is this a good poem....?
How would you use the word quatrain in a sentence when discussing a poem?
What about "The Shadowed Angel"?
I want to publish my poems at an adventist website?
What is the difference between the poem "A Noiseless Patient Spider" and the poem I Dwell in Possibility?
is modern music a form of poetry?
Title me..........a poem. c/c?
Kathy Acker poems, I can't find any?
Does Old Man Winter have a name?
this poem is one of my old ones before I was reformatted into meter.. What should I call it?
What can follow the first line of this Limerick?
One for King of Biscuits... What do think?
What think you of a 'Purity' poem?
Do you know a poem I could recite in 2-4 minutes?
Is "Death Be Not Proud" a Shakespearean Sonnet?
Please read my poem... I wrote it yesterday?
Will you please read this?
Do you speak when you should be singing?
If you invented a color just to write a poem, what would yours be? See mine?
Imagery in 'Piano' by DH Lawrence?
You are invited and you can choose a title, please c/c, thanks?
What do you think of this poem? The showdown?
what are the literary elements in this poem?
any thoughts on this poem?
Fellow poets, what inspires you the most?
a different style again.. I am testing..will you please comment?
What is your honest opinion of this poem, lol be brutal if you must.?
is this a good sonnet?
What is,Christ in a poem?(The forming of it.)?
Which poem do you like best?
connotation of basketball..?
What do you think of this?
I need a poem about cleaning for a shower gift.?
what are your thoughts on my poem please?
Poets,i need your help...?
What kind of poetry Is this? help me:D?
What do you think of 'Morning's Preparation And Serving' morning pome?
Small poem? Opinions please??
What does this mean to you?
What Is The Title and explanation of the sonnet with only a period..?(I think it was made by Jose Garcia Villa?
Two poems about the last day of school... any thoughts?
how do you like my poetry?
what do you think of my poem?
Poetry Advice for aspiring writer?
Is it time for a serious result? Will you C/C on the new script {Skyward Pray} of the Greek poet?
I need a theme to write a poem on...maybe u can suggest something worth writing for ?
What flower should one use (in a poem) to represent love and affection for a father?
What songs relate to Walt Whitmans poem O Captain, My Captain?
Poem help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you like my poem i wrote? called "the one "?
What are some famous poems about Greed?
Anyone is really good at poem?
What do you think of this very short poem: Catching Time?
What do you think of my poem?
i need to write a 'seasons' poem?
What should my topic be?
This is one of my MANY poems.?
The lines, "And in some perfumes is there more delight / Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks," are?
Can You Give all Elements of Poetry and the Definition?
Stepping Stones ~Feedback?~?
Medals of Clay answer??C/C? for Q. answers all erased.?
Please give your opinions?
What is Thomas Hardy's hardest poem to understand?
A poem that describes Jeremiah from Peace Like a River?
I need help writing a sonnet!!!! Pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee!!!!?
Need help finding a poem?
Don't you hate the people who say...?
Is the World Poetry movement contest a scam?
Did Carl Sandburg write any blank verse poetry?
Re-Write: What do you say about this poem? where would you place it on the scale form 0-9?
a poem....?
Do you like my poem?
Will you be so kind as to comment please?
Can you help me make this poem better?
Looking for Unendoro totem poetry?
Where I'm From poem help?!?
What do you think?
Have you ever met someone you did not meet? Please c/c this poem?
if there was a 80s boy george musical can a girl do 80s boy george?
How can I analyse the last paragraph of the poem "Frost at midnight"?
What is the tone of this poem?
what are some great poetry books that aren't complete works and 'best ofs'?
Opinions on this poem? Paper Cups?
Is anyone good at making up a poem for school renewal? ?
What does this poem mean? Do you like it?
A poem about what many here make a habit of doing? Agree?
Your opinion on a poem please?
what are your feelings on this..?
What type of a poem is Philip Larkin's Aubade?
Please help writing my poem?
Are there any metaphors in Shakespeare's sonnet 78?
Will you C/C on a script by the Greek poet? If you do not like it, state your points of poetic judgement?
How do you write poems?
Would the title of an epic poem be underlined or put in quotation marks?
What do the last lines of this poem mean?
Does this poem sound ok?
what does the poem "Harlem" by Langston Hughes mean?
what does "local preachers who were all Cadillac" mean?
NEED HELP with acrostic poems?
What do you think of my poem?
can you read my poem please?
Do poets need to always write in the traditional manner or can we throw in the occasional spanner?
Can someone write a poem for me?
what does Aristotle say about comic actions and comic characters in the Poetics?
Help with a metaphor.?
Have you ever followed the rules?
My Poem...On EX'S criticism very welcomed?
What do you think of my poem?
i need a poem for my facebook page?
the stars, the sun, the moon the ocean...?
Honestly, is this poem decent?
** I am Messy ** a poem ... (maybe) could you C/C for me?
Please Read My Poem !!! :)?
Again, I have nothing nice to say today..Is that a problem?
I made a poetry, do you like it?
Please read my essay and leave comments as to how it was to you all comments are wanted please?
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening?
Do you ever forget? Do you sometimes have to remember, again?
Should people who are interested in the planet Mars visit a Mars Forum?
My poem, My wifes daily shower, is it humerous?
Do you agree with TS Eliot?
Would you help with my poems? advice?
opinions on my poem about friends?
poem help? 10 points for the best asnwer?
How do I memorize a poem/16 lines faster? Tips or tricks?
