Figurative Language, for basketball?
Is "terrible feat" an oxymoron?
Long Distance Relationship?
The tone of this poem...?
A serious poem this time?
What type of poem is "Happiness" by Raymond Carver?
Do you like this mini poem/rhyme. Honest opinions?
"How Your Heart Speaks" credited to Cassie for inspiring me, c/c?
Wept up and gravity lies again...?
What would a good acrostic poem for miltia (in colonial times) be?
I was bored and started writing. What do you think of this one?
Part of a story I'm working on.. How is it?not about me!?
Praise me. Do it now!!!........?
what is the name of this poem?
When you sit in silence, who or what do you think of?
how is this draft poem olease anyone?
poem criticism 3?
hilarious poems?
What is your favorite sonnet from Shakespeare..........................?
what is a persona in poetry?
wat book is the poem picture puzzle piece in?
racism/discrimination/prejudice poetry ideas?
What do you think?
Could anyone give my advice regarding my poem?
Interpret this poem! 10 points?
what's this poem??
What do you think of my poem?? Please comment?
"Where The Boys Are" a Spontaneouus dunno-what-yet, please will you c/c?
What is your absolute favorite poem?
compare and contrast the poems dreams deferred and fire and ice?
would you consider this poem?
are these any good?
is this poem good for a girl i like?
do you think this economy poem sounds okay? would you like to ask?
Would you be so kind as to critique my poem?
Would you help with my poems? advice?
Criticism on my poem?
Clerihews Poem ?
What say to the Pome,"Snidely And Corngiver Join Forces"?
Do you enjoy scifaiku? Can you critique it?
What does THIS poem mean to you?
Why do people like poetry ?
Following in the Footsteps - another one?
where can I find good ryming poetry?
How do you describe the mood and rhythm of a poem?
What do you think of this poem?
A poem for my son what do you think?
What do you think of this poem....?
how about this one?
how can this be improved? not a happy poem?
do you like this poem slash first bit of a song?
Have you ever read this poem called "Himself"?
like this poem?
A quickie. Is anything more mysterious than love?
Do I need You?
in the prose poems where does baudelaire discover beauty? what is the nature of its appeal?
famous poems that uses a pun and/or hyperbole?
Can someone help me with this Haiku?
what do you think of this poem i wrote today?????what do YOU think it is saying?????
I need a poem with a lot of figurative language!? PLZ?
Is this poem good?????????????//?
Is this Poem good?
what do you think of my poem?
I wrote this poem. Tell me what you think.?
John Donne - Twicknam Garden?
How do I go about getting my poems and stories published?
I need help making a Where I'm From Poem!?
Will you comment on Just Scraps, please?
Father of Stephen Dunn?
How to start this essay? (on Judith Wright, a poet) PLEASE HELP!?!?!?URGENT!?!?
Is this semi emo poem any good?
Is this what you call torture c/c if you will?
Please tell me if this is a good poem!!?
please tell me how can i improve this poem?
Do you have the stomach for this dark poetry?
Why do metaphors have to rust?
Do you like my poem?
Can you review my poem?
I'd appreciate some feedback for my poem?
I'm scared too. I'm scared too. Do you think that it can get any Darker?
Do you enjoy reading rhyme poems?
can u plz tell me what u think of this poem i made ty?
the scars of nostalgia.........?
An edited version of one of my poems. Did I make it better?
if you could write a poem about anything, what would it be about?
What's the Borges poem, Obverse/Reverse?
Am I Any Good At Poetry??
will you sing my poem?
Is the poem any good?
What is it that we want? Should it be simple and selfish? What? What?
theme of the poem holy island by andrew motion?
When do you know when the poem is finished?
What do you think of my poem?
When asking questions in 'Answers', I keep getting answers from chancers?
need to find 3 poetic things in this song.?
Barbie Doll Poem?
Whats a good poem for me and my friend who arent very close anymore?
poetry and social class?
A Lame Poemy-Thing. Comments please.?
Your opinion on my newest poem?
What do you think of this poem?
A Complaint, by William Wordsworth Analysis?
Would you like to sign my petition?
A trifle . . . c/c?
Is falling in love just a pain?
Do you like my Kingshill poem?
The Mutation?
Where Can I find online poetry contest?
Can anyone help me find a poem of an unborn child?
Feedback on this poem?
Please Critique and Analyze?
Independence...Do you feel it?
What do you think of my...er...unrhymed metered poem?
Criticize Not...?
Do you like my funny poem?
Help on poem.... please?
Do you ever have a question not post?
in poem Robert Graves “Counting the Beats”?
Read this poem of mine, tell me how is it?
its been a while but.......?
Has anyone ever wrote a poem about zombies?
few questions about poems?
Have you ever felt like an old forgotten book?
I need an idea please?
Does wearing a wild hat somehow make bad jokes funnier?
Any short, sad quotes/poems about sisters growing apart?
How does this poem sound?
What do think about this poem?
English - rhyme schemes?
What's the best poem that you've ever written?
Have you ever felt the touch of God?
Is it right to be proud of your achievements in life or should one hide them away?
Poems about growing up?
What do you think of this poem?
Is it 'It's took 10 years' or 'It's taken 10 years'?
i need a poem can anyone write me one?
Can anyone know what poem the following is from "Remember me with laughter, if you can't remember me with ....?
What are your reactions to Christina Rossetti poem Remember?
Macbeth, homework help?
