Poetry question and gerunds?
can we use our money to buy love?
Help with my poem please?
Can you make a poem for me?
Make me a poem on real numbers please?
how to turn a poem into a monologue? 10 points best answer?
Does anyone know this quote from pablo neruda?
i need help with Old English poetry characteristics and techniques?
Will you C/C on a revised script by the Greek poet?
Another re-post - care to share your thoughts? C/C?
How long does it take you to write a poem?
I have a morning Haiku, do you?
Another one?
*Rispetto* A smallish poem ... toast me? ---?
can i have good acrostic poem on pollution or environment?
Take a look at my poem, thanks?
what do u think?
Does this poem have anything to do with keeping promises? what does it mean?
With apologies to Pushkin . . . c/c?
Will you consider a mixed rhyme?
POEM Help!!!!?
poem/song on freedom?
Do you like my poetic interpretation of the Mayflower Pact?
who is a good christian publisher for poetry?
My Tanka - poor as it is. What do you think>?
Do you like my short, rhyming poem...??
Untitled...comments or suggestions?
i need a sonnet with 4 lines 10 syllables per line and ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheem for today please?
poem "The FIsh" by marianne moore?
What is the poem 'The Tiger' by Pablo Neruda actually about?
if there was a 80s boy george musical can a girl do 80s boy george?
Poem......help! separation?
What are some funny poem topics?
how do you write an 'I Am Canadian' poem?
Critique some of my poetry please?
READ MY poem, and tell me what u guys think?
What do you think of this "poem"?
Why my free verse to contrive is in better English than your whole disk drive? Non boring free verse, C/C?
Poem questions.?
does this sound okay for a school couplet...Sometimes when I look at the sky, All that I see are your eyes?
A little poem I wrote, what do you think?
Whatcha think of this....[I'm only 14 and not great @ poetry lol]..?
What is this poem about?
A poem about the encourager, comments?
Do I still get the serenity merit badge?
How do you send a friendly message to someone who has you blocked. Is this a poem?
can anyone tell me the summary of the poem 'foresaken' by william wordsworth?
poem help?
I just wrote this i wonder what people think about it?
Thoughts on my poem 2pts best answer?
What are the functional and grammatical rules of poetry?
Where Im From Poem HELP please? s.?
I NEED HELP WITH POETRY!!!! Please Help!!!!!?
what is a metaphor...ex. of it?
Whats the meaning of this poem?
What is the "seven sleepers den" in the poem Good Morrow by John Donne?
Callaway's poem the Ribbon Streak?
Can anyone think of a rhetorical question that goes with this poem?
Extended metaphor help?
Villegiature by Edith Nesbit?
What do you think of Halloween and the CDC morning pome?
Are you having a Good Morning?
Can somebody make up a poem about a parrot please???
If I were to 'buy' a word (or words) from you?
What is the full poem 'the wasp" by Suzanne Buffam? Was on the ttc subway and cannot find it or the book!!!?
A poem that basically wrote itself through me? Comments?
Ideas for book of meditations for children?
What shall I title this peice?
What is a poem that uses rhyming couplets and rhyming scheme?
What do you think of this poem?
Okay, this one is inspired by a few I have read today...is it rubbish or a keeper?
Poetry help for English class?
Because of Ma...Do you want to go to a place, where I used to go?
Website to post your poetry?
Help, Pikachu poem. Needs poetic devices!?
A poem or quote for a uncle who passed away?
What do you think of this poem?
Does this really short poem, still have meaning to you?
This is probably even worse?
Do you like my song.?
Please comment my new poem please.?
can you help me make a quick poem!!?
Do you have drive-by shootings in your town?A poem?
Stawberries for breakfast anyone? Comments or critique welcome, thanks?
What's with the URGENT HELP FOR MY CHILD questions?
Is there anybody awake and aware?
Poem comments Please guys! Much appreciated!?
Do you think the message of this poem is good?
Help with a poem..?
Help I need an analsys of Emily Dickinson"sleep is supposed to be" ASAP. I need things like...?
Can you feel in your body when you will create ? some words, c/c?
Is there any imagery and irony in this poem?? PLZ HELP?
Writing a poem (Grade 10 level)?
What do you think of my poem?
Check My Poem?
Is this a poem " Change of seasons"?
Thoughts on this poetry I wrote?
What do you think this means?
Write a short poem please...be creative!?
How's my poem so far?
What's the pattern in Robert Frost's "Design" sonnet?
Did you know that there is a rumor going around poetry that I am very overweight?
How does the poets convey powerful ideas in Time by Allen Curnow and in Sonnet 29 by Edna St Vincent Millay?
please rate my poem 1-10?
Is there any life poems?
What does this mean... in this Rock Song?
poem..this time no rhyme...does it work..?.?
How do YOU think of MY poem.. lol PLEASE?
On a scale of 1-10, (10 being best) how do you rate this poem?
Would you c/c my poem please?
Where can I learn to WRITE different TYPES of Poetry?
One more before I go, for my quill is 'bout to break... would you give a thought?
Why did you and what was the reason, who were you with - CC Please?
Am I a poet? (Huh? okay A!Y 20 characters long it is)?
I just wrote this poem for my AP composition class. What are your thoughts on it?
check out this poem (its for school)?
what do you think of my poem?
What do you think...?
Is this what they call a limerick?
Will you CC this one?
Can anyone provide a synopsis of the poem "Paul's Wife" by Robert Frost?
Any comments or thoughts on the poem 'First Love'? Please help me!!?
