Can anyone make up a random lyrical poem?
I dwell in possibility Emily Dickinson?
Baroness von Moleski ?
What are your comments on 'Snidely Gets Kicked Out The Condo' morning pome?
what do you imagine life would have been like during shakespeare's time?
Please read and comment. Thank you.?
How much do you think about this world?
What, who, why am I writing of this "The Delphic Oracle Made Me Write This" poem?
what do you think of this poem?
Author of wedding poem?
Are there any poetry contests or magazines to submit poems to out there for teenagers?
Can a free verse poem have refrain? help please!?
can anyone write a poem about a number?
Please read and give feedback on my poem?
~The Game Of Lust~ Feedback Please?
What is the theme etc of this poem?
"Sonnet 58" Is bribery a good means to get the objective? Care to C/C?
Can anyone help me with the meaning of David Sutton's poem "Another Small Incident"?
Poem. Critique. Please. Thanks.?
I'm back!! :D Well anyways, what do you think of this new poem?
would you care to comment on this, In honor of Buk?
I need a short poem, please?? Details below...?
okay, i really need some help with a poem here?
Poets, friends & foes, what amuses you or not, in poetry...?
acrostic poem HELP?
Who am I in this universe?
Do you feel like a speck of dust? c/c?
Question about poetry format?
Poetry help?
love poem :)?
Has anyone been contacted by poetry.com? i get e mail to say ive won an award but I have to pay for it?
I'm having some issues, can someone assist me? 10 points?
A repost for a recently returned Child, C/C?
read this poem and tell me what you think...?
A poem or a message?
Am i on track for my poem assignment ?
Abomunist Manifesto, Bob Kaufman?
IS THis a Good Poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Help with writing a poem?
Are there any examples of symbolism or methaphors in Kipling's poem "IF"?
Good start to a poem?
Need opinions on a poem?
Will you comment?
I need a poem again!!!?
How to understand a poem...help?
Poets. Please help me. 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
is this poem any good?
This poem any good (rate 1-10)?
I need to write a poem helppp me.?
Can you sing Amazing Grace to this poem?
Help anybody - I need to find out SORLEY McLEAN s' poem that contains 16 lines - thanks?
help me to correct my poem?
What are your thoughts on the poem Soliloquy of the Solipsist by Sylvia Plath?
Anyone looking for good poetry blogs?
What do you think of this poem please leave your comments?
In the poem "Dover Beach"?
Poetry Question ?
I need poem ideas for a school thing?
Does AnyOne Have A Love Poem/Song With Ionic Bonds?
Can you write me a limerick for my scrapbook (this isn't homework, just a fun activity)?
Poetry that has inspired famous composers?
Thesis of this Poem?
I need help on writing a poem?
Poem rationale -- My shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson?
What do you think of my limeric?
shall I go back to writing of dead bodies in gardens or move to another idea.. what would you suggest?
How does a library smell like?
Where can I find free love poems?
Is this poem any good?
Heres my first of the day. Not very chipper.?
Are you my angel?
err...please suggest a title for this...ugh..poem?
Any comments on my poem?
Will you give your time? What would you like to ask me before I go?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
Should song lyrics be considered poetry? Why?
How does Carol Ann Duffy support feminism in this poem?
A happy surprise from an answer? Pen, c/c?
i sit and think poem class 6 question and answer?
What is the structure, form, movement of this poem?
Tell me what you think of this?
what should i write my narrative poem about?
Folded Flag?
translating a poem??
What do you think of this poem?
what is diction in a poem? im confuse?
What do you define as being poetic?
What do you think of my poem?
Poetry:is this a good limerick poem?
Write me a Holocaust poem.?
I write a lot of good poetry and was wondering if anyone knows what i can do or send them to get them out??
Will you comment on "This Old Barn"?
Is it wrong to swear, in a poem?
What are your thoughts about bystanders? A poem?
does anyone have advice on what would be a good classical poem i should pick for an english project?
Do you suffer from macarism?
Elements that rhyme together?
Can you please read my poem?
mom poem. C/C please?
