The Hunger Games Helppp. Poetry?
Snow bound in snow chains, are you passive or aggressive? Comments?
Writing a Haiku poem?
original poem #2 what do u think?
What's happening on Mars?
A boy waiting for his girlfriends reply?please leave your comments?
Copyright symbol...do you have to pay for it, to use it?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
I was just taking a walk through park and came upon this huge sleeping statue and thought of these lines?
Does anyone know how to interpret the poem "The Contented Angler" by Andrew Lang?
Unrhymed metered poetry. What say you?
What Do You Think Of The Poem I Wrote? I Wrote This On Stereo Types.?
How is this my poem 7.Comment......(Happy new year to you all)!?
A new poem- "Friendship"?
Is this poem bad?
Poem Question?
a short poem...please c/c?
Please critique this poem?
any good books to read for a 17 years old ?
How do you write an "about the poet" ?
Is collaborative poetry of any value or is it an art for individuals?
The First One In A While!! please Read!=)?
What is the theme of Sonnet 135?
A poem that I edited that needs more work, any suggestions?
Analyze this poem in stanzas?
A poem I wrote,opinions/comments?
What say you to these Scars, the original poetry?
What do you think of my poem?
identify the mood of poem?
can anyone tell me meaning of this poem its by bobbi sykes?
How would one describe the context/time period/circumstances in which the Poem the raven was written?
Any hints on how to write a good poem?
Will you comment on this very rough draft please?
Help! Poetry! Please!?
help! writing a poem need opinions?
Can somebody tell me anything about William Shakespeare please?
Does my Halloween poem scare you?
please rate my poem?
I'm Earl's daughter & writing poems is my thing. Everyone says I should try to publish, but I'm not sure?
Please comment on "One Quiet Morning", thank youz.?
do you understand these lyrics? HELP is appreciated :D.?
What do you think of this poem?
Please rate my poem, it took me some time.?
Feedback on my poem please?
A poem from the heart. Is it any good
Do you like my poem?
New poem revision?
Dear Friend, ..Poem...Thoughts?
Latin poetry/grammar?
I need help writing a poem!?
Comments and Critique?
The broken friendship, Was it ever real?
How does this onomatopoeia poem sound?
What would you do if you found Spider-Man in your bath?
Please rate and share your thoughts, 10 points?
What is this Japanese poem?
I stumbled across a beautiful poem called, WINTER ~ by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre. Tell me what you think?
Can one write a poem as a tribute to a word?
What is a woollypate? (alternative spelling wooly pate, woolly pate)?
Is there a simple explanation for what occurred in this poem? c/c welcome, thank you?
Need help writing a few poems for birthday card for this girl like. She's turning 20.?
hey! a poetry contest is being annonced.... right now!!! may the best poet win?
Are you a poet? post some of your poetry!?
Could you give me your opinion on a poem I wrote?
Has this ever happened to you?
What is beowulf like in the beginning of the poem?
My next contact in line is the lovely Πανδώρα, please comment?
Who is your favourite poet ?
how do you scan this poem?
So this is my poem.......?
what is your opinion of this poem?
i'm doing a poem on a nuclear war - what should the title be?
What is your opinion of one more Ocean poem?
What do you think my poem means? Is it good?
wrote a poem for a girl, I need some input if its good or not lol?
A critique for an amateur please?
A personal love poem?
Is there a way that an unknown writter can sell his work on line? my work includes Poetry, short stories.?
What is the tone of fire and ice poem?
Help with writing a story?
meaning and theme of poems by rumi?
Need help with a 4 line metaphor poem?
Please rate my poem?! it would mean alot to me!?
The Freedom of the Moon by robert frost analysis?
i need help on writing a funny but romantic poem?
Fro memory -A poem from way back Ist write near-verbatim re-written grom memory, for your c-c please?
What do you think of this conceit poem? Are the similarities obvious? Can you think of a good title for it?
What are your thoughts on my poetry?
help on name poem for JABBA WOCKEEZ?
I would like to study poetry?
do you like my poem?
what are these poems about?
a poem maybe youd like to rate?
do you like?
Morte d'arthur poem by Tennyson?
I don't even know. c/c?
what do you think of my poem?
An acrostic, care to comment?
do you think this poem is good?
Which poem is best? What do you like about it?
Edit Comment and Name my Poem..Easy 10 points..?
Do you try and structure your thought process so you are able to keep your sanity?
Any poems that are two sided?
Does anyone have a good poem for the theme "Faith, Hope and Love"?
What does this line mean? (Sonnet 90)?
This is a belief, an opinion. You can mae of it what you will......?
Wrote this your opinions, advice, don't be rude?
my new poem.... what do you think?
Silk Slip Sliding away, will you comment please?
what do you think this poem means?
I was there with her and loved her then a stronger guy beat me up and took her from my arms?
L@@K! Help interpreting Poem??
What Do You Think?
love sandwich poem made with love?
Poem look good enough to present?
what do you think of this piece of writing ? plz help!! what needs to be added?
Poetry analysis help!?
hows are these poem? i don't know if there good enough yet =]?
How do you interpret this Ginsberg line?
chinese poem about forgiveness?
Why the caged bird sings poem by maya angelou?
what do you think of this poem?
For school i have to memorize a poem any suggestions?
Can someone explain Claude McKay "Spring in New Hampshire" poem? Thanks!?
Opinions on this poem please?
Pissed poem (for the UK users to rate). Thoughts?
why is poetry a good way to raise awareness of important issues in the world?
