn?
what do you think of this poem?
Please help me choose a name for my poem?
Is revisionist history worth changing?
Which one of these sonnet verses work better?
Homer's Epic Poem - The Odyssey? HELP?
what is hope?
Sweet meaning poem ideas for my boyfriend!?
What's your opinion about my poem (Another chance)?
)()()()()()()glazed gaze's()()()()()()()(?
(Beachcomber Dog) - poem, c/c if you may?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet XXI?
Do you like my Benelux song?
What do you think about this?
A tale of Halloween semi-horror. Part I. (no room) Part II to follow immediately C/C?
Please, tell me what you think?
What do you think of my poem?
When words have two meanings, does the poet have to choose just one?
How is " Bite kiss" poem..? otteri selvakumar?
Celebration, yes or no??
continue this short poem for fun?
Inspired by Fredric and Doe, C/C?
What do u think of this sad poem?
what is a good poem for mother's day?
What are the literary devices used in this poem?
is this poem any good?
Would you like to offer your opinion?
Where can I find Pablo Neruda's "To Wash a Child" in Spanish?
What details from the Epic of Gilgamesh give you a picture of how the Sumerians were like?
May I Have this Dance? A poem for your C/C?
Do you like this sonnet I wrote?
Do you think this poem is okay to givet to a girl i have a crush on?
are there any allusions in the poem "the fish" by elizabeth bishop?
Which poem do you prefer?
Explain the differences between these two poems.?
Poet Help?
help with a poem please?
In your opinion, is this sonnet any good?
do you like this poem? (its sad)?
any thoughts or opinions on my poem?
What do you think of this Poem I wrote??
Is this poem in Iambic Parameter?
I would like to have a guide on my way there, wouldn't you?
Does anyone know what this poem is or who it's by?
My Girl (written like "Full Moon"?
I need an example of circle poem with 10 words?
Possibly my greatest one yet. Your thoughts on this please?
Need help..Is this poem ok?
And what do you feed your most loyal pet?
Do you find it hard getting up in the morning?
Do you like my poem?
Help with analyzing this poem by Robert Frost: Nothing Gold Can Stay?
I need help with poems!?
Do you think that this poem is good or bad?
Can you write a poem about Fishbelly?
i need a poem written about anything at all it just have to be a mixture of personification and onomatopeoi?
what is the theme of the poem one day in spring by rabindranath tagore?
any advices for my long-worked poem?
Robert Frost Poetry Quotations.?
What thought you of a Saturday War?
Please critique my nonsense love poem?
what do you think of my poem?(I'm 13)?
please read my poem and thoughts?
What do you think?
Where is a good place to publish poetry?
Finding the poem "Patterns" by Amy Lowell?
I need help with a villanelle poem!?
This ones called Tree crabs?
what do u think?
I need an opinion on this poem?
what do you think of this poem?
whats your favorite rhyme scheme?
poem on water saving in hindi?
Can someone please help me write a poem about homeostasis in cells?
What do you think of my poem?
William Carlos Williams The Yachts Analysis help!?!?!?
I write a lot of Prayer Poems. What do you think of this one?
please help me give me an example please!!??points?
Is smoking really bad for my health?
There is a poem about Obama and African American invention? Where can I find this poem?
how to annotate The Cask of Amontillado?
Graduation poem for my girlfriend?
I have become completely tired of communicating without the Saints. Particulary The Virgin Mary.?
Do any of you look at cloud formations, comments or critique welcome - thanks?
I never thought I'd ask this, but is this good enough?
A Poem From Way Back, for your c-c?
Can you give me a poem about the innocence of children?
I want a finish line for this poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
What would it take for you to stop...?
rate these poems??
i need ideas for a poem spesific please!!!?
Is my literary talent seriously underestimated?
My heart beats rapidly: Do you like it?
The poem of TWO HAIKU questions?
what do you think of my poem?
What is the answer to the followng limericks The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme and have 8 syllables.?
What is the first word of your favorite poem?
Of Alien, of Aliens - Do you like this poem by my young sister?
This a poem I wrote...check it out! Young Beautifull and Unattainable?
What do you guys think about this poem? I just wrote it today :)?
good life/love quotes??
Are you up for a poetic challenge? October's daughter....?
Stripped to bare bones. Is it better now.?
Did you see the Luv/Lovers?
Would you read " The Writers Block"?
