Just wrote? Rate/free for interpretation?
What is the meaning of The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot?
Is my poem any good??
Would you care to comment on this poem?
In Dover Beach poem what does the word sweet in sweet is the night air mean?
Could a male with a British accent record 2 William Blake poems for me?
plz tell me what u think of my poem...?
I have a few words for you on happiness . . . c/c?
Please help with analyzing "Hyacinth" by Edna St. Vincent Millay!?
Are you ready for some really deep eye staring rumination? C/C?
Here I am, a new poem haiku in three sticky parts you like long time, yes?
ah ha! i think this one is real good. how do you like it?
my first poem i did in a while?
Any cute father poems?
I am looking for this poem and its writer:?
What's this mean, anyone?
Can you guys help me out with this 'poem' i made?
The Cat Sandwich?
They mostly let me be, a poem or something, c/c?
please let me know if u know a poem related to ghosts [:-]??
please read my poem about a smile?
What are some poems with at least 5 different poetic devices?
where can i find cute lovely poems for teachers?
How should I end this poem?
Need help with writing a poem!?
What do you think of my new poem...?
Do you like my poems? Please answer this! ?
Question about the poem "The Carpenter's Son" ?
How do you go about interpreting a poem?
Please, C/C this poem...thoughts?
what kind of poem is....?
My poem (Love you) how is it?
HELP? please i need your help.?
A poem called these tears please rate 1-10?
What do you think of this?
Just a reminder, we have in'corpse'orated Valentine's Day into Halloween and we need REALLY SCARY Love poems,?
How often do you turn the other cheek?
Please rate my poem and help with line breaks...?
Sonnet c/c?
rate my poem?
What does this poem mean?
Please help me understand these lyrics written by experimental electronic group COIL:?
What do you think of this?
wat do u ppl think of this poem?
Himmat Karne Walon Ki Haar Nahin Hoti by harivansh rai bachchan..(pls help)..i need the whole poem in hindi?
Please critque my poem....Oceans mean nothing!
does anyone know any good poems about identity?
Is this a poetic device?
can you write me a poem about yellow?
help i need a 5 word chines cuplet peom about saying goodby to fall and hello to winter?
Writing a poem...HELP!?
Woould you please help me find out which schools/eras in the English literature these poems belong to?
What do you think of my poem?
poem about pain?
k i have to write a poem on stereotype. Have u ever seen those molson canadian beer commercial?
Again, again, I will say it again, and maybe this time I will catch some fish?
I have never been compelled to write a poem. Early this morning I scribbled this down. Thoughts?
what is your .....passion?
What do you say to this thought?
Poetry Question!!?
title of the poem and name of name of author?
A poem of *mine* I revised?
I'm a poetry writer and I need ideas!?
A poem for a depressing Sunday morning Comments ore fine?
My name is Caleigh. Pronounced K-Lee I need a homecoming rhyme (: someone please help me!!!! ?
Is this a good poem honest opinion please?
Do you have a best friend? His Self-Portrait, c/c?
How do you define poetry & how did you arrive to your definition?
A morning thought, do you agree?
what do you think of this poem of mine?
Have you ever lost a really good appliance and felt you needed to write about it :)?
Can you review my new poem?
Complete the poem "Roses are Red Violets are blue"...?
Where can I find poems online in which the author of the poem is unknown?
Sidney's Sonnet #2 & #71?
One More, will you womment?
What should I title this poem?
What is your alltime favorite poem?
Do you like part two of this future-whale story?
Do you like my new poem?
I need help interpreting the Act 2 prologue of Romeo and Juliet. i have to do it line by line?
say what you will....or do not say anything at all?
Please recommend some Nice poems ?
Can Someone Help Me Annotate This Poem?
What poem should I use?
Emily Dickinson's poem.......need help with simile?
Could you help me find a poem?
what do you think of this poem?
Will I get hate mail for primitive & corny?
need help with poem questions!! PLEASE HELP thanks?
i need a 12 line alliteration poem!!!!! help!!! its urgent!!!?
What tribute does the speaker say his beloved by using the "SUMMER" comparison?
Poetry and Prose?
New poem..not sure what to make of it..What are your thoughts?
Troubled Soul?
analysis of the poem the return by edith tiempo?
my aunt is turning 50 i need inspirational words or a poem. 10 points for best answer?
i need help does any 1 know a poem about eyes?
How is a free verse different from a blank verse in poetry?
I am searching for a poem about the potential folly of the activist, can you help me identify it?
I need a poem for school it has to be 7 lines and has to have at least 5 elements of poetry please help fast?
Please read poem I just made?
Another Saturday nite poem I think you'll enjoy. Comments Please???
What poems are Similar to "Coal" By Audre Lorde?
Will you write a poem about something you learned recently?
would you consider this poem?
Okay. One down and like, 20-something to go...?
power of what you say) my poem, please rate and comment.?
What do u think of my poem?
Ok, I'm dying.............any comments?
Is Poetry just a pastime for you or is rhyming your therapy?
what is this poem? ....?
Have we yet conquered this Stupor of Life?
Poem help? apostrophe to the ocean?
do you like it (feedback)?
A Poem in need is a poem indeed....opinions please?
Is this poem any good?
Sunset Flower, comments welcome?
Will you comment on a goodnight silly please?
was the poem' in the bazaars of hyderabad' written by sarojini naidu?
DO YOU LIKE MY POEM? for school? what do you think? (REVISED)?
For Gene, you, in turn, reminded me. Margaret, a sad poem, c/c?
Please explain this poem to me?
