How to write a ballad - I remain wary so any help or advice?
Rate my poem: Manifestation?
can someone help me for analysis of this poem......?
What does a song symbolize in poetry?
This is the best poem EVER!?
What do you think of this poem I wrote directed to my mother? suggestions? thanks!?
Do you think he knows? c/c?
What does Robert Frost's poem, "For Once, then Something" Mean?? 10 PTS BEST ANSWER?
Will you double check my math?
Do you ever revise, reviving an old theme?
Read if Interested:Haiku's?
Can you kindly tell me your honest thoughts on this poem?
wrote it last night, can i have your opinion?
Can someone explain Claude McKay "Spring in New Hampshire" poem? Thanks!?
Has anybody heard of the type of poem "I made a mistake"?
Can you? Hey! Would you please offer an examination of yours, for my poem?
Am I a good beginner at poetry?
I need a French Revolution poem?
poems/quotes about step grandpa's?
'Stars' - a tribute, inspired by last night's 10 o'clock news. Your thoughts?
Just making some information aware!?
Can you please C/C Rosie/Soc Collab Poem: Hawaii is so far from England?
Any of Shakespeare's sonnets that link to Shylock?
is this a poem of sea and an old man?
Does anyone know any good South African landscape poetry for a year 3/4 class?
Not homework! Are you up to a poetry challenge?
Poem with nine stanzas?
Chanting Chants, a poem for C/C, thank you.?
Examples of a shakespearean sonnet not written by shakespear?
what rhymes with LIBERTY?
What do you think of my poem?
Opinions on a poem please?
I want to write a poem about no more bullying?
Writing iambic pentameter couplet?
Will you comment on The Flip Side, please?
The Saint: I suck at poetry need advice?
Will you read and comment on a few thoughts I penned?
what poetry device is used?
What do you think of my poem? (HONEST OPINION!! please!)?
Here is a poem for your opinions. Meanings anybody?
would you kindly review my poem.............?
What do you think of this quick jot poem?
Is this poem okay? (for school)?
Good, Trusted Poetry Websites?
What do you think?? Everlast
When good men fail... who's going to make things better?
What do you think of my poem?
How are these lines? i want ur opinion?
the truth....?
Will you help with a title perhaps?
can you help me with onomatopoeia and rhyming?
anyone know the paraphasing of Lucille Cliftons Poem Sorrows plz reply me at v8machine_tim@.com?
She makes my arm shake with her poem, For FC's poem? c/c?
Haiku by Kobayashi Issa?
does this limerick poem about winter make sense?
Will you misinterpret this for me?
i need help with finishing this poem about fear!?
I need help finding rhythm/meter pattern and stanza structure in Dream Deferred?
Can you please have a look at this and give your thoughts over (Good or bad always welcome, I like a laugh!)?
Please critique my short poem?
The Use of Imagery in poetry?
Write a short poem please...be creative!?
what is the meaning of this poem?
how does the poet try to rouse the captain? in walt whitman's o captain, my captain?
how do i become a great poet? what kinds of words should u use?
What do you think of these lyrics?
Poem please comment or critique?
Has your mirror ever lied to you?
Dumb Ditty Doo Doo... What's It Really To You?
whats the best poem...?
Do you Atoon Baba my new poem?
I need a poem that represents me...?
What do you think of this poem - wrote pretty quickly c/c please!?
What do you think of my newest poem, C/C please?
Vitai Lampada poem. I need help on some questions about the poem?
"Dead Water" poem analysis?
Care to comment on some lyrical poetry?
Can anyone help me with Poem Ideas?
What is the meter of C.P Cavafy's poem 'Ithaka'?
They keep coming back?
Do you like this poem?
This is a metaphor poem being posted?
what is poetry too you?
Not sure if it's a revisit, but I did make some alterations. Thoughts please?
Who knows a best 7 word poem about nature, enviroment PLEASE RESPOND BACK IF YOU KNOW A GOOD POEM!!!!! :)?
What are some literary element in this poem?
Do you like this poem?
Is Poetry better read alone or is it better to share it in a communal setting?
Have I written a proper triolet?
Literary Terminology ...?
I've written a poem, what do you think?
once again opinions about this poem?
Who is your favorite poet ?
What do you Think of my poem?
Here, please read and comment. Going through writers block.?
In the poem, 'Night of the Scorpion' by Nissim Ezekiel, is the poet's mother dead?
Would you please critic my poem?
5-7-5 written in English by a sophomore on the subject. Is it poetic?
'A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.'?
Wanta read my new Birthday Poem?
Looking for honest critique. Please help?
this is another poem of mine. what do you think of it? contains some stuff about sex?
Write a poem to get someone to do something without saying it.?
Sometimes my thoughts start as poetry & sometimes my poems start as thoughts?
Presenting "Three American Haiku." Care to read & comment?
Shakespeare Sonnets help?
Do you like the poem that I wrote?
Easy shakespeare sonnet to analyze?
What do you think of my poem?
read this please! tells me what think?
Lovechild asked what you've always wanted to do but never actually attempted What do you think of my response?
Printed access to Peter Orlovsky's "Frist Poem"?
can you give me a comment for my poem ??
Will you comment on this effort please?
why A Supermarket in California is a poem ? Can you guys help me out usually peoms have stanzas, and lots of?
What do you think of a song I wrote, it's my first?
What do you think of my poem?
Do like this new poem?
could you rate my poem 1-10?
One more honest opinion please?????
Who's your favorite poet?
Another Poem. Please rate this from 1-10.?
