How is this one? What would you like to say about my poem?
What does this poem mean (Lucy Poem)?
Is this worth your time?
Why do my gf receive penile size enlargement emails...?
What do you think of this poem?
Will you recieve the message I leave behind?
What are your feelings on MY poem? I'm never alone?
Examples of poetry...?
Can you give me the 'hope' poem from Out of the Dust by Karen Hess?
And do you always have coffee in the morning?
Poets, friends and foes...?
For a friend who wanted one of these things, will everyone do this to prove it is not so hard?
How's this poem I wrote?
10 line performance poetry?
The Parking Place............a poem...c\c?
what is a assonace for a poem about stars?
Will you critique my poetry (link included)?
Do you find it hard to read other people's poetry?
What does Walt Whitman's poem "Song of Myself" mean in general?
Very much a freestyle writing, for school hahah what do you think?
What do you think of this poem?
May I have a constructive comment on this poem, please?
A poem called, " Photographs from time" what do you think?
i need some poetry tips?
Can I have some poetry help please?
Do you like it?
Looking for good poetry suggestions...?
What do yuo think of these lines of a poem?
Do you think this is old?
What to say in a poem asking a girl to homecoming?
will you please judge my poem?
What is the attitude of this poem?
whats your opinion of this poem I wrote about my boss?
why are some s's written as f's and some not in shakespeare sonnets also who is the tenth muse?
Poem of admiration?
Do you like this??
Modern Irish poems about war? HELP!?
Do you like my new poem?
Does this poem make sense? Is it even poetry?
What are your thoughts on this poem I wrote?
Poetry question on rhyme schemes!?
Please give your opinions and comments on this poem.?
10 line star wars poem?
What say to "Snidely Ain't Gettin Out The Coop" Pome?
Further ramblings Grannyjill. Do you like this?
Sojourner Truth Poem/Speech?
Poetic tapestry in Scotland Yard.?
A new kind of poetry based off Word DNA. Do you like it?
Will you read a quick poem while I go out and cut the grass?
Do you like this old poem of mine?
How about this poem "Rain" I just wrote ?
Favorite Poem! What do you think of it?
Have you ever felt like clapping?
What do you think of my Haiku?
Can Someone Please Help Me Write A Sonnet Poem about funny famous couples?
What do you think of this short poem?
I need to translate each line of this scene into english?
what is that one poem?
What is the line "O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stain’d with the blood of the grape" about?
Your opinion on this poem, please?
poems that are at least 5 minutes long for FACCS?
Can someone tell me if my narrative piece is good enough?
"The Wanderer" poem Questions?
Authors message in this poem?
i need a good 3 min poem asap!!!?
What do you think of this poem? ?
How to write a poem on how an object is made?
I need help writing an extended metaphor poem.?
Do you like my poems? How can I make them better? (3 poems)?
Boast poem about myself with 2 original kennings and alliterations?
Help editing my prose/poem?
What do you do? Comments on a "poem"....?
What say to "Ancient Rain Gods...Back Again" Poem?
Need to find a poem named Crossing the Border?
How Do I love Thee audio file?
Comments on a poem about Christmas giving online?
what do you think of my poem?
My peom intitled "Breathe with me" tell me what you think! Feedback is much appreciated.:)?
Abortion poem from the baby's point of view?
Metaphors and meanings of this poem?
"Psoriasis?" a scaleing measure of a spontane, please read and c/c for me?
Serious opinions on my poem please?
Push by Sapphire what song or poem can be compared to it's theme?
What about this poem?
Robert Frost poem help?
I need to come up with a haiku poem and a beat poem please help?
Comment and name my poem?
Comments on a poem about medical tests?
Please answer what you think about my poem?
I got a jones for another Haiku, how bout you?
Rate my poem please, thanks?
Opinions on a poem of mine?
Do you miss Darlene...Well, do ya'?
Where can I read Gwen Harwood poems online?
what do you think of this poem?
PLEASE! I need help with Poetry!?
Overcoming the heat poem,u like?
who released the thumbs down crew from the zoo? doe sit tickle...c/c?
Why is Casabianca the title of the poem?
What do you think of my poetry?
A prose piece about The Difficult Questions, would you comment if you understand the irony in it?
What are you feeling on my poem? Last walk Thru Hell?
Want to do a chain poem anyone?
Do the folks in the obits these days seem younger than ever?
I need help with this poem.Can some on help me add more poetic devices to this,I think its to forward?
A poem about addiction. Critiques and comments please.?
Please critique my poem?
When did you become an adult?
Stillness Sings, a poem of worship, nay, a psalm. Care to c/c?
We didn't start the fire?
Poem Interpretation Help?
Leaving work on maternity funny goodbye poem?
in the poem 'how pleasant to know mr lear', the poet says 'now he is one of the dumbs'. What does he mean?
Where can I find the poem, "The Advent" by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield online?
Anyone want to put my thoughts into a poem or just make it sound better?
Do you like this poem..?untitled-suggestions?
Possibilities abound, do you believe you can achieve it?
Rhyme for my girlfriend?!?
Is this a good One-sided dialogue poem?
Ever really wonder what you kids truly think about you?
what do you think of this poem? ?
Is this a poem "Passing through Autumn"?
A new poem. Please take the time?
I need help writing a poem!?
i need help with a poem about hind bint utbah?
"Tequila, Hot" C/C Please?
