Candy bar poem for welcome sign?
And what fashion labels do you wear?
what is going on with this kid?
Hi Can you help me to understand the Poem, "Full fathom five thy father lies;" by Shakespeare in The Tempest
Was Frost in New Hampshire or Vermont when he wrote "Stopping by Woods"?
Rate My Newest Poem!?
How do you draw people towards your poetry, yet keep them out of your head?
Speaking of 'better words,' what is your opinion of this poem?
Here's one for everyone to check out, I love you all.?
Is this any better? (( my summer poem))?
Did you ride the bus to school?
Are these words appropriate for this site? I won't call it a poem...?
What is the best site to publish poetry?
Read this poem please!?
What are the like & differences of haiku, and senryu poems?
Please read poem I made?
I need help on another poem?
I'm not a poet, but I wrote these. Comments?
I need help on my poem homework?
Who would read a funny poem about me?
Feedback on my poem - Your Melody?
My first time writing and opinions wanted?
chained heart. Opinions?
Opinions on my poem??
Some constructive criticism on my writing?
what do you think about this poem/random thing?
Any ideas or who may have wrote this poem?
Do you like this poem?
could you c/ c this for me and could you have lunch with me ?
Where is your official CBOLAR monogrammed barf bag?
What poems have examples of metonymy and irony in them?
I need inspiration, also i wrote another poem.?
should I stop writing on tumblr ??.....?
Help with bio poem!!?
Dulce et decorum est poem Help?
Assignment for poetry, advertising poetry?
Can someone help me title this poem?
write a summary about what the poem is about.......of the poem this is the dark time my love?
poetry contests?
I saw a Bethybug? Do you like this poem?
i'm writing an "i am like" poem, and i cant think of anything to put. please help.?
metaphor- good or bad?
Do you like my poem??
Based on this poem, can you guess what I do for a living?
trying out non rhyming dark poetry how does this sound?
American poem about how people are disgusting?
Does any one know the poet?
Help me write me a poem PLEASE!!!?
What is your comment about this brief poem?
What does the poem "this is my letter" by Emily Dickinson mean? I cant understand what shes trying to put out
what does this say to you?
can all the words in all the books help me to face what lies ahead--?
Should the right words be sacrificed for the right meter?
Could you tell me your thoughts on this poem that I wrote?
A Halloween Sonnet.....?
Please rate my poem, about ?
Can you please tell me a poem about the green earth?
Do you like the poem that I wrote?
What do you understand by the phrase "dying man licensed to sell sick fruit"?
Jumblie Girls poem or Nursery Rhyme?
Do you proof read?
please help and write a poem?
need a poem to say thank you for coming to my party from a two year old any ideas?
Appraise my Poem? (The Things I Miss)?
what do y'all think of my poem?
I think I'm sick of writing?
Who was george to w.b yeats?
Do you have any pocket doors? C/C?
I need feedback on this poem I edited, would you please help me?
My Poem...Can you interpret it?
Nostalgia poem - Hope you like it?
Words: A love/hate affair?
A poem about Dragons, well..kinda . What are your comments?
What do you call this "Farewell To Henry James" poem?
Do u know about any poems about music?
long nature poems relating to global warming but do not say global warming in poem?
Do you like this poem....?
How May This Poem Be Cleaned Up ?
Have you ever longed for?
Petrarch lived two centuries before Shakespeare?
Which is it for you? Comment?
Do you like my poem?Please be honest.?
Does a poem have to follow a rythym?
Thoughts on this poem? not finished but could use some c/c?
Its 2:52 in the morning Is any one still up?
i dont know what to add to this similie poem plz help?
my song i wrote...any suggestion grade me 1 thru 10...fix my mistakes let me no..?
I need an analysis of the poem Million Man March by Maya Angelou?
Author of the Poem: My Little Snowball?
does anyone know any poems about the weather?
Do you understand this Haiku?
can someone make a rhyming poem about my 13 year old cousin?
Acrostic poem help please?
Does this one come off as passable?
Do you like my poem?
Vanished..................a final poem for a while.?
What does everyone think?!?!?!?
here is a nother one of my poems. please let me know what you think.?
Rate this poem on the scale of 1-10(along with ur comments if any amendments r to be made).?
Yikes! Could someone help me find critiques on William Cullen Bryant?
Looking for a poem/song lyrics with some significant meaning.?
i need help on this poem PLEASE HELP ME!!?
your opinion on a poem i wrote, please?
what do you know bout poetry?
Ok... I am having poetic writer's block!! please help!!!!!!?
Poetry Analysis Help?
tell me what u think of my poem about a smile?
I reckon theres no accountin for... would you consider this a poetic?
The humanity of it all! How do you pick up the pieces?
"Beware the Tides of October" a poem if you`ll c-c?
Comic book poem C/C please?
What is 'The Time Around Scars' by Michael Ondaatje printed in?
what are some poems that are about time passing?
What do you think this poem means?
what are famous poem/songs(ballads) about mental illness?
Feedback on my poem please?
Whats that poem called when its about your childhood and you dont use complete sentences?
this was hard to write please let me know what you think?
I need help with a Poem?
"Nothing Gold Can Stay"?
tell me some advice about this poem[ and use michael jackson's death as insperation]?
what is the poet's attitude towards life (more detailed than he loves it and we shouldnt take it for granted)?
Anyone good with poetry please help!!?
