how to write poetry?
my love poems.?
We've been doing about 'la belle dame sans merci' in english and i didnt understand anything so far can you...?
What is an example of a "meter" rhythm?
Do you like my poem? c/c please!?
What do you think of my poem?
Girls what do you think about guys that write you a poem or poems?
Poem search:?
tell me what you think!?
What is Thomas Hardy's poem "Outside the Window" talking about?
One more, will you comment?
Cinnamon is like? Simlie help?
Does poetry help stimulate your brain or can it?
Anyone care to comment?
Do you like this poem i gave as an answer to ~sammi~~ on YA ...here's hers first...?
Where can I find a poem about finding a baby under a cabbage leaf.?
Here is a deeper darker poem, Please comment!!!!!?
What are your thoughts on this...poem?
An Acrostic October?
Is this poem too much, or not enough?
can any one find me a good poem?
About "I Wonder" by Jeannie Kirby poem..?
Does this poem need more to finish it?
What do you think of this poem?
what do you think about 'Dream Troubles Away' poem?
Girls,what do you think?
How is my poem???????
Magazines That Will Pay Me For My Poems?
Could I get a bit of critique on my poetry?
Poem about the Spanish Inquisition?
What's the format of a ballad poem?
Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara- analysis please?
Shakespeare had no impact on poetry? agree or disagree?
Music that compliments "The Truth the Dead Know"?
Poem? Your thoughts?
Need help finding literary devices in this poem?
I need a title to write about?
Performing A Midsummer Night's Dream? C/C?
The Road Not Taken, By Robert Frost?
Can you find the elements in the poems?
A happy surprise from an answer? Pen, c/c?
Ok, so what do ya think?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
how is the poem invictus like the poem carpe diem?
a poem has just been created?
Will you C/C on the new script {On Sky Drive} of the Greek poet?
Can you see it in my eyes? Opinions invited please?!?
metaphor poem?
what are some nouns that rhyme with craft?
Would you care to comment on this, for Semper Fi Reborn?
Does Anyone Have Any Poem Ideas?
Can you give me ideas for a Tanka poem?
Is it really fair for me to call just anything a poem?
Poets: Is 'self-praise' in fact, no praise at all...?
What Do You Think Of This Short Poem?
How do you distinguish free verse from doggerel?
I was wondering if ya all could rate this poem for me?
a poem for consideration?
Rate my Poem???
Is my son a genius? Read his amazing poem and tell me if you think it's WONDERFUL?
How many poems in all did you write last year?
Do you sometimes feel like you are not heard?
i just wrote this poem for my mom, what do you think?
'Denial' - opinions on my poem pls?
Is this well written?
What do you do when Ocean turns his back?
Do you ever write when you're angry?
Do u like this poem..?
A limerick to lighten your day?
Edit please my petrarchan sonnet? It's so inconsistent and doesn't have the accent and unaccented syllabes?
A song I wrote its called silent screams?[I'm 13 so take it easy]?
is this poem any good, please reply?
Poetry: Feedback/comments on my short song lyrics please?
Need to analyze this poem by tomoro!?
When are people too old to learn?
do you like it?
can a rhyming couplets poems be 750 words, long, and 2 lines (2 lines space then 2 lines continuously?
Another poem in need of your opinions?
Like my small piece? Thank you.?
Need a poem for a short film?
How to get across a message in writing, without spelling it out?
Is going to an NYSE Halloween party all that much fun?
do you think my poem is good?
I'd really love feedback on my two latest poems!?
who wrote this?
Can anyone give me a poem abiut sports please?
What makes a Good Poet or Good Poetry?
A down day?
do you like this??? Please tell me :) :)?
Do you find it hard to read other people's poetry?
This Half-A$$ Poem Needs a Kick-A$$ Title… A Little Help?
Would you please write a funny poem about your favorite candy?
Is there a pattern in the poem's meter(Iambic,trohaic,anapestic, dactylic)?
ok, i know this is like song lyrics and not a poem, but your thoughts? please?
What do you think of my poem? Please c/c? Thanks?
What is the significance of the number 59 in Yeats' " Wild Swans at Coole"?
Did you read DG's treatise on platonic?
What should I say to my boyfriend?
what do you think of this poem?
Will you c/c on a new script of the Greek poet?
Part 4 *Can anyone Tell me What happened Last night? C/C?
What do you think of my Short poem?
"Bass Ackward" a Serious impromptu, please will you c-c?
What do you think of this poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
Please read and tell me what you honestly feel, (i did not write this)?
help beginning a sonnet?
I keep goin back, will you C/C please?
Any websites for poets???
can you comment and correct my poem you may find it strange but please read it?
What legacy do you want to leave to the young? Comments or critique welcome, thanks?
can poetry be me??
poetry themes?
My poem for a thousand hearts> What do you think?
how can I improve this poem and make people think more of fire when they read it? It's about the scorpio?
How can I improve this poem?
Will someone please help me out of this funk...?
Help on Sonnet. s. best answer!!!!?
Have you got time for this?
Poets - Writers block - What is your method of overcoming it?
Do you know this person?
Inspiration for a Wedding Poem?
What does it mean to paraphrase the soul?
Washington DC, poetry?
Russian poetry.................?
Someone told me that I should give up writing poetry, pretty hurtful.. is he right?
Is this a good poem all together?
Will you C/C this please?
What is the social commentary for the poem "To the Virgins, to make much of time"?
I am doing a poem or the character Tyler Down "Peeping Tom" of Th1rteen R3asons Why, by Jay Asher. Help?
can sumone plz help me with poems?