What does Love's Philosophy poem by Percey Shelley mean?
need help with a poem!!!! please?
would u pls comment on this poem?
guess how old i am by reading these poems i wrote. closest answer gets a 10?
rate my poem?
Have you ever considered time travel?
poem 4 my brethren in arms?
Do you ever find yourself in this situation?
Is this frm a song if so what song?
paint my dreams (poem i just now wrote, comment your thoughts please)?
help with this poem meaning?
How about one for Ma?
Critique this short poem. Thanks :)?
Poems theme?
Be harsh -- how is this poem?
Any thoughts on this poem?
a poem of mine.......it's completely original....i hope.....?
Sylvia Plath Poems - Ideas? Themes?
This is a poem i wrote .comments are welcomed.?
Can anyone complete a poem for me? preferably someone who has read Lovecraft...?
Can you tell me if this poem is good & rate it?
what does "poet with true heart" really mean?
'Try' is the key word?
Does my daughters poem make sense?
Do you like this poem I wrote, Dawn Till Technology?
Do you like this poem?
Will you read and comment?
How would you rate this poem on a scale of 1-10?
What kind of poem is this....?
Haiku 5-7-5 check?! (advice too)?
Would you comment on a simple poem based on a childhood prayer?
One more poem to release from inside?
What are famous poems which have synecdoche in it?
"Given that none of us is]starving "?
Poem - You - Thumbs up or down?
Does your writing increase between Prozac refills?
Can You Please Rate My Poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
IMPORTANT POEM QUESTION.....TRUE poetists for at least a yr plz?
Not sure at this time of night...?
Is this a good poem?
I need a poem(s), please help me? (10 points)?
why do people belive the buy bell any way?
Please read and tell me the analogy in this poem?
How powerful is love really?
Poem called Have a Heart...? What do ya think?
what would you ask of me to ask? a poem is what? in whose description, can you define?
How does one express loss?
any good poetry lines?
Is This A Good Poem? (Warning: Long)?
how do the structure and rhyme scheme relate to the meaning of the prologue sonnet ?
Comment on my poetry?
Hmmm.... Challenge accepted (Firecat)?
Short Story- Any Input?
Are you a pragmatist?
please rate the poem for me?
Does anyone know how to write a poem?
do you like this poem?
A holiday in Wales a poem?
what are some good team nicknames that rhyme like shake n bake?
what is modern about walt whitman's poetry?
HELP!!!!Does any1 have any parent appreciation poems? (From Childrens point of view)?
i need ideas for a poem. :o)?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
how is my banana poem ?
Who is your favorite poet, and your favorite poem by them?
Whats a good poem for me and my friend who arent very close anymore?
Why are there two versions of Shelley's 'Love's Philosophy'? Is one correct?
Comments on a poem about one's safe place?
Do you know anything about sonnets?
Have You Ever Met A Can-Can Girl?
what do you think of this poem?
Rum Tum Tugger Poem?
Can anyone help me out with the meaning of this poem?
Help on my self centered poem?
any good jealousy poems that u can share with me?
Require contructive criticism on this poem?
abuse poem?
Will you C/C on a script (Trieste, Piazza Garibaldi II) of the Greek poet?
Do you like this poem?
Thoughts on this poem: What beauty leaves untouched?
Do you like this poem?
Wrote this poem I need lots of opinions please!?
can someone please explain this poem a little bit?
Does anyone know the analysis about the Poem "sister maude " by christina georgina rossetti?
Please critique my poem to earn 10 points.?
New poem, need a title, what do you think?
A poem awaiting gentrification for you c/c please?
What poem is really meaningful to you?
What were the events going on when Alden Nowlan wrote Bull Moose?
Days wouldn't have so much.....?
Do you like this poem....?
criticise my poem (gd or bad is accepted)?
what is the elegy of the poem "The Seafarer"?
Does this seem authentic Oakwolf?
its a poem i wrote.. im in 8th grade.. is it horrible?
What does this Poem means to you?
A poem which is called..... From The heart ... What do you think ?
What are some creepy things I can write a poem about?
can you tell me what you think about this little poem please ?
What is your opinion on this poem I wrote? Honestly.?
A Poem - What's Your Comment ?
Does anyone have the text of Sylvia Plath's first poem?
RATE THIS poem it is called secrets and give me any advice if possible . thanx in advance?
This is a poem I wrote inspired by The Great Gatsby, feedback please?
A sonnet about life after death, kinda. What are your comments?
Sad. But I wrote it for my most precious one, will you read?
Does this poem stand the test of time?
my reality... poem................?
Lyrics/ poem help! help on improving/ give feedback on my verse (.s!)?
Wilde’s heyday was the 1890s, a period when Victorianism was winding down.?
Is www.poeticpower.com a scam? Poetry.com is scam as well right?
What do you think about the international society of poets? How selective is poetry.com?
Who will care to translate some words found on a marble epigraph of an ancient unknown civilization? C/C?
a poem about playing your cards right?
Revision from way back when, care to crit or comment?
POETS: what do you think of my poem? does it inspire you in any way?
What song would match a poem written by an English poet?
Love poem..don't be TOO mean...but be honest?
WHAT DO U THINK OF MY POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
What do you think of this song/poem that I wrote?
How's your math for this "How's Your Math This Morning" poem?
does anybody know where i can find the poem "washed in silver" by james stephens and "winter" by nikki giovani
"There Is A Green Hill Far Away" a spontane prompted by a hymn for your c/c please.?
Acrostic poem on citizenship?