Have we been anonymously bequeathed the right to write?
Who likes new poetry/prose?
what do you think of this poem?
So how is your American Dream doing?
would you kindly review my poem.............?
What are some of your comments about this poem that i wrote called: My Midnight Moon?
How do you feel when you finish writing a poem?
Please I just need your comment :)?
Simile poem help.........?
what famous saying does this poet allude to in lin one of the poem the Epitaph?
Who reported the model study of a Goat guided Space Shuttle to Saturn and Sun, Dave and Scfooltzie posted?
Need help finding literary devices in this poem?
help with this poem meaning?
Can you please tell me the meaning of this poem?
dose anyone know a good poem?
Do you wish you were out dancing tonight?
Poem analysis help please? What does the poem E Tenebris by Oscar Wilde mean?
what is the theme of sonnet 35 by edmund spenser?
Are my poems good or bad?
Poetry Trouble?
How this poem I wrote?
I am black with silver trim. bright blue lights, and a colorful face, what am I?
Would this sound alright or do you have a better idea?
What's a good 3-5 minute poem to read for Public Speaking?
What do you Get out of this....Dose it make you want to do something different with you life?
Is this pome okay, It paying a tribune to my auntie?
I would like your opinion on my poem please?
The poet in me wants to share something with you all,please leave your commets?
how does "the lake isle of innisfree" shift from beginning to end?
Critique my poem...............?
What do you think of my poem?
A Poem inspired by Dragon Lady?
Sacrifice hunger games poem help?
what does this poem by emily dickinson mean?
Need help finding famous ballad poems.?
Can you help me find the author of a poem in Spanish, entitled "Mapa"?
This is a bunch of words that don't mean anything, dedicated to the ones that know who they are?
I'm bipolar (Poem)?
Can you please tell me the meaning of this poem?
"The Stuffy-Not Professor"... a musing muffled write for your c-c?
since you all asked, here's another poem (i'm on a poetic roll!)?
Can you guys give me your opinions of my analysis for this poem?
Can someone help me find a poem/rap that demonstrates idioms?
so, may I play? reoriented poetic answer perhaps you can comment or criticize in a civilized manner?
Shall anyone help me to write a poem, please? 10 points for sure!?
What is the theme of the poem- "Birches", by Robert Frost?
Inspired by washing dishes...What do you think?
Is it this time?
Revised : is my poem any good ? Feedback appreciated(:?
Poem titled Wounded. Any thoughts and comments?
Man in a Boat Limerick...c/c?
Anyone know an acrostic peom for the word OWNED? Or CHRIS?
Is this poem good, it has to be about myself?
Anyone know of this poem?
Part 3 of The Captured, 24 to go?
Rate my poem please!?
what is the poem 'The Eve of St.Agnes' about ?
I need help writing a thesis statement - please...!?
hey yall i went and wrot this poem come check it out and tell me what yall think about it.?
Hey! I'm apologizing. You should check this out.?
What literary devices are used in this poem? (10 points)?
Care to read Friendship poem dedicated to Y!A friends?
'whatever you have to say just leave' POEM?
Poetry for snow bound folks.............?
Differences and similarities between Sonnet 116 and Sonnet 43?
REMINISCING - just a feel good piece after all the heavy poetry?
Give me your input on this poem?
It's all gonna burst eventually. Comments/Critiques/Remedies?
Kindly appreciate my poem --"TWINKLE LAMPS" posted herewith:?
Can you swim....................................…
how does this poetry seem so far?
What are your thoughts on this poem I wrote?
What do you think about this poem by Richard Wilbur,"The beautiful changes"?
Care to Comment?
poem..good, bad, ugly? idk please rate it or like leave comments if you would be so kind?
whose poetry is "NAMAZ PADHNA KAMZANANA". shah bahu sultan or buleh shah?
Does my poem sound good?
Is this a good poem?!?!?
What do we reveal in our small gestures? (Please c/c Revision)?
What is the meaning Of Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Answer"?
Ideas for my love card please?
What did emily dickinson introduce to poetry?
What do you think of this poem?
What kind of poem is The Marrog by R.C Scriven?
hey, will you c/c this?
New ground, new skies, a poem to critique?
Wrote my first poem and looking for some feedback?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Have you watched someone die? c/c?
I am doing a rhymed music poem, and i need your help!?
How do you interpret this poem? Please help!?
In terms of poetry what would the meter be for "Alexander the Great had the whim"?
A simple poem will you express your kindness?
Do you sleep with your pets?
Poems about Mars are not abnormal. Do you like this one?
What is the name of this poet?
Will you help me with a poem?
Are there any onomatopoeia or metaphors in this poem?
Oh well...more poems. I am a masochist. Comments???
One more poem, I'm going to write it right now.Read if you will?
What are some famous gothic poems or short stories?
Has anyone ever wrote a poem about zombies?
the man from ironbark poetic analysis?
What words rhyme with lack? I am trying to write a poem and I have writers block!?
I was going to post this question at midnight last night ! but my question is ...?
By way of explanation...?
please read my poem i made?
What is one line in a poem called?
anybody know that poem for antibullying?
What do you think of this poem?
does my poem make sence?
Is this too obvious of a style of poet I am trying to copy? C/C?
Is this well written?
Help on analysis of a poem?
Poem I wrote, what do you think of it?
Is my poem, The park flasher meets my wife entertaining?
An offensive poem? My gramps,would grudgingly (because of petrol cost)drive us home at night?