For class, I have to do an imagery poem describing a place. What should I do? What words should I use?
Is it possible to chat with the ocean?
I need help finding the meaning of this poem by linda Hogan?
Would you help me improve Part XVI?
Can anyone write me a poem for school about a guy that does stuff and sees things and also he's really cool?
What's it called in poetry when certain nouns get capitalised?
Can anyone please tell me, what they think of this poem?
A poem, PLEASE READ!!!?
What is a world poem? Need definition and example if possible. Thank you!?
Poets: Do points and BAs really represent good poetry...?
Can someone paraphrase "I, Too" by Langston Hughes?
I need help on my concrete poem.?
DO you like this poem..?
Can I book you a vacation like I just had?
I need help understanding sonnet forms.?
What are some legitimate poetry contests or publications that I can send a poem to?
Can anyone remember this Irish Gaelic poem from school?
Critique me on my poem?
Please people! help me annotate this poem! - MAGPIES IN PICARDY?
Any poems on how anger leads to depression or hatred?
George Gray. What are your personal analysis's of this masterpiece? I'd like a little more insight, please.?
Can you write a sonnet in 92 seconds? I tried. c/c?
Who is Ruth Collins the poet who wrote "The Song of the Factory Worker?
Remember, Comments Welcome?
can someone write me a 15 line poem about america?
Could u please tell me a poem u love ?...!!!?
who is your favorite poet and why?
does anyone know a poem that uses all the months in it?
ok now that you have helped me with my poem please edit or comment it?
Can you please read my poem (1-10)?
Please read this poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
Wordsworth's Tables Turned?
Do you now any great poems that are 9th grade level-ish?
help me with this poem!!??
A "good morning" poem for my Knight in Shining Armor. Do you think this is romantic enough?
Help with iambic pentameter sonnet?
Will you C/C on a revised script of the Greek poet?
Is my poem good?
This poem should have a "part 2". What do you think?
What do you think of this poem?
I want to find a poem called "Midwife House"?
Judge my poem/lyrics?
what do you think of this poem?
what do you think of these poems?
what do you think of this poem?
Short poem I wrote? :)?
Need a war poem for my school assignment? Help please?
Whats the overall message of this poem?
Please give your opinion on "Sunny"?
What do you think of my poem?
What's your favourite poem about the moon?
I have written this poem, I would like some serious critiques, is there any thing I should add?
Whitney form is quite compact, what about this poem?
Can someone explain a sonnet to me?
Do you live in the country? I want to live in the country, again.....?
On Alzheimer's ..............c/c?
What do you think of my poem?
Does this qualify as a poem and what do you think of it?
What say to the poem,"Goodnight Is A Matter Of Time"?
i need to find a web page where i can find a poem and its critics?
Bruce Dawe poetry help!!!!!?
This is a poem about the foolish worship of gods. Do you like it?
Is there an online dictionary that includes the location of stress marks or stressed syllables for words?
I just had to share????????
What quirky c/c for this "Barren Wasteland...It Be Yellow-Orange" poem?
Is this a good poem? how can i fix it?
How can i memorize a very long poem?
What do you think of my poem? Please c/c? Thanks?
Come closer, I have some news I wish to impart, Some silly girl has stolen my heart.?
are there any allusions in the poem "the fish" by elizabeth bishop?
Please read over my recent poems?
Some people you meet leave an impression....?
who occupies this house by dickinson-meaning?
What do you think of my poem?
what do you think of this poem?
who knows poem or song that begins "I once knew a man who lost his eye in a terrible accident," & where from?
If you're out there, can you show me a sign?
Will you c/c a crazed person?
a new poem....?
"After great pain, a formal feeling comes" by Emily Dickinson?
Inspired by Lovechild, concerning drug addiction, care to comment or critique?
Numerical Love (not for kids)?
"Of Truths And Hoaxes" The moon landing, with flag planting was contested as a hoax, or was it? Will you C/C?
What do you think of Bowls, Pans, Oven...Must Be Christmas! poem?
what is the tone and mood in the lady of shalott?
what do you think of my poem?
What does this poem mean?
What is the theme of John Keats' poem "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles"?
Need help with writing a poem?
What up with the vatars?
what do you think of this poem?
do any of you have a way to memorize poems faster??
Do you often mix iambic pentameter and hendecasyllables? . . .c/c?
Care to critique this poem?
can anyone help me with this poem?