Please C & C. What do you think of this rough draft?
Are there any poetic terms in this poem?
what should my poem be about?
feedback on my sonnet?
'composed in the intellect rather than in the soul'..is this comment true of milton's paradise lost..?
This is a good poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you comment on my late rambling please?
Poem about someone beingg shunned because of their race. Please rate+comment?
Do you like this very short poem I wrote?
What are different types of poetry?
Here is a new poem? Please let me know what you think? Comments?
I'm having trouble with a poetry task?! 10 points?
I'd really love your thoughts on my poem?
Sex without love by sharon olds?
Does this make any sense?
Does the post man's mail ever get lost?
which poems do you like the best?
Getting Discovered?
HELP! Poetry! look Inside?
ID this poem please about tree and wind?
my concerning ABOUT BALLADS?
i need a poem that in a way portrays john mayer. im doing an influential person project and the poem could...?
Did you hear that? Or did I hear it and tell you about it? Or? Comment on this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
I need to find poems by famous authors. (Read details)?
Do you revisit questions you have already answered?
how is this free written poem?
Summary for the poem "the raven" by edgar allen poe?
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by Eliot?
What should I name this poem?
acrostic poem for: SILVINA ORTIZ?
Why Is The World.....?
What is a book or website where I could have my poetry published?
Could you read my Poem?
Poem I wrote about trafic couple who want to die to spend together in eternity?
Can you take a moment and really see yourself?
Adjectives for weakness and strength for a diamanté poem?
Help! I can't interpret this poem!?
Can anyone give me some inspiration on Elizabeth Bishop?
when everything starts to end... where will you be?
PLEASE help me find a poem about..?
Tears in the Rain?
HELP ASAP PLEASEE D= what is the tone/voice of this poem by James Wright??and why, explain.?
moon and tone of "mirror" by sylvia plath?
I need a poem for school!? 10 points?
love writing poems?
what about this poem?I've got low marks because I wrote it at the test.But why?
Need some hep with the poem "Notes From Southpaw"?
Is anyone interested in this information?
...is it always dark when it's night?
I have given birth to a poem!?
Accrostic Poem for Confirmation, Need 1 more letter! Help?
would u tell me wat u think of my poem?
A Rewrite for James's poem to Natasha?
Name our cat?!...please..?
Please comment on my farewell address?
What does this poem say to you?
My most resent Poem, please tell me what you think?
I wrote this poem. Do you like it?(:?
CANTERBURY TALES. Please help me.?
Something Written: Short Apology?
Has anyone out there ever heard of the poet Lee Dabagia?
i have to make a poem by my own of tom sawyer?
A poem from a father to a son?
Sonnet . . . c/c?
can you be a warrior with no enemy?
can you help me on this poem?
Love Poems?
The poetry of _?_ had the least influence on the poetry of _?_.?
tell me what u think of this poem i made..?
My World... What do you think?
what type of poem is annabel lee?
what are some different ways to conclude a journal entry?
My Poem....please read?
Lyric Poetry Homework?
A poem to c/c? What are your thoughts? What do you think its about?
is there no 1 who can write a rhyming interested poetry , open topic fr a student of 6Th standard in English?
If you could, would you (comment/critique)?
What is Radical Poetry?
If you understand this poem?
What do you think of Memories Rule The Night poem?
With my fingers crossed and my uncertainty gnawing, still asking will you all C/C?
Is this really a real poem?
Benilda Santos Poems?
What do you think of my poem?
Demons Run poem illustration?
A poem about ...um...stuff. Comment?
where can i download poetry that is in the voices of the poets (Arab poetry)?
I soar, I soar, I soar. Poem from the Domestic Abuse Advert?
what do you think of my poem? =]
What do you think of this poem?
I need some input on this poem I wrote... Not quite sure if I wrote it as well as I could've?
What do you think of this military poem? (I wrote this)?
Anyone have any good metaphors about "consequences" or "choices"?
ramblings: "what do you think?"?
New poem. How do u like it?
Another attempt at a sonnet...how is this poem?
Could you make any suggestions in improving my poem?
What is the main idea in T.S. Elliot's Wasteland?
if you had your druthers (oh yes, druthers) would you rather see...?
should I write poetry?
Any good Poems??
The death of a spouse? what would you do?
Mores the pity, Less the pride, tell me how you feel inside.?
what do you think about my poetry?
And what opiate made you senseless and drew you in? C/C?
Will you read this poem and critique it honestly?
What do you think about this poem?
How can i do a metaphor poem about Minnie Mouse?
Creative Criticism please?
Just thoughts that seem to think- will you read?
I'm on my way home, but see?
What do you think of my love Poem.?
i just started is it to rhymmy?
Is this a poem about politics?
Yowee will you comment please?
What do we do when given news of impending death?
Interpretation and Clarity please!?
through the eyes of a fly - a poem, if you please, will you read and comment?
Can you relate to any of this poem?
Is this poem any good or does it just sound like another over emotional teen tragedy?
Sorry I asked this twice but I really need to hand this in tomorrow ?
This is nowhere near obtuse enough, but still, please C/C?
Please comment on my poem?
Here is a very dark poem for my fans of that genre. Please comment.?
Here is my latest poem.. Your thougts?
What's a poem that talks about freedom from discrimination and humanity?
Writing a poem about praising something or someone. Help please?
words relating to fashion that rhyme?
Please read poem I made just now?
What do the significant features of Weeping Woman poem by Grace Nichols represent?