Can anyone suggest poems by Kipling?
good emo poem or not?
A poem for a friday. Not cheery like yesterday. Do you like this.?
rate this 1-100. please be truthful =)?
Would you mind, Rhyme with me?
In keeping with policy, a poem presented for critique only if you have ever experienced the same. c/c?
Will you comment on morning musing please?
Is this a good Poem????
what poem is only 20 lines an easy to memorize?
I need help understanding a quote?
A collage poem (None of this is mine.)?
Opinion please.................?
what does this mean both literally and figuratively?
Is this a poem or a speech?
Not my style, but is it worthy of posting?
Can poetry effect change in society?
Check My Shakespeare Sonnet Questions? 10 Pts!!!?
New poem..just wrote it...please, let me know what you think!?
a poem: in your memory...?
Who is the really fast rapper and poet?
Help with the start of an essay !! s !?
Is this a good poem about the one you love?
Rate this Poem 1-5 PLEEEEEEZ?
critique please, unsure of title.?
What do you think of presenting poems in this format?
Short poem, what are your thoughts?
Emily Dickinson's Because i could not stop for death?
Rate my poem, easy 10 points?
2nd try, would you comment on this piece?
Will you c/c on this blank verse sonnet of the New York poet?
What should be price of a poetry book? How many poems do you want in that book?
read my peom, tell me what you think (poem # 2)?
Do you consider yourself a poet?
"A Grief Ago" By Dylan Thomas Analysis?
This poem is not so good, and my first on this subject, can you tell me where I can fix it?
The Mourning After, will you c/c please?
Will you take a moment to read this rumination?
Where is that poem that has a shipwreck and the drowning man who is singing Jesus lover of my soul?
Fill in this poem i will never....?
Is there a pattern in the poem's meter(Iambic,trohaic,anapestic, dactylic)?
can anyone please give me info about the poet Michele An Sutphin?
>>>> Faith and Trust?
help me with this poem please?
rate this poem (draft)?
9/11 Poem, Good or Bad?
On Virtue - by Phillis Wheatley?
Which is the most sensual part of the body?
What is the type of poem that has lines that are like dialogues in a play?
I'm glad I got this one off my chest. Are you?
I need an elocution poem!!!?
What do you think of my poems? Comments please?
What is the analysis of the poem "The White City" by Claude McKay? Please help.?
A simple truth in poetic form, a rhymer no less! May I have your reactions, comments, critiques?
can you hear what i'm saying.?
What does the play support about the value of poetry and beautiful language?
What is a written sculpture?
trouble with words?
read my other poem? tell me what you think?
Symbols to use while describing poems?
i want honest opinions on my lyrics please?
I need some help with a love poem I created, can somebody please help me w/revisions (sorry about spacing)?
Do you like this cutting poem???
can u write me a 6 stanza ballad poem?
How do you handle confrontation?
Untitled poem needs a name. Any suggestions? Thanks!?
What is this type of poem called?
Whats your inspiration when writing?
feedback on my poem please?
Do you think this poem is sweet?
what do you think of my poem?
Have you seen horizons change before your eyes?
How do you like my poem/quote thingy?
Do you like this poem I wrote? (Be totally honest! Scale 1-10)?
What do you think of this poem...?
A holocaust Poem please read?
I am....LOVE (poem i wrote..please tell me ur thoughts!!) THANK YOU SO MUCH!?
A Haiku for you?
Please rate this Mrs Posh no4 poem?
What do you think of my poem?
do you think this is a good poem? yes or no? why?
New ground, new skies, a poem to critique?
What does Robert Frost mean in his poem "Meeting and Passing"?
Danse Russe by William Carlos Williams?
Who wrote the poem "I Will Not Give My Black Back"?
What was the role played by woman in the work beat poetry?.?
what two ways can in just by e.e cummings be interpreted?
What do you think about my Mom poem?
What did I do this time, or...triolets aren't in season, but the tanka is getting warm?
Will you write me a 26 line poem for philomena williamson's holding tilts or at least give me some ideas?
For my lovers and haters?
Were truer words ever spoken...please critique?
continue this short poem for fun?
the language is symbolic, so it's either garbage or abstract, a game to play with reality, whatever you see?
How does Ted Hughes's poetry explore the sense of self?
A love poem, I'm talkin' real love, critiques?
Could someone tell me a poem with an example of an alliteration?
Which poem should I enter into a contest?Part 2?
I wrote this poem myself,it is OK? it's for Gr.9 English?
Would you comment on a wild life poem inspired by a wild life poem?
Can I copyright/trademark a new style of poetry?
Free verse poem...?
Can anyone tell me if there's anything wrong with my poem?
What do you guys think of my short poem I wrote ?
Euthanasia and other selections. Comment as you dare.?
What is the meaning of 'Nocturn' by William Ernest Henley?
Does anyone have a poem about nicely rejecting someone?
Can someone help with a poem please? Shakespeare?
this is a question, you are an answer, or...hook ups aren't just for tow trucks?
How was your morning?
Another poem by me what do you think?
♥♥Love Poem about a person please comment♥♥?
What is the mood to the poem " Roads Go ever on" by J R R Tolkien?
Does anybody know full Gujarati poem-pahelu sukh te jate narya, biju sukh te kothi e jar, tiju sukh mungi nar
What does the poem "In a Different Way" mean?
Rate my poem please.?
A poem about stinky feet :/ enjoy!?
Poem comments Please guys! Much appreciated!?
Literature question: sonnet 130?