Do you mind the cliches?
I wrote this poem for my bf. How is it?
I need help finding genres of poetry..?
What do you think...?
Why does this Poem get to me?
When are they coming out with a bionic heart already?
Similies for a night sky?
A good poem? ( details inside )?
Can you make up a witch or demon or perhaps some other fiend and describe them in a poem?
thoughs on my poem?
Pieces of me.. poem?
What is it called when you give an animal or object human like features?
I could use some constructive criticism for this poem.?
Who can give me a tagalog 3-5 stanza Filipino poem?
do you think this is a good quote explaining how someone depressed feels?
Wondering if my poem is any good?
Why do you write/like poetry?
Rate my poem please? Link is below.?
who wrote the poem "little flo's letter?"?
Have you ever been seduced?
Dirt Bag Genuis......read it youll love it!?
What is the meaning/point/intention of Seamus Heaney's poem 'Funeral Rites'?
What do u think of this love poem?
Fate in War...read if you wish?
A question about lines?
Written many years. What do you think?
What Nationality was Walter D. Wintle?
Is "brewing" and "curving" considered slant rhyme?
does anyone know any good sites that can translate poems?
can you find me a picture for this poem? (the poem its really short) so pls look?
can someone help me for analysis of this poem......?
What to do with this "The Gift" poem?
What do you think of my poem?
opinions on my poem please?
How to express emotions in words?
Please read, comment critique?
explication of Rumi poem We are as the flute?
In reading POETRY AND READING NARRATIVE.. Which is easier!?
If you focus too much on the flowers, you might not see the graveyard that they are in...?
What poem [be specific] is there that at least one page long and can be easliy understood?
'A soldier's prayer', I wrote it. What do you think?
William Wordsworth Religious context?
What are the typical aspects of poetry written from 1900's to 1950's?
Can you analyse this poem by Charles Baudelaire?
teenagers looking to get alot of money quickly from poetry contests?
How Will I Know? A poem for your C/C?
Will you comment on my poem?
Do you like my poem?
what do you think of this peom so far?
Rudyard Kipling "Hijo" Poem?
Critique this short poem. Thanks :)?
these are two poems ive worked on but they could be put together as one. what do you think of them?
This is rough as I don't know if this is even a form of any kind but, here goes the dream......?
My poem, If roses grow in heaven, comments?
do you believe in reincarnation?
I think i'm a born writer, but what do i do.?
what do you think about this poem its kinda a cutfunny poem? its called "boyfriend"?
Can someone help me determine the rhythm and meter in this poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote called "Objective Memories"?
Can someone write or send me a poem about a green eyed girl?
HELP! . what writing style does Emily Dickinson use? & what's meter all about??
Will you c/c a new script {Rained Children} of the Greek poet?
Does anyone know any good short love poems or quote!?
Poetry question . . . ................?
Compare and contrast the sonnet with a song that shares a similar story, theme, problem, or message.?
Would you read this poetics thing & leave a comment/critique? TY?
What are some really good poetry books?
I don't know if this is for a lost friend or to make me better deal with grief,c/c?
Title for a poetry anthology?
Thoughts on Extended Metaphor Poem?
Poem I wrote, please rate ?
can someone writh a school appropriate 8 line poem?
Would you comment on my monkey poem please?
I got a new poem. ^_^?
Ladies, does this man deserve forgiveness?
Still getting it out. Comments welcome.x.?
Will you read a poem I wrote?
Do you think that this is a good poem?
"There`s Little Bit Of Badness" please c-c before I go off..LOL..?
Some feedback on my poem?
What say you to 'Snidely And The Coast Guard' morning pome?
Do you feel really distant eyes watching you? C/C?
How and where can i get a poem published?
please help me i have to do this free verse poem on music but i have no idea wat 2 write can u spare sum ideas?
A whimsical poem. What do you think?!?
Who's the best poet that ever lived?
A point to be made, my poem?
Just a random poem if you wouldn't mind reading?
How to write a good poem?
Im looking for a few good poems or quotes about scars !?
Limerick poem?
Someone help me with this poem?
revision of a previous post?
Is this a good imagery poem?
Poem please read. Critic if needed.?
Is this disturbing?
What is are great metaphors for memories good and bad for a poem?
Does anyone have a sweet short poem that they want to share?
Is my poem ok so far?
What would we do if there were no words?
Hi, what do you think of my poem?
is this poem good?
how do i cure writers block?
Can you lose what you've never had?
what do you think about this poem?
Care to comment on my poem?
What does it mean for something to be apostrophized in a poem or piece of writing?
This is very important to me!I'm writing a poem&I want someone to criticize it.Tell if like it&how improve.Thx
What causes 'You' to remember Winnie the Poo?
Is this poem good?? Roses are red Violets are blue I love you lets say "I DO"?
Can you relate to this?
just say what u think good or bad,i m trying 2 improve so bad helps more?
what do you think of this poem?
What do you think of Enough Is Enough, For Way Too Long: My Co-Worker Is An 'Angel' morning pome?
Poetry is something right?
i need help plz?
Rate my poetry, it would mean a lot?
adrienne rich's poem -"song"?
SLam Poetry? Rommiette and Julio?
Sleepy poem?
if you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue?
how many semi finalists are in poetry.com's open amateur poetry contest?
poem, tell me what you think?
Is this poem super lame? Is it stupid? Please tell me...?
english sonnet examples?
do u like my poem i plan to have written on my grave stone?
What William Shakespeare's audience believe about CURSES?