Just a thought ? Please CC , Thankyou ?
I am the world's greatest poet that ever lived but I'm too humble to say so. HELP c/c?
Is this a real poem or a Sears poem?
I have to do this poem thing.?
Houston we have a problem; Will you comment please?
Analysis of Greater Love by Wilfred Owen?
Would you rate my poem? First one in a while.?
Can you help me with a title?
Trying to get stuff out, will you read my poem?
Ad Astra Per Aspera..poem..thoughts? c/c?
I need help writing a poem!?
What do you think of the poem/song i wrote?
is this a good poem???? poll?
Did you Ci Allis or did you have a different "special moment?" C/C?
The Widow's Peak poem i have written, thoughts, comments?
can anyone write out or send me the poem Assisi by Norman MacCaig?
does anyone know what poem this is?
Do you have any Super-Ku's?
How do I come across in these paragraphs?
What do you think of this poem I've composed?
When did you know you could make it?
Poetry Tools?
Writers: Do you use a pen name?
Rate this poem 1-10 and comment, please!?
Can you taste this poem???? (LOL!! or smell it)?
Do you struggle with the TRUTH, struggle with the BLOOD, struggle with the WORD?
i need a cultural free verse poem for my project?
My poem called Transparency?
searching for a poem by *Elma Mitchell* entitled *At First ,My Daughter*....?
How can I find the name of this poet?!?
Would you answer a ridiculous, infantile "challenge" with a bit of satire?
Want somebody to create a poem about anything you want?
Do you ever envy Sponge Bob?
I need poems about anger!!!?
hiii....i need a poem about anything which left a deep impression on u......plzzz??//?
Where will the beautiful Kina Grannis get her songs when Leonard Cohen dies?
I really need a mole day poem for tomorrow?
What is your favorite word out of these?
What do you think of this poem,please leave your comments?
I have a Y!AP question about stuff.....?
finally... a new poem...all that is left...what do u think?
Wings of the butterfly? (Please comment)?
Is this a published poem? Or, how would I find out?
Can you tell me if you like my finished shoe poem?
Help with a poem?
Poem, rate it for me?
words that rhyme with copernicus?
Can you please review this poem?
Is any one good with poetry? please help.?
Would someone tell me how these poems are?
"Man: A Question" Is there irony to all these? Care to C/C?
Harry styles poem! tell me what you think!?
What do you think of this poem? Mature?
Please take the time to look at my poem.?
Will you C/C on the new script {Soldier of Bronze} of the Greek poet?
Do you think I could be pregnant.?
A concrete poem about a broken heart?
Do you like this poem?
My poem, what do you suppose it is about? what could i improve? ?
Rate my short poem, 10 points?
i wrote this poem about any different baby, what do u think?
I need a poem?
What is your favorite poem?
Peom called "Moving Forward"?
can you help me figure out some literary devices in Save Him by Justin nozuka please?
I wrote this poem about a year and a half ago. What do you think?
Where can I find english poems written by published authors on the topic "Seasons" ?
what are some cold war poetry?
What are some of the sound devices in the poem all but blind by walter de la mare?
An expansion of D-Mag's question - about poems?
If a yellow dolphin appears in a poem is that on porpoise?
which is the longest poem: an epic, a ballad, or a sonnet?
is this a good poem i wrote?
Can you edit/help this poem?
Mothers day poem question?
Why do some people read my mind and Blab what they find?
I'm either doin a poem of 3 stanzas for MLK, or Thomas Edison, can any of you give me a poem about them?
Interpreting a quote: what does it mean?
The Poet Caedmon and literary devices?
Love Poem Were To Begin :[?
Does anyone knows a good poem about death???
master under one minute poems- issue 3?
Do you ever get weary and jealous, all at the same time? A domestic poem,c/c?
Anyone know the name of this poem?
Happiness what you think?
i need a poem for my gf big time please read on?
A playful paroxysm : )?
Can you please help me to understand this poem?
Would anyone care to read the poem i wrote?
How to be a poet?
what is the author trying to say in this poem?
i have to write a stupid fairytale for english. Anyone have any ideas?
