Do you think this could be a published poem?
Is this a good example of a "bad" poem?
Why are we here? Will you comment?
How can "The White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling relate to "Shooting and Elephant" by George Orwell?
Can you help me analyze this poem?
check out this poem (its for school)?
Is this a good poem??????
An Acrostic Poem for Sunday?
If this were the open sea, and you had a message to send, what would it be?
My poem called "Love" will you tell me how warm it makes you feel?
what is summary of the village blacksmith poem?
thoughts about this poem. please read. thank you :)?
Does your pet know when its time?
Poem/Lyrics your opinions please???
Feedback on my poem please?
What do you think?
bosses day i need to write a poem for my boss. ?
I need a name for my poem.... HELP??
can you give comments for this poem?
Types of words to use in a poem about beauty?
One for King of Biscuits... What do think?
can you help me find the "deeper" meaning to this poem?
What poem by eduard morike did hugo wolf model the song lilium after?
HEY!!! ok this is a emergency i need a poem werewolf of grafton gully!!!! plizz someone?
Is this a good gothic poem?
poem idea suggestions?
What is the message of the poem "An August Afternoon" ?
Does this define true love...?
Another poem for your comment and critique. Will you share?
Help on Connotation! Harlem, by langston Hughes?
Is Rap music Poetry?
what is the mood of the poem "The Tide Rises Tide falls"?
Write a 2 line poem, the best will get 10 points?
Please explain these lines. Its from the chapter "The Gift of India" by Sarojini Naidu.?
What do you think this poem means ?
REAL Poets! Where are all of you?
poem i made that isn't finished yet?
help write a second verse?
Is Ella Mentry a good pen name?
How did the morning after turn out?
what do you think of my poem?
Which would be the best edition of collected poems of T S Eliot to buy?
PLEASE HELP!!!!! I am in 6th grade and i need an amazing poem for an oral reading competition!!!!!?
Will you please read and comment?
Have you ever worked for the Big Guy?
Would you care to comment on this poem; have you ever felt this way?
The Sound of Silence?
Anyone up for a silly(hopefully fun) Poetry Multiple Choice question.?
Will you please C & C this new poem, She Looks Asleep?
What is a BBC Accent ?
What do you want on your gravestone?
What do these lines mean in a Dorothy Parker poem: There was one?
Anti-Christian Poetry?
Would this be better as prose or...what should I do with it?
I don't know what my own poems mean. What do you think this poem means?
"Conscientious" Is there a limit to being good? Care to C/C this poem?
is this guy a poet................................?
what poems are similar to 'in paris with you'?
HELP? a poem about man commiting suicide? anyone?
What makes an Elizabeth Bishop poem an Elizabeth Bishop poem?
what does" grito hacia roma" talk about?
HOW DO YOU LIKE my somewhat DISTURBING for some POEM??
I write poetry...so I should pursue a career in...?
about feeling lonely and left out?
Is this a good poem (opinions please.)?
Are some experiences with us forever? c/c?
What do you think of this poem I wrote...... Please be as BRUTALLY HONEST as you wish to be...?
What are some poems that are similar to "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes?
Funny Poems??
How do I write a poem about freedom?
What is your favorite season?
An analysis of the poem "Isaac and Archibald" by Edwin Arlington Robinson. 10 Points!
Does anyone know this poem/song?
Do you like beat poetry?
holy sonnet #10(death be not proud)why does the speaker react to death by challenging its stenght & pride?
Analysis of the poem Picnic, Lightning by Billy Collins?
what do you think of this poem?
to what book does carlos bousoño's poem España en el sueño belong to?
Critique, opinions please?
Any one good at poems.?
what are 3 examples of imagery in the poem"Kubla Khan"?
New poem :) What do you think?
if by rudyard kipling? poetry critique??
Is this any good?
do you like my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
I need a 24 line malyalam poem on mathru sneham ( mother's love).....?
does any one know the message behind this poem i dont understand it that well?
will you tell me what you think about H.O.P my poem? please tell me the truth!?
Simile: Ipods are like...?
Poem....Critique for me please!! Thanks!?
Can someone please explain the third paragraph of this poem by William Blake?
Do you like my poem?
Just a notion, will you comment please?
Forgotten poem title?
Can a poem exhort you to a spirit of joyfulness?
Elucidate the symbolic significance of the wall in the poem mending wall and analyse its use by the poet to co?
I need "I Am" poem help?
And then what? Will you C/C please?
Poem: Mystery (Comments welcome. Please let me know what you think?
What is the form of the poem Gloire de Dijon?
Is this a good poem or no?
What does the poem "I've Known Rivers" by Langston Hues mean?
need opinions on my poem.?
why do people say my peom sucks?
What is the message of "Poets to Come" by Walt Whitman ?
Poetry feedback?
Please tell me wht you think of my poem, thnks?
what similarities do Robert Frost and his poem In My Own have in common?
You dirty lowdown rotten scoundrel?
When did you realize you needed others and couldn't do it on your own?
yo dawg i wrote dis shiz and feel I mida cut it off too soon watchya think?
If I write poems all the time does it mean I am gay!?
Would Anyone Critique For Me...?
Write a Meatphor Poem.?
need help getting my poems publish?
Do you like this poem, what would you rate it out of 10?
another new poem about retaking control of ur life...whatch think?
Rate this cute love poem and post your valuable comments?
Is this poem alright ?
How does this quote go? "There comes a point when........"?
Can you help me analyze this verse from Pope?
Poem Idea?