Poems like the one below;?
is this a haiku poem ??
What is the dictio (authors word choice) of the poem summer by Walter dean myers?
Please critique my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
opinions on this poem i wrote?!?
Good quote from an Edgar Allen Poe poem?
Would you comment on this poem?
Oh, the places you'll go... who woulda thunk?
Late for mah own funeral someday too, y'all think I will be?
What's this poem(?) called?
"Miffed" a Spontane of light for the darkling miffed....c/c please?
Is my poem any good?
Published teen poems???
Could you help critique my poem, "Buying in to Bliss?"?
whats the deal with this poem?
what do you think? it is titled Hope! =)?
Independence Day (my poem). What do you think?
what do u think of my poem?
How can I make lots of money and start a career as a poet?
Do you like this poem? ps its sposta b a cheesy mushy gushy 1 so dont judge on that lol?
Just wrote it, what do you think of my newest poem?
Dorsimbra revised: Is this better?
help needed! what are 3-5 sonnets of shakespeare that are alike in theme or alike in anyway?
do you like my poem?
So Do You Like My Poem?
Do you like what I typed up ?
As per my custom, a final poem for the night. Please check it out.?
A pass of purer path..by Jason who ask me to post it.?
I'm looking for the words to a Scottish folk poem called, 'A whisky history'?
differents songs identifying free verse,blank verse,imagery,meataphore,satire,onomotop… PLZZ!
Is someone else dreaming?
New poem, how does it make you feel? Can you relate?
How should I end my poem and is it any good?
Care to comment?
I need a poem about 'The Outsiders' NOW!?
does writing poetry help you with your sadness, anger, ect?
Poem for my distanced best friend?
Will you leave your thoughts on this poem?
Is this a good title to a poem?
poems with poetic techniques?
What do you think about one of my poems?
Will you respond to this?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
Is this worth anything poetically?
i need help about the poem "the ***** speaks of rivers."?
A poem that describes Jeremiah from Peace Like a River?
What are your thoughts about this poem?
what is the main point of poem "Recreation" by Audre Lorde?
what makes poetry hard to write?
What would you find in a lost and found?
How did Shakespeare uses "eyesight" as the source of confusion?
I really need someones opinion on a poem I just wrote?
Do the ads really get you down?
When are they coming out with a bionic heart already?
Help me write a poem about how penguins are awesome?
so is this a poem or prose?
Are there any words...?
Write me a poem please?
Is it important to have role models?
Poem related to "Ghetto Gospel?"?
Another poem...?
Is This Cheesy?
what does the phrase "i am, i am, i am" from one of sylvia plath's poems mean?
Schrodinger's cat has been fixed. C/c please?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Romantic)?
How can i publish my poem?
Haven't written a poem for ages, inspire me. Some image can help (image i can write on).?
Songs/poems about how someday love will come along?
Poetry that has inspired famous composers?
do you like my short poem just made it?
Would you recognize this poet?
Is this poem nice?
Sample Answers on Yeats for English? Please!?
whats the poem when people have sex on a train because the world is ending?
"!sgard" a poem for those who would go to Valhalla? Please, will you C/C?
Poem, what do you think?
any thoughts on this short poem?
Need help making an alliteration Poem???
Help with identifying a poem?
Explanation of the poem world, is hounding me by sor juana ines de la cruz?
My first ever poem!! Please read and give feedback, thanks!?
What you say for my new poem?
The shrink?
Famous Poems! Help Please?
What type of poem is "For Annie" by Edgar Allan Poe?
Do you like my poem: True love endures time?
is this a good poem?
Do u like my poem? Should I give it to my bf?
PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ... help.to search this poem?
Can you guys help me write an acrostic poem with the word tennis. Thanks?
I wrote a poem, It's called "God, why didn't you remind me to pay my Visa bill?"?
How often do you enjoy a beach?
who is the speaker in the poem April by marcia masters and whom is it talking to?
I'm just venting, a verbal assault on my muse... or something else entirely?
does anyone have a comment?
"fate succumbs many a species; one alone jeopardises itself." - W.H. Auden.?
Any good websites to share poetry?
The verse falls to the soul like dew to the pasture..What does this mean?
please read poem i made last night?
What helps you overcome writers block?
Can someone write an acrostic poem for the word fashion?
Poem, Please give me your critique?
what's your favorite poem and could you give me the author too?
What country song is similar to you Hear America Singing - Walt Whitman? Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q?
Can you help me find the theme and rhyme scheme in the poem Twister Hits Houston?
Is this poem any good?
The Gardener, comments?
A Complaint, by William Wordsworth Analysis?
"Medals Of Clay" What of scandals about drugs, steroids and the like surrounding the Olympics? Care to C/C? .?
Does any one like this poem i made?
Which poem????
Are you about to loose your mind..UP IN HERE...UP IN HERE?
what does this mean??
Constructive Criticism for my poem? I'd appriciate it :)?
Does anyone know this poem?
Shades of Suess or the Hat poem. It is a red hat.. do you like it?
Can anyone tell me what this poem means please? It is shadowed from the book "The Awakening?
Do you actually like this poem? Critiques please? Any ideas for a title?
Do you know the poem I dreampt ?
Is my poem good?
read my poem about mermaids?
Will you comment or choose -- two five liners?
So,what do you think about this poem I wrote?
Let me know what you think--feel free to analyze meaning as well...?
Poem #2???
A modern Aussie poem with same discourses as...?
What do you think of this poem I wrote for a friend?