Can anyone please write a 14 line love sonnet for me? ?
One more, will you comment?
How can I improve this poem? c/c?
In the Attic Rewrite C/C please?
I'm Smiling at ME! Because if you can you are going to make it, will you give this a read?
This poem any good (rate 1-10)?
Are you making the most of every minute you share?
Poem Help!!!!?
is this a good poem........?
A Poem - Good or Bad, guys? Why?
Is it time for Koye Lott show?
what do you think?
Do you like this poem?
Please review this poem- thanks?
i am so alone?
Something I can write poetry about? I need inspiration!?
a pablo neruda poem,about dying under a lovers hands in a poetry collection bk @ bkstr?
Best way to revise aqa litrature poems?
National Forensics League interpretive readers! Rules for selecting cuttings?
A discussion, care to contribute with a comment?
Even if you think you are prepared, will you be prepared?
need help on an acrosstick poem pls help?
Entertaining Poem or no?
This poem any good (rate 1-10)?
What do you think of my poem?
opinions pls.?
Your opinons, please?
Comments on "pa and the snow plow driver"?
This poem is champing at the bit. Should I just let it run?
HEY! pelase read my poem....i have 2!?
Please Read Sonnet help (:?
Do you sleep well at night or think about poetry?
shiloh or daphne?
What say to a "Makeup Gone Wrong Morning Pome"?
Where can I find the english version of Alfred de Musset's poem '' Adieu" on the Internet?
Christian poem for school assignment!!?
My Poem:Absence of him?
Where can I find a modern/translated version of Macbeth?
What do you think of my poem?...TITLE: ''Raising Depth''?
about the poem a tuft of flowers?
Feedback on my poem please?
can you please critique my new poems!!?
When you listen to music......?
What are your thought on this?
What do you think of my poem? its not bad?
What do you think of my experimental poem?
A Poem...need advice!?
Read my poem, plz, its alright?
an angry poem for Sunday. Not Mad, just seems perfect. Comments.?
Opinion on found POEM from The Crucible? (You don't need to have read the play)?
what literary device are used here?
Help on analyzing "Heat" by Hilda Doolittle?
Who invented the box and how do we get out of it?
does the poem I wrote sound stupid?
Barack Obama does the Koye Lott Show?
Good online poetry contest for teens?
A Poem ----- comments please?
Rate my poem, easy 10 points?
Do you ever write poetry to inspire the next generation? c/c?
Is this poem any good ?
what is wrong with my poem..?
Help!!! I need a topic for poetry!?
Please. Will you make up just two lines of a piece of poetry? I would like to see what sort of person you are?
Living,Love and Life?
Do you like my poem???????????????????
What is your opinion on this start of a poem?
"Sonnet 54" If love is constrained by virtue, care to C/C?
Final edit of Flower poem - comment please?
Upon the Burning of our House by anne bradstreet?
names of old CLASSIC love poems?
Freestyle Haiku Challenge... for writers only...?
Is this poem i have due for class an imagery poem?
the unknown... my new poem (please tell me what you think!)?
Are poets supposed to explicate their poems?
Can you write about what you do not know?
That gadget was the receptacle for God. A strange poemish thing, c/c?
Nother new poem:D would you plz read?
Please help me!!!!!! Ok so im supposed to write a poem on autumn leaves please finish it?
poem...what do you think?
Elucidate the symbolic significance of the wall in the poem mending wall and analyse its use by the poet to co?
I need a backround for my husbands poem, but I don't have any paper?
Help understanding a poem ...?
Critique my poem?It`s called the snail....?
im 18, do u like this poem i wrote?
How can this poem be made stronger? Please read and give advice.?
wat doyou think of this poem?
i need a poem for my grams funeral?
Any examples of a haiku or noun poem?
Am I allowed to post a lousy poem once in a while?
Girls: PLEASE read my love poem and leave opinions?
Poetry Apps, write your own poems and share them?!?
Will you C/C on a script {Little Swallow} of the Greek poet?
My poem for the day? Will you critique it?
can anyone give their interpretations on these two poems by Ezra Pound?asap?
Feedback on my poems?
Cool poem to recite for school competition?
Foamy Water Eyes?
Thoughts on my poem? Thanks?
A Brief Cat Moment. Inspired by C.S. - What do you think?
I need a easy poem on poetry out loud?
Can someone help me with the interpretation of an edgar allan poe poem? "Imitation"?
What does Sonnet 18 mean by Shakespeare?
What do you think of my Super Special Poem of Love?
How does this poem go i frogot roses are red violets are blue?
What do you think of my poem? Do you like it?
Fade Away: A poem I wrote?
Any insights on the poem The Cat's Song by Marge Piercy?
Do you think this would be a good ad for Goodwill?
Can you suggest any changes to make this read smoother?
Will you comment and criticize my poem?
I made a few poems, care to rate them, or say how good they are?
Can someone check my poem,please?!?
remembrance day poem? best answer gets 10 points?
What are your impressions of this poem please?
Opinion on a poem that I desperately want to understand?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
I just started tell me if they are any good.?
What are your feelings on my NEW Poem? The Beast's Eyes?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
walt whitman "i hear america singing" and "a noiseless patient spider" to be?
Will you write a poem about something you learned recently?
My poem "Flight" - what do you think?
Who wrote the "are you always sad?" poem?
What do you think of this poem?
what do you think of my poem?
What is the title of this poem?
I need a 10-14 line poem. I have no idea where to start.?
i need at least 10 rhyming words?
what do you think of my poem?