Poems about puppies!!!!!!!?
Do you like my new poem?
And in the end, will you remember?
"Deliberately" ...a spongetane for your c-c please?
Will you write/ free-verse, metric, spontane, hunt out for me please? xxxxx?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
What do you think of this poem I made about Sylvia Browne?
i'm an amatuer at this poetry?
Another poem I want to see that if its any good.?
And do you know the rest? C/C?
Li Po the poet?
Can you review my new poem?
i need a poem with just 2 sound devices for school that is due tomorrow has to be 8 lines due tomorrow please?
poem "unknown citizen" by W.H.AUDEN 5 pts?
Do you celebrate Christmas in your country, or religion?
Here is a poem call How Happy?
What do you think of my poem? :) -i havent done one for a year! ;s?
C/c please? Another poem.?
Will you c/c this new poem?
Can anyone recommend a good poem to me?
Anyone ever use poetry.com?
Do you write more poetry when you're happy or when you're sad?
Is this a good love poem? Rate on scale 1-10?
how to make two cinquains poem?
Are ligans cool or what?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Is this a poem "xxxxxxxxxx"?
The Wonderful Hesitation.. any critique?
What think you of a ramblin morning 'poem'?
WRITERS BLOCK! I have to write a poem with the theme "becoming who god wants me to be" -help inspire me?
In the poem "Better death Than the Affronts of Growing Old":?
What comment do you have for this abstract bit of writing?
What do you think about this poem?
This love poem any good?
A rhyming pile of corn, will you eat it?
What do you think of this poem i wrote about the afterlife?
Poetic Challenge.......will you give it a shot?
I'll pick best answer...I wrote these poems, which one is better?
can someone gave me an example of a repetition poem?
Can anyone help me annotate this poem?
What is a good free poetry contest?
poetry help!!!??????????
How do I determine the number of stanzas and the number of lines per stanza in this sonnet?
I dont understand Emily Dickinson's "I dwell in Possibility" Can someone help?
(if you know Hansel and Gretel)What is the Stereotype in the poem? PLEASE HELP ASAP?
Help with understanding Sheenagh Pugh's poetry. Urgent help needed!?
Walt Whitman poem about his wife dying in a fire?
what pictures could i use to describe this poem?
Please allow for another summer poem?
Care to c/c[on] my poem~?
i need to write a poem using 8-9 literary terms and i choose a topic nature and i dont know how to start?
hey everyone i need a poem by an american contemporary poet that has allusion in it.?
Write a poem from this quick write.?
What do you think of my poem?
Is there anything poetic about finding a Cool Ranch Dorito in your sock drawer?
How Do You Write A Poem?
Bitter and Blue (peom)?
Any tips for getting started on a poem about animal cruely?
"Our Other Sister" by Jeffrey Harrison?
is this poem any better?
Do you like my poem .....?
Critique #2 Thanks?
can i put onomatopoeia into a metaphor or a similie poem?
What do you think of these?
Not a serious poem ok? Can I be forgiven?
Here is the Conclusion of "The Big Hinz" for your perusal if you feel so led?
What do you think of my poem? Honestly?
A happy birthday poem for my heavenly Sis, C/C?
theme of night sonnet for earl of surriey?
i need help on this poem PLEASE HELP ME!!?
i have a poetry question.?
in need of a friendship poem or song?
Published Poetry...?
Acrostic Poem using the word Literature?
Opinions on my new poem ?!?
Poems/quotes for new moms?? Know any?
Can you and a stanza or something?
It's just a wall, will you comment please?
Waddaya think? I just rote this in 37 seconds and I didden even edit it. Matte of fact, I diden even read it 2?
Help please, I need help with this poem?
What do you think about my poetry?
My poem not editied yet!:) what you guys think?
Well, here's another poem. What do you think of this one (feel free to give a detailed answer)?
Will you write a poem about how aggravating I am when I keep asking you to write a poem?
Comments on this poem please?
Poem, what does anyone think?
I noticed its pretty tough to get a response for a poem here in Answers?
rate my poetry and try to be sincere ?
Comment on my poem..?
5 sentences for some limericks on conservatism and liberalism, please help me!!?
is this a good poem? be honest and don`t hold back?
i need some love poetry to recite to my girlfriend...?
Do you like this poem about growing up??
What do you think of Eternity's Home morning poem?
What do you think about my poem?
I need help with my poem. Just ideas.?
Need some constructive critique on my poems. Please c/o my 360.?
How do you find this poem?
Brother wrote a poem what's this mean...?
Who wrote the poem from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"?
Tiny ~Like poetry?
Feedback on this poem?
What do you think of my poem? Constructive Criticim only please!?
Is this considered to be poetry?
Lollipops and roses, a poem to critique?
Inspired To Read More? #2 A Continuing Flow Of Poetry...........?
Quoting "Tract" by William Carlos Williams?
A fairly weird poem, but could you tell me what you think (P.S. only half the poem fit)?
Poetry help with song?
Have you ever felt as though you've missed something? Even though you're the only one that gets it?
Do you think this poem is good?
if i could write a poem that was about everybody?
What is the poem The Iliad about?
Need to write a poem about school camp! Help!?
What is an essay,short story,or poem that is in Spanish but not translated into English?
Lame love poem? You tell me-?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem?. I did'nt write this but I wish I had.?
I will regret this in the morning - laugh, hate, whatever?
Inspiration starters???????
What do you think of this poetry/rap verses????????????????????