I Looked Into Forever - LC's challenge, will you c/c my poem please?
What do you think of my poem?
Please Read/Rate/Comment on my poem/sonnet, Thanks!?
Need help writing a poem about zombies?
Does Torment rhyme with Parchment ?
What do you call this type of grammer in english?
Flight of the Fledgling (a Partenza Represa)...can I improve it?
Metaphorical poem ideas?
if someone sent this poem to you...?
Comment on my little poem?
"What Is This About?" ..a comical act recounted, for your assessment - c-c?
some feedback for something I've written?
A new haiku. Will you please c/c?
"Sculptured By Love" - Sorry had to relist....?
What do you think of this 'sort-of' poem?
I fell into a river yesterday, {I can't swim} But it inspired me to write this opinions and a title if you can
please my love, hurry with your make up, my charriot is restless?
i guess it's about the irony that defines holding on and letting go... and where is the smoking area?
3,000 Years of Black Poetry?
hey, my grandad sadly passed yesterday, i am looking for a poem to put onhis card, can ne1 please help?
What do you think of my poem?
Does anyone know any super long poems?
What is the extended metaphor of o captain, my captain?
Comments on my lullaby/poem lyrics?
"Splendid Silent Sun"?
A poem about regrets to critique?
please read my latesr poem ..is it good? Its called "Severe Diarrhea" (Its a sort of sonnet)?
Grade my poem, A,B,C,D, or F?
Do good fences really make good neighbors?
How's my catalog poem?
Difference and Similarities between this two poems?
Does this poem have a scansion?
Is there ever a waste of time if you enjoy it?
"In the studio of an artist, stood a child in wonderbound. As he gazed ..." Looking for the words to this poem
Robert Frost poem Christmas Trees, Please answer?
Just another thought in poetic form? What say you?
Is this a good poem??????????
I have given birth to a poem!?
I need to do a compare/contrast essay on two poems.?
here's is a couple of poems tell me what you think?
how does thomas nashe poem "a litany in tme of plague" illustrate that a peom meaning are interconnected?
Hey please read!!!!!!!!!!!?
Congratulations! A butt-load of you guys are now published poets. How about them apples?
Pick what you think to be the funniest couplet from Nash’s “The Common Cold"?
May I offer you another poem to lift you high?
Okay Todd, innocence take 3 check it out?
A Complaint, by William Wordsworth Analysis?
Help! I can't interpret this poem!?
do you like my poem?
Is this a good poem? I wotre it Myself?
poem about a birth..... 10 easy points?
I remember yesterday at the beach?
What are your comments on...viruses included in a commenter's link?
What is the meaning of this poem?
Would this poem be better presented without caps and punctuation?
Will you C/C on a poem {Bull Horn Grip} about prowess, of the Greek poet?
What is your motive for writing poems ?
Poetry writers? 10 points for best answer.?
Does this poem speak clearly enough?
What are the visual elements in Sonnet 146 by Shakespeare?
Emily Dickinson Poetry!! What do you think this poem means!?
Pippa Passes by Browning questions help...?
okay so i wrote a poem in like 5 minutes and i wanna know is its any good?
How does this sound?
How does a villanelle look?
Do you like my mo'newer even shorter poem?
Heres annother poem?
As the one that cries, as that one who suffers its sorrow,As that one that shouts and no one comes?
I need to submit my poetry to a serious publisher, website, or anyone who will read it.?
please rate this short poem(1-5) and tell me what it makes you think of.?
What is the main idea in T.S. Elliot's Wasteland?
Constructive criticism on this poem please?
what do you think of this poem?
how is ode on a grecian urn poem compared to the great gatsby?
What do you think of my poem?
"The Expiration" by John Donne?
A poem or question...please read?
I wanna be a poet or something like that when i get older fora career? do i hve a chnce?
please read if you like?
What do you think of my poem? ?
Anyone for French letters...?
Do you guys know any poems that relates to this ?
Favourite William Blake poem?
Does mythology makes a poem good?
What should I write my next poem about?
When are they coming out with a bionic heart already?
How do you like my short poem?
Will you comment on this shorty please?
Can you comment on this here poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Please... what do you think of my Poem??
Will you go for a little trip with me?
Final edit of Flower poem - comment please?
My Thesis Statement: "Managing Time Responsibly". PLEASE EDIT?
Creative writing class poem?
What do you think of this?
Please help me with this easy question?
Care to comment on this poem?
Im Looking for a funny poem in the point of view of a black women about idependence of not needing a man?
do you at times find that no-one under-stands what you write...comment ?
What do you think of my poem?
Explain the differences between these two poems.?
why does the world look down on children poems?
Opinions on my two poems please?
Do you ever thank God? A bit of a rumination? c/c?
Two poems, or one. What do you think?
CAN you pleasee......please!!!!! comment on this ? i wrote it?
Not really sure about this poem...?
Didn't Shakespeare have it more easier?
Another day, another poem. Will you take a look?
Have you ever been in a poetry club?
What do you think of this poem....?
What say to the pome, "Snidely's REAL Happy This Morning!!!!?
Can a poem exhort you to a spirit of joyfulness?
do you guys like this?
rate this poem please?
Can you give me summary about the God's grandeur written by Gerard Manley Hopkins a british poet of the 19th ?
Can the word "vim" be used to describe love in a poetical way?
A Petrarchan sonnet . . . c/c?
One from the schoolyard......?
"The Dragon" Is this a good poem?