Is this Story/Poem ok? supportive criticism welcome?
how do i write a sonnet?
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Poem?
What giants have you known?
The Hunchback in the Park by Dylan Thomas?
Can you critique my poem?
You ever have to deal with anything like this?
Care to give an opinion?
Do you like my poem?????
What do you think this means?
Jeff Mangum....where is he?
good poem about friendship?
Leaving Card Limerick?
what are the words that rhyme with cynthia?
i wrote this piece, Dancing in the Magma..?
Wasn't Robert Browning the luckiest poet who ever lived?
guess how old i am by reading these poems i wrote. closest answer gets a 10?
i need help!!!!!!!!?
can you write a poem for Independence day ?
Hellooo Poets! I am looking for words strung together using rhythm and rhyme. Have you some you could spare?
Poem? Do you like my two blue eyes?
i want birthday poem from nanny?
Be honest. Am I just too corny?
Elvis has left the building, a bit of a rumination, c/c?
where is this poem from?
How do you write a analytic discussion of a poem?
what do you think about this poem?
I need help with a poem thingy about R.E.S.P.E.C.T!?
what do you think of my poem? "twilight silence"?
Help with writing Shakespearean sonnet?
can somebody please help me Write an analytic response to a favorite piece of literature. Analyze a poem, a pl?
plz tell me any 6 poets name i need it before sunday?
The last poem I write today? Comments?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
Poem ideas?
i need quotes?
i need help with my poetry homework for alliterations i need some good ideas?
Ok, the final poem.....!?
Do you like this poem?
Do you love the children of the future as they speak in riddles of poetry?
Rate my poem please!?
A Ditty for a Dalek?
Please rate my newest poem? Should I write more?
"Perhaps Not to Be" by Pablo Neruda in the Original Spanish?
Acrostic poem to the word latham ?
How is this poem?..pls rate.?
plz help corrrecting my poem?
Are you fire and moon or rain and sun?
Your opinions?????? Honestly!!?
who can tell me the meaning of this poem?
what exactly are iambic poems? (any examples would do)?
Azzy how's the 3rd?
Will you go rummaging with me?
Do you think this poem I wrote is good to give my mum for Christmas?
what is the poem brumby's run by banjo paterson about?
Do you like my poem? Please rate it for me!?
I've 24,667 points. Am I safe now?
Is this a good poem?
Here's my first poem. Thoughts?
Will you comment and leave me the highlights from the past 2 weeks?
A short poem by Henry David Thoreau?
Is Rap music Poetry?
What is this about/how can I improve this, if at all?
Poetry and false piety, opinions of my writings?
Anyone got some good poems?
Please help me with my free verse?
Is this a feast or famine...?
Is this more moving in the female gender than the male?
Can anyone give me some ideas for a poem about the Gulf Oil Spill?
What should I write my Sonnet about?
I need a title for my poem, do you like it?
How is " Cat Taste" poem...? otteri selvakumar?
how do u like this poem?
E.E Cummings poem...what meter is this poem? Free verse?
Twisted Imagination 0welcome to the world of my imagination?
What sort of poems or lines can i use to create a poem?
villanelle poem help?
Poetry now it is here, now it is gone, is there a logical reason why poetry is being?
is this a good poem for school?
Can anyone write a poem entitled "Flying" for me?
can i know what's the meaning of this?
Is this poem too much, or not enough?
Discuss how the poet Tells all the truth but tells it slant HELPPP! -Shakespeare?
what do you think of this short poem?
Does This Sound Like A Love Poem?
Last of the day *sniff*. Will you read my poem please?
What is the overall message of this poem.?
Does anybody like my poem?
PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!! Write a poem about poetry??!!!!! I REALLY NEED SOME HELP PLEASE READ!!!!?
What makes you think you can come on here.....?
"Mortality`s Murmerings" a serious spontane I think is occurring...please will you c-c?
More lyrics from 1994. This one is Sheryl's song. Do you like it?
Help naming my poems?
Will you C/C on a poem written for a classic contributor of Y!, and participate if you may?
Do you like this poem?
Please I need help with writing a sonnet poem!?
comments please re this poem....?
What is poet Wallace Stevens writing style in his poems?
Poem: Phone Call With My Mother (Comments welcome. Please let me know what you think)?
Who's to say if I may ramble as well?
can somebody please help me Write an analytic response to a favorite piece of literature. Analyze a poem, a pl?
"Fools" A poem of sorts, comments if you please?
The Time Machine is in Operation and on the Run. Will you climb aboard this adventure with John Taylor?
Do you remember something only to not remember it? C/C?
how can i remember a poem really fast?
Please read my poem?!?!?!?
poem judge?
i need a famous poet?
Poem: Because I Could Not Stop For Death?
And why do men have nipples?
What does this line from the poem The Wanderer mean?
What do you think of my poem about my mother who passed away?
Care to c/c[on] my poem~?
Only really intelligent people can write the best poetry, do you agree?
Please can you help me revise for my as level mocks?
Ah it feels good to stretch my goofy, will you comment please?
Remember to Smile is my title for a silly poem. C/C?
finish this poem off please?
What do you think of my poem?
need help with the advantages of being bald?
What is the meaning of this poem?
What do you think of Go For Your Guns Did Not Inspire This poem?
Your thoughts on my poem?
i need help with hwk plz 4 stanza poem for outsiders plz help?
How can science help me write a great poem?
my boyfreind wrote this 4 me its short but hey?