Poem help Sky is the Limit?
what did pablo neruda mean to poetry?
Does my daughters poem make sense i am not very smart?
Help me write a limerick poem?
how to make a haiku poem about a circle?
Looking for a particular poem about gaurdian angels.?
Are poets Magicians or Artists?
Please check out my poem?
Sometimes shouldn't we just count our blessings. Please comment or critique, thanks?
Today, I admit I am a Hoarder. Will you please read my Testimony?
read this poem and see what you think of it?
read my story? tell me wat you think?pleas?
Is it really over. I need some help writing a message?
Re-Post Poem...feedback? Anything I could do better?
I am in a POETRY forum no one reads my poems should eye leave it?
Memorial Day is coming up, read my poem!?
give some ballads or poems?
I wrote a poem for my wife. How does It sound
Is this poem at all good?
how do you like my poem?
Is this a good example of a "bad" poem?
Can you help me paraphrase this poem?
Can someone please have a go at annalysing this poem for me please?
A nice inscription, verse, poem or quote?
poetry elements?
Love is louder than___________?
can i write poems for my d of e?
Last words in anger, would you consider this a poetic?
No way! Total nonsense!! Do you like warm sandwiches or cold?
any comments for 'Stalled'?
Does anyone recognize this poetic form?
What do you think of my poem?
What would you do if your lover wrote you a horrible poem?
"I Actually Like Greece!" to c-c?
Help me right a poem?
Answer my earlier question? Comment on my poem?
Frost uses internal rhyme in the lines "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,/But I have promises to keep."?
Please Tell Me What You Think and Please Be Honest?
Do you like this poem?
Is this a good Spring poem?
tell the truth, what do you think of this poem?
help with writing a poem??
limerick pome?
Please rate my nonsensical love poem?
PLEEAASSEE answer! Which one do YOU like better??
What do you think of this poem, i wrote it during a rough breakup?
Edgar Allan Poe?
Comment these 3 poems please! I'm desperate! hahha?
Pretty please critique my short poem, "No More Convenient Fantasies"?
Poem about Nature for my English class?
Can you tell me the name of this poem but I only knowone verse?
Please rate and share your thoughts, 10 points?
I don't "get" poetry?
What 3 questions would you ask all poets so that we all could understand poetry better?
Thoughts on a new poem please?
Will some one please tell me what you think of this?
More poetry for the hungry ya dig?
This is one of my favorite short pieces from RHPS.. any thoughts?
What title will be best for my composition?
Is anyone else having problems posting questions or comments?
Help, I need to write a paper comparing poets and their works. I have chosen Robert Frost's Fire and Ice?
Help asap poem for bf?
An Ode to Morning (yes, I LOVE mornings!), would you C/C?
Do You Know Any Poems About ..?
You didn't see me at Buks Barn dance did you?
A Poem from a Trying Poet..?
read my poem and tell me your thought?<3?
a poem about bulling at school.?
Bannibal's walk alone, inspired my poem, would you c/c please?
Langston Hughes poetry questions?
~Solitude Night~ Feedback?
How do you write a poem forward with one meaning and then backward with another meaning.?
Is this a good title to a poem?
ok tell me what you think of this 14 stanza poem...a school assignment..?
Divorced of feelings...can YOU relate?
Stream of consciousness, listen or not, c/c?
I need some Poetry verse?
Poets: What music are you blasting from your stereo these days?
What does Wilfred Owen mean when hey says "But nothing happens" at the end of each stanza in poem "Exposure"?
What do you think of this poem!?!?!?
What poem is good to preform at school?
How is symbolism constructed in poetry?
Want to read a poem called Quella Bella?
Are lines 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 in the right place?
Which one of these sonnet verse variations do you like more?
How are the poems "Delce et Decorum Est" and "The Tiger" Similar and different?
girls.. wut do you think of this poem i wrote???
is your bucket list empty? c/c?
What do you think of this small poem I wrote years ago.?
Reawakening (Cannot remember if I have submitted this?)?
good poetry?
Do you like this poem?
Could you give me feedback on the poem?
Comment on a poem about an empath's morning warning?
How many poems in all did you write last year?
What do you think is the meaning of this song?
What do you think?
Will you comment on this poem please?
Oh, the places you'll go... who woulda thunk?
anyone can help me to complete this poem plz =(?
a new poem i'm excited about, are you?
I've got this poem for my class?
UGLY.................... critique please?
What is this song about?
What are some poems with hidden meanings?
Does Torment rhyme with Parchment ?
opinions? poetry essay.?
Free style...don't laugh...ok...go ahead...laugh....!!!?
Mary Oliver poem analysis help please?
Can you tell my what you think of my poem ?
OK, here's the secret. You're not going to like it. THIS is how easy poetry is. Am I forgiven?
Research on Emily Dickinson?
can u give me the summary of Sonnet by Toru Dutt?
, do I have to appolgize when?
Graffiti poem , help please (:?
Can you understand my poem?
Looking for this Poem.... forgot title and author name but can describe it to you inside?
Birthday Poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
be honest!! what do you think of this one??
any1 willing to write a fun halloween poem?
Help me think of a metaphor?
please read poem i just made. tell me what u think?
What do you think of my poem?
Acrostic Poem please and thank you?
How can I earn through internet by writing stories and poetry?
is this good poetry? easy 10 points people. what do you think?
what do you think of this poem please leave your comment?
Credible places to submit poetry?
Will you please comment (C&C) on these acrostic poems?
Dig this- Poem in the stylee of the rebel Escher M.C?
Does my poem have potential?