Are you hungry for some nuggets?
New poem about a pirateship?
What would you say if I told you I was going to write a poem that will....?
what is the title of this haiku and who wrote this?
Do you like this poem.....?
any one good with poems?
What is your opinion of my Nonet?
what is the tone of the poem taking my son to school?
petrarch's unrequited love?
Need help writing funny clever haiku about any of these weird topics?
What would you call this?
Why do poets use certain devices in their poems?
i need a 30-line poem utilizing a specific rhyme scheme?
To compare the ways in which owen portrays the extreme situations which soilders experience in 2 poems?
Will you read this poem?
Songs that relate to Anne Bradstreet poetry?
rate my poem ? 1-10. CONSTRUCTIVE critism please.?
Can someone please make me a poem ?
English 4 essay comparing and contrasting poems?
What do you think of this poem?
do you like this poem? (its sad)?
HELP!!!!!!Can you please write me a POEM about this!!!!!!!!!!?
Please tell me the name and nationality of the writer?
any ideas or comments? good or bad.?
Southern California poetry contest for teens?
poems that are easy to remeber?
"The Blame Game" a thoughtful thought, please c/c-impromptu?
i need music to go with a poem!!!?
what is treatment of love in the Elezabethan poetry?
What is the work of a poet?
URGENT!!!!! multiple personality disorder australian poem?
My Epitaph.....for the future?
"A Strange Thing Happened" for your participation and/ or c/c, please?
Passion can be a killer (Comment/Critique)?
what do you think about this?
Will this girl love this poem I wrote?
Rhyme for my girlfriend?!?
do you understand this poem?
Cupid Wears a Mask...any suggestions?
Can you feel it?
Ideas to write a poem..?
Is World Poetry Movement a scam?
Have you ever been lost among the thorns?
Looking for a free-verse poet, like Lucille Clifton?
If this is a poem sharing spot i've got one to share. Take a peak, maybe.?
Picking a poem, help?
Critique (but nicely?) my poem please?
suggestions for poetry.?
Does this sound good?
Do you mind very much that I did one of these again, and will you forgive if you do?
~They say...~ a love poem. Hope you enjoy it..... :) ...?
First poem in a while. . .?
Got another Poem, what do you think about it?
Would you care to comment on this pome, in support of many poets on this site?
I have a poetry question!?
Does this have any meaning to you? If so why?
Like my poem...................?
'Hidden phrase' in this poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Can anyone make suggestions to make my poem more poetic?
Can you all have a look at "Full Moon" please?
Will you comment on then and again please?
can someone please write me a ballad poem I NEED IT RIGHT NOW. IM SCREWED!!!!?
how is this sexy poem all poets ....WHY?
I need some help writing a Shakespearean sonnet. Can you help me?
Does this format have a name?
Has anyone been contacted by poetry.com? i get e mail to say ive won an award but I have to pay for it?
What kind of suffering has the woman, borne (had to bear) and why has she had to bear the lifelong hidings?
What do you think of this poem(by Tool)?
how is this petrarchan sonnet(my 1st one!)?im 13 pls dun b 2 harsh?
Help with "Song-To the Men of England" - Percy Shelley?
Tough Metaphor Challenge for You Literature Buffs?
When was the Man In the Bowler Hat by A.S.J. Tessimond written?
Read my improved poem?
I need help with the poem Mother To Son by Langston Hughes?
Simile, Metaphor, Personification, and Hyperbole?
can you help me find one of these simile,metaphor,etc in this poem? please?
Help with a poem please?
Daily Romantic Poems?
is this a good poem? feedback please(:?
How to write poems?ive kinda developed an intrest in poetry?
Does your writing increase between Prozac refills?
3rd poem of the day from me?
Suffix...Postlude for Lilianne,,,{That's all folks!]?
Would you consider this a poem?
What is a poem contest in my area?
I need to write a poem about a journey. Any ideas?
What do you think of Dr. Swetman And The Red Ink Pen poem?
Is This A Great Poem!?
What are some ways we can reduce the number of questions being violated from this category?
Opinions on a poem please?
Anybody got a poem about regret?
need help writing a detailed poem about my dad. any ideas?
Just My Soul (Another Poem, Comments?)?
What do you think of my poem??
Judge my writing/poem ?
Do you think 'maybe' is a big word for just 5 letters?
do you like this poem....?
am I a sick boy now? psychosomatic?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
What sort of poems or lines can i use to create a poem?
Doctrine of the Dogfight................................…
Whats your favorite poem?
can you please help me summarize this poem?!?!?
You once asked if i could protect you from my words....?
What is e-poetry / definition?
How to learn from the great poets. Do you do this?
Poem? what do u think?
What do you think about my poem?
Is this a good poem???????
How does this get right?
The Moon and the Sky?
Just wrote this, testing myself, care to take a look~see/?
my poem. "Dreaming of Life"?
is ths a good sonnet?
Which one of the poems you've read has the rhyme scheme AA BB CC . . . ?
rate my first ever poem?
Do you like my new little translation from the Latin?
Arbitrariness in Words, I am in a Gloomy Mood. C/C?
What do you think of this poem?
Should I continue to post poems here?
Does anyone know what the tone of these two poems is?
Feedback on my poem please?
Poems about fire/flames/heat and ice/snow/cold?
I need to write a poem using candy! HELP!?
I don't understand the poem who are you little i?