Writing a poem about Zeus ? With the tone "panic"?
No Deposit, No Return....a poem...c\c?
love poem?
How bad is my poem ? critics please.?
things that describe city roads(for my homework)?
"In Between Extremes"?
Putting piece of cake into a acrostic poem...?
Do you like my poem????????????????
"A poem for firecat" tying not to miaow,,a c-c please?
Will you comment on or critique my poem please, thank you?
What do you think of this poem I wrote a while back?
First thoughts on this poem (Guilt by John Betjeman)?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Please rate my poem?!?
what is aSonnet divided into three quatrains and a final two lines but it uses a rhyme scheme ababbcbccdcdee?
I'm interested in poetry, but i don't know where to start...?
Can you give me the 'hope' poem from Out of the Dust by Karen Hess?
feedback on my poem please?
I wrote this poem for the annual school magazine. Help me make it better?
Ralph Emerson's poem "Nature" help needed...?
Please commet on this piece of writing! Thank you in advance!?
I need a short poem like 4 lines that is really offensive for my ex- girlfriend. Any help?
What is the meaning of this poem? 10 points to best answer?
What kind of poem is this?
A poem that came from a dream I just had.?
I made this lyrics, tell me if its good or not?
Can anybody help me on ideas for a lyrical poem?
Baby shower poem help?
would you consider this poem?
Care to read my poem I just wrote and tell me what you think?
i need some ideas to write a poem can you help me plz?
How do you handle criticism?
how do i write a conceit/extended metaphor poem?
Will you read and c/c this procrastination.?
vampire poem my best i have written i think.?
carol ann duffy the world's wife........?
What do you think of my poem?
Are you ever lost in thoughts looking at the sky? c/c?
I'm giving this poem as a gift so I defs need criticism before! please help?
I need help writing something nice for a Christmas gift.?
"The Canada" Part Two would be honored for any to opine?
What do you think of this poem?
Version 1, 2 or 3. which is better?
"One Last Poem for Richard" by Sandra Cisneros. Help with Analysis, please.?
Stephen Spender: "My Parents Kept Me From Children Who Were Rough"?
'cherry tree weeping its resin’ visual imagery?
Once again, I don't know what to think. How do I improve this?
What do you think about my poem?
What does Robert Frost poem "Nothing Gold can stay" mean?
poem for on again of again gf?
Was Shakespeare a Feminist?
Not for the faint of heart. Have I succeeded with this poem?
How can I improve my poem about the morning?
Need help writing a poem ?
If someone wrote a poem for you...?
Is this pome okay, It paying a tribune to my auntie?
How are "the swimmer" and "lady lazarus" similar and different?
My new poem...please tell me what you think?
What is the poem 'The Tiger' by Pablo Neruda actually about?
Does this line sound good?
can you guys give me a rhyming poem?
Does this qualify as a poem?
poem for my unborn. do you like it?
What do you think of Vikings and Their Ladies poem?
Anyone got a Poem for a heroe?
What do you think about this I have written : )?
10 points to the best/first answer I see! Is this a good poem.?
What does this poem mean?
Ode On The Death Of A Favourite Cat Drowned In A Tub Of Goldfishes by Thomas Gray?
Need help on finding a poem, for a friend....?
What do you think about one of my poems?
{Blance where were you... ?} a villanelle of the Greek poet, C/C if you may?
can someone help me interpret this poem or tell me the meaning?
What do you make out of this?
Here is another, so depressed I have to write or die. Comments???
"LOL" posted just for fun, Do you agree with this fella ?
im looking for a place to post my poetry (dark) to get feedback,can anyone help me?
Special prayers needed for DALLAS,,,Even if you do not know her , i beg for your prayers ?
Are you ever really prepared?
what do you think of my poem?
Is poetry a damned craft?
Does this sound okay? its like a story, in poetic form.. and its kinda sad btw lol?
What is your favorite poem?
What do you think of my poem? Feel free to be harsh!?
Who wrote this verse - May peace and plenty crown the land And civil discord cease?
Anyone awake enough to c/c on this "Ramblin Rose Is How It Goes" poem?
this poem needs a lot of work... please critique it as is.?
Will you C/C on a poem {Bull Horn Grip} about prowess, of the Greek poet?
Do haikus have titles?
umm.. A poem for people who have a reason to read it.?
Short poem about my son?
opinion on poem please?
help with analysis on poetry?
'Intimidated' will you read and comment?
Can u pleez answer this?!?
A fun poetry challenge. Write one about yourself in the kitchen preparing a banquet...?
poetic elements in To the Right Honourable William?
I have heard of Sonnet, a form of poem (English) with 14 lines.Can anyone tell me about other poem forms?
I'm looking for a poem about a child living on a farm and witnessing the animals being killed?
Anyone know any sorry poems about true friends?
Another poem from me. Tell me what you think?
Will you read this poem please?
Please explain the meaning of the poem MERCURY written by Ezra Pound?
What do you think of this poem I made about Sylvia Browne?
Can someone please make a poem of 30 lines with the heading "news" PLEASE!!!!?
I need to come up with a poem to induct a junior at my school into the National Honor Society.?
Which little poem is better?
Will you read a poem I found online and weep silently with me?
Can someone please tell me that poem that Nick Powell (The Invisible) writes?
What do you think of my poem?
What kind of a bounder have I become?
What are your opinions on Morphine? A poem?
it's long but will you read?