I'D GO WHERE YOU ARE FOREVER (need some suggestions to improve my diction)?
I need to write a poem?
Can you help me title this please?
What is the best poem you have ever read?
A short story or a poem that gives the message?
Does anyone actually like poetry?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you comment on this rough draft please?
Do you suffer from infestation?
can someone plz help me with this poem?
A "good morning" poem for my Knight in Shining Armor. Do you think this is romantic enough?
Have you ever seen the "Pearl of Great Price"?
Poetry help!?
Do you think this needs additional elements, or is the story complete enough to let readers assume the rest?
What do you think of my poem?
How do I write a song that will get stuck in your head?(step by step)?
literary analysis for poem?
What does it mean when someone says ''rhymes shouldnt be forced and should come naturally?
What is the main theme or argument of "She dwelt among the untrodden ways"?
Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks, has anyone read that poem by Pablo Neruda?
Signed, sealed, delivered?? A poem to critique?
Chicken Dinner Limerick..Thoughts?
will you critique my poem?
what do you think of my narrative poem? can u call this narrative btw?
Please comment on my poem on Friends?
a simple graduation poem please?
Help with my emotion poem?
I need to write a prose poem but need a topic?
Will you read my new villanelle and say stuff about it?
What is a good poem for my graduation ceremony?
What rhyme type is Dulce et Decorum est?
I need help with a poem!!!?
Diction in this poem?
lets try a different bait...along came a fly?
What are some uses of Poetic devices in this passage?
Is this a poem? 20 charactersxxxxxxxxx?
I need feedback on my poem!?
Can anyone interpret this poem?
Need help understanding some of this poem?
Do you ever tell your Ma what she means to you?
Will you please critique my first Ghazal?
Give It My Best (Jodie) wrote this 3 years ago and I thought it fits the need here today, What do you say?
What do you think about this poem I wrote, preferably girls responding?
Help explain, "When conquering love did first my heart assail, unto mine aid I summoned every sense."?
How do you like my poem?
Maya Angelou: "On the Pulse of Morning" ... help???
ok i got a message from poetry.com?
A Paradelle, perhaps?
how does this poem make you feel?
What do you think of my poem???
"Straw Sipping" If your in the mood to read words of ditsy dizzy nonsense, this is it, Which way is up?
In Macbeth, how does Shakespeare depict MacDuff as bearing the grief?
what do you think of this?
What ambience is in between relaxed and fun ?
Extended Metaphor, is this a good idea?
Write a poem about World History? EASY.?
Cinquain Poem Help with last line please?
Help with writing an ode to televison?
Shakespeare, Poem; Sonnet 2 help?
what do y'all think of my poem?
Can someone help me with this -- or give constructive criticism?
Please rate my Rap verse(1-10) Thank you very much?
Your Passionate Stranger?
Fruity mornings anyone? comments or critique please.?
this isn't a poem, but it made me chucklebug?
Do you find posting poetry on here an "Acquired Taste"?
A quick message to my ex....?
How is your dental work? Let me know, c/c?
Anyone willing to give harsh criticism about a freshly completed poem?
When are there poet readings or events in Erie, Pa?
What do you think of my poem, hope it's a Triolet Poem. And some comments on my next poem.Thanks!?
Poem on the "dumbest thing..."?
What have I done to deserve this?
Need a Canadian Poem/Song?
Ok Good morning,and critiques on and old thought, revisited/revised/reviewed?
Do you like lady gaga?
Please give your opinions?
is this poem good? I'm not sure?
Opening poem for Into the Wild?
How do you like my poem...?
Can I have an acrostic poem for sediment?
...but will it get me to Mars?
ee cummings?
please read my poem if you like?
What do you think of this POEM?
What do you think of my poem? Constructive Criticim only please!?
Poem in progress: Never even there (1). Suggestions, help, editing much appreciated..?
What would you find in a lost and found?
What do you think of my poem?
Does anyone know the poem that starts, 'Oh for the life without a wife'?
what do you think of this poem that i just wrote?
I need ONE word for my poem?
Are these poems metaphysical or composed by cavalier poets or is it both?
Is there an actual Bukowski poem containing the phrase "Love Is a Dog From Hell"?
are there any good ecchi anime?
Eiko, Eiko, Lla yad? Is that a clue or a Grateful Dead song?
What do you think of this poem?
Am I in love or just infatuated?
Poetry Help? Poem on an animal with a metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, hyperbole, assonance?
Is your birthday in the month of December?
Can you help me put this poem in prose? as a paraphrase?
im looking for a poem about someone whos quiet but loud?
Could it be Deja Vu...?
another poem...please read.....thank you......?
Will you comment on my poem?
poem about temperate forest?
I'm looking for a poem from mother to daughter?
What does the siguiriya poem mean?
What do you think of this poem?
Poetry Writing need Diction Help!?
What do you think of my poem?
I have to write a poem...?
Whats the deeper meaning of this poem?
Where can I find the analysis on The Lesson By Roger Mcgough?
Have you checked the pulse of your city lately?
How about this, poetry people?
OK this poem is about a VERY special contact; will you comment?
words associated with 'sea' to use in a poem?
What does this verse of a poem mean?
can someone help me with this rhyming poem for valentines day?
What do you think of this?
Feedback on my poem please?
May I tempt you with a silly poem?
Tell me what you think of this poem plz?
What does this poem say to you and do you agree?
Wondering if I should give this poem to a friend I really like... Give your opinion and any advice. Thanks?