A Haiku by request for my friend J.?
Can u analyze the poem A POISON TREE by WILLIAM BLAKE HOME? I tried but it was sort of difficult.?
What do you think of this Sonnet I attempted? Comments?
Dylan Thomas Poem Questions? Help if you can!?
what do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
How would you improve this poem?
Poetry website feedback can you help me PLEASE!?
Will you C/C the new script {Fog Horn and Bow Bell} of the Greek poet?
I'm going off line for a short time will you look at this poem I had on my mind and C/C please?
Lincoln poem, edited repost, comments?
what was the dead poem society?
The Ghost by Charles Bandelaire meaning/interpretation?
Sweet meaning poem ideas for my boyfriend!?
my new poem. what do you think?
How are my poems? Be brutally honest. They were "in the moment" poems.?
What are these poem/s by John Donne about?
what do you think of ma poem?
Can you help me write a Haiku and a Cinquain?
Whats your favorite poem?
Will you tell me what you think of my poem? ?
Read my poem! Do you like it? Comments?
A happy surprise from an answer? Pen, c/c?
A Hummer of a Day, a poem, comments?
Would you critique?
I know you're getting sick of this question... but what do you think of my poem?
Techniques used in this poem besides rhyming?
Should this poem be added to or keep as is, a first draft?
And the Elk shall notice me...?
Please write me a poem?PLEASE!!!!!!?
How is this poem................................?
I liked this little poem by Moley do you?
What do you see from your window? A poem?
what do you think about this?
Are you seasonally affected, or...disorderly poetry Falls freely?
Do u think this is a good poem?
Good Morning all, are you all waking to the poetry of nature?
what is the tone and mood of the poem, 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' by Robert Frost?
A poem for those who...well...will you critique it please?
In your own words; what does this poem mean to you?
WHAt is LOVE??
What do you think the deeper meaning behind the words of this poem are?
I want to write s story love poem?
anyone read success is counted sweetest by emily dickinson?
Giving my life to my friend/ a poem?
Please read my latest poem?
The end of love hurts so much. comments please.?
Is this a good start to my poem?
Help with these poems.?
I need a poem of Robert Frost can anyone give me?
Isaac Rosenberg - On Receiving News of the War?
Will you read this poem found on the wall of a cave in France?
need a Poem that finishes with ine?
is this poem wierd?
My poem Poets?
read carefully. you never know, maybe you feel this way too. so, here's my poem called LAST MEMORY. enjoy.
please read my poem and thoughts?
REPOST--Well--30 mile an hr winds tomorrow----can you outrun what they'll bring? Happy HW!?
This is my Poem called "The Forgotten Piano" can you help me out and give me some Corrective Criticism please?
Do some people's avatars really scare you? I just saw one of someone's face and it was a really dark photo?
My first attempt at an actual love poem. A sonnet? C/C very welcome.?
Will you comment on a baseball game please?
...do you believe in the things you keep?
Please explain this poem in depth?
Is this poem also talking to itself?
Who can help me make a hyperbole poem with a rhyme in the end?
Chin Stubble- R.E. BG's Hidden poem Challenge C/C?
Is my poem any good? :/?
a poem about divorce for kids...plse consider thnk u?
I need help with a bio poem for vitriolic?
Can someone give me an example of a ballad poem?
What is the literary term used in this poem?
Where can I post my poems and get decent feedback?
What's in a name, that may be in a poem Part Deux?
memorial poems with "if tears could build a stairway and memories a lane" in it?
Brilliant beautiful poets and movie mavens, a little assistance for the song stuck in my head, please?
What poems are Similar to "Coal" By Audre Lorde?
What will you do?
I am very sad. Please read and comment?
Will you comment on this poem I just wrote?
Are you making the most of every minute you share?
What are four interesting and diverse poetic forms?
What devices does this poem includ?
How good of a "joe" or "joesephine" are you?
A simple thought goes out.?
I am working on this and its not complete just yet but tell me what you thinik?
Did you ever forget to feel sorry for yourself?
House On Mango St. Poem. HELP!!!!!?
How is my poem? C/c please? ?
Will I ever be free ? a poem seeking answers, please comment?
What are some girl names that rhyme with stan?
What do you think of this 'Down La Salle's Mississippi...First Letter Of Three' poem?
Humour something poem ?...?
whos ur fav poet...whats ur fav poem by them?
Festival on Pablo Neruda?
what do you think of this?
Please give me thoughts on my poem please/?
Can Anyone Tell Me The Poem 'For My Mother' by Elizabeth Jennings?
The Willow Tree Chronicles (Poem)?
What are you unable to 'show' in a Poem ?
Could someone explain this poem for me? TEN POINTS!?
how is the poem?
What do you think, of these poems. ? My last post for a while.?
Is anyone else like this? I hardly watch any TV, unless my Green Bay Packers or TCU Horned Frogs are playing?
NEW POEM.. please tell me what you think?
can someone please analyze this poem?
Feeling high) poem, please rate and comment.?
Opinion on my poem "Dear God"?
pls suggest a few poems for 8 yer old boy for english recitation competition. ?
Serious poetry question, what do you look for when you read a poem?
Please read poem I just made?
But really, did Adam have fleas?
Help with The Dream of the Rood Poem...?
How was Percy Bysshe Shelley inspired to write the poem Ozymandias?
Is this a good couplet?
Do you like my poem, can you relate to it?
Help with Reapers by Jean Toomer?
Do you sometimes just ramble incoherently?
What is a example of a stanza poem?