Please critique my sonnet?
Anyone know where I can find more info about a poem Orlandon Furioso?
How many folks are ready for the new year? ?
Death of a Dream, poem, critiques or comments?
Why do you think people use poetry to express the way they feel? Do you think the way people feel when they wr?
Is the tone of this poem "confused?"?
What long name would you give Dallas? We need one, A GOOD ONE?
Is this a good idea for a ballad? Need answer quicck!!!?
do you think poetry is an archaic art form?
If you have one small MINUTE, then PLEASE CHECK OUT MY POEM???
would you say this poem is good ? im thinking about giving it to my mom for mother's day... i wrote it?
Is my poem any good ? Feed back appreciated?
Need some good poems??? HELP!?
What does the quote, "poetry like the moon does not advertise anything" mean?
what is the difference beetween Imagining something and Dreaming about something?
What does this mean to you?
What do you think of my poem...?
What do you think of my poem?
Where I can find Egyptian poem?
I need to make a 10 line poem in iambic pentamiter can someone please help me?
Poetry to be critiqued?
effects of war depicted in the poem Disabled- By Wilfred Owen?
Help with Mother's day poem ?
What bothers / annoys / bores you more in poetry? C/C if you may?
please analysis this poem with me if you can !!!?
Poetry.com? I just put my poem there,can they steal it???
what is the tree poem?
What is your opinion on my poem, "Lost"?
what do you think of this poem? how could i make it better?
i think my poems are crap?
Do all things Heal with time?
Is this poem too sad to enjoy?
somebody gave me some cutie spanish / english meanings in peomtry ?
Should I say I am asking for criticism?
what do you think of this poem?
Are you making the most of every minute you share?
the meaning of the poem american poetry by louis simpson?
Is This Poem Any Good???
18Messengers From The Dead?
two short poems about animals that are alike?
Do you like my poem?
acronyms poem...HELP!!! FREE POINTS?
What are your views on my poem?
Please rate my nonsensical love poem?
What does this poem mean?
How do you feel when you write?
What does Robert Frost mean in his poem "Meeting and Passing"?
Do you like my quote?
Why did some of you miss this lovely poem?i understand pl read.?
A poem from the top of my head?
do yall like my pome?
What do you think of this You Can Believe It, Or Not poem?
Can you interpret this small poem/rap bit?
I need an acrostic poem about where a snake lives?
What does this say about me?
What is the themes in this poem?
Aren't we all just a little bit weird?
Is my little sisters poem good?
Nikki Giovanni's poem the world is not pleasant place to be?
A poem for some to like, hope you are one?
I need a little help with my homework, it's poetry?
Can you see the difference between the quality of your works? At present and the one's on the month before?
Please provide a title?
what come to mind after reading this?
a poem about being frinds no longer.....this is my last i'm able to post?
I wrote 2 poems and want feedback. (for my gf)?
do anyone like poetry please rate my Good Bye poem on poetry.com name Daniella Braswell rate this poem?
How do you like my poems (: ?
Help making a parody of Longfellow's "A Psalm of Life"?
A poem about secrets, please will you critique or comment on it, thank you?
Would you care to comment on a poem, about dreams?
I need some serious criticism on this poem?
My newest poem?
One of my writings advice, opinions, how could I make it longer if it needs to be?
Here is a spider poem?
Still stands true, C/c see?
Isn't poetry just words and stuff that sounds like each other a bit?
What do you think of my poem? Some advice please!?
Help w/ poem!?
Does any one know the words to a poem written in a concetration camp that has the line tommorow I will be sad?
are these short poems any good?
Having trouble understanding this poem can anyone Help me out?
Will you comment on this diatribe please?
*clears throat* ..Poem?
What Is the Saddest Poem You Have Ever Read?
Is this a poem? Idk opinions on it either way please and thanks?
anybody know that poem for antibullying?
plz???? poetry?
What kind of poem uses words to make a picture?
I am trying to find a poem?
essay for college!!! - please please help?
What think you of a night poem?
What does the poem "on Me" by Sylvia Plath describe?
Last poem of the nite. Very dark. How is this.?
Sonnet help?! Please ?!?
What if you had only 24 hours left to...?
First time with this style i kinda like it...what do you think?
I do not write poetry, but read most of it ... May i ask what is it about death today ? Did i miss something ?
What style of poem is this?
¿Cuento tres cosas para un corazón triste?
A poem written on vacation, will you leave a comment?
I wrote this poem..Please read??
pleaseeee help funeral poem reading!?
i need some inspirational poems quotes?
Do you like the poem "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg?
What is the work of a poet?
How is this poem?
My Poem, Can you interpret it?
Have you ever heard a rooster with a cold?
poem writing help?
Do you find that sometimes the key to poetry is hard to find?
I will follow you into the dark? 10 points. I need help NOW.?
Opinions on my Rondelet?
What are some different types of poetry?
Do all poems have to rhyme?
How do you handle criticism?
Is this poetically a legitimate question to ask The Man? (or The Woman)?
does a villanelle need a specific meter?
Comments Welcome... written by me and... umm.. dunno her name :(?
How do you like my poem?
What is the secret to winning the lottery?
What do you think of my poem?
Poll: Have you met this Romeo & Juilet ?
why is poetry a good way to raise awareness of important issues in the world?
Pleeeeeeease help! First person to help gets...?! BEST ANSWER!?
What is an elegy poem? Is there any rules for writing one? and lastly can you post an example of one?thanks?