New poem made by wallah all lies?
A Chronic Echo, comments, criticism?
Where did the Victor Hugo poem "Be Like the Bird" originate?
Check my poem- tell me the truth : )?
Comments on my poem? Thanks!?
Is it silly for an adult to write kiddie stories?
Can you tell me that my poem makes sense in a good way?
Is this poem good or no? comment please?
What is The Message Of "The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar allan poe?
what is the meaning of the following poem by emily dickinson?
My Computer, Melancholia. C/C Please?
A poem about a couple under an umbrella...?
Any feedback or ideas to improve my SHORT poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Poor Rich Men.... Would you please cc? Thank you.?
If you're a mammal and you know it write a poem!?
A question about a poem.?
read my poem about absinthe?
What is the type of poem that has lines that are like dialogues in a play?
where can i get sad poems about death?
Opinions on a poem I have to turn in for school?
will you read and comment or critique this poem?
Max Faulkner?
What do you think about my "love" poem? (Just lie and say you like it, por favor)?
Her voice will echo in my head until the day I die. A somewhat poem, c/c?
A short and sweet love poem?
Is this poem any good?
Please can you tell me how this poem makes you feel after you have read it, thanks?
cinquian poems in french and english?
Is this poem any good?
Dorsimbra revised: Is this better?
What is this Graduation Poem?
to what extend do we find Whitman enumerations in the poem in A supermarket of California?
Travelling is my title for this brief sum of thoughts, C/C?
do you think this poem is good?
Another poem. What do you think?
Is this a nice poem? I made it.?
What do you think of this poem?
"Sonnet 50" How would you reconcile with a love? Care to C/C?
'Continuum' Allen Curnow essay help!?
Have I lost the rights to my poem?
what do you think of my poem?
Another arbitrary, non-rhyming hunk of word spew?
A poem or quote for a uncle who passed away?
What do you think of this poem I wrote? Professional writers and non professional opinions are welcome! Thanks?
what do you think of this silly poem?
I wrote this poem after the death of my grandfather. Comments?
what do oceans represent in poetry?
What do you collect from this poem?
i need help for poetry!?
where i can find some grat magazines and get paid for my poems;?
My dog ate my Homework?
how's my poem from 1 to 5? be honest and rate even if you hate lol?
Last poem for the night. How do you like it.?
Who wrote this poem, titled "Ida B. Wells"?
please can you tell the smilie and metaphor of the poem above and tell what it means?
Do you like my poem?
What does this British phrase in this poem mean?
Can you write a poem about a girl named Gabby?
Please recommend good poems for me.
How to make a katy perry sonnet ?
What do you think of this short poem? Does it needs improvement?
Thoughts on this quote?
What is your favorite poem?
Need help..Is this poem ok?
this is my friend sarah's poem 4 me! do u like it?
What do you think of my poem?
What does this poem or essay mean? please need help?
Will you answer to this? Are you a poet?
Will you comment on this poem please?
How is this poem?
favorite love poem??????
whats is confessional poetry?HELPPPPP?
Will you C/C on a Tango re-posted poem, by request?
Will you c/c a revised script of the Greek poet?
What was Khalil Gibran's most autobiographical poem?
short poem about suffering and pain? what do you think? Is it good?
by the muddy marsh?
"She Is Sitting" a spontane for your `ain`t I glad it ain`t me"` c/c please :) x?
Just wrote this, not sure what it means, but I like it. Any commentary?
Veterans Acrostic Poem?
How has the poet depicted violence in " On killing a tree"?
Shakespearean Sonnet 130 help?
Do you look for perfection or reality?
would people check poetry .com?
What are some poetic techniques and literary devices Ms. Angelou uses in this poem- touched by an angel?
I totally blanked on this kind of poem?
What do you think of my new poem :)?
What is the Difference Between Early and Late Victorian Literature?
Is this a good poem? 10 FREE points to the best/first answer I see!!! (:?
"Would you read my Real Poem Spontane?
Any advice on this poem I wrote for someone?
this poem is absolutely amazing!!!?
My last goodbye-poem?
Mind helping me write a poem using these ideas? Not for school.?
please read my poem if you like?
Can this poem take you on a ride?
What do you think about my sestina?
Mood of the poem Lament by Edna St Vincent Millay with specific reference?
Could you please critique this visual poem?
Help Me With My Poem?
poems read and tell me what you think?
Can anyone help me how to write a poem?
Is this called Prose? And can you identify?
Hunger Games Inspired Poem?
Do you like this "poem"?
And do you love to view faded photographs? C/C?
PLease! I need quick answers. who likes this poem. how can i fix it?
is this a blank verse?
Can u help me write a freee verse poem?
what does this poem my boyfriend wrote mean?
what should i write a poem about?
What is a humorous poem about 20 lines long?
what is a acrostic poem for global warming?
Help me interpret this poem or give me a summary...?
Another Poemm, a lot better than the first onee?
Poets: Do you prefer to write poetry on the past, present, or future?
Do you like this???????????
Love is Blind.. a poem... please edicate..?
please could someone help me think of a new topic for a poem! x?
Need a PEE paragraph about this poem helpp !!!?
How is this piece of "poetry" so far?
Short poem about fireworks? Feedback?
Should I continue my poem or leave it as is (please critique)?
How does this sound?
what type of poetry is "The Valentine" by Edgar Allan Poe?
poem?...... any good?
"Fait Accompli" will you c/c?
what is happening in this poem?