Do you like this poem?
defination of love.?
can any one make up a poem about friendship? . .?
Help with poem by Langston Hughes?!?
How may I Improved these poems.Thanks ?!?
Poetry help ( personification, figurative language)?
I will give ten points to the best four lines from a beautiful poem?
Poem-what should I change?
Poem by a Famous Poet?
Ideas for a Love Poem ?
What do you think of this poem?
I am part of the AVID program in school and we are making shirts. What saying should I put on the back...?
John Lennon's meaning?
Can someone give me an example of an haiku poem?
What do you think of the living conditions described in this poem?
Would mean a lot if you tell me what you think about my poem?
What do u think of this poem?
Which work of Ovid's (the roman poet) is this line from?
What do u think of this poem?
Comment My Poem- Words?
i wanna put my ink on your paper.......................?
I just started tell me if they are any good.?
Do you like my war poem? Dialect help! does "playin' sound hillbilly ish??
I want to publish 25 sonnet poem written by Bimalendu Guha in english,where i got publishers?
I need inspiration?
Would you consider this a poem?
my poetry , yr opinions are very helpful to me?
Thank you everybody, no exceptions, for?
what are the similies in Choices by Nikki Giovanni?
Victorian Era Poetry?
Does a poem about overcoming obstacles also count as a determination poem?
Is there anyone in here good wit poems that can help me wit a couple of questions dat can receive emails?
what is the text of a poem?
Help on Sonnet. s. best answer!!!!?
what do you think of my poem?
i wrote a poem for my online love?
Need someone to help me critique my poem "Dreams"?
Your opinions/advice concerning my poem?
What do u guyz think of my latest poem?
Is it OK that I care about so many of you?
How do you become a published poet?
Poets, Next in a sequence, Comments?
How does this quote/poem line sound?
The Horses - TED HUGHES?
how do they select the poet laureate?
I need a sweet brithday poem for a friend. Can you help?
Are you drawn toward the fire?
Poems please!?!?
What are some good poems?
what do you think about this poem?
Help with understanding a poem?
Can someone write me a poem? Please!!?
Will you read and c/c upon a poem written by the Greek poet?
What do you think about this.....?
Care for some? c/c's welcome?
Who Can Write an Allusion Poem That you did By yourself?
What are some pieces of Artwork that are related to or inspired by The Kite Runner?
what does north, south, east, and west symbolize?
What are some good early 19th century poets??
Does this make any sense?
what are stanzas???
what would you write in a letter to someone telling them about Muslim Life as revealed in the Rubiayat?
Do you leave the light on, or...fill in the blanks?
What do you think of my poem?
can someone please give me advise on my poem?
Do like this poem I found on the internet?
The Freedom of the Moon by robert frost analysis?
What are the diffferences and similarities between Homer ( Poet) and Herodotus?
I need to know a good poem by the poet rupert brooke that is a romantic poem not involving any tragedy.?
Poetic Summary of King Arthur Book "Balyn and Balan". Honest opinions, please!?
tell me if u like this?
Another old poem. Opinions please?
Why aren't a lot of people critiquing my poem/song (it's always 1 answer, 2 at the most)?
Why don't books come with promises?
Prop for The Road Not Taken?
sound elements in the poem The Fury of Aerial Bombardment?
This Poem Is For All People!?
what do you think about this article? do you agree? ?
Second sight, will you comment please?
Poets, do you make love as good as you write poetry...?
I am attempting to find new outlets for my poetry. Has this been moved?
Can you please C/C Soc the Warrior - Part 4: “Outnumbered four to one and surrounded on all flanks”?
Hey Pleasse Help Me With Nouns?!?!?!?!?
A shorty in passing, will you comment please?
Will you C/C on {Bergen}, the new script of the Greek poet?
peom about my true feelings i have to hide .....?
how do you make good poetry's?
Who was a greater poet, William Shakespeare or John Murray?
Please rate my freestyle poem?
Would you agree with this statement?
is this poem alright? pleasee read!?
A new Love poem... Comments ?
Are their any current poetry contest w/o a entry fee?
im soooo bored soo im having a poetry contest!?
What do you think of my poem? [not the food one]?
what do you think of my poem?
are you into poetry..?
A poem for your enjoyment...?
what do you think of my original sappy/love quotes?
Can someone analyze the poem by Major Michael Davis O'Donnell that was in the film Hamburger Hill?
What is neutral tones poem content?
what comes to mind when you read this?
What do you think of my poem?
annotate the odyssey for english I k class?
Read and encourage for those who might b'pleased... or otherwise?
Care to critique my peice?
which type of sonnet did john milton used in When I Consider How My Light Is Spent?
Are you a wild streak conservative?
Is this poem good? I can't tell?
What is the rhyme scheme to this poem ?
Has your muse ever gone kaplootz?
What do you think of this poem?
What is your favourite animal?
she steps outside the (cookie) box.......?
Anyone know any sweet nighttime poems?
does this poem sound good ?
Does anyone know a concrete poem, free verse poem or humerus poem about death?
What do you think of this poem?
Poems about leaving because your not wanted?
i need a short spanish poem for my child too.. Please help me..?
What are the figures of speech used in the poem "The History Teacher" by Billy Collins?
These are precious to me. Care to comment or critique? Thanks?
How does Carol Ann Duffy present greed in her poem 'a healthy meal'?
help with a sonnet?
Which poet do you find fascinating?
Do you ever clean out your brain closet?
I'm not a victim,I'm not a?