For a Shakespeare monologue to be in blank verse does EVERY line have to have 10 syllables?
Can anyone help me find more poems like this one? About love?
Romantic story, help?
Are there any English majors, teachers who would be willing to read some of my writings via e-mail?
Do you play fair or jump in "out of turn"?
A poem! please rate 1 to 10 ?
what is a good poem that i can do an easy TPCASTT over?
Opinions on a new poem please?
Poem revising, tell me what you think.?
Can someone help me with a simile please?
who can interpret this following sonnets?
poem to read & c/c, would you please?
What Do You Think Of My Poem?
help me analyze this poem please?
i need a poem called im sorry?
Honest opinion on this poem?
what are your thoughts on this poem?
Honestly tell me what you think....?
In "We Wear The Mask," How do the personality and behavior of each character in the poem help shape the theme?
Do you want to criticize my poem?
Rate My Corrected Poem (1-100)?
Comments about my poem?
Can someone help me write a poem about peace?!?
What form is The Harlot's House written in?
Can anyone please give me some verses on youth( in hindi)?
What does your computer make you do? In Twenty Years, c/c?
Poems, Stories or Essays on Originality?
Will you.....................................…
What are some of your thoughts on Maya Angelou's Poem Insomniac?
how do you learn to write poetry?
A poem from the heart?
Can anybody provide me with the complete critical analysis of Matthew Arnold's poem -- The Scholar Gipsy?
Do you like this small poem?
Someone please write me a graduation poem for my brother?
Why has the ability to accept change become tedious?
Can I interest you in a warm cup of life?
John Donne's "The Sun Rising"?
I have a passion for this please help!?
Do you like this poem?
How do you handle confrontation?
Can anyone help me with a creative name?
What are your thoughts on this? Two points for every answer?
What do you tihink of my poem?
what do you think of this poem?
mustache sonnet...please help me...need help creating one :)?
Poem help?
I need help deciphering the meaning of this poem?
please plaese help mewith a poem 10 points?
new one. comments and critiques?
This question has kept me up many nights feeling confused, ashamed, guilty, and troubled.?
Hey need advice on this poem (girls only) ?
Would you like to critique my poem?
Does anyone knows the meaning of this William Shakespeare's Sonnets.. below?
If I were your wife, and I wrote this poem for you would you like it?
Top five personal favorite poets?
Meaning of ''My Best Friend'' Poem?
need help writing a poem about my 15ce (15birthday) can somone help me?
Telling my childhood story (I always give top points for answers)?
If you could leave one original poem in a public place?
Robin Skelton's poem Tao meaning?
Does my lgbt poem sound good?
How would u rank this poem?
T.S Eliot........................?
Summary of each and every stanza of the poem 'DHWANI' by Suryakant Tripathi Nirala?
Can someone read my poem and tell me what they think?
How is this poem? C/c?
last prison poem..for real..what do you think?
2 Judith Wright poems that i can relate in an essay?
its a poem!?
Rate? Advice? Thanks =)?
Autumn in England. Do you like it?
When Sleep Fails, comments?
is my poem any good? plz answer honestly!?!?
i reeeeaallly need HELP!?
Suggestions on imagery and analysis on "Lamplight" by May Wedderburn Cannon?
Some literary terms in Summer Solstice, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka?
Is it OK that I care about so many of you?
Plz any one help me in my problem?
Girls, how does this poem sound?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
What is your opinion of this "I AM" poem?
What are some good (credible) writing contest organizations. Specifically Poetry?
What is the poem by Pablo Neruda - Sonnet XX 's theme?
What think you of this poem?
What's a good metaphor poem?
My poem (struggle for life) Fill in the last word please?
Feedback on a poem "It's the Little Things" I came across this poem in a notebook, and I'd like to finish it.
Poem - Ebony Sky - Comments?
Analysis of tom waymans poem did i miss anything. What do each stanza really mean?
Poem that I wrote. tell me what you think. spent some time on it.?
Care To Read My Poem?
Do you know what is the 'Time'?
what did Robert Frost think about his poems? What did he consider a good poem to be?
what do you think of this poem?
Do you like this poem?
Poem, tell me wat u honestly think?
Can you put this story in a poem for me?
Short poem, do you like?
Does your mind play tricks on you or does the poet?
I have to read and explicate a poem for English, I need an idea of what to do for a class activity?
May someone please take a look at my poem?
acrostic poem for my name?
Still writing on my warrior story, what do you think?
What is the title of the poem that includes "I want to write a one word poem: you"?
What do you think of this Poem?
My latest Poem - Walking under the Sun?
Would you like to read my Good-copy poetry?
A few words tossed about.No poetic form and or structure,just some written words.Is this ok?
how is" painPlay" poem..?otteri selvakumar?
Will you scratch me behind the ear and read this poem?
For he has Spoken, comments?
Are you ready for Thursday?!? (U.S. Holiday!) May I wish y'all a Happy Thanksgiving?!?
Pretty please poetry help!?
Have you created something today?
samuel henry poet born in drymen scotland?
Need an preposition poem?
Would this be a horror poem?
some ideas for a bacteria poem?
What is the main theme in Dover Beach?
Another poem for judging - yea.. its love themed?
Can someone please help me find poems by Sandra Cisneros?
Amateur poetry constructive criticism please?
Would anyone go on a walk by the sea... with a Vampire?
Can you weave worlds with words?
A guy wrote me a poem. What does it mean?
hers a poem i came up with real quick......what do you think?