What do you think of this 'Snidely Has Taught Chicks To Eat And Drink' morning pome?
How is my poem for English?
Why is it always about you?
Do you value each day of your life, c/c welcome, thanks?
what is a meter? how do i apply it or use it in my rap verse?
Could you review this poem?
Can anyone tell me the poem "Grasshoppers" by Paul Fleischman?
I need help with an original simile, please help me with some ideas?
Funny poems about "Race"?
Please tell me what do you think? Made by wallah all lies?
So...who owns these things we create in Y!A? We should write a book of poems composed here...?
In John Donne's poem Holy Sonnet XIV, What does the last Two lines mean?
How can I improve in poetry analysis?
Please read and comment.?
Articale on Tell Tale Heart?
Is it just me?
what do you think of my poem?
What do you think about when raking leaves?
Creative writing class poem?
RATE MY POEM PLEASE?? Gotta make sure its good enough for...?
What should I base my poetry on?
Opinion On A Poem of mine? Please?
Friendship loss poem?
can any1 tell me what u think of my poem???
What poem should I recite for my oratorical contest?
Can you give me a narrative poem that resemble a seventh grader's work?
i dont know what to do for this. please help?
help with understanding parts of a poem..?
Does anyone know wehre to find this kind of poem?
I got me a violation! Yep! That's it! I quit! I'm not loved!?
I need a title for this poem?
paint my dreams (poem i just now wrote, comment your thoughts please)?
Poems of a dark nature ..........me laughs?
English poem help please?
The poem "O Tell me the Truth About Love"?
I need to wright a French poem about winter so if anyone can help that would be great!! Ideas would be great. ?
Hey please read!!!!!!!!!!!?
Answer to the challenge from Major General Englsih?
I need poetry focusing on eyes and windows to the soul?
would you care to comment on a pome, about a wish?
Did you ever have your own special room, just for yourself? c/c?
Will you comment on a serious acrostic poem?
I NEED POEMS! about dreaming/sleeping/relaxing/resting?
what do you think of my poem?
Emo much...?
Well my Poemy Homies! I have one for you!?
Time's Fool by Ruth Pitter?
"Splendid Silent Sun"?
Thank you sir, for saving my life.?
Do you know a couple like this? And would you share your reaction to this prose?
Is this a good poem it was sent to me by a dear friend of mine?
What is the format of a sonnet poem?
I 'just' finished this poem, would you please read it?
Comments on my short poem....?
how are the poems "we real cool" and "the weary blues" similar in style and theme?
im doing a poem and dont know what it mean by a family tendency?
Will you comment on Windows please?
analysis of the poem in school-days by john greenleaf whittier?
My poem, any thoughts or opinions?
Another poem; is this one better?... Or, do you like it?
The perfect still ( How would you rate this and how could I improve it? Thanks)?
Do you know a similie poem i can use fro my work?
Why do people call Jim Morrison a "Deep Poet"?
Rate my poem please!?
Here's my first poem. Thoughts?
i need an inspiring poem?
what sounds would Dracula make.. any answers welcome.. if you can, can you put it in a line for a poem?
Help on Identity poem?
2 themes of transcendentalism pleaseeeee?
What do you think of Rockin Around The Christmas Tree morning pome?
Why? a poem I wrote if you could rate 1-10 and your reaction on things in the world I mentioned?
poem #7 hope u like =) this one i made just now?
diamante poem. please help one word!?
do you think this poem is good?
Write me a short poem? DO IT!?
Please read my poem: Germany 1941?
Poem for unborn child?
Please give me your honest opinion on this.....?
Is my poem any good? Read please?
What do you guys think? Please let me know:)?
poetry help pleaseeee :) i will love you forever! xoxox?
okay people....define love....?
poem about a birth..... 10 easy points?
Please compose poetry of the beauty in these gardens [video]?
Are contemporary poets making the world larger?
So...is this poem good?? im 13...?
Poetry Project?
I snuck down the hall with my poem. It's about my new friend. Do you like it?
How do u like my poem? any comments appreciated. ?
What do you think of my poem of silence?
could someone help me start a personification poem?
Know any good poems about singing?
Please comment on my chilled poem! thanks guys! ?
A Morning View, comments?
Do you like what I've pasted?
Monorhyme unlimited . . .c/c? (Nothing exceeds like excess!)?
how do you answer these question's from half hanged mary poem?
Is 'nothing' a tough subject to write about?
How do you feel about the letter "t" in the word "poetry" ?
lol omg you have to give me your opinion on this poem,..?
please any Poem about lovers who becomes friends ?
What do you think of this?
What do you think?
Have you ever had a bad day? Schizo Day, c/c?
Comments please, it's not my best, but....?
Themetic analysis of Women's work by julia alvarez?
And are you really in the Holiday Spirit or faking it?
what happened to dante to make wright poetry?
can anyone click this link and tell me what kind of poem is it like couplet or elegy or something like that?
Hows the beginning of my poem/story.?
For God's Sake! Can someone please give me a website for poetry, besides poetry.com?
i need help relating this poem to a song,its for school,help?
You are what you eat, right? Comments?
Care to comment on a "fractured" Christmas Carol ?
Who is the Renaissance Italian poet whose sonnets were so popular i Shakespheres day?
Halloween approches, have you even seen a ghost?
What do you think when you hear these names pleaz helppppppppp?
What do you think of my poem?
ok, have you ever been skinny dipping and been violated?
What is a good song to analyze poetically?