Do you think my poem suggests I'm avoiding my problems? trust it?
Do you know a Colours or an Animals poem?
What do you think about my poem? Is this an appropriate title?
Can you please read my poem?
do you like my anti smoking haiku?
WHY? What is going on I can't stand it anymore?
The Leafy Sea Dragon, do you find it as fascinating as I do, comments and critique welcome, thanks?
Romeo and Juliet sonnet help?
would you qualify this as a poem?
Help me with my poem?
Will you comment on this poem please?
Do you like my song/poem? I call it "LIFE?"?
What do you think of this poem/story?
What is the Rhythm of this poem.?
Will you please comment/critique this poem about madness?
What more can be said about the changing seasons?
Can you finish this poem?
What do you do, when you want to write about something sooo?
can you take a look at this poem? please?
Is this True About life?
i can't think of a question and i don't know what i'm talking about... now what?
What is the most famous piece of writing by Maya Angelou?
Can you help me write a poem about how much sucks, I have the first line, sucks?
I don't know how to write a love poem! Help?!?
Check out my poem and tell me if its good or not?
Shared Theme in 3 Robert Frost poems?
Is the poem primavera mia a lyric or sonnet?
What type of poem is william shakespeares 'A Fair Song'?
Would you read my poem?
POEM; *Love With Intermissions* feedback?
Can you really judge a book by its cover and so also discover the art of your lover?
Do you like this poem? What should be the title?
A list of amazing poems and quotes?
looking for an old poem,i dont know the poet but i think the title is "wilson lee". written years ago. HELP!
So, I need to know EVERYTHING you know about the poem DREAMLAND by EDGAR ALLAN POE.?
My inner child, will you comment please?
Will you C/C the new script {Poems} of the Greek poet?
"what logic was ever uttered in Eden"?
Will you offer critique or comment?
Does anyone know the poem "A quite so story?"?
What poetic Devices are in the Poem- Peace by Rupert Brooke?
puzzle ,alphabet or adjective poems?!?
Park Bench aka Poem 1.?
Missing My Soul!?
Could you help summarize this poem?
Villegiature by Edith Nesbit?
Would you critique my poem please ?
what should need for good poetry?
roses are red violots are blue...?
could someone write a poem for me for a girl named kelly?
Are there any poets who wrote poems or stories about their drug expierences?
What is the rhyme scheme of these poems? HELP!!?
What are your opinions on my poem?
Can you deconstruct this Maestrpiece and explain the core meaning so I can get an "A" in feign arts?
Is this a good enough poem to turn in?
What are your feelings on my POEM?.... THE END?
Original poem....A promise so real.......?
What is consonantal metathesis?
Opinions of my writing?
Can anyone please help me interpret this poem form the Faerie Queene?
PLEASE!! Read my love poem?
some people see things in a very strange way... maybe i'm blind?
PUDDLES- 10 points to whoever can guess my intention for wrighting this poem and its meaning!!?
What do you think of my poem? (Feel free to not like it...I'm a tough guy...)?
Do you understand this poem I wrote?
read my poem a nd tell me your thoiughts?
This is the Final rewrite for this. I've been on this for months. What do u think.?
An Easter Morning Reminder? Will you read?
Significance of the use of the number 100 in the sonnet "the work" by Don Paterson?
Is this a Morning Benediction?
1 to 10 what is this?
HElP NOW PLEASE... ILY IF U DO HELPPPPPPP who wrote this?????
Poem for Critique?
any thoughts on this poem?
Please, I need help on writing poetry?
How is this poem about a unique topic?
What do you think of "FEVER?" (A pome)?
Shakespeare sonnet 130 help?
Do people still read ...?
Could I get a CC on this?
What do you think of my poem that I wrote?
can you give me a line?
what is the significance of imagination, of dreams, of art, or of poetry within the Midsummer Night's Dream?
And what is of sentimental value to you?
Can the angels only shower down love and may we all be inspired in poetry as they are above?
Can anyone please explain the poem, Little Boy Blue, by eugene field to me?
Poems That Talk About Alienated Youth?
Where can I find good reliable info on e.e. cummings?
what is the meaning of these lines in the poem 'casey at the bat'?
EXAM!help! concerning poetry!! please read?
Feedback on this poem?
What would be a central argument the author makes in this poem?
The Affliction of Margaret by William Wordsworth- does anyone know any good sites to help with this poem?
Critique please?
do you like my poem....................?
Himmat Karne Walon Ki Haar Nahin Hoti by harivansh rai bachchan..(pls help)..i need the whole poem in hindi?
First attempt at free verse poetry.. anyone want to offer an opinion?
Dante's inferno canto 15?
What do you think of my poem?
can someone help me finish this poem?
can you rate my poem please?
a poem i've made tell me what you think?
Flirtation" Would you please comment on this short poem?
Poems with the theme of justice or injustice?
Why my free verse to contrive is in better English than your whole disk drive? Non boring free verse, C/C?
Poetry recommendation - dystopia, science fiction, ...?
Can you help me understand this poem? (its Greek to me)?
what is the meaning of "Reconciliation" by Walt Whitman?
What are some topics for poems?
Is this a poem " The guitar player"?
I writ until the wee hours...here's another new poem. Do you like it?
Rate my poety on a scale from 1 to 10?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Please, your critique/thoughts of my poem?
what do you think of this poem?
Could you please critique this poem?
Do you like my nude poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Any encouraging words for a fellow poet who is.......?
a very short attempt at catharsis, trying to get on a different subject, comments?
do you know this poem, in the description?
can you make a acrostic poem with this???