Is it good or not good?
write a poem/song/rap about 'feeling good tonight'.................?
Does anyone know the link to Pablo Neruda's poem "Ode to the Dog"?
A Poem of Dreams, again, please offer objective critique;?
Non Shakespearean sonnet?
Is this a good poem. Trustful comments, please.?
New Poem; 'The Dream' - would you please offer your critique?
Mid Summer Nights Dream help!?
is this poem a little to weird or to long?
What do you think of If It's Monday, It Has To Be Monday All Day morning pome?
Is this a different type quintuple acrostic poem?
I do not want to dream anymore, do you?
How do u like my poem?
Here's that lost piece I mentioned. I found it in my brain. Do you like it?
My short poem about "forbidden love" i guess you could say....true story...thoughts?
Can we be serious in Poetry for one second?
Can anyone tell me how this poem represents fantasy?
I want to know how to compare and contrast William Shakespeare’s sonnet and Edna St. Vincent Millay's?
Need help with title for poem?
Hey what do you think of my poem, thanks?
Does anybody know a good poetry book?
What lesson about life is taught in the poem Parihaka? I will rate every answer well!?
Do you like my first numbered poem?
Poem...i dont think i like it.?
I need critiques to make poem better no sugar coating thanks!?
Give by Carol Ann Duffy?
What are your thoughts on this poem, the thirst?
i need some bad help!!!!!!!?
what mood would this be?
I need help understanding and reflecting on the poem "skins" by Suji Kwock Kim?
What Do you think? (poEm)?
is this a good poem?
This poem's mother made her take lessons. Now, she loves her for it. How about you?
can anyone send me very much inspiring hindi and english poems preferably hindi poems?
Do you ever flash back to simpler times?
can anyone help me , how to comment on the prosodic features of a stanza in a poem?
new poem is it a fart poem?
Please Analyze this poem?
I Am From Poem Help?!?
Is This Poem Good? Any Add-ins you can add to it :D please xxxxxxxxx?
How does Poe's "The Raven" make you feel?
How is Pyramus and Thisbe by Shakespeare NOT poetry?
What do you think of my poem?
A short thank you verse for Lapiz?
Can someone help me with this poem?
can some one do a poem whit this?
I want to go home, but it is gone, a rumination, c/c?
A first poem, could you comment?
Where can I find the poem "How Did They Kill My Grandmother" by Boris Slutsky?
What do you think of my free verse poem?(free verse poems don't rhyme)
nortumberian layman who is the firt poet who composes through dreams?
Is this poem any good? Wrote it real quick.?
would you consider this revision of a poem?
What do you think of this poem/story?
is this a good poem? what can i fix in it?
BYRON- Hi. Does anyone no where i can get notes and analysis for Lord Byron's poetry?
Are these couplets good for children's poems?
Inspirational poem or sayings for fiancée in BCT?
What are your favorite Emily Dickinson poems?
What are published poems by African-American poets in which they reflect on their African heritage?
poem ...please help.?
how can i write good poems?
Have you won as many Lotteries as I have?
Can i write you a song or poem?10points?
A poem of Ws...................?
What is the title of this poem?
Is it okay if a poem doesn't mean much to its readers but a lot to its writer?
What are the five most important poetry magasines in the UK?
3 stanza poem on pride?
Sad... this is a poem. Will you read and comment?
Do you like reading lighthearted poetry or intense poetry?
Once again, I don't know what to think. How do I improve this?
What exactly are dear/deer sonnets?
Is this poem good? Constructive Criticism please?
How the English discovered the sonnet and changed it?
Will you read this piece and tell me, at what age do we learn to run?
Will you C/C on a new script (Half Sleeping Birds) by the Greek poet?
Whats your favorite poem or saying???
I need help with an analysis for langston hughes' Harlem and Same in Blues poems please help?
this mornings work...will someone comment?
Is this like a sonnet?
Author's Point of View?
poem i just wrote, rate? 1-10?
Silent addiction..(repost only 2 comments)?
How uncertain is your dream?
Help me make a poem for a greek play?
Looking for a new poem title?
A poem by Sandy Giggles, I chanced across, care to comment?
Just posted this in the philosophy section, what do you think?
what do you make of these lyrics/poem as i cant really define a meaning?
Need help with revising my poem!?
What does this poem mean?
Can you write me a 6 line mini-sonnet?
poetry help please?!?!?!?
OK. My first acrostic attempt. Did I do it right?
What is the inner message of this poem?
i suck in poetry can anyone help me? multiple choice?
What do you think of my poem?
10 lined ryming leaf poem.?
good poetry to read fckenriforefnced?
What is your opinion of my first Triolet?
What is on the inside?
Is this a good poem?? be honest?
Poem-We Will Be Stronger (Dedicated to the victims of the Aurora Massacre)?
Can you relate to this poem?
Is it possible for a prose writer to quickly compose poetry in free verse without long hours of preparation?
Where do you want to go? Can I take you there?
i want to write a poem that rhymes about my parakeets at least 5 stanzas?
What is...?
I am supposed to analyse the poem Insomniac by Maya Angelou and find out its deeper meaning. I'm stumped.?
i really need help writing a poem!!!please help!!!?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of this poem written in Robert Frost's style.?
A completely different style to previous posting. Which do you prefer?
words that rhyme with mind?
I'm an emo poet.Honest opinion?Its depressing, but I want critques.my other questions have poems too look@them
Opinions on a poem, "Cupid's Stupid."?
why cant I sleep......?
Help me please?
Rhyme time! :) given the topic, make your poem!?
your thoughts on this poem please?