A poem from where I come from. Do you like it?
Where can I learn to WRITE different TYPES of Poetry?
emotion poetry #4: Write a poem pertaining to how you feel right now?
Famous (Non-American) World Poets? Must be on "Canon's List" or "Kanon's List" something like that...?
what do you think and does this make sense?
acrostic poem for war or hate?
Why do you think people use poetry to express the way they feel? Do you think the way people feel when they wr?
what do you think of this poem, im 17?
poem what do you think?
Spellbind, For C/C, Are we still bewildered?
I made a new poem please rate 1-100 thanks?
Is this poem i wrote for my gf good? should i give it too her?
just a poem tell me what you think!!?
A Poem ----- comments please?
I'm trying to find the best way to make my writing/poetry known? Any tips?
Another New Year's poem, will you read it or pass it by?
What do you think of my poem? BE HONEST!?
the poem faerie queen?
poetry about women's rights?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
poem-rough draft?
I have written a poem and I want you to read it and drizzle your praises over me like warm syrup, okay?
Can you critique my poem?
Poem ... What do u think and should i send it 2 her?????
Can coffee damage a Fairy Tale romance?
What was your pet hate as a small child - poetical prose for c/c?
Well aware of modest irreverence?
Can you help me out here? What rhymes with "slick"?
Tell me what you think of my poem?
May I have a constructive comment on this poem, please?
What do you think about my morning pome?
What do you think of my poem?
What is the meaning of this poem?
Will you C/C on a quote of Nietzsche?
Poem about the "dumbest thing"?
Want a long english narrative poem for recitation Competition which have rhyming words?
HP showed me a picture.. I want to go... would you accompany me?
Can anyone help me with a poem on Nonviolence?
Is this a fair exchange?
My friends poem?
How is this poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Neon see what you started?
Servitude ????????????
Whar are these writting saying? how would you interpret them? ?
Are there poetry/writing scholarships?
Will you rate my "Donkey-Ku" on a scale of 11-287?
OMG Y'all, tell me, did I really just write a Sonnet???? critique appreciated?
What kind of poem is this ?
time why always near crying?
Sonnet 146 (Shakespear) Interpretation?
Do you know any old souls? Please C/C upon this poem?
LightSprite, I like to write silly verse on lonesome nights?
Is my poem understandable? What needs changing?
What do you think about my poem?
Please read poem I made just now?
I just wrote this poem and was wondering if it's any good?
please help me with poetry?
Okay i wnat to know what you think.?
What do you think about my poem?
Will you read and c/c a rhymed script by the Greek poet?
Any ideas for a "wisdom" poem?
could you rate my poem on a sacle on a scale from 1-10?
good life/love quotes??
Please Rate My Poem!!!!?
Is my poem any good? any tips and help appreciated im not much of a writer...?
what is your analysis or literary analysis about this poem..?
What is the meaning of the last line in Edgar Allan Poe's poem, The Raven?
me. just a poem. whaddya think?
Who thinks this poem by a famous musican is good? What do you think? its about?
What do you think about this poem?
Is this a poem " The time we spend"?
For the people who touched me at YAP,(inspired by Ma's last couple of poems) will you c/c?
What are some examples of......?
Are these words onomatopoeia?? HELP?
Do you have any pocket doors? C/C?
It's time to be civilized. Don't you hate politics?
How might a poem capture an encounter between childhood and the aftermath of war?
What do you think of THIS......??.......?
what is the literal meaning of edgar allan poes poem, "the raven"?
Romeo and Juliet foreshadowing help?
Pls help with interpretation of the poem cinderella by Anne Sexton?
Can a tall guy write a Dorsimbra?
annotate creep lyrics by radiohead?
Can anyone help explain Yeats poem "The Second Coming"?
Would anybody care to read this poem I wrote?
I need a good poem i can read !!?
What do you think of this poem?
Sonnet help!!?
poem what you think of it?
Any of Shakespeare's sonnets that link to Shylock?
What is the meaning of this poem? GI Jane?
Comment on my poem plz?
poem about momentum?
Help with Edgar Allan Poe Poem "Then Raven"?
Will mathematicians and solar engineers C/C on the new poem of the Greek poet?
Is my poem in iambic pentameter?
Do you get words of the week?
beautiful poems?
Girls, If your boyfriend shrunk down to 3-inches tall at your feet, what would you SAY and DO to him?
what do you think of this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
who is the best poet ever and why?
What is a good thesis for the poem "In a Disused Graveyard" By Robert Frost?
Give An Opinion On a Poem I Wrote?
Does anyone know of a good knowledge poem?
I'm curious, have you ever been stoned?
What rhymes with Jen?
What do you think of my short poem?
Where the sidewalk ends page number...the poem "sick"?
A poem to myself, and anyone else born today? Comments?
I am taking a CREATIVE WRITING class in COLLEGE and this teacher totally tore apart my work! HELP PLEASE!!!!?
Do you like my new poem?
I am in need of a poem that correlates to the theme of *Loss of Innocence* Any ideas?
Can someone make a good sonnet up about Valentines day and love?
questions that help me to write my own poem ?
What are your thoughts on this soliloquy? ?
can someone make me a poem please? i wont take the credit!?
What is this poem called?
Love never ends? New poem?
What do you think of this poem of mine?
Does this Ditty Cheer You Up Or Make You Want to Scowl?
Follow up to rubbish poetry?
What are some recommended reading for books on studying poetic meter and verse?
Care to comment on this?
why was carol ann duffy rejected in 1999 as poet laureate and selected in 2009?