Which characteristics below best decribe Ghalib's poetry?
Need help with a line in a poem...?
i guess it's about the irony that defines holding on and letting go... and where is the smoking area?
Is there a name for the rhyme scheme 'abba' or can I just put 'abba' and that would be fine?
Do you like my poem? (For Children)?
Wilde’s heyday was the 1890s, a period when Victorianism was winding down.?
My poem received an editor's choice award. Now wat?
what do you think this poem is about?
what is the tone of this poem by susan berlin?
Does anyone else think that good poems SHOULD rhyme?
Help me with my poem??
How do you like this whatever you want to call it?
i'll take your wallet they'll find your number you'll neverknow me i'll never know you but you'll be so happy?
John Milton-Metaphysical Poetry?
Are you an "Organ Donor"?
Read my insane poem! Its not emo or romantic or anything stupid. Please?
Jacobean era poem? Help !!?
is this poem good?
What is Radical Poetry?
Rush Hour poem good?!?!?
please c/c my poem about a witch trial?
What poem is this from: 'We talk in whispers and Scream in Silence'. Its driving me crazy!?
What do you think of Vikings and Their Ladies poem?
What is a cute poem for my bf?
what do you think about this poem/random thing?
to the profit?
Will someone please post the poem "Coal Fire" by Louis Untermeyer?
how do you interpret this one and what do you think?
what is a good poem for caring for others?
I'm not happy, can you make me smile with a funny poem?
Does this poem have any poetic devices?
what feelings does this poem convey?What storm? what friends?
Do you like my new poems about the garden in Suffolk?
what do u think of my poem?
"A Tribute For Thomas" spontane en-route for Thom?Bri for add-ons and c/c if you please?
This one is all up to you, leave me out of it....?
All alone and thinking, do you see?
A Black Widow Spider and a Donkey.....Yes, it means much, so much, so very very much to me....?
Will this framework yield a poem someday?
Does this say anything of worth? Can you help me better it?
the poem "the blind men and the elephant" is the poet comparing the elephant to god?
Are there any poems about?
When was All I have to give by Cara G. Stanfield wrote?
where can i get hindi poems on mothers day?
Plz read my poem and c/c it? how do u like it?
A short poem about changing plans? What do you think?
Can you please give me some advice on this poem I wrote?
Lilacs . . .c/c?
Questions, Comments, Concerns on my Poetic Venture into my Soul?
What is your reaction to this short poem?
Another Semper Fi exclusive?
Make up a poem!?
Does anyone know any good poems that are 20 lined stanzas?
What think you of a trolls' Good Morning?
anybody know a good icelandic saga anthology?
Hey, does anyone knows the poem titled "tinig ng darating"(Filipino poem) or in english "voice of the coming"?
Is this a poem " Is this poem to sad "?
Does this Count as Alliteration?
where can I find an open mic for poetry?
Do you have time for a short poem before retiring?
Help with my poem?
A short poem. It needs your help?
My reoccurring dream of Mr. Poe. Any reason why you should comment?
explanation of the poem playing safe?
Would you dance with her? I want comments. COMMENTS!?
Why is it so hard fora man to cry?
What is the title of this poem?
Another of my poems, your critique?
Whats your favorite poem?
Poem: Colonial Girls School?
need help finding a poem?
plz help me with this!>_<?
Will you look at this and comment?
Feedback on this poem I wrote.?
can urate this poem plz and tell me wat u think of it thnkx?
What does this poem say to you?
What's a good thing to write about for a sonnet?
Critique please, The Sport of Death?
Can Somebody write A poem about Jeremy Lin for me?
Does anyone have a pre-made biographical powerpoint on EA Poe?
Example of a short didactic poem?
I need to find a song for my poetry project ASAP!!!?
opinions on my poem..?
What is a nice poem about 2 people that like each other but won't say?
Poetry analysis help please :)?
How long should it take... to show you love... poetically?
can you write a poem about??
this is my first attempt at writing depressing poetry. i wuz wondering what ppl think of it.?
Anyone feel like reading a poem I wrote? Comments and critiques?
do you think this is a good poem?
Is this a good poem that I wrote?
DarkPrince-opinion on my poem please??!?
If wishes were horses....or something?
3 stanza's poem on nature?
what is the prose looping in the menu of the "whatever happened to kerouac?" dvd?
What do you think of this poem entitled Faith?
Does anyone know a good poem about growing up/going to college?
If I ask your opinion of Rod McKuen as a poet...?
9/11 poem!?
What do you think of this song I'm writing?
A Sonnet? beets me, lettuce seed......comments/critiques?
Im not a skilful acrostic maker. This is just an attempt 2 join yesterday's acrostic madness among my contacts
Please comment on my poem?
Anybody know any poets similar to Stephen Dobyns?
"Cruella DA Ville"- 2 neutralise a spiteful covert foul-naming post while I`m blocked...c-c please?.?
I need "I Am" poem help?
what are some rhyming poems about weather?
A small seasonal offering to c/c?
Like it, or not really?
Help with Poetry Project?
Did you get an email from Rufus with the amount you contributed so far in the 2012 campaign? C/C?
poem for my unborn. do you like it?
I would like to know your opinion about this sonnet?
poetry help.?
Tupac Shakur poems help please!?
Why do people think poems always need to rhyme?
The Lady of Shalott Themes?
what do you think of this poem?
i need help writing a poem about a real or imaginary visit to a ranch or farm?