I want a small and nice poem?
How can I find the name of this poet?!?
Good quote from an Edgar Allen Poe poem?
Can you interpret this poem?
The worst poem you've ever heard?
How do you write Beat Poems?
What should I name my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
What is the answer to Robert Frost's "One Guess" poem?
TDeuwaite - An Acrostic - Do You Like?
Please c/c a true little story ?
Is this poem good? Any suggestions?
What do you think of the poem for my mom?
Comments on a poem about a whirling dervish?
Last of the evening. Hope someone enjoys it, so depressing..nah nah nah.?
Where did the Victor Hugo poem "Be Like the Bird" originate?
What do y'all think of this poem i wrote?
can someone paraphrase each line of sir philip sydney sonnet 39?
Do you ever wonder about writing your poems better?
What is a good idea for a poem?
This is for a friend... Am I bent or what ?
Ideas for writing a concrete poem?
I wrote a poem about the Heimlich Maneuver, but I just can't seem to spit the words out. Help?
In our class, in groups of 4 we are writing anthologies, and each have to add our own poem- short?
Valentine Poem About A Guy I Like????HELP?
Do you like my poem???
Will you tell me what you think of my poem?
what is the theme for sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Broening?
what do you think of this poem?
How have the terms B.C and A.D changed?
Shel Silverstein Poem Analasis!!! please help?
wot do you think?
Callaway's poem the Ribbon Streak?
"Therapy"--short one I promise?
What advice might the speakers of "The Seafarer" and "The Wanderer" give the speaker of "The Wife's Lament"...?
SURVEY: What do you think of this POEM and WHY?
New York's Quiet Voice...will you critique for me?
What do you think of my 'Writer's Block' poem... ?
Can someone help me find a poem?
Can you please give some constructive criticism on this self-loathing poem of mine and suggest a title for it?
What is your opinion of this poem?
I am looking for this poem and its writer:?
Will you comment on this poem please?
Does my "Where I'm From" poem sound ok?
Opinion on this poem?
~The Game Of Lust~ Feedback Please?
What you think of my two Friendship poems.?
can someone help me find a deep prison poem?
Hey, what do you think of this poem..?
Any rhyming words...? Please Help!!!?
Care to comment on my poem?
please let me know if u know a poem related to ghosts [:-]??
What do you think of this poem?
How is my new poem??
What do you think? :]?
Here is my first for the day. Comments please????
is this poem good???????
Can anybody tell me where i can find poetry by greek poet Nikos Kawadias?
What does this poem make you feel?
I believe I'm in love (love poem)?
Does anyone know any food related poems?
Do you like what I wrote, can you relate?
Help with Ozymandias poem!!?
I used to think my father was a lot cooler than John Wayne. You?
What c/c for this "I Dun Seen Dat Light, I Have" poem?
Is it okay to use another's words blended with your own?
Help finalising a poem?
Name of haiku Philosophy?
picture and name to match this poem?
Haiku Poem about a Earthworm or Mushroom?
need a poetry analysis on any bob dylan poem.?
Where is the last place that love lives?
"Child On The Road" How far back in time could you see? Care to C/C this poem?
What would you c/c of this "October Is Sneakin Round The Corner" poem?
One more: Care to Comment?
May I leave you with this poem..If you like, critique, "but please, no yawning"?
Please, Please people, read my poem and honestly critique? =))?
Could this reworded and re posted poem be helpful, Yes or No answers please?
Can I know the best poem about forest ? The website?
What does the quote, "poetry like the moon does not advertise anything" mean?
What is a acrostic poem for poppy?
who wroe the poem ''TO INDIA-MY NATIVE LAND''?
can someone help?
Do you enjoy scifaiku? Can you critique it?
Image poem help for englsih?
Is "terrible feat" an oxymoron?
Do you like my poem? <♥haha its the third one ive posted today♥>?
Would you please C & C this rough draft?
Will you c/c on a new script of the Greek poet?
I need to find out what book this poem came from. Brother by R.A.Page.?
Poetry Critique?
How have the terms B.C and A.D changed?
Feedback on this poem?
is my poem any good? eh? what say ye ASSHOLES!?
Would your final soliloquy earn applause? C/C?
I am looking for a reliable poetry contest for a good prize?
How is this poem? be honest?
Which characteristics below best decribe Ghalib's poetry?
my newest poem. what do you think?
What are some good poems?
is my poem good? how can i improve it?
Beautiful quotes and poems.?
Godvia Tennyson poetry analysis?
Whether I have to use the same person used by the poet while paraphrasing or stanza ?
Figurative language in this poem?
So, I've got this overflowing shoebox full of poetry. What should I do with it?
sometimes I just can't answer you. to poem or not to poem?
Just for fun: Do you like it?
Aren't you impressed that...?
Revised poem from earlier....Any better?
actually, what is this poem message?
read carefully. you never know, maybe you feel this way too. so, here's my poem called LAST MEMORY. enjoy.
where can i get the full explanation of the poem night og the scorpion by nissim ezekiel?
care to critic my poem?
i'm writing a poem about dance. can someone send me some lines ?
What do you think of my poem??? Good?? Bad?? Details?!?!?!?
Anyone good at poems?
I buried my wife today. What next?
What think you of the Sun's Door?
How do I write an analysis of a poem?
What is a good POETRY FORUM?
Have you ever broken something that was dear to you?
what is the Warren Pryor poem about?