Would you please tell me your thoughts?
I wrote a song...how is it?
Is Walt Whitman a Transcendentalist poet or realism?
How can you make a concrete poem like this?
Is anyone good at making up a poem for school renewal? ?
which is the best poem i wrote?
Please write me a small poem-it need not rhyme. Speak out if this moment where you dwell in time. Inspire/hate
Please help! if your any good at poetry?
What do you think of this poem?
Petrarchan sonnet c/c?
Is my poem any good..?
Do you like my poem? Critique!?
How do I find some kind of article or prose to write a found poem?
Will you c/c another joke/poem?
Good quotes/poems? READ BELOW!?
Need loads of info on the South African poet Peter E Clarke.?
Will you comment on disjointed thought please?
Is this part of a poem?
What do you see in a sun rise?
One more for the rating?
Can you find the poem entitle Africa's Flea by Roland Dempster?
help me with my poem?
i need help in finding the overall tone of this poem?
Is it okay to write a sonnet like a conversation?
a new poem to all the ppl who have lost a loved one tell me what do you think?
Last one for now, another poem...read? lol?
can you please give me the lyrics of bachchans poem on new beginnings?the one printed on the ash-abhi card?
What poetic devices are used in the poem My House by Nikki Giovanni?
Help! Need to write poem!! ?
Can you please evaluate this first attempt of mine in writing an acrostic poem?
Stone Masons, We....comments?
just playing around. do you find this offensive, boring, waste of time, just bad poetry or worse?
Tips on 6 months aniversary poem?
What are the most popular magazines that publish poetry? They do not necessarily have to be exclusively poetic?
Poem advice please? Thanks you x?
Any words that rhyme with Dani or Danielle?
what do you think of this poem?
~They say...~ a love poem. Hope you enjoy it..... :) ...?
Is this thing poem-like in shape and size?
poem quesion?????????
What do you think of this poem?
What is the theme in the poem "To Autumn" by John Keats?
"Cheerful And True!" a short spontane, if you`d be kind enough to read. c/c please?
Classic birthday poetry...?
Need a bit of help with this poem?
Can you give me an example of a Shakespeare style sonnet?
Have you ever Tried writing a romantic poem,?
help i need to write an essay on two poems Dulce et decorum est and suicide in the trenches. i need advice?
Where do you go when you get to where you are going to get?
what do arrangments in poems tell us?
help with funeral speech?
Opinions on this please......???
How can you write such perfect poetry? May I admire ya-d?
Poets, would you read and c/c this?
HELP! me to write a poem please?
Please check out my poem and I'm begging you to comment?
i really need help paraphrasing?
When you write a poem,do you feel free to share it with others...or do you keep written words to yourself?
What think you of a Morning Pome workshop/lecture by Prof. Goofy?
i need a fathers day poem?
Are you a Poet but don't yet know it?
How is this quick poem?
...who is worthy of picking up a stone?
Please read my poem?!?
You Know That feeling inside?
s! What do you think of this poem I just rewrote?
Are the Olympics ever really over?
Make a poem about a Zucini. Best poem gets 10 points?
"Fall Recalled" You still recall your first heartache? Written in circa thereabouts, care to C/C?
What do you think of my poem? It's short!?
A letter to someone who hates me?
What say you to being "Lost at Sea"?
can anybody tell me how is my first poem?
what rhyme pattern does the cat in the hat by Dr Seuss have?
Manushka, I just want you to read this... and tell me what chu think.?
Someone Please Help me Find a Beloved Children's Poem?
What do you think of the poem i just scrapped up in school?
Will you comment on my late rambling please?
what rhymes with eye?
Can anybody give me an exampe of theme ?
What think you of this Gulf-water poem?
Comments on a dog who thinks he's a poet?
Need Help Understand A Poem?
Is abcdc a common rhyme scheme?
I spent 4 days in Vegas and saw alot of things that bothered me. check this out.?
I need help on my concrete poem.?
a never seen poem from dlp - found from the archive?
Please read, and tell me what you think?
Will you C/C on a revised poem by the Greek poet?
What do you think of my poem?
Can somebody tell me what they think of this poem I wrote and then tell me what they think it's about?
Ideas for my writing!!!?????
Please, Will You Tell Me What You Think Of My Poem?
Did John Keating read the poem "O Captain my captain" in Dead Poets Society?
short poem needs help another word for madness another line for all the time any suggestions?
Poem I wrote what do you think?
What do you think about this poem/rap?
Any thoughts on the current edited version of my poem?
random poem pleeease tell me what you think? ?
"If I blocked you" for your c-c?
Please Critique My Poem?
The Red Dress, comments?
What do you think of this poem??
What do you think of this? I tryed hard on this poem.?
Do you like this poem?
what do you think of this poem?
what do you think of this one? it's long, i know, but i'd appreciate your comment(s)?
Aghhh. Please help me with my poem:(((((?
If i gave this to the girl i like, would it be creepy or cute and romantic P.S. i am 14?
Can I get some thoughts on my poem....................??
help peom for my mum?
"breathe" a poem please read and respond is a shorter poem?
Can someone write a poem on meiosis? It has to be completely made up.?
Please Critique My Poem?
Do you know the name of this very old poem? I am 50 yrs old and read it as a child.?
I need help with my poetry project! PLEASE HELP.?
Please consider c/c of this short poem?
Is this love?
How would you start off writing a literary analysis of the poem "Humpty Dumpty" ?
Is love a risk worth taking?