Can anyone please give me a poetry analysis of "The Refugees" by Herbert Read?
What is a good poem...?
omg!! ok i need a mothers day poem?
did you miss morose...? A poem to peruse, and would you please critique?
This is 'Lost', what do you think of it?
How bad is my poetry?
How does this poem sound? Advice? Comments?
I have a troubled mind about love poems, usually - but maybe I'll try one?
What do you think of my poem ?
here is a poem 4 you to read?
Tone & theme of "much madness is divinest sense"?
What does this mean..?
"humor me, will you"? a kind of poem that needs to be read, and C/Ced 2?
what do you think of this poem?
What is "fixed poetry?"?
Idiots at it again I bet they get kicks if I fret, in their thinkin' they're wet?
help i need 2 write a poem?
What do you think of my poem?10 points to best answer?
will you comment on this poem please?
Please critique?
Is this poem good. Comments appreciated:) 2?
Annabel Lee - alliteration & assonance?
Please help me with this poem?
I fear I may have a poets soul. Can I get a diagnoses?
Poetry opinion (heartbreak)?
What happens when you have to live with anothers decision.....Comments?
Is stumblebum a real word?
Do you like my funny poem?
Looking for a old poetry book?
Help with my War Poem?
Stupid poem. You're opinion?
I was wondering if this is a good poem?
Hello. I just wrote a poem. Hope you like it!?
What is indestructible ?
What do you think of my poem?
Please review this poem about love, sexuality and faith?
My other poem, please rate 1-100 and reasoning?
what words rhyme with you?
an acrostic poem for the word mockingjay?
poetry quatrains and tercets????
how to read a poem ???
Who is your favorite poet, and your favorite poem by them?
Feedback on this poem?
i need a good poem to illustrate?
can someone help me make a good harmony poem that is at least half a page long!! thank you :)?
Could someone help me with my poem?
Rate please poems - by a Russian woman from Siberia ...?
Would you title this poem and give me your reactions?
PLEASE rate this poem....??????????
What does this poem mean?
Primrose poem - will you cc?
What do you think of this?
Is there a poet as nourishing to read as Dicken's novels and Emerson's essays?
Make poem about favorite sport?
What is your reaction to this poem>?
Will you come fishing and please abide by The Two Motto's (of this Boat)?
do you guys like my poem?
What are three connotations and the theme for the poem "On Turning Ten"?
If It Were Halloween, Would This Be The Ulitmate Scary Poem?
My Heart, It Hurts (the poems title...)?
do you like my poem?
Will you C/C on the new script {Colibri} of the Greek poet?
Meaning of the poem "Two Bodies" by Paz?
Yoga poem - please c/c first draft!?
What do you think...not an analysis, please, just your thoughts?
the poem meeting point by Louis MacNeice how does the poet express the way that love makes time stand still?
Noodling around with some verses, any thoughts on what I've done so far?
This Half-A$$ Poem Needs a Kick-A$$ Title… A Little Help?
What does Geoffrey Chaucer's poem "Truth" mean?
Here's a spooky poem?
What is your shortest reaction to suicide?
Will you comment on this mindless rambling please?
I don't understand poetry, can someone help me to decipher what this means?
Do you ever write just to amuse yourself, and maybe a few others?
How do you reality test? I am faulty with this, do you have clues?
Critique my poem? However, I won't change.?
An analysis of Henry Vaughn's 'The Showre'?
Is my literary talent seriously underestimated?
Please help with 8-line poem!?
How is this start so far?
What is the basic rhythm scheme (meter) of this poem?
My second for a monday. How is this short poem.?
To kill a mockingbird poem "what are little boys made of" "what are little girls made of"-stereotypes?
/!\ Rate this rap/ poetry I wrote: "Behold Life"?
Will you scratch me behind the ear and read this poem?
Yep it's that day again, will you C/C please?
Can you start a class action suit against ,for theft of mind garbage?
Has anyone heard the Eve Ensler poem about New Orleans?
How about a traveling poem?
what are your feelings on my re-posted poem? Living to Die?
What do you think of the poem I wrote?
can u rate my poem please thnx!!?
Is your weather unpredictable today?
Here is a poem. Every line has seven syllables. Do you like it.?
Poems like E. E. Cummings'?
here's a poem i wrote last night - may i hear your thoughts/comments on it?
What inspired Shelley to write Ozymandias?
Rate my poem please.?
Tell me what you think about this...?
help finding this poem?
How is the poem 'badger' by John Clare classed as open and closed poetry?
What do you think of my poems? Constructive criticism requested!?
Where could I go for a beginner's introduction to Telugu poetry?
What do you think of this??
In Lisey's Story by Stephen King, what is the name of the poem mentioned?
Who Made The World: A Song. Do You Like It?
Edgar Allan Poe?
What does this Poem means to you?
PLEASE!! What language technique is this in this sentence?
Do you like my new poem (i edited it)?
can anyone give me a acrostic poem about patriotic?
What does this poem mean?
Will you comment on "This Old Barn"?
Is this poem good or bad?
for my daughter, is it ok?
what do u think of my poem?
My 11 year old wrote this, comment please?
Commentary on my poem please!!!!?
What do you think of this poem: Rhythm of the Night?
is this poem interesting?
In what ways has poetry helped you grow as a person?
How often are you inspired by a song?
Will you enjoy an AWWW how nice poem that I wrote?
Is my poem any good?
what can i write some poetry about?
could you have this from edmund spenser's sonnet 75 rephrased?
A poem inspired from last night...how can I improve it?