What do you think of my poem, critique?
what is the alliteration of this poem?
Lost to the Ages - Critique?
For our new posting poets...What are your opinions on this sonnet?
How would you summerize this poem? How does it make you feel? How does it connect or relate to your life?
English homewrk on poem plz help!?
How do you like this poem?
hmm i need help!?
HONEST OPINIONS: What do you think of my poem?
I found the Moon, it is not quite full yet, but do you have a poem?
GCSE English Exam. Any Help?
what does happiness feel like?
Like my new poem?
Acrostic Sestina; Across the waters; Care to comment?
Poetry Help...?
Can you help me determine the meter in this poem?
How does imagery effect a poem?
How does Robert Browning's background connect to "my last duchess"?
'Some Kind of Monster' My newest verse, please C?C?
Poems for lost loved ones..!?
Can someone give me an idea of a poem? It's about dreams?
Led Zeppelin Stories/Pt.1...?
I need a poem for BYOB?
Roger Waters, where are you?
Tell me what you think of my poem?
What do you think about this poem?
How do you write a free verse poem?
What do you think? is this an answer to a question or a question to an answer?c/c?
[When Pandora met Cassie]...Would you please c/c this poem...?
dorothy parker's famous poems?
Old poem analysis help please !!?
please make 5 quations with following poem"Gold fish" by alan jackson?
What is the explain of the poem "A Widow Bird Sate Mourning For Her Love" by Percy Bysshe Shelley?
Is embracing transience an interesting subject?
Have you ever had a goodbye morning?
cute words for each letter in the name savannah?
please read my poem if you like?
Good poems on regrets, failures or forgiveness?
More poetry today's rating!!?
Is this what's known as a yo-yo moment?
I need help with alliteration for hunger games (Read description before answering...)?
Help me come up with a Sonnet about any type of emotion ?
What think you of this poem?
Attn: The Good Egg, Wolf and the Moon?
What Do You Fiddle With When Writing A Poem ?
Shut the Door On Sadness?
is this a good sonnet?
do you like my poem..?
will you read and comment here?
a song I wrote tell me what you think[im 13]?
Do you like this poem?
Draw Conclusions in Beowulf poem?
how is african asian poetry unique from western poetry?
What do you think on my poem?
Please read poem I just made?
I need a 14 line English Sonnet about the Globe Theater?
Will you read my poem of prayer...feel free to comment?
In which collection of poetry did Edna St. Vincent Millay's "The Couage that My Mother Had" appear?
Acrostic poem for history.?
poem ANALYSIS help? please?
Looking for ideas for a poem: does anyone have any input?
Barter by Sara Teasdale analysis? I don't get it...?
Does everyone's poetry suck at the beginning?
another imitation poem from dlp--what do you think?
beautiful words by the smashing pumpkins and i wanted to share do you like them?
anyone good with poetry please help!?
Would you rate my poem?
World's GREATEST poem:?
Is this a good theme statement for the peom "Still I rise" ??? HELP?
can someone help me write a poem?!?
Have you read this 'possible' Mother's Day poem?
Can someone tell me some hispanic nursery rhymths and also where to find some?
Is there a specific battle the poem the Arms and the Boy is based on? If so, which one?
Can anybody provide me with the complete critical analysis of Matthew Arnold's poem -- The Scholar Gipsy?
Do you like my new poem?
Do you enjoy observing babies?
*eh* a beginning poet... =P?
what is a haiku poem?
Is my poem, 'Fool' any good?
can we have commentaries on thomas hardy poems?
Do you like my poem.............?
Just wrote it, what do you think of my newest poem?
what is this saying? as a child we have curiosity, as adults with lose it because...?
What is the meaning of this poem by Robert Frost?
Do you think this poem is good?
how do you write a rhmyning poem a persons life?
This one...?
Do you like this poem ?
“Awake! Young Men of England” analysis?
A garden Sonnet, Oh yes, Yes it is.....!!!?
rephrase "Managing time responsibly"?
Does "Ma Bell" reach out and touch?
My Little One?
What would you say to a friend....as he closes his eyes toward a new fate?
What does this poem mean?
How do you appreciate my poem posted herewith?
Poem Question...?
Why authors use repetition( sound, words) in stories?????????????????????????????????…
A small poem. Thank you?
Can anyone help me interpret a poem? I have to write an essay about it but I don't understand it?!?!?
Is William Shakespere's All the World's a Stage considered to be a poem?
Need quote, saying, etc..for 21st birthday?
Mirror Mirror On The Wall.?
Will you Analise this poem for me please?
Yes or no, is this a con-verb?
Why did you and what was the reason, who were you with - CC Please?
Is there any poetry thing you can sign up for to get in te mail?
Is this a good poem? my friend laughed at it but i thought i did good...Do i have any talent?
Good idea for a literary criticism paper for "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe?
what do you think of this poem good/ bad/help?
Will somebody read/rate this poem?
"Sonnet 56" a rewrite, some more C/C on this?
How does this poem sound?
critique please, unsure of title.?
Do you want to write a book someday?
What is the meaning of this poem?
"Sonnet 60" How long would you wait for a bud to bloom? Care to C/C this poem?
How can these two teach us? Rusty Spoon?
Your views please on The Mirror.?
My Poem Called "I Love You" Plz read.?
Do you like this poem?
Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" and Elliot's "The Wasteland" are not a poems but just prose What do you think?
Analysis of [Untitled] by Dorothea Grossman?