Is my poem for my poetry slam good?
What do you think of my poem?
The agency sent me to Anna's, some prose? c/c?
how do i write a conceit/extended metaphor poem?
Rhyme problem!?
What is a good title for this poem?
Poem about government?
Do you read poems that make you think of ones you've written?
anyone knows what is the transition in the poem "You fit into Me?"?
What do you think of this one?
What think you of an ominous, portentious Sunday morning poem?
Please comment on a poem on the topic?
A Poem - Sorry, An Unpleasant Poem - Do You Dislike?
What do you think of my poem?
1 more source for poetry?
Killers On The Conscience aka Poem 4?
Poem,Poem,Poem,tell me if its alright?
What is your darkest poem? This is mine:?
"Cruella DA Ville"- 2 neutralise a spiteful covert foul-naming post while I`m blocked...c-c please?.?
Poem help ?? (scarlett letter & Anne Bradstreet)?
what are the poetic techniques used in the poem 'the hyenas' and their effect on the reader?
Why then, do we garden?
Poetry Project?
Could I have a few comments with this subject and perhaps a poem from you?
do you think this is a good poem?
How is a noiseless patient spider a poem part of the romanticism movement?
looking for a poem on allpoetry.com with the line umbrellas rise in anger swaying in the breeze?
Please comment on a farewell poem?
Can anyone find three example of figurative language in this poem?
what does this poem mean?
to shelly.....? its not that good, i hope you like?
What do you think of this poem? Feedback Please!?
do you like my poem? ?
Help about starting a poetry club?
what do you think?
Do you like my poem? i certainly do.?
Does anyone have a poem about the book Breaking Dawn?
Why can't I write anything at the moment?
what could be the title of my poem? and please rate it, 1 being the best, and 10 being the worst?
What did D.H. Lawrence mean by this?
How does my poem sound?
can someone please write me a poem about a cookie monster please so i can put it ion my bebo page :D?
Poem questions?
comment on my poem please!!?
Please read this. I dont consider it much of a poem but I think its pretty good. How about you?
Will you write a poem with any combination of any number of these words, but at least 3 of them?
Poetry help?
Please could someone help me write a poem on dream or a dream because i really need help!?
Will you C/C on a revised script of the Greek poet?
Please help! poetry question!?
Is it time for Koye Lott show?
who are some of the most famous british poets?
Have you ever read a rockin Morning poem dedicated to Dondi?
Collage on the poem "If you were coming in the fall" by Emily Dickinson?
Interesting poetry suggestions?
do you like my war poem i made just for ?
I need some poetry help...?
What is this child rhyme?
help me with william blake?
How many syllables in 'spirit'?
Will you C/C on a poem written for a classic contributor of Y!, and participate if you may?
how does Yeats evocatively convey the gains and losses involved in the fight for Irish independence in ...?
Is there a subject you can't bring yourself to write a poem about?
Do I meet the requirements for my poetry homework?
T.S. Eliot, Gerontion?
What Should I do? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
Have you watched a child struggle at the beginning of life?
What do you think of this person's response?
can y/a help me? what should i do?
I wrote a poem. What do you think of it? I am not sure if it is right yet.?
SOS! Please let me know your opinion about this quote! C/C if you may?
What do you think this poem is about?
help me to fine a good poem on teamwork?
Would you agree that today, the eyes have it?
This is something I just kind of threw together. In a weird mood today. What do you think.?
Any ideas for a Christmas poem?
"Sonnet 57" The second full moon for this month is coming, what are your feelings, care to C/C this poem?
Is my poetry good so far?
help with poetry assignment plz?
How do I put this poem into stanzas?
What does the poem Italia by Oscar Wilde mean?
PLEASE read my poem!!?
How can I improve this poem please, your suggestions would be most welcome. ( a re-post)?
Some Like It Hot, please critique or comment on my poem, thanks?
A poem I just made out of boredom?
Euthanizing in Air, opinions for poem.?
Would you read my poem about the Red Planet?
What do you think of this poem? i wrote it myself.?
im not very good at this?
Women only Poem wash-day Blues .. C/C please?
So what about this poem iWrote?
Few lines in form of a poem, please comment?
"Petals, For Thee.....".....for your c-c please, a spontane?(a bud, for Cassie 58 as well).?
Will you C/C on {Bergen}, the new script of the Greek poet?
Opinion on found POEM from The Crucible? (You don't need to have read the play)?
What is this poem about?
i need a poem on a famous person?
Entitled "Vamps"?
name this poem please its my Saadi Persian Poet.?
A poem ...but the image speaks for its self?
How to understand Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet 8?
What do you think of this poem?
Is the price of fame too high?
The people on the street (please comment)?
Do you like my essay?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
Emotional Poems?
Should you BEWARE this poem?
what we can understand about the poem of 25 minutes to go by shell silver estein?
what poetry termonoligy is i presents from my aunts in pakistan?
On the Threshold by R. S. (Sam) Gwynn?
What do u think of my poem?
Your thoughts on a poem?
strawberry acrostic poem?
where to find rhyming couplet poems?
Help with my poem?
Can you rate this poem with a review?
Analysis of Structure and Poetic Features of "Portrait of a Lady" T.S. Eliot?
My teacher told me to write a sonnet, is this a sonnet?
I have great difficulty understanding this poem. Help me understand the theme of it?
A Question of Faith, will you comment on my poem please?
what's you thoughts on song lyrics?