Tell me what you think of this poem of mine?
A short poem ,I promise it wont take much of your time ,please leave your comments?
what in the world is going on?
I need a poem for my kid thats its turning 4 and his is not with us anymore?
explanation of the few line of the poem on killing a tree-It takes much time to kill a tree, not a simple jab?
i don't think this is a good title for this poem....can you help and give me your opinion on it?
Can someone help me write a poem for my English class?
A song I wrote tell me what you think[its about my self hate im 13]?
What do you think of my poem? ;D?
Do you like this poem?
if i said pls for a 1000 times would u help?
Are poems still allowed to rhyme?
What do you think of this poem?
Will you C/C on a Sonnet Collaboration between Juliet and El Greco, if you may?
What comments on 'What Every Woman Knows, And Men Learn...The Hard Way' morning 'Git Er Done' pome?
Please don't tell her...a poem, Critiques?
wot does every1 think of this poem?
Does this poem have emotion " Counting Waves "?
This one is definitely a "pome." Do you like it anyway?
Suggestions for a title please?
Visual imagery in the poem Eaglehawk?
Help Me Write a Poem For My Crush?
a poem too show em,even though i dont know'em?
When you know you NEED to write because of emotional wreckage, but you're afraid.....?
How do I define symbolism in poetry?
what do you think of my poem?
What are some good poems about identity? Please help! Easy 10 points!?
What is the meter in 'Nurse's Song' by Willim Blake?
What is the type of the narrator of sonnet 18 by shakespeare?
The Arrow and the Song?
Do you like my new poem?
Do you like my essay?
Shall anyone make commentary on the themes that the following poem deals with, please? 10 points for sure!?
Does other peoples poetry inspire you?
What is a good title for this poem?
Can You Please Rate My Poem?
Do you dream or do you remember?
a poet in the making?
Do you guys like my poem???? And i ned to know how to finish it. Its free verse (no rhyming)?
Is this poem free verse?
This is for Jack -- Do you like it?
A poem for my friend? c/c/? ?
A poem. Will you c/c it if you're still alive?
ya'll liked "Alive", right? Maybe try this one?
An inspired Poem : Care to comment?
Do you like my poetry?
Rate my poem in honor of Father's Day, please?
what is a good place to sit and write a poem?
I need a good love poem?
I need a few pointers on how to write an essay about the role of religion in Romantic poetry?
Looking for honest critique. Will you offer yours?
Feedback on my poem pleeeeeeeeease!?
Chapter 2 "The Song of Solomon question???????????
Why is there a recurring motif of fire and burning in the the poem 'The Tyger' by william blake?
Eminem - When I'm Gone Poetic Devices?
where to register [patent] our new invention [e.g. poems] ?
Stressed syllables in poetry?
I need help analyzing a poem..?
I would like to post a poem to make people realize we are all the same, where should I post it?
write me a new stanza for paul revere's ride!?
Do you like my new poem?
what do you think of my poem ?
how to write a dedication poem about a relative?
Any thoughts on this poem?
My last poem I'm gonna post tonight...?
I wrote a poem?
A poem so simple even a cave-man could have written it. Will you tell me what you think?
What is the "heart" a metaphor for?
How is the start of my poem, and does anybody have any improvements?
Does this worry you?
Help with Shakespearaean Sonnets, do you think this is good?
Spoons, don't you just love them?
Survey: Do you like my poem ?
what do you think of my poem/song?
A thought I wrote after a breakup?
who wants to give a try at 7th grade poetry?
please read poem i just made?
Is it ok to cry?
Help Analyzing the Poem "Self Dependence" by Matthew Arnold?
Would some of you share poems about yourselves.Here is one of my own?
Sonnet 116 by shakespear question HELP?
A sometimes you don't know how you got there, but you're glad you did poem to read and react to, if you will?
How can I prove that I wrote my poem?
do you like this.....
comparison on my older vs newer poem?
What do you think of my Poetry?
second try at "my mind wanders"?
Will you C/C on this script {Ten times anoint} of the Greek poet?
how to wrrite a poem?