What is the meaning of the poem name of a tree by Catherine Anderson?
Why is it so dark this morning?
please read my poem and give constructive criticism?
Can anyone translate this Japanese text?
in a sonnet from english class, i need help explain the metaphor and personification and why it isnt reliable?
The poem of TWO HAIKU questions?
Kind of an angry poem. Sorry, but it happens. Enjoy.?
What do you think of this poem?
Should I hang out here or get poetsofmars ready to go?
What do you think of this poem i just wrote?
Please read this poem i wrote and give me some honest feedback ? thanks!?
PLEASE READ MY SHORT POEM! It won't take long and would really help me!?
Please Read My Poem !!! :)?
Carpe diem poetry tips?
Need feedback about my poem called "God the Director and I, Myself the Cameraman"?
What do you think of my poem?
Is "performing act", redundant in this sentence?
Thoughts on my poem 2pts best answer?
anyone who is a poem fanatic answer this?
Has "poetry" gotten out of hand?
*What do you think of this poem?*?
why cant I sleep......?
Curiosity by Alistair Reid question?
Short friendship poem?
Anybody know of a good poem about brothers?
A poem for the sake of being a poem.......?
"Given" a meandering reflestion as I write it along ...plesae c-c?
When analysing a poem, what is the difference between an anti-thesis and a contrast?
can you give me a line?
What other lines in Michelangelo's sonnet indicate the meaning of the poem?
ok so i need your guys help so PLZ HELP!!!!!?
My poem about religion how does it make you feel?
What do you think of my poem?
Can anyone recommend a great poem?
Poem review?
what do you think of this poem?
Poetry help?
is this worth working with or just should I wad it up and make a rim shot with it?
A poem about my Mother In Law? A special tribute?
Help title my blog? What should my blog be titled?
I wrote my first Haiku, what do you think?
do you think this is ok?
Poetry good for the soul?
Just got into the magic of poetry, What do you think of this poem?
what are some seasonal poems by shel silverstein?
Is this poem good? NEW! whadda ya think?
where can I download free audio file (book) of famous/great poets and poems?
Can a shopping list actually be a poem?
Can you critique my poem for me?
Can someone give me an example of an free verse poem?
Can you rate my friend poem? She's a new writer and wants tips.?
rough draft, my poem, please comment/suggest?
What a grand subject--suicide. Will you judge?
How's your mirror looking today? Comment on this poem?
Ozymandias poem, help?
anyone got a Sweet little poem please?
Would anybody care to tell me how they relate to this poem I wrote?
I need some poetry help...?
How do you like my free-verse poem?
Is there a poetic device for a speaker addressing an animal?
Need some help with poems?
what does it feel like to kick a wounded animal or turn on a *friend*? is this a poem?
What should I write about?
Do you like my poem?
Would you care to comment on a an Acrostic poem called “lano”?
Have you time for a short Valentine poem?
Help writing poetry!?
Will you get this question wrong?
Poetry writers, need help?!?!?!?
Revolution in "London" by William Blake?
bizzaro? Please insult (skim?)?
"The Raven," Poem...?
What think you of a geography maunin?
Does anyone know the author of this poem?
How do you feel when your spouse is out of town? c/c?
Can you take a look at my poem?
poetry contests?
Please read my poem: I just can't be alone?
sonnet! question! translate! please?
Poets - Writers block - What is your method of overcoming it?
What would you say to a poem like this?....Yes...I think I am still..peeved?
I really like my new poem please give opinions?
Opinion on this poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote ? Can I publish it ?
Is poetry basically word sex?
Urgent!! Need answer FAST! Poem: Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall?
What contrast or juxtaposition is there in this poem?
A poem about something I heard somewhere...what do you think to it?
what is your favorite poem?
Is this poem to much?
What think you of Part Two-ish of Allegra?
Do you like my three new poems? say whish one you like best tell me everything you think bout it!?
What is the poem White Eyes by Mary Oliver about?
thoughts on this poem?
Poem Sites?
I just wrote this new poem, plase tell me what you think?
Is it just me, or does assumption and hearsay abound in some circles?
Beauty's Imperfection (Poem By Me! What Do You Think?)?
What do you think of this? (a rewrite of an old poem of mine)?
Help me analyze this poem please?
I need an acrostic poem based on the word "individuality" any ideas?
so what do YOU think?
Does “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas represent Post Modernism ?
Ok, How's this for a really short poem?
characteristics of American revolutionary literature period?
What think you of a sonnet in meter only?
Critiques please, I am playing with this set format, time for a new one.?
What does this poem mean?
Help me edit/revise my poem?
"Pentasyllabic Octaplet".............What do you call this format?......?
ten points to whomever gives a best title:)?
Poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" question?
What do you think of my poem?
Can a poem exhort you to a spirit of joyfulness?
Ice Fishing, Part II, Deliverance. Please, will you read this poem and empathize with Nicolai or...?
Does anybody know SORLEY MACLEAN's poem, the title which contains animals?? Thanks?
What Does This Poem Mean?
Romeo and Juliet Questions?
Poem Help?
whatcha think? i could really use some input?
Is there any free online site that will let you paste your poems on a nice background and save it?
What are the characteristics of the speaker in this poem?
Just another poem for you guys?
Can anyone make suggestions to make my poem more poetic?
Do you like Poetry that uses metaphors?
'The Witch Runt' if you will please tell me what you think of this.?
intense-type music for poetry reading?
Can someone tell me what they think of these three poems?
Read and comment on my poem please?
what should i call my poem? do you like it?