Mull over this quick poem ?
Will you write a poem that will make me giggle?
Hi all please read my poem and tell me what do you think about it. Thank you.?
would you consider a poem?
I need help writing a poem?
The First Person to Tell Me The Name Of This Poem Gets 12 Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why did maya angelou write the poem of i know why the caged bird sings?
can a poetry society help you locate a poem for a specific event?
wht are some words that rhyme with monkey?
i'm getting bored and writing random poems?
Are you a slave to love?
what must I do to get your attention, to make you see me?
Can someone explain a poem?
How can I put my poems out into the world?!!!!!!!!!?
Yo yo, community. So, m'kay. Here's a poem I've been asked to write for my Eglish class. It describes me
Poems about quebec and or canada?
What is a book or website where I could have my poetry published?
Will you please? For me?
Can you wite a poem about the orange boxes?
What do you think of Buk's new tech for answers, care to comment or critique, thannks?
poem 4 plesure?
I'll know that this was worth it. Review my Poem?
what do you think of this poem?
Revised poem again 3rd post?
Dolls are not such good toys for girls and especially not for men, C/C?
What are pentameter couplets or heroic couplets are they same or have some difference?
Sonnet, Ra, Cosmic King of Infinite Stars?
First poem ever?? rate plz?
Can someone give me an analysis of the poem "the poem walked out" by heather spears?
What are your comments on...viruses included in a commenter's link?
Poem,comments ?
Can you write me a poem?
I dont want to sound stupid?
Latin, asian, or persian CULTURE poems???
roses are red violots are blue...?
its a bit late, but here's a poem I wrote for Bonfire Night - what thinks you?
Can anyone help me analyze the poem The Train Dogs by E. Pauline Johnson?
What if love found a boundary?
How much do poets earn for their poems in the UK?
What does " a Babylon of languages" mean?
Need some good poems??? HELP!?
What do you think of this song as a wedding march?
Looking for a WW2 poem I read in high school...?
What is a good poem about telling the truth that doesn't have to do with love?
if happy when you come and sad when you're gone, would that you'd never come or never gone.?
Will you C/C on a script by the Greek poet? If you do not like it, state your points of poetic judgement?
I need English versification on the topic natural disaster.Can you help me?
Summer Poem about regrets?
Do you think this is too cruel? C/C appreciated.?
Can someone help me with a poem?
what else could i put in this poem thing??? ahaa?
is this a good sonnet?
My poem not editied yet!:) what you guys think?
Macbeth, Act IV question?
Is there a fan mail address for poet Richard Wilbur?
How would you describe sunlight reflecting off water?
An Aussie Love Poem...?
i need a an example of assonance used in a memory poem?
What are some of your comments about this poem that i wrote called: My Midnight Moon?
How to better word this clustered up sentence? (Writing help, please +10PointsBEST/ANSWER ASAP/thmbs + Points)?
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.-Mark Twain do you agree or disagree?
Would you be so generous as to C/C, suggest please?
Help find the meter :} plz help?
Would this be like the shot heard 'round the world?
What rhymes with Natasha?
write a deep poem abt sme1 u luv?
Opinion on poem Please :D?
What do you think of my poem? (please be honest)?
How to write a critical appreciation for poetry?
an alley cat poem for Kathy, just playing with words, would you read and C?C?
can anyone help me find a poem called "i've always loved you?"?
yo hips i havent been on much heres a poem?
What is the poem Song by NVM Gonzales all about?
Will anyone understand this poem?
Is this poem any good?
A Poem about Unrequited Love?
love poems?
is this good?
A Love Poem for Writers; Care to comment?
A pome (sic) about ironing. What do you think?
which shakespeare sonnet number is this?
who wrote the poem Asissi?
Need to write a Spenserian Sonnet, any help?
Would you comment on this poem please?
What kind of figurative language is this?
Still catching up. Please critique is you wish. In fact I'd appreciate it.?
a work in progress- is it finished?
One poem with a metaphor, similie and imagery?
Where can i find the poem "a journey" by nikki giovanni on the net?
people who enjoy my poetry: my poetry blog, tell me waht you think?
Need help in poetry by Ralp Waldo Emerson?
what is a quatrain poem?
Like My poem?
I'm new to poetry. Can you tell me what you think about this poem ?
which is the best poem ever?
Please read my poem, criticism is welcome just please read it, and tell me what you think?--------------------?
Does anyone know the words of the rhyme Soloman Grundy?
Will you c/c one more poem of the Greek poet?
I wrote a poem. Please read???
Can someone please help me understand this poem?
how do you name a poetry book?
Event terrible, how is this poem?
Whats the Message of this Poem?
If you're not Thomas or don't have anything nice to say, why are you pestering me?
Is this good?
can someone please help me finish my red ribbon week poem?
Do you remember the many uses for Vaseline? C/C?
What I the theme of the poem "Getting Out" by Cleopatra Mathis?
In 4-6 sentences compare and constrast the theme in the poem THE lamb to THE poem THe tyger?
My written poem, how it is? plz comment.?
Do you like me new poem?
Write me a sonnet poem please ?
comment if you like it?
Again I'm here with a few lines for you read and comment upon, will you please?
Please read poem I made?
Critique my poem please...?
Poem help!!! 10 Points to best answer!!?
What do you think of 'Birds, Spring, Winter Sonnet, Just For Fun' morning poem?
this is my poem, what do you think? comments and constructive critisism please!?
anyone good at making Poems...?