Poetry Elements of John Donne poems?
I need to write a life metaphor?
How is poetry like photography?
criticism for a new poem?
Another poem for Friday I am done with. How is this one.?
What do you think of my poem?
New poem The little black shack points to improve?
The poem "Kin" by Carl Sandburg?
would people check poetry .com?
Are there any good poetry analysis books out there?
What do you think of this Poem?
Has it been an OK day so far?
It's short and I might add to it but what do you think?
Death be Not Proud?
HEY Happy Birthday tori poem....?
Close Your Eyes?
Does your face ever freeze in an expression? And why? Wide Eyed, cc?
I am looking for the perfect poem to be read at my wedding...?
Another cat poem, your comments?
To whom it may concern, would you consider this a poem?
Do you like my 1st poem in my poems series called My McDreamy poems?
Hey everyone. What do think of this? Please be brutally honest! Thanks.?
edmund spenser's sonnets?
another one. 100% honest.?
Can you please comment on "Reflections On The Floor"?
Can someone please do a quick analysis of this poem?
Your thoughts on this poem please?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
Have you ever just wanted to stay on the couch and read all day long?
Which book of good poetry would you recommend to a novice as myself?
What dark writing poets are alive today that I can submit poems to?
im stuck on my poem, and need help!?
What do you call this style of poetry?
Care to comment and critique my poem, thanks?
Hi, this is my little rose tale-what do you think about it?
Whats A Short Easy Oregon Trail Poem.?
I want to be a writer, what do you think of my poem?
Poetry Categories - Part II - what do you think?
I Hate You..........?
What do you think of a Southern Christmas Secret...Ssssshhh! poem?
A poem written for one of my contacts just to say thanks. Do you think this is good enough?
This Morning's Chill, for a friend, I hope he sees it?
How much vocabulary and phrasing are required to tell a story?
Can anyone give me an acrostic poem with WICKED that describes the story of Wicked by Gregory Maguire?
Opinions on a new poem please?
I need MAJOR help with poetry! PLEASE! who wants 10 points???!!!!?
do you like it (feedback)?
What does this mean to you...?
i need to write a poem to say how i fill about my mum know i fill now she has pasted?
Homework Help: Poetry?
What could the meaning of this be?
Is this a good poem?? be honest?
What do these lines mean in a Dorothy Parker poem: The Gentlest Lady? "?
Push by Sapphire what song or poem can be compared to it's theme?
can someone interpret this poem?
What do you mean by the type of poetry,Satire?
More poetry... would you comment?
Are you familiar with the poem "Ode to the West Wind"? I have some questions?
A poem written for my mom?
What do's you don't have to move on to let go mean?
Do you like this?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
What do you think of my poem?
a new poem...do you like it?
Can I post my not so greatest...just because...c/c?
what is a good poem for me?
what you think of this poem?
opinions plz?
Short Poem Stanzaic Paraphrase?
Would you care to share your thoughts?
Is this a proper/acceptable petrarchan(italian) sonnet?
Is this poem good?
poem?? critiques??
I'm trying my hand at poetry, do you like my poem?
An Acrostic December?
Please tell me what you think of my sonnet?
what do you think? be hard and honest...?
About a girl that never liked me?
Is Jim Morrison's poetry as acclaimed by the poetic community as the likes of Ginsburg or Ferlinghetti?
Do you wish more people would answer your poems?
Is this a good line for poetry?
My Poem: Harshly Honest Feedback Please?
I'm 13, what do you think about my poem?
Read please?
Would this qualify as a free verse poem?
A Golden Glimpse of Fall C/C?
Can yall help me with my poem please to make it more romantic an loving?
What does this mean: "Poem For My Father" by Eric Chock?
Can I please have a detailed comment on my poem? 10 quick points for most detailed!?
Do you see the lives of those dear to you through the lens of poetry?
What do you think of my lyrics (two songs) ?
is this a good poem yes or no?
Ok, this is for fun, what would be a good title?
Can you guess what this is about?
what do you think of this poem?
An Irish poem by Maher?
what does pouring rain symbolise??
what are some great pick up lines? (male and female)?
I need Shakespeare sonnets (Any).. HELP?
Does anyone know of any websites where people post poetry they've wtitten?
What do you think of my poem?
A Nov. 11th write posted for your comments and reactions?
What do you say to a childhood friend? Comments welcome?