Alligator Wrestling: Care to Comment?
heres a poem i wrote.......?
What does this poem mean?
What Sheenagh Pugh poem can you compare 'From Mrs Tiresias' by Carol Ann Duffy to?
Mortality, an old poem I wanted to share, C/C?
A poem "Man Who Would Be King"?
need a poem at least 15 lines i guss?
Space Between?
A rant, complaining, spouting, missing QL already, C/C?
Can someone please help me annotate this poem?
Opinions on my almost late poem to class?
rate this from 1-10 and explain why?
What are your thoughts on this?
You're opinion on this poem I just made?
Poem about kinetic molecular theory?
Do You Like My Poem?
Is this a triple acrostic?
From which perspective should I write my poem?
how do u make an peom?
Do you like this Valentine poem?
Help writing sonnet for love of my life?
Is there a web site to which i can post a poem where it can be criticized?
Mother's day poem, what do you think?
What is Faux Rhyme? and a example? HELP! ?
Honest opinions on my poem?
Do you need the picture to see this image?
How's everybody doing?
"Straw Sipping" If your in the mood to read words of ditsy dizzy nonsense, this is it, Which way is up?
I need to write a poem about me!?!?!?
Would you understand the humor?
What do You think of my new poem I wrote last night?
Would you consider this a poetic?
your opinions on my poem?
I need help finding British poetry based on fear or anxiety?
Care to comment on my pantoum?
In the play Fences...?
Could I offer my mom-in-law's eulogy for C/C, P&T?!?
what do you think?
Can some one give me an analysis on Metallica's "for whom the bell tolls"?
hi .. what do u think of this? i wrote it?
my second poem ever! help me fix it up?
Please help me with poem.?
I need a little bit of help with this.?
what do u think?
I need this poem to be analyzed...?
Is this a fitting poem for a sick poetry editor?
Bat and ball (poem) what do you think?
Can you suggest me a good sonnet for elocution?
Still another Special Blab? With Co-Anchors Mizzy and Ma?
um... hi, just wondering if anyone's read this poem? ^_^?
Start of my poem, help?
What do you think of this poem?
I need a good poem . do you know a good one ?
How is this poem coming out so far?
Contrast theme of death in Bradstreet poems to the treatment of death in Walt Whithman's "Song of Myself"?
I need a 10-14 line poem. I have no idea where to start.?
I have a question about the poem Inferno?
"Song For Nectaria" an attempt at a Chaucerian madrigal. Will you please C/C?
How to write a poem about the holocaust?
Are there any good poetry box sets on sale?
In a Dark Time - Theodore Roethke?
How is this poem, where would you place it on the scale from 0-9?
what does the poem snowbound mean?
Comments and critique for my poem, please?
I'm looking for a love poem that says some thing about a rose holding the all the love?
Anyone looking for good poetry blogs?
What makes you shiver? A poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What are some of Alexander's Pope's most famous short poems?
I wanted to know what you think of my poem? Is it alright?
I need some help answering some questions about a poem?
Poetry, please help?!?
Care to read "Who Will You Cry To Now That It's Over?"?
Poem Analysis: structure?
That gadget was the receptacle for God. A strange poemish thing, c/c?
Do you mind a creepy poem?
Re-post, what do you think of my poem?
Is this a poem " The lost moment "?
I am writing a love poem and I need a word that rhymes with direction. Would you please give me a suggestion?
What Are The Figures Of Speech In The Poem "If" By Rudyard Kipling ?
Honest and constructive is welcome (sorry if there's any misspellings/incorrect grammar, I am not an expert)
In the poem Thanatopsis what is an example of the natural cycle of birth,death, and rebirth?
(only 14 to 17 yr girls hows this poem?
Are poets and water a natural fit?
In punctuation: is this the correct way to use a colon?
What do you think of my poem?
What is your comment on my very short poem: My Beloved Witch?
Have you had a morning without coffee?
A follow on from yesterday, would you c/c?
What is a good website, that tells you the rules of poetry?
I need help with poetry homework?
How do I add a good Hyperbole and Symbolism to my Poetry?
Could you help by giving me an idea of how to use the word 'thrashed' in a sentence in a connotative sense?
What is main aim of any poem?
Good Poems For Vodcast?
what is the best definition of poet prostitute?
How do you write a poem about yourself?
Need some Input on my poem for grade 12 Imagery?
write a poem about the ocean?
what do you think of this poem?
Do you like my poem .....?
I need help decoding this sonnet that was sent to me?
How about this one...silly?
Something strange has happened to me. This is for you V. I hope everyone else likes it...do you.?
Rate my short poem please, thanks a ton?
Is this a poem "Star-crossed"?
Is this a good start for a resurrection poem?
Poem Help!? How does the idea of a light in the center of every cell tie in with the speakers thoughts?
What is a good narrative poem?
Quick sonnet . . . c/c?
What do you like best about your writing?
What do you think of this 'Name Snidely's Chicks' morning pome?
"Failure" how is it to retire in the night after a very bad day? Care to C/C?
How's this poem I wrote? (Mine Collapse Lover)?
RED RED ROSE POEM -- why do some people cheat in the Poetry category by?
A diamante poem about summer to winter.?
Praise my mediocre poem lavishly and at length, won't you?
how does this poem sound? I hade to write a nature poem for english class give me your honest opinion?
Please Read poem I just made?
How do you like my free verse poem?
Narrative poem about animals?!?!?
what is poetry. what is poetry.?
What do you think about this?????
could anyone help me with a poem, that can say thankyou to the greatest husband in the world who pulled me fro?