English Literature poetry?
Funny songs that rhyme with Brandon?
what do think of this ? i just wrote it yesterday?
Please comment on Koala poem?
Please edit the second and third part of my petrarchan sonnet?
"Joys In Life" Some glitch of life in sorrow, care to C/C?
Poem - Stop - Do You Dislike?
Do you like this?
I need an analysis of the poem Million Man March by Maya Angelou?
What do you think of my poem?
would you care to comment on this poem?
The Pale Horse's Rider (modified)?
Can anyone tell me what this poem means please? It is shadowed from the book "The Awakening?
Is my poem worth publishing?
need help on poem problem please help ?
how much does a amatuer poet makes and how do they get published?
may I cut and paste an answer, will you take it as my Christmas present (poem or not)?
Can you picture this?
Just another poem of mine...please c/c?
What does crazy look like?
i need help with poems???Sonnet and A number of ways poem?
Read my poem! Do you like it? Comments?
does this poem make sense? thanks!?
Does this happen to you?
In "If you were coming in the Fall" what does Dickinson compare the months to?
Anyone know the poem about Stages of Friendship? Last line is how the 2 of you laugh before the joke is told.?
This is a poem I wrote not to long ago please tell me how it is?
What do you think about this poem/song?
Bio Poem Format? BEST ANSWER!?
What poetic devices in this word/phrase?
Is this a poem " The hungered kiss "?
A poem on friendship....... Plz rate it?
How do you like this deep poem?
What do you think of the following verses?
Will you c/c this quick poem, before I'm off to politics?
So, I've got this overflowing shoebox full of poetry. What should I do with it?
Is reading poetry weird?
Can you please read my poem?
An example of figurative language?
What do you hear? a bit of a rumination. c/c?
What say to the pome, "Snidely Settles It With Brunhild Viking"?
skies...................................… poem. Opinions?
Does anyone know this poem? (title unknown)?
Survey: Do you like my poem?
Ghostwriter will you read this and give your thoughts?
what is the theme and background of the poem 'because i could not stop before death by emily dickinson?
Betrayal, isn't it just the pits, a poem for c/c?
Would anybody care to tell me how they relate to this poem I wrote?
How many poems have you wrote and do you have one that is your favourite?
can someone explain Tupac Shakur's poem "in the event of my demise"?
How can I make this a haiku?
new poem about friends.. plz read!?
Can someone give me there opinion on my poem?
Anyone wanna help with congress poem?
how many stanzas are in the poem though you are grown?
Would you please tell me how you find my new sonnet?
My version of the poem Jack and Jill comments?
"Winging Our Ways" for your c/c a night-thought to you? in spontane.?
Can anyone give me any modern day songs that compare to the poem "when we two parted" by Lord Byron?
Explore the ways that the poem Porphyria's Lover presents ideas about people in love. ?
Does anybody know the author of this poem/lyrics?
What do you think of the poem about my blog?
Need help with some work?needed to transform a poem to a letter! need opinion?
What is the rhythm and meter in the poem "Ballade of Worldly Wealth?"?
i need a limrick poem please...=]?
Finish the poem. Should be fun: :-)?
I would like to thank my husband with a poem - what do you think any comments please?
Opinion on my poem please?
i'm thinking about publishing a poetry book? what do you think of my poems? PLease criticize ?
Can i carry you? BY: Brad Anderson Please helppp?
I need 4 poems with 3 literary terms?
Write a Poem that Expresses yourself?
Where can I find the poem LOVELESS?
This poem is geared a bit more to 'Awe', would you review it for me?
Does this poem have any literary devices in it?
What do you think about anonymous love notes/ letters?
Rhyming and Song Lyrics?
What does this mean?
how's this poem? i messed a little at the end -_-?
When words have two meanings, does the poet have to choose just one?
When do you see faces in everything?
John Keats --> Poem on Innocence of Youth and how Society corrupts Man???? 10 PTSS?
What dose this poem mean?
I am going to post this poem, either you laugh or you cry .. which one?
This poem is all out of whack. How can I get it all in whack?
Anyone up for a little challenge?
critisism for this poem, i am 17 years of age so i know i have alot to learn?
The Sound of Silence?
And who is your word checker?
How does poetry intertwine with philosophy?
The Poem "Rendevous" by Alan Seeger?
An attempt to write a poem about my childhood. Does it ring true?
Respite - poem to c/c plz?
How much is Paris Hilton's perfume Can-Can?
What do you think of my poem?
Lyric Poem on Narnia?
Will you comment on a goodnight of sorts, please?
Anyone know any origional poems?
♥ Do you think most people have written a love poem at some point in their lives?
Today, the first time she called me Mommy, a poem for your comments?
what poetic devices are used in the poem fear by gabriela mistral?
Can anyone translate a poem for me, please? It is in Enlgish and has to be translated to French.?
how do i submit a poem on poemhunter.com?
Tell me if this poem is ok?
I don't know what my own poems mean. What do you think this poem means?
English poem about beauty and love?
Can anyone please give me some verses on youth( in hindi)?
Funny beer poem help?
Emily Dickinson: Compare and Contrast?
Please tell me how my new poem is pretty please?
What is the meter and rhyme scheme of "The Laboratory" by Robert Browning?
Words to Poem by E.E. Cummings?
Oooohhh...a spooky one. No, I don't need help. It's art. Do you like it?
Does anyone know the name of this poem or who it's about?
Math Poem?
Rate my poem about my kitty on scale of 10 being great and 1 being awful.?