What kind of music is relaxing to you writers?
Will you C/C on the Real Poem (P.I.T.) of the Greek Poet, if you may?
What do you think of my poem?10 points to best answer?
Poem for school?!?! Please help!!?
hi, do you like my poem!?!?!?
Experimenting with line breaks. Any comments?
A part 1 of 27, will you read and read and read?
What is the cacophony in the poem Thistles by Ted Hughes?
In the poem Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling, why did Gunga Din go to hell?
A poem of a bazaar on a path less travailed C/C?
Here is a verse I wrote about dreaming.. Whats your opinion?
read this poem?
YOUR A STAR ....................POEM C/C the other me Pleases?
Where did I hear a line like this before in this poem I wrote?
what do you think of my poem?
May I offer this poème for critique?
opinions on my poem please?
A g.a.a.s.g. poem with some extreme assonance...do you like it?
is my poem pretty good?
A light hearted piece of verse, which is supposed to be fun. Care to comment or critique, both welcome?
please rate my poem 1-10?
"The Dewdrops Song" how would you like to be a dewdrop? Care to C/C this poem?
What is rape? Dark, but short ?Poem? C/c?
Is this poem good?Please Tell Me...?
Rate my poetry please :D? Thanks a ton?
my poem (i don't bleed much these days)?
how to write a poem about a specific theme?
do you like my poetry ?
New poem: Please Comment?
By the end of the poem, the speaker's tone has switched to?
Can you help me make a poem?
What do you think of this Poem? Please be Honest.?
Please help! How does bill bisset portray urban life in "ode to frank silvera" ?
Can someone critique my poem?
MY HEALTH STORY/SONG LOL tell me what you think?
Help with a Sestina Poem?
Need help annotating poem and answering questions!?
What is poetry REALLY about?
What do you think of this slight revision of a poem?
Little sister needs poetry homework help?
Need Help Writing Ballad!!!?
Happiness, a poem I wrote, How is it :)?
Are you highly elevated as you rhyme in thoughtful verse?
What think you of "One Day in the Life of an Ice Age"?
Can you c/c my poem. I want to know what you guys think.?
How does the song Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs relate to a poem?
Can you assist me?
What do you think of this, another poem of mine...?
what dyou think of my poem?
Could you please give me your thoughts on my poem?
Death... needs a bit of tightening up, suggestions?
Poem Help!!! 5 stars!!!?
What is the meter of The Lamb?
Discuss how the poet Tells all the truth but tells it slant HELPPP! -Shakespeare?
What did they look like, those people that killed poetry?
Frost uses internal rhyme in the lines "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,/But I have promises to keep."?
Would you please give me your thoughts on this poem I wrote?
Maya Angelou's empowering poems?
A poem for you to c/c please?(different one)?
Someone rate my poem?
Please help! if your any good at poetry?
Please critique my poem. Does it have the right name?
Is 'What a Chance' a poem, or a try?
opinions please!! I'm not sure what to do!!?
im supposed to write a poem about myself...?
Write mE a pOeM??
Can you help me with a title?
How mant people here write stories? Poetry? Novels? Erotica? Ect?
I have written something, in the sand.....?
i need help with poetry?
Okay, now see what Buk started now! comments on his last instigation?
Can you be the glue to renew?
Poets, what is your inspiration ~ [please c/c]...?
Uhmm, rate please? Just made it up now?
Have you read the poem by Max Ehrmann, "Desiderata", lately?
what do you think of my poem ?
I cant seem to find a title to fit my poem...help!?
What can you write a poem about here?
poetry-what can a poem tell about the times it was written in take for instance W.H. Auden?
What are the characteristics of an epic poem?
Please comment on or critique this poem?
Poem help?..........?
Will you comment on my Trigee, or...how can I improve it?
Help! I need help with a poem!?
What are the metaphors and symbols in this poem?
Where do dreams go when they die? Please comment on a poem?
How is this quick poem?
What do you think about this 2 poems?
do you like writing poetry?
Poetry experts please help me!?
What of this poem of Rome?
help with a poetry out loud competition please!?!?
Is it gay for a 15 year old to write poetry?
Wilde’s heyday was the 1890s, a period when Victorianism was winding down.?
Do you like this poem?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
At what point does laughing at another's expense go to far?
A poem about love, what do you think?
Beginner at poems? Any comments?
Poem that relates Cinderella to Jane Eyre?
Honest Thoughts about my poem please?
What are your thoughts about ...Unashamed. A poem.?
I found this poem... I want to know if it's good!?
is there any similies, metaphors, or any other literary devices in this poem?
A poem about the communication process for school?
wot is the best way to write poetry compring essays?
what are some 20th century poems that are similar in style or form to Percy Shelley's "Indian Serenade"?
The woe of Love.........A Sonnet....comments please..........?
Is this a proper Sonnet?
Poem- "The Meaning" By Kellie Spahn?
What do you think and can you help edit t his poem?
Is this poem any good? Does it make sense at all?
Inspired by Project Nyu, please C?C?
My girlfriend is in the hospital and she loves haiku poems. Please help and read! Urgent!!!!?
Will you c/c a 5 year old lunar poem by my old mischievous alter ego?
Befriending a tissue....thoughts?
a song or poem about someone taking in a snake from the cold and treating it good then gets bitten by it?
Suggestions of Rhyming Words for my Sonnet?
New Poem... wat do you think?
How is your coffee this morning, I think mine needs a little more steam?
This Half-A$$ Poem Needs a Kick-A$$ Title… A Little Help?
which poem do you like the best?