What do u think of my poem.?
Does any1 have any poems?
What is the main idea of this poem?
A New Love At The Bakery Poem : Comments?
Please give me some advice about a poem for a class about my relationship with my father? Thank you?
Can anyone decipher the connotation of this poem?
i need to find all hllows eve by mekeel mcbride... any help?
Help with homework please Read the poem and answer the questions thanks :D?
Help with ALLITERATION poem?
What think you of evening?
Help me out with this one?
I need help on the work of the Arabic poet Kuraiz min Anif from Diwanil Ibn Tamim Hamasa. Thank You.?
Do these longer lines work, I've increased the beats per line. Comments and critique welcome, thanks?
The sick rose by William blake?
I think we should have a Minion Merry Christmas Best of Y!A 2007 voting. What was your favorite moment?
Heart broken poem. Do ya like it?
Can you please critique my 2 year old's poem. Please be honest.?
What do you think of the character?? Lots of opinions plz :)?
19th century,matthew arnold said he stood between two worlds,one dead and the other powerless to be born.?
I meant ii need a spanish love poem for him?
please read this poem and summarize for me?
Opinions on my poem "paper skin" ? thanks!?
new peom but unknow name?
what does your father do? poem by roger mcgough looking for a web site for a copy of it?
Is this poem any good?..honest opinion please?
Can someone interpret this poem?
Does anyone want to review my poem?
do you think ALL poetry has a theme?
My poem. . ..what do you think?
Dark, kind of strict poem for story?
Whats so exciting about reading poetry? its the most boring thing in the world?
Please may I have your poetic opinion on my 'jingle'...?
Do you like my children's rhyme?
Does anyone know what poem I mean?
Care to read my tree-o-lay or was it a tree-o-lett? C/C?
why was walt whitman known as the good gray poet?
Any suggestions for my Simile Poem?
Are Blondes REALLY dumb?
There are many reasons why I play in Y!AP....?
Will someone please help me write a sonnet? valenared@hotmail.com?
Where would poets be if they couldn't remember?
what are good rainbow poems?
how many verbs are in this poem?
What makes a good poem?
What is your opinion of my new 'Ocean' poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Is this Walt Whitman like?
What do you guys think of my poem?
Topics for a sonnet ideas?
Boast poem about myself with 2 original kennings and alliterations?
Here's a new poem. Let me know what you think? Comments?
My Poem give me some feedback please i'd love your opinions!?
I need a word to base my poem on.?
Some of my contacts have been writing gooshy love poems... so I thought I would give it a try?
yet another poem!! (comments please!! i worked extremely hard on this one, so you better appreciate it!!!)?
Is this Haiku good? Is it even a Haiku? Please Help!?
What styles of poetry would you like to read (or hear read) at......?
Do you have a hungry heart?
what do you think of this poem?
Do you like my poem? It's called "Meet me at the ice cream truck"?
What do you think is the definition of poetry?
im looking for this poem?
Hi, can someone help me write a found poem?
Do you like it yes or no? Leave your comment below?
One simple image, can it make you cry?
Here is my poem for Valentine's........... Your opinion, please!?
Can you help me improve my sonnet please, comments also welcome?
I just wrote this, will you read it and vomit?
What kind of poetry does everybody like?
Apoem for war. To George Bush.?
slogans on ''world population''??
What do you think of this poem? Comments?
A poem about discrimination with rhyme...?
Enemy can be a bellowed one?
What do you think of this poem/song?
Do you like my new poem?
What of a rough draft for your comments and critiques?
I need to write a Shakespearean Sonnet but I can't think of any ideas?
What about this Hai’ku thing? There’s lots of rules, for such a short form…is this ku?
when you read poetry what do you want to hear in it?
Can you help me find the author/title of this poem?
Can anyone edit my poem/give some suggestions?
My poem Jack and Jill, is it entertaining?
What does the poem Muted Music by Robert Penn Warren mean?
Do you think Poets see the world differently? How?
Is this poem any good?
Can someone help me write a Rubi please??? the rhyme scheme has to be abaa with 10 syllables per line! HELP?
Do you question life decisions? The Lament of a Childless Woman, C/c?
analyze this poem please?
Famous Austrlian Poets?
GIRLS: is my love poem any good??? ?
Can you endure a long one?
I've just started writing poetry - what do you think about this poem called 'Tradition'?
wrote this poem 20yrs ago. tell me what you think. I might even start writing again!?
Vampire poem by me?
Choose the better poem - an experiment.?
do you like my deep poem...?
Question about the word deluge?
Do you believe in miracles?
How to write a Haiku?
Poem Paraphrase need a few more ideas?
I Could Use A Tree Top Vacation...or Why Can't Big Birds Fly?
Has anyone ever seen this one? and if not what do you think?
What does the poem "A Dream Deferred" mean?
What do you think of my new poem?
Why Do Some Accuse Me of Gay I have no intents that way? What Else Can I Say? Not in Denial in Anyway!?
What is the most fun your poems have ever had?
A series of tragic mishaps. A poem. Will you offer an opinion of it?
revise poem please help!?
Is my poem good enough for 10th grade?
So you've found my poem...Tell me, how is it?
What do you think of this 'Morning Silence' poem?
And your thoughts on one more poem?
Songs of recited poetry?
Revised and re-posted would you comment or critique for me please, thanks?
What do you think of my poem?
A poem i wrote. What do you think of it ?
What kind of figurative language and sound devices are used in sonnet 30 by Edmund Spenser?