This poem I wrote is FABULOUS. Do you agree? : ]?
Eagleton and Wordsworth hw I dont know how to start this paper help?
is this a good poem???
how do u make this rhyme?
Literary Devices in Short Story help ?
#3. A bit of a change. Tell me what you think........?
can someone explain the poem "VI" by Robert Bly to me?
What kind of poem is THIS?
Rate my poem please...!?
I need to write a Shakespearean Sonnet but I can't think of any ideas?
Does anyone know the title of a poem about a mouse who didn't share a cake?
dream analysis HELP ?
If You Can't Love This Love Poem, Can You Accept It For What It Is?
Honest thoughts on my poem?
whats a good emotion/feeling to use for my sense poem?
What do you think of this poem? (I wrote a last year)?
I need this poem to be analyzed...?
Metaphor or Personification?
i need help writing an acrostic poem about renewable?
Do you read the others' answers before posting yours?
How would you judge this write? I think it's a poem? c/c plz. Thx?
How do you describe someone being emotionally hurt in a story?
Wrote a poem. Give me advice?
Is this a good Imagist Poem?
Is this poem good? Need answer ASAP?
Does anyone know of any good Australian poetry focusing on the city in the 1890's?
wanna read three plain ol' cinquains?
short poem, need OPINIONS please?
Haiku Challenge ... for writers only...?
does this sound like a decent poem? please give feedback?
What is a good poem to thank my mom on my graduation?
Jim Jim, Come finish your salad... C/C; Don't really care(comes out of my ***)?
'I don't want to make within my bed a war'. Does anyone know this poem or song lyric?
What do you think of Changes, a revisited poem?
Can someone please help me with this poem? 10 points?
what are good poems that go with the the archetype journey and are by dif. poets from dif continents?
Do you like my revolutionary poetry?
Are you fed up with my poems yet?
A provocative thought,care to read ?
Acrostic Poem for "Jason" in the book "The Ultimate Gift"?
Would you care to comment on a poem, about fearing heights?
What 'on earth' could you c/c about this "The Eyes Have It..." poem?
Do you know of any Shel Silverstein poems that would have something to do with Philosophy?
Do you ever reach for the stars?
I need a long PUBLISHED descriptive poem for Forensics any good ones?
what do u think of my poem?
Comments on "pa and the snow plow driver"?
Goodbye to all this?
A poem i wrote, oppinions?
can you give some help with this poem? please?
Publication Scam?
Can anybody help me with this poem ?
does anybody have any good love poems?maybe a original one?
Poem about kinetic molecular theory?
Meaning of this poem????
Would you care to comment on this pome? About the time change?
What do you think abou this poem?
Wher can I study poetry(LITERATURE) in UK?
Penfolds poem?
"My Father Danced" This poem is a rewrite from 2007, comments please?
Have you time for a short poem?
Need to analyze this poem by tomoro!?
How can i make a suicide poem?
do you like poetry....Do you wright any?
Please read this poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
Does anyone know poem In Praise of Zigzags?
Is there any website to share poetry?
Acrostic poem about.........................?!?
What do you think about this poem?
Comments on my poem?
Give me some tips to improve my writing please?
Please read my poem, and say what you think?
can any of you tell what this is about?
I'm making an acrostic poem for forgiveness.?
Do you have an addiction?
Is this a good poem?its a narrative poem.Feel free to change it up a little and please give honest opinions?
How can I be sure if I show a poem on here, it won't be stolen?
What do you think about this poem I wrote .?
What are your thoughts?
Can someone help me write a short poem - 10 points.?
poem to dad, who lives in america? good-bad?
Acrostic poem for the word "Internal"?
Does anyone know of a British poem that demonstrates alliteration?
hows the poem i wrote?
What's the difference between long and short syllables in iambic pentameter?
homer the blind poet?
"One evil deed missed is a loss for all eternity"?
what do you think of the poem i wrote?
Not a great poem, but sincere, C/C?
Dorothy and Toto sleep well tonight. How about you?
what do you think of my poem? constructive criticism please :)?
Poetry Writing need Diction Help!?
How to make this sound old...?
What is a cute children's poem?
Plz, read and criticise my poem!?
Kill Color?
What do you think T.S. Elliot meant when he said "you are the music while the music lasts?"?
Does anyone understand this poem?
Is it really fair for me to call just anything a poem?
"Sonnet 50" by William Shakespeare vs. "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost?
Sympathy verse for mother with lost child?
What is the soul in each of us? a poem of pondering...?
can anyone help on wrtting a sonnet like romeo and juliet?
in the poem "snowbanks north of the hill", by Robert Bly, what are the symbolism between death and the accept?
can someone tell me if this poem is any good?
question about Romantic authors?
OKAY I worked on my poem so NOW is it closer to iambic pentameter?
I need help with this poem?
Care to view a minimalist poem and comment?
Will you C/C the new script {Trilogy} of the Greek poet?
How is 'Shrieking Frame' a metaphore...?
help me with this poem or is it ok?
do you know of a poem that relates to gift of the magi?
Haiku, or the other 5,7,5 kind?
What Do You Think Of My Poem?
i need help thinking of a sports poetry anthology title any help?
Like is this Emo poetically, I'm new and want to make sure I'm doing it right?
Any1 knows...??
poem analysis from oppisite sex point of view?
help with a poem about collectivism?
Will you please c/c my latest?
Im writing a poem for my best friend's birthday, opinions?
Please Rate My Poem!!!!?