What poetic devices in this phrase?
I found this and thought, what will the newer people here think? C/C please?
Why might a poet not make the the poem rhyme or have rythem?
And who is your word checker?
What would your flag look like if you were a Martian?
acrostic poem for geothermal?
Very short poem (8 lines)-opinions?
Is this poem any good?
Need poem interpretation for assignment?
Do you like my poem ? ?
From which perspective should I write my poem?
Do you understand this poem?
Does anyone know who wrote this poem?
Any one able to think of a good simile for this?
The last of our revenge?
Can someone please help me with the initial relationship with the child on this poem?
What is the poem " I Am Joaquin" by Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales?
this isn't so much a love poem, more a love letter. thoughts?
What do you think of article in the link below?
Poetic piece under review and construction, what are your opinions and comments thus far? (Edited)?
i need to find literary devices in this poem for lit class. help!!!?
do u like my poem?
I wrote this poem a few weeks ago and then felt it was to cheesy. Opinions please???
help please?
a good genuine ballad?
Why do young children smile in their sleep? Care to critique or comments, thanks?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of my poetry?
How big is your cage, opinion please?
13th amendment Poem or story?
criticism/opinions on poem i just wrote?
Would you please rate my poem?
What is a good poem tittle about poverty?
Tell me if you like this poem is good?
like this poem?:P?
Need help editing my poem?? c:?
When was "We are the time. We are the famous" written by Jorge Luis Borges?
Will you comment please?
Poetry? Any good?
is there any where i can sell my poetry?
So like Tagore poems?
Hello another poem from me?
Are there any metaphors and/or similes in this poem?
Which one of these poem do you like the most?
When I wrote it it sounded good, now idk?
What are your thoughts for this poem?
Can you please read my poem?
Which of these two short poems do you prefer and why, thanks?
i need a good love poem for a girl in my class im 13?
A poetic g'night to you, hope it brings peace to those who read it, let me know, if you will, k?
Help with Emily Dickinson Poem?
To kill a mocking bird Poem help?
What do you think of this 'Good Morning...Feel Lucky?' pome?
Can you help me create a thesis about lord byron?
Will someone write a ditty for "WHO AM I's" itchy nipple?
Comment and Title Ideas?
Share with all of uss?
Is this a poem" When love turns cold "?
Is it alright for the poet to misdirect at times?
What are good and unique golf acronyms?
does anyone know where i can find annotations for the poem La belle dame sans Merci by john Keats?
Which Poem is better and please tell me how i could make them better?
How to start writing a poem?
Snow snow go away please?
Have you published a poem? Would you like to share it?
Which was the first song in history.?
In this Bukowski poem, is he speaking of "writer's block"? Does the emotion in it tell us, or the words?
Is my poem any good? ?
Do you like my poem?
need help with poetry out loud?
how to write an ozymandias poem?
Require assistance with poem "Adolescence" by P.K. Page?
What do you wish for the New Year?
Poem Wrote In 1 Minute - Feel free to C/C this awful piece of work.?
Do you have Fall where you live? A brooding. c/c?
what do you think of Lottery?
What are the five scenes in the poem from song of myself by whitman?
Where were you on Guy Fawkes Day/Night?
Feedback on a poem of mine?
Which Maya Angelou poem is more "moving?"?
Can someone make a poem or song with these 8 words???? Let's see!!!?
Can anyone know what poem the following is from "Remember me with laughter, if you can't remember me with ....?
Please read my poem "Mommy Please Get Out of Bed" and tell me what you think! :)?
This is totally inspired, will you comment please?
What are some good, poetic euphemisms for old age?
give me a long poem?
A poem need title... Getting Comfortable.. or should it be Just a Quick One?
what say you to this rough draft?
wht does this poem mean in your perspective?
What does "mort" mean in the following quote from CS Lewis' poem, "Nearly They Stood"?
"What is it" by Mary Oliver...Help?
I need help finding a good poem?
How to write a poetry review?
i am weak in english language i am not effective in writing poetry help me?
House On Mango St. Poem. HELP!!!!!?
"Feral".....What do you think of my poem?
It didn't start out as a Trigee...and then. Does it work?
i wrote this poem, could you read it please and express your opinion?
Does anyone know the explanation for Ode to the Clothes -"Justus Pls Help :o)"?
What do you think about my rather strange poem?
Would anyone mind commenting on a poem (re-write)?
Any thoughts on the current edited version of my poem?
What are the names of women in Edgar Allen Poe's Poems?
Why does keep sending me to recommended questions when I click on poetry?
Words to Pam Ayre poems?
POETRY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Poem interpretation!!! HELP ME!! (Topic: Envy)?
Essay "A day in the life of ... "?
Poem for 1 year anniversary of dads death?
In Sylvia Plath's "Daddy", is the speaker Polish or German?
Never really found a serious poem to which I like,?
Summer Poem about regrets?
Wuthering Heights by Ted Hughes?
a poem maybe youd care to rate?
Can someone please help me finish my poem? C:?
What do you REALLY want when you post a poem on this site?
I'm trying to write a poem that taps into male emotions; any advice?
Would you please tell me if you like this surprisingly hasty translation of an Italian poem?
Is this a good love poem? Also I want a good title?
The secret of my dancing ballerina, plz read?
There is a poem that begins No Doom, No Gloom, Does anyone know it?
Best Gothic Emily Bronte poems?
i wrote half of a sonnet..does anyone want to help me finish?
read my poem tell me what you think (poem #4)?