Have yall met Hidy Fokes?
What do you think of my poem?
To make up for the mushy one '-)?
What do you think of 'Geisha' poem?
Do you like my short, rhyming poem...??
Any opinions on this poem I wrote?
Do you know what web page I can get answers from for Sabine Ulibarri's poems?
Beautiful and Delicate?
Can someone write me a poem?
poem 4 a very very good professor?
poetry help on shel silverstein:?
Why doesn't Hallmark return my calls?
need help on acrostic poem for GILDED AGE or AGE OF INDUSTRY?
What do you think of my...er...unrhymed metered poem?
what do u think of my poem? first start?
poem about feeling numb inside?
Night terror poetic. Would you read and?
what do you think of my poem?
The Guitarist (edited)?
poems about equality, justice, and society?
Does anyone know any good poems like this ?
Do you like this poem?
Describe at least two examples of how word order is significant in this poem? - BEST ANSWER! s?
Can you help with these lyrics?
mood creation?
Who thinks the ship 'Star Raker' needs an orchestra?
Would you comment on the House of Abraham, please?
Can you use any adjective to describe the tone of a poem or are there rules for what words to use?
How can you get poetry recognised.?
For the Belle who is Blue?
An old poem, didn't even know what I was doing, would you c/c?
is this too creepy to be a poem? Is it any good? C/C plz!?
Women of the world, RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND!!!?
Can anyone finish this ditty?
How do you like this poem?
What's this quote/poem about? What's it mean? Could anyone put it in poem form for me of how it would be read?
Truth or Consequences - An old write never posted. Would you c/c please? TY?
Sex without love by sharon olds?
Does anyone know a famous poet who's poetry is mostly biographical or autobiographical?
Help for poetry slam for my school????????much appreciated?
"My Mistress' Eyes" Sonnet 130?
Do you think some people have complaining down to a fine art?
Does anyone else claim Mars as a guardian god?
Do you know what death is?
How can I put myself into the mindset to write poetry quite quickly?
can any one help me write a poem or song?
Do you ever feel like me?
Please read this Poem?
What is "Evil" to you?
Is it a game? The 1-100 rating?
oppinions and criticism on my poem please?
Can I submit my poem to two magazines at the same time?
literary terms in this poem?
This ones called Tree crabs?
Dark Side of The Moon question.?
Does this poem sound ok to you?
read pleaseeee and tell me what you think its a poem?
Is it a good Poem??? ?
How do I write a poem?
Will you please read and comment on this poem I have written?
Do all relationships have "Ebb and Flow"?
Do challenges inspire you to write new poems?
What does Sonnet 18 mean by Shakespeare?
Snippet of a poem on schizophrenia, what do you think, should I continue?
I need a really nice poem for my nans funeral?
Can somebody help me with an sonnet poem?
Poem topic please?
heres a poem is it any good, ive been stumped for a while so heres what i could squeeze out?
"Sonnet 69" How is your moon coming along? Any C/C for this poem?
What do you think of this song/poem thing?
Will you please comment on my short poem?
what do you think of this poem?
If you have read Beowulf, please help with these questions?
I'm writing a poem for my boyfriend. What words rhyme with abortion?
How do I come across in these paragraphs?
what do you think of my poem?
good poem interpretation?
Rate my new Poem....?
How is "Life poem"..? otteri selvakumar?
Can any one help me write a poem now!!! PLEASE?
What do you think of this poem i recently wrote?
Do you like my new poem?
Your thoughts on this poem of mine?
a beautiful relationship poem made by me need ur opinions?
How do I let people know about a book that is being published? It is about your poetry... is it ta dah?
the rain drop......critiques welcomed.?
I need to make up some nonsense words for a poem I am righting?
What are Martin Espadas thematic concerns?
Do you know someone named Willow? c/c?
Do you find any humor in watching nature? C/C?
what is your favorite poem?
i need a acrostic poem on photosynthis?
Is this poem good? (for a 14 yr old)?
Can you plz post a hindi poem on energy conservation?
this is another poem ive wrote about depression,could u read it please?
What Do You Think Of My Poem ?
Can Someone Please Help Me Write A Sonnet Poem about funny famous couples?
What is Thomas Hardy's poem "Outside the Window" talking about?
Any tips for high school?
kenning about myself?
When exactly are you sure what you are reading is probably a poem?
Wat do u think who is the best poet of english poetry?
what poetic devices are there in Emily Dickinson's poem we never how high we are?
a poem I wrote, good or bad?
Do You know a poem that is about space or relates to it?
Can someone help me with this poem?
Please read first poem (long)?
do you think....?
figurative language i need the definition and examples of the principal figures of speech?
want a good starting for my speech on child abuse.like a short poem .?
Questions on Anne Bradstreet's poem ?
Can Someone Help Me With a Analysis of the poem The Blacksmith Village? Please I need to pass this class?
What do you get from this?
Hey You! (I'm begging you to read this!)?
How can I advertise my writing on Writer's Cafe?
What do you think of this poem????
does any one know poetry?
What do you think about my poem? Pit Bull Lovers, help as well?
wife of bath moral?
rate my poem please, "if i had a magic wand"?
lovey dovey poetry?
Assignment anyone .?
Someone interpret this poem for me?
What do you think of this poem?
Icarus poem by Edward Field analysis?