Gotta' Move On... Let me know what you think....?
ei guys, wanna gimme some rhyming wurdz 4 my poem?
How do you make money as a poet?
I have sent my reading in so I don't know why some one has been to read the meter?
Is there a metaphor in this poem?
How do you write a poem about yourself?
Is this to long?
what about those poems?
Percy Shelley "The Indian Serenade" poem?
What would 8 Track Mind think of this poem?
s....I share my poem you critique it?
What poem should I read by Margaret Atwood to a grade 8 class?
What about this pome 'Don't Dare Get Aggravated...' morning pome?
My mom found a poem I wrote 20 years ago...c/c?
Aboriginal poems about celebrating the land?
what do you think the meaning of The Flood by robert frost is?
How can i start my carpe diem poem?
Are you your own best poetry editor?
What are some good love sonnets?
If we decided we needed 8 days a week, what would you call the new one?
A trigee quad?
Explain the poem Incident in a Rose Garden?
What's a good metaphor for.......?
Poem-rate on scale of 1-10, 10 being highest:?
Starbucks poem ..? ..?
New poem I would like advice on. Thanks?
poem read aloud by a man about going backwards?
question about Romantic authors?
Looking for "simple" and short poems by famous American poets...?
Can you write a poem about paranoia?
Can I ask for comments please?
Poem or graphic or something?! ASAP!?
The Curse On The Fore-Head Of A Fool. Do You Curse The Same?
Can someone check the rhyme scene of this poem: SONNET 29?
Short poem C/C please?
I need a simple english sonnet but not a famous one.?
Define a William Shakespeare poem please!?
Feedback on my poem please?
ho is the speaker in shakespear's sonnet 130 ?
What is this poem about?
I really want some feedback on my poetry. Think you can help?
Figurative language in the poem "Making a Fist"?
can u help me plzplzplzwith a peom?
Poem for your C/C What would you title this poem?
Is this spoken word good?
A two tissues expression, will you C/C please?
how do i start this poem?
would you ? a poem, non rhyming, would you read and comment, please?
tell me wat you think of my poem Pleaze!!!?
poem about slaves and immigrants?
can anyone come up with an acrostic poem for the word "ozone"?
Can you write me two small poems?
Just a thought ? Please CC , Thankyou ?
Why do like holy deceit poem by Akakwandu?
I need ideas for a poem.?
Meditation can come in many forms and shapes, right?
Will you comment on this, any advice?
Mind giving yopur opinion on some poems which "x-rayed" my heart some months ago?
Need a poem urgently for funeral tomorrow?
what is the theme of Louis MacNeice's poem Prayer Before Birth?
Paraphrasing a poem ?
help with basic poem types and their meaning?
the poem is about after an operation?
Will you C/C on the new script {Dark Angel} of the Greek poet?
Do you like my newest poem?
What is a good title for a poem about peace?
Need some tips on good poems/authors for a funeral service?
What do you think about my poem? s?
I am looking for a certain poem. I think it is by RS Thomas. Its a sad love poem. Know some of the words....?
Anyone know a good rhyme or saying?
What do you think of this start for a poem?
Poem about rip van winkle's beard?
best website/forum for poem writers?
The character sketch of the village school master --poem by oliver goldsmith?
Very Rough Draft Poem for Critique?
Check out this poem about my youth???
An attempt to write a poem about my childhood. Does it ring true?
could I have a critique of this short piece of poem/prose I wrote?
"Sonnet 53" What could be cavemen doing for moonlit sprees? Care to C/C?
Help on "After Great Pain, and Formal Feeling Comes" Poem?
I think it's time for me to write another peom for my smexy, what you think!?
I need a name for my Poem Anthology. PLEASE HHHHEEELLLPPPP!?
Where can I find the poem Victims of a Down by the guitarist of System of a Down?
Will we miss Dragonflyy?
I'm analyzing a poem called "Mrs Faust" by Carol Ann Duffy and need some help with analytical terms?
Any suggestions or add-ons before I attempts parts 2,3,4,5,6 and >...?
Writing a poem for my girlfriend about her eyes?
whats this chant thing?
When is it acceptable to write an ode to someone special?
...do everyday words mean anything?
What kind of figurative language is this?
2nd draft 'seasons of feelings'?
Comments/opinions/thoughts on my poem?
Short Modern-Type Poems about Friendship?
Can you help me determine the meter in this poem?
Will you c/c one I posted as a reply 3 years ago, on what Poetry is or isn't?
What is your take on this poem?
Can someone make me a sonnet about love?
What are three characteristics of the genre?
Please c/c this 'Thank You' 'poem'...?
this is my poem?
please tell me what you think about my writing?
Do you like the poem I wrote?
Help with English in a poem?
What do you think of the character?? Lots of opinions plz :)?
can any of you tell what this is about?
What is there left to do?
do u like this poem?
Can you interpret this poem?
Is my poem okay?
Help Finding the Figurative Language in this Song. ?
Fun chalenge poem cause it's Monday & Buk hasn't asked an underwear question c/c?
New Poem One Gun Two Graves?
What could I wrote hear for my poem?
Do you enjoy poetry that is carved in stone and etched within clouds or only poems read on the invisible page?
poem good enough for national competition ?
i have posted thing before as well,, i just need some honest and strict reviews about my poem?
Summarize what this poem is talking about? 10 POINTS!?
Opinions on this poem please?
Would you offer a comment on poem titled "Beaten Down"?
What is the rhyme scheme to "Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover?" by Sir John Suckling?