Which school gave you your critiquing credentials?
help with a simile about dance?
How do you edit your poems?
Poems and books about confidence? Or have confidence as an underlying theme?
"No more": An unedited, unrevised poem. I just wrote it impromptu.Tell me how to write this one better please?
Nothing we experience is ever really left behind. Do you agree? What do you think of my poem?
How do you wright poetry?
Would this be a metaphor? ?
When exactly are you sure what you are reading is probably a poem?
Here's a new poem. Let me know what you think? Comments?
Simile & Metaphor for Oppression?
CLICK HERE. I'm 14 and lovee writing. Please comment?
how would i start a story with the plot off....?
To a friend I miss in hopes of renewing faith, please comment?
How do I finish this poem?
Cinnamon's Challenge: Villanelle (comments welcome. please let me know what you think?
Just a small poem, what do you think?
Hey you poets! Doesn't it feel good to be tangled in a web?
Haiku, another try?
What shall I write about?
What does my poem convey to you?
What is the theme of the poem "A Day" by John Greenleaf Whittier?
What do you think of my poem? Changes? Rate it please?
Are these poems good good, I'm not sure?
I need to write a one stanza poem on any famous person?
Please read poem I made last night?
Poets, are you as good a cook as you are a poet...?
Why my free verse to contrive is in better English than your whole disk drive? Non boring free verse, C/C?
do you like this poem i just wrote?
Can someone help me explicate these lines from the poem "the seafarer"?
Would you comment on my poem?
do rate this poem about Roger..?
help to turn a poem into slang!?
Do NOT bother, seriously.....?
Opinions on this poem?
What are your feelings about..?
Opinion on a poem I want to send to my ex. Criticism welcome?
"Sonnet 64" What should you do if you won't want to rush where angels fear to tread? C/C?
Have to write a poem about mitt romney, help?
MEMO: by June Jordan?
Cinnamon Challenge II...American and Traditional form Haiku in English...Arigato Gozaimasu...?
Can Someone PLEASE Give Me An Example Of A Vignette Poem About Friendship?!?
~The Game Of Lust~ Feedback Please?
what are some poetic devices in shakespearean sonnet 22??
it ends tonight figurative language?
What does the poem "Hope" mean by Emily Brontë?
i want poem of ann sherly by george maikel.?
compare and contrast the poems dreams deferred and fire and ice?
who was samuel henry poet from drymen who had 4 sons?
Will you C/C on a poem posted for my friends Caz and LC, written by the Greek poet?
central metaphor in the poem "The Great Gull" ?? .?
Somone real or imaginary?
what were the best poems of Alexander Pushkin?
opinions on this poem i wrote?!?
Magazines Paying For Poetry?
What do you guys think?
For Poets posting here: What is your favorite poem that you have written?
a second feedback plz :)........?
Your Thoughts On This Poem?
'Convulision" C/C When was your last ride on a merry go round?
Literary Devices in this poem?
A poem about loss? I wrote this poem about my children and the name of it is The Day the Angel Came?
Is this poem any good?
Just Wanted Some Opinions on my Poem...Please?
I can do this, can't I?
What is are great metaphors for memories good and bad for a poem?
What are poetic devices used in the 1st and 2nd stanzas of Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman?
Comment on the rhyme scheme, line length and use of alliteration in the poem "advice to a teenage daughter?
Metaphysical poetry-mixing of blood meant sex?
Such an effort, for what?
good place to submit a poem?
is this a good poem please respond
What are some ways to improve my creative writing (poetry, short stories, etc.)?
plzz help me rite a poem!!?
Another "Beowulf" question please!!!!!!!!!!?
ok i seriously dont get this poem. can some one help me analyze it....w.h. auden....."the more loving one
"Without Me" New poem!?
I need somebody to make me a concrete poem PLEASE!!!?
Poetry Answering Help!!?
I need help writing my catalog poem!?
Who wishes it was like it used to be?
Sonnet help?! Please ?!?
Is this poem any good?
Would you comment on a morning's proclamation poem?
Why does Hurstwood walk?
wat do u think about my great poem ?
A Simple Love Poem - Do You Like?
where is a good online poetry site?
poem. wat do u think?
does the poem answer the question asked in its last two lines??
Does Great Poetry come from internal and external Turmoil?
Poem Comments, Anyone?
what are poetic devices?
Every Southern Has to Write a Poem With an Unpronounceable Body of Water in it. What do you think of this one?
Have you ever seen this guy?
I wrote this poem can you tell me what you think?
What comment do you have for this abstract bit of writing?
Is this a nice death note?
What do you think of this poem?
Need help remembering an old, but famous, poem.?
Will you...read and comment, please?
What do you think of my poem???
Picture Perfect?
Please !!!! can you suggest a poet?
Please comment on my chilled poem! thanks guys! ?
Just wonderin, are Y'all OK today?
Following Yug's new form of poetry....?
Need help with writing a poem!?
could somebody help me analyse this poem(literary techniques, symbolism and themes) ;)?
What if it is a poem for teens that have serious...issues. is there one for sad and depressing poems??
I am looking for a poem ...?
Is Osama bin Laden really dead? Did they take his fingerprints or DNA? Or just a fall guy set up by the CIA?
A poem I wrote tell me what you think[im 13]?
Are you allergic to Bees? ....You will Be?
Literature may be read as a form of social and cultural history.?
What say to "Good Morning to Funny People While Traveling" Pome?
Opinions on a poem please?
A poem inspired by Don S.?
Another one from my husband, my friend?
When you say.?