Poem for a friend whos on pills opinions?
wanted to kno wat u thought about my poem?
I am looking for Diane,Bentz e-mail address?
Looking for honest critique. Will you offer yours?
Where can I get my poems published online?
nature poem with lots of imagery?
Published poets 2001-2006?
Is This A Narrative Poem?
So, i wrote this 'ere poem, do you get it?
Can you read my poem and tell me what you think?
Which poem of mine do you find to be better: 1)The American Fall: Dizzy Atmosphere" or "Sterile Elijah"?
Need poems on Maithili Sharangupta and Siyaram Sharangupta?
How is this poem?
What are some poem titles for someone moving,away?
What do you think on my poem?
What are your suggestions on this poem?
Need opinions on this valentines poem please!?
poetry !!!?
Italian speakers, rate my poem?
I am an amature poet are there any websites that publish poem of poets like me?
Can a bit of prose inspire a poem from you?
i need a poem to represent the loss of my uncle?
What do you think of this poem....inspired by my son?
Edgar Allan Poe family?
Please tell the truth!?
Thoughts on a short poem?
Need help ASAP - Does my poem effectively convey a 'carpe diem' attitude?
What do you think of this poem?
Can you review this editorial piece...It's due soon?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you recognise this poetic form?
storm on an island...stormont?!?1?
Another song...got any opinions?
This poem I wrote about drugs?
... Black Metal Hymn?
could u plz read my story and tell me what u think? its short- 477 words?
I need help with a poem!?
Is this a good poem or is it bad?
...have you ever had time spent with Despair?
Please write me a villanelle?
is this prepositional phrase poem fine?
Collage on the poem "If you were coming in the fall" by Emily Dickinson?
what is that one poem? can you help please?
Would you like to read this poem in a published book?
Can anyone help me analyze/interpret this poem as an allegory, PLEASE?
What would be a good title for this poem? It's about love.?
What does the poem "Facing It" by Yusef Komunyakaa mean?
Personification Poems?
How do I get my poetry published?
High School poet's original work?
what do you do......?
Comment/Critique? Or any thoughts, feel free to share.?
I Need help, what is the perfect title for this poem i wrote for my mom/sister. check the grammar. please?
Can my poem win me a Nobel Prize in Literature?
Is this good? Didn't hve room forlast line. Its.. This is a gift because now I can escape my life for real.
Few questions about Mark Doty's poem "Coastal"?
Do you think this poem could have a chance at being published?
Did you vote today? A shaking poem, c/c?
Pyro poem? What burns inside of you?
Thoughts on the poem I wrote for my boyfriend?
How do i remember my lines?
Anyone interested in critiquing this poem?
What think you of this "DaDa"(?) 'poem'?
Do you know what others are thinking?
Is there a place for lace in heaven?
versification of spanish poem?
What's with the rubbish poetry that gets posted here?
Can someone help me write a thank you letter?
FAST! plz can any one tell me a funny poem?
What does this poem mean to you?
do you know a poem about eggs?
What do you think about this short love poem I wrote?
What do you think these words mean? how would you interpret this diary entry?
help help help i need a free verse poem about the beach like now plz help me !!!!????!?!?!?!?!?1?
A poem called Comedy.?
Despite our best intentions, can we protect our children? (Rewrite c/c)?
what are the differences between afro-asian poetry?
Can anyone help me with a "I Am" poem for english?
English Poetry Help With Analyzing?
words that rhyme with sanity??
i am writing a sonnet and i need words that rhyme with shelter?
Is this acceptable to you?
Title me..........a poem. c/c?
"Godfather Death" by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm?
What my husband heard, a memory poem, c/c?
Acrostic Poem "All Girls Are The Same"?
A rewrite of an old poem. Criticism is welcome.?
Can someone tell me the words to a poem.?
What's a poem by Billy Collins that has theme in it?
Can anyone give me a poem about sports please?
Am I becoming an old softy?
Why does Keats personify sleep in the poem: To Sleep?
Do you often mix iambic pentameter and hendecasyllables? . . .c/c?
metaphors for the color pink?
Open call to ALL poets! What is the best poem you have thusfar written? Explain.?
What's the pattern in Robert Frost's "Design" sonnet?
I need to write a poem about a journey. Any ideas?
Does anyone know of any good poetry contests?
Can you please give commentary on this poem?
ok, another one but ive never done one that does not rhyme. tell me what you think?
Do you mind looking over and commenting?
I need a poem about loneliness?
Why are all the poetic missiles out today...?
If life were a soup.... what ingredient would you be?
Poem, what do you think?
These Immortal Words (A Poem I Wrote)?
What do you think of my poem?
TONE words in poem: "Old Ironsides" by Oliver W. Holmes?
Do you like my found poem?
I need help writing a poem about Greek mythology.?
Is this a good ,alright, or awesome poem?
can anyone come up with an acrostic poem for Tanner. He is a guy?
Does your mind play tricks on you or does the poet?
Explain what the sea is doing when he "shaking his wet sides over the cliff" in the poem the sea?
Critique my poem? Tell me if its any good?
A poem about my life?
What do you think of this Sonnet I attempted? Comments?
is this in iambic pentameter?
Star if you like this poem?
what is love? explain it in one word?
write a poem?
What your opinion on this poem I wrote?
Can you come up with a closing sentence for my epic poem?
How is this poem I wrote? PLEASE answer.?
Money, Blood, Anger, Insanity, Chaos and Just me?
do you like this poem?