Langston Hughes?Need answers fast!?
In reading POETRY AND READING NARRATIVE.. Which is easier!?
Anyone have tips to writing with Iambic Pentameter?
How to get better at writing poetry?
lines 1-6 of "Full Fathom Five" could be paraphrased as?
Do you ever write poetry as a means of survival ?
"Smile" READ MY POEM! (:?
What does it take to ignite your creativity?
Morbid Writers/Poets of mid 1800's?
A short poem .Thank You?
Have you ever felt like you were hanging with the wrong crowd?
Charlie Chaplin Allusion on Poem?
How about a Sunday morning nothing?
ONE for the THUMBS.......?
What are some of the good poems?
Mood/Analysis of this poem?.....................?
Will someone help me with my poetry homework please?
Is this poem good? Any suggestions?
A little different offering from me, could you critique please?
Please tell me how you like my poem!!! I lost my muse and I think it's back.?
music is a universal language.Discuss with refrrence to the poem.?
Explain "All Is Truth" poem please.?
Fall Winds- comment/ critique please?
Is poetry dead?
Robert Frost's poem Birches?
Help me rhyme it plz?
what do you think of this poem ?
Tone of the poem "Remember"?
Does anyone have night terrors? Is this a good description?
Name of a Shakespearean metrical device?
What are some poems that have a similar message as "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost?
What do people think of this poem?
Free verse about nature?
if i gave you a poem to write what would you write about and who would you write it to?
I'm a scoundrel and this is my last refuge.?
Love poem for my boyfriends birthday card? Any ideas?
Are you good at picking fights or applying tourniquets?
Another epic poem of an epic battle brewing in the Aquatic Rodent Camp, will you join us?
Do you like this?
whats an acrostic poem for antagonist?
What is poetry REALLY about?
Alexander Pushkin?
What is the theme of "Snake" poem by D.H. Lawrence?
Need two Free Verse Poems !?
Please can you suggest a title for my fun poem. Comments and critique are welcome, thanks.?
What do you think of this poem.?
One more tyburn?
Some feedback on my poem?
Is there a question or only answers?
Let these words...poem, comments?
Can anyone tell me if this poem is any good?
Poem for English :o?
Therein lies the rub, will you comment please?
doers any1kno a good thesis statement for the poem "Don't Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas
can anyone please help me with my poem?
Brother & Sister Poems?
can a poetry society help you locate a poem for a specific event?
Please, I would like some opinions on this poem I wrote?
where is open mics at in south surburban areas?
I need a simile poem about EARTH xcan you help?
emerson wrote that poem called "nature", could someone summarize it for me?
Does this poem make sense?
What are the diffferences and similarities between Homer ( Poet) and Herodotus?
How to make a katy perry sonnet ?
Your thoughts on a poem? (and title suggestions)?
poetry poll: do you find that your best poems come when your intoxicated?
If You're In Love - Make Some Noise ! ? ?
And when did you understand these lessons?
Word that describes person who writes better than they speak?
please help with poems?
im having a hard time with this sonnet im writing...help anyone?
Does a poet need a long poem to get his point across? C/C?
Please critique my poem?
I made it better, changed the subject, I mean the object. What do you think?
What do you think of this poem? It's kinda funny?
Will you write a poem about what your name means, but add one of the following?
Tell me how I need work on my Poem. Please?
My Princess. A poem. c/c?
Can you suggest a nice rythmic poem to read at my uncle's civil partnership ceremony?
i need a simile for my name is as mysterious as a ?
Until You Came-New Poem I just wrote?
What is your opinion on this start of a poem?
Which two names sound and look better together?
Chocolate...is it just for breakfast?????
Where is the curse first mentioned in the poem ?
New poem! Tell me what do you think!?
An Anniversary poem, will you critique or leave comments please, thanks?
YOUR A STAR ....................POEM C/C the other me Pleases?
Poem Feedback???
The Ribbon Streak by Callaway is what genre of poetry?
Is this a poem " The longest play "?
what does the poet mean by mere oblivion? elaborate with reference to last stage og human life?
Poem - The Thermos - Do You Like?
"Borrowing" poetry?
Is this a poem " Sadness enters open doors "?
What do you think of this?
whats the difference between a ballad poem and a lyric poem?
Can you understand the importance of editing?
What is the Rhyme scheme for the song The Legend of Wooley Swamp by The Charlie Daniels Band?
I was on the train and I saw this poem and it confused me what do you think the poet is trying to say???
Blank verse help pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeee :)?
Read my Poem and Tell me if you like?
I have a question for all you s****** reporters. Why do you only report the questions where I include a poem?
Help with writing a poem?
Do you like this poem? [part 2]?
my baby is turning one, theme is minion from despicable me i want a poem but don't know one..any ideas?
Make up a poem for me?
What is the message and theme of this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
i need to write a poem using 8-9 literary terms and i choose a topic nature and i dont know how to start?
Which part of a poem is most important, the bait, the hook or the net?
Tell me what you think of this short poem?
need some help!?
create a poem using the line provided?
what do you think of this poem?
Author of wedding poem?
After the curds, do you feel wheyed down, or...Shakerspeare poetry is a bit cheesy?
Love advice, poetry,short stories etc?
Do you like this poem?
What do you think of this? (Be nice)
What do you think of my new poem "Somewhere"?
Please rate my poem honestly?
What's a good topic for a poem?
Rate my poem out of 10, Please!?
How would you feel about a poem with a cow in it?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
I just wrote a poem. Tell me what you think. Be honest?