Do you like this poem??...?
Care for a greasy offering?
Make a poem for me please?
i need help writing a sonnet i am in like brain blank and cant think of anything can someone help please?
This poem cost me 15 points. It better be good. Do you like it?
Rate My Poem!?
Help with poem. Tire Ship by Jimmy Santiago Baca?
Help with this poem PLEASE!! Having a Mind to Change the World?
Need loads of info on the South African poet Peter E Clarke.?
I need help on shakespeare sonnet 20?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
I am the world's greatest poet that ever lived but I'm too humble to say so. HELP c/c?
Care to be a Critic?
Would you buy my poetry book when....?
GIRLS: is this a good romance poem?
A poem with these words?
what do you think of my poem?
English poetry and song help - Analysis Assignment?
What is this poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Are you in the mood for a poem like this?
Please provide a couplet for my epic Sonnet.....?
Poem comments Please guys! Much appreciated!?
Which poem is the best?
are they senryu's or haiku's?
Should I let this poem be published in our literary folio?
I need a love poem that rhymes ?
similes and metaphors needed!?
What do you think of my poem?
English poetry. I picked the poem A Hunting Morning by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and i need some help with THEME?
A good start for my poem?
Is this a good poem?
What is a "chapbook"?
Am I good enough to become a PROFESSIONAL>?
Who wrote this poem??? PLEASE, I need your help.?
What do you think of my poem so far?
Can Some Help Me Make a poem?
Can you see the difference between prose set in lines and poetry?
Rate my short poem please, thanks a ton?
What do you think of this Levees And Christmas morning pome?
Can you tell me who wrote this?
What does a moonstone make you think of?
Newest poems, need some feedbak?
Never get a child- my poem- comments?
What poem by eduard morike did hugo wolf model the song lilium after?
What Do You Think Of This Poem?
What do you think of my poem? (WIshes)
A Reflection Lacking the truth, or not?
Will you write a poem based on your latest happy day?
What do you think of this poem?
What type of poem is this?
what is the controlling sentence in sonnet 116??
Does anyone know this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Help with the poem Dulce et Decorum Est?
13Messengers from the Dead?
the figures of speech of those winter sundays?
please read poem i just made?
Horse poem or other good Poem?!?
Hi friends, just take a moment to review my poetry. I am a starter and your comments will be very helpful.?
In punctuation: is this the correct way to use a colon?
Just writing...is this effective enough?
Help with T.S Eliot's poetry?
Dark heart, red petals.?
WRITERS BLOCK! I have to write a poem with the theme "becoming who god wants me to be" -help inspire me?
The Bean Eaters by Gwendolyn Brooks poem help?
Feedback and Help with my poetry?
Poem HELP!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! Language Atrs?
How are "the swimmer" and "lady lazarus" similar and different?
Will you c/c on this blank verse sonnet of the New York poet?
What do you think of my poem EVERYONE!? :):(?
Are you allergic to Bees? ....You will Be?
please rate my poem, do you like it? im probably gonna turn it into a song someday when im famous?
s! What do you think of this poem I just rewrote?
you like this?
Can you help me analyze this poem?
Where I Should Be Sad and Lonely?
Where do you get your inspiration for your epically awesome and informative poetic works?
What was the weather like in the Ribbon Streak?
Please let me know what you think of my poem...criticism welcome..?
Do you ever think that somewhere in the past you still exist?
I need a backround for my husbands poem, but I don't have any paper?
What are some pretty names for a British girl?
Define a William Shakespeare poem please!?
Are any metaphors used in William Wordsworth's 'Composed Upon Westminnster bridge' ?
Is the website,poetry.com legitimate?
Can I get a yay?
Poetry homework help?
What is an example of an existential poem?
Is this a good poem? Also what should the title be?
Ask of me is there life after death?
Are you everything that you write?
Can anyone tell me who wrote this peom and where I can find it?
Why do warriors look for Valkyries?
So like I want to know if I am good enough to continue and be something with Poetry?
Why is that we no longer write or read or appreciate poetry? Has our life become so dull and prosaic?
Have you ever wondered and wondered and wondered?
May I have your opinions and thoughts on my work?
Would you comment on my haiku?
I have a concussion, so be nice. LOL How is this.?
Will you read this poem of mine?
Opinions on my Poem? Advice, thoughts?
I have really good poetry! Anyone want to hear some???
Does my poem sound okay?
Will you write a poem from one of these lines?
What do you think of my poem?
What makes The Odyssey a poem?
Can someone recommend me some good poems on travel, wanderlust, dreaming, wandering, life, etc...?
My Father Danced-----Comments and pin points, please?
Poem needs a title.?
Poem Interpretation Help?
When words have two meanings, does the poet have to choose just one?
Plz read my poem and comment "! how do u like it.! plz comment. s guaranteed?
Can you write a 4 line poem about something you love?
What can we do together?
A short poem that needs critiquing?
a poem about carrots using similes, metaphores, and personification.?
a poem about 9/11...?
Do you remember a special elixir you were served when young? C/C?
Have you read this? What do you think of it? Can you suggest more like it?
help what does this poem mean?
Poem Contest.....?
What do sailors do with a green sky at night?
Can you identify figurative language in this poem?
The Sum of War?
Poem needed for elocution?
will you rate my poem?
Does anyone know the name of the dead gay Jesus poem?
Have you ever felt like this poem?
Whats your fav. poem?
can you give me a free verse poem?
It sounds silly, but that's because hate does not belong in it. Did I walk the thin line?