What do you think of this poem? Any suggestions for improvement?
essay help??
Shakespeare Sonnet pleeeeeezzz help!!?
When words have two meanings, does the poet have to choose just one?
Who do you think they are? C/C this riddle-poem?
Help with "Fable" by Ralph Waldo Emerson?
Might this be tongue in cheek?
Is this a good poem?
Poetry help please!?
What January Meant To Me c/c?
Can someone please help me wriite a sonnet!!?
Any commetns about my poetry?
Comments, are words tangible?
Your Thoughts On This Poem.?
Poetry section, do you need a reason to dance?
Who's the poet of this poem.? I can't remember...?
Hello Juli, are you here yet?
How come I can't remember poetry But I can remember every word to every song on Dylan's Highway 61 Album
A poem for you to rate?
analysis of Emily Dickinson's poem "It's easy to invent a Life-?
Comment On My Poem: There Was A Time?
did anyone read poem " stopping by woods on a snowy evening" by Robert Frost?
Would you critique my poem? Please? I think you might like it.?
can you help me analyze this poem please?
What does it take to ignite your creativity?
[Neophyte]...An erotic interlude...Would you please comment on my poem...?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
What do you think?.......?
biggest literary criticism for Walt Whitman's poetry? ASAP PLEASE!!!?
Can you critique my poem?
What does this poem mean?
What is the real meaning to the poem 'because i could not stop for death'?
Ideas for a poem/short stort?
10 Points + 5 Stars What does this poem/lyric mean? What is the meaning or feelings of this music?
Plz read n c/c my poem on rain! do u like it?
Love poem without using the word "Love"?
How am I not understanding simple sentences?
A Simple Love Poem - Do You Like?
Any comments about this poem?
Will this be a good day?
most striking characteristic of an epic in the poem Beowulf?
Care to add a stanza?
I need a poem scenario?
Would you like to see the finished product?
Song Poem I Wrote: Kinda sad...Thoughts?
Is seeing clearly an illusion?
poem about racism in the 1950s?
Can anyone help me analyse this poem?
What do you think of this mess...my first write in ages..incomplete?
How does this poem make you feel?
Is this a love poem or a hate poem? Is it even a poem? c/c please?
What are some good spoken word poets?
Do you prefer a sunnier poem?
Can you write a slightly formal poem about African Safari?
Good-bye poem by ralph waldo emerson?
What is imagery maniefesto ?
What is the exact word for referring to the "inner meaning" or "face value" of a poem?
Your opinion on this poem please?
What is the theme of this poem ?
Here is a poem i wrote ; Do you like it ?
Why are people dressing their small children up like Charles Bukowski for Halloween?
how can i improve this , its frustrating me?
Read this in the voice of a country girl twang y'all?
Please comment on my poem?/rate it /10?
Is there a sad poem by robert frost?
A special night, and a challenge of sorts, C/C? please.?
Can you shake the Sunday blues?
Do you like my new poem?
poem about ll coolj?
Help with poem, please >.<?
Screaming, read if you dare.....Your opinions please?
Can anybody relate to my school poem ?
Comments on a short verse of a feather?
poetry analysis help?
What do you think of this poem I'm writing for my bf?
A poem dedicated to myself?
Is this personification?
Which of these three lines sounds best? Feel free to criticise :P?
Found this poem on the internet is this a good poem and does it deliver a good message?
I wrote this for my best friend when her boyfriend broke up with her...opinions?
Should the limerick be outlawed?
Is this a paradox or an oxymoron? I'm confused?
I am looking for an italian sonnet called Douglass?
What do you think?
I need a good...?
why can i not find my poems on poetry.com/ Managing Editor/ Howard Eli?
what are your thoughts on my original sonnet?
Would you critique a ballad?
shakespeare translation of sonnet 15?
Opinions on a new poem please?
this poem is called "Breathless" can anyone give me a few tip to improve it.. Thnx... ?
my mind I can go anywhere?
Really want this critiqued?
does anybody know this poem?
Does this love poem I made up sound good?
What would your reaction be.........................?
poem analysis help? (cinderella-sylvia plath)?
help me with original poems?
Can anyone find this poem for me?
Last poem of the night. Wrote this while on the phone. Is it worth persuing.?
who can write a poem of couplet for me?
How do you like the poem?
can somebody do a concrete poem??
Another poem :) Opinions?
Gracful C!can u tell me about this sonnet?
Now is the best time of all. Do you agree in this latest poem of mine?
Whats the overall message of this poem?
What is you favorite part of the Ride of Paul Revere Poem by Longfellow?
Please identify the figure/s of speech in every line with corresponding reason/s. Thanks! ?
whats your honest opinion of this poem?
Will anyone understand this poem?
okay so i need to write a "concrete poem" any ideas?
poem. wat do u think?
Explain the theme of the poem "Viking Dublin: Trial Pieces" by Seamus Heaney?
Found Poem?
OH Zeus...OH Pandora: Please give your opinion on this 'poem'...?
I love rain..so I wrote this, please critic it some?
Independence...Do you feel it?
Why do people call Jim Morrison a "Deep Poet"?
i need a poem for this situation, HELP?
Poem-This World does not recognize you!?
Comment on the rhyme scheme, line length and use of alliteration in the poem "advice to a teenage daughter?
* ..., it is "Due"!?
what event is the poem ballad of birmingham based on?
Won't you come and share in one of my favorite poems?
What do you think abou this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
What can one do with the cardboard tube inside the toilet paper roll?
What do you think of this poem?