Care to comment on a poem that tries to change the way you feel?
After shock, will you C/C please?
"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"?
I wrote this poem when I was 13. Read and comment please?
which poem is the easiest to interpret, find images about and find poetic devices?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
What rhymes with face? Need help to rhyme for these lyric sentences?
C/c a new poem please?
Help on analysis of a poem?
I need a good poem or qoute about music or guitar?
Comments and Critique?
i need a good poem to recite in front of my class?
Please help me with this short sad war poem.?
Poetry analysis help please :)?
Help me come up with a title for my poem? And let me know what you think, please?
help on homer's poems?
*I'm not in a hurry* a poem or some such, could you read and C/C?
How do you like this poems? judge it please :-)?
Is this a good poem? Please tell the honest truth?
what do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my poem; it's about death?
is this good?
Do the ends justify the means? Comments please?
I haven't read anything beautiful in a long time. Can you capture beauty in just a few lines?
what do you think of these poems?
How do you write a poem?
haiku poems???
A poem or a feeling?
Can anyone find me a poem?
please tell me what you think about my poem?
How do you edit your poetry?
what do you think of this poem?
Would you comment on another monkey poem please?
What do you think about this poem?
Can someone tell me the words to a poem called I'm a little glow worm?
Thanks for your time in advance...^ ^ Interested in Reading/Commenting on a Few Vignettes?
Are miracles mistakes? C/c?
What is the main theme in Dover Beach?
What's What's Nightingales a poem by Robert Bridges about?
Do you keep a collection of all the poems you have ever written to see how far you've come?
i need help from fellow lyricists!?
Is William Shakespeare's Juliet's Soliloquy considered a poem?
A poem on "Love & Life"; want to tell me what you think of it?
This is a poem I wrote from the eyes of a 14 year old friend. How did I do.?
Can someone please explain the third paragraph of this poem by William Blake?
Walk Lightly?
what if I am Bic, or...pentameteristicalism?
How to write a Sonnet?
could you rate my poem please?
How would you describe Catullus' emotion and view of love in this poem?
How is this poem for my first day in Honors English 4?
if i knew i'd come right out and say it even to my worse enemys?
Take some time to read my poem?
Figurative Language, for basketball?
In the elegy poems "Lycidas," and "Adonais," avoidance?
May I post a poem for my contacts to read and review?
Do you think I have talent?
hers a poem i came up with real quick......what do you think?
What is it? ... can you see it? please read this poem and comment?
how come we say "when the alarm goes off" when really it,s going on?
Can you analyse this poem by Charles Baudelaire?
Poems about missing a ex boyfriend?
Do poems need punctuation/capitalization, to make them perfectly clear?
Wierd little thoughts...yes...no...maybe?
This is a poem I wrote to a girl, do you like it?
Need a poem to write for my favourite teacher!?
Life is just life.?
Can't find!?
can someone help with an analysis of John Greenleaf Whittiers' Ichabod!?
Similarities in 'Still i rise' and 'Digging'?
what do you think of this poem?
Please read my awesome poem?
just came across some of my old poems?
Any comments on this poem? Thank you.?
What think you of this short poem?
Did you make it rain?
I am looking for a good Poem to add to my Girlfriends Birthday card?
Care to comment on a poem that tries to change the way you feel?
quick poem about a bird, C/C?
What is the alliteration in this poem? Tone, Theme?
Is this poem "Held Down" any good?
A bit of a limerick?
Can you capture the essence of grief in 10 words or less?
"Q" Survey: Do you think P&S is for people with no life?
What are the juxtaposistions in the poem My Country by Dorothea Mackellar?
Hmpft....does size matter guys?
another "poem" i wrote that needs review?
What is your opinion of my new 'Ocean' poem?
what do you think of this poem and how can i make it better. critique?
Is this good haiku poetry? Feedback.?
poem troubles?
I want to find a poem called "Midwife House"?
Critique on my poem please?
How is "N.Good" poem..? otteri selvakumar?
What are the best lines to put into a powerpoint presentation in Dante's Alighieri's Inferno, Cantos VI-X?
What are your thoughts on my love poem?
Can you help me with my story?
Someone Please Help Me With A Poem Assignment?
What do you think of my poem. Please rate on a scale of 1 - 3?
Sometimes the slightest change can mean the world...care to comment on this poem?
What is Reality, what is fake?
T.S Eliot rewrite for AP Lit?
What is the best romance/Love book out there?
what's a website that lets you post poems?
how can i write with a shakespearian voice?
Critique this poem please?
can you find the poem "i never said i wasnt difficult"?
Free online poem designer?
What do u think of this poem: I Am the One Who Watches (original)? Please be honest.?
Why do you start a "capital letter" on each sentence of poetry without a . at the front?
A short poem, WILL YOU c/c?
Help with a nature poem???
Do you like my Poem, I just wrote it.?
i need a poem about friend's. please can you help me!!!?
Will you write me a poem??
i need asummary about the language that george herbert use in his poem love 1?
Poem: Is this good? Yes, no...?
do you have a copy of the poem pliant like bamboo?
Critic this poem of mine?
what is the symbolism in " A very old man with enourmous wings"?
Field of vision by seamus henry- theme?
Another poem on the theme of freedom, will you c/c please?
What Are Some Great Ways To Creat A Poem? 10 points?
please read and comment on my poem?
can someone please explain this poem a little bit?
How bad is it?
More Goofy? How are your pets today?
Can Yuhh help me with my poem?