How would you improve this poem ....? Change the line breaks or put on the brakes?? S.V.P.?
Do You Like This Poem?
Understanding "A noiseless patient spider" by Walt Whitman?
what do you call someone who appreciates, or sees the Earth for the abundance that it is?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
I'm going to make a fresh pot of coffee and write some poems. What are you going to do?
would you read and leave a comment?
My other poem, please compare with the one I just posted.?
Please tell me why this poem sucks?
Yes, your Honor...Will you read and grant me my request, please?
what do you think of this poem?
A quickie of a poem...your thoughts/opinions/ratings/critique/etc.?
Is this a good pome about editing?
Write a 5 stanza, 4 line ballad?
An..."Even If You Scratch, The Trix Pour After" ...thing. Got Comment?
A Poem : Comments ?
would u pls comment on this poem?
I would like C/C on this little bit of poem .. trying on forms again?
Short poem about my son?
What would be a good title for this poem?
i am going to participate in the poetry out loud contest what peoms or poets do you guys sugest?
what are the "history of the times" of Pierre Ronsard?
what was i feeling when i wrote this poem, it is rough i know?
A poem about ambition, will you critique or comment on it please?
What is the rhyme scheme and form of Emily Dickinson's "I reason, earth is short"?
*clears throat* ..Poem?
Life and Death at Sunrise by Thomas Hardy?
What are your opinions on some writing I did?
What are four interesting and diverse poetic forms?
What are some good alliteration poems?
Summarize or analyze the poem "I Passed Three Girls Killing a Goat" by Miriam Greenberg!?
What is your opinion on my poem?
What do you think of these lines by Rudyard Kipling? Agree or disagree? Either way, he was quite a fellow!?
Do any of Edgar Allen Poe's works take place on a train?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
Would you be so kind as to comment?
How to write a life experience into stories or poetry?
Look at my poem? It's short and funny? Critique?
Analysing 'Change' by Kathleen Raine help?
What would you say to.... not another limerick?
How can i write my own sonnet? Any tips to start with?
Totally clean of drugs. I am back. How is this poem.?
"If I'm the only one here..."?
How is this Poem?
Deconstructing a line of a poem!?
Help with a poem ? " Time was, a sober englishman wou'd knock"?
what do you think of this love poem (not mine) ?
Whats a good short poem on pollution?
How can I improve this poem?
William blake... the chimney sweeper... 10 points!!?
I made this poem in under 10 mins do u think its good?
What are some abstract concepts?
`I965/6` an old poem memorized for your c-c?
Do You Like My Poem?
Just a short one. Is the dream a bridge?
How to write poetry in character?
Did I find the rhythm of this poem correctly?
Do you like this poem of mine?
Need help on critical thinking paragraph on a poem?
Do you mind waiting....?
What is the difference between pastoral poetry and rural poetry? Just a simple definition will do?
Quick poem...thaughts please?
reactions of the poem to the virgin mary?
Has your spirit ever been broken?
Care to comment on some lyrical poetry?
What is the tone in the poem Harlem by Langston Hughes?
What think you of a serious Sunday poem?
A poem I wrote, relating to "Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed." What do you think?
Not sure how to end this poem?
What is the name of the poem that consist of three heads in three separate barrels?
What are your feelings on my Poem? One truthful poem before I go?
Critique my two short poems?
Do you relate this poem?
How is my poem about the Great Gatsby?
When was the poem 'Solitude' by Ella Wheeler Wilcox written/published?
good poem yes or no????????????????????????
Born to die - another poem by me?
explain how the poem (I wandered lonely as a cloud) by william wordsworth speaks to you?
a short poem i was not very shure about it what do you think?
Does my Vogon haiku make me an even greater poet than Mike?
this is another one from when my boyfriend pissed me off!?
Rain Continues To fall --Poem --Thoughts? c/c?
I wrote a poem about Willy Wonka. Will you critique it, please?
Who is the speaker in the poem "In a Prominent Bar in Secaucus One Day"?
Help with analyzing poem?
In sonnet 75,why does the lady say the speaker's efforts are futile and summarize the speaker's response.
Who wrote this quote?
A poem I need you to critique?
What is the poem or prose that says, "they folded up their tents and (?) into the night. ?
I think I have a hangover. Do you like this poem?
If you could, would you (comment/critique)?
Will you comment on another from my back porch please?
Opinions on an edited poem?
Do you like this poem?
Who is a good Landscape poet i need 2 find out 4 my english assignment?
Another poem. What do you think?
A Southern Love Poem?
my poem...do you like it?
Survey: Do you like my poem ?
Can someone give me an analysis of the poem "the poem walked out" by heather spears?
criticism on poem, please be as critical as possible?
Redo, sans typo. Do you like it? It's about our refund policy...?
Should I work on this poem or abandon it?
i forgot this love poem. how does it go? please help?
Is rap poetry, opinions? 20 characters+?
Your Opinion on "I Am A Mother, I Am A Father.?
Need a title for a poem???
Why do poets reminisce?
Is there a French poem called "Ralts and the French Gardevoir?" If so, I'd like to know where to find it....?
How can "The White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling relate to "Shooting and Elephant" by George Orwell?
So does every one feel really good about the poison they spew?
can you add a line or two or three or four?
What do you think of this poem?
Haiku Poem? please help!!!?
How can i become better at writing poetry?
Do you have a moment for just a few words?
New love poem, Rate..Crit me..Star me!?
How do I write a poem?
Is there a better ending available?
Poetry Help! A Portrait of a Figure near water?