Poetry HELP!!!?
What do you think about my poem?
What do you think of my Poem?
is this too violent for a poem?
What do you think of this Friday The 13th ain't Got Nuthin On This One morning pome?
what type of poem is this?
My older poem, opinions of it?
Lord Byron's ghost story contest poem?
Should I turn in this poem or is it too weird/bad?
Will you please critique my poem, "2006 Draft Averages"?
Trying to find a poem about the fallibility/imperfection of humans?
Have you swatted a bug lately?
Have a WEE bit of faith, he said (Comment/Critique)?
why was the poem "dover beach" written?
Do you have time for a few lines of poetic thanks?
What should i name my sonnet?
Will you C/C this 99 cent graveyard shift special?
Please critique my poem?
Self Expression-New poem (Feedback is needed!?!?)?
Death of a Rainforest, by Cecil Rajendra?
Need help on robert frost poems: stopping on the woods, road not taken, acquainted with the night?
In the poem 'Tears Idle Tears' by Tennyson, why are the words "the days that are no more"? (Need an analysis)?
Help need a 12 stanzas of environtment poems with 4 lines each stanzas?
poem helpers?
Poem to be published in "Southern Daze" comments welcome...?
What think you of this Morning poem?
Is this new poem of mine any good?
Here is a poem I woke up at 4am to write for the most beautiful woman in the world. Comments please??
please tell me if you like my poetry or not.?
What form of poetry is "The Silken Tent"?
please hlep me finish this poem.?
Can someone please help me write a poem about "The Roar" by Emma Clayton?
iambic pentameter!!!!!!!?
Tonight, what did you see??? comments/critique?
Whats A Good Poem For A Hound Dog?
i really need help paraphrasing?
can any one tell me which poem is this from...?
What is a canonical poem?
Thoughts and constructive criticism on my shadows poem?
Feedback on my poem? (About suicide and darkness)?
Please Read My poem???????????????and rate it?
What do you think of this poem i wrote for a friend?
How can I find out which books the Poem "If You But Knew" was published in.?
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! "The Size Of Spokane" by Heather McHugh?
...do you always know where to go when you're lost?
Easiest Shakespeare Sonnet to analyze???!!!!?
is my poetry any good?
Thoughts On Poem I Wrote?
Does Codie rhyme with silly?
i need to analyze a robert frost poem 15-25 lines any suggestions?
Does anyone know a poem that has the theme of Poverty to Richness?
can anyone helped me with the poem??
2 questions about the poem "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love", pleaseee help.?
A re-post (I think?) from long ago. I would ask a poem of you, to capture the boy's essence?
Do some things exist only in your memory?
Who is Stella of the Sonnets?
church poems about homecoming?
Question About Poetry By Musicians?
My girlfriend wrote me this poem and I love it, tell me what you think...?
What is your opinion of my latest Ocean poem?
I am from poem, Does it sound decent?
What do you guys think of my poem?
Poetry.com scam?
Will you C/C on a revised script by the Greek poet?
what ya think of poem?
freebird will you contact me re nightwind poem?
What's this type of rhyme called?
Have you ever been to a liquor store? A sort of writing, C/c?
What do you think about my poem regarding winter?
Is This A Good Poem?
Do you value the worth of solitude?
chatrasaal ki kavitai (kavi bhushan) agar de sake to aabhari rahunga.?
Hmmmm... Keep seeing poems on here, this one I composed in the last few minutes, tell me what do you think?
The Kiss, comments appreciated.?
Read if your're bored... It's a Poem ... Please comment...?
...will someone rate my poem from 1-10?
my grandma sadly passed away on Wednesday and i have to write a poem for her funeral, any ideas? HELP PLEASE!!?
Poem, just now wrote it on Y answers. Opinion?
hey... heres my new poem! do u like it?
My Haikoem for Sunday. Remember these are for fun and should be taken in that context. Comments?
Homework Help: Write a love sonnet . Sonnet 130.?
what do you think of "WHY On Sunday Morning?" morning poem?
Do you like my poetry?
May I share a rough draft of a poem I wrote with you?
What do you think?
Can you guys help me find the meaning of the poem "Forgive my Guilt" by Robert Coffin?
Why did Homer [The Greek poet who wrote the Iliad/Odyssey] have Arete Qualities?
Can you comment please, do you think this is good?
What do you think about the poem I wrote?
Do you like my new poem?
My Computer, Melancholia. C/C Please?
No More Tears, Comments?
I'D GO WHERE YOU ARE FOREVER (need some suggestions to improve my diction)?
Short Poems about bullying?
Favorite poem of 21st century?
How is Pyramus and Thisbe by Shakespeare NOT poetry?
What am I?
How do you like my poem?
Literature poem practice essay, need help!?
Does anyone know a good poem by a 20th century poet dealing with changes?
Any Gothic poem books?
I want a title for my poem!!! help!? :)?
can u write a simile poem poem for me on smile?
Are miracles mistakes? C/c?
Can someone give me an example of a ballad poem?
"Sorrow" by edna st. vincent millay?
I need opinions on this poem?
I need a non-religious poem for a Baptism/Christening?
what do you think of my poem?
(Re-post) "My dysfunctional family" ?
do you kno any poems that are funny and can be read in one way but mean like a nasty thing or something?
Would you critique this as an impartial and knowledgeable reader of poetry?
According to your study guide, the diction of a poem is?
I need opinions on my poetry Please?
Help writing a four line sonnet? Wringer?