Is this a poem " The Drummer "?
What is the figures of speech in this song? Does it use meter, rhyme or free verse?
John Milton-Metaphysical Poetry?
i want some good peace poems for grade 5?
How about this for a "Roses Are Red" Stock investor lament?
The World's Greatest Acrostic Love Poem!!!?
Bridget's Life is a Poem I invite you to read. Will you join me?
What do you think of my poem?
More thoughts on my poem?
could you review this poem by me?
What Emily Dickinson poem would be the easiest to analyze?
Do you like my poem? Any suggestions?
should I stop writing on tumblr ??.....?
Please help me interpret this Love Poem?
Look At ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you like my song/poem? I call it "LIFE?"?
Is my Poem ANY good at ALL??
Slant Rhyme for Elegant?
Need to fine Louis gluck poem online asap?
my amateur work. penny for your thoughts?
Can Some1 Recite The Poem From Love Jones?
Are the terms "hippie" and "Communist" interchangable?
scary italian sonnet?
What killed poetry, do you know?
Stone too, haiku, will you C/C please?
The less you know, the better off you are?
What do you say to 'Oh Why Can't Poets And The English Learn To Speak?' mawnin pome?
Who said "I saw that god made adam out of dust so I tried to make love out of lust"?
Can anyone help me analyse this poem by Loh Guan Liang?
Can we have our own holiday? It's up to you, c/c?
Is it OK to just say thanks to some here?
Can you write a poem please?
a poem i wrote 4 my father.what do you think about it???
Poem Critique?
How is this piece of "poetry" so far?
Acrostic poem about health and safety?
How does J. Alfred Prufrock see himself like Lazarus?
Is it nightfall where you live or is it daybreak and how can we humans write rhymes that are fake?
Will you excuse me while I blab? Comments?
What do you think of my poem?
really need your help interpreting 10 points to first best answer!?
write a poem to save giant panda using words destruction,endure ,distress,estimate,extinction,evidence(u… any
can you tell me what this poem means and what you think?
Need advice, please be honest. What do u think of this poem for school?
Some help with a poetry question?
What can be said of this trial Dorsimbra attempt? ?
Writing a poem (Grade 10 level)?
i need a poem about mardi gras!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Catch 22 / related poem! Urgent!!! ?
What is a simple poem to remember?
My first foray into poetry, please critique!?
Since I've been left to my own devices today, the poems they are a flowin'. Comments????
I don't know why I seem to be obsessed with Haiku today, but try this one?
What do you think of this poem?
does any body have any fly poems?
Who agrees with my pome about the English language?
Will you C/C on a script {Young sister} of the Greek poet?
"Mists Of Spent Glories" a Spontane - please c/c if you would?
my poem.. what do you thing?
need a poem...?
I have posted this again, I think the editing makes it read better...do you?
i don't know wat to do i have free verse do tomorrow and i really need some help, does anyone have a poem!!??
`Andromeda` ...1st verse, 1st draft for your c-c?
i need help analyzing the poem, "the tyger", by william blake?
Anyone want to try and interpret these poems?
Who wants to hear a spooooooky Halloween story from looooong ago?
I need a short poem, for a couple who are thinking of breaking up?
What poems have the theme of ''How far will a human go to survive?''?
Please Read Sonnet help (:?
Can someone help improve this poem, give advice, criticism or make any changes that would make it better?
What do you think of my poem?
i need a good short poem?
15 yrs old. I'm desperate for some feedback. Can you critique my poetry?
please read and tell me what you think?
Living Alone. Poem.?
Lovely friendship poems for my best friends 18th?
"What To Write About The Sixties?" for your c-c. please...an impromptu?
What is a good poem to thank my mom on my graduation?
Nature call; Will you comment please?
What Is The Theme To The Poem "A Happy Childhood" by William Matthews?
Where can i submit poem into a contest online?
what do you think of this amazing poem I definitely wrote?
poem...... comment?
Cheesy's post-Halloween poem. Will you read it and stuff?
Please read my poem called "SURFING"?
how this poem makes you feel?
does anyone know the rest of this poem and who wrote it?
Richard Lovelace poet thesis statement help need please! Best answer =s.?
I need help to paraphrase this poem..?
HELP! looking for a good christmas poem, any help?
tell me what you think about this.............?
Poem help? I need one more sent., can be changed?
Redo...no typos left behind...at least making an effort...do you like it?
Do you have something to say about my poem?
what Lyric Poem should I use?
who is the composer or poet of the poem "utho jawan desh ki vasundhara pukarti?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
Please rate my poem?! It would mean a lot!?
your thought on this poem?
Similarities in 'Still i rise' and 'Digging'?
What happened in the poem Matzek by Jacqueline West?
A sensual poem of wondrous memories?
Please read and rate my haiku??
Poem writing? could someone please help me?!?
Would you comment on a poem with a different twist, or maybe it's just twisted?
What think you of Spell Checker Morning?
What inspired Shakespeare?
Can I have some feedback on this poem I wrote please?
the words of the poem remember me{?} by christina rosetti?
Would you like to read a poem about magic and love?
this is the last poem i will post tonight let me know your take on it what you think it means and all good/bad?
New poem I wrote. Entitled Thrown away?
Poem for Memorial Day cemetery service?
Please read my poem: I just can't be alone?
Do you think this is a good poem i wrote?
Rate my poem?
Intensity (pros and cons appreciated)?
Your thoughts and opinions on my poem ? Thanks?
bset answer for first correct answer.. creative opinions and ideas needed ?