Do you like my new pome?
Is spending time within your budget?
Could you please tell me what you think of my poem???
What is this poem called ?? ?
ugh how does this sound for a poem?
wat do u think......................?
What do you think of my poem? It's short!?
Poetry: Prayer Poem?
Rate my poem? thanks?
Inspired by a poem sent to me this morning...I thought, and wrote this memory.C/C?
i need help on writing a poem on benjamin frankilin?
New poem, comments?
Give me a 7 poetry slam?
I'm writing a poem with my friend and we're having a disagreement about word choices... Help please?
an off the cuff poem. would you read it and give me some constructive crit or just comment?
Read and critique?
Would you comment on a poem about a bad night?
Wound like to know what you think about this Poem?
Does anyone have a poem that I can send to a girl I really like that she will wake up too?
Written when I was in a little bit of a tantrum - read if you want?
do you like this poem I wrote?
Tell me what... about this...?
What do you think of my poem?
Is this a poem " Warrior's Sorrow " A re-post?
What do you think of this poem?
acronyms poem...HELP!!! FREE POINTS?
i wrote it a day back please rate this on scale of 10?
How good do you have to be with words when reading American Poetry from the early 1900's. Want to learn more.?
Hi everyone, I would like your opinion about a poem I wrote sometime ago. I hope that you like it. Thank you.?
Should I switch lines 3&4?
do u like my newest poem?
Will you rate my poem? (1-10)?
Will you C/C on a new script of the Greek poet?
What is your favorite poem?
What are two similar poems by fairly known people?
Help with a title please?
poems about struggle?
what do u think of my poem?
Need help with a poem!!!! please help!?
what do you think of my poem pls?
Thoughts, opinions, criticism of my poem....?
Rate my Poem...Feel free 2 point out any corrections that need 2 be made.?
what is a good place to sit and write a poem?
Do you have to be an "old" soul to understand this? C/C?
Song of Myself, by Walt Whitman?
Do you like this poem?
What kind of poem is this ?
Chaos Storm, Heart Ride?
Are you a Poet?... Please help...?
Will you C/C on a revised humbly-real-poem of the Greek Poet?
Can someone tell me some hispanic nursery rhymths and also where to find some?
what is a homage poem?
This girl i really want to win her heart. I wrote her a poem. Is it enough to win her over :/?
Please read this poem. IT's the brutal truth?
Your opinions please :)?
Poems based on immigration?
What do you think she's talking about in this poem?
Has anyone visited this place? comments and critique welcome, thanks?
Can some give me analysis on this poem?
Please c/c my prose/poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Would you care to comment on this 26 word exercise?
poem help all poets plz HELP!!?
what is the meaning, attitude, and theme to this poem by walt whitman?
WHAT DO U THINK OF MY POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
what do you think of this poetry?
What Do You Think of This Poem?!?
In the Shakespearean play Othello, what was the moment of truth for Emilia, Desdemona, and Othello? And Iago?
The Last Words Before Death?
Shakespeare's Fidele?
Please read my poem entitled "Ana" Feedback is a plus! :)?
I want to do a silly poem, May I? Indulge, please, c/c?
A minor re-write. Cherchez la rime?
what would be.......?
Need poem help, CATCHER IN THE RYE?
what style of poetry is "Alone" by edgar allan poe?
They kill parrots, don't they?
If every day from today comes tomorrow, when will tomorrow go?
An attempt to link a poem with art, please give any comments on this, thanks.?
Another poem? Does it bring you to ponder?
So, why do we (I, you, etc.) keep coming back here?
Make poem about favorite sport?
what do you think about this(let's not call it poem).?
what figurative language can you find in the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost?
Is it just my imagination or do people think i'm a guy??
"The Soul select her Own Society" by Emily Dickinson?
Rate this poem on the scale of 1-10(along with ur suggestions if any amendments r 2 b made).?
Robert Burns as a radical poet?
Help me write a poem?
A True Story Poem : Ma Said Stop . Your opinion?
Robert Frost Research Paper, etc.?
Which type of figurative language is found in the line "Nor shall death brag thou wand'rest in his shade"?
Help me out with my poem please? Comment?
Does anyone know this poem? (title unknown)?
This is called Babylon, please tell me your thoughts...?
What do you think this poem means?
What poem has a line cut the telephone and had the word aero plane written by a man it is an older poem?
Can I offer a more obtuse write for Christmas...just cuz I awready wrote it?!?
riddle love poem?
I need someone to me make up a poem???
What is the theme of this poem? Help!!!?
What will become of me if my Father was a prosaic mandate and Mother was tercetic by nature?
First effort at a song. Please give it a look over. Opinions?
Is this a good sonnet?
What would be the theme of this poem?
Help with this poem please? (:?
can i know the meaning of poem lochinvar?
Can you do this in an acrostic poem?
What is "the Cry of the Children" saying about god?
Will you comment or choose -- two five liners?
ask criticism on this poem I wrote?
Is this a good poem/narrative short?
smart people....what is the theme of this short poem, in ur opinion?
Comments on my lullaby/poem lyrics?
Is there a Veteran's Day poem that includes a girl talking on father's day?
I had to write something and this is it, will you have your way with it?
what do you think of my poem?
I need the poem "Time" by Lisa Soloman?
is this poem competition worthy?comments please! (:?
Will the Veteran Friends read a poem of O. Elytis? C/C if you may?
Acrostic poem for Astronomical?