How do you rate my poem?? I had to shorten it unfortuatrely.?
Is the Cremation of Sam McGee a ballad?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
Could I get a critique on this poem please?
What is the poem "Kentucky River Juction" about?
Would you care to comment on this little observation?
please answere my question!!!?
why was poetry ever made?
how to write a poem in emotion?
To my virtual family: is this an expression of real or virtual love?
HEY, how you doing...?
What would you compare to a summer day?
What do you think of this?
What is your honest opinion of this poem, lol be brutal if you must.?
How do I find out rhyme scheme?
Inspired poem, care to comment?
Please c/c my (revised) poem/prose?
Of all the poems you have ever read, which is ONE that you would like to have written yourself?
Care to comment?
Do you like this poem?
Can someone give me a few titles of some didactic poems please?
Care to critique my poem? Its about my best friend...?
Can you help me do something to this?
What does this poem mean? -poem analysis?
ASAP I Need a poem on the 1960s?
Pplz read my poem c/c it? how do u like it?
Thank you to FC for the muse, Where do you find your wings? c/c?
What do you think of my short poem?
What do you guys think of my poem?
What is a rhyming 8 line poem for leaves?
Magazines Paying For Poetry?
Your interpretation of this poem's meaning, if you don't mind?
Anyone else think 'The Lady of Shallot' is the best poem ever?
what do u think of my poems?(iam 13 and my family likes them)?
Aside from posting here, what other poetry activities do you participate in?
help understanding this poem? 10 points !?
Can you write a thank you poem ?
Any ideas for a shape poem? i need to make a poetry portofolio.... plzz help me?
what do you think of this poem?
Will you C/C on a revised script {Accented Merit} of the Greek poet?
Have you ever posted a poem in the wrong section?
Help me make a poem on the pearl by john steinbeck?
Any ideas on how to convert the tell tale heart into a poem?
Poem for you to read?
i wanted to see if this sounds good to everyone .. i am not good at poetry so plz read this an see?
My poems. Please read them.?
Honest opinion on my poem...?
Please rate my poem, from 1 to 169?
Want to give advice on my beatnik style poem?
they say that the key is to understand... but what if we get consumed?
Advice on Short Poem?
Would you comment on yet another mountain top poem?
It is human nature after all, right?
tone and personification for this poem please?
A poem I wrote, hope you like it and hope it makes you think?
can someone help me poem about density?
Is this poem good or bad?
Any Christmas and love quotes?
Can you explain what this poem means to you? And what kind of art can you paint from this poem?
Do you know how much money the Magic Kingdom wants us to pay?
Compare and Contrast poems: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night and As I Grew Older?
Can you help me interpret this poem.?
What is the meaning of this poem?
Composed Upon Westminster Bridge Poetry Analysis hmw question?
Evaluate/analyse my poem?
Ok, so I have to write a poem on being 17 with memories. Can anyone give me anything?
Can anyone help with this poem I wrote for my crush?
will you please read and comment?
Do you prefer rhyming poems to free verse?
read my poem about freddie mercury?
what does T.S.Eliot basically conveys in his poem Gerontion?Is there any socio-historical background?
what poetic techniques and examples are used in this poem?
How can I fix this poem or make it better?
type of poem?
what do you think of this poem? it's very dear to me.?
intense-type music for poetry reading?
Will you comment on Someone very close to me, please?
How would you dry a well of sorrow?
My poem received an editor's choice award. Now wat?
Why does Yapoo remove my poetry?
Do you love this poem (i really love it) ?
do bad dreams sometimes seem funny to you? c/c?
a request from a budding poet....?
if you have time can you read this: I Hate You?
Is this poem okay?? It's a love poem?
Let Sleep Come Gently?
I need a haiku poem about health ?
Have you ever been revived? Emotionally? A poem?
A friend suggested this was apt for today, so here's a poem, I wrote?
Is Shakespeare's Sonnet #20 Iambic pentameter?
There is a poem starting" Beyond the Empyreum lies, Anticthon moving antiwise".?
free to say everything?
What do you believe the poet is thinking of?
I just know some of you do this too, am I right? Comment on this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Rate the poem?
POEM HELp !!!!!?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you like my Christmas poem?
Why for mean people want to hurt me and report my poetry...?
5 sentences for some limericks on conservatism and liberalism, please help me!!?
Will you or won't you observe this poem, or...I figure the odds are fifty-fifty?
poem for my "lady friend" needs editing, criticism, and help with the last line! and advice on how to give it!?
What do you think of this poem?
I need to find a poem?
Have you ever wanted to punch a Buk in the belly?
do you like my poems?
How about a poem called Cereal Killer?
i need an about 3 minute poem?
Is this a poem " Passing days with Sam"?
What y'all think of this poem?
Does anyone know any songmaker or poem maker sites?
How do I write a poem? I don't understand how? Idk I just dont get it. Can you please explain.?
who wrote the sonnet entitled by "LOVE LINGERED"?
How wrong have you been about many things?
What do you think of 'Day In the Life Of A Parkbench Man' poem?
Do you like my Scottish ballad?
A poem(ish) about Hope, and whether or not it's what we think it is...........whatever?
If you're a good poet, you'll be able to add a stanza seemlessly to this poem. Will you at least try?
Haiku to Telescope time?
What the hell do you think this means?
What do you think of this poem?
How come I got yelled at for making a fun poem?
Who is GIlliad in "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe?