My car died of thirst. My jeep is about to die. Is there anything that can be done?
sos i need feedback on this piece of poetry.?
Will you critique, please : My 1st attempt to compose a Pantoum Poem. ?
My new poem of a star...Love it?
Will I ever be free ? a poem seeking answers, please comment?
Why is "I died for beauty but was scarce" and "Heaven is what I cannot reach" considered famous?
Poems about life, sadness, feeling lonley, or dreaming, do u have any?
If I can write poetry does that mean I might be able to write a song or is it completely different?
What shall I write about?
why was arragon's choice in the merchant of venice wrong?
Can someone please explain these Haiku poems to me?
what are some good fwds?..10points!?
what do you think of this poem?
My 11 year old sister wrote this scary poem, what does it mean?
What is the theme for this poem?
Comments on my poem please?
Is this where it ends?
*Rispetto* A smallish poem ... toast me? ---?
I want to write a really meaningful poem?
What do you think about my writing skills?
a slant rhyme or rhyme for TRUTH ??
Online Poetry Contests for teens?
what literary devices does this poem have?
Need Help On Sonnet 75 By Edmund Spenser.?
What do thou think of my short poem? (poetry)?
What say to the poem, "Maid Of Panthea"?
Tell me what you think?
I Don't Need Sympathy... I Need A Cure...?
when does shiver by stiefvater,maggie come out in 2011?
I forgot I was gonna ask this..ever do that?
i wrote a poem just after my grandma died, should i share it?
What is the type of poem that has lines that are like dialogues in a play?
Have you ever had a group of Good Mornings?
"Hands" prose poem by russell edson ?
"Sonnet 71" the package of love includes other things, are lovers wont to take all in stride? C/C?
A poem about my secret love interest , please c/c's and d-ceased?
Coments, Critique?
Poetry: Is it in You?
A conundrum: Can my fellow poets offer any insight?
Poetry of Song question?
help me with a poem please :) thanks :D!?
Someone told me this poem I wrote is political. Is it?
My poem about A crossing over, comments?
Were you, too...........?
whats the symbol for the poem "A Birthday" by christina rossetti?
How close do you watch your kids online?
your favorite Poem[s] or Poet[s]? PLEASE IM DESPERATE!?
It rhymes and it is simple and it is a poem......?
What do you think of this poem?
What would you think of a poem that you would need a dictionary and thesaurus to comprehend?
need help understanding poems?
What is the difference between blank verse and free verse?
What do you think of this poem I wrote about labels and prejudice?
As I Lay Dying project?
Where do you still "see" hope?
how can i write good poems?
How do i write a sonnet?
is this a good poem for an 8th grader?
which is the famous malayalam poem written by Murukan kattakadu?
can u answer thease questions? poem lucy)?
What to you think about this writing?
What do you think of this poem ("Autumn Tears")?
What do we think of my latest poem?
Glad to be back. I leave you with this short poem.?
Could someone please read my personal essay? Thanks a load, any criticism is very helpful :)?
I need 2 lines to finish this poem - Give me your take!?
My poem, My wife the sun bather, is it entertaining?
Should I hang out here or get poetsofmars ready to go?
Please help me?
I'm bored today.?
How is " Pain Producer" poem..? otteri selvakumar?
is symbolism like connotation?
Question about Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach"?
Random poem/lyrics what do you think?
What is e-poetry / definition?
Surley anything but real?
What is the message in the poem "Nothing Gold can Stay" by Robert Frost?
Please explain the poem "Each and All" by Waldo Emerson?
IS this considered a poem? if not do you know what it might be considered?
What does Odysseus' journey to Hades represent?
Can someone help me explain this poem?
What would be this poems rhyming scheme?
poem for school newletter?
Any ideas...?
What do you think of my poem, "Shipwreck" Part 2?
what you think of my poem?
Is this a good ,alright, or awesome poem?
'Legacy' will you comment please?
Help With writing a poem.?
I Need Help Writing A Poem about Spring?
Your Love Poem As Promised - Comments?
k i have to write a poem on stereotype. Have u ever seen those molson canadian beer commercial?
Help with the poem casey at bat easy points?
best website/forum for poem writers?
Friendship loss poem?
help analyzing a poem?
Looking for the poem...The Golden Years?
Can you please Help me make my Poem make sense? :)?
Simple and short unfinished poem, Is this poetic?
Do you stop to pick up pennies?