Tell me what you make of this... If you know what it is, don't tell, I'm experimenting...?
Is it okay to be someone else other than yourself when in Answers?
What type of poem has four lines and is usually about a character or person?
Does anyone like this poetry? I'm not an experience poet in any means, just want to express my feelings?
The sims social hack?
HELP.....Poem ideas?????
This poem. read it. respond to it. please?
~The Lover's Dance~ Poem Feedback? ^_^?
"An Analization of Langston Hughes"?
"Will Someone Please Tell Me" a yes, a spontane for this mouse-trap agatha christo night, c-c?
Need help with a poem?
I am experimenting with words, and I would like it very much for you to see them.....?
Would you have Lunch with me ..Poem re-post C/C Please Thanks?
What kind of things could make a grown man cry?
Okay, LISTEN Up - What Happens When One Of Your FANS Disappears?!?!?
What are 3 ways that Odysseus is a bad role model?
Whats a more modern word for youngsters?? ?
Can you all have a look at "Tiny World" please?
How do you appreciate my poem posted herewith?
Read this short poem and answer a few questions?
I need a creepy Rhyme?
would you like to read a poem and comment on it?
Ever had to pause for a short poem?
Will you comment on just a silly please?
Does this describe true friendship?
acrostic poem!!!!?
putting myself out there....critiques for poem?
Collage on the poem "If you were coming in the fall" by Emily Dickinson?
what do u think of this poem?
how to make my writtings easy to view for people ? not for money i want people to read my stuff?
How do i write my shrinklit poem?
Calling all poetry and Arthur Rimbaud fans!!!! HELP!?!?
I'm writing a sonnet, is it an good? Any tips or help?
Poems to make parodies of?
Do You Like My Poem?
What do you think of this 'Appear!!!' poem?
Looking for author of poem, "oh yes, there is flint in me. stone. . .
Comment on a poem about sticks and stones, but words will never hurt me?
How Do write a Poem?
holocaust poem?
What type of poem is this?
What do you think of my "Thank You" note?
with every exhale,?
PART 2: Today is Holocaust Rememberance day. I'm 14 and this is my point of view. Please Comment.?
What do you think of this poem? Please give me your opinion.?
poem for a girl. c/c please?
is ths a good sonnet?
What is you opinion of this poem?
My Poem "The Mirror"?
Do you think Bukowski was snubbed by academics because he was a drunk?
"Poem, From The Promised Land" an impromptu for you, please c-c?
Telling a cop he cannot carry a gun is like....?
A Silly Double Acrostic: Care to Comment?
Would you care to comment on this poem, about a tree?
Usually I keep my poetry private, aside from a few..I want YOUR opinions on this poem..?
I need help on writing an Acrostic poem with "Le Francais"?
does robert browning's poem meeting at night have anaphora and masculine/feminine rhyme?
Do you like my Kingshill poem?
How is this poem/?
I Need Help please come and read this now i need HELP!?
How do you decide on which Poetry or other question you will answer?
is this a good poem....?
Are sunsets beautiful because they're numbered, or despite that?
In sonnet 35 what do the speakers eyes desire?
What do you think of thoughtless thinkers?
is this poem any good? (free verse) author 14 years old?
my old friend passed away. share your thoughts please?
could you please help me to write a poem or letter for my father on his birthday?
do you like my poem, and what do you think it's about?
First airing of the HealthyNuts with Dr Lovechild Show, will you c/c?
What inspired you?
need help writing a sex recipe in format?
I need help with a poem about Tom Robinson...?
How do you write poems?
What do you think about this poem I just wrote ? I'm not sure of it.?
Help with a peom?! I'm desprate and ready to give up?
What are the formal elements in poetry?
Can you give your opinion on my poem?
You can blame the tone of Buk's posts for this write, okay?
Would you critique my 11 year old granddaughter's first poem for us?
Will you C/C on an epic, written by the Greek poet?
Please critique this love poem...?
How do you become a Slam Poet?
I want to write a good poem...please, how might this be improved a little?
Is my poem good? ( All opinions welcome)?
Poem. Need help? (Titled Why do you do this?)?
My older poem, opinions of it?
Ladies, would this melt your heart?
Poetry websites please (: <33 :3 ?
Does my daughters poem make sense i am not very smart?
Analysis of [Untitled] by Dorothea Grossman?
How's this poem =/?
whose fault is it, anyway? a poem. c/c?
i need a poem..?
Sad Poem? Ya like? Dont be shy give it a litttle shot. Those heartbroken ones will undastand ma pain?
[Deep fried poets]...would you please comment on this 'poetic' jungle?
Chops (poem)?
What exactly is Elements of Sound regarding a poem?
Why is T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" a famous poem?
what do you think about this song by flyleaf? i love it./////?
Will you C/C a translation of an old work {Two colors} - free verse of the Greek poet?
The Ides of May...critique or comment?
Where can a guy get some freestyle poetry feedback?
is my poem good?
a good rhyming word?
My Poem. Critique? I'm new at this.?
Who originally wrote this poem..? Please read?
dr seuss poem?
Need help writing funny clever haiku about any of these weird topics?
Did you have any childhood haunts your parents didn't approve of. Care to comment or critique my verse?
What is happening in the Poem "The Burning Babe" by Robert Southwell?
Ever wondered about Poppyheaven? Your thoughts?
Would you like to offer your opinion?
I'm curious: For you, does writing soothe a psychological pain, or...?
Myopic for a Day, comments?
What do you think of my poem?
A Poem - (short) your thoughts?
Romatic poets and altered states of consciousness through meditation?