Can you write a poetic obituary?
'Providence' tile courtesy of Rayven, will you c.C? oO?
please give a poetic analysis on Anne Sexton's Baby Pictures?
Here some poetry tell me what you think?
how do you understand shakespeare's writing?
literary analysis for poem?
Can someone tell me who is the author of the poem titled "A woman's first orgasm" please??
Can you whare your thoughts on this poem?
Why are there so many stars in the sky?
Help with a Sonnet Poem?
Come on in, the pills are poppin'......?
I need help finding rhythm/meter pattern and stanza structure in Dream Deferred?
Check out these lyrics? A remix to Nothin but a G Thang?
I have to recite a poem for Poetry Out Loud, but i stutter, are there any tricks to not stuttering on stage?
Poem, mostly abandoned...now resurrected ghoul, please kindly c/c this work from noob-poet?
What do you think (Specific C & C please) of this new Golden poem?
where to find rhyming couplet poems?
Is my poem number one or number two?
Is my poem understandable? What needs changing?
What is the literary term for a poem which represents a conversation between 2 lovers?
Comments or Suggestions on this Poem?
Is "blood will flow in the streets" a figure of speech? if it what kind?
Poem feedback?
Which poems have the following qualities?
I need a title for my poem, do you like it?
What do you think of this poem? Please give your opinion.?
In the poem "Tyger" by William Blake what is the "Burning Bright" pertaining too?
Do ya ever have one of them not so best days?
English - William Blake english coursework?
I have seen that I may need to post a happy poem? But I can't promise anything.?
diction in this poem??? really easy!?!?!?
Just a poem. What do you think?
hi guys i wrote a poem..juss wanna know if it was good...expectin ur reply?
How many poets does it take to change a light bulb?
What should i write about?
what does this poem mean?
"My Fedoration" ...I feel a spontane coming on...please c-c?
What is the meaning of this poem?
Is this poem good? or should i change it?
Irony Poems?
How does this poem make you feel?
Hide Yourself Away -Poem?
What is the publication date of the poem The Whipping by Robert Hayden?
what is the poem Ride by Benjamin Zephaniah about?
Poem for my class is mine good?
What are some good sites for poetry?
Lend me your ear, what do you think of my poem?
Theme/ Mood of this poem?
Poem,comments ?
How do you guys feel about this poem? please be honest..if you have to brutally honest..sorry 4 da grammar lol?
feelling unnoticed(what do u think of this poem)?
Would you comment on a poem inspired?
how to start a 9/11 poem?
Do you like my original composition?
What is the cost of being truthful? (Rewrite, please c/c)?
Do you play the poetry lottery?
I am thinking of entering some poetry contests for scholarships. Help?
Is this a metaphor,simile or a for of personifcation?
what is your favourite poem?
The Ravens Eye?
What do you think about my poem?
how 2 write a poem on hear my cry?
Can anyone who has ever read my poetry define my style?
examples of carpe diem in the movie dead poet's society or not carpe diem?
hows my poem for poetry class?
My first poem! Should I quit while I am ahead? Is it worth continuing? Any comments or suggestions?
Is this a metaphor,simile or a for of personifcation?
I need some help writing a poem for this girl that i want to ask out?
After stopping at a store today, I was compelled to write this, comments?
Poem continuation of winter in a forest?
a poem about a horse that passed away?! good or bad?!?
a poeme ; my love?
who does the lamb and the tyger symbolize in blake's poem?
Can you give me a prompt?
Do 'benight' and 'belie' work here?
The Best poem?
Another short poem, please help!?
can you think of a poem that consists of at lest 3 figurative language?
Could someone take a look at this poem please?
How does this poem sound?
Beyond Recognition, would you comment on and/or critique this poem?
Can someone analise this poem for me, please.?
how to use vulgar in a poem?
is this poem i wrote any good?
innocents within , what do you think ?
What's your favorite poem?
Do you like my more newer poem?
Can you please explain these quotes in this play by Shakespeare?
write a funny poem based on boiling an egg(include the soldiers )?
How would you feel about a poem with a cow in it?
Like my peom??? I'm new at poetry....?
Poetry- I have always wanted to be a poet, but have always found myself lacking...?
Does poetry have to rhyme to be good?
what do you think of this poem?
Any comments on this poem? Don't be afraid to be harsh.?
Can anyone think of a good name for an imaginary land?
can anyone tell me what they think i just want to know if it is good or not?
can someone please Help with a poem?
i wrote a sad poem, basically about my friend, is it good?
Poems that are examples of the use of....?
that they all may be one?
Anyone got a Poem for a heroe?
The wind-rock. Comments/critiques?
social network site for poems and short stories?
Acrostic poem for jamestown?
i have to do a sophomore paper on a historical figure?
A poem of Creation anew, Grammar In Thought by Computers :D?
do you like my poem?
Verse, Stanza, Rhyming Pattern and Couplets?
is this a good poem...?
Would somebody comment on my 'Voice' poem please?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
Is this a silly little love song poem? Comments?
This is what we wrote.....interactive as it were?
What are your favorite poems?
Do you like this???????????
Again, feedback, is this a good poem?
What do you think of this poem?
When is a retreat an advance?
A poem to a creep, what do you think?
A poem I wrote....feedback please?
How can I remove my contributions from FIREBRAND?
Poem advice please? Thanks you x?
Which do you like better? Poems that rhyme or poems that do not rhyme?