Why a COVARD gave me 300 low ratings in PoemHunter.com? Should I guess who the person is?
Can somebody plz help me with this poem?
Untitled but will you comment please?
Please, your thoughts.............................?
are there any modern poets with the old passion?
Why do people write poetry?
i want birthday poem from nanny?
Everybody wants to write poetry but nobody wants to read it? Do you agree with this notion?
What poem could I compare to 'The Waste Land'?
What do you think of my writing?
What words would you use to illustrate the sound of a heart beating?
What do you think of this poem?
I have come across a poem, I think I know the Title but not the Author. Help?
I urgently need help on this stuff. i have an exam tomorrow and i'm totally ruined! it's a poetry question....
is "A crumb of cake would be a feast" a metaphor or a hyperbole?
How does this poem sound so far? Does it sound boring and clichéd ?
Will this poem gain the respect of poets?
Did I do a good job at a love poem?
Every Moment.. my poem let me know what you think!?
could you rate my poem? itll only take a sec! :))?
Thoughts on this poem?
forbidden g.a.a.s.g.?
Is this a good poem?
Whats your opinion on this sort poem of the neg affect of love?
can anyone become a poet?
Harsh, Solid Critiquing for my poem?
for those of those who are skeptical How do you like this avatar and poetic piece?
Can anyone help me find the meaning of this poem excerpt?
What do you think of this poem?
Emily Dickinson Poem?
You're opinion on this poem I just made?
At midnight it slips into October. Will you write a poem to serve as harbinger?
compare and contrast the poems dreams deferred and fire and ice?
Please hlep me finish this poem.?
Is this poem good?!?!?!?
Is this a good poem???
What do you think of my poem?
Do you have a mom like this?
what do you think of this poem.....??????
Can someone please unleash a little bit of their guts on the page?
know of any good poems to get through a break-up?
What is wrong with me?
A question for poets and those that read poetry in this section....?
I need a sonnet about anything?
Should I submit my poem to the contest?
Would really appreciate your comments on this poem I wrote?
what is the theme of shakespeare's poem "winter"?
life of pi - made up poem about theme?
Poem c/c please? Interesting...?
what should i title this poem?
I wrote this poem, please tell me what you think..?
Should we start getting into the Halloween mood? C/C?
I am looking for the perfect poem to be read at my wedding...?
What do you think of these lyrics so far?
What are some poetry devices are used and what is the analysis? especially for the second stanza?
Would it be unreasonable for me to expect an apology from another for his wrongdoing?
What is this poem called?
tell me what you think.....?
time for a very short poem ,please leave your comments?
pls help me?
Would you read and comment 'pon this poetics?
French Poem...?
Care to Comment?
"The Canada" Part Two would be honored for any to opine?
Do you life this poem? Improvements?
anyone like this poem?
Would you visit a different mansion?
For Terra, will you c/c?
How am I not understanding metaphors?
Does this piece have any 'poetic merit' ? (a re-post due to deletion)?
I Need Help Writing A Poem?!?
What does a poet mean when he says "I'm hungry"?
How might i better improve this poem?
a poem on def poetry jam???
Is this poem o.k. for english class.......?
Do you understand my poem? What do you think of it?
dickinsons views on imagination and exploration, as evidenced in her poems, can be summed up with?
Do you miss a good old fashioned snowball fight?
Which poems contain the name Libby?
i need help poetry lovers?
Examples of a shakespearean sonnet not written by shakespear?
Feedback on my short story?
Ode to the English?
Help with name and if you like it?
Inspired by a song. Will you comment or critique?
It's a neighborly day in the beautihood.....trying something OK?
what are your thoughts on my new poem called, "coalescing"?
What is the message behind this poem?
Could you read and critique please?????????
Do you like my new poem?
how is this poem of mine on WHY I LOVE FROST?
John Donne analysis?
what is a good poem that describes the taste, feel, and look of a pomegranate?
Do the words bore you, or...does poetry have wormholes?
On Virtue - by Phillis Wheatley?
Analysis of the poem Picnic, Lightning by Billy Collins?
Poety homework, Math mothers day poem... Help needed!?
Do you understand my poem? What do you think of it?
please tell me what you think of my story???
Do you find it hard getting up in the morning?
Poems! >:( BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
what do u think of my poem?
does anybody know a poem about a fire?
The poem "To Daffodils"?
Another poem for judging - yea.. its love themed?
What is the name of this quatrain form with repeating lines?
Poets - a question about cliches?
What word would fit here besides "farting"?
Is it okay for girls to ask guys out?
Does anyone know a poem about:?
WHY IS THE POEM dulce et decorum est pro patria mori IRONIC!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
I need help writing a poem!?
Help with this poem please? (:?
What poem illuminates and goes well with La Belle Dame sans Merci?
I'd just like some feedback (#2)?
Are you new to writing poetry?
how can i? poem help plz.?
i need a poem using hyperbole?
Help with this poem? PLEASE HELP?
What does this poem mean (anyone willing to decode this short work)?
What poem do you recommend for poem presentation?
What is the point of poetry?
Should a poem tell a story?
do you hate my song?
Will you please comment on my poem?
Who is the author of this poem?
Haven't written any poetry in a while...so I thought I'd just throw something out there. :D?
"How Soundly My Love Sleeps" - Can you give feedback on my poem and offer improvements?