What is a vanity publication?
Why does the Wanderer go into exile in the poem "The Wanderer translated by Charles W. Kennedy"?
What do you think of my poem, "The Soldier"?
Does this poem have a rhyme scheme and figurative lauguage?
i did this all by myself...what do u think plz?
Do you think human beings can feel grief in a poem or do they actually need to experience it first hand?
How should I write this poem?
Do you think this is a good poem?
I Need Help To Explain This Poem In Not So Sophisticated Vocabulary?
what do you think about my poem?
pioneer o pionner poem!?
poem...do you like it?
I call this one 'Rockstar's Lament'...your thoughts please?
FAT kid WITH curly HAIR poem--what you think?
I consider that this poem has the best flow of all that I've written, what do you think, thanks?
Is This A Good Poem Please Answer!?
Why won't my poem upload to DA?
A Fragile Filament, a poem to critique?
...is this too long for a poem?
What do you guys think of this?
How do you avoid the heat of the sun?
italian-american poet?
Please help, rate my poetry? 10 points?
Will anyone understand this poem?
And what word would you choose?
I started writing a country song. I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
poem opinions please?
Please vote for my poem?
What do you think of my writing? "Broken Mind"?
thoughtful, meaningful, make you think?
is this a good poem?
Would A Beautiful Mind like this poem?
What say to "Gypsy Artist, Gypsy Soul" Poem?
What, besides humans, is the most poetic animal?
Summer Nights Dance..the poem?
Opinion Please, about my poem, thanks?
Feedback on my poem please?
I'm having a bit of trouble writing a poem at the moment, and all I need is a word to spark my faulty brain...?
Feedback on these poems?
Can someone please give me the interpretation of this poem? 10 points FOR BEST ANSWER! :)?
is this a good poem...?
Telling a cop he cannot carry a gun is like....?
can you tell me your thoughts on this poem?
Give me three random topics?
new poetry site?
i have two questions....?
Do you like my poem? 10 points to best response?
What do you think of my doggerel?
Opinion on my poem (Hunger Games)?
"In Respose To Beth"...a spontane, apologia perhaps...for you Beth....c/c if you wish.?
If you could only read from four poets ...?
Morning has broken, will you comment please?
Comments,poem - love is blind ?
Like my poem?
A story in rhyme with a moral - comments or critique welcome, thanks?
help me right a freeverse haiku and abstract anime poem for my aunt ?
I need to find a poem?
What do you call a poem with five verses?
Do you like my poem? It's called "Meet me at the ice cream truck"?
Of all the emotions, which is most poetic?
What do you think of these two? and which do you like more?
can you help me with this poem?
A poem, voiced. Working on rhythm. Thoughts?
Feedback on my poem - Your Melody?
Asymmetrical...............a poem...c\c?
Will you comment on a morning musing please?
A poem about any specific season?
Care to comment on a poem?
Langston Hughes poems help?
What do you think of this poem?
Whar are these writting saying? how would you interpret them? ?
how do you write a diamante poem or haiku?
Rate my Poem! im thirteen and this is about a girl who hates her body?
Your shortest poem ever?
do you think my mom will like this poem for her birthday?
"Sonnet 64" What should you do if you won't want to rush where angels fear to tread? C/C?
Can someone tell me what they think of this poem that I wrote for my boyfriend any advice?
Why I love talking to AI's, not a poem, a dialogue,?
What do you think of my poem?
What say to "Dinosaurs And Coffee...Repercusions Of Historical Mistakes!!!" pome?
Unknown Self Made Poem ( English )?
"Sonnet 70" How would your love fare in the morning light? Any C/C for this poem?
My poem..... Sirens?
What improvements can you offer for this poem, and..How does it make you feel?
Do you like my latest poem in the style of my poetic hero?
Short, Quirky, Jerky, will you C/C please?
Could you analyze my poem?
Have I lost the rights to my poem?
Broken (What do you think?)?
What do you think of this poem?
I need to make a song using a poem what type of poem should i use?
Help with a Sonnet Poem?
What poems are Similar to "Coal" By Audre Lorde?
What is the poet really thinking about?
My first ever poem- I don't consider myself a poet, just curious what you think?
Who would read a funny poem about me?
An observational poem... continued from before?
please give me a poem?
Do you like my poem: True love endures time?
Figurative language help?
Straight from the heart!?
Would you comment on a metaphorical poem?
i just started writing poems a month ago, i know they suck but could u pick ur fav o and i'm 12?
Is this a poem " My anger with time "?
What do you think of this poem?
How do you like this poem?
A poem for your viewing? Critiques?
How is" Shadow" poem...? otteri selvakumar?
What are some poems with at least 5 different poetic devices?
What does it mean in the poem?
Two years ago I had a dream about Heath Ledger's character Ennis Del Mar and i wrote a piece of prose?
What happens when I don't rhyme?
Some advice on my poem?
Is this close to the top 10 reasons Trick or Treating is better than sex?
Constructive criticism and title help please :)?
Re-mangled and re-presented for re-consideration?
all these really good peom writers how come?
is my first stanza good?
Somebody Please? (a bit dark but true).?
Is there a international libraryof poetry or is it a scam? and if so is poetry.com real?
Can someone give pictures about the plot / sequence of "The Seafarer"?
Who is the author of this poem?
I was wondering if this is a good poem?
A poem about me????????????????
What literary device is used on the poem The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats?
wordsworth a romantic, how?
read my poem about freddie mercury?
3,000 Years of Black Poetry?