What is a Secretary a symbol for in poetry?
Give me a Free verse that is not written from a poet?
Can i get some feedback on my poem?
"Am I beautiful Yet?" Poem?
Can you tell me of my simple poem?
need help on poem questions?
why do you think some people are impolite when they answer questions?
Need some ideas for a tital, also good or bad? slight criticisim?
A poem about snoring, and more, comments?
Poems of a dark nature ..........me laughs?
Anti-Petrarchan Sonnet?
[This Fog will Enter...] (poem c/c)?
Reposting this 2+-year-old poem as it seems appropriate, will you c/c?
What are your comments for "13 kids, 13 daddies"?
help with my found poem about roses?
Do you like this good morning poem?
Opinions on a poem please?
do you like this poem?
whats a good analysis of this poem?
A long overdue Mother's Day Card, which Hallmark would never write, c/c?
That poem? My heart is filled with sadness, my sceret taers still flow?
do you like this poem?
what do you think of my poem/lyrics?
Please let me know what you think my poem?
Hey, a repeated and repetitive peom. suggestions?
What is your shortest reaction to suicide?
what do you think of my poem called "Love is"?
What do you think of the poem I wrote?
How do I protect my individual poems without publishing a book?
a rewrite...what do you think of this one?
Which poem to use?
what is journal poetry?
Not too heavy, not too light, tell me if this poem's just right?
a more "practical poem" called apple grove?
What u think of my poem for rj?
Will you C/C on a poem of the Greek poet, if you may?
What is your interpretation of this poem.?
I need help understanding and reflecting on the poem "skins" by Suji Kwock Kim?
What do you think of this?
can you explain this poam?
what book/poem is the Maya Angelou quote "Life loves the liver of it" from?
help with two lines for poem?
Revenge Quotes for Short Story Title?
Asymptotic Freedom?
Ode to a hog or maybe just a piece.....?
Please comment on a short, summer poem?
What's your opinion of this piece?
Feedback on my poem please?
when you post a poem do you expect 100% of the readers to like it? and if?
The Man From Snowy River?
Is this decent, poemwise?
I'd really appriciate it if you all would tell me what you think of my poem. Thanks :)?
What do you think of the love words I told my boyfriend?
Please read this poem! Your love is all I need?
Untitled poems I wrote feedback?
A thoughtful poem?
I love minecraft, My name is Dave, this rhyme makes no sense, MICROWAVE.?
What think you of this "Morning Mystery"?
Who is your favorite poet?
Whatcha think about my poem??
Please give me your favorite traditonal Haiku poem and write a modern one?
stuck on a 54th regiment poem?
need help on acrostic poem for GILDED AGE or AGE OF INDUSTRY?
What does it take to be able to create a Poem?
describe the lady of shalott's weavings?
Can I share this poem with you?
Help with Poetry Project?
Anyone Know of Any Poems About Fashion?
Do you like poems with lots of repetition?
Anyone know where I can find these Poems online?
According to the imagists, what aspect of a poem should carry its meaning and emotions?
What do you think of this Scrabble For Poetic Words poem?
Have you ordered yours yet?
A poem I wrote for a poet of Answers...?
Hey, ya'll, I'm off to Mars. Will you join me?
Have you ever seen a dead man?
do you like my poem?
Will you C/C {Arcanum Bride} of the Greek poet?
American or Continental Breakfast Poem - What is your comment?
Help!!! what type of poem is this??? Please helppppp :)?
why don't we objectify men in society?
Will you read this poem..........?
More Happiness for C+....?
"Sonnet 69" How is your moon coming along? Any C/C for this poem?
What do you think of this poem I read out at my Father's funeral?
Hey Chaps, what do you think of my poem? eh, critique appreciated! Thanks!?
poem "if" by rudyard kipling?
dos anyone have any great poems for a special girl??
Here is a poem. I am so very sad right now...comments.?
Will you C/C on this script of the Greek poet?
Can you write a lousy poem upon request? I did!?
Does this poem sound good?
Why isn't this william Shakespeare? How do you know it isn't him?
A quickie, PLEASE PLEASE read!!???
can someone tell user garwy that doing homework for students is cheating?
Does my daughters poem make sense?
What do you think of this poem?
Could anyone help me with understanding the imagery/themes within this poem?
What shifts happen in The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost?
What do you think of my 2nd poem?
Write a parragraph about the life of a pen ?
can you give me an example of how to right an abstract poem about sinks?
I lost my gift. What is a good that I can get it back?
any ideas?
would you mind reading this?
Life is filled with endless questions...?
"toungue" and "long"--dud they rhyme in the 1800's?
Any help with this poem?
I need help finding a unique title for my tanka poem.?
I wrote this depressing thing on the bus this morning?
Poem critique Please?
Is this poem good??? Rate it 1-5 please?
Juan Daniel Perrotta poem of Henry Braun?
What are some of the Dos and Don'ts of writing good, short poems?
What do we really want?
I need help finishing this dirty rhyme ?
Is this considered a free verse poem and is it good?
Interpret this Poem Figuratively?
Harken Stranger As You Pass By....What is this poem??
Some title-less poem I wrote a while back - read if you wish?
What is a good poem to recite?
Title for a poem about........?
what is the literary device used in the phrase "tired song" in the frog and the nightingale?
can someone give me some ideas to make my poem better?
short poems?
Poetry- I have always wanted to be a poet, but have always found myself lacking...?