Wow, Alyssa, I never thought you had it in you....What do you think about this?
IS THIS A GOOD POEM -____________-?
I write good poetry but does this mean I could write a good song?
What are some words that start with the sound "huh"?
Free to verse now c/c? Please?
Do you love someone? Could you tell? c/c?
What can you tell me about this poem?
What am I?
What do people think about my poem?
can anyone summarize the poem "the laburnum top" by ted hughes?
How did you chose your avatar, and what does it say about you?
Is this poem any good?
Is this an ok poem? What should i change about it?
What is the significane of Petrarch's Sonnet 134?
Can somebody write a short poem about slavery ?
spread the love!?
What do you understand from this short poem? +Comments please?
Breath on Glass, an old poem,. c/c?
Who what when where why how...that should cover it being a question?
What does Maya Angelou mean in this poem??
They say *sighs* don't matter. Not a dark matter, but a bit of a sad goodbye, C/C?
Is it possible to write a poem about the Presidential campaigns?
Any ideas or poems for a perfect for baby shower invitations, baby announcements, and baby shower cakes.?
What do you think of this poem?
can someone explain this poem to me?
Can you explain the poem Vancouver-Courtenay-Calgary by George Bowering?
Will you C/C on the new script {silken sough chords} of the Greek poet?
Can you write a 4 line poem about something you love?
Should we invent a new type of WD-40 spray? c/c?
Opinions on my poem: The Wall?
concrete poetry?
Is this a good poem??
poem (it's a new poem)?
do you like my poem? I would like some feedback on it.?
what is the name of robert frost first poem that he wrote and published in his high school newspaper?
you're by sylvia plath?
Roses are red violets are blue poem?
What do you think of these words?
Does anybody where to search for the poem Till Our Face by Carol Ann Duffy?
what do you think of my poem?
Do you know about Yvonne Sapia (poet)?
what do you think of my poem for my love?
Is it OK that I care about so many of you?
Is it not our anticipation of disavowal which fires our constant search for most beautiful words?
how is Carpe Diem shown in this poem?
Do you like my poem?
Please Help edit my poem?
how do you make a chocolate strawberry erotic?
What type of poem is this..?
Have you dug up Uncle Arthur yet? You know how he loves to scare the kiddies...?
Does anyone besides me like to write poetry?
Read all about it Cassie met Pandora, will you comment or critique please?
What is this poem called help !?
please tell me if you like this?
Computers & Life?
Drunken Memories: Poem Let me know what you think.?
Aurora Leigh help??
For HD, she wrote it for me, and I hold it dear, near to my heart.Comments?
I need a poem?
What are the poems "fortune" and "teller" by Kevin Young about? (subject and occasion)?
What do you think of my poem?
i wrote this poem "Candle flickering in the wind" could i get some feed back on it?
Opinions on my poems...I want your feelings and critisisms to improve them. Thanks! :)?
Have you ever?
What poem that you've read made you stop and think?
Do you mind if I leave this poem here?
Will you comment on my Trigee, or...how can I improve it?
In the holy sonnet 10, what can the speaker's attitude could best be described as?
Have you ever held an artifact? A poem. Should I trash it and move on?
Would you consider reading this nonsense?
DO NOT READ THIS POEM....jk....do what u want....?
Why does poetry have to hurt?
Who wants to go see Alice?
like my poem? i call it "HATE VS. LOVE"?
Negative Capability in Keats "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"?
Ok, I'm dying.............any comments?
Bantam in Pine-Woods - By Wallace Stevens?
Do you like my poem?
Diferent Styles or different poems?
Title me..........a poem. c/c?
What do you think of my short poem?
Please c/c this poem I just wrote.?
Poem: Because I Could Not Stop For Death?
Do you like this poem?
I have learned how to cut and paste! And then put in my email! Or even post!?
is this a good poem for a war veteran?
Need some words?
Comment on a poem about a year not being enough time?
Finish this?
How do I cite this poem?
What do you think of these words?
May I be an interloper here?
Are these poems gud?? (they arent that long)?
Is this poem good for my age? im a kid!?
what does poetry do besides create characters? please be detailed?
Who is "him" in ee cummings' Plato Told?
Title for poem?
Is this poem good?
Does anyone know any pro WW2 poems?
Anyone know what Poem this is?
"Must to thy motions lovers' seasons run?" in colloquial arrangement?
Will you read and comment, please?
Repost...what do you think of this poem?
Have you ever told anything shameful?
what is the tone of this poem?
do you like my poem?
What do you think of my poem? Honest Responses always welcome!?
How would you descibe the poet John Hegley?
What do you imagine is written in this little bottle? From and to who?
what do you think of this peom so far?
finish this poem!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please read and comment on my poem thanks!?
Can you relate to this? What do think about the poem?
What symbolism is the in Walt Whitman's Poem "A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim"?
I need at least ten personification words for the words "Chair" and "Kite".?
What are the functional and grammatical rules of poetry?
Really Old 9/11 Poem.?
No republic for us, a poem will you c/c?
dog poem only 12 or more lnes?
My Poem: Harshly Honest Feedback Please?
Thoughts,feelings and form in the poem Pot Roast by Mark Strand 1934?
Who will play Fourth Dimension with me?
Advice on my poem,please?
Do you like my poem? THANX!?
Just want some feed back on this poem?
I'm shocked! i saw one of my poems ...they edited it a bit and turned it into lyrics....Look!?
Whats the best poem you've ever read on answers?