Is this a feast or famine...?
Anybody know a poem that reminds them of the 9/11 tragedy?
I need help rhyming this line for my sonnet?
is this poem harsh or selfish?
What do you think of this poem.?
Thoughts On Poem I Wrote?
Could I have your thoughts on this poem?
who knows how to write a poem using @ least 10 math 1 terms?
What do you think of this metaphorical poem?
Is this a good poem?
bruce dawe's poem involves us in a range of experiences?
'In Her Sister's Shadow' a frightful tale, please might I have your thoughts?
Beowulf Epic Story: Question .?
could someone please explain the theme of A Valediction: OF Weeping to me?
What is a couplet poem?
My Poem: "Not One But Two" I have a French Poodle - He was lonely so I got another - "I was an only child
l need to write a poem about myself... could someone please help me?
what is wordsworth purpose in alluding the mythology in the last line of the poem?
"The Voice of Adventure" thoughts?
Poetry project?
do you like my new poem?
What can I add to or replace in this poem?
Poetry? Please don't be afraid of criticizing my poem?
how do u like this attempt at a sonnet? please write any suggestions to improve on it.?
Please Rate My Poem...?
Does any man/woman hold the right to dictate the boundaries of poetry to another?
Does anyone know how to write a poem?
Is this good for the poetry contest?
can any one tell me which poem is this from...?
Poets et al., does YAPs need a Divine Intervention...?
will you give me an opinion on my poem? please? :)?
I need a short and sweet poem to write inside my guyfriend's mother birthday card that I brought her?
metaphor that describes a person unsure of who she is.?
Need help writing a poem ?
I am looking for a poem to honor the parents and grandparents who died before my wedding.?
Poetry help, pleeeeease?
Do you have a top 3 poets list and one sentence to describe why?
Poems related to this song?
What the Hay??? OOPS all Day???cFOyc?
Can you name me poets who are alive and represent America through their poems?
Why do you comprehend this poem?
Will you rate my Limerick?
A list of poems by Rupert McCall...................?
Could You Honestly Find A Poem In My .....?
Does anyone know of any good poems that depict the theme of courage?
A sappy poem...Let Me know what You think.?
Just 1 question.. Shakespeare poem help, pretty please with a cherry on top? :) ?
A poem I wrote. Tell me if you like it and the first one who can tell me the form it is written in gets s
does anyone recognize this poem?
What is this type of poetry called?
What do you think of my poem:?
Please rate my poem and tell me how I can improve. Thank you very much?
Please help me with the technical stuff?
make me a peom please?? homework?
Are there any poets willing to write a poem for me ?
A bit of free verse here...(ssshhhh...it isn't emo) What are your suggestions?
What would you consider to be a stereotypical poet?
Judge this Poem as if this were Poetic idol or something?
What do you think about this? LADIES ONLY?
Another one of my prose poems..?
What would Lord Byron and William Blake (Boredom made me ask this question) Think about my poems?
What is the meaning (authors message) of this poem?
I think I'll sit here all day long and write poems until I write a poem that will rip the top of your....?
Collage on the poem "If you were coming in the fall" by Emily Dickinson?
what do u think of this one. comments please?
REDOE someday poem!!!!?
Poem about fighting reality?
Are you generous enough to welcome an almost stranger into your home if there was the need? c/c?
Walt Whitman, Did anyone see the documentary about him? I'm trying to find the name of one of his poems!?
Hows this Poem I wrote about Verbal Abuse?
What is a good part to act in the Beowulf poem?
What did emily dickinson introduce to poetry?
How do you like my poem....please rate 1-10....?
The skies were used as gods canvas, as the sun bleeds through the clouds?
My second ever poem - feedback?
What Does the Poem "October" by Robert Frost Mean?
s! What do you think of this poem I just rewrote?
Need ideas for a poem?
poetry experts? please help me compare these two poems in form, style, and content?
Would you comment on a poem about making a toast to time?
What the heck does this mean!? i'm not getting it !?
poems! i need poems!?
Is there a place for lace in heaven?
Are you or have you ever been, weary?
Do any of you know this painting, comments or critique are welcome, thanks?
Which form of learning does the poem privilege (give the most weight to)? book learning or experiential...?
Today is such a good day for a birthday, right?
A poem "Man Who Would Be King"?
I am looking for a list of hispanic poets?
Would you care to comment on a morning poem?
What poem is ten lines long?
How long does it take you to write a good poem?
Would you critique my revised poem?
Is this poem any good ?
Comments on a poem about a prayer request?
why is the first scene of each act important in Macbeth?
I want to learn how to write sonnets and ballads and stuff like that. Anyone here who can help me?
I need help with a ballad.?
what are your thoughts about my poem?
How strong is your skin? A rumination, c/c?
What do you think of the use of profanity in poetry?
My poem, any thoughts or opinions?
Sharing a poem I found on health answers...must read!?
i want to know can help me out with a descriptive story on a peanut?
Non-rhyming Poem (revised)?
I found an asian bowl pottery with a hole on the bottom and that does not go through to the hole on the top?
what do you think of this... honestly????
Can someone create a limerick poem for the name Valery? ?
Reflections Of An Angry Ghost..........c\c?
I got this poem type thing inside, but if I claw it out with a sharp object it's gonna hurt real bad....?
Beginner at poetry any comments.? ?
Why do you write poetry?
Anyone grow up children's with poems in German, I have a question...?
Will you comment on this poem please?
is this a good poem...?
Is this any good or is there still work to be done?
does anyone have an anger poem?