Here's that lost piece I mentioned. I found it in my brain. Do you like it?
What do you think of my poem?
Write a poem about the interactions of sound and media.?
Whats that rhyme that's starts with "Theres was once a man from Nantucket...?
Anyone know a good acrostic or any other poem for Enviroment? Less the 40 words (39 if not counting title)?
How does the use of rhyme help to convey the meaning of a poem?
How to make a katy perry sonnet ?
Read my poem, plz, its alright?
If I could find the words, would you hear me?
What is the central theme of these two poems?
In the song Revolutionary Tea what is the rhyme scheme?
The cat is sleeping on my poem. How do I get it?
is this poem for my boyfriend good so far?
poem help needed please?
Is Caged Bird by Maya Angelou a good poem to memorize?
'composed in the intellect rather than in the soul'..is this comment true of milton's paradise lost..?
What will your last words be?
In ONE WORD, what is the CONCEPT of the following poem?
What is the figure of speech in this line "I wander through each chartered street"?
Sipping tea, what do you think?
Is anyone else as annoyed by The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot as I am?
...when does it become complete?
Do odes have to rhyme?
I need help to find poetry devices in System of a down songs.?
What do you think this poem means? (Rate it too)?
Can you sink or swim? comments/critique?
Can you rate this poem on a scale of 1-100?
what are your feelings on my poem? Sandstruck?
what do you think of my poem (part 2 lol)?
Australian poetry?
Have you ever had a Kaleidoscope?
PLEASE help me???
What say to the poem, "Snidely Gets His Just Due, Long Overdue"?
How is my poem? good, or no?
Thoughts on my poem/help fixing it up?
words to read ,if you please ?
Do you like my new poem?
My second poem, what do you think?
Do you like this poem?
The Poem "Annabel Lee" by edgar allan Poe.?
Do you stop or keep going?
Care to Sing?
Poetry: Prayer Poem?
What's a good acrostic poem for REBECCA?
read my poem is this poem good?
How do you feel about this poem?
Is you town like my town or do I live in the smallest town ever! Does this give you a good view of my town?
What are some modern poetry that you enjoy?
Is this rap/ poem any good?
Please rate this poem.. its about my beloved dead dog...?
What is the poem, Exposure, by Wilfred Owen about?
A happy surprise from an answer? Pen, c/c?
Help me finish this romantic couplet?
Just got back from Vegas and was inspired to write this poem. Check it out.?
Do apples inspire you ?? Critique? Comments?
I need help analyzying the poem "The Mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks.?
Was I too harsh in my response?
Like my poem????????
How do you feel when you write poetry?
What poetic devices in this phrase?
What is your favorite season?
Who was William Wordsworth referring to in his poem?
Who's Your Favourite Poet?
Does anyone like this poetry? I'm not an experience poet in any means, just want to express my feelings?
Is this a good metaphor?
What device does Virginia Woolf use to depict"the stream of consciousness" of her characters?
Can anyone answer these questions for me?
Your favorite lines in poetry?
i'm not good at writing poems or making it rhyme can you give me poems i can write that dont have to rhyme?
I need help with a free verse poem about disney land. can you help?
What do you think of this poem? Do you think the meaning is obvious?
How to write a haiku poem?
No Offence jst be nice if commented on it?
A.."Good God Why Do Fort Wreckers Have Such Huge Heads" ? thing..........?
This Poem, I did not follow form - but did it fall into one...?
A poem for the Hillsborough 96?
Where can i finf the copy of "The Town where eggs are falling" by Shiraishi Kazuko?
What do you think about this poem?
Life is full of..............?
Does this poem sound complete?
Help me interpret this poem...?
So, i want to make these poem about my,best,guy friend?
What do you think????????
How to write good poetry?
Post-20th Century Poem??
Do you love any "Persian" poets?
how to measure the meter of a poem when there are pauses?
Is this a poem " The empty life "?
How is my mary jane poem so far?
I've been looking for a poem and a poet who was on BET a few years ago. help?
Why is it alright and fine and dandy that am I being insulted? poets....?
Amorphous Ascension, What is right/wrong with this wordage?
Help me find a good theme for Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox?
I need help with a Haiku poem about myself?
Songs like Ruby Tuesday?
What do you think of my poem?...TITLE: ''Raising Depth''?
acrostic poem for kino?
Is this a poem " Is this poem to sad "?
Need help finding a poem?