Plz comment and c/c my mathematical poem! is it good for math magazine?
Rate My Newest Poem!?
Help on Biology Poem?
Could someone please rate my poem? Scale of 1-10 and why u gave it that rating?
English, Rhyme Scheme Question?
You will take this quiz?
I wrote a poem for my friend Tom. His birthday was yesterday. Do you like it?
What is Poetry, and how can one separate it from prose?
Would this poem win a scholastic award?
~Solitude Night~ Feedback?
richard bone poem analysis?
Ever see this man at the movie with his cat? A poem c/c?
war poem - what do you think?
May I have your opinion of my poem..."breathe"? How did it make you feel?
One of my religious poems for your consideration. Comments and critique?
do we use punctuation when we write poems, like full-stops, commas etc or isn't it necessary?
Since my first poem was savaged badly, not one to give in easily, I have no choice but to written another.?
What do you call that form of poetry that combines two sentences into one?
free study guige for god in the godless universe,scientist and the poet,on killing a tree,the darkling thrush?
What are your feelings on this ..No Poems?
Will you comment on Halloween please?
Need help writing a sonnet?
what does this poem by Derek Walcott mean?
Why are tough women attracted to weak men?
What are three major themes in Emily Dickinsons poetry?
Is this a good poem for a girl?
Could You Rate My Poem?!?
what should i name this poem?
Any comments?
What is the meter of this poem/nursery rhyme?
[The Eleventh Muse]...Please c/c this poem...?
Can you help me write a poem about teens?
How can I better my line. It sounds too cliche.?
Can someone please do a quick Analysis of this poem?
Beowulf poem monster help?
I've written a new poem and would love some feedback/criticism!?
A street corner mime poem, comments?
What think you of a ramblin morning 'poem'?
How is my Poem?
i need explanation of mending wall by Robert frost an virtue by George hebert?
looking for a poem I heard in 4th grade?
Want to join in this 'just for fun' invitation?
Do you ever do....what you gotta do?
what do you think of this poem?
What is a good theme in Othello to write a found poem about?
The Church Pew, would you comment or critique?
There is a poem at the beginning of marvels infinity gauntlet that thanos says it starts with what merit has ?
Whats a good name for a poetry night at school?
This poem any good (rate 1-10)?
Does anybody know the lyrics to Black Ice "Lone Soldier" from def jam poetry?
Will You Read This Poem?
Speaking of metaphor...what say you to this write?
what are 5 things that have influenced Pierre de Ronsard to be a poet?
just wrote a poem needs some improvement?
Would like an opinion on new poem "My Name"?
Does it annoy you when people try to write a 'poem' but totally miss the point of poetry?
Shakespeare's sonnets- The Merchant of Venice?
Is it possible.........?
Where is a good place to post my poetry?
What are some poems that are kinda like these? I want a new tattoo and it to have something to do with these ?
Ummm. Will you please read this poetic?
tell me what you think about my poem
Question about Poe's The Raven?
is this a good poem.......?
Can someone give me a short poem about cells and its parts. it doesn't have to rhyme?
help me to fine a good poem on teamwork?
langston hughes????
When you ask for a sign, do they come?
Is this a poem for 'old' souls to read?
How grateful should I be to the Graces because when they were raining charisma, I wasn't holding an umbrella?
What is a good poem to analyze by Emily Dickinson?
Acrostic poem for Courtney?
What does shakespear Sonnet 89 mean?
I may have given up on this poem. Feel free to ignore it. Do you say pajamas or pa-JAHHM-uhz?
This poem is called (i think) Bad World, is it good?
Do you like my dark little poem?
Your Opinions On My Poem?
Care to comment again?
Poem of the Cat--what do you think of this?
What is the meaning behind Emily Dickinson's Part Four, 20?
The Hunchback in the Park by Dylan Thomas?
A little story about something I found, something old, something cherished, something to pass on, your comment?
Will you read and c/c a poem written by the Greek poet?
Can you capture the essence of joy in 10 words or less?
Have you ever noticed?
My Dern P.C. is Dead,Fred?
What makes David Fincher's narrative structure so individual ?
Doesn't it hurt when life rolls you over, when you're pedal to the metal?
Please, I need some help with my first poem in english...?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
what is a alliteration poem for friendship?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
Old poem I found lurking in my cupboard. C/C?
Hey what do you all think of this little poem thing?
can any1 tell me what poem was this?
how do u make this rhyme?
can you hear what i'm saying.?
I have another poem please rate this one!?
Ted Hughes recently discovered poems?
What is the main theme or central idea in Milton's Paradise Lost?
C/c an edited poem please?
Is my poem Robert Frost quality?
I want to get some poetry published. I am after some feedback on my writings?
What do you think of Snidely and Hen's Case Is Decided morning pome?
PLEASE! need help! what do you think about my ode?!?
A poem for you to ponder. c/c it, please?
i need a poem for someting upstairs?plz someone help?
How do the structures of poems play into the meaning of the poem?
POETRY HELP - the river god?
I'm fourteen is my poetry any good?
What do you think of this 'Political Chicken' morning pome?
Poem Help?!?!!??!!?!?!??!?!??!?!?????!?!?!?!?…
does anyone know any good Faith Poems? ?
I need to find a good acrostic poem for the word mom for mother's day but I can't find one?
What are your thoughts on this? Two points for every answer?
Weapon of Choice?
Will you comment on My muse is still snoring, please?
Do you believe in the power of prayer?
What do You think of this Poem I Wrote?
Where would poets be if they couldn't remember?