What do you think of this poem?
A poem that I wrote...?
Poetry: Does this really make no sense at all...?
My second trip to a group. . . . comments?
So what about this poem iWrote?
What do you think of my poem so far?
If I could teach the world?
Couplet Challenge!?!?
New poem.. what do you think? ?
What would a acrostic poem about erosion look like?
Poems...in your opinion which one is the best and why?
do you like this poem?
I need some honest opinions on this poem 3 (FUNNY)?
"Clowning For The Crown" a spontane of royal fun. please c-c?
Can someone tell me who wrote this ?
poem by ee comings need ideas?
can you please give me an english or tagalog translation for any mangyan ambahan poetry?
peom please feed back!?
Will you read my Butterfly Blues. Comments and Critique welcome, thanks?
Would love comments please thanks.?
is this any good???
Free Form poetry lovers; is this your cup of tea?
what do you think of my new poem?
What do you think?
Do you like mourning in the morning or grieving in the evening?
Ode On The Death Of A Favourite Cat Drowned In A Tub Of Goldfishes by Thomas Gray?
in a class at school we are learning about poetry and we have to analyze a song.. can someone help me with it?
Where do you publish your poetry? Online or not online? ?
What do you think of this Poem?
Would you eat with a poet?
can you tell me what you think?
Rate my poem please.?
Feedback on my poem, please?
What do you think about this poem?
Will this bird ever fly?
what year did they create poetry?
How many words does it take to make a poem long enough to be good?
Would you rather be the thunder, the lightning, the clouds, the wind, or the rain?
whats the latest you can place poem in the national poetry contest?
Feedback on my poem please?
Trying to find a poem about the fallibility/imperfection of humans?
Who thinks the ship 'Star Raker' needs an orchestra?
Who agrees that poetry sucks?
Critic this poem of mine?
What is the tone/mood of this poem, and which lines convey the mood?
Can you abide a sonnet written by a simple Egg? c/c?
"Waiting" By Joey Wilson?
whats your favorite rhyme scheme?
Can you read this and tell me what you think of it?
Poetry.com has helped me in my writings despite what people say!?
what do you think? please be gentle.. : )?
I need an easy poem to memorize?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
what is a limerick about music?
is this poem any good???? i wrote it myself?
Repost! Finished Poem (Amnesty) Opinions?
Poetry terms? plaese help! 10 points 5 stars?
Is there anything more beautiful and admirable than a mother's love for her children?
Poetry? Please help!?
Is this a good or bad poem?
i need help with writing a 14 line sonnet poem?
3 LA questions about poetry, please help!?
Was this a good idea?
im writing a peom and i dont know how to start?
Runaway: by Jeana. Please rate this poem.?
Ever had to pause for a short poem?
Opinions on a new poem please?
Forgotten CONTINUED. Read first half on other question.?
What does Walt Whitman's poem "Song of Myself" mean in general?
A stupid poem but I will get sick if I don't ask for your comments. if you don't mind?
A deep Shel Silverstein Poem?
Any idea's on how to write Poem about "WHAT SHOULD I DO"?
what does the phrase "i am, i am, i am" from one of sylvia plath's poems mean?
Read my poem and tell me what you think?
And what would you do in this situation?
Comments on my poem(s)??
"Sonnet 49" Was Fate too light on you? Care to C/C?
GIRLS: is my love poem any good??? ?
Analyze this poem please?
What do you think of this poem?
WRITE ME A POEM? I need a poem for class.. please?
Can anyone interpret the meaning of this Spanish poem?
What is your favourite quote from All's Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare ?
What does this poem mean?
need ideas for a poetry project?
Is rap poetry, opinions? 20 characters+?
Poetry: Feedback/Interpretations on my lyrics that I wrote please?
Good poems...?
POEM PRIDE by Dahlia Ravikovitch? 10 points best answer.?
...do missing pieces make up the whole?
how 2 write a poem compareing 2 things in nature?
what do you think of the song i wrote?
Did you ever have a therapist who did one good thing? Epiphany, c/c?
Feedback on english trochaic poem PLZ?
Care to read my poem I just wrote and tell me what you think?
Help analyzing a poem...!?
What is happening in the poem Lamentations by Siegfried Sassoon?
Is This Poem Good? Any Add-ins you can add to it :D please xxxxxxxxx?
i want to write a poem using personification of about 15 lines?
What Do You Think About These Words?
Stooge mailed me this poem and video very late lastnite. Am i in deep trouble?
Do you like this poem?
I need an idea for a sonnet?
"The Canada" Part Two would be honored for any to opine?
Please critique this poem?
Hey everyone I would like all of you to grade my poem about this girl...?
What do you think of 'Ain't Love Just Peachy?' morning pome?
Is a soft 'bang' different from a loud 'Bang'? C/C?
What are some techniques poets use to get readers involved in the thought and emotion of a poem?
Opinions please! Just a little poem from when I was younger.?
Does any one know Langston Hughes poems?
Publish a poem............................?
Help!!!poem!! PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Please help me with my poem !!?
please read my poem and thoughts?
Foul Shot, Edwin A. Hoey. A concrete poem. Does anyone know what the shape of the poem is?
Is it "Can't see the trees for the forest" or?
can you tell me if this poem is good are not?
What Nationality was Walter D. Wintle?
Do you like it? Do you have someone special to you?
Poem to read, please feel free to respond poetically?
I would like it so very much if you critiqued the sound of my voice....?
Salem County / Cowboy Song Poem?