Would you like to to read something I wrote?
need ideas for a good life poem ?
Comment and name my poem?
What do you think is the meaning?
Where should my poem go from here?
Looking for honest critique. Will you offer yours?
do u like my peom :)))))?
Help Poem Editing, Please :)?
What do you think about this children's poem?
An almost brother, will you comment please?
I Revised My Poem; Which Is Better?
What do you think of 'Tiger' poem?
where can i find good new poems?
Simple and short unfinished poem, Is this poetic?
Hello poetry people, have you got a second?
Eyes Opened--Poem--c/c?
Any views on my poem?
Can anyone help me analyse the poem "Joining the colours" by Katherine Tynan Hinkson?
This 3 verse partensa is just for fun exercise, what do you think?
Can you write a concept and haiku poem about Benito Mussolini please?
What is an example of a tanka poem ?
Can someone please help me mark the stressed and unstressed syllables in my sonnet?
Can U suggest a poem for hindi recitation for grade 2 student? It;ll be helpful If there is an audio and lyric?
Can you give Review to my Poem?? Is it Good Or Bad?
Are there any writing jobs like Hallmark..........?
Please allow my poem to be the question...?
Can someone reference me to a poem using Iambic Pentameter?
What is some assonance in "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost?
Can I have some help finding this poem?
Do you ever realize too late you should have left a posted question open longer?
Will you comment on Drive through, fast food, take out poetry please?
Can you please read my poem?
Where does the setting take place for The wife's lament?
I am writing a love poem and I need a word that rhymes with direction. Would you please give me a suggestion?
what are three poems from Matthew Arnold with the analysis?
Is this a good poem? Or does it suck?? Constructive critisism or praise please!?
Who wrote this poem? (Really Really Tearjerking)?
Would you care to comment on this poem, my first Triolet?
I made this poem and am wondering what others think?
A poem used as a hiding place?
Is this a Simile or Metaphor?
does reniassance poetry and love songs have anything in common?
What are some random shakespearean sonnets?
Can someone help me make a poem about a boy named dtrix?
A Short Poem.....? Your comments?
Can some one help me paraphrase a poem?
Can I have a Good Morning Hug?
what is the theme of Louis MacNeice's poem Prayer Before Birth?
read the following peom and answer the following?
What's your opinion on my poem?
Tell me what you think please?
Do you like my poem?????????
What do you see? Can you make it out? c/c?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
Rate my poem pls! and, Does my poem make sense?
Can somebody interpret 1 poem for me by Langston Hughes? thank you.?
Should all poems rhyme?
This poem is for my gals, Cilla and Poppy, What do you do when the words won't come...?
good songs or poems to analyze? help please!!!?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you like this poem?
Why is the sky so high ?
Would you like to read a poem about a woman who taught me how to me...?
Do you write in the middle of the night, care to comment or critque, thanks?
Thoughts on poem to girlfriend?
need to write a stanza for poem "I think ill go home and lie very still"?
is this a good poem........?
What should I write a poem about?
LADIES A cool Poem You Feel this?
Where are the little voices in your life? A poem?
How do you treat your headaches? And would you comment on this poem?
Can this in any way be turned into something relatively... good?
What do you think of this poem?
Let me know what you think and some improvements please. Really need help...?
"Imperfect Angel" a tribute poem for your C/C?
I need a modern translation of shakespheres 130 sonnet?
Updated poem for my mom's bday any suggestions?
give me some good poems about nature.....?
Need help in Making a free Verse Poem?? 10 pointss?
Can we spare the time?
What do you think of this poem.?
Please help me with this Poem called "Dreams" by Langston Hughes?
Please Read Me!!!!!!!!?
I was wondering if anyone can make me a poem for this girl?
another one of my poems!!!!?
Meaning of poem the brook by godofredo burce bunao?
What do you feel from this very sad,true,Birthday story Poem>?
Helen Ferris?
How do you introduce a new Spider to the crowd...would you follow this tale and CC?
Do you like my poem? THANX!?
I offer a poem for comment and critique?
Need to Find A Poem That Has Syneasthesia and Olfactory?
What type of poem is this I can't tell? Is it a ballad or what?
What do you think a good title for this poem would be?
do you write poetry?
What do you think of my poem that symbolizes emptiness?
Would you comment on a simple poem based on a childhood prayer?
Like my poem I started/?
Poem topics for a Freshman?