Can anyone write a poem?
can anyone tell me in plain words what this poem is saying about love? or the object of our affection?
What do you think of 'Recipe For A Good Morning' poem?
Have you seen what I've seen?
Letter to Life...?
What are some really amazing love poems/letters/memoirs?
Just a few things I came up with, all separate poems that go together well, C/C?
8 line poem?
I just read a question and the poem was "off the top of their head". What would your's be just?
What does 'bubble blast' mean in Anne Bradstreet's Upon a fit of sickness?
anyone know a website for analysis of poems by shirley toulson???
another poem hope u like it :) ;) ?
need a funny poem that rhymes! (description)?
I need a native American poem. please help me?
What should I call my poem? Do you like it?
"My Life in a Box"...a poem inspired by something a friend wrote. comments/opinions welcome?
Is Demeter considered a literary allusion, or some other kind of Allusion?
Do you like this poem?
You ever have a beautiful daydream?
Is this a good poem to include in an apology letter?
food poem..............................?
Of all the emotions, which is most poetic?
please read my poem and thoughts?
I had been asked to write a poem about nature, can some one help me?please,i need help with this , thanks :)?
help, comments on poem!?
poem about John Rutter the composer. i need some help if you know something about him please?
Do you have any Super-Ku's?
Troll Dolls: The Last Supper : ) all for fun?
whats a good topic for a poem?
Tell me if this short poem is good for school?
Can anyone help me write a 30 line poem about Sharpay from HSM, it's for a school assignment.?
what do you think of my poem?
i wrote a poem, and i dont know what it means, can someone extreemly imaginative answer me?
New poem!!! Please read and give opinions :)?
is this an okay poem?
can u give me a topic to write my poem about?
Opinions on a very short original poem?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
Writing question?
I checked with Roget on "mundane." He said, "Ordinary, humdrum and dreary are best." What do you think?
How do I write a good romantic poem for a girl I like?
on writer's block, and stuff........c/c?
Poetry: Feedback/comments on my short song lyrics please?
do you like my poem, i just made it up?
The weather poem. What do you think?
do you like my poem?
How about this, poetry people?
i need a poem for the one year anniversery of my nieces death?
Emily Dickinson Help? Please? Thanks!?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Poem Memorizing Help?
Ever hear of a song called MAMA'S hOUSE?
Is my poem decent?
Is this a sonnet? please help?
What is Walt Whitman's listing technique?
Looking for honest critique. Will you offer yours?
Can u help me write an acrostic poem?
Hmmm, is there a "perfect crime"?
Tell me a poem of love!?
Christmas metaphor/simile and a personification?
What's in a name that may be in a poem?
How do you appreciate my poem posted herewith?
Would my girlfriend like this poem?
In Robert Frost's poem "A Minor Bird" (continue)?
Does this poem reflect peace and tranquility - Answers Yes or No please?
Help with literary devices?
Here is my first poem of the day and maybe my last. Comments welcome?
Do you have the right to express yourself?
What do you think about my poem ?
Rate my Poetry?
What is a three stanza poem?
any ideas for a parody for sonnet 19 by Shakespeare?
where can i find poems?
Suggestions on this poem, por favor?
A friend recited some erotic poetry to me that included my name?
Yoga poem - please c/c first draft!?
Comments on a poem about mature companionship?
What is an example of a tanka poem ?
what are some figurative language examples in the poem the tide rises the tide falls?
Do you like this poem? HONESTY WELCOMED
Hey guys..wat do u understand?
Just A Thought: Care to Comment?
So, Reenie, how is your dust cloth holding up?
As a poet,what else can i do?
A poem...?
Will you read a Wednesday poem?
Narrative poem about life's journey?
what do you think of this poem?
literal language poem?
Can someone help me out with this poem by Stephen Crane?
What have you tasted recently that wasn't what it seemed?
Whats to do? in a tiny town of Ohio? I thought it was 400 not 4000?
is there a change in the charge of the light brigade poem?
How do I let people know about a book that is being published? It is about your poetry... is it ta dah?
Does anybody want to read my new poem?
Meaning of The Bull Moose by Alden Nowlan?
What do you think of this..?
How many poets does it take to put out a candle?
Comments on a poem about war time correspondence?
how do I understand Allen Ginsberg's poem, Howl?
My Inner Charms) my poem, please rate, comment. thanks in advance:)?
Is Anna Belle a good poem!!!?
Do you recognise this poetic form?
What do you think of this poem?
what do you say about my poem?
What is the best college for interior design in the US?
Whats the name of this book?
"Mid-Term Break" poem help?
Opinions plz!?
When do nightmares end?
I need help to find the theme of this poem? Please help me it's due tomorrow ?
Where is the line drawn between a poem that's a little vague, a sort of secret that only the poet understands?
a nonsense poem you wont understand at all take a look if you want?
My poem fell off the mantle and ed. Will Superglue help, you think?
What do you think of my poem?
HELP!! What is the main theme of Maya Angelous Poetry?
i had a poem book for children in the 1980s?
Can you see the future?
COCKADOO: What feeling or mood does this poem convey?
Poems about confusion?
Do you like my "sound poem" = /?
relation of Things Fall Apart and the poem the 2nd coming?
As each day passes, opinion please?
i need a poem or short story which references hermes?
What do you think of this poem?
When it is a guitar, can you make it a drum, a saxophone a guitar, a drum just some soft piano?