Poetry: Can I have some feedback on this lyrical piece that I wrote please?
Am I obsessed with Blood Cemetery?
historical essay over Victorian literature?
Do you and your lover have a song dubbed 'yours'?
what makes anne sexton poems postmodern?
both "to a mouse" and "poison tree" have a similar outcome at the end of the poem?
Is this poem good, it has to be about myself?
how do you picture the speaker's mistress in sonnet 130?
poem relating to the bean tress?
This is titles 'The Poems' which is significant to the body of this post. Please read and comment?
Can you help me with this POEM?
I need to write a poem...?
Help on my poem please?
does anyone know any cute, sweet poems for teachers from kindergartners?
will you c/c this edited old poem?
Please c-c..... "Apart & Together".can you relate to this AND c-c..a spontane?
Need an opening sentence for a poem about broken love and desire? Ten points to best line.?
Can you tell me what you think of my poem? Please?
What is your comment about this brief poem?
It is human nature after all, right?
What do you think of this poem?
Can someone explain this line from "The White Man's Burden" by Kipling?
Another cheery sentiment for this fine Sunday. Do you dig it?
i need a poem that is six to eight line someone please help or at least give me a website?
"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper..."?
Can Someone Please help me analye this poem? Claude McKay's poem?
How do you like my poem??? Critique and comment please!!!!!?
What do you think of this poem?
Paraphrase the sonnet?
please read poem i made last night?
I'm counting on you guys to help me with this...?
I wrote a strange poem the other night...it "came to me" as much of my other poems do!..?
The flower that rises from the muck. Comments/Critiques?
Any tips for writing poetry without a cookie-cutter rhyme scheme?
what is the elegy of the poem "The Seafarer"?
What is your definition of a poet?
Would you consider poetry an art form, or an experimenting science?
City Scape. >>critique me?
Something unexplainable, a poem for c/c if you will?
Help with Robert Frost poem please?
Have you ever been in love with a girl?
Where can i enter my poetry for a professinol person to say what they think of it ?
Artistic quotes about one, only, or last chances?
comment on poem?
Is this a good poem and worth it?
You cannot view this question at this time?
does any one know a limerick discribing a girl (without using names)?
Bridget is a special young Lady. Would you take a moment and review her Life?
Did ancient forest dwellers wear sandals, boots or tennis shoes?
Sonnet Help (z for best answer)?
can someone help me with an 8 line poem with hyperbole?
Praise me. Do it now!!!........?
Would you consider this a poetic?
Do you remember the 1st poem you ever wrote?
Analysis of At the End by Ed Meek?
Looking for a good poem?
A poem would like comments please thanks?
Isaac Rosenerg: On Receiving News of the War..?
Critique this poem. Please? ?
I need to know the figuratiuve language of "the runaway" by robert frost?
Help me find a poem please?
yet another poem(sorry lol)?
what do you think of my new poem?
Do you think "The Box" is a good title for this poem, comments?
I'd like opinions on this poem I wrote.?
I've written the introduction of my poetry essay, can you help me improve it?
Opinion on my new poem?
How can I improve this poem?
How often are you inspired by a song?
marks out of 10?
"Dream Room" what do you think of it?
Do you like my poem???
Soooo, how many people write poetry here?
Is this an okay poem?
Can someone help me write a Rubi please??? the rhyme scheme has to be abaa with 10 syllables per line! HELP?
why are there so many hateful people in the poetry section?
How is this poem? I'm a Lit. Major and need some advice.?
Should we be careful what we wish for?
Do you ever think that somewhere in the past you still exist?
Poem or quote by a baseball player?
What are some good love poems?
Rate my poem 1 - 10 please :]]]?
Can some one help me make a comparison/contrasting poem with 16 stanzas?
Feedback on this poem I wrote? How is it?
what type of poem is best for writing a love poem?
What is a good title for my poem?
Have you ever been tangled up in blue?
what is the lesson of sonnet 18?
free verse is what I do...dig it?
can some one please help me with a poem? Its very hard!!?
help with a poem..............?
Is this poem any good?
Do you speak foreign and ancient languages? No? No problem! Please C/C if you may?
Ok, I asked about poem help, and you guys said to put it here, so..?
What is the Difference Between Early and Late Victorian Literature?
A straight love poem from The Dark Prince. How did I do.?
special poem for a special time?
Do you go running to the rescue of old disabled ladies when they cry out to you? and will you read my poem?
Inspired again, will you comment please?
Can you write a poem about a girl named Gabby?
Why do you think people hide their profile, poetically speaking of course?
Should song lyrics be considered poetry? Why?
Lets all make a poem!?
What do you think of my poem?
is this poem good and romantic?please answer as soon as u can?
Can anyone help me with Poem Ideas?
Do you think this is too cruel? C/C appreciated.?
What does c/c mean when referring to poetry?
Saturday night write. Would you c/c, please? Thank you.?
Like is this Emo poetically, I'm new and want to make sure I'm doing it right?
Did I write this one for you?
Can you read my poem about my childhood?
Is this a poem " Victory without honor "?
can anyone please find a personifications, similes, or metaphors in Sonnet 25?
what do you think of this poem?
Last for the nite. A final edit, check it out all.?
Do you like my poem?
what is the meaning of "Reconciliation" by Walt Whitman?
This poem, i wrote for english class?
Dark Petry...How is it?
The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock POEM?
Will you C/C on the new script (Andromache} of the Greek poet?
Cloud similes or metaphors?
Halloween Poem?