Wrong time wrong place, or what?
can anyone give me a brief analysis of the poem April by Marcia Masters?
What do you think of this poem?
Does anyone know what this poem is or who it's by?
Where are the poetic devices in this stanza?
What should I write about?
I'd like to know what you think about this poem I wrote.?
New poem??
What is there left to do?
listen to this?
What kind of figurative language is this?
Please be a judge and jury. Let me know your true feelings about this poem!?
what message dos this poem says>> "You are who you are for a reason" by Russell Kelfer?
What c/c for this "Of Briars, Stones, And Eyes" poem?
In the poem "I am not yours" by Sarah Teasdale, how does she control the onslaught of experience?
C & C welcome. What do you think of this 1st draft poem?
do you like my poem.............?
What do you think of this poem?
I wrote a poem for school, but i need a good title...any ideas??
Is this poem good enough to give to someone?
No goodbye.?
How does Carol Ann Duffy's poem 'Valentine' portray equality?
Who is the speaker of the poem "Perfection Wasted" by John Updike?
Can you tell me what it's all about? a poem for your critiquing pleasure?
Opinions on an edited poem please?
Simple poem game?
'No more Boomerangs'?
Is this a good poem?
I wrote this today after my fav. meal. What do you think it means?? Please tell?
Can someone tell me the whole poem that stewy said on family guy.......?
how do you like my poem?
im at a creative hault, please someone help me carry out this theme better.?
Do you want a Springtime Good Morning! poem?
Do you think this is a profound poem?
10 POINTS!!! POEM about stars!! 10 points!!?
techniques in sonnet 18?
I need help with a love poem.?
Do you like my poem?
What is the most thought-provoking poem?
Help edit my poem please?
There is a poem starting" Beyond the Empyreum lies, Anticthon moving antiwise".?
Ok what is your definition of a true poet?
when was 'The Jingo-Woman written?
What do you think of my poem?
11:11 all angels watch from heaven [ for Dallas ] ...and another chosen few...?
what poetry device is used?
another poem, need poem interpreter...?
Can someone help with analyzing the poem "The Second Coming" by William Butler Yeats?
Would saying more strengthen or weaken this poem?
I need help with this poem lyrics?
poem. what do u think!?!?!?!?
Poem: Shhhhhhh, its coming...?
I need help to find the theme of this poem? Please help me it's due tomorrow ?
Like my poem?=]?
Poetry questions?
This is a rewrite also. I think the final product. comments and criticism ok.?
can anybody tell me the name of the poet of following lines of a poem ?
"Kitten Sight", comments welcome?
Help with Shakespeare Sonnet assignment?
Ok, my first question wasn't understandable. Please help.?
Ulysses"Alfred, Lord Tennyson"?
Will you comment on dirt road memory please?
Will you read a quick poem while I go out and cut the grass?
I need help with this poem!!!?
i need honest feedback about this popem, help!?
How do you handle emotional pain......?
Critique on a poem, by any chance?
I watched her nadia, and then from the audience I flew and as she flipped her final floor exercise?
What 'on earth' could you c/c about this "The Eyes Have It..." poem?
Please tell me what you think of my new poetry
Ariel, Sylvia Plath help? ASAP please?
What do you think this means?
CHALLENGE: make a NON-perverted limerick poem .s!!!?
[au revoir]...What does this 'poem' convey to you...?
If I were to challenge you with a poetic duel at dawn, would you take me up on it?
i need a really good poem?
Can I lend you an ARM, poem, comments?
whats the name of the song...move my problems to another day so caught up in the things you say?
Something new and strange. How can I improve it?
who knows this poem?
Critique my poem please?It`s called "seven days"?
Please rate this personal poem I wrote?
He said......comments?
I have written a horrid poem. Comments please?
When I'm in a writing mode, words just flow to me and I write. I have many. What's your opinion of this poem?
Should I try to make this into a poem?
Can someone please help me with the poem Antigone. Homework Help!!!!?
What do you think of this poem I wrote? Could you please rate it? constructive criticism would help a lot?
What do you think of my poem?
Trying to find a poem? "3am" by Dennis O'Driscoll?
Help me write a poem?
why is it so wrong to sometimes use clichés?
Which would you prefer?
"Shapes"-- acrostic?????
Where the f@$&#! are the parents?
attitudes of the poet towards politicians in ambassadors of poverty?
Happy christmas to all from caz?
What Charles Bukowski poem is this?!?
What do you think of these poems?
A non-rhyming poem for Lapiz? Hope she reads?
Does this line make sense? : Onto the path we go, for it is luring us in. ******?
poem about keeper by mal peet?
I need to make a poem that has to do with defeat . Please help!!?
Poem: Signifying Nothing (Please let me know what you think? Comments welcome.)?
What shel silverstien poem is this?
what are 5 things that have influenced Pierre de Ronsard to be a poet?
what is elizabethan sonnet form?? help me!!?
Does anyone know a famous poet who's poetry is mostly biographical or autobiographical?
"Apostrophe to the Ocean" Analysis?
Fathers day...poem...critique please?
Inspired by Sin, imbibed by....anybody?
Have you time for a few lines? Comments? Suggestions even?
Can anyone make this into poetry ? HELP :(?
Classify this poem?
What is your opinion about this poem?
Do you think this is a cute Poem?
Does Poetry have to follow certain grammatical rules?
I write poems and post them to the internet should I copyright them?
acrostic poem on word chicken?
What does this poem mean? #L by Derek Walcott?