Want your Poetry to be in a magazine?
Does this poem remind you of someone we all have in our lives?
How does this poem sound?
Can anyone please explain to me what the poem 'Like Yesterday, ' by David Malouf means?
I'd just like some feedback (#3)?
rate this PLEASE!!!!!!! 4?
Could you C/C my poem please?
One more before the sack is hit......care to comment?
please read first poem?
To all of my dear poets, how do you handle harsh criticism?
How do you feel about my poetry series (10 points)?
What is your personal reflection or understanding regarding Dr. Jose Rizal's Mi Ultimo Adios?
Have you ever tried to catch it?
Are/Was there any Australian Poets that DON'T/DIDN'T write about the bush?
What do you think of this poem? ?
Why did some of you miss this lovely poem?i understand pl read.?
What do you think about this poem?
1st of the day...gonna be grim...Comments??/?
poem...need advice and opinion?
Can someone please translate this poem in your own words?
Discuss how the poet Tells all the truth but tells it slant HELPPP! -Shakespeare?
sucky poem i wrote in study hall?
How can i write my own sonnet? Any tips to start with?
any thoughts on this poem?
Is my poem good? Honest feedback please?
here is ANOTHER poem what do you think...?
A poem for Slaves.?
Can anyone make up a cute and funny poem/rhyme for a toga party invitation? Its for my 19th birthday party.?
what is the poem God's Grandeur about?
Help me finish this line?
Is this a professional quality poem?
Re-Write: What do you say about this poem? Where will you place it on the scale from 0-9?
What is a possible theme statement for Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barret Browning?
Poem...What Do You Think...One Of Many I Write...?
Who here likes Biscuits?
Can I write a poem for skinny mini!?!?....Or am I not allowed to do that either?
Does anyone know a kinda long love poem?
Is poetry has any significant place in today's life?
Hey there I thought Id try this time of day to post a poem for comments?
Shall I update a poem?.?
Enough people, here is something you will like, or will you?
In this modern day would you consider poetry romantic? ?
What do you think of this poem? I wrote it myself for my two best buds, as we are gonna be separated soon.....?
Is my poem silly, good or both (neither)?
In the Home, for a friend, I hope it is O.K., c/c?
How do I put this poem into stanzas?
Wednesday Contribution to the Cause...Just Because...Care to Read?
URGENT! Poems according to these themes?
What think you of a 'donut day' poem?
I get out of the walls but there never is a damn thing to do...?
DONT CORRECT!! please dont comment on what you think of me please keep it to the poem?
is this a good poem..?
Is this poem engaging?
A poem i like..can you please interpret this for me?
Word for scary in a happy and unrealistic way?
Have you time to comment on a few short lines?
Will I ever be free ? a poem seeking answers, please comment?
Help find internal rhyme scheme in this stanza?
Do you like this poem?
would ya care to read a poem?
Should I make this poem longer?
writing poetry?
Why won't my poem upload to DA?
Which Walt Whitman poem is best to write a research paper over?
How is this poem for my first day in Honors English 4?
I checked with Roget on "mundane." He said, "Ordinary, humdrum and dreary are best." What do you think?
Will you comment on Late for me, please?
Feedback on my poem please?
Write a poem on Quid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali jinah?
Rhyming poem about alien and sedition acts?
What do you think of this poem (my sister wrote it)
Haiku poem please?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
What are some poems about hell, preferably by major poets like Blake, Whitman, Dickinson, etc...?
Would you break this up differently? Title help?
Please Help! Review my poem please. =)?
Will you comment please?
write a summary about what the poem is about.......of the poem this is the dark time my love?
what does the poem what if a much of a which of a wind really mean?
how do i get into young money?
what do ya think?
this is a poem for steve.....but anyone can read if you wish....?
Declarative Assertion in poetry?
Just another poem for you guys?
Meaning of T.S Eliot's words in "The Hollowmen", "...death's other Kingdom."?
What is a poem with an allusion?
help me write a poem about nighttime?
In your opinion what exactly is the charm of the third time?
Meaning of Rumi Poem Say Who I Am?
im looking for a poem from the book "crank" by ellen hopkins?
if you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue?
I need a love poem that rhymes ?
I am very sad. Please read and comment?
Poems (or writings) about solitude, self or contemplation?
poetry help?
How do I describe black?
Please tell me what you think of "Some Other Day"? Please be constructive, not rude.?
Start of yet another glorious day?
Is my son a genius? Read his amazing poem and tell me if you think it's WONDERFUL?
New Poem: could you please comment on this poem?
Does this feel enough like a feeling?
What do you think about my poem?
A good 4 line poem(3 poems please)?
Poems have no meaning unless you read them Please.?
What do you think of my poem?
need help with finding the name of a poem?
Poets: What exactly do you mean when you say the words 'I Love You'...?
what is your opinion of this poem?
what do u think of this??
In poetry, is there a term for this?
Plz read my new poem and c/c it? can you suggest a better title?
Will you look upon this poem with some interest? Comments?
A Classic start to a poem ...Is it too short?
Does anyone have a good poem about change preferably about gaining freedom after losing it?
Will you C/C the new script of the Greek poet?
What do you think of this?
Will someone help me with my poetry homework please?
wat do u ppl think of this poem?
Pome Analysis help!!!!?
Know any good War Poems? s for best poem!!!!!?
What style of poetry does tupac shakur use?