This is it. I pulled this from my guts and now I feel sick will you c/c?
Can you please give me your input on this poem that I wrote? Thanks!?
I accidentally killed a cat while reversing my car out of my cousin's hse...Here's an apology to the dead cat
Techniques in this poem?! pleaseeeee help!?
Magazines Paying For Poetry?
Another piece of pain released. Was it worth the effort?
oppinions and criticism on my poem please?
He waddles with me when I walk (a widdle wobbly waddle walk)...comments?
A poem to a creep, what do you think?
We should put out an A P B on this man, A S A P, don't you think?
wat do you think of my poem?
im way bored and i wanna see wat ppl can add to this line for a poem?
Who can honestly c/c on this "Courage Is No Mirror" poem?
Will you look at my second Taro poem?
Will you review my paper?
Poem on "THE VIKINGS". I need help please?
What do you think about this poem?
So Happy to be Orange again. In celebration, a new poem for you...Is it worthy?
Mortality ?
Have you ever ventured off beat?
What are your feelings on My Early, Bad Day,Content Goodnight Poem?
Heavy stuff as a kid, will you comment please?
For two of my soul-sisters, please comment if you will?
My poem I just edited a lot (comment thoughts, I'm 16 btw and a aspiring writer)?
What do you think needs to be done to people who "sexually abuse" others?
What is the figurative language in this poem?
What was the style of Langston Hughes' poetry?
I REALLy like writing poem's but i dont know if im good at it. could you tell me if it is?
Poem feedback, please?
Please Rate these 3 Haiku?
What are your thoughts of this poem I have written about my nightmares?
Sharing my idiotic joke again this year. :) Do you like it? Gimme one of yours?
Feedback on this poem please?
I need to collaborate poetry about color with my art.?
Can someone give me ideas for a roast for my grandmother (or could someone write me a poem about her?)?
Opinions and suggestions on this poem i wrote plz!?
So, what is the ideal answer to all the poetry questions here on Y!A?
Hey do you like my poem called "Blacks No longer Dance"?
Thoughts on my poem please. Not sure if its good or well, works haha. Thankyou!?
What is the dramatic context of the poem A Poison Tree by William Blake?
What does the poem "Do Not!" by Stevie Smith mean?
which characteristics of victorian age are found on tennyson's poem ulysses?
What is a cute poem for my bf?
Do you like my new poem?
poems for a class help finding a good one?
Promise me my love / a poem made by wallah all lies?
how can i write a poem about recession and other problems we have in the world?
Will we hear Earth crying on Mars?
where is the best place to publish a poem on the web? (besides Poetry.com)?
need a title for this poem/rap?
For a gentleman-will you critique a pair of stanzas?
What do you think of this light hearted poem/song?
Does anyone know where I can find poems by A.R. Ammons online?
Poetry Help.?
i need help!!!!!!!!?
How do you like these two poems?
is this a decent poem?
I need a french poem on citrouille?
thoughts on a poem?
How do you like my AWESOME poem so far?
Inspired by Fredric and Doe, C/C?
Your thoughts on this poem please?
another poem.....any good?
How do you like this poem?
Please could you give me suggestions to make my poem better?
Do you ever think about reincarnation?
Girls, please read my poem, need advice?
Does anyone know this poem by Alfred Noyes?
How can my goodnight poem be better? 5 seconds of Mine?
Why does this poem use brackets?
Please read poem I made last night?
this um...will you c/c this?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
an old crap love poem, some inputs?
CAn you give me a poem which describes the time when you first entered schooling?
Will you write me a small poem to inspire a different afternoon!?
Does anyone have or know where to find a copy of the poem 'Psychopath' by carol ann duffy?
any good quotes?
It's time for Flies will you C/C this one for me please?
Tribute poem at Ruth Grahams funeral?
What say to "A Woman Says 'Talk Dirty To Me'" Poem?
A new poem (Second Draft) - Is uniqueness a sin?
Do u think this is a good poem?
So, I wrote a poem?
Do you like my new poem?
...do your thoughts play tricks on you sometimes?
i have to write a poem about something that isnt usualy praised.. and i chose honey.. but i dont really get ho
On a lighter note, will you comment please?
what does it mean to be on the outside looking in?
What is it that we want? Should it be simple and selfish? What? What?
Did you ever keep a homeless person warm for the winter?
I have poems I need critiqued but where can I do that online without risking them being PLAGIARIZED??
What is a good poem for a gothic girl for V day?
I need a good poem for a guy friend?
All you bored poets out there, comment on mine please? =DD?
How is my haiku? A class assignment im turning in tomorrow.?
I remember yesterday at the beach?
What do you think of this poem?
Andre Breton Poetry Marxist?
Is this moving for you?
I need help on my poetry assignment (Im new to this)?
Serious question here poets...when it comes to poetic content, what is ethical?
What are some examples of imagery or figurative language in this poem "the family man"?
Does anyone know the poem that starts, 'Oh for the life without a wife'?
can any one tell me a site where i can get the main idea, significance of title, paraphrase and theme o' poems
another poem .. can u please tell me what u think?
How many stanzas are in this poem?
Rhyming for a poem help please!?
Please comment on my poem "Believe Me"?
My poem: Destiny?
can anyone think of good adjectives for an acrostic poem for KATI?
What's your emotion's/opinion's on this?
Can someone suggest me a poem for an oral interpretation speech?