Neurotic Nicole, do you like your poem?
what do you think ??????????????????????????????????????
Can u help me write an ode poem?
Co-write a poem with me?
Another short poem...do you like it?
Have you ever 'cycled' your way to tomorrow?
whats the jingo woman by helen hamilton about any good points? THANKS?
What do you know? Do you know much? c/c?
Does anyone appreciate this poem?
Are you born of a legacy of darkness?
I just sang in a band and this poem came to me. Is it good.?
Come on now, I KNOW someone out there can relate to this poem....yes?
Poets, friends, and foes, lend me your ears...?
Any ideas on a long dramatic poem to recite?
I'm looking for a poem.?
need help on editing my Summary essay?
Want to join in this 'just for fun' invitation?
Can anyone recommend a good poem to me?
Use the word gargantuan in a poem?
comments on my poem??? real tips, not just if you like it or not...?
blessed are those who have listened... are you amongst them?
Please tell me who wrote this poetry Manzilan Bi Uski theen?
Wild friends, will you comment please?
What do u guys think of this poem?
how was the poem war photographer structured?
hello criticise my poem?
"Hush"...Comments Welcome?
It was a good night. Was it a good night?
Newest Poem. Help for a rewrite?
What is your opinion of my poem?
Here's another rough draft. I'm trying to get a poetry book together and want some opinions on what to take.
I need help on making a poem?
can anyone help me with this poem plz!!!!!!!!?
Can you find any poetic devices in this song?
I wrote this poem really quick. Is it good enough?
unity of being in yeats' poetry?
Help writing a four line sonnet?
What c/c for this "Last Of My Life" poem?
Meaning and Interpretation in poetry?
Workin off a muse mood, will you comment please?
Read my poem please!!?
What's the pattern in Robert Frost's "Design" sonnet?
What do you think of my poem? {it's a free verse}?
Looking for a transcendental poem ...?
Interpet this?
Can you lie with your whole face at once?
poem feedback please?
Constructive criticism and title help please :)?
Is this what they call a limerick?
rhyme schemes?
The wait - Poetic style:D plz c/c?
This is what we wrote.....interactive as it were?
Comments on a Christmas morning observation poem?
Identify motifs (repeated elements) in the story "One Holy Night" and discuss their significance.?
And what do you see when you look into a mirror? C/C?
lets talk poetry and is there any interested in starting a poetry slam group in?
How do you Memorize a long poem in 1 hour?
Is this poem any good for a 14 year old?!?
Are you getting tired of all the rain we've been having?
Too Many Empty Chairs, comments?
Do you enjoy fresh flowers?
Can someone think for me?
What do you think of my poem entitled: Ode to the Hot Dog?
What do you think about this poem?
what means the following quotes ?
What do you think of this poem?
Whats Up With Modern Day Poetry Smiting Romanticism?
What do you write most of your poems on?
got another poem/rap i would like to be commented on?
Is this the right Ted Hughes poem?
What do you think of my new poem?
Poem do you like? it Kitten Irony?
please read my poem if you like?
what are some of william shakespeares short poems?
What are some good poems about suffering?
Another one???
Cheating lovers poem?
How do I pick a topic to write about?
Rating/ opinions please?
In honor of all women a must read?
what do u think of this poem???????????????????
A poem for some special men and women?
Do you remember something only to not remember it? C/C?
i need rhyming poem of drunk driving?
What is the poetic devices for the poem of "The sick rose" by the poet of william blake ?
What are some good bush poems?
What are some examples of imagery or figurative language in this poem "the family man"?
wrote a poem. i suck. first time i've tried writing in ages?
Can anyone Write Me A sonnet? Please (:?
Emotional Poems?
What is Langston Hughe's most famous poem and what is one poem that he didnt gain fame for until after he died?
"Joys In Life" Some glitch of life in sorrow, care to C/C?
Shakespearean Sonnet?
i wish to have details of poet SHIRLEY TOULSON who wrote the poem "A PHOTOGRAPH"..?
A playful paroxysm : )?
Is this a good poem?Or is it bad?
The dream of the rood help...?
critique of this poem entitled: Night's Time?
what is a good website for emo poems?
When do you like to snuggle?
ok What u think about this poem:? Any ideas.?
Meaning of poem the brook by godofredo burce bunao?
Does anyone enjoy Tennyson here?
When was Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines written by Pablo Neruda?
Just wrote a poem can you please read it and comment ?
I have to work it must be said, Thats why I've got me from my bed, Can you but wait a while for me, And then?
What do you think of my poem?
Dance, will you C/C please?
Anybody can help me find the poem entitled, "The Cango", including its audio?
What do you think of my newest unrhymer(I made that word up)?
Does this poem express any feelings?
10 points: Haikus?
What is indestructible ?
A girl and her sister we're competing in dating for the cute ones-I wrote her this as advice--C/Cpls-thnks?
Can you write me a couplet poems?
Poems about traveling to a new place?
Do you think Poets see the world differently? How?
Plz read my poem and c/c it? do u like it?
Poem beat and meter problems?
Should I apologize for depressing poem?
A Spontane . . . c/c?
I started writing and this just kinda came out somehow. What do you think?
Oh dear, what is this, which I have found amongst my effects?
Hey guys! Here's a poem and please tell me what you're thingking of it?
Can you take a look at my poem?
Read my writing please? Im a beginner trying to write a novel :)?
Repost: critique my poem?
Are you free to misremember? Misquote? I'm on a roll now.?
do you like my poem "crap day"?
poetry help please?!?!?!?