Christmas, comments?
Can somebody plz help me with this poem?
Will you C/C on {Arcanum Bride}, an older revised script by the Greek poet?
poem for school newletter?
How do you heed a call not given poem, comments?
Plzzzzz ? what do u think ? :)?
what is the meter of this poem " An Evening"?
Please rate my poem from 1-19?
Will you offer a comment please?
Have you written prophetic poems/song lyrics? Care to share & explain?
opinion on something?
Have you ever heard a voice you never forgot? Poem comments?
My first try at a longer poem, would you leave comments/critique?
a night i put on paper?
What Do Think Of My Poem Please Opinions ?
Wrapped in plastic. . . A poem about storage?
I made this poem in under 10 mins do u think its good?
Is there somewhere that a kid can publish their poems?
Can Someone recommend me a poem that...?
What do you think of my new poem? "Counting Sinners"?
Why should poets agree with this theory?
Thoughts on my original poem?
Can someone write me a short satirical poem about anything school appropriate?
ok rememberance poem se anything i could add?
what are the 3 poetic elements in this poem? the raven?
A little bit later, on down the road, will you comment please?
A simple poem still has meaning, what do you think of this one?
Check this poem and How to sell poems online?
Poem competition?
Who is Angelo C. Louw?
I need an acrostic poem based on the word "individuality" any ideas?
How would you capture the poetry of life as being analogous to a bus or train journey?
whats a good war poem based on friendship/loyalty/comradarie?
Question about the poem, "Eros Turannos' by Edwin Arlington Robinson? 10 points for best answer!?
Do u like my poem? Please answer?
Can someone help me brainstorm ideas?
A tribute to Elaine. Is it fitting?
What poem quote would best suit this picture?
I need help titling this poem...?
a poem about julius caesar?
poetry websites?
Please can you comment on this verse/prose?
Need help on presentation on the poem WHAT FIFTY SAID?
Help! I have a poem that's due tomorrow...?
But May I Ask, I would like to improve this, suggestions for improvement?
A poem.. please tell me what you think :)?
Can you make a poem which include these words?
So, what do you do on those warm summer nights?
Narrative Poetry Assignment?
What is the longest amount of time it's taken you to write a poem?
words in love ,poet ,i hope so ,its from heart though?
Would you turn away from/not read a poem?
What is Rhapsody in poetry mean?
If ya have an ounce of good in ya, can ya comment please?
cupid and psyche poem?
what do you think of this short poem?
a depressing poem.....i need help finding it?
What is the "heart" a metaphor for?
My first poem... what do you think?
13Messengers from the Dead?
hey new peom what do you think?
Any sonnets not written in iambic pentameter?
Do you know the original author of this poem?(I already Googled it)?
Help with poem by Langston Hughes?!?
Questions on Poetry, 'Out Out-' by robert frost?
a poem...what do you think?
How is this short poem of mine? Good? Bad? So-so?
" No hard feelings "... Dont you agree that Men are smarter than w0men ???
can anybody write me a couplet?
do u like my poem called over the years? Be brutally honest?
What do you think of this poem?
Can you suggest a title for this?
What do you think of my song?
What do you think of the song I just wrote?
Anyone who's read the book Farenheight 451, can you tell me what you think of my poem? The Black Dove...?
help me figure out the format and rhyme scheme of this poem!?
Teen Poetry site?
What does the poem Italia by Oscar Wilde mean?
Draw Conclusions in Beowulf poem?
Can someone make this painting a poem?
Would you care to join me in a celebration of sorts?
Can someone please critique my poem?
Find a poem online which makes use of similies or metaphors!?
Bruce Dawe poetry help!!!!!?
i need to get this off my chest.. i know its no good?
New Poem sucks, should I burn it, or try to save it.?
Can tell me what this poem means? Poem written by some crazy person?
how do i write a good limerick poem for catcher in the rye?
Is this good enough for #9 in the mansion series?
A level poetry carol ann duffy...?
Is my poem any good?
compare n contrast the relationship between the speaker n his love in each of the sonnets?
Whats a simile and a metaphor?
Can someone help me with poetry plz?
Will you rate my poem? ?
Is this actually a good poem?
is this a good poem...?
Fractured fairytale poem? sleeping beauty?
Happy Thanksgiving poem?
Short poem needs to be finished?
I Am the Peanut............?
Can Anyone find the poem "Joey" by shel silverstein for me?
lives lost?
Describe the features of Whitman's “Song of Myself” in terms of its theme and form?
Do You like my new Poem?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of thoughtless thinkers?
read this poem and tell me what you think...?
Will you comment on this poem please?
uhm what do you think?
Please read and digest my poem, and then decide on a score for it, from one to ten?
Up late and thinking "Tears And Timely Sighs" the title will throw ya, can to comment or crit?
Poem by Lauris Edmond...HELP!?
Feedback on my poem please?
Whats your favorite poem???
what do you think of this short poem?
What happens to a place, when you leave?
Some questions about this poem?
What's your honest opinion of this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Is this any good? What do you think about it, how does it make you feel?
Will you write a poem with one of these subjects?
Ezra Pound: Theme of Poetry.?
On a scale from 1 to 10, is this short poem good?
What is the meaning of the poem 'life's theft'?
Where is a good place to submit a poem?
Why is the poetry market so small?
sonnet help???????????????
"Just realised"..a grump to c-c?
What of the Monster of Rotenberg?
I know the artificial ivy will consume me, A small diatribe, c/c?
A Hummer of a Day, a poem, comments?