Rate my poem please.?
No remorse, will you comment please?
the carpe diem genre of poetry ?? what is this please poets ?
Does the Walt Whitman quote "some people are so much sunshine to the square inch" belong to a particular poem?
Will you comment on untitled please?
will u rate my poem??? 1-10 worst.. best?
Have you ever posted a poem in the wrong section?
What do you ALL think of my Poem?
anyone help me with the poem i wrote?
"Crossing The Bar"?
Please write a line of hope for my garden?
do you like my new poem?
Urgently trying to find a poem?
Is this a poem "To endure the storm "?
what is a good name for a junior year facebook album?
Need help on writing a prophiece for my story... ?
So what do you think of these lyrics?
Shall anyone help me to write a poem, please? 10 points for sure!?
Was Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the famous poet a Christian?
Poem with 7-8 lines in each stanza example?
what is you opinion on this poem?
Do you remember the many uses for Vaseline? C/C?
i need a poem about satire also with a description about what is being Satirised?
i want meaning of poem..................10 points for best answer...?
What do you think about this poem?
What would Grandpa think of kids smoking and drinking?
A poem about my December, what do u think?
A Simple Love Poem - Do You Like?
what is a dialogue poem?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!?
What say you to a darker Angel? A poem?
"Unborn" a poem about roe vs. wade.do you like the perspective?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
What is your favorite dessert?
Opinions on my poem please? Harsh!?
I worked a bit on this piece, I think it is better now. It is close to my heart, will you read it?
A re-worked version of a poem I posted 6 months ago, comments or critique very welcome. Thanks?
Do you think this is a good poem?
Do challenges inspire you to write new poems?
first time poem writer! Critque...me please!...?
Can anyone please give me some ideas on how to revise this poem?
Is this a good Spring poem?
What do you think of What Rose....poem?
these are two poems ive worked on but they could be put together as one. what do you think of them?
Can u please c/c my poem. Advice please?
how is this poem?? and please,be real and tell me whats on your mind?
Poem help? :]?
Rate my poem pls?
Is anybody fond of three verse form?
When you die and wild dogs disregard your bones, does that mean you failed in life?
What makes these poems effective?
write a critical analysis on The Return by Ngugi?
What does this short poem mean?
What are your feelings on my POEM? I'M STAYING?
what do you think of this poem?
Do you like this poem....?
Would you care to comment on this short poem?
To a louse I need 10 questions about the poem to a louse not about Robert burns about what goes on in the po?
My poem continued?
Rate this poem on the scale of 1-10(along with ur suggestions if any amendments r 2 b made.)?
Is this a good poem for a girl?
Have you met the angel of the street?
most striking characteristic of an epic in the poem Beowulf?
wrote it last night, can i have your opinion?
Help me with this song idea?
Poets similar to Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire?
Whaddya think of my humble poem?
what are examples of poem in the cagayan?
Can some one tell me the meaning of 'The crowded street' by William cullen Bryant?
Will my "poem" ever appear on an English exam??????????
my 3rd poem needs a title and is it any good?
What say you to Mother Goose with a twist?
Who is a well known poet that writes funny poems?
Please help me with poetry(definition)?
does anyone know the poem?
Do you like this poem?
my guy friend wrote me a poem does it mean he like me?
Short poem, what are your thoughts?
Help me for the sake of the world?
What do you say about this poem? Where will you place it on the scale from 0-9?
What do you think of my poem?
can someone give me a lyric poem with types of figurative language and 2 sound devices?
Please C/C Brief Poem on Flash Mobs - YouTube?
What u think of my poem for rj?
Please c/c my poem/prose?
i can't find the explanations for these poems on google ..please help!?
Poetry website??
what's your opinion of this?
What do you think of this poem?
Is it OK, I'm startin my day, stretchin my goofy?
Found this poem I wrote when I was a teenager. What do you think?
yo dawg i wrote dis shiz and feel I mida cut it off too soon watchya think?
Poetry help please??????????
Help analyzing a poem by robert frost?
Which word does not imply a negative meaning?
just wrote this not ten minutes ago?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
A little gushing and mushing; for my wife.......?
What do you think of my friend's poem?
PLEASE read my poem!!!!?
What is a Lano?
Best Way To Create A Chorus Or Refrain?
Since politicians are giving their standard stump speech perhaps you would indulge me? C/C?
Is this poem too corny?
My Poem "Let Me Breathe"?
How do you interpret this poem ?
Have you ever read the collection of poems Monogramma by O. Elytis?
please give me a acrostic poem for our world or planet earth (theme)?
what is your favourite poem ever?
Your Opinion on a Poem?
The beloved's beauty ........?
What is the meaning of the poem name of a tree by Catherine Anderson?
What should I call my poem?And do you like it?
rate my poem. 0-10?
About Simon Armitage's poem Kid.?
Carpe Diem?
This "forest" poem is long, will you reach the end?
My poem, Our children's world, please critique?
Understanding language??
My first poem, can you rate it?
not a poem, but a story my daughter wrote, want to read?
How do you feel about the new rating system on ...I have been chosen randomly...?
Here is something claiming to be a poem. Is it?
Can I rant again? No C/C, just comments or give me ice cream. one of the two. kay?
Another with obvious purpose, albeit a better one? C/C?
What do you think of this poem? Could I send it to a poetry contest or scholarship?
Plz read n c/c my poem! how do u like this poem on rain?
Would you welcome a chance for you to stretch your analytic wings?