The Low Road by Merge Piercy! PLEASE HELPPP!?
Does anyone have a Spanish version of the Pablo Neruda poem, "Here I love you" ?
can some one help me make a 20 line trojan war poem?
A practice piece - I am learning to write Greek Poetry how does it differ?
The poet's challenge: fill in the last word of each line...?
What will you say or do when Rory Emerald starts behaving like French poet Victor-Marie Hugo and not himself?
What do you think of my poem?? HELP ASAP?
Poems for a girl(girls only)?
Poem Hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
what do u make out of my poem?
Does love exist poem. Comments welcome.?
Thoughts on a new poem please?
PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Im doing a poem and our topic is beautiful massacre what topics comes to mind when your hear that?
Please, check out & rate at shvoong.com http://www.shvoong.com/social-sciences/1692374-gandhi-the-real-saint?
What is verse?! What is the verse in the Canterbury Tales?
Do most poets see the Ocean as male or female?
Can someone help explain the eras of Yeats poetry?
Can you really judge a book by its cover and so also discover the art of your lover?
What do these lines mean in a Dorothy Parker poem: The Gentlest Lady? "?
Why was my poem about the ocean deleted?
What rhymes with "Labia"?
What war(s) did Siegfried Sassoon serve in?
What do you think of my love Poem.?
Is this a good poem? please be honest?
What are your feelings on MY poem? As They Walk?
I need help finding rhythm/meter pattern and stanza structure in Dream Deferred?
How do poetic devies help to understand a poem?
What do you think about this poem?
Acrostic Poem for Model?
Poetry contests....???
Does this poem make sense to you?
Poem 5 of 6 for Friday How is this.?
"The Rose In Waiting", Thank you for your comments.?
i need help with this double entendre?
Care to comment on a random ku?
Contact poem for Fredric, c/c/SI!?
In this poem, which literary terms were used and where?
Have you ever thrown a fit?
How festive is your town this year?
tell me what you think please!?
My new poem. I need help with the last line........?
How do you like my poem "The Ewells home"?
whatever happen to poet writer albert leige daily?
please read my poem about a smile?
I need to find a poem . .?
Shakespears Sonnets is this one?
As this poem good for a 13 year old? Should I enter a contest with it?
Which 5 words rhyme with "dust"?
a very short attempt at catharsis, trying to get on a different subject, comments?
do you like my poem?
PLease Rate My Poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How is The Collar by George Herbert and Social Justice Related?
What do you think of this poem? (For people who have read Tears of a Tiger)?
Truly one of my finest pieces, care to comment?
pls judge & critique this poem?
How do you achieve A/A* in poetry analysis on English Language GCSE?
I litararaly wrote this in my sleep. tell me what u think.?
What a Man: Care to Comment?
what is it referring to when she speaks of the 'house on high' line 43?
Have you ever read a book of poems...?
slant rhymes?
What is a stanza in a poem?
An avatar inspired this poem, what do you think about it?
what is your favorite thought-provoking poem?
What are good poems by Robinson Jeffers that I can write an explication of a poem?
Literary Devices for Short Poem (Easy Points)?
Some feedback on my poem?
need help with a poem!!!! please?
So you want a poem that rhymes?
Is there ever a waste of time if you enjoy it?
Passions Fire.....opinions c/c?
Marginalia by Billy Collins help please...?
Poetry poetry terms.....?
What is the stanza division of this poem?
Will the moon still smile, comments/critique/crepuscle?
Inside this pencil poem, helppp!! Desparateee?
prose poetry?
Help with my poetry homework, easy 5 stars?
Need help on an acrostic poem on your origin?! Please help!!!?
Who wants to go see Alice?
Poem to one I love, really really love?
Poem about memory through an object?
Poem with the theme 'what if it doesn't work' and 'new beginnings'?
Can you please CC part 5 of warrior series: "The Warrior and the Time Portal (w/ Pic)"?
Last poem. Don't want to overdo it. Written many on every subject imaginable. Need feedback. Ta.?
Pippa Passes by Browning questions help...?
how does the poem fit with the concept of clashing forces?
what poetic devices are there in Emily Dickinson's poem we never how high we are?
what do you think about this poem its called Dear Tre'?
Thoughts on this poem?
Do you write poetry like "Ode to the laughter and my happily ever after" ...?
what do you think of this poem?
A short love poem that aint bad? "You're in my everything"?
What is a creative title for a poem about yourself?
Where can I find the analysis on The Lesson By Roger Mcgough?
Do u like this poem I wrote?
poem critiques please (it's a happy one!)?
Long poems to perform? URGENT!?
Im entering a poem competition and i want some good short and funny peoms!! pls tell me some!?
Information about a poem?
come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my last question of the day!!!!!read them and make my day!!!!!please!!!!!?
hey i need help making a poem? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?ll?
Will you read my poem about a marvelous invention and c/c it?
Help with poetry! is it bad to be stuck in free verse for all poems?
Can you suggest me a good sonnet for elocution?
What is it? ... can you see it? please read this poem and comment?
Need help writing 3 word poem?
Would someone plz give me advice on my poetry?
rate my poem! im thirteen, and i wrote this last night?
What are your feelings on my short poem? Heavy Rain/Good Sleeping?
Have you ever felt like Christmas morning was your New Year?
A poem? hum a first what do you think?
HEY Happy Birthday tori poem....?
21st Century Steppenwolf?
Help with poem?
Another sonnet for, you guessed it, Gio. c/c?
What do you guys think of my poem?
Is it OK to post a not so poetic quote here?