Love unconditional) poem, please rate and comment.?
How much do you trust the Postal Service?
What is a poetry?
Are poets just a body full of words? A poem?
Here is a Poem.?
poem and song help please?
Could someone please help me analyze this poem?
Go into the front room, close your eyes spin around what do you see when you open them? Write a poem about it?
Why can't I write a poem today?
is this poem awful or ok?
Poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
Do you like this poem?
what do you think of my poem?
I've wrote a poem. Tell what you think?
Poetry at Home need help?
Who wrote the poem, "a million plastic bags"?
can u write me a poem?
Can writing produc this on devoted writers?
Poetry in religious books, where can I learn more about this?
is there a poem about someone you cant be with?
Best arts and crafts shop (decorative stuff ribbons, beads, pretty wallpaper ..etc) IN LONDON !!!?
When was Our Heroes by Phoebe Cary written?
Please coment on my poem?!?!?
Whats a simile and a metaphor?
Quotes about someone ruining their life?
I need help analyzing a poem by langston hughes!?
Here is a poem I just wrote. I want to know what a real poet thinks of it. Are you a REAL poet?
Will you comment on It happened in a flash, please?
So when do you actually participate in government?
Help with my poem "Angel Tears" please?
Do you like my poem?? It'll only take a sec??
Do you like this new poem?
What does this quatrain by persian poet Rumi mean?
Do you like my poem?
why did seigfried sassoon threaten to stab wilfred owen in the leg if he returned to the front?
A 'haunted' house. C/c please?
Poem about high heels?
cinquain poems & haiku poems?
How many of you knew that Butt Crack and Nut Sack rhyme?
is this a good start to a sort of a blues poem/song?
where can i get the summary of arithmethic poem which is written by carl sandburg?
please read poem i just made and tell me what u think?
An OPEN Apology. Is It BEST to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?
What do you think of Dis Heah South Got Its 'Superstitions' poem?
Malaysian Poets?
With his heads between his paws" gives what impression of the sea. In the poem the sea?
The Secret Rose by William Butler Yeats?
Another poem! Honest views only, please!?
What are some good simile poems?
Does anywhere know where I can read the Charles Bukowski poem "Me Against the World" online?
My first attempt at poetry. What do you think?
Will you comment on this piece please?
a thank you poem to parents?
Who is Your Favourite Irish Poet .?
I need a long PUBLISHED descriptive poem for Forensics any good ones?
I just wrote a poem. Does it make any sense to you?
Please vote for my poem!!!!!!!!Please!!?
Help deciphering letter?
i need a poem for the one year anniversery of my nieces death?
Blank Verse Poem......?
What's you most favorite poem and why?
Do you like this poem of mine?
Poem for Memorial Day cemetery service?
Help~~ any lyrics songs which use at least 5 "literary devices"?
I need help choosing a creative title?
Poets, friends and especially foes, would you please c/c...?
What do you think of my Poem?
Meaning of Poem??
What is a Haiku Poem?
Can someone tell me the attitude(tone) of the speaker and the poet in this poem Please?
What is a good metaphor for 'death' in poetry?
Was Robert Herrick a Christian? Any info would help!?
Need Help With My Poem?
Tony Morrison Them and [uz]?
"I'll carve your name into this bullet, so you know that you were the last thing going through my mind"
Can you please read my poem?
do you like my poem. why or why not?
Does anybody have the full text of "Poem" by Jack Kerouac?
Is it okay for me to trust you?
Can someone help me wrote a good memoir or poem on human trafficking?
I want to be a poet so bad am I good enough?
What do you think about this one entitled, "An Ebonized Spawn"?
Is this poem good? Need answer ASAP?
I need help with my sonnet please help?
Essay "A day in the life of ... "?
Do you like this poem?
Do you write your dreams down?
Can you please tell me the meaning of this poem?
Read my sonnet, critique, grade, correct, rate?
do you like my new poem?
New poem, let me know what you think!?
Poetry by Oodgeroo Noonuccal?
A poem hard choices what do you think?
Is there any wesite on "unofficial national anthems" (which are very popular)?
Can you make this sound better?
Why is it when I get messed-with, I 'battle' my way out?
what was the poetry time era in 1961?
What do you think of my poetry?
How to break poems into sentences?
Am I allowed to post a lousy poem once in a while?
Did you fall off the ladder?
But Mama, he's no different than us...Can he come in, please?
this may be a stretch but you people can help. please and thank you?
Please read my two poems and leave feedback!?
constructive criticism for a poem?
Fellow poets, what inspires you the most?
I wrote this, is it any good?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of Poetry Is 'Self' Contaminated poem?
What is the meaning of this response to "The Wedding Day" poem?
Can anyone come up with an acrostic poem for drama?
poem about love and time any good ?
Can someone tell me the title of this poem by Sappho of Lesbos?
how does Yeats evocatively convey the gains and losses involved in the fight for Irish independence in ...?
What are some good poems on "censorship" from the 20th century?
What do you think of my poem ?
No More Tears, Comments?
criticise my poem (gd or bad is accepted)?
Does anyone know of any poetry that was inspired by Botticelli's Primavera? Or his Birth of Venus?
Hows this poem of mine!?
Will you please c/c my new sonnet? Or would you rather stay in bed (I'd understand)?
Too cliche or too familiar?
what do you think of my poem?
Please read poem I just made?
Summary of shakespeare??? PLEASE HELP?
Comment on this, will you? A poem I wrote, entitled Night.?
is this poem any good?!?