Can you take the time to critique this poem?
I'm Tryin to Find a Poem about a Girl liking 2 Guys?
What type of figurative language is this?
Give me three random topics?
That twenty centuries of stony sleep?
What do you think of my poem?
Who wrote this poem ?
Poems/lines/quotes with Alexia in them?
Help me finish my limerick poem!?
What do you think of this poem?
Where is Dallas? Perhaps this is the wrong category?
Poems about Tolerance?
What do you think of my poem?
We interrupt your morning stuff for another Special Blab?
Will you c/c a new script of the Greek poet?
I need feedback on my new poem?
i dont understand this poem!?
Help! on the poem it?
What do you hink about my poem?
essay for college!!! - please please help?
Which poem is better?
Trying to get stuff out, will you read my poem?
Is this poem I wrote good?
What is a humorous poem about 20 lines long?
what are the best poems letters are there?
Your opinion on my poem? My first one.?
Please rate this poem?
Is this good enough? I need help with my sonnet x.x?
Vultures-my poem, please give me some feedback???
How do you react to shouting? A small bit of a rumination in the afternoon,c/c?
what means the following quotes ?
anyone good at interpreting poems?
A cold, cold poem. Would you c/c please?
Tone of 'A Poison Tree'?
i need to write a voice poem?
I need a love poem today?
What do you think of my lyrics? Comments please?
What does this poem mean (Voices by Walt Whitman)?
Can you find the meaning of anne bradstreet's poem The Prolouge?
Another Poemm, a lot better than the first onee?
"I Poem, Therefore I Claim" a :) Spontane for your c-c?
My other poem, please compare with the one I just posted.?
Tick-tock. Is this a good time to start listening?
has anyone heard this poem?
Another Acrostic Rondeau. How can I make it better?
Help with a Neruda poem?
"When He Gazes At The Mountains" a spontane-eous for your critiques and comments pls? :)?
I would like your input on my poem?
Good online poetry contest for teens?
Katy don't cry I know you're trying your hardest. c/c?
Comment on this work, thanks?
Two short poems I wrote. Please let me know what you think of them?
sometimes the words win...and the truth loses?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
would you care to comment on a poem about the end of the year?
Does your mind play tricks on you or does the poet?
I'm A volunteer for a Society that promotes Organ Donation, I have written a poem I would like your views on.
How would you judge this write? I think it's a poem? c/c plz. Thx?
What do you think of my poem?
when did laurence binyon die?
If you Love someone....Where do you run to hide from them?
What kind of figurative language and sound devices are used in sonnet 30 by Edmund Spenser?
How To Turn Poems Into A Song?
need a poem about healthy lifestyle..?
What think you of a 'bump and grind' poem?
Good or Not?
A song that matches this poem?
can you please tell me what you think of this poem?
what do you think about this?
What is a heritage poem and how do you make one?
your thoughts on my please!?
interpret a line?
[the feeling isnt mutual]] comment on this poem plzzz!xo?
What do you think of my love poem?
I need a haiku poem !?
hey,wrote a poem.what you think?
Do you ever think about reincarnation?
in what song does the phrase "nobody not even the rain has such a small hands" used?
more quirk! should I leave this kind of poetry alone? It is after all a rant.?
Will someone comment on my poetry please?
Comming Out of the deepest corners of your mind, what do you think?
help: i peed myself in front of people and don't know how to get over it?
Do you want a fun read? Please comment on my poem - thanks?
I need to recite a poem?
What do you think about this poem?
I need to write a sonnet about the beach, for my english class, can someone help me?
What do you think of What Would I Give To Be With You poem?
How do you feel about this poem?
poem Letters. Just wrote this I thought it kinda cute what'cha think?
how do i get a printable copy of triumphal march, the poem by TS Elliot for my as revision?
How do you write your poems? Poets?
Getting into Songwriting/Poetry. Need some feedback!?
Is this a narrative poem?
How many lines does this (short) poem have?
anything about Wendy Rose or her "Story Keeper"?
Opinions on this poem?
So who is happy that we drove off another? C/C?
a short poem i made for a girl when she was depressed?
Read poem and criticize!!! Please!?
The Raven!!! Edgar Allan Poe?
another one of my poems!!!!?
What do you think of this poem?
What is the overall theme of "The Hollow Men"?
Does Jane rhyme with day?
Would you have gotten better grades if there had been a !Answers homework machine in your room?
Structured poets, ever create a structure that gave you fits?
what words rhyme with the word 'poem'?
PROSE n POETRY??? Help!!!!?
what year was the poem africa by claude mckay was published?
Is this poem complete or should I add to it, comments and critique welcome, thanks?
Translate poem to Spanish? :)?
POEMS, please help!!?
Do you like my children's rhyme?
What's a good blog site for someone in their early - mid twenties? ?
what does this poem mean?
Is this a poem? I am curious... why? Is there a reason? Are you there?
what is the meaning of stopping by woods and how does the author use rhythm and rhyme to contribute to it?
Iambic pentameter poems?
"Good Hearts" a memoty of India - please will you c/c this impromptu for me?
What is the Poem that starts Margaret Are You Weeping?
Please Critique my poem! Thanks..?
what is your ......?
do you like my poems on Tumblr?
How could I end this poem????????????
What do you think of the first poem I ever wrote?
What is your take on this poem?
Do you like this poem I wrote down?
What names have you been called? A rage, c/c?
where are the snowdrops....a poem?
Poetry analysis: Barter by Sara Teasdale?
Is